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"Dissecting Confusion for Directed Fusion"

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 11, 2015.  Well, it's been another week of going through the subzero temperatures, as we go through global warming that they now call climate change of course. It's been really cold in this part of Canada, where you're 20, 25, sometimes 30 below in the centigrade level, and during the day it's sometimes not much warmer in fact, it never gets above the zero. So were going through these big, big changes of course as the big geo-engineering campaign goes on with the chem sprays and so on, and with the weather manipulation too because they're using electromagnetic frequencies and so on involved in it too, to get all the storms going, these winter storms.  We're getting kind of used to it of course up here in Canada. And I'm sure it's going to bankrupt a lot of people in heating bills this year, just that alone, because it's way beyond what you normally expect. It was bad enough last year but this year's got it too.  So I hope you're all surviving.  We get these big Arctic blast going all the way down to Canada into the States, different parts of the US States who are also suffering from it too.  It doesn't make the roads awfully good at all. 


But we have to hang on as we go through these big planned changes in this world where reality is presented to us, after going through all of its makeovers, you might say, by intelligence companies, the secret service companies and all the big organizations that are involved in giving you all of your reality, and telling you what your conclusions are supposed to be as well, and to always blame you for causing all these weather changes at the same time as they’re spraying you and making it all happen.


Now, when you get that going on, which it is going on and it's been going on for some time now, and they have big, big outcomes to plan for all of this with your high carbon taxes changing your whole way of life, energy taxes on all products that you purchase because it supposedly took energy to produce those chocolate bars, and the wrappers even, it will all be taxed on as well, everything you purchase will be the same way. Eventually they have to get you into austerity down the road and they, no doubt, have got planned crashes again with the banks, now that they've done all their stress tests, their world stress tests, and with them all signed on to the bailouts and bail-ins across the world under the guise, under the supervision supposedly of the World Bank.


So, we're sailing along into big changes and we're supposed to just get used to it. Most folk will get used to it and they do get used to it because they don't reason anything through. Most folk don't really think too much. They hear the things getting delivered to them and it goes right into the subconscious.  And they don't stop and analyze anything at all, they think it must all be quite natural and normal. That's how we're trained actually since the age of communication intensified many years ago. They realized they could train whole populations by radio and then television and even through fiction and movies, etc. so it's doing awfully good job.  And they have to bring in the new system as we go through, basically, a martial law in every country as terrorism supposedly increases, increases, increases to bring in a whole new system altogether from birth to death of how we're supposed to live.


And I've got to laugh at a lot of the, ah, what they dish out now as news. It's so awful. I'm sure a lot of it comes from intelligence agencies, in fact we know that has happened in the past with handouts from intelligence agencies that simply are handed out to certain reporters who are only too happy to put it in their papers; they might just put it in complete or they might change a word here or there and put their own name on it.  But that's the reality that's presented to the general public.  There's not much truth involved. If there is any truth at all it's spun heavily, or the rest of the truth is omitted so you're left with half a story which will leads you to the conclusion that you're supposed to come to. It gets awfully boring in fact.


Because everything that's happening is a big agenda and it's awfully predictable when you understand how it works and the different groups behind it that are often connected to the top who bring you all these things to happen. It's like the bombings going on across the world or the shootings in Paris recently, you don't know who really is behind it.  In fact, the guys who can even perpetrate such things don't know either, they think they do, but it can be different intelligence agencies that are guiding them at the top through one of their own people, and they will never suspect to the minute they die that they have been set up to do something, to achieve a further goal in this totalitarian police state network worldwide that's being set up so heavily and so fast.


The other thing you can count on to is the blowback, as they call it in intelligence services.  When you go into countries for years and years and years and you send in troops for years to bring out the raw resources and for the big corporations that are based in your countries, eventually you get blowback. Blowback is when enough of the people have been killed in those countries, opposing the troops that are being sent in, they've lost relatives, they've lost so much, and they certainly retaliate in the way that's allowed today. I say allowed because you don't have the big armies and so on and have full-scale invasions. So they have small groups that train themselves, or are trained, to go out and do acts of terrorism basically. And this stuff was discussed back in the 60s and disclosed with the freedom of information documentation from MI6, the CIA and so on like that.


Blowback is what you get though and blowback can go on for decades if not generations.  And people are really ticked off. The blowback too by the way has really got much, much bigger and profuse since the drone strikes that became in everyday commonplace reality of folk getting blown up. We don't even see where the missiles come from or the gunfire comes from with these pretty solid drones, that can be miles and miles away from the target. Whole families get wiped out, weddings and everything else, supposedly, and there's always an answer, always supposedly to take out a certain terrorist and the rest of them are collateral damage, they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's the way it is treated. Well, when you lose relatives, and sometimes all your relatives, you might decide to become radicalized as well, it's going to cause that, and then you’re recruited, then you have different agencies involved, CIA, MI6, the Mossad, these agencies involved in these things too. They're all working together by the way, I don't differentiate any of them, the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad are all one group as far as I'm concerned, with the sharing of intelligence at the top and lots of cooperation.


So they have their own agendas and directions to go and they can never tell the truth to the public whatsoever. They are after desired results.  Their goal is to blame certain factions and keep things going and going and going. That's was happening today. So there's very little you can read that’s straightforward as it is presented in the media, because that's also, many of the articles are actually written by intelligence agencies for the media.  So what can you actually believe? But we do know that blowback will go on forever basically.


Now this article says here:


France Satirical Mag Charlie Hebdo Sued by Islamists for 'Blasphemy'

ibtimes.co.uk / Gianluca Mezzofiore / February 19, 2014


French Islamists have sued satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for blasphemy in Strasbourg for publishing a cover page with the headline: "The Koran is shit – it doesn't stop bullets."  The League of Judicial Defence of Muslims (LDJM) led by former lawyers Karim Achoui, has brought the case before the criminal court in Alsace-Moselle's capital.  The region, which was annexed by Germany in 1871 and 1940-45, still retained part of the old German code that includes the "blasphemy" crime – which no longer exist in the rest of France.  The LDJM has also sued Charlie Hebdo in Paris for "provocation and incitement to hatred on the basis of religious affiliation and insult".  (Alan:  And it goes on and on and on.)


