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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"Rather Queer Seeing the Future Here"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 31st, 2014.  Last week on the beginning of the talk I mentioned the incredible weather here in this part of Ontario, because itís at the top of a jet stream where it loops around and goes back down into the States. Itís very interesting to live here and experience thisÖ interesting, not pleasant.  But to experience this constant daily pouring rain, beyond monsoon in fact, so loud at times you canít hear yourself talk, never mind think, itís so bad. And yet, again, the media is keeping silent about it because weíre living in an age of mass weather manipulation and weíre not supposed to know. Unfortunately, through all the studies theyíve done on humankind, constant studies, ongoing, etc., and how they tap the pulse of the public, daily, to see what theyíre bitching about, noticing and complaining about and so on, they can damage control it very easily, and very quickly too for that matter. But they do know that if itís not in the mainstream media, whatever you experience personally, then you must ignore it, it canít be important. Thatís how folk just discard what they experience in their own lives, with the pouring downpour; these downpours are like floodwaters at times, and daily up here, itís literally daily. There was no summer at all to be honest with you, none at all, it just didnít exist.  And itís still raining yet. For the last few nights itís been thunder at night, lightning, and again, these constant, 24-hour downpours, so thatís normal now. Normalized.


Great how we can accept things and be trained to accept things because we donít get affirmation by authority figures saying, yes itís really happening to you. But Iíve been thinking about this because of Agenda 21, also called the Millennium Project, also called sustainability program.  Because the United Nations wanted, and they had an article up on their website, I read it from their website, the United Nations, where they told all those NGOs and organizations involved in promoting the big changes that have to be carried out under the Agenda 21 program, stop calling it just agenda 21, because lots of people in the alternate media had studied it and they could put it across to the public, so give it different names. But sustainability, whenever you see that on the top of any particular program, itís the same agenda. Therefore, obviously, they can drive people out by weather. Whoís going to stay in a place thatís constantly under massive snow in winter, that turns into massive rain all summer, and right into the next bout of snow the next year? Itís continuous now and that seems to be how the Masters of weather have designed it. Those areas of the country, the West Coast in the US and so on and other parts of the world, where they are dissipating what should be rain clouds, and driving them off course as well, are really scorching and theyíll have tremendous water problems and so on.


But this is, again, the most powerful tool thatís been used in a warfare fashion but in supposedly a peacetime society. The war is always going on, as Iíve mentioned so many times, on YOU, the public, because you do have the globalists that have tremendous power today, because they own all the big top corporations that literally weíre dependent on now, under thousands of branches and companies beneath them, that you get your food from, everything you need to live from, they own it all pretty well. That was always their goal. Because you see, they are the wise men, and we are the stupid ones apparently, and they have the right to dictate the way the world goes. This is an ongoing problem down through the millennia with humankind, of various doctrines that come and go. In the past theyíd always wreak havoc and slaughter, etc., cause starvation and mayhem, as they tried to implement their beneficent dictatorships, etc. But today itís worse of course because of the progress of science, which is all under the control, again, of the same powerful people who fund them and own a lot of the big laboratories, and they get all the data from all over the world coming into their top very secretive organizations.  


Everyoneís heard of the HAARP type technologies theyíre using of course to manipulate weather.  We see the spraying, if we care to look up; most folk donít bother today because it canít be important if the media donít mention it, and they dismiss it of course. Meanwhile, Iíve got more and more emails from people, and even personal experiences talking to people in stores and so on, that the biggest thing thatís flying off the shelves today is the antihistamine group basically, antihistamines, and pharmacies are antibiotics and antihistamines, and they canít keep up with the demand for them today. Because weíre all suffering from the massive side effects from breathing in chemicals and high irritants, which shouldnít even be in the atmosphere at all.  It wears down your lung lining, then bacterium can set in and you end up with something you simply canít clear out at all. Because itís recurrent, itís ongoing, thereís no respite from it whatsoever.


The big boys know this too and they know it will have terrible effects on certain peoples, and eventually all peoples, immediately sort of thing. Those who are more prone to breathing difficulties of any kind whatsoever, or more sensitive to these particular chemicals, will come down first with them, but eventually others will come down in the long run. Because youíre becoming toxified in your body with all the stuff coming in constantly, never mind the terrible effects it has on the weather, especially in this kind of climate here where you canít get even a couple of weeks of sunshine anymore with the temperature we used to have. This particular part of Canada that Iím living in now used to be classified as basically almost like a subtropical part where you had very high heat in the summer, and day after day of beautiful sunshine, lots of berries in this area, berry country, and then you had the very, very extreme cold temperatures in the winter. Now itís definitelyÖ The cold temperatures of winter are still here, and thereís even more snow than ever, but now you have no summer at all. Itís been like that now, declining fast, for the last six or seven years probably, actually, and getting worse every year.  And in other parts too, itís happening too in other parts of the world.


So the weather modification program is well on its way and we have to take the consequences. Because as I say, you see, in the real world, in this day and age, thereís no complaints departments anywhere, it simply doesnít exist. Because weíre under a scientific management and the scientific group manage it on behalf of their big money magnates that own the planet, that are constantly buying up everything else that hasnít been touched yet. Thatís tremendous power.  Tremendous power. Itís certainly not democratic either. And they donít believe in democracy.  They never did believe in democracy, and theyíll show it eventually down the road.  Theyíre actually showing it to you by the militarization of our societies, and the police forces in some countries, especially the US.  Itís been on the go in the US for an awful long time in fact, that militarization of the police.  So weíre being trained, too, with new laws and rules and regulations to simply obey, obey, obey. 


