Nov. 24, 2014 (#1474)

Hour 1 Ė "The Fabians"

Hour 2 Ė "The Alien Agenda"





Neil:  Welcome to Reality Bytes Radio on the 24th of November 2014.  And if there is anybody here who tried to go on unfortunately that site was taken down somehow about four minutes before we went on air, when itís been running fine for over a week with no problems whatsoever, but there you go.  We have two guests tonight as many of you will already know.  I have Thomas Sheridan who I have spoken to many times before and Alan Watt; similarly spoke to many times before on a variety of subjects, as with Thomas.  I thought it would be a good idea to get both of them on tonight to basically have a chat amongst themselves.  Iím just going to sit back in the wilderness as it were and take a few notes and if I think of anything to ask then Iíll come back and ask but Thomas are you there? 

Thomas:  Yes I am indeed.

Neil:  Alan, are you hearing okay?

Alan:  Yes I can, yep.

Neil:  Okay.  Thomas put a couple of subjects forward, one was the Fabians, and the other one was the whole distraction if you like for want of a better word, the Alien Agenda type of thing.  We are going to start on the Fabians so Thomas if you want to start off and Iíll leave you to it.

Thomas:  Well my interest in the Fabians was rekindled while I was researching for my last book on the history of the occult in Germany in terms of how the occult was being used in social control.  And H.G. Wells in particular, his..., how the Fabians were not just, they were not just a political organization, they were very much a social engineering and cultural operation as well.  And I was very struck by how in particular H.G. Wells was using Science Fiction to almost future proof the world going forward.  You had the likes of, "Things to Come", which is basically showing the world of today in terms of when it gets to the point of where you have this group called, Wings Over the World, which is referred to as the freemasonry of the air.  And they drop this thing called the gas of peace on rogue nations who do not agree with the, you know, Wings Over the World format of how global society should be concentrated towards this kind of scientific global lab rat kind of mindset where human beings are essentially just cogs in an enormous kind of socialist machine towards the scientific end, purely a scientific materialist end.  And I never really realized how deep this ran until I read an autobiography of H.G. Wells who was a particularly appalling human being in many ways.  He was a ferocious bigot.  He basically couldnít stand anyone who wasnít at least you know lower upper class, public school educated, and Presbyterian.  There was no place for anyone in the world that did not conform to his sort of respectable notions of society.    

And while I was researching for the book I came across a quote by H.G. Wells where someone had accused him of being basically a national socialist in terms of his philosophy, in terms of his ideas.  And H.G. Wells replied by saying that he was a combination of basically Hitler and Stalin.  And if he was a dictator he would be very, very cruel.  And we were brought into ideas of how he wanted to, I mean incredible ideas, like he wanted people to all wear standard uniforms.  And people would not be allowed to own boats because if they did they would try to escape to islands off the coast where they would try and live outside of this socialist utopia that the Fabians had envisioned. 

But more than anything else it was the idea of culture, of building these kinds of pathological mythologies in the heads of human beings which were to future proof the Fabian ideas going forward.  And this was not a new thing actually with H.G. Wells and it happened before in Germany.  But in terms of the Fabians and again theyíve show with the emergence of this Russell Brand character who has come out very {inaudible} connected to the New Statesman magazine, again part of the same cultural creation.  The idea that people in terms of popular culture, not just science fiction, not just pop music, not just TV, everything really even down to sport are fundamentally aligned with the Fabian trajectory of social engineering because this is, weíre basically living in a gigantic laboratory.  We are the rats and the Fabians are the, shall we say the researchers tinkering with our consciousness. 

Alan:  Yeah there is that.  There is no doubt about it there was definitely a much, much bigger plan.  Even today they are very quiet about all the other forces involved in this organization.  Youíll find that for instance that the Milner Group, the Alfred Milner Group that eventually formed along with the Cecil Rhodes Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs that literally drafted up the European draft for amalgamation and for the Americaís too with the CFR, which is their branch as well.  They were involved heavily in the Fabian Society and many of their members were crossovers between the two in fact.  They had to get the working class on their side by telling them that they would be their championís.  They would use a form of Marxism initially for rights, etcetera, or better conditions.  No one complained about that back then, it was awful.  And they fooled the working class.  They needed an army behind them to bring all of this in.

But when you look at their big players who were involved where they really wanted to take the people eventually, it was very close to communism.  And even in the early days of Lenin right through to in fact to later dictators in the Soviet Union, they boasted in the Fabian Society that they had a direct line to Moscow and that is a fact.  They did definitely have a direct line that was working there.  The right idea was to bring in this form of elite management of a whole society and then eventually a world.  A scientific elite management starting with Britain and then the empire.  They would use the empire and eventually eradicate a lot of the initial domestic races that existed there by massive immigration and so on.  They came up with the idea of free trade too and free movement of labor across borders way back in the 1800ís.

And then when you look at who backed the Fabian Society financially a lot of the money came from Lord Aster.  And he was an American businessman and he and his wife moved to Britain and he became a viscount, and then lord.  And they had back then, their money was estimated in todayís terms in the multi billions of pounds actually.  So big, big money was backing this group and they needed the working class army to think that it was actually their movement and in reality it was a specialist scientific elite at the top that was going to run the general population from birth to death.  And train them from birth to death to serve the system basically, happily serve the system.  So thatís quite true.  There is much more involved in the Fabians than meets the eye until you really go into the deep memberships that crossed over into the Royal Institute of International Affairs.    

Neil:  Well of course the Aster family is still involved in the system today with David Cameron. 

Alan:  And so are the Bennís by the way.  You know in Britain you have the Wedgewood family that were, they were the champions too of Darwin.  In fact they were intermarried completely with Darwins, his mom was a Wedgewood.  And they became the Wedgewood-Bennís.  And you had Anthony Wedgewood-Benn, and youíve got a daughter I think and maybe a son in as well who reclaimed their title because they also have titles.  Tony Benn was put to the side for a while because he had to get the labor party behind him but now the son has reclaimed the title, the hereditary titles.  These are big important wealthy families running the labor party today and of course the Fabian Society is still alive and well behind the scenes as a big, big think tank that works with the global establishment, the United Nations and so on to bring in the scientifically controlled society.       

Thomas:  If you even look at the family tree of the Wedgewoods, the Huxleys and the Darwins, it really is basically the farm of todayís you know bureaucratic administrative elite.  You know the ones, the next level down from Royalty.  

Alan:  And if you look at Julian Huxley, who was in UNESCO, he wrote copiously in fact about and really detailed about the big world agenda.  And he did say there are different groups, there is a financial elite he said at the top, the dominant minority, and then you have another dominant minority that are employed by the financial elite, and that is the scientific elite.  And he said, I and my family are part of the scientific elite.  They also include the social sciences and psychology and so on.  So itís all combined and thatís how we are managed today basically, and below that you have entertainment and education and everything else to augment it all.   

Thomas:  And we are also turning culture on its head, well using culture to turn history on its head.  In Huxleyís book, "The Devils of Loudun", about basically a witch trial, a witch burning trial that happened in France during the Reformation.  He totally turned around the central character in this, this episode.  When you read the actual real history this guy, this priest, {inaudible} was absolutely psychopathic.  He had a scant disregard for women.  He was causing tremendous problems between the Catholics and Protestants in Loudun at the time, in the town which was basically a powder keg.  He knew he had protection of the French monarchy.  Now when Huxley, Aldous Huxley, wrote this book on him he completely twisted it around to portray this sort of womanizing psychopathic priest as a kind of a Jim Morrison, free spirit, free liberal, ahead of his time who was burned for being you know basically a 60ís hippie type character living during the Reformation.  And in reality he was nothing like that.  He also portrayed the nuns at the convent, the sisters who were involved in accusing him of witchcraft, as being hysterical females but completely kind of left out the fact that they had basically been mind controlled and destroyed.  So what we are having also with these Fabians and these, well often it was the Fabians, but also that generally connected circle is this idea of also taking history and really writing it.  Again future proofing historical characters.   

Alan:  Yeah.  That is still going on.  Itís going on all the time.  Constantly history is always being rewritten.  Some of it actually, most history today is actually pre-written, like 9/11, the whole agenda down to screaming out it was Bin Laden on the first day it happened before the dust settled.  It was all pre-written and every authorized historian knows they have to go by the official story that was all laid out at the very beginning.  Thatís how precise it is today.  And no one can contradict it or you are a conspiracy nut or something like that. 

So thatís how things really are and again the Fabian connection with the Cecil Rhodes group, and Cecil Rhodes remember wanted a world society run along the British lines, the elite British lines, and they would use the empire to do it and join up again through trade pacts and treaties with the United States.  And they would form this world empire type of deal and bring commerce across the world but it would always be held in the hands of the few big corporations at the top.  They have achieved every goal pretty well that they laid out back in the 1800ís. 

Thomas:  And if you look at the labor party, its connection through the London School of Economics, which was founded essentially by the Fabians through George Bernard Shaw.  You can almost, you can barely find a senior labor cabinet administer while they are in government, either the chancellor or the prime minister himself, who does not have a direct connection in some way to the London School of Economics. 

Alan:  Yeah and Sidney Webb again was fundamental in setting that up.  I mean the Webb family, Sidney and Beatrice, they were part of the Potter family too, like Beatrix Potter, they lead out the foundations for what they call womenís lib.  They would use elite families, their daughters, to promote it initially so that the rest would follow down below, all the lower classes.  But the intention really again was to create armies of people who would obey this, what they would call the new governmental system.  And that whole thing was militarized.  It was all armies, armies and the separation of the genders and so on.  And that again is where you know later authors got their ideas like, "1984", youíd have the women who were the dedicated virgin sort of thing serving the system.  This was all laid out back in the 1800ís for those who donít understand that.  And these guys I mean, at the top, at the very top, you have the war-making machine working again, and they are owned and run and operated by the financial elite of Britain in those days.  And that was an incredible amount of money that they had in those days because they owned a world empire.  They could loot a countryís resources like crazy and they were doing it.

And so you had the Cecil Rhodes Foundation society along with Lord Rothschild because the two of them created it together and they were going to take over the worldís resources, gold, silver, eventually it went into oil later on, things like that.  But they also had the war making machinery involved in them too.  They had an arm and a branch for every facet of this future society that theyíd hope to bring in. 

And you can go back into Cecil Rhodesí education.  He was educated by Dean Ruskin at Oxford University.  And Dean Ruskin came up with the idea of the British Empire rule which definitely would merge back with the U.S. down the road, again be part of this whole world empire system.  Theyíd bring in other countries and the later countries they would bring in would be China and the Far East and so on.  Well thatís exactly where itís all been going all along.

