Nov. 16, 2014 (#1472)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"International Taxes and Free Trade Will Rob the Wages You've Just Been Paid"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 16, 2014. I hope youíre all getting through all the struggles of modern living as we go through the big agenda. Because things are getting pretty bad, arenít they? We know this, you see, through all the long history of the free-trade deals, going way back actually into the old British Empire days and John Dee who coined the term the Brytish Empire, which was to be the embryo of the trading system, which would also bring under its control, or Londonís control really, the mercantile system of the world. Along with it would come the political system, that would get exported, and then they would run it from a central system.


That was picked up, of course, if it never died away it could be the old underground stream as they called it, thatís what the alchemists used to call it, underneath it, the farce for the public of alchemy, there was also scientific elite at the time. You can find that in New Atlantis and so on, with Francis Bacon for instance, things like that; itís quite fascinating to read it. But there was definitely a scientific elite of the day.  You find that this idea of a world system under the control of the proper peopleÖ In those days they used to call them the bluebloods, the proper bloods, the ones who had the good breeding, and it was a hereditary thing because they had held onto their fortunes for a long time, after slaughtering lots of people to get it. But thatís the history of the world.


The group centered in London, it never gave up this idea of fostering control. And all wars technically are economic wars, but along with it an economic system, especially trade deals and so on and with treaties comes binding, binding laws and all of your domestic laws must change to accommodate it. People donít realize that you canít still have your old-fashioned normal sort of laws that youíre used to or accustomed to and have free trade. It doesnít happen that way, because you end up in a central/regional authority to be run of course under the control of a world governmental system eventually. And the Royal Institute of International Affairs is still pushing the same thing today. These are the guys that created the CFR for the US side and for other countries; they already had the British Commonwealth countries in the same club you might say, and with all their other elites. You find also that through binding treaties, and before that there was lots of wars to take over countries and loot them obviously of all their resources, for the economic masters of the day, and it hasnít changed. Under different guises itís still the same.


Britain, for instance, really hasÖ at least the Prime Ministers keep telling you, oh they have no real rights anymore, because Brussels, the big super government that runs the whole of Europe now, is superior and when they dictate something it must be so, including mass immigration to destroy the domestic culture. And thatís what it is. Itís not because we are all wonderful and so on and weíre so prosperous we can take lots of people in, or everybody in. But the fact is, it was to destroy the domestic culture, that was more rebellious than the ones that they are actually bringing in.  And thatís to be the same system across the world with the free-trade deals. 


Thatís why in the States of course, as they deepen the so-called ties Ė that was the old term they used, deepening ties, but now it is simply free-trade deals and binding agreements Ė that you must allow the free movement of goods, only with selected corporate multinational corporations mind you, and labor, across all national boundaries. And eventually the boundaries are to disappear.  Or as Karl Marx said, he was on the same agenda taking it from a different side because they always use two sides, they would wither away, national states would wither away. And we also had Van Rompuy in the EU parliament of course, the top honcho, who isnít elected of course by the people because itís anything but Democratic, saying the same thing. I read it on the air from his own speech that he gave at the parliament, the days of the nation-state are over.


Now, if you donít have a nation anymore whatís the point in voting? Because itís bad enough when you get a centralized government, again, a tenet of the Communist Manifesto that was also sponsored from London and New York. But if you canít have a local government even to demand things, you have no rights at all.  Something thatís far away or even centralized is, oh weíre too busy to listen to your little problems. Thatís what they tell you. And when you get a regional government with many countries involved, then you have absolutely no say whatsoever. And you are being trained to go along with this but through dictatorial powers as opposed to pure persuasion and conology, as I call it. Thatís the term I always use, conology. Weíre ruled by conology, itís a fascinating subject. 


Going way back, and with the onset, in fact, of the push towards amalgamation of Europe, you find that world wars were necessary too, and thatís the excuse they gave for getting the secret governmental department set up.  Since 1948 across Europe every Parliament had a branch of this secret government that was to gradually implement economic trade deals, and then it went under the guise of free trade, and then it got into the guise of, and give up all your rights and join the EU parliament, which is this super Parliament. But again, getting back to Karl Marx, isnít it amazing, he said that there could be three world regional governments over all regions thatís under them, and that would reduce the national governments down to provincial governments, like tiny little localized ones, and they would all be under the yoke, the regional ones, of a super world Parliament.


Now, since the very onslaught of it every country has used the same technique, because this is the same group that are behind writing up these trade deals and amalgamations and so on, step by step by step, and you get accustomed to it, until you ignore it altogether, you adapt to it. We are always adapting to whatever they give us, you see, and it is through fiction, itís through nonfiction, itís through the youngsters coming into university who are immediately brainwashed in all of their politically correct updates, and thatís how itís put forward, until the ones going to university come out thinking everythingís normal, everythingís quite normal. Even though you might be waving the same flag somewhere, but itís a completely different system running the country, you donít notice that. You still think, oh thereís our flag so it must be the same thing. But itís not. Not at all.


The US is amazing for that. Because it is so stereotyped in the US of certain music, military martial music, and the flag-waving and the symbols, the symbols of the nation. The leaders drape themselves in the symbols, itís all done by the public relations guys for them of course, the big machinery that makes them superstars, and they can take you anywhere they want, because you still identify with themÖ Well, they must still be American, you see.  So we are well under this way.


But I was reading the early economic trade deals for the European system, and it was called the common market.  They called it the common market, you know, thatís how they introduced it, all these trade deals. And there was those two sets of books and two versions of it. One for the public to hear, that there will be, oh my God, theyíll be so prosperous, everybody will have so many jobs, I mean you could take your pick from hundreds of them, everybody could take their pick, and prosperity would come your way, and if you didnít join and vote for it youíd be left behind. Thatís been repeated in every country, because the formula works, and itís all put forward by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is a private organization, remember, and it includes lots of politicians, the top ones, absolutely, and its branch in the US, the Council on Foreign Relations. Itís amazing how things really are as opposed to how they are portrayed through propaganda, isnít it?