But here's the thing though, when you look at this organization, this Charlie Hebdo, that claims it's left wing, it has a lot in common with the Frankfurt school of destroying cultures and also especially destroying religions, at least most religions.  I think the head of it even said at one point they were going to portray, or bring down Islam into the same banal state as they brought down Catholicism over the years. So they definitely have agendas there, it's not just humor; it's not even clever humor, it's like bathroom humor that you get in junior school.  Of course they were pushing for particular rights and so on. Interesting too that's Sarkozy apparently met one of these attackers at the Charlie Hebdo, a few years ago he met him, and there's connections there too between Sarkozy and them as well so you don't know which organization is really at the top of this.  And you can actually get Muslim organizations that are ruled by outside factions of course as well, and unknown to the ones who follow it, so this is standard. Whenever you get involved in anything and they try to go into any kind of radical move, of whatever it happens to be, be very careful and don't do it because you're being used by somebody else, often from outside your organization, actually maybe even set up your organization for you to join, and it's not for you at all. So be very, very careful.


Another article too is:


French Muslims to sue Charlie Hebdo over Mohammed cartoons

english.rfi.fr / Charlie Hebdo's publisher, Charb / 1.7.15 / By RFI


A French Muslim group is to sue the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo over the publication of cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammed. French embassies in 20 countries will be on high alert on Friday, fearing that violent protests over a controversial film may be repeated. 


And that was back in 2012 so these guys have been hammering at Muslims for years now.  It's like they wanted something to happen.  Somebody did. Somebody obviously did. Somebody obviously, obviously really did want something to happen.  Who suffers? Well, the French themselves will be under more surveillance, yada yada yada, just like 9/11 did it for the US, Canada and so on.


Now here's another article here.  Before I leave that article, actually, I'll just say the one last thing. When the world of spookdom, that's what I call it, spookdom, they are all interconnected, and be very, very careful of all of them because you'll never get facts.  You'll get just what they'll dish out to the media, what they feed the media, so that you believe whatever they tell you, but you'll never get the nitty-gritty on anything at the time. It takes many years, sometimes 50, 60 years before they'll disclose any truth about any particular thing, and often will never do it at all, actual truth.


Whenever… I think it was Pierre Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, the guy who was the young communist leader for Canada’s Comintern, the organization Comintern that would go over to Moscow every year, he led the delegation from Canada to the Soviet Union in 1952.  He knew top operatives within the governments and civil service, and the list that even Gouzenko had come out with back at the end of World War II, of high-profile infiltrators inside the Canadian government and the bureaucracies, was reclassified for about another 30 to 50 years by Trudeau, before he left, the last day before he left actually, so that the public are not to know. That's democracies for you, you know.


Now the next story here is about PIE, this organization called PIE and it says:


How paedophiles infiltrated the left and hijacked

the fight for civil rights

theguardian.com / Jamie Doward / 1 March 2014


(A:  Civil rights, eh.  And that's how they do things, it's always for a good cause, no matter what it is, .  Pedophiles. It gives you some of the campaigners for this particular organization for civil rights.)


A 1970s campaign to lower the age of consent has returned to haunt Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey. But in such a liberal climate, it wasn't hard for a small, determined group to exploit a commitment to free speech. 


(A:  That's the guise they put it under, you see. So they go on about all the promiscuity at the time, they're getting all these freedoms of promiscuity and God knows what else, but they were also pushing, unknown to them they claim now, the PIE organizers.  It's the Pedophile Information Exchange group, who pass on good targets to each other, these guys, these pedophiles. This article from the Guardian and goes through it and it says:)


But how did the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), whose affiliation to the NCCL has been exhaustively investigated by the Daily Mail, come to get a ticket to the party? 


(A:  And they claim it's because it was a liberal time and the whole thing, and they were trying to lower the age of consent, between children basically down to 14, and these guys came in on the act with their own agenda, very quietly. This is what they claim, which I think is nonsense. They all knew who was what, they knew all this stuff. They wanted to lower the age of consent until they could get… total destruction of the culture, that's what the far left do, to build the new, you see. Destroy all the old, that's everything that gave you your morals, your culture, everything, destroy it all and bring in the new, and they would rule it, these guys that would cause it to happen, that's what they did in the Soviet Union.)


That motion was passed two years after Harman has claimed that the group no longer wielded influence in the NCCL. "They had been pushed to the margins before I actually went to NCCL . . .” (A:  Well, they will all try and distance themselves from it now, you see.)


Admittedly, any group could join the NCCL, which had more than 1,000 affiliate member organizations and the council's motion probably owed more to defending the principle of free speech than defending PIE. (A:  Really?)  And it would be wrong to portray PIE as a major force. Being small, comprising only a handful of activists and with a membership estimated to be between 300 and 1,000, PIE was not a powerful voice at a time when the main debates within the council were about sexual equality and race relations. But its views were so profoundly abhorrent to most of Britain that it is still hard to see why the council did not do more to disown PIE from the start. 


Now that's not true. The far left radicals, believe you me, they discuss everything.  It's like Hollywood, to be an actor or actress you cannot have any inhibitions on anything that's avant-garde.  And the far left is exactly the same, you can voice no inhibitions about anything regarding morality. So of course the ones who are involved in it and made their career in politics are trying to distance themselves from it now.  In this next article it goes on to say this:  [Alan laughing.]


Paedophile at the Home Office:

(A:  The home office is like homeland security, the base for all of Britain's security.)

He boasted of storing PIE files where police would never discover them

(A:  He worked there, he was employed by the government.)

dailymail.co.uk / Sam Marsden / 7 July 2014


-Steven Smith worked as contractor monitoring security alarms at Whitehall.  60-year-old said he was given security clearance for the job by Scotland Yard.

