March 1, 2015 (#1492)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Thine Own Mouth Condemneth Thee,

 Our Job is to Record the Proof, You See"

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 1, 2015. The open conspiracy is all around you. Nothing's really hidden today, you know, and it hasn't been hidden for an awful long time.  Throughout the 20th century many top writers, put out there by the ruling establishment themselves, and often written for each other since most of the public wouldn't read such thick dry books, spelled out the agenda and all the concerns of their period, and where they would like to take humanity, and if they did not take charge in a very deep way of humanity, on thoughts and speech and culture, where it might end up, which of course is out of their hands and they couldn't let that happen, could they. So they went to work and got all the top philosophers of their day on board with them to work with them.  Psychologists, behaviorists of all kinds, now they have neuroscientists added to it and various other techniques too, in sciences, to find a way to bring in a culture where the public themselves, through incrementalism and change and planned change, and using the natural instincts of the herd as they call it, they could bring in a new system and get the culture and people to simply accept it, without them being fearful of what was actually happening.


One of them I have mentioned so many times, who was rather prolific in his writings, his copious writings actually, was Lord Bertrand Russell. He said that, and right at a time when, in the 20th century, so many big movements were under way of -isms, like socialism, communism, capitalism, all the isms of the day were on the go to establish their dominance, you see, over all the rest. And he said basically that there would be a tyranny, that was unavoidable and, for the ruling elite of the day to keep control and not let the lesser isms take over, although they could use techniques from some of the isms which had worked awfully well, like grabbing the children and giving a more scientific indoctrination as they did in the Soviet Union, that was later copied by the Nazi party in Germany, because it worked very, very well, you see. And he said, if there is to be a tyranny then he would want it to be, he personally would want it to be a scientific tyranny. And he said at the time too in his own book, and his lectures too, he said that a scientific tyranny would be brutal and merciless, even inhumane, because science has got nothing to do with human emotion or value of morality or anything else.  It's just what is, is, is, is, is, is, is, etc...  And by using scientific tyranny they could bring in a world order of control where they wouldn't have to worry about criminals popping up in every generation, they would be spotted so quickly and even prevented at conception from going any further, right down to the breeding programs of all the proper kinds of people to populate the world.  He mused, along with others of his peer group, who were also heavily into eugenics of course, the bluebloods of his era, that they themselves had the right to impregnate women all over the world and have the right kind of population. In other words, breed out the bad genes and have the good ones growing up, you see. This was all discussed.  And out of that, these comments and statements and so on and that whole theory, came different stories like The Handmaidens Tail was one book that came out too.


So you've got to understand, in all ages those in power have always spied upon their own people, more than on any opposition or any enemy or country they want to take over to increase their empire. Because if you lose it at home you have nothing, it will all fall apart abroad, all your empire will  fall, they crumble if the center is gone you see.  So these are not new topics at all, they're simply very old and restricted, or kept in certain classes of philosophy, etc., or social sciences.  Even what they are taught in those social sciences vary according to the type of University you end up going to. More is taught after University to the select few who are let in on the inner secrets and the higher understanding of human nature, and all of the tests that have been done on large-scale populations for a long, long time... the archives, the real archives, you see.


So a scientific dictatorship would be brutal and inhumane, but it would be absolutely necessary to bring it in. And we're in it today. Most don't know it because it can be certainly very brutal, but by using incredibly good psychology and understanding human nature so perfectly they can make us walk in to our sleep chambers, you might say, through the Internet and virtual reality, or through Pharma to help you along and so on. You walk into this pleasantness as you forget that you are being manacled and shackled along the way.


Now, a scientific tyranny would not be called that by the general public. They would have many names, many faces because it's comprised of many agencies and governments, and private corporations, that are assets, and often have more power than the governmental organizations. They do a lot more, in fact, because they're not responsible if they get caught on anything to the general public, they can't be voted in or out.  Therefore the CIA and MI-6 and various other organizations have many, many, many front organizations which they use, very powerful corporations too, because the military-industrial complex is all part of it too of course, all owned by the same people as far as the major shareholders are concerned.


