Sept. 21, 2014 (#1461)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Profiteers Leer, Hard-Selling by Fear"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 21st, 2014.† I donít know how many people noticed but they had another one of their big global meetings on the possibilities of geo-engineering a few weeks ago there. They said that if every country signs on to this, if they ever were going to do it that is Ė of course itís such nonsense because theyíve been doing it for years Ė but if every country signed onto this then they couldnít just stop, you have to understand, they couldnít simply stop, because if they stopped it would cause climactic chaos, extreme weather conditions. Itís so comical in a sense because weíve been getting the extreme weather conditions since they started to spray heavily and pretty well daily since 1998.† And theyíre on about global warming again, you see.


Because itís true, the whole jet streamÖ Weíre under such micro scientific management of the weather today, itís pretty well routine management of the weather with the jet streams being modified and altering the patterns of winds and so on; they can actually make a straight line up and down the US, north to south, right through Canada, and give everybody on the east nothing but pouring weather, for a whole year pretty well to the present time.† Since the snow stopped it started raining and itís rained ever since in Canada. Only a handful of days of sun, at all, literally, and thatís no exaggeration. There was no summer at all.† Itís still raining yet, of course.† And as they prattle on about global warming weíve had a few degrees below the freezing mark just on Thursday night there. This is September, folks.† This is the effect of geo-engineering, you see.† And everything west of this lineup through northern America, anything west of it is getting baked basically, especially in California, because they have so manipulated all the winds that come down and the jet streams and so on.†


That all was disclosed, mind you, way back in the 90s, they could do that, if they ever wanted to manipulate jet streams, by the use of HAARP technology and by the use of course of aerial spraying of particulate matter, which theyíve been doing so heavily. So weíre under massive scientific control and itís really having its effects, naturally. Along with what the public are told, which is pretty well that theyíre causing all of this, nothing to do with spraying.† They donít mention the spraying in the skies, the chem spraying, even though it should be obvious to everybody if they would only use their own eyes and go by their own observations, as opposed to waiting for the media to tell them whatís important and what isnít important, and unfortunately most folk do allow the media to do their reasoning for them today. Itís very true.†


So theyíre all hyped up about coming catastrophes. †Because you understand, the group that dominates the world financially, and have for a long time, and itís so well organized with its thousands of nongovernmental organizations, with its multi-dozens of foundations where they funnel the money to these NGOs, nongovernmental organizations, itís just astonishing how organized they are. They control the media too and they give us our reality on every topic, every topic and they tell us what our conclusions should be, which is generally, be very, very afraid, until the next meeting comes along and they pass laws and get what they want, then they push on for the next step. Because you understand, to have complete dominance, if you give all the right to Geoengineers, as they call it, total weather manipulation worldwide, if you voluntarily give them the right, even though theyíve been doing it without your permission for years, if you give it to them then thatís a legal precedent, you see, you have acquiesced to it, and they can do what they want then.†


Imagine, one global authority, one global authorityÖ We know that everything through globalization is to get one authority that controls all your food, one authority that will control all your medications, one authority for everything, water, etc. This is what itís meant to be. Yet all these ones belong to one organization, so really one organization will rule the world. Everything you need to survive on this planet will be owned, and pretty well itís there actually, by one organization with its front mouthpieces like the United Nations World Health Organization, that speaks for big Pharma and so on, etc. etc. But the power to control the weather, and spray you, and you must then accept, too, the side effects of it all which are killing folk off already with bronchial problems which cannot be cleared up, and depending on your gene type it will hit you worse than some others, initially; you will all come down with it eventually though. Because the stuff theyíre pouring into the atmosphere and have been since 1998, continuously, the sulfurs, with aluminum oxides and so on, barium and various other things, shouldnít be in the atmosphere, certainly, certainly not in the concentrations which they now are. So you have to accept, if you go along with this because youíre petrified by it all, then you have to accept the consequences and the side effects and the fallout from it, which is death and illnesses, etc.


The big boys will achieve so many goals by this, by depopulation for one thing, it will also increase the death rate of infant mortality, elderly mortality, through the poisoning of their systems. Itís beautiful in so many ways, isnít it, from a macabre point of view? But this is what weíre living through, because you understand, youíre always given false choices. When thereís a con going on, this is a very old scheme, this conology, this term I coined a long time ago, conology.† In the art of conology the idea is to get the people to either buy something or do something that benefits you who comes up with the idea of using them for your own benefits, you see. Psychopathic, thatís what it is. I think personally the world has always been ruled by psychopaths. Thatís my opinion. And itís not just my opinion actually, itís becoming a standardized opinion through many universities which have a lot of psychopathic professors working there doing sweet-damned-all for big paychecks and lots of status. But the fact is, theyíre now trying to say that human society would be stagnant, arrested, if you didnít have the psychopathic qualities, which make big changes through their aberrant actions on things, big changes which affect all of us.


