Oct. 5, 2014 (#1464)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Noah Tipped Off for Coming Change,
The Big Boss, The Climate Would Rearrange"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October the 5th, 2014.  I wonít bore you with the troubles that Iíve been going through here with all the nonsense with the deep well pump, etc, and the junk they sell today for equipment and machinery that mainly comes from China or Mexico, with this wonderful elitist dream of free trade. Itís a dream for them because they own all the top corporations that get all the funding from us to ship their factories overseas. Itís been that way for an awful long time.


Thatís really why this whole system was set up, to make manufacturing centers, mainly in China, for the whole planet basically. Youíve got to remember that most of the plants in China are owned by people in the West and across Europe, etc, and elsewhere, so theyíre not necessarily Chinese in this day and age. They can make things over there so darned cheap, because we live in the age of greed-is-good, as one of the top economists of the US who teaches in university has said for many years.  In their lectures theyíre told now, all these CEOs going through business management, etc., and corporate management, that greed is good.  Years ago I said on the air that weíd get to a stage where things that were getting produced would be basically nonfunctional and junk to begin with, brand-new, because they have skimped on every important detail in order to make these things last not very long at all. And weíre actually at the stage now, sometimes you have to repair things when theyíre brand-new before you start to use it if you want it to last any time at all.† Thatís the craziness of todayís society. But you know, society has always been pretty crazy because weíve been run by crooks for an awful long time; it seems to be human nature.


Living through the big transfer of employment to countries across the sea, and remember, the prime ministers and presidents that said free trade is good for jobs were telling the truth because they just simply didnít tell you that the jobs would all be in China and elsewhere. So they were telling technically the truth. Theyíre awfully legalistic this way, arenít they, plus theyíre mocking you as well. Unfortunately it works over and over. Most folk today, you know, still donít know, they kind of dream through their lives, theyíre never really conscious.  Unless the media tells them to think and ponder something or be worried about something they wonít ponder or worry about it. Itís that simple today.† Because, as Brzezinski said, the media would do their reasoning for them, and thatís whatís happened today. They think itís an appendage to their brain. So if the media doesnít tell you to think about something, and even though you might subconsciously notice things like made in China, made in China, made in China, everywhere on everything, which Iím sure some folk must have noticed, I noticed it all, then youíd want to figure out why theyíre all made in China, suddenly, and thereís no work at home of course.  And over that hump, that period, what they did to get people over that hump, as the jobs left the shores of the Western countries in Europe and elsewhere, was, thatís when they first started throwing out credit cards like crazy; every day in the mail you got offers for new credit cards. And thatís what people have been doing ever since, is juggling credit cards. And because they can have the appearance of getting successful, and they judge success by getting things, material goods, just one after the other, it doesnít really matter what theyíre getting as long as itís the latest of something.


Because remember what Bernays said, and Iíve mentioned this many, many times.  Bernays said, apart from teaching the marketers and so on how this whole structure of indoctrination would work on the general population creating this consumer society, and itís all tied in with psychology of course and the unconscious desires and drives and so on. He said, use existing structuresÖ existing structures where many people follow something, with the kind of central leadership group at the top, like churches for instance, that worked awfully well in the US, just get the top guys on board and theyíll help push it. And of course the governments got on board with that too for the wars across the Middle East Ė this is Godís war, etc., against these nasty, you know, terrible pagans, which theyíre not pagan at all.  And that works awfully well, you donít have to convince people one by one; look for existing groups to convince and theyíll do your bidding.


When Bush Junior got all the top leaders in, the Christian leaders in, and actually gave them payoffs if they go back home and teach their flocks to be all on board with the war across the Middle East, which the Project for the New American Century group, of course, they listed all those countries they wanted taken out of the way. They would do it by using an existing organization which started off a long time ago as the Muslim Brotherhood, created by the West and London too, to stop unification of Arabian countries, initially.  That was the purpose of it, keep them all apart and fighting each other. Then out of that they created the group called Al Qaeda and they got them fighting the Russians when they invaded Afghanistan, and then they continued to use it ever after to get the countries that were rising up to some kind of degree of wealth across the Middle East and Asia, and destroy them. Kissinger said, his plan, if he got his way, would be to start with Iraq and make them completely dysfunctional forever, theyíd never ever get back to a solid unitary government again. And theyíve got their wish. Theyíve done the same in Libya and elsewhere. That was all the Project for the New American Century published in the 90s by the group themselves.  But people forget all that of course.  And this nonsense with ISIS and ISIL, etc., is just a continuation of the same Al Qaeda group doing their bidding of their Masters, who are all doing the bidding of the Western countries, believe it or not.  Because they donít want functional strong governments perhaps unifying across the Middle East. Very simple geopolitics.


