Nov. 2, 2014 (#1469)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"You Won't Find Truth by Being Aloof"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 2, 2014.  Now, I know weíre all going through amazing times, with the age of transition as they call it at the top, as you are being trained into new systems, and accepting austerity because everything goes up and up and up, much faster than it did for a long time actually. The prices just jump and jump and jump because, really, your currency is being devalued all the time. Thatís inevitable too because under the laws of economics, as they teach in university, they say that the cheaper your currency, for foreigners that is, then the more exports that country with the cheap currency can produce, or get rid of basically and sell. And this is the con game that goes on.


Itís very similar to Maggie Thatcher who said at the time, that they needed a lot of unemployment because it put the price of wages down, you see. Back in the 60s and 70s, especially in the US and Canada, people could literally hop jobs from week to week and no one said anything about it, including the employers. You would get paid at the end of that week and you could move onto something else, because there were such a shortage of labor at that time with all the production of factories and so on that were all across the countries at that time, before of course they sent it all off to China.


But I hope your luck certainly is keeping up, at least to an extent, as you go through this transition as I say, and you can get through all the struggles that are coming your way. Because everything is shooting up in the stores. Food, everything is just out of sight. Weíre supposed to be grateful that we can eat at all, as they keep gouging us with prices and prices and prices. And for every time, Iíve noticed in the past, over many different reasons that the prices go up, for, say, currency changes like they did in Britain way back in the 70s I think, early 70s maybe late 60s.  They did value-added tax and a decimalized currency all at the same time, that really confused people, except the sharks at the top. Because every store got in on it too, especially the big chain stores, they put a massive increase too for more profit during this age of confusion they went through.  But we find this going on all the time.


Society is pretty sick actually.  And to be honest with you, itís really always been kind of sick. Itís just that at one time the public had a common morality to an extent and they wouldnít put up with it so much. People did get together and they did complain, and people had to listen to their complaints and do something about it. Today with psychological management, neuroscience and all the rest of it, and propaganda and the media being on board, itís much easier to control the people until they stop complaining and start grumbling amongst themselves.  Iíve noticed too, even when the gas prices go up and up, especially in Canada here, they donít even bother grumbling amongst themselves. Itís amazing how that has happened, and it happened pretty quickly too.  They just accept things with a form of quiet resignation.


Now, everyone has heard my saga about the pumps, the well pump and so on, with the third one being in it right now.  Itís not quite working properly yet either; thereís a leak at a seal actually in the pump, in actually the well.  And then, to top off, on Wednesday I made a stupid decision to actually try and plan something and go to the store to post off a couple of things, and my transmission went to my car. Just kaput. Suddenly too. Just gone. No power, no drive power at all. I had to get a tow back, etc., and do a whole bunch of things the following day to try and ascertain if it was fixable in any way at all.  I did the usual things to check for, and itís not going to be a job that you can do in the mud, etc. Plus on Friday I think I woke up on Friday to a foot of snow. A foot of snow, on Friday, so I will not do any more with it. That will just not be done in this kind of weather. 


As I say, itís astonishing, I was just thinking you know, I think it was at the end of May pretty well, the snow eventually disappeared from where I live here.  So you had June, July, August and September that just poured rain pretty well constantly. The ground never dried out from last year, from the spring.  This field outside of me here where I live is absolutely sodden, there has been no heat to dry anything out. Itís quite amazing. Because itís all Geoengineering, you see. Itís amazing too how you get attacked for mentioning Geoengineering. But itís not really amazing when the big boys, and Cass Sunstein and the rest of them have said that, they would smear everybody as a kook who hit on actual facts of things to do with the big, big projects, global projects. All they had to do was label you as a kook or whatever instead of answering the facts that you put out, including all of the PDFs I have put out from the various Geoengineering institutions with all their data in it, and their ongoing data about increasing aerosols in the air, etc. etc. etcÖ  as they continue to Geoengineer. Plus they said years ago that if they ever started doing it we would get nothing but constant rain in some areas, other areas of course, because they could manipulate the jet streams, would get pretty well burned to a crisp. And thatís exactly what we have.


But facts donít count when they are out to smear you, do they?  And of course people who have their minds closed will never look into anything themselves. Itís like politics, those who are born to vote one way or the other will continue to do it their whole lifelong.  Even though the definition of insanity is to repeat the same things over and over expecting a different result, when it never, ever happens. But thatís humanity. No one ever said that humanity was logical. Itís to do with your training and so on.  Recently I read a study from Universities to do with belief systems of all kinds, including political belief systems and so on. They found that once people accepted the system of belief they will fight tooth and nail, they will never check it out, they donít want to check it out, to see if something is fallible in their belief, particular belief mode. And that goes with politics as well. Quite amazing.


Going back to the neuroscientists and some of the precursors of the neuroscientists who dealt with global future predictions, because they worked on global think tanks and they work towards a global society of trained public across the world, and constant training Ė they called it lifelong learning Ė as they continue to train you and train you and train you. They talked about this very, very system back in the 30s and 40s, including Bertrand Russell where he said, he used to think, and many people did used to think, all you had to do was present the facts to the people and they will respond logically and do the right thing. And he said, you can do more with the brass bands and military uniforms to get folk motivated than you can with all the rhetoric and facts in the world.  And that really, unfortunately, is true.


