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"You Won't Relax with Carbon Tax"

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 25, 2015. I've often said we're the most informed slaves who've ever existed.  Because the big boys and all their thousands of foundations and organizations and NGOs and groups and world meetings and so on, they publish what they're up to and where they're going. It's quite fascinating until you get bored with it all.  Because you'll have it your whole life long, and if you were born in the previous generation you'd have it then too, and then the ones that come after will have it as well.   They like to publish what they're up to.  And if you go into, for instance, the World Economic Forum and scan all their affiliates, and the fact that they choose and groom young global leaders for the future, and who chooses them? Well, the big magnates of industry, those who decide what the future's going to be.  And the gangs at the top, they've already got them all picked, and they train them and so on, and they will be the spokespeople for the future to take over from the well-known names of today, who always get immediate access to the press and the doors are open for them where ever they go. It's quite interesting.  It's the same as Common Purpose just for the European Union, all picked as young leaders and so on by the group and groomed for their sort of communistic/socialistic/fascistic future of this world system they're bringing into play.


Really there's nothing that's going to stop it because the general population don't get a vote on any part of it whatsoever. It's kind of extra-governmental you might say, although your governments are all involved in it.  But it's amazingly vague in a sense that it's not written into the laws of any country that they must go along with anything at all like this and so it's done by simply the fact that everyone acquiesces to it, the fact that these new organizations, some of them are pretty old actually, have some sort of governmental or international authority and we just simply accept it as that. Those organizations then write the laws that get signed into treaties automatically by our governments because they're told what to do by the big boys at the top, the big magnates of power and finance.  And this is how it's all done today.


So we truly are informed. There's no such thing as breaking news or who breaks news first.  As I say, it's all out there, it's all published for you if you want to dig into anything at all and you simply repeat what they're up to and so on. Most folk don't really care because it seems to be so vague to them. It's above their heads, it's above their ability to do anything about, that's what they feel. Because it is supranational in a sense and your politicians will all feign ignorance of it and pretend they know nothing about it, and there's nothing they can do about it either.


So this is the con game of the joke of democracy, that we’re taught that we actually have.  It's something that we vote folk in, that's the only right that you have actually is to vote folk in. And it's where they present folk to you to vote for, who you will vote for, if you vote at all. Lots of folk in countries today don't bother voting, they know it's a complete farce and that everyone is handpicked long before you hear their names to choose from. So this how it truly is in the system today.


There's only really a few interesting, again, stories, they give us lots of stories. Remember, a story doesn't mean truth and very few stories are completely truthful. They're generally spun and many of them are fake altogether. There's a lot of psy-ops going on too, military organizations putting out fake news and reports and so on too, that get right into the mainstream media, and again, they're parroted by the general public.  So this is the matrix that you're living through today, by deception and mind-bending stuff, and lots of predictive programming to get you used to what's to come along in the future.  In fact, that's why, for instance, like the World Economic Forum that publishes so much of its data to the general public, because the word eventually gets out to the general population and you come to expect the things that they're talking about to come to pass without really thinking too much about it. 


It's interesting, the whole technique of forming words, and into sentences, and speaking it out, and the level of the person who's speaking it out happens to be at, can influence the whole world.  It's quite fascinating altogether, and how if it's a person you've been trained to believe is very important, then it has more authority, it carries more weight with it, whatever he saying, and you're influenced by it whether you know it, or like it, or not.  That's how it really is.


But the system of democracy is a joke. It was known to be a joke a long time ago by the people who gave you this fake democracy.  They said themselves, democracy really means that the biggest groups will have the biggest voices and those groups will eventually help run the world, but on behalf of those who already did, the ultra-rich, and the elites, and CEOs of massive international corporations, the big gang at the top if you like.  And that's exactly what's always been happening.


Now, it's interesting about how many folk who are involved in the military-industrial complex, from all different ranks and stages and areas and sciences and so on, where you have biological warfare experts, etc.  And that movie, you always think back to 12 Monkeys, for those who remember the movie. It's a centered around a guy eventually who worked in a laboratory who had a disdain for the general population, too many people, the old humdrum story; the drumbeat that's been going on forever of the eugenicists and so on, and he releases a virus which kills an awful lot of the people, etc. I'd often thought long before the movie that, how do they keep tabs on their employees? Because when you think about the power that they have, these characters, incredible power where they're working in all these top secret laboratories creating stuff and, again, making fantastic sums of money, from the taxpayer, to find better ways to kill everybody, including the taxpayers.  And this is our rational system that we live in. 


But who is watching these guys? Do they get psychological evaluations every week, or whatever, or month? Because really, I mean, if you're working at that all the time you have to be a bit strange to begin with mentally, obviously, or psychopathic.  And by the way, they do choose a lot of psychopaths to work in these fields that involve getting paid awfully well to find better ways to kill masses of people very quickly and efficiently. So how do they keep check on these guys? Really, it's just like 12 Monkeys.  There has to be some kind of safeguard upon them, surely. And again, if you're psychopathic at all, they’re paid awfully, awfully well, the scientists, because governments want to make sure that they pay them so incredibly well and with so many benefits of all kinds that they'll never take a bribe from an outside source for smuggling something out, for instance. But that doesn't guarantee it won't happen.