But in the common market idea, and the objections that came out at the time to it, people, economists and everybody else said that itís impossible, because they knew their history in economics, to do binding treaties, because they affect all the surrounding laws to do with trading, etc., but that filters right through the whole justice system into the rights of the people as well. So we are well underway. Itís been on the go for years now. Most Western countries have been deindustrialized, that was all part of the plan. And the Far Eastern countries are suffering too because it was decided an awful long time ago, before I was born, that Australia and New Zealand and a few other countries would join, they would basically be the satrapies of China, and China is also on board with it. If you think China is independent and going their own way, forget it, folks. The same guys that created modern China also created your prosperity in the 50s and 60s and then took it away again. Thatís what really happened. Thatís the real history of the world. 


Super conology has been used all alongÖ all along, to trick you, and to give you that version of reality. Because your sanity is judged by the way that you bounce ideas, from things you have heard from the media and so on and sources, off of your friends. And they get the same bombardment.  And if you all agree on things, because youíve all heard the same things, then you must be quite sane. Thatís how you see it. But if you say something different, if youíre the very odd person that goes deeper to really know whatís going on, to find out why.  And you find the history of this, itís ancient, ancient history, and the techniques have always come through from the same sources as I say, then you find that there is a much, much deeper and more explanatory version you can find of why everything is happening, where itís supposed to go, long-term, by step-by-step intergenerational training for adaptation into it, until they have what they want. And weíre pretty well about 90% there, folks, for those who donít know that.


The US is not the US of even 30 or 40 years ago. Britain is gone, completely gone, today. Itís so overrun with immigration that even back in Margaret Thatcherís day, back in the early 80s and so on, she said, oh weíve got to open the doors to mass immigration because not enough people are having children to pay off the national debt. Where have you heard that before?  And since?  Because all the countries have used it, the same thing. You see, youíre really a slave, and Charles Galton Darwin said that and he explained very well in his book The Next Million Years. He said, there has always been slavery in one form or another and we are in the process of creating a new more sophisticated form of slavery. This is what some of the characters in the 19th century were talking about, a technique of mass persuasion using conology and the understanding of human nature to get the public to do anything that the elite wanted them to do.


Never think for a second that you have bumbling bureaucracies at the top and bumbling agencies. Thatís all a cover for what they are really up to, believe you me.  They donít make mistakes at that level. They donít. And they know you exactly and they know how you will adapt to everything, because they got thousands, now, of neuroscientists, a big, big field, with all these prostitutes leaving university getting right into it for governmental and government appointed jobs for private systems, all this massive, megalithic system of smaller agencies all working for the government. That way of course they can say, well, we are independent. But technically they are all working for the government, theyíre all getting your tax money.  You see. And if you complain to government about these agencies the government will say, well, they are not ours, you know, they are private and we cannot interfere. Thatís the trick they have used for such an awful long time, and they are still using it. Clever, isnít it, but they are really clever at the top.  And they do, from the top think tanks that they have, stacks of big think tanks working 24 hours in shifts per day, to fool you and con you on every single level. And they bring in the neuroscientists and the psychologists and the behaviorists and so on, and the whole plethora of academia, to make sure that the big plans will never go awry. 


Now, we are fooled on every level. Nothing is forgotten or comes out of there by accident. You find that even in the alternative media.  Nothing has been forgotten by the big boys, nothing whatsoever.  I actually had to laugh because for years I would get up in the morning and Iíd go through all the world news and so on, and explain the parts that the media were not telling you, to make sense of the story Ė because I know my stuff, you see Ė and why things were happening, and why this story was in the paper and hereís the other side of the story, hereís the rest of the story, the other three quarters which they omit.  I used to laugh because the next day talk show hosts would be parroting the same stories. I felt like I was working for them, because they never mention you, at all. So nothing has been missed, folks. I donít tell you to go and vote for people either, or some savior is going to come along, it doesnít matter who it is, and do it all, you know, the one, the Hollywood one that they always give you in the movies, youíre the one, youíll clean up town. Forget that, folks, unless you are a real schmuck. It wonít happen. It never has. It never has, in history.


But thatís the cons that go on, left, right and center across the world from the top, right through the structure of your system, right down to your local governments and local councils even, everybody is on the take. Everything is a scam. Because you see, the morality that we used to have has been completely eradicated, from the days of Freud onwards basically, and maybe even before that there will be some too, but really from the days of Freud. And even if youíre not religious, the fact is, you had common moralities given to you.  Even if you were an atheist you couldnít help getting away from the common moralities of decency and etiquette amongst people and you didnít meet strangers and start effing and so on, and cussing and swearing and being awfully lewd, like you do today, that is now the new normal.  The Frankfurt School, another big branch that was put out there to destroy your cultures, deliberately, and they admitted it in their own writings, lots of books they put out, and all the characters underneath them. Iíve gone through all of this in the past of course, go into website into the archives and you can hear lots, thousands of talks Iíve given as I have gone through all of this too. Itís been used up and many folk have churned out books on this information.  Iíve even had characters in universities that keep in touch with me, and they went through universities using the information I put out for their thesis. Itís quite amazing.  And Iím sitting here wondering how you fix the transmission in your car, that they want $2500 for, because Iím not selling you stuff to keep you immortalized and to fight off every possible disease under the sun, to make a massive buck. Iím just telling you how things are. And thatís why I started all this stuff in the first place. But I definitely donít con you. And I donít tell you who to vote for. Because voting really is a waste of time.


If you had an honest politician they would be Kennedy'd very quickly; not that Kennedy was an honest politician, and McKinley before and so on.  Theyíd get them popped off so fast, itís so easy to do. They donít have to make a big spectacle of it, like killing of the King, and Kennedy. They can do it, they generally do it very quietly, you come down with a massive cancer or something, just spontaneously. Sir James Goldsmith who was no angel himself, who came over to the US and talked to the Senate, and you can hear the old tapes, I played them on the air, of his speech in the Senate of the US, he came over from England. He was a top tycoon, this character, who had no problems about ripping oil off of other countries and all the rest of it for many years. But when he saw what was happening with the European Union he came out and tried to form a party to break away all together, all together, from the European Union.  He said, it will destroy you.  He explained all this, what would happen in the US, to the Senate and the next week of course all the guys who agreed with him in the Senate voted to go along and pass all the trade deals regardless. Because they are all corrupt, folks, thatís why they are put in there. And they all belong, again, to the private organizations under the Royal Institute of International Affairs, such as the Council on Foreign Relations and its other branch that it spawned, which is the Trilateral Commission, and all the other little things that you hear about too.  Thatís the reality of the world.


