Oct. 12, 2014 (#1465)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Shame is Lame:
Fool Me Once Shame on You,
Fool Me Twice Shame on Me,
Fool Me Thrice......"

© Alan Watt Oct. 12, 2014


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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on October 12th, 2014. Iíd like to wish everyone out there the best because weíre all going through hard, hard times.  And weíre bombarded with mind control news stories continuously, which is all part of the great work of course, because the greatest way to control everyone out there, and theyíve known this for thousands of years, is to terrify the bejesus out of you basically. Iíve gone through this before about adaptation, this Darwinian process of humanity, how we adapt to things, things we shouldnít adapt to actually, especially when itís false, you see. But itís for control purposes and the elite have always known this down through the ages.


Because even in ancient Rome, thereís a fascinating study of ancient Rome because emperors would often be deposed and coups would take place, generals would step in to become the majordomo and they would stage many events to happen to get the public to cry for government and more governmental power, to keep them safe. Thatís what we hear all the time now. In fact, everything is about keeping you safe, supposedly, as you become broker and broker and youíre adapting to it all thinking itís all quite normal. Itís amazing, really, with such incredible news today.  Itís worldwide news, from probably thousands of stations if you add them all up, radio and television and so on, across the whole planet. Theyíre all getting the same information at the same time and itís easy to keep everyone in step with each other, as weíre programmed to accept all this nonsense that weíre hit with, and steadily and steadily.


Back in the 90s I remember being on a radio show and I was going through what I knew was coming because I had watched the militarization of police across the world.  Back in about 1998 I think it was maybe, Allan Rock in Canada, who was the Attorney General at the time for Canada, single-handedly basically put forward a bill, all drafted up, all neatly and all the rest of it, meaning whole hordes of lawyers had already approved this thing, and presented it, which passed without a problem in Parliament, without any question really.  That left everybody puzzled, including the journalists for a change because generally theyíre part of the whole scam but they werenít in-on-the-know.  But the bill was to do with basically a martial law type bill.  In 1998 people were going along like lazy cats on a hot summerís day, it was so quiet at that time, apart from the inflation and all that stuff which is built into the fake money system.  And basically they can imprison anybody without trial, etc. etc. It was a crime omnibus bill that they passed it under, which was a complete antiterrorist bill. Bill Clinton of course did the same thing in the States, after he failed to get it through in the 90s, and then that very weekend after it was turned down they had the Oklahoma City bombing and bingo, they passed it two or three days later.


So you can see when things work in concert, like this, that thereís big moves way above what you think is the political powers, on the go all the time, involving all these massive, massive government structures and agencies, and private agencies all work with government, all on behest of the guys who really control the planet. Because if you think the planet is just bashing along with countries knocking each other, youíre up a gum tree as they used to say. And you truly are because nothing is further from the truth. The future is always planned, intricately, including all the wars and everything else that will happen, and scare you to death to make sure that the public have plenty of time to be programmed in preparation for it. Youíre programmed through various news articles, etc.


But back in the 90s I had already studied all the different professorsí reports from departments of sociology and anthropology and psychology and behaviorism and neuroscience, and all these guys that were getting massive grants, and always had done, from the government, massive departments all working towards something to do with total control of all of you. Thatís why itís so perfect today.


Of course entertainment, at the top, was in on it in a big fashion as well. Because most of your programming, if youíre not getting it from what you think is the news, is coming through entertainment. In entertainment your guard is down, it doesnít occur to you to keep your firewall up basically in your mind, and youíre penetrated so easily by a whole bunch of scenes that will be where you identify with the hero or heroine, it depends on a whole bunch of factors, especially these days, and then they bring you into the political correctness, how your attitude on this or that or whatever it should be, should be altered to conform with the so-called good guy in the movie. Thatís how easy itís all done.  Aldous Huxley said on I think it was a Mike Wallace interview many, many moons ago, that the people could be trained basically into a system by a scientific elite where theyíd accept things that perhaps they shouldnít accept. And weíve all accepted things today. Itís been going on since really, rampaging on since the 60s. 


Now, the big futurist departments of all these agencies that work for the big boys at the top, and the big foundations and the big international corporations are all tied together, and Iím pretty certain actually theyíre all owned by the same few shareholders at the top with the controlling shares, decide the future, always. Theyíre very big on keeping control. Nothing is left to chance. And I mean nothing is left to chance. They have all these agencies out there always spying on the public.  On your little street in fact, that you live, there will be somebody there who is an informant for whatever major agency you have. In Canada you have CSIS and God knows how many assets, as they call them now, people who get partial paychecks, semiretired, retired, whatever it happens to be, to basically inform of anything that happens in the area. Itís always been like that by the way, but more so today in fact. Because they planned big changes a long time ago when they said, theyíd have to train the public.


Now, when you go into the history too, things stand out, even recent history, things stand out. And thatís what you must never forget, never forget when youíve been taken for a sucker, and then you do it again. Never, ever forget being taken for a sucker. No matter how much fear and terror is pumped out there, donít fall for it, the same con again. Thereís an old saying. Itís, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Never forget this technique.


Back, again, about the year 2000 I think it was maybe, a major politician in the British Parliament for the Green Party said that because of the direction that weíve all been pushed in for a long time, their goals for sustainability, population reduction, they didnít need the massive working-class anymore and they would have to reduce the population and keep all the resources for themselves at the top. They pushed for the vegetarian diets, etc. across the planet, except for themselves too, because they canít have too many farting cows, they said, across the world feeding all of us. So the big push was on for all that. So how can you accomplish all of that?  How do you do it?


Well, you must put so many articles in newspapers that the public canít keep up with them, but theyíre being programmed through lots of little nature shows and documentary specials that are put on mainstream television, in the newspapers, magazines, etc. All information must be guided along the same course basically, and you are programmed and you adapt along with it thinking itís all quite natural. Something that might have shocked you at first, 10 years later with so much programming, oh yeah I guess we can start eating crickets and grasshoppers, and itís okay, and locusts and thingsÖ because some supposedly famous movie star is doing it and leading the way.  Itís so easy to adapt, as Huxley said, to things that perhaps we shouldnít accept.


