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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"The Hypocrisy of Sanity by Gross Income, Status and Vanity"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 24th, 2014. First off Iíd like to mention the ongoing incredible chemtrailing, or the experts call it, of course the ones involved in it, theyíre called Geoengineers.  For those who bother to follow that kind of thing theyíve put out their latest report from the Geoengineering groups and so on, on weather modification, if they ever went ahead and did it that it is, of course, and the ethics involved.  Ethics comes into everything today doesnít it? And people always, always, when it comes to propaganda, and those who rule over us and the techniques that they use, always use terminology which often means something completely different from what the ordinary people understand and therefore theyíre misled by it. In fact, they go back to sleep thinking, oh itís ethical, ethics sounds good, itís like being social, if youíre a social person itís a good person. Then you end up going into socialism and you get a whole supposed science and belief system of how society should be run, and even down to killing off those folk who donít work and stuff like that, eventually, you see. First theyíll use different techniques to get lots of folk not to work and then theyíll just get rid of them.


I donít care what things are called itís always the same system. But itís fascinating to me to listen to the experts, as they say experts, awfully well paid experts, with lifelong grants of course, and getting applause from all the other people in academia, all their peer group, to go along there. Itís almost like the Golden awards and different awards they give at film festivals and Hollywood, and they call themselves honorables and esteemed and all that kind of thing. And any person who truly believes heís an expert in anything is a fool.  Because in any science of course all you have is premises and theories basically. Very often in fact, things that actually work, physically work, for the purpose, like machines are designed to do, very often theyíre not quite certain why certain things do work, theyíve got all these theories about it; itís like electricity for instance.  Youíll find the same thing with these people who approve of each other and are very polite to each other, because theyíre all on the gravy train basically. And academia is full of them, and all the societies and agencies that they belong to, right up into the political realms too, and committees that sit and advise presidents and prime ministers on how we should all behave, etc.


So ethics can mean something totally different in actual fact than what you think it really is. Youíve been trained to think that people who are into bioethics are somehow in there to look after the good of all life. But no, economic factors come into it, and all these things come into it and so you have the end-of-life programs and so on and so on, and should we withdraw food. Even the Catholic Church is getting into that now, on whatís really ethical. How can something be right for thousands of years and then suddenly, well, change a little bit, not quite right.  Well, if itís not quite rightÖ. Itís either the same or itís different, itís that or itís not that, right? So you canít just throw something thatís always right out the window and say, well you know certain things are ethical to help the person along to the end.  And that goes through all of the nonsense that people can delude themselves into believing, when theyíre involved especially, in the decision-making at the top, including bioethics committees.  They never question themselves, their incredibly fat paychecks, the esteem they get which goes to their ego of course, and if you had a true debate going on, for instance, or even lecturing going on and then questions and answers at the end of it, in academia, you would have vehement arguments going on. But it doesnít happen. It doesnít happen because as I say itís like a Hollywood Oscar award or something like that and they wonít rock the boat. In other words, truth can never be told and honesty cannot be spoken of in the so-called even bioethics committees, that are involved in every aspect of our lives, not just physical by the way, but mental health as well, for those who donít know that.


Iíve often mentioned that every society in every era has its form, the whole form of society, its belief structure shaped by those who rule it, and those who rule you will always rationalize, eventually, after a generation or two, why theyíre beneficent and why theyíre doing it for the good of all, although theyíre always living way, way above those at the bottom that do all the work. So human beings basically are awful hypocrites and we can delude ourselves into doing and going along with things, especially when itís approved by governments, and the governments therefore dictate to society, society therefore will go along with it too because thatís the reality thatís been given to them.


So today weíre into the age of Geoengineering and chemtrailing of course, because itís more than just altering the weather. There have been too many studies done, Iíve gone through many of the talks in the past, and the reports from their different lectures, going into the fact Ė and also Iíve put out the links if you go into, go through the links, or you can go through and youíll find them there. Because itís important to understand some of the history of it and what has been published in the past that gives us inklings of whatís really going on.  Iíve gone into the fact that many scientists, some of whom were even on YouTube, were even involved in this even in the 70s and 80s, and their initial program was to find ways of using electromagnetic energy and impulses and waves and frequencies to alter brain waves in humans, not just at a small distance locally but on a national scale, and some of them talked rather openly about it. They didnít say if theyíd achieved it of course, naturally, because theyíre still under the official secrets act, but they did say that they were involved in that. We do know that they needed to spray the atmosphere, heavily, with various particulates, generally metallic particulates, to make it more conducive to electromagnetic energy, like a circuit you might say, and it would travel long distances at specified frequencies.  And they could also alter the weather at the same time.