(A:  Well, like they just missed him, eh. A complete background check and they missed it, eh?  And he's a pedophile.) At the time Smith was the chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange.  (A: The chairman of it.)  Went on the run while facing charges over child abuse images before being jailed in 1991 and again in 2011.  The former leader of a pro-paedophile campaign boasted of storing the group’s files in the Home Office while he worked there.  Steven Smith, 60, said he was given security clearance for his Whitehall job by Scotland Yard despite being chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange.  He worked as an electrical contractor monitoring security alarms at the Home Office for four years in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Smith later went on the run while facing charges over child abuse images. He was jailed in 1991 and again in 2011.


In an obscure book published in 1986, he told how he was given a room of his own at the Home Office and used it to conceal PIE’s files.  (A:  So there you go, the home office, that checks out all things supposedly on all the citizens, for security reasons, gave him a room, the chairman of this group, where he could hide it and the cops would never find it, they would never think of looking there.)


‘For four years I was employed by a firm of electrical contractors, Complete Maintenance, to monitor a control panel of alarm systems at the Home Office,’ he said.   ‘The job entailed practically no work on my part (A:  Because that's what you do when you get government contracts and you work for the government.), beyond attending the panel, and in fact I had a furnished office completely to myself seven days a week on a  rotating shift basis. ‘Much of PIE’s less sensitive file material was stored in locked cabinets there, where no police raid would ever have found them. Each year my security clearance was renewed by Scotland Yard without my connection with PIE being discovered.’   (A:  So do you really think they are that inept?  Do you really believe that?)


He claimed he used a phone number in the Home Office building as a contact point for PIE. A later trial heard that he probably published an obscene magazine from inside the ministry.  (A:  Well, that makes sense, eh.  It's like George Orwell's 1984 where the ministry that ran everything published all the porno magazines and novels. Today it would have movies too.)


Smith, also known as Stephen Freeman, lost his job when his role in PIE was exposed by a newspaper (A: Not by the government or the agencies, but a newspaper…) in 1982. He said he had hoped the revelation that the leader of a paedophile group had been employed in the heart of Westminster would lead to the resignation of then Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw.  But no heads rolled – and it appears that there was only a limited official investigation into his role at the department.  ‘The extent of security chiefs’ knowledge of my activities did not prompt them to investigate the content of my filing cabinets (A:  Oh, they'd know it was there all right.), and a carload of PIE files was safely spirited from the building before it could occur to them to intervene,’ he wrote.   (A:  Oh, and they're all too stupid, right.)


 A second senior PIE official, the group’s secretary and treasurer Barry Cutler, is also said to have worked at the Home Office in the early 1980s.  In 1983, it was reported that a Home Office civil servant had received a series of slides with images of abuse of young boys and obscene letters delivered to his departmental address.  One colleague protested that the material should be handed over to the police, but this was ignored and it was treated as a purely internal matter, according to a Daily Express report at the time.  Smith fled to Holland in 1984 to escape trial after PIE was infiltrated by headmaster and anti-child abuse campaigner Charles Oxley.  Smith claimed political asylum by arguing that he was part of a minority political group campaigning for changes in the law in the UK.  He returned to Britain in 1991 in the mistaken belief he would not be arrested and was jailed at the Old Bailey for 18 months (A:  18 months  for homosexual pedophilia. And it goes on and on and on.)


But I mean, this is the kind of stuff you're told is just overlooked by the agencies, you know, these... the best intelligence agencies that you have, they just didn't notice this stuff. And so what will the intelligence agencies eventually come up with to cover their backsides?  Right.  So what kind of story would they come up with if they were actually behind it all?


EXCLUSIVE: Secret service infiltrated paedophile group

to 'blackmail establishment'

express.co.uk / June 29, 2014 / Tim Tate and Ted Jeory


A number of allegations of child sex abuse emerged after MP Cyril Smith's death.  The former civil servant has told detectives investigating the activities of paedophiles in national politics that the Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch was orchestrating the child-sex lobbying group in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  The whistleblower, who has spoken exclusively to the Sunday Express, says he was also warned off asking why such a notorious group was being handed government money.  It emerged late last year that PIE was twice gave amounts of £35,000 in Home Office funding

(A:  That's all taxpayers’ money, eh.)  between 1977 and 1980, the £70,000 total equivalent to over £400,000 in today’s money.


Those details surfaced only after the whistleblower highlighted his concerns to campaigning Labour MP Tom Watson and his revelations have triggered an ongoing Home Office inquiry into why the cash was given to PIE which was abolished in 1985 after a number of prosecutions.  Until now, speculation about the grant has centred on Clifford Hindley, the late Home Office manager who approved the payments. However, the whistleblower told the Sunday Express he thought higher and more sinister powers were at play.  He has given a formal statement to that effect to detectives from Operation Fernbridge, which is looking into allegations of historic sex abuse at the Elm Guest House in south-west London.  At that time, questioning anything to do with Special Branch, especially within the Home Office, was a ‘no-no’.   PIE, now considered one of the most notorious groups of the era, had gained respectability in political circles. Its members are said to have included establishment figures, and disgraced Liberal MP Cyril Smith was a friend of founder member Peter Righton.


In 1981, Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens used Parliamentary privilege to name Sir Peter Hayman, the deputy director of MI6, as a member of PIE and an active paedophile. In 1983 Mr Dickens gave the Home Office a dossier of what he claimed was evidence of a paedophile network of “big, big names, people in positions of power, influence and responsibility”. The Home Office says the dossier no longer exists.  Whistleblower Mr X, whose identity we have agreed to protect, became a very senior figure in local government before retiring a few years ago. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was a full-time consultant in the Home Office’s Voluntary Services Unit run by Clifford Hindley.  In 1979 Mr X was asked to examine a funding renewal application for PIE, but he became concerned because the organization’s goal of seeking to abolish the age of consent “conflicted” with the child protection policies of the Department of Health and Social Security and asked for a meeting with Mr Hindley, his immediate boss.  Mr X recalled: “I raised my concerns, but he told me that I was to drop them. Hindley gave three reasons for this. He said PIE was an organization with cachet and that its work in this field was respected.  (A:  Humph.)  “He said this was a renewal of an existing grant and that under normal Home Office practice a consultant such as myself would not be involved in the decision-making process.  And he said PIE was being funded at the request of Special Branch which found it politically useful to identify people who were paedophiles. This led me not to pursue my objections. At that time, questioning anything to do with Special Branch, especially within the Home Office, was a ‘no-no’.


