Feb. 3, 2019 (#1706)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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From The Commission on Decision:

"Sterilization, Toxic Food, Cancers, We're Damned,

Guilty of Living in this Future Already Planned."

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 3, 2019.And what a week this has been with the weather where I am in northern Ontario, where itís beenÖ giving us lots of snow up this way.And at night too, it plummets like you wouldnít believe. Last week after the Sunday talk, come early Monday morning, about three in the morning I think it was, the thermometer read -48įF.And the temperature during the day never got anywhere near above zero Fahrenheit, it was way below it in fact, during the day.Thatís what I had a lot of this winter in fact. Many of the days during the day when it should be a bit warmer itís actually below the zero mark on the Fahrenheit scale.


So itís been a long winter already.It started snowing here in September and it might snow up until April for all I know, maybe even longer.No doubt about it, to me, the winters are becoming longer and colder. Iím sure people are really going bust trying to pay for heating, etc., or else to turning the thermostats so far down that theyíre trying to get by that way. Because people generally try not to talk about any kind of hardships they have.Itís astonishing, really, isnít it, that people are afraid, theyíre afraid to mention how hard up they are at times to each other. Because in the system itís almost a sign of shame. Itís an old tradition, the class system, from Britain I guess and Europe, to mention that you might be hard up.


Thatís the unfortunate truth, they find it hard to talk about. Like how theyíre surviving with things going up and up and up with inflation. Because weíre still paying massive debts off now because of the last bank bailouts in 2008 and 2009. Thatís why the dollar has plummeted, especially in Canada too. Because we got special drawing rights, remember, from the bailouts from the US Federal Reserve. For those who didnít know that, Canada was bailed out, all the top banks were bailed out and they were given special drawing rights from the US Federal Reserve on the condition they have so many years to pay it back with massive interest. Thatís why the dollarís plummeting in Canada.


Itís a fantastic system, isnít it, where theyíre so interlaced and interfaced, these banks across the planet, that you all get punished. Eventually, all the public get punished all the time.Of course, thatís what youíre there for. You get plundered each time banks have overdone it, whatever theyíre doing with their lending and so on, and debts, etc. And often too, I think itís really planned that way. They know what theyíre going to do. They know theyíre going to get bailed out and they go on a plunder spree basically until they collapse things, and then they plunder us again when theyíre given huge bailouts. Itís quite something isnít it.At least twice a century this happens, and itís normal [Alan chuckles.] to be robbed twice a century, sometimes more, by the big banking systems.When one country, for instance, overdoes it even more than others and causes, starts off the spark of dominoes falling across the world, they end up going back to the same countries to borrow money from them. Because weíre all interfaced, as I say, and weíre broke as well. Quite a system.


They know to send people to university to learn this thing called economics.And that always ties me back to Lord Rothschild who said in the last century, well, actually in the 19th century. He said when he was asked about the system of money and debt, and even the creation of money out of thin air basically through accounting methods, etc., he said that it would never change basically because apart from the fact weíre given [Alan chuckles.] no choice in using it. But he also said that the ones who really understand it are those who take courses to learn what itís about and because theyíre going to benefit more than other people, the general public, off of the system which they are working with, theyíre not likely to disclose it or condemn it.


And itís so true, isnít it?Itís very, very true.Most folk made money off of other folksí money as opposed to the ones who actually create the actual tangible goods that are sold, etc. Itís the ones who push the pens, as they used to say, and now they just punch in digits in a computer, that actually make the money off all the rest. And thatís just the way it is.Because no oneís going to change it.


Because when youíre conquered, and you are conqueredÖ We keep forgetting, that after all the wars that were planned to take placeÖThe Milner group, Lord Alfred Milner, they planned world wars to bring nations to their knees in order to bring their dream of a world governmental system into being and to do away with sovereignty and the only way to do it they thought was to get world wars going. HG Wells was all for it. He was part of it too. He wrote about it, and he said that, out of the first world war that was, he said, and that was called The Great War at the time, and it was Ďa war to end all warsí.[Alan laughing.]Itís likely he had a hand in creating the slogans in fact.It was a big con game.


But the governments threw all they had into these wars, especially World War I, I think. Incredible, incredible casualties that they had. ItísÖ And we canít believe in this day and age how countries could throw maybe 30,000 men away, per day sometimes, on all sides doing the same kind of thing. And never stopping their tactics.ItÖ You canítÖ It boggles the mind. It does.And sure enough, all the countries involved had the borrowed money initially from the US, they kept out of it until the last year.Because they had just created, in time for the world war of course, the Federal Reserve system, it was set up just in the nick of time. Through that monopoly of banks which is the Federal Reserve, etc., they lent to all the different countries with incredible interest rates. And actually, got in the last year because they have to make sure, now, that they had to get the payments back, in order to get paid back.[Alan laughing.]Itís quite something, Ďeh?


But when you think about World War I, it was meant to end national sovereignty in the hope the people would be disgusted and in shock, which they were in fact, of the incredible casualties. I donít think anybody in Britain, for instance, didnít have somebody who was killed off in World War I.And I really donít thinkÖ Itíd be the same in France too Iím sure.And Germany. It was phenomenal.Often whole families were wiped out in fact, in the menís lineages. So much so that when World War II came along, and HG Wells said it too, he says, they havenít given up their sovereignty, we, we need another world war, he said, to bring them to their knees.


Well, because Britain, ha, had been in perpetual war through the whole 1800s into the 1900s, and on rationing through the 1900s, and the Great Depression came along again, because of it too, you find that they couldnít even feed themselves for World War II. When the men were joining up and going off to war and farmerís sons and so on, they had inquiries into the lack of food and what they would do about it because Britain at that time was importing so much of their food even then, which is not a good idea if youíre going to go and have a world war with submarines lurking around and so on.


But the thing is, they had to get commissions up.The government literally came in and took over farms to make sure in World War II that they could produce, in all bits of wasteland whatever it was, and they would try and get things to grow. But many of the farms had the old man dying off, the old grandpa and so on who lost his sons in World War I and heís too old to farm it now.The government literally seized their farms because no one was able to work them. The government literally took them over and handed them to the, well, the guy in the proper clubs, put it that way, to do the farming. And they kept them after the war.


