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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 6, 2019.Itís kind of strange saying 2019 now. I guess it takes a little while getting use to signing 2019 on anything you have to sign these days. It takes a little while, doesnít it? Sometimes, too, even at the end of the year youíll find yourself, for some reason, daydreaming or whatever, and even putting a 2000Ö I donít know 16 or whatever, some nice moment in the past down on things that you sign. At least, I find that occasionally.


Because after all, weíre living through an awful system right now. And by awful I really mean that. The important thing to realize is the system, we do live in a system, and in all ages, youíre in some kind of system obviously. If you take the Middle Ages across Europe you had a religious system which gave you, to most people in the different strata of society it gave them purpose in a sense.And we need purpose. Without purpose you have nihilism. And without purpose and belief in anything at all you can become a terrible tyrant. Thatís also part of it too. Thatís one of the big, big problems of today in our society of materialism is that materialism is not supplying everything that we need, obviously.You canít buy it, as they say. Thereís even songs about that too, as you well know. But you canít buy it. You canít buy the things that you need. You can buy the basic things that you need, obviously, the material goods, food, and all the rest of it, and heat, shelter, clothing, that kind of thing, you buy these things, things that you really need.However, it doesnít supply all your needs inside you.


When you look at the big, big think tanks that run our systems, and they advise governments as I say, we donít vote the think tanks in. They preexist every particular party in government that comes in and goes out. Iíve gone through the history of the big ones that help run the world for well over 100 years, especially the Royal Institute of International Affairs and its American branch the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, a private organization.It was the organization when it was called the Milner group, that really was behind the setting up of the last part of the British Empire as they called it and they wanted a world governmental system.


They wanted a common culture across the planet.Which of course is bit ridiculous too because you canít just go and destroy peopleís cultures across the world to suit yourself, or because your own elite think itís their right to do so.However, they definitely tried that. Even today, you get the big arguments about, well maybe the British Empire wasnít all that bad. It isnít until you strip away so much of the myth of it all that you start to understand the picture. And we obviously all hate, all, we hate getting our myths destroyed. Every countryís got them, every nation has myths, and they all have foundation myths and so on too.†† But when you look at the real histories of, say, the British Empire to do with commerce and piracy, piracy was a big part of it in Queen Elizabeth the 1st day in the Middle Ages. You know, you had Walter Riley and all these different people who were basically pirates, and Francis Drake. They also could use their pirate ships for defending the coast line of Britain against incomers like the Spanish Armada.


The world really is always living in, as I say, a system of some kind or another that predominates. And within the systems, you still have power plays of those who want to dominate it. Now, the CFR, even has its own video out there saying that they are the establishments that basically run all the big, big agencies within the USA, for instance. They do it within Canada as well. As I say, theyíve got branches of this same organization, whether itís called the Royal Institute of International Affairs or the CFR across the world, thereís no country that doesnít have a branch working there. And they have direct access to governments. And they can advise all politicians in every government across the planet.So-called private organization.


They also, of course, a long time ago, remember, set up the banking system as we know it today with the big, big World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund which comes in to collect the debts and cuts your system to the bone in the process, including often destroying healthcare systems and things like that. Folk donít know that the same organization, this private club that started off in London, had the IMF in during Margaret Thatcherís reign in Britain cutting back on all these different things for the social services in the UK during her period there.Countries try to keep it as quiet as possible when the IMF is in. The IMF might be in in Ireland right now, Iím not quite sure. But I know that, I think they probably are actually. I saw a documentary a few years ago where Ireland had been encouraged, as always, this is how they work, to borrow and borrow and borrow money like thereís no tomorrow. Then they crash the economy to an extent, and theyíre landed with all this massive debt, which grows all the time through compound interest. Thatís the beauty of this type of money system for those who own it. And it is owned. Itís all privately owned.


But getting back to this world governmental idea.The general public are generally oblivious to it. Itís like everything else, and Iíll just touch on this briefly, the system here of how youíre taught to perceive things.And Iíll use analogies which are also factual in what Iím about to say. For instance, you all know comedians, take a comedian for instance.You see the product, the comedian is the end of the product. Behind a comedian, professional comedians, you have batteries, like a whole company, you might say a corporation running that front man product. You have teams of writers for the jokes. You have the image makers that literally create the comedianís image, his dress style, the whole thing. They even have deportment managers who come on and train with them to show them how to work through a joke with body language and all the rest of it.They have stylists and fashion designers, all that kind of stuff, all working together. They have the corporate boys behind them who must advertise this person on a tour abroad. And they must work out the hotels. Itís a corporation basically. So, you see the end product.


Most folk never think beyond seeing the end product.Thatís all they think, this person just happens to be there, or heíll be on television or on stage, do his own thing and itís all down to your skill and talent.Thatís how you are meant to perceive this. Itís no different than anybody going to out to give lectures. Itís the same thing, same machinery behind it all. And the person who gives the lecture is coached, trained, the thing is produced, and youíre given the final product and think, my God, this person is brilliant. You donít realize it could be an actor [Alan chuckles.] quite easily, and sometimes and quite often actually they are. Thatís the same as the politicians.Politicians get money, I read the articles years ago on one of the radio shows I was on, where in Britain, as an example, all the countries Iím sure are the same.Every politician was paid quite a big sum of money on expenses for training by special trainers on public relations on how to avoid answering, you know, factually answering questions, how to get around it, etc. And they were classified as acting lessons.