But the corruption, as I say, is right down to the bottom level. If you find, for instance, and I even had to laugh this week because I couldnít even walk up a kind of steepish hill, thatís nothing at all in the summer, on this little side road.  And it was so icy, incredibly icy, but you could imagine if you were driving, and I couldnít drive because my transmission was gone.  But you could imagine if you were driving, itís like a sheet of ice at times. You get a bit of sun, it partially melts it but then it will freeze at night and itís worse than ever, itís like glass.  You phone up the local works department and, oh the guy hums and haws, and he says, weíll give it a scattering of dirt on the hill, you know, a scattering of sand or something, you know, a couple of buckets or whatever. And oh, he says, that would cost about $500, he says, oh.  He said, Iíve done that already, which is an absolute lie because Iíve gone up and down it, and walked up and down it since the snow started even and I havenít seen a damn thing put on it, there hasnít been a scrape put on it by the snowplow, not that itís deep enough for the snowplow but they havenít even done that, but there has been no graders that have come up and sanded it. But you see, if you were to really examine the books, that would be put down as itís been done.  Why do you think, even in small townships, thatís generally family run, you know, daughters and all the rest of it, and mayors, etc. Because all that money is flowing in from your taxes, so they can live awfully well off of you.


Again, getting back to Charles Galton Darwin, in the 1950s writing that book, The Next Million Years, he said itís the natural right for the elite to do things which the public are not allowed.  Heís talking about ripping you off and that.  After all, how can a small elite live off of you, and you are working harder than them, for Godís sake, hmm, but they do, donít they? Because money and wealth comes from you at the bottom.  Thatís why they are all in on the scam. The same with corporate welfare, all the big multinationals and corporations get huge grants from different countries, because, oh our projects are so big we canít do it all ourselves, and you finance them.  Sometimes they will even get the government to put it forward by the lobby groups to pass bills that you will start the construction, then they will take it over as privatized and itís theirs for nothing. This is common stuff. And we accept it all. You accept everything, folks. Because weíre so entertained, like never before.


Plato said it too, cities would be the method to use, because nothing is natural in the city. No one is plowing fields in the city or feeding themselves or anything else. They are all living off the rural areas basically through taxations.  But thatís how he said they would put forth their system in the book The Republic. Itís quite funny, isnít it?  But the public never catch on. If they get away with their little niceties, little nice things, oh it will comfort us and so on, and get their feet up at night and zonk out in front of that TV, and get further propagandized by it no matter what they are watching, then they are quite content. Do you know the studies that theyíve done on all of us? Itís just astronomical. Astronomical! They know you better than youíll ever know yourself.


Now, getting back to the topic of free trade of course, and the next step and the next step and the next step, as they go along and along and along, and you get little bits in the paper, a few lines that tell you absolutely zilch, which implies to you, well donít be concerned about it, itís got nothing to do with you. You will only get angry or irritable, and motivated in fact, if the press tells you to do so. Otherwise it wonít happen. They know this, the big boys. Thatís why they tell you every so often, oh thereís mass protest in this country, they are using slaves and so on, blah-blah-blah.  And then before you know it youíve got a charity group on the go, fleecing you for tax money to go up and help these poor girls,  that they tell you have all gone missing, whether itís true or not.  But they donít tell whatís happening to you at home and where itís supposed to go with you:  Complete austerity. Postindustrial, post consumerist austerity.  And Iíve said for years now, the whole idea was to reduce you down to basic sustenance basically, sustainability. Thatís what the term sustainability means, down to the lowest common denominator where all your income will eventually go to everything you need to basically, basically survive. Water. Food. Electricity. Heating yourself in the winter. All of these things will be heavily, heavily taxed.


The whole Agenda 21, for instance, which is also called the Millennium Project and sustainability and so on, itís all the same agenda. Itís the same thing from the same people. They even gave it different names once the public were catching on, through guys like myself, telling you what it means with Agenda 21. The United Nations had an article out to all their NGOs, to call them different names so as that the public would start to get confused and forget about it. Itís all done, folks. When plans are made and itís all signed into agreements, itís done. And you have to eventually get faded and phased off the road, completely, and live in your little community, where supposedly there will be private transportation only for the big corporations, which run the buses and so on for you. But no private vehicles except essential vehicles only: police, fire, ambulance, bureaucrats, agencies and so on, and governmental. Thatís where itís supposed to go.


Remember too, the Club of Rome, and I launched that one too, from their article in the 1970s, their book called The First Global Revolution, they went through that too. Democracy wouldnít work, and they all knew that.  They werenít talking off their own bat basically as a think tank, a private think tank. They were talking because they are part of this big global structure financed by the same people. Itís got many branches, again, to obfuscate who is really behind it. Itís the same bunch behind it, always.  They said in that book that, thereís too much bickering, for instance, amongst people and parties, they canít get their big agendas through, so they would need new techniques to ram agendas through. Thatís when the ones that came up with, oh pollution and so-and-so would be used against the public, to bring us into serfdom basically, and into the sustainable communities, and do what youíre told, etc., and you would adapt to it step by step by step. Now we know itís through terrorism that theyíre going to use.


But in The First Global Revolution they talked about, yeah pollution and all the rest of it was all manís fault, and deforestation is all manís fault, therefore the enemy would be man. Man, you see, and thatís what they would use against youÖ Itís all your fault, itís all your fault for breeding and having childrenÖ Right? Meanwhile the domestic people, the population of the natural people of various countries have been plummeting in the so-called industrialized, or post-industrialized nations, plummeting since really the 1930s.  So you canít be good, you see. A lot of folk only started having two children when they were told to, in the 1920s they started the big push for that. They said actually after World War I that, they had not killed off enough people.  So in the 20s they pushed again for, oh cut down the families, cut down the families.  And books came out saying, weíll believe that when all the big top politicians and all the House of Lords in Britain, when they compared and used their children, and they were having sometimes 10 in a family. But you were to have less, you see, maybe two. So the goody-two-shoes went, okay I will have two. So you have two, and thatís just basically maintaining each other, the population, you know, male and female will breed down the road and have offspring.  Then they reduce it to one, you see. Now your population is not only level, itís falling dramatically. Again too, even if you try and get two it falls dramatically because there are still children that die in childbirth. Now youíve got autism and everything else involved as well.  They are disabled, and thatís what they call it. If they were disabled, and Iím using their terms of course, and all the PC terms, and they are allowed to, by the way, in top academia to use the terms theyíve been using forever, as they tell you to use other terms like challenged and so on.  But they said that no one wouldÖ they would be ineligible for marriage partners.


