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Training the Public to Suit the Product:

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 27, 2019.First of all, Iíd like to welcome everyone who tunes in and listens to these podcasts for years and years and years, and for newcomers too whoÖ We forget that, every year thereís another bunch that will hit a certain age and are looking for answers to what ticks in the world, and what makes them tick, and makes everybody else tick at the same time. Because we donít get the answers. In fact, we have so much data thrown at us every day to try to keep us from looking at really whatís happening on an individual basis. And it has to be individual basis, because after all, itís you that wants to know, right, hopefully. Itís not we. Itís you.


And you have to do your searching as an individual. Because it all reflects on you and your own behavior, your own desires, what you want, what maybe you donít want, just like advertising does, and what itís all about.And you come to the conclusion of course when you really go into it, that thereís a massive machinery, you might say, that dumps all this data on a daily basis on youÖ to control you basically, and to keep you from looking at areas that perhaps you should.


Because after all, it takes time, and itís timeÖ You understand, time is an awfully important thing in life, itís all you have. Really, itís all you have. And when you think about the time, and Iíve mentioned this before, that you look at when youíre growing up your parents, I used to look at my parents watching television and it was like watching people suddenly smiling at a thing on TV, looking serious at a thing on TV, and then suddenly looking depressed or angry at some tragic seen on television. It came across very evidently on the watcherís expressions. And I thought, what a power, what a power this is. And of course, even Spielberg had said the same thing eventually, that itís the greatest powerful tool ever developed.


Because it can, it can train people to believe anything that the masters want them to believe. If you add music in the background when youíre putting across different documentaries, with the dah-dum, solemn, dah-dum, dah-dum, dah-dum.Thatís how they show them to children at school, these documentaries on the environment or whatever it happens to be. They can make anything seem possible, and all humans seem utterly evil to the little children, it sticks in there, itís all done by professionals you understand, nothing left to chance.


I remember years ago too, that someone, a talk show host phoned me up with another fellow who worked in Hollywood, who was putting out information and collecting data on mind control basically through video and music and how itís put across, etc.We had a long conversation and he put that into his own book, etc. But Iíve always known it, and I think lots of people have always known down through the ages these particular things, just by studying other people and how all these things affect you yourself. Itís true that, for instance, a good Hollywood movie can switch folk from anger to tragedy to utter fear, or horror, into laughter very quickly, by triggering your emotions. And thatís a tremendously impressive tool. It works very well on most people.


You have to sometimes stand back and separate yourself from being most people to study these things and analyze them. When you analyze them youíll really see how much indoctrination goes in to whatís called entertainment. Thatís where you get all your ideas from and your updates given to you on whatís okay to talk about or think about or say, and whatís not. It works very, very well on most people.But it never stops, you understand, it never stops. Thereís hardly a thing out there today thatís entertaining thatís not full of messages. Itís highly weaponized.


Iíve mentioned before too that even authors of childrenís books, regardless of the age, are paid by cultural departments and governments to insert all the PC updates and things that they want that child to grow up to believe, or even behave in a certain way.Itís quite interesting to see how much of your tax money goes into brainwashing you. You get the simple things like Bertrand Russell talking about the techniques in use, in use in the 1940s and 50s and how already, he said, the techniques are really advancing so quickly, in behaviorism psychology and so on, he said, that eventually anybody will be able to convince anyone else of anything. Heís talking about the controllers of course.And he was quite explicit in different areas of control over the general population, he was all for that.


Socialism, remember, was born out of the minds of the intelligentsia. And the intelligentsia were a part of the elites. Itís the best form of control that they could think of, a uniform control.Individuality, for the masses that is, was taboo. They could never predict what an individual could do. And, an individual, like Russell said, that couldnít be won over and who had a good intelligence, couldnít be won over to the crew who rule the world basically, the dominant minority, and accepting the scholarships into the Ivy League schools, the old ones, old schools, and refused to part ways with their own family, of the lower classes for instance, they could be dangerous because they could, theyíd have the intellect and understanding and study abilities to put across information to the general population, and they could unseat those who ruled. Therefore, he said, theyíd have to be eliminated. And he meant killed, literally, if they wouldnít join them. But most, he said, could be bribed over, and the doors would open for them and theyíd go up through the ranks. Itís awfully impressive the list of people down through the last 150 years who got up the ranks that way, in all walks of life. Still very much so today. Maybe even more so today than ever before.


But anyway, thatís only part of the control system. Most folk still think theyíre living in a free society. Thatís really wonderful to see how such intense indoctrination can work so effectively, isnít it, when you can live with two opposing opinions in your head, on a myriad of topics, and believe in them both at the same time without thinking youíre crazy. Because thatís how we really are.†† When I talk about the organizations that boast about controlling the system, the technocrats, the Trilateral types, and the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Royal Society, all the other ones that have got their talk show hosts now constantly using my archives and bringing it out although they never mention where they get it from. But itís fascinating to see it in your face today, the techniques are so prevalent.


Some countries like Canada have even had them come on television occasionally, rare occasions, like the CFR, taking the credit for drafting up and being behind the whole NAFTA deal, the North American Free Trade Agreement, which is now, theyíve changed the name but itís the same organization exactly. Their goal ultimately was the unification of the Americas, complete, including the Caribbean countries as well by the way. And it hasnít stopped.Back in around 2005 they came out with a lot of this stuff, with some of the main players and I think Mr. Axworthy in fact was one of the members that was on television at the time talking about it quite openly. And other reporters too, because lots of reporters of the mainstream, top reporters, not them all, but some of them are definitely members of the CFR.


We can read about it from their own writings. You can even get some documentaries put out by them on video, from the Council on Foreign Relations, about Americaís ruling establishment, meaning the CFR, by the CFR, boasting about it.And yet still people will think that somehow weíre free to make our own decisions and that somehow the future is just developing by itself. And itís never been that way. When you think that, long before we were born, most of us, that the same organization was on the go with its British grandparent running the European side of it all, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The goal was always the same of a system of control over the entire planet, and first setting up the European conglomerate union, trading block, including Scandinavia, and then the American one for all of the Americas, and then the far Eastern bloc. And theyíve got organizations, parts of their organizations dedicated specifically to that particular agenda. You can read about it from their own writings.