What Iím saying to you is nothing is real out there, at least the way youíre taught to naÔvely perceive them. When you see, again, a comedian on, say, a talk show on television and you see maybe an actor beside them as another guest, and theyíre chatting about, and they all seem to know each other, yada, yadaÖ You donít realize that itís all been rehearsed in advance. The questions are all laid out before the guests even turn up. Itís part of the contract, they make contracts before they come on these shows.Itís the same with even, Kissinger used to do this, they all do this. If you inquired for them to come on for an interview, the agencies that ran Kissinger, and all the other ones out there, will put a list of questions that theyíll allowed to be asked. Theyíll tick off what they donít want, etc.That goes back and forth, back and forth until theyíve all agreed, and itís signed legally in front of lawyers, notarized.Then theyíll come on. But all youíll see when theyíre on the stage whether itís a comedian or an actor or a couple or whatever it happens to be, on some particular well-known talk show on -television - itís always been this way - is the joviality and what you think is spontaneous jokes and all fun and so on. Theyíre getting paid big money for being on, they donít just come on and pass the time. But youíre given the end product and youíll think you know the characters, youíve seen them so often on television or whatever it happens to be. And thatís the show of it.Itís a show. Itís showbusiness.And itís always big money.


Now, itís the same, as I say, with politicians.Even professors go through a lot of this. Because when they launch professors to help lead the minds of the public, they are launched on big talk shows and run often by the same organization, the top that Iím talking about in fact, to help guide the people. Because the people are followers, thatís how they see the public.And this is not my opinion on it, this is pretty well out of their textbooks. They gave the CFR, for instance, recruited George Clooney and I think Angelina Jolie and they have others, actors and actresses and so on, and personalities, and philosophers and things like that. Theyíll bring them on and make them stars.If theyíre not already stars, theyíll make them stars because the people will subject their own awareness, you might say, and observations, and put themselves down to a second-tier level and put the person thatís presented as the expert above themselves.Theyíll do that quite easily actually, and thereís a scientific technique to doing it.So, what weíre living in is a kind of fake reality.


Itís coincidental, I suppose, but I was thinking about that yesterday and today. I remember Adam Curtis has got some good documentaries out there. But Adam Curtis, as you know, also has had a lifetime of work in the BBC. He has access to incredible archives there, and who goes through a process of trying to show patterns in society and culture and times that we live through, either in commerce or financial systems or whatever it happens to be. But he also makes it very simplistic.And quite unfortunately, heíll often miss the big elephant in the room in certain areas, he wonít discuss them.And no doubt too even behind Adam Curtis is a big machine too. So, he presents in a certain way, youíve seen this, again, the finished product.But he did talk about this system of what seems to be unreal, and he called it hyper-normalization, after a Russian who lived through the Cold War in Russia, Soviet Russia, who called it that very term, hyper-normalization, where everyone knew everything that they were being told by the media, by this totalitarian system, was false, what they were being told, how great this was and how great that was, didnít mesh with their own personal lives experiences on a day-to-day basis. It didnít mesh but no one would talk about it. You accepted that there was something wrong, but you put on a pretense, the citizenry would put on a pretense of acting like everybody else would act and youíd all pretend to each other it was okay.


Weíre living in a more complex system but itís similar to that today with computerization, with algorithms monitoring your every move, everything that you think about almost, they actually predict what youíre going to think about. Youíd be surprised at how predictable you are. And today theyíve got almost everyoneís data actually down to a fine art.But he mentions too that even the Internet and the ether, he was talking about the ether all around you, is an echo chamber of you, thatís one part of it. I would add to it and say, itís an echo chamber of whatís given out to be the official line of your present dayís reality.But itís also, as he said, an echo chamber. Because algorithms are all about you. If you go on YouTube and you look at two or three things, in no time at all itís figured out your age, what you like, probably what country you came from, because itís all languages, remember, and what you like to look at for entertainment. Entertainment tells an awful lot about the person, what you like. It tells you a lot about you as a person.But in no time at all it will start on the right-hand column on YouTube, for instance, giving all, a whole list of similar things, or similar movies or similar whatever, or years, and the genre thatís decided that youíre going to like.


Now, the Internet was promoted for years, even before the public actually got it for themselves, it was promoted as a system that would free up people, change the system into a more progressive system and break free of this staid fix system, thatís how it was portrayed, thatís how people saw it at the time, at least those who rule the world and wanted to move on to the next phase.Instead of that itís turned into basically, yeah, you can get lost forever and enjoy yourself forever but itís really turning into a control mechanism. And that really was always the function, for those at the very, very top.Donít forget that DARPA and ARPA, but DARPA ruled the system, created the system, it was the military-industrial complex thing.†† Not by mistake.And the last thing that rulers will ever do is allow you to have total freedom.Well, even thatís a whole separate subject with freedom.


