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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Materialism =

"Societal Breakdown, Financial Mess,

We All Pay for Our Rulers' Success."

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 10, 2019.I should really start off by reminding myself as well as you, that I should really be mentioning the books and discs @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com websites. You can buy them, you can find out how to do it @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.Also take a note of all the other sites I have on that page in case any of them go down for any particular reason and youíll always be able hopefully to access my shows and so on. Also, you can donate if youíd like to. Because Iíve had so much stuff up for many, many years for free. Itís only the occasional person once in a while, or the same handful of people in fact, who will donate on any kind of semi regular basis. That helps me to tick over.


But people from all over the planet use the website constantly, a lot of talk show guys do it too for their own shows, etc. And so many people are into all kinds of occult and New Age things, because theyíre bored stiff probably, and they want information on these old religions and things like that, and the present ones too, and I used to cover them all in pretty good detailÖ and many other things too, to do with our existence on the planet. Because our existence, again, your life is pretty short, you know, it will fly by. One day youíll sit back and say, why did I waste so much time on this or that or whatever it happened to be? Or even just entertainment in itself?


Because the biggest problem with people today, it will get worse and worse and worse by the way, as, really, the old, old, ha, the joke and the reality too, of the meaning of life and the purpose of life, etc., as you go through rapid changes...Because weíre trained by the masters of the world to behave in certain ways, with each generation, and to believe in certain things and even to have causes, that will always suit those at the top, which generally are the international bankers and Iíll touch on that tonight.


However, I do go into the fact too that thereís much more to humanity than what youíre given. I think weíve all experienced, and hopefully, hopefully weíve all experienced, I think youíre cut off through pure materialism if you donít experience it, but the occasional sensation of someone going to phone you or something like that. It used to be more obvious before you had cell phones, because people didnít phone you all the time, especially if it was long-distance and things like that. But the cell phones now, people are actually, they expect phone calls all the time.


But in the old days, not so long ago, which are the old days now, you would get senses of people either going to visit you, just unexpectedly, but youíd get a sense it was going to happen. And you would get senses. These are senses, the natural senses that we do have, sixth senses. I think really children probably have more awareness of the senses, they donít suppress them. Because they havenít been told to yet. Once theyíre in school they drum all of that out of you with so-called practicalities for survival, so they claim. But itís really just to get your early indoctrination of the system so youíll obey and work for the system without even knowing it.But itís drummed out of you through materialism and the worries of just surviving and getting through life, etc. etc. etc. And dealing with all the natural drive that youíre born with that develop even later. Thereís lots of drives that will distract you, and thereís massive businesses to help them on, because they get money off you as they distract you. Itís quite surprising, the detail that goes into creating any particular batch of years. And thatís how I see them, are batches of years.


So as I say, I go into all this stuff in detail over many, many years and lots of people use them. So remember, you can buy the books and discs @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.I would churn out more books really, but the reality is too, Iíd prefer just to tell the people information that might help them get on through life, or survive through life, at least on a personal basis. It might not even be successful financially but at least itís helping. What is success, really?Hm? Youíre told youíve got successes, and believe you me, you wonít find any real genuine people out there that have what you would term big, big success who are really happy. Youíll find too with incredible alterations in society and functions, etc. and expectations, that it will get worse and worse and worse.


That was also known back in the early 20th century by people like Aldous Huxley who also talked at Berkeley in the 60s about it and he said that people really are not terribly happy, basically, intrinsically theyíre not terribly happy. And happiness is a strange term because today, under psychiatry, which helps to rule you, and psychology, and you have behaviorists all ruling you, they promote the idea that happiness is success and happiness is what they tell you success happens to be.And they give you all these idols to follow, that really are just fronts for big corporations behind them. The making of a star, Hollywood, music, whatever it happens to be, takes a lot of money, or even books for that matter, it takes a lot of money to promote the person and to create them into the star image. And when you get big television stations immediately grabbing on to somebody you know itís one of the establishmentís creations. Because they give you people, from all walks of life, or thoughts of life, or segments of thought of life, to guide people who are looking. In other words, they give you a guru for every particular area that you happen to look at in fact.


People also will condemn you for even voicing certain concerns, and it has to be done at times. Youíve got to be honest about everything, as best as you can.And being honest will mean youíll be condemned. Youíll find even the old religions were suited to the time, what they called old religions. And even though you have different criticism of old religions, in all countries, and all types of religions, youíll find at the same time that some of them, especially those that came into Europe, you find that they give you values, or they give values to the people that stopped total chaos. It was bad enough being plundered by nobility and futile systems and so on, like that.At least they give a sense of worth to people that didnít exist anywhere else in the world. You were either a loser or somebody. And if you were a loser you were a slave generally, and the property of somebody; serfs were obviously property too.


The big condemnation in hindsight, this is the big problem that you have today, everything is judged in hindsight, according to todayís standards. And you canít project todayís standards on to the Middle Ages or yesterdayís past. It canít be done.Different times. Different era.They didnít have welfare systems. They didnít have social work departments.They didnít have all the different things youíre used to today. And people really didnít have the drive for materialism that you have today, where thereís mass consumerism, it didnít exist before. It was basics, that was it. And it wasnít easy. And life was tough. And we only got out of that in some countries in the 20th century because of world wars. And that is true.


Different movements took place to allow some of the cash to stay in the pockets of the earners, for a change, and to get something back for your money. The US was the same tooÖ And Iím talking just off the top of my head, this wasnít planned or anything like that. But I was just thinking of the US revolution, much more to it than meets the eye too.It took years in preparation, Benjamin Franklin mentioned that too, with the secret societies that ran the day. They were intragenerational revolutionaries.Like Tom Paine for instance, who in his own writing said that he belonged to a family of intergenerational freedom fighters, or revolutionaries. Revolutionaries was the term, actually.


So you donít realize that things are not spontaneous in life, anymore than today, the different values youíre given today, and the switches are spontaneous and thatís so far from any kind of reality. Iíve mentioned so many times about some of the books I have here, old books, because I studied as much as I could about certain things which interested me, as to the whys of things. And one of the whys was, how, what shaped societyís values?Itís like George Bernard Shaw, for instance, a member of the Fabian Society. He defined along with HG Wells, to the readers of their different publications, what they meant by socialism versus socialist.And all theseÖ it sounds subtle, the difference, but theyíre not subtle at all. There are big differences.Where he said, literally, socialism was the complete reordering of all society. Complete, thatís man, woman, child, everything, nation, purpose, function.


