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Neil:  Welcome to Reality Bytes Radio on the 13th of November, 2014, with our monthly visit by Alan Watt of  Are you there Alan?

Alan:  Yes I am. 

Neil:  As I have explained to you before I moved over to the States and my partner here, girlfriend, has a severely autistic child.  And Iíve never really experienced autism very much but over the past couple of months it certainly kind of hit home as to how kind of life changing it is to the people around the person with autism and how much effort has to go into kind of not just trying to understand them but consoling them to some extent.  And my girlfriend doesnít use any of the pharma drugs; she just stays away from them completely which means that you get to see the real deal as it were.  And this happened straight after the MMR vaccine.† I donít want to go into too much detail but the vaccine was given against her will and well the consequences are there for everybody to see.  And in terms of autism I mean we know, well in terms of autism when did this first start coming to your attention?

Alan:  Well back in, they knew this back in the 1970ís at least because they taught in medical school various adverse reactions against the increasing amount of vaccines they were giving very young children.  And in fact there was lots of controversy at that time because, and nothing has changed as far as the theories all go that young children under a year or two years really, their immune system hasnít developed so the whole idea of a vaccination made no sense at all.  In other words the vaccine is supposed to put something into your system which is weakened, a virus or whatever, and generally a virus and it gives your natural immune system a chance to find ways to beat that and when the real thing comes along, the full strength thing, it can destroy them.  Well if your immune system isnít working yet it made no sense to inject lethal stuff into babies basically because they couldnít fight this new thing and they couldnít produce the antibodies supposedly that would make it effective when the real thing came along.  But it made no difference at all, the same mandate has gone ahead because big pharmacology and the big lobby groups in pharma, and you know governments run on lobby groups now and politicians are elected basically by the money that backs them, and the money that backs them has all got strings attached to it.  So itís a catch-22 where big business runs the medical system and they wonít turn around and look at all the data thatís come in since this new kind of autism came out. 

The old kind of autism really you could tell from birth, and it was very rare, that there was something wrong.  The normal milestones even within the first year in autistic children didnít develop.  They didnít get to the stage of dada, mama, and so on.  Whereas the new type come after generally the inoculations, the MMR especially, and all the other hosts that are given to them before they are a year old now and suddenly they start to regress.  They are already saying mama, dada, and then they go backwards again and then they stay that way pretty well.  Thatís the new kind of autism.  Itís well accepted, as I say, in medical universities and so on and their tuition but itís not known to the public and the big battle has been since then as how to suppress the information because the medical systems again are run by pharmacology, more and more so in fact.  In fact the big, big pharma starting with the Rockefeller brothers long, long, long ago took over.  They created the American Medical Association for instance that became the world leader for a long time and they set up the whole indoctrination educational system for training doctors.  And so theyíve become the pushers of drugs mainly.  And along with that comes a religion, a belief system that youíd better go along with it.  And along with it also comes this belief system that itís for the greater good, and for the greater good you will always get so much of a fallout and adverse reactions. 

Thatís accepted all through our system of money and profit and so on, from putting a nuclear reactor in your area, they even work out how many will come down with cancers in that area, and itís an acceptable loss versus the economic benefits and thatís how they work it out. 

Itís the same thing with all these vaccines.  So the belief system, the religion that goes along with it is that yes you will have, because of different genes and so on, and varied types, because they are all different you know but there is always a certain category of, you might go through life perfectly fit and well and healthy but if you get that vaccine and your genes reacted in a different fashion then, say, the majority, then you will come down with a severe handicap for the rest of your life.

Neil:  Yeah I was going to ask you about that because I was wondering, I mean is this some form of experiment to try and find out, how can I put it, well what I was thinking was that possibly how do you see if you are genetically prone to have this effect to whether itís the mercury or some other ingredient in the vaccine?  And obviously the excuse that people say well itís not the vaccine because everybody would be autistic.  You know.Well obviously some people are more prone to it than others.And going back to Russell and people like that who wanted to find out who the intelligent people were, I mean is it possible that they actually know that these vaccines will, to use a word thatís in the chat box, lobotomize people who do have what would be termed exceptional intelligence.   

Alan:  Yes, but also too people donít realize there are different batches of vaccines.  They are carefully monitored for batches.  And for instance in Britain with the National Health Service, it was the greatest experiment of all because they could give certain batches to say the ordinary schools, the public schools.  The public schools in Britain as you know itís different from the U.S.  The public schools are actually private in Britain, whereas the general comprehensive schools are where the general population go, the taxpayers.  So there are different batches that go to different ones.  But it is interesting that the initial studies that came up showed that these things were breaking out first amongst the ordinary population where their children went to the tax-funded schools as opposed to the private institutions and so on. 

So there are different batches and they are well aware of what they are doing as far as Iím concerned because the greatest problem they had even when they first came out with the vaccines on a national scale was political actually.  They had revolutions going on in Russia and different places.  They were afraid of the power if the working class ever had more and more power in a true democracy and so they tried to stymie it in so many ways but one of the things they came up with too is to basically drop the I.Q. points of people.  And we know today for instance itís plummeting even more, with more vaccines the I.Q. is going down all the time officially from the United Nationsí reports themselves.  And so Iím sure the U.N. is very happy with their own reports since they are all onboard with this whole agenda. 