The last thing that they would do is allow you to have more freedom than they think is necessary. Youíre given just enough to get by without having a breakdown and to pass the time thinking itís okay.†† And they hope youíll consume, and produce, and consume, until you die without giving the system any problems. Thatís the ideal citizen.Remember, the United Nations stated a few years ago that the perfect citizen, the ideal citizen, world citizen, is a good producer and consumer. So, if you get past a certain age or you get ill and you canít work, and you canít produce, but youíre still consuming, then youíre a burden basically. And thatís how weíre truly seen. Weíre seen as units, economic units.And thatís not a humane way to look at us at all. It canít last forever, you get breakdowns in society, youíll get people going crazy, flipping out doing crazy, crazy things. Thatís what happens.


And they know this, of course, and they try to give you more entertainment, more ways to distract you. They also find, by the way, that during war time, and restrictions and martial law during wartime, [Alan chuckles.] it astonished me they were even doing these studies in World War II, there are less suicides and less domestic mayhem and murders and violence during wartime. Because folk, strangely enough, the people then feel that regardless of their own personal situation theyíre part of something bigger, thereís a cause, and they give some purpose during wartime as you all pull together. Itís when thereís a lack of some kind of vision that things start falling apart.


So weíre living in an incredibly controlled system right now. You can go protest anything you want as long as you get a license to do so, a permit to go and protest at whatever place youíre going to meet. You can have a little chanting thing and put your signs up and do your thing and go home. Itís funny to watch that in London because itís like one group after another with their permits, and they all take their place, then leave, and take their place and leave, and they say their peace. Itís like a routine hobby with a lot of them now. Nothingís having an impact.And thatís exactly what Curtis mentioned at one point in one of his talks. We accept things, including the wars, including the latest wars in, say, Yemen or whatever, with a, ha, yawn, yawn, yawn.Because deep down like hyper-normalization we know, we feel thereís nothing we can do about it, this big system that runs it all is out of our hands, it never was in our hands. And thatís the truth of it.That is the truth of it.


Youíd never know, either, the massive machinery, getting back to just the smaller level of, say, an individual comedian or personality thatís getting promoted, be it a leader in society in a professional field, they create the stars.I gave the talks years ago on the machinery, including the groups that brought you the big, big pop organizations, rock organizations, but they created the stars. You make the star. You pick them out and you make them, groom them and make them into the star. And they do that with scientists today. First, they tried that in a bigger way with Einstein and all the media went into action to promote him as some kind of star, he was some kind of genius. And itís been used many times since. It still is being used today to promote so-called experts that youíre supposed to think are much more intelligent than you. You see the final product, as I say, and they promote it, so youíll follow them. Theyíre picked up immediately by the big boys and promoted. But you see the end products, the finished product, as I say.


Nothing is spontaneous and this big system. Nothing at all. Iíve always said, youíve got to be careful of what and who you follow because youíre always given your leaders. If theyíre wealthy and become even more wealthy, then thereís a good chance, very good chance theyíve been groomed, produced for you and youíre seeing the polished managed product. I think, really, thatís how it is.Itís quite an amazing system weíre living within though because itís never been so controlled as it is today. Because thereís so many, I mean, thereís so many of these stars out there across the world today, in every country. Polished. Managed. Often belong to the same organizations across the world. Theyíre all on board with the same things, to guide the public that follows them, and for every fractured part of society, whichever you belong to.Every little fractured part because theyíve divided society up into all kinds of little subgroups, theyíve already got leaders out there for you.Itís quite, quite beautiful in a sense if youíre a master manipulator, to observe this, thatís what youíre seeing, how itís done.


And it works awfully well, doesnít it? Where politicians now, really, I noticed that with the last US election there with the midterm, and other elections across the world, youíre not getting what they can do or what their background is, what they can do to serve any public. That pretense has even gone. Theyíre giving you whatís really a made product, as a star type thing, man or woman or whatever it happens to be or whatever itís called.Theyíre this or theyíre that, where itís either the proclivity for a particular sexual thing or whatever, thatís, thatís like the qualification. Whatís going on here?I mean, who cares what they do in their ownÖ? The fact is, can you do the job to serve the public, all the public?Thatís not even asked anymore.Because thereís no real pretense theyíre there to serve anybody except themselves and their masters. Thatís really how bad it is today.


But getting back to all of that, the big think tanks, the big, big think tanks like the Royal Institute of International Affairs / CFR, and all of the other groups that they own.Itís a big, big consortium of groups and specialized think tanks for different specialized problems and so on, or areas.The same guys who set up the United Nations and run that too at the very top, and the banking system, they never believed in democracy. Iíve mentioned this so many times before. The Club of Rome, if you read their own books will tell you that the problem with the world as far as theyíre concerned is this silly thing called democracy, they canít get anything done. But then theyíre a branch of the think tank that works for the Royal Institute of International Affairs / CFR. Youíll find that the Royal Institute of International Affairs long ago, back in the days of Jimmy Carter I think it was, came out with not just the CFR group that most of the media is all involved in and, really, people who influence society belong to it, and the big, big moguls of corporations and business, but they also created the Trilateral Commission.