And although you're going through a brutal phase, and it is brutal because were being taught to be naïve and think, through all the movies and so on, that somehow people who go into government are more upright and more honest, with more integrity, with a greater value system and conscience than the general population. It's a fantastic myth that's been pushed more effectively, I'd say, in the US perhaps than any other country although many other countries have emulated it too.  And when you have a naïve population thinking there's good people there, there's good people there looking after me and so on, you tend to go to sleep to an extent. And that's what they want, a naïve believing population, believing in the system as being awfully good.  But meanwhile always having things popping into the paper of importance, or at least people in the limelight having awful accidents and just dropping dead and things like that, all over the place. That increases as you go into tyranny and it increases more and more in an age where so much news is dumped on you and you'll miss the very important things that really matter, that might set you wondering about things like why, wow, that was a strange accident for so-and-so, who was complaining about whatever it was that government was up to just the week before, and getting publicity, you see.


And the real guys at the top in a scientific tyranny, and that includes all eavesdropping and snooping, electronic and otherwise too, it includes all of that. That comes under this because it's all scientific the way it's done today. It's monitoring everyone to see what they say and do and talk about, and to see that you're safe. If you're safe no flags come up when you name comes up. Safe means you like your little world, your bubble, you like your routine inside your bubble, and maybe your little hobbies and what you do on a Thursday or Friday or whatever it happens to be, and are quite content safely going on the Internet and looking at the funny animals page for the day, things like that, and being happy, showing that you're happy, you see.  But there's no doubt about it, that anything else you look at, and they've been doing this before 9/11 happened by the way. But anything else you look at, including library books, they want to know why, more about you, why you chose certain books, that are perhaps informative to someone who's awake or waking up.


Back in the 1990s the US and Canada at the same time admitted that their security agencies were collecting lists of books, of readers, and members of libraries, to see what they were reading about, names and addresses and all the rest of it. Because you must be profiled, you see, for those in charge to have a safe feeling, so they can sleep well at night, that everyone is safe and sound and won't know too much, because you are children. Now, every tyranny in every age, including a lot of the main religions you know, the terminology is all through religions especially of the Western cultures, where you have a father God and you are the children.  And the father also has prophets and so on who are the spokesman to the children, and that's how it's couched, in those words.  Now, what is a child? A child is supposed to grow up, and yet the religions will keep calling you the children of God, even when you have grown up physically, you see. When do you become an adult? And generally, well, you never... You're still a child of God, you see. 


In a scientific tyranny you must be treated the same way as children.  And if you show that you're growing up you will have comeback upon you if you ask the wrong questions. Because you're supposed to have succumbed to your indoctrination, and the techniques they use upon you from birth, through education, and through all the stories you read from kindergarten onwards, with the special inserts on how you're supposed to behave and think about certain topics, how to speak about certain topics and all that kind of stuff, and then you are marked as safe, when you believe it all.  


I've said many times, history truly is brutal, and this technique of what they call civilization and civilizing, under its glory of the past and glory of war and conquest, all this glory terminology, you find that civilization on behalf of those who talk about it at the top, how they define it, is utterly brutal, utterly brutal, as they go off to get what they want, which is generally resources and more wealth for themselves to accumulate for their own families so their own progeny can carry down through time. And that's a sad statement on humanity but that's the way it really is.


I've told people not to get angry about this, that you've been conned. And lots of folk do get awfully, awfully angry, awfully angry when you help to wake them up.  Because you see, they want to have the fake world that they're standing on, the fake reality...  You know, my feet are on the ground, I'm quite safe feeling and all that.  They want you to replace it with something else, made-to-measure for them, ready-made, so's you pull the old reality out, you pop in this one, so they can feel grounded and safe and secure. And that's not what I do. You see, only you can find your own ground to stand on. Because it's a choice.  And everyone has the choice of saying, okay I'm quite happy with my life, it's not the best, I'd like to be wealthier and better looking, whatever it happens to be, and not have financial worries, that kind of thing. But they want to be fairly secure and no one's bothering them, and no one's leaning upon them to change their ways or to threaten them with anything at all, they want that security.  Because they have decided to be children, forever, you see.


