Nov. 23, 2014 (#1473)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Reclamation of Your Brain is Worth More than Cash or Fame"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on November 23, 2014. Now, Iíve mentioned many times that you have to hang onto your sanity as we go through the big agenda, a huge massive agenda planned an awful long time ago, long before you were born, most of you in fact, even your parents and your grandparents for that matter. Because cabals of men way back in the 1800s, even before for some of them in fact, manifested themselves as clubs and organizations. Some of them used empires, like the ones in Britain.  The Alfred Milner group of course, it really took over a good part of Africa.  They merged eventually with the Cecil Rhodes group as well and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the idea was to take over the worldís resources.


These were all banking families, really big banking families that were involved in doing this, but they were awfully active.  And their sons took part in a form of massive deception, massive deception, so that they could actually have the countries they wanted to take over appear to attack, and always actually do attack, but appear to attack British settlers, for instance, so that the British Army would go in and pay, the taxpayers would pay for it all of course, and theyíd get the occupying group out of other countries and take over. Thatís what they did in South Africa and Rhodesia and itís well documented. Itís part of history. Itís not conspiracy as such, the guys who were involved obviously were conspirators at the time, but it is an open conspiracy because a lot of it was published, you see. HG Wells called it that, The Open Conspiracy, in one of his writings; that was the title.


But youíll find Carroll Quigley, the professor of Georgetown University who was way up there teaching diplomats across the world how to work on the ethnic groups, and using anthropology, the study of their history, their cultures and so on, on how to take them over for this world governmental system. Because Quigley was an elitist and thatís why he was picked by his masters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the branch in America called the Council on Foreign Relations; itís the same organization. He talked about the techniques that would be used to take over the world basically. It was just too untidy for people who want to dominate the world. Individualism, amongst the masses especially, simply could not be allowed because it caused problems when they wouldnít go along with governmental policies, and the governments were serving the masters of the money. So you understand, you canít have all these different masters and submasters down below, youíve got have one organization running the world. They came up with this idea a long time ago through the Milner group that they would take it over by deception, the whole world, by warfare basically.  They would then send in their own boys, their own families that would take over the ownership of diamond mines, gold mines, and eventually oil, etc. etc. And thatís still going on today. They call it resource wars today, from the Pentagon and other places.  And Britain has been in partnership with the US on this policy for an awful long timeÖ an awful long time actually.


They also hoped that world wars would, and they wrote about this too, if they had world wars then countries would be brought to their knees through the loss of life and property, incredible loss of life, etc, and the cost of it all too that would be passed again onto the taxpayer. So they fomented wars to get wars going and get people on their knees until they say, please stop all this, letís have peace at any cost. Of course the price they wanted, at the top, the masters, was to amalgamate whole countries into big trading groups with one system, one political system, all based on the British system, and then they would have three main trading blocs in the world. They called it free trade.  Itís still ongoing today of course and the Middle East has been ravaged, and then into Asia, with the wars, ongoing wars since Gulf War one basically, it hasnít stopped. 


The big boys, and Iíve read all these articles from the mainstream on the air many times if you going to the archives section at I wonít have to repeat it all. But those who have been following this know that they, Tony Blair for instance, had the top leaders of Shell and BP and all the big oil companies attending him before the West invaded Iraq.  They decided then to divvy up the oil production to these big corporations, and America was totally involved as well. The taxpayers of both countries would build brand-new refineries to make them more efficient, and weíve been doing that of course as well.


Free-trade is awfully good for corporations because youíre living in the age, as Quigley said, where the CEOs of corporations would be the new feudal overlords of this new feudal system. And thatís what we are in. It uses democracy to get the public to sleepwalk through it all, thinking they have rights and freedoms, as they gradually take all your rights and freedoms away from you, into a managed scientific society, or scientifically managed you might say. Thatís where we are today.


Now, weíve all been brainwashed, I mean brainwashed through education, as they constantly rewrite history for instance, to believe what weíre told to believe in our own age for our generation, and it is updated all the time. Things go down the memory hole, as George Orwell said in his book 1984, and thatís where we are today. Articles just disappear as though they had never happened and major events that you are suspicious about, because you donít get the answers from all the questions you put forward, when the answers youíre getting make no sense at all, you canít get details on things. So major events to get conflicts going, or to take all your rights away through anti-terrorism or whatever, or even the World Trade Center, are really written in advance. In fact, your minds are prepared in advance for it, because the movies of Hollywood etc. 


Through fiction youíre programmed to expect something to happen, so when it happens you immediately follow your cues, the cues have been laid out for you to follow. And people do follow them.  So we had the haranguing of the Arab countries from the 70s right through to 2001, and immediately, before the dust cleared, Kissingerís voice and others and Brzezinski said, itís Bin Laden whoís behind all of this. Just like that, you know, justÖ wonderful isnít it, how theyÖ  These guys really have good crystal balls. But thatís the policy, itís written in stone now and you really have no rights and freedoms under a form of martial law. They donít use the term martial law, but when you have no rights and freedoms thatís what youíve got. Itís quite simple. You donít need the term to be used to be living under it.


In fact, through the 70s and 80s and 90s what used to be called the old Communist techniques and party lines and so on had started to be used by the so-called democratic parties to do with multiculturalism, the massive inflow of people from abroad, etc., to destroy the native populations of Europe, etc. That was also part of the plan of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, through free trade they would basically bring in as much labor as they wanted to across borders, national boundaries. They would do away with national boundaries, etc., and even do away with the nation altogether. Von Rompuy at the EU talked about that about a year ago, it was the end of the nation-state.


So we are simply living through a big plan, a well-documented plan actually, for those who care to read up on it. And you donít really need to know the fine nitty-gritty of the day-by-day blows. Thatís a caveat to an extent, or a canard because you are misled. Your minds can get fried trying to follow all the little nuances, etc. of this massive program. You simply need to know the outlines of the basic agenda for everything and make sense to you. And there is no guessing about it because as I say, it has been well written about by those involved at the very top. Iíve mentioned the different people involved many, many times. Aldous Huxley talked about it. His brother Julian at UNESCO talked about it even more in depth. They wanted a scientifically controlled society, for our own good because the average person at the bottom had really, wouldnít evolve anymore. Evolution is a big part of this.


The elite said back in the 1800s that they had achieved their elitism and their status, their noble status, by special selective breeding, by marrying wealthy people to wealthy people who are successful, and holding onto their money for generations, therefore they were the natural leaders of the world. Then the banking profession had exactly the same thing.  Of course you have different ethnic groups involved in all this too. They came to a deal a long time ago that everyone at the top of the tree in every country, who had achieved wealth and power, were part of the global elite, so that you have a big, big happy family at the top now. But everyone below that are just simply defective genes that would not evolve. Once in a while you would have a throwback of a strange combination where you have someone who is really intelligent and they would have to be either brought into the fold to work for the system and the agenda, or eliminated, according to Lord Bertrand Russell. He said, if we canít bring them in weíll have to eliminate them. Thatís the real world in which we live.