But when you take an article like this one, which came in from Canada. In Canada it's generally… we're kept very quiet in Canada here, because folk don't ask many questions, they're pretty passive. But once in a while you'll get something coming out of the media and this is about a man called Christopher Phillips who is based in Nova Scotia, Canada, but he’s actually from the US and he worked in the military-industrial complex in biochemical and bio warfare industries. An oddball story but it says


Christopher Phillips, ex-bio weapons specialist, back in Nova Scotia

cbc.ca / Jan 22, 2015


Christopher Phillips is back in Nova Scotia after being arrested on a Canada-wide warrant in Ottawa.​


Today, Nova Scotia RCMP charged the biochemical weapons specialist with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose related to the chemical osmium tetroxide (Alan:  Now, is that true or not? You see, it could be something else but this is what they're telling us it is.) , according to a police news release. He was also charged with uttering threats to police to cause bodily harm or death.


The offences are alleged to have happened between Dec. 26 and Jan. 21.


The 42-year-old Cole Harbour man was transported to Nova Scotia from Ottawa on an RCMP plane.


The Christopher Phillips arrest in Ottawa led police to search this Nova Scotia cottage.  (A:  They're searching anywhere he's been for any dangerous stuff.)


Police and hazardous materials teams are using this red tent (A:  …they show you the tent.) as their base to investigate the Nova Scotia cottage linked to Christopher Phillips, who was arrested Wednesday on a Canada-wide issued by Nova Scotia RCMP.


Nova Scotia RCMP searched two properties linked to Phillips this week and said there is no site contamination at the Cole Harbour property where a suspicious package containing hazardous chemicals was found Tuesday in the garage of the home. Homes around the house were subject to an evacuation order.  


(A:  And again, this man Church, I guess he's in charge of the investigation…)

Church would not confirm whether chemicals listed in court documents were found in the Grand Desert cottage.


The next story is on the same topic and it says…


Christopher Phillips's past told through U.S. court documents

History of mental illness, legal troubles and financial problems

cbc.ca / Susan Allen, Melissa Mancini / Jan 23, 2015


Christopher Phillips, 42, was arrested in Ottawa Wednesday.


Court documents filed in the U.S. shed light on the complicated past of Christopher Burton Phillips, a Halifax man accused of threatening police and possessing dangerous chemicals.


Phillips, 42, appeared in court Friday in Halifax. He’s charged with uttering threats and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.


(A:  And they go on again about the same dangerous chemical, this osmium tetroxide.  It's is very dangerous when it's tetroxide, the osmium itself is a metal but when it's mixed with another chemical I can become awfully, awfully dangerous.)


According to documents filed in Washington state, Phillips served in the navy during the 1990s. While serving in 1992 he injured his feet and required several surgeries. The documents say Phillips was receiving monthly veterans disability benefits of $3,750.


The injuries caused Phillips chronic pain and led to an addiction to painkillers, according to the documents.


“Phillips has continued to struggle with an addiction to opiate narcotics and with various psychiatric illnesses including mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies. His addiction and illnesses led to marital problems, numerous lawsuits in various states, adverse media exposure, and the eventual closing of his ophthalmology practice in 2007,”  (A:  So he had a few degrees.) the documents state. 


A psychologist who testified at Phillips’s bankruptcy proceedings said that at her first meeting with him in 2008 she diagnosed him with major depression and general anxiety.


Phillips is an American-trained doctor, with degrees from Oklahoma and Boston. He practiced as an ophthalmologist and owned an eye-care clinic in Washington state starting in 2007. Complaints were brought against Phillips by at least five patients.  (A:  So he lost that particular job, but he worked as a biochemical weapons expert I guess prior to that.)


In an internal memo obtained by CBC earlier this week, RCMP described Phillips as a biochemical weapons expert.


While working in the United States, Phillips sued at least six media organizations.


(A:  He obviously has a lot of mental problems.)


Phillips was formerly married to Olympic gold medallist Shannon Miller.


His current wife, Dr. Gosia Phillips, is a neurologist and sleep expert working for Capital Health.  (A:  This guy had sleep problems too, maybe that's what he meant, I don't know, so anyway, we don't know all about that. But it shows you that these guys are walking about there, and who's monitoring them? Apparently his wife called in that he was up to something, and that's what started this manhunt and they caught him in Ottawa or on his way to Ottawa, one of the two.)


But we'll never get the whole story, or what he was actually carrying, and what his purpose was, etc. It will be withheld I'm sure from the general public, that's how things really happen. But you know, they have thousands of these guys all over the place.  You really hope they're, rather than spying and all the general population, they're doing more spying on these particular characters who work in these fields and who know exactly what to do to kill thousands or maybe even millions of people.  Because the governments make sure through your tax money that they've been trained awfully well. That's the sane world that we live in today, isn't it.  That's what we're told. That's what we’re told and we’re told to believe it as well.


Now, the European Union and the United Nations have been pushing for years and years and years for global taxes.  It really didn't fly so well in many countries so they came up with the idea of course of global warming, carbon taxes, man-made global warming, all these kind of things, and now it's man-made climate change and to get a universal tax across the globe. And it's pushed, too, by all the big corporations because they can trade carbon credits and make actual profits on them by doing so. But it's to go down to change the way of life for you, that's the big agenda, of every individual down the ladder, at the bottom of the ladder, across the whole globe. So that's carbon taxes for you and energy taxes, etc, it's all the same thing.


It also means great money income for all governments too because they can charge these carbon taxes on everything, and get taxes off of taxes, on top of taxes, which they always do as well for all produce, etc., all sales and you name it.  So all the energy that, they claim, it took to manufacturer whatever it is you purchase will be passed on to the consumer in taxes, and then a part of that goes to government, the rest of it will go to supposedly international bodies and the big carbon traders for this new derivatives scam across the globe. The carbon bubble you might call it, a bubble of nothing which is in your imagination.  And it's a great scam because it cost the ones at the top nothing at all and they get lots of money for nothing, you see. It's better than even the money scam that we have today, run by a few as well, the same few. 