And all the advertising that's pumped out at you your whole life long, what they churn out today as movies, are really things that would be designed for children at one time, it's now throughout the adult population, they watch all this stuff.  And the tears come to their eyes at the right spots, and the anger will well up inside them when they see the bad person doing something wrong, as they are switched on and off, on and off, on and off, all these different neurons in the brain, so perfectly. And they are quite content being kept in an infantile stage, by people who are more professional and more well-educated, as they are told over and over and over, an expert in particular topics and subjects than they are. Therefore, you are a child when you believe that.


In some histories, in some Hollywood histories of course, where they would demonize their favorite targets, they'll show you tyrannies at work in a fictional form but they'll show you how anyone who disagrees with the status quo of a tyranny, and you voice some personal objections to certain things in the system at the time, or doesn't praise the great leader, or the very government itself, they are dealt with brutally in such movies. And we knows from wars that the Soviet system and the Nazi system, that's how it was. And they were not unique, believe you me, it goes down through history, every government has used these techniques on their people at different times in history, more overt sometimes, or more quiet and more hidden, put it that way, in other times in history. And it never changes unfortunately.


But today it's getting worse and worse.  In fact, it will be an even worse of a tyranny because no government before has had such incredible powers to observe every single person in the nation at the same time, every second and minute of every day. And they make what's popular popular because they give you all the little toys and gadgets to enable them to spy on you, and to categorize you, and to personality profile you with all your hobbies and what you do on a Wednesday and all these things, and what you say in your texting and your emails and your chat rooms and so on.  All managed into ‘the you’, the virtual you that they have somewhere in some other computer, where they actually run tests on the virtual you knowing how you will react in real life if they put you through the same test.  It's perfect tyranny today, even more so since most folk will always be, in that time, unaware that it is a tyranny.  And how beautifully it has worked because most folk don't care, you see. I'm okay, I'm doing nothing wrong…  I watch the authorized things, I laugh at the little puppy dog stories in the newspapers, things like that that they put out there, you see. And they monitor all the folk who looking to these things as well, with the ‘safe’ little tick, you see.


So compliance is vital to total power.  And what better way than to have voluntary compliance where the people know, even the little ideas that float around the sides of their conscious mind, the things you don't want to look at, because they've been trained in the Pavlovian style to shy away from certain topics or certain thoughts or even knowing little quips of information that has come their way, and they'll shy away from it and try to wipe it out, you know, erase it, because it makes them uncomfortable.  That's the Pavlovian response.  That means it's working on you, you've been well trained and indoctrinated, with such responses.


And the neuroscientists write copiously about this technique which is used to bring up what they call the great, meaning the proper, society. And most folk, as they say, are either unaware of it or the benefits, and that's how really is, the benefits of living in such a society outweigh the negatives. I'm having fun, lots of fun, as long I have fun and entertainment is supplied constantly to me, and I live in my little bubble of home to work and work to home, and the occasional little beer in between it at some bar or whatever, and to watch their favorite television shows, and to scour the Internet for basically trivia or things that fascinate them, you know, mysterious mysteries, stuff like that, then they want to be left alone and they don't want to know anything. And that's fine, that's the choice. And everyone has a choice, you see.


And unfortunately most of the opponents to what folk see as the increasing tyranny, with the use of antiterrorism as an excuse for everything, and keeping you all safe, it's all being abused. Many of them, the top ones, are actually the controlled opposition. Because those at the top never start any part of a plan without debating, like a chessboard, before the game starts, if I do this what will the reaction be from them, the populations? Oh, some will be discontent, the leaders might arise. Supply the leaders in that case, start up even organizations. And that's what you have with all these NGO organizations, so well-funded by the tax-exempt foundations, that are simply the tactical wing, by using all their think tanks and so on, for the planned social changes generation by generation until they get what they want. It's really the never-ending story. 


See, most folks think there's a final goal somewhere – we're short-term thinkers, and we’re trained to be short-term thinkers – a great catastrophe, bang, that's it, the Armageddon syndrome, that type of thing.  Where in reality, an elite that hold onto power does it through generations, generation after generation, after generation, and they'll plan what kind of culture and population they'll want, for each generation before they're even born. And they even have a think tanks working on the blowback from big changes, that the public might not want so much, how do you deal with this? Well, you steer them as you always steer them, you put out the leaders, who speak for you, you know.  And you give your authority to that person… That person speaks for me, I agree with them. And as time goes on you'll say, well most of it, or, maybe some of it, or, until you realize the person has gone off ona  different tangent. Or he's just a safety valve for you who is a couch potato.