Because they donít want people really communicating the real truth to people in a way they can understand quite simply. Itís a dangerous thing. As I say, Mao Tse Tung in China, he said he wasnít afraid of anything, even weapons and so on; he was afraid of a big idea. And that term, the big idea, itís whatís used by the group who rule at the moment. They often call it, itís a big idea. George Bush senior called it, this global agenda, a big idea. You see. So these are code words and terms and phrases which they use amongst themselves, but they will say to the public who will never quite understand what they are going on about. Of course the media participate in this too, they donít tell you either what theyíre talking about. So youíre leftÖ Most folk just dismiss it, you see. They have been legally told but they donít really believe it, because thereís no one to explain to them, you had better take this seriously, they really mean what they say.


Remember, everything which is declared from what appears to be the heads of state and so on in countries, whenever they say something in public itís a legal declaration and thatís lawful, you have been told.  And you basically go along with everything, you acquiesce and give up your freedoms because you donít question and say, no Iím not having that, not for me. You must reclaim your mind. Itís yours, after all. Itís your birthright, to have a mind of your own and you must reclaim it and have it as your own. Even if you donít agree with the policies or even the political correctnesses rammed down your throats today, you must keep a hold of your mind.  Even if you donít voice what you know because you know youíre going to get stoned in one way or another by the mob, who have been brainwashed, and they will turn on you in fact if you have any opinions contrary to their own brainwashing.


And many of you also look for leaders, because youíve been trained to always look for leaders. Itís also a tribal instinct where you would elect a chief at certain times of invasion, of pending invasion, to get you through hard times, things like that. You see it in all the Hollywood movies where someone is selected, in the sci-fi or whatever it happens to be, youíre the one, the one, the one.  And itís always going to be done by the one, you see. So we are being trained to always look for saviors who do it all for us, and they never seem to materialize. It doesnít stop you from wishing, of course, because youíre trained that way and it is instinctive too. But remember, that simply yapping about things or complaining about things, or isnít that terrible what theyíre doing to you, isnít going to change anything. You must literally reclaim yourself and reclaim your dignity.  And have some dignity too by the way, because again that is your birthright.  You have the right to think what you want to think, it doesnít matter how incorrect it is politically. After all, itís your mind and not your controllersí mind. Donít have a controller. Think for yourselves.


And therefore you donít have to follow the so-called daily battles. Itís not a battle at all by the way, of people who simply expose, expose, expose, or keep your mind trained as though you are in some kind of race and if you look away youíll lose the race or youíll die, itís like a horror movie.   Iíve mentioned the amygdala and so on, how itís activated during horror movies because you identify with the person who is running away from the monster, and if you look away your life might be in danger. Subconsciously thatís how it really works. Thatís why folk watch even the most terrible horror movies to the very end, because your primitive part takes over, for survival. And the same technique is used on Patriot Radio and things like that too.


But the whole point of keeping your mind is to have some peace within your mind and youíre not going to get it when youíre being terrified every day. Itís not a battle as you think of it. Itís been an ongoing agenda, believe you me, and all the ones at the top are on board with this agenda, no one at the top is not in step with the agenda. Even when youíre given fake politicians, which are all fake as far as Iím concerned, who come out and say all the right things at election time and then do the opposite once they are in. Thatís the standard technique thatís been used for way too long now of course. And thereís no recall for them when they donít fulfill any promises. After all, why should you live on promises? And why should you look for other people to make things right for you? Itís not going to happen. I mean it really isnít going to happen.


You have to reclaim your own ability, your own mind and your own rights for yourself, because you have the right to live. And you have the right to live the way that you want to live basically. It doesnít mean you interfere with other people or make yourself a darn nuisance, like some psychopathic mogul on the way up. You have to be decent to people and reciprocate in-kind but at the same time you donít get stood on as your neighbor eyes your property.


Now, property is a right and a necessity. Every creature in the world has somewhere it lives.  And creatures donít pay taxes for that. They donít have to get engineers coming in and doing eco-tests, environmental tests to see if you can live there or not. They make their homes where they want to make their home, somewhere they must make their homes, and that is their home and nothing else is going to go into that burrow, for instance, without getting its head bitten off. Thatís the way of nature, and if we are all part of nature then you have the same rights.


When crashes come and the big boys at the stroke of a pen destroy the economy or crash your currency, whatever it happens to be, which is of course what theyíve done over and over through centuries Ė they plunder you in a major way at least twice a century, the rest of the time they are devaluating it because the con of money, today, is simply a printing press and someone who gives them the right to print it up, and you give payment to the one who gives you the right back, with compound interest. So every dollar or pound put into circulation already has an existing debt to it so the value of it is lowered all the time. Thatís as simple as it is actually.  So therefore, you expect your silly little wage increase every year, that doesnít take into account the actual real cost of living going up, but you are still trained to expect that. So the more numbers you have in your paycheck the more you think youíre doing okay. And itís not true at all. If you had £50 a week or $50 a week in the US back in 1900 you were doing okay, believe you me, and you could buy an awful lot for 1 dollar or 1 pound back then, not a cup of coffee like today.


So-called built-in inflation, or as they like to call it now quantitative easing, but you definitely have the right of somewhere to live. Because when they crash economies, believe you me, the first ones who suffer are those who have ridiculous, incredibly ridiculous mortgages for their little home, and their burrow, and those also who are renting as well. Because the big boys who rent can make a killing during this time by getting rid of their tenants who canít pay the exorbitant rents they are paying and out they go on the street, and then the big boys can then rent at a higher price. Everything is a racket in the system of money and the concept of money as weíve had it for a long time, itís completely corrupt and a complete con as well by the way. A complete, completeÖ complete con.


Thatís the only way anything could change in that respect is if a completely new money system was brought in, not with the same characters whoíve been running it for centuries and centuries, and not by outside people, of government.  And even then if the government really took care of its own money, like Canada used to do, people would infiltrate into politics and eventually get appointed over them, and you get the cabal there, because thatís the way that money operates. It literally attracts the psychopath into the game, and he plays for keeps and he plays to win, and heís utterly, utterly ruthless. But as I say, if you donít have somewhere to live thatís yours youíre completely finished when things go really, really sour. And that will never change in the system unless the system itself somehow, and again I mean magically because I really donít believe anything is going to change the system to be honest with you.  The big boys would never allow it, never allow anything to take away their incredible prosperity from total fraud. It wonít happen.


But you need somewhere to live and as I say, a rabbit has more rights than you have.  If you put your hand down a rabbit burrow and thereís young there, that mom is going to bite your hand off, believe you me. Thatís the way things are. But not with people. Youíve been trained to be passive, to obey bailiffs and rules and laws, and your fear of course, and unfortunately your training overcomes your natural rights.