You have no idea of the mayhem thatís caused by these massive wars. And you never end up paying off the debt, because itís not meant to be paid off. It keeps you in slavery. Itís designed that way. The compound interest is meant to keep a clique in charge of every nation. That is understood. They realized, and they said that too in their writings at the top clubs you might say, that the power of money would do the job that armies at one time did. They could threaten countries. They could withdraw money and close down countries. They could starve people to death by withdrawing money, or using embargoes like they do at the United Nations. Thatís all part of the same system that came in.You have no idea the power of money.


Weíre all subject to the same con games where thereís no point even if you have money to save up, trying to save it up, because the banks will constantly collapse every so often and bingo, there goes your money. And they wonít give you any interest on it anymore, and theyíve trained you in no time at all, since 2008, itís quite normal to get no interest back on any savings. Isnít it amazing how fast we adapt to their con games, Ďeh?


At the same time money controls all nations. Because your governments are constantly borrowing too, and thatís the agenda, thatís how itís set up. Governments are meant nowadays, thatís the normal, to borrow money constantly and put the public down as the guarantors to pay it off. So weíre basically slaves.And thereís no point reallyÖ People put money into retirement schemes of all kinds, some to try to save money in taxes, etc. But if they pull it out ahead of time or their fixed times, theyíre penalized, sometimes about half, 50% or even more.Because theyíre naughty-naughty. Those companies, those insurance companies want your money but they donít really want you to get it back. In fact, they hope youíll die before you even collect most of it. Thatís what pension schemes are about. Itís phenomenal.


But even that, and the con games they useÖ Well, you know, you put so many dollars in every month of your paychecks and one day you can earnÖ Well, by the time you retire for every dollar you put in today, right, in 20 years time, 30 years time, that dollar wonít buy you a box of matches. It wonít.Youíll need about $20 in 20 years time, 30 years time, maybe $30 to buy a cup of coffee with inflation.Thatís how itís designed. Thatís how folk back in the 1930s were living pretty well on 10 bucks a week.Actually, very well, actually, on 10 bucks a week back then. Yep.So, itís a racket and a con game. And all those folk in-the-know at the top who are benefiting off it keep their mouth shut because they are benefiting off it too.


Itís very much like, I think it was Chretien in Canada who became Prime Minister, who immediately after being elected, if thatís indeed whatever elections are in reality, it was a shoo-in as they say. He had to go and see the head, or, the governor of the Bank of Canada.The Bank of Canada is not really a bank anymore. Itís a negotiating place where a representative negotiates loans for the governments from the lenders. Chretien came out after the election for a meeting with them, itís a ritual, you go to meet them, to meet your new master, the Prime Minister must go and meet his master.He was asked, so now you know all about economics and how the Bank of Canada works? He says, I didnít understand a thing.The joke with Chretien is, he couldnít speak either French or English.And he put it on, it was part of his act too, he says, I didnít understand the thing, a big smile on his face. And of course, the joke was, that was why they picked him.But he knew perfectly well what was going on.


That awfully good documentary was done some years ago called Oh, Canada, where the young fella goes around and talks to ex-prime ministers and politicians trying to get straight answers from them on money and what it was.Nevermind the confusion on most of their faces. It just shows you the racket.And itís meant to be a racket. Itís because money is the ultimate form of control in our world. Thatís really what it is. Utter control.You can buy anybody off with it. Countries are brought down, in fact, you can buy generals in different countries for coups. Thereís nothing you canít do with it. As I say, you can starve people to death. Even if they have products to sell, or oil, like Iran for instance and other countries. When they get embargoes put on them, and they canít sell off their oil, they canít get money that way to buy other things. So this medium of exchange as they call it is a very, very important thing.


So those who control it allÖ and thereís a clique.Thereís the World Bank, remember, private organization, that supposedly is a lender of last resort to the whole planetís central banking systems. And theyíre all connected. Itís one club.One club where the IMF, theyíre debt collectors in a sense, they come in and theyíll manage your economy, and your governments, until they claim the latest interest rates payments are paid back, not necessarily the debt itself. They cut your health care and everything else. And theyíre doing it and thatís just too bad, they say. Thatís how it is.Even Alan Greenspan himself, heís up on YouTube somewhere saying that, talking about the actual US Federal Reserve. He says, the government canít do anything about the Federal Reserve, itís a separate, completely separate institution. What he was also inferring is that it was, it has special status, very special status, different from other corporations. So weíre living in a world of make-believe.


But yeah, getting back to the wars and the world wars for the elimination of complete national sovereignty.The same group that brought you the wars, and they did, they did bring you the wars, they boasted about it before these wars happened and the necessity of having them, world wars, to get everybody involved, and bankrupt, and how theyíd all come together under a global authority and, they hoped, that the League of Nations would be the embryo for a world governmental system.And that morphed into the United Nations.Itís not Democratic. It was never intended to be Democratic.The Club of Rome, a big think tank for the global elites, who came up with the idea of using famine, global warming, desertification and drought, all that kind of stuff as a scare tactic, they said, that would fit the bill, weíll blame humans, humans are the enemy, of survival basically, for the world, and, that would fit the bill, they said. Well, the Club of Rome, said the same thing, that democracy is inadequate, it will not work.


So the elite who use democracy, because they want to have the mob on their side. And if you could belong to any group, Iím sorry, youíre part of a mob. Itís true. You cannot go along and say to yourself, well, you know itís better than, I know itís bad but itís better than those guys over there. If thatís the best you can do, you really deserve what you get. Honestly.Honestly.Because every mob is controlled by, they call it the deep state, thereís many names for the same thing. But if you get members, and Iíve mentioned it before, how you can elect anybody in any country who belongs to a society, a secretive society number one, and who belongs toÖ Donít forget too, that the Rhodes Foundation, and also, which is part of the Roundtable Society, and theyíre all part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations. How can you elect people who have already sworn allegiance to a different system, a private club you might say with incredible power across the world, why would you elect any of their members in to represent you?Why would you do that?


