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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Slavery Through Knavery:

"Famine Drought Pestilence, My, We're All Damned,

 So Abandon Our Rights Accept Slavery as Planned."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 17, 2019.  For those who listen a lot to my talks, and for those two who come in for the first time, there’s always younger folk listening for the first time as word goes round and round...  And in these days of incredible censorship, because we are incredibly censored in this day and age, it depends who you are of course.  Some pretend that they are, and other ones really are and can’t even tell you because they can’t get the word out. It’s pretty bad because we’re in a big training exercise, and it’s a big, big world agenda to train everybody to say the right things, and never the wrong things, which are your own thoughts basically.  Never ever say what you really perceive in your own lives because it will generally contradict what you are being indoctrinated with at the time. 


Eventually you will not be able to use any electronic communications media at all, nevermind even your banking and things like that electronically if you’re deemed bad, you see. That was planned a long time ago, an awful long time ago, back in the 40s and 50s.  Some of the top players that help promote and plan the culture industry for the whole planet, to bring us all under one system, talked about this quite openly of how you’d be controlled from birth to death basically and they would punish people who wouldn’t simply go along with the agenda and rebelled. Speaking is a form of rebellion, remember, about something, especially if you’re under tyranny.


In a free society you have all kinds of opinions, on everything, and you’re allowed to express your opinions in a free society. You don’t live in a free society, obviously. The agenda now is total socialism, in regard to being controlled by experts from birth to death.  Again, Bertrand Russell and many others, he worked with all the top agencies that were given the power to create and alter the culture industry through movies and television and music and so on, all the way through to this century basically. They were dead long ago but their agenda goes on. Others took over from them too, for behaviorism and psychology and neuroscience as well, all working together. Academia is on board completely with the indoctrination of children across the globe. They haven’t quite gotten to the standardized indoctrination to do with all the new norms, they’re always giving you new normals, you see, and you have to adapt or you’re going to be heavily punished and censored in many ways until you comply. That’s the real tyranny that you’re under today. 


When something as basic as free speech is completely curtailed, and even outlawed, by law, so you’re punished by law for having opinion that’s contrary to whatever that’s being pushed from the top... And don’t ever believe that everything’s coming from the bottom. That’s nonsense. Everything in this culture to do with changes is promoted from the very very very top, discussed even 100 years ago some of these topics and how they would make you believe whatever they wanted you to believe, to achieve goals that you didn’t even understand, and you still don’t understand at the time. 


When you will deny basic, basic normality’s, which are self-evident, when you’re taught to deny that and, or if you don’t go against [Alan laughing.] what you’re being taught, because what you’re being taught is not self-evident obviously, then you’re in deep, deep trouble. But if you can be taught that the sky is purple and you go along with it, then there’s nothing that cannot be taught to you. Bertrand Russell went through these techniques back in the 1940s and 50s in fact, quite blatantly. He worked with all the top, the very top culture agencies that were given power to re-create cultures in the Western civilizations after World War II. Before that too he’d been trained, heavily trained in the behaviorism of his day. He himself, Lord Russell was, as I say, again, a Lord, eventually, it was in his family lineage and they were up there with royalty and all the rest of it for a couple of hundred years at least, probably more.


And yet he believed in this technique of Fabian socialism where by using money, it’s a big, powerful tool, money, naturally, and socialism, which is collectivism where you all must conform and act the same way, dress the same way, be the same way, etc. etc., then they can achieve their goals much quicker. But the whole point was that those who already ruled the system, which is the moneyed ones at the very, very top, the dominant minority, who employed academia, and they appointed through royalty , for instance, in Britain, they could appoint various ones to different  knighthoods and bring them up the ladders into being Lords and so on.  They could run the whole society with this multi-strata, obedient and loyal, expert class at the very top running it all.


Once you have socialism then you have, you can standardize the education system, a very big important part of UNESCO from the United Nations, you can standardize education system across whole countries.  So, counties didn’t matter, and the US states wouldn’t matter, they’d be at the same indoctrination. It’s all been done. All been done.  There’s nothing, as I say, you cannot do with the people. So I’ll be touching on that today a little bit. Not too much because regular listeners know a lot of this.  But don’t forget for regular listeners, that most folk don’t know this at all. And many have copied this information to put it into books and so on. But the fact is, it can still be explained in better depth of understanding.


Because understanding is imperative. It’s not a matter of just spewing out details and facts and names, etc. It’s very much akin, if you understand, to what Mr. Peter Jackson, who has brought I think it was old footage from World War I back to life by colorizing them and computer altering the grainy affect, until suddenly the people that you were seeing, like grandfathers and great-grandfathers, are young guys, young people in trenches and so on.  And they’re not like a different alien thing from the dinosaurs anymore, they’re real people, who really went through what they went through.  And so, it brings them alive.  It brings their era alive. It brings even their psychology at that time alive. Because we can’t understand today with the different forms of warfare, we cannot imagine where whole regiments went over the trenches, one after the other, and sometimes 60,000 per day, and they all got slaughtered, mowed down by machine gun bullets.