So the American branch had to be called the Council on Foreign Relations because royal wouldnít suit them very well, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And for the labor people there would be the big army of workers along a Marxist type system and also the soldiers from the same groupings.  They would be trained by the Fabian type indoctrinations that they had.

They also were into the eradication of all the old religions.  But they also brought in the New Age religion back then from Hinduism actually.  Annie Besant one of the members of the Fabian Society, founding members, she was one of the theosophists.  She took over from Blavatsky, Madame Blavatsky.  And she really was to bring in this new thought because really Hinduism when you bring it to the West is a definite form of mind control where nothing is real unless you have a master or a guru who tells you what is real.  Even if the thing they are telling you is real is not real at all you will believe them.  Itís a new thought, a new way of conditioning people into a belief system which is nothing to do with any actual reality.  So thatís all mixed up together.  They didnít miss anything in fact and Besant said, Annie Besant said herself she would literally end marriage amongst men and women.  Everyone would eventually serve the state and the state would finance women to have children. 

Thomas:  And culturally a lot of that, this was capitalized in the 1960ís in the whole swinging London Carnaby Street you know.

Alan:  It started before actually.  They tried it in the 1920ís with the jazz and with the speakeasies or booze cans you know.  And thatís why the same grouping was used with the religious movements to bring in prohibition as in the States for instance.  And before that very few young people actually went out to get drunk.  And so it made it a very sinful thing to go to so it was great.  You know anything that was bad youíd go and do.  And they brought in the jazz; they brought in coke at the same time in the 1920ís for those who donít know that.  And they got high and so on.  But the problem was they didnít have the pill or any kind of contraception and the same happened in Britain with it too and so suddenly you had all these orphanages springing up to take care of the children that were unwanted and it just kind of fell apart from there.  They brought in the mini skirt then too, the Charleston dance, etcetera.  So they went back to the drawing board and right up into the 1960ís, they took the tax money off the public to create some kind of contraception and when the 60ís came out they had the pill ready and they just simply regurgitated the same agenda again and it took off from there.  

Thomas:  The back street abortion flourished during that early 20ís period because they didnít have the pill as you said and also people like Frank Sinatraís mother was a, she was an abortionist, who worked you know around the jazz scene in Hoboken, New Jersey.  And that was a way, there was actually so much demand, there was so much you know pregnancy at that time because of this sort of like proto 60ís mindset that, that was the only industry that literally flourished in poor and immigrant neighborhoods. 

Alan:  In fact Armand Hammerís father was an abortionist too.  You know Armand Hammer, his father was an abortionist and a quack chemist who you know was put in prison a few times for doing abortions and so on and killing folk with his quack cures.  And Armand Hammer, again a big member of the Marxist organizations, in fact he had an apartment set up next to Lenin and then Stalin eventually, Armand Hammer the son, he promoted all of these same agendas throughout the West to destroy the old system to bring in this new system of total scientific control.  Remember thatís really what the Soviet System was about too, it was scientific control of the masses as I say.  In fact Annie Besant also coined the term along with Beatrice Webb, they called it the collective.  Thatís why you are called the collective.  Everybody who is not one of the elite is the collective. 

Thomas:  Yeah the socialist thing...

Neil:  Sorry Thomas, just a quick word.  You mentioned the sexual revolution back in the 20ís Alan and I think thereís a documentary, it is "Sin Cities"

Alan:  Yeah.  Thatís right, yeah. 

Neil:  I think it was Shanghai, London, and Berlin was it, that were, or Paris.

Alan:  Thatís right.  The sin city, you had Paris, yeah.  And itís an excellent documentary; itís called "Sin Cities".  And itís amazing because I think Canada were the ones who promoted it all.  And everybody who comes on, these social critics that come on glorify, absolutely glorify and drool, because itís politically correct to glorify this kind of stuff of the degradation of the whole people of these cities where they created massive financial depressions, women were flooding in there dirt poor.  They were put on stage in Berlin for instance stark naked and at the end of the nights these massive halls where various rich folk would all have sex with them, like massive, massive orgies.  They even had women who were in all stages of pregnancy so that guys could have sex with them in the different stages of pregnancy depending on what fetish they were into.  It was absolutely disgusting and they flooded those cities with drugs too, absolute hell and they called this a great liberalization of society, absolutely disgusting.  And then they had it in Shanghai as well.  And youíll find the big, big even the cosmetic heads of the day built great massive casinos and brothels all over Shanghai at the time too.  And the White Russians who were driven out of the Soviet, the early Soviet Union, ended up prostituting themselves there because they were dirt poor as well.  Itís just disgusting how it is glorified, the total degradation of humanity.  And itís all to get people used to the idea that human beings were nothing really, that we were just another animal, excess population, our unwanted children could just be killed on the spot even after birth.  And of course they went back to the drawing board after that when it didnít catch on too quickly in America in the states and gave us lots of indoctrination until folk think nothing about it today, itís just a...  Iíve actually heard women talking about it and theyíll say itís like getting a wart removed.  Thatís how life is valued today, yep. 

Thomas:  Yeah.  When you have the likes of Gloria Steinem with her "I had an abortion" t-shirt and then she campaigns against you know having animals shot but itís no problem you know killing humans.

Alan:  Yeah.  Thatís right and Steinem too came out and itís all public open record, this is not conspiracy stuff.  I never talk about this conspiracy stuff; I talk about documented stuff from the sources that do it all.  And Steinem did work for the CIA.  They set up her magazine and financed it all along.  You understand your CIA and your MI6 and MI5 and so on are not working for you, they are all part of this one big system again including the Fabian Society and all the other think tanks they have working on managing a massive world population.  And believe you me they have no favorites in a country that they are based in.  You are all the same peasantry as the peasants of China to them.

Thomas:  Well she began by spying on her fellow students, liberal students.  She was spying on them because they were liberals.  What she was basically, and being paid by the CIA to do it, thatís you know the quality of character that she has and then she turns tables completely and she becomes one of these so called liberals herself.  Going from the, you know the ultraconservative, like old-fashioned blue blood style, to the new liberal.  Itís like a typical psychopathic switch, it means nothing, it is like taking a CD out of one machine and putting it the other.  Absolutely no principles or any kind of conviction, just tell me what I believe this week and who Iím working for.     

Alan:  Thatís right and thatís the same thing too with some recent prime ministers of Britain.  They were spying on their fellow students and they even ran for the labor party and won.  So itís the same old thing over and over again yeah. 

Thomas:  How they could switch parties you know crossing the floor. 

Alan:  Winston Churchill did that all of the time.  {Laughs} 

Thomas:  He did do that all of the time, yeah.  {Laughs}  He was actually, that was based...  He was the definition of a political animal in that sense, in that he was for his own political survival even to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people that took it, from the Dardanelles when he sacrificed 5,000 British seamen to get new warships to the Ottoman mines and guns, all the way to goading the United States to nuke Russia in the 1950ís.  Purely his own political survival that had been you know inbreed into him since his childhood in Blenheim Palace.  But it never left him.  He was the pure political psychopathic machine.    

Alan:  Oh yeah.  Right down to handing over Poland and a few other countries after World War II, signing them all to the Yalta Agreement during the war with Stalin that the Russians would get those countries.  I mean they just wrote off whole countries, yeah you have these people; these millions of people, just take them you know and do with them as you wish.   

Thomas:  And the concentration camps in South Africa you know while he was pontificating in the 50ís about the horrors of the Naziís and then later the Gulags in the Soviet Union.  Here was the guy that basically invented the idea of mass concentration camps of women and children and not only to attack these communities but also to basically you know dishearten the enemy troops you know who knew that their wives and kids were starving in a labor camp.  This was invented by Churchill. 

Alan:  Thatís right.  It was the Boer War sure.  Remember too though he also belonged to again this one organization that eventually was called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Alfred Milner Group.  But even Churchill, this is how elite this club is, this organization, even Churchill during World War II wasnít completely in the loop because there is an inner circle and an outer circle.  And thatís where youíll find that "1984" has it in it too, the inner party and the outer party, and Winston Churchill was outside the loop, and when he found out he blow up and talked about it in parliament in a speech.  He said, itís amazing that a group of very, very rich and old families have been manipulating us through about four or five different wars, he said.  And he was only angry because he wasnít completely in on the whole picture at the time.  After that they had to bring him in completely. 

So the front men are often used, they are little egotists, and they certainly benefit financially themselves with all of their deals, like Tony Blair, but they are not necessary in the upper inner party.  The inner party that Milner set up was very secretive.  In fact he said in his own writings, and Carroll Quigley talked about it because he was their historian for a long time later on, but he said that they based it on the Jesuit technique.  Which is an awfully interesting technique of going into places pretending you are one of the people, getting gradually to know them, never argue with them no matter about their political views, and then gradually subvert from within. 

So they have done this across the world.  They fomented revolutions in countries.  They are still at it today, itís one of the biggest, in fact it is the biggest organization for power in the world is the Royal Institute of International Affairs today and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Every top newspaper man in Britain, every editor in the States as well must be a member of it to succeed or you will not, they will simply close ranks and believe you me even your paper supply will be cut off if they donít want you up there, incredible power.  And Reuters is part of them too, owned by the Rothschildís.  So they control the news of the world, of the entire planet.  This is how it really is, yeah.     

Thomas:  This infatuation they have with the Jesuits has always been very interesting to me especially you know because these people claim to be atheists and you know totally against religion and yet they have people like Peter Sutherland who is basically the head of everything, the former Goldman-Sachs chairman, the head of the World Bank.  This guy was educated in a very exclusive Dublin Jesuit college where they teach the students how to manipulate and control situations through complex games of chess. 

Alan:  Uh huh.

Thomas:  The Jesuit power structure is enormous in this world and yet we hear about everything else.  Or there is an assumption that somehow the Jesuits are purely, you know they are purely you know associated with religion and theology, administrative things within the Vatican, or they are a historical entity. 

Alan:  Uh huh.

Thomas:  But even if they are not overtly religious when you start looking at these, how many of these people who were actually in many of the top power structures, a lot of them have Jesuit schooling. 

Alan:  Oh even Stalin had Jesuit schooling.  So yeah, there is no doubt about it.  I mean their educational system is far superior then anyone elseís because they certainly have it down to an incredibly good art on how to indoctrinate children but also give them an education which, they teach reason for instance, which isnít taught in public schools anymore or general schools, comprehensive schools.  Logic and they also teach them oratory as well.  Oratory is awfully important again to go into in order to avoid arguments and debates, but also to win your debate by using logic and reason and very skillful oratory.  Itís all to do with logic.  That isnít taught outside of them. 