Iíve gone back to even Teller who came up with the H-bomb idea. He also came up with the idea of spraying the atmosphere for weather warfare, but also for using electro chemical frequencies in the air, it would all work together, the chemicals and the electricity, the impulses. Weíre in that age today.  Brzezinski mentioned it as well in his book Between Two Ages.  He said eventually we could use, he called it, technotronic warfare techniques across whole nations, it could make people aggressive or passive, whatever they want to depending on the actual frequency they used.  Thereís been so many studies done on the temporal lobeÖ the emotional state is based there, basically often too, and even your rational thinking in situations can be affected by altering the frequency in the temporal lobe.  So, everybodyís using cell phones today, you donít need to use a cell phone because youíre getting bombarded by the waves, and the big boys are awfully excited about it. 


Weíre being studied, as always, but more minutely than ever with the techniques available today to see the effects on the general populations. And with certain countries that have national healthcare systems, and with the Internet, and then the mandatory reporting, giving access by doctors and hospitals to the government on a daily basis, itís so, so fast and automatic today, then they can keep tabs on the physical effects as well of people who are succumbing to the barium, the strontium, the aluminum oxide, etc., all the different particulates theyíre using in this heavy, heavy Geoengineering program. Itís quite something. So they know what theyíre doing, and of course the bioethics committees are involved too, in deciding whatís enough and whatís maybe excessive and all these moral judgments, etc, what is the acceptable loss, you might say, in the populationÖ to save the world, you understand, as theyíll rationalize it to themselves.


I often wonder you know, because again the hypocrisy of human beings is astonishing.  It truly is astonishing. Because again, youíre trained to think by the incredible propaganda, thatís been so well-established in history, but it took off like a rocket with the invention of the radio, initially, and then the cinema, early cinema, even the black and white ones they were using, the silent ones they would use for propaganda purposes for World War I, and Edward Bernays was involved in that.  Then it went into propaganda for World War II with the talkies and all that, incredible propaganda, incessant propaganda that was spewed out, and the folk got caught up.  That was the intention, you caught them up in their daily routines to train them, to train them to be rationed for everything, you trained them for behavior modification.  And you trained them, too, that their lives were in imminent danger if the government wasnít given total control, and therefore people readily accepted the fact the total control was already taken by the government, they had it all.  When they even shot farmers, for instance, in Britain who refused to comply with certain orders from government on how to farm, what to farm and all the rest of it, and even how much to produce by the way, often on unusable land, it couldnít be used, they would kill them. So the people who did the killing of course would rationalize their part in it too, saying heís a bad man, heís not going along with the war effort, and that was the police and everybody else involved in it.


So again, getting back to the basic premise, human beings are incredible hypocrites. We truly are. We can delude ourselvesÖ delude ourselves into believing anything if we benefit personally, from either the status of our position, and that goes for all those in academia, and those who get the most applause because theyíve been made like superstars with their names getting put up there.  Iíve gone into the fact that the whole culture creation industry, that creates stars out of nobodies, also has a branch Ė and Iíve mentioned who they were and so on in the past programs; again, go into the archives section at Ė and how they create scientists to be stars too, because they then, theyíre so brilliant, obviously, weíre told theyíre so brilliant and we stand in awe of them, and that whenever they say something it must be true, because Iím so stupid, Iíd never think of that myself, and therefore it must be true, and therefore you will take their opinion on something very quickly and go along with it.  These are all professional techniques of, I call it, herd management, because the elite initially called it herd management, and weíre the herd, you see. 


But itís so true, and Iíve mentioned it before in many talks, how people become their jobs.  They become their jobs and the job can dictate what kind of personality transformation you will have according to the job that you take on.  You think about those in authority.  Those in authority right down to civil servants or, say, inspectors for land or whatever, they become what their job is.  Theyíre paid by the taxpayer, remember that, number one; they are paid more than the average person who actually, say, does the digging on a farm, very often.  But their job is to get more off that farmer because they personally will benefit too, a pay raise is going to come down the pike if you can get more taxes out of the farmer, and that goes along with all sorts of housing and everything else, and areas in societies too, not just the farms. So that person then will, if a person doesnít comply with something and some, say, new ruling is unjust, they will go along with it regardless, because they become their job, and theyíre hypocrites. Rather than say, this isnít really right, theyíll do the nasty. Policemen will do it too.  Because they become their job.