Now, this woman from the Green Party loved the way the British government was handled during World War II.  Big wars are great experiments to see if they can make everything happen the way they want them to happen and control the public, for obedience purposes. Because youíre all threatened with total extinction by the Nazis, or whoever it happens to be, and all food is rationed, like Britain and so on, tremendously rationed. You have to see the old documentaries put out at the time, theyíre fascinating to see these, one propaganda documentary after another on agriculture, on keep your curtains closed, you get fined by the air raid wardens if thereís a chink of light going out there because the bombers will see them and bomb you, and turn anybody in who questions anything outside the norm, etc. etc. They trained a whole population to go along. Lots of government inspectors that would go around butcher shops, for instance, and check how much meat was coming in, how much was going out on the ration cards, and what was maybe being sold on the black market, or hidden, or consumed by the butcher and his family. You wouldnít believe how they trained the whole society to go along with this. And this was really from about 1939-1940 right up to, in 1951 they stopped the rationing cards in Britain.


And this woman from the Green Party says, well, they were so well behaved and the whole country obeyed government departments and fell into line, because they were terrified you see, and if they could only bring that back, she says, how easy it would be to manage everyone. Isnít that wonderful, she says. And bingo, you have 9/11, 2001. And I think it was that very night that I was on a radio show, on WWCR at the time.  The host said, what do you think we have to look forward to in the future?† I said, the hardest thing for the future, from now on, because I looked at all the buildup to all of this, the massive buildup and propaganda through the 90s, all the professorial lectures and publications out there. I said, the hardest thing will be to hold onto your sanity as we go through this.  Itís a roller coaster, you see. And guess what? People have already adapted to the massive changes, things they should not, they ought not to have adapted to. 


Now, since 9/11 weíve had an onslaught, an onslaught of the whole world agenda rammed down our throats, daily, from little talk shows, from AM stations, in your big cities and so on, or FM stations, all across the board, incessantly, sustainability, weíre consuming too much, austerity, everyone has forgotten about austerity as you go into it and you have been in it for a while.  Theyíve just dropped the word now, now that theyíve trained you that things will just naturally go up and up and up. As I said many years ago, the plan was also to make sure that all your extra spending money was taken from you, your purchasing power, monthly basically or weekly, and it would go to bare essentials down the road. And thatís where you are now, a lot of folk are there. Many are not because theyíre working for government agencies, or teachers or whatever, or social work departments, or bureaucrats in local governments. These folk donít notice it so much because they have an index-related cost of living thing tacked on annually.  Real cost of living as opposed to the fake stuff that you get with your little pay raise which you expect is normal, because youíve been trained itís normal, every year you get it, and itís never enough to keep up with inflation, because itís designed that way. Itís designed that way.


You see, when youíre deindustrialized they take away your cigarettes and your cheaper booze, all the clubs you go to and so on, and youíre into austerity.  You see, they donít need you anymore. They donít have to keep you happy by leaving you a little bit to yourself to make sure you go off and slog at that rotten factory all day long. Thatís why in China they can buy cheap cigarettes, for the labor force, and cheap this and cheap that, and keep them happy. This technique is so old and people never think about it. But you see, itís all well understood.


But 9/11 was the key to it all. Everybody knew it was going to happen, apparently, every government agency across the planet, except the US that had just suddenly forgot that day that they had this special stand-down with the aircraft and the Air Force because it was a practice drill Ė itís always happening on practice drills, isnít it? The same with the 7/7 thing in Britain, the London bombing, it was a practice drill that day.  And geeze, they didnít expect a real thing to happen, it just took them by surprise. And you believe this rubbish.  Do you know you do? You believe this tripe. A mouse couldnít break wind on this planet without them knowing something was going to happen. Because everything is so penetrated with so many agencies and informants and so on, well implanted, embedded sleepers and all that. Thereís nothing that can happen that they donít know is going to happen. If they want to thwart it before it happens they will, and they do. But if they want it to happen then they actually finance it to happen. They actually can create the circumstances, and even the so-called terrorists, to make it all happen. Itís very, very simple. Old tricks.


Getting back to the Green party, remember what she said? Öa war type situationÖ is where everyone obeys government and they all behave, and when theyíre told to run to their air raid shelters they all do, and cram together because they donít have private ones like the big elite do, and Winston Churchill where they had ballrooms underground to have big nightly parties. No, no. Youíre crammed into air raid shelters and subways, etc. in London.  And they still didnít kill each other, they were crammed in there night after night. Nope, they sung little songs, happy songs about leaving their chewing gum on the bedpost overnight and happy ditties like that.  How weíre managed, eh. Itís just so amazing, so incredibly amazing.  Itís sad. It truly is sad.


But folk forget so fast, so fast. It doesnít matter howÖ Even the guys on 9/11 with all the inconsistencies weíve been told by government agencies, what happened that day, as opposed to what you knew did not happen or did happen that day in the evidence etc. as to the whys.  Youíve all forgotten it with the Ebola scare.  Ah, the Ebola scare, oh itís going to kill us all.  Ooh.  It took everybody by surprise. It really did. Again, Iíve read on the air, maybe two, three times a year when they have the big exercises every year, two or three times a year, with Canada, the States and Mexico, armies across big chunks of the continent, it could be for everything, natural disasters, plagues, pandemics, all these things are all considered, you see, terrorism. And by God, they just didnít know someone was going to come in, supposedly from Africa or Liberia, with an infection. Are you kidding me? Did this guy even exist? Did he? Did he exist?