They want a fast takedown in Africa, places like that. But in the West they couldnít have fast takedowns because the people wouldÖ I mean, even we, we are all dumbed down, propaganda indoctrinations, weíd start to notice, wouldnít we?  So as more and more folk become disabled and disabled and have chronic diseases, and even chronic aging diseases that would hit them much, much younger, right down to the new ones and you got arthritis, juvenile arthritis they call it, and thatís normal, just like autism is normal now. We adapt and we adapt because we are bombarded with propaganda, and anything to do with emotion, when they bring emotion into it and you see the poor children, youíre not thinking straight, folks. Youíre not asking the right questions like, why did this suddenly go sky-high? Then again thereís a whole history behind all of that, why it happened. Of course we know why it happened, Iíve given many talks about it before. But, a slow takedown, and youíve got it. Youíve got it.


And truly, letís be honest too, if they are really worried about too many people, and theyíve signed all these agreements, and even the US and Canada and so on have signed them with China, to depopulate and bring down the population, then you would close your borders and so on. You wouldnít be saying, oh at the same time weíre bringing in mass immigration from some of the most populated countries in the world, like parts of India.  And donít forget that India has the second largest middle-class, yeah, itís really the largest middle-class population in the world. You always see the poor in Nepal and theyíre poverty-stricken, because they got a huge population, they also have a much, much larger middle-class population and they are exported basically. Thatís one of their main exports from India, are people, with a good education and so on. And China is taking them in too now. But as I say, if theyíre really worried about all that you would not be bringing them, would you?


Because itís all a ruse. Because you see, to rule over a whole world you must destroy the national cultures, that caused them too much trouble down through history. In other words, they fought back at times.  And they have a sliding scale of the ones that they are more afraid of, right down to the ones that they are not worried about at all.  You see. Again, anotherÖ Itís a whole, whole history behind that, that will give other folk ideas for stories which you will hear about soon, Iím sure.


Hereís an article here and this is from The Center for Progressive Reform. Progressive reformÖ thatís an old term, by the way, that the Communists used in the West. Because the Communists were working for the same group, you see, as the top capitalists. And reform, you better understand what reform means, folks. When they say reform they mean a completely different way of living.  Agenda 21, thatís what it is, but they will never mention the term again in these articles. It says hereÖ


Thirteen Essential Regulatory Actions

Barack Obamaís Path to Progress in 2015-16


(Alan:  Oh, itís always progress. But the thing is, youíre going backwards with your finances and all the rest of it and the cost of living. Because if they could have mandatory annual quantitative easing they call it, which is inflation, reducing the buying power of your dollar, you see.  But the costs donít go down, they go up and up and up, and more taxes.)


President Obama faces a Congress united by party, but fundamentally at odds with the agenda he intends to pursue. Republican legislators will not advance legislation to effectively address the top public health issues of our time (A:  So there is the segue to get you off track, public health issues, theyíre really worried about your health, the same folk that mandate inoculations, and get the stats on whatís happened to the folk that are getting them.  And here they areÖ) óclimate change (A: Öclimate change, the big con of climate change, you see. I mean, youíve always had climate change, that used to be the daily weather differences, that is climate change, folks. Itís all conology. And youíve got the aerial spraying and so on, itís down to a fine art now, itís routine, daily.  I mean, even the BBC a few years back said that we are stopping long-term forecasts because they couldnít predict the weather anymore. Because you see, the air forces were not telling them what they were going to cause that day, by the sprays that they give them. AnywayÖ)óclimate change, air and water pollution (A:  You are deindustrialized, the air has never been so clean as it is today. The factories, there are few factories left except the ones involved in the military-industrial complex.  But the air is much, much cleaner. But, apparently it is worse, apparentlyÖ  Everything is doublespeak, isnít it?) Ö)óclimate change, air and water pollution, workersí rights, and food safety.  (A:  But I like that air and water. These are the same guys that have been putting chemicals in our water for years, knowing darn well the effects of it on you. Again, it depopulates you, thereís various cancers and it certainly dumbs you down.)


If the President is to accomplish much of anything on these issues during his final two years in office, it will almost certainly be by means of regulation. (A:  Now, what they mean is executive orders.) He need not strain the bounds of his authority to do so, of course. He simply needs to see to it that the various agencies of his Administration move in a timely way, with an appropriate sense of urgency.


The Center for Progressive Reformís Issue Alert, Barack Obamaís Path to Progress in 2015-16: Thirteen Essential Regulatory Actions (or here in PDF) (A:  Iíll try and put that PDF up tonight.), by CPR President Rena Steinzor, CPR Senior Policy Analysts James Goodwin and Matthew Shudtz, and CPR Policy Analyst Anne Havemann, identifies 13 essential regulatory actions that agencies are working on right now to address critical public health concerns. All of these actions can and should be completed before the President leaves office. These rules come out of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (A:  See, theyíre not there for the reasons that you have been brainwashed to think that they are there for, folks.), the Department of Labor, and the Department of Transportation. (A:  Now, think about all these things.  Total control of your water, your food. I mean, they are mandating more and more poisons to get put into your food, and the GMOs and all the pesticides that go along with it, and they will up all the doses of that. And the Department of Labor, who can work and who canít work, etc., or who gets priority jobs, even incomers from outside. And the Department of Transportation, because you see, they want the cars off the road. They are to be phased off the road in about, oh, itís not that far now, I think theyíre talking about 2020, early, starting it, until you canít afford it, you see. And then they will put various penalties and taxes on so itís much more expensive to drive. They will put higher taxes on even repairs for your vehicles, things like that, road taxes, insurance, and so on until you give it up. And the idea is that you will move out from rural areas into the overcrowded cities, and then you get the public transportation only. Thatís Agenda 21.) All are now years overdue. Each day, people get ill and too many die because earlier Administrations dragged their feet on these problems.  (A:  Youíre deindustrializedÖ Canada has been deindustrialized from about, it was starting in the 70s, and through the 80s and 90s. Then everybody went up, lock, stock and barrel through the free trade with China, that they earlier first agreed, a big, big agreement to the World Trade Organization, another private body by the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, and whole factories uprooted and were gone. You paid for it all through your tax money, that was part of the trade deal, so that the big corporations wouldnít lose a penny.)