Now, getting back to this whole idea of free trade.  The idea goes way back in Britain to the days of John Dee. He coined the term the Brytish Empire; that was the language back then and you could pick the spelling you wanted to, it wasnít standardized until much, much later.  He explained this to the royalty of his day and he talked about free trade being a pillar of it. Through free trade they could basically forceÖ Ė because free trade would never be free by the way; it was for those who already had power and wealth, incredible power and wealth and therefore he said that Ė eventually they could put the same political system across the world. Very interesting, in fact, very interesting concept, because they would gradually merge with it. Another way to do it, he mentioned, and this is elaborated on by Quigley, through free trade through the British Empire of that day and through the Cecil Rhodes foundation and the Alfred Milner group, these are all banking boys and the sons of banking boys like Curtis, etc. They said too, through subterfuge, take over countries, dominate them through the military, put in your system of what would be called eventually democracy Ė remember, the idea of democracy is relatively new, by the way; the young Winston Churchill mocked this idea of democracy. But anyway, they all use the term democracy when they want to go and invade, because theyíre going to free people you see Ė everything is doublespeak, very Orwellian Ė and they would take over the resources.


They would establish the same system of bureaucracy, primarily bureaucracy by the way.  Because you see, you donít elect bureaucrats. They are in for life. They are interested in themselves and follow the rules that will make them get up the ladder, help them up the ladder, and to make sure that their income goes up and up and up and they can have more power. Adolf Hitler said the same thing in the early days. He said that they didnít have to bother about other political parties, in the early days. He said, we need the bureaucrats on our side, thatís what you need. Absolutely, because those in charge of governmental departments, once they are told what the agenda is they will work their whole lives towards it, and all the staff underneath them. Itís quite simple. And thatís how it is today. Every bureaucrat in the federal governments of the world are on board pretty well with this global agenda. Because itís going to serve them awfully well, or already has by the way.  It makes sure that their jobs are very secure because now they have made themselves more important, more necessary to get this global agenda through. They work tirelessly towards it. Plus so many of them belong to the big groups, the private groups of the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Cecil Rhodes foundation and so on and they have had scholarships early on and picked by these big foundations to go into the bureaucratic positions. The doors are opened and they are put in there. Thatís been going on for well over a century.


Now, to take the world over and rule it in this new scientific fashion, on behalf of those who decided long ago that they were the natural Darwinian elite, then you have to have an agenda which encompasses everything in human nature and human life and existence. Thatís your minds, thatís what you do and work at and so on, do all of that, how you interact with other people, how you will behave with other people, and hence your indoctrination into political correctnesses, all the changes that are put forward that come into actuality.  So youíre living through a massive time of change. Itís called the age of change, the Century of Change actually, this 21st century. It was called that in the last century by high levels of academia working in sociology departments, etc., for the big boys who gave them all the grants and put them in there in the first place as professors.


So everything has been covered basically, including the outlooks for those who think they are resisting. Thereís many caveats out there, again, and the people who you might follow, but in reality nothing is being done by them at all except they are raking in a lot of money. Because every sector has been covered here. Every sector has been covered. Iím not saying just give up. Iím saying, this is how it really is, folks. Thatís the hard news. Youíre waking up into a system, hopefully youíre waking up, into a system, which is completely established already.  And those around you who are not waking up, as they say, or clued in, have had perfect indoctrination which has worked with them better than it has worked on perhaps you. So thatís how the system really, really is.


Individualism is the main enemy. It must be eradicated and thatís the whole purpose of things today. GroupthinkÖ groupthink is in from the schools onward, as you all sit in a group, and you must all vote on certain understandings of things, and agree about the understandings, the authorized understandings, to get passing marks. That carries onto your whole life now, as those people around you who are brainwashed will turn on you if you say something that doesnít make any sense at all. Because doublethink comes in to understanding. Doublethink is a term meaning you can hold two completely opposing views in your head on the same topic at the same time.  Again, thatís from George Orwellís 1984


Now, another big part of this agenda was also the grand finale of the banking system. Because remember, the Royal Institute of International Affairs was formed from the Alfred Milner group, that had all the top bankers in the City of London and New York, etc.  Because the CFR is simply a branch of the same group for America. They couldnít call it Royal, it wouldnít go down well in America, and now, I donít really know, I donít think they care much, but back then they couldnít use Royal so they called it the Council on Foreign Relations.  So weíre going through a massive agenda. Itís been going on for generations now and they have the public really where they want them, where they donít complain too much about big things that are happening, they donít know how to organize properly, if they do organize theyíre infiltrated and taken over, pretty well immediately, and definitely demonized, always.  So therefore they canít really have anyÖ Some of them even become mainstream as they are given the go-ahead to push things in a certain direction that are harmless to those in power and control.


So eventually the entire worldís money supply was to be ruled by the same bunches that take over all the countries and amalgamate trading blocs that used to consist of many independent nations. Thatís what weíre living through today.  The Far East/Pacific Rim bloc, that encompasses Australia, New Zealand, China and a lot of other places. Of course the whole of Europe amalgamated under one major political Parliament system, the EU. And the North American Union for the continent of the Americas and that encompasses other countries in the Caribbean etc. So free trade, free flow of goods, which is only for keeping people out of course unless youíre a member of the club.  Itís not for everybody.  If you try to get your little company to ask for things they will hammer you to send mail and tax you like the blazes. But for the big boys themselves itís a way of keeping everybody else out, to eliminate competition. Thatís really what itís about. Everything is done by deception, and thatís what it means.


A World Trade Organization was set up, another private organization which was set up by this Council on Foreign Relations /Royal Institute of International Affairs, the same group. They set up the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, that is the big power today. They set up the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, a private organization belonging to the same group again, etc. etc., and all the central bank employees at the top all belong to it too. So theyíve pretty well already sewn up all the money system, but theyíve still got more to do with it and thatís why youíll get more crashes as they amalgamate all the cash together and start devaluating some and bringing other ones up to par, to equalize them before the total amalgamation.


But you need bank crashes in the meantime and thatís what Iím about to touch on just now. Itís to do with the incredible amount of preparation they have put into the coming bail-ins, as they call it, where they rob your savings money actually and your RSPs, that will ultimately disappear as they crash the whole system, in order to bring in total power for the supreme rise of the supreme ruler for the Bank for International Settlements, the private organization at the top. Thatís where we are today. Here are some articles I will just touch on tonight, thatís really going on and affects you all. Hereís an article and it says, itís from Bloomberg of all places. Because remember too, itís like Albert Mackey, he wrote The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry but he said, we never talk so honestly and openly as we do when we are in public. Because the brothers understand one thing and the public, they really donít take much notice of it, they donít quite get it.  But Bloomberg is coming out here, and hereís how it works you see. Because the old Alfred Milner group talked about the rise of their own banking system that would rule the politicians and rule governments and everything else, everything is dependent upon what they called their money, at the top, and their right to create it and do as they please. So it says here thatÖ


AFL-CIO Asks Banks to Explain Payouts to Government-Job Takers / Madeline McMahon / Nov 20, 2014


(Alan: Now, hereís the open revolving door policy of banks to government, government to banks, of high-level employees.)