The media, as itís publishing what the official spokespeople, the people who literally censor and decide what youíre going to be told Ė remember, in warfare you have a Department of Information, and even in non-warfare, it never stopped in Britain, a Department of Information. Most countries are the same Ė as to what the publics are going to be told, or what theyíre going to be told to worry about or not worry about or whatever, or even whatís true, or what is completely fabricated, it doesnít matter, and the media parrots it, you see. But they didnít see anything coming. They never see anything coming. Isnít that strange? All these exercises and billions of dollars spent every year, and they donít see anything, they never see anything coming. Youíre told and you believe it.  [Alan chuckles.]


Now Iím not saying this didnít happen. Iím saying question it. You donít know. Remember, fool me onceÖ. etc.  You see, you got to start thinking for yourself. If you donít want to have a memory, and lots of folk actually donít want to have memories, they like to live in the now, they call it. And the now is what the media tells them is really happening. It saves them the frustration of having to remember things and saying, my God maybe weíre all being fooled here. But they donít really want to do much thinking for themselves. After all, itís a bit of an effort when you could be entertained. You turn on entertainment and do whatever you do.


Remember what Albert Pike said too, the so-called Pope of Freemasonry in the 1800s. He said, those who wonít think for themselves and use their own reason are therefore steak on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  You think he dreamed that up, like he invented that whole thing?  No, no. Theyíve always known this at the top, of how to manage vast populations. They give you the culture, they change the culture when it suits them and you all follow it because you think itís incremental, you adapt and adapt and adapt, without even thinking, most folk, they adapt without thinking, without even asking why, why anything, you see.  Or as Brzezinski said in his book Between Two Ages, shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves, or think for themselves, because they will expect the media to do their reasoning for them. Really?


When I was small the people, in Scotland anyway and Iím sure in a good part of England, were very suspicious of government AND media because they knew that all media was privately owned by big magnates and moguls that controlled everything. Their media interests were one part of their massive worldwide financial interests with other big corporations; it was one conglomerate. How weíve been trained to forget that, havenít we? Really trained. I can remember in the late 70s all the movies they churned out and things for TV Ė and I didnít watch much TV but the little bits I got here and there even visiting peopleís homes Ė were such infantile rubbish, to pass your time, and also get, you know, you debased into adapting to the culture they were pushing on television.  And these terrible shows, the Dukes of Hazard, guys that ran around making moonshine I think it was, and fast cars, and pants literally that you couldnít bend down on, theyíd rip. But I mean, this is the nonsense they churned out, nonstop, like nothing was happening was basically the external message you got.  But loaded in it is rubbish. It was telling you to be infantile too, you see. And before that they churned out silly things. 


Because the whole entertainment media, or conglomerate, again, is totallyÖ Thatís fashion, music, books, novels, all these things, all the movies, these are all part of one system and they work completely together. If you donít believe it look at the average movie and you will see, for instance, at the end with all of the transcript, the different things at the end there where they give you the producers and the production managers and all the different assistants and yada-yada-ya. They will tell you who supplied the vehicles for all the smashes that they had, or the ones that they want you to buy.  And the watches, who made them. The fashions, who supplied the clothing and the dressing for the latest blah-blah-blah. And then the music too, written by and played by yada-ya. Itís all one big system. Plato talked about it, in his day, for what they had back then. Based on commerce, you see. It all works together, beautifully. Beautifully.


In ancient Greece, Iíve mentioned this before, for a long period it was decreed that everyone, even the slaves, had to attend traveling shows that were authorized to go around and do dramas. Because they knew it not only created the culture, it helped to maintain the culture, give them what youíve trained them to be used to, and also incremental changes. Like in times of war they would put out that type of thing where the family on stage would say bye-bye to the lovely young son whoís going off to fight whoever it happened to be. Thatís never changed.  And you get caught up in the emotion in that, and the next thing you know youíre all for it, this war.  And the young guys are brainwashed thinking, oh Iíll get all this glory, Iím a nobody right now but Iíll be a somebody then, you see, and Iíll get all this glory when I come back, for killing all of them awful enemies, ooh.   You see, we are so well understoodÖ and the art of governing is ancient, absolutely ancient, pre-Greek and all the rest of it. Itís ancient.


Now, back to what I said, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. How many times do you want to be fooled here? Itís up to you. Isnít it? Mind you, knowing things doesnít mean you can discuss it with those you know, because you see, brainwashing really works.  And with an incredible, incredible electronic massive indoctrination system on a daily 24-hour basis itís very difficult to find people who think for themselves. Most folk go with the flow.  In fact, they say, well Iím sane because everybody I meet has the same opinion on this particular topic as I do, therefore I must be sane.  It doesnít occur to you they can all be wrong.


This schizophrenia of the mind is fascinating actually because the same people have no problem, whatsoever, to take a topic thatís hashed to death, by the way, over and over and over, about a whole country taken over by, say, Nazism. This is how itís presented, like nobody in Germany had a brain of their own, they were all mesmerized by one man, utterly, completely, until they acted like one body, one body, like automatons or cyborgs or something or robots, all programmed with the same programming. This is how youíre supposed to believe it, you see.  And you do believe it, most of you, because youíve seen so many movies about it and, oh it always ends up back with the Nazis. They never mention the Bolsheviks and the Communists and the massive millions and millions they slaughtered over many years up until the Berlin Wall fell down. Because you see, it was planned that they would be our pals eventually. It was never planned that the Nazis would be our pals afterwards. You see, thatís how the con game works.


But the Germans just went to war when they were ordered to go to war, and young guys joined up like any country will join up, when theyíre told to join up, because they think itís going to be exciting and glorious, and they want to believe the basic simple propaganda thatís pumped out at the time. Every country does this. We still get simple propaganda. In fact, thereís a technique to propaganda, they must keep it simple; there must be an element of confusion there.  Do you know that?  Now what Iím going to tell you will be parroted by lots of talk shows, very quickly, but this is a truth here. You see, if something is too elaborate and thought out for you to parrot, it will seem too elaborate and folk will question that. Oh I donít believe it, itís just too pat, itís down too pat, you see.