The Trilateral Commission are the real technocrats behind the scenes, who are not elected by anything, theyíre appointed. The public often donít even know they exist. But they go across the world deciding on collapsing economies, or working at central banking systems, and even replacing prime ministers in some countries who are default on loans, national loans, and replacing them with their own technocratic bosses, that are unelected.Straight in, theyíre put straight in by the central banks to run the country. Now, thereís too much to just talk about, because this is spontaneous, pretty well spontaneous what Iím talking about here.But thereís so much involved in this, Iíd like to do a couple of shows, I donít know.


But hereís the thing.If we go into the actual talks of some of the top leaders weíve had, often we still have in fact, other ones have died recently. Like Zbigniew Brzezinski who again was a technocrat, remember, who was plucked out at a top university and he was put up there in the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. He came out with very, very Adam Curtis like proclamations and visions of the future, were very similar to Curtisís stuff. Because they all come from the same milieu of, how do we run the world, how do we control the public, how can we divert the public, how can we give the public vision that will be in our interest to rule over them, etc. etc.And even though they use democracy, and they even use your national military as a pretense of using democracy but itís nothing to do with that, itís for gain of course, then you come back to any reality at all.


For instance, here is a quote by Zbigniew Brzezinski and it was in the 1970s in the book, Between Two Ages: Americaís Role in the Technetronic Era, he called it.And the Technotronic, technetronic, ĎÖneÖí , he said, was a system, and he mentioned it, where radio waves, as an example, different kinds of quiet weaponry could be used across nations, continents, including your own one, and he could basically control the minds of the public, at least the emotions of them. Make them placid or angry, depending on the frequency and things like that, as a weapon system.Weapons donít have to completely disable you or make you bleed or kill you.A weapon is used to coerce you and force you into doing something.Whether they just point it at you and tell you what to do or, you know, or you donít even know itís happening to you, itís still a weapon. But anyway, itís also to do with control. Itís always control, where you point a gun at someone to make them do something, or a microwave weapon, the thermal weapons that theyíve shown on television umpteen times that make your skin superheat, etc. and they can step it up to any frequency they want, by the way, whatever means theyíre going to use.The fact is, in the Technotronic era he saysÖ


Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era, Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1970


ďThe technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society.


(Alan:Okay?For the hard of thinking, Iíll repeat that againÖ)


ďThe technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. (A:ÖCONTROLLED society, right.)Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.Ē


(A:So, letís break it down again here. This guy was up there, way up yonder with all the different military, top military organizations on their panels at the very, very top, on all the agencies. Iím telling you how it is, how it is now, but he was mentioning this back in the 1970s when he wrote this book.)


ďThe technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. . .


(A:Ögradual appearance. Itís got to be gradual because if itís sudden you might notice it and complain.[Alan chuckles.]So, you just adapt into it, gradual appearanceÖ) of a more controlled society.


Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.


(A:Now, traditional valuesÖ thatís the rights of humanity, they couldnít be crossed before.So, this group would be unrestrained by traditional values. Traditional values, the rights of the individual, and that wouldnít stop them doing what they wanted to do with those people, they can do what they want.)


Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen


(A:Öin the 1970s, Ďeh?)


and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.Ē


Now you go back to one of his predecessors working in the big global system, working on the culture and the minds of the public, Lord Bertrand Russell, who also belonged to the same global elite of Royal Institute of International Affairs.He also worked for MI5, at the very least, MI6 too during World War II at least.He fills the exact title all of being, or the exact role of what Carol Quigley talked about when he said that our organization, that is secret to an extent, semi secret, but he said that in his own writings, in his own book. He said, has existed for almost 60 years, he wrote that in the 1960s, his book.This is Carol Quigley Iím talking about now. He said, itís often mistaken for the Communists when he was referring to, there was the Reese Commission that had done an investigation into the tax-free foundations supporting the far left, the communistic sects, and what heís pertaining to, is thatís really us running things. And he said that, we have the same kind of goals. Socialism is the best way to control people for those who are the experts and the rich on top, if you understand that.


Anyway, getting back to Bertrand Russell. Russell said back in the 1940s and 50s, and his big part, he worked with the Macy group, the Frankfurt school, all these different big, big groups that were meant to change culture and society. Lord Bertrand Russell said that shortly with the proper techniques anyone can convince anyone else of anything. Heís talking about the ability to do complete persuasion and be completely believed by anybody and everybody at the same time with scientific techniques.†† Long before Brzezinski here.But Brzezinski would have all his inner writings, Quigleyís writings, and Lord Bertrand Russellís writings, of course, he would, itís the same organization behind it all with the same goal.You know, what else did Brzezinski say in his books?


People in governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations.(A:And he also saidÖ)


Today it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.(A:And he also saidÖ)


Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted, ďI foresee a time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.


(A:Very similar in some ways, again, to Bertrand Russell long before him. And thatís no coincidence at all, actually, because Bertrand Russell also said that by means of injection, and heís talking about medications, but by injection they could control people.)


Öenvironmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.


(A:He also saidÖ)


We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans.