And it was intertwined with Marxism of course. Thatís why Marxism was pushed too, in London, by the way.Donít forget where MarxÖ Marx was kicked out of Germany, he went to live in London and he was kept in a good lifestyle there, he even had servants and so on.For those who think he was a poor little guy, itís far from the truth. And letís be honest too, since the whole point of Marxism was to overthrow, again, of all organized governmental systems and monarchies, believe you me, the British monarchy was not a system that took this kind of lightly. So they gave permission for him to live there. Thereís much more to everything than meets the eye, obviously.


Communism was basically a big, big test.The first one was the American Revolution, could people basically, and this is a bit of a joke of course, run their own lives without having experts and the proper people managing them? That was part of the test, supposedly, the big study, the big experiment. And the next experiments was the Soviet system that came along, where they had, again, the epitome, supposedly, of true socialism where the ĎSovietí, which is a Ďrule by councilsí, councils for every type of function in life and department and so on, and unions, would be run by the Soviet, these councils and it would be a perfect utopia for everybody. Which was a big lie because humanity always overtakes any idealism, and that means the crooked psychopaths are always at the top. [Alan chuckles.] I donít care what the system is called, itís the same system, really.


But getting back to what Iím saying. Beria who was the chief of police at one point in the 1930s in the Soviet system, or the and KVD and the Cheka, etc, he ran the Comintern for the Soviet system, like the Young Communists International. Many leaders that eventually even ruled Canada at one point went over there because they were members of the Comintern, and other countries too attend it.And bankers too by the way, you know, bankers were not out of this picture at all. Beria said that it used to take a whole generation, about 70 years, thatís how they took a generation at that timeÖ He said that, it used to take 70 years to make the small social changes necessary before they could make the next step, to push it further, on any particular area. But he said, now with the scientific study of humans in society, talking about behaviorism and psychology and psychiatry that was still fairly new at that time, then he said, we can, and with the proper indoctrination, we can literally by intense propaganda and indoctrination alter behavior and opinions and segments, within every four years.


Every four years. So if youíre taking the span of, say, 16 years, you could get the first group of children coming in at school at four or five, and then four years later you could have an indoctrination which would up the indoctrination of the first four years, and a step further, and within 16 years of doing this technique, you could have a reversed opinion onit, the particular topic could be reversed completely and the belief could be reversed. And thatís happened so fast in fact. Today with mass communication, they said that mass communication would be more and more perfected and available to everybody, would be the technique which would be used. Thatís television, radio, they have cell phones and the Internet and so on. Itís all been done.


Itís interesting to stand back and just watch it, and to see it happening. And to even see the fronts that are developed and put out for the public to follow that pretend to speak for different segments of society and the public. Segments which theyíve actually created in fact, as though weíre a separate species or groups or whatever. Which is nonsense, youíre either all human or youíre not all human. But this is what theyíve done.†† Itís easier to control society and that way, in voting blocks.By segmenting them all itís easy for those who rule the planet, and the future. Itís very important to understand this idea of the future, and the planet itself. And unfortunately, it really does eradicate the natural human abilities, techniques of being human, that are techniques of being human, and it takes work to be a good human.†††


And unfortunately, as you throw religion out the window youíve lost, youíve thrown out the values that helped your ancestors up to the present day, your predecessors, survive, so that you are here today. Because it took a lot of social involvement by neighbors, as I say, even in places like Britain to help each other out before the welfare system really came in. And youíve got mass unemployment and so on, people had to really help each other. It was only because of the vestiges of religion that kept them alive. Today, theyíll tell their relatives, just go on welfare, before theyíll help them out. Thatís what you get unfortunately. So the state has become supreme, exactly as HG Wells said it would it be made to be, supreme over any family involvement. It would be the head of the family in other words, whatever family that happen to be, or kind of family it would be.Itís all happened.


It really is fascinating to see it all happening and to live through so much of it and to see the massive well-financed pushes, and organized pushes, not just for segments of society, but through entertainment and through everything, to make all of this possible, to make it happen the way that it was planned to be. So before, as I say, even 20, 30 years ago you had ideas of where it was all going, how it works, etc., and youíd study enough to understand where they said it would go, and bingo, itís happened.But every generation, once you hit 20 youíve got folk who think itís somehow all their generation, that they are in charge. They really think that.They believe that. They have no idea that the music, the entertainment, even the jingo talk and vernacular that theyíre given for each age, they really think itís theirs, itís their creation. They really do believe that.Itís fascinating to watch it over and over and over again.


But what Iím trying to say, ha, what am I trying to say? Iím trying to say that basically things are vastly different, vastly, vastly different than youíd imagine. I read some articles this week about some people in Britain who like to have debates, who get, you know, in public and universities and so on, whoíve been banned from universities because of the previous views, and the present views on certain topics.And he was banned. I think his talk was going to be freedom of speech and censorship.[Alan laughing.]So, the student unions and so on banned him from giving his talk at university. And universities are supposed to be, at one time, the pinnacles, supposedly, I donít think they ever really were, but they were the pinnacle supposedly of free speech.If you lose free speech, youíre under tyranny, if you donít understand that. And if you lose one area of free speech then thereís always one to follow and get added to it and get added to it and added to it until literally, youíre in a corner somewhere, like George Orwellís 1984 and Winston has to write in his diary trying to be out of sight of the camera in his room.Thatís where we are.Thatís where we are right now actually.But this particular guy, it was Peter Hitchens, he said that you have to remember that these students, itís easy to forgive them, all your students and youíre young and all. But the students, he said, will become the civil servants, the CEOs and the teachers and professors that will teach the next generation, and if theyíre so intolerant now, what are they going to be like when theyíre in charge of everything?


Really, what youíre seeing is the implementation of the worst tyranny this planetís ever seen.And I really mean that. Because as bad as 1984, George Orwellís book, was in his portrayal of a future, at least, at least there were some places perhaps outside of the camera you could get away.In our total surveillance society, hell is staring us in the face, and youíd better become a good PC robot if you want to survive. Thatís what is going to be, when you will eventually be picked out because you had wrong thing, you thought something and it was the wrong thought. Like Winstonís neighbor in 1984, where, when Winston is in the jail, you know, in the Ministry of Love or whatever it was called, where they tortured you, naturally, then he met his neighbor there. And his neighbor said, oh, he says, my daughter, his young daughter who was about 10 or something, wearing the little outfit of socialism, because they allÖ All socialism has outfits, uniforms, for those who donít quite get it.Thereís also uniformity of behavior. Thereís uniformity of speech. Thereís uniformity of topics which youíll talk about and push and opinions youíre going to have. Itís like a cloning in fact they all have with each other. But he meets his neighbor in there and he says, itís my daughter that found out, I was saying something in my sleep, I didnít know it, but thank goodness that she did the right thing and turned me in.