Youíll find that the speakers, even Tony Blair, again a guy who was paid to inform on a radical labor party member when he was young.  Youíll find that he was taking that too and he had all the earmarks of oratory when he went up to make world speeches on wars that he wanted to get Britain into.  He was a one man band basically, very skillful, etcetera, in that one department.  But he was also psychopathic.  Thatís why he was also so good at it.  So these guys are all over the place.  They are top CEOs of corporations, they have all the same attributes of skillful oratory but also the psychopathic personalities.  They are actually selected for that purpose. 

Thomas:  Oh I have no doubt about that and that was probably rooted in the Jesuit thing.  If you look at the BBC itself as basically a Fabian subdivision or offshoot in many ways.  They had this long running TV series from the 60ís called, "Seven Up" where the idea was to follow the Jesuit idea give me your child at seven and Iíll give you the man.  And here was the BBC that followed these same people every seven years to produce this documentary.  And the idea is that they are putting out there is they are showing the life of Britain through these people every seven years and they are up into their 50ís now.  And itís nothing of the sort, itís really a gigantic big laboratory that the BBC are running according to Jesuitical principles of monitoring people, seeing that, and even if you watched the programs themselves there are all kinds of circle editorials.  Like there was one guy at one point who had basically dropped out of the system in the early 80ís and he basically became kind of like a hermit artistic type person.  He had basically woken up and he was living in Scotland in a caravan.  And the whole thing was portrayed as what a loser he was, what a failure he was.  He had all of these opportunities in life and all he wants to do now is live in a caravan in Scotland and talk about philosophy and poetry.  And every shot was composed to make him look like a sad sack and a loser you know coming back from the shops with his little plastic bag of groceries.  And then in a follow up series seven years later it show a most remarkable turnaround of all.  It was this character, and they show that heís now a lived in politician.  He is going from door to door.  So suddenly he is not a loser anymore.  The BBC are portraying him as you know the ideal man who while he went off the rails for a while and started to think for himself but now he is firmly back in the system.  And the more you watch the "Seven Up" TV series and how it progresses you realize that itís not so much showing peopleís lives as they change but they are using the show to actually coach behavioral models among British society every seven years almost like giving a little talk of this is how you should behave.  These shows get enormous ratings. 

Alan:  Yeah itís predictive programming too because you see the general population have been trained to accept opinions by superiors and any authority figure is a superior, including the BBC.  In other words official broadcasters, official is the term from the BBC, speak in a very authoritarian fashion.  So much so by the way that they trained the Soviets and the Chinese if you listen to radio China, Beijing, youíd swear you are listening to the BBC the way itís presented to them, the public.  And they found the people will follow this as an authority.  And you are given your opinions on things.  They are very cleaver in the way that they lead you to the opinion at the end.  And of course people do, they never question.  I mean why should you question something when you never suspect you are being lied to?  Youíd never suspect it.  Youíve been trained not to suspect it.  And why would they lie to you about something like this?  But everything that you are seeing is a carefully orchestrated psychological indoctrination with behaviorism and many other, and neuroscience involved in it too, psycholinguistics which I call neurolinguistics.  Itís all professional and when you see how many people work on one show for one hour with all of the experts Iíve just mentioned, these different scientists, itís staggering.  To make sure that you will accept the opinions on this topic that they are going to leave you with.  You are downloaded with them and thatís used across the world now.  Itís a perfect system. 

And again going back to the Fabian society with the Hinduism to break up the old religions and then merge them together into a new cause, a future, always working for a future utopia, itís been perfected basically.  To bring about a utopia you must create as much misery as possible beforehand and then offer them the lifeline you see of this utopia.  And thatís perfect.  The incorporation of all the Marxist ideology and the top capitalist ideology merged together.  Thatís what itís really all about.  So you are a perfect soldier for working, not so much for a good pay and so on, but for very basic essentials and for a good cause for the future and serving the world state.  Thatís always been the goal of this. 

Thomas:  Yeah I agree completely with that.  This idea also of Hinduism you could {inaudible} into the actual writing of the Fabians if you look at what, you know, the class system and the cast system, itís the same thing basically.   

Alan:  Itís the same thing, yeah.

Thomas:  And you have the ones to reach the top of the cast system within Fabianism or socialism whatever they have planned, the scientific revolution, will ascend into the utopia of the technocratic future.  At the same time you had H.G. Wells referring to the rest of the people who werenít fit to enter the scientific future as being congenital invalids.  This is exactly the same as the Hindu cast system of the untouchables. 

Alan:  Thatís right and George Bernard Shaw again another co-founder of the Fabians, he, and youíve probably seen a stain glass window where you see them bashing on an anvil, like blacksmiths, the world into a new shape.  In other words the proper shape.  The whole structure of the world and everything in it is to be bashed into, hammered into shape.  And itís quite fascinating.  George Bernard Shaw I mean in his book too, "Man and Superman", you see, he explains that.  Those who could catch on to technology and understand it and work with it would come through into this new wonderful age but those who couldnít, who belong to the old age, simply would have to be eliminated. 

H.G. Wells went further in his book, "A Modern Utopia", where he said, itís supposed to be in the future but he said that, how did they achieve this utopia thatís there in the book, this fictional book, and as heís traveling through parts of the world and everybody is so well behaved, there are not many people around because itís depopulated.  And theyíve depopulated, he says, we thought about just killing them off, like George Bernard Shaw said.  George Bernard Shaw actually came out and Iíve put up the link on my site,, where you can actually see him and hear him in an early, early clip talking about, "You will have to come to us when we are in power. ", he said, meaning the socialists.  The true socialists, not the working people.  And he said, "And youíll have to tell us why we should let you live because you must serve the system."   So these guys were way ahead of it.  And H.G. Wells said, he said "But the way we settled on eventually was..." in the Modern Utopia he said, "...was to gradually sterilize the people of the lower classes that simply havenít evolved properly and were not needed in a postindustrial system."   Thatís where we are today. 

Thomas:  Yeah thatís where we are today.  A lot of people have to get this idea into their head because itís true that the modern world that we live in is fundamentally and expression of neurosis among Victorian aristocrats in that they were fearful in educating society.  They were fearful of a literate society.  And thatís the world we live in.  It didnít come out by accident.  It was a formulated plan brought together by a bunch of Victorian neurotics, terrified of losing their privilege.  And thatís the world we live in. 

Now what you were saying there about the well behaved society, thatís more and more noticeable.  I know quite a lot of people who owned businesses from chip shops to restaurants to... you know they have been employing young people for the last you know twenty, thirty years, and they all tell me the same thing that the kids today they are far more well behaved then say they were in the 70ís.  

Alan:  Uh, huh.

Thomas:  They are very compliant but they are also useless.  Like you could put them in front of a sink with a tap and you can say wash those dishes and they literally would not know how to wash the dishes there or even have the sort of cognitive you know self-awareness to even conceptualize that oh this is the water, this is the Brillo pad, and this is the dish.  They have to have absolute and precise instructions. 

Alan:  Well hereís the key to that.  The key to that goes back to another think tank that belongs to the same group that weíre talking about, and itís called the Club of Rome.  And in their book called, "The First Global Revolution", they have all that in it.  They said that, they always use the term democracy to fool the masses basically.  But and in reality is says, "Democracy would never work because there are too many conflicting people, parties, groups, subgroups and so on all fighting each other for power".  And because of that they couldnít get their big agendas through.  They are talking on behalf of the elite and therefore they would have to ram things through under different guises but still give the pretense of democracy.  But in that they said too that eventually the system they would bring in, and this was again corroborated by again Wells talked about it and so did Lord Bertrand Russell, another big member of all of these groups.  And Russell even went further along with it than the Club of Rome, and they said that eventually the people would be unable to make decisions for themselves.  They wonít have to because the state will be making all their decisions for them from birth to death.  Thatís what you are talking about right there.  Theyíve all been trained to get along with groupthink and to be politically correct.  They actually have the inbuilt default position, as they talk in neuroscience about it, where if you mention a certain topic thatís taboo they will blush and turn all colors and become awfully embarrassed, but they will go back to default even if they start to agree with you they will go back to the default position. 

This also ties in with FDRís wife in the U.S.  She was a great fan of Pavlov.  Pavlov was given so much money from the West to experiment in Russia on all this passive population, they couldnít rebel or say no.  They were opening up peopleís skulls and experimenting with their brains while they were still living and all of this kind of stuff, itís incredible.  And Pavlov came up with the school system of perfect indoctrination as well using the same techniques of conditioned responses and basically whatís called the default position, setting them in the childrenís minds.  And FDRís wife said in her trip back from the Soviet System, she said itís so different to see the children on their way to school compared to those in America, she said, in America they are jumping up and down, they are playing and pushing each other and having fun, she said, but in Russia there is none of that, she said, they all go along but they are so well behaved.  She thought that was wonderful, these unsmiling children all you know like in military fashion on their way to school.  This is what she wanted to bring in.  And this was all part of this big system that tied in again with Fabianism and the society that the Royal Institute of International Affairs, with its other branch by the way, called the Royal Society, were all involved in the same global movements toward this dream of theirs too.  Theyíve pretty well achieved it by the way. 

Thomas:  And along with Pavlov you had Watson in America and his behaviorism which was even discredited in his own lifetime.  Itís like so many, like Malthus, and so many of these others.  It doesnít matter if they are "scientists", like Pavlov, it is discarded.  And I find it amazing that Pavlov in so much of his work is cited by the New Age movement as well as some kind of noble quest and thatís remarkable as well.  But anyway Watson, you know, again appalling things done to children, training people like robots.  Assuming that the mind of a dog or the mind of a rat was the same as that as a human being.  And even within his own lifetime his work was completely discredited but it still becomes a central tenant and structure of these peopleís agenda.

Alan:  Oh absolutely because he did push all the tenants that he was promoted to push that all people can be completely trained and now itís not all untrue, a lot of it is awfully true unfortunately you can condition people if you get them early enough at school.  The school system is geared to not... You know yourself, everyone knows thatís been through the school system, the teachers want the correct answers in other words you parrot back what they are telling you.  They also want groupthink today.  Thatís a big thing this group-think in school whereas before you had some individuality involved, today itís group-think where you must all vote on something with a conclusion or else you are the odd man out.  Itís so bad in some schools in the U.S. that they actually put a flag up outside the classroom of someone who has not gone along with the group.  And so you are forced by peer pressure to go in or you are ostracized.  You might even end up getting drugged along the road but this is how bad it is.  We are in; we are totally in the system that Sydney Webb and his wife and the rest of them dreamed up.  We are here.        