It was like a rain, the bullets were like rain with these heavy machine guns. Nothing could get through them.  And yet we can’t even imagine, again, how generals could continue to carry that on for years. On all sides.  But you do see this obedience thing. That is true, that obedience to authority is a technique in itself. Those who rule love to have obedience, instant obedience to their own authority and no other authority of course.  And it works awfully well, a whole science in itself, of course, and even as to why you obey.  As I say, I’ll be touching on that tonight because it’s awfully important to understand as I say, the way that they put things over to people.  Because it brings it alive. If you can compare what was done 50, 60 years ago, even 100 years ago, and realize that those experts of their day… that’s part of this international group, based initially on the British Empire system, though, which wasn’t British at all, by the way, a little clique in London who ran it all.


And hhh, you can’t blame the English folk for it because most folk were working-class, like everybody else in Britain. But they were used of course. And it’s easy to use people by using nationality to subjugate other peoples. The old story is, the abused becomes the abuser given a little bit of power.  They can be pretty well guaranteed to do that. And the more you abuse them the more horrific will be the abuse they inflict on others. Abuse is a dehumanizing technique to begin with. And it’s a very powerful technique. So the British Empire, was an expert really in using orphans.  People who had broken the law as young as 12, 13, 14 years of age were put into jails by the way.  There was no difference at that time for working-class people to do with the jails, the kind of jails they were put into, or adult versus juvenile, etc. They were all put in the same places.


I think the Daily Mail had a good series at one time to do with photographs of young people from the late 1800s, who were picked up, in rags, children, some for stealing a handkerchief. You see a young guy there about the age of 11 who stole a pair of trousers, probably from the washing line or something, because his own ones were ripped up, he was in the streets living.  And that was Britain, Great Britain.  Remember, the word Great Britain when you see these kinds of photographs. And realize this white privilege stuff is a whole weaponized technique of the same rulers using it against the descendants of those who survived all these horrors down through the ages.  Don’t forget that.  And for those who want to do the hating, believe you me, you’ll be used in turn as well by the same people. Everyone gets used here.  Because the whole world has to be depopulated and once you have done what they want you to do and you’ve been useful to them, then they eliminate you as well. You’ll find that Julian Huxley was very specific about that in his speeches. But that’s a different thing again.


So remember to you can buy the books and discs @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.  You can get the discs going back many, many years of the talks I’ve given, many thousands of them, and good quality discs.  That helps me to tick along.  Because I don’t demand money off anybody and I don’t sell you all kinds of gimmicks or whatever it happens to be to make money. I just still count on the few who occasionally will send something this way. And I don’t live high on the hog. At all. Believe you me.  And I don’t have a staff to do everything for me either. I do everything myself. This last week, for instance, I’ve been battling the elements really big time with the snow dumps of 2, 2 1/2 feet sometimes. That’s without the drifts, the drifts go up to about 5 feet at times.  And I’ve had about three this week alone. And there’s more to come in about three days time I think it is. And between that, at nighttime I’m getting maybe -30° on the centigrade scale, quite often, actually. Right now it’s -27 or so on the centigrade, and on the Fahrenheit it’s about -20 the way it works out to be anyway, that’s how it averages. But it’s always way below zero on both scales. 


During the day, this is one of the coldest winters I’ve seen yet here. My winter started in September with the snowfalls. And the snow stayed, it didn’t disappear.  So since September to the present I’ve had stacks and stacks of snow. Lots of folks have had troubles with their roofs caving in. I’ve had a horror show here trying to save mine. And nevermind the digging and digging and digging and digging your way out all the time. It’s like a full-time job now. The winters are extending longer and longer with heavier winters. Because obviously, under global warming, it means that the opposite is true, you see, at least for me and for good part of this hemisphere. 


Mind you, too, we also go through these natural phases down through time. Weather has never been static, like, forever and ever. You’ve always had sometimes a century or two of cooling, a century or two of warming.  And even between those ones you can get ups and downs. During World War II, you’ll find people at the time who were children who remember that the roads were, the tar on the roads were melting in Britain, for instance, with the hottest summers they’d ever experienced. Then when it went back down to the freezing by the 60s, that’s when the boys that become AC/DC left Scotland and went over to Australia, because it had been one of the worst winters they’d had then at that time.


So that’s normal, you see. If you think you’re in a clockwork universe [Alan chuckles.] where it’s always the same, there’s nothing further from the truth. Nothing further from the truth. But it’s used this whole thing of weather for different purposes too. And the spraying has been quite open actually since about 1998 to do with… And their talks in their geo-engineering, if they were ever to do it sort of thing, and then they admitted they are doing it but it’s only testing it.  And this is from the University talks and so on. It’s quite open, they’ve been doing it for a long time quite extensively across the planet.   And with that happening naturally you alter weather. That is the intention of geo-engineering.  Then they’ll blame public for causing global warming, you know, climate change or whatever it happens to be.  What nonsense, ‘eh.


As I’ve said before, we’ve had so many ice ages with obvious warming of the, and disappearance of the glaciers in between, to bring it back to the next Ice Age. It goes back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Long before humans apparently were even in the planet. But reality doesn’t matter once again, ‘eh.  Facts don’t matter when you’ve got a big agenda at work. So remember, buy the books and discs @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.  Make a note of all the other sites I have because if anything happens to one, the .com site, hopefully you can always get them from other sites there. They’re all my sites that are listed there on @CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com. There’s also @AlanWattSentientSentinel.eu.  Anything happening, hopefully you’ll get the it elsewhere, you see the ones listed on the .com site, make a note of them all.  Because you never know, things are really closing in.