Youíve never had a vote on this anywhere in the world. Most folk are still oblivious that this organization, that puts their members into politics, puts their members into all the top bureaucratic positions in every country, that runs the media pretty well in every country because all the top owners of the papers, etc. are members, and editors, etc. They decide what youíre going to hear and what you will believe.And then television too, itís the same kind of thing on the newscasts there. So how on earth can you possibly believe that what your vote is supposed to do, to change the world, and the same agenda will continue regardless of what color of party, red, blue or whatever they call themselves, happen to be in power.Itís always stunned me to watch it.


Remember too, itís a legality in a sense. Everything is very much a legality in the system where youíve got to vote. When you vote, legally youíre giving someone authority to rule over you. And these are people you donít even know. Youíll get the marketed image of the person put across to you. But as you know, theyíre pretty well all figureheads who sign whateverís put in front of them. And the top bureaucrats in all governmental positions and important people were placed there, who really know their business and they work there their entire lives until they retire, they are the people who draft up all this stuff and manage all the stuff behind the scenes for the politicians.In politics, as Carol Quigley said, he said, theyíre allowed a certain amount of competition between parties, he said, but in reality, it doesnít matter, the top members of every party belong to the same one organization, the CFR.


So therefore, as I say, weíre living in a bit of a fantasy, in a dualistic fashion, believing that your vote counts and that somehow youíre making history. You see, everything works the same way, the future is planned, as Iíve mentioned before, by those who control it today. George Orwell knew the same thing.And thatís how you keep a hold of history, by making it happen, what you want to happen.You could even write the books in advance, how itís supposed to happen. No matter how many flaws it has in its actual working out, that are discovered eventually and found out to be, theyíll never change their plan or the original story.


Itís kind of like where I live here in Canada. Iíve been keeping my own records of temperatures for the last few years, and snowfalls for instance in winter, and Iíll often find, especially since the snow started here in September, last September, and it still looks the same today, I mean itís just freezing.Last night it was -38į on the Fahrenheit scale. Once it hits about -40į itís about the same on both scales by the way. This is quite normal here now. And the winters are getting longer and longer. And more snow. And a lot of the days, in fact, the temperature doesnít get above zero Fahrenheit, in this last while.But if you keep your own records and you listen to the forecasts, youíll find what they predict is going to happen, even if theyíre 20į higher than what actually happens, their particular one is going to stick as though it had happened after the fact. They donít change it and say, well, weíre wrong, hereís what actually happened.


Because after all, were supposed to be going into global warming, right, therefore youíll find that the real weather, the actual weather is not cooperating with the agenda. It doesnít matter. It really doesnít matter. Because most people will, after a month or two, maybe in May or June or so, when theyíre told that the last winter was the warmest on record, which itís actually the coldest on record as far as I can see, theyíll go by the official report. And thatís known too, that they do take official reports on things.Theyíre taught to believe in experts. Thatís why you get so many presented to you.If a new field was found tomorrow, discovered tomorrow, theyíd instantly have their experts on television telling you what to believe about it. Because they must always keep themselves in control.


But anyway, as I say, the whole agenda is to use the weather especially and terrify the public when you get hot summers or freezing winters.Thatís what we had, summers and winters before in climates like Canada. But now of course they are Ďarctic vortexesí, Ďpolar vortexesí, we donít get Ďwintersí now. They changed the terminology to terrify everybody.As I say, it doesnít matter, it really doesnít matter, facts donít matter anymore, you go by the official reports on anything. And thatís just the way it is. Thatís the way it is.


If you watch politicians, and when 9/11 happened it was awfully interesting to watch.Many of the folk who worked around Bush Junior at the time came out afterwards and admitted that they were all told to give the most negative reports on Saddam Hussein and different people, to match their agenda. The agenda was already planned for the invasions of the different countries before 9/11 happened and they needed, basically, the Pearl Harbor event, as they said themselves, to get it all going and to get the public on their side. Now, it doesnít matter that this all came out, it doesnít matter that everybody who was on television at the time, or any report at the time from the cabinets around Bush and the rest of the characters in the presidency, they all said the same statements, same quotes, short quotes, short quotes, short quotes, short quotes, weapons of mass destruction.


It didnít matter that they never found them. It didnít matter that they probably never existed. The fact is, they had to keep saying it to the public and have that drummed into their heads through repetition. And like a bunch of robotic clones, everybody you saw had the same quotes on television for the general public, all planned in advance that youíll all say this when the public come up with the microphone and reporters come up with the microphone, this is what youíll say to them.And they did it dutifully.


Well, itís the same with everything else today too. Those who are getting up the latter, who have been chosen to get up the ladder, you must get picked, especially for the CFR. And you will, youíll be vetted and not even know youíre being vetted, before youíre asked to join. Youíre asked to join if you can be used and if youíre trustworthy. And theyíll have tested you already. And yes, doors will open, but youíll do what youíre told.They already know that the ones they pick will happily do what theyíre told.


And by the way, itís fascinating to go way back into the past to the books that were put out by this group, from their own meetings, they had annual meetings across the world. I have some here. And the one, Iíve mentioned this before, that was held in Australia in the 1930s, before World War II started, a big, big meeting and they brought everybody in, politicians, prime ministers.Iím sure there may have even been presidents there from other countries.The top bankers from all across, the central bankers across the world attended it. They had members of the Communist Party from different countries. Fascist parties. All different parties. And Quigley said it himself in his book, he said, they donít mind what you are, if they can use you theyíll bring you in, you simply have to agree on certain topics.


Now, the topics they agree on are control of the public across the planet.And all of its resources. Awfully interesting isnít it. Thatís why you meet some of the richest communists on the planet, that are multibillionaire some of them. So, donít fall for what people say they are or pretend to be. To me, standing back and watching it all, it really does seem like the biggest organized crime gang on the whole planet, thatís ever existed, even more beautifully so because itís a camouflaged under the pretenses of doing good.Weíre here to do good, you know, we know whatís good for the public, the public donít, but itís to do good, you know, and we want to help feed the worldÖ By controlling it eventually, all of the worldís food supplies under about five different agribusinesses, five corporations, which they of course ownÖ And running the worldís complete financial system, which theyíve pretty well done from the central banking conglomerate, and the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements and so on. They even put their own bank managers from the CFR in as presidents of some countries occasionally as technocrats when thereís a bit of chaos.