And the propaganda is incessant. But getting back to this whole idea of indoctrinationÖ Bernays, the so-calledÖ Heís mislabeled the father of marketing and propaganda, etc, and the consumer society. He came from a long line of people whoíd fomented revolutions down through Europe and through the centuries and so on. They understood also through marketing, through basically merchandising stuff, how to create fashions and sell things to people. It was not a new art at all.  And Bernays, one of his main things he said was, stop doing what you traditionally do (to corporations) Ė where you must make a good product, which will by word-of-mouth, because consumers will buy the things and say, what do you think, is it any good? Oh yeah, itís reliable, etc. Iíll buy that.† stop doing that, he said, change the consumer to suit your corporation. Governments do the same thing.  You are, basically, the Army, whether you like it or not; all future recruits come from all of you or your offspring, and you feed the Army. So you create the kind of conditioning to suit your goals ahead. The US, again, is awfully, awfully good at that. Britainís a bit harder, theyíre behind it because Britainís had these characters running the country for centuries with war after war after war so that the big corporations within there, based in London, can grab all the loot and resources across the world.  This is a continuation of the same old thing.


Of course the elite themselves employed eugenicists and all the rest of it, to always look into the future to make sure the future is safe for them and their own, to go into the future still in command of it down through time. So thereís a long, long history to all of this. But remember, you get changed.  Rather than the products changing to suit you, and so you get a good moneyís worth for your buy, no, theyíll give you junk now. But through massive marketing and peer pressure, you know, everybodyís got the latest iPhone, mark whatever it is with the latest app, yada-yada-ya, and youíve got to get it too or youíre not cool. And look how well it works when they line up, they all line up for days sometimes to get the latest piece of junk that will last a few months until the next model comes out. They have changed society to suit the product, you see. Brilliant, really, isnít it?


And just as they use that technique on selling various pieces of junk, expensive junk, which also is to monitor all of you too Ė itís beautiful, we buy our own chains. We donít have to get forced to give away freedoms, they do it gladly if they think theyíre getting a benefit on the side, you see. Itís beautiful strategy, isnít it? But it also tells you that the people donít have a mind of their own whatsoever, and theyíre so careless about privacy and freedom.  They donít know that revolutions were fought in the past over privacy; that came out with the Castle Doctrine, things like that, which are all ignored today. It started in Britain, adopted by the US, the Castle Doctrine, and now in the US they have no-knock policies. They ram and bash down doors and just have SWAT teams, thousands across the country, every day, and the militarized police, just smash in and thatís it. There are so many horror stories to do with this that are all swept under the rug. This is how they have changed society.  And youíre changed too because everything you watch is to do with SWAT teams and special agencies looking for terrorism, etc. etc. So whoever theyíre smashing down the door of mustíve done something wrong or they wouldnít get their door smashed down.  Thatís how you think. And these are for nonviolent crimes, remember.


Now, thereís nothing you can believe that comes across the airwaves today from the media. Because the media is a propaganda tool to manage the public, to manage their minds and get them ready for whatever comes along next that the big boys have planned.  They manage it in a certain way to make you always for whatever government action is taken.  We saw that even way back before 9/11 happened when, as I say, the Project for the New American Century had published, twice actually it published in the 90s, the countries they wanted taken out across, starting with Afghanistan and then they wanted to take out Iraq, and then I think it was Libya.  There was a dispute between the Israelis and the US government. Israel wanted them to push right through Iraq and right on to Syria and then go to Libya; however the US did it in a different step-by-step process, they had a long pause after Iraq and they went for Libya next.


So regardless, everything is preplanned and they always make sure that youíll think the enemy is at the root cause of it all, of course, and to give us permission to go in, for humanitarian purposes by killing them all, etc. Then you have the fallout, which they planned again in the 90s, of refugees coming out of the countries that youíre bombing. Theyíve always done this of course, this is an old strategy. So you already have hostile refugees coming in, not too happy because theyíre coming into the countries that are helping to fund war on all the countries across their homelands, theyíre being bombed into annihilation.  So they come into the countries often penniless, a lot of them, set up in certain areas and they can foment trouble down the road because theyíre not too happy with the way things have been going, and the very fact that theyíve had to move to the very people, the homes of the people who are helping to fund the bombing of their own countries. So the big boys know whatís at stake here. This is ongoing geopolitics for managing the whole world down the road, you see, into this new type of world order.