Thatís how youíre all going to be. Youíll feel guilty for thinking something. You already do. Pavlovian style. Because indoctrination is so scientifically incredibly amazingly accurate with todayís technologies and methods, methodology. Iíve already mentioned the different nudge units that you have out there that are in charge of everything put across the Internet and your cell phones and everything else, and your chat rooms, and pushing you and nudging you to be good good good, and good depends on what flavor the tyranny that runs you wants today.Not kidding you.


But getting back to what Iím talking about. If you say the right things youíre going to be definitely attacked.That will happen. Thereís a lot of rather fake people out there too that have made massive businesses, massive businesses out of being the fake fronts for a lot of the stuff. Thatís when you always know, if theyíre rolling in the bucks, believe you me, theyíre part of the system. Even if they pretend that theyíre opposite, theyíre rolling in the bucks, thatís one of the clues, and will have no problem getting on television or whatever it happens to be.But when you forget and throw out your natural humanity, and that was the connection with what they called the world of spirit, all through religion, when you throw that out then youíve are at the mercy of the worst materialistic scientific tyranny the world has ever seen.And unfortunately, because you have nothing to hold onto faith wise, and in terrible times of stress and evil, then youíll crack completely with nothing to hold onto.


When you look across the world today at the incredible corruption, everywhere, everywhere you look in the West amongst the general population now, now that itís on a roll for materialism, easy credit and disposable products that donít last very long, but just constantly a consumer society, itís really scary when you look at it.Really scary. Where life is becoming so cheap, and folk are being trained to see life as being cheapÖ and, Iím okay, Jack, as they say, Iím all right Jack and so tough luck on you.And it starts with youngsters, babies, and ends up with elderly people or folk who are just sick, being offered euthanasia rather than having treatment for problems which are easily treated today but maybe costs a bit of money. So what? Your governments have got plenty of money to blow on their own incredible salaries and expenses, and the massive civil servant, multilayered civil servant system that you have that would terrify when you when you see the incomes of these characters.


And Iím so out of touch with a lot of the income brackets and so on that I get kind of shocked at what I see. Then I realize itís probably fairly normal, when I see the incomes that the greedy society that we now live in has created. Because thereís way too many folk getting churned out of university and collegeís now that are taught that greed is good and they deserve it. It used to be just the ads to sell you things, you deserve it, go and have another chocolate, you deserve it. But now itís, yeah, take the world by the you know what, you deserve it, you can have it all and then go for it. Itís like thereís no humility left anymore.Itís really something else. Because the culture, and the old cultures have been destroyed, interesting, that, in itself, and replaced with another culture.


Now, hereís an example of how out of touch I am about what folk earn. And the cost of living of course, which is going to go up because of the bank scandals, which is simply the fact that the money system has always been a scandal, itís backed by nothing.Thereís nothing backing, you know, the paper or plastic or digital currency. Thereís nothing there. Itís a whole different topic, but the fact is, society now wants to be the multimillionaires, everybodyís been trained that they deserve it. I was looking this week in Sudbury, the city nearest me, and itís not a huge pace, Sudbury. Even in Greater Sudbury, itís a lot of scattered places and so on, little villages and all that. But Sudbury, itís not a huge place, like Toronto or anything like that.


I just looked into the local papers for a change to see if they mentioned anything about the ice storms that weíre having here in this area. And sure enough, I had tremendous ice storms.Well, not tremendous, there could have been a couple worse, I suppose. But this is backed by very high winds too for quite a few hours in the middle of the night. Trees went down all over the place and my roof got covered, on top of snow, with about 2 inches of ice. I had to get up there today and crack a lot up, or crack it off I should say, [Alan chuckles.] Öcracking up doing it I suppose.But itís quite something, this has been one of the coldest and earliest starting winters Iíve experience so far here. Because winters now are becoming longer and longer, starting in September with snow all the way through to the present time with lots and lots and lots of snow. And very low temperatures at night sometimes, -48į without the wind chill, thatís just the temperature, thatís Fahrenheit too.


So I was looking at the papers in Sudbury and around the same time this happens, this happens there just the last couple of days or whatever, they also had earthquakes in Sudbury. And immediately they bring out the experts, oh, itís just probably just mining related, probably. Even though east of Sudbury was one, and another one was in the west of Sudbury, quite a distance apart, but they, oh, itís probably mining related, nothing to worry about, etc. Meanwhile too there are, well, thereís one, at least one that we know of, underground accelerator not too far from Sudbury in the area.Itís been there for many years in fact. And thereís also a big lab deep, deep down at a different place in Sudbury. And it makes you wonder what really is going on. But thatís another thing, again.[Alan chuckles.]


Because youíre living in an era of incredible secrecy, itís not your right to know anything.It reallyÖAnd thatís how you are being trained by the way, have you noticed that? Youíre getting given no real news to do with, before, thereís no debates in parliaments or governments about upcoming this or upcoming that, youíre told nothing now, until things are just, laws are just passed. Have you noticed?Youíve been trained. Youíre given lots of dramas and soap operas to fill it up and pretend that itís news. Entertainment news is not news, to me.News is whatís going to affect your lives. But anyway, I looked through the papers and one of these articles just hit me. I guess if I read more and more of the local papers, Iíd see more of it. I know thereís always scandals and politics and money and all the rest of it, and taxpayers cash put up. But this was in the local paper and it was about a policeman thatÖ


Sudbury officer found guilty of discreditable conduct

thesudburystar.com / 6 Feb 2019


An 18 year veteran of the Greater Sudbury Police Force has been found guilty of discreditable conduct.


(Alan: And what it was, he said something on Facebook. Like, heís kind of like a whistleblower. But he aired a grievance that I think people should be [Alan chuckles.] Öshould be allowed to know about since weíre all paying for this kind of stuff, heavily, and they keep upping taxes and everything. And itís the same everywhere, every city across the planet is the same, weíve got psychopaths running the shows, folks.We DO.We do.Anyway, it saysÖ)


The complaint stemmed from comments Constable Robert Rheaume made on social media back in March 2018.