As Iíve said for many years, eventually youíll have no spare spending money whatsoever because all your money is to be taken from you in fines, fees, carbon taxes, energy taxes of all kinds, and all youíll be left with is money for the bare essentials. That was planned a long time ago and Iíve spoken about that for years, until Iím sick of speaking about it. But weíre living through it now, itís implemented, and more and more laws to come.  And the public will simply obey because they always say, what choice do I have? We have no choice.  Thatís it, isnít it? Youíre given no choice, in this open, free society, right.


Now, this last while, I should mention too, that Iíve been avoiding the mainstream news to do with wars because you get fed up with them, donít you, their never-ending wars. Iíve gone through articles from the military magazines talking about perpetual war, get used to it sort of thing, thatís how it is. And it has been for years now. Remember that propagandaís intention is to stir debate amongst the public, not solutions amongst the public but debate, to get you talking about them. Youíll take a for-the-war stance or against-the-war stance. One way or another theyíre achieving their purpose, theyíre getting you involved in a sense, in a war that really has nothing to do with you, except the fact youíre funding it but you have no choice in that matter either. You always find the truth always comes out after the end of any phase of it when you see who goes in as a big international, multinational corporation and grabs whatever theyíre after, you see. You get a whole bunch of them in these days all working together, prior to the wars, and divvying up countries, etc., and the resources that they have. That came out after the Blair fiasco, once he was out of office; he had the big oil companies in there, and other big international corporations in there, before the war was even mentioned to the public, even thinking about starting it, and they divvied up what they wanted amongst themselves.


So as I say, the purpose of war is to get you debating it and get you emotionally involved in it one way or another. But in reality youíre powerless, unless the public of course, which will never happen, are individually, as individual members are motivated to stand up together and at least say no to any more of this nonsense. But they wonít do it because a lot of their jobs are dependent on the war industry, etc. Others are fearful that oil will be cut off and they canít drive their vehicles and so on and so on and so on. So itís unfortunate that we become, to an extent, complicit in terrible actions because our way of life might be threatened if we didnít go and plunder other countriesí resources. But in reality of course itís the big corporations who already own us and our countries and everything that we need to survive under the present circumstances of life.


We know who funded and began the old Al Qaeda group, many, many years ago, even in the Russian/Afghanistan war; the US and the West were funding the groups to start up and fight, and cause divisions, and strengthened their faith too, by the way, to be radical groups.  That hasnít stopped today, we see the spillover from it.    And for every action there is an opposite reaction, when they have fought off your enemy they then turn on you.  But then you fund them to do it too, because as I say, the big boys want perpetual war.  The New American Century group published their agenda back in the 90s, on their own website in fact, and we forget that thatís the bunch that came in with Bush, and behind Bush, and helped direct them all, and they were taking out the countries they had on that list. Of course they had two or three still to go, and theyíre hammering them now.  And they simply rename their primary funded groups within Al Qaeda different names to confuse the public to make you think itís something else. And you get fed up following this kind of nonsense, personally I do, Iíve seen it my whole life, in other situations too. But as I say, what can you do about it, really.


Iíve said this so many times, as George Orwell had figured out long ago when he wrote his book 1984, the proles donít count. Now, thatís not derogatory to the public. Itís a statement of fact. Under the techniques of ruling us today, and these are techniques Iíve gone into, what technique means, and the techniques that are applied to all forms of governing people, the techniques take on a life of their own after a while and massive bureaucracies grow to manage them, etc. The technique that they use over the public is kind of a religion to them, it has all the earmarks and hallmarks of a religion, and once itís established itís very difficult to change them. They believe they exist to fulfill that purpose. People who are terrible people can always convince themselves theyíre doing things for the right reason.  Itís a human trait, obviously.  And we find that we all end up suffering down the road for many of these decisions that are made.  But these techniques that take over, literally supersede your government as such. Because governments, remember, come and go, and bureaucracies stay, and all the multiplicity of departments and agencies government uses are there all the time running the things smoothly, to keep things going, even when houses of government change over, change hands.


Long, long ago because of this factor, of technique, politicians became, really, only relevant to keep the public in the belief that they elected them and they were there to serve them.  Lip service if you like. When politicians are appointed over jurisdictions within government they know nothing about that particular department. They donít have to know anything. But when you see them on television, remember, whateverís written for them is written by a scriptwriter, all the departments have them, and specialists who are there full-time and make careers in that one department, whether itís health or whatever it happens to be, they actually write the script for the politician whoís the puppet head, the figurehead over them so it comes over the television as though this politician knows what theyíre talking about, because they look positive.  Oh, by the way, they all take acting lessons, you know that?  A few years ago I read on the air the one from Britain, and the politicians paid for basic courses, at 500 pounds per course, the very basic one costs 500 pounds at least, and then you took other ones afterwards, on how to present yourself, in deportment, and to look stern on occasion and understanding on occasion, all on how to pose to the camera, etc., and how toÖ They actually were trained in reading dummy scripts and how to put it over in a very believable fashion with authority to the public.  Itís all showbiz today, folks.