Many people who think theyíre waking up are actually Ė Iíve always said this Ė theyíre not really waking up at all. Theyíre simply waking to some part of their life changing and thatís what they are objecting to and they are forced, that gives them no choice but to really look into why either they are getting hit in the pocket or something.  So through financial crisis or something like that they have to look and at least question something. But they really donít want to question anything else. Then you have the disinformation agencies, and professional agencies that are out there too, which are given the job to wrap in all the UFO stuff, and ghosts and all the rest of it, into the same thing, to discredit those who are putting out nothing but facts, because youíre lumped in with the same bunch.  A very old technique of course used by counterintelligence agencies for an awful long time.


So this is the age in which we live and the more confusion of the multitude of people going into sites or forums or whatever with their own particular slant on something or belief on something, the more confusing it can get. Thatís why the big boys are not worried at all, to be honest with you, about any conscious or global awakening on any unified scale. Only a unified scale would get any attention, but that wonít happen.  Because youíll find all the different people on the different forums, theyíre all fighting each other as they try to push forward their particular point of view. Itís kind of like the old Russia before the Bolsheviks took over completely. There were so many different types or spins of socialism being pushed by different parties at the time, a mass of them, it was awfully confusing to the average person. And when they were all fighting each other and criticizing, etc., each other, the Bolsheviks certainly went in and took over. They then proceeded to eliminate the leaders of all the rival parties until no one could speak out against them.


Youíll find that underneath many, many things, belief systems, of all kinds, including politics, naturally, that theyíreÖ  Even though thereís a congeniality on the surface and an intellectual discourse on the surface with many different groups and so on, and even with some religions too, youíll find that underneath that thereís always that raw, very primitive side to it as well which could come to the surface at any time. Iíve always thought about what Plato talked about, that anything that happened in the past, or humans had been able or made to do, or conditioned to do, or trained to do, could be repeated if you knew the formula. And never forget that formula sitting quietly simmering, in all kinds of groups.


The study of humanity, and I can never stress this enough, is the biggest study on the planet, from the earliest times to the present. Because those who rule countries, and now the planet, have to understand, at least have a comprehensive understanding of how the bulk of the population actually works in order to control and manipulate and use people. Because we live in a system, really, of literally usury of all kinds, and thereís many kinds of usury as well. But from ancient times, to live better than anyone else, which meant more food and everything else and things that you wanted, more wives or whatever it happens to be, at the same time you had to get something that the rest of them didnít have and have other folk working for you. The best way to do it at one time was to give them a religion of some kind and have them pretty well terrified if they didnít comply. And back that up with an army as well. The Egyptians did that too. So if you can get a belief system instilled in the peopleÖ  Another way too is the communist system where the Soviets would train, especially the first couple generations of them, that they were working for a better tomorrow, a utopia. They would then suffer more hardship at the time thinking that they all own the country, they all own their future. But it never really occurred to a lot of them for a long time as to why those at the top who ran the system, on behalf of the people, lived so awfully far above all the rest of the general population.  Nothing really changes.


It doesnít really matter if you call that a classless society, or democracy, or whatever. Weíre looking at the same system going back under the guise of this strange term called civilization. What does civilization really mean when you think about it? Civilization really goes back to recorded history, recorded by writing, etc., of all kinds of writing, inscriptions and hieroglyphs etc., which also meant there was a leisure class as well to be educated. Because if youíre working all on the same level scrounging for food, or planting food or hunting food, then you wouldnít have time to learn these other things, like education in certain areas, therefore everyone truly would be the same.  At the very most youíd have some sort of tribal leader, a primitive tribal leader who would have no more than the rest of the people, except their respect basically.


But that changed with the advent of something called wealth, which was valued by something called money.  Whether it was weighed out or coined out, it didnít matter, those who had more of it, and when they conditioned the public that this strange gold powder or silver powder, or eventually coinage, was actually more important than that cow there or that milk the cow produced, etc., then someone had control over the minds of other people, and thatís really the medium of exchange, what they call currency.  As long as you have currency, unfortunately, you will never have an honest system.  And those who have been in control of it for so long will never allow it to be honest anyway, it just wonít happen.


If you own anything at all then technically that, whatever you own, should last, especially what you call valuables.  By valuables, Iím saying in a natural system, Iím talking about fields, seed and all that kind of thing, should last and they shouldnít be able to fluctuate in value from an outside source, especially somebody in a different country telling you what the value of that happens to be. What does he got to do with it, except self-gain, you see? But we live in the system here and we think itís all quite natural, that people youíll never meet, and most of you donít even know who they are, decide every day what the value of your particular currency will happen to be. It is an elastic currency. So why are you working so darn hard for it, when it can be watered down so quickly, or finished so quickly if they want to bankrupt you?  Theyíve done it so many times in history, the big boys who control it all, this is what they call science, [Alan chuckles.], the science of economics. So it can never be an honest system.