So it's all been taken care of and thought of. And I'm not being pessimistic about it all. I'm being realistic about it.  Never confuse the two. Never confuse the two.  This whole push for positive thinking was part of the psychological warfare, set out years ago on behalf of the elite and funded by the elite.  Disregard the negative, disregard it, always look at the positive, you see.  Where an entire human, a true human being, a total human being must look at all things positive and negative to everything that they do to avoid trouble for yourself down the road. Very simple. Not to play your life away like an irresponsible child. And that was all put out there as part of the warfare, until today if you just say the plain truth it's, oh you're pessimistic.  No.  I'm not sunk in some depression.... saying woe is me, or, it's all over now baby blue. I'm just saying it as it is, you see.  I mean, it's a fascinating time to be alive because you're seeing all the forces which are used, all down through time, which you are taught to hate as tyrannies, and every generation is taught they've got the greatest governmental system on the planet and the freest country on the planet, and they always pointed the fingers to other countries and so on. And they haven't stopped doing that and they never will stop doing that, even as you go through changes which would speak volumes to the contrary if your mind was left untampered with. 


Soma doesn't have to be a drug that puts you into a happy state. Soma comes from all the positive little stories that really don't make a difference on anything in your life, that you are flooded with on a daily basis. Little ha ha things, or, did you know… that kind of stuff, or the fascinating stuff, could there be life beyond Mars, blah blah blah, you know. The stuff that grabs the imagination, it's very safe to wonder about that kind of stuff because there's no consequence, at all, to what's happening here.   Everything’s been thought of, you see. As I say, remember the chessboard, here are the moves we want to make, what will the repercussions be?  Okay, how in advance of it all, even before the first move is made, how in advance at all do we prepare to counter this particular or that particular, or that one over there, that blowback? Set up organizations in advance, supply the leaders and they'll speak for you. And then they keep their flock, because everyone again becomes a child in a flock, you see, and they follow the leader, around in circles. 


The war, and the UN has said it by the way, many times, and others have said it, is not upon the masses, it's upon the individual. Individualism has to be eradicated.  That's the part that they don't like is the individual. Only, as Charles Galton Darwin said, on behalf of his own class, the elite, he was quite plain about it, very arrogant.  He says, we the wild man, we're the wild men, we who rule the world, who plan the future and steer the ship of earth through its course and its destiny, we must remain wild, to make instant decisions against catastrophes and avoid them and things like that. But the population doesn't need that, they must be tamed out of their wildness, domesticated, and he mentioned different ways to do it, through food, inoculations and so on, chemicals.  But we are to be tamed into docility because the state will be managing all their affairs for them, right down to social workers and so on. They won't need reasoning faculties, the state will be doing their reasoning for them. But those at the top who have all the data coming from their think tanks must make instant decisions and counter possible conflicts on the path to their wonderful future, you see. And that's how really is.


But today we are on the Internet, you see, the greatest thing ever developed for spying, and people buy everything and bring them into their homes, all the devices, knowing that they are listening to you, they're watching you, a lot of them.  Yet they even admit they are watching you through their TVs and things. But the docile person is damaged, he doesn't care.  Because they do know… This is the strange thing about it, they'll say that they don't know what's going on in the world.  But they do know that if they just go along with the things which are permissible they'll be classified as safe and left alone.  Therefore they don't mind getting watched, that's the proof that they're good.  They're proving to their masters they're good. I'm good, I'm awfully good, watch me, now listen to me having a chat with my pal about the Hollywood stars, things like that. All safe topics, you see, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good, here's the proof. And that's an individual personal decision.


People fought for centuries to be treated as an alive, human, individual person to have rights.  And one of the top things was the right to personal privacy.  And part of it also was not to be watched by the state every darned day.  And in one generation, but it took preparation from previous generations, step by step by step, they've completely turned it around.  But most folk don't mind.  I've always likened it to an inoculation. They'll say, well if an inoculation has worked, and it has taken, they call it ‘taken’ in your body, it's not being rejected if it's taken and worked, then you're safe then. That's how they phrase it. That's a whole different topic in reality of course but, it's the same if your indoctrination has worked as well.  If it's taken then you're safe, but you'll still be monitored, but you won't mind, to prove that you’re good.