“I was under the clear belief that I was being instructed to back off and that his reference to Special Branch was expected to make me to do so.  Hindley didn’t give me an explicit explanation of what Special Branch would do with information it gleaned from funding PIE, but I formed the belief that it was part of an undercover operation or activity. I was aware a lot of people in the civil service or political arena had an interest in obtaining information like that which could be used as a sort of blackmail.” 


Now you understand, with all the present scandals which have resurfaced with Prince Andrew, Epstein and all the other ones, all these people who procured under aged children and so on for sexual favors for very important people and wealthy folk of course, that kind of scandal is going on too, and they will fight that tooth and nail as well.  The big boys just don't get touched, the really big boys don't get touched.  You know, it's always really been that way. But when you have a culture that's so corrupt at the top, and especially all throughout your positions of power, I'm afraid, folks, it's completely over, no country is safe, as they've all been done in basically.  And no country is immune from this kind of thing.  Corruption is all through, of all kinds of corruption is all through governments.  It's the norm.  For you to expect it to be run properly, to benefit the public, that's pie-in-the-sky, and a different kind of pie, but it truly is.  Because you cannot get anything good coming out of corruption, as they are all filling their pockets like crazy too with your tax money.  And the politicians all have two or three homes, that you all pay for, so they can always have their home in the constituency halfway to the federal government office and so on, and one in the main city as well.


Now, onto a different topic to do with the Internet, we know that censorship is coming.  And nothing is ever portrayed to the public in a direct fashion, and often it's done in an opposite direction of what you would expect in fact, by denials, for instance, things like that, as they go ahead and work around forms of censorship. We know what they have discussed with CISPA beforehand and all the rest of it about giving licenses to those on the net, even to get on the net, especially bloggers and so on, and that will come, there's no doubt about it, there is to be one world authority in charge of all information down the road, even though the net itself should belong to no one. But in the world of power, as it has always been, you've never had freedom, and you never will actually, you'll be under the impression your free but you're not.  But you think about the Sony hack as they called it, and that was such a farce to start with, and definitely inside information was put out there. We know that there's different characters involved in Sony who definitely want censorship in different ways. Of course I'm sure the various agencies within the US, the NSA and so on, want to get in on the act too and use this thing regardless of who started it, it certainly wasn’t a North Korea, to use it to their advantage, as they always say.  They're trying to revive different forms of censorship.  Here is an article and it’s from RT USA.


FCC chair likely to take Obama’s lead on net neutrality

rt.com / January 08, 2015


Speaking at an electronics show, the United States’ top telecom regulator dismissed complaints that tougher regulations would discourage providers from upgrading their networks, seemingly indicating he will back tough net neutrality regulations.  (A:    So you're thinking, well okay, he's going to stay where he is and not go any further.)


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler told audiences at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that net neutrality proposals do not currently go far enough to protect consumers. Policy analysts took that as a hint that Wheeler is leaning towards President Barack Obama’s position on net neutrality, calling for Title II regulations for broadband providers that would regulate them as if they were utilities.


"There was an effort made to say that Wheeler and the president were pulling in opposite directions on this, which made for good headlines, but wasn't exactly the reality,” said Wheeler. “We're both pulling in the same direction which is no blocking, no throttling of applications and transparency on how do we get there."   (A:    Now, that's not true because they've been doing that for years actually,  I go through it all the times on uploads and even downloads.)


Wheeler said that Title II reclassification would not harm investment, and that he was moving in that direction. He also said the commercial reasonableness test that he previously proposed was flawed – that test would have scrutinized deals struck between internet providers and content companies such as Netflix in order to speed up services to customers. If they passed the test, the deals would have been approved, potentially creating the so-called “internet fast lanes” prioritizing service for those who paid more.


(A:    Now, that's definitely coming.  Definitely, definitely coming because that was the agenda that Jacques Attali talked about in one of his last books I think it was, where he said that, eventually there would be two classes basically of people in the future, those with massive broadband and fast, like the fast lane, and those with much, much slower speeds and so on. And he said those with the fast would be the winners.)


The FCC has been working for nearly a year on new rules governing how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) manage web traffic on their networks. Cable service companies don’t want more regulations or reclassification. Internet users have been pressing for broadband service to be treated like a utility, and for web traffic to remain on somewhat equal footing, disallowing ISPs to prioritize certain content. 


We know darn well they already prioritize certain content.  So under we're here to help you verbiage basically, you know darn well they're pushing for much, much more.  And when you have an organization running it all, the carriers and everything else, they can then order the carriers to, don't let that guy through and don't let this guy through, he said something or whatever we don't like.  And they simply never have to admit it, it's all done verbally, by somebody phoning up the head and that's how things actually work in real life, there's no paper trails.


And also this article:


Netflix reaffirms policy against Canadians accessing U.S. site

thestar.com / Michael Lewis / Jan 05 2015


Many Canadian Netflix subscribers use free or fee-based services such as virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent barriers on accessing content available in the U.S.


Netflix, Inc., has restated its policy against virtual border crossing, a practice that has seen a growing number of Canadians bypassing regional blocks to access the streaming service’s U.S. catalogue.


And it says here that what Canadians are doing is not illegal, so I guess they want to make it illegal.  Who knows? Who knows?  And here is another article too…


New Law Bolsters Cybersecurity Protection

ect.coop / Cathy Cash / January 6th, 2015


A new law strengthening cybersecurity protections critical to the electric utility industry and cooperatives is on the books.  The cybersecurity measure focuses on codifying government responsibilities for addressing threats to critical infrastructure.


“We applaud Congress for passing legislation to reinforce how the Department of Homeland Security works with the private sector on cybersecurity issues through its National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center,” said NRECA CEO Jo Ann Emerson.