During their training and eventually their career they will lose the part of humanity that says, well Iíve done that too, whatever it happens to be that theyíre criticizing or booking somebody for or whatever, or giving them a ticket. Theyíve done it too, you see. Well, how can you hand tickets out for things that youíve done as well? Isnít that complete hypocrisy? But you see, itís okay if they do it because they knew they were doing it and theyíll say, well you did it, you know, and you knew it was really wrong, I did it but I was either young thenÖ or whatever it was. Thereís always an excuse to rationalize what they do, because theyíre getting paid for it, they got a status that gives them extra perks and respect, which they wouldnít get in ordinary life, you see. Soldiers get the same thing, and they do what theyíre ordered to do. All their personal reservations about is this situation right or wrong that Iím in at the moment, and being told to do this, theyíll do what theyíre told to do.


Obedience to authority, of course, and Iíve gone through the different experiments that have been done in the past in the US in universities to do with that very subject, and how they will obey any command, most folk, if someone in authority tells them to do it. Because in a psychological process, they transfer the guilt onto the person that gives the order, so theyíre like the robot that simply pulls the trigger you might say and shocks the person on the other side of the machine, that kind of thing. Thatís a standard trait within humanity.


But at the top of all of this is the economic factor as well, remember. Because how can you possibly talk about being altruistic or doing whatís right for society, and the good of all, etc., if your paycheck is so damned fat, up at the top of the bioethics committees or medicine or whatever it happens to be, and you have all these acclamations given to you and all these awards given to you, because they love to give each other awards, and meanwhile you wonder why patients arenít doing so well when theyíre discharged and back into the same societies. Such hypocrisy! Because they will never touch the fact weíre all living in a bogus money system, where it doesnít matter even for someone who has saved a few pennies, itís devalued the next day by people you will never meet all saying itís market forces, a thousand billion excuses, rather than say itís totally corrupt and itís rigged, and always was. You see.  So these things are never touched within organizations where folk become their job and theyíre so proud to tell you what they do.


I used to be amazed, because I came from Britain, for instance, to Canada, and I went through the States as well. What astonished me was in Britain you generally visited people just to see people. And if what they worked at was mentioned it came out because it was something to do with something else theyíd mention, it wasnít the main object. People in the US and Canada right off the bat would ask you what you worked at. In fact, I was a bit stumped as theyíd say, what do you do?  Well, I do lots of things, you know, I do lots of things. Itís like saying, well I sit and read books or I go for walks and you know.  It doesnít occur to you right off the bat that thatís what you work at, thatís what they were referring to.  And thereís definitely often culture clashes between different groups traveling to what they think are very much the same societies as the ones theyíve left. So you can imagine how it would be for people of totally, vastly different cultures coming to the West, for instance, and having this cultural shock.  And there is such a thing as cultural shock for some of them. 


So weíre managed, the bottom line is weíre managed on so many different levels.  And since World War II especially, they learned so much from World War I in their techniques of mobilizing nations for war, and they really had perfected it by World War II that George Orwell even got his idea for 1984 from all the propaganda that was incessantly pumped out during World War II, weíre all in it together, you know, Great Britain has made so many thousands of tanks this week and so many Spitfire aircraft and so many bombs and all the rest of it, and he brought that into his book 1984. He also worked for the propaganda department within the BBC where he said in his own writings that his job was to convince the British people, who were under incredible rationing, and they had a lot of substitutions for food and so on, he was to convince them that the garbage they had, again, experts come on and tell them, for these menu shows and recipe shows, the garbage they were being taught to eat was pretty well inedible, but his job was to convince them it was wonderful.  And he went along with it too by the way. And he got paid for it. And he never said he was ashamed for doing it.


So in other words, is it ethically right to lie to people, when those who run your country have decided, and again itís obedience to authority isnít it, someone above you says itís okay, go ahead and do this, weíll pay you to do it, then you can do it?  And yet we have these farces like the Nuremberg trial where the common answer as to why they went and killed prisoners and so on was because they were ordered to. Whatís the difference?  Whatís the difference? How can you live, and how are we all supposed to go through life, conning ourselves? See, someone puts the con onto you but it really is up to you whether you want to accept the con and go along with it and be fooled. Itís an easy way out isnít it? Because once again, itís obedience to authority. I suspect this is a con, but youíre supposed to go along with it so Iíll go along with the con.  And yet weíre told to be truthful and honest and all the rest of it. Itís so schizophrenic isnít it? But again, these are the techniques that are used on the people which make them schizophrenic to an extent.  And I donít mean that in a psychotic way, Iím talking about that in their bizarre behavior youíll see busting out all over from young people and different groups and so on.  We can all be modified and altered according to the wishes of the state at that particular time. Itís quite easy to do.