But here you have the push now for carbon taxes now that they've lowered gasoline to its present state.  Simply because of the wars that are ongoing… It's an economic war, remember, to put countries under who have counted on a certain income and investments to pay off their all rigs, things like that, or their fracking industries, across the world, to make them pack it in. Venezuela is already pretty well going under and other countries are following suit. Many other guys had started off different rigs themselves through investments and so on and they have fallen apart because the investors can't get the returns they expected now that the bottom has fallen out of the market.  It's economic warfare, a big, big part of US strategy of course. I say US but it's really just an international strategy by London, the US and a few other countries.  This says…


After the oil price crash, it’s time for a carbon tax

EurActiv.com / 19/01/2015


(A:  You see, they float the idea for years, they call these trial balloons, for the ones they did in years gone by, to get you used to it coming. And the more they say it, again, speaking it into existence, the more it embeds in your mind, kind of vaguely, through osmosis, as they say, without thinking through it too much, until when it comes along most folk say, oh well, you know, I guess it was inevitable.  They don't ask why it's inevitable and what it really even is.  Because it is bogus, you see, it's a scam. Anyway it says here…)


The reduction in oil prices should be a good opportunity (A:  Remember what they always say? Out of this crisis we've got an opportunity to do something, for our agenda; that’s a standard CFR spiel.)  for Europe to put in place the appropriate tools for combating climate change (A:  So again, as always, you've got an existence tax which they call carbon tax.), and to start the transition to a sustainable economy (A:  meaning austerity for all of you.), writes Alberto Majocchi.


Alberto Majocchi is Professor of Public Finance at the University of Pavia (A:  a very famous place, eh.); Board Member of the Centre for Studies on Federalism. This op-ed was first published as Comment of the CSF on 19 January 2015.


In just over a year, the price of Brent crude has plummeted from $107.78 to $47.44 (A:  …per barrel.), a fall of over 55%.  At a time when the European economy is suffering from a severe recession (A:  Let's stop calling it a recession.  It's a depression, for God sake.) and looming deflation has yet to be dealt with by courageous decisions from the European Central Bank (A:  and it's the banks that are going to profit too. The central banks pass all the carbon taxes up to the Rothschilds private bank in Switzerland for carbon taxes. Who put that idea forward? Lord Rothschild.  [Alan laughing.]), the reduction in the cost of energy should be a positive shock from the supply side and provide a boost in production. The problem is that Europe is primarily suffering from a lack of effective demand, so that measures which only act on the supply side are not sufficient.  But the reduction in oil prices should also be a good opportunity for Europe to adopt important decisions to put in place the appropriate tools for combating climate change and to start the transition to a sustainable economy. 


The European Union has already been leading in this area for some time.  The European Council meeting of 23-24 October 2014 defined an ambitious strategy regarding climate and energy. Maintaining the same target set in 2007 for an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050, the Council decided on: a) a 40% decrease in emissions of greenhouse gases in 2030 compared to 1990.  The annual reduction in the cap on emissions under the Emission Trading System (ETS) (A:  … an Emissions Trading System, eh.) will be taken from 1.74% to 2.2% in 2020. The emissions from the ETS sectors must reduce by 43% compared to 2005. . .


Well, regardless of all these ridiculous percentages, the fact is you're all going to get suckered, folks, and screwed silly until you’re utterly broke in austerity.  The carbon tax is to be put on all manufacturing and processes basically, where any carbon at all, they claim, is released in the production of it, even in the electricity costs, how it was made and so on, to make that wrapper for your chocolate bar. So you're all going to get well and truly screwed with this, and it's a fantastic slavery technique, but it's an existence tax, really.  Remember, you’re carbon-based units, human beings, that's what we are.  So carbon tax is simply an existence tax, for all of you who don't get it.  Slavery under another name.  We've had many forms or covers or camouflages for slavery, it's just the same darn thing again.  Then we have this one here too… 


Carbon pricing set to cover 80% of Canadian economy

Ontario to join Quebec and British Columbia in enforcing price on fossil fuels, despite opposition from prime minister Harper Canada’s federal government has fiercely resisted any efforts to impose a national carbon pricing system.

rtcc.org / 14 January 2015 / Ed King


Over 80% of Canada’s economy could be covered by a carbon tax by the end of 2015, (A:  See how fast they get it in? While the going is good, you see.) after the province of Ontario announced it would release plans to price greenhouse gas emissions.


Ontario environment minister Glenn Murray told local media he would unveil the strategy later this year, promising it would be “efficient, effective and economically positive.”


The province, home to 40% of Canada’s population, will join Quebec and British Columbia in enforcing tougher climate laws.   (A:  Well, this is the end of it, I'm tell you, it's time to move.)


British Columbia’s tax of C$30 per tonne of carbon is credited with a 16% fall in fuel consumption across the province, although cement makers are among those claiming they have lost business as a result.


(A:  Remember too, that includes your heating oil and everything else, and even propane heaters, it doesn't matter what you're using, it's just going to be carbon taxes, and your gasoline.)


In an interview with RTCC last month, Murray said he had been in talks with California and Quebec with a view to linking up with their existing carbon markets.


“We have given up that the national government will eventually introduce a price on carbon,” he said. 