Thereís always world orders. During the Cold War it was the balance of power, that was the world order, they called it, of the day. Then they had the American Century, after Russia supposedly just threw up its hands in defeat and the Berlin Wall came down in Germany, and there was just nothing left but the US at that time so the New American Century, in other words, it would be their Roman century, theyíd rule the world, that was the agenda then with particular countries to take out and any possible opposition who might like to hang onto their own resources would have to be eliminated on route. Old, old policies.


As I say, whenever they tell you something you really canít believe what they tell you anymore, even right down to the plagues and everything else that theyíre supposedly bringing into the country. Because it needs your cooperation to believe all this stuff, that number one, your governments are so stupid theyíll let people come in from countries that already have quarantines about restriction of travel within those countries. Youíre meant to believe that theyíll still bring in people on planes from those countries, right into your country, without quarantine, you see.  And we do, we tend to jump on, theyíre just so stupid, what are the authorities thinkingÖ? Because the commonsense thing obviously is, if those countries have quarantines on travel within their own countries and to neighboring countries, why on earth would you bring them straight over into your own country if they have dangerous deadly plague type viruses in their bodily systems that are highly active?


So thereís always a reason for whatever youíre told.  And you canít really believe what theyíre telling you is the truth in the first place. For all we know they could be getting ready to make another massive fortune, a killing, by giving everyone supposedly Ebola antidotes or injections or whatever, vaccines.  Which will make a massive killing, again, like they made a massive killing the last time with the fake swine flu and H1N1 and they were selling all the Tamiflu and all these pills that were supposed to be antiviral, by the millions of dollars worth, every day by the way across Britain and the US and elsewhere. Then afterwards they told you it wouldnít have worked anyway.  Ha.  But thatís the joke we get, isnít it? The joke is always on the general public. 


Remember, your government is not your government at all. Itís owned by the big corporations, completely, even the FDA in the States is staffed by guys who have all worked in the drug, big pharmacies and so on.  And some of them leave the FDA and go back into the Pharma companies they worked for before. Then theyíre sent back into the FDA if a problem is seen on the horizon with some new pill thatís going to be unleashed; they want immediate approval, etc., or a new vaccine. Thereís been many documentaries by well-meaning people who have done their investigations and whoíve collected all the data on that very problem.  Itís the same with every agency that you have in all the countries, Canada will be no different. Every agency out there is part of the corporate structure.  But youíre paying all their salaries and they also get payoffs from the companies they worked at, or the positions they held, the companies, it could even be big corporations in different fields, etc.


So weíre living with the big gangs at the top and the big gangs all work in a pyramid fashion to the top guy of course, the capstone you might say, because theyíve got to have some kind of rule and order amongst themselves to stop them killing each other as well. Thatís just the way it really is, but itís been that way for an awful long time, as I say. And the last people to ever know things are the general population. Thatís always been the way. Even Francis Bacon said the same thing, that the public must never really be told the truth or any real reason for policies being made and put out by government.


Now, with all that talk of Ebola, and even patriot radio is getting in on the act because theyíre all selling all these wonder cures and preventative things that will help save your life forever and ever till you get to heaven, etc.† The fact is that whatís really been going on during this time, where youíre diverted through fear to look at something else, and the big free trade deal with Canada and Europe has been signed, again, because they sign it in different parts of course. They even give red herrings as to what any holdups might be to the general population, itís always junk, supposedly over pork, which is utter nonsense. Utter nonsense. Now remember, the whole idea of the boys whoíve run the world for a long time under the Royal Institute of International Affairs, or CFR, was to create trading blocs across the world.  A very old plan, well documented by insiders, by the way. They would create a united Europe first of all and they would make a united Americas secondly.  Weíve already done the NAFTA.† The NAFTA then branches out into the TransPacific Partnership as part of their big regional trade agreement.  Then there will be a special Parliament, just like Europe has, thatíll be the major domo over all the countries that are participating in it, signed into it, locked into it and they canít back out apparently, you see. The idea too, is eventually all their laws start to change into a centralized governing law body system based on a central Parliament. And the one for the Far Eastern Pacific group with China in it too. Then at the very top of it you have your world government.  Thatís always been the documented plan of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations; thatís another term for it; in Canada theyíve got another name for it again, because too many people talked about it, especially myself, maybe too many times; they actually changed the name of it here. But itís the same bunch worldwide. They have ones for Germany and across Europe and elsewhere too, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries, Indiaís part of it as well.