Rheaume's problems started due to some Facebook comments about the wages of several colleagues that were published through the annual Sunshine List.(A:Öwhatever that is.)


On March 24, 2018 he made this comment on a Facebook post titled ďSunshine List swells in Sudbury, Ontario.Ē:


ďWhat people should really be looking at is how someone like Sharon Baiden at the Greater Sudbury Police Service (A:I guess sheís up near the top or whatever. Actually, she might not even be near the top. Anyway, it saysÖ) went from making $130,000 just four years ago and is now at $205,000!! ††(A:Annually.I mean, whatís this?!?What kind ofÖ?!? I really am living way in the past, I guess, with cost of living and what folk are earning.)Thatís almost 50 percent raise in less than 4 yearsÖ (A:This is only one of them.) As a matter of fact, the year that former Chief Frank Elsner left, she got a $48,000 raise. (A:Not bad, Ďeh?)Sudbury taxpayers should be asking council how that happened?Ē


And on March 28, 2018 he posted another comment:


ďDonít take this the wrong way my friendÖBut after seeing the Sunshine List last week, you should be posting about how some Managers at the Greater Sudbury Police Service got 33% RaisesÖTheyíre [sic] are a handful of them the [sic] got extremely hefty raises..Your taxes and mine going up because of the Police Service Boardís approval of these raises..Look up Lori Marconato..From $106 thousand (A:Öthis person, this other personÖ) in 2016 to $149 thousand in 2017Ö (A:Not bad pay raises, Ďeh?!) ††How do they justify that..Hereís another one..Melissa Bamberger $110 thousand in 2016 to $148 thousand in 2017Ö(A:[Alan chuckles.] Not bad at all.)Again, how do you [expletive] justify that?? Carrie Lynn Hotson..$109 thousand in 2016 to $132 thousand in 2017. Three people..over $100,000 in raises.Ē


So of course, they all come down on him for informing the public. And itís true, the public wouldnít, weíre pretty well in ignorance of what so-called civil servants, right, public servants are earning, Ďeh, arenít we? Weíre completely ignorant of it. You see, the public are the business and folk who go into college and university now are told thatís what the business is, and they want to get in managing the public where the big, big money is.Quite something. Anyway, the fellowís pleaded not guilty to the charge, etc. but theyíre going after him. Because the public are not supposed to know it, it might upset the public, who get upset enough to complain about this nonsense going on, Ďeh. Really. Think about it.


But yeah, Iím so out of whack of what folk are earning, itís justÖ [Alan chuckles.] astonishing to me. It really is. And Iíll put up the link to Sudburyís earthquakes.


Sudbury experiences two earthquakes in less than 48 hours - thesudburystar.com / 8 Feb 2019


And then an ice storm too happened about the same time. Quite amazing, hey.[Alan chuckles.] And incredible temperatures to boot.So yeah, itís quite something.Itís one of the coldest winters Iíve experienced, and longest lasting, and itís got a few months to go yet, Iíve no doubt at all about that.


Now, as I say, tonightís talk was going to be, and hopefully Iíll get back onto it, about the fact the materialism has been indoctrinated into the public, where everything was just me-me-me, and narcissism, and hedonism, and get what you can. How many folk, and Iíve herd too, maybe youíve said it yourself, when you say about scandals of folk dipping their hands into the till and coming out with big, big bucks and so on from the public. How many folk have you heard saying, well so what, if I was in that position, Iíd do it too.I mean, do you understand that when society applauds criminality and this kind of behavior, as I say, youíre in for a horror show.Because it just gets worse and worse and worse. It really does.


Itís like George Bernard Shaw who did say what socialism really was. And the socialist, he said, expects, whether itís a man or woman expect to get all the money back in taxes to help them on their way, etc., and pay for all the different social necessities that they need.He says, itís far from the truth. He says, there will be no marriage, there will be no man and woman getting married in the state, and he says, and bringing up children themselves, etc. He says, thatís the difference between socialism and a socialist.What are you living through today? What have you already lived through? ††And he said too, he says, why should we keep you alive, youíll have to come to us and explain why we should allow you to live. Because if you donít eventually work for the system, and work for them, the ones who rule the system, then he said, why should we keep you alive.


You tie that in with the Georgia Guidestones for instance, hm, and all the UN, and all the so called, the front groups for the environmental movement, which are just eugenics movement, too many people, too many of the wrong sort of people, bring down the population, itís the people who are the problem creating all that carbon and creating all this needing of all these things, itís all your fault.And they use environmentalism and sustainability as the excuse, and thatís the front of it all, thatís the front for it all. The Club of Rome.


But yeah, you are looking for horror. And folk who think they can just keep voting and somehow get their champions inÖ Oh, youíll get all kinds of front group champions, well-made presented champions for you all because thatís how easily youíre all played today with politics. Really.Thereís so much you could say, and things you canít say anymore, about politics. Really, you canít say it, you really canít say it. But itís a complete joke and a racket today.When you see who runs them allÖWhen you see who they are obedient toÖ And itís not you, the voters. In any country. And the rackets that go on is just incredible. The greed has never been so open today.


ItísÖ I remember reading a long time ago, I think it was maybe Thomas Jefferson said that the people, it was regarding good and bad societies, and workable societies, eventually gets so crooked you donít really have a workable society. But he said that a good society can only be as good as the corruption which they tolerate from those who rule over them. And today folk accept the corruption as a normal thing. Because they themselves will say that, they will say what I said before. Well, if I was in the same, I would do the same thing if I was in that position. Thatís what youíve got today.Thatís all your game shows on television, for many years have been winners and losers, winners and losers, donít you want to be a winner?


And now youíre living through it as they all go for the people who are earning the money. Canada as well I think recently just said that, I think about 40% of the population that should be paying taxes, including corporations, are not paying any. 40%!And a lot of folk will say, well I wish I was part of that 40%. Because they want to be the same.The corruption, you see.And when things go belly up the next time, which it will because itís planned to go belly up, the financial system, to bring in the next stage of the same dominant elitesí plan for the next stage of ruling society. And ruling is the word, to get away from this idea of democracy which the Club of Rome keeps telling you, doesnít work, it wasnít intended to work, but it was an awfully good battering ram to get folk to believe in it to push different agendas.So you need big upheavals to make it happen. And they wonít get what they want if you think youíve got rights. So they take all your rights away because youíll have crises, you see. Oh, itís an environmental crisis, itís a catastrophe.