Now, the weather… the weather, the weather, ‘eh.  But there’s no point in reiterating the talks that were given 20 odd years ago to do with geo-engineering, or the Club of Rome even for that matter, you know, that really was given the task of finding some kind of crisis that they could blame humanity for, so that the authorities could step in across the planet, with a uniform system of control, controlling human population number one, which would then control obviously human consumption of all things, not just food but all produce. And they could bring down the population by increasing the price of energy, especially.  Because energy is awfully good for human life and existence, including heat.  [Alan chuckles.] 


So if all these things could be done then population would drop, diseases would come back again and you could really bring new commissars forward in a collectivist type system, even force folk to live all together in big long sort of buildings, like some of the American Indians did in the North, especially in Canada, we had some on the West Coast like that, and Montréal had some too.  But long, long hut type things where the heating would supply everybody’s heat.  All your food would be done in a communal way too.


That’s the dream of owners, if you think you’re really free, no, you’re not, you’re a slave. That’s always the dream of owners of the slaves.  They’d have an expert class there that would live better than everybody else, because part of their job is to indoctrinate you all to accept your station basically, and to accept why you can’t have extra food or you can’t have what you want to eat, for instance, and you can’t have more heat when your feet are turning blue. They could, and they will, they’ll make it awfully, awfully acceptable, as time goes on, by using fake crisis to make you comply. You can make children believe anything if you get them early enough. And they’ve done the experimentation with that, there’s reels and reels and books and books and books of how to do it, for those who are interested in behaviorism in control.


That’s really what psychology is about. For the public to normalize the topic like psychology or psychiatry you bring out a Freud. The initial saying is, oh, it’s to help individual sufferers, you see. But in reality, no. Even in behaviorism too, the money is all from top foundations that work for the owners of the planet. And often the foundations are owned by, generally they are owned by the owners of the planet. They understand how all these techniques are done, how they work, what can be accomplished, how long things take. And if something, a specific aspect of psychology might take 5, 10, 15 years to change in culture, some might only take four or five.  To change major things or major norms into different norms it might take a generation, maybe 25, 30, 40, 50 years. They constantly do poles to see if what age groups are accepting the new norms more quickly than others. So they’re pretty precise, they know exactly how long it’s going to take by the constant polling and checking of the same topics year after year after year.


They also do poles to find out how they can alter the minds of those who still have their own-think, or wrong-think, as they like to call it, as George Orwell went on about it in his 1984 novel, which showed you a tyrannical system. We’re pretty well living through it as I’ve said before. But folk have no idea to what extent it is. Because it’s a pretty painless prison camp at the moment. You can get by if you’re hooked on the Internet or on cell phones and gadgetry and so on, lots of cheap entertainment.  Ah, you’re allowed to have as much sex as you want, if you can find it.  And they give you all kinds of substitutes for sex now too, you see. All the old norms have been crashed and they give you all kinds of new things to do. And they promote them too. They promote all these new things. No matter how bizarre it would seem to someone who’s old-fashioned, say, that are older. In other words, they make it all acceptable.


I have to remember too, that the Council on Foreign Relations, which is simply a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, has branches across the whole planet running every country pretty well.   Every member accepts the fact that they must have world government. The US was picked after World War II really, to become, definitely to become the spearhead for world government, using financial clout, by using the World Bank, which also was a private group belonging to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as is the IMF too and the Bank for International Settlements. These are not public institutions, although they’ll accept public money from governments handed to them that’s your tax money.


So you’re living in a system run by private, a private group, really, with many branches, specialized branches, but it’s the same group. It took over from the UK, or Britain, but London, the city of London, the financial institutions still have a big, big part to play in it, of course. But one of their major think tanks, and don’t forget, the CFR is itself is a think tank supposedly that advises nations across the world. They’re not voted in by anybody or even given a vote to vote on by the public, they just simply are there, they grafted onto it. And we accept that because folk, most folk are oblivious that’s what these leaders all are. All leaders are, all the party leaders are, it doesn’t matter what party it is.


I’ve mentioned so many times before that the whole idea was to get away from politics, to understand things you must do that.  I’ve watched a whole massive movement in the US, that was the last really free system of discussion where you could say things and get a lot of the stuff out into the limelight for the first time. Unfortunately, everything’s been subverted and destroyed until they’ve brought you right back into politics again, very cleverly, that’s what counterintelligence does. But you’re right back into the con game of politics and parties. The same agenda will go on regardless of who’s at the top. Politicians at the top are just there to have tomatoes thrown at them basically, that’s an analogy at least.  It’s a Punch and Judy show you might say.  The public can vent their anger by saying, well, that’s it, we’re going to vote somebody else in next time.  And that’s what you do.  And they promise you… But the same agenda continues.  It has your whole life, and before you were born.  It’s an agenda.


Anyway, the Club of Rome has all the top members in it, that belong to it, and people who are on the board of it. In fact, you’ll find that even Jimmy Carter is a high member of it too.  And many well-known names if you look into the membership of it. They were given the task as I say to find something that they could use to dominate the public. It’s interesting, the talks I gave many, many years ago, 20 odd years ago, are now in different books, as though they came out for the first time.  [Alan chuckles.]  But they never mention you at all. And that’s another part of the age we live in, isn’t it?