(A:  And that was a big effective tool that they used a while back.  They didn't want the federal government getting blamed for anything so they started to get the so-called elected leaders of their provinces in league with some of the US leaders of the individual states to come together and form little coalitions. Again, there's no law that this can be done, and we accept it as though it's all law and everything else, as we get screwed into the ground. This is how things are done now, by private clubs basically.)


“Our prime minister Stephen Harper announced he’s never going to have a price on carbon so we have to look at that at sub national level.”


California and Quebec are members of the Western Climate Initiative, and could soon be joined by Washington State.   (A:  Now, I mentioned all of that stuff last week as well.)


So it's a done deal, folks, and this big world community who are owned by the big Masters of the universe, who control money and finance and corporations and all the rest of it, have given them their marching orders to do it now. It's quite simple. And we have no say in anything here, you know. And folk won't get out and protest anything, in any organized group, because they can't get organized, without incredible financing, and the authority the United Nations. That's why the big boys created the United Nations, to make sure that only their NGOs and so on would have all training to push things forward, and there can be no opposition without the cash and the organizational abilities and leaderships, etc.  And this article here too is from the Hindu and it says…


Carbon tax to meet climate concerns

thehindu.com / Jairam Ramesh


India can display bold leadership by imposing a carbon tax on all fossil fuels in proportion to carbon dioxide emissions.


Oil prices have plummeted since June 2014 by almost 60 per cent. This has obviously proved to be a bonanza for oil-importing countries like India just as it has seriously hurt oil-producing nations like Russia and Iran. The fall has been unexpected (A:  utter nonsense. Nothing that happens on a scale like this is unexpected. It's part of strategy and various warfare techniques of economic specialists, you see.) and what has added to the mystery is the behaviour of Saudi Arabia, the traditional “swing producer” in OPEC which has chosen not to cut production in order to boost prices. (A:  Well, they are in cahoots with the US, they always have been, and the big magnates of the world.)


The main reason now being adduced for the oil price decline is the re-emergence of the U.S. as a major hydrocarbon producer because of exploitation of its substantial shale deposits. Lower than anticipated demand, especially from countries like China, and anemic economic growth in Europe have added to the pressure. As to the response of Saudi Arabia, the best guess is that it does not want to lose market share like it did the last time when it cut output to keep prices up.  (A:  Then they go through their usual bamboozling nonsense, that really is, it's not worth reading.  But this next paragraph says…)


Revisiting an old idea


 Whatever be its backdrop, the current oil price scenario offers the right moment (A: again, the right moment, or seize the moment, right…) for the international community (A:  What is this international community? Are you part of it? Do you get to vote in or say on anything? Do you even get invited to anything to talk, or even listen? No. It's as fake as, you know, the bubble for carbon dioxide.) as well as for major carbon emitter nations to revisit an old idea that has been around for quite some time as a way of dealing with the challenge of climate change — and this is a carbon tax. Economists mostly agree that such a carbon tax is the way to go, (A:  Really? Really?) but it has faced tremendous political resistance, especially in the U.S. A couple of days ago, however, the influential economist Larry Summers, who has been a close adviser to both President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, came out publicly in its favour, pointing out that a tax of $25 per tonne of carbon would add just 25 cents to the price of gasoline. There have been other intellectually weighty voices in the past who have advocated a carbon tax, (A:  And they go through the different ones who’ve prattled on about it, all paid mouthpieces.) William Nordhaus being perhaps the most prominent amongst them.


It is the political resistance to any form of taxation (what the late Sukhamoy Chakravarty, the distinguished Indian planner, had called the emerging fiscal sociology) (A:  Because it is, it's a sociological plan really, you know.) that has led to systems of cap-and-trade being adopted to deal with the emissions problem. The EU has such a system, the Chinese have seven pilots and have announced a national initiative beginning next year, and the Americans too are putting it in place for carbon emissions from power plants. A cap-and-trade system (A:  the Al Gore projects and yada, yada, yada.)


So it's all going to get passed on down to the consumer at the bottom, as you well know, and you're going to get mightily, mightily screwed, totally screwed, and your life reorganized into a new way of living.  They've been prattling on about this together along with the carbon taxes for years. It's to bring you into a new way of living, and there will be expert management of every facet of your life, even where you're going to live and how you're going to live, what you can heat yourself with and what you can't, and ultimately if you can even heat yourself or not depending on if you can afford all the taxes on it. And don't forget, that once they've got this little economic war with the gasoline at its present level, and they have shoved on the carbon tax, once they jack it back up to what it was, plus an increase of course, naturally, you'll also have a higher carbon tax on it then as well.


So it works together to eliminate the automobile, basically, for private ownership. Don't forget for a second Agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century, where it said they'll have you all in your little assigned communities, they'll eliminate rural living for people unless they are absolutely essential, which means you work for big international corporations who own the big international farms, and you will have no private vehicles, they said, it will be essential vehicles only allowed in such communities. That's what they have to achieve all this century and they're rushing ahead with all these con jobs in the meantime to get us there, folks. It's quite simple. Everything is, ha, an awful lie.  By the way, it has been an awful lie for your whole life long, pretty well everything you're taught, on a big scale.  And then…  


Ontario PCs launch petition against carbon tax

torontosun.com / Antonella Artuso / January 21, 2015


(A:  So again, at the federal level they have to go through the usual Punch and Judy show of, we want it, no we don't, boo, boo, and all that nonsense, to keep the party image going that there's really parties that are different.)


An online petition opposing a new carbon tax has been launched by the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.