So I think it was about 2 years ago they announced that it was down another 5 points.  Well your I.Q. doesnít drop just like that.  Itís innate.  You are born with it basically.  You can hone certain skills absolutely, but you are born with it.  And so itís dropping as time goes on and thatís just not normal at all.  So the fingers all point to poisons of all kinds of course in industrial, we are post industrial but there are still a lot of chemicals around.  And then you have all this incredible amount of vaccines they are pumping into young children and pregnant mothers which used to be forbidden because the fetus as it is developing is incredibly prone, especially males, they are more prone to these things, especially autism, I think itís a 60% more chance of boys getting it and 40% of girls.  So as the fetus is developing in the womb and the mother is taking all these shots then it makes an incredible difference along with the bisphenols and all the rest of stuff and mercury that they pump in.

But I think personally too itís also to do with the types of viruses they are pumping into the children.  These are attenuated viruses but they are also, some of them are modified, they are modified in the laboratory.  The same laboratories by the way that also work with viral and bacterial warfare for national governments.

So they are coming out with these things and theyíre putting them into children, something thatís never been seen in the human body before technically, there is no memory in the cells on how to cope with these things and so a certain percentage will always come down with the problems, with obvious symptoms.  But I think the general population are affected regardless in other ways including the cancers and so on.

Neil:  When you talk about different batches being sent to different places I mean there is no way we are talking about different countries as well.  And obviously theyíre studying the effects of these vaccines; do you think they are searching for that specific effect?

Alan:  As I say there was a political fear when vaccines were being talked about.  The big globalists of the day, even the Fabian Society writers especially, were petrified about helping, say, the poor.  And they said there are too many of them.† Now, eventually, they knew back in the early 1900ís we would eventually go into a postindustrial era.  And they are always planning 50 to 100 years ahead all the time and they thought that too many people in the working class who were unemployed and so on would overthrow the system of the natural-born leaders, which was the upper elite you see. 

So they discussed this and they were furious about it.  And then of course the Royal Institute of International Affairs that has one of its branches called the Royal Society, which deals with the sciences, toyed with the idea using their favorite, most favorite slogan in the CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs, they said, "Donít look upon this as a disaster, how can we use it to our advantage?"  And they actually toyed with the idea of reducing the lifespan with it.  And again selling it even to the medical profession with yes they might die faster, but their lives will be disease-free for a certain amount of time.  And so they had this nice kind of rationale to make it sound more pleasant.  And that kind of holds true today by the way. 

They knew for instance that the polio vaccine had simian-40 virus as well as about a hundred other viruses contained in it.  And they gave it to all the children across Britain for instance and that was the first generation that came down with all brand new kinds of cancers very quickly.  And itís been awfully successful as far as the depopulation agenda goes.  There is no doubt about that. 

So that ties in with the big, big meetings they had across Britain and in other countries to do with the future having too many of the failures you might say, the ones that Darwin had left behind hadnít evolved properly, all the working classes, because H.G. Wells and many others decried this.  And Bertrand Russell even decried this helping fight diseases.  In fact Russell who attended all the world meetings, he worked with the Frankfurt School, the Macy Group, and so on, and the League of Nations and the United Nations, he said that itís a pity that we couldnít get a new bubonic plague that would wipe out most of them. 

They are quite open, and this is in their own writings.  You can find it, read their own books today, and they helped set the agenda for the present.  So we are living through an awful lot of social planning, political social planning, they both go together.  And even indoctrinating the people themselves, the victims, that there are too many people so that the victims themselves are parroting this kind of stuff through all their different shows on television, etcetera. 

You can normalize the effects, the side effects, by withholding information and saying well itís across the general population but they donít tell you the specific groups that are being targeted first and show the symptoms of these vaccines first. 

We know that itís almost impossible to hide it today.  In fact China came out with a study this year, it was based in Shanghai China and they found that the biggest problem, the causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide and but especially in China because that was one, because they saw the American data and so on too, but in China they found that in 2009 but it was published this year, 42% of the problems with young children, pediatric drug reactions and so on, were caused by vaccines. 

So itís 42% and they say themselves it is underreported because many of their physicians also brush off the symptoms.  But these were all reported by doctors themselves, not parents, after giving vaccines to the children and watching the symptoms going from mild skin rashes to deadly reactions like anaphylactic shock and death and so on. 

So as I say itís published by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices.  And it lists the top 15 drugs as well causing serious adverse reactions in children.  So they are well aware of it.  Itís the most common problem with pediatric children, itís death and various nasty reactions from mild to severe after vaccinations. 

Neil:  Well because Martha said that doctors were doing a bad job of keeping people alive.  And in terms of doctors I mean they obviously see the effects of the vaccinations theyíve given.† I mean there must be many, many doctors out there who know the cause and yet you know they continue to give vaccinations to children.  And but surely there has got to come a point when some of these doctors are taken to court because they are knowingly severely damaging children, well and adults as well of course, through the flu shots and everything.  I mean do you ever see the day when these doctors, some of them at least who possibly arenít making as much money as the big guys, step up to the plate and say no more? 