You know why you do it? Because people fall for basic pithy little slogans. I feel your pain, that was Bill Clinton. And other ones just declare theyíre going to give you pain, and they certainly do. But thatís the reality of politics. Itís slogans. You get a packaged product all wrapped up with public relations, big, big money, to sell it to the public, and you, by a myth, a phantom basically. And the same group are always there behind it anyway.


So, letís go back to World War I and read about Winston Churchill, who was Lord of the Admiralty at one time.He came up with this plan supposedly of sending troops to the Dardanelles, it was called, which would be a strategic point for the furthering of war across, which would be eventually the Middle East.But it would split Turkey, he thought, and a few other countries as well. Well, Britain took it over, that was the idea.They pulled men from all over the battlefields of France and Belgium to do this. Itís never been explained to the public, and never will be because thereís other reasons behind it obviously. They were looking towards the future for other reasons, and people wouldnít be happy if they knew the reasons.


But nobody should have been fighting in the first world war to begin with. It was a ridiculous affair. Absolutely ridiculous.They were using methods used, like maybe in the 1700s, standing upright and marching into battle would have been fine before heavy-duty machine guns were invented. But they were invented for World War I. It literally took them many, many years to allow the troops to get down on their bellies and at least crawl towards their targets, giving them a better chance of survival.But you look at the Dardanelles project by Churchwell, it was his baby supposedly. He wanted to be even more famous, go down in the history books, that was always with them. It was an absolute disaster. Absolute incredible disaster. They used British troops and they used Australian and New Zealand troops, and the first day of the landing in the Dardanelles it says that they lost 60,000 troops!I think 19,500, almost 20,000 were killed and the rest were wounded, by all kinds of wounds and amputations and goodness knows what. That was normal.That slaughter went on for weeks and weeks and weeks until they eventually had to abandon the idea and pull out, well, the guys that were left that is.


Itís weird. I mean, you get a feeling of whoís who when it comes to people who want to go down in history books, like Wellington and things like that. Because they have a rather callous psychopathic disregard for human life. The whole point is to win, thatís it. And theyíll survive because generally the ones who are generals, etc. stand on the hilltops in the old days and watched it way down below, the battles going on.The same throughout the Napoleonic wars too.So they survive and they hope to get into the history books. But the little peons down below are getting, are slaughtering each other. It was really war by numbers, how many have you got left? And if you had more than the enemy, then youíd won at the end of the day.That was the whole idea behind World War I across Europe as well. And those were accepted policy.


Numbers wereÖ they didnít care.Because the class system was so incredibly, incredibly all pervasive all through their societies, it was just your duty to go off and get slaughtered without thinking too much about it.And if you did survive you might get a little gold star, maybe a peg leg or something to go home with.Thatís the reality, thatís the truth of it all.Today weíre shocked by the numbers, throughout the whole World War I campaign. You canít, you just canít picture it. Daily, multi-thousands of people, per day being slaughtered. We honestly canít picture that today. Today weíd be horrified. But back then they had trained the public it was their duty. Mind you, a lot of them didnít have much to go back to in the first place. Honestly.


But that was, again, HG Wells said, we need word wars to bring nations to their knees. He worked for the Fabian Society and the Fabian Society is part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that run the right wing and the left wing.If thereís any wings out there, they run it, theyíve got their leaders running it all. Thatís how itís done. To manage any change in the future and to get it happening you must create the sides and you must make sure your own people are there to guide them in their conflicts to bring them to the right conclusions.And youíll win. You canít lose that way.Thatís the real dialectical technique.


Today we have gender politics and all kinds of politics. Youíve got lots of psychopaths, getting coached going in because theyÖ Theyíll say all the right things for their particular following. And believe you me, if it was more lucrative to change their mind and go to the other side tomorrow, they would do it.Thatís what psychopaths do, they change parties very quickly, in their own interest. Winston Churchill did that himself actually. And Churchill, this great guy, who really, I mean, thereís a long story behind the Churchill family. But he helped Lord Mountbatten during World War II with the plan to raid Dieppe in France. Mountbatten was to be given that as his baby, because he wasnít doing much and he wanted to be in on the, you know, in the history books too. So he got himself permission from Churchill, who helped to organize it too and plan it, to get Canadian troops trained up and ready to invade Dieppe as a tests, many thousands of them as a test for invasion. They had reconnaissance, air reconnaissance and so on, for days and weeks and so on and they knew eventually that the Germans, because the Germans got wind of it all and they fortified all along the coastline there.They warned Churchill and Mountbatten that it would be a mass slaughter because it was so well fortified now. They wouldnít listen, they went ahead anyway.Itís like tellingÖ


Donít forget, Winston Churchill, to the day he did, had rooms full of toy soldiers in traditional battle lines for old wars and so on. This was his hobby. He saw real people, the peons, the same way as his little soldiers. Honestly. Thatís what it is.Mountbatten was the same.So anyway, they sent I canít remember how many thousands of soldiers to mass slaughter at Dieppe.Absolute tragedy it was. Because it could all have been avoided, no problem at all. All the intelligence, and lots of intelligence all was adamant that there would be mass slaughter because itís so heavily fortified. But they wouldnít listen.They wanted to get their names in the history books again.


What Iím trying to get at here is, it isnít just to do with this kind of war. The people who run the world and have the big club at the top, through the banking system, with the organizational system of, as they say, a kind of semi-secret societies, based on the Jesuits, as Cecil Rhodes said about the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and the Roundtable Society. Thatís what he said, you can read it up yourself, itís in his own last will and testament, he put all that in it too, to bring about a world governmental system.They merged with the Lord Alfred Milner group, which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, private club. The branches across the world, especially in America, are called the Council on Foreign Relations.