Interim Leader Jim Wilson made the announcement Wednesday in Sudbury, where a by-election is underway to replace NDP MPP Joe Cimino.


“Ontario families and businesses can’t afford another tax,” Wilson said in a statement.


The Ontario Liberal government is considering some form of carbon pricing, with a decision expected this spring.


Premier Kathleen Wynne (A:  She is the premier in Ontario.) has said the government needs a real plan to respond to climate change.  (A:  Yeah, except for the sun is doing it and all your Geoengineering projects are doing it too.)


The PC petition, found on their website ontariopc.com, says that Ontario taxpayers have already been subjected to a health premium of $300 to $900 per person, a $2-billion Smart Meter program and Green Energy subsidies.  (A:  That's okay, we’re just, you know, the cattle at the bottom, and what else are cattle for, eh.  The chattel)


“A carbon tax scheme would increase the cost of everyday goods including gasoline and home heating,” the petition says.  (A:  And it will also increase the goods being transported to the stores including all of your food, folks.) “(The provincial government should) abandon the idea of introducing yet another unaffordable and ineffective tax on Ontario families and businesses.”


PCs in Sudbury to oppose carbon tax 54

thesudburystar.com / Ben Leeson / January 22, 2015


It's nothing to do with saving the climate or anything like that, nothing.  It's a great fantastic excuse for something else, to manage your lives completely from birth to death.  But what can you do about it, again? Because pretty well every politician is in the back pocket of the big boys at the top, they really are. But what can you do in this present system? What can you do?


So many stories are to do with geopolitics and when you hear about the fracas in the Ukraine and Russia and the Western involvement inside the Ukraine, it's all geopolitics. Incredible geopolitics going on. Everything is to do with economics, by the big club at the top, you see, who want everything, all the worlds resources, a world slave population under lots of experts whom they will pay off of course and actually paid to monitor us all, watch us and train us all, and you know, tweak our brains as we grow up to make sure we're all PC and we don't think of any nasty stuff.  Now, PC is not progressive conservative, it's political correctness, you see, whatever is the plan to be en vogue for the next 10 or 15 years before they push it out, maybe even its opposite, you never know, because that's what they do with us, you see. But this article here is about Joe Biden's son, which some folk I'm sure have followed for a while.


Biden's Son, Kerry Family Friend

Join Ukrainian Gas Producer's Board

wsj.com / Paul Sonne / May 13, 2014


(A:  So the big boys as always, who are involved all these big things, obviously to do with carbon trading with Al Gore and all the rest of them, they are all involved in taking over the world's resources as well, as well as us.  [Alan laughing.]   So here they are, here's the Americans involved in the Ukrainian gas producer’s board.)


Vice President Joe Biden’s son and a close friend of Secretary of State John Kerry's stepson have joined the board of a Ukrainian gas producer controlled by a former top security and energy official for deposed President Viktor Yanukovych.


The move has attracted attention given Messrs. Biden's and Kerry's public roles in diplomacy toward Ukraine, where the U.S. expressed support for pro-Western demonstrators who toppled Mr. Yanukovych's Kremlin-backed government in February. 


In other words, they don't want Russia having all the resources, that they've got planned. Remember, they had these pipelines planned, oh, probably about 20 odd years ago or so, long before Gulf War one, all across the Middle East and into Europe and the Ukraine and everywhere else, and Kazakhstan is a big player as well, where the Rothschilds who are involved with various pipeline projects, etc. So it all measures in together towards their geopolitical/economic strategy, you see, and personal profit. So it's all in the family, as always, you see.  And this one says…


Ukraine’s gas company Burisma enters Kazakhstan

timesca.com / 22 December 2014


ASTANA (TCA) — Burisma Holdings, the largest independent gas producer in Ukraine, has signed an agreement with the Kazakh national oil and gas company KazMunaiGas (KMG) and thus become the first Ukrainian company to develop oil and gas resources in Kazakhstan together with KMG, the Ukrainian company said.


(A:  And again, Rothschild is heavily involved in all this too, from other articles I've read.)


The agreement stipulates that Burisma Holdings together with KMG will conduct seismic and drilling operations for hydrocarbon exploration and production, as well as explore the possibility of building infrastructure in the territory of Kazakhstan.


It's quite amazing. They also mention Biden's son and all the rest of it in this article as well, that's two articles on that.  Then when you go into, argh, Scotland.  Now, Scotland really has been in the toilet for London for a long time, used for various projects and for warfare purposes, as shock troops in lots of wars over centuries. And it was looted from the beginnings of the discovery of North Sea oil. I can remember at the time they said that they wouldn't need to put refineries in Scotland, they were going to pipe it all down to ones in England, to make sure the English had work down there.  And also they wouldn't give it to British companies to take the oil out of the North Sea, they would put it up for bids from all different groups across Europe and elsewhere, and Norway and different countries to do the oil drilling.  Scotland was just a handy base for the rigs to be built in places like Ardrossan, places like that, by American companies.  But it says here…


Scotland's struggling North Sea oil industry WILL be bailed out by British taxpayers, Osborne admits

dailymail.co.uk /Tom McTague / 20 January 2015


-Chancellor said he had already cut taxes on North Sea oil to protect jobs

(A:  I wonder whose jobs?)


-But Mr Osborne said he would take ‘further steps at the Budget’ to help


-He revealed Scottish MPs face ban on voting on parts of the Budget


-New spending powers for Scotland will be unveiled on Thursday, he said


Scotland’s struggling oil industry will be bailed out by the UK Government, George Osborne revealed today.