Thomas:  Yes itís totally a cult, itís almost like a cult compound kind of situation which is also why these people have paid tremendous interest in things like, not only political cults like the Chinese culture revolution, but also these flying saucer and other channeling and New Age cults.  And thatís why you know if you look at Jonestown, the CIA were all over it.  I believe that just all the successful cults that have a reach, if not every last one of them, the intelligence services at some level is manipulating them. 

Alan:  Oh yeah.

Thomas:  If you read the books on it.

Alan:  Massively.

Thomas:  Yeah itís massively and you see so much of it is tied up with this idea of the...  They use the cults on two levels.  One, this idea of the salvation from another planet rather than actually you know having it in your own life here.  The people in the cults are deluded into thinking that they broke away from the sheeple in society, not really getting the irony that they are actually a second, another kind of sheeple.  And thirdly the intelligence services they groom and you know you look at some of the most horrific cults, a lot of them such as the ones in France and Switzerland like the Solar Temple.  All over the place the intelligence services can be connected to them.  And these are often the ones that ended in the most horrific kind of acts of violence both to themselves and to others.  And this is another thing that people have to understand as well is that much of the salvation thatís given to people is also another form of behavioral training.  That your idea that your gods or your goddesses are coming from the moon or in the future or are channeled and so on.  That this is another deception that everything in your reality, your whole entire reality is a piece of pathological theater thatís been created for you by some powerful psychopaths in positions of power.  And even people who think they are fighting or against the psychopaths have bought into these same ideals like joining cults, like getting involved in political movements that are clearly one more part of it. 

There is one thing Alan that Iíve been wanting to ask you for years because Iíve been listening to you for a long time, how do you feel about George Orwell?  Was he a good guy, was he a bad guy?  Was he one of us, one of them, or was he a mixture of both?

Alan:  He had been brought up of course as a hereditary bureaucrat really, his family were bureaucrats and he had a top position as a young man in Burma and other places as well looking over massive plantations.  Britain in his day, and people donít realize it, Britain still ran the opium trade.  It was all royal families which, and the members of only royal families that were allowed, that were actually owners of it.  And his father ran the Burma Opium Company.  This didnít come out, nobody knew about it, they thought it was done away with in Britain until a politician called Thompson stood up in parliament in the early 1920ís and said, he just found out, "Whatís the British Opium Company?"  And when they opened it up it was a crown corporation that only members of the royal family had shares in.  And they were using the British taxpayer and their armies to police these things and make sure the plantation ran well.

So Orwell took over from his father to an extent for a short period of time.  Then he came back and heíd been trained to be a revolutionary in the same mode as the Cecil Rhodes group of expanding the British Empire for the greater good etcetera, etcetera.  And he went off as you know to fight in the Spanish War, civil war.  And he came back and talked in the socialist circles he had talked to before and the people turned their backs on him when he said that he thought, because theyíve all been brainwashed to believe that communism was the same as socialism and for the working manís rights.  And he said it has nothing to do with that whatsoever.  They didnít want to hear that.  He also said in one of his books that he couldnít understand why they kept pushing, wanted to push curse words and sexual curse words, all through their writings.  They wanted the right to do this back then.  And he said no, why degrade society.  Then they caught on that the whole agenda they were getting paid for was to totally degrade society, to entirely destroy it and bring in a new society. 

So he did turn against them towards the end.  And he did come out with "1984" to explain what that was all about plus "Animal Farm" which is excellent and everyone should read the book.  Donít bother with the cartoon stuff, read the book because he shows you all the cons they use with the use of terminology and changing terminology, gradual, etcetera.  And you donít even notice itís happened. 

But he went off to an island off Scotland eventually as a recluse.  He was paranoid at the time that the group that he used to work for were going to come and kill him, including their communist branches as well, because they ran all sides from the Royal Institute of International Affairs by the way.  And he went down to meet the boat every other week or month when it came in to watch whoever came off it because he was absolutely certain they were going to try to kill him.  And this was kind of verified to an extent because he had tuberculosis and when he ended up in the hospital, almost a closed shop type hospital, his friends had to rescue him because he was dying in the hospital because they were giving him the streptomycin without a supplementary drug that must go with it.  If you donít get the drug with it you can die very quickly from these intramuscular streptomycin injections, and hemorrhaging and so on.  So they pulled him out to save his life.  So he had turned against them in the end for sure.   

Thomas:  Yeah that was the conclusion that I came up with as well.  Especially in regards to that what you just, said his life of isolation on Lewis off the coast of Scotland.  That was an extreme measure and again you know we see his own life story as a reflection of the system when he was in Spain, when he was in Catalonia.  When he was teaching English one of his students was the guy who went on to kill Trotsky in Mexico.  And you know you have then...  Trotsky was living at the time with the artist Frida Kahlo and her boyfriend Diego Rivera.  These people were then tied way back to the Rockefellerís.  

Alan:  Yeah.

Thomas:  So within a very short period of time you could draw a perfect line between the Rockefeller family through Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, straight through to Orwell, and then back to Huxley.  Itís just too clean and too perfect.  And he showed us that.  

Alan:  Remember too, you have to remember during World War II the members of the Fabian Society, the top members, also worked for MI5.  Thatís verified.  So here you have the guys running the communist system, that worked with OSS, which became MI6 eventually.  They had Lord Bertrand Russell in there.  They had the guy who wrote the Thirteenth Tribe, that was, it slipped my mind right now but you had a few of them at the top that were members of the top Fabian Society members all working for MI6, the early MI6, they were called OSS at the time.  And they had top clearance for intelligence, etcetera, because they used them to fight the German system.  And that ties in to what Carroll Quigley said and heís a historian for whatís called the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Itís the same organization.  He said we donít care who we bring in, he said, communists, dictators, tyrants, socialists, whatever, he said, they all work for us.  And thatís how it really is.  One system runs it all you see.

Thomas:  And the long term psychopathic deviousness of it.  You have the, at the same period, well right before the Fabians you had the British Israelite Society who creates this basic bible nonsense, but the agenda always was from before the Balfour Agreement, was to create a kind of a Western plug, an Ulster, a plantation in the Middle East in order to so they could keep their eyes on the oil and gas, and other things there such as phosphates and so on that they knew were going to be needed for the emerging economies in the future. 

Alan:  Yeah.

Thomas:  And we are never taught how long term these plans are.  These people think in centuries where the rest of us donít even think in decades anymore.  Many people today canít even think

Alan:  Well thatís why they called it the Fabian Society too, after Fabius, you know the general in Rome who said rather than hit people head on and have conflict you simply do it the long way around and subvert it quietly and slowly and do it in a long term motion basically.  And thatís what all the early founding members of the Fabian Society said too.  It might take them a hundred years to achieve this or even longer but eventually they would achieve it.  But as I say they brought in members like Arthur Koestler.  Arthur Koestler was the guy who wrote "The Thirteenth Tribe", "Darkness at Noon", and so on.  These were all novels put out, well at least "Darkness at Noon", was a novel.  And he worked with MI5 too.  But Arthur Koestler wrote books to bring you around to again the struggle of society, the struggle through all the terrible things that were happening without saying yeah we caused all these terrible things to happen so that youíll come to us when we say we are going to champion you and get you out of the mess.  So itís a perfect technique.  They cause the problems and then offer you the solutions over and over again.  And when you are struggling you grab the lifeline and you end up in a worse mess.

But again getting back to the form of mind control, they work with the Tavistock Institute.  We can never miss this part because the Tavistock Institute was an early mental hospital.  And they had carte blanche by the British Government and royalty, the system that really ran the British Government, to do whatever kind of experimentation they had to on the human being as a subject.  And they stuck early implants in their heads, in the late 40ís and 50ís and into the 60ís, for remote controlling although they were hard wired by wire from the brain to little push button devices, things like that.  Aldous Huxley in his speech in Berkley was just, he became enthusiastic.  It was very hard to get him enthusiastic, but he would get awfully enthusiastic when he talked about the experiments and how wonderful it was how they could control the minds of people by literally putting implants into the brain, etcetera.  And it ties in with the Soviet trips they took.  I donít know if people realize it, but itís incredible if you go into documentaries like "The Soviet Story".  Youíll hear as I say George Bernard Shaw talking about it in the Soviet Story, an actual clip from him talking about youíll come to us if you want to live and tell us why you must live, we should let you live.  And then he goes off into...  Youíll see people in beds with their skulls off, all open to the air, non-sterilized, the whole bit because these folk were expendable, bed after bed.  And they were probing their brains physically, no gloves on or anything else.  But the thing is, in another documentary Iíve got, which they showed in Britain by the way, they used dogís heads.  They cut them off at the neck, they kept the blood supply going artificially through it into the neck and then theyíd have the eyes of the dog opening.  Theyíd massage its nose and so on and see if it would close its eyes and open its eyes.  They were doing it with human beings in the Soviet Union.  And all these guys went over there like H.G. Wells and Shaw and all these guys and came back and said how wonderful it was in the Soviet system.  They saw that happening but they kept their mouths shut.  They thought it was great.  This is how they had to find out.  The Ghost in the Machine, as Koestler said, is you and your spirit, what makes you tick in order to totally control society.  And when they did, they said, no one could ever rebel again.  In fact youíll find that Lord Bertrand Russell said, he said, it will eventually become so impossible, so impossible to rebel against our system, as impossible as sheep rebelling about the price of mutton.  He said thatís what it will be at the end.  Thatís where we are today almost.

Neil:  Okay with that weíll go to a piece of music and then weíll come back on a different topic, the alien distraction.

I have a quick question which is simple yes or no I suppose.  Were H.G. Wells and Orson Welles related?           

Alan:  I donít think so.

Neil:  Do you say no Thomas?

Thomas:  No, I donít think so, no.  If he were it went back a long time.  No, they werenít directly related you know.  They werenít like cousins or anything like that. 

Neil:  Yeah, okay.  And another one, you both mentioned the intelligence organizations all working together, I mean they are obviously a very important part of this because they can control the start and finish of wars and all the rest of it.  Do you think at the moment they are kind of toying with the idea of really creating problems with Russia or is that just like taking us into a new Cold War as it were, a fake Cold War?