Now, these techniques developed out of the history of humankind, what we understand, what we know at least of human history, and systems that ran humans in previous times. Therefore, we divided up the world, or the history, the past, into ages, etc.  But along with each age comes what dominated the minds of the public, apart from basic survival, for the majority of the public in all times, what governed them, what ruled over their minds, and the belief systems they gave them. And even though a lot of people today think theyíre in a humanistic society, which they are by the way, in a sense, but humanism in itself is another religion.  So the more we change the more we stay the same. And even those who are so clever and superior, as they try to create a new way of governing, end up being just like a religion because it has all the traits of a new religion with its tenets.  And, obviously, if you took it to its natural progression, humanism and the humanist manifesto, say, would be completely, utterly intolerant of any other opinion except its own.  Today itís under Ďliberalismí to an extent, people who are completely intolerant of anybody with an opposing viewpoint to what they call progress, and they decide what progress is, and help to fund it and push it.


Youíll find roughly, although there were phases in history where people had revolutions against the systems of their day, some ongoing, some intermittent revolutions Ė or, rebellions are more appropriate really Ė and many of them came to some success, some to no success at all.  But with each of them would come a little change, perhaps, in the way of thinking or viewing the total authority of the time, even authority of what was at one time God, an Old Testament Jewish deity basically who supposedly made man in his image. And with all the sciences today that tell us that we are basically a form of a rational being made in the image of God, then I guess the God himself is pretty irrational, thatís how it would be, naturally, wouldnít it? But people are trying to make sense out of everything, the meaning of life, thatís the oldest question of all.  And the people who decide they can give you a reason for the meaning of life end up generally ruling over you.  And when youíre ruled over in such a fashion, as George Orwell did say, the proles donít count.


Now, thatís not a negative thing or despondent thing, as some people occasionally will say. Is it defeatist?  No. You canít start being realistic, to get a solution, unless you accept that. Thatís the truth of it. If you accept the circumstances youíre actually in only then can you start to make changes, starting with yourself. Because you see, if you believe in the old illusions, the old reasons for being, to serve your country, to serve, serve, serveÖ  I mean, we can criticize the Middle Ages and the way the peasants were treated, and starved to death often when there were bad crop years, the elite took most of the grain from them, their job was to serve.  And we donít want to be in the same position again, Iím sure. When your country is obviously not benefiting you, but you do see in your country who is benefiting, from what your elite do, how can you possibly ally yourself, or even try toÖ How can you even relate to them, unless youíre a psychopath yourself?  Because youíd have to be a psychopath to say, I can cash in on this, and exploit others too, and get awfully wealthy, get acclaim from the media, which will give it to the public, and the public will worship me. Unfortunately this irrationality, again, is true, the public worship what theyíre given, in a 20th century created phenomenon called the stars. It doesnít matter how much of a yo-yo intellectually the person happens to be, as long as theyíve been in some good movies, which they liked, theyíre a star, because theyíre told theyíre stars, and to prove it they have all that money to back them up. You worship money, mammon.  How therefore, if you worship money, because being rich is the pinnacle of success, how can you possibly condemn corporations that are using your nations to plunder other countries for the wealth, for the corporationsí own benefit?  Irrational again, isnít it?  Our values system isÖ mad.  But we didnít get our own value system from ourselves. Weíre given it in every era.  Every era weíre given the value system. 


Last week I said that nothing is missed or lost by the rulers, you see. They always learn from other countriesí power structures and history, how people were ruled, what works, what doesnít, what worked for somebody, why it failed for somebody, and so on. But they adopt the measures necessary to make it work, say, in their own new system that they plan to bring in. They work carefully, and sometimes for a century or so, planning it all, including the takedown of the present structure of society, bit by bit by bit, through social change or cultural change using all the forces that they can, mainly through media, propaganda, education and so on. They then reapply the new ones, or even the old ones that theyíve copied from someone elseís experiment, on other societies.  So thatís how it really works today.


Back in the 1700s people were still into the Newtonian era of everything working in a form of order in the universe. And that was comforting to the human mind, this kind of order.  Of course it kept the theologians happy too, that there was no conflict between the discoveries of science and that of their belief system of a God of order, you see. Therefore when the 19th and the 20th centuries came in that began to change again as science began to find out new things, again, this sense of order and the geometrical patterns went out the window as physics arose, higher and higher, and they with mathematics began to find sequences of numbers for everything basically, right down to what we have today, the computer.  Then they find out that in the universe thereís not all that order at all, thereís a lot of things that make no sense as far as order goes. Light could bend, things like that, and that kind of shocked people, made them afraid again, oh goodness meÖ  And we see today in fact as the media plays up the possibilities of meteor impacts, and comet impacts, and goodness knows what, you see, which is great media of course, because their intention is to sell something to the public and fear sells better than anything at all, apart from sex, obviously.