Even if governments did coin and print their own currency and sell it to the banks, which would cover the costs and all the rest of it too, and then the banks can loan it out to others as well who wanted more of it than what was in circulation, then you would still get the corrupt people moving into government, in control of all these departments, so that they can have their little cabal and be in charge of it. That has already happened in other countries too.  Go back to Grant in the US who talked about the system that was controlling the currency of the US then, it was already in the hands of a few people. The biggest problem he had when he was president was trying to get any kind of control or say in how the money worked, who ran it and all the rest of it.  So corruption, in other words, seems to be a normal part of society.


In the past they were awfully good at kind of cleaning up their history, especially the historians of the day. Because history means his-story, remember.  Historians were authorized by kings and queens, just like the painters were who did portraits of the kings and queens, and you had better do a nice good portrait, or an awfully good history, or you lost your head.   It was as simple as that. People do things and go along with corrupt systems for personal gain. Thatís why the politicians are well aware, and bureaucrats too, that you get up the ladder by knowing what not to ask. You sense what is a sensitive area and you steer away from it, you donít go into it at all, you donít ask questions, and you go up the ladder, so that you can have plausible deniability and you escape squeaky clean if any scandal erupts. Thatís how things actually work.


So society is run by psychopathic types, always has been I think.  Even all the so-called Ďgreatsí, Alexander the Great, all the people called Ďgreatí in the past went through life slaughtering folk all over the place, and they are called Ďgreatí by historians because they change something, even if it was taking over countries or changing borders or whatever happened to be. They were called Ďgreatí, I donít know why but thatís just the way it is. Maybe itís because the psychopaths who take over really admire that type as well, for being so great, powerful and a mass slaughterer.  Thatís the farce of humanity, unfortunately, and history and nothing has changed.  Psychopaths, it seems to me, have always had the rule over the minds of other people.


Psychopaths are great con people. Thereís also really nasty and wicked people too; they donít have to be psychopathic they are just nasty and wicked people. But psychopaths especially want the good life for themselves, the best life if possible, and they will con anybody and everybody to get it. They will lie quite easily, because they have that natural ability not to feel embarrassment of any kind whatsoever.  They know even what expressions to put on their faces when you talk to them personally and it puts you completely at ease. Itís like looking into a mirror at times because they will copy your expressions, so things seem familiar to you.  Thatís what salesman are taught too, by the way, how to emulate the customersí stance, movements, gesticulations, speech and all the rest of it.  So itís almost like yourself talking back to yourself, youíre kind of at ease with it. And you are being taken for a ride.  You donít know itís being done generally.


But people want to follow psychopaths. The reason is, and lots of sociologists and psychologists and neuroscientists, over a long, long, long time, have come up with the same conclusions.  The people will follow these characters because the psychopaths will make fast easy decisions. Ordinary folk, or normal folk, say, weíll try and weigh the balance of consequences. The psychopath has no problem with that, because if there are any consequences he wonít take the blame. He will immediately have someone lined up to take the fall.  He has no guilt whatsoever, itís a foreign concept. Guilt, in fact, itís a mystery to him. And I mean, really, they puzzle over that.


Then we can go into all the wicked people, and wicked people abound, naturally, with various chips on their shoulder, feelings of inferiority, or superiority, it doesnít matter. They can play people along, to set them up, thinking they are so smart when they have them fall. Itís a form of wickedness. You find the same techniques being used by, and sting operations by police or even intelligence agencies, especially today when they can take youngsters from other countries living in your countries, maybe even born in your countries but really with ancestry going back to another country, as we see today with the antiterrorism laws etc., and they can put out their own agents, agents to grab these youngsters, set them up with a sting operation, even supply them artificial explosives and stuff, and then close in and then itís another great win for that agency. Oh they caught a bunch of would-be terroristsÖ  So are they really nice or are they wicked? Thereís different ways to look at things. And we canít come to a fast easy decision on anything if youíre a normal person.  Again, a psychopath could.  The end justifies the means to them and they get what they want.


Today we live in such an era of mass confusion, deliberate too. Deliberate confusion because they found that the more confusion they can put out there, and conflicting stories about things, even major events, then most people will switch off questioning at all and take the authorized version, even if that in itself is simplistic and full of holes, rather than try to figure it out for themselves. It hurts them to try and to figure it out for themselves. Now, why does it hurt them to think for themselves? Partly itís because theyíve been trained not to think for themselves, from early schooling right through to the present time.


Again, the big boys who planned this whole era weíre living in, including the culture and the cultural changes leading to this era, step by step by step until we adapt and adapt and accept the system we live in, they knew that people will always adapt if they are taught and trained to believe what the experts always tell them. And itís constant today, especially since 9/11, not to think for yourself.  Accept the professional and authorized points of view, thatís the simple statement thatís out there. If you do, youíre a good person. If you donít, you are a kook, crazy or whatever, or youíre dangerous in fact. So if you donít, as I say, accept everything and think for yourself you are an unusual person. Thatís if you are not really a kook, or, really, youíre trying to say, well itís really aliens who are controlling the world, or things like that. Thatís the kind of thing that the intelligence agencies want out there, actually, and they put many front men out there to push that kind of thing as well, to discredit the basic facts and the fact seekers.