The AFL-CIO, the nationís largest labor organization, called on seven Wall Street banks to explain why the firms pay additional compensation to some employees who leave for high-ranking government positions. (A:  Thatís exactly what Quigley said they would do, and they had already been doing it back in his day in fact.)


Richard Trumka, the groupís president, sent letters to banks including Morgan Stanley (MS), Citigroup Inc. (C), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. that asked for more information on how shareholders benefit when banks reward executives for taking government jobs, the AFL-CIO said today in a statement.


The deal is a ďgolden parachuteĒ for entering the public sector, Trumka said in the letters, copies of which were posted online. The AFL-CIO said it owns stock in all the banks and would consider submitting shareholder proposals at the firmsí annual meetings if it didnít receive responses.


ďUnless the position of these companies is that this is just a backdoor way to pay off a newly minted government official to act in Wall Streetís private interests rather than the public interest, it is very difficult to see how these policies promote long-term shareholder value,Ē Heather Slavkin Corzo, who runs the labor groupís investment office, said in the statement.


The AFL-CIO became interested in the issue after examining regulatory filings providing compensation details, Corzo said in a phone interview. ďWe know that there are folks out there who have these provisions in their contracts,Ē she said, declining to provide names.   (A:  No, they wonít tell you the names of them because you see, they are powerful people, although you have never heard their names, high-level bureaucrats who went straight into Wall Street, and down the road they go back from Wall Street into politics or bureaucracy again).


Some bankersí contracts allow for stock awards, including restricted shares, to vest immediately or other incentives to be paid if they accept a high-level U.S. government position. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was asked at his Senate confirmation hearing about such a clause in his contract with Citigroup, where he worked as investment banker before returning to government employment, according to a transcript.


Trumka also wrote to Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co. and Lazard Ltd. (LAZ). A spokesman for Morgan Stanley didnít immediately respond to a request for comment, while spokesmen for the other banks declined to comment. (A:  Because theyíll do it in unison, theyíll get in touch with each other and say, what have you said? We said nothing.  Thatís what they do.) The Wall Street Journal reported on the letters yesterday.


Some Democratic members of Congress have expressed reservations about Wall Street executives filling government positions. U.S. senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Chuck Grassley of Iowa have said theyíll oppose the Obama administrationís nomination of Lazard investment banker Antonio Weiss to be Treasuryís top domestic finance official.


Tax Inversions


Warren, in an article published yesterday on the Huffington Post website, questioned Weissís fitness for the post, saying he lacked the experience and background to do the job. Durbin and Warren also have concerns about Lazardís role in several tax-inversion deals, in which companies reduce their U.S. tax bills by moving their addresses overseas, people familiar with their views have said. 


Well, nothingís going to happen here, folks, because you see, no matter what you find out about the big boys at the top and their operations and how they work, they are all powerful, they are completely all-powerful and nothing will happen about it. Apart from that, the Congressional members and senators now can legally do insider trading, because they know about all the governmental deals and they can invest in stocks and so on of companies that have got contracts with the military or ones coming up.  So they made it legal for them to do it, but it is illegal for you to do it.  So they are not going to complain about this. They canít, actually, complain about it; they are all bought and paid for.


Now, this other article is awfully interesting and important and this is from The Economist. It saysÖ


New rules hemming in banks

will make it easier to let them failówith luck /  Nov 15th 2014


(A:  Now, it used to be bail-outs where they use your tax money to bail out their big corporate pals, their feudal overlords of course as Quigley said. The new term is to use bail-ins where they simply rob your money in the bank, but they must pay their shareholders. The shareholders are different, because they made it a worldwide policy, worldwide policy, in every country, that they must be cushioned and taken care of before anybody else. So those who simply deposit money in the bank will have it stolen, because they are not shareholders, theyíre depositors. Itís all semantics really but thatís how the legal system works.)


WHEN big banks totter, taxpayers usually foot the bill. Given the chaos that would follow an outright failureóbank runs, frozen payment systems and so onóbail-outs have long been the least-bad option for governments. That might end under plans unveiled on November 10th by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), a group of international regulators, that should make it easier for banks to fail without recourse to the public purse.  (A:  These organizations, by the way, are all set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the same guys that drafted up, literally drafted up, themselves, for the amalgamation of the European countries into one system. And the same guys who openly said in Canada, the Council on Foreign Relations, that they drafted up the ones that were signed into law for the amalgamation of the Americas Ė Canada, the States, Mexico and all the Latin American countries. This is amazing, all private organizations. But they sound very official donít they?)


Under the proposed new rule, the biggest banks will have to hold buffers, or ďtotal loss-absorbing capacityĒ (TLAC), equivalent to 16-20% of their assets (the loans and investments they make)óvastly more than in the run-up to 2007. The bigger cushion comes in two main forms. First, banks must hold more equity (the money shareholders put into the business) relative to their assets. Second, bondholders, who put up much of the money banks go on to lend, will now be expected to shoulder losses after shareholders are wiped out.  (A:  So there you go.)


The principle of ďbailing inĒ creditors is welcome. Though in theory many of them should have been hit in 2007-09 (A:  But they always have that, they always save their own investors.), in practice imposing losses on them proved legally difficult and so seemed foolhardy to attempt in the midst of a crisis. (A:  Amazing, really, when you think about it, a bank is a private business and so those who invest in that bank should take the loss like any private business. But no, they pass it on to the general public, through their gophers, the politicians.) Now, bonds are counted towards TLAC only if they explicitly bear losses when things go wrong. One such instrument, known as contingent-convertible bonds, or ďcocosĒ (A:  [Alan laughing.] I guess thatís for the nuts.), is counted as debt in good times but automatically turns into equity if capital ratios drop below a certain level.


The TLAC rule, which comes into force in 2019, will apply only to 27 ďsystemically importantĒ global banks such as HSBC and Citigroup. Smaller lenders are exempted, as are bigger ones in emerging markets. But they are widely expected to face similar rules soon.  (A:  Actually, theyíve already signed agreements for 2015, for those who donít know it. January 1, 2015 they kick in for bailing-in banks, in your own countries. I read them on the air last year and this year.)


Mark Carney (A:  Öwho was the guy who ran the bank for Canada, although it is not really a bank as such. Itís really a group of politicians that make deals with the private lenders, thatís the new bank. The old one was a real bank.), the governor of the Bank of England (A:  Thatís where they moved him to because they just rotate them around, because heís-their-man sort of thing.) who also chairs the FSB (A:  [Alan chuckles.] The Financial Stability Board, eh.  Itís amazing who they put in.), has made clear TLAC is not designed to prevent individual banks going out of business. The aim is to limit the potential reverberations, making a bank failure more akin to that of an airline or a carmaker, say: painful, complicated, but ultimately not a threat to the wider economy.  (A:  Really?  Hey, the economyÖ Never mind you, the publicÖ [Alan chuckles.])