But anyway, they looked at all angles, even UFOs, would that work?  We had the massive rush of UFOs, oh, alien invasions. Different politicians gave talks about it, if only…  Ronald Reagan gave a lot of talks, little openings in his speeches about, if only we were invaded by an outside force from outer space, we’d all have to come together, work together to fight the aliens. That was a common theme back then too.  One of Canada’s prime ministers talked about it for years in the 50s and 60s. This isn’t what we have of course, it didn’t work out. And again, they did plenty of polls to see if, and lots of sci-fi movies to really get the mood just right, you see.  It didn’t quite pan out. They knew that there would be enough skepticism that they just couldn’t really pull it off, to give up national sovereignty and let experts rule the world, etc. And they didn’t have all the scientific techniques to fake it all at the time. 


So they came up with the environment, that would do instead. They said, in searching for new enemy to unite us… Now, this is for the people who rule the world, this think tank, hey. It says…


“The First Global Revolution”, A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome (Pantheon Books, 1991.)


“The common enemy of humanity is man.  In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention.  The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”   – Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations


They said, that would fit the bill, actually, you know.  What they would bring in then is a socialistic planning system to save the environment and blame us all for it. And the general population would never catch on to the fact that they’re going to get taxed into the ground. All your spending money is to go into taxation and to pay for vital resources and energy, just to survive. And even that, there wouldn’t be enough of eventually.  It’s quite interesting how they plan it all through time limits and so on. 


Bertrand Russell that I’ve mentioned before, so many times, again, was a big part of all of this, a very big part. He said in one of his books, he says…


"The Impact of Science on Society,” Bertrand Russell (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1951 and 1953):


"I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing.  War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.


These considerations prove that a scientific world society cannot be stable unless there is a world government.


. . . it will be necessary to find ways of preventing an increase in world population. If this is to be done otherwise than by wars, pestilences, and famines, it will demand a powerful international authority. This authority should deal out the world's food to the various nations in proportion to their population at the time of the establishment of the authority. If any nation subsequently increased its population it should not on that account receive any more food. The motive for not increasing population would therefore be very compelling.


(Alan:  You understand how it’s done? What he doesn’t mention here too, although he does mention it elsewhere in the book is that by the use of…)


. . . injections and injunctions will combine . . .


…they could literally reduce the population of the world. And also talking about tampering with food, altering the food and altering water, etc. etc. He goes into all these different things. He wasn’t the only one. I mean, he came out of many, many think tanks, he worked with many think tanks, full-time, and all these things, all the unthinkable things were discussed quite openly and freely, and even enthusiastically by these characters. 


Another thing which these international groups, there’s really one group, as I say, with the same techniques and the same agenda and the same plans, and in every country, for instance they give you at least one major well-known environmentalist from maybe the 1950s onwards. In Britain they had David Attenborough.   Again, they give you all these wonderful wildlife shows and so on. But the whole point is to show, oh look, oh, it’s all terrible, there’s too many humans on the planet, too many humans, too many humans. But you’re brought up looking at them with little furry animals and you think how cute and nice they are, so you tend to dismiss the rather, although it sinking into your subconscious, that there’s too many of you.  But that’s how it’s done. They’ve got to start you off, for the young children who watch it say, oh, that’s nice, look at all these cute little animals.


Every country’s got them as I say.  Canada’s got one too.  It’s a geneticist, who again, will give you nice furry little animals and different things too. But being a geneticist they’re into eugenics, human eugenics. And eugenics is all to do with superior, middle, and inferior people, and the right of the superior to survive and the rest must eventually just die off.  Or, as Russell would have it, eliminated, be eliminated. Then you also have Jacques Cousteau. Everybody knew Jacques Cousteau.  They’d all watch the shows with the deep-sea and so on. He’d go underwater with his family and show you the various life, etc., and into jungles of the Amazon in the boat and all that kind of thing. And you’d start to, well, a decent fellow too. But incredibly well-funded. And if you check where the funding comes from, it’s always the same sources.


Jacques Cousteau, what did he say, ‘eh, 1991? And again, he’s with UNESCO as well, the same UNESCO as Julian Huxley who was quite open about the population. He said…


"What should we do to eliminate suffering and disease? It's a wonderful idea but perhaps not altogether a beneficial one in the long run. If we try to implement it we may jeopardize the future of our species...It's terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. This is so horrible to contemplate that we shouldn't even say it. But the general situation in which we are involved is lamentable".


You know, these characters are rather blatant about this.  [Alan chuckles.]  Really blatant.  And most folk never really get it too.  But that was an interview that he gave at the time, an interview by Bahgat Elnadi and Adel Rifaat for the UNESCO Courier November 1991. So these great heroes they have all have the same speeches about how there’s just too many of you. They never include themselves in it, it’s you. You see, they know themselves they’re obviously superior because they’re the multimillionaires and billionaires working for multi-trillionaires. 