Now, Iíll go over some of Bertrand Russellís earlier 1930s writing to do with The Scientific Outlook to show you what he on behalf of the British elite, and really the American elite, saw for the future by learning from the totalitarian experiments that were happening in that day.  They had the rise of Nazism which really copied a lot of its technique from the Bolshevik experience, which became the Communist, what we called Communism, the Soviet experience, where a whole class of people in the Soviet system were basically slaughtered, and boasted about that theyíd slaughtered a whole class, to bring in a new society and with a designed, specially designed and trained youth who would believe what they were told with a new world outlook.  And they didnít want to lose that because they could use it elsewhere. Because the goal was always, from Russellís point of view, that an intelligentsia, a scientific intelligentsiaÖ and of course he carefully avoids the economic boys who sponsored him as well, way above him, although he was related to some of them in fact. He avoids mentioning that and the unfairness of this kind of system of a few controlling the worldís power financially. But he really praises the idea of the scientists coming into their own, behind all government, as we have it today, it literally is behind everything and completely interwoven with its think tanks and its RAND surveys, etc. 


This is what he says on the experimental era of the 1930s when he wrote this particular book.  You can almost see himÖ if Russell could possibly be happy as such, thatís probably the only time he could be happy.  He talks about the experiment in Japan, which of course we forget that Japan had been heavily influenced by the elite of the US. They were forced at gunpoint to start trading and then to change their culture and modernize and so on. That got them going ready for wars, the Sino-Russian war, etc. etc., which was also directed outside of Japan, by the way. Anyway, it says hereÖ


(The Scientific Outlook, Bertrand Russell

Chapter: Artificially Created Societies.)


The attempt at scientific construction which is being made by the Soviet Government is more ambitious than that which was carried through by the Japanese innovators in 1867; it aims at a much greater change in social institutions, and at the creation of a society far more different from anything previously known than is that of Japan. The experiment is still in progress, (Alan:  Öthis is in the early 1930s.)  and only a rash man would venture to predict whether it will succeed or fail; the attitude both of friends and enemies towards it has been singularly unscientific. For my part, I am not anxious to appraise the good or evil in the Soviet system, but merely to point out those elements of deliberate planning which make it so far the most complete example of a scientific society. In the first place, all the major factors of production and distribution are controlled by the State; in the second place, all education is designed to stimulate activity in support of the official experiment; in the third place, the State does what it can to substitute its religion for the various traditional beliefs which have existed within the territory of the U.S.S.R.; in the fourth place, literature and the Press are controlled by the Government, and are such as are thought likely to help it in its constructive purposes; in the fifth place, the family, in so far as it represents a loyalty which competes with loyalty to the State, is being gradually weakened; in the sixth place, the five-year plan is bending the whole constructive energies of the nation to the realization of a certain economic balance and productive efficiency, by means of which it is hoped that a sufficient degree of material comfort will be secured for everyone. In every other society of the world there is enormously less central direction than under the Soviet Government. (A:  And that was what really fascinated him too, because itís centralization of all power, that was a tenet of Marxism, and again, all totalitarian characters like Russell were fascinated by this eventual complete centralization of ALL the worldís power into one authority at the top, you see, with scientific institutions below running the public, like programmed robots.  But he saysÖ) It is true that during the war the energies of the nations were, to a considerable extent, centrally organized, but everyone knew that this was temporary, and even at its height the organization was not so all-pervasive as it is in Russia. (A:  Heís talking about World War I.)  The five-year plan as its name implies is supposed to be temporary and to belong to a time of stress, not wholly unlike that of The Great War, but it is to be expected that if it succeeds other plans will take its place, since the central organization of a vast nation's activities is too attractive to the organizers to be abandoned readily.  (A:  So youíd have five-year plans for one part, ten-year plans for other, 50-year plans for complete cultural change, etc.  Itís a duplication of what happened in the West through other means. Anyway he says hereÖ)


The Russian experiment may succeed or may fail, but even if it fails, it will be followed by others which will share its most interesting characteristic, namely, the unitary direction of a whole nation's activities. This was impossible in earlier days, since it depends upon the technique of propaganda, i.e. (A:  Öand hereís what he includes in propaganda, that isÖ) upon universal education (A:  In other words, a standardized, centrally-organized education.), newspapers (A:  Öfor the propaganda.), the cinema (A:  Öwhich is movies and we have TV as well.), and the wireless(A:  Ötoday.) The State had already been strengthened by railways and the telegraph, which made possible the rapid transmission of news and concentration of troops. In addition to modern methods of propaganda, modern methods of warfare have strengthened the State as against discontented elements; aeroplanes and poison gases have made revolt difficult unless it obtains the support of aeronauts and chemists. (A:  ÖchemistsÖ Today we have biochemists and everything all involved in the warfare industry. It makes revolution impossible, they could annihilate whole sections of any country if they wish to if there was massive upheaval. And they have all kinds of sound cannons and other kinds that can fry you, microwave and so on. Itís all done.


I mean, this guy spoke on world panels, you understand, and for the United Nations too, whose goal was always to rule the whole world. And theyíve been doing all this all along in preparation, not to fight just some other enemy but to condition the public, you understand, to accept all this NATURAL progression, as it seems to you, to be a natural progression to a world state. And theyíve pretty well succeeded. Remember too, part of the theory of Marxism was that theyíd have toÖ You could speed up progress, something that might take, say, centuries of intrigue and so on to bring down other little countries that wouldnít give up their power or sovereignty, you could speed the whole thing up and force revolutions upon them, force the wars upon them, say, and thatís of course the same technique as the New American Century were using with their list of countries to be taken out, rather than put up with them for another hundred years until they would Westernize themselves through technology and so on and copy the West. Speed it up, reduce them to an absolutely primitive state, destroy their infrastructure, and then you could go in and rebuild; that was what they claimed at the time, they could go in and rebuild the whole thing and reeducate everyone. So we see the chaos that came out of that of course, with their great plans, right.  But anyway he saysÖ)