Because time is short and so much work remains to be done, the Issue Alert (A:  Itís called issue alertÖ) recommends that the President appoint a senior White House advisor to be the point person to organize and ride herd (A:  Öride herdÖ I like thatÖ [Alan chuckles.] Guess who the herd are?) over the considerable effort that will be required to make these and other rules final by no later than June 30, 2016. (A:  Well, they all had a big meeting about that already. I mean sorry, they had one in June of this year, and one for next year, and one for 2016 is to be where they get all these things augmented and put into place.) The authors choose that June 2016 date because it effectively immunizes the rules from repeal under the Congressional Review Act, (A: Are these guys working forÖ Why would you vote when theyíre obviously not working for you?  And never have been. And if you donít know by now you never will. I mean, phew, you know, talk about lawyers, lawyers ruling everything, eh.  What do you expect?) should the Republican Party take control of the White House and hold both houses of Congress in the 2016 elections.  (A:  It wonít make a darn bit of difference who gets in because theyíre all working for the same boys at the top.)


The ďEssential 13Ē regulatory actions highlighted in the issue alert are:


ēNational performance standards to limit greenhouse gas emissions (A:  Öthatís your driving and your heating and everything else.) from fossil-fueled power plants. (A:  Now, a power plant, a vehicle is a power plant, folks. I hope you understand this. This will get parroted by talk show hosts tomorrow by the way.)


EPA rules that would reduce climate-disrupting greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing fossil-fueled power plants, saving thousands of lives.  (A:  Now, just to let you in on the whole driving thing and cars. They have been adding more and more ethanol to the gasoline for years now, and they up it every year, until your engine is burning out much faster because it makes them awfully hot, and it puts holes in the pistons and pits everything.  It also attracts lots of moisture, itís a pure spirit that they add in and it attracts moisture into your fuel tank so it rusts things out even in there. But Iíve read the articles from the latest study that was done in the big car companies and small engines companies and everything that you use at home even, are complaining that a brand-new, say, small engine for instance, after a week on the ethanol mix that they are selling you, it looks like itís been used for about 20 years, itís all pitted and almost holed and so on, and chips off of it because of the high heat it puts out there. They call it biofuels, you see. It sounds wonderful, bio, everything is bio, you see.  See, they donít have to ban you from driving, just make it impossible to keep going, as you canít afford a new engine every few months. And I mean that, because as they up this ethanol you wait and see folks, itís going to happen.)


ēPreventive controls for processed foods.

 FDA rules that would prevent catastrophic foodborne illness (A:  Öwhat catastrophic foodborne illness, eh?...) outbreaks caused by processed foods, such as the recent Salmonella-tainted peanut butter outbreak that killed nine people.  (A:  I remember when they said it was even inside the eggsÖ  Oh dear, eh. What nonsense.)


ēProduce safety.

An FDA rule that would prevent catastrophic foodborne illness outbreaks caused by tainted fresh produce, such as the recent Listeria-tainted cantaloupe that killed 33 people.  (A:  Phew, there you go folks. Could it be the stuff that itís grown in? Could it be the GM stuff, genetically modified? blah-blah-blah, and all the pesticides? Are they going to tell you? Of course theyíll never tell you.)


ēImported food safety.

 FDA ruled that would hold imported foods, which comprise 15 percent of all foods consumed in the United States, to the same high standards that apply to foods produced domestically. 


ēSilica standard.

 An OSHA rule to better protect the 2 million U.S. workers exposed to dangerous levels of silica dust in the workplace.  (A:  These are the guys that are spraying you from the air, folks, and have been since 1998 on a daily basis, and they are worried about what you breathe?)


ēNational ozone air pollution standard.

 An EPA rule that would annually prevent up to up to 12,000 premature deaths. (A:  They always rationalize something by bogus figures they pick out of the air.  And I mean that, they do pick them out of the air. Do you remember when the crash came in 2008?  the supposed crash, it was all no news before?  A spokeswoman from the Federal Reserve was in front of some panel for inquiry and she demanded some huge massive amount of money.  It seems huge to us because we deal in peanuts, compared to these guys who demand millions when they demand money, and to them thatís peanuts. Actually, it was like a down payment almost, a deposit, that she demanded from the US taxpayer via the government to bail out these banks and so on. They asked her about one month later why she picked that number, it was an ongoing inquiry.  She says, well it just seemed like a good round number at the time. They obviously had no idea why they picked it, they just picked it out of thin air. Everything they give you, stats and all the rest of it, itís just out of thin air, folks, the statistics and so on. If we get back to the last little bit of the same article it saysÖ)


ēNational ozone air pollution standard.

 An EPA rule that would annually prevent up to up to 12,000 premature deaths. (A:  They just pick it out of the air.  Premature deathsÖ Really?  Ok.  You know.)


ēďWaters of the United StatesĒ regulatory definition.

 An EPA rule to ensure that wetlands and smaller water bodies receive the full protections of the Clean Water Act.  (A:  Really? Again, think about all the aerial spraying and all the chemicals that are coming down on you.)


ēChild farm-labor safety rules.

 EPA and Department of Labor safeguards to better protect vulnerable child agriculture workers, one of whom dies in a farming-related incident roughly every three days.  (A:  It seems theyíre precise doesnít? Does it really, every three days?)


ēCrude-by-rail safety standards.

 A Department of Transportation rule that would prevent train derailments and crashes involving the more than 415,000 rail-carloads of flammable crude oil traveling across the United States each year.  (A:  Really? You know who bails them out and fixes the lines and so on? Even that one that we had in Quťbec earlier this year? The taxpayer picks up the tab. The private company that owns the tracks now and the freight and so on, they said that they would go bankrupt and if they would go bankrupt you would get no freight at all.  There you go. Thatís how it was given to the public, that excuse. They are not caring about what comes off, in fact, thereís less and less safety standards. In Canada when they privatized the CN rail, that passes me all the time, eventually the new company of course got rid of a lot of its staff, the unions disappeared pretty well.  You donít see the guys going along tapping the rail tracks and so on, and looking at the conditions of the spikes that constantly raise up and back out of the railroad ties.  And itís unsafe and unsafe and unsafe. Itís all speedo, speedo, speedo, less people employed, etc. And you know, even the workers that are employed to deliver the freight now and all the guys involved in it, are on standby, theyíre not full-time anymore. Standby, and so they are only given two or three hours warning before the loads are ready to go out, to save the corporations money.