So weíll all eventually get driven into this new world order. But it isnít some new world order of peace, etc. etc. Itís the eugenic system that will come underway with lots more government agencies, top-heavy with government agencies, following the communistic style, a super communistic style because even the communists didnít have all these agencies that we have today in the West, with thousands and thousands, actually millions, across the world, of bureaucrats all living high on the hog, living off of you. Because you see, you are the animals, and like Charles Fort said, weíre farmed, weíre farmed basically.  Because people who do real work and so on, or creative work and actually make things or whatever, really donít count. All wealth comes from you, but it all heads up, going upwards to the guys who lord it over you supposedly as public servants. And they have index related pensions, regardless of the cost of living, the same with their salaries, theyíre index related regardless of the cost of living. In other words, when your currency falls in purchasing power, called inflation, they get massive increases to make sure that their actual real cost of living for them, it keeps above all of that, at a very high standard, every year.  Now, the general population canít get that.  But you donít matter, youíre the animals, you see. And as long as we all can work as fast as you can go, and have a wife or yourself on two or three jobs that you run back and forth to, per day, and you can get the credit cards and juggle them and keep buying stuff, you know Ė I just call it stuff now because it doesnít matter what youíre buying, itís all stuff, all junk stuff too Ė then youíll think youíre doing okay, youíre still getting by youíll think, you see.


Now, in the US with ObamaCare, with its wonderful democracy in the US where they give you the choice of paying ObamaCare or pay big fines the first year or then go to prison. Itís a wonderful choice that you get in democracy, isnít it? But the public will refuse, refuse, ever, to ever come out and say, this is not a democracy at all. They wonít say that, you see, as long as theyíre guided by their Masters above them, the Masters of psychology and the neuroscientists and behaviorists all at the top working in big think tanks, who release stuff to government on how to manage the animals, you see.  Theyíll never figure it out. And this is how bad things really are today. Itís a perfect science, managing the public. Very easy actually.


You keep them in fear all the time, fear of everything. Even when you want to change all their attitudes into accepting the new system coming in, of total control from birth to death by government agencies for every single individual on the planet, by terrifying you that you are causing climate change, as theyíve been geoengineering it and causing it for years and years and years, nonstop now, and of course itís chemical spraying and so on and so on, theyíre blaming you. And youíre to be kept in ignorance.  And youíre bombarded with all the wildlife programs and all the nature, and all the government-funded programs and so on, that keep repeating Ė because thatís all you need now is repetition Ė that itís a human problem, humans are causing all these problems. Technically, legally, again, theyíre right, some kind of humans are spraying and flying these planes across the sky. Some humans are planning it all and in charge of it all. Some corporations are obviously making a mint off it, making all the chemicals and the minerals and the various ores that are mixed with these sprays, and goodness knows what else.


But the fact is, yeah, technically itís human-caused, but itís not the anthropogenic global warming nonsense. You are not causing it. You are the recipient of it. But you will take the blame because the public always take the blame. Itís always your fault, you see. Itís always your fault. And this is how people who are abused are trained to believe they are themselves; they got abused because they deserved to be abused, it was their fault, you see. And thatís what the abuser always teaches the victim. Never forget that.


Getting back to Canada, itís signed this latest deal, as I say, with the European Union. And weíll never get all the facts published, yet. Thereíll be thousands of pages as we go into this deeper integration of a region with Europe, a trading bloc, which again, alters all your laws.  Pretty well all your laws on the books, you know, are economic laws. They all come from the cost of economics. When you put someone in prison they factor in, what did he cost society in this crime that he caused? And, how much will it cost him to be in prison? If he killed someone, how much taxpaying power was that person that he has killed able to produce in their lifetime if he were still alive? Thatís all factored in. All your laws pretty well stem from economic laws, because we live in this rotten economic system. Itís completely bogus to begin with, along with the creation of money, which again is managed by a big, big Mafia at the top, and theyíre not Italian.


So weíre living in conology, as I call it, and everything is the art of conology and appeasing the people by BS stories.  Canada, after the signing of this agreement with Europe, thatís the European Union, thatís Brussels in other words, the major domo is Brussels, that holds the superparliament for the whole of Europe, everything underneath it now is a little provincial government, like Britain. And Von Rompuy, remember, last year I read it on the air, he said, the age of the nation-state is over, itís obsolete. This is the wonderful democratic Europe.  Nobody elected them in.  Rompuy didnít get elected in by the public. In fact, nobody in the Commission at the top is elected.  Most of them donít even know who they are on the Commission at the top. I mean, this is more secretive than the old Soviet Union system. 


But it doesnít matter to the public, theyíre kept up and running and standing on their heads and the whole bit, and worrying and scurrying, etc., and spending for the latest junk that wonít last very long, because nothing is made to last very long now under built-in obsolescence and maximizing the profit. Maximizing the profit, as I say, where theyíve cut corners to save pennies to maximize their profits, in every area they possibly can, that nothing is really functional for very long at all. This is the modern world. And they call it progress. And it is for them at the top, theyíre getting so stinking rich off it, theyíre progressing awfully well to an incredible, fantastic utopia for themselves.