As I've said in times gone by, major religions, which eventually become corrupt themselves, because they get bureaucracies built up internally and they alter so much to hold on to power and direct, but they can be tyrannical too down the road, eventually that falls away and some other one takes over. Today the path is being led, as we go through scientific dictatorship or tyranny, we have the state and science as the new gods, you see, and they demand instant and complete obedience and will not tolerate anything outside of that. You're a child now of science and the state and all the experts involved in it.  There's always a God at the top. And many of the top atheists have talked about them bringing in the best kind of world there could be, under their control of course, and they don't have any ancient writings to go by that gives human dignity any credence whatsoever. So that's why they call it a scientific tyranny, they would be tyrannical. But they say it's all for the good, you see. But you’ll have no rights whatsoever, except the right to stay in your own little bubble, produce and consume, pay your money in taxes and things, and buy things, but be good, be good, be a child of the state, and stay as a child for your whole life until you die. Because you can't and you mustn't be permitted to grow up into adulthood and be independent, especially your thoughts being independent.  That is forbidden.  And hence you're being monitored all the time, whether you're being good or not. Because even if you're good who knows what might happen down the road, a stray thought might come your way and take root and you may become a problem eventually.


Every age, in other words, to summarize it all, has its deity which lays down the law, and you have the interpreters of the deity, who manage their country or the nation or the world or empire, on behalf of their deity. They manage it all down to the peons, or children, below.  And now in the age of scientific tyranny, or management as they prefer to call it, or governance, you have all the scientists, authorized ones only of course, who take the big paychecks and go along with each part of their particular part of the agenda and they will say whatever is necessary to say.  If you're heretic as a scientist, you’re simply not heard of again.  You won't get a mention in the paper or anything, you're shunned. 


But we have the scientists on board and the experts to tell us what to do and think, and they give us topics and also what to believe, here's your conclusion, we'll give you the proper conclusions.  And we accept them as the children do since the new state, which is really a front in itself, but the state is now God, you see. And all the ministers, which are experts and scientists, all help to manage it on behalf of the deity, the state, which is ruled by, really, a few people, very incredibly rich people, who are interlocked with other members across the world in other nations running their particular states, you see.


And they're managing it better than any religion could have managed it before. Because they've got instant access to all data. They can head every possible problem off at the pass, as they say in the old Westerns, before it becomes a nuisance.  Even when they came out with the Internet, all over the newspapers they said that there would be information warfare.  And they had already planned for it all, set up the organizations that would do all the different top blogging and so on, to make sure that everyone was steered off in the right direction and cause no problems. But they could be safety valves.  Plus they'd find out who everybody was too and what their particular beef was with the system.


It reminds me of the Soviet system which went further than most systems because it had survived longer as opposed to, say, the Nazi system of Germany. The Soviet system, including the satellite countries in the Eastern Bloc countries, especially with the Stasi, they put a lot of information out and so on from East Germany.  They talked about how citizens would be hired, shills, government shills, trained operatives, and put in factories for instance, or even stores, big stores.  They would become very, very good, good little psychopaths, and be very personable, liked by everyone, would laugh and joke and seem intelligent and he would be looked up to. Then they would, once in a while, insert in a certain company something negative about the government or a particular person or a leader of the government.  The trick was, here's the dilemma, they knew that those people would come to like such a person, now would go into a Pavlovian response feeling embarrassed, maybe blushing and so on, because they heard the person say this, and according to the law they should report it. Now, if they didn't report it, and eventually they all knew this because it became so widespread, if they didn't report it they would be drawn up because the shill would report to his boss, I told so-and-so and so-and-so and they didn't report it. So you would get pulled up, and for failure to obey the law and report such a person, a subversive, you see, and you became a subversive too and you were either killed or either put off to Siberia.