Itís astonishing.And yet people still think theyíre living in democracies where they can vote. And of course, are taught to believe that those that they vote for are, they know them, that you know them. Itís very much like being in the music business. In the music business, people forget first and foremost, itís called show business. Itís showbiz. Even exposes of different musicians or bands or whatever are often paid publicity stunts, and reporters are well aware of it too. And sometimes, if theyíre really busy, the bands, or completely out of it through drugs or booze or whatever, the managers will give the right of whoever theyíve chosen to do writeups on them to just make this stuff upÖ I talked to so-and-so today and heís still doing his own thing here and blah blah blah. Thatís how they do it.


It is business. And itís show business.And when you create, for a long time, creating the bands for a long time, itís a corporate thing, a band is a corporation.Members can leave and bring in new members, and keep the trademark of the bands name because itís worth so much for the following that they have, even though you bring in occasionally different members, you see. Itís business. Big, big business.The trends of music are part of the culture industry, it is a cultural part. In the 60s they brought out the rebellious types. In the 50s they even started it in the movie types with the Marlon Brandoís and different ones, the bad biker boys, you see, the rebels. They also had Dean, the Rebel Without A Cause, that kind of stuff.†† Then the 60s came along, they put out the Bob Dylan types, The Times They Are A Changing.Revolution. It was all about revolution.


Young folk really thought at the time as they bought all the records that they could, if they had money to do this kind of stuff because it was not good times for most folk across Europe financially. They were trying to give them, the youth, a new idea of purpose, and of course it was to use them and have them accept and swallow all the doctrine that was being promoted to them as though they themselves were part of a revolution.And it was a revolution.It was a cultural revolution.Planned. Directed. Well-financed.But the last folk to figure that out were the actual youngsters themselves who could put on, oh, the bad boy pouts, thatís what they liked at the time, bad boy pouts, and tell them theyíre part of some kind of big, big change.


They threw drugs out there like you wouldnít believe, drugs are awfully important, by those who rule the world. Donít forget that Britain and America flooded, absolutely flooded the coast of China with the bails of opium until China capitulated and let them in. They started to divide up certain parts of the coastline there for British sectors, French sectors, American sectors and so on. People forget that initially the Chinese didnít want anything to do with nasty folk from the West, you see. Thatís how they did it.Thereís well-known names today, I wonít go through them, old families who were, ha, made a fortune off the opium industry.


Donít forget too that George Orwellís family were a traditional intergenerational family of bureaucrats who serve the British Empire, the royalty. His father at one time was governor general of, I think it was Burma, and he was in charge of her Majestyís opium company. Not George himself, but his father was at one point.I think it was a politician called Thompson in the 1930s brought it up in Parliament, everybody thought that opium organizations were done for, because of the terrible publicity when folk started to find out what had been happening. Nevermind the facts that even Britain itself had been flooded with opium in the 1800s by some well-known characters who were awfully good at using it and pushing it under the term for medicinal purposes. Is that familiar to you, medicinal purposes? Hm?Medical purposes, Ďeh.And they put the stuff in everything, from cough mixture to whatever, to everything, absolutely, and lauding them and so on, all the different derivatives, etc.They were hooking people.


But it was lucky, it was actually lucky for the working classes of Britain especially who couldnít afford the darned stuff. But the thing is, too, it was lucky, they preferred beer. Isnít that amazing. That saved them, a lot of them.So they shifted their attention to promoting it across to other parts of the world. But yeah, they used it definitely against the Chinese. Thatís the reason too that Britain used to be into pushing up the Khyber Pass, as they call it, and into Afghanistan, was for the drugs, for the opium.Even today we have got lots of footage of Allied troops as they call it, guarding the poppy fields. Because the first thing we did when they took over Afghanistan was to start growing it again, the Taliban that ran it before had banned it. And once it happened again, then you have the different heroin derivatives from it, and it gets flooded across the world.


Iíve been looking at Australia recently because thereís some good, put it this way, it has a lot of information going for it, Australia, as a test bed for a good part of the world actually in certain areas of culture.Every countryís used a little bit differently occasionally when theyíre testing different parts of culture, even different drugs out by the way, for those who donít know that.Well studied. But even if you look up Wikipedia about Australia and the drug industry and the drug problems and so on, itís interesting. Thereís a lot of articles, spinoffs from it too youíll find about, that they quite openly know that the CIA had a lot to do with the introduction of heavy drugs into Australia.They also used the American military bases there to bring it in. Even from the Vietnam era onwards in fact, too.All kinds of drugs.Well organized.


But the CIA have always used drugs to either takedown countries, and also to get the money, extra black budget money for other black operations. And thatís notÖ Of course, a lot of the world knows about that today. But itís still going on. Big time. Itís never stopped. It never will stop because itís so lucrative, and itís not traceable either, most of it.But remember, drugs are used as a weapon.


Sex is used as a weapon, even from ancient times, used as a weapon.It isnít just Sodom and Gomorrah you get all the stories about debauchery and the terrible things that were happening. You also had in Greece, they also had the different Bacchanalia basically. They also had their different female secretive societies where they would do a lot of different sexual things as well in ancient Greece. But you also had these big empires at the time, and then Rome after them. But they both went down the tubes the same kind of way, when they stopped producing offspring. Rome even tried, remember, to mandate that the nobility marry and have offspring. Even that wasnít working well, under punishment if they didnít comply. They were so debauched eventually that, well, we know what happened basically.They got overrun.


Thatís always the way of it. But again, it will be helped along its way. If you understand, itís a formula, isnít itÖ The partying.Drugs. Alcohol. Lots of sexual activity and promiscuity, massive promiscuity. Abortion of children and infanticide and so on.And then theyíre overrun and thatís the end of them. Thatís the formula. So when you know what happens you can create the formula again and again as a form of warfare. For those who donít understand that.But they do. And I donít watch the History Channel, I donít have TV, anything like that. This is just, this used to be taught in schools, this kind of stuff.So those who understand it, and thereís lots of organizations and secretive agencies understand this and they can put it into effect. Very, very well, in fact.