ēNational stormwater pollution controls.

 An EPA rule that would prevent harm to lakes, rivers, and streams caused by polluted stormwater. 


ēCoal ash waste disposal standards.

 An EPA rule to require power plants to better manage the more than 129 million tons of coal ash they produce annually, in order to prevent contamination of adjacent ground and surface waters, as well as disastrous spills.


ēConcentrated animal feeding operation water pollution standards.

 An EPA rule to regulate disposal of the more than 500 million tons of manure produced each year.  (A:  This is the carbon stuff and, oh, methaneÖ methane, oh my God, eh, is going to kill us all off.)


ēPermit ďeReportingĒ for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.

An EPA rule that would strengthen the agencyís ability to respond to water pollution violations.  (A:  You are going to pay.  If you think youíre paying a lot now for your water in the cities and so on, and for your food and everything else you need, and even to drive, you better take courses on living in poverty, folks, because thatís another term for AUSTERITY, as these guys put it across. And Iím not kidding about that.)


Read the full report, Barack Obama's Path to Progress in 2015-16: Thirteen Essential Regulatory Actions. Or read it in PDF form. 


Iíll put that up tonight, this article and the PDF is in the article, you can download it yourself.  And many talk shows will grab this stuff, because Iím doing all their work for them, and prattle on but they will never mention where they heard it from or the explanatory stuff I fill in for you to explain why itís all happening.



Obama's $3bn for climate fund could kickstart action on global warming / Suzanne Goldenberg / 14 November 2014


(A:  This is, again, like the deposit for it. [Alan chuckles.] Your money of course.)


Barack Obamaís handshake deal with China and $3bn pledge for climate finance could break down the wall between rich and poor countries (A:  Ah, see they care about you being rich and poor, eh?) that has blocked action on global warming for 20 years, observers of the negotiations said.


(A:  Öeven though weíre freezing here.  Where Iím living here there was two days of sunshine, I mean, like two full days of sunshine all, what would normally and used to be, summer.  This place used to be baking because it was berry country, berry picking country, all the blueberries and so on, all the berries grow up this way.  Not anymore, folks, as they intensified the spray and intensified it, itís been like floods every year, and winters that just donít end. But reality doesnít matter, does it? I can remember, it was a court case a couple of years ago, again in the US I think it was, and one in Canada too. It was a farmer who Monsanto was after, one of their private armies sort of thing, because they supposedly found seed that was mixed in with his crop, that he did not plant of course. The judge said eventually that, he didnít care how that seed got there, whether a bird pooped it out or it got blown in by the wind or whatever, itís on his property, he was guilty and that was it.  Öto get him out of business. And when the facts came up he says, facts donít matter. Thatís the reality weíre living in, facts donít matter anymore, folks. Donít try and enlighten people who donít want to get enlightened, because facts donít matter to them, they donít matter at all.)


The White House announced the $3bn pledge on Friday, putting climate change firmly on the agenda of the G20 summit in Brisbane and injecting momentum into United Nations talks ahead of a key meeting in Lima this month.  (A:  Öthey are on the go all the time. The guys who set up these big meetings literally have their work cut out for them the next 20 years, because thereís meeting after meeting across the whole planet. Why do you think itís all over the planet, folks? Places you canít get to? To attend? Not that you would get in the door. Itís all secret, folks. Itís one big agenda.  The G20, I mean, is that why you vote for folk because they are now in charge of the business of the whole country? Really? Itís the same thing with countries that borrow money from the private banks and moneylenders, the big money lenders, to give through agreements to other countries to supposedly help them out, Third World countries. Is that what your government is? Itís a business? Thatís what it is, itís a business, and your government is acting like a big banker. And then of course every time the Third World country says, well we canít pay it anymore, or the big movement comes with the pop stars coming out, the old aged pop stars coming out on crutches saying, oh youíve got to forgive the debt, forgive the debtÖ as they cuss and swear and say, oh forgive the debt, yeah.  And so itís a wink-wink, nudge-nudge system, you know, the old Mason system, everyone is in-on-the-know except the public.  Itís agreed upon this, you see, because then the government that borrowed the money in the first place to give away, can then write it off. But you the taxpayer, youíre the guarantor, you have to still pay it off. Then they give them another loan. Itís fantastic. Government is nothing but big business for the big, big boys that run the world, folks.


The $3bn is the most pledged by any country to date to the Green Climate Fund, (A:  Hey, GREEN, heyÖohÖ) set up to help poor countries fight climate change. (A:  Oh isnít that nice? Isnít that nice, eh?) The US contribution puts the fund at nearly $6bn towards its initial $10bn goal.  (A:  It doesnít go to that at all, folks. In those countries that are complaining about it in Africa, and Africaís got a lot of little countries and some big ones, are getting bombarded with things like, oh, Ebola and all kinds of disease, because they are an awful nuisance, you see, complaining about things, and not wanting to go along with this greenhouse stuff. Because you see, some of them would actually like to have a light bulb in their homes, and oh, that would cause pollution creating energy for that light bulb, oh.  Iím not kidding you.)


Robert Menendez, one of four Democratic Senators who had pressed Obama to stump up (A:  Öoh yeah sure, he had to do thatÖ) for climate finance, said the pledge could unlock UN talks.  (A:  The United Nations is a private organization set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations as a front group.  Did you vote for the UN or anybody in it? No. Itís not Democratic either. And they keep telling you to be Democratic.)


ďThe announced $3bn pledge is exactly whatís needed to bring developing countries to the table for a meaningful climate agreement in Paris next year,Ē the New Jersey Democrat said in a statement.


Campaign groups also widely praised the pledge as a sign of Obamaís commitment to his climate change agenda Ė but a number of groups said America could have done far more.  (A:  I wonder who those groups were, eh, all the NGOs working for big foundations, working for the same group.)