(A:Isnít that ever, ever, ever true today. As Iíve mentioned before, what do they tell you their qualifications are? What did I say earlier?Hm?You understand, youíre not in a true reality anymore. Youíre run by experts, including the products they put in front of you, which are the people that youíre following.And politicians too, theyíre produced, created and managed for all the different factions of society that will follow them.This is also what Brzezinski saidÖ)


The society will be dominated by an elite of persons free from traditional values who will have no doubt in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with which they will influence the behavior of people and will control and watch the society in all details. It will become possible to exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the world.


And it goes on and on and on. And heís only one of them.Theyíre all the same. But again, the public are not encouraged to look into these things at all. Youíre encouraged to go into the kind of, almost you might call it the tabloid version, almost a comic version of what the reality is, the pantomime of politics as itís presented to you today. Thatís what it is, itís a pantomime, isnít it, itís a soap opera.But itís under control. You might have the appearance, or you might think itís all becoming chaotic but itís under control all right.


Trapped In A System Of Political Control - youtube.com


The Mayfair Set - youtube.com


You definitely have, again, Iíll even put up a link to Curtisís The Mayfair Set to show you how Britain had to, getting back to piracy again, how Britain after the Suez Crisis where it was ordered, Britain was really put down by the US and told to back out of there along with France.That was the signal that Britainís power was pretty well over, this entity or corporation called Britain and was based in London. Because thatís what it was, it was there to serve the interests of the big corporations, and certainly not the people. Anymore than it is today for that matter. Youíll see how some of the people who were in the managerial military classes at that time, from old families again, with Lords and titles and so on, they got together, and they couldnít let the old system just die off. Britain was stagnating, it was left with incredible debts as a corporation from the massive world wars, two of them.


The public had only been recently been given any kind of healthcare in the late 1940s, I think it was, and early 50s, for the first time in their history. It was the same with welfare too, etc.It didnít exist before. The people were plundered and used, and theyíre used and used and used for centuries, for a corporation, including, this includes Englanders too...They recruited people from orphanages, like, thatís where they stocked their recruits for the military for centuries from, pretty well.Thereís good documentaries out there even by the very authorities that are still running your brains, which is like the BBC, but the old documentaries had to admit to this kind of thing. Nothing is what you think it is. Youíre trained to see things, just like youíre trained to think that those stars that you see on television with some talk show host, and theyíre all laughing and joking, and it seems to be spontaneous, you donít realize itís all managed and itís paid for and theyíre getting paid salaries to appear there. Youíre looking at professional products. Itís the same with everything else.


But Britain got some of these families, they couldnít let the idea of what they saw as Britain just go down the tube, and they formed their own little pirate bands. They went across the Middle East and into other places, and even into Yemen, and started blowing things up there too, by using ex-special forces, mercenaries basically, that still worked in a kind of like semi-secret way on behalf of the establishment of Britain. But if they were caught, that was just too bad for them. But they worked, and some of them were selling massive armaments to all these countries, thatís how they started off the big armament business.And the new Lightning Fighter, for instance, jet fighter that Britain had, selling them across to Arabic countries.But that really doesnít give much employment back home to people, it doesnít spread the economy.But itís the very, very wealthy, thatís what itís making the money for. And itís never changed to the present day.But he does touch on that.


And for young guys, it can sound awfully exciting, this carefree, oh yeahÖAs I say, young men take a long time to mature.They do. Itís a natural thing in them to belong to a clan or a tribe and want to go fighting. They have a small period of wanting to be a kind of warrior type. And of course, being young and healthy, think theyíll never die anyway. But the thing is, they admire the adventurers, something, thatís what their thriller stories or movies are about, itís about adventurers, really, people who break the rules.And they admire that.So, these characters in the special forces would break the rules, their own mercenaries and take their chances and stir up trouble across the world as front men for big corporations. Massive corporations. And some of the biggest arms sales shows, theyíre still held in London today for the world.


The same companies that make arms quite a few years back decided, in a world headed for peace and unification, theyíd have to start, and they did have, they already started targeting surveillance technologies for sale, rather than just weaponry for governments and so on. Which we are now in.Thereís no special, we all belong to the same country, letís look after each other, from the CEOs of corporations, or their investors for that matter. Itís pure corporate greed actually. And theyíll exploit countries across the planet and interfere with them too, they always do, unfortunately. And when need be, just like Carol Quigley talked about them using the Jamison raid, this private clique that work for the Milner group at the time. They had the Times reporter they brought over with them to write up the story that the Boers had attacked the British settlements, and in reality, it was the other way around, so that they could then use their actual British regular army and have them dispatched over there to protect the British people. But in reality, these little renegade guys had attacked the Boers and started it up, and it was a woman reporter I think who wrote up the story for what became the Royal Institute of International Affairs but at that time it was called the Milner group or Milnerís kindergarten.


Nothingís ever as it appears to be, isnít it? And if you really dig into reality, ha, what is reality? Youíll get more and more levels of it. Donít lose yourself.Not everybody can handle it. And you donít have to know every little name and jot and tittle of things that have happened. Itís really too much for anybody. But at least you get an idea of whatís happening. And keep your sanity as you go through it. As I say, every country has its myths, its foundation myths, every single country, without exception. And thereís also, theyíve exploited and trained everybody from every country to be born and raised believing in their indoctrination that theyíre given, with all this pride, and theyíve always got enemies whoíve done you wrong and youíre taught to hate them forever, etc. etc., which makes you serve the system even harder and harder.Well-worn system.