Alan:  There have been some.  They are crucified.  They are crucified in the press because the press is owned of course by the big moguls that belong to the same big top elite agencies and all working together.  A lot of their advertising actually comes directly or indirectly from pharmacology and so on.  And the medical associations themselves want to maintain the power that they have.  I mean itís a great thing to have the title and it goes to a lot of folkís heads.  But also all doctors are licensed and they do like the money they get.  Itís rather good money and they donít want to lose their jobs.  And this is an unfortunate trait with our system today and itís getting worse and worse all the time where greed is good.  Thatís taught in universities today and donít feel guilty about getting stinking rich at any cost.  And itís taught to even the bankers now in universities.  And thatís Milton Friedmanís philosophy.  So itís also through the medical association as well.  Itís an awfully great income and the last thing that they want is to lose that kind of income and the incredible status that goes with it where theyíve taught the public to worship them through mass drama portrayals on television for years and years and years beginning with Dr. Kildare way back yonder and going on ever since.  And all the movies they put out too.

So theyíve given them almost a magical status, a superior, but medicine itself is nowhere near as exact as they like to portray to the general public.  So they need that persona, that fake persona of magic and superiority to get the public to go along with things.     

Neil:  Yeah.  Somebody in the chat box is saying that many people donít even see the doctor nowadays; itís either a nurse or a health worker now that administers the vaccines.

Alan:  Thatís right.

Neil:  And I assume they know very, very little at all about what they are doing but Iím sure the doctor certainly does.  I mean I canít imagine that any of these doctors donít have some idea that what they are doing is wrong.

Alan:  They are well aware.  They are well aware because they get the infants coming in and they vaccinate them and they see them within a week or so, within actually the next day often, and second or third day with the high temperature and doctors are trained now that thatís all normal.  And they tell the parents oh thatís okay itís just a little fever and theyíll get over that.  But they donít tell you the consequences of a lot of them once that fever dies down.  A lot of that fever is centered right in the brain and when you get fever, high temperatures, in the brain with young brain cells and so on, a lot of them are destroyed and it disrupts the neural pathways, etcetera.  And not only in the brain itself, it also affects the very new system, the endocrine system, that deals with hormonal messaging and so on between different organs and secretions, etcetera.  So it disrupts everything, including the development themselves of normal cell growth in the body.  

So they are well aware of all of this stuff but doctors as I say in this present day and age itís even worse.  Greed is their primary thing and very few of them, and I mean I think it was doctor, was it Wakefield in Britain, that came out and he was crucified by the British Medical Association and the U.S. one.  And he came out with concrete proof and so on and then of course the other side do their own studies with their paid characters who write up glowing reports who refuted it but the facts are still there and this keeps getting repeated all the time like this recent study from China.  So there is no doubt about it.  The GPs are well aware of it.  They will never admit to it because they personally donít want a lawsuit and they donít want to lose the status and incredible income most of them get. 

Neil:  Somebody in the chat box is asking if you have an issue with the science of vaccines.  Well the science of vaccines is kind of a misnomer, isnít it?  The whole thing is bogus.  What would your take on that be?

Alan:  Well a lot of it is kind of bogus.  Itís based on theory.  And what you will find too a lot of these, itís like the flu vaccination, and Iíve read many articles about the flu from the medical associations themselves, before the flu season starts for instance and I know the theories, they always pick the three prevalent ones in China or somewhere and they try to put them together that year to prevent the flu but itís always the wrong one.  They always tell you in the spring, oh, here are the results of it, we got the wrong ones picked, we didnít realize this other flu had been more prevalent.  This is what they always tell you and any studies that have been done on follow-ups show you the same amount and often more of the people who got vaccinations got the flu than the ones who didnít.  Thatís standard every darn year so the whole thing is pretty well bogus.  But the effects, the adverse effects of the flu shot are well known too.

Neil:  Yeah I mean Iíve noticed it particularly since coming over to the States I mean everywhere you go there are signs up for free shots for anything from the flu.

Alan:  Theyíve got them in grocery stores and everywhere.  Some of these shots too they had the aerosol ones for a while there.  And you went into shopping malls and you smelled this kind of ether smell and they are spraying, theyíre spraying people directly in nasal sprays to get the shot some of them and you are smelling this stuff.  Itís traveling all through the air in the mall and you didnít give permission to get that thing, as they are giving it to someone else.  And they are also injecting it and so on in grocery stores and places like that where there is food around.  There are even cafeterias in hospitals in New York they were injecting the nursing staff with. 

So itís just incredible how they could go against all their own hygiene reports and so on and do this kind of thing because big pharma and the big industry that terrifies the public to get shots tends to work more than reality and common sense.

Neil:  I know just what you were saying about the nasal spray one, the flu mist.  Somebody in the chat box pointed out there is live virus in that.  So I mean thatís getting sprayed around hospitals as they are doing it. 

Alan:  Yes it is.

Neil:  Itís a live virus right in the corridors.

Alan:  Absolutely, absolutely.

Neil:  So I mean thatís crazy.

Alan:  And even in the polio vaccines too, they gave the polio vaccines early on in the 50ís say, and in the 40ís and 50ís, and they found in follow-up too...  You see Polio, most of these viruses pass through people harmlessly.  And it isnít unless you have maybe an injury in the body a lot of the viruses will imbed itself in and take off. 