So the bureaucrats wanted a big party, in Canada, and the European bunch had to go back. But they said, well if we donít go back now weíll miss our flights, etc., that the Europeans are paying for Ė now theyíll still pay for those flights that they didnít take, by the way, the European taxpayer will pick up that tab.  And these new, I call them, Hamiltonian Kings and Queens, the bureaucracy, this class of bureaucrats, oh theyíre like ants there are so many of them, we had to fly them back because they wanted to stay for the party in Ottawa in Canada. It cost the Canadian taxpayer $330,000, because they stayed over, to gorge themselves and do all the other disgusting things this class generally does when they get piss drunk on the best brandy, and we flew them back, especially, courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer. So we picked up the tab for that.  Thank you very much Canadian taxpayers. And most of the Canadians donít even know what happened. They donít even know whatís going on. All they hear about is the stuff from the States, oh Ebola, be very, very terrified of Ebola, be terrified of it, etc. etc. etc.† Aw geez.  And these ridiculous, pathetic stories they churn out on little person situations across Canada, they make you think that itís all wonderful. Somebody loses their purse, an old lady loses her purse, and some nice person found it and turned it in, isnít that wonderful? Well that really changes the world, right?  [Alan laughing.] How easy it is to manage the minds of the people today, eh. How easy it is.


Now, hereís whatís happening now to do with the weather though. As I say, in Canada especially, over the last, oh, four or five years, maybe six years, it has got progressively worse with rain, rain, rain, rain, until this year was just Noahís Ark time. It literally rained from the last snow, right through the whole year to the present, still raining by the way, and maybe you had a handful of days of actual sunshine that were normal, three of them only recently in fact, very late in the year, and again, back to the pouring rain, day and night, and cold temperatures. This is the fallout of the massive geoengineering which the big boys planned to bring in in the first place.  Because you see, now itís timeÖ  Now itís time for the big boys, before the big meeting comes along, for the annual meeting on geoengineering and climate change and carbon taxes and all the carbon taxes youíll have to pay into Al Goreís organization, all the other big organizations, that all go through the private Rothschild Bank in Switzerland, the main family bank in Switzerland, because it was the Rothschilds that brought that bill forward, plus theyíve got the deal for carbon capture across the world where they supposedly sink carbon underneath the earth, etc. What a great scam this is, isnít it? Itís likeÖ they used to say in the hippie days, itís a gas, man. So here they are making a fortune off this gas, thatís here anyway, and itís a necessity part of life or no plants would growÖ carbon dioxide.


But the public donít care. Theyíve been dumbed down so much, here they are twiddling and masturbating with their apps all the time, and their little phones stuck in front of their faces they canít even see whatís going on. Their minds are gone. You know, itís amazing, itís amazing, really, to watch and live through it all happening, and being conscious of it happening and observing it all happening. And you see people bumping into lampposts as they walk along the streets staring at this thing in their hand all the time, you know. Itís astonishing. And when itís not working, like no one is calling them, theyíre still staring at it. They donít look up, they donít look sideways, they donít look at each other.  They just donít look at anything else.  Itís this little temporary plastic piece of cheaply-made junk but expensive to buy to maximize the profit. Theyíre waiting to communicate to them, because it makes them feel important, someone cares, all these sockpuppets out there that the government has, millions of them, for everybody out there, gets in touch with them and leaves them a little cryptic message and theyíre really happy then.  Oh, amazing conditioning, eh. Isnít it something else! Isnít that fantastic.


But see, now is time, as I say, to hammer home weather-wise to the public, until even Joe Blow who hasnít a clue whatís going on, when he hears it getting really starting, repetition and bombardments of propaganda from the media, all together in unison, the mantra, the mantra will be stepped up, over and over again, that humans are causing the problems, we can all see it now. And theyíll suddenly say, yeah I did notice it was getting a bit wet, you know, over this last, you know, five or six years, I guess I did notice it and I kept wondering why I had, you know, foot rot and all that, trench foot, little things like that.  So even Joe Blow will begin to get it. Plus, the ones in other countries and areas of the country that are getting roasted, because theyíre actually dispersing clouds heading their way so that they donít get rain fallingÖ This is childís play, this kind of weather modification today, by the way. Itís childís play. Itís everyday occurrences. Weíll all get the message somethingís wrong.  And then out will come that famous term that I think Lenin used, something must be done. And the same old stuff is used over and over again, something must be done, and out come the big prostitute leaders, that are all paid, with their lines written by the scriptwriters, and the big corporations that have got all at stake here for all the future massive profits from nothing, down the road, and theyíll tell us, itís all your fault. And the folk will say, you know something, itís all our fault. Because weíre awfully obedient, arenít we? We repeat everything they tell us. Itís all our fault.