So you get vague things like 9/11. Itís all vague, you see, except these bad guys supposedly came across in a plane, or they hijacked planes, and they smashed them into a building.  And nobody knew it was coming except the Israelis who warned the US, and the British GCHQ that warned the US. Everybody knew it except supposedly the US. Even though there was, you know, all the cons with the guy who owned the buildings and he got the renewal for his insurance just before it all happened, and he was stinking rich then but he stinks a lot more now.  But you see all these cons that go on, never mind all the companies that knew in advance, that were tipped off to get out and they did before it all happened, they closed down in the Trade Center, the Twin Towers.  You can go on forever with it, you see. But the simple stuff is there, you see. Simple. If it was too pat you would know it was too pat, it was too scripted.


Itís the same with Ebola.  You know, EbolaÖ Ebola. It kind of flows off your tongue, Ebola, eeebbuuulllla, you know.  First you have Hezbollah, now you have Ebola, you know, and you have Obama, then you had Osama. Oh, yai, who makes this stuff up?  Huh?  But you donít stop and put anything together do you? And have a good laugh. It never happens.  Even though the guys who were in with Bush Junior during 9/11 published their agenda, on their own website, this private company or group, the New American Century group, of all the countries they wanted to take out. And weíve been doing it. The last two we donít have are Syria, proper, with Assad in it because they want rid of him, and weíve got Iran as well. They published it twice in the 1990s and weíve all forgotten it.  So they give you fantastic names, Al Qaeda, ooh, Al Qaeda.  And weíve had the exposťs on Al Qaeda from guys who were in it during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and they said it was an informal group of different fighters that were trained by the US and Europe and armed to the teeth and taught how to fight against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  And some of them even referred to Al Qaeda as the radio network they used to communicate to each other, the different groups. You see.


Then you have the latest transformation, and everybody has forgotten that Al Qaeda was supported and getting funded through Qatar, by the US, it was in the papers here, and funded and supplied with their arms and all their food supplies and everything else, and money. You understand, any army, formal or informal, will pack up and go home if they donít get paid. People want these little titbits, self-benefits, coinage, some kind of thing as a reward for their time. You all do it, you work, even though youíre getting less and less with purchasing power as they keep devaluating your currencies, which is all the plan too. But, you wouldnít go to work if you werenít getting paid, you see. And armies are the same. Thereís only so much looting and raping you can do before you get fed up and go home, you see.  Theyíve always known this.


Thatís why civilization, as the big elite call it, started with the advent of currency. Even when they weighed the currency out, then they coined it about 800 BC, and since then itís been, oh, a fantastic weapon here, you can buy people to go and kill for you.  And everyone has forgotten that last year, it was in all the papers for goodness sake, the US and Britain were putting massive funding of the military, the arms shipments, for Al Qaeda to continue through Syria, and financing them, like paychecks, etc., otherwise as I say theyíd go home. And then Putin stepped in for a world conference to stop this, because everybodyís fed up across the planet at the US military going everywhere on the behest of international corporations that want all the oil, all the gold, everything, remember. Putin stepped in and says, you know, this has got to stop, this has got to stop, this constant warfare.  And the West backed off a bit, oh well, because Putin got a lot of support, you see, for that, a beautiful political maneuver. He got a lot of support and the West backed off, for a little while, and went back to work; and what did they pull out of the top hat then, like the magician? ISIS. 


Remember too, Al Qaeda supposedly was sweeping all through, all through Africa and other countries, all through it, a year ago. And that was the biggest threat to the whole world, a year ago. And we had these little fracases across different little parts of Africa, a year ago, with Al Qaeda. And all over the papers they said, Africorp, they called it, but other folk call it Americorp.  But Africorp, the African militaries had to combine and at least show some strength against this terrible threat across Africa, of Al Qaeda. You see.  And they said, if they canít get enough the US would have to go in there, you see, the military, to pacify these parts all over Africa that held these little bands of Al Qaeda, we were told. Suddenly itís all gone. Have you heard of it recently? Itís like it all disappeared. 


But as I say, and they invented ISIS.  Now, nobody over in those countries calls themselves ISIS.  It was admitted again in the papers here that the media, thatís what weíre told, the media were responsible for inventing the name ISIS, you see. But it does a great job of obfuscation, of blurring things, you see. Because everybody might have remembered, wait a minute, Al Qaeda, didnít Putin step in last time when they were ready to finish off Syria and kick out Assad like they always wanted, or Israel wants it, the US wants it and a whole bunch of countries want it, itís been in all their papers, itís no secret. And then you had this obfuscation, where they kind of haze things over for you, because youíre catching on too much and theyíve got to make it obscure, you see. So suddenly, yeah, weíre sending all the military in to fight ISIS, and if you notice, theyíre not separating, say, the authorized Syria, meaning the standard Syrian government and country, theyíre not differentiating it from, say, the rebel-held territory.  Theyíre just saying Syria now, so in your head all of Syria is bad.  And so the US military and other militaries, in other words, their original plan of getting rid of Assad and taking over everything that Syria has, and all of their oil too, etc., is going to be the big reward that they get for it.  You see. And itís not the guys that theyíre paying, the mercenaries that theyíre paying, these armies, to do it. Theyíre not going to get the reward, no. The same guys that got the rewards, the big BP, Shell and all the rest of them, that got the rewards dished out to them in Iraq, are going to get the same things here, you see, big corporations, and many of them are actually owned by Goldman Sachs. Do you know that Goldman Sachs owns stacks of corporations in the military-industrial complex, all the top ones? They own them. The top shareholders that run that whole damn thing, own the whole lot. Itís fascinating to go into.