Thomas:  Well thatís a dodgy one because at the moment Russia is going through a very quick and sudden economic problem.  The ruble has devalued tremendously against western currencies in the last couple of months.  So whether they are actually flying these jets into Portuguese airspace and submarines into Swedish waters it may just be a distraction like Putin for you know what was going on at home.  Do I believe that itís real, that Putin is not against them?  No, I donít believe that at all, not me anyway.  I think heís just another one of them. 

Neil:  Well I tend to agree with that.

Alan:  Yeah.  He is one of them.  He is one of them.  And if you go into his early history youíll find out his real name and his original family and what they were up to.  Youíll get a different story for sure and donít forget too, the Soviet System, the ex-Soviet System is part of the EU as well.  Thatís still merging into the EU with all of its different steps it goes through, step by step by step, into merging with the EU. 

So itís really smoke and mirrors for, to keep the public on edge.  They always keep us on edge, threats of this and threats of that, that donít materialize.  

Neil:  Yeah. 

Thomas:  We are getting Goldsteinís deception, Eurasia, East Asia, Oceana.  We are getting that.  Thatís what they are sending.

 Neil:Okay.Welcome back to Reality Bytes Radio on the 24th of November, 2014.Itís four oíclock, well five past four Eastern in the United States and nine oíclock, five past nine in the UK.Iím going to change topics now and talk about "The Alien Agenda" as itís been termed.The idea that we are all going to be invaded by little men from Mars or from somewhere in a far off land, something like "Star Trek" or something.Alan, in your research where did this idea first come from?††††

Alan:Again, it came from the think tanks which were involved in, again like the Fabian Society and all the other associated think tanks which are massive today of how to...If you want, if the people are catching on that too many things are wrong at any one particular time you must give them something to look at, that could even be religious.So they came up with the idea, and also to unify the world, remember the goal was always to have world government with these groups or world domination.And to get the people to go along with these things theyíd push up along the Marxist line the continuous war, itís so destructive, which of course it is, etcetera, etcetera, and we canít go on like this, we need some outside intervention.If only something outside would come and force us to unite the world to fight it then weíd all come together under a global structure which would be necessary to defend us all.And then they came out of course with the big movie, it was "The Day the Earth Stood Still", where a big flying saucer lands outside the White House I think it was.And the whole idea is that this alien has to get in touch with members of the United Nations, scientific members though, they had to all be scientists.Theyíd tie it all in again with scientists running the world.And so he goes off in search for the scientists that would eventually put it across to the public that if they wouldnít unite together to stop their destructive behavior then these aliens would eventually have to destroy you because you were dangerous.

And you can go back further, they came out with it in about 1948.That was supposedly the first sightings of UFOs over the White House.The guy who saw them all in an aircraft happened to be a CIA member.{Laughs}

So itís the same old thing again, giving people this fake pantomime to an extent.Itís something to believe in.Something that would take over from standard religions again and get them working towards something.And initially they brought forth something like the aliens are here to help us because that really took off.And then with the whole scientific age of going to the moon and all of that.They pushed all the Science Fiction, Star Trek, etcetera.

Itís interesting how the Star Trek series was put together because they gave you situations on Earth with different peoples, races, whatever it happened to be, and put it into outer space to show you that the Enterprise, interesting name too, the Enterprise.Because itís also God bless us on this enterprise, you know, E pluribus Unum, and so on in the States.But enterprise is to do with market you know and economy, etcetera.

So it goes around space trying to unite all the planets into a global universal federation, which is simply the United Nations.And they give you the unfair things that happen to minorities on the way, and they make them all free, etcetera, and bring them into this great trading group in outer space.And the ones who will not join this federation are always the bad guys.They are primitive, barbaric, etcetera.It was simply a projection of everything in the world that the Fabianís and so on have been pushing for such a long time already put into an outer space setting for a unified world.And so, but it fascinated so many people in the way it was done.

But you also find top leaders like Lester B. Pearson of Canada, who also was head of the United Nations for a while, but he also became prime minister and he, Iíve got his books here, his old books, and one of his workers was also a high level bureaucrat in Canada who was called Escott Reid.And Escott Reid said in his memoirs when he worked with Pearson, he said, we drafted up along with Alger Hiss, who was a communist boy who eventually was found guilty, etcetera, for his treason.But they drafted it up, the whole charter of the United Nations, to try to unify them all, again heading towards world government.And he said in it, in his book he said, "Make no mistake, our goal is world government."Well thatís never been given up yet today.Thatís what the United Nations is there for.The United Nations was set up and the League of Nations, and they were both set up by again, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations.Itís the same group.Itís the same guys who wrote up your amalgamation into Europe for Britain, and the guys who drafted up the NAFTA Agreement for the amalgamation of the Americas too.They openly said that in Canada, they drafted it up and presented it and then it was signed.These are private organizations remember.

Now Lester B. Pearson back in 1957 had a similar idea to "The Day the Earth Stood Still",

And it says:

"Perhaps there is a hopeful possibility here in the conquest of outer space.Interplanetary activity may well give us planetary peace.Once we discover Martian spaceships..."

Alan:Itís always Mars, going right back to H.G. Wells.

"...Martian spaceships hovering over earthís air-space, we will all come together.ďHow dare they threaten us like this!Ē we shall shout, as one, at a really United Nations!"

Alan:So in other words they are bringing the Earth together to fight them.This is a guy who was way up there at the United Nations and as a prime minister.So this was followed on.Ronald Reagan mentioned it many times during his time in office as our threat from outer space if we donít all come together.

Itís been a great thing to create a mass mind control movement of people who are dedicated followers of ufology as they call it and make them all work towards what really is this Marxist system toward a global system where theyíd use all of your tax money again as a tax base from the workers to explore space, etcetera, etcetera.Which really again was like a caveat because the whole idea was to put up all the technology that they would eventually use to monitor all of us.Thatís what the Star Wars Program in Reaganís era was all about.It had nothing to do with shooting down satellites, it was to do with what would be used today.

Before we even had the computer they were putting this stuff out in space, getting it all ready, because they knew when they were going to give us the computers to monitor us, and the cellphones and everything else.This is how it really works.Itís very clever and we are led like you know, by the nose, like bulls by the nose, by our masters of the mind.Itís perfect.Theyíve never given it up today.

Thomas:Well people have been seeing lights in the sky forever.Itís a well-documented phenomenon going back centuries, and thousands, millennia, going back.And itís only since the late 1940ís that people have been coached to see a strange phenomenon of a light in the sky, itís automatically an alien spaceship.Lights in the sky have always been seen long before this, particularly at times of great emotional psychological or social stress.For instance they were very highly recorded during the time of the Ottoman Empire when it looked like the Ottoman Empire was going to overrun Europe.People in communities in Austria and Germany and Switzerland were having these visions of lights in the sky.And at the time they believed that there were aliens you know that were coming to save them from Islam.I believe that these actual experiences are probably either plasma or else they are actually psychedelic experiences.Some kind of collective psychedelic experience of some kind.But theyíve copper fasted the idea again that theyíre aliens.

Now there is a strong connection I discovered going back to Germany in all of this.In the first, the very first high quality science fiction films ever made were made in a massive UAF movie studio, itís just outside Berlin, in the 1920ís.And you had directors like Fritz Lang making films like "Metropolis" and "The Woman in the Moon".These were very well made science fiction films.Fritz Lang was an interesting character, he said, if you want to get people to believe in science fiction the whole focus must be on making the actual process of the spaceships and how they operate and fly as believable as possible.So he put tremendous resources for the 1920ís into building realistic models of spaceships, realistic portrayals of the lunar landscape of alien beings of future worlds.And so much so that this had been part of a kind of continuum in Germany since about the 1870ís.When somebody, an English guy wrote a book, a guy called Edward Bulwer-Lytton I think was his name.He wrote a book called "Vril:The Power of the Coming Race".It was basically a science fiction novel about these alien angelic beings that lived inside the Earth.And the book was such a sensation when it was translated in Germany that you had these people like Rudolf Steiner and Blavatsky walking around with a copy of it under their arms like it was the Bible, saying that the book was absolutely true, no way could it be fiction, it has to be true.††††††

So you had the first widespread belief in this kind of alien salvation race.The genesis and gestation place took place in Germany at the turn of the century and then moving up towards the era of National Socialism where it was totally believed in, completely.Especially with the films that have been made in Berlin at the time which were so good.

Now when it really took off in the West was the Roswell incident.And now what did we have at Roswell?We have a guy holding up pieces of tin foil and thatís basically it.The newspaper and the story about flying saucers, always on a military base; they are always on military bases these big sightings.And no one ever puts one and one together and then realizes that the whole thing is a PSYOP.

But anyway your man, this guy Jessie whatís his name, I canít remember the second name, the captain, the Air Force guy, pictures of {inaudible}, little stories about an alien flying disk that crashes.Then the story is deliberately suppressed to make people think that it actually happened or the government is covering up something.And they do not put the obvious together, because it happened in 1947, they do not put the obvious conclusion that this was a psychological operation developed by German and Nazi scientists brought over during Operation Paperclip who had been running the same PSYOP towards the end of the defeat of National Socialism, like the building of this idea that the Fuhrer had a wonder weapon.A wonder weapon that had been derived from miraculous sources that was going to save the Third Reich in its final moments.

The same German minds were brought over to the United States, given jobs in the OSS as you said before under the CIA and MI5, the modern version, and they were given this brief to use the same kind of ideas, of the weapon in the minds of people because the United States had to create this...They knew they had this phobia and this anxiety was coming along because the Russians were about to detonate an atomic bomb because of Marxist groups in the U.S. that leaked the secrets over.A true sort of a built Bolshevikís type sympathy network into the Soviet Union.And they had to condition Americans to believe that.We somehow have alien technology, spaceman technology that is going to save us.We have the edge.

And that continued all during the Cold War right up into Reaganís Star Wars announcement at the United Nations, that we would all band together and to fight a global force from outer space or an alien force from outer space with a global army.And you had you know silly films like "Independence Day" where you see the Israeli jet fighter guys looking at the Iranian jet fighter guys and giving them the thumbs up, and all this kind of like nonsense, this kind of like one world fighting the aliens.

And of course you had to notice the amazing closing ceremonies at the 1984 Olympics of a spaceship landing in the stadium in Los Angeles and a big plastic alien coming out and talking about how he approves of humanity coming together, as if they are not going to blow us up if we continue to like work together.And all this kind, and yet people, to this day it amazes me that people cannot, when it comes to this UFO stuff, this alien stuff, they cannot look at the obvious conclusions that we are just being played for suckers here.That you know there are so many other explanations for these mysterious phenomenon which I completely agree do exist.You know everyone is conditioned with the knee jerk thing, itís an alien in a spaceship whoís come to Earth and they are either here to destroy us if we donít behave ourselves or save us if we do.