But it’s so slick, isn’t it, that it’s hard for a person to reconcile a nasty thing like that coming from the mouth of someone who loves all these little animals that you grew up being utterly entertained with and overwhelmed with the wonders of it all, hm. It makes it easier for it to come out of the mouths of these people…   I guess he didn’t really mean it, he such a nice person… That’s how you forgive them. They mean it all right. They really, really mean it.  They have a hatred for the ordinary people, that they say have no function. The ordinary people, the masses of people, the consumers, they have no function. They really believe that. Your period of necessity is over.  They don’t need you anymore. That’s true. 


Getting back to the sexual different mores and so on that’s been pushed for years now… As long as you don’t have children you can use any other kind of substitute or whatever it happens to be. They haven’t even unrolled all the gadgetry they’re going to bring forward to you.  Just don’t have children.   And you’ll die off. They’re already complaining in some, well, you see, there’s just still too many of you around, you should not have had children, we gave you all the abilities to get rid of the children or even not to have them in the first place. They’re not happy with that either.  Then you get the doublespeak on The World Bank and so on, and even your own national bank, oh there’s just not enough people to pay off the national debt. Well, what do you want? Do you want no people? Or very little people? Or do you want a lot of folk to pay it off?


It’s nonsense! You understand, when something doesn’t make sense, you’re being fibbed too, put it that way.  [Alan laughing.]  Rather mightily. But that’s what you’re living in. Amazing system.  And it never ends. It really doesn’t end.


You also find too that Gorbachev, I’ve mentioned Gorbachev, I gave the talks at the time years ago when Michael Gorbachev came over to run his foundation, that was already set up for him, in the US, the Presidio, an old military, ex-military base in the US.  He was given the whole thing to run his green organization, you see. Isn’t that weird?... a guy who was the head of, at the time, the communist Soviet Union, and he becomes a swinging guy, you know, a modern man, with his expensive Western suits, etc., completely different from the old characters that would stand up there was scarves around their necks and get blasted by the winds outside the Kremlin giving speeches.  And that’s what they present to the world to run the… And he always, he boasted, he had the documentaries out there on his socialism was anything but dead, it was just simply moving worldwide now.


Because socialism is a technique run by the top capitalists, by the way. It’s easier to have you all in the collectivist system doing what you’re told, being indoctrinated with every technique possible to obey and do what you’re told, and alter all kinds of your culture and thoughts and beliefs and everything else, it’s much easier for those in control, it’s a bureaucrat’s dream. He laid it on the line about what the whole agenda was.  He also talked about the goal of government, and that was always the goal, he’s a top Soviet person who was still a socialist, at the very least a socialist, put it that way. Remember, communism was socialism in a hurry according to some of the leaders of the Soviet Union speeches they gave, as a joke about the West.


You find that Gorbachev was rather open about it too and he did say that, they’d have to create a religion, a form of Earth worship, he said. This is after saying in his own book that he was an atheist. But he said that this would be a new Earth worship and all the children would be taught this Earth worship. He’s talking about sustainability, and with the climate change and ecology and all that kind of stuff, all combined, you see. This didn’t happen by itself. It wasn’t an invention of Gorbachev’s either. He worked for the same globalists who already ruled the world and own the world and planned it all, before my granddad was born. Anyway, that’s what he said too, Gorbachev. He says, one of the worst of the new dangers is ecological… 


The River of Time and the Imperative, Delivered by Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union on May 6, 1992


One of the worst of the new dangers is ecological.


But today, global climatic shifts, the greenhouse effect, the "ozone hole," acid rain, contamination of the atmosphere, soil, and water by industrial and household waste, the destruction of the forests, etc. all threaten the stability of the planet.


And he goes on and on and on and on. But as I say, the whole point was to create a form of green religion and that’s called today sustainability. It’s eugenics, folks, too many of you.  And CO2, all the taxes and stuff that’s getting hammered on, you know, oh, it’s all your fault, your destroying the whole planet, look at the weather for goodness sake, as they spray and spray and spray and have [Alan chuckles.] geo-engineering meetings about it.  It’s a good… That would fit the bill, right?  The Club of Rome, that would do it.  And you find, it’s really amazing to me to read it all, all over again, because I’ve done it too many times in the past. 


Canada too had Maurice Strong and I gave talks on him and the Baca Grande Ranch they called it.  His big New Age area supposedly, where he brought in different people who would… they tried to get new religion, a new religion formed, you see, using New Age techniques, and getting the youth involved and… to see if they could create a… They tried gurus from India and different places, from all over, Buddhists, Buddhist sects came to live there... to try and find a way that they would go out into the world again and indoctrinate children.  It’s much easier to get a religion on the go.  Gorbachev’s technique of course was different.  His is to use socialistic values that would be a form of religion. You see, communism was a religion, for those who don’t get it.  You had to believe in it, a belief system, to be a communist. Even when it definitely was not working, and you kept your faith in it, that was a religion. But he still had the belief that you can indoctrinate them to really believe in it as a religion, you see, a true faith thing. 


Whereas they tried all these different techniques including religions and that’s what Maurice Strong tried as well. Maurice Strong was picked up supposedly from nowhere by the Rockefellers and set up. What they do is they make them into a sort of magnet, like someone who will be a kind of CEO type, without having to carry responsibility, and put them around the oil fields to see how the commerce works and big business really works, etc., supposedly. Then they make them Masters of the universe by giving them authority over…  They are unelected people, remember, but they’ve got all these different… Maurice Strong, all the environmental things that were implemented and signed by your governments were all drafted up by Maurice Strong and the Rockefellers, for folk who don’t know that. 