But if you ask a group of people today what kind of world they want and what kind of future they want, they can initially agree on basic things. But then, in a group setting, then group dynamics set in and you find that leaders want to rise and are able to combat each other in various ways to become the leader of the group, then you go off on other tangents. You find that for all of what you thought were similarities, thereís a mass of ideas from all of them as to how the future should be. Thatís why in the ancient world too, again, because everything was studied, well studied in the Greek world for instance, they tried all the systems, what they called democracy, and the plebian vote, and authoritarian rule, a form of fascism, dictatorships, all these kind of things, they tried them all and they knew, in reality, that the best system to give the people was a system where they did think that they had a say, by voting etc., but in reality very clever early psychologists weíll call them, knew they could be manipulated.  They could manipulate the minds of the general population because the majority will always go along with certain traits of what they perceived as a leader.


The leaderís persona could be pretty fictitious, he could be trained to behave in a certain way.  Just like today, they have deportment lessons and even acting lessons, and I read these articles from the mainstream over years gone by if you go into the archive section at  In Britain they were given so many thousand pounds, the politicians, to take acting lessons and deportment, and how to look very convincing in front of television cameras, and how to pause at certain areas for impacts and so on in their speeches. And the speeches themselves are written by scriptwriters. I preferred the old Greek way because a lot of the people who wanted to rule, and did rule, were pretty well illiterate because they looked down on anyone who had to actually work for a living, and that meant having to study to learn how to read and write.  So they would have scribes.  You found that in ancient Egypt too, who were still workers, they werenít as important as the leisure class who didnít have to learn these tedious things. That carried right through into European countries too for an awful long time.


But as I say, youíll find that the more dominant the system is, where groups can rise to power through leisure, they must own slaves of some kind or another. Charles Galton Darwin said, slavery has always existed in one form or another.  And you better understand what he meant by that, in one form or anotherÖ It doesnít have to be called slavery, remember. The easiest form of slavery is to make you think you are free and to have you going along with experts and you think itís your decision to go along with them, etc. etc. Or, you think itís the right way to vote because the media has prompted you, in so many different ways, over months or maybe even years, how to vote. So in other words, the bulk of the population in whatís called a democracy will always go the way they are trained to go and prompted to go by clever psychological manipulation.


We are so perfectly well understood, so perfectly well understood, and yet you truly couldnít have complete democracy.  The anarchists, actually, and there are anarchist groups in the US and elsewhere who canít agree on anything when it comes to any major decision-making. I was sent a documentary on a particular individual in the States, who wanted a name for himself, and somehow he was related to anarchist groups. He popped down to New Orleans when the big flood happened down there, the disaster, and he managed to take over the anarchist groups because anarchist groups were sitting around and had votes with each other and they couldnít agree on anything. They got nothing done, to even give help out to anybody down there, because they were always arguing and fighting. But he managed to manipulate, etc., to get some authority, to get authority to himself and get a few things done. But he actually ended up being eventually a double agent, by the way, and he got awards later on.  This anarchist, he got awards for turning in people who either were real, but even in the documentary they were set up to be bomb makers or something.  It was quite an interesting documentary.


But as I say, given true, true freedom, youíll find an awful lot of differences amongst different people, who on the surface seem all united initially. So thatís why the big boys really havenít any worry whatsoever about a complete social conscious awakening on a scale that will have any effect whatsoever with demands and so on for change. Thatís why Bertrand Russell said, that for people to try and overthrow the system that they were going to bring in, he wrote this in about the 1930s, he said, it would be easier for sheep to complain about the price of mutton. Thatís how futile it would be in the future with the techniques which were already understood and could be applied and tested out on the populations.  Especially World War II, for instance, they found the people went into complete obedience mode for survival, when their lives were threatened, right down to starvation diets pretty well in Britain with incredible rationing and so on, and how they put up with so much hardship, and obey ALL authority figures right down to the very local level and the air raid warden, things like that. So much so that even the Greenpeace, one of the Greenpeace leaders a few years ago said, if we could only bring on that kind of atmosphere into Britain that they could get so much done, because the people would be so obedient. Well, thatís what terrorism does too.


Now, why do normal people go along with things so easily? The reason is because they are normal. They are not leaders. They donít want to be leaders. They have no craving for power. They want to believe in a system, and they are in the system, where responsible people are just like the movies that they keep turning out where it doesnít matter what agency it is, they are so all together concerned about the general citizens that they canít even sleep at night as theyíre trying get the bad guys and keep the public safe. Things like that, they want to truly believe in the end.  It never occurs to them of any deviousness in such a system, or the kinds of characters within agencies that can work their way up towards the higher levels. Because I think personally, by my own observations, itís generally the more psychopathic types who get up in any system, in any particular governmental agency.


Theyíre pretty ruthless. Theyíre very cunning. They can be slick. They can defame others on the way up, and claw their way up to the top quietly, and have other folk removed by spreading rumors about incompetency, this kind of stuff, they do it all the time. And they tend to get up to the top. Even those people who get up there with great names for the various Nobel prizes and so on, youíll find some of them to do with the sciences and simply have data collected from other publishers on papers, scientific papers, and then present it and put it forward as a complete compendium, and they get the award for doing it. But they themselves didnít do any research whatsoever. Everything is a bit of a farce when you lift the cover and have a good look at something.