That in turn should remove the implicit subsidy big banks have unfairly enjoyed. Because creditors have long assumed the banks were ďtoo big to failĒ, they also assumed they would be repaid even if things turned sour. The upshot was that big banks borrowed at rates that were in effect subsidised by taxpayers. (A:  Öfor those who didnít know that.  We pay for everything. All big corporations get corporate welfare from us, we pay it all.)    Removing that subsidy will dent bank profitsóand rightly so.


The TLAC proposals push in the same direction as four previous initiatives designed to make banks sturdier (see table). Bankers complain of a Rubikís cube of rules: improve one ratio and you may find that another one deteriorates. They also fret that all this new rule-making is scaring away the investors whose money is needed to raise capital to the required level.


In theory, TLAC should be the last big global rule on capital. But regulators are still busy devising a system to ensure banks can be ďresolvedĒ, or wound down, should they go bust. (A:  Thatís what theyíre saying here. So itís quite interesting going through the spiels we are given about what theyíre doing to make sure that itís harder for them to fail basically, which itís not at all. Itís making it easier for them to steal all your money. Thatís really what this whole lot is about, folks, and to devalue your money. You understand, when they bring in new currencies and things they always devalue your money by at least half, meaning the purchasing power of that pound or dollar or whatever it happens to be.) 


Whether ďtoo big to failĒ is indeed over will only become clear during the next crisis.  (A:  Öso they know itís coming, folks, thatís what this is all about. Itís the agenda, you see, to make sure that one group, the same group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, rules the entire money system through their Bank for International Settlements, of the entire planet. Thatís what itís about.)  Imposing losses on investors such as pension funds or small-time punters is politically tricky. A recent bank failure in Portugal, EspŪrito Santo, resulted in a state-backed rescue which spared many bondholders. Hopefully next time will be different.  (A:  Thatís the bondholders, not the depositors.)


And ha, this other article is awfully good and itís from Reuters. It saysÖ


European banks face up to 1trn capital hole / Helene Durand / Oct 24, 2014


LONDON, Oct 24 (IFR) - European banks could be forced to sell billions of euros of subordinated debt or completely reshape their corporate structures if global regulators go ahead with new rules seeking to stop banks being "too big to fail".


According to the most pessimistic estimates, the European banking sector as a whole could need to raise as much as 1 trillion of subordinated debt to meet new standards for Total Loss Absorption Capacity - or TLAC - that the Financial Stability Board is set to agree in November.  (A:  Thatís happening right now, folks, for those who are missing out whatís really going on.)


The FSB is the international body (A:  Öbecause it belongs to the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations group.)  that brings together the work of national financial authorities and wants banks to hold an additional safety buffer equivalent to 16% to 20% of their risk-weighted assets.


This potential supply comes on top of the up to 600bn European banks need to raise to meet the already demanding minimum capital requirements set by the Basel Committee and competing supply from banks in other regions that will have to meet the same requirements.


"If you were to add the numbers today for the Global Systemically Important Banks (GSIBs) (A:  This is what theyíre calling them.) In Europe, they are 500bn short (A:  I guess thatís euros.) of TLAC in the right form or in the right place," said Simon McGeary, head of the new products group at Citigroup.


"The problem for many European banks is that they have senior but it tends to be at the operating company."


Analysts at BNP Paribas said in a recently published note that they expect the additional requirements to be met with a mix of Tier 2 debt, holdco senior debt and a reduction of risk-weighted assets. They estimate that for the European sector as a whole - that is, for the GSIBs and smaller institutions - TLAC could mean 1trn (A:  I guess thatís euros again.) of subordinated issuance.


So, when money becomes complicated, I mean, adding up things and subtracting them, itís not difficult to do. When they make it supposedly into a science of economics, it means youíre conned, folks. When anything simple is made into some kind of science, with all fancy terms and names and so on, and lots of wonderful theories, which are guesses, and they are taught as fact, then thereís a con going on, and money has always been a con. Because you see, those at the very top make money off of you.  All labor, really, produces what they call money. Itís all labor. But those who deal with the money make more money than the ones who labor and actually create things, at the bottom. Thatís the facts. Very simple isnít it?


This article here, from the Financial Stability Board, the private organization that belongs to the same bunch. Itís only one group running the world, in the front positions that is.  It saysÖ


FSB reports to G20 Brisbane Summit on Progress in Financial Regulatory Reforms (A:  Öfor Australia.) / 14 November 2014


The Financial Stability Board (FSB) published today the following documents delivered to G20 Leaders for the Brisbane Summit:


ēa letter from the FSB Chair to the G20 Leaders, reporting on progress in financial reforms and highlighting the major issues for the attention of Leaders, with an attached dashboard summarising the status of implementation by FSB member jurisdictions on priority reform areas;


ēa report to the G20 on the FSBís review of the structure of its representation;


ēa progress report setting out the FSBís approach to transforming shadow banking into resilient market-based financing to date, and a roadmap for further work in 2015 that has been presented to the G20 for endorsement; and


ēa comprehensive overview report on progress in the implementation of the financial reforms in order to strengthen financial stability.


(A:  These links Iím going to put up by the way for those who really care about whatís happening. Because this is the cons as they all maneuver together under their big pyramidal system to bring the money under total control of those who basically have ruled it by separate family members across the world for a long, long time now into one official system, you see.)


Financial Stability Board


13 November 2014 Ė FSB publishes Standards and Processes for Global Securities Financing Data Collection and Aggregation. 


The FSB is seeking comments on the proposed standards and processes for global data collection and aggregation on securities financing transactions. 


(A:  So all data collection of all finances across the whole planet, global securities financing data collection is happening right now. They amalgamate all information together using all the governmental systems and everything else, and small business systems, all going into one system.)


12 November 2014 Ė FSB publishes update on the effects of reforms on emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs)


The FSB published a report which provides an update on the monitoring of the effects of financial regulatory reforms on EMDEs, following up on its previous reports on the subject.


(A:  So what theyíre doing in other words is, itís all to do with the developing economies. We pay for the developing economies, what we do is we give them huge massive grants from the overseas development corporations, that are private organizations tacked into your government from the United Nations, which again, was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the same bunch again, the CFR.  So theyíve got it all sewn up basically. But for emerging nations, as they call them, Third World countries, we pay for, again, more factories to get moved into them and we build brand-new ones for the big international corporations that already run all factories across the world. Itís quite interesting really. Boring too but itís interesting to know whatís going on.)


12 November 2014 Ė FSB reports to G20 on Progress in Reforming Resolution Regimes and Resolution Planning


The FSB published today its report to the G20 on progress in reform of resolution regimes and resolution planning for G-SIFIs (A:  They should turn out a whole dictionary for this stuff.) and reports the initial results from the launch of the resolvability assessment process, RAP.  (A:  Öwhich is called rap [Alan laughing.] Resolvability assessment process, you get the rap, eh, you get a bad rap. But all rap is pretty bad anyway.)


11 November 2014 Ė FSB completes Peer Review of the Netherlands


The FSB published today the findings and conclusions of the peer review of the Netherlands.  (A:  So Holland is into it as well, and so on.)