Anyway, the whole point of it being semi-secretive, they didnít want the public to know of how they were really being governed. They would give you a fake reality of how youíre being governed. Thatís what your politics happens to be. You do see it once in a while when the so-called champions of democracy, they keep telling you about democracy, democracyÖ Well, they donít believe in democracy. Margaret Thatcher said the same thing when she left politics, she was brought in to be a technocrat at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and she was open about it in a newspaper article. She said, I can now get things done across the world, I know the ex-politicians and heads of state and so on, I can get things done, for the big goal of the world, and thatís the way things were really done, because theyíre not responsible to the general public. She said that too.


But again, as soon as, they say, that people donít remember, they go right back to politics, for the general public. And itís all emotive stuff and you fight for it and so on. And before you know it, everybody, it sounds like chaos. Because it will split society up into so many diverse little segments.And pushing victimhood everywhere.You know, if youíre not a victim of something, or you donít claim to be a victim of something you might be the best victim of all but donít claim it, youíve got no power at all in todayís society.Because thatís what different groups are all about, creating the victim societies.Once you claim youíre a victim, then you can do the unthinkable, you can really project hate on whoever else is across the room from you. And thatís what itís about. Itís, whoís allowed to hate and who isnít. Thatís really what modern society is about.


Youíre in a very delicate position, situation I should say, and time. Because itís planned that way, the chaos is all planned. Out of it will come the new order. The Club of Rome are well aware of that because, as I say, theyíve never, they speak on behalf of the elites and theyíve never, theyíve always, theyíve got lots of articles out and their own books as well saying that democracy is just too slow, doesnít work and youíll need exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations / Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Fabian Society have always said, in socialism, that experts must run the world. For the likes of every single individual, the expert class and scientific class must run the world, on behalf of the dominant minority.So itís all out in the open.


And having said that itís, as soon as some politician opens their mouth to read some pre-prepared scripts written by scriptwriters, in an emotive way because itís written by marketers and so on, oh, the folk go crazy again. They forget what youíve just said to them. Youíll forget the evidence that you can even go and look at for themselves.Itís just too easy to tweak the emotions, isnít it? And when people are running on emotions they donít listen to their common sense.And theyíre blind to reality. Itís like a bull in a red rage, as they say, with anger, thatís what emotion is meant to do.†† But itís just too easy now as so many university students of all different kinds groomed for positions as leaders for different, all kinds of groupings and splinter groups, hhhh, off splinter groups, to make sure that everybodyís catered for, so that no people can ever, ever get together collectively to fight anything. Isnít that rather wonderful.


But people think itís a coincidence.The art of ruling people is very ancient. And itís never been lost. Itís simply being added to.The knowledge and the techniques, etc, have been added to.Machiavelli was awfully good in his day, but Machiavelli literally is a Boy Scout compared to these days and times we live in. Everyone is monitored to the nthth degree, and the goal has always been lifelong monitoring from birth to death. Not just monitoring but managing from birth to death.We forget that, donít we, as we play ourselves.Go and play on the Internet, and people do. And they give all their data out. And as soon as their friend gets back to them or whatever it is, theyíve forgotten all the warnings of the caution and theyíll click anything, Ďeh, permission for this, permission for that, click click click click click.And theyíve clicked their lives away and their future away. They donít even know it.


Privacy was fought for by revolutions in the past by the people, by the peasants in different countries. Because at one time, not so long ago, not so long ago, the peasants had no rights at all. Forget all the dramas and the fiction youíve read or seen in plays about the 1800s. For most folk, it was a horror show in the 1800s in Europe, in Britain especially. It was called Ďthe poor man of Europeí because of the way it treated its people.The class system is so embedded there was no help for anybody. In fact, the only help the people would get occasionally if they were starving was from the churches. And thatís a dirty word today, isnít it?Youíve been taught to hate them.


Youíll find that the class system showed you what the elite are like. Theyíre still the same today. Theyíre better, theyíre prepared, they have lessons to prepare them on how to present themselves to appear in public. But itís the same peopleÖ with the same views and opinions. Because their reality has never altered. Theyíve just made sure the experts trained your reality to perceive everything differently, to believe in democracy and to believe youíre living in a fair society. But at the top, they never ever have thought that way at all.


We adapt so quickly to everything. We adapt to the fact that everyone is getting cancers. As though itís a normal thing. We adapt to the fact that food is produced by five main big agribusinesses, a monopoly, a cartel.With the chemical industry completely involved with them. And itís the same chemical industries that was part of, that is part of the military-industrial complex, remember, that gives all the different weed killers and pesticides for the genetically modified crops that are all patented.When the food is patented do you understand the power that these companies have over the planet?Itís bad enough when youíre all dependent on this strange authorized banking system that tolerates no other banks before it, you might say. Because itís their system, and to be part of their system you have to be selected and thoroughly vetted, etc., to worship them, and never break ranks with them.Itís the same with the food industry and everything else today.


So they feed you all this stuff.They train you that everythingís normal. And we do adapt. As I say, look at how quickly folk think itís normal that you put money in the bank and you wonít get a penny back, if youíre lucky you might break even, but at the moment youíre not getting taxed extra. But if youíve anything in the bank at all you get nothing back. Now, the money youíve had in the bank, you think of millions and millions of people with deposits in the bank, thatís being lent out daily by the banks, it doesnít just sit there. Theyíre making incredible interest off it. Theyíre also sending it across the planet for loans, with very high interest rates, especially to very dodgy customers and so on.The people that theyíre using the money from, they get nothing back at all. And weíre taught now, since 2008 the last bank crash, thatís normal, thatís quite normal now.


So we adapt quickly, donít we?But we adapt very quickly to, as I say, the food, the same thing. So youíve got a monopoly of money power across the planet that can crash nations if they want to. And youíve got the food industry run by, really, a cartel.And donít forget, one company, if youíre in a grocery store and you see all the different brands of tinned whatever, one company might own all of those brands. Dozens and dozens of them, thatís quite legitimate. Thatís often what youíre actually seeing. And when you look at whatís in it, itís just heavily pesticide laden stuff. And youíre eating it. And you wonder why your cells start to change. Itís been known for a long, well, almost for about 60 years now that cancers, different cancers are caused by different things. Radiation is one, naturally. But chemical changes can make it happen too. And when you have persistent chemicals coming into your body that shouldnít be there, then it can certainly cause cellular changes.