With all the weather warfare programs on the go, very old ones, since even before World War II, nevermind the present ones, they can make anything happen, canít they. And even natural phenomena. And donít forget, all climate change is natural. Weíve always had it.Weíve had how many ice ages that we can detect? And between the ice ages, you had what? Warming trends. Warming up until the glaciers disappeared, then back to the ice ages again.Hm!Before humanity even trotted across the planet. But facts donít matter anymore.


Well, letís get back, and I hate to just jump all over the map but getting back to this corruption system that we live in, winners and losers. Now, hereís one from Australia.Iíve been mentioning it. Itís a good example because Australia is very similar to Canada with the old British colonial system and the banking system copied from the central banking from London, you see, and the kind of old-school tie set up too that helps run the system. And again, they always give you leaders every so often to vote for who pretend that theyíre different from the other ones by saying the opposite and all that, but what they do is different. Itís always the same, what they do is the same, thatís the key, not what they say. Never itís what they say.AnywayÖ


Hayne's findings won't be a shock; the banking scandals were decades in the making - mobile.abc.net.au / 4 Feb 2019


Iíve been talking about this for quite a long time building up and building up, watching the same bubbles with real estate that was created by the big banking industry and the chains of real estate organizations that help shove up the cost of housing, up and up and up so youíve got bigger loans from the banks, theyíre all in it together, you see, thatís how it works.And then your local governments, they get all the tax money from property taxes, that go for big pay raises and things like that for civil servants and public servants.[Alan chuckles.]


So Australia is just the same and itís a good example because they did the same with the homes in Australia. Theyíre out of site as to their real value, any real estate value. SoÖ


Hayne's findings won't be a shock; the banking scandals were decades in the making

mobile.abc.net.au / 4 Feb 2019


How did it come to this?


How did we arrive at a situation where banks and financial houses slugged dead people with fees?


(A:They do that, you know.)


Where billions have been sucked out of Australians' retirement savings by bank-run super funds profiting at their members' expense?

Where many vulnerable people were doled out credit they could never afford?†† (A:Öto buy the houses.Same thing with the last collapse too, right.)


Where households live with an unprecedented debt burden fuelled by lax lending standards that inflated a risky property price bubble?


After months of exposťs, the banks and regulators will now face the fallout from the Hayne royal commission's final report; but the truth is there are many culprits, and the poor conduct and culture were decades in the making.


The genesis goes back to the 1980s and 1990s when Australia shifted from a world where banks were tightly controlled and credit was rationed, to a world where credit was free and easy, and banks ó embracing an aggressive sales culture ó flogged products to make money.


Alongside the floating of the dollar and the dismantling of tariff walls, the deregulation of banking was one more step in the liberalisation of the economy during that era.


(A:Now, thatís what led, they took all regulations off, all the watchdogs off of banks. And guess what happens when you do that? Well, we lived through it with the big banking crash of 2007/2008, and intoÖ weíre still paying for. Itís because thatís why your currency is devalued constantly, because you still have to pay back the loans to bail out all those big banks from then. But this article goes onÖ)


How did the banks become so big?


(A:You could actually change this from Britain to Canada to Australia, the same article because itís identical everywhere, itís identical. Mind you, itís one system at the top running the banking system because the boys and gals that ran and created the Royal Institute of International Affairs were also run by the central banking system that came into Britain long before that... And gave you the British Empire actuallyÖ And profited from that Empire, these big banksÖ And use the countries as their battering ram, including the people, the armies to conquer for the big corporations. But itís the same system... across the worldÖ for global domination. It hasnít died, itís still running it all. It gave you free trade and amalgamated countries into big trading blocs.)


So it goes into, again, the same repetitive stuff. Nothing will be done about it.After 2008 and 2009 theyíre right back to square one with the big bubbles and multibillion-dollar bonuses at the end of the year. If youíve ever seen the movie, Ewan McGregor was in the movie [Rogue Trader], it was about, I think it was Nick Leeson the guyís name was who was to be given charge of the stock trading for Barings Bank back in the 90s. He did the usual kind of back-and-forth trading, borrowing money and trading, pretending they were making fortunes, and into multimillions and getting big, big salaries and bonuses. But it was all conology. And the guy in the documentary, the actual guy himself, not the actor, the person who got caught doing it talked about it in the documentary, about the incredible cons of banking and how they were, the greed factor overtook them all, all the different representatives who work inside the big banks, near the top. Not the little guys at the bottom with your local bank where you go in and walkout or whatever. But the big banks themselves, they donít care as long as the balance that theyíre showing shows massive income of profit, profit, profit. They donít care how itís done, even if itís fake. It hasnít changed.


How the biggest shake-up in Australian banking history will affect YOU - dailymail.co.uk / 4 Feb 2019


When you take the watchdogs off it, during Margaret Thatcherís time, and Ronald Reaganís time, thatís what happens of course. Now, hereís another one here tooÖ

Cold calling customers to flog insurance and superannuation deals will be BANNED as part of crackdown on greedy banks - dailymail.co.uk / 4 Feb 2019


Theyíre into everything now. Theyíve got sales driven bank culture, they called it. And thatís what they are now, big sales. And they churn out these characters, again, from college and universities, they got their little courses on banking and profit and investments. And the greed factor is phenomenal. And raping the public is just the way itís done. Because thatís where all the money comes from eventually. We pay off the debt thatís incurred all the time, every time it happens, we pay it off.The government uses your tax money, youíre put down as bailing them out. Next time itís to be the bail-inís as well. So this is a good article here. And then thereís another one and itís to do withÖ


Big banks accused of ripping off customers may not face court for a DECADE


(A:Öa decade, for 10 years. That standard.Because lots of politicians and judges that are the old school tie, theyíre all part of the same clubs, will postpone it as long as they can. By that time no one will care and itíll just fade away. SoÖ)


Big banks accused of ripping off customers may not face court for a DECADE despite the royal commission recommending criminal charge

dailymail.co.uk / 4 Feb 2019


ēKenneth Hayne's banking royal commission recommended criminal charges


But I donít see anythingÖ it wonít happen. It wonít happen. Itís a good enough article, you know, to show you how itís happened.They do this over and over.Again, no one ever goes to jail for it.