But again, weíve all forgotten Al Qaeda, and all we hear now is ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, yep.  What a joke. As I say, the mercenaries over there donít call themselves that.  Itís just fascinating to me, fascinating. They never run out of bullets, you notice, or mortar shells or anything else. They donít run out of anything.  Huh?  Well, these guys donít make this stuff to supply themselves. Who is supplying them? The West. Itís still the West. Itís the same bunch of mercenaries that was called Al Qaeda that are bashing away under the name of ISIS, and supposedly the whole military might and Air Force of the US and Britain and all these countries, they just canít bash these rebels, you know, they keep missing them.  No, theyíre after clearing out Assad, you see, taking down whatís left of the whole country of Syria. That was always their agenda back in the New American Century plan of, you know, the second publication was in 1998, all the guys, Wolfowitz and all the rest of them, Rumsfeld, etc., all involved in the same group with George Bush Junior.  But weíve all forgotten it all. Weíve lost our sanity here. 


But mind you, youíre terrified.  Youíve also been hit with the bank crash, again. All these guys raking in millions of dollars at the top, experts you know, and universities and all that stuff too, and nobody saw this coming. If thatís experts, God help us, eh, on anything. Nobody saw it coming. It was a complete mystery, that the top banks were ripping everybody off and selling junk bonds and everything else, and homes that were valued at over a thousand times what they were actually valued at.  And whatís a value anyway? Itís just somebodyís idea of a price. Isnít it? And they were all trading these worthless houses and throwing them up the ladder to the next bunch of mugs that wanted a fast profit and who turned them over again, until supposedly it all came down, the bubble burst and down it came. And they were going to fix it allÖ theyíre always going to fix it, you see.


I told you years ago, many years ago, theyíll never fix that. The same thing that the Rothschilds used in Britain to get the Bank of England. Theyíll never fix it because you see, the boys, these guys run the whole system, they ainít going to let it be fixed. They always want to do this. They always plunder the planet with depressions at least twice a century.  And we live through it again. Oh well theyíre going to fix it now, you know, andÖ And you want to believe it, you see, so you can go back to what you think is normal. It never goes back to normal because your currency is never, ever the same purchasing power again.  And so youíre buying less and less with more and more money. Youíre buying less real goods for more money.  Ah, peopleÖ. people, I tell youÖ make you want to shake your head.  And this is the con game that we live in thinking itís all quite normal because weíve been brainwashed into thinking itís normal. And everyone else adapts, therefore I have adapted and Iím sane.


And back again around 1998, 1999, 2000, I mentioned on the air a documentary I had seen. It was with a big gold and diamond company in London.  And it showed you the documentary, it was an official documentary put out by the big boys, BBC or somewhere.  They showed you, at that time it was Sierra Leone, and they said that itís one of the biggest diamond producers in the world, Sierra Leone. The problem with big corporations is, you see, if you have an official government in there they want their cut and their tax money and all the rest of it, and theyíll have rules and regulations for safety, etc.  Well, thatís a nuisance to big corporations. If you can demolish the governments, or get them fighting endless wars and impoverishing them, and get little bands taking over like theyíve done across Iraq, then you just pay the biggest warlord there, who is still pretty minute compared to a big government, and itís a lot cheaper to get everything out for almost nothing, all the resources out.


Anyway this documentary showed you the mercenaries there, they were all British and US and different countries that had ex-military that were now mercenaries.  They showed them working with the actual groups under fire in Sierra Leone.  Then they went to a big corporation in London, one of these big towers that they have there. And there is the typical character sitting there with his proper accent, you see, and proper education, who did give an interview and they were asked, well, your company is one of the big companies that are financing this, this endless war in Sierra Leone and financing the mercenaries; why are you doing it? And the guy literally acted as though he was aghast at it all, like what a ridiculous question. And thatís how they really see it from their point of view at the top, where this is normal daily fare. And he says, Why?...  He says, well thereís all these people living on the land there, on top of all this wealth, and theyíre doing nothing with it, he said, as though he had just answered a stupid, stupid question. And from his point of view it was awfully stupid, because as I say itís daily fare with him.  So thatís why they did it.


Theyíve always done this nonsense. Psychopaths at the top think youíre stupid if you canít see the reason they give you, because from their point of view you really are stupid.  They canít imagine that youíre different in a certain sense, wouldnít you do it if you can grab all those diamonds and gold for nothing? And it doesnít matter how many documentaries of this kind are churned out, with the horsesí mouths telling you what theyíre up to and why, you will forget it all. And then you fall into the traps of, well Americorp or Africorp must get across the whole of Africa to wipe out the Al Qaeda, that suddenly disappeared, you see, from the news. And where are all the US forces going? To all of these countries that have gold and diamonds, etc. And then Ebola, same thing, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and so on. You canít put it together, can you? You canít do it, can you?  So itís announced.  Are we sending out massive military teams over or, say, hospital teams or whatever? No. Not over to Liberia or anywhere else. Weíre sending in thousands of troops, guns and grenades and stuff, because weíre going to blow up the germs and the viruses.  Ooh.  Huh?


Thereís only one reason you send in armed troops anywhere. I donít care if they want to do the Orwellian con game of doublethink, theyíre not killers, theyíre peacekeepers. Oh, no.  Thatís what soldiers turned into, peacekeeping, you know.  Well, you could use that to say about the Nazis, why couldnít you accept that with the Nazis, they were keeping the peace? Huh?  Or the Communists through their massive rampage of slaughter, oh they were trying to keep peace, they were peacemakers. They even give each other Nobel prizes and things. Isnít that amazing, eh?  It depends who you are of course if you get the prize or not. If youíre not on the list they will use you and then kill you off rather nastily, like they did with Qaddafi, and theyíll even show you pictures of it happening. But do we remember anything? No.