I used to wonder when I was small, mind you, why you had people who went around slaughtering people across the world and plundering, like Alexander was called The Great, Alexander The Great, you see.† And theyíd say, well he did all that.† Yeah, he did all that, but at the same time too he tried to unify them all under one system, an Empire, like thatís a good thing, you see. And a psychopath has a technique, heíll always justify what he does.† And those who are psychopathic and who laud that kind of thing only respect someone more psychopathic and powerful than themselves.† Look at any dictator and around them in a descending order youíll have all the top ones, all the generals going down the road to the lower level psychopaths. Everyone hates the one beneath them because theyíre inferior, but they bow and kowtow to the one above them, power and might, you see, that seems to be it.


So we are living in a psychopathic system which uses conology and they can only con you by understanding human nature. And Iíve said so many times that thereís nothing in this planet been studied as much as humans and human nature. The reason they use bugs and animals and so on to constantly test, over and over and over again, theyíre trying to find similar primitive traits, you see. If you can find the similar primitive traits that work on everythingÖ for instance, everything must eat, pretty well everything must breathe, you see, things like that, and then you go into the behavior that goes along with basic drives and needs, you see, and if you can collect them all and experiment over and over and over again, then they will also work with man, you see. And they do unfortunately. You are understood so perfectly well. All they have to do with the NSA and all the other organizations that are listening to everything that you do, and reading everything that you write and text, is to figure out your personality profile and put you in the appropriate category of designation for your personality profile. Youíre a type blah-blah-blah, you fit into this pigeon box, you see, this pigeonhole, and you are another type, you fit into that pigeonhole. And thatís all they have to do.


They know exactly what drives you, what motivates you, what will make you act on certain things, what will make you sit back on certain things and leave it to others.† Youíre completely understood, right down to givingÖ and Iíve mentioned this before and I read it from an article that came from the Pentagon, where they had a whole system of computers set up, where they had everybody in North America in it, and probably a good part of the world too, that had information up on the Internet of any kind at all including all their messages and phone calls, and analyzed them, and they had a virtual usÖ† For you there is a virtual you in the Pentagon with all the data fed into it and they can actually run simulated mock trials on little experiments with your virtual you, to see how it would come out, you see. And theyíre pretty well certain that how the virtual you will decide how to deal with certain problems, in the virtual world, will also work in the real world. Itís so precise.


You understand, everything that happens in the world today is about control and dominance.† Control.† A very old plan, mind you.† Itís had many names down through time. But itís a very old plan. Iíve put up The Soviet Story and different things in the past to show you little clips, like George Bernard Shaw, cofounder of the Fabian Society in Britain, who pushed what they called socialism. But you understand, for the elite socialism is not what the little followers at the bottom believe. Itís nothing to do with sharing wealth with all of you or getting you back benefits for all the taxes you pay. Itís about the right for an elite, very much like the Soviet Communistic style, an intellectual elite would run everything from cradle to grave basically for every individual.† And thatís pretty well coming here now. Itís been instituted in some countries already, the monitoring of children all through childhood by government-provided so-called experts, or guardians, that come into the homes and test them on different things.† Scotlandís one and itís called GIRFEC, the public have pretty well no choice in the matter, some other countries have different names for the same program, to make sure they can modify that childís thinking, if they start thinking for themselves, and become politically incorrect by saying what they see.† This is how advanced everything is today.


I noticed too, that next week they have the big meeting, again, a premeeting you might say for the global warming groups of course, and the United Nations bunch; I think itís in New York again. So this week they set up all the big NGO groups led by actors and musicians, all the usual crews.† You understand, when you get into music or youíre an actor youíre approached by these organizations, immediately, to be spokespersons for them.† You get a lot of benefits, and fans will join you, so they get a lot of side benefits from doing this and giving photo-ops for these groups and so on.† But theyíre having marches through London, for instance, right now to try and get media attention, to get them all warmed up, and theyíre going to do the same in the States as well in different places. Get them all warmed up and the public prepared for all the declarations that the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) will come out with of course, to do with climate change and the need for everything to be changed in the world, to give up all your rights, you canít heat yourself by any means except those authorized by the state, the world state and all the rest of it, or, you canít live in that house anymore because itís letting too much heat escape. This is all to come out of this organization, you understand.