Now, hereís how, as I say, everything today has got the massive, thereís thousands, thousands, literally thousands of sub agencies all working for the top big agencies in specialized areas of controlling you and what you think and what youíre going to believe and all in preparation for wars to come, things like that. Hereís some of it here, right, a little bit here.And I mean a little bit, right, thereís too much.


Inside the Temple of Covert Propaganda: The Integrity Initiative and the UKís Scandalous Information War

grayzoneproject.com / 17 Dec 2018


(A:I hate to just pick on the UK, but itís just how, thereís more stuff come out from there recently. I guarantee you too, a lot of the guys working in these agencies, these covert agencies, will have convinced themselves theyíre doing the right thing. They will, you know.Others are just psychopaths who have no problem. Because theyíre in a kind of marketing war of propaganda, thatís what they do, make things up. How do we get the public to believe this? How do we put it across to them? Donít forget what Teresa Maysí specialty is, and sheís worked for the Home Department for the UKís, they got security or spy agencies, you might call it, donít forget that too, her specialty is in marketing, a master marketer, so that spy agencies and so on, like this one hereÖ)


The Grayzone entered the carefully concealed offices of a covert, British government-backed propaganda mill that is at the center of an international scandal the mainstream media refuses to touch.


Recent hacked documents have revealed an international network of politicians, journalists, academics, researchers and military officers, all engaged in highly deceptive covert propaganda campaigns funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), (A:So, it isnít just internal, itís also across the planet, the FCO.Ö) NATO, Facebook and hardline national security institutions. (A:Öall working together, Ďeh.)


This ďnetwork of networksĒ, as one document refers to them, centers around an ironically named outfit called the Integrity Initiative. (A:Isnít that wonderful, the integrity initiative.Itís like George Orwellís ministry of love and truth and peace and so on.)And it is all overseen by a previously unknown England-based think tank registered in Scotland, the Institute for Statecraft, which has operated under a veil of secrecy.


The whole operation appears to be run by, and in conjunction with, members of British military intelligence.


(A:And itís got different statements by people who are professional propagandists and so on, and people who work to spot them, etc.)


ďThe most senior government people are professional propagandists and spooks,Ē Miller explained. ďThe Ďcharityí (A:Öthey call themselves charities, by the way, itís wonderful, Ďeh.) lead on this was also appointed as a colonel in military intelligence at the beginning of the project ó a truly amazing fact that suggests this is a military intelligence cut out.Ē(A:Öcut out Öthatís how they refer to it.)


(A:And this isÖ) According to David Miller, professor of political sociology in the school of policy studies at the University of Bristol and the director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies (A:Thatís what he said.M-hm.He saysÖ)


ďThe most senior government people are professional propagandists and spooks,Ē


The think tank that oversees the Integrity Initiative, the Institute for Statecraft, has also received funding from the British Army and Ministry of Defense.


Twitter account:

Mark Curtis



This is pretty major. UK govt admits that not only the Foreign Office but also the Army and the Ministry of Defence have funded the Institute for Statecraft, the body behind anti-Corbyn propaganda.


(A:So theyíre also putting out, theyíre involved in politics here. And Iím not into politics, I think theyíre all pretty psychopathic anyway. But here they are interfering with it. And hereís the world bashing Russia saying theyíre interfering with other folksí politics.[Alan laughing.]But every country has got this particular type of group working with and inside of them.Also, this professor Miller explainedÖ)


The entire extremely shady enterprise, as Miller explained, is an elaborate front for the British military-intelligence apparatus. Its covert coordination with friendly politicians and mainstream journalists recalls the Cold War-era intrigue known as Operation Mockingbird.


And that was an interesting one too. Thereís links on this article here and you can look them up yourself. Itís quite a long article actually. Worth reading for those who are into this kind of thing to give you an example how it works.Itís sad too, you know, most people in the military, most of the ordinary grunts and so on, and troops and squaddies as they call them, in the military, donít know about this either. They just, theyíre simple old guys like everybody else, pretty simple, go along to get along, etc., do what youíre told, donít cause problems... And maybe youíll get some recognition in the military and maybe you can get out of it and get a better job than you would have if you hadnít gone into it in the first place. I mean, thatís the average person. They donít know that most of what theyíre getting told is propaganda, and misinformation, and even brainwashing.Also, this article hereÖ


The ďIntegrity Initiative,Ē Spies and their Lies - veteranstoday.com / 3 Jan 2019


Thatís by Sputnik News, which is Russian, I think.But they do go through some interesting information on this too. Itís good to look at all stuff because everythingís got a spin on it, sure. But youíll get bits and pieces of truth. Thatís how intelligence agencies get facts anyway. They get newspapers, they use to get newspapers across the world and cut bits and pieces out of them pasted them altogether. Information, disinformation, you name it, but you had to get it all and then try to make sense of it. Thatís how itís done.Nothingís changed, even though its mainly electronic today.And alsoÖ


International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) - en.wikipedia.org


But this one too because thatís also connected with this thing here. AndÖ


Institute for Statecraft - en.wikipedia.org


Iíll put this up for you as well. Connected too with, itís interestingÖ


Smith Richardson Foundation



The Smith Richardson Foundation is a private foundation based in Westport, Connecticut, that supports policy research in the realms of foreign and domestic public policy.