Again on some people it depends on your gene type.  It doesnít mean itís hereditary.  It means that the two parents, the particular mix of the two genes, create a different outcome in the child.  And you may be perfectly normal as that child but something that wouldnít harm either parent even will affect you.  They are well aware of this kind of thing and so a certain amount of these viruses imbed themselves in the gut for instance especially.  And once itís in the gut it tends to stay that way.  They found that by the way, they found some of the vaccines from childhood vaccines, they found the attenuated viruses.  And these attenuated viruses because they were created in the lab have actually signatures on them.  They can actually identify the labs that grew them and so on.  And they find them 20 years later in the gut of that same person that had it as a child.  So, and theyíve got autism as well.  And these have all been repetitive studies that all keep showing the same things over and over and over.  

So there is no mystery.  There is a massive suppression.  So much so that even youíll find that I think there was a lawsuit filed in 2010, two Merck virologists did it under the False Claims Act against the former employer, and they alleged that the vaccine maker lied about the effectiveness of their mumps vaccine.  And the U.S. court judge gave the lawsuit a green light to go ahead.  And they got the emails coming from the top people in the CDC telling the other people to be awfully careful about the sensitive data they might have to hand over and to hide other stuff and only give so much to the judicial committee that were investigating it.  And there is another lawsuit against that now.  So even the CDC thatís supposed to look over these things is totally corrupt but thatís nothing new about the CDC.

Neil:  Well any more than the World Health Organization.  In terms of autism as a special disorder I mean it covers a vast kind of array of different neurological disorders.  Itís almost that theyíve got all of these disorders for want of a better word and just lumped them all into this thing called autism.  And as you have said earlier they experiment with different batches of vaccines, I mean do you think they are creating a different problem with each of these batches and they know what they are doing in terms of specifically creating a problem to study it?

Alan:  Iím pretty certain they do that too.  A long time ago before they had, say for instance the greatest thing to experiment with is when you have a National Health Service under a centralized authority like the British Commonwealth countries that Britain itself has because then you have instant feedback to data to a central group who get access to all that data.  And even the ones that are feeding it up from different areas donít get access to all of the data you see so you can keep it very secretive at the top.  And so they did definitely experiment on certain selective areas within the National Health Service in certain regions to find out effects of various vaccines and medications.  They still do it today by the way for the greater good of course.  Thatís the excuse they always give when they are found out, but you are dealing with governments remember that sprayed various poisons on the general public, even radioactive ones, back during the Cold War.  Iíve even put all the links up on in the archives section and programs on them because these were put out even by ex-government employees coming out and admitting this stuff using footage of them spraying around areas of England and Norfolk to find the coverage rates if the Russians ever attacked and used this method, weíll try it first in a milder form.  But the milder forms actually had forms of cadmium in it and so on like that, highly carcinogenic.  And so we are all guinea pigs absolutely for much, much bigger plans.  There is no doubt about that at all.  But with the National Health Service they can follow you through your whole life from birth to death and theyíve got a complete list of everything that they have given to you at every doctorís visit, every medication given to you, every vaccine and so itís perfect.  They are perfectly aware of whatís going on.

Neil:  Okay thereís a question here.  It was a two-part thing.  In terms of like okay when I was young I got vaccines and I donít know if I was damaged in any way or whatever.  I have no way of knowing I suppose.  But maybe Iím just not susceptible to it but I donít know.  I couldnít answer that.  But the question was Iíve had my vaccine shots before I even had a thought of the harm these things do like when I was really young.  Is there any way to get this stuff out of your system afterwards?

Alan:  Oh youíll get a lot of the alternative side of things claiming everything under the sun because thereís big money... There is as much big money in all the alternative health industry as there is in the pharmacological industry.  Itís all based on fear, both of them.  But if itís a virus that imbeds itself in say the gut lining, Iím talking about in the cells themselves, this was all done remember.  These vaccines during a time, especially during World War II, where they found a method to strip off the outer membrane of say bacterium and so on and they could actually merge it with forms of viruses and attenuate, again attenuate the nucleus of the actual thing and put it out there in spray form.  They tried this in Canada during World War II in different parts of the population and that came out in a book using completely declassified information from the Canadian government under the Freedom of Information Act in a book called "Canadaís Secret War" or "Deadly Allies" was the other title of it because Canada led the world in this; and once these cells get into your body they literally imbed themselves.  They are not recognized by the phagocytes that kill them off that patrol your body and the leukocytes and lymphocytes and so on.  And they imbed themselves inside your normal real cells, different kind of tissue cells.  And they are designed actually to go into different kinds of tissue cells, specific ones, even the ones in your brain.  And once they are in there the phagocytes canít recognize them.  They might know there is something around there but they canít identify what it is because your own membranes of your normal cells hide them and cloak them and they breed inside there and what they do then is burst once there is enough of them.  Thatís your standard, nasty, nasty, the bad diseases work that way and then they immediately seek out good cells and imbed themselves inside that, the new ones. 

Sometimes thatís what creates a lot of the autoimmune problems in fact.  They will say for instance your rheumatoid arthritis, we donít know what causes it, itís a mystery theyíve said for about a hundred-odd years.  Nonsense, your body is detecting something, even the waste products coming from these things, and attacks the area, either your joints or your tendons to the joints and so on and you end up with fibromyalgia and all kinds of problems and arthritis.  Your body is attacking something.  It canít identify the actual, get at the actual ones hiding inside your cells but itís around that area.  Or itís in the intestines and you end up with all kinds of Crohnís disease problems and things like that.  So they are well aware of this but they canít tell the public.  Again for the greater good you might get diphtheria and die if you donít get the vaccines and all that nonsense.