Viruses can cause them too, we know that too. In fact, the war industry created a lot of stuff from viruses to do with, if they ever had long, long term wars it would take generations, theyíve got all kinds of weapons, including viruses that could work down generations and kill and sterilize the coming generations of a potential enemy.You have no idea what goes on. But weíre fed this stuff.


Now, remember, that the big boys through many front people, with whom they made famous naturally, and some who were already famous because some of them literally belong in this managed system, like the Huxleyís, Thomas Huxley and the offspring.They actually proclaim that they are part of the scientific management elite. I think it was Julian Huxley mentioned that. So they already, itís intergenerational managers and that was their job, as certain branches of science, including social sciences. They all talked about the big problem of overpopulation. Now, the countries that they were talking about at that time were presumed to be so-called Third World countries. Oh, thereís too many of them, look at them all, my goodness, thereís too many. But in actual fact they were talking about a world society and thatís why they really started their depopulation in their home countries. Because they were just as terrified of the peasants in Britain, if they werenít mowed down by machine fire every few years, rising up and overthrowing them. Thatís what frightened them. And when communism got on the go that frightened them all the more, the prospect of that too.


So they were rather blatant as I say, their whole goal was always a world governmental system to be dominated. No point just going after a country here or there, get the whole, get them all involved. Then you get a world governmental system with your world managers system and classes, and scientific class and academic class running the show.Then social work departments, etc. etc.†† Then you would train the people from birth to be good citizens, which means obedience, do what youíre told and donít ask questions and so on. But they also wanted sterilization for a lot. Donít forget, these are the same guys who brought you eugenics. Theyíd always believed in eugenics, and thereís way too much to go into it.


But the fact is, they got their World War I. They got their World War II. And they kept saying, see, see, see, we told you so, you canít go on like this. They helped bring it about, but, we told you so, are you ready to give up your sovereignty? HG Wells even said after the second one, he actually made statements to the press, we need another war, they still havenít given up their sovereignty. So he said that after World War I, and he said the same thing after World War II.But he made it quite plain that the goal was always a world governmental system.Part of the planning techniques he put into some of his other books as well, like A Modern Utopia, including sterilization of the unfit and unwanted and the unnecessary basically. You see, thatís what the whole thing is, youíre unnecessary. And with progress, progress, progress more and more of you become unnecessary.


And farming, back then, donít forget farming back then, they kept saying, and the United Nations said it too when they came in. But they said, they only copied what they said long before that, itís too important to be left to farmers. If you want to control people and you, even if you had a good slice of the market, you controlled a good chunk of the market, could control the food supply and even withdraw the food supply.If thereís any independent ones out there at all the peasantry could go around there at night and maybe get some food for themselves. The whole point is total control, then they canít get food anywhere. Thatís where they want to bring you too.


Donít forget that Canada quite a few years back now passed a law to make it illegal for Canadians to, who have furnaces, you know, forced air furnaces, oil-based, made it illegal for them to purchase oil to heat themselves in the winter without a governmental, the government approved inspection.That means they can come in every year at your home and if they donít like this or that or whatever you have to buy a new this and a new that and yada, yada ya.Systems that were perfectly fine and worked fine for generations suddenly are obsolete and they need new tanks every so many years, at 2000 bucks apiece to hold the oil, etc. etc. They always make sure that their own businesses make a fortune out of the control put out on top of you. But to basically forbid folk without this license, you have to get a license to heat yourself!


You understand what itís all about?And youíve got global warming and global cooling and all the rest of it. Do you understand what itís all about? And then food control, thatís coming down the pike too? I hope you do understand what itís all about. As I say, the ones who created the world wars, and who helped foment the action of country against country, and who profited mightily up to the present day off these wars because youíre still paying interest of them, theyíre still in charge today. They see you as the same peons that ended up in Gallipoli or whatever, wars they had or in the Western front in Europe and France, they see you exactly the same way.


Theyíre not as arrogant in public as they used to be because theyíve been groomed, given basic training on how to act. But oh, theyíre still the same, still the same. And theyíll tell you, when you meet them and have little chats with them, theyíre quite open about it. Thereís too many of the peasants, you know, the people, thereís just too, they just donít, we donít need them anymore, yada yada ya, theyíre taking all of our resources up and we canít survive as a species down the road andÖ Meaning, they canít survive as a species down the road if youíre all surviving too.Quite blatant about it. But they give you the fronts which is, oh we have to save the world, weíre going to take all the rights off you, to save the world, youíve got to stop heating yourselves. Because itís causing carbon, oh, we canít have that, youíd better freeze to death, hey, for the good of the planet.


You understand the incredible behavioral psychology thatís rammed down our throats from everywhere you look, even the movies and childrenís books for children that make sure itís all embedded in it. The teachers are getting paid big money to be change agents to indoctrinate the children into these kinds of citizens. This is a war technique.In a war, everythingís flat out and no expense is spared, because theyíre borrowing money like crazy and youíre all going to pay it back anyway.Itís the same thing with this big agenda, itís a war agenda. Oh, global warming is the thing they settled on. Even though weíre freezing to death in the winter, they wonít change their tactics. Thereís too many of you breathing, too many of them, if half of you would just die tomorrow we might get it down by 2% or whatever, yada, yada ya.


Itís all to do with taking over control and having you acquiesce to give control for your very existence to these characters who are just about total socialistic control of your lives, and your thoughts by the way. They arenít stopping at what you eat or how you heat yourself or anything like that.Including what you think. It was all planned a long time ago.Bertrand Russell said it when he was a big planner for this agency. In fact, he helped design, as I said before, a lot of the culture that has changed since the 1940s to the present, and still some of it to come, he helped design it. With the Macy group and the other groups he was authorized, he actually, Iíve actually published all the organizations he was authorized to work with.He was rather blatant about it. Lord Bertrand Russell, right.Quite something.