Today it's much, far more easy because we have instant access, as I say, with the toys they've given you. And that's why they called the computer initially the personal computer. That throws you right off doesn't it, it's mine.  And they said oh, you really have so much privacy on it, and all that guff.  Good word, that, it's so underused today, G-U-F-F, guff. All tricks of the trade of psychology, it's all yours, it's your personal phone too, you know.  But an iPhone has a double meaning, doesn't it. It's not just meaning I, me. 


Anyway, here's an article here. It's from CBC Canada.  The CSE, that’s the Canadian spy, NSA variation, in bed with the NSA of course, maybe even just a department of it really as far as I’m concerned today.


CSE monitors millions of Canadian emails to government / Amber Hildebrandt, Michael Pereira and Dave Seglins / Feb 25, 2015


Canada’s electronic spy agency collects millions of emails from Canadians and stores them for “days to months” while trying to filter out malware and other attacks on government computer networks, CBC News has learned.


(Alan:  So right off the bat they give you the spin on the story rather than go into it in depth as to what else it could be, you see. So it's trying to filter out malware and other attacks on government from email that's in from people in the public, this is their excuse. Because right off the bat, on why is an open democratic society, it doesn't even touch on it, why is it storing general questions, or people going into government websites to see what's going on? See, if you're good and your indoctrination has taken, as I've mentioned before, you won't even be bothered with looking up sites and web sites and seeing what they're up to.  It's not your job to know what they're up to. You’resupposed to just have things happen and laws passed, and vaguely understand little bits of them, and go along with it.)


A top-secret document written by Communications Security Establishment (CSE) analysts sheds new light on the scope of the agency’s domestic email collection as part of its mandate to protect government computers.  (A:  So again, they're reiterating really the end of the story, at the beginning of the story, of what your opinion is going to be as to why they do this, you see. That's how simple it is, but it's all psychology. Now it goes on to talk about this it says…)


CBC analyzed the document in collaboration with U.S. news site The Intercept, (A:  And the link is in this article here. I'll put it up tonight for those who want to [Alan chuckles.]  step over the safe line and maybe look something up.) which obtained it from U.S. National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.  (A:  Who knows, maybe this guy works for them in the first place because there's nothing that he's really put out that the average person shouldn't know. You should know all this stuff.  You should know it already. Do you really need someone, in a certain capacity, to tell you what you already know? Think about it.)


Canada’s electronic spy agency watched visits to government websites and collected about 400,000 emails to the government every day, storing some of the data for years, according to the 2010 document. Today’s volume is likely much higher given online traffic growth.


Common online activities involving the government include Canadians filing their taxes, writing to members of Parliament and applying for passports.


The program to protect government servers from hackers, criminals and enemy states is raising questions about the breadth of the collection, the length of retention and how the information could be shared with police and spy partners in other countries.


Chris Parsons, an internet security expert (A:  …again, there’s an expert here.) who viewed the document, said there are legitimate purposes for the agency to monitor your communications with the government.


“But you should be able to communicate with your government without the fear that what you say … could come back to haunt you in unexpected ways,” says Parsons, a postdoctoral fellow at Citizen Lab, a unit at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs.


“When we collect huge volumes, it’s not just used to track bad guys. It goes into data stores for years or months at a time and then it can be used at any point in the future.”


CSE says “specific communications” are examined if they are “suspected to relate to a cyberthreat that could harm government of Canada systems and networks.”


That automated system sifts through them and detects about 400 potentially suspect emails each day — about 146,000 a year. That system sends alerts to CSE analysts, who then can take a closer look at the email to see if it poses any threat.


You know, it's like the Old Testament, they have all the laws written down in there, basically, of the whole judicial system, and it says, out of your own mouth, by your own words, ye are condemned. And you’re talking about tyranny...  actually, it's not just forming into places here, and when they start using all this stuff it will make the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany look like Boy Scouts with all the data they have on every single person. And they can take anything out of context, and vilify you for, did you say this? Exactly the same thing as the Stasi came out and admitted as to how they did it in Eastern Germany. So-and-so said this, the plant said this in front of you and you laughed and agreed or whatever it happened to be. It's the same thing, folks, but worse. Then it goes on about the whole thing about the metadata and the details, who sent it, where and when and so on and why they must keep it, etc. But really, that's the excuse, is to stop them getting hacked, supposedly, or getting malware sent to them and so on and so on. But I'll put that up tonight for those who care to even look at it.