Weíve got everything popping up except Osiris.  Or Ra himself, maybe that will be next.  What do you think? Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Oh sorry, itís the other way around isnít it?  You keep forgetting how many times youíve been shamed. You canít remember whoís shaming you, even yourself.  Donít forget it, shame on you once, you see, shame on me if you fool me twice. How many times are we getting shamed here? And even the folk who should know better, all the so-called 9/11 Truthers and so on, all these groups, are parroting all the same rubbishÖ Weíre all going to die of EbolaÖ 


The banks were already, remember, youíve already forgotten, the same conmen who benefit incredibly from every crash they cause, and theyíre going to give themselves and others more bonuses afterwards, like, congratulations we conned them again, and we bail them out, eh, now theyíve got the bail-ins.  Like they started with Cypress, weíve forgotten all about it.  But the International Monetary Fund, the big kingpin of all the big global mafia that runs the world, and itís not Italian by the way, and the Bank for International Settlements was set up by all the big corporate boys, that wanted to standardize the planet.  Do you think Rockefeller was just standardizing oil? No. He was standardizing the medical system, the pharmaceutical system, everything that they had a hold over and money in they standardized it. The whole idea was to standardize the world and standardize the population and their minds.  Standardize, thatís what it was about.  Standard Oil.  Standard, standard, standard, until youíre all getting standardized with the same parroting nonsense.  Beautiful isnít it?


It wasnít just Rockefeller. The massive conglomerate that already existed before anyone had heard the name Rockefeller simply used his family as the front, or one front, down through the centuries, to implement all this part of it, that was all. The big massive think tanks, the big foundations that finance all the nongovernmental organizations, that are telling you to sterilize yourself and eat crickets, you see, because itís good for you and it will save the planet, donít eat meatÖ  They fund every nongovernmental organization out there, and hundreds of their kin, because theyíre all related, all these foundations. Some of them are simply front foundations and chains of front foundations to pass the money on from the main ones to more groups. Thatís a lot to take care of, you know, all these thousands of NGOs across the world, that now has taken over, supposedly, from something called democracy.  What? Democracy, whatís democracy?  What?  You know, when you had a say in something.   [Alan chuckles.]  Yeah.  Democracy they called it.


Itís a shame that people canít look back.  Itís a shame you donít read the old books written about democracy, when they were inventing the idea, in ancient times. It always failed because it was always a con job.  And reintroducing it back in the late 1800, into the early 20th century too. Winston Churchill, Winston Churchill when he was a young guy talked about it in his club, who was behind it, and he knew who was behind it all right, it was public knowledge at that time.  And in the politically correct way of saying things is that it was the communists, but he actually said who was behind it, because communism itself is a front, you see. But he says, an absurd idea, this idea of democracy. Because Britain was a fixed, rigid system of classes, you see, everybody knew their place.  The elite know that, and they love it, do you know your place, yeah, you better mind your place. That used to be a favorite term you heard at school and different places at one time, mind your place.  But democracy gave the illusion that you actually had a say, and they presented you, exactly the same as the Soviet system, Politburo member number one, two or three, take your pick. Here they say, left wing, right wing, or in the middle, whatever that happens to be. And you believe it too. Itís all the same agenda. Nothing changes, does it?


Con after con after con.  And you get caught up in it.  And the media pushes elections as though it was some kind of sports game. You think itís a coincidence? Is it a coincidence they can use the same techniques that somehow make men, especially, lose their brains during a sports game, with the hype and the screams, as though you were involved in it and running up that field and all that nonsense, somehow youíre involved, your guy is in the lead, and oh wow, and heíll get into power and everything will be nice and a utopia will come out of it.  Huh, what? You never learn, do you? Never. And folk turn to what they think is alternative media, to let them know whatís going on, really going on, and theyíre conned just the same wayÖ Be terrified about this today. Be terrified about that tomorrow. Be terrifiedÖ Be terrified, and buy all this stuff at the same time, from us. Thatís the stuff, you see, that you hear, consistently, and you donít catch on. Are we all losing our brains here?


Do you really think that with the power and control, and the multi-thousands of people working for every government, and agencies, and total awareness network, and all the rest of it, when they know everything in real time, that they just keep blundering at the top? Do you want to believe that? Do you want to believe it? Do you know how many sleepers theyíve got out there? and informants? with all different groups? If you started a poetry group up in your local library that had some poems about, this is all nasty and please be nice to us because itís not very nice at the moment, thank you very much, you would have someone in there to make sure that thatís what you were there for, and you didnít go overboard with it, like retaliation of any kind. Iím not kidding you, nothing in the system is missed, nothing.  But, be very afraid, be terrified, when we tell you to be terrified, be terrified, and obey us, for your own safety, for goodness sake.


I want to touch on, just before I go off tonight here, because I have to get back tomorrow to this well problem Iíve got with the water and all that, which is eternal, itís just incredible. But anyway, the militarization of the police. Iíve talked about it an awful lot, long before I mentioned the book Rise of the Warrior Cop by a professor and so on, an awfully good book. I donít get any money, by the way, for mentioning any book here because I donít even know the people, Iíve never spoken to them. It was by Radley Balko and itís an incredible book about the details, the facts, the financing, as they militarize the police state, across the world. I said years ago in the 90s, that theyíve been doing it, way back, I mentioned it then, theyíre doing it now. I says, why is this?  Itís for something all coming down the road in the future.  Big changes. Remember all the statements youíve heard, and youíve forgotten about too, even by folk like Al Gore, I can remember when he said, the Internet would change the world, and the way we think, and change our whole way of doing things and being and all the rest of it. They meant it. You see, they planned how youíre going to get changed, they planned how youíre going to end up thinking and what to think and what youíre going to do with yourself and all the rest of it. It was all planned ahead, way before Al Gore came along. 


But, Rise of the Warrior CopÖ and theyíve militarized the police force across the world. Whatever movie you see from Italy or wherever it happens to be, thereís the guys with the black gear and all the armor on, and the black hats and the night vision on there, and their guns that are like stuck, I think theyíre born that way. Iím beginning to wonder if the average person in the US, especially, because they churn out most of the movies, if they come out of the womb clad in this stuff. Because every movie you see, thereís the SWAT team, and they all look the same, robots, like Star Wars.  And you canít tell whoís who, because youíre not meant to. Theyíre all to be a group that scare you to blazes, you see.  Like dozens of robots.  They either have balaclavas over their faces at the same time, and the helmets on top, and these big things sticking out of the helmets that are their night vision and all thatÖ very intimidating, you see.  And the guns are stuck to their shoulder and they canít move from that position holding that gun as they walk slowly along, going side to side, side to side.