One authority will run the world and how you live. I mean that. I really mean that, completely. The choices are disappearing from you very, very quickly; choices that youíve taken for granted as just everyday living, have been taken from you so fast, so fast. And itís so funny too, with all these so-called greenie organizations, as I say, with their film stars at the top and so on, why not a plumber? A plumber is more necessary to society than any media-created little person that goes to the toilet the same as you and I do, and does the same things in the toilet as you and I do. Theyíre made into something that theyíre not, which is special, because all they do is a job, right? And their job is to impersonate other people and go into the world of fiction. But could you do without them? Well actually you could. Could you do without your plumber? Well, think about it. But this is what they do. They use these folk because we follow the stars, weíre trained to follow stars, you see.† And if this person said it, whoís an actor, who acts fictional parts all the time, youíre going to start trusting them when they say something because you think itís really them talking. You donít even know who they are, really, do you? You have no idea behind all the PR that the media puts out about them. Theyíre no specialists on anything. Theyíre official mouthpieces.


But anyway, theyíre driving about in their greenie cars for photo-ops and stuff like that, with cars that you canít afford, by the way. And they prattle on about, oh itís so clean and blah-blah-blah to drive and pollution-free. Well, whatís charging their electric batteries there, folks? Nuclear power is doing it. How much power does it take to charge those big darned batteries? Think about it. Itís something you canít afford to do either. And do you think theyíre going to stop driving themselves when it goes out of sight and they get so many laws passed that only the big shots and essential vehicles only are to be on the road, like Agenda 21 says?† Hmm?† Of course, theyíre not going to suffer. They make sure of that before they become mouthpieces for their bosses, and they have bosses, folks, way above. The CEOs of big corporations have the bosses too, oh yeah, way above them. So do the politicians and prime ministers and presidents.


Do you really think that idiots are running the world? Do you really think so? Thatís what they want you to believe. They really want you to believe that. How come these same agendas have gone on and rolled on with umpteen changes of Parliament or Congress? The same agendas go forth and magnify and get worse and worse and worse. It doesnít matter who gets in. Itís all a sham, itís all a show. Iíve gone through so much of this in the past to do with the setting up of the system, and how Professor Quigley, who was the official historian of the Council on Foreign Relations which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private group, that was the new name for the Lord Alfred Milner Group/Cecil Rhodes Society that planned world dominion, to be run by a rich intelligentsia, to take over all aspects of society and living and everything else, by deception.† And how, Quigley said, there hadnít been a president or prime minister for about 60 years that hadnít been a member of this organization.† Theyíre chosen beforehand, you see, before their names are put forth for you to pretend to elect.† Thatís why none of them rock the boat, they will not buck the system. They wouldnít dare. If they did theyíd be Kennedyíd.


But thatís how the world really is, folks.† And unfortunately people get caught up in the mainstream hype of following wars and stuff.† Now, I warned years ago, taking the example of George Orwellís 1984, who hit the nail on the head, when he gets the little hero being asked, who are we fighting today, East Asia? West Asia? Who? Because they keep changing their target sites, or giving you new names, you know, if you get it wrong. Well, itís like saying weíre fighting Al QaedaÖ Oh no, weíre fighting ISIS now, and some of them say ISIL now, you see. These are all terms coined by the Western intelligence agencies that the media then uses. Thatís not what the people over in those countries call themselves. Itís still the same organization that was set up years ago by the US, Britain and so on. They were set up to fight the Russians when the Russians invaded Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was just the call sign that they put into when they all made contact through radio; thatís what it meant.


So for years weíve been living many lies, many lies, folks. The so-called progress, which is just the great work, the big plan, you see, of the big secret society that runs the world, has been unfolding perfectly well, including all cultural changes which theyíve implemented since, oh, the end of World War II they really ramped it up, through the 50s, and then in the 60s the techniques were perfected, and itís been on a roll ever since with all of the same agendas as the communists wrote down, actually, in the Communist Manifesto. Amazing isnít it?† Itís all pretty well been accomplished, the big 10 planks.† And you find if you simply look at things and compare them to do with the world state owning all the means of production, well what is the world state? You have the Bank for International Settlements set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Milner group before that.† The IMF, the same thing. Private again, owned by them. All these organizations you take for granted because, you think, theyíve got official-sounding names, like somebody mustíve voted them in at one time. No, we didnít. Nobody voted them in, any more than the folk voted in having a central bank, a central privatized bank.


You accept things because they simply exist when youíre born. And your parents already had accepted it, they never questioned it, they never thought about it.† Itís always astonished me how many folk just donít think about thingsÖ because they exist they must be normal. That really is astonishing, isnít it? It should be. I remember explaining to a relative once when he was talking about his pay raise coming through. I said, well how is that going to really help you because inflation is way above that? Technically weíre going backwards. In fact, they have admitted over the years that wages have pretty well not just stagnated since the 80s, weíve gone backwards, theyíve dropped.† Real wealth has dropped. They constantly inflate the money, which is built into the con system of money, backed by nothing, itís built into it, inflation.† Thatís why inflation must always occur, because itís a con game. Go into how money is created, itís a con game, it creates the inflation. It creates the devaluation of the currency every year. So if you get a little pay raise or not, youíre not even keeping up with the devaluation of the currency, what it can actually buy in real terms, real buying power, purchasing power. Youíre going backwards.