Any prudent Government will favour these two classes (A: Öthe scientists and so on.)  and take pains to secure their loyalty. (A:  So thereís got to be a political loyalty too, by scientists, you see, just like the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change], who all get paid to say that there are terrible things happening with the weather and itís all man-made, meanwhile they know darn well that their own Geo-engineers are doing it themselves.) As the example of Russia has shown, it is now possible for men of energy and intelligence, if they once become possessed of the governmental machine, to retain power even though at first they may have to face the opposition of the majority of the population. We must therefore increasingly expect to see government falling into the hands of oligarchies, not of birth but of opinion. In countries long accustomed to democracy, the empire of these oligarchies may be concealed behind democratic forms, as was that of Augustus in Rome, but elsewhere their rule will be undisguised. If there is to be scientific experimentation in the construction of new kinds of societies, the rule of an oligarchy of opinion is essential. It may be expected that there will be conflicts between different oligarchies, but that ultimately some one oligarchy will acquire world dominion, and will produce a world-wide organization as complete and elaborate as that now existing in the U.S.S.R. Such a state of affairs will have both merits and demerits; more important than either, however, is the fact that nothing less will enable a society imbued with scientific technique to survive. Scientific technique demands organization, and the more it becomes perfected, the larger are the organizations that it demands. Quite apart from war, the present depression has made it evident that an international organization of credit and banking is necessary to the prosperity not only of some countries, but of all. The international organization of industrial production is being rendered necessary by the efficiency of modern methods. (A:  Now, donít forget this guy was well in with what became the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements and so on, all these ideas werenít just floated about, they were helped to set up the embryos of them, before World War II, in fact in time for World War II, and the system of standardizing the worldís currencies and so on for value etc. Russell goes on to sayÖ) 


The advantages to be derived from an organized world State are great and obvious. (A:  So hereís the sales pitch coming up, you see, the same sales pitch they gave for the Soviets before the mass slaughters happened. Mind you, Russell himself said in another book too, he said a scientific dictatorship would be utterly ruthless. So again, he speaks with a forked tongue. But he saysÖ) There will be, in the first place, security against war and a saving of almost the whole effort and expense now devoted to competitive armaments: there will be, one must suppose, a single highly efficient fighting machine, employing mainly aeroplanes and chemical methods of warfare, which will be quite obviously irresistible, and will therefore not be resisted. The central government may be changed from time to time by a palace revolution, (A:  Öa coup in other wordsÖ) but this will only alter the personnel of the figure-heads, not the essential organization of government. The central government will, of course, forbid the propaganda of nationalism, by means of which at present anarchy is maintained, and will put in its place a propaganda of loyalty to the world State. It follows that such an organization, if it can subsist for a generation, will be stable.


The gain from an economic point of view will be enormous: there will be no waste in competitive production, no uncertainty as to employment, no poverty, no sudden alternations of good and bad times (A:  Öthatís what the Soviets pushed too.); every man willing to work will be kept in comfort, and every man unwilling to work will be kept in prison. (A:  Now thatís the socialist agenda, because it also came out of the mouth of the Fabian Society founders of course, and Iíve given the link for that, where you can actually hear the old audio from George Bernard Shaw saying the same thing.) When owing to any circumstances the work upon which a man has hitherto been employed is no longer required, he will be taught some new kind of work, and will be adequately maintained while he is learning his new trade. Economic motives will be employed to regulate population (A:  Öpopulation control, big timeÖ), which will probably be kept stationary.  (A:  Öand we know itís going down, as we go down the way now.) Almost all that is tragic in human life will be eliminated, and even death will seldom come before old age. (A:  Well, it will depend on whose class you belong to, you see.) Whether men will be happy in this Paradise I do not know. Perhaps biochemistry will show us how to make any man happy (A:  Öheís talking about pharmacology and so on.), provided he has the necessaries of life; perhaps dangerous sports will be organized for those whom boredom would otherwise turn into anarchists; perhaps sport will take over the cruelty which will have been banished from politics; perhaps football will be replaced by play battles in the air in which death will be the penalty of defeat. It may be that so long as men are allowed to seek death, they will not mind having to seek it in a trivial cause: to fall through the air before a million spectators may come to be thought a glorious death even if it has no purpose but the amusement of a holiday crowd. It may be that in some such way a safety valve can be provided for the anarchic and violent forces in human nature; or again, it may be that by wise education and suitable diet men may be cured of all their unruly impulses, (A:  Öheís talking about using drugs and altering the food to alter you.) and all life may become as quiet as a Sunday school. (A:  You understand, thereís nothing happening today that wasnít spoken about by guys on big planning councils a long time ago.  And you think itís all happenstance and coincidentalÖ because people wouldnít actually go ahead and do this. Well, guess what?  Theyíve been doing it long before you were born. This is a one world agenda, which encompasses everything to do with living, everything, right down to what life is itself.) 