Here you are in the West especially, completely deindustrialized for years, the carbon dioxide has crashed because there are no factories pumping it into the air, and itís the same pretty well across much of Europe, theyíve had the cleanest air that theyíve had for many, many years. But that doesnít matter, you see.  It doesnít matter. Theyíll see the weather changing, because itís getting forced upon them, and theyíll believe that itís their fault. So to save the world and save each other weíve got to go along with this new regime, this world regime.  Imagine giving that power into the hands of a few folk living somewhere else for ever and ever and ever. This is to transcend the old democratic state, you understand, the old idea of democracy.  This is for the world stateÖ itís for the world state, and a small group of conologists will decide every year, you know, by licking their finger and sticking it out the window, yep the climate is this today, weíll have to up the carbon taxes today


I said years ago, under austerity measures, and youíve already forgotten about austerity, the mantra, that they kept harping on a few years, austerity, the age of austerity is here. And I said, what, that means poverty, folks, for all of you like, not for the guys at the top. It means that all your spare cash that you used to spend is going to go to carbon taxes. On every product you buy, how much carbon was produced in the manufacture of that caramel bar, and the machining of it, the processing of it, the paper wrapping creation, all that stuff is going to be tacked onto the price.  Everything you purchase, everything, all meat products, especially, because they donít want you eating meat, for the general population, it will be for the elite only; thatís always been the plan, to go back to the old feudal system where your growth is stunted and youíre sickly, you die off quicker, but you can still get enough bread to get the work done, on behalf of the elite.  And the elite will eat all the best stuff and be much taller, etc. Thatís the old plan, folks, has been for an awful long time.


The champions of Darwin took that banner up right away, oh goodness, we can go back to the old feudal system. And Quigley said the same thing; he was all for it by the way because he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs and he mentioned it. He said, you know, this middle-class, theyíre getting too greedy and thatís why the cost of this and that and the other is going up too, theyíre getting tooÖ Well, theyíre only emulating their Masters at the top, naturally, thatís what the middle-class unfortunately do in this con money system. But anyway, all of your excess spending money is going to go to energy taxes, carbon taxes and so on. Thereís no need whatsoever.  I mean, electricity is cheaper than ever to create but theyíre telling you the opposite, oh itís very expensive to produce and blah-blah-blah, yada-yada-ya. So thereís where all your spending money is to go. Theyíll leave you enough credit cards and so on to keep juggling to buy your latest apps, etc. and all that nonsensical stuff you buy, so that they can monitor everything that youíre doing and add it to your profile, daily by the way.  And most of you donít mind at all, because you think itís so much fun, you get so much fun out of it itís not a bad swap.  You know, complete privacy in return for having some fun on your little gadget. But thatís how easy it is to train you.


At one time they had big, big meetings on how to bring you to this stage, the elite, you see. Big think tanks, had them for years and years and years, how do we get the public to give up all their privacy?  Öthe dream of every tyrant down through the ages. Oh, weíll make it appealing, you know, the mousetrap. They used to call it the mousetrap, you know, you put the cheese in the mousetrap and the mouse will watch another mouse go and get caught and killed in it.  And the second mouse comes along and says, well I could be a bit smarter than that, Iíll try and just nudge a little bit of it along and get that cheese there, you see, and he might get a little chunk of cheese and get away with it and so on. In other words, it gets a benefit from coming near death, where in reality it shouldnít go anywhere near the darn thing.  Thatís the same process that works with the people. Well I did get fun on it and I can text these little silly things to people, like they really care what youíve said to them; thereís nothing youíre saying theyíll ever remember the rest of their lives at all, or even next week maybe. Itís just prattle in the air, folks. Prattle in the air, thatís all it is.  But youíre being monitored with all your prattle, added to your personality profile in the virtual you, that they play little games on in the virtual you at the Pentagon, and theyíve got you all sussed out.


Now as I say, back to the weather. The weather is now time to get the message home for the big, big meeting coming along to change your whole way of living, more agencies all working on top of you, as most of your money will go to paying energy and carbon taxes, etc. etc. Then it will come down in a few yearsí time, and Iím not kidding about this, it will be licensing certain people to breed and ones not to breed. That was their old agenda. Here they are with their same old agenda. They never change their agendas. And theyíll convince you quite easily as to why this must be.  And most of you will believe it.  And when youíre living amongst folk who are perfectly conditioned, and youíre not conditioned, youíll have to go and be a hermit because they will drive you mad, all the conditioned ones, as they parrot all the politically correct stuff that theyíve been brainwashed with. And you cannot change them once that happens, in the perfectly conditioned. And unfortunately the perfect conditioning today works absolutely with most people, who will never investigate anything for themselves. Sad, isnít it? Itís awfully sad, that, but true.