So what Iím saying is that, how can you possibly believe you live in democracies? If you ask a thousand people what a democracy meant to them, youíll get a thousand different answers.Some people think itís the causes theyíve been given, such as the greening of the planet or environmentalism or whatever.They get all confused what democracy is.And why do you think they give you parties in the first place? And why do you think the parties today cater to the same groups that have been established by those who control the parties, like environmentalism and so on?They can use them as a voting block, itís quite easy to do.Well, so much for the individual, when itís supposed to be a free and open society where everybodyís vote counts, every body, their vote counts.Theyíve got them all into different segments of society today, all split up into the various different segments.


Labour Party is a joke today, has been for a long time. During the Cold War they talked about the fact that they could never have a successful, they knew this early on by the way, in the UK, for instance, at least the Communists did, they could never have a real communist revolution that they had in Russia, the Soviets version, the Bolshevik type. They knew it would not work in Britain. It would take time, and they used Gramsci ideas of subversion of the culture from within, take it over and do it incrementally so they donít really notice it, theyíll adapt to it.And thatís what they use, all the behaviorists.Thatís why behaviorism really came into existence, it was for control purposes.And all the different areas of psychology that are combined with it, for control purposes.


So they knew they could not have that kind of overthrow, a sudden overthrow. The Fabian Societyís writings are awfully thorough on that particular point. So they went to work on the Labour parties themselves using the unions, and eventually the unions cut their own throats by going overboard. It was meant to actually bring the country to stand stills until there was some kind of chaos, that was the point of it. Those in the unions, the followers didnít know that. They thought it was all for themselves. They had coal strikes in Britain and Margaret Thatcherís group brought in coal from Poland during that period.Poland was still a communist country.And I donít know how many folk saw the dilemma of this whole thing. Margaret Thatcher, the supposed epitome of conservatism, was bringing in coal from the communist country to put down unions in your own country of British people.It was quite fascinating to study that and watch it actually happen.†† And eventually, of course, one by one the mines were all closed down over time.


So they knew, as I say, theyíve known a long time ago they couldnít use that type of sudden revolution in Britain, the UK. The people were more, I donít know, collectively uniform in their Britishness or whatever you want to call it, you might say. And it doesnít mean the British system is great because the British folk were abuse for centuries and centuries. And they were used to abuse other people. And each other. Thereís no doubt about that at all. Because history is, itís quite a nasty nasty thing to look at critically.It doesnít mean everyone was bad. Youíll find people through the worst times of everything, just trying to keep a sense of humor and slug along and get through things. Because itís never been easy for most of the ordinary people. Never.N-n.


But that doesnít mean you jump into the clutches of some other group thatís going to use you for their own agendas. The United Nations, you couldnít find something more collectively communist and totalitarian in its viewpoint of controlling the populations of the planet in every possible area. You canít imagine them ever really claiming to be Democratic in any way at all.Or the EU for that matter. The commission that runs the EU, the parliament system, the secretive group at the top, they donít believe in democracy either. Even the top Soviet ex-Soviet dissidents came out and said that years ago, after the Russian system, the Soviet system fell they said that this EU is even worse. It was meant to be.


Democracy, as itís promoted to the public, is a tool to use the public and different segments of the public, which have been created. Gender segments, environmental segments, all kinds of segments, to be used, just like guaranteed tools basically, they know how theyíll vote on certain things.They know they supply the leaders that these people will follow.And I keep telling people, to be individual. The United Nations said that the enemy of this whole agenda is individualism. And sure enough, itís like the old Soviet system.The old Soviet system, Soviet means Ďrule by counselí. All kinds of councils.So they had councils for the proletariat in manufacturing or welding.Just like unions in a sense, but councils. And it didnít really work out like that because the Politburo at the top appointed those whoíd be the head of all these different organizations to make sure it would do what itís told and go the way itís supposed to go.Itís easy to control society that way, when the folks think they have their own little group running just their lives because theyíve got different needs perhaps than those a thousand miles away in a different part of the country doing a different kind of work or whatever.But in reality, as I say, theyíre all used.


So if you belong to groups, I can guarantee you, youíre being used.Iím telling you. Iíve always noticed that. And I used to notice it too, as I say, even with the music industry. The music industry was taken over early by, you might call them the avant-garde of what at that time was thought of as the Marxist communist group, when it was the folk industry. Now, the folk music industry before that was traditional folk in most countries with old old songs passed down through generations, that belong to the land, the people who lived on the land and that area of the land and so on. When the Communists took over, by giving you stars, because they always give you stars, they create the stars, they have a massive machinery to create stars.Big money.†† And people will be taught how to follow themÖ Oh, theyíre wonderful, oh thatís fantastic, wowÖ then they follow them.Then the stars start promoting certain causes, all planned in advance and so on.Thatís how easy it is. Itís all done that way. Still to this present day.


But they even took so many of the old traditional tunes from the old folk songs and adapted them into old, actually, Russian Communists, actually they werenít even Russian initially, [Alan chuckles.] but these communist songs to try to get the people stirred up.And luckily in America, luckily, in the folk area, it was some of the groups that were Irish groups, and of course in Britain too. In America you had something like the Clancy Brothers and so on and they managed by their popularity and their great singing and great old traditional songs to bring the real stuff back into vogue which suppressed the communist stuff, the revolutionary communist stuff.


So they used some of those guys like Bob Dylan, his future was mapped out for him to come out and do the sexual thing. Sex is a weapon, you see. Liberate people through sex, destroy the family unit, etc. etc., and, the thing about drugs, the colors in your mind, all these kind of things, blah blah blah. And then of course, theyíll give the different groups that would promote the pop groups, and even create the rock groups that would do the same kind of thing. Revolution. Revolution. Revolution.A complete break with tradition from the past, that was the whole idea. Very successfully done.But it really didnít help the average personís life at the time. No matter how much money the Beatles were raking in, for instance, or the Stones, it didnít help the average person in Britain. It didnít help the poor girl standing at the bus stop with her plastic short coat on in the wintertime, and plastic miniskirt and plastic boots, and sheís freezing to death. It didnít help them any at all. But it gave the impression that they were part of something, that was the idea of it, you see.