But Mr Osborne also revealed that MPs representing Scottish constituencies could be barred from voting (A:  [Alan chuckles.]) on parts of the Budget after the election – once the Edinburgh government had been handed sweeping new powers over tax and spending.  (A:  That will be the day.  What's the point in giving them sweeping powers over tax and spending when they've already polluted and bankrupted the nation?)


The Chancellor, appearing before MPs on the Treasury Select Committee, said the Government’s support for the North Sea oil industry was only possible because Scotland had rejected independence in last year’s referendum.


He said the problems suffered by the industry ‘reminds everyone of the risk of independence’.


The Institute for Fiscal Studies has revealed that an independent Scotland could have been up to £7 billion worse off as a result of falling oil revenue.  (A:  Well, they would've been an awful lot richer if it was their oil in the first place for all those years, since about the 70s.)


Mr Osborne lambasted predictions made by the SNP during the referendum campaign about the finances North Sea oil would generate for the nation as ‘wildly optimistic’.


So, the fate of Scotland was decided an awful long time ago. As I say, it's just a satrapy of the London banking boys, and that's what colonies are, it's really just a colony.  That's what happens when you're taken over long ago.  And then…


Russia’s Gazprom Says Will End Gas Transits Through Ukraine

atlanticsentinel.com / Nick Ottens / January 15, 2015


(A:  Because, naturally, they know the West is wanting to grab all the… I hate to call it the West. I even hate calling places like England, England, because they are not run by themselves, they're run by the same bunch that run all the other countries too around there. London, they're run from there, you know, the city, the big square-mile city that runs a good part of the world through their heavy financing and so on.) 


Russia’s energy monopoly Gazprom announced on Wednesday it would stop transiting natural gas through Ukraine and urged its European customers to link up with a future pipeline to be built in Turkey or lose access to supplies.


The announcement came from Gazprom chief Alexei Miller during a visit to Moscow by European energy commissioner Maroš Šefčovič. The Slovak diplomat said he was “very surprised” by the statement.


Miller’s veiled threat came less than two months after Russia canceled the South Stream pipeline which was supposed to pump Russian gas to Bulgaria’s Black Sea port of Varna before extending overland through Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia.


The $40 billion project fell victim to the European-Russian trade war that started earlier in 2014 when Russia occupied and annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.  (A:  Well, they had no option but to do that actually.)  The European Union and the United States responded by imposing economic and financial sanctions on Russia. 


So it's just economic warfare going on, by the gangs who control the US and Britain and every other country, and the bunch that control Russia really.  The citizens wouldn't have anything to do with anything, do we? We just pay up when we're told to.


And also this article is to do with Canada again and Canadian oil producers.  From the Globe and Mail it says…. 


TD expert tells Canadian oil producers to brace for a second shock

theglobeandmail.com / SHAWN McCARTHY / Jan. 23 2015


“Oil prices are likely to remain subdued through the first half of the year, and follow more of a U-shaped recovery pattern than the V-shaped pattern that typically follows such sharp price declines,” she wrote. (A:  …this woman.)  The Toronto Dominion economist expects the U.S. benchmark to average just $53 in the second half of the year, and $65 next year.


Crude prices fell another 70 cents Friday to $45.60 and lost more than $3 on the week amid further evidence that global crude stocks are growing rapidly. The United States Energy Information Administration reported this week that inventories are at an 80-year high for this time of year.


So it's just a temporary thing as big global agendas are carried through, folks. That's all that this is, that's all it's about, and the opportunity to throw in a carbon tax. Well, the general population will think, well, you know, what's a few cents since gas has gotten so cheap. Because the average person will think that gas is going to be cheap forevermore, that's how people think, short-term thinking.  And the major media is not going to say this is an economic war going on right now, and it ain't going to last long, and you're going to get utterly, utterly shafted at the end of it all. So that's how things really work in the world, everything is done for good reason and we are never given the real reason at the bottom.


We're living in an all-out war, upon all of us, across the world actually. Remember, to destroy all that was to bring in the new, that's how you must do cultural destruction.  What you think is normal, normalcy, it must all go down the toilet and a new system of zaniness appears.  It always appears zany at the beginning when they're really pushing for various things to come in and replace all that was, you see, to manage your minds, to make you almost schizoid in the way that you perceive things or think you perceive things, because your perception is actually tampered with all the time to ensure that you perceive things the way that the Masters want you to perceive things, your interpretation of things. Here's a typical article here and it says… 


23 Hollywood Moms (A:  Well, where else?)

 With Same Sperm Donor and One Crazy Vacation

hollywoodreporter.com / January 14, 2015| / Kalee Thompson


(A:  It's all fun, you see, that's how it's presented.  Hollywood moms, you know, the ones that are kind of better than all of you.  Hollywood moms, you know, the one who, well you don't want to know how they start their careers, believe you me; you've got to have awfully good strong backs and things.)


And that's just one fertility story out of Hollywood, where a booming baby business has sprung out of gay-friendly parental rights and existing new technology (Pick the eye color! Freeze your ovaries!).   (A:  Isn't that wonderful?  You see.)