Thousands of movies churned out, churned out, until, and again it encourages all the young guysÖ And thereís guys growing up, turning 18 and all that, thereís folk who werenít alive when 9/11 happened and all they have known is anti-terrorism, antiterrorismÖ basically a form of martial law. Thatís all they have known, and theyíll think itís normal. And the winning team are the guys with these guns that come out of the womb with the armor on, theyíre all black and they go side to side with that gun stuck to their shoulder, side to side, slow, slow. And they want to be on the winning team. So youíve got a whole army for the future that will just flow into this new system, and theyíre already doing it, theyíve been doing it for a few years, and they think itís all quite natural. And then itís them against you.  Because once you belong to a group with all the same gear, youíre uniform, one form, anybody without that form is one of them. You see. And thatís how all these movies portray it, one of them, youíre not in the brotherhood.  Oh, wow. 


I could go on forever about this but anyway, hereís an article here and I mentioned this with Rise of the Warrior Cop, the book. This is from RT News, October 7th, 2014, and it says hereÖ


Battleground America:

US Army surplus even going to coroners as militarization rampant

(Alan:  You see.)

RT.com / October 7, 2014


The Pentagonís 1033 Program, (Alan:  Thatís the program where they use your tax money to buy, supposedly buy surplus military and used military gear to give to all the different agencies out there, all of them, anything with government, theyíre getting all this stuff, and have been for years and years and years. So not only has your tax money bought it the first time, youíre now buying it a second time. Isnít that a beautiful scam. They never tell you whoís the middleman though, do they?) which is militarizing state and local police forces with everything from high-powered firearms to armored vehicles, is also giving weapons to officials who have no law enforcement functions.  (Alan:  Ölike thatís news.  Itís not news to me, maybe to lots of other people.)


The practice is leading watchdogs and even some US government officials to question why the US military is so desperate to unload its cache of used military hardware that it is even willing to arm a local coroner, and other state and local officials who have no apparent need for firepower.


Doug Wortham is the coroner in Sharp County, Arkansas, whose working day consists of dealing with dead people. (Alan:  Öthat normally does this.  Thereís no such thing as a dead loss in this system here.  The folk that can make money, make money off everything, even your body parts and stuff, even weighing that liver, oh yeah, another liver here, it weighs so much and blah-blah-blah, and they cut folk up and stitch them up and all that. Then the undertaker gets a fortune off you too in your grief to bury you or burn you or whatever.)


. . . Explaining his need for the extra firepower, Wortham, who qualified for the program because as a coroner, he is invested with the authority to arrest, (Alan:  Öthatís why.  Heís a coroner, he doesnít use the power to arrest, but heís invested with the authority to arrestÖ) told AP: ďI just wanted to protect myself.Ē  (Alan:  How do you protect yourself? Well, hereís how he did itÖ)


It was also reported that the coronerís office acquired items through the program (Alan: Öthe 1033 programÖ) but forfeited its rights last year following revelations about some of its procurements, including a kayak. (Alan:  Oh, theyíre getting all kinds of things thrown at them; Iíve read these articles before, not the same one but many, many other ones, even bayonets and things.) 


ďWhy would a coroner's office need a kayak?Ē asked Tina Owens, deputy director of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, as cited by AP.


Civic watchdog groups have been sounding the alarm over the militarization of local and state law enforcement agencies for years. (Alan:  Öand they have.)  However, the August shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, followed by violent protests that pitted hundreds of protesters against heavily armed police clad in military gear, attracted public attention to the issue.


In August, the White House ordered a review of the 1033 Program, which mostly delivered excess weapons and tactical equipment to local police departments.  (Alan:  ÖĎmostlyí it says here, where does the rest of it go? Well I wonít mention that, thatís a whole new program or show.)


According to the AP report, however, numerous government agencies not directly connected with law enforcement also took advantage of the gun giveaway, including ďgovernment agencies that enforce gaming laws at Kansas tribal casinos and weigh 18-wheelers in Mississippi, to the Wyoming Livestock Board and the Cumberland County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in Fayetteville, North Carolina.Ē


Here are some of the agencies that received weapons and military gear through the program: The harbormaster in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, received a Humvee for negotiating tough terrain (Alan:  Thatís probably a completely armored one too.  Tough terrain, mind you the road potholes are getting bad, the potholes are really bad now for your suspension.)  and ďa night-vision scope to spot boaters in the dark;Ē (Alan:  I wonder what else these pervs are watching.) the Arkansas Tobacco Control agency acquired five 12-gauge shotguns for its agents, ďwho help regulate tobacco retailers and wholesalers;Ē the Wyoming Livestock Board, which provides Glocks and .45-caliber handguns to its officers ďwho investigate cattle thefts and other industry-related crimes;Ē the Mississippi Department of Transportation got seven M-14 rifles through the program, AP reported.


Any investigation into the weapons giveaway, however, will be hampered by the programís cloak of secrecy that only reveals information on the county level regarding the transfers. Meanwhile, battlefield-grade equipment accounted for ďa fractionĒ of the used items available, with some agencies participating in the program to receive office equipment and other such goods, AP said.  (Alan:  I mentioned before, they get grenade launchers and everything. This is to go after the war on drugs and stuff? Everything is nonsense, eh, the war on this and the war on that and the warÖ The war is on all of YOU, folks, ALL the time. And mind you, all the movies that they do makes it awfully attractive, doesnít it, because all the good guys are always the guys that are smashing doors down everywhere, arenít they?  And you want to be, oh theyíre the good guys, theyíve got a badge, look, see. Symbols are amazing, someone shows you a badge and suddenly you do what youíre told.  Symbols, eh, isnít that amazing.)


It was only through information voluntarily provided to AP that it was able to discover the destination of the inventories.