(A:One of many by the way.And they also are tax-free in their foundations and theyíre covered as charities. Pretty standard stuff, Ďeh.)


Another one Iíll put up, itís to do with some of the people involved in running these agencies.


Christopher Nigel Donnelly - worldwhoswho.com


And another one Iíll put up isÖ


The CIA and the Media - carlbernstein.com


Itís by Carl Bernstein, an old one, old article, but heís wrote a lot of stuff about this. Iíll put that up for people whoÖAgain, thereís only a few folk who will wade through all this stuff. I should mention too that I donít necessarily endorse these articles as being the ultimate of truth. However, you can definitely check certain facts within them. Thatís all that really matters to me. I expect spins to be put out there on most newspapers and websites, etc., and some people will simply have a point of view that will never budge as well. However, when it comes to actually analyzing intelligence data you have to go into all different areas. And you find sometimes too, and this is a technique Iíve mentioned before, years ago, that sometimes intelligence agencies will put out conflicting articles about themselves and different agencies they control. And they do control oppositions of pretty well everything as well. Thatís amazing, Ďeh?They create the, itís the dialectic basically, but you must control both sides to get the synthesis basically. Thatís how itís run.From the intelligence services themselves.


So, remember, Iím not pushing one thing or the other, Iím just saying, look into everything and when you can verify certain data then at least you know that its intelligence agencies involved. And all countries use these techniques too. Because all countries to do with intelligence agencies, and top MI5 specialists have said that in interviews long after retirement in Britain, that every job that they had was really to do with subverting someone elseís economy in order to get the business to big corporations within London.Thatís really how most countries really work. A country is a corporation, really, or a nation is a corporation with a different clique at the top who actually own it all. And youíre all trained to believe and work for it. Itís quite simple. So always keep it in your mind that you question everything.


The FBI is Trying Amazonís Facial-Recognition Software - nextgov.com / 3 Jan 2019


Just to go back to what I was talking about earlier with Adam Curtis and his articles, even though heíll do his own spin too and omit the elephant in the room on many things. But he did, heís quite right and what he says, how we are given a fake reality, very, very fake, and getting worse all the time with all these professional agencies massively giving us, dumping so much scientifically created propaganda onto us every day.


Another one too is to do with AmazonÖ


Amazon Web Services Announces Secret Cloud Region For CIA - nextgov.com / 20 Nov 2017


Another one too is to do with ChinaÖ


Chinaís new antenna is five times the size of New York City, but some fear it could be a cancer risk

scmp.com / 31 Dec 2018


ēWork to build facility was 13 years in the making, but some researchers have expressed concern about exposure to extremely low frequency waves

(A:Remember the low-frequency that Persinger was working on? Well, hereís a massive project here.)††


ēProject WEM will be able to communicate with submarines under the water, reducing need for them to surface

(A:The US has already got them, some other countries have too, by the way.)


China has built a giant experimental radio antenna on a piece of land almost five times the size of New York City, according to researchers involved in the highly controversial project.


The Wireless Electromagnetic Method (WEM) project took 13 years to build but researchers said that it was finally ready to emit extremely low frequency radio waves, also known as ELF waves. Those waves have been linked to cancer (A:Mind you, as I say, all our own countries have got it too, this particular technique.) by the World Health Organisation-affiliated International Agency for Research on Cancer.(A:Öhas also objected to it.But theyíre going to get it anyway.)


Itís very similar to other side effects of HAARP techniques as well, ELF and so on.And every countryís got them, really. Itís also the reason, because they can communicate with submarines, itís also affecting, and I also mentioned, I gave talks years ago on this, itís affecting the dolphins and even whales, theyíre beaching themselves because it interferes with their guidance system.


Hereís something that everyone should be concerned about. [Alan chuckles.]


Poo found on every McDonald's touchscreen tested

metro.co.uk / 28 Nov 2018


Traces of faeces have been found on every single McDonaldís touchscreen swabbed in an investigation by metro.co.uk.


Samples were taken from the new machines that have been rolled out at restaurants across the country (A:Öthis is in Britain.) Ė every one of them had coliforms. ††(A:Theyíre talking about coliform bacteria.)


Senior lecturer in microbiology at London Metropolitan University Dr Paul Matewele said: ĎWe were all surprised how much gut and faecal bacteria there was on the touchscreen machines. (A:Iím not surprised at all.)These cause the kind of infections that people pick up in hospitals.


Unfortunately, theyíre using the same kind of touchscreen systems to put all their information on all patients in hospitals now. And those, the staff, theyíre all rushed, believe you me, theyíre rushed back and forth right from the patientís bed to these things, back and forth, back and forth. Thereís no common sense here, folks. Of course itís asking for trouble. Iíll put this one up for folk who really care about it.