But weíre like little animals. And Iíve watched some of the experiments theyíve done with animals, thereís different things up on YouTube and elsewhere and from university sites, to do with how animals will accept tokens instead of giving them fruit, for instance, in little monkeys, things like that. Because a token is just money, you see, itís a substitute for something real. We live in fictions and fictions dominate our lives, including the tokens they give us called money. And youíll think youíre rich, you see, youíll think youíre rich if you get more numbers, just a numbers racket, you see.† So youíll say, well you know the guy in 1920 was only getting 10 of these things and Iím getting hundreds of these things a week. But you see, the guy back in 1910 or 1920 could buy a house, you know, for a couple of thousand dollars, and he could still live well on that 10 bucks a week, and he could even put a child into school or college, and his wife wasnít out working. Somethingís wrong here.† Huh? Somethingís awfully wrong. Folk donít think at all.


So eventually you end up with currencies that are like the lira or the peso, you spend about 10 million to get a cup of coffee, and you think thatís normal.† So when you end up with umpteen billion per week for your wages, you think, gee Iím rich. But no, you could only maybe buy 20 cups of coffee. Itís all a big joke, folks, to make you run as fast as you can.† Because the big boys who own the world own the land and everything and all produce; you name it, they own it. Thatís the real wealth. Thatís why there is estate, estate, you see, thereís real estate. Real estate is owning something outright, thatís the titles, deeds, the whole lot, and no one can touch you on it. No one can grab your land off you, including governments. No one can take anything away from you, that is yours.† ĎFee simpleí, they used to call it, where you have complete deeds and titles to everything, no one can boss you around on it or anything else. Not the nonsense we have today where youíre a tenant of your own property. Itís a fictional term, a tenant, putting you down even though youíre forking the cash out.† Itís really a fiction when they put you down as tenant. A person who rents is a tenant.† Look at your mortgage.


Anyway, we live in all these fictions and thatís how the world exists today, itís fictions, including what you take for reality and what you take for granted; itís a fiction, absolute fiction, so much of a fiction that most folk spend their lives living in fiction today. They soak it up and eat it up. They donít study what theyíre watching to see why itís there and how itís done and so on, and how it affects people. They enjoy it, they fall into the trap of actually putting down their guard and enjoying it. And the fiction today is so perverse, it pushes all theÖ like last week, I mentioned the Rise of the Warrior Cop, a great book to buy. But you see, society has been conditioned into accepting warrior cops through all the rubbish theyíve watched for years and years and years, with these almost cyborg creatures that wear nothing but armor and they look like giants and so on.† Thatís how theyíve been conditioned to accept this society which they now take for granted with thousands and thousands of SWAT teams dressing up like that. And raiding for profit, by the way, because a lot of these SWAT teams, for those especially across the US but other countries have followed suit, they copied it from the Soviet system, where the cops can then grab and seize property of someone that they claim is a wrongdoer. ClaimingÖ thatís all you need is a claim that theyíre a wrongdoer and they can steal it from them and then they can split the goods up, and thatís profit to the organization themselves.


When you create that kind of system, guess what, theyíre going to get more and more SWAT raids. And they are getting more and more SWAT raids, itís a going concern. And then you got the military-industrial complex coming in and selling them stuff, armored Humvees and grenade launchers and M-50 machine guns on the mounts of armored vehicles. This is a military, folks. And you have been trained through all your movies that somehow itís necessary, because you lap up all this fiction, masses of fiction, which prepares you for the reality, you accept the reality as it creeps in. Itís the reality of having the fiction in real-life. But youíre trained with everything by the same method, all the PC stuff. Donít have any opinion on anything thatís politically incorrect because theyíll come down on you like a ton of bricks. Itís not allowed. Those that push freedoms for everyone, and they always pick and create fringe groups by the way, are the most intolerant of all of any outside opinion. They will not stand for it. Theyíll forbid it. Itís all psychological warfare. Everything is psychological warfare.


A big trick in conology is to give you choices about things, often things youíve never thought of before, and they will always present it to you with a certain kind of urgency.† Itís no different, youíll find it all through marketing, because lots of psychopaths work in marketing, because they understand human nature, thatís why they go into it, they already have the psychopathic ability to understand certain patterns of human behavior, they do it instinctively, as a psychopath. And they get paid big money, by big companies, to make folk want things theyíd never thought of before, or to buy things based on an emotion as opposed to, well tell me about the product and why I should buy this product, not a car in some, you know, computer-generated background in the middle of nowhere with nice green hills behind it on a single road with no traffic anywhere. I donít want the fantasy, I want why should I buy this vehicle, you see, why should I spend this amount of money on this?† No ad comes out and tells you why you should buy anything, except you get a big smile at the end of it from a female half-clad or whatever it happens to be. Itís all done through simple primitive conology. And youíre taken for, literally, a ride, but not in the car.† So weíre given false choices too.