Now, in the US a lot of their spending money is already going to ObamaCare. And I donít know all the prices there for this insurance but some people have said that individually theyíre paying between $600 and $800 per month, for this, maybe one day Iíll need the hospital, maybe one day Iíll need a doctor.  Insurance itself has always been a scam, of conology.  But hereís theirÖ This is the kind of spending money that a lot of people had, who are just making the grade surviving.  Thatís been taken away from them. And various jobs on the lower end, that worked on and depended on people spending that kind of money every month, are just falling apart now because literally the people havenít got that money to blow. The choices for the general population in the US living at the bottom, the ones who are working that is, is to join the welfare crew or have nothing to spend but keep working their butts off. Thatís the choices.


And all the time these masses of bureaucracies and new agencies are growing, growing, growing, growing.  You know, Atlas would collapse and flatten today holding up all this lot of bureaucracies and agencies. He would be absolutely flattened like a steamroller going over him.  And people still prattle about having democracyÖ when youíre supporting almost half the population in some countries, either on welfare or in government jobs and government agencies.  It canít last, folks. Itís not meant to last. This is the system theyíre bringing in, planned a long time ago. And folk will not change. Theyíll keep voting. Keep voting. Thatís what they do. Theyíve seen so many movies about, thereís always the oneÖ youíre the one, you must take this mission on and defeat the dark Lord. And away they go, you know. So hereís the one that comes along, that says all the things that they know that the public are talking about, and you vote them in but the same agenda continues, and you never learn, eh.  Well, thatís sad that, isnít it. Awfully sad. Awfully sad.


Then they got their housing bubbles going all over again, because this intermediary, the middleman, the middleman today is the real estate brokers. You have big coalitions of them and chains of real estate agencies that jack up the prices so as they can get much bigger commissions off it. In the old days, you know, you advertised your house yourself in the paper, and people would come along and you would negotiate a price, a more realistic price. But everything went through the roof, and then you got the housing bubbles coming in, when real estate agencies took over, more conology.  So here you are living in a wooden hut and each real estate agent, by the time theyíre finished with it describing it in their ad in the paper, this thing is a mansion, this little wooden hut of yours, itís a mansion, you know, and that bit of swamp around the back there could be easily drained and turned into a race course or something, or maybe an SUV trail, you know something like that. Oh, maybe you could do wonderful things if you had millions of bucks to drain it all and blah-blah-blah. But this is the tripe and garbage that we live in and we all think itís normal. Because you donít think at all. You donít reason things through.


When you went to school you didnít get little gold stars for reasoning for yourself. You didnít get them. You got them for parroting rubbish back to the teacher, and the teacher gave you that approving smile.  Do you understand teachers want... Hereís one thing they never tell you.  They always tell you that children want to rebel, you know especially the teenage ones, oh you rebel against authority, you rebel against your parents, to assert your individualism and your own personality, you must assert it by rebelling against them, you see.  Children, who have no discipline at all these days, thanks to Dr. Spock and all the lefties of course that pushed this so as that the state could then give them their new value system and morality, and which was awfully, awfully well done, thatís what Bertrand Russell said back in the 1920s they would do, by scientific indoctrination at school.


Children want to please adults. They like approval. Actually, all animals like approval, and to that extent humans are no different. They like approval from someone that says, well done, you see. So they will have to parrot off back to the teacher all the nicey things, you see, and they get a nice pleasant smile, not a scowl in response. And they feel kind of special the more correct their responses happen to be according to their parroting, you see. But if you think for yourself youíre in trouble. Lots of young guys, especially, have already found that, by getting put on different drugs by the school system and the medical system for being hyperactive or whatever it happens to be. See, attention deficit disorder is not necessarily a deficit disorder at all. Itís thinking outside the box.  Because they might take a topic or a question the teacher gives them and take it off into a hundred different directions of possibilities, which should be a natural thing to do. But teachers donít like that, especially with boys. Because in this day and age boys are supposed to be the same as little girls, which is a complete impossibility, unless you add, you know, the surgeons, which theyíre getting good at doing today. But yeah, if you start reasoning for yourself it will not be met with very pleasantly at all. And youíll be a nuisance, you see, youíre disrupting the class. Disrupting the class, you see, and you wonít get that approval from the teacher.