With the Rio Summit and so on, and the biodiversity treaty, oh, where Maurice Strong said to someone at the meeting, who said, well, there’s no rights for humans anywhere in this, you know, just trees and animals, and Strong turnaround and said to him, by the time we’re finished you’ll wish you had the same rights as a tree. Well, no one elected Maurice Strong, who worked at the United Nations and went to all these plum jobs all over. He was treated like royalty everywhere. He got red carpet treatment.  He was a governor general or a lieutenant governor, that’s kind of like the role that he had. He literally got red carpets unrolled for him, he had that in Russia when he was there. Royal treatment. But no one elected this guy who affected all of our lives. But he was a big technocrat, they are the implementers of things, given full authority from the owners of the planet, obviously. You find that Strong said, this is a talk he gave…


In effect, the U.S. is committing environmental aggression against the rest of the world. At the military level, the United States is the custodian. At the environmental level, the United States is clearly the greatest risk.


One of the worst problems in the United States is energy prices, they are too low.


(A:  I’ll stress this again, and Canada should listen because since about 2008 at the last bank crash, all food, which is energy by the way, if you haven’t figured that one out, has shot up in price, all of it, very quickly, mainly in the last few years actually. The same with electricity, it’s to go up and up every year. Gasoline is to go up. And the carbon taxes are to get really slapped on, slapped on. We’re already paying it already for those who don’t know it, it’s included in so many things. As folk try to keep a good standard of living they borrow and borrow more and more money, and the Canadians are up to their eyes in debt basically, in debt trying to keep up the standard of living. They have no idea it’s part, their governments have all signed on to this through all the different treaties with all these agencies I’m talking about at the United Nations. So energy prices, Maurice Strong said, they’re too low…)


It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class…involving high meat intake, (A:  ..ring a bell anywhere, all their articles in the paper recently, again.) consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, ownership of motor vehicles, numerous electric household appliances, home and work place air-conditioning,   expansive suburban housing are not sustainable… 


Now, that’s like a judge making his verdict, and hammering on it, bang! …the gavel.  That is the agenda, folks. It is not coincidence that it’s happening. It’s quite amazing as I say, amazing story just on him alone, Maurice Strong, because I gave a lot of talks on him years ago, that no one had touched on really in that kind of depth I suppose.


But what I’m saying to you is that nothing is by chance. I gave the talks on when the United Nations had their technocrats out talking and getting everybody to sign on to austerity programs. The leader of the Green Party in the UK said, if only folk would go back to the obeying governments and doing what they’re told, this is, I’m paraphrasing really, this is what she was saying, as they did during World War II when the blitz was on and everybody was worried about could they survive, would Britain survive, would they survive, etc., and they ate less, with rationing, you see, food. The folk were malnourished by the way, terribly malnourished, it really showed in their offspring. Anyway, she was lamenting the fact they didn’t have that kind of thing, so she hoped for a crisis thing so we’d all pull together and just do what we’re told, eat less, do what we’re told by the government and agencies and authorities and be very obedient.  That’s, again, the technocrats and the bureaucrats dream. It really, really is, folks.


And in this day and age where, I’ll give you an example. If you say something, with all the facts at your disposal, and you’re being listened to by people, that’s noticed immediately. Nothing is not noticed in this system that we live in. And out of the blue will come characters that will be elevated way, way above you, financially, and they’ll say amazing things and they’ll put into the… They’ll use the same kind of talks you’re giving, and often borrow your stuff, heavily, and they’ll bring in aliens or something else or some strange, strange thing, which ridicules what they’re saying. The intention is to ridicule the person that’s giving the facts out without all the bazaar stuff. That’s called counterintelligence. That’s how you ridicule somebody. 


They’ll also use people, and Carol Quigley admitted this in his own books and interviews. He said that… Quigley was part of the team of professors that they’ll often pull out when anybody came out and talked about the globalist, this globalist international order that was bringing in the system that he talked about quite freely, he was part of it too. He believed that the ordinary people didn’t have the right to decide for themselves what they wanted to do. He really did believe in a class system and that there are superiors and inferiors, and then the superiors had the right to dominate and rule the rights of others. He really believed that. That’s why he was picked for the State Department for teaching them and so on like that. He also believed in the role of the Milner Group and the history of the Council on Foreign Relations, that really was an invisible government, he admitted that, he worked for it and he was all for it.


But in the talk he gave, a little talk he said that, I have to admit, he said… I think he was pulled out to try and ridicule someone who had facts about world government and this global order that was coming into view. It might have been the book called None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen. He says on this talk, it was televised apparently, he said, I couldn’t ridicule him because the man has all his facts there. It was the first time that Quigley had realized that he couldn’t defeat a person with all the facts, who didn’t go off into bizarro-land, and just presented fact after fact after fact. So, he admitted that, that if you are genuine they will bring a stack of people against you, and top names, top professors, you name it, whatever it happens to be, or they’ll invent them, and bring them on the spot right out, well rehearsed, well doctored for their talk and try to ridicule you. That’s how things really are, folks.