The homeland security center coordinates and shares information on cybersecurity with federal agencies, state, local, tribal and territorial governments and across critical infrastructures, such as the electric utility industry.  The National Cybersecurity Protection Act of 2014 provides the department with guidance for cyber incident response . . .


So they really are upping and upping and upping things under, again, terrorism, isn't it. That's what they're doing.  And that's why down the road they're going to issue definitely, it will be a license that you have to buy to even be on the Internet and so on and so on and so on. And remember, any license can be refused.


Now, I've prattled on for years about our supposed experts. Supposedly in this day and age we have the best experts on the economy, that can be possibly trained and found with all their multiple degrees and so on, and often the relation aspects to each other, you know.  But regardless of all that:


Bank of England was unaware of impending financial crisis

(A:   Of 2008. You see, unaware of it, they didn't notice it coming.)

bbc.com / 7 January 2015


Mervyn King was governor of the Bank during the financial crisis.


(A:  I wonder if…)  A month before the start of the financial crisis, the Bank of England was apparently unaware of the impending danger (A:  It makes you feel better now, eh?  It makes you feel safer doesn't it, eh? ), new documents reveal. In a unique insight into its workings, the Bank has published minutes of top-secret meetings of its governing body, the Court, between 2007 and 2009. The minutes show that the Bank did identify liquidity as a "central concern" in July 2007.  However no action was taken as a result.   The documents show that the Bank also used a series of code names for banks that were in trouble.  (A:  They probably would've never been found out, you see.  )


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was known as "Phoenix" (A:  Mind you, the Royal Bank of Scotland's was actually, I think, 80% owned by the London government, the government owned it.), and Lloyds TSB as "Lark".  Following publication, Andrew Tyrie MP, the chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, was highly critical of some of the Court's non-executive directors.  He said they had failed to challenge senior executive members, like the then governor, Mervyn King, whom some accuse of failing to prioritize financial stability.  "The minutes show that during the crisis the Bank of England did not have a board worthy of the name. This mattered. And it still matters," said Mr Tyrie.


John McFall, chairman of the treasury select committee at the time, told the BBC: "They all missed the wider picture.  They missed the interconnectedness of the whole financial system.  (A:  What? These are the experts that run not just the country but a good part of the world?)  when Lehman went down it was a real catastrophe."


The minutes show that in July 2007, the Court - akin to a company board (A: So, private again.) - spent time discussing staff pensions, open days and new members of the Monetary Policy Committee.  (A:  And probably their big bonuses at, you know, Christmas.)  Northern Rock queue Thousands queued to take their money out of Northern Rock.  (A:  It shows you pictures of the folk trying to get money out of Northern Rock.)  Members heard that the Bank was working on a new model to detect risks to the financial system, but there was little suggestion of any impending trouble.  (A:  You feel more confident now, don't you?)


Less than a month later, on 9 August, the French bank BNP Paribas came clean about its exposure to sub-prime mortgages, in what some believe was the start of the financial crisis.  Six weeks later, despite some turmoil in financial markets, Court members were told to have confidence in the triple oversight of the Bank of England, the Treasury and the then Financial Services Authority (FSA).


"The Executive believed that the events of the last month had proven the sense and strength of the tripartite framework," the minutes asserted for the 12th September, 2007.  The next day the banking crisis began in earnest.  (A:  [Alan laughing.] Oh, they never see it coming, eh. Isn't it lies, though?  Isn't it lies?  It has been exposed too that the different banks had meetings knowing that the governments were going to bail them out anyway, so they kept going until it happened.  Corruption is everywhere, eh.)


On that day (A: That the crisis began in earnest, they all came out in the newspapers.) 13 September, 2007 , members of Court were called to an emergency meeting, just as the BBC reported that Northern Rock had applied to the Bank of England for a rescue loan.  Since the news was no longer secret, thousands of customers were in the meantime queuing outside Northern Rock branches to withdraw their money.  By then the minutes show that Court members were in no doubt about the risks posed to the economy by the failure of Northern Rock.  "Both the Bank and the FSA were in total agreement that if Northern Rock was allowed to fail it would create serious economic damage," the minutes record. 


Now, what other pieces of nonsense that are pushed out for us to absorb and argue over and worry over, and all the usual kind of things that are dishing out every day for us to… It really is meant to get too anxious and so on, etc. etc. The point is also to overwhelm you and make you think there's nothing you can do about anything.  That creates apathy which of course is a great method of tyrants wanting to control everybody, when you're apathetic.  But literally, for well over 100 years there has not been one generation that was given any peace it all. It was either warfare going on or they give you economic crashes, or layoffs and things like that, or downturns, all the fancy names they have for their little games.  You never get peace to enjoy life, of course, and that's a very important factor in controlling populations. Because if you were abused you always turn to the abuser for help, so they keep abusing you and the people are automatically shouting to the government, help us, help us, and they're only too happy to bring in new laws and taxes and everything else. So it's quite interesting how things really work. It's very simple, really, that this has been done for such an awful long time, and we take it for granted and think it's all normal, until literally the state is supreme.  The state is God, that's the whole point of it all, and that's what the humanists said way back, a long time ago, that the state would become God, in other words, and all the experts that run your lives would be put in place.  Well, that all has happened as well and getting worse all the time.


But you take these stories that are dished out:


Euro sinks to fresh nine-year low

bbc.com / 8 January 2015


The euro has hit a fresh nine-year low against the dollar, in part after a surprise decrease in German manufacturing.


If the European Central Bank moves to support the region's economy with quantitative easing (A: Which means devaluating your currency, because devaluing your currency is supposed to help foreign buyers buy your products, etc. etc., that's if you're producing at all, and most countries are not producing, except for debt, because the factories have all gone to China, and were helped to go there by your governments all signing on to the World Trade Organization and the GATT treaty and so on.), or buying government bonds, as the speculation suggests, this pushes a rate rise even further into the future, making the Eurozone less attractive for investors.  (A:  So there you go. And the Greeks.)  The results of upcoming Greek elections could also be spooking investors, he added.  On Monday the euro reached a nine year low after ECB (A:  This conglomerate, this new Soviet, super Soviet, advanced Soviet that they call the European Union, the president said) president Mario Draghi indicated the bank could soon start quantitative easing.  (A: Which means devaluing your current again and putting up all your internal prices.  So that's well on its way.)