When Sarah Fain, a TV writer-producer for The Shield (A:  …whatever that is.) and The Vampire Diaries (A:  Oh, very intellectual stuff.), decided at 37 to be a single mom, she started online sperm-donor browsing. "It's like online dating, only you don't have to have a relationship with the person," she says. "It's not: 'What if this is the love of my life?' It's: 'This person doesn't have Alzheimer's in their genetic history.'  (A:  So it's all about getting the right KIND, you see, of eugenics tampering and all the rest of it.) " Fain lined up a fertility entourage that included a therapist (A:  …oh naturally, naturally), acupuncturist (A:  …well, naturally…), nutritionist and private chef  (A:  …well naturally…) for when she was too busy developing shows for Warner Bros. to cook.  (A:  Just too busy being a super mom, you know.) "I did acupuncture, herbs, teas; I juiced wheat grass daily for months because my reproductive endocrinologist [RE] said anecdotally people who did got pregnant," she says.  (A:  They didn't get pregnant if they were lacking certain things.)  Despite her efforts, Fain required two years and nine rounds of intrauterine insemination (or IUI, which involves "washing" the ejaculate to up the sperm quality before injecting it into the uterus, at about $1,500 a pop to conceive). At age 40, Fain had a girl named Violet.


When Violet was a toddler, Fain took her to a music class, where "two women walked in with two boys about Violet's age," she says. One of the boys looked familiar. Fain went home and checked her Facebook group comprising 15 families who had conceived with her same open donor. (Open donation, in which the donor's info can be released on the child's 18th birthday, is a growing trend.) (A:  See, they've got everything worked out now.)  She recalls: "There they were," just a mile and a half away.


Now they all have dinner every Sunday.  (A:  Isn't that magic, eh.) "They're my family," says Fain. In September, the Facebook group rented a vacation house. "Talk about crazy — there were 12 2-year-olds," says Fain, who adds: "It's one of those things that feels incredibly bizarre for half an hour. Then it feels totally normal."  (A:  See, they adapt off the quickly in Hollywood. You can't have any hang-ups about anything in Hollywood, about anything at all, I really mean that, you get no work if you do.)


At a time when Apple and Facebook are picking up $20,000 tabs for employees (A:  Now, who is pushing Apple and Facebook, right? Remember, Facebook too are trying to get all your DNA and everything else, all the knowledge about you.  Do you wonder why? And the schmucks give it to them too.) to freeze their eggs as well as offering other generous high-tech fertility benefits, it's clear that professional women have more and more options with assisted reproduction technology. Many of them will need it: At least one in eight couples overall suffer from infertility (A:  [Alan chuckles.]  Generally it does when you're trying to conceive and its two women.), and much of that is due to delayed childbearing. Even as the U.S. birth rate is at an all-time low, multiple births have skyrocketed from fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization treatments involving multiple embryos. In 1980, there were 70,000 twins born in the U.S.; in 2012, there were 131,269, along with 4,598 triplets and 276 quadruplets.


Credit goes to the 450 high-tech fertility clinics in the U.S., 75 of them in California.  (A:  Well naturally, eh, naturally. Everything starts in California.)  The Centers for Disease Control keeps statistics on IVF success rates by age (A:  …interesting…  Why is it the Centers for Disease Control?); many clinics in Los Angeles beat the national averages. "California is widely regarded to be the most friendly state in terms of assisted reproduction," says attorney Richard Vaughn, whose twin sons with actor husband Tommy Woelfel (A:  …whoever that is.) (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) were born with the help of an egg donor and surrogate mother:   (A:  And then they go into all of their lovely, lovely chat stuff and all of that.  I'm sure they are on Oprah and all of that kind of stuff too, you know.)


Even so, media coverage of glowing older celebu-moms — from Halle Berry, who just had her second child at age 47, to Laura Linney, who gave birth to her first child in 2014 at 49 — can mislead. "My concern is when celebrities in their mid- to late-40s announce they're pregnant," says Guy Ringler of California Fertility Partners, one of Southern California's most in-demand clinics. "It gives many people false hope that you can get pregnant at any age. It's not realistic."   (A:  Many have even, they can save your eggs and everything else too, you know. You can even get other surrogate moms to carry the egg and all that through pregnancy. )


This is getting everybody used to the idea of eugenics and Brave New World where you'll get born, planned by the state down the road. One thing leads to the next, to the next, to the next, you see, that's all it is. And it's always done in this rah-rah happy, happy thing, if you're a multimillionaire.


That article reminds me of the Frankfurt school whose sole goal really was to destroy all the culture of the West, completely, right down to, they even said, necrophilia, then they would know they had won.  All morality had to be utterly destroyed to bring in a new system of domination over the people, you see, by the proper people, so that they could control you properly.  The proper people, you see, and they've done awfully good job of it and mainly through places like Hollywood and so on, because people follow the stars.  They're such idiots, they do, they follow the stars, they don't see that they're tripping over things on the road as they're walking along following the stars. And they want everyone to fantasize about that life, you see, always fantasize about it.


You wouldn't want to be like these people, these robots, you see, where everyone is their friend, and darling, and they are all sharks on each other down there in LA.  That's all they are, sharks on each other. That's why they have this pretense of friendliness because each one can help you on, get parts in this and parts in that, or a better job in something, whatever it is.  It's just… they're all sharks on each other.  They're not real people as such, you see.  They are avant-garde in everything sexually, because they have to be in that business, you can't have any particular moral stance on anything at all, that's old-fashioned, you see, or what used to be called normal, you can't have it, you're blacklisted right away.