Now, the big con too with the guys who gave you the central banking systems, itís one big chain you understand across the planet, these central banks now, itís a chain. And theyíre all under the World Bank, the big, big one at the top. They have the International Monetary Fund that come in when countries canít make their payments.They take over the running of your country until you start paying off the interest, at least, if you can manage that.Itís not meant to pay the whole thing off, and compound interest is not meant to be paid off, itís impossible to do it. They know that. Itís all a racket, that we accept, isnít it? AnywayÖ


Goldman chief says sorry over ex-banker's role in 1MDB scandal

theguardian.com / 16 Jan 2019


The chief executive of Goldman Sachs has apologised to the people of Malaysia over the role of a former employee of the bank in the (A:Malaysian Development Bank, they call itÖ) 1MDB scandal.


In a rare move for a Goldman chief executive, David Solomon joined the companyís fourth-quarter earnings call and gave an update on investigations into corruption surrounding the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. He also said the bank was sorry for the effect the fraud had on the country.


(A:Well, thatís nice. Thatís nice.Heís, oh, he said heís sorry. Well, letís just forgive him then, Ďeh.)


ďItís very clear that the people of Malaysia were defrauded by many individuals including the highest members of the prior [Malaysian] government,Ē (A:Öbecause psychopaths always go into power, thatís what they head for, folks, they sniff it, they want it, and they go for it, in every country.) he said. ďTim Leissner, who was a partner at our firm, by his own admission, was one of those people. For Leissnerís role in that fraud, we apologise to the Malaysian people.Ē


The investment bank has consistently denied wrongdoing, and said it was lied to about how the proceeds of three bond sales it conducted on the fundís behalf between 2012-2013 were used. Solomon echoed the bankís stance on Wednesday.


(A:Itís quite a good article, you know, they try to make it as light as possible, [Alan chuckles.]believe it or not, as they sink a country.Again, you had the Cayman Islands involved for tax-free havens, and billions of dollars. And not just, you know, a lot of itís given to these countries, you understand, for development banks through the World Bank and the United Nations, etc. The racketeering is phenomenal, it really is.)


(A:As I said at the beginning, WE ARE the business, the public are the business. Thatís where the money comes from.For everything. And when thereís tax money involved from different countries and handouts and so on and weíre put down as guarantors, theyíll plunder and plunder and plunder, folks. International crime.And it says hereÖ)


News reports claim Goldmanís former chief executive, now chairman, Lloyd Blankfein, held initial meetings with Low. While Solomon did not directly address those reports, he said the bank was sceptical of Lowís dealings.


And also, Iíve got another article on the same thing, a couple at least.


Goldman Sachs plans to cut bonuses


Goldman Sachs plan to cut their bonusesÖ Oh dear. You know, these multimillion-dollar bonuses at the end of the year that they get on top of all their massive paycheck.


Goldman Sachs plans to cut bonuses as 1MDB scandal deepens

theguardian.com / 8 Feb 2019


(A:Isnít that a shame, hey, isnít that a shame. How will they survive, these poor guys, like that, Ďeh?)


Goldman Sachsís decision to potentially cut bonuses for top executives over the 1MDB scandal reflects an acknowledgement of shareholder and public outrage over the debacle.


(A: Because this is fairly common this kind of thing. And it says


In Blankfeinís case, the bonus began at $7m (A:Not a bad bonus, Ďeh?Good work if you can get it.) and nearly doubled, according to US securities documents.


Beyond the bonuses, Goldman also said it could claw back compensation from the current chief executive, David Solomon, and two other current senior executives, president John Waldron and chief financial officer Stephen Scherr.


Solomon was paid $23m last year, (A:How on earth is a guy going to manage, Ďeh, how will he get away without his bonus.) including $15.4m in stock options.(A:Tt, dear poor fellow.Iy, the weight of the world on your shoulders, thatís what you have when you read these articles, Ďeh.)


1Malaysia Development Berhad - en.wikipedia.org


1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal - en.wikipedia.org

But thatís what you live in. Thatís the system that youíre into today. Isnít it? And itís getting worse and worse as greed-is-good is the national policy of indoctrination throughout society, from the bottom to the top and the top to the bottom, winners and losers.


Another one too in Britain, right.Have you ever, ever seen, have you ever seen in any country, ever seen the real cost of any project thatís estimated by governments, even local governments, have you ever seen it fulfilled? Always quadruples at least, or more.You know that. Once they put it in and say, well, because thereís no intention of doing it for that particular amount of money, once they start it, well weíve worked on it for a whole year and we already put, you know, 20 million into it, so I mean, you know, we canít very wellÖ So the government is, oh well we have no option but to put more into it, ya-da.This is the racketeering that goes on. And thereís no checkups, real checkups where all this money goes. You know that. You really do know.I hope you understand it.Hereís the Defense Secretary in BritainÖ


Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson 'lands taxpayers (A:Öthatís a bad headline.) with a £300million bill ' because he objects to his VIP (A:Övery important person.) parking space at Parliament being used for building work on the £5billion restoration - but is he really trying to protect a nuclear bunker? - dailymail.co.uk / 9 Feb 2019


(A:Well, theyíre building a nuclear bunker, itís another one. Thereís already one there for Parliament to scuttle into with their ill-gotten gains if a nuclear war starts. They have them all through London for important people and royalty too and so on. But itís all the taxpayersí money, naturally. Isnít that wonderful, they all hope to survive there for many, many years, through anything that might happen, living on your tax money. But youíll all be kicked out andÖ I even read the article years ago, because it was signed when Maggie Thatcher [Alan chuckles.] was in, and they would have special forces surrounding the entrances to these particular places to stop the public trying to get in, the folk who paid for it all. Again, thatís what equality is in this democracy, isnít it?And people think democracy is all about different groups with special particular little idiosyncrasies getting the right of this and the right to that. They have no idea what [Alan chuckles.] theyíre losing along the way, for everybody. So anyway, it says thatÖ)


The restoration, which is being studied by the joint committee on the draft Parliamentary Buildings Bill, follows warnings that the Palace of Westminster is becoming a Ďdeath trapí beset by falling masonry, leaking pipes and lethal electrics.


Equipping the new building with a chamber and offices would require extensive work,


(A:Öetc, etc.So this is why itís going to cost, you know, £300 million pounds or something. But actually, itís where Pindar, thatís the name of the underground, three-story, at least, that they admit to, shelter is for all these people, even with kindergartens and stuff and schools, you name it.For the proper people, you understand. And it saysÖ)


How nuclear bunker known as Pindar is connected to Downing Street by a where Britainís future would be decided in the event of a catastrophe or conflict.