The Catholic foreign mission movement, the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, said America should have given five times much more. (A:  Well, so what if the Catholic Foreign Mission Movement said that.  You know, thereís even one group of nuns, a particular school of nuns that are signed on as an NGO under United Nations, who are all for all this stuff across the world, you see. Everybodyís on the take. I guess the nuns and that, it must beÖ a habit or something.


But remember too, back in the 1800s the revolutionaries that were to push this whole system through much faster, thatís what they hoped for, into the same system, by the way, it wasnít going to eliminate all the big tycoons at the top at all, that was all nonsense.  They wanted a slave population working for a future utopia, thatís what the Soviet Union did for years, they never saw it of course, but never had a chance of seeing it because it was all a con. But back in the 1800s the revolutionaries churned out articles and they were put into books and so on and they said that they would use existing organizations, the same stuff that Bernays talked about. Donít go looking for a group; if they are there already use them, take them from the top and the followers donít know, they just keep following. And they would use the CHURCHES, folks, through infiltration, over generations, and then they would use the churches, so here you have the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns.  And you are going down the tubes financially, you are to be taxed more so your government can supposedly give it away to help Third World countries. Theyíve been helping them for years.  In other words, in come the multinationals, the same multinationals, and they put branches up and factories up and give them slave wages for God sake. And when the people eventually start to get organized for unions, what do they do? They move.  Oh, wake up, eh.  WAKE UP!)


Brandon Wu, a policy analyst for ActionAid, said the pledge was a fraction of the support for the energy industry.


ďThe US spends up to $37bn per year on fossil fuel subsidies. We can do better than $2.5bn over four years for a fund designed to help people in poor countries who are already living with the effects of climate change (A:  That must be us, eh? Inflation, dollar devaluation, in Britain it is the pound or the euro and so on. It must be us getting poorer.  Look at all the thousands that die in Britain every year now.  Itís normal now, in their homes, not in the streets but in their homes, living in REAL austerity, folks. Because theyíve been pushing that for years, they are more effective in Britain. And itís mainly old folk who canít afford the fuel to heat themselves, and they die, and itís now normal. And guess what? The public accept it. They accept it. Itís normalized.) Ė supporting action that will save lives and build a better future for us all,Ē he said in a statement.


As expected, the Republican leadership in Congress attacked the pledge, (A:  Well, they always have to go through this show for the public.) and threatened to block funds.


ďObamaís pledge to give unelected bureaucrats at the UN $3bn for climate change initiatives is an unfortunate decision to not listen to voters in this most recent election cycle,Ē (A:  When have they ever listened to voters?) Jim Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican and the likely incoming chair of the Senate environment and public works committee said in a statement.


ďThe presidentís climate change agenda has only siphoned precious taxpayer dollars away from the real problems facing the American people,Ē he added.  (A:  Hmm, well he speaks for us, doesnít he? Everybody.  Oh God Almighty, heís the oneÖ Itís all a show. Itís all a show, folks. They always give you someone who says what youíre all thinking, and I mean on every level of media, EVERY LEVEL of media, and you follow blindly.)


Another article tooÖ


US and China strike deal on carbon cuts in push

for global climate change pact / Lenore Taylor, Tania Branigan / 12 November 2014


Oh, climate change. Getting back to the 1970s, the pollution, you know, and blah-blah-blah, man is the enemyÖ Climate change, PERFECT, isnít it? Perfect. Most folk today, you see, go from their environmentally controlled homes to their environmentally controlled car to their environmentally controlled office, if theyíve got a job that is, and itís the same on the way back, and they donít notice whatís happening outside them. They simply adapt and adapt and adapt. Because the media doesnít say, isnít this darned weird weather, when it has snowed every darn day in places around Sudbury, where the top of the jet stream where it loops, thatís what they said of course in their articles for changing the weather that thatís where they would dump it all.  The biggest, heaviest dumps are right on the loops because it carries it, it has a bigger carrying area on the way back down again to the States. And they never mention too, the weeks of about 35 to 40 below freezing, like it was normal? Really? Well it is now.


US and China strike deal on carbon cuts in push

for global climate change pact / Lenore Taylor, Tania Branigan / 12 November 2014


US President Barack Obama looks on as Chinese President Xi Jinping (A:  Jinping, ehÖ) speaks during a joint press conference in the Great Hall of the People (A:  ÖI love that Soviet system, communist.  At the Great Hall of the PeopleÖ) in Beijing. (A:  Theyíve got a whole slave population there, and the guys that used to be millionaires are multi-billionaires now, that run them all. The Peopleís Hall, The Peopleís ArmyÖ Oh, everything is the Peopleís.  Really? [Alan chuckles.] What a joke, eh.)


And then this other article tooÖ


US-China emissions deal puts extreme pressure on Australia to do more / Lenore Taylor / 12 November


(A:  See, they push everybody.  Because you see, Australia, as I said, and New Zealand are now under the region of China. That was decided by, guess what? The British establishment, London establishment. Not British, it was really London.  The British folk have no more say than the Americans or Canadians or anybody else has on what goes on. But London is the boss, you see, a big financial center. OLD families, as they say. So Australia must buckle under too.) 


The Hazelwood power station in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.  (A:  They show you these power stations.)


Australia is under intense pressure to announce a target for post-2020 greenhouse gas reductions after the shock announcement from US president Barack Obama and Chinese premier Xi Jinping of new national climate change goals.  (A:  The new national ones, eh.)


The US has agreed to cut its emissions by 26-28% of 2005 levels by 2025 Ė a doubling of the pace of its reductions. (A:  So by 2025, folks, you ainít going to be driving.  And leading up to it, donít think you can drive up to it. No, theyíre going to be putting things up and up and up until by that yearÖ See, they donít forbid you, they make it impossible to do so. Thatís what they do.  Theyíve always done this technique.  Incrementalism, you adapt and adapt and eventually it happens.  You think youíre making a decision, well I better get rid of that old banger then and move into that cityÖ  Yeah.) If Australia were to make similar cuts by 2025 against its 2000 benchmark, it would need to reduce emissions by between 28% and 31%.


Asked where the deal left Australiaís climate change policy, the expert adviser to the former government Professor Ross Garnaut said: ďExactly where it was before the US-China announcement Ė up shit creek.Ē  (A:  What a way for a guy to say that, eh, a guy in charge of climate change policy from the top. By God, Hollywood has given you a whole new vocabulary and way of saying things havenít they? And they have, because they gave you your culture, the whole world adapts from it, they all watch the same movies. One of the biggest exports from the US apart from the military industrial complex things and so on, is, no kidding, Hollywood movies. They churn them out just like tin cans, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And it alters your way of thinking, through emotional pieces written into the scripts and you adopt these emotional outcomes as though they were your own.)


