Sept. 28, 2014 (#1463)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Continuously Bad Mojo"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 28th, 2014. Iím afraid this has to be an awfully short talk because Iíve been harassed with incredible things happening, one thing after another here.  Months ago my well pump went, I had to haul the sucker up, and itís a lot of pipe to haul up, believe you me, and putting a new pump in, rewiring a new control box, all that kind of thing. And then on Thursday there I think it was, it stopped working again, the new one stopped workingÖ a Canadian Tire special of course.  Itís simply not working. In fact, when I checked the control panel, or the box that comes with it for the basement, the main capacitor had fried and blown. I thought, well maybe thatís just what it is. So I spent a couple of days in town checking around trying to get a capacitor and you canít find one anywhere to fit this damn thing. And when I went to Canadian Tire, of course, they will only refund you or replace anything if you take up the whole thing that came as a package. Thatís hauling the pump back up again, etc. etc., and probably getting the same crappy model in exchange that blew in the first place. So it could be the motor gone as well, who knows at this stage. But thatís where I am right now.


This is on top of everything else.  Because last night the Internet wouldnít work, the XplorNet. After being hours on the phone with them last night, after a day working on the pump again, another day, then you find out that through different methods they can tell you, that youíre barely connecting with them because the satellite, or not the satellite.  It probably is the satellite thatís gone out of position. But they say, itís your dish and therefore I have to screw around with that and the whole bit while Iíve still got a connection, which comes and goes, itís intermittent. So thatís almost all I have to say right now because this is going to be an awfully slow connection even if it stays there without cutting out altogether, to get even this little bit up tonight.  And Iím awfully sorry about that but thatís what Iím going through right now.


Itís just one thing after the incredible other, a whole bunch of things actually happening at the same time, and thatís the way, for some reason, it happens to me. It makes you almost paranoid doesnít it? Because you think about it, everything now, every appliance, every thing you buy has got a chip in it, and through the Smart Meter, and itís already came out and I suspected it a long time ago, they could literally frazzle anything that they want to in your house. If they want to they could certainly, no kidding you, they definitely could. But it makes you wonder. But again, thatís the paranoid part. 


But whateverís going on the fact is, itís an awful lot of work to do.  People keep wondering what I do with myself all the time. I fix one thing after another. Honestly, I do.  Even this vehicle Iíve got, this used vehicle, Iíve got a pile of stuff to replace in it that I havenít got around to even doing yet, because the pump went again and then now the satellite went. So itís one thing after another, as I say, and Iím awfully sorry to say this but hopefully, maybe, maybe, if I can get things, or something working by next week and Iím not dying of thirst or something I can do a proper talk next Sunday. So thanks for looking in at least.  And if youíre good at keeping bad mojo away Iíd appreciate any help you can give me, because Iím certainly getting an awful lot right now, right.


So from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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