But the general population have no reason to think about these things or even question them. And it never occurs to them to investigate anyÖ or why the guy got the prize in the first place, or find out about him. The picture presented on the news and the story presented on the news is enough for them to go along with it. And again, why shouldÖ  If you are naÔve and youíve been trained to be naÔve, and youíre pretty normal, then you want to believe it because that is a safe worldview, that youíre run with a form of competency and honesty in the world by responsible honest people. Thatís just the way it really is.


This made me think there, thereís an article, that Tony Blair Ė one of the biggest conmen out there, open con man actually.  I knew a guy who saw him when he was running for the Labour Party.  Before he went into a meeting when he was with different trade unions there and members of the trade unions, he stopped his car outside the building. This guy I know saw him change into a different color shirt Ė took his collar and his tie off and the whole thing and his jacket Ė and rolled up his sleeves and walked in there like a working guy. Everything is appearances, and it comes so naturally to the con man, the psychopathic, that they donít even stop to think about it. Itís instinct with them. But Tony Blair, as we know, became the multimillionaire, like many of them do actually, after they have gone in to serve the guys who put them in in the first place. Even with the whole agenda, with wars and so on, Iím sure that was all explained to Tony before he became the one-man band to get Britain into the war across the whole Middle East.


And he has been so well rewarded by J.P. Morgan and others since then, and heís become awfully, awfully wealthy. He just got a prize apparently by some big Association, some menís magazine too, for business, for his honesty and philanthropic gestures. When these guys put money into philanthropy itís for tax reasons, thatís what itís done for, folks. One of the reasons why Blair, and they all get rewarded this way, is that they have millions of pounds or dollars to put them in to office to run, and nothing is a free gift from any big corporation. Thatís why, and it came out in the media too, that long before the Iraq invasion he had a meeting with all the top CEOs for the top oil companies and they divvied up who was going to get what oilfields and so on, to correspond with the US side because they wanted their share too. And thatís how it turned out to be, it was all planned in advance.  Nothing is really real out there.


But we are trained, you know, especially in the US, I think, in happy endings. Hollywood is awfully good at that since they control the minds of millions of people, and I mean, really control them, until we emulate what they put out there, in real life, the culture, everything.  Thatís the biggest part of the culture industry and for cultural change. And the actors at the top often refer to themselves as Ďthe culture industryí.  They know they are creating the changes in society generation by generation. But youíll find that people want to believe in the movies, especially the older type or the Disney kind where everything has a happy ending. And in an hour and a half from start to finish all the problems have been resolved and thereís a happy ending at the end of it and everyone is smiling and happy. We humans want that.  That reminds me of an opera. I think it was in the 1800s in Italy.  It was a tragedy, a tragic opera, the way it was written, and there were riots in the streets in the city they played it in in Italy at the end, because there was no happy ending, with the heroine and the hero and I think either both of them got killed or one of them did. So because of the rioting and so on they went back to the drawing board and wrote in a happy ending, to keep them happy. That is just a trait of human nature.  We want that perfect happy ending because it makes us feel safe and secure.  Because unhappy endings can be too lifelike in a sense, itís very few people that get truly happy endings on anything, thereís always compromise or something.  And Disneyland of course and Disney World, itís completely different, they give you the fiction and we like the fiction because it gives us a form of security and a feeling of resolution at the end of something.


Iíve always said too, that when youíre truly looking for truth you must be prepared for awfully big disappointments and things that will hurt you too when you see through things, things that you did believe in. Therefore when you seek truth youíve got to be honest with yourself. Iíve likened it many times in the past to jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. Youíve got to go that extra mile to literally say, I could lose everything on my way down, all your beliefs, everything you held near and dear to you, in order to learn what the truth is. Thereís no such thing, and most folk take that of the second route, the second route being, I want to know so much of that but nothing else, that will scare me, you see. Thatís not seeking truth. You canít be selective about truth, it doesnít work that way. Or you are not being truthful with yourself, obviously, if thatís the way it is.


And truth doesnít come in a Disneyland package for you like the movies. It comes the way it is. Itís raw.  It can be cruel. Itís just what it isÖ and you are to accept it for being that. And that goes about humanity too. Youíve got to understand humanity too, really, are they really much different at the bottom, in many ways, from those at the top? How many folk at the bottom go along with the system that corrupts for personal survivability and self-gain? Ömeaning their paycheck? Lots of them do. How many folk will stand up to do the right thing at work, for instance, if they see something wrong going on? But they need the support of others, and the others will agree with them, but when it comes to, will you stand beside me?  No they wonít. No they wonít.  And thatís how humanity happens to be. And the big boys know that too; they understand us just too well. 