There will, of course, be a universal language, which will be either Esperanto (A:  Öwhich they tried to push back in the 60s.) or pidgin-English (A:  Öwell listen to a lot of the rap youíre listening to.). The literature of the past will for the most part not be translated into this language, since its outlook and emotional background will be considered unsettling (A:  So a lot of the literature and so on with its emotionalÖ you know, things to do with novels and emotion and so on, they didnít really want it out there. Thatís where the idea came from of course, from writings from Russell and all the big crew, that were on the world boards of his day, and paid heavily by the big financial oligarchs of his day.  They came out with the idea of Fahrenheit 451 where they burn the books, because you know, you might get contaminated thoughts from reading emotional books.)  . . .since its outlook and emotional background will be considered unsettling: serious students of history will be able to obtain a permit from the Government to study such works as Hamlet and Othello, but the general public will be forbidden access to them on the ground that they glorify private murder; boys will not be allowed to read books about pirates or Red Indians; love themes will be discouraged on the ground that love, being anarchic, is silly, if not wicked. (A:  Thatís why they came up with the idea, and Iíve spoken about this before, that they would separate the sexual act from the emotional bonding; thatís all been done today.) All this will make life very pleasant for the virtuous. Science increases our power to do both good and harm, and therefore enhances the need for restraining destructive impulses. If a scientific world is to survive, it is therefore necessary that men should become tamer than they have been. The splendid criminal must no longer be an ideal, and submissiveness must be more admired than it has been in the past. In all this there will be both gain and loss, and it is not within human power to strike a balance between the two.


(A:  Now, in this same book, Russell goes on to talk about something which has been tried in many countries including Britain, the immense buildings to house lots of ordinary folk in; he never talks about the wealthy elite because, like the Soviet system, according to your status you see, it depends on your reward, in all societies, even the equal ones apparently.)


In England individualism leads most families to prefer a small house of their own rather than an apartment in a large house. The result is that the suburbs of London are spread out through mile after mile of dreariness, to the immense detriment of the women and children. Each housewife cooks an abominable dinner at great expenditure of labour for an infuriated husband. The children, when they come home from school, or while they are too young to go to school, find themselves cooped up in small stuffy premises where either they are a nuisance to their parents or their parents are a nuisance to them. In a more sensible community, each family would occupy a part of an immense building with a courtyard in the middle; there would be no individual cooking, but only communal meals. Children, as soon as they were no longer at the breast, would spend their day in large airy halls under the care of women possessing the knowledge, the training, and the temperament required for making young children happy. (A:  Heís talking about day care and so on.) The wives, who at present drudge all day doing wasteful work badly, would be set free to earn their living outside the home. The benefit of such a system to the mothers, and still more to the children, would be incalculable. At the Rachel Macmillan nursery school it was found that about 90 per cent of the children had rickets when they first came, and almost all were cured at the end of the first year in the school. In the ordinary home the necessary modicum of light and air and good food cannot be provided, whereas all these things can be provided quite cheaply if they are provided for many children at once. The freedom to cause one's children to grow up stunted and crippled on the ground that one is too fond of them to part with them is a freedom which is certainly not in the public interest.  (A:  Remember too, part of the rickets problem too was to do with the state that they always kept the people, the ordinary folk in in Britain, especially during and after the times of World War I and II, rickets made tremendous appearances and it didnít go away very quickly either. By the way, itís back again, because we live in such a wonderful economic system. Anyway, heís trying to give you all the reasons why we should all live communally, and take the best of the Soviet system, as he calls it.)  Take again the question of work, both the kind of work and the method of performing it. At present young people choose their own trade or profession, usually because at the moment of their choice it seems to afford a good opening.  A well-informed person possessed of foresight might know that the particular line in question was going to be much less profitable a few years hence. In such a case some public guidance to the young might prove extremely useful. And as regards technical methods, it is seldom in the public interest that an antiquated or wasteful technique should be allowed to persist when a more economical technique is known. At present, owing to the irrational character of the capitalist system, the interest of the individual wage-earner is very often opposed to the interest of the community . . .  It is obvious that in a well-organized community it should be impossible for a large body of individuals to profit by preserving an inefficient technique.  It is clear that the use of the most efficient technique should be enforced, and no wage-earner should be allowed to suffer by its enforcement.