Then before the 60s were out, you could have free access to the birth control pill for women across Britain and other countries too I guess, some of them. Then of course for the ones who didnít take it then you had, naturally, as they promoted promiscuity, youíd have pregnancy and then the state would come in, well weíve got a problem here, weíll have to use taxpayerís money, then youíve got abortion. So they were fulfilling lots of different areas at the same time. This is all planned stuff. Itís not make-believe and itís not conspiracy stuff that youíre just picking out of thin air. It was planned and written about, by the way.Some people like Yuri Bezmenov talked about it, the ex-KGB guy, many other ones did too, in book form.And Iím one of these oddballs that still have a lot of the old books written by all these ex-KGB guys. Again, through universities and professorships they knew what was going on. But donít forget too the big organizations that run all of them, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations, theyíre part of it too. Theyíre a big part of it because everything else comes underneath them. Remember what Quigley says? Weíve got communist, fascists, capitalists, you name it, weíve got them all. And here we are today.


Now, Iím not complaining about things like some old fuddy-duddy here. Iím just saying.Because I stand back from it. Iím not here to change it. Itíd be impossible to change it, this way. When you lose something thatís so important to humanity, you generally never get it back without massive catastrophes. It just doesnít happen.It doesnít happen. And when you have old values, that, yeah, could be used against people at one time too, to suffer and pray and suffer and pray, by an establishment that abuse the people, yeah, hchh, that isnít much good either, is it. But donít throw out the baby with the bathwater, remember. Because a lot of the old values folk had from their religions helped them, helped them to help each other, to get through a lot of these terrible times, mostly to help, anything like that, they helped each other.That was awfully, awfully important.


When you lose the last vestige of humanityÖ everybodyís fair game for a terrible, terrible ending. Peter Hitchens mentioned it too.He was in the Soviet Union when it supposedly collapsed.And it didnít collapse the way they tell you, but.He said that the crime went rampant, immediately terrible. I know from the documentaries that came out at the time, it was the saddest thing to see people in food banks, massive food banks, set up by the West, and charities from the Westís, and even the religious institutions that they were taught to despise and hate, as folk rushed over with money, supplies and food and equipment to feed them. And to listen to the people, who were heartbrokenÖ for everything they believed in, theyíd been brainwashed into it, every culture does the same in whatever it happens to be, all just suddenly goneÖ and hereís their supposed enemies feeding them. Itís a tragic thing to see.


But in amongst it all to you had the top crooks who ran the old Soviet system who grabbed all of the supposed shares of the corporate businesses that would be divvied up amongst the people.They grabbed these, there was gangsters, they grabbed this for themselves and became the multi billionaires today of the resources of the Soviet system.But thatís an aside of what Iím talking about. But Hitchens said that, he said, what heís noticed as a journalist is that the horror of countries that didnít have even the vestiges of religions left in them, of what happens in times like that. And youíd better realize where you are today. There are certain little things that hold humanity together at the worst possible times and if you lose that youíve lost everything, youíre fair game.


Anyway, what Iím going to talk about tonight, [Alan chuckles.] and tonightís almost gone again, Ďeh? I generally get lots of topics, and I donít like getting just topics off the media unless thereís a reason for it. So in the last few days Iíve just looked up certain things and then an idea came to me.And I was thinking about the control of the system that most folk wouldnít even think about.Donít forget, with the system weíre living in youíve got massive massive debts incurred by everybody. Encouraged by everybody, they teach them in school how to use credit cards and borrow money and so on. Donít forget, at one time that was called usury. It was looked upon as a curse, where folk lost even small holdings, down through centuries and centuries, across the world. Donít forget, going back into the past people who lent money out, by their own laws, could take your offspring if you couldnít afford to pay, as slaves.


And how glibly we take it all today. Well, itís just so easy, blah blah blah, itís easy payments. You borrow a couple of thousand bucks on a credit card and theyíll tell you, you have to pay the smallest amount back. And itíll take you may be 20 years to pay it.And by that time, youíve paid maybe that $2000 over, many times, many times, maybe even 20 times, by the time you pay it off with the minimum amount.What a con this is, Ďeh. Obviously, itís the poor folks thatís going to use it that way. But everybodyís keeping up with the Joneses and youíre promoted, your whole culture promotes that. Everything visual is run by advertising, whether itís television or Internet or whatever it happens to be, and there it goes, bang, bang, bang, buy, buy, buy, have all that and be happy, be happy, buy all this.Keep up with the Joneses.


But donít forget, though, that everything today is run this way. If you buy a car, I know people who have bought new cars in the past few years and had an awful time trying to buy a car straight out, paid in full. Because the car companies now, the outlets are run by the guys who lend the money. They can own chains of them and they want you to take on loans from them. Because a car is worth in Canada maybe 40,000, plus all the taxes, itíll end up being maybe 60,000 or even more before you pay it off.And most folk donít pay it off, they simply trade it in for a new one before itís paid off and the try and work out, juggle the payments that way. Itís like houses. Think about it.


But yet, everybody wants you to buy things, pay it up, from their lenders, you see.The whole world is run this way.Our countries are run this way. The governments run to them too to borrow. And weíre taught this is all normal. Weíre all slaves, you know. And every convenience store or any supermarket or whatever, do you have a convenient card? No. Do you have a loyalty card? No. Oh, you have to pay extra for the same goods then.You see, youíre penalized. Youíre penalized if you want to just pay without taking on their credit card type thing, that takes all of your data and everything youíre buying every month or whatever it be, and they can even watch what your diet is.It all goes into banks for agencies in your governments and so on. But you get a discount, Ďeh?!?Thatís the mousetrap, if you just take this, thatís what they tell you. And then they train the people too, you see them at checkout counters, probably the same in the US but in Canada they do it. Theyíve trained folk, youíll hear them in front of you asking for the data from older folk who are pensioners, for their convenience card, oh, you know, you got a loyalty card you get a discount if you come in every Thursday, you get a discount.So they train them, everybody, then to come in on Thursdays, you see.


What was it Bernays said? Bernays, the big marketing so-called genius. He wasnít a genius.He learned from a long lineage of people who studied people intensely, believe you me. But Bernays, he even worked for about five different governments in succession, maybe more, as an advisor on mass manipulation using psychology for behavior modification of the general population.He said to the big organizations that produced goods like automobiles and fridges and everything else, donít improve your product, to sell the improvements, on how good it is or how long itís going to last, etc. He says, you sell them a fantasy, but you change, you change the consumer to suit your product.