Now, one of the books he wrote was called The Impact of Science on Society. I used to read parts of his books years ago on the air to show you how old this agenda is, and how it ties in with the food today, your vaccinations, all this kind of stuff.It ties in, folks. Ties in, ties in, ties in. The Impact of Science on Society page 50 he saysÖ


Fichte laid it down that, education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. But in his day this was an unattainable ideal: what he regarded as the best system in existence produced Karl Marx. In future such failures are not likely to occur where there is dictatorship.


(Alan:Heís talking about the need for dictatorship, you see.)


Diet, injections (A:Öthatís your vaccinations.), and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.


(A:So you wonít be able to criticize anything at all.)


Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.


A totalitarian government with a scientific bent might do things that to us would seem horrifying. The Nazis were more scientific than the present rulers of Russia, and were more inclined towards the sort of atrocities than I have in mind. They were said ó I do not know with what truth ó to use prisoners in concentration camps as material for all kinds of experiments, some involving death after much pain. If they had survived, they would probably have soon taken to scientific breeding. Any nation which adopts this practice will, within a generation, secure great military advantages.


The system, one may surmise, will be something like this: except possibly in the governing aristocracy, all but 5 per cent of males and 30 per cent of females will be sterilized. The 30 per cent of females will be expected to spend the years from eighteen to forty in reproduction, in order to secure adequate cannon fodder. As a rule, artificial insemination will be preferred to the natural method.


(A:Now, so much of what heís saying here [Alan chuckles.] is exactly where all your tax moneyís been going for the last 40-50 years, isnít it? Think about it.So heís talking about his, what he mentioned about, even that was inadequate, he said. So, diet, injections, and injunctionsÖ)


Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.


Now, that ties in with all the articles, even some today, Iíll put some links up, to the system they brought in, electronic system of communication.And donít forget, communication is something that they always have worried about from the dawn of time in governing classes. If the peasants start to communicate then you have to nip it in the bud in case they end up having rebellions or whatever. Or having incredible spy agencies to collect all the data on whoís saying what. And to punish those who are saying certain things, always. And today theyíve made it, with giving you about 25 years or more of the computer, making it indispensable for all kinds of business and so on, theyíre already censoring people from saying certain things now, Ďeh. Quite openly.


Thatís not byÖ Itís the same agenda here.Itís the same agenda. Russell himself talked about using credits, given out by the state for pay basically. Like a basic income for everyone, deposit it into your accounts. If you were disrespectful of the system, of the governing system or whatever or complained about anything, they would simply withdraw your ability to withdraw your credits every month. So you couldnít pay your rent, buy your food or anythingÖ until you got down on your knees and apologized and paid the penalty, etc. Well, weíre here, folks.Youíve got the exact same system where youíre taken off the air. Or you canít communicate to people electronically for X amount of time, like a penalty, like a prison penalty. This is the new justice system if you havenít quite caught on to it, folks, and itís judge, jury and executioner all combined in one. You have no say in anything.


It reminds me so much of, whatís often laughed at, because you go into the old, old religious discourses they had about what would even Revelation be all about and so on. And it is a fascinating topic because it has such great imagery. Of course, the old languages and the old stories were fantastic for imagery, and mental imagery. But you also find that, the statements like, in the Bible, for instance, that out of your own mouths are you condemned. So if someoneís twittering [Alan chuckles.] and tweeting all over the place, and youíre seeing that, and bang, theyíre getting pulled off for this and pulled off for that because of something they saidÖJudge, jury, executioner.So all this stuff Iím talking about was planned long before I was born, and before most of you were born too, Iím sure.


So yeah, he tells you what they would do. Heís not fantasizing here. Heís saying his version of it, and many of his compatriots were giving the same versions of it, in the same big think tanks, etc. of the day, belonging to the same organizations. Donít forget that Russell himself belong to MI5 during World War II. He and George Orwell in fact, Blair, worked together, sometimes even at the BBC and outside the BBC, in different think tanks as well. They also worked with Koestler, Koestler that came out with Darkness at Noon, and far left, almost communistic I suppose, and a few other books as well, well known for it.So they all worked together.They used a lot of communists by the way, for MI5 during the war for propaganda purposes. Russell, from insiders who wrote about their experiences there, they actually mentioned that Russell was your typical psychopath too, very arrogant and completely self-confident about himself. Because he was very pushy and arrogant and strong, to womenís eyes, he would have affairs. He was always going after the women and trying to seduce them simply to peeve off their husbands, to prove he was stronger.He did it with Arthur Koestler, he kept hitting on her because his wife was at these meetings.


But thatís the kind of character he was.He was an arrogant psychopath employed by the powers that be, and part of the powers that be to plan the future. Weíre living through a lot of it today. Itís coming out exactly, exactly as he forecasted. He wasnít looking at a crystal ball, he knew it was going to happen because they had planned it all.Theyíd planned it.†† HG Wells talked about Ďthe world brainí, instant communication of all data across the planet.Hm? But it doesnít matter, people will forget this. As soon as you get the next quote from some politician, folk will forget all about you, you know. Iím not kidding you, [Alan chuckles.] they will. Theyíll go, oh, did you hear what so-and-so said?Well! And theyíre ready to kill each other again.And all the real stuff is just ignored.


So if you wonder what all the big push now for trying to get all genders to produce babies, I remember in Australia when they tried it with a guy, to create an artificial womb years ago and I kept saying, what on earth are they trying this for? Well, theyíre trying to create ways of creating artificial wombs, just like Brave New World. ††Where do you think all that came from? Öfrom the 1930s, for goodness sake!And you get all the articles today with the same things going on, of this incredible rush to produce children outside of the female womb. And thatís why Russell ended that little bit there withÖ


As a rule, artificial insemination will be preferred to the natural method.


Weíre simply living through a big agenda, an old agenda. Reality is far different than the one that theyíve indoctrinated into us through school, and through what youíre given as documentaries and so on about reality and the cutting edge, etc. Theyíre way way ahead of it always and youíre given a completely different version. Thatís why folk across Europe are wondering, they canít figure out why their countries are sinking and sinking, the politicians can bring more and more people in, and youíve got to support them all, and youíre not making anything anymore. Do you really think theyíre this stupid? Do you really think that? Do you?Hm?Your nations are not what you think they are. And the politicians and your governments are not what you think they are either.