I come now to a matter which touches the individual more intimately: I mean the question of propagation. It has hitherto been considered that any man and woman not within the prohibited degrees have a right to marry, and having married have a right, if not a duty, to have as many children as nature may decree. This is a right which the scientific society of the future is not likely to tolerate. (A:  I love how they word it here because, you understand, these guys had already decided back there and then that you didnít have the right to do it then, and that was part of their doctrine.)  In any given state of industrial and agricultural technique there is an optimum density of population which ensures a greater degree of material wellbeing than would result from either an increase or a diminution of numbers. As a general rule, except in new countries, the density of population has been beyond this optimum, though perhaps France, in recent decades, has been an exception. Except where there is property to be inherited, the member of a small family suffers almost as much from overpopulation as the member of a large family. Those who cause overpopulation are therefore doing an injury not only to their own children, but to the community. It may therefore be assumed that society will discourage them if necessary, as soon as religious prejudices no longer stand in the way of such action. The same question will arise in a more dangerous form as between different nations and different races. If a nation finds that it is losing military superiority through a lower birth-rate than that of a rival, it may attempt, as has already been done in such cases, to stimulate its own birthrate; but when this proves ineffective, as it probably will, there will be a tendency to demand a limitation in the birth-rate of the rival nation. (A:  We found this from China. China has its own version of Agenda 21, the West signed it with them by the way.  The head honcho of China, president or whatever it is theyíre called there, last year demanded that they keep promoting population reduction and control in the West as well, as part of their charter.) An international government, if it ever comes into being, will have to take account of such matters, and just as there is at present a quota of national immigrants into the United States, so in future there will be a quota of national immigrants into the world. Children in excess of the licensed figure will presumably be subjected to infanticide. This would be less cruel than the present method, which is to kill them by war or starvation. I am, however, only prophesying a certain future, not advocating it. (A:  Again, man speaks with forked tongue, right.) Quality as well as quantity of population is likely to become a matter for public regulation. Already in many States of America it is permissible to sterilize the mentally defective (A:  Öhe calls it here, and remember, heís writing this in the 1930s.), and a similar proposal in England is in the domain of practical politics. This is only the first step. As time goes on we may expect a greater and greater percentage of the population to be regarded as mentally defective from the point of view of parenthood.  (A:  As time goes on, you see, you keep adding to the list, and probably upping the IQ and saying, well yours is below the IQ. Well, it was okay last year. Yeah, but itís not good this year.) However that may be, it is clear that the parents who have a child when there is every likelihood of its being mentally defective are doing a wrong both to the child and to the community. (A:  Öcommunity, communityÖ Thatís what youíve heard for many years now is communitarianism, community, community.) No defensible principle of liberty therefore stands in the way of preventing them from such behaviour.


In suggesting any curtailment of liberty there are always two quite distinct questions to be considered. The first is whether such a curtailment would be in the public interest if it were wisely carried out, and the second is whether it will be in the public interest when it is carried out with a certain measure of ignorance and perversity. These two questions are in theory quite distinct, but from the point of view of the government the second question does not exist, since every government believes itself entirely free from both ignorance and perversity.  Every government, consequently, in so far as it is not restrained by traditional prejudices, will advocate more interference with liberty than is wise. When, therefore, as in this chapter, we are considering what interferences with liberty might be theoretically justified, we must hesitate to draw the conclusion that they should be advocated in practice. I think it probable, however, that almost all interferences with liberty for which there is a theoretical justification will, in time, be carried out in practice, because scientific technique is gradually making governments so strong that they need not consider outside opinion. (A:  This is in the 1930s, remember.) The result of this will be that governments will be able to interfere with individual liberty wherever in their opinion there is a sound reason for so doing, and for the reason just given, this will be much more often than it should be. For this reason scientific technique is likely to lead to a governmental tyranny which may in time prove disastrous. (A:  Öif they go too fast, too openly and so on. Thatís why theyíve used the War on Terror and rammed everything through on you. It throws you off balance. Well, itís really a war against something, you know, and not really against us. But is it really?)


Equality, like liberty, is difficult to reconcile with scientific technique, since this involves a great apparatus of experts and officials inspiring and controlling vast organizations. Democratic forms may be preserved in politics, but they will not have as much reality as in a community of small peasant proprietors. Officials unavoidably have power. And where many vital questions are so technical that the ordinary man cannot hope to understand them, experts must inevitably acquire a considerable measure of control. (A:  Öglobal warming, anthropological, man-made global warming, right, weíve got to depopulate the planet.  IPCC, weíve got to do Geoengineering, it will kill a lot of them off in the meantime mind you with all the poisons but it has to be done, etc. etc.)


The scientific society will be just as oligarchic under socialism or communism as under capitalism, for even where the forms of democracy exist they cannot supply the ordinary voter with the requisite knowledge, nor enable him to be on the spot at the crucial moment. The men who understand the complicated mechanism of a modern community and who have the habit of initiative and decision must inevitably control the course of events to a very great extent. (A:  In other words, leave it to the experts, leave it to the experts, itís way above your understanding, you simpleton, just accept it. You see. Thatís what heís telling you there. And by the way, Iíve mentioned so many times that knowledge is never lost, and what they learned from watching fascism, communism, the Nazi project, and so on, they incorporate what they see as the totalitarian centralized governmental pieces and use it all themselves. They never throw that away. Theyíre all fascinated...  See, all tyrants are fascinated by the same power, you understand, so theyíll always take the same kind of form, that works, for them.)  Perhaps this is even more true in a socialistic State than in any other, for in a socialistic State economic and political power are concentrated in the same hands, and the national organization of the economic life is more complete than in a State where private enterprise exists. (A:  What do you have today, folks? Who runs your politics for you? How come the same agenda rolls forth regardless of what pretense organization pretends to be in power?) Moreover, a socialistic State is likely to have more perfect control than any other over the organs of publicity and propaganda, so that it will have more power of causing men to know what it wishes known, and not to know what it wishes unknown. (A: Thatís where we are today, eh.) Equality, therefore, like liberty, is, I fear, no more than a nineteenth-century dream. The world of the future will contain a governing class, probably not hereditary (A:  Actually it is hereditary, thatís one of the other things they always copy, in tradition; I donít care what they call themselves. You saw that in the Socialist Soviet system too.), but more analogous to the government of the Catholic Church. And this governing class, as it acquires increasing knowledge and confidence, will interfere more and more with the life of the individual, and will learn more and more the technique causing this interference to be tolerated.  (A:  Look at the computer, and now they want you to talk to government and you talk to them; they talk down to you, etc. etc. But itís all for your good, right? And they make it fun for you, ha.),  It may be assumed that their purposes will be excellent, and their conduct honourable; it may be assumed that they will be well informed and industrious; but it cannot, I think, be assumed that they will abstain from the exercise of power merely on the ground that individual initiative is a good thing, or on the ground that an oligarchy is unlikely to consider the true interests of its slaves, for men capable of such self-restraint will not rise to positions of power which, except when they are hereditary, are attained only by those who are energetic and untroubled by doubt.  (A:  Öwhich is a good psychopath, they have no doubt whatsoever.)