And then the usual thing. I've seen this article so many times, every year I think they publish it.  It says:


Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street

marketwatch.com / Jan 10, 2015 / Quentin Fottrell


Americans are feeling better about their job security and the economy, but most are theoretically only one paycheck away from the street.  


I won't read it because I mean, we all know it's pretty well true. But again, you're encouraged to spend all the comes in, that's been a lifestyle since the days of Edward Bernays since he pushed that whole idea to keep buy, buy, buying all the produce, and folk try to live up to it too.  And it says that, any emergency that pops up like a car repair or something like that or an emergency room visit, can just wipe them out altogether.


Then you have in the Economist, it's quite interesting, it says [Alan chuckles.] It's interesting in so many ways for those who understand. But it says:


The Economist leaves Janet Yellen

off its list of most influential economists

theguardian.com / Jana Kasperkevic / 31 December 2014


If the current Federal Reserve chair is not an influential economist, who is?


The Economist: “The irony of Yellen’s exclusion from the list is that it is because she is too powerful (A:  …that’s what they’re saying…), rather than not powerful enough.”


Ben Bernanke ran the Federal Reserve and can’t get a new mortgage.  (A:  Oh, ho, ho, ho…)


Fed chair Janet Yellen says income inequality is un-American.  (A:  Really? I don't think she's even from America.)


The Economist’s annual list of the most influential economists is out. Except, this year, something seems to be missing: the most powerful economist in America.  (A:  What is an economist anyway when they're never right?  Although they never get poorer themselves, if you notice, eh.)


Janet Yellen, who was sworn in as the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve in February, did not make it on to the list. Sadly, neither did any other female economists.


The worst part? Ben Bernanke, who preceded Yellen as the head of the Fed, made it on the all-male list again this year. He came in fifth.


In 2011, the magazine named Bernanke the economist of the decade, noting that when “it comes to real power ... no one can compete with Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve.”


The way that the economists on the list are chosen is based on “how much attention was paid to their utterances in the mainstream media, the blogosphere and in social media” during the three months leading up to December, according to the magazine.


As such, it comes as a shock that Yellen did not make it on to the list. When the Federal Reserve chair speaks – be it Bernanke or Yellen – people pay attention. In fact, this year, when speaking at the 2014 World of Business Forum, Bernanke explained that what the Fed chair says could have an impact on the stock market.  (A:  Well, they've proven that in the past.)


“I realize that it isn’t my words that matter; it’s the fact that the Fed chairman has influence on monetary policy – it does mean you have to take care [with words]”, he said. “Moving the market is not a great thing, because if you are communicating clearly and people understand what you are doing, then you shouldn’t be surprising the market very much.”


Yet even Bernanke’s reputation suffers outside the wonky-economist community. About 17% of Americans still think that Alan Greenspan is the Fed chairman.


According to the Economist, Janet Yellen was not included in its ranking because the central bank governors were not considered for the list.


“We made a decision not to include serving central-bank governors, because their pronouncements are also the official views of the institutions they represent. Janet Yellen is the most influential economist in the world because she is the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve; Mario Draghi has the same position in Europe because of his presidency of the European Central Bank,” said the magazine in a statement. “The irony of Ms Yellen’s exclusion from the list is that it is because she is too powerful, rather than not powerful enough.”


So there's your...  It's such rubbish anyway, isn't it. Such rubbish, really. I mean, economists apparently never see crashes coming, supposedly, and it's the best we've got, were told, and we're supposed to believe that. It's all a racket, folks. Money has always been a racket and often run by a particular group of people, who tend to keep it in the family you might say.


Here’s other article too and it says:


Judge tells jobless EU migrant shoplifter to stop stealing

 – and claim BENEFITS instead  (A:  This is in Britain.)

express.co.uk / January 3, 2015


A JOBLESS migrant who racked up a string of shoplifting convictions just months after arriving in the UK was told by a judge to stop stealing – and claim benefits instead.  Pomalecki admitted stealing perfume on more than one occasion.  Dawid Pomalecki began stealing perfume after moving to Britain, from Poland, in October last year.  The 20-year-old was "unaware" of how to claim benefits and was penniless, a court heard.  Just weeks after arriving in Nottingham, he was arrested after being caught shoplifting designer perfume worth £144 from House of Fraser on November 17.  He was conditionally discharged on November 28 after admitting theft at Nottingham Magistrates' Court.  But the very next day Pomalecki stole perfume from Boots (A:  That's a big pharmacy chain.), followed by another £144 bottle from House of Fraser on December 6.  Then on December 11 he stole yet ANOTHER bottle of fragrance from Boots.  (A:  I wonder who he was selling them to.)

He was finally arrested but on Tuesday was spared jail once again despite admitting three thefts.  (A:  I wonder if they'd do that if someone was a British citizen.)  Pomalecki, who is virtually unable to speak English, was handed a community order and ordered to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work.  District Judge Tim Devas asked the thief what his plans were for the next few months and he replied that he was going to get a job.  (A:  Yeah sure.  A job doing what, you know?  I mean…)


Judge Devas asked: "Now what's going to happen to you if you steal anything from a shop again?"   Speaking through a Polish interpreter, Pomalecki replied: "Well, I would be punished more severely, and whatever sentence you give me today."  Boots was just one of Powalecki's targets.  "Take some advice about benefits or anything else but you must not commit any other thefts.  For a number of reasons, including your age, early guilty pleas, nature of the offences and the time you have spent in custody, I will deal with you by way of a community order with unpaid work of 60 hours.  Don't even think about stealing anything, otherwise I might send you back to Poland."  (A:  They won't send him back, regardless.)