So when you go on the journey for looking for truth you do it initially, and it must stay with you too, you do it for yourself. Because the only true freedom in this world is the freedom to have your own thoughts. And sometimes you must keep those thoughts to yourself. Sometimes. Other parts of it you can share with people because they wonít retaliate against you. If they do retaliate against you they wonít even be happy to agree to disagree, they can be rather vicious. You have to be very cautious about just getting all the facts and saying, and this is the big disappointment most folk getÖ Iíve got all the facts here about things and so on, if I just show it to other people theyíll suddenly wake up and be the same as me. No, they wonít. Thatís always the shocker to people, because thereís innocent denial. Itís a painful thing to show another side of life to people, especially those around you or in family or whatever, and you can learn that lesson awfully dearly as they close you out completely or shun you, or disown you. Many facets to it, because itís human nature. Human nature, folks.  So when youíre doing a journey, do it for yourself.  And when you do it for yourself donít be arrogant about it. Donít be arrogant and get nasty with people. Understand, itís only by a quirk of nature, a fluke, that perhaps you could be the same as them and someone is trying to give you truth and you donít want to hear it either. Itís not their fault. The world we live in is very deceptive. 


Iíve been on many shows where Iíve touched on the big international corporations, the really big successful financial corporations. By financial I mean even the producers too or the ones who own production such as the big car companies, as they cheapen everything that they churn out there. They put so much money into perception management because thatís how we are managed, perception management, not reality management but perception management. Where a nice car seems awfully brand-new and shiny but itís a tin can. It looks like what youíve been trained to believe a car should look like, for instance, until you use the thing, or you take it apart for repair yourself, and most folk donít, and they never find out, and itís so junkily, cheaply made, and getting cheaper all the time as they churn them out, to maximize their profits, that you have been conned. Youíve been conned, mightily in fact. 


And this is taught in business management today, and economics, as smart management, and smart engineering, where the engineers are told to put not just planned obsolescence into parts, meaning fast wear out, etc., but lots of problems. Because they have done so many studies and surveys into how much money that each car once it is sold will bring in on repairs, and even the specific repairs.  They know what every vehicleís going to get over a ten-year period, for instance, its aftermarket sales parts that are built in. The flaws are designed and built into them to, again, bring more money into the dealers and manufacturers. Smart engineering they call it. And again, that double meaning too, when you think smart, oh, it would be better for us. No, itís perfect for the boys who own it all.


Everything is like that today. From the basic hand tools youíll buy, all look nice and chromey at the start until you try to use them.  And if you thought it was a reasonable price youíll find out when your knuckles get the skin removed from them when the jaws of those wrenches just slip and so on because the metal is so soft and junky, things like that.  To even the supermarket type power tools.  Looks like an electric drill.  Oh, itís nice shiny plastic, brand-new and all that, etc., and you buy it, because yeah, itís shaped like one, it looks like one. But inside of it, itís meant to bust maybe the first few times you use it. Or the greatest con of all today, is the battery ones from these stores. You find that, yeah, you can charge it two or three times and then youíll be lucky to charge at the fourth or fifth, and the batteries are often more expensive than the actual sale price of the unit that you bought for the whole drill. Con after con after con, smart engineering and smart marketing has overtaken churning out good products, that relied upon their name at one time.  Thatís what Bernays, the so-called father of marketing and advertising said to his trainees. He says, rather than resting on your laurels for making good products, you manufacturers must then train the consumer, train the consumer for your products.  Rather than you training yourselves to churn out good products, train the consumer to buy your products. And you do it by deception. Thatís how you do it.


I had to laugh looking at the flyers that have come through here recently. Because they do it of course to do with the seasons, although itís all one season now it seems, rain and snow. You find that snow blowers, at one time you expected it to work as snow blowers.  You know, it looks like a snow blower, thereís a big bucket there, thereís the auger in the front, etc, and it will blow the snow. And every one I checked out on these flyers, that we are getting for sale, and they are not cheap.  Nice shiny new good-looking paint, but very little metal underneath the paint mind you too.  But thatís all perception, isnít it. But if you look in, and I did phone up a couple to ask them, these things are all for occasional light use only. But they look like heavy-duty suckers, some of them are like 36 inch buckets on them and stuff like that. But occasional light useÖ This is Canada! This is Canada, folks. But most folk donít know what Iíve just said, they buy them, they donít know, they have never asked them.  Theyíve never phoned up and asked anybody that makes them. So now for a snow blower youíve got to buy something called a heavy-duty one, which used to be a normal one because at one time that was a normal snow blower.  Itís like your organic eggs, at one time they were allÖ we called them natural eggs. So the natural now is organic.  The same as your natural vegetables, is now organic vegetables, like a step higher than they used to be and much more expensive. Everything is perception management and a racketÖ as you are trained to suit the product, as Bernays said. And most folk adapt into it without ever questioning what all these words are and what they mean and why it is so. Isnít that scary?


And believe you me, as time goes on every year another bunch are born who are trained a bit more into this, to accept it all, than you were. And a lot of folk now are up to the age for drawing into the military who literally have never known a system, that wasnít really martial law and anti-terrorism, they have never known that. They think this is all normal. All they have seen on television and in their movies is stacks and stacks of movies and dramas about anti-terrorism. They think itís normal. So the idea of having a say in a system and having freedoms is really absent from their learning experience. To them itís normal. And thatís a sad way to be when thatís normalized.