It's like that… I will not put this link up, but it's in the Guardian. I didn't even bother looking it up.  But it was sent to me where they were showing a fashion show in Paris, where apparently there was a fashion parade held recently, and I guess you call them, metrosexuals on the runway had these, some kind of pants with the cuts away at the top of the legs or something, so that they could show their little pee-pees off to the public. You know, they don't call it gay Paris for nothing.  But it's… This is what it's come down to, folks.  You know, it's just, fashion has nothing to do with wearable clothing, is to with art, you see, it's art… It's always called art.  And they try to get as much exposure [Alan chuckles.], literally, exposure, as much as they can, literally in any way that they can [Alan chuckles.]  by doing things that are outrageous. But I mean, this is what it’s coming down to.  It's just, oooh, bizarro nonsense of exhibitionism.  Really, that's what it is. And so you have a Hollywood moms in a big PR thing to make this the trendy thing to do, you see.  For women who've got money, this is the way to go, it's trendy.  And then the idiots follow the stars, as they say.  And then you got this nonsense in Paris and so on, as culture goes down the tubes.


Mind you, I mean, I guess in this day and age folk can join in any kind of club they want to and go and see a lot worse than that. And this is called freedom today. The problem is, this kind of freedom often lends itself to a lot of perverse tampering with children and things like that, you see, this is the problem with lots of it. But, that's what we accept in this day and age. Eventually there will be no such thing as pedophilia, anything like that.  And under the Rights of the Child, as they expand it, from the United Nations, their goal is to literally introduce masturbation, common masturbation in schoolrooms, that was discussed a few years back – I read all the articles on the air at the time; go into the archives in my website and you'll see that.  And then they will say, well it's wrong to not allow a child to have sex with someone, if they choose to, even if they're five years old. I mean, this is where it's all meant to go, for those who don't quite get it.  And it will, in your lifetime you’ll see this, pretty shortly actually. 


And here is the new thing too as they go through.  This terrorism is wonderful, isn't it? It's the greatest anti-freedom movement of all, this war on terror, to make sure that under the guise of terror you can take all rights and freedoms away.  This articles from RT and it says…


'Thought police’:

 Academic freedom threatened by anti-terror bill, MPs warn

rt.com / January 12, 2015


Universities should be exempted from new counter-terrorism laws because they will ‘restrict’ freedom of speech, the government’s human rights watchdog has said.


The Joint Committee on Human Rights said government plans to make universities legally obliged to refer suspected would-be terrorists (A:  …this is like pre-crime.) to the authorities would undermine academic freedom.


Under the bill, Home Secretary Theresa May would be given authority to force universities to ban speakers who are considered “extremist.”  


(A:  Now again, it's like the word terrorism itself, extremist can be extremist views, on anything  an extremist.  Remember, speaking the truth under a totalitarian regime is a revolutionary act, according to George Orwell, something like that, you know, to paraphrase it.)


The warning comes before the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill’s second reading in the House of Lords on Tuesday.


May's bill, introduced to Parliament in November last year, is likely to receive boosted support in the wake of the terrorist attacks in France last week.


Committee members are concerned about a legal duty that would require universities to refer students at risk of becoming terrorists (A:  …again, pre-crime.) to external anti-radicalization programs.


(A:  You see, everything is going to come down to reprogramming you if you're not politically correct, on anything, and I mean from birth to death.  That's what the GIRFEC project in Scotland is and they have the same program coming out in other countries too, a government appointed guardian who will take psychological tests and so on every month to make sure that you have no extremist views, or you haven't perceived something, because of an instinct you’ve had, that will make you anti-this or anti-that, you know.)


Universities would also be required to ban ‘extremists’ from speaking on campuses.


Parliament’s human rights watchdog, made up of MPs and peers, says it is “concerned about the implications for both freedom of expression and academic freedom as a result of the applicability of the proposed new duty to universities.”


Failure to comply with the new duties would result in direct intervention by the secretary of state, and “ultimately, a mandatory court order backed by criminal sanctions for contempt of court.”  


The committee also argued that terms such as ‘extremist’ are ambiguous.  (A:  Well naturally, that's what they're meant to be, you see.)


“Broad terms such as ‘extremist’ or ‘radical’ are not capable of being defined with sufficient precision to enable universities to know with sufficient certainty whether they risk being found to be in breach of the new duty.”


Dr Hywel Francis, Labour MP and chair of the committee, said: “As open and rigorous debate about ideas is itself one of the most powerful tools in the struggle against terrorism, and the extremism which often breeds terrorism, this is surely counter-productive.”


Martin Hall, former vice-chancellor of the University of Salford, also voiced opposition to the proposed bill, calling it “draconian.”   (A:  Well no kidding.)


But you understand, that's to be across the whole of society, and every little tweet that you put out there before and every email you sent out with some view or whatever, it's all being checked out, folks, check out meticulously, for the future for when they come calling on you, for having some extremist viewpoint on something or other, under the guise of terrorism, until you can't say the truth about anything at all.  That's what is coming down to, and it's meant to, step by step by step.


They call this progress, you know.  You always find that strange word called progress; we're in the age of progress. And various organizations are we're progressive, or going towards… What are we going towards? Is there signpost somewhere that says you have reached progress? No.  It's always going towards progress, as we have all these weird things happening that destroy everything that used to be, to bring in the new. And the state is going to be God.  And the world state is a super God, you see. Super God.  Oh wow. 


Birth to death, you can't have a thought of your own down the road without them getting into and tinkering with your brain and find, oh we can't have that, you can't hold that opinion.  And they will tweak you, you see, so you don't have it anymore. And we'll all be the same, like clones of each other, prattling the same nonsense, and being awfully smiley happy, because we're all politically correct, you see. Isn’t that just wonderful?  A wonderful nightmare, isn't it.


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, where it's incredible awful weather, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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