Police officers fire canisters of tear gas on protestors . . . (Alan:  Öoh, they show you them using this kind of stuff.  But thatís the simple stuff, thatís gas canisters.)


Meanwhile, it was earlier revealed that at least 26 school districts have participated in the Pentagonís weapons program, which since the 1990s has provided free military surplus goods, including mine-resistant armored vehicles, grenade launchers and M16 rifles.  (Alan:  Öand all the body armor too.)


Last month, the San Diego Unified School District Police Department (SDUSD) announced that it had received from the federal government a $733,000 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle similar to the models used in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  (Alan:  Wow, just like the movies, eh, you got your own special fancy vehicle thatís all scary looking and stuff.)


Although the 18-ton vehicle does not come with any weapons, watchdog groups are wondering exactly what type of school emergency would require the use of an armored military vehicle.  (Alan:  Itís because the students are going to riot about the school lunches maybe.)


The ongoing militarization of school police departments has been explained by incidences of violence on school grounds, most notably the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, which left 15 dead, including the two perpetrators of the shooting spree.  (Alan:  Mind you, the agencies also knew this was coming up. Thereís a whole story to that, long before it happened, including a practice run of teachers asking them, the students, if youíre going to do something in a fantasy way, play it out and do a video, and they did it through the school, as though they were walking around the school shooting everybody.  This was way before it happened, and with real guns and all that, the same guys. And they even put their own videos up of them up firing off all these firearms in the forest, all these youngsters. And that made the FBI and all the rest of them, that were watching them like a hawk, but they let it happen, didnít they.  And they were all seeing psychiatrists.  Oh boy, theyíre always taken by surprise, you see, no one saw it coming.)


In September, almost two dozen educational and civil rights groups sent a letter to Pentagon officials, urging them to stop militarizing US school police departments, which have been reported in California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Florida, Georgia, Kansas and Michigan.


ďAdding the presence of military-grade weapons to school climates that have become increasingly hostile due to their over-reliance on police to handle routine student discipline can only exacerbate existing tensions,Ē said the protest letter, signed by a number of groups, including the NAACPís Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Childrenís Law Center and Public Counsel.


President Barack Obama in August ordered a review of federal programs that allow state and local law enforcement to acquire military-grade weapons and equipment.  (Alan:  Nothing will happen there, heís just playing the game, you see. Because thatís the agenda.)


You see, they havenít just militarized everything, folks, all these agencies, and all these massive movies Ė funded by the Pentagon too, your tax money once more, to brainwash yourselves, it works awfully well Ė and you lap this stuff up movie after movie, drama after drama, with these guys, again, coming out of the womb with their black gear on, you know, and this thing stuck to their shoulder and two hands on it, and the funny things in front of their eyes for night vision, and side to side slowly...  Oh, scary. These are the good guys, that smash the doors down of citizens.  These are the good guys, and blow open the doors, off the hinges and that with different explosives. Boom. And you watch this stuff, because youíve been told the guys inside are badÖ bad, bad, bad, bad, who generally have committed, if they committed anything at all, which often happens that they havenít done anything, itís misinformation, theyíve got the wrong houses and stuff. If theyíre doing anything at all theyíre smoking some weed or something, which was not the high criminal deadly offense they portray in the movies. Anyway, thatís, again, another story altogether, isnít it, another story completely altogether.


But the fact is, you see, hereís the key, they havenít just militarized all these agencies and police. You see, your brain has been militarized by all the rubbish and indoctrination youíve been watching, because you think, in the fictional form, the good guys are smashing the door down of all these houses, all the doors, to keep you all safe, and youíve been brainwashed, and so you allow it to get even worse, and in real life it gets worse, and you think thatís normal. Do you really think all these agencies are there to go after folk smoking weed? Huh? Do you?


You need an internal army for whatís coming down the pike. And the big boys have planned this before a lot of you were born out there.  And they have planned it so well and implemented it so well, through all of their movies and dramas and yada-yada-ya, until youíre now ready to accept all of it, all of it.  But the same guys who can do such careful planning and all the rest of it, with total information network and so on, total dominance of everything, all media and blah-blah-blah, you think they just miss things like, my God thereís a big outbreak of Ebola out there in Africa, and they wait till something happens, supposedly, and you believe that too?


And then of course, you notice even in Australia that only a few weeks ago had that big raid supposedly on all possible, possible Al Qaeda type, or ISIS type sleeper terrorists in the country, in other words, guys that looked at different sites and so on that were going to purportedly start violence, generally run by the governments, and young guys go into it and get into the sites and get carried away with it.  Because itís easy to use young guys, thatís why they only use young guys for the military, you know. Anyway, Australia had that a few weeks ago and it kind of died down again. It didnít have the impact it was supposed to have, because I think most of the guys that they arrested, they were let go. 


Then you have Ebola, oh itís happened in Australia too.  Well, phew.  They havenít bothered with Canada so far, because Canadians are pretty laid back and we do what weíre told, you see.  But in the US, oh, we never saw this coming, yeah, well yeah, we had a vague recollection of a massive outbreak in Africa somewhere, in Liberia, but we didnít think to check them coming in from Liberia, you know, it just didnítÖ And you believe this rubbish?  Huh?  As I say, this guy may or may not even exist, I donít know. I certainly donít take anything at face value.  I mean, who swore the hospital staff to complete secrecy here? Why would you do that, like the official secrets act, why? I mean, think about it, folks. Why would you do that? Itís awfully important to know. And then supposedly a person who treated them, in the hospital, has got it now, hospital staff... Oh my God, itís spreading, weíre going to die, die, save us, save us. Maybe theyíll save you with the same militarized SWAT teams, theyíll come in with their guns and grenades and mortars and everything, and bazookas, and armored vehicles, the same way as theyíre going to save the folk in Liberia by sending all the military over there, and to Sierra Leone where the diamonds and that are. I tell you, itís a mystery to meÖ


But, but folks, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.




Battleground America: US Army surplus even going to coroners as militarization rampant



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