Judge Devas also increased the compensation owed by Pomalecki to £193.  (A:  A fine, I guess, or compensation, so you can work that off in community service.)  David Gittins, defending, said Pomalecki was "unaware of the benefits system" (A:  Which is a joke, they've been advertising it abroad.) and was likely to stop stealing "in the near future."  (A:  I wonder what he's going to decide, maybe a whole bunch of more thefts to do first.)  He added: "He has no income."  (A:  Well, where's all this money going from the stuff he's stealing, and obviously selling?)


Johnathan Isaby, chief executive of the Taypayers' Alliance, said: "The benefits system should be a safety net, not a comfort blanket.  The judge's advice should have been to look for work, not for welfare."


Well, that's why most folk are flying into Britain right now, actually, and have been doing since the 70s in increasing numbers. You know, big business really, really rules. And of course all big businesses have lobby groups lobbying government all the time, official lobbyists, full-time, full pay.  And that's all… You can't get in to see the Congressman and so on in the US, or any country really you can't get in to see the politicians.  But they can get in immediately. In fact, they often have apartment complexes around the Parliament buildings just for the lobbyists, you see, because business rules, big business rules, and lots of money changes hands, it's not just, can we have a friendly chat with you Mr. MP. 


But here is an article about tests and the Ebola vaccine.


Ebola Vaccine Tests Resume

Restart Follows Pause to Assess Reports of Joint Pain

(A:  In the vaccine people, you see, you got the test trial.)

wsj.com / Marta Falconi


ZURICH—A Geneva hospital said Monday it was resuming tests of an experimental Ebola vaccine licensed by Merck & Co. after a three-week pause in the trial to assess reports of mild joint pain in volunteers.  In a statement, the University Hospitals of Geneva said a second test group of 56 people will receive injections of the vaccine, which is known by the code name VSV-ZEBOV, at a lower dose than the initial group of volunteers.


So they're going to have a lower dose. But you'll find that with a lot of different vaccines, they can end up turning your immune system kind of haywire and they will attack the joints, for life often, you know, that's the way it is. It ends up with a form of arthritis where your own white blood cells will attack your joints and things. But you know, big corporations like this, they don't give up when they put money into anything, they don't give up or toss it out and say this is bad.  Even the thalidomide that caused a tremendous outbreak of deformed children, whose mothers took this particular drug when they were pregnant, it was a terrible thing, they were born missing limbs and the ones that they had were really short, sometimes a hand would stick out where a shoulder should be and things like that. And they brought that back eventually under another guise of different treatments.  They never stop.


Then we have an article too about:


Take your mandatory flu shot and shove it!

nypost.com / December 15, 2013


(A:  Interesting too, that came out where the CDC and the World Health Organization said, oh we always choose the most prevalent flues that we think are going to travel across the world that year.  And they have never been right yet.  And they have admitted again, the ones that they are giving them right now,it doesn't have that prevailing flu that people are getting. But they're telling folk to get it anyway, the shot. And one of the articles that I was reading even said that, we've got to keep the people taking their annual flu shot because once they make a break in their training, see they're training you to take shots all the time, a break in their training and they might skip it next year. Anyway this article here goes on about:)


Last week the city Board of Health voted to force annual flu vaccinations on all babies and children under age 5 who attend day-care centers and preschool programs. Here, Sophia Ling, mother of 3-year-old Oona and a fitness instructor in Staten Island, tells The Post’s Mary Kay Linge how the risks of the shot outweigh the benefits — and wants nannying bureaucrats to stop trampling parents’ rights.


(A:  See, government now and all the arms of government are used by the big corporations now, aren't they, just to get the products out. Can you imagine government mandating, if you started a little company to make, say, buckets and, say, spades or shovels, that they HAVE to buy your brand.  Isn't that wonderful, oooh, everybody would have to buy one, ooooh, eh, you don't have to start advertising and spending money on that and trying to con folk into buying your product, they get the government to do it for them by passing laws.)


When I first heard about the new flu vaccine rule, I was upset but not surprised. The Board of Health did this so quietly, with no input from parents of young children. (A:  That’s standard these days.)  The unanimous vote was cast before New Yorkers had any chance to protest.  (A:  Well, they couldn't protest if they didn't know.)


I don’t respond well to being bullied on a matter of personal health. I also dislike the underhanded way this is being forced only on our youngest citizens. Parents of toddlers aren’t an organized political faction — we’re a bit too busy keeping our [children] safe and calculating the distance to the nearest potty.  To get more facts about the flu vaccine, I turned to the Staten Island Natural & Attachment Parenting group on Facebook. Moms banding together are a powerful force. I followed links to documents from the Centers for Disease Control, vaccine manufacturers and research studies. The more I learned, the more livid I became.  In any given year, the CDC admits, the flu vaccine may be totally ineffective against the flu. That’s because scientists have to guess which strains of the flu virus will be going around each year. Some years, they guess wrong.  (A:  Actually, it's most years that they get them wrong actually.)


At best, the flu vaccine may be 60 percent effective. (A:  That’s what they tell you, without being studied by the way, they don’t do studies on them.)  To me, a 0 to 60 percent efficacy rate equals one thing: fail.  Plenty of people who get the flu shot come down with flu anyway. (A:  And it's true.)  It happened to me, actually — the only time I got a flu shot, during my pregnancy, I was sick for a week. Not only that, the CDC says, “the flu vaccine works best among healthy adults and older children,” less well for babies and toddlers — the very people being targeted by the city’s new rule. Safety testing on children, especially babies and toddlers, has been limited. And the side effects of the flu vaccine are very real. The manufacturers’ warning labels give a long list of potential risks — everything from fever and headache to convulsions, blood disorders and Guillain-Barré syndrome. Last flu season, at least five young children died as a direct result of the flu vaccine, according to the federal database that tracked adverse reactions during the 2012-13 flu season.  So, am I willing to roll the dice and hope that Oona is one of the lucky ones? No.  (A: She’s not willing.)  In my judgment, the potential risks to my daughter outweigh the possible benefits.  (A:  And she goes on and on and on.)