Now, I have to rush, I guess. I always prattle off before I even read the articles. I donít even like reading the articles, except occasionally to tie them in with what Iím prattling on about. And I donít plan these things. Iíve been busy all week shoveling snow most of the week and trying to stop the roof from falling in. Because the weight was incredible with snow that kept building up, about a foot every other day, on top of the previous snow. And then if you get ice settling in there and is going to be awfully heavy. Then snow again. Itís pretty nasty. Plus, I have about over 100 foot of driveway to shovel too. Anyway, thatís what Iíve been doing all week. And I had no idea what Iíd talk about tonight. So anyway, Iím going to put up a few links regardless that might tie in with what Iíve been talking about.


Polar vortex, again, too, itís a joke. Iím telling you, when this winter is over it will be one of the longest winters, Iím sure, in my history, by the time itís finished. And the coldest. Theyíll tell us in April and May or in June that, theyíll tell us, the experts will tell us, right, it was the warmest winter in history. You wait and see. Because itís an agenda, itís nothing to do with reality.

One of the coldest spells in HISTORY wreaks havoc across the Midwest where rail tracks are set alight to keep trains moving and people are warned to 'avoid taking deep breaths' in -70 wind chill - dailymail.co.uk / 30 Jan 2019


That was probably on peopleís television. I didnít see it because I donít have television. But they actually heat the tracks off to try and get the ice off them. And then you haveÖ


MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: ĎGlobal warmingí Ďconsensusí was determined before the research even began - climatedepot.com / 30 Jan 2019


Thatís old stuff too to me because the Club of Rome came out with it and says they were given the agenda, to get an agenda for reasons to take over control of the planet and resources and everything else, and they said, they hit upon the idea of global warming, famine, drought, and the like, that would fit the bill, and man, therefore, would be the enemy of sustainability.Then another one, the Club of Rome, the ones who came up with the idea, because they were given the task, they had to find some wayÖ They even considered UFOs at one point, anything at all to bring the world together, a very old idea. Some presidents mentioned it, some prime ministers in Canada mentioned it too, that if we were only invaded by people from a different planet, weíd all come together, and then have their global government, you see.But of course, itís much better to get the weather than fall for the UFO invasion stuff. So the...


The Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan - clubofrome.org


Iíll put that up too, for those who care about it. Now, back to control, food, and all the rest of it.


Food in the Anthropocene: the EATĖLancet (A:Thatís the British medical Journal.) Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems - thelancet.com / 16 Jan 2019


Theyíve now got committees together to try, because everything in an expert controlled society has to have divisions, you see, of different sciences. So now youíve got the doctors involved in what youíre going to eat and what youíll be allowed to eat down in the future. And you will, you will be monitored. Theyíve already turn out the machinery to monitor you like crazy on what youíre eating and buying and so on. And you will be controlled.They mean it when they talk about a totalitarian system.


Doctors Demand Total Control of Global Food Distribution to Solve Obesity, Hunger and Cimate Change - wattsupwiththat.com / 28 Jan 2019


Öeven though folk are getting obese because theyíre not getting the proper nutrients as well, we know that as well. Plus, theyíve got all the bisphenols of all kinds of things from the pesticides, and itís affecting us genetically, of course it is.Another one too isÖ


Family Was Watched Through Nest Security Cameras - chicago.cbslocal.com / 31 Jan 201


Öfor those who donít quite know whatís going on with all their wonderful security systems. Thereís nothing out there that cannot be hacked and is hacked. Youíll find even from Vault 7 I think that WikiLeaks came out with, and you saw what the CIA can do, used, and all the rest of the big boys, and how they could hack your car and make it go off the road and so on, you know. I remember too a few years back when they were, with the newer accelerator pedals in cars, there were certain cars that were getting locked down, in other words, go down by itself and stay there. Because you donít have the cable anymore, itís all electronic positioning. But Iíll bet you anything, I wouldnít be surprised if thatís what they were testing and unknown to the drivers.Weíre constantly being studied as they test these different things out on the public. But anyway, thereís people getting, using their own home security system and itís being hacked like crazy.And they spend a lot of money on the security systems, itís phenomenal. Another one too isÖ


Is the 10-year challenge a boon to Facebook's facial recognition tech?

smh.com.au / 22 Jan 2019 / Jacey Fortin


(A:This is an incredible, big incredible intelligence agency, isnít it, running Facebook. It always was from the beginning. They always give you the front people with the claim, they make you believe in the mythology. But these are all planned long before the even pick the person to front them. It saysÖ)


The 10-year challenge was all fun and memes until last week after a tweet moved thousands of people to worry: are we unknowingly helping giant corporations to improve their algorithms for biometric identification and age progression?


OF COURSE, YOU ARE.And they mention in it too, again, Facebook was part of it to find your family history, get your DNA tested. And the idiots send it all off, you know. I mean, you canít help most folk, you know. Itís true, you really canít. You canít.Iíll put these things up. And thenÖ


Toyota to Introduce Amazon Alexa in its Vehicles - corporatenews.pressroom.toyota.com / 9 Jan 2018


Toyota to Give Guardian Safety to Help Humans - autoconnectedcar.com / 13 Jan 2019


I guess they call it guardian safety, to help humans. To help humans, you see. Itís all to help. Everything they do is to help you, I hope you understand that. Monitoring you too is to help you. Again, getting back to what Russell was saying about, all these things fall right into [Alan chuckles.] what Russell was saying, food and so on. And then intoÖ


YouTube says it will crack down on recommending conspiracy videos

edition.cnn.com / 25 Jan 2019


YouTube is making changes to its recommendation algorithm, which serves of new videos for users to watch, in an effort to crack down on the spread of conspiracy theories on its platform.