Neil:  Well I read something on the air a few weeks ago; I may have actually even talked to you about it, whereby theyíve given whooping cough vaccines, pertussis vaccines, to pregnant women in the UK.† And it actually says on the insert that itís never been tested on any animals and they donít know if it damages the fetus or not and yet you know the doctors will give it to women.  And I mean thatís surely some form of well neglect at least. 

Alan:  Yes and also I think it was about a year or two years ago I think in the UK as well, or definitely it might be the States, it came out too that they had an outbreak of it and they had to admit themselves, the medical associations had to admit that it was, it came out after they had given the shots out.  And certain areas, the areas that didnít get the shots, didnít get the whooping cough at all.  So it was definitely vaccine-caused. 

Neil:  Yeah.  I have a question here, itís kind a bit off topic, could you ask Alan to discuss Arthur Koestlerís book "The Ghost in the Machine" in relation to lobotomizing the critical thought area of the brain? 

Alan:  There is no doubt about this.  As I say we are the most studied species on the planet, forget all the animal wildlife and all of that.  We are the most studied species on the planet because everything is a system here.  And a system runs on having a majority of the public working, paying taxes, so that a small elite can always live higher than the rest of you.  And the elite always run the money system, the governmental system they run and own, and they also decide to use scientific management.  So they hire all the specialists you see so that even they make sure they are trained in universities, certain groups, to be their specialists to con us and also use sciences upon us and so on. 

But they did discuss an awful long time ago about and the Soviets were awfully big into this too, there is old footage in fact up on YouTube where they were so intensely fascinated by the brain.  If they could understand the brain, Pavlov was into it too, but if they could understand it perfectly they could control the people and get rid of all the nuisance factors that people bring along with them as humans, to be managed well in other words.  And there is whole, there were prison camps in the Soviet Union early on too in the 20ís where they had the skulls, the skull tops of people lying in beds and they were doing all the probing and stuff and so on and so on to find out specific areas, taste, smell, thinking, all these things, the emotional side, the temporal lobe, all of these different things and they pretty well mapped it well.  It was so perfect in fact that they actually were cutting heads off dogs and I put the YouTube link up the old footage that they showed in Britain as they were glorifying the early Soviet Union in Britain by the way.  And youíll see the dogs, theyíd start pumping blood into it and so on, into the head, and the eyes open and it blinks and they put a feather to its nose and it reacts and all that.

But remember thatís what they showed the public.  They were way ahead of that.  They have done it with prisoners as well, taking their heads off and done this kind of thing, way back in the 1920ís.  And what they were really after was that part; they call it the "Ghost in the Machine", the part that makes you you and independent and sometimes a problem because you like your independence and so on.  And thatís not good for managing people when you are independent. 

So they want to find areas of the brain where if they could interfere with that then you would be a follower, a passive follower and a very obedient one at that.  Itís been the dream right up to the present time of the elitist groups including the transhumanist groups.  So, they pretty well mapped the parts of the brain where they are critical and work together to do with independence, critical evaluation, decision making, all of that kind of thing.  They know where they are and because enzymes for instance that feed different cell tissues are awfully, awfully interesting, but they have always known for instance an awful long time that certain cells, tissue cells, gather their food off the carriers that come along, the enzymes, because those enzymes, those particular enzymes vibrate at a certain, very small electrical frequency.  Theyíll pass different tissues but once it gets to the one that itís meant to go for or attracted to the cell itís attracted to has the same vibrational frequency and it crosses over and feeds that specific thing to that particular tissue.  The same thing happens in parts of the brain with the neurotransmitter chemicals and so on. 

And so they know darn well how to switch things off and on in the brain by putting in parallel frequencies, even adding certain things to your diet or a vaccine it doesnít matter, or even spraying it on you from the air it doesnít make any difference.  And theyíll travel to that particular part of the brain, using a similar frequency, but there is something altered within it.  The brain will accept it say, the tissue, and a certain area will accept it as the proper transmitter chemical and so on, and nutrient, and it will actually switch it off.  Thatís the big area they are still working on today, big, big science theyíre working on, turning on the different transmitters in the brain.  And in fact even the published material they will put out for the general public will say oh they can switch off pain centers and switch off this and switch off that.  Yeah but they can also switch off your decision making too, you see, and make you very passive and obedient and easy going, very likeable but easy going and obedient to the system. 

Thatís what Brzezinski and others said a long time ago in their own writings, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and many others that eventually, and the Club of Rome said it too, that democracy wouldnít work, you had to have passive people.  He said the general public wouldnít need their critical thinking abilities because the state from an early age right through their life would be making all their decisions for them.  Thatís the ideal population for the world for the future, and the present actually.  

Neil:  Yes and in terms of the vaccines and the other toxins I should say stuff sprayed from the air or stuff in the food or whatever, do you think they are trying to bring about that kind of perfect cocktail with toxins?