Getting back to George Orwell. I was thinking, the technique, as I say, during World War II especially, with... I mean you understand, in two years, just in two years of World War II the Ministry of Agriculture churned out more than 2000 propaganda documentaries for the farmers, just for the farmers.  That was just in two years.  Remember, they went on from 1939 to 1945, and afterwards by the way, for rationing and all that and excessive food production.  You can imagine the bombardment, and every farmer would attend these things and be caught up in the propaganda. Itís very simplistic in a way.   Itís very Orwellian, simplistic propaganda.  What theyíre telling you is, youíre a good person if you do all that weíre saying to do, youíre a good person.  So even the good society of the time is ordered completely from aboveÖ what is a good society, whatís a good farmer, whatís a good this, that and the other, fireman, you name it, what is a good person.  Thatís always the same. Now, if goodness is an innate quality within peoples then why should we modify it? at all?


But again, youíre in a commercialized economic system; itís never touched by anybody, especially those in academia, itís never touched by them. Is that you canít, you canít be honest about anything unless you address the problems, all the problems. And the big one is, really, what are we here for?  Then you go into the spiritual areas because thereís a spiritual side of human nature, in all societies, all societies, in all times, and thatís the purpose of life and so on.  In the so-called arrested civilizations, what the West or so-called ultra-civilizations mean by that, is that societies that make all that they need to exist upon and have no commerce as such, as we think of it as commerce for profit, and theyíre completely self-sustaining, and look after each other, we call them primitive and arrested, you see, even though they could survive for another million years, if nothing else happens to the world, just as well as they have in the past.  We canít because as Plato said, the more advanced the civilization, the easier it is to fall. Itís all interdependent and woven because itís so far removed from self-preservation, from the bottom level, meaning, you make your own food and you go hunting yourself or whatever it happens to be; youíre dependent on others to do a lot of that for you. And we push papers and punch buttons on computers, you see, today.


So the technique is to get you wrapped up in propaganda; that gets you on the role. Why do you think since 9/11 weíve had an incessant, incessant read this, read that, read this, read that, hereís the news, news, news, news, news.  Why is that? Why is that?  Especially when you read the wars, and little wars, that all the countries have been involved in, right through the 20th century in between the major wars, the ongoing wars and so on, that were kept fairly quiet, for many decades in fact, why is it suddenly important that weíre all involved in terrorism, terrorism, terrorism, terrorism? And itís called terrorism because this is the century of change, remember, Iíve gone through this in great detail; the century of change is where all the big plans for the good society, and thatís defined by those at the top, have to be done, including trans-humanism and all of that, and the training of the rest of society in different stages to go along with trans-humanism.  Life extension for some, but not for everyone, because it will depend on how important you are to society. See, thatís all been discussed, and let out on occasion, to familiarize yourself with the concept of it.  Thatís how youíre trained, you get gradually familiar without really thinking or reasoning through it, so that youíre ready for itÖ  Well, I guess they have to do that, but Iím not really worth enough to save at the endÖ sort of thing, and so on it goes.


So weíre caught up with this madness of propaganda, incessant. I often say thereís nothing you can believe on the media to do with the wars thatís factual, actually completely factually true. Some parts may be true but the causes, the reasons, victories, defeats, you have to take with a pinch of salt, especially when you have so many agencies and counter agencies all working for creating information, and disinformation, that you canít take anything and say this is absolutely true. Again, why are you being caught up in it? Well, the reason Iíve mentioned before, was an article, it was put out in one of the military magazines, the main military magazine in the US, on perpetual war. It went through that whole scenario, that from now on it will be perpetual war. Now, when they say perpetual war itís not just localized to certain areas, itís everything, itís called total war.  You better understand that. 


The concept of total war came out in about the 1920s and 30s.  They had already tried it to an extent in World War I with limited aerial bombing; they didnít have the aircraft to have big, big, big bombers, etc. in World War I, and they used a lot of balloons too, zeppelins etc. But in World War II that was all changed.  And in the 30s they were training in Sandhurst Military Academy in Britain the concept of total war.  Even the ones who became the masters and the top generals in Hitlerís army came over to Sandhurst to get taught this stuff. Because we always train the best enemies, you see.  The concept of total war was, now ALL society must be in it together, all of them, every man, woman and child must give their whole heart and mind, their spirit if you like, to the war and believe everything theyíre told. But not only that, you were then put down as a participant in the war and therefore you were a legitimate target to be taken out.  Thatís why during the war all sides would bomb industrial areas but also, Britain especially, with the US, bombed the areas where workers for factories were all housed, massive, massive places.  Thatís the concept of total war.