Alan:Yeah.Thatís a good part of it but then Russia, and again too Germany was, they were the leaders of the Scientific Age, even in the 1800ís thru the early 1900ís.And they were even making, a lot of people, individuals were making small rockets to go up you know into the sky.They were fascinated by this whole idea.And that tied in with the age of nationalism as well and how again, not just weaponry but advanced science would come from a super nationalist type system.And then they created the Vril Society.And the Vril Society was again the society that came up with the idea of super weapons that Hitler would eventually use, etcetera.Out of this world type science that weíd be involved in, etcetera.

And they also came up with the idea that ties in with this Vril Society of the inner Earth.They put that out there too.The Inner Earth, there is actually an Inner Earth Society, with a black sun inside the Earth and people lived there, etcetera.And Bulwer-Lytton who was a Lord in Britain it think actually.He wrote a book about it, a fascinating novel the otherís copied in many ways to do with these super advanced beings that now lived inside the Earth.And they are still pushing that same stuff today with Mt. Shasta in the U.S.

But getting back to the whole CIA operation, itís massively funded this, incredibly massively funded across the world.And they have professional speakers on them that make their whole entire career of pushing the UFO Agenda.They have late night talk shows that go on forever, for years and years, with guys that were always members of the CIA and high clearances and so on that actually host them.You canít get away from this CIA connection with any and all of it actually.

This is tied in again with Parsons who also created the precursor of what we know as NASA today, it was the American Rocket Company or something, that they called it initially.And Parsons was in with Aleister Crowley, again another mind control expert to create all the cults across the world as well.Because all of this is mind control for those of you who donít understand it.It really is all to do with mind control, giving you a new belief, a new fascination that will keep you running in circles your whole life long. You will lose your reasoning abilities along the way, and you become very, very gullible.And when you are gullible those with the expertise can then indoctrinate you very easily and have you follow them.Itís just a perfect system that was worked out long ago, yeah.

Thomas:Yeah, Parsons was at the JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and he was known as the rocket fuel of the anti-Christ, that was his nickname.He was also involved, he was a close associate of Hubbard.In fact he and L. Ron Hubbard were so deeply involved in both the occult mind control and science that even Aleister Crowley wrote letters complaining that they have gone too far.That they had actually gone way beyond what he would actually have attempted in terms of mixing, you know basically people have to understand that magic is just a form of science you know, in a way.Or a kind of theatrical version of science.

What I find interesting too is how this, how the idea of the aliens themselves have evolved.If you look at the Vril Society, their belief of the alien was almost like an ethereal being, a spirit.It wasnít actually, it didnít have form.And then when it got to the United States around the time of the, all those, the red scare movies and all the Sci Fi movies of the 50ís, the aliens were always, they were very humanoid looking in many ways.They were very you know there was the one with, "The Day the Earth Stood Still", the guy who comes down to the White House, just him and a robot.But he is portrayed as almost kind of like a Christ-like figure.You know he comes down, it very much plays on the Jesus archetype, something that these psychopaths who run the system have always played upon.And then you have the evolution of this through the decades.

Alan:And they rose, I should just but in and say he also rose from the dead when he got shot.{Laughs}

Thomas:Thatís right yeah, thatís right.

Alan:So it very much looked like it, yeah.

Neil:And they even, you had more humanoid, you saw more humanoid aliens around the time of "Star Trek", you had Mr. Spock and Vulcans and many other alien races.And then you had the, and then you started to see the kind of Babylonian kind of demon creature, the Pazuzu.You know the Zoomorphic kind of reptilian insect, demon type version of the alien come in.

And then playing, of course we have the alien as the savior Christ, and then they move into the sort of like, the sort of like, the demonic archetype the dark parts of the human psyche that have been cultivated since the time of you know Babylon and Sumer through the gargoyles and to the point now where we have two kinds of aliens, the ones that are kind of like these angelic New Age beings who are like you know St. Germain, these sort of galactic federation of light super beautiful humanoids who are on the good side, and on the other side you have these kind of Babylonian gargoyle demonic reptilian insect archetypes.These kind of Pazuzu, Zoomorphic transposed behind a rocket ship who are the bad guys.Iím amazed by how many intelligent people who have woken up who again cannot see this Punch and Judy show for what it is, adults.†††††††

Alan:Yeah because it is written so well.Again you have got to get back to the fact that you have lots of neuroscientists and behaviorists working with these writers on how to put it over to the general population so that itís very, very believable and fascinating.Itís got to be fascinating you see.And itís got to be logically, the way itís put across, logically fascinating and thatís how they present it to them.Itís a great escape for those who are terrified of everything in life, the economy and everything else.Itís a great escape to an extent as well.And they start putting their faith in outside intervention coming to help us.So technically theyíve been disabled.They are outside of activism of any kind whatsoever.And they are no problem to government authorities.

Thomas:And it also allows them to sit back and accept the development and technologies which are basically out to destroy us.So they can accept all these horrific military technologies under the assumption that like a Star Wars thing does, itís to protect us from aliens, when in reality itís a bunch of weapons pointed at us.†††

Alan:Yes of course.And as I say too NASA is constantly putting out nonsense there because NASA is one of the strongest arms of the Military Industrial Complex.Itís a military organization.And under the guise of space exploration they will fleece the taxpayers of billions and billions, maybe even into the trillions now, to do with weaponry and repairing weaponry in space.Thatís what the shuttle system is all about is repairing weaponry in space and preparing us all for this incredible system thatís monitoring every single one of us down to the weapons eventually they will use on us from space if need be with pinpointed accuracy, pencil lasers that can literally put a hole right through you from outer space if you are a nuisance.Thatís all set up already in space.Thatís what the true Star Wars Program was all about.†††††

Thomas:Well NASA is...

Neil:Can I just come in there, itís interesting.I read something about insurance companies now getting onboard with all this stuff saying that if anything was caused by aliens your insurance policy was you know, wasnít valid.You know itís like an act of God thing.†††

Alan:Thatís right.Well even the Mormonís got their insurance policies out too for the rapture where they get whisked off and leave their families behind and the insurance is going to pay their families to keep going.{Laughs}So, there you go.

Neil:And you mentioned Thomas whether the aliens were here for good or bad and of course there was a thing in the paper, I donít know if it was a year or two years ago, where they said the aliens were watching because of our CO2 emissions and if we didnít stop it they would come and stop it for us.{Laughs}

Thomas:Yeah and prior to that they were watching us because of the Cold War.

Alan:Thatís right.

Thomas:Itís always the same religious archetype.††

Alan:That ties right in.It ties in with the total agenda, thatís right, the total agenda.And using environmentalism again, control of the weather, upset weather, etcetera, all of that to save us.Itís always to save us all.Itís to take all of your rights away from you.Itís always to save you all.And in every facet this massive army is, actually they called it that, the Earth Army.In the early days the writer for "Star Trek" was involved in the creation of that system where they would use these massive armies, Earth armies, now called greenies, and a whole bunch of different organizations.And they would push it all together with the whole Space Agenda, etcetera.

So itís all tied together.Whatever they give you, and they give us everything by the way unless you are thinking for yourself, and you are being suckered into something else for some other agenda.

Thomas:And the aliens...

Neil:Sorry Thomas, just a quick one.Iíve spoken to people who believed in all of this garbage and you know you kind of out of the corner of your eye you kind of take a set of keys out of your pocket and you throw it in the air, and you go did you see that?And they go, what?And I said that was an unidentified flying object, you know.You can put lights on a Frisbee and throw it out the window, thatís an unidentified flying object, you know.

Thomas:Yeah precisely.Iím not doubting, you know, I know lots of people who are sincere people who have told me that they have seen these things.And I believe them.And I do believe there are as yet unknown weather or consciousness or psychedelic experiences that probably do generate or are a result of these very strange experiences involving lights maybe plasma or something like that.And I have no doubt that there probably are intelligent beings out in the far reaches of the universe.Itís just, mathematically alone itís possible.But that is a completely different thing than them ever coming here.And thatís the assumption now that aliens are not out there, they are on this planet.And they have been very, very useful to disrupt any kind of critical analysis of government or globalism by attaching aliens to you know serious topics like what we are talking to tonight.And Iíll give you an example of that.

Prior to the 1980ís, academics, educated people, anyone used to sit down and talk about conspiracy.It was not considered a wacky or a screwball kind of thing.People spoke about conspiracies in relation to everything from the JFK thing to you know Agent Orange and you know DDT.They were always speaking about corporate conspiracies, globalist conspiracies, it was just a topic of conversation generally indoors, and often you can find it in magazines of the day such as "Mother Jones" and "Utne Reader" and "The Wire".These were not weird things.It was just like historical what if.

Along comes this TV series called "The X Files", and you have this guy who is an FBI agent.And heís the nut case.And you have this other one who is the women and sheís the voice of sanity.And sheís the rationalist.And every single topic in the conspiracy theory world, you know I hate to call it that, the alternative movement world, that myself and Alan talk about, was covered inside at one level from GMOs to you know to bio-warfare, to back to you know kind of weird objects being put into injections and given to people, to everything.Everything was covered in "The X Files" and then it was coupled to alien spaceships and little green men.So therefore if you bring up a serious topic today such as if I want to talk about I donít know anything, anything, like we talked about the Fabian Society, anything, there is an automatic assumption thatís put out there that somehow itís connected to UFOs and aliens visiting Earth.And this has been you know..., for instance I got a message from a guy last week who was saying to me like oh...I donít know, I forget what I was talking about.I was talking about I think it was the psychopathic traits of Tony Blair.And the guy comes back with, and I bet you believe that Elvis is living on the moon and got there on a spaceship.Thatís the PSYOP, thatís how itís been programmed to take anything thatís serious, the ordinary non-expert people in this scientific system, such as us guys here can talk about it, then they deliberately throw in the alien little green men bomb to destroy it and take away any credibility from it.And that has worked so well for them.And like you said these people are into that stuff.I have no problems with people believing anything.I donít have no problems with people believing anything, in any kind of people believing in aliens and alien abductions and those things, but do not connect them to very important topics in terms of our incarceration as lab rats on this planet.And that has worked.So the alien thing has worked as well for them as the religion has.††

Alan:Uh huh.Yeah and plus too you have so many, again you do have the CIA involved heavily.All mind control things including all the different so called progressive types of behaviorism techniques that they pushed back in the 50ís and 60ís, the Rolfing Methods, all these different things where they scream and tear pillows apart, these were all part of, these were all run by the CIA, all of these things to do with behavior modification and getting absolute idiots to just fall for it all.Go into the bottom of swimming pools that were all empty and all lie down and pretend they were fish.I mean things like that.Itís amazing what they can do and then they coupled it with the alien agendas and everything else too.It makes you more...Each time you fall for something you become more gullible for the next one.