Everybodyís now a slave borrowing money all the time from the lenders. Think about it.Even older cars now, itís the same thing, theyíre all willing to give you loans.You know, oh, we can sign you up here and itís only so much interest, blah blah blah. And most folk think itís normal now. Their houses are the same. Why do you think houses are so incredibly, like half a million, three quarters of a million for a little townhouse somewhere?What!!Why is that? Because the big bankers will give you easy loans, working in cahoots with those who set the big prices, big corporations, and chains of them.Governments love it because they get a higher tax back from the homeowners every month, local governments love it too. So, they can stuff their pocket. Everybody lives off the public.We are the product, really.


You go to a dentist now. A dentist, thereís dentists that will offer you, through relatives or whatever, loans to pay off, you know, so theyíll take your work on. Isnít that amazing? Folk get really ill and they have to have operations and so on now, or get cancers, can go for better treatments in other countries at times. And you get videos and courses given to them by the companies that will give you these treatments, telling you how to convince your peer group, your friends, your relatives to give all that they have to pay for your treatment. Salesmanship marketing. Itís incredible.


This is the system they have given us all. We are the products. And by the way, we are disposable. We are. After the big planned crash of 2007 and 2008 when the banking system, and it was planned, there were folk who knew all about it long before happened and didnít try to stop it or anything. Then you find that, remember, since then people with any savings in the bank, and everybodyís got money going either through the bank or cashing things or whatever, or using the banks, or electronically using the banks. The banks now have all that cash, especially electronic money, and they loan that out all over the planet. But you canít get a penny back pretty well in interest on anything. And itís done so slickly folk think thatís now normal.It was unheard of not to have to pay anything, in the bank, even 20 bucks, and leave it there without getting interest accrued. But now itís normal. And they call it negative interest, you might owe them money.Train the public to suit your product. Train the public to suit your product. Think about it. Think about it, folks. Itís all there, isnít it. And everyone thinks is normal.


The articles Iíve read the last little while too, because they do the same investigations every other year for the big universities, how far away is the general person from the street basically if they lost their jobs tomorrow?And itís about 400 bucks.Even in the middle class, a lot of them.Their holidays are all done on borrowed money and credit cards and so on.Appearances, appearances, Ďeh? But yeah, you think about it. Now that everythingís going electronic, why are they pushing the electronics? Apart from monitoring everything you do and buying and so on, itís also to keep the banks going. The banks are happy then because now theyíre guaranteed the moneyís going to flow through them each time folk use their cards for everything.


They can use that money thatís going through it, temporarily, even overnight. Look at the money every bank, big bank and investor company, they used to have Merrill Lynch, they would invest big chunks of money across the planet. Thereís many of these organizations do that, these corporations. They might move them from Tokyo, after six hours, to another place for a few hours, and overnight they can make massive amounts of interest on the money they put through. That money could be transitory, going through all these electronic machines and so on. But the people who are basically, supposedly, earn the money are getting nothing back when it goes through the banking system. In fact, youíre paying for it all. Isnít that wonderful?And you get nothing back in interest at all. Not bad, Ďeh.Train the people, the public to suit your product.


Most things in this system are so slickly done the folk adapt into it without thinking. And believe you me, those who manage you all are not in the business of telling you.[Alan chuckles.]They give you lots of other crisis to distract you. Many things to distract you.Even fun is a great distraction, isnít it? How much time of your life is wasted on entertainment, for instance?Hm?But they train you to be egocentric and narcissistic, itís all about you having fun, donít say this, thatís negative, I donít want unpleasantness, thatís a downer. Well, thereís nothing you cannot do with the population youíve trained to avoid unpleasantries.


Now, remember, change the public to suit your product.As Iíve already mentioned about Australia, itís a good example of testing of intergenerational cultural changes, planned changes. Because itís summer in Australia and theyíve got all these different big parties on, and huge parties in fact, Australia Day and all that kind of thing.Iíll put some articles up on it and you can see how these revelers as they call themselves there, that every time you see the big parties over there across the big cities in Australia, youíll see them, young folk with very little on at all. Often now itís just glitter on some of the women that attend, young women.And the drugs are just flowing like crazy with overdoses.The more severe ones you here about in the newspapers and the media. Other ones too, there are stacks, a lot more than that, that will be helped up by their friends that will have been taking all kinds of drugs.


Now, change the public to suit your product, right. And the taking of these different kinds of drugs today is quite, quite normal to them. Theyíre heavily promoted, always easily assessable. And yet, the public are adapting into it and adapting and adapting.Every few years itís like a big jump to the next step, the next step, the next step.As I say, weíre becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah in a sense. Because sexual freedom, as they call it, was always a big, big push, even in the late 1800s HG Wells pushed for it then too, to destroy the idea of marriage so that the governments could control the general public, experts would control them all. And it never occurs to you when youíre having fun, you might say, that youíre being controlled. Just like dumping bales of opium on to the shores of China, they want to make your own military bases basically in China in the old days.


Drugs, drugs, drugs, and with things which destroy your ability to judge properly, in comes the sex too, big time.†† Then youíre well on your way.Weíve watched it for many, many years, this war, this cultural war. They call it a war, a cultural war. The sexual revolution wasnít mistakenly called the sexual revolution.[Alan chuckles.]That was all planned and directed with the help of the culture industry. In Britain it was comical to me to see the so-called staid BBC pushing stuff that was sometimes ahead of even the US and other countries in that department.


Anyway, Australia, so there youíll see them, the revelers as they call themselves, and you see some of them with MDMA pills, methamphetamines and so on getting pushed there. All kinds of drugs, though. And thereís kids dying, some of them. Because to them itís all being promoted as normal, you see.


Teenager 'with more than 500 MDMA pills' is among 10 punters arrested on drug charges at Australia Day music festivals - dailymail.co.uk / 26 Jan 2019


And Iíll put up too, the results for drug overdose deaths.