And also interesting at WalmartÖ


Walmart has patented autonomous robot bees | World Economic Forum - weforum.org / 19 March 2018


I think this is from maybe a couple of years ago, the first article I saw on this. But now theyíve done it. This is to pollinate plants and so on in different parts of the world. They call them pollination drones.Itís interesting that theyíve brought out a few patents actually from Walmart, interesting how theyíre going to expand their business into much, much bigger realms of essential things, like your food supply.


Now, I think thatís pretty well it. Remember, you can buy the books and discs @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com and see the other sites I have and find out how to order books and discs and so on, or to donate to me on the website. Because as I say, things are getting tough as the currencies are being devalued, and we all know this, we all know it.And people are getting really strained out there and trying to pay for everything that they need. A lot of folk already are so much in debt, because the system encourages debt. And Canada is one of the worst countries, apparently, for personal and national debt. Iíll put up some articles to do with that in fact, for Canada. And Australia. It saysÖ


The world of easy money transformed Canada into debt nation. That world is coming to an end - cbc.ca / 24 Oct 2018


Thatís one article here and itís got some good information on it, how itís encouraged in the first place. And thenÖ


Canada Government Debt to GDP



Canada recorded a government debt equivalent to 89.60 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product in 2017.


(A:And goes through how itís rising, rising, rising, until weíre paying more back for the debt, which is compound interest, by a system we shouldnít even have in the first place, which is not meant to get paid off, you canít pay it off, compound interest.)




Canada's National Debt Clock: The Canadian Taxpayer's Federation - debtclock.ca


Iíll put that up as well, and how they work that out as well.Itís got on hereÖ


Canadaís federal debt

Your share

Growth of debt per day

per hour


And the one in Australia too is quite good, it says Ö


Australia most exposed to debt crisis: State Street - afr.com / 20 Sept 2018


FactCheck: has Australiaís net debt doubled under the current government? - theconversation.com / 6 Aug 2018


An awfully good article onÖ


Eliminate court fines and fees that penalize poverty - usatoday.com / 4 Jan 2019


Öin the US.Itís astonishing how much the States, even local government, depends on fines to pay their bills, for the government, and how the poor naturally are suffering the most in paying all these fines. Which also have interest tacked on them if they canít pay. What a system. This is not our system, is it?It really isnít. But I will put up these articles here.


I hate even cutting it off so early, actually. I should really do another talk perhaps on this. Because this reality that Iím talking about here, the whole idea of bathing the continent and even the world in frequencies, like the ELF and so on, from cell phone towers even or across the planet by different means, is old. Itís been experimented with and used and tested to see if it works. And it does work.I mentioned that years ago too, they tested different parts of the US with it. They even had lawsuits come in about it too when people found out was what going on.Thatís the world weíre living in today.


Because those in control donít want to lose control. Itís always been the goal to get control. Thatís what Brzezinski was talking about to his own peer group. Because the books like The Technotronic Era are meant for his own peer group and those who work in the Trilateral Commission and the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.And thereís International Affairs organizations across the whole planet now. Every country has them. One big club of a private organizationÖ that runs your school system to indoctrinate the childrenÖ decides what cultural changes theyíre going to impose upon youÖ what theyíre going to make trendyÖ even absurdÖ because they can break all conventional rules and experiment with you. And even sit back and laugh at the results.


Donít crack up about it. And if itís too much for folk, donít even go into it. Thereíll still be another tomorrow... Unless something out of control happens, out of anybodyís control but thereíll still be another tomorrow. Your life has to go on regardless of all the fear thatís generated out there. It does. And always remember that you matter. Thatís awfully important. And donít get depressed about things.And stop knocking your head against the wall thinking everything is your own fault. But when you realize what youíre up against, it certainly isnít your own fault. Everythingís pushed this way. Itís up to you to try to break out for yourself, if you can. And if you can get in touch with other people who understand as well, all the better, all the better if you can.


For myself, Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


Inside the Temple of Covert Propaganda: The Integrity Initiative and the UKís Scandalous Information War

grayzoneproject.com / 17 Dec 2018


The ďIntegrity Initiative,Ē Spies and their Lies

veteranstoday.com / 3 Jan 2019


International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)



Institute for Statecraft



Smith Richardson Foundation



Christopher Nigel Donnelly



The CIA and the Media



The FBI is Trying Amazonís Facial-Recognition Software

nextgov.com / 3 Jan 2019


Amazon Web Services Announces Secret Cloud Region For CIA

nextgov.com / 20 Nov 2017


Chinaís new antenna is five times the size of New York City, but some fear it could be a cancer risk

scmp.com / 31 Dec 2018


Poo found on every McDonald's touchscreen tested

metro.co.uk / 28 Nov 2018


Walmart has patented autonomous robot bees | World Economic Forum

weforum.org / 19 March 2018


Australia most exposed to debt crisis: State Street

afr.com / 20 Sept 2018


The world of easy money transformed Canada into debt nation. That world is coming to an end

cbc.ca / 24 Oct 2018


Canada Government Debt to GDP



Canada's National Debt Clock: The Canadian Taxpayer's Federation



Eliminate court fines and fees that penalize poverty

usatoday.com / 4 Jan 2019


FactCheck: has Australiaís net debt doubled under the current government?

theconversation.com / 6 Aug 2018


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