Total war means that you also obey authority without question, without question at all. And youíre trained through, say, a World War II scenario, in that concept. As I say, farmers who would not try to maximize the growth on their land, even if a lot of the land was unusable, it didnít matter, the government would take it from you.  They would steal your land, but they would call it requisitioning it, you see.  But theyíd steal your land.  And some farmers, just like the Soviet Union did, some farmers would put up a fight, and they would kill the farmers. That happened in the Soviet Union when farmers would not hand their farms over to the state; and thereís old footage, you can see them going around and having these shootouts and killing the farmers, and throwing grenades and stuff like that.  You see. You have no rights in total war. Now, itís far better if you can coerce the public, and most of them will always go along with authority for the fear of retribution if they donít comply. 


So now weíre in the age of total war, perpetual war, and so many things have to be achieved during this whole period you really canít cover all of it in the short time that I have here. But itís psychological, itís genetic change, itís attitudinal changes on so many different areas that have to become the normal, the authorized normal, to prepare you for the next step, you see, and then the next step too.  Itís unending, perpetual war, you see, and under the guise of terrorism everyone is a suspect.  If you disagree with certain government policies youíre now called antigovernment, which is a term loosely translated from the Soviet term.  But basically, that would mean, really, in a democratic society, that the opposition party was antigovernment if they complained about what the other party was doing, right?  


So when you see nonsense being spoken, it doesnít make sense, non-sense, you see, then youíre being told nonsense.  Bull shit in other words. Rubbish.  But we go along with it donít we? Because most folk donít question things. Weíre looked upon as animals, and unfortunately the more, in a sense, secular we become, and more religious we become towards the scientific elite, because itís a religion in itself too, and thatís to overtake of course all other religions eventually, is science, then the less we question anything, because itís scientific. It obviously ends the argument, oh itís science, you know. Really? Yeah.


And they got statistics to show anything that they want to show; it doesnít mean itís true.  If you put five different people out to do a survey on, say, one place in Africa for instance, and lots of folk do this for universities, they get grants all the time, everybodyís living on grants these days, living well that is, and if you told them a task, theyíd all come back with different statistics on the same area. And those at the top take the ones they prefer because it fits in with the agenda, and the social agenda and the plannings they have.  In fact, there are whole departments dedicated on how to fudge statistics to impress the person who is being given the statistics, generally the public.  For instance, they can say 50% of the people said this to a survey and the other 50% said no. But they only asked 2 people.  There are so many ways that they use this, all the time, even in the polling data they use it too. Because people, unfortunately, like the herd instinct, they tend to try and voteÖ Well the majority are voting that way so Iíll go that way, simply because the majority are voting that way, you see. Thereís so many sad truths about humanity because, I think weíve all been damaged a long time ago, to be honest with you.


Youíd have a harder time fooling the so-called person who is in, again, a so-called arrested civilization, a primitive culture.  Youíd have a harder time to con that person than those in the so-called civilized societies, far, far more difficult, you couldnít pull one over on them. You couldnít do it.  So itís a sad thing, that, as I say, once youíve been trained in an artificial structure itís far easier to keep the cons going, and to even alter them, until youíre facing 180 degrees years later, where something that was right and wrong in one era becomes the opposite in the other era. That can happen so quickly today. How can it be right and then suddenly wrong? How can it be? How can it beÖ? If youíre using logic, how can it be? How can it be? 


And when you see something changing, from the top, thatís been advocated from the top, something that was right and is now wrong, you have to really question, why? Who gains from this? What is the real purpose of this change?  But very few folk do. Youíre prompted and goaded to go along, by the behaviorists, that work in the think tanks, that advise all government departments and all the rest of it, and media by the way.  I mean, media have top people in editorial sections that go off to these functions all the time, run by government and professionals from academia, who advise them on how to put things across to the general public.  Years ago in fact, remember, I think it was Ted Turner, it might have been his groups of newspapers and so on, said they were going to start to put more positive things in the newspaper rather than the negative things because the economy had been basically plundered and given off to China. Folk were despondent, things looked very gloomy for the future, and therefore they would give you sort of happy stuff and lots of trivia. Well, thatís been the format since. Now we get basically what weíre supposed to believe about wars going on and so on, and be caught up in that, but they offset it by this very childish technique of giving you simplicity and trivial stories of little ha-ha things and so on.  Which is no different than how they put it across in, say, World War II in the old Pathe newsreels they used to give out.  It was called Pathe News, it was one of the big ones, the authorized ones, nothing but propaganda came out from there.