They also give you leaders for you to follow, who will say the right things, heavily finance them, knowing that most folk will go for, they’ll follow the wealthy. Well, they must be good because they’re wealthy. It’s a very simple thing. It’s like advertising, marketing, they’ll tell you if your product isn’t moving, up the price, up the price, make it more expensive. People will buy it then thinking it must be good because it’s expensive. The same kind of thing, that’s why they follow leaders too. And some of the leaders will have instant books across the planet. That’s a fortune at work just marketing the books and getting the sales for all the different stores and chains and so on. So, don’t be silly and think that everyone out there is genuine, whatever you do, please, because nothing is further from the truth. [Alan chuckles.]


To tie this in with what I’m talking about here, let’s just look at this for instance, a few articles here. One is about…


Everything You Know About Global Order Is Wrong

foreignpolicy.com / 30 Jan 2019


If Western elites understood how the postwar liberal system was created, they’d think twice about asking for its renewal.


This goes into the system that was brought in by the same clique who gave you basically the World Bank and so on, long before that ruled the money system across the world, how they brought in after World War II at the end of it all the different bailouts systems to help refinance the West and to build itself up again.  And the Bretton Woods agreement too and so on. But it's an interesting spin on things.  A lot of it’s missed out of it too unfortunately, but it gives you a bit, a basic condensed idea. It goes into the World Economic Forum as well.


Now, the World Economic Forum should have no say in your lives, folks. Because you didn’t elect them. And when gangs of the richest folk on the planet get together to create policy, then you’d better realize that they either are government and you’ll go along with them or they’re not a government and you’d better do something about it. Because you’re being trained to accept that somehow it is some form of government. And if you want that, fine, that’s your decisions. It’s not mine.


Again too, back to the weather and so on, it doesn’t matter about reality. It doesn’t matter too that since the USSR as it was called, collapsed as a Soviet type system. I read at the time too many hundreds of weather stations, where they collect all this data, in the whole Soviet Union, a lot of countries involved, and cold climates, they closed down all the stacks and stacks, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of the stations. They’re not even brought into the old weather standards now, they don’t put that into the global temperature statistics anymore. You understand? There’s whole massive, massive chunks just disappeared. And so, we get articles like…


Earth just experienced one of the warmest years on record

cnn.com / 6 Feb 2019


(CNN) — Last year was the fourth-hottest year ever recorded, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA, which means that the past five years have been the five warmest years in the modern record.


(A:  Remember too, they haven’t been keeping records for that long, folks. It wasn’t up until about 1920s and 30s they even started to get accurate thermometers, [Alan laughing.] that were mass-produced across the world.  [Alan laughing.]  Because different countries have different standards and there’s a big, big difference. But remember too, as I say, they had all these other stations across the whole Soviet Union that don’t exist anymore, that was all from the newspapers at the time and I kept them all, and they said that, this will really effect what they give you for Global temperatures, it will make it appear warmer.) 


If it seems like you've heard this before, you have: Eighteen of the hottest 19 years have occurred since 2001.


There’s lots of good documentaries out there showing you, and mainstream too did it back in the 70s, where they put these temperature stations up and thermometers inside these cases, etc., in places that were in the countryside that are now all concrete everywhere that reflect heat like you wouldn’t believe, like a frying pan. And, you know… But again, facts have got nothing to do with the agenda. You’ve got to believe it’s really bad, bad, bad. And mind you, my temperatures here as I say, I’m getting longer and longer winters, and colder winters too. So it’s from September snow right to the present time, I have to get snow all next week I think, or at least maybe starting Wednesday. I’ll probably get snow up until March, maybe even April, so it’s getting longer and longer.


So with the cost of energy, as I say, for most folk for heating, of all the different methods that they use, you can see what’s going to happen, ‘eh? Unsustainable, unsustainable, you can’t manage anymore. And they’ll move in, they’ll come out with all these big, big massive new communal living association type systems where you have to move into huge blocks where they all get fed communally and so on, etc. That will come under the crisis, as they ramp it up into a war, it’s a war situation, we can’t go on like this, you’ve got to live together in big, big hut and have communal dinners and communal everything, etc. That’s how they’ll do it.


Another one too is… 


Hawaii sees snow from winter storm for first time in state park on Maui

foxnews.com / 12 Feb 2019


 . . . a weekend storm left parts of the Aloha State looking like a scene from the Arctic Circle.


And then you get…


Snow joke! Cold weather can cut the range of the Tesla Model S and other electric cars by more than 40% as it saps their battery power

dailymail.co.uk / 7 Feb 2019


(A:  Now, this was fairly mild temperatures where they were testing these things.)


Included: BMW i3s, Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S and VW eGolf


High temperatures can also cut into battery range, according to the research


Electric cars have 40 per cent less range when the temperature dips below freezing, new research has revealed.


(A:  Well, that's just below freezing, and on the centigrade scale that's at the zero mark and that's about 32° in the Fahrenheit. It's quite amazing, really.  They love degrees in the systems, don't they, above and below.  [Alan laughing.]   But anyway, can you imagine when you're getting 30° below here, and not just below freezing, but -30°, and centigrade as well, and even -48° last week, was it, -48°.  Once you hit about -40° it’s the same about on both scales, they kind of match up together. But anyway, it says here…)


The BMW i3s, Chevrolet Bolt, the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S and the VW eGolf performed far worse that during balmy weather.