10 November 2014 Ė FSB consults on proposal for a common international standard on Total Loss-Absorbing Capacity (TLAC) for global systemic banks


7 November 2014 Ė Reappointment of Chairman of the Financial Stability Board

(A:  Mark Carney is the boss of that now; he was the chosen one a long time ago by his bosses, which we are not going to name.)


So Iíll put this up tonight for those who want to follow it, and Iím sure many will be copying it tomorrow and putting it out all across the net, or getting their lackey employees to do it for them. But anyway, thatís the money system. Because thatís the big one to be used at the end, according to Quigley, to have total power over the whole globe and every person in the world basically.


And this article too, is from The Telegraph.


Goldman Sachs: Supermarket groups must close one in five stores / Graham Ruddick / Nov 2014


(A:  Itís amazing, Goldman Sachs is into everything. They were the guys who also were employed and paid by governments who wanted to join the EU and the European group. Greece employed them for it and Goldman Sachs overlooked certain things, deliberately, and got Greece into it, and set them up to fail in the first place. But they got paid anyway. And the Goldman Sachs group, believe you me, is the chosen front of the big international banking groups and families because they also own, youíd be surprised that they actually own the military-industrial complex in the US and Britain and elsewhere, through their various groups and companies which they own. And they actually own them. But here they are doing studies for stores now, the big supermarket chains.)


Store closures are 'only viable solution' for Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons, say analysts


Britainís biggest supermarket groups must close one in five shops in order to turn around their performance, analysts at Goldman Sachs have warned.


In a damning report on the grocery industry, the Goldman analysts (A:  I almost said anarchists thereÖ) said closing stores is the ďonly viable solutionĒ if the major food retailers are to grow profits again.  (A:  Well the reason they are not growing profits is because there already are chains owned by the big boys and they are gouging the public beyond belief today. In the last couple of years in fact the prices have just soared, again, with quantitative easing thanks to the global agenda, meaning inflation and devaluation of your currency.  The purchasing power of your currency is down so you need two bucks for the same thing that cost one buck; basically thatís the simple way of putting it.)


The comments came after Waitrose boss Mark Price told The Telegraph that the ďBig FourĒ supermarkets could be forced to start closing shops as the industry faces its biggest transformation since the 1950s. (A:  Now, they should still have the mom and pop ones and the family-owned businesses and all the green grocers and so on.  If they had all of that the competition would keep prices low, youíd get a better quality and so on, instead of this gunk they call food today, which is mainly chemicals, prepackaged and so on and prepared. And the cons they do with vegetables, which are incredibly so overpriced, not by the farmer but by all the middlemen of course, that belong to these big organizations, the purchasers. The cons to keep them looking green in the store, they spray them with chemicals early in the morning before the public get in.  Itís just astonishing, folks, what youíre eating, and it has all been approved by your governments.)


Shares in Tesco, Sainsburyís and Morrisons, the listed supermarket groups, have already fallen by 50 percent over the last year as their sales have slumped. (A:  Well, there you go.)


Now, the US, itís interesting again. Jack Lew, the guy who, you know, from Wall Street to government and back and forthÖ


Jack Lew named Treasury secretary by US Senate / Associated Press / 27 February 2013


Budget expert Jack Lew is to be the next Treasury secretary after the Senate voted 71-26 in favour of his nomination.


The US Senate has confirmed Jack Lew as Treasury secretary, affirming Barack Obama's choice of a budget expert at a time when Congress and the White House are at odds over sharp government spending cuts.  (A:  Öexcept for people like Obamaís wife and that, whoís all over the planet on her special planes and stuff, buying stuff.)


The Senate voted 71-26 to support the nomination. 


(A:  You know, Alexander Hamilton gets a bad rap in the US history because he had a different view of things than Jefferson and others. He actually applauded, unfortunately he applauded the great conquerors of the past, who made the changes you see, you know, the man, the man who did it and so on. But he did make some interesting comments too when the US was deciding, did they want a king, or whatever they wanted, or what kind of system they were going to bring in. He said, do you really want people to have votes and so on and big government? He said, if you have kings and queens then you might have a decent one every three families or so, three generations, but with government employees, and their families, now youíve got thousands of them who want to live like royalty off of the public. Well, he made an awfully good comment on that and I thought it was awfully good, and itís awfully true today, isnít it? Because they want to live like kings and queens, all of them, but the money they are raking in, I mean, they pretty well are. Theyíve got all these cushions there so they donít hit the street, believe you me. They got jobs for life and they are doing awfully well, off of you. As I say, those who handle and manage you and your cash live way better than you that actually make things at the bottom.)


Lew takes over just before automatic spending cuts are set to take effect. He is likely to take part in any negotiations to reverse the cuts and in key budget talks next month to continue funding the government.  (A:  [Alan laughing.] Why is any government borrowing money to start with, folks?  eh?  You think about it, think about it. Yeah.  And through the free trade deals, as they stop import taxes for incoming products from overseas and things like that, that difference has to be made up by you, the personal domestic tax payer, because they ainít going to take those losses, you see. Thatís all negotiated into these deals, weíll just pass it on to the taxpayer what we are losing from import duties.)


Lew began his government service in the 1980s as an aide to house speaker Tip O'Neill. He has also served two stints as White House budget director.  (A:  So there you go. Do you think Obama picked him? Of course he didnít.)


Is Obama's 'Beast' too fast for Brisbane? President's peopleÖ


(A:  I donít know if you realize that just like kings and queens, you see, and now you got thousands of them to support and make them live well.  But the presidentís people, these are the groups who go around before kings and queens and so on to make sure that the route they take is all scenic and nice.  You know, during World War II Adolf Hitlerís group, when he lived in the bunker, for any little trips he took, for any of the staff who were in the bunker with him if they took trips outside, they would pick streets that were not bombed and so on so theyíd look nice and neat and tidy, etc. But itís not justÖ Where do you think Hitler got the idea from? The kings and queens down through history have always done the same thing.  I can remember when there was a scandal a long time ago in Scotland, I read about it many years later.  It was at the new University they set up in Stirling and the Queen was to open it I believe.  Oh, they hired people to do all the gardens and everything and so on, and many thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds were paid, by the taxpayer as always, to put all the selected plants and herbs and things from all over the world in this garden. And the Queenís people who go around in advance of all the route, said, the Queen doesnít like this color and that color and so on. So they had to uproot and throw away all of these imported heathers and everything from across the world. So you talk about the decadenceÖ See, the richer folk at the top, especially those who think they are ruling, the decadence that they are into is just astronomical, and to them itís a little whim, itís no major thing, because they are not paying for any of it.  And then they had to paint, for the Queen coming to Stirling, they had to paint the whole railway station and all railroad stations that her special coach went through on the way to Stirling, and even cover up the ladies and gentlemanís toilet signs. It was unseemlyÖ It may offend her little eyeballs, you know, things like that. Well, itís no different from the presidentís people, this article is about that, who went to Australia.)