Alan:  Oh they have done it.  They have done it.  Bertrand Russell wrote about it and he had two books, "The Impact of Science on Society" and another book on science too but he said in it, he said, this is what he said, Iíll be as close as I can to what I remember; itís a paraphrase of it.  He said, he was talking about the problems with society not being obedient and this problem of independence and independent decision making and so on, as far as managing the herd goes, as he calls them, but he said that weíll have various things, poisons and so on, in the food; he says the problem is do we put it in the food, the water, or vaccinate it into them.  And he said we shall do this, definitely by all these methods, plus we shall by means of the needle, he says, we can decrease their I.Q. points and so on.  And thatís exactly what we are seeing today.

Neil:  Yeah.  I just think of the alphas in Brave New World.  

Alan:  That is where all that came from.  And remember that Brave New World was written about 1933 and the Huxleys of course were big into this world management system.  They were the scientific elite class.  In fact Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous, said that when he worked at the United Nations and he was all for Planned Parenthood.  Heís the cofounder of Planned Parenthood, depopulation of the working peoples and so on.  But he was also into finding ways of again making them more compliant, obedient, by the use of science.  If the science could be improved to attack certain parts of the brain they could control whole populations.  And you add into this mix what Brzezinski said too in "Between Two Ages", the book, he said that we now, back in the 70ís he said, we now have the means of using frequencies across whole continents, certain frequencies, low frequencies, which can pacify the general population and make them very happy etcetera, etcetera, even under conditions of course that they shouldnít be happy.  So this has all been done today with the cell phone groupings across whole nations now. 

Neil:  Yeah of course they also said that people would come to love their servitude without actually knowing they were slaves. 

Alan: Yes.  A lot of them do actually you know. 

Neil:  Yeah well yeah definitely.  I think itís slightly more over here sometimes I think.  Itís just the culture is a bit more how can I put it, itís just over entertainment over here.  They need to be entertained.  Iím mean itís bad in the UK but I donít think it is as bad as it is here but of course I suppose America had it first and they certainly had made good use of it. 

In terms of again, going back to the vaccinations, I mean how far do you think they are going to take this, is it just going to be you get something at birth and thatís going to cover everything, thatís going to make you this docile adult and live a life for however long you are allowed to live?  Maybe there will be something in it that kills you off at 30 or 40 years old or whatever I mean.

Alan:  Itís already pretty well, itís actually already here.  I mean the cancer rates are phenomenal.  Iíve talked to doctors in hospitals that deal with cancers in different countries and surgeons you know and they are finding new kinds of cancers all the time that they have never, ever seen before.  There are so many that they canít even put names to them.  They are so quick in appearing and they grow incredibly fast.  They target specific tissues absolutely and in a very short time the patientís dead.

These are again new specific types of cancers across the whole civilized globe especially.  Under civilized that means you are more prone to get all the vaccinations and special foods and everything else.  So itís already pretty well here.  The life expectancy has not gone up at all for most folk, men and women.  And cancers are killing them off.  There is no doubt about it the I.Q. is dropping so it is already working very well as far as the big boys are concerned and the public are not reacting.  Bertrand Russell said eventually too, and remember he was one of the top creators of the present culture that we are living in today, and even changes in the culture you havenít experienced yet.  He and the big planning committees worldwide, for the United Nations, worked on step by step how to degrade and bring down the cultures and then how to manipulate them into the new cultures, etcetera.  And he said eventually with the use of all these methods, meaning the food, water, inoculations, vaccines, and the use of the needle especially to dumb folk down, he said, revolution would become impossible, as impossible as it would be for sheep to complain about the price of mutton.  Thatís what he said.  Well I personally think thatís here.

Neil:  Well itís a perfect analogy for the sheep walking about on two legs around here.  Going back to the doctors, I mean in terms of their own children, I mean they must have a, I donít know if they have a bit of a dilemma, do they get special vaccines for them?

Alan:  Some of them I know have had different vaccines for their children.  Other ones donít give them to them at all.  I think there was even an interesting article that came out about a year ago on some TV...  America is great for the TV personalities; they even have it in patriot movements.  They always create a personality, big marketing agendas, professionally done.  But I think it was Dr. Oz that was on television, and heís always pushing the vaccinations, then it came out that he had massive personal shares in the vaccination companies in the vaccines he was pushing.  But he had an interview and I think he said in the interview, and this caused a bit of a scandal, he said that he doesnít allow his own children to be vaccinated. 

Neil:  Yeah well I think that is fairly typical of a lot of, how should we put it, the better-paid doctors.  I think there is a book, oh I canít remember, his first name is Neil as well, but he had all the graphs in there of all the so-called childhood illnesses and shown where the vaccines came in almost as those diseases were eradicated.  And there were also charts in there for how many doctors and nurses and general medical staff vaccinated themselves and it was a very, very low percentage.   

Alan:  Yes.  I also know, I also know for a fact, I mean and itís also proven too by the articles in the mainstream even, where they are actually having to force nursing staff in the States and maybe elsewhere too, but in the States, across different states, in New York especially, thatís where it all started, they are forcing them to take the vaccines and believe in their own profession, in other words the drug industry, if they want to keep their jobs or they are fired immediately. 

But I also know personally by talking to different ones that some of the doctors and the nursing staff had agreed to write down that they had given each other the shots when they hadnít, because they really donít trust them.  Now when the medical profession involved donít trust them, because they see the effects, itís just so, itís evil.  There is no other term for it; itís evil to force the population to believe this is all good for us. 