Now, Iím sorry for prattling through that rather quickly but thereís not much time in an hour. And itís already raining here again. Itís like perpetual darkness here, itís so bad you couldnít believe it unless you were here on the spot. And this is all the weather manipulation, thatís so good for us all, apparently.  Itís even touched upon in the book I was reading from, how they control the weather and the crops and all the rest of it too.  By the way, they can really shift populations out of areas that way.  Because weather really started off as weather warfare, as we well know, thatís what funded it all, our tax money, through all the big governmental projects for warfare. 


So remember too, that you can help me tick along here, hopefully. I should maybe get a dinghy just to be on the safe side. As I say, you can donate or buy the books at  Thereís discs to buy too that are better quality than the ones I put up; theyíre higher bit rate.  Hopefully you can keep me going too, because Iíve got so much to do here. And Iíve had literally, oh, I canít even count the crises that have come along here, crisis after crisis after crisis, things youíd never believe unless you were here in the middle of it all. But thatís what happens here and I should just leave it at that.


I hope youíre all coping as best you can through all of the changes, which are advancing upon you, and the upsets in all of your lives too because youíre all going through similar things as well Iím sure, and staying at least afloat, so to say, especially for me under all this deluge here.  And for those that are suffering in the dryer areas because of the weather warfare as they dissipate what should be rain clouds, and dump it elsewhere by directing the jet streamsÖ what a world weíre living in. Weíre living in the sci-fi movie. You donít have to go into science fiction anymore, folks, youíre living in it. And if you start just going by your own perceptions dailyÖ For instance, I go into the local forecast stations, and even the governmental ones, and theyíre completely under-reporting and falsifying the rain records and everything else, massively, as we go through these incredible perpetual rainy seasons up here now in Canada, that ends up being a perpetual snowy season, one to the other, and itís all man-made of course. You can see them doing it, spraying, in the few clear bits you get, there they go, all over the place, spray, spray, spray, in all directions, and what you see are not normal clouds by any means. But youíre not supposed to notice that; and if the media doesnít mention it, it canít be worth remembering, right? Thatís how you dismiss it from your mind, that you expect the media to do your reasoning for you. And long, long ago, folks, the media was never yours, never yours, as per the book I was just reading bits from, from the 1930s, itís all propaganda.


I sometimes think of all the fiction they dose out there like crazy on the public today, to distract you from reality, and the problems of reality, and the chaos that weíre going through. Thatís why folk want escapism; the harsher it becomes for the individual the more they want to retreat into a fantasy world, of just distraction for a little while.  So they dish it out like a never-ending stream, for you to get lost. But donít lose track of what is real.  Iíve listened to some talk shows that go on and on with all kinds of weird stuff, at night, and itís to do with, really, fantasy. Because the shows are actually licensed under entertainment, but all the people donít know that.  Itís sad to hear a lot of the callers calling in, because of all the books that have been churned out too, that used to be churned out as science fiction, and fiction, and now itís under the pretense of some new finding or metaphysics or something like that.  But in reality itís sci-fi writers who are now allowed to come out and just act through the show, as though itís all real, and make a fortune off it. Because people are desperate now for meaning in life, and as the religions get knocked from underneath their feet and they see the old being destroyed, the old cultures and societies being destroyed, deliberately, at least I try to give you the reasons why theyíre being destroyed and the organizations behind it. Because itís not happening by itself, believe you me.


If, say, the 1930s or 40s society suited the oligarchs of today, or the offspring of them who are still in charge, if it suited them you would have the same culture exactly as it was back then, by the way. This is to suit them and their future world dominion.  The same with all the wars that weíre undergoing as well, and the cultural/social changes, value changes, etc. etc. Iím here to try to help you understand it.  Iím not depressed as such by it, as some people might think.  I think the first freedom you get is by reclaiming your mind. Thatís so important. You canít reclaim anything unless your mind is operating properly, as best as you can under the circumstances. With all your inoculations and the tampering youíve had, that you donít even know youíve had, get your mind in order if you can, and be careful of the organizations you join. Because remember, the oligarchs have always supplied all their own oppositions down through the ages. Donít forget too, that a lot of those groups fighting over in the Middle East are fighting for causes that have been given to them, by guys in the West. And theyíre all in for a shock at the end of it once their usefulness is over.  Be careful who you follow. Youíre in a chess game and no one has told you youíre on a chessboard. You donít even know youíre there, but youíre on the chessboard, folks.  All of you are on the chessboard. So be very, very careful out there as I say.


And from Hamish and myself Ė Hamish is my pooch, my dog, who hates the thunder at night, Iím up all night with him, as it bangs for hours, literally eight hours sometimes over the course of a night, in these monsoons Iím getting, heís not too happy with it at all, neither am I because Iím getting sleepless nights staying up with him.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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