And I also had a strange occurrence.A woman who was in touch with me for a while by email, a Christian women in the States, did all the standard Christian stuff, mentioned all the standard Christian stuff and seemed very orthodox, and then one time she wanted to call me and I answered the phone and she said that did you know that Jesus is on Zeta Reticuli with all of his angels, they have been training the army for millennia and they were going to come back to Earth.Come back to Earth from this planet you see and save us all.

I mean so they infiltrated everything including, and what they always do is use existing structures of belief, which is religion, and they mix it with that too.And that rampaged across a lot of the Christian Societies for a long time too that idea.So nothing has been missed out.But no wonder because you have thousands of think tanks working on every part, every facet of society.They have missed nothing here.††

Neil:Do you think that...Sorry just somebody in the chat box was talking about one show you did and mentioned GMOs, and you know and somebody mentions maybe theyíll do something in a lab and weíll see some little green men somewhere.Do you think thatís a possibility that they will genetically modify something along the lines of "The Island of Dr. Moreau" I suppose and create an alien?

Alan:Itís more than that.Thereís actually scientific journals out there that have been working on this for a long time and I have some of them here in fact where they talk about the old Platonic idea, Plato idea, that they would use eventually in "The Republic", his book "The Republic", that they would eventually breed folk for specific tasks.Tall folk for picking apples off trees, short folk for mining, things like that.And genetics has been working towards creating new kinds of humans all along.And then there are scientific books put out for the universities, they have men with gills, and so on and so on, all bread for specific tasks of welding oil rigs under water or things like that.So they are well ahead in all of this.

And it ties in again with this, itís a form of misogyny to an extent, itís also using the homosexual agenda, all the different agendas out there, they call it gay now, but to get you used to, and all the in-betweens of transgender so nothing is normal.Once you get to a stage where nothing is normal or standard or classed as normal then they can gradually bring in new types of all the in-betweens.Thatís why they are pushing that whole agenda.Itís not because they care about gay folk.Itís because they can use all of this to disrupt what is considered as normal amongst the general populations.And aliens goes along with it too.

Thomas:Yeah if you read Zecharia Sitchinís, "The 12th Planet", I recently read it for the first time lately about a few weeks back and this guy basically took Babylonian demon worship, just this is basically the religion of Babylon, and wrapped this whole imaginary idea of the Anunnaki and space race around it.And the whole idea was to put this...This guy, if Zecharia Sitchin wasnít one of them, he, I mean I cannot believe, if you read his book itís almost like a masonic tone.

Alan:It is.He belonged to the Ashmolean Society.Thatís right, he was way up there, yep.

Thomas:Yeah, there you go because it basically says it at the end of the book and the whole purpose of that book is to indoctrinate people who read it into believing that human beings are a slave race.A slave race who serve a higher race.I mean this is exactly how the agenda goes on.††

Alan:Actually it is very Calvinistic when you look at it because you are born into the lower cast therefore accept it.There is nothing you can do, your intelligence is set at birth, before birth in fact, and the upper cast that rule you are the lawful rulers.You canít fight them in any way possible.Thatís how it is, yeah, absolutely.Thatís what they tell you in the book, yeah.

Thomas:And thatís why so many of them come out of the Calvinist parts of Switzerland.Von Daniken and people like that.There is so much of that down there as well.And also they have created these cults.

Alan:Von Daniken before you miss him, they revived him again you know.And Daniken remember back then in the 70ís was declared a fraud by reporters that went to Mexico and they found the so called, these space carvings of men on space motorbikes, etcetera.How youíd ride a motorbike in space I donít know.But they found the guy who was making these so called steles for him.And he was getting under a dollar per stele that he was making, Daniken was putting in his book, a total fraud.

Thomas:Well now Daniken basically has a gigantic cathedral now build to himself in Switzerland.

Alan:Oh yeah.

Thomas:Itís essentially like the Vatican of alien history on Earth and itís incredible.

Alan:Switzerland is also very high up there.Theyíve got the headquarters of the Rosicrucian society there.They are very high level Rosicrucian for very elite people over there too.It all comes together there in Switzerland, yeah.

Thomas:Switzerland is a particularly sinister nation.It looks to portray itself to the world as you know as clocks, cuckoo clocks and chocolates but behind that is some very, very sinister movements and organizations.And the alien stuff through Von Daniken is definitely one of them.There is no doubt about that.The fact that in such an expensive country like Switzerland that he could build basically this Vatican to himself.Itís you know in the scale that itís built it means that there is some serious globalist money behind him.


Thomas:You donít get that kind of cash from writing books about aliens.Someone somewhere...

Alan:No you donít.You donít.And also I mean Iíve talked to some people who have attended the ones in Switzerland at the high level functions and it is extraordinary how they can manipulate the members that are coming in too with all their very, very advanced equipment that can project you know basically holographic stuff, very big, large, holographic stuff and so on.Giant crosses for instance that arenít even there and things like that.So, Iíve talked to them personally, people whoíve..., and some folk even in the Canadian government who have been over and seen this too.

So, yeah Switzerland is very big in that.Itís also and donít forget one of the highest, the biggest Knights Templar countries.Youíll see their logo all over the buildings all over Bern and all the different big cities in Switzerland.

Thomas:And lots of Nazi gold and technology ended up down there, tax relieved.You know this is, itís a great way for cleaning dirty money and bringing it in to these kinds of ideas such as Von Danikenís little empire there.

Again, back to the cults.This is another great way of scooping up intelligent minds that should be challenging.You know in Jacques Valleeís book "Messengers of Deception", which I believe is the only book written about the UFO phenomenon worth reading.He is basically a guy who started to research the phenomenon, basically came to the idea that yeah there are some strange lights in the sky, but ultimately the whole UFO thing has been run by the intelligence services who are creating these cults in order to take intelligent people who should be you know, they should be the next Malcom Xís, or the next kind of people who should be taking our societies to the next level, and then scooping them off into these alien channeling cults.Thatís whatís so remarkable about these cults, they are filled with people with PhDs and Masters Degrees.If you look at the Heavenís Gate cult, if you look at the Solar Temple cult, again Switzerland Templars, itís all filled with highly educated people who should be the next generation of should we say game changers in society but instead they are huddled around a device waiting for the leader or the master or the guru to give them the latest messages from the aliens who are going to arrive some day in comets or spaceships.And this has been another wonderful beneficial spin-off for the intelligence services too with this whole alien nonsense.Theyíve basically stopped any, between that and the celebrity obsession stuff, have stopped any kind of future, shall we say social, or consciousness revolution taking off because anyone who has a brain seems to end up in, you know seems to be diverted into either one or the other.

Alan:Oh yeah.As I say, you must disable people who can think.You disable them and put them into an avenue that leads them nowhere basically and they are effectively disabled from taking any action or being social leaders and so on, etcetera.And then they find themselves being leaders in fact and working towards an agenda that they think they understand but they donít understand it whatsoever where itís supposed to go.They are all being used.

Neil:In terms of the technique used like youíve mentioned, the aliens or the cults and stuff, I mean that all comes from presumably what we talked about earlier with the Fabians and the think tanks coming out with programs.

Alan:The Fabians said through Annie Besant as I say one of the co-founders that was to set up the feminist movement and also push for the abortion industry early on, and her dad was a lord, the British House of Lords, and she said that they would use the existing institutions of religion and eventually, itís exactly what youíll find that the marketers always use, donít go out and create a society use existing institutions where you have masses of followers.And she said weíll use existing religions and eventually win through the churches because they have the biggest amount of followers than anyone else.So what weíre looking at is a religious institution, Ufology is a religion.And actually it permeates all through even the orthodox religions until you have folk believing all things within churches themselves.All working toward a so called greater future and better future.Itís all the same agenda.Itís quite fascinating to see that no oneís been unaffected because the entertainment industry is one of the biggest mind control industries out there.You can take any action whatsoever, any human action or behavior or emotion, and twist it into reverse until you are feeling sorry for people that you perhaps shouldnít feel sorry for and you have a completely opposing opinion from reality, things like that.Itís all been used against you.They can turn on your tears when they want to, they can make you angry at something when they want to.Itís the greatest tool because your defenses are down when you think you are being entertained.If you are getting a lecture on something youíll sit back, or you should do your critical thinking and say well I believe that but Iím not accepting this part.With a movie for instance you swallow the whole lot including the programming and conditioning thatís built inside the movie.So itís a perfect way, youíve got whole generations now who are addicted to the movies, they are brainwashed with them, and they are all politically correct.

Even all your politically correct things to do with sexuality and behaviorism are put initially through comedies and then filtered into the mainstream serious movies and thatís how they put it across.It works very, very simply.And again back to H.G. Wells, he talked about using this technique way back in the early 1900ís.††††

Neil:Somebody just put a quote in the chat box, itís from Mark Twain, "Itís easier to fool people than to convince them that theyíve been fooled."And that certainly pertains to the more intelligent people like you were saying Thomas, the PhDs and all of them.They wonít be told that they are wrong, or they wonít admit that they are wrong.Thatís for sure.†††

Alan:Hereís the key to that though.Never forget, never forget that those who are intelligent and are going to a university or they think they are intelligent.In the university your ego is built up above everything else believe it or not.Thatís how you end up being a professor.Iíve had professors visit me and they admit, and I know this and Iíve talked about it, that most professors talk a lot of literary nonsense.Itís a lot of verbiage if you like, lots of words, but pretty well meaningless in the end, but itís very impressive.

So itís the same with any science that you are taught in the university.Itís like medicine, the first thing you are taught is to always dominate your patient.Make sure they believe in you, thatís the first thing you must get them to do is believe in you so they will trust you and do what you tell them.That goes across the board now in all universities with all so called professions that they churn them out to dictate to.

So you think you are being taught, that you are one of the elite, one of the chosen, and because of that once you swallow the alien agenda along with it there is no going back.They will never have insight into themselves because they are already believing that they are elite and they are intelligent.And once you start to lose that, that you are just you, and you actually believe the propaganda that you are the intelligent one, you are done for.Always hold on to humility, if you lose it you have lost yourself and someone else is using you.