Neil:  Yeah.  Well I mean I think if anybody in the medical profession, doctors, nurses, whatever, takes that kind of approach and chooses to falsify documents to suggest that they have taken a vaccine when they did not and then they go on to administer it to somebody else then there has got to be some level of criminality there.

Alan:  Oh there definitely is but the whole system we live in, and I have no problems saying this, itís a corrupt system.  It is a criminal system.  The only reason it isnít called criminal is because they run the legal system and they make it legal to do what they are doing.  All you are left with is the term immoral.  Thatís all you are left with now these days.   

Neil:  Yeah.  I was just thinking in terms of somebody going to the doctor and the doctor vaccinates a child, and the child gets autism or some other illness and you find out later that, that doctor refuses to vaccinate his own children. 

Alan:  Thatís right.

Neil:  But he is giving it to yours.  I mean surely a parent...

Alan:  And then heíll also refute that itís harmed your child.  Itís ultimate hypocrisy.  

Neil:  Yeah.  I mean in the UK, the NHS in the UK has a vaccine damage payment scheme.  And yet they will tell you it doesnít damage your child.  So I mean itís crazy.  But even if you look at that though, the amount of money they offer you is dependent on what benefits you are on and all this, and basically you lose everything else if you take this payment.  In the long term you are going to be worse off because your child is going to cost so much money to look after.  I mean an example here with the autistic lad here, heís 12 years old, he is 160 lbs, he barely eats anything apart from chicken nuggets because thatís all he will eat.He drinks this false kind of milk, this chocolate milk.  Thatís all he will drink, sometimes water.  And heís $200 a month on diapers.You know but there is no help.  There is no help for that.  Heís just an ordinary child.

Alan:  And many of them too that take different amounts of aid have to write a legal, sign a legal form, that theyíll never try and sue any of those companies, those vaccine companies they say could have caused it.

Neil:  Yeah.  Well I mean there is no help for this child.  Heís classified by the state as an ordinary child.  He costs the same as somebody thatís going to an ordinary school.  But the other thing and we only have about ten minutes left.  The other thing was the television and videos and computers.  Now this little lad here, he is obsessed with certain cartoons.Particularly the trailer adverts on these videos.  And he will repeat them over and over and over all day, the same one, over and over and over again.  And I watched him yesterday I think it was, he was on the computer, and he was watching the, somebody had posted, I mean heís not unintelligent.  He is very intelligent, he can spell things out on the computer, he just canít talk.  But he knows what heís doing and he knows how to find things on a computer.  And he found a video for 20th Century Fox and all the different open sequences itís had over the years, and he was watching this constantly for maybe an hour just back and forth, it was the whole thing.  And I donít know what it is, maybe itís the certain way the lights are on the computer or the TV that makes them, I mean itís almost an addiction.  

Alan:  Well itís meant to be addictive even for children who havenít got the diagnosis.  Thereís an incredible amount of science that goes into creating cartoons today.  Theyíve got neuroscientists working with them, they always have had by the way, and psychologists and the ones who put in their latest indoctrination of political correctness imbedded in the cartoons and so on.  But they also now have, you have MIT working with them and different ones as well to group certain pixel lines together too because they have found that language itself, remember language is body, visual, auditory, and tactile and so on.  So it all comes together and when you realized that there are certain things that you wonít consciously remember by seeing something, itís like subliminal, embedded little groups of pixels that flash little colors that are almost imperceptible to your eye, are highly acute to the child and that hits them even faster.  That technology was invented by the Pentagon.  And Iíve read the articles on the air in previous years from the Pentagon talking about how they can manipulate the transmitters in the brain and so on and signals and responses.  And they even claimed so much so that if they wanted to by transmitting certain frequencies and pixel groupings and certain flashy little colors that you can barely see, they can actually alter not just the brainwave patterns of the recipient or the watcher but they can also turn off the signal that goes to your heart if they really had a nasty enemy to kill and literally your heart would simply stop beating you know. 

So this is incredible stuff when you realize what you are watching.  Everything has been weaponized and when you have big social agendas that are imperative to the elites, they keep having world meetings about all of this stuff, about us, then they mean what they say and they use, theyíve got unlimited financing from us, you know the slaves always pay for their own chains or bullets that are used against them, and they are using it on the general population. 

Neil:  Yeah.  I just wondered if heís actually, as you say the imperceptible colors that arenít visible to the normal human eye if you like, Iím wondering if heís actually seeing them.

Alan:  His brain wonít have the various cloaks in between that tend to cloud it and it would be more acute to him.  Because as I say autistic children are far more perceptible to certain visual cues and so on.  Little things that might look normal to you could terrify them because they look huge to them sometimes.  And even movements that are normal to you could be distorted almost like an LSD trip where a giant is coming towards you but itís just another child.  That can happen so they can be more easily affected by these impulses on the brain.

Neil:  Yeah.  I mean he actually watches the television, I mean itís a color television, heís the only one that watches it in the house but he has to have it and you know itís just one of those things.  And heíll actually watch it through colored glass sometimes, different colored glass.Like glass balls or something or a colored plate or whatever.  And some of his reactions are, itís almost like he is seeing something completely different from what you are looking at. 