But that's how it's done, you're just simply not told anymore.  They discussed the laws and you get policy, because it's policy that you can't get into preschool. I mean, it started with universities and then it went down to the colleges, high schools and so on, you've got to have shots to get in, a policy. And believe you me, these schools are get backhanders too from the big Pharma companies for putting those policies through.  Again, this one says:


New York City Requiring Flu Shots for Preschoolers

nytimes.com / SHARON OTTERMAN / JAN. 2, 2015


And then this one here is to do with:


Sydney venue cancels talk by anti-vaccine activist Sherri Tenpenny

sbs.com.au /  8 Jan 2015


A Sydney venue has cancelled talks by Dr Sherri Tenpenny, an American anti-vaccine activist who is scheduled to give a series of lectures across Australia in March.   The Kareela Golf & Social Club in Sydney's south has cancelled talks by osteopath Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an anti-vaccine activist who was due to hold a seminar at the venue.  General manager of the Kareela club, Dennis Skinner said he didn't want to be involved with the controversial subject.  (A:  So somebody leaned on him. The big Pharma boys would do it, and their own health system, national health system.)


"The club as a venue, we don't have a position for or against this, we just decided the subject matter was too controversial for us to be involved in," he told ABC.  The Kareela Club has since been criticised by Dr Tenpenny supporters, with many leaving bad reviews on their Facebook page.


And lastly we have one on Obama care of course:


ObamaCare fines rising in 2015, IRS prepares to collect

FoxNews.com / December 30, 2014


(A:  It really is a huge tax, isn't it, for the IRS to even be involved in it.)


Don't have health insurance? Get ready to pay up.  The ObamaCare-mandated fines for not having insurance are rising in 2015 -- and for the first time, will be collected by the Internal Revenue Service.  The individual requirement to buy health insurance went into effect earlier this year. But this coming tax season is the first time all taxpayers will have to report to the IRS whether they had health insurance for the prior year.   The fines for the 2014 year were relatively modest -- $95 per person or 1 percent of household income (above the threshold for filing taxes), whichever is more.

But insurance scofflaws face a sharp increase if they don't get covered soon. The fine will jump in 2015 to $325 or 2 percent of income, whichever is higher. By 2016, the average fine will be about $1,100, based on government figures.  The insurance requirement and penalties remain the most unpopular part of the health care law. They were intended to serve a broader purpose by nudging healthy people into the insurance pool, helping to keep premiums more affordable. But the application of fines in 2015 could renew criticism of the law, at a time when Republicans are taking control of Congress and looking at ways to undercut the policy.  According to government figures, tens of millions of people still fall into the ranks of the uninsured.


Unclear is how many would actually be assessed a fine. The law offers about 30 different exemptions, most of which involve financial hardships. Further, it's unclear how aggressively the IRS would go after the fines.   (A:  They'll probably get SWAT teams after them eventually.  I'm not kidding about that, that will come down after a few years.)


Many taxpayers may be able to get a pass.  Based on congressional analysis, tax preparation giant H&R Block says roughly 4 million uninsured people will pay penalties and 26 million will qualify for exemptions from the list of waivers.  Deciding what kind of waiver to seek could be crucial. Some can be claimed directly on a tax return, but others involve mailing paperwork to the Department of Health and Human Services. Tax preparation companies say the IRS has told them it's taking steps to make sure taxpayers' returns don't languish in bureaucratic limbo while HHS rules on their waivers.  TurboTax has created a free online tool called "Exemption Check" for people to see if they may qualify for a waiver. Charges apply later if the taxpayer files through TurboTax. People also can get a sense of the potential hit by going online and using the Tax Policy Center's Affordable Care Act penalty calculator.


And I'll tell you another thing too, once it's routine and everyone has accept it, you'll find then that they will really mandate from the government, they will mandate all the shots, etc., and keep increasing them, increasing them.  That's what they used the National Health Service in Britain for, they start making it an authority, you understand.  It's not a service, it's an authority.  They all start off as services and become authorities. It's quite something to watch this nonsense go on and on and on. Quite something.


And like all reality, which is bunkum, I'll just say this last little thing, I wasn't going to, but it says:


First Ebola boy likely infected by playing in bat tree

bbc.com / 30 December 2014 / Michelle Roberts


(A:  Remember, they gave you the same rubbish about the AIDS, oh it could be a cave where bats live, could it be this cave here? Etc., in the documentaries they made at the time. I guess it's bat man, eh.  It shows you.)


Bat being captured to be tested for Ebola Other researchers have been testing bats in West Africa.  The Ebola victim who is believed to have triggered the current outbreak - a two-year-old boy called Emile Ouamouno from Guinea - may have been infected by playing in a hollow tree housing a colony of bats, say scientists.  They made the connection on an expedition to the boy's village, Meliandou.  They took samples and chatted to locals to find out more about Ebola's source.  The team's findings are published in EMBO Molecular Medicine.


It's quite amazing. But I'll tell you another thing too, I mean, this is not the standard Ebola that's been coming into the States there, that was out initially, there's a lot of different symptoms and so on.  So I think it's all probably produced in labs like so many other things are too.  And of course, the agencies that will deal with that kind of thing, they're doing it all quietly, will never admit that to the general public. So were given, you know, bats are causing it, etc., which is enough to drive you batty. 


But these articles, as I say, are like fillers, they just churn them out by machine I think, probably computers, it gives another two dozen fillers, and they'll push it out in the papers, for the general cattle to lap up and yap about.  Because you really get fed up with the articles they put out there and the way they are presented to the general population.  Maybe we are becoming more and more stupid, because they are getting more and more ridiculous all the time. And they all know what is really is going on, as you all know.  All reality is pretty well hidden from the general public and were managed, truly, just like the herd management that the health services call managing us all with the vaccinations.  They call it herd management, that's how governments now run all of our lives.  We're just the big herd, and different factions of the herd have special agencies forcing them to go along with the rest of the herd and things like that, because it's herd management anyway that you look at it.


Well, from Hamish and myself from a very freezing Ontario, Canada, because of global warming of course, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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ObamaCare fines rising in 2015, IRS prepares to collect

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