Fear is the greatest thing to get people to buy things. FearÖ It was the same thing with the EU, if you didnít join the European Union, you see, when they did give, or the pretense of giving folk votes, and they kept voting no and they kept bringing the same thing back, we want you to vote yes this time, they kept doing it over and over and over again.† And you see, if you donít join it youíll be left behind. FearÖ Oh youíll be in poverty. Look at the countries that joined it now. Look at the poverty theyíre in now.† Now, before they were told about it nobody, the average person had never thought about joiningÖ whatís a European Union? You know, never thought about it, it never occurred to them. If you were in France or somewhere, no, youíre a Frenchman, or youíre British or whatever it happens to be. But suddenly you had to make a choice, suddenly you had to join something you never heard of before, and if you didnít join it youíd be left behind and youíll be poor, like all trade would somehow pass you by or something, you know.†


This is the false choice, this or that, this or that.† The same as voting for anything, actually, and if you give permission for it then you take the consequences, like everything else, thereís always the big hammer that comes down after the false choice, you see. They call it imperative choice, the imperative choice. The same thing with global warming, if you donít go along with this and sign all your rights away, youíre all going to die, quickly, horribly.† Then the big hammer will come down after then, oh, by the way you canít breed anymore because, you know, you just donít have what it takes to get into the category thatís allowed to breed and have children for the future, you know, superior intelligences and so on.† You think Iím kidding. George Bernard Shaw, as I mentioned earlier, on that Soviet Story there is a clip there from an old reel he did and you will hear him and see him saying, you will have to come to us when weíre in charge Ė this is the real meaning, the eliteís meaning of socialism. Youíll have to come to us and tell us why we should let you live.† And you think itís just for the working people, oh goodness.†


But fear is the greatest motivator of all, for you to lose all common sense and reason. Thatís why the big boys use it. Thatís why the World Health Organization uses it.† Folk have forgotten that weíre all supposed to have AIDS by now and most of us should have been dead, the whole population. That was what they said back in the early 80s, yep, we should all have been dead of AIDS by now. All the different flus they came up with, because they want you to take all the big Pharma products, you know, the stuff that modifies and kills you off earlier with cancers, and itís awfully lucrative for them because they get governments now to buy all this stuff, your tax money buys it.† Youíre buying your own poisons, here. Itís beautiful, isnít it?† Then the government will try and order you to take it, you see, and all kinds of conology is used to make you think itís actually law. Why do they have to use such lies? Itís because, you see, they cannot be honest about what it will do to you. If they get you to legally sign for it, well then itís on your own head, their conscience then is clear. Itís beautiful, this technique, isnít it? Beautiful.


But fearís the greatest method. And remember, umpteen times weíve had all these big flu scares, and then out came oh the different flus are coming out, blah-blah-blah, and H1N1, oh it was going to kill everybody too.† It was only a couple of years ago, folks. And folk have forgotten all the incredible daily hype and terror getting thrown at them, and everybodyís running off for flu shots, even though the flu shots, they keep telling you, after theyíve given them, a few months later, they say they were ineffective and it was the wrong ones they chose for the combination of shots, it was the wrong kind of flu that really came in they tell you.† And then, they showed you, remember, all the folk buying the Tamiflu, all these different things that supposedly might makeÖ There was whole truckloads of stuff getting bought by civilians across Britain, and folk were spending their life savings on that, hoping to get enough in, if they got the darned thing, they could save their families. And then the next year they told you, after testing this stuff on the virus, it was completely ineffective. No one said ďconĒ.† Who profited here? Huh? Who profited with all this?†


Iíll tell you another thing too, all alternate media is on the, not all of them but some of the big boys that sell the different products, the alternate health and so on, they make a heyday with all this as well. Because they were all into that. I can remember even the Y2K thing, they were selling generators at 10 times the price, some of these stations that call themselves patriots and so on, where you could buy the same thing at your local hardware store for a fraction of the price. But no, no, they hype, they hype, and hype and hype, buy now, Y2K was going to be the end of the world.† Buy all these supplies, buy all these rations, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy.† Business, the patriot system and alternate patriot is a business, the patriot business.† Unfortunately, folks, it is, big business. And big money is made, BIG money, with all kinds of products that are rehashed old products with new names. Big, big, big, big money. Because fear sells. And the promotion of fear is fantastic. Some folk donít know theyíre listening to an hourís advertising or two hours advertising.† They think itís just the news theyíre getting. Then some guy will come on with some doctorís title or whatever and heíll give you the most terrible stories, and you think youíre listening to a conversation and so on and youíre actually listening to an ad to terrify you to buy this product, buy all these products that might save you.