(A:These are the characters who allow things to happen.[Alan laughing.]And for nuclear war sort of thing, theyíre going to try and save themselves, Ďeh, and you all perish.M-hm.Well, there you go.Theyíve got secret tunnels, it says, that can exit from Downing Street to this particular underground place. Quite something isnít it, though, Ďeh. Isnít it something, really.)


And the general public, as we lose, as I say, to try to get back on the initial topic that was vaguely in my mind at the time, are losing so much to do on the spiritual side of everything.Most folk, you go into anything to do with what youíll call modern New Age type religions, want power, to affect other things, you see. They donít want to work on themselves so much, but they want power by simply learning different little rituals, whatever it happens to be, to conjure up and get power for themselves to manipulate those around them for their own, so that they themselves can benefit from people, etc., or whatever it happens to be.Very old, as you know. In ancient times it used to be just love potions to turn a guyís head, whatever it happened to be.That was long before they created the miniskirt.It goes on and on and on with power power power.Where really, the spiritual side of thing was about improving yourself and changing yourself. Really, thatís what it was about.


Everyoneís got the great equalizer eventually, which is death in itself, isnít it, you end up dead.Whether itís in the grave or you go up in a pile of flames and gas, itís all the same, you end up dead, whether you like it or not, in the physical world. Most folk want to come back into this world, if theyíre very rich and wealthy and they love life, like the ones who rule the world, they want to live forever.If they could simply clone a body, a brand-new body and download the engrams from their brain, their whole memories, everything, and take it over, theyíd be very happy. Theyíre actually working on all that.Because they really do, they donít have the same, oh my God Iím getting worn out with working and Iím worn out with my joints because of working, or whatever it happens to be.They donít get that because they get incredibly high medical care, the real stuff.


There are three levels of medicine, theyíre at the top level. Not at the professorship downwards, thatís the bottom level. And thatís why they live so long at the moment. And because they do love life, and theyíve never had a care in the world, and they have servants that deal with all the management and their land managements and their domestic management and everything else for them, they donít even know when the carís being serviced, itís all being done for them.And these are petty things, not to distract them from what theyíre really into, you see. And they do want to live forever.Itís the opposite, interestingly, of really what religion at one time was about.


Now, religion too has been abused all down through the ages, on and off. Youíll always get bad, you know, segments and bad people in charge of things. Youíll always get it. It doesnít matter, anything that starts off even with the best intentions over time will become corrupt when money enters into it, and a good lifestyle enters into it. Itís very much like the Franciscan society, as an example. St. Francis, his idea was that they would serve humanity for nothing. The monasteries grew the food and all the rest of it, the monks would go out and help the poor and feed them and so on. Thatís how they started. Then he went off to do his rounds to other places and travel and came back, and he was so disgusted how fat, no kidding you, the monks had become. Because so much money was being donated to them by people, by rich widows generally whose husbands died of either wars or whatever, or just old age, and they would leave their money to them, and they were getting rich. And fat. And they werenít going out to help the poor anymore.So he literally turned his back on it, on some of the orders that heíd started, on some of the monasteries he started. He wasnít the only one.


But thatís always human nature. Because weíre in a world, a physical world, a hard physical world, arenít we? You canít deny it.Some climates are easy to get on with than others and live in, but itís pretty harsh for most places. And, survival in a moneyed system doesnít have much time for people who are either sick or getting older and canít do the hard hard work, just to scratch the dirt even, in a system where they donít have the welfare state, etc., etc., etc.And thatís the dilemma folk are in, always, how to survive and get along and just survive, basic survival, and at the same time keep your humanity and your link to something greater than yourself.


Without it, you truly are inÖ the worst horrors in the world have been committed under socialism, the atheistic system. The worst horrors. National Socialism was a Nazi thing that they tried and that was carefully studied by the Royal Institute of International Affairs because they were awfully interested in maybe using this across the world. It hasnít disappeared, that technique. Forget Germany, it was meant to be international. And so they used the international communism, Soviet system, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.†† Horror, Iím telling you, horror is where it goes when thereís nothing else. Because natural human decency goes down the tubes because thereís nothing to hold it there, something bigger than yourselves. And I donít mean government.And thatís so sad, isnít it. So sad.


And horror will come when they collapse everything again. Because it will come.Because the system they, and they keep repeatingÖ Theyíve got so many books put out by the big members in society, the big members of all these big organizations that help to rule us all, about the future and even the size of the population theyíd like on the planet. Now, theyíre not giving you some fantasy that they have. Theyíre giving you how itís going to be. And they will drive you into it, painlessly, with your own cooperation.Just as Aldous Huxley talked about, a kind of painless concentration camp, he said, where youíll love your servitude.And along with your servitude youíll say, oh well, my life isnít that important, Iíve had myÖThat was what the whole Brave New World was about, once your time was up you could get euthanized, painlessly, with the right drugs and so on, happy drugs.That wasnít, oh, that wasnít imagined.He talked about how it was going to be, Brave New World Revisited. He mixed with all the top world rulers of the day who helped plan all this stuff. They planned the next 100-200 years. Many committees, that still exist today, and foundations.


Anyway, itís not, Iím notÖ You see, hereís the thing too. Iím not bitching about things. Iím beyond all that. But you have to point out to others, who literally might save themselves a lot of misery by falling into so many traps thatís going to be presented to you. And itís possible you might find others with a like mind who will also have a wary eye on the happenings of their time that they live through and find out the real reasons for it.As opposed to, just be happy, donít look at anything important, and, oh, thatís heavy man, as they used to say. But they might help themselves because a lot of folk do, as I say, become self-destructive knowing things are just plain wrong. And they find that thereís no purpose anymore. The old purposes were often thrust upon you but they were natural purposes, families were natural. But they were being destroyed before I was born, very, very intensely so. And itís affected everybody. Everybodyís been affected by it.No one escaped.


The massive propaganda through movies and fiction of what you should have and what you could have, all these temptations. It wasnít just glass beads, folks, was it? But itís an interesting technique, it works awfully well. And theyíre turning to all the different drugs, hey, as your elite members of society have decided to make it the painless concentration camp, as you go down the tubes and give up all your rights and freedoms.Quite happily along the way, youíve got more drugs than ever dished out across the planet, at the same time, the same drugs, isnít it? Your Soma, itís everywhere.