Alan:  What you are seeing is very similar to say LSD where in fact they brought out all these, I donít know if you understand it, LSD was brought out by the CIA and put across America.  MI5 did it internally.  They used to throw sacks of it over, literally free sacks over the university walls to get them started, the students started using it.  And they put out all their heroes again.  The personality cult as always, and then the people follow it, Timothy Leary and so on.  And Aldous Huxley as well, doors of perception, pushing all this stuff.  But they even brought out, because theyíd done all the experimentation on glasses they could wear like the John Lennon type glasses, the little round ones.  But they had cut flat crystal pieces across them to give you almost like an antís view, or a beeís view all around you of these different distortions.  Itís like a hundred different pictures all in the one eye basically through these glasses.  So they were, they knew darn well what it does and with autistic children they sometimes have that similar effect, it has it on them too.  So, this all ties completely in to alterations of perception according to neurotransmitters and so on the way they are perceived in the brain.

Neil:  Yeah.  Paula has just reminded me, she took him to a movie theater once and he passed out as soon as the movie started.  Just unconscious and then they had to take him out obviously.  You know itís, you talk about different reactions but there is a fan in the living room ceiling.  And if thatís on when he comes back from school he just you know, he kind of freaks out a bit.  And generally thatís what happens but yesterday he wanted it on, he switched it on and he was standing and laughing at it.So you are never quite sure whatís going to happen next kind of thing.

Alan:  Thatís right.

Neil:  You know thatís the way it is.  Are there any?  Where do you see this ending?  I mean are they trying to make everybody to some extent on the autism spectrum somewhere? 

Alan:  Well they are trying to because they keep expanding their psychiatric definitions, attention deficit and ADHD, and on and on it goes.  And then they bring it into a spectrum disorder, then they normalize it.  They have been normalizing it for years actually with special classes in schools for special children they call it.  And things like that never existed when I was young because we didnít have all the problems.  We were all in the same classes.  But today itís so obvious that they have to separate them.  Or else get them special tuition and then they dumb down the general classroom in the process so they are all having the same very, very basic and more minimalistic education.  Which again ties in with they are easier to manage because they think they are getting educated but they are not.  So they have normalized the whole thing in society.  Thatís what you do with a good crisis; you normalize it until it is normal.   

Neil:  Yeah.  Paula was just mentioning video games; a lot of children have seizures from video games as well.  I suppose thatís the same thing as the sensory kind of overload and whatever it is they are seeing in the games themselves of course we will never know.  I mean have you seen any studies where theyíre deliberately putting things in as a kind of experiment to see if people can see them or not?

Alan:  Remember the Military Industrial Complex invented video games, these games to train their troops, to desensitize them from killing.  So the more they can do it in a fantasy world, just bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, as they go through their game, then the idea is that, and it actually works, theyíll just automatically kill.  Because it is not a normal thing to do, killing like that.  They automatically kill whatever they are told to kill to get through and that works awfully well. 

Then they decided to market it to the children.  They actually discussed, had top Pentagon meetings about it where they knew theyíd have all these wars in the late 90ís ongoing through the Middle East and so on.  They had it all planned, and they said they would need a population that would grow up and be young enough, just the right age to join to be a new military.  And so basically they raised a whole generation on the video games just in time for it all, Gulf War I, following into Gulf War II, it was really a continuation of the same thing to achieve all of these objectives.  They also militarized the public by giving them so many movies that itís all normal.  They have militarized it.  The terminologyís in books if you look around on all of these things and itís all through the populationís vocabulary now too, so they have militarized the general public as well for this very, very thing. 

So these games desensitize you. The early studies that came out too, even in the early 70ís, and 80ís, they were having, and 90ís, they were having children having complete convulsions in Japan with some of the most, like Pac Man and things like that.  And it came out in Japan that they had been testing this out on children to see if they could induce seizures and so on and it worked awfully well.  That was mainstream at the time.

Neil:  Yes.  Somebody actually just put that in the chat box just as you were talking there; it was on experimentation that took place in Japan with some cartoons as well.

Alan:  Youíll also see it too with the flickering fan syndrome depending on the new transmitting frequencies at that particular moment.  Itís very much like a flickering TV, the old-fashioned TV sets that could flicker once in a while.  They also could cause seizures in people who are prone to epilepsy.  But a flickering fan can have a similar effect.  It can cause almost a euphoric experience, almost as if you are going out of the body experience, woo, you know, all that stuff.  And sometimes it can cause you to be frightened with it because it can alter different frequencies in the brain itself and make you get nervous or anxious. 

Neil:  Yeah well certainly the fan in the ceiling is, you know heís clearly frightened of it at times.  But it was just yesterday he was looking up at it and laughing.   

Alan:  Thatís right.

Neil:  So there you go.  Okay Alan, thatís our hour flown by.  Itís great to talk to you again and weíll speak to you next month and we need to arrange a different day because I think Iím traveling.

Alan:  Okay, yeah.

Neil:  And Iíll possibly be somewhere else out there.  Okay, thanks again for your time and weíll talk to you again next month.

Alan:  Well you take care of yourself. 

Neil:  You too.  Youíve got winter up there; itís still sunny down here.  Weíre okay.

Alan:  Iím below the zeros all the time here now. 

Neil:  Yeah.  Okay, talk to you next month.

Alan:  Okay, cheerio.

Neil:  Take care.  Cheers Alan.  Thank you.