And believe you me, you can normalize anything when so many professional think tanks are dealing with your reality, thousands of them.  They have often known that most folk only want the truth that they already believe in and they could be rather nasty if you start to talk, and they will interject, very quickly in fact, rather than simply listen.  Itís something that the elite, even the old societies like Freemasonry have known for an awful long time.  On the coat of arms that youíll see for the ones for the English Lodge, youíll see, itís, silence, watch and listen. Thatís something that most folk cannot do. Youíve got to bite your tongue and listen and watch, and you learn something. Thatís what they always taught in a trade, in fact, that you never argued with the boss, the master, you watched and you listened, and itís as simple as that. And you learned. If youíre constantly saying, why donít you do it this way, etc. etc.? No, youíre just wasting his time rather than getting the job done, and you have closed your mind from learning by watching and listening.


But most folk truly do want to stick to that which they already want to believe in, regardless of any other evidence thatís presented to them, and youíll know it very, very quickly. Again, itís human nature. Human nature. It kind of reminds me of an old joke where a guru in Tibet sat at the bottom of the mountain, and he was well known and respected. At the bottom of the mountain there was a river, just ran around it.  One day a young guy from the States came, a young fellow. He says, oh master, master Iíve heard all about you in the West, yada-ya, and I really want to be the same as you and gain all this wisdom.  The old guy says, well, you must go up that mountain there and you must suffer all kinds of deprivation and hardship, and fast continuously, on and off and so on, and eat the wild herbs and grass and so on, and bear the elements. So the young guy says, and master what will the benefit be? He says, the benefit will be that you will learn humility and to always be cordial to your fellow man. The young guy was gung ho and the whole thing, and away up he went and he was there for about five years.  After five years he came down from the mountain top, and he was so thin, was like a scarecrow, weather-beaten wearing an old sackcloth and long hair unkempt and so on. But he looked rather peaceable, you see. He said, master, master thank you for your wisdom, I went up that mountain there and I stood the test of time and deprivation, and was buried under snow and I was soaked with rain and it was freezing and so on, and ate the grass, yada-ya, and I understand it all now, master. And he says, so master what do you say is wisdom? The old guy says, wisdom, my son, is always to be cordial and friendly and agreeable to your fellow man. And the young guy blows up and says, no, itís not. He says, Iíve been up there for years and I know, there is the answer, and he points to the river, the answer is in the river. And the old guru said, youíre right, my son, youíre right. And thatís how you have to go through life, often, because thereís no point in arguing about things to a closed mind, you see.  Thatís the world we live in and thatís what the wise man knows.


So freedom is for yourself in the mind.  Freedom is for yourself in the mind.  Youíll find the stories in ancient religions, all similar stories in fact, where great leaders have been stoned and cursed at the end, or crucified, because the followers didnít get out of it what they expected him to do for them.  The Christian story, Jesus doesnít, he doesnít kick the Romans out and get a rebellion going, and they wanted that, a lot of them. They loved him when he was giving them the free food and all the miracles and so on. They loved him for that. But once it stopped, that was it, they turned on him. Thatís the fickleness of human nature, and especially the mob mentality. Whatís awfully interesting too, and itís always missed even by those in religion, who are heavily into it, is the fact that he kept saying that his kingdom was not of this worldÖ this world.  As opposed to modern, certain sects of Christianity, who still expect the utopia on this planet and the earthly kingdom.  So itís interesting that there are messages in so many things which are overlooked by so many, because people really want to believe in the physical world, nothing except the physical world, and that somehow it can all be fixed, by a supernatural agent, and understanding, and it doesnít ever work out that way.  Because human nature itself has never changed.


So Iím sorry for prattling on about different things tonight but Iíve had a couple of other crises today as well to contend with. Itís continuous here in fact. I learned a long time ago, it always happens again and again to verify that, thatís how it is.  As I say, from the well, itís just incredible. I put pumps in before and never had problems; this thing has caused so much of a hassle. As I say, then the car went Wednesday, just suddenly no transmission and no drive, no drive at all. Things like that.  Then a couple of things I have to deal with today as well. And thatís how it really goes. Thatís real life, itís no Disneylandís ending here and I donít plan on escaping into other fantasy to get away from reality. Reality is what it is. Itís what it is. I donít say itís right or wrong, but thatís what it is. Understand it, and if you understand it youíll make the biggest leap that youíll ever do in your lifetime. Thatís how things really are.


So weíre in the age of transition, where youíve been trained into a new system, in so many ways, most of you have already adapted into it. You accept thereís no privacy. You buy all the gadgets and gizmos that even say in all their apps and so on, they are giving you no privacy whatsoever, and you accept that.  Thatís a legality, you accept the change.  Because you think youíre getting some kind of benefit out of it and you put up with it, therefore you have no privacy, thatís your choice.  Thatís your choice.  It never occurs to most people as to why agencies and all the rest of them at the top want all your information.  As I say, itís been the dream of tyrants down through thousands of years to have constant up-to-date information on every single individual on the planet. And here you are. Here you are, and youíve been taught that itís called progress.  You accept it. You accept it. Thereís no clanking of chains around your ankles or anything like that. Thereís no looking back and thereís a bunch of guys with strange long coats and hats following you around all over the place, maybe once in a while but most of the time not. They donít need it anymore because youíre doing it all for them, voluntarily, through choice. And it gets worse and worse because they keep telling you theyíre going even further and further and further, and most of you, unfortunately again, will adapt into that too, because you get so much side benefit from it, and communication, or watching movies or whatever happens to be. 