You know, the Communists, and also the Nazis, used the same system on children, the exact same system because it worked perfectly. The idea was, again, to separate the values, the contaminated values of the old family system they called it, take away those values and give them the Stateís new values, to obey and worship the State and all authority that served the State. And it worked awfully, awfully well. So much so they would turn in their parents, literally turn them in. In North Korea they still use that yet, and theyíre taught in school to turn in their parents if they think thereís any political incorrectness there at all, and off goes the parents to get killed. In some countries like Cambodia they actually had the children shoot their parents and then congratulate them, make them feel good about doing it, that they had saved the country by shooting their parents.  What a mind job that is, eh.


See, children who donít get direction at all crave it, and thatís what elitists have always known. They crave authority, that kind of authority that treats them like an adult even though theyíre really still a child, and gives them a little uniform and all that kind of thing, you see, armbands and uniforms and badges. They crave approval and direction. Itís very easy to do. Thatís very, very ancient too, that technique, some countries have used that thousands of years ago at times in their history. So thereís nothing new under the sun as far as techniques go. Only today of course with the scientific indoctrination and mass media, where everyone gets the same indoctrinations at the same time on a daily basis, through media, entertainment and everything else. Entertainment prepares you through fantasy for reality thatís coming down the road. It gets you to accept things that otherwise you would not normally accept, because you saw it in a fantastical manner, you see.  Plus you generally identified with the hero or heroine, depending on the gender, in the movie and you came to accept something you should not normally accept.


Thatís what Aldous Huxley talked about too, that there are techniques being used today by elitists and professionals, the Bernays types, way above Bernays actually, and the think tanks, thousands of think tanks all working for the super State and the elite and they can actually get you to do things that you oughtnít necessarily go along with. But you will be convinced that itís the right thing, by your Masters, because you still want to please too and get the pat on the head and all that, even if youíre an adult child, put it that way. And youíll get all the approval you want, to do things you shouldnít normally do, like giving away all your privacy, things like that. Quite the system we live in, isnít it? Itís very clever. Very, very clever. But then again too, these boys are paid at the top to study us all, by getting all the time in the world and all the money in the world to do so, and they live awfully well. And of course theyíre psychopathic in nature so they have no qualms about doing it whatsoever, as long as they end up with the profits at the top and live the good life.


So I hope, and I do know by the emails I get from different people across the world, how their lives are going, a lot of people, itís good to keep in touch because itís good to see whatís happening in their own lives and so on, as they go through all the struggles that we have to go through on a daily basis in this planned mad system. Itís mad simply because itís not meant to be logical to you, thatís why it seems mad, you see. But this madness is as clever as a fox at the top because it definitely benefits a very old elite, indeed. And they know exactly where they want to take the world. They depend upon all their studies in think tanks done by all their employees, that do it all over us, who check on us all the time, they depend on them for all this information coming into them to make sure that down through the ages they can continue to go ahead. And one day of course as weíre all altered or start dying off they will already have a new type of human that will obey them much, much more easily. They wonít need entertainment. They wonít need even fear on the new types. They will simply program them and they will work awfully hard and well and serve their Masters better. They will have the whole world to themselves; we will all be gone.


See, we think in short-term planning. You think in your lifetime, I want to achieve this in my life. These guys work through foundations that can start off 300-400 years ago with its own agenda, and guys die off, employees die off, more come in, and they can keep going towards those same goals forever. Thatís the beauty of foundations. Thatís what Adam Weishaupt talked about, by the way, through philanthropic foundations.  And the Rockefellers and all the other Rothschildís foundations, all these different foundations out there, all these big think tanks that they employ, and all the NGOs they own, they set up and own by the way, that are all shouting for weíve got to change this climate disaster, and all the ones that give you the pressure, the pressure to go along, these guys are very clever at the top and theyíve been running the world for just too long, havenít they? Havenít they?


We donít have a natural honest system, never have had a natural honest system, and weíre used for their wars down through time. We always suffer. We pay for everything, including our own chains. And weíve been trained to think itís all quite normal.  Sad, isnít it?


So I wonít prattle on anymore tonight. Iíve been awfully busy this week. Iíll be even busier from now on trying to get wood, etc. and during all these floods up here and this constant bombardment of rain, along with everything else breaking down, even brand-new stuff. As I say, that last well pump was two months old, in there. When I hauled it up, by the way, even though itís boasting stainless steel casing, there was rust on the darn thing. I mean rust; it wasnít a coating, it was rust. Everything today is cheaply-made junk to maximize the profit but very expensive to buy. Thatís the trick, very expensive to buy but cheaply-made junk.  Because after all, the big boys at the top say, and teach in university to all their up-and-coming major domos over you, that greed is goodÖ greed is good.


Well from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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