Australia has so far said only that it would ďconsider its post-2020 target as part of the review Ö in 2015 on Australiaís international targets and settingsĒ, taking into account what trading partners promise, and has been strongly resisting discussion of climate change at the G20 on the grounds that the meeting should focus on its central economic agenda.  (A:  Well, you canít have any practicality here, folks, because you see, itís not your agenda, itís theirs. And they always get what they want.)


It has not announced how it will determine its post-2020 target, nor when it will make it public.  (A:  No, no they wonít tell you when they make it public. And he goes on and on and onÖ)


And then, if you even go into, I think itís Wikipedia, or WikiLeaks I should say. Wikipediaís awful, itís all conology again. But this isÖ


Press Release - Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Ė

Financial Services Annex / 2014-06-19


Today, WikiLeaks released the secret draft text for the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) (A:  That will be all over talk shows this coming week as guys grab this stuff and put it out there.) Financial Services Annex, which covers 50 countries and 68.2% of world trade in services. The US and the EU are the main proponents of the agreement, and the authors of most joint changes, which also covers cross-border data flow. (A:  Thatís all your information being shared, folks, like it hasnít been already, but now itís a seamless flow of all data.) In a significant anti-transparency manoeuvre by the parties, the draft has been classified to keep it secret (A:  Öbecause you see, you live in a democracyÖ) not just during the negotiations but for five years after the TISA enters into force.  (A:  So it is to STAY secret.)


Despite the failures in financial regulation evident during the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis (A:  You see, everything is secretÖ) and calls for improvement of relevant regulatory structures, proponents of TISA aim to further deregulate global financial services markets. (A:  Who runs you, folks? Do you think the guys at the top who run the cash system run it all including all the politicians? Who do you think puts them into office? And backs them financially to get into office? And gets the big machinery to market them to the public and make them superstars so that you will vote for them?) The draft Financial Services Annex sets rules which would assist the expansion of financial multi-nationals Ė mainly headquartered in New York (A: Öno kidding, what a surpriseÖ), London (A:  Öha, reallyÖ), Paris and Frankfurt Ė into other nations by preventing regulatory barriers. The leaked draft also shows that the US is particularly keen on boosting cross-border data flow, which would allow uninhibited exchange of personal and financial data(A:  Thatís all of yours. Not the big boys and the CEOs and the corporations, folks, thatís all of YOUR data. See, itís all getting set up for the world government, folks. If you donít figure it out, well, I canít help you.  If you donít want to figure it out because it scares you, I canít help you there either.)


TISA negotiations are currently taking place outside of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) (A:  There are two different kinds of GATS treaties, you see. There is also the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, you know, so itís taxes too, and the other GATT.) And the World Trade Organization (WTO) framework. (A:  Again, a private organization set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  By the way, they also drafted up the NAFTA agreements, they came out publicly and said that they drafted them up and gave them to the government to sign. Did you vote for them? No. Theyíre private.)  However, the Agreement is being crafted to be compatible with GATS so that a critical mass of participants will be able to pressure remaining WTO members to sign on in the future. (A:  So they will blackmail them, push them.) Conspicuously absent from the 50 countries covered by the negotiations are the BRICS countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. The exclusive nature of TISA will weaken their position in future services negotiations.


The draft text comes from the April 2014 negotiation round (A:  They had a big round there, quiet and all that.) - the sixth round since the first held in April 2013. (A:  Look at it, they are really ramming all of this through.) The next round of negotiations will take place (A:  Öand it has already by the wayÖ) on 23-27 June in Geneva, Switzerland.  (A:  Where else, eh, another big financial center forÖ secrecy.)


Current WTO parties negotiating TISA are: Australia, Canada, Chile, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Colombia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, the United States, and the European Union, (A:  Itís much, much better having a union. You see, because you can put it through, all those countries through under one group, by one Parliament, thatís why they want the same for the Americas.) which includes its 28 member states Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.  (A:  And it goes on and on.)


But Iíll put these links up tonight for those talk show hosts that want to parrot it. And I wish they would send me a few bucks once in a while, or at least mention you.


Anyway, folks, most folk wonít want to know this stuff, it scares them and they want to believe in positive thinking, of course, that they have all been brainwashed into, and wishful thinking really, thatís really what it is, that they can go on forever the way they are, even though theyíve been backpedaling for years and adapting to the backpedaling.  But you canít help folks that donít want to know. And lots of folk really donít want to know. Itís too negative, as they say, and theyíve all been trained not to look at the negative. Because it makes you depressed, you know. You might have to, for Godís sake you might have to do something, and start writing politicians and saying, youíre all scam artists and we donít trust you anymore, you all work for the big boys, things like that.  Theyíd rather have the nice rosy cozy stuff with the PR announcements by the marketers and the public relations experts, as they prop up your politicians in front of you for their photo-ops and the prepared speeches, even the little quips that come out of their mouth are all written by experts and teams of people, TO CON YOU, folks.  Thatís reality. 


Well, from a very cold Canada, I donít think it has gotten above 0įC during the day here for the last month, and probably a bit longer actually. If you think last year was a doozy for freezing wait until you see this year because they are really stepping it up with the spray. Itís so perfect now, itís routine stuff. Thereís no hit and miss with it anymore, they can give you exactly what they want to day by day. And they do.


And I hope youíre all managing to get through.  But this is for the people who are interested, and who donít panic, and who, Iím not selling you anything to save your lives or anything like that, and lots of products and all that, through fear-based advertising and fear-based talks and so on. Iím just telling you how it is. If I was, I would be stinking rich, folks, and Iím not. As I say, itís bad enough trying to get a transmission repaired for $2500, for me thatís an awful lot of money. You can always send a few bucks here if you wanted to and you can find out how to do it at Make good use of it, most of you already do, everybody else does, because itís free. And you can help me tick along too. And you can cut through the nonsense, thatís what I do, I cut through it. Cutting through the matrixÖ all the cons, and I mean all of them.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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US-China emissions deal puts extreme pressure on Australia to do more

Press Release - Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Services Annex


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