I should also mention that Iíd often go through the media and the articles they were dishing out by the bucketfuls for us over the years, Iíd do them on live shows, for years. But the reason I would do them was to point out the reasons why this was happening or that was happening, or what you were supposed to believe by this and hereís the other side of something. Iíd explain it to you rather than just read it off and say this is fact. So you can go on forever that way of course.  And itís not liked by those in authority if you do that. Itís not liked at all, if you can explain the whys of things, with facts, again, real facts that youíre using, as ammunition you might say, real facts which you could check up for yourselves. I always tell people, check it out for yourself and see what you think, see what you make of this.  And donít stick with one story about the other side of things, look at the history of things and how it led up to something. Youíll find so many contradictions with the authorized versions itís astonishing, absolutely astonishing in fact, really, astounding!  But weíre taught, again, to be caught up in something. So Iím glad I donít have to just parrot off the news and explain things to you anymore because itís so boring to me.  And really, I shouldnít have to explain that because if we were all thinking properly we could figure these things out instantly for ourselves. But most folk take the news, run with it, and have an emotional response to it, and join one side or another. Thatís how the technique works, itís so simple.


You have to stand back and always say, whatís to be gained? Öand who would gain from the belief in the story? Öwhatís the real objective of things? It hasnít changed, as I say, and especially in the media, since World War II, this incredible use of the media, all media, for propaganda purposes.  They also have outlets there for those who would be potential anarchists, for instance, to follow as well, which lead them around in circles; it kind of diffuses them to an extent and that gets rid of that element within society. Thereís nothing been overlooked by the authority, as itís often been called by those in control and those who helped set up the system that weíre living in at present, many of whom are long dead actually, who set up the culture, what weíd be taught, trained to believe and all the rest of it, and the changes that we would experience in our lives. They had it all worked out like a step-by-step plan, right down to dates, where this would be now the new normal and that would be introduced as the new normal, and by X amount of years that introduction would have become the normal, you see, you wouldnít have to keep on backing it up. It would be the standardized normal for people.


So, the elite realized a long time ago, and they verbalized this after World War I and then again after World War II, the ones who ran and who were brought in to help set up the future cultures, for the good of the elite, naturally, the ruling elite. They brought IQ levels into it, all of this kind of thing in, eugenics, because their own survival is of paramount importance. But they brought in these experts to talk about how to manage the general populations through all these changes that they would eventually introduce to us, and how we would be trained to accept it as normal. They even had it worked out, and theyíre pretty good with their predictions, down to statistics of how much of a percentage would accept it readily and how many theyíd have to work on a bit more, right down to the indoctrination of children, and how they could perfect indoctrination techniques for children, going as far back as experimental schools in the 1920s and what those children would grow up to believe, and how their behavior, from then on, would be dictated by their early indoctrinations. Itís very, very true, it does work, for most people, and itís sometimes often difficult for people to break out of and think for themselves.


But what the elite always did, and those advisers that were brought in after World War II, said, they were so happy to see how they could take over a whole society for wartime purposes and modify the behaviors and the beliefs of everyone by scientific techniques.  But they knew that in a democratic society, a truly democratic society, those techniques would be less effective and may not work at all. Because in a truly democratic society all varied opinions would be valid, youíd be allowed to voice them, in all media, and they would all be valid. In a truly democratic society you wouldnít train the public into shunning people that wonít be politically correct and be updated with the new normals and so on.  You wouldnít ostracize them, shun them and say that theyíre bad, for instance.  And weíve been trained in lots of these techniques, in recent times too, itís very evident; itís still going on. But in a truly democratic society that wouldnít work because those that youíre trying to condemn would be allowed to speak out just as vocally as any other group, you see, and they would not be shunned, or made to seem disingenuous, or ridiculed, in any way at all.


So therefore true democracy wouldnít work.  Iíve gone through some of the history of the Club of Rome, the big think tank that was set up by other big foundations, that run most of the think tanks in the world, and how they set up the Club of Rome to deal and tackle with these issues of how they would use the pretense of democracy as a cover, a sham if you like, because itís no good if folk donít think theyíre free, itís hard to manage folk then. But to make them think that theyíre free, and in reality they wouldnít be free, they would be enslaved all the time, especially the mind. The mind is the first to be enslaved; if you enslave the mind then everything else follows quite easily.  Therefore, a truly democratic society, said the Club of Rome back in the 70s, would never work, for creating this utopic vision, on behalf of those with the high IQs, supposedly, because theyíre always boasting about their high IQs in academia, and the elite that they serve, those who ran the whole business and moneyed side of things, the psychopaths, the truly good psychopaths, you know; so they said it would never work.