Is Obama's 'Beast' too fast for Brisbane? President's people 'requested demolition of city ROUNDABOUT' (A:  Öthatís the roads...) so his beefed-up Cadillac doesn't have to slow down at G20 / Freya Noble / 13 November 2014


(A:  Öweíll just pass it on to the taxpayer, ehÖ)


Ahead of the G20 summit this weekend in Australia, Barack Obama's delegation made a request to have a major roundabout in Brisbane demolished.  (A:  Öjust like that.  To hell with the public that are being inconvenienced and all the rest of it, eh, and have to build it back up afterwards.)


The reason: So his enormous presidential car 'The Beast' will not have to slow down outside the University of Queensland, where the US President is due to give a speech on Saturday.  (A:  Of course his speeches are written by somebody else. These guys are just front men, folks. Theyíre awfully well rewarded though, they will put anything through that they are told to put through.)


However Queensland authorities apparently rejected the request to demolish and reconstruct the roundabout outside the university's St Lucia campus, The Australian reported.  (A:  So Iíll put this up tonight as well.) 


And then this article tooÖ


Russell Napier Declares November 16, 2014 The Day Money Dies / 11/12/2014


It is with regret and sadness we announce the death of money on November 16th 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.  (A:  It opens with, from the actual cabaret called Money, this song money, money makes the world go aroundÖ)


ĎA mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound

A buck or a pound

A buck or a pound

Is all that makes the world go 'round;

That clinking, clanking sound

Can make the world go 'round.í


      ďMoneyĒ from Cabaret by Kander & Ebb


In the musical Cabaret, Sally Bowles and the Emcee sing about money from the perspective of those witnessing its collapse in value in real terms in the great German hyperinflation of 1923.


Less than a decade later, and a continent away, a young lawyer from Youngstown, Ohio noted on July 25th 1932 how moneyís value could also fall in nominal terms:  (A:  Oh, heís just noticed, eh.)


"A considerable traffic has grown up in Youngstown in purchase and sale at a discount of Pass-Books on the Dollar Bank, City Trust and Home Savings Banks. Prices vary from 60% to 70% cash. All of these banks are now open but are not paying out funds."  (A:  So in other words, cash in the hand is worth more than money deposited in the bank. Itís the same old story, you see.)

      The Great Depression - A Diary: Benjamin Roth (first published 2009)


In Youngstown the bank deposit, an asset previously referred to as "money" (A:  Öand thatís what they used to call it, youíve got money in the bankÖ), had fallen (A:  So what you had, money in the bank, had fallenÖ) by up to 40% relative to the value of cash (A:  Öin the hand.). The G20 announcement in Brisbane on November 16th will formalize a "bail in" for large-scale depositors raising the spectre that their deposits are, as many were in 1932, worth less than banknotes. It will be very clear that the value of bank deposits can fall in nominal terms. (A:  And it goes on to talk about it too.)


Money has been a racket sinceÖ its invention. And all it is, is an idea, remember.  A price is an idea, used to come up with stuff that was hard to get a hold of. So the big boys who wanted to run the early money system in ancient times of course made it silver, and later gold as well, but silver was the main one because most folk would not get a hold of it, so they made sure that they ran the mines and they could manage the release of it.


Another article tooÖ


Small step for G20, a leap for TBTF banks / Mark Bayley  / 17 Nov 2014


(A:  Again, to do with Mark CarneyÖ)

Mark Carney, BoE governor and chairman of the FSB, presented the findings of the FSBís earlier release on ĎAdequacy of loss-absorbing capacity of global systemically important banks in resolutioní.


This is the big, big one, folks.  And we saw what happened to Ireland, for instance. They wanted them on the IMF, because when the IMF comes in they run your policies in the country. They cut your welfare, they cut your healthcare, everything, to keep the profits and everything up.  But itís also because then they can rule you. So, so much for your democracy when a foreign group comes in and rules you.  Literally rule you, thatís what they do.


And this article too, itís also from Zero Hedge. It says thatÖ


Wall Street Stunned As Iceland

Dares To Jail Banker Involved In 2008 Crash / Tyler Durden / 11/20/2014


Wall Street bankers are staring agog at headlines coming from Europe where, in Iceland, the former chief executive of one of the largest banks in the country which was involved in crashing the economy in 2008 has been sentenced to jail time. (A:  Yea!!!)  As Valuewalk reports, in receiving a one year prison sentence (A:  Thatís awfully cheap, one year ehÖ), Sigurjon Arnason officially became the first bank executive to be convicted of manipulating the bankís stock price and deceiving investors (A:  Well, they all do that. I mean, theyíve always done that.), creditors and the authorities between Sept. 29 and Oct. 3, 2008, as the bankís fortunes unwound, crashing the economy with it. It appears he was as shocked by the verdict as Wall Street-ers are, "this sentence is a big surprise to me as I did nothing wrong." (A:  A good psychopath will always tell you that.)  It was likely all for the people's own good...  (A:  [Alan laughing.])


Some thought it would never happen. (A:  Öand he goes on to it in a more detailed story here.)


What, me guilty? was the bank executiveís response upon learning of his fate. ďThis sentence is a big surprise to me as I did nothing wrong,Ē (A:  Well thatís what they all say, you see.) Arnason was quoted as saying in a Reuters article after he learned of his punishment. 


Other Iceland bank executives also convicted


The Reykjavik District Court had lopped off nine months of Arnasonís sentence, saying they were suspended.  Other bank executives involved in the situation were convicted: Ivar Gudjonsson, the former director of proprietary trading at the bank, along with Julius Heidarsson, a former broker at the bank. They each received nine-month sentences and six of those nine months were immediately suspended by the court.


All pleaded innocent to the charges, as the fallout from the 2008 crisis continues to this day in the north Atlantic island and around the world.  As a sign of thawing in the crisis, Reuters reported that earlier in the week Landsbanki, the successor to the failed Landsbankinn, agreed to extend a deadline to restructure bonds to the end of the year. If a bond restructuring agreement is reached, it could help the government lift capital controls which were imposed due to the crisis.


So itís quite funny, as I say, the cons that go on, forever, and in perpetuityÖ And when they pretend to fix things, itís not; itís so that they can plunder you more down the road, folks. Thatís how it really works.  Because remember, it isnít just cash they are after; they donít need cash at the top. Itís total financial control, which runs every part of your life. Itís all finances, finances, finances. The power of the purse has more power than armies. In fact, when the power of the purse says to the armies, you canít get any more money for weapons and so on, they simply collapse, folks.  The power of the purse is to kick in now, according to Quigley, and here we are going through it all, and itís all been readied for us too under the guise of protecting you from further crisis, etc, etc, etc.  Isnít it amazing?  But is it really? 