Whenever you watch a movie, analyze it while youíre watching it. Donít fall for the story. Donít get wrapped up in identifying with the characters in it because then youíve lost the whole point of indoctrination, how it works, and how your views are changed when you adopt the character and you identify with the hero or heroine for whoever it happens to be, and then you have your opinions bent out of shape, on things that perhaps you shouldnít allow to be bent out of shape, by fiction. Emotion has far more impact than reason, far more impact, itís very simplistic to put across and it works incredibly well. So analyze whatÖ After a movie, think back and say, what were they trying to put across to me? Think about it.


Donít get caught up in hype and fear. Be aware of the causes of things. And free your own mind. Thatís a start. Thatís a start.  And everything startsÖ  As they say, the longest journey starts with the smallest step. And the smallest step can be awfully hard to take if you may have to give up something on the way.  And thatís a chance that you take. 


Most folk want prepackaged answers that you just buy in a big bulk load, you know.  Most folk, in fact, today who are into different religions go shopping for religions.  Itís like a supermarket for belief systems out there, including, the whole UFO-ology, etc. etc. etc. So many different things are prepackaged for you, and they are safe, they are safe for you, you feel safe in them, because itís all done for you. Itís like buying a kit, everything is included, thatís what you want and if it doesnít fit you youíll try another one. Like the suit doesnít fit, try another one, made-to-measure, made to wear, prepackaged stuff. Thatís what folk want because folk today have been trained already not to make their own decisions.


Iíve given that famous statement so many times, that the big boys said it and the Club of Rome said it too, that democracy didnít work and they wouldnít need it anymore, because really they used it in the past as a con always telling you, vote for us and things will get better. Now they donít need it anymore because people, fewer folk vote anyway, they know the scams of the voting system, and they have all of their decisions made for them by the State. The State isnít just one super building somewhere. The State also is a cartel, it has cartels of big international corporations working on you too.  And universities and so on.  They all work together, folks, thatís the complete State, your whole reality, to shape your mind into being the perfect citizen, who is easily managed and will go through life from birth to death without questioning anything at all. And they said at the Club of Rome too, eventually the people wonít need to use their reasoning powers and make decisions for themselves because the state will be making all of their decisions for them. A lot of folk have already got there, already, and their apps and all the rest of it and all their gadgets are doing it, making their decisions for them, even how they pass their time all the time, and they accept that too. Thatís all part of total control.


It sad that itís true and itís very simplistic, really; thereís nothing complicated about it. As I say, human nature is understood so perfectly, perfectly well. Your tax money made it so, because thatís how they hired and created professional organizations to investigate your psyche, a long time ago and still ongoing, as they keep adding to it and adding to it and adding to it, and doing tests on whole populations and individuals all the time.  And they will never stop. But they understand us pretty well, perfectly well. Thatís the sad truth about life.


Anyway, when I give talks I donít see them as downers, I simply see them as realistic talks.  I said a long time ago, I wouldnít be a cheerleader for the general public, because the general public are making the decisions. Each individual makes their own decisions, they are prompted which ones to take mind you, as Cass Sunstein and others would say, and the behaviorists and neuroscientists. Youíre prompted all the time what way to go.  But they take them, they make these decisions.  And you canít be a cheerleader for people who donít want to think for themselves, or truly make decisions on their own by themselves. You canít help folk like that. So donít try to be some kind of Messiah to save the world. Youíll be lucky to save yourself, and a few friends. Because even when you think you have reclaimed your mind, thereís a war on to try and make you lose it again. Thatís reality, folks. 


Reality is not an easy ride, not for most of us anyway. Not easy at all. And we are filled with all the problems that we have, especially as we go into the age of austerity, paying more money for junk, that we need at the moment, and the junk gets more junkier with every generation of it, and more expensive too at the same time to maximize the profits for the corporations. Because they said, greed is good.  Right. Thatís taught in university, greed is good. You canít change that by yourself by saying, please stop it and be awfully nice to the rest of us. It wonít happen, folks. It wonít happen.


But youíve got to first save your mind.  Once you do that other answers can come along. But first you got to save your mind. Reclaim it. Plant the flag for yourself. And start using it. Thereís always a price to be paid because you will go through sorrow and various other things when you realize so many things that you truly, truly wanted or believed in are fake. Thatís part of the price. Youíll lose friends and so on, thatís part of the price. But then, are they really friends? Does everybody want clones like themselves that they call friends? Of course not. If they do, theyíre not friends at all. If theyíre truly friends theyíll still respect you regardless of what direction you take.


Well thatís all for tonight because Iíve got a stack of things to do and try to get through this incredible week coming up here too, as weíre going through snow and rain and snow and rain. Last night it went down to about 10 degrees below freezing on the centigrade and about 20 degrees or so Fahrenheit; thatís about two or three nights in a row. So the geo-engineering is havingÖ itís really working, you know, as you can tell, as they bring upon a good part of the country into global cooling.  And as they predicted a long time ago, at the geo-engineering conferences they had, if they ever started it you would have nothing but rain all the time and it would turn into snow. Well, this winter is going to be even worse than last year, and I knew last year was going to be terrible and I said so. Itís going to be even worse this year, believe you me.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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