Because they were so impressed by how the Soviet system, that abolished all ideas of democracy, or any other system competing with it, by force, by slaughter, mass slaughter, millions slaughtered, could get things done so fast and quickly.  And the same with the Nazi government when it first came out too. They applauded it, in all the different magazines, on how Hitler had got the whole country on its feet so quickly after being punished for World War I and paying out most of its money into reparations forever, forever, ever, that was the idea.  Even writers at the first Versailles Convention said that if they didnít do this properly and made Germany pay for all the war and the losses incurred to all the different countries that opposed them, theyíd be in a constant state of economic depression, poverty, hunger and so on, so theyíd have to fight their way out of it, there was no other way they could recover for themselves. And that happened. That happened.  So they were impressed by Hitlerís tremendous effort within a few years and how he could mobilize, again, using psychology and the technique of controlling the masses, to get them back on their feet so quickly. And he also tore up the debt, and issued their own currency so it was debt-free and things like that.  But they were impressed by the way that he could get the public to obey him, and worship him in fact.  Very impressed how fast.  Now, they could never do that in a democratic society, a truly democratic society. 


But even, again, donít forget this very vital point as well. Even in a truly democratic society, if there was ever such a thing, which I donít think there ever could be, youíll always have disaffected people who have a chip on the shoulder anyway, regardless of their social position, or even if theyíre in a higher economic income, youíll always get those, that certain faction that simply want to destroy. And you will also have the psychopathic element, who can smell which way the wind is going, see which is going to be the winning team, where the support will come from, the general public, theyíll give it to them, and they get into it right away and then they rule it and run it, you see. Thatís what happens in history. What we miss in what we think is a democratic society, what we miss very easily, and commonly, is the fact that weíre trained to see dictators, one guy with a uniform on, with other guys with uniforms, but heís the main guy with the uniform on, you see. We donít see it with the business suits and the varied faces we see, in a Parliament for instance or a democracy, we donít see the fact it has changed, we donít see that itís changed, and donít think of it as being totalitarian.


The elite have always said, for a functioning society, how much freedom do you give the people, you see, and still keep some form of social order?  And the anarchists will immediately rebel against just that. But the fact is, you have to have some form of common structure or it would fall to pieces and there would be chaos and people would be stealing from each other and killing each other, etc.  You have to have a basic there, a basic social structure. In earlier societies, in European societies and so on, there was a common social structure. It was a very simplistic one. But people lived in small communities, and they were, in the early days, self-sustaining like the so-called arrested civilizations. They were self-sustaining. They made their own tools; there was a blacksmith here and all the rest. Everything kind of worked together. But it was small and the profit motive wasnít like it is today, sky high, greedy and corrupt, you see. So it can only work perhaps in that kind of system.


And todayís system, personally, I canít see how it can be possibly rectified. Because if you remember, some of the top economists came out a few years ago and said, greed is good. And thatís what theyíre teaching in economics at universities, greed is good. So weíre all suffering from greed is good today with the whole massive feeding group above us, feeding on all of us, expanding all the time with bureaucracies and so on, who are living so well compared to the average person.  They donít have the mental breakdowns that lower society has when their taxes go up and the cost of living is going through the roof for basic essentials and so on. Because their pay and their pensions are index related to the cost of living, automatically, all the time, so they donít suffer, and they canít get fired from a job like you can, you see.


If you have that kind of structure which doesnít have its consequences, look out, look out because total corruption will rule. If you canít fix the corruption within the very structure that rules over you, itís over, isnít it? And the hypocrisy, as I say, thatís within basic human nature, when you can rationalize what youíre doing, which may be wrong, for the so-called greater good, you know, in other words for total social control, it may be wrong but youíll go along with it for your paycheck and your status and your social approval from your own peer group.  You can lie to yourself as much as you want, I mean itís all wrong.


I can remember cops back in Britain, years ago, totally different from the pre-Thatcherite era, where you werenít scared to go up and talk to them, as children, you know, or adults for that matter. And youíd ask them directions and that, they were awfully polite to you and they were nice to you. But they also would pound the beat, they got to know the people, you know them. Often theyíd let kids off with minor things because they knew it was a childish thing and it wasnít severe and theyíd just say, you know son, this can happen to you and so on. And I knew cops that did that. And Iíve known cops in Canada that have told me that this is what they did.  Some of them liked their jobs in the country, for instance, they got to know a lot of the youngsters and would keep them on the straight and narrow. They were kind of like father figures, a lot of them. Not now.  Not now.