Opioid strong enough to sedate elephants on rise in Ohio, coroners warn

theguardian.com / 9 Feb 2019


Carfentanil (A:Öis one of themÖ), described as Ďextremely potentí and often undetectable, involved in multiple overdose deaths


(A:This article I could exchange for British Columbia, Canada, and countries across the planet, at the same time, theyíre ALL doing the same things at the same time. Whatís interesting too is when you see the breakdown of the age groups and the genders, mainly men, and itís often men in their 30s and 40s who are killing themselves with these overdoses. But it says here, this is in Ohio, rightÖ)


Drug overdoses killed more than 72,000 people in the United States last year (A:Right.Now that was Ďregisteredí as overdoses, right. It doesnít include all the deaths by cars, as overdosed and then crash the cars into things and things like that. This is just straight overdoses.) Ė a new record driven by the deadly opioid epidemic, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


The CDC estimates that 72,287 people died from overdoses in 2017, an increase of about 10% from the year before. A majority of the deaths Ė nearly 49,000 Ė was caused by opioids, according to the new data.


And then you find, thereís so many articles about the same kind of problem, in British ColumbiaÖ


Nearly 1,500 died of illicit overdoses last year in B.C.

ctvnews.ca / 7 Feb 2019


(A:This is at the same time as they are pushing legalizing drugs, Ďeh.And donít forget, itís all been declared in Canada that legalizing marijuana and cannabis is basically the first step in legalizing ALL these drugs.But the rulers, and believe you me, CanadaĎs got rulers, that you donít vote for, that donít even live in Canada. The same as every other country. Because it all happens across the world at the same time.)


VICTORIA -- More people fatally overdosed in British Columbia last year compared with 2017 despite efforts to combat the province's public health emergency, the coroner says.


So again, they go into the different, again, itís mainly fentanyl but thereís many others, thereís crystal meth and all the rest of it too. Thereís over $1 billion by the way of ice, the particular drug that theyíre using now, I think $1.5 billion worth was caught, made in the US and meant to be exported to Australia. Thatís how big the money is now, these kinds of drugs, hey.


But the public, I just hope as I say, enough folk who really are asking questions, getting depressed about society and trying to find purpose, maybe they will hear my talks occasionally and find that thereís other reasons to keep alive, and you donít need to kill off your brain cells with booze, with alcohol and drugs to try and quieten it down. Thereís other ways to do it. The more you learn, youíd be surprised how much it helps you cope with getting through this very corrupt system, this well controlled system that weíre living in.But thatís the answer to everything today now, drugs drugs, drugs, and your governments are legalizing it all. Quite something, hey.


Also with big businesses and banks, and corporations helping, helping to run the world, with the foundations, on behalf of the international bankers, and on behalf of the very, very top dominant minority.Thatís what they call themselves, dominant minority, Aldous Huxley called them that too.Theyíre doing awfully, theyíre really, the taxpayer funds everything. Iíve mentioned before about the big factories that are set up in their countries, and your countries bribe other countries businesses to come into your country, they bribe them, using your tax money. Standard practice. If you did that youíd be in a jail for it. But your governments do it.


Nissan was offered secret state aid to cope with Brexit, minister concedes

theguardian.com / 4 Feb 2019


(A:Brexit, the British exit.)


Business secretary vowed to maintain manufacturersí capacity to trade with EU.


Well, listen.Itís quite simple. If they wonít put a factory in your country and pay for all the infrastructure to build the place themselves with the massive profits theyíve got, then pass a law so you donít, so they canít bring cars in and to try to sell them in your country.Thatís how you deal with that, folks. You donít build their factories for them, bring in the electricity, bring in the septic systems, bring in the plumbing systems and the roads for them.But thereís kickbacks all over the place, isnít there? Thatís how itís done. And thatís the system weíre taught is normal, for those above, above the normal, ha ha, arm of the law, I suppose. Isnít that something, though, Ďeh.Isnít that something.


But as I say, thatís really all I have time for unfortunately.This weekís been hectic.Even today was hectic.Because itís going to snow Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I think again, and I already had layers of snow, with ice on top of each layer like a sandwich, and the weight was incredible on the roof. On one side there still is, so Iíve got to get up there as soon as this talk is done and get back at it. Because as I say, this is a very severe prolonged winter and itís only February and it can snow here up into March and April, quite easily. And itís true enough, itís becoming longer and longer asÖ as global warming is the advance guard, because they picked the loser, they shouldíve picked global cooling actually.


Because itís got nothing to do with facts, the whole agenda has got nothing to do with facts. Itís simply an excuse for eugenics to depopulate and rule your lives from beginning to end, including consumption too. Itís quite easy to phase folk out of what theyíve been used too, they can do it just as easily over a few years. And with the right drugs and all the rest of it, and folk will comply go along with it, until within 15 years, 20 years, it will be the normal. Iíve seen this kind of thing happen through my life and in quite a few different areas. The techniques of behaviorism and neuroscience all coupled together with propaganda, their nudge units, your behavior management teams, your BIT units they call them, working internationally, Iíve done the shows on them too, are responsible for most of your thoughts and opinions, and to nudge you into feeling bad about having the wrong opinions. And they decide who decides whatís wrong in a free society.


As always, you can go on and on and on. But as I say, Iím not a prophet of doom.Iím just mentioning that itís good to be cautious and to think once in a while. For those who want to. Most, and thereís a lot of folk who donít want to think, they really donít. I know that. Itís always a shock when youíre growing up and you find out that, when conversations start with people your own age, even when youíre 10, 11, 12 and so on, itís always a bit of a shock to find out that so many of the topics you would bring up theyíd never even thought about or questioned. So, people are different, absolutely.


And for those who do question and you donít want to simply become rich and screw the rest of society, then I hope youíll find a lot to talk about, and think about, from all the talks Iíve given you, thousands of talks over the years.And I know for a fact that people who do get in touch with me generally have good comments. And thatís all it is, you donít have to agree with everything I say. I donít have to agree with everything you say in reply. But thereís no need to fight over it either for that matter. Because weíre living in such an intolerance society today, under the guise of tolerance itís become completely intolerant of any other opinions except from the ones who are at the very top pushing it all. Because they are given authorization from the masters of the planet to do so. And thatís why itís happening.


For myself, Alan Watt from a very cold and icy and snowy Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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thesudburystar.com / 6 Feb 2019


Sudbury experiences two earthquakes in less than 48 hours

thesudburystar.com / 8 Feb 2019


Nearly 1,500 died of illicit overdoses last year in B.C.

ctvnews.ca / 7 Feb 2019


Opioid strong enough to sedate elephants on rise in Ohio, coroners warn

theguardian.com / 9 Feb 2019



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