You see, those who want power, the psychopathic types, and believe you me you can get a lot of inbred psychopaths in these wealthy families. They literally, they are not stupid people. Donít think that for a minute that they are stupid. But they also employ awfully good intelligent people, well-trained to deceive you beneath them, who also have kind of psychopathic traits.  Theyíve always been in the business of plundering economies, monopolizing markets and trade and everything else for themselves, cutting off materials for the companies that are not part of their takeover groups and then the companies go belly up because they canít get the parts for it or the material or whatever. This is the standard operating system. Youíll hear folk who are even in certain other industries, including information, talking about, well the big fish eat the small fish, because they are in the business to wipe out everybody else. Thatís unfortunately the way the system works and youíll always have these kind of characters. And when you have amalgamations of these characters working together, how can they really fail?  You understand, how can they failÖ when they are all working together for the same ends.  And they have covered every part of society, civilization as we call it, and your way of life and everything else is all encompassing the big war on the public. Because you see, you canít be trusted, they say, and you cause problems because you wonít go along with big agendas, and you wonít keep forking up your income so they can take the money off you for their big international corporations, to supposedly keep the peace, etc. etc. etc.


Tyranny never comes out and says, yeah weíre tyrants. They did in ancient Rome because tyrant wasnít a bad name at that time, it was something that was necessary every so often when corruption hit a particular zenith. But today a tyrant has a different meaning.  Tyrants will always come in and say, itís for the good of all, etc. etc. etc. And they use, again, linguists, neuroscientists, psychologists, behaviorists, all of these people to educate you, meaning indoctrinate you and brainwash you into accepting everything, and even preparing you for it all too, including all of your politically correct updates through their big branch too of fiction, the fiction creators who also call themselves the cultural leaders in Hollywood, etc. It all works together, as Plato said, the music industry, dramas, which were plays back then in Platoís day, today itís movies and so on.  You are persuaded far more easily through emotion in what you watch than actual reality itself. Itís awfully well done.


Well, I hope youíre all surviving, folks.  Iím sure youíre all noticing the weather, because itís time that you noticed the weather, you see. The big boys want to make sure that everybody knows the weather is kind of weird, as you have deep freezes in this part of Ontario for weeks now and then you have the sudden thaw, which used to come in January.  It was normal then, called the January thaw, but now they are giving you it a bit early to make sure you notice it.  After dumping lots of snow they want flooding in certain areas until folk will say, hey something is wrong, and then they will demand from the government through its, you know, selected spokespeople, government do something, do something.  And they will say, yeah well youíre causing all this weird weather, and youíre going to pay amazing carbon taxes and energy taxes and so on.  Because all of your money is to be taken away from you in this age of austerity, meaning plunder, and bring you down to poverty. And thatís just really the way it is, folks, you know.


I donít bring you bad news, I just tell you it the way it is. Thatís all. Itís up to you how you handle news. And itís up to you what you want to do for yourself. And the first thing, as I say, is reclaim your mind. If you donít have your mind then youíve got nothing, youíve got literally nothing. If youíre full of someone elseís ideas or they are telling you what to do about it, you are being fooled again and someone is fooling you generally for a massive profit. Think for yourselves. Thatís an incredible goal, you know, thinking for yourself. And when you do think for yourself you are much happier. Because nothing surprises you, you know whatís going along, you know all the cons that are getting played, and your mind is prepared for things down the road. You know. Thatís really how it is.  Thereís so much to this, thatís many, many talks in itself. 


But, I hope youíre getting something out of this and not panicking like crazy. Because Iím not in the business of terrifying the life out of you and then telling you what to do, so that I would get awfully rich. By the way, mentioning money, for those who enjoy what youíre hearing, and for those, I wish they would, who have grabbed the material and ran with it and published stuff and so on from it all, it would be nice to get an occasional donation, just to help me tick over. Because I just tick over.  I could go the total opposite way and be big business but Iím not going to do that because thatís not the goal of it.


I think if youíre involved in big business you get greedier and greedier and greedier, and youíll use all kinds of dirty tricks to panic the public and sell things to them and stuff like that and thatís not what Iím really out to do.  But apart from that too, you get approached by the big boys, because whenever they sniff big money getting made too they want a cut of it, and then they can help you along and get it up even higher, as long as you give your cuts off to them. The world is totally corrupt.


And I think money is the key to promoting all kinds of corruption, unfortunately. Because everyone is terrified of the usual things, poverty, homelessness, disease, friendlessness, no friends, and things like that. Because these are basic requirements, food, shelter, clothing, all these things, and when youíre poor you know what itís like, you donít want to be down there, believe you me. So therefore youíre terrified of the basic things, and the big boys know it too, thatís why theyíre always telling you to beware of the basic things, you might lose them all, you might lose them, and terrify you, and thatís so as you will work hard and stay in any rotten jobs, etc, as they fleece you with more taxes and everything else and devalue the currency. So youíre not going to win by even obeying them; it canít happen. It wonít happen.  Itís not meant to happen. Theyíve factored everything in. 


But you can reclaim your mind and thatís a pleasure in itself. It doesnít mean youíre going to be awfully full of friends across the world but you will have peace of mind within yourself. And once in a while youíll meet someone whoís of an ilk, a similar ilk.  Plato said it himself, if you meet four or five people in your lifetime and influence them youíve done an incredibly good job. And if youíve got four or five friends throughout your life, that means you donít have them all at the same time, generally, youíve done awfully well too. 


Today everyoneís been fooled by, you know, their friends on Facebook, and Ďfriendsí, all that nonsense. Itís all nonsense. Itís not real. Itís not real at all. Because in this system of corruption, when you are wiped out financially, youíre on your own. Youíre on your own, folks. There are some groups that handle it better, because they saw this in the Middle Ages and so on, the Mennonites that came out of them and different ones like that.  They realized the cons that went on with cash and money and lobbyists getting Kings to put laws through so you have to buy all your tools for agriculture from one massive company, things like that. That happened, you know, and thatís why a lot of these groups formed.  They decided to make all of their own stuff themselves, be totally self-sufficient, and down through the ages they would always be able to survive and be self-sufficient.  Thereís not enough of those particular types of groups. Thereís really not.  Everybody else, though, who thinks they are free, and freer than the Mennonites, are actually over a barrel because everything they need comes to them, they have to buy it, through this thing called money, thatís never the same value one day to the next.  What a joke is that.


But as I say, you can help me out, folks, because Iíve got bills here myself and as long as I get my bills paid, I generally say Iím doing pretty good when I get them paid. And you can help me tick along, hopefully, because Iíve got all these sites to pay for. Iíve got a vehicle, as you well know what has happened with the transmission.  Iíve also got pump problems with the well, etc, all these different problems coming down. Plus Iíve got bills to pay like you all do and I donít have probably as many types of bills because I donít have cell phones and all this kind of thing and Iím not buying apps and all that kind of stuff either. Iím down to bare essentials almost, and thatís a good way to be as well by the way.


So I hope youíre all doing well and surviving and I hope that you will think for yourselves. Donít just parrot me or someone else. Think for yourself. I can show you ways to do things but itís up to you to think for yourself. Reclaim yourself, itís your birthright.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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