In fact, I can remember in Toronto when I first came I had to get directions and I just said, oh thereís cops, Iíll ask them.  They were kind of taken aback and on the defensive when I approached them. Because it was a different mentality altogether, completely different mentality. Now itís a lot worse. Itís a lot worse because theyíre all out for promotion too now; thatís the name of the game. And when theyíre told to get more and more tickets out there for road offenses or whatever it happens to be, because the local government wants more cash, or the city government wants more cash brought in, and thatís all come out in the pastÖ  Letís not pretend anymore, they actually do these big schemes to bring in extra cash at times. The cops go along with it, so itís a form of taxation.  Now, the cops obviously know that, otherwise theyíd be doing the same thing all the time, if it was so bad theyíd be doing it all the time.  But they have these special blitzes, as they call it, to bring more cash in.


I can remember years ago when the city of Toronto cops were going on a sort of work-to-rule, thatís what they were doing, the city was going through all these different antics to get them back on the job. Because they said theyíd lose, oh it was massive amounts, many thousands of bucks a week on fines and tickets and all the rest of it.  They were factoring that in, so-called crime, they were factoring crime, the profit from crime, on tickets, into their budget. Now when you can start factoring that into your budget, and since they always want more cash, they started factoring more and more every year into their budget, even though theyíre supposed to live within their budget from their taxation.  Hypocrisy runs rampant, doesnít it, in this whole system?  And most folk donít question it at all. And we wonít mention or even discuss the mess weíre often all in, because of the hypocrisy, as people become their jobs.


Now remember that all societies are basically the same, they use the same techniques. They study each other, in the modern world, they see what works for those in power, those really in power that is, and they use all the modern sciences, as they come along, and technologies, in the same fashion. Thereís no exemption to this, at all, unless itís a small, very small country that canít afford all the technologies. The rest of them are all the same.  The techniques that are used upon the people are all well studied and shared and used and implemented across the board.


So we have lots of dilemmas on our hands basically as a people today, and for the future of tomorrow as well. It depends what freedom is, freedom of thought, speaking, or whatever it happens to be, and of course the stability of the speaker, because thereís lots of radical folk who are maybe even unstable, of course, and that exists as well.  Thereís many factors involved.  And itís very difficult, as I say, to keep a sanity in this age. I mentioned that many, many years ago, the most difficult thing youíll have Ė that was from 9/11 onwards, which I knew was the coming propaganda and the agenda for the century of change, I said Ė will be to hold onto your sanity as we go through all of this.  Itís very difficult.  Thereís not so many folk that can really do it and retain a form of calmness in them. They get caught up in the emotive qualities that are generated by the topics theyíre given as news, for instance, that kind of thing. And if you do that youíll miss the point of whatís behind it, what itís really going to, etc., and why is it being done.


Now remember too folks, that I rely upon you to keep me ticking along here. You can get the books and you can get discs from me at and and all the other websites I have under the cuttingthroughthematrix group.  And you can order them; it tells you how to order them.  You can also donate. Because I donít make a business out of this. Iím not selling you any fancy products to make you live forever or anything else. Iím simply giving you information which is a form of life science you might say, because the science of life is thinking.† Without thinking, real thinking that is, itís all over, youíre not your own person at all, youíre someone elseís, youíre a creation of someone elseís technique, often many folksí technique.  But thatís the way it is.


So you can help me out too and help me to get along here because Iíve got so much more to do. This year Iíve been working hard on other things, and things which Iím simply trying to catch up on too, that Iíve postponed for years, even basic things I had to attend to. And Iím trying to fix things around here; everything around here is just never-ending too, very, very important things. You get one crisis after another, itís never-ending. Iím sure you know what Iím talking about, youíre all going through similar things too. So if you can send a buck here or thereÖ And for the other hosts too that are constantly repeating the stuff I put out there, itís nice to get a mention once in a while, but very few actually do that; itís a pity.  Because it would certainly help me out of this hole that I am in. Because as I say, I donít pushÖ As a business I donít push myself, I donít give you a lot of propaganda for myself. I just give you information which is from thinking basically, really thinking, and the proper way to do it, at least asking the right questions.


And the Geoengineering that goes on, weíre all getting it of course, because this is to be perpetual from now on. In fact, in that recent study put out, or debate thatís going on right now in fact, about the GeoengineersÖ Thereís no debate at all. Itís a propaganda exercise really. Theyíre all getting grants and have been for years for being involved in the spraying, as they pretend that theyíre going to do it one day. And they say now, if they ever started doing it, they couldnít stop doing it because chaos would result in the weather, chaos. Well, weíre getting chaos with them doing it, folks, and we know that too. But thereís their big con right there.   Once they start every government will have to sign on, that you hand all the responsibility for future preservation of life on the planet to them. Oh what a beautiful racket that is, isnít it?


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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