And an article from the British system, same kind of system, and this is going back to 2014.  It says…


GCHQ JTRIG Tools and Techniques

for propaganda and internet deception /July 15, 2014  / Pierluigi Paganini


(A:  We're overloaded with data, but this stuff has been out for a long time. And this is, again, Edward Snowden it says.)


Edward Snowden leaked a top-secret GCHQ document which details the operations and the techniques used by JTRIG unit for propaganda and internet deception.


The JTRIG unit of the British GCHQ intelligence agency has designed a collection of applications that were used to manipulate for internet deception and surveillance, including the modification of the results of the online polls. The hacking tools have the capability to disseminate fake information, for example artificially increasing the counter of visit for specific web sites, and could be also used to censor video content judged to be “extremist.” The set of application remembers me in the NSA catalog published in December when the Germany’s Der Spiegel has revealed another disturbing article on the NSA surveillance (A:  And the links are all here, I'll put them up tonight.), the document leaked by the media agency was an internal NSA catalog that offers spies backdoors into a wide range of equipment from major vendors.   (A:  They are all complicit, all the vendors, folks. I mean...  But so are you, aren't you.)


The existence of the tools was revealed by the last collection of documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the applications were created by GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) and are considered one of the most advanced system for propaganda and internet deception. JTRIG is the secret unit mentioned for the first time in a collection of documents leaked by Snowden which describe the Rolling Thunder operation, the group ran DoS attack against chatrooms used by hacktivists.


“and it also used “fake victim blog posts,”  (A:  Nothing out there is real anymore, you can't take anything at face value.) “false flag operations,” “honey traps” and psychological manipulation to target online activists, monitor visitors to WikiLeaks, and spy on YouTube and Facebook users.” states the blog post published on the Intercept.  (A:  They are all part of it anyway, all these organizations that are part of this with the intelligence network.)


The post mentions a top-secret GCHQ document called “JTRIG Tools and Techniques” which details the operations and the techniques . . . (A:  …etc, etc.) 


Many tools designed by JTRIG are introduced as “in development,” but many of them as “fully operational, tested and reliable.”


The document is reserved for internal use, querying it GCHQ agents may have an idea of surveillance and online deception activities which can be conducted by the Intelligence agency. 


(A:  And this goes on and on and on.)


The post provides the complete list of JTRIG capabilities:


•“Change outcome of online polls” (UNDERPASS)


•“Mass delivery of email messaging to support an Information Operations campaign” (BADGER) (A:  …that’s how you badger folks, they want likes and dislikes, and you take it off.) and “mass delivery of SMS messages to support an Information Operations campaign” (WARPATH)


•“Disruption of video-based websites hosting extremist content through concerted target discovery and content removal.” (SILVERLORD)  (A:  Mind you, above that there'll of gold and platinum, hey.  [Alan chuckles.]  I guess if you're on the platinum list you won't be around long.)


•“Active skype capability. Provision of real time call records (SkypeOut and SkypetoSkype) and bidirectional instant messaging. Also contact lists.” (MINIATURE HERO)


•“Find private photographs of targets on Facebook” (SPRING BISHOP)


•“A tool that will permanently disable a target’s account on their computer” (A:  So your account will be disabled.) (ANGRY PIRATE)


•“Ability to artificially increase traffic to a website” (GATEWAY) and “ability to inflate page views on websites” (SLIPSTREAM)


•“Amplification of a given message, normally video, on popular multimedia websites (Youtube)” (GESTATOR)


•“Targeted Denial Of Service against Web Servers” (PREDATORS FACE) and “Distributed denial of service using P2P. Built by ICTR, deployed by JTRIG” (ROLLING THUNDER)


•“A suite of tools for monitoring target use of the UK auction site eBay (” (ELATE)


•“Ability to spoof any email address and send email under that identity” (CHANGELING)  (A:  …then you get in trouble of course, because the folk think it’s you doing it all.)


•“For connecting two target phones together in a call” (IMPERIAL BARGE)  (A:  …they can barge in.)


The information provided in the presentation confirms the previous revelations on the capabilities of British Intelligence, the tools and the techniques available at of GCHQ are not different from the ones used by NSA and by its secret unit known as TAO.  (A:  And of course it will be the same with the Canadian one as well.)