Search results for drug overdose deaths - dailymail.co.uk


Ö a whole bunch of links for those who care to look at it. Most folk donít. Again, donít look at the unpleasant, look at the happy stuff, happy, happy, happy, and thatís what youíve been trained to do. Thatís why youíre all sitting ducks for more big crashes and more unpleasantness or austerity plans. And eventually mandatory, either one child families, which is on the cards... Remember, China is the model state for the whole world to follow, according to the United Nations.Although the wealthier folk and those who have proven their worth will be allowed to have more children, you see. Thatís even happening in China.The proper eugenic type of program.


Iíll put up all these links to do with, you see the revelers.I wonít say what theyíre wearing. [Alan chuckles.] Itís what theyíre not wearing perhaps.


Sun's out, tongues out! Thousands of revellers masquerading in a sea of showstopping, barely-there outfits flock to Australia Day music festivals across the country as temperatures soar to 45C - dailymail.co.uk / 26 Jan 2019


Again, youíre looking atÖ Theyíre probably the last generation really, many of them will never ever have children. Theyíll have lots and lots of sex but no children. And itís been planned that way and folk havenít figured that out yet. And the abortion industry is just doing great-guns as they say.


Now as Iíve said before, Australia is interesting when it comes to social experimentation in, well, I call it the social scientists, of course, that are behind a lot of the cultural creation and the cultural changes that weíve witnessed over many, many years. You find, combining different aspects of it, odd things happening here and there. Not just in Australia, of course, but Australia has been ahead of the game for a while in certain areas. Hereís an oddball one to do with drugs and someone flipping out completely, picking random people in a store, deliberately, I mean coming into a store with an ax and attacking them. So I donít advise people to go into this and look at it.I can put the link up for those who are interested in crime or dysfunctions in society that are becoming more prevalent today, and drugs, etc. etc.


But it was apparently a transgender who had been let down with some date, I have no idea what it was, really, Iím not interested at all. But the thing is, this character went into a store, after warning whoever let him down with the date, that he was going to go into a store and just start killing people.


'I will kill people it will be your fault' : Transgender woman flies into a fit of rage after a failed Tinder date and storms into a 7-Eleven with an axe trying to 'cut a man's head in half' - dailymail.co.uk / 26 Jan 2019


But when you see the drugs this character was on, legal, illegal.And with the legal drugs, antidepressants of all kinds, probably the SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and so on, no doubt, and plus cannabis, hah, got a cocktail of drugs altogether, that they were told were okay, and some of them were even administered by physicians in this particular case. Why arenít these characters, these physicians and psychiatrists being called up for their actions? When people, and thereís been so many, many accounts of people, even mass shootings in the States, theyíre all seeing psychiatristís, these guys in the States, and you find that they have histories of the same kinds of antidepressants and so on. Itís just phenomenal that thereís no, hhhh, thereís no come back on the so-called professionals that put them on these mind-altering drugs.


Thereís no doubt about it, generally youíll find thereís some mental disturbances long before theyíre put on the drugs. But the fact is, I think it definitely exacerbates it in a lot of cases.But theyíre put on all kinds of drugs which generally upset the chemistry of the brain. And when youíve already got pre-existing other mental problems that are there, I think the psychiatrists should be really held to account for letting this kind of thing going on. Itís just getting worse and worse all the time.And I think if that was the case, theyíd be far more diligent in what they recommend for different patients. They really would. And they could maybeÖ We know, for instance, some of the shootings in the US over the years, the psychiatrists had long, long records with these particular people, and they even had warnings that things are going to happen in some cases and did nothing about it. If youíre going to prescribe these kinds of drugs to people, they were definitely disturbed, I think there should be some kind of definite inquiry into it. Because I think itís becoming worse. It really is. Itís becoming worse.


But again, thereís a lot of social experimentation going on. As I say, Australia is a big one. Itís an interesting case, this particular one, from different perspectives. But what gets me too is the sentencing now is becoming a joke. It has been for a long time.And for attempted triple murder, and deliberate, I mean, this was no holding back at all here, would you really risk putting them back out there in four years or so and say theyíre fine?Really? Anyway, itís definitely of interest to people who want to study the social phenomenon of social engineering that weíre living through in this day and age. Including the justice system, and the psychiatric system, and the medical system, who are all making a lot of money off different things to which perhaps they shouldnít be.


Now, as all this is happening, go back, think back to even the opium dens they flooded Europe with at one time trying to get them to take off big time. You can read aboutÖ


The Marijuana Billionaire Who Doesnít Smoke Weed - fortune.com / 16 Jan 2019


Itís a big PR piece, naturally, to promote Canadaís big big cannabis business. And itís not just one person. Donít ever believe that the fronts they give you, any more than the ones who run the tech industry, donít think itís them at all. They are the front people. These are massive businesses. Multibillion-dollar businesses, all ready with massive corporations behind specialists to promote it all. And payoffs all over. I mean, youíve got ex-police chiefs, youíve got governor generals involved. And youíve got another one here to do withÖ


Tilray - International Advisory Board - tilray.com


Öin Canada, and massively, anybody thatís a whoís who in the Whoís Who directory for Canada and the US is on the board of this thing too.Including Lord Axworthy of Canada who was up there, way up there in politics next to the Prime Minister, and who also was one of the heads, I think he was the head for a while of the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations.Theyíre awfully good at making business to suit themselves, arenít they, with their national trade agreements, etc. Oh yeah, massive business now in drugs, drugs, drugs. That came out, again, just like the opium business in the medicines, it was for medicinal use initially, for health reasons, you know. And of course, it isnít simply for pleasure.And there ya go.


Iíll put these articles up anyway, for those who care to go into it. And lots will actually. Thereís another one tooÖ


Israel's grass to grow greener, cabinet about to approve cannabis exports - jpost.com / 23 Jan 2019


Öbig time.We'll be competing, Iíve no doubt theyíve already preplanned the areas that, theyíll divvy up the planet basically, and it will be interesting to see how it works out.They might all be related in fact, for all we know, which wouldnít surprise me at all, the big corporations that is.