So there you go. Thereís another article too. Some guy made some kind of like or dislike comments. I think it was on a joke heíd seen, then ticked it off, he disliked it, and he got a visit from the police who said he better start being careful about what heís saying or thinking. The thought police, hey. Itís all here, folks.


I said this 20 years ago. I said it would be a 20 year span you would get for the computer, as they made sure that everyone would get on to it, until it would be indispensable, and then theyíd start taking away the freebies and that. And eventually by the time you caught on to what it was all about you wouldnít be able to give it up anyway. So Iíll put these links up. Another one too isÖ


Cannabis Use and Risk of Prescription Opioid Use Disorder in the United States - ajp.psychiatryonline.org / 26 Sept 2017


Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence - imprimis.hillsdale.edu / Jan 2019


Öfor those who think itís all fun and games. Some good articles actually.Because itís not the old, this isnít the old cannabis. Itís way, itís about 20 odd times, maybe 25 times more potent than the old stuff from 1970s. Itís got lots of documentation from the medical authorities and studies, and of course, that will all get brushed under the carpet because of the incredible profits that people are going to get. Plus, itís going to keep everybody drugged, hey.Drugs, injections and injunctions, etc., and diet of course.


Also, ha, now that were on a roll to depopulate fast now, weíve got to speed it up nowÖ


Catholics want New Yorkís Gov. Cuomo to be excommunicated for his abortion policy - washingtonpost.com / 25 Jan 2019


Öbecause now they can kill a baby up until itís actually emerging, I think, to the last day. SoÖ Arenít we really humane? This is progress, as life is completely dehumanized until weíre, well, you know, weíd holler and scream if we did that to animals. But isnít it amazing, weíve been trained to abhor ourselves, by our masters.


N.Y. abortion bill: 'alarming in every sense' - bpnews.net / 24 Jan 2019


Öalarming in every sense, it says. And itís got a bunch of other US states that are jumping on the bandwagon very quickly. Itís all prearranged, naturally, and youíre seeing the effects of it now.†† AndÖ


Vermont introduces radical bill to protect Ďfundamental rightí to unlimited abortions - lifesitenews.com / 25 Jan 2019


It just goes on and on. Really. But it doesnít surprise me at all. It really doesnít. I read this article too, it saysÖ


Six Tanzanian children killed 'for body parts' - bbc.com / 28 Jan 2019


(A:After reading the other stuff too, about the abortions, and they sell the abortion parts off, you know, across the world. You donít even want to go where a lot of it goes, to make people young and so on, you donít want to even go there. But then when I read this article on Tanzania, it saysÖ)


Six children in south-western Tanzania have been killed and had their ears and teeth removed, the authorities say.


Some of the bodies of the children, aged between two and nine years old, were also missing limbs.


"This is all about superstitious beliefs and many believe they will get help from witchcraft," Njombe District Commissioner Ruth Msafiri said.


Police have detained one suspect, a close relative of three of the children who were from the same family.


Ten children in all have gone missing in Njombe since the beginning of December and four have been found alive.


Correspondents say that some witchdoctors in the region tell people that human body parts have special properties that can bring them wealth and luck.


Now, this is from the BBC weíre talking about that reported this. Now, after reading the other stuff too, and I thought about the abortion parts, and the money the surgeons are making off this and abortionists and so on, and selling these parts across the world for all kinds of, we call it Western witchcraft, which is longevity products, etc. What on earth is the difference, folks?Hm?Really?Really, really, really?


So weíre due for more bad weather this weekend too so Iíll get on with it and get out there and start shoveling again. Itís not all gloom and doom naturally. But for those who can handle it, who can handle the bad news without cracking up, I think, I know from the folk who get in touch with me, it has a good effect across the planet on lots of people and at least a lot of folk understand the system much, much clearer and better, and donít fall into the traps thatís laid out for them. You wouldnít believe, ha, the massive bureaucracy and the sciences involved in conditioning us all to be dumb, stupid, immature for our entire lives and to believe everything that weíre told from government departments.†† Itís incredible.


Russell said it too, remember, that everybody in the world will believe, no matter what country they live in, that they live in the best country in the world with the best health care and the best this and the best that, simply because their government will keep telling them so. And isnít that the way of it.


For myself, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.†††


Topics of show covered in following links:


One of the coldest spells in HISTORY wreaks havoc across the Midwest where rail tracks are set alight to keep trains moving and people are warned to 'avoid taking deep breaths' in -70 wind chill

dailymail.co.uk / 30 Jan 2019


MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: ĎGlobal warmingí Ďconsensusí was determined before the research even began

climatedepot.com / 30 Jan 2019


The Club of Rome Climate Emergency Plan



Food in the Anthropocene: the EATĖLancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems

thelancet.com / 16 Jan 2019


Doctors Demand Total Control of Global Food Distribution to Solve Obesity, Hunger and Climate Change

wattsupwiththat.com / 28 Jan 2019


Family Was Watched Through Nest Security Cameras

chicago.cbslocal.com / 31 Jan 2019


Is the 10-year challenge a boon to Facebook's facial recognition tech?

smh.com.au / 22 Jan 2019


Toyota to Introduce Amazon Alexa in its Vehicles

corporatenews.pressroom.toyota.com / 9 Jan 2018


Toyota to Give Guardian Safety to Help Humans

autoconnectedcar.com / 13 Jan 2019


YouTube says it will crack down on recommending conspiracy videos

edition.cnn.com / 25 Jan 2019


Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

imprimis.hillsdale.edu / Jan 2019


Cannabis Use and Risk of Prescription Opioid Use Disorder in the United States

ajp.psychiatryonline.org / 26 Sept 2017


Catholics want New Yorkís Gov. Cuomo to be excommunicated for his abortion policy

washingtonpost.com / 25 Jan 2019


N.Y. abortion bill: 'alarming in every sense'

bpnews.net / 24 Jan 2019


Vermont introduces radical bill to protect Ďfundamental rightí to unlimited abortions

lifesitenews.com / 25 Jan 2019


Six Tanzanian children killed 'for body parts'

bbc.com / 28 Jan 2019



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