Never ever buy anything when youíre fear driven. You canít think logically and rationally when youíre acting under fear. You canít do it, folks. False choices, eh. False choices, as I say, choices you never thought of. Look at Scotland there. What a joke. Cameron goes forward and gives them the referendum.† Scotland has been demolished financially for many, many years, many years. Way back at the end of World War II it had been decided by London to deindustrialize the country.† The Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR had meetings in the 60s to do with the future of Britain; and with Scotland they said they would turn it into a tourist industry.† There was all kinds of jokes that weíd be sitting at the sides of the roads like American Indians selling beads to tourists.† Yet thatís what itís been turned into.† You understand, when the big organizations that really run media, everything, the banking system, you name it, itís all owned by one group, when they come and have these big meetings and declare things and give you their plans, they mean what they say. They have never ever deviated from their plans.† Never, in centuries.


So they give a country that theyíve demolished financially, theyíve deindustrialized, and Scotland had big industries at one time, big industries at one time.† Itís up to its eyes in debt, itís flooded with immigration too, and the folk are simply despondent.† So they give them this false choice, stay with Britain or go independent. Now, Britain already has signed every one of them on, and Salmond is all for it too, the EU, theyíre already under the EU Parliament, this superparliament. So what kind of freedom is that, to wake up under the new master?† Huh? Theyíre already under it. The only difference it would be is that the EU and Rompuy and the rest of them would get whatÖ Remember Rompuy said, and I read it on the air on my radio show, and he said, it was the end of the nation-state, he says, nation-states were obsolete. Who came up with the EU idea, with the NAFTA/American Union idea? The Royal Institute of International Affairs a long, long time ago, actually before most of you were born.† So here you have it, you know.


Now, if Scotland decided to push it through and say, okay weíll say that they won, because everything is rigged in this day and age, but supposing they had done that, then immediately the IMF would be in there running the country, just like Northern Ireland there, and deciding all political policy, telling them even what advisers to put on board, that are unelected, thatís what they do when they come in, you see, and the Bank for International Settlements would be handling all the debts, etc., and the European Central Bank would be in there too. I mean, theyíd have no rights of their own whatsoever, not that they have any right now.† And it would achieve another goal by, again, opening up the choices for Wales and even maybe Northern Ireland, who knows. Maybe even sections of England because the EU wants, and Rompuy has made the speeches before, and as I say the Royal Institute of International Affairs has said it, their goal was a world where big massive trading blocs, no countries, but trading blocs, three of them, worldwide, would run the world. The Far Eastern group, thatís the China group and all of Japan and all the rest of them all combined eventually, Australia and New Zealand and lots of other countries, the European continent and the American continent.† And everything in Europe, Europe is taking everything eventually, all those countries attached to that big landmass are all to be part of the EU. Thatís the big idea.


In a world where private corporations run us all, the new feudal overlords as Carroll Quigley said, and guess what? Itís here, folks, theyíve been running you for quite a long time.† Every government in the world brings on IBM when theyíve got any problems of any kind, and in come their big think tanks with them, IBMís think tanks that are associated with all the other private foundation think tanks, and they dictate your policies, which is just old stuff they wrote up years ago because they write up the world plans, you see. But nations as we know them have to just be obliterated, for peace and security, you understand, for the good of all, you understand. And eugenics and the power of the purse, which is a big part of it, will be completely in play, completely in play.†


Even if you could breed and have children and youíre not going sterile and you havenít been sterilized, can you afford them?† Very old policy, that. They had meetings in Britain back in the 20s, Iíve got old books from then, talking about the outcomes of it, where they said they would use that as a disincentive for the ordinary folk to have children, theyíd make it too expensive. Very simple. Make the rent so expensive, make the mortgages so expensive, make clothes, everything you need, basics, food, everything, so expensive. And now youíre in the stage, as I said would come, where all your spending money would go to basic necessities, as food skyrockets on the global market, not national markets but global markets, you see. And all the private corporations take over what were once vital services, electricity and gas supplies, all the different things, and theyíre privatized, supposedly to make it cheaper.† Every one of them is a liar because over many years they have proven that private companies donít take over these things except for massive profit.† Common sense, eh. But theyíve got you by the short-and-curlies because everything you need is owned by the big multinational corporations. Everything you need to survive is owned by them.