Thomas:Well by the time youíve got yourself your PhD all youíve really done is shown absolute devotion and servitude to authority.Youíve done everything you were told, youíve followed every single order.


Thomas:And then the tenured college professor who guided you towards this, heís then replaced by the cult leader.

Alan:Uh huh.

Thomas:And thatís why they are so easy to move, highly educated people with advanced degrees into flying saucer and alien channeling cults because they have already been conditioned to seek the absolute approval and devotion to an authority figure.

I just want to get back to the cultural thing there again.Another aspect that has been used to sell the alien idea as well has been rock music.You have the bands like the Blue Oyster Cult and Hawkwind and all these kind of like spacewalk, frog walk, kind of ideas coupled with the LSD idea or like aliens and spaceships and space travel.And I was reading there recently, not only did you have like people like Carlos Santana saying that he had been given orders from an alien you also have, I was reading recently that David Bowie had spent the early 70ís on the roof of his apartment in London holding a television aerial towards Mars getting signals.You wonder who was sending the signals donít you.

Alan:Oh yeah, yeah, but again David Bowie is a product of the entertainment industry.And Iíll tell you another thing too, a lot of the entertainment industry churns out a lot of rubbish actually about these stars to build up the personality cult.I mean Iíve been with bands before that were getting up there or were up there in fact some of them and big magazines would phone them and ask for interviews and they couldnít do it, they were either too stoned or burned out or whatever, and what they would do is say okay weíll write a good write up about you and put some really bad boy stuff in there and weíll let you see it before we publish it.And they make it up actually, they would make it all up to boost the personality cult and image.And thatís what happens with a lot of that stuff.David Bowie first came on the stage in Britain because it was part of the destruction of the culture industry actually, thatís what they put him out for.They create stars, they create the image, they create the person.In fact the image and the drawings that they put up of the person, the costumes, and so on, their poses, are all drawn up before they pick the person, the actor if you like.And David Bowie came on the stage with his travelling road show, massive, about 6 massive 10-ton trucks hauling equipment, lighting, the whole bit, and he came on wearing nothing but a jock strap, back in the 60ís in Britain.Nothing but a jock strap and painted face and all the rest of it.Again to destroy your whole image of men, manhood, decency and so on.It worked awfully, awfully well.It was to get to the youth and teach them rebellion as they were teaching them in school at the time, to rebel against their parents who were old fashioned, donít trust anybody over 30 they said.And thatís when they fired a lot of the older teachers and brought in younger ones so the children would identify with them more with the new radical indoctrinations.Everything has been covered here, every part of society and culture has been covered completely.†††

Thomas:Even in Bowieís early days you had like these dissociative personality ideas like Aladdin Sane.Aladdin Sane the guy with his face painted two different colors.You had the cracked actor and the man who sold the world.These were all kinds of, they bought into the idea that Bowie was more than just a singer, he was a changer of consciousness.And again it was too good.

Alan:And he was in space, the spaceman, yeah.

Thomas:Yep, Space Oddity, yep.And there was even a very interesting film of his tour of America in the mid 70ís and they are interviewing his fans outside the concert hall.And these people, some of them look stoned, but a lot of them look like they are on psych medications, like some kind of heavy Thorazine or something like that.And this one girl who could barely articulate says that David Bowie is the space commander and Iím his space cadet, which was funny at the time but when you think back on it now you realize how beautifully cleaver.These people, their scams are so devious.At times you almost have to admire them for them.†††

Alan:Oh absolutely.But donít forget though itís nothing to do with the talent or skill of the person you see, itís the massive machinery that creates that person in the first place.Itís a massive, massive machinery to create a star.They can make anybody a star and they have actually.{Laughs}But they can make anybody a star with the machinery.

And again it came out of Hollywood, early Hollywood, where Hollywood came up with the idea of the star image.Before that actors were ten a penny.They were not really a reputable type of a person if you were an actor or an actress.You basically sang for your supper to the elite afterwards, after a show.And then they created the star image.And they would create the star before youíd even see them in their first movie.Theyíd build it up, this new women or whoever it happened to be, and they were instantly a success because they told the public that they were great.And the public will believe what they are told when that build up is professionally done.Thatís what they do with all star image making.

Iíve met guys who had number 1ís in Britain and Iíve been there doing session work for them for their albums and things and Iíve worked on some of their songs and literally they were picked out of lineups.And Iím talking about drawings and Iíve seen the drawings before they picked the guy with the right height that would fit this suit that was already made for him, it was made of leather and stuff like that, how theyíd hold the microphone, his gimmicks, his shtick as they called it.And they were told theyíd have three hits in a row and then heíd fade away.And thatís the sort of thing, thatís how itís run.There is nothing out there thatís real as it is presented to the general public.

Neil:Of course youíve got the song "Star Man" thatís Bowie did as well and the movie "The Man Who Fell to Earth" where he was breeding with human women you know.

Thomas:Thatís right, yeah.

Alan:And that tied in with a whole bunch of Sci-Fi movies on the same theory basically.Yeah.

Neil:And he had all this technology where he could basically afford to buy up the world and he was buying all these resources and supposedly to take them back to his own planet and all that stuff.

Thomas:Yeah, he could replicate gold.If you look at Bowieís entire early 70ís, or mid-70ís and early 70ís, career there was nothing more than the alien agenda.Another band was ELO, the Electric Light Orchestra, they came out of a gigantic UFO when they played their gigs.And even the term ELO, Electric Light Orchestra that sounds very masonic, Electric Light Orchestra.Electric Lucifer Orchestra.You know you really have to look into these people and see who they are, who they are related too and who their parents are, what families, and what you know public school they went to.

Alan:Itís also the old God, EL is the name of the God.And "O" is zero, itís the eternal circle.Yeah, itís masonic too.

Neil:Okay weíve got about four minutes left.So do you want to wrap up and basically your final thoughts on either the Fabians, what we just discussed, or a mixture of both.

Alan:Well we are the end product of basically of an agenda.And most of the folk around you are too because as I say the Fabians are one massive think tank with many branches across the world.And they interact with the other think tanks that work on other aspects of human nature, behavior, etcetera, all working to program the next generation into the future.And hereís how perfect it is, if you go back to the 1930ís, Comintern, the young international young communists of which Pierre Trudeau who became the prime minister of Canada was one of them, they had a meeting with Beria who was the top honcho there, a massive, a monster of a man for slaughtering people.But Beria in charge of the police for Russia, the NKVD, he talked about the conditioning of children.And he said it used to take us seventy years, at that time that was about a generation, seventy years to create the changes through persuasion and through education to change anything in society even a little bit because the parents were always contaminated with their old ideas and they would pass them on to the children.But he says now with the perfect indoctrination he said we can update and alter their changes every two to three years.

And so that the kindergarten children going in one year were getting programmed from the start for the whole curriculum, all the years ahead in education, for all the changes that would be put forth on a timetable plan as they grew up.The ones who came in a year later would be slightly ahead into the further exploitation of this plan and they would be prepared for it as they grew up.So that you were already programmed for the changes that are going to hit you in your lifetime from the early, early age and youíll think itís all quite natural.You are prepared for it.The program has been put in your head already.Thatís how perfect it was.And itís way beyond that today because the culture industry gets massive grants from the governments.Every United Nations member has a department of culture in their federal government that dishes out the grants to writers, movie makers, everything, and novelists, and they must incorporate all the politically correct things in their novels and books and even cartoons.And the children are getting brainwashed before they even learn what the meaning of words are actually because a lot of it is visual as well.

So this is a perfect indoctrination of society and to be honest with you youíd have to be a hermit living with your family way up in some mountain somewhere to escape it all because with the electronic pervasion of media today itís everywhere you canít escape it.Even if you tried to shield your children from it, itís pretty well impossible because their friends have all got the electric gadgets and so on.You canít keep them living separate anymore, itís pretty well done for from that aspect.

Again, Bertrand Russell went even further about this, he said we used to think that weíd have to separate the children from their parents so that theyíd never know who their parents were, again going back to Platoís idea, he said but now again with scientific indoctrination, he said, the parental input would be impossible, they wonít be able to pass on contaminated ideas to their children and the state would be giving them their new moralities.Itís all been done, yeah.†††


Thomas:Well the agenda goes on and there is no great awakening and there is no salvation, itís not going to happen.The hundredth monkey does not exist in terms of these people that are controlling us.Just because thatís going down doesnít mean that you have to go down with it.And this is where I would say to people as long as they are not inside your head you are free.And thatís the important thing.It doesnít matter what happens around you as long as they are not inside your head you are free.So at all costs do not let them in there.Do not be a lab rat anymore.†††††

Alan:Yep.You have to reclaim.You have got to reclaim your mind.I mean itís your birthright itís your mind.Without that you are nothing.So your mind is all you have, yeah.

Thomas:Yeah personal liberation and youíve got to stop waiting for external salvation and start liberating yourself and thatís the, you know I mean I donít know how I would say it, I mean stop being Pavlovís dog and you know become an acute fox and run wild and donít let them know about it.

Alan:Iíd say even better, you know bite Pavlov.{Laughs}

Thomas:Bite Pavlov, yeah.{Laughs}And donít be expecting miracles or people like Russell Brown or some other celebrity or Bono or anyone else to save you or Gods or anything.Youíre a sovereign human being and get off the chess board.

Alan:Thatís awfully important.You have got to understand there is something called, again getting back to the creation of stars, itís called the creation of the personality cult.The big boys will always give you leaders they create.The whole machinery of personality cult gets behind them to create the personality cult and you are always looking for the one all through the movies itís the one, youíre the one thatís going to save the world.No, no folks thatís fake, itís a red herring.You have to do it yourself. You have got to reclaim your own brain, thatís all you have.Get your own mind and itís up to you where you want to let it go but you keep your own mind under control as well.Donít be fooled over and over and over again.

Thomas:And the star thing goes back to the Dionysian cults of Ancient Greece which Plato would have been familiar with.These ideas of the hermaphrodite you know rock star God who was a sexual being that people fawned over, who had no particular talent, he was just Dionysus.And Plato knew this and they have all known this.Thatís still, you know Dionysus is still going on to this day.And you know again donít be fooled, donít be fooled.

Neil:Sorry to interrupt.We have to kind of end.The next host is ready to come on.Thanks very much for your time lads and can you just stay on the line just for a second after the show?


Neil:Okay.Thanks very much for listening folks and Iíll hand it over to Patty now.

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