And alsoÖ


Sharp rise in number of Australians accessing treatment for amphetamine use - www1.racgp.org.au / April 20 2018


Thatís one thing I did look at is the incredible drug abuse system theyíve got there too. Remember too, you need to create a system of pleasure and recreation, as they call it. In other words, leisure time for all these kinds of things to take off. All of them. If youíre struggling like the people did struggle, you know, hand-to-mouth basically for a long time, before they gave you time off, there was no time for all this kind of stuff. But now theyíre giving you time off. Itís a great way to make sure that youíre not protesting on the streets.Youíre having great fun, itís all about you. And youíre taking drugs and they get lots of sex. And any fallout from the sex will be dealt with by the state on your behalf. And the rest of the public will pay for it probably. Not bad, Ďeh?As I say, itís a good thing to study. Believe you me, itíll be the same across the planet. If you had the same kind of weather in Canada, for instance, youíd be seeing the same kind of big, big massive parties and dressing the same way. But there you go.


And Australia is an interesting study to watch whatís happening there.And even to see the general population standing back, at what used to be called the older generation, whatever they happen to be today, standing back and letting it happen too. Because they in turn, in their turn too they were also altered in preparation to accept it all, step-by-step to the next step and the next step and the next step. But thereís quite a few articles Iíll put up for you that ties in.


Remember, change the public to suit your product. Whether itís drugs, money, borrowing, whatever it happens to be, change the public. The last folk to even notice theyíve been changed, to do it all and go along with all, are the public themselves.And at the same time, as you get fallout too, theyíre going to the next step, as I say, across the worldÖ


New York celebrates legalizing abortion until birth by lighting One World Trade Center pink - lifesitenews.com / 23 Jan 2019


(Alan:So yeah, now they can kill a child up until the ageÖ of them getting born basically. And theyíre celebrating it as a great achievement.)


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) directed that the One World Trade Center's spire be lit pink overnight on Tuesday to celebrate his signing of a law allowing abortions until birth in some cases, and letting non-doctors commit abortions.


(A:Bring down the populations, Ďeh?And it saysÖ)


The law, the Reproductive Health Act, (A:Doesnít that sound wonderful, Reproductive HEALTH Act, itís health, you see, itís unhealthy having children as far as theyíre concerned, thatís how they name things like that.) also erases the stateís recognition of preborn babies older than 24 weeks as potential homicide victims.(A:Öbecause thatís how they used to be seen as, you kill life.You see, pregnancy is not classified as a disease, except by those who run the planet. And they donít belong to the same class as you, according to themselves.)


Cuomo called the bill an ďhistoric victory for New Yorkers and our progressive values.Ē (A:So, killing children is progressive, itís progressive, up to the age of birth, the day of birth basically.M-hm-hm-hm.)


By the way, I mean, I know a lot more about it all because Iíve followed this kind of stuff and I know the different groups that are behind it you might say, who even wants to do it after birth. That will come eventually, I guarantee you. And as everyoneís having fun and stripping off in public and taking drugs, thatís called progress.As you devalue life, youíre obviously devaluing your own life. And so, when youíre demanding rights youíre going to get to a stage where folk are going to laugh at you, absolutely laugh you, your betters as they call themselves will laugh at you when you demand rights when youíve stood by and let all this happen.


Iím not kidding you.Iím not preaching here either. Iím just telling you how itís going to be. Because itís planned this way. Everything is control. Drugs are control. Sex is used for control. And naturally everything that happens, including pregnancy, pregnancy is now treated as a disease obviously by those who control the planet, and theyíre cheering it on as a great success story. And weíre all paying for it.So even if youíre not involved in it, youíre complicit, legally. Interesting, Ďeh?


But what Iím saying here is, itís interesting just to look at Australia at the moment, because Australia has the climate, for sure. And they think theyíre progressive too. And step-by-step every 10, 15 years they go to the next step and the next step and the next step and the next step and the next step, until those who are older, even the parents of the youngsters youíll see wearing their glitter, some of them just about thatís all theyíre wearing is glitter stuck on their body, the parents will, oh well, theyíre just young, you know, young ones. But what does it remind you of, Ďeh?


Now, getting back to world government and those who created the central banking system across the whole planet, one organization, gave you the United Nations, this one organization gave you the Bank for International Settlements, this one organization gave you the Council on Foreign Relations, thatís one of their groups. And gave you the abortion agenda. Give you the drug agenda. And itís for control of the world. And itís all mapped out how itís to be as the people die off having fun, but not having children. Interesting, Ďeh.It really is. It really is.


What Iím saying is, it isnít spoilsport stuff. It isnít like an old-time profit just decrying how bad itís going. Iím just stating how it is. Iím stating the things they donít want you to think about. Because youíre supposed to all be complicit, legally, in your own demise. Because thatís how history has already been written.


Anyway, remember, if you want the books and discs I have @cuttingthroughthematrix.com, go into the website and you find out how to order them. Youíd be surprised at all the different names out there, and I mean pretty well all of them use my website and my archives on at least a weekly basis for their own talks. Itís astonishing, really. But itís good, itís good that itís got out that far from what you might call humble beginnings long ago. So remember, order the books and discs of the talks Iíve given, and you can donate as well. You can find a how to do it @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Remember, cash is okay to pay for things or donation and other means are explained on the website too.


For myself from a very freezing Ontario Canada, Iím Alan Watt and itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


Sun's out, tongues out! Thousands of revellers masquerading in a sea of showstopping, barely-there outfits flock to Australia Day music festivals across the country as temperatures soar to 45C

dailymail.co.uk / 26 Jan 2019


Sharp rise in number of Australians accessing treatment for amphetamine use

www1.racgp.org.au / April 20 2018


Teenager 'with more than 500 MDMA pills' is among 10 punters arrested on drug charges at Australia Day music festivals

dailymail.co.uk / 26 Jan 2019


'I will kill people it will be your fault' : Transgender woman flies into a fit of rage after a failed Tinder date and storms into a 7-Eleven with an axe trying to 'cut a man's head in half'

dailymail.co.uk / 26 Jan 2019


The Marijuana Billionaire Who Doesnít Smoke Weed

fortune.com / 16 Jan 2019


Tilray - International Advisory Board



Israel's grass to grow greener, cabinet about to approve cannabis exports

jpost.com / 23 Jan 2019


New York celebrates legalizing abortion until birth by lighting One World Trade Center pink

lifesitenews.com / 23 Jan 2019


Search results for drug overdose deaths




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