Big corporations, thereís a French one that bought over lots of the water rights in Canada, they already own them, this company. Now, when they say ĎFranceí donít be misled by nations. Itís like saying ĎBritain ownsÖí They might have an office situated in Britain but the top shareholders probably donít even live in the country. Itís such a joke, you see. Itís very misleading and itís deliberately misleading.† And under the new CETA rules, companies can then sue your country if your country interferes with future profits of theirs, what they expect for future profits, if you pass laws to protect your people in any way whatsoever. And you think youíve got rights and things, and your governments are standing for you? Itís your government thatís signing these things into law on behalf of the corporations. You donít have governments. Theyíre not yours. Not yours at all.


And getting back to Scotland, I had a bit of a laugh there, because I often thought that Alex Salmond, itís not the most common name and especially in Scotland. But supposedly it goes back to the old Norman guys coming in, and they would have it in the French of course and they would have it Ďson of Solomoní, Solomond, and Salmond.†† Itís like salmon, like the fish, as well. But the vice minister that heís got, the next one, her name is Sturgeon, which is a fish. So you got a salmon and a fish. I mean, you couldnít make this stuff up. I mean, is it just coincidence or what? But I mean, you have to laugh often at what you read, folks, donít you?† You really do. And then you find that sheís married to a guy who also holds a lot of the reins of the Scottish National Party, Morell.† MorellÖ. which is really from More, apparently, another old, old so-called French Norman name, or Moore.† So itís all in the family.


Isnít it amazing that whenever you think youíre getting something, unless you do your homework and check into who is who and you see the connections between the people that will be running the country, where literally their cousins and their relatives or their husbands or whatever are going to be running the purse strings or something like that, or some awfully powerful thing, and personally benefiting from what they will see as their own private corporation. But the bottom line is, the SNP is literally on line with the George Bernard Shaw/Fabian Society idea of retraining everybody from birth to death.†† Theyíre really the Fabian style, itís not a Scottish thing at all. No, it isnít at all. Scotlandís never had much of a chance on anything, really, for an awful long time. And even the whole thing of the union of the crowns was a bit misleading because the High Court in Edinburgh did not sign anything, apparently; that came out in the 90s from London; they had lied for centuries.† [Alan laughing.] Because nothing was signed. What happened was that the governors in Edinburgh had actually just gone into permanent recess, they didnít sign it.† So I mean, everything is done by conology, isnít it? Everything.


And now Scotland is just a home for, I read the articles here where folk from all countries in Europe are flooding into Ireland and Scotland and elsewhere, because theyíre trying to escape the hell that was left from the old Soviet Union and the poverty.† And these countries are the only ones that are offering welfare, as Britain.† But that was decided a long time ago. For as long as I can remember Britain has opened the floodgates and instant welfare and big money and so on.† Which is great for the bankers, Iím talking about the big boys who really run things, the guys who lend to countries or nations, to governments, because they live on interest from debt, you see, and compound interest. Itís beautiful. See, each time the government goes to borrow more money itís like guaranteeing your power forever, like the lendersí power forever, with compound interest. It isnít just Ďoh you pay me back and thatís it, finished; weíll have to get a new deal after that.í No, no. This is put on a tab and the lenderís the boss forever, private families. Itís a racket.


But then your reality is a racket, isnít it? Itís the same with following all these wars one after the other.† Who are we fighting today, East Asia or West AsiaÖ 1984.† They keep changing it all the time, to keep you confused, and to try to keep you caught up in it learning all the new names they dish out to you. All you have to remember is the big Project for the New American Century, they actually had their own website up where they listed all the countries they were going to take out, in the 90s, starting with Afghanistan, and then Iraq, and then blah-blah-blah, and all through it, which theyíve pretty well done.† Thatís all you have to remember, folks. You have to remember the statements made, and Iíve read them on the air too, on live radio shows, where Brzezinski and Kissinger, and Kissinger especially said his long-term plan for that whole area was to keep them in permanent disorder. In other words, demolish all their infrastructure, keep them in permanent disorder by financing different groups to fight each other, and keep them completely dysfunctional forever. Thatís whatís happening. But youíre misled and told, well another group has started up and theyíre going to start battling.† I donít even bother following the nonsense. I really donít. Just remember the Project for the New American Century, and thereís the list, and hereís what they said they would do, and hereís how theyíd do it, and hereís what theyíre doing. The rest of it is pretty well irrelevant.


Big agendas exist. Read the founders of the League of Nations which was the precursor of the United Nations; the League of Nations morphed into the UN during World War II. They had the same kind of departments set up, a Department of Population Control they had up there too, a Department of Health where they were going to inoculate everybody across the planet against everything supposedly.† Top eugenicists were also on board with that. Why would eugenicists be on board? Guys who want to cull a lot of the population, that they claim are useless eaters, why would they be sitting on all the health boards, that want to save you and make you healthy, when they want to cull you? It doesnít match.† Itís like putting the hangman or the guy, the executioner with his big ax and his hood on his head, putting him on the board thatís going to decide your fate.† Set him down there, and he says muffled behind the hood, I want you to be healthyÖ Would you believe him?† How double-minded are we? Doublethink as Orwell called it. How stupid are we? We better really think about this honestly and quickly and fast. But donít panic about it. Just start thinking. Thatís a start.