In the past we discussed about Tempora Operation (A:  That was the name of this operation, Tempora...), the massive tapping program conducted by Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and revealed by The Guardian, this last revelation on JTRIG’s activities shows that British Intelligence, like US one, is working to improve its capabilities for the control of the Internet and any other channel of communication.


GCHQ refused to provide any comment on the revelation, the agency claims that it acts “in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework” and is subject to “rigorous oversight.” 


And naturally they will say that because they make the laws to allow themselves to do it all. Sad, isn't it.  Sad.  Sad. Very, very sad. And then you can go on to this article and it's from the Guardian for 2014. Remember this one? Very important to stop people talking.


Journalists and whistleblowers will go to jail

under new national security laws / Paul Farrell / 25 September 2014


Journalists will be jailed. It might take a year, or two, or even longer. But journalists and whistleblowers will face prison as a result of the first tranche of national security legislation that was passed in the Senate late on Thursday.


And they laughed as they did it. As the Coalition, Labor and the Palmer United party voted in favour of this bill, which dramatically expands the powers of intelligence agencies while creating new offences for disclosing information about the operations they will undertake with these new powers, there was a jovial air in the chamber.


It’s a bill that makes many broad changes to our intelligence gathering apparatus. It introduces a class of “special intelligence operation” for Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) missions where intelligence officers can gain immunity from using force or committing other offences.  (A:  So they are immune, these intelligence officers are completely immune.  They can't commit offenses because they've got complete immunity, whatever they do.)


Reporting of these operations, which could foreseeably lead to situations where a public disclosure would be in the public interest, could land journalists and whistleblowers in jail. And not just journalists, but any person who shares or republishes this material. In addition, harsher penalties are put in place for intelligence whistleblowers who take documents or records and disclose them, partly as a response to the disclosures made by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


So how would these laws work? We have many examples of intelligence reporting that could be caught within the scope of such an offence. Say, for instance, the bugging of East Timorese leaders during their negotiations with Australians were to happen today. If it were declared a ‘special intelligence operation’ – a process which only involves approval from the attorney general – reporting of the fact this bugging occurred, the details around it, the nature of the surveillance, could be caught within the scope of this offence. The same could equally apply for reporting the Indonesian president’s phone was targeted by Australian intelligence agencies, if it were declared a special operation.   (A:  …and that goes on and on and on.)


See, all the countries are on the same format, in this global system, all working together, folks. All working together.  And then I'll just touch on this one. This article says…


US travellers set for EU biometric dragnet / Nikolaj Nielsen / 19. Feb 2015


(A:  So they will adapt to it, mind you, so fast.  We always adapt, little by little. Oh well, okay, you know… And then it's normalized. You see, you must normalize tyranny and give lots of excuses so that the folk themselves will never think of it as tyranny, they adapt into it.)


US citizens and other non-EU nationals who enter Europe will be asked to have their faces image-captured and fingerprints scanned upon arrival at a half-dozen major airports.


The biometric dragnet is part of a pilot test of the EU’s so-called ‘smart borders’ package.   (A:  Whenever you hear ‘smart’ run away. It's better to be dumb in this instance.)  Passengers can refuse to give the data for now but there are plans to eventually make it obligatory.  (A:  Everything always starts off, you know, as voluntary. It always does that, to get you all used to it, you know.)


So I'll put this article up too. It's a longer article as well and you can read more of it too, the countries that are taking part in the initial voluntary one that's going to be compulsory throughout the whole of Europe. I think that some places in the States have it already.  It's quite something, isn't it?


And tyranny is never, ever used, it's avoided at all costs, the word tyranny. Because the people must never suspect that they are actually under it.  It's always… whatever is done it's always for a good reason, to keep you safe from Martian invasions and all that nonsense, whatever it happens to be. They got to keep you safe, you know, and to show you that your tax money is well spent keeping you safe.  But as I say, from the most ancient dictators and tyrannies to the present none of them had, until now, the ability of total, total, information, daily, instantly collected, on all of us, as they do today. And when they start really, really using it you might just as well say, God help us all.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, which is still freezing of course as we warm up globally, supposedly, in this fake reality, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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