Now remember, folks, you can get a lot of information at† You can also get information from† Thereís transcripts of a lot of the talks as well there that you can read as well.† Anybody who wants to use that, it would be nice of you to mention where you got the information from once in a while.† It really would be nice. Because if you donít then youíre a symptom of whatís wrong with the world today, where the big boys grab everything and they donít thank you for anything at all.†


We live in a sad system, actually. The system is fake.† I mean, the whole system is fake.† So-called civilization is not our plan, is it, what they call civilization, and youíre taught civilization.† Where youíre all crammed into cities to start with.† Youíre crammed in like bugs, and then all kinds of problems arise from being in cities crammed together, just like animals in a cage, theyíve done so many studies on it, you hit a magic number and all kinds of deviancy and crime breaks out, and they start eating each other and all these weirdo things, in animals and rats and things like that. And people are just the same. They know this at the top. And you know, the world is a big place but they donít want you living on the land.† They call it urban sprawl, nasty word, negative word, you see, sprawlÖ like a lazy person sprawled all over your floor there.† Thatís how they use words. Words are awfully important to understand, and why they use them, in the context that they give them to you.† It can immediately give you an opinion on something before you even get the understanding of the topic. Very simple.


Professionals run the world.† Neuroscientists, behaviorists, psychologists of all kinds, zoologists even, anthropologists.† All working for big, big world government, in a type of world government where no oneÖ† Remember what they said a while back, a whole bunch of them, nothing will ever be the same again. Even after 9/11 they said that. Because this is to go on a steamroll, a roller coaster from 9/11 onwards, this whole new agenda of ramming so many things through under the guise of terrorism and you name it, until literally you accept SWAT teams going along with social workers to grab children, which you do now, because you see it in the movies. First come the movies, then you accept it when it happens in reality.


In the Soviet system Alexander Solzhenitsyn talked about this and he said, that when the NKVD, the precursors of the KGB and so on, when they used to come, after the revolution and so on, theyíd come in the middle of the night or 3 oíclock in the morning, and theyíd just grab your neighbors. But theyíd wake you up, initially they would wake up the people, under the law at the time, so that the whole street would witness what they were doing, but it was also to strike terror into the people. He said, a couple of guys would just drag off their neighbors. He says, but there were many of us and only two of them. He says, thatís when we shouldíve grabbed anything handy and beat these two into insensibility.† He says, once you start it and allow it to happen it gets worse. And you are also altered because you will start to accept it as normal. Thereís nothing happening today that hasnít been learned from long experience and testing in experimental countries and systems. Itís all understood. And eventually the folk in the Soviet Union says, well I guess if the state wants them they mustíve done something wrong. And thatís what we say here now too, I guess they mustíve done something wrong.†


Iíve said many years ago that the worst thing that can happen and can be done to a person is to have their mind stolen at birth.† And itís happened to millions of people, with their fake reality, their indoctrinations rammed into them, augmented by constant media repetition, and from cartoons onwards, all the indoctrination is all in them, through the movies, all through your adult life, through the media through their stories, through their accounts of what they say is happening in the world in reality.† And itís all bogus and well-planned and thereís nothing natural about it. Nothing at all.


So remember, folks, help yourself from, lots of archives there to go through. You can also help me out by buying the books and discs there too at Youíll learn a lot. I donít pound you with fear because Iím not there to sell you all kinds of remedies for quack cures or something thatís going to save your life and bankrupt you at the same time. And help me to tick along here too.


But as I say, itís just astonishing, now as I say, just wait and see this big hype youíre going to get next week from all the big NGOs and their paid followers and so on, to stand up for the climate change agreements and giving up all your rights and high taxes and all carbon taxes, for everything that you purchase, including your little candy bar there, how much energy did it take, how much carbon dioxide did it take to make that, including the wrapper. And youíll pay taxes, like money is going to solve it all, eh.† No, money goes to governments and the big corporations that con you folks.† If money would cure the worldís problems they would just spray the money from the air.† But obviously that wouldnít work, it wouldnít solve anything. It wouldnít fix anything. And those below who thought theyíd catch the money and it would help them, oh no, because they would change the currency before it hit the ground.† Wake up, folks. Wake up.


Scientific control controls everything, weather, your minds and so on. Itís up to you to regain your mind, because you canít do anything else without it. And itís unique. And it belongs to you. Itís your birthright. And youíre allowed your own opinions on things, by your own observations and understandings, not through laws and being forced to believe this and forced to believe that or else. Thatís not freedom.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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