It also found that high temperatures can cut into battery range, but not nearly as much as the cold. 


But mind you too, that it’s not meant to last forever. This is a stopgap so’s you don’t start rioting when they say we want to end your gasoline engines. Because that’s the whole purpose of it, really. If you cut mobility, because that ties in with commerce, it ties in with the commercialized system and the system of buying and selling, etc. Everything is transported. You are transported, in fact. And if they can get you back into your stabilized little community areas where you’re supposed to be and stay and live, then you won’t need a vehicle.


Agenda 21 says that in it, there will be no privately owned vehicles. For those who… Look it up.  This is an official… It’s not myth.  It’s not some conspiracy.  It’s signed. Everybody signed on to it and they go into 2015 was part of it too, 2030 is the next part of it. But Agenda 21 is for the whole 21st century in sections, into the next century, all the things that must be achieved. Again, from the same group they gave you, hhh, sustainability of all kinds. Maurice Strong’s groups, the Rio Summit’s, etc., biodiversity, it’s all the same one group that gives you all these things. They have decided how you’re going to live. And how you’re living now by the way. And the other scientific group that runs with the minds gave you all the cultural changes and sexual changes, things that you’re going to have to accept and adapt to. And even maybe participate in, because you’re not going to be allowed eventually to breed, period, without permission.  I’ll put this link up too.




Climate change “more dangerous than terrorism”  (A:  Hhmmm.)

theportugalnews.com / 31 Jan 2019


The head of Portugal’s UNESCO (A:  That United Nations, again, Educational and Scientific group.) National Commission said that climate change was more dangerous than terrorism, adding that it put the planet’s survival at risk.


(A:  See. Oh, we’re in a… it’s a war!  It’s a war, and humanity, you are the enemy.  Hhh.  It doesn’t say that, but Maurice Strong did and the Club of Rome did. And the way you’re living did.)  


Filipe Duarte Santos said at a conference on climate change in Lisbon organised by UNESCO that (A:  They always say this…) rising sea levels could lead to a human catastrophe unlike anything ever seen before. 


(A:  Mm.  Ohh, no kidding, ‘eh?  Amazing. I guess these guys really do have time machines, go back into millions of years ago, and even thousands… Well, that would be quite a feat going back thousands, or even a few hundred, ‘eh.  But no, they just know these things. Because they say it.  If they say that they must know it.  That’s all it often takes, is someone to say it.)


The country’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Augusto Santos Silva, said that Portugal had a responsibility in the area of climate change as it would be one of the countries most affected by it but it was also one of the most determined in fighting its effects.


(A:  So you see, it’s a war, you have to fight its effects.  Why do you fight?  Well, depopulation, stop consumption, etc. etc.)


Meanwhile, seven in ten natural UNESCO World Heritage sites are at risk of being affected by climate change, expert Filipe Duarte Santos warned at the conference on “UNESCO Territories and climate change” in Lisbon.


Duarte Santos, who is the head of the national commission for the environment and sustainable development, said 71% of UNESCO’s natural sites, included in a list of over 1,000 that are defined as world heritage, will be affected by climate change.


(A:  They just keep saying these things, ‘eh.  They don’t give you any proof of anything, but they keep SAYING it.  My goodness.  Well, would they LIE to YOU for goodness sakes, they’re professional people.) 


Aussie Court . . .


I’ve got to laugh. Australia, really, hhh, it’s easier to push the avant-garde systems in Australia. Australia, it’s got some things in common with the US. The US doesn’t realize it, but it’s people from the Soviet system know it, they can see it, the US has simply continued in a more scientific method the revolutionary spirit and the revolutionary cause that was behind even Marxism. They keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it and pushing it. It’s Trotskyist, meaning its perpetual war against all normality’s and any normality that is made a new norm for maybe 50 years, or even 20 years, even 10 years, will then get smashed and must evolve into another new norm, you see. That’s Marxism, with the dialectic at work. Nothing must stay the same for any length of time.  Australia has got a lot in common with that too because it’s very far left. And under the guise, and this is the trick of it, under the guise of far left, we the people, the same world agenda can get pushed much easier when folks think it’s somehow theirs and their system. So, they reject a new coal mine…


Aussie Court Rejects New Coal Mine Because Climate Change - wattsupwiththat.com / 8 Feb 2019


Even though they have great scrubbers in coal and everything else now for chimneys and you don’t even see smoke anymore. But again, facts have got nothing to do with it. [Alan chuckles.] It’s so comical in a sense, because China is building stacks of brand-new coal mines all the time.  And they’re even importing coal. And they’re even importing coal I believe from Australia as well. 


I remember the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC, and they have a guy there, I don’t know if it’s the same guy now, who is the head of it, appointed the head of it.  He’s always getting into trouble for different things too. Again, he was all for sustainability and yada, yada ya.  He put money that he was earning into private investments for brand-new coal mines in India, as he’s telling the rest of the world to cut back and stop heating yourselves.  [Alan laughing.]  Quite amazing, isn’t it.


You see, reality… Facts have got nothing to do with it. Reality has got nothing to do with what you’re hearing. It’s a cover for a war agenda against all of you. Most folk will never figure it out. Most folk will think, well, they’d never do that to you. Even when top members of this global organization say it, on television, oh, I heard them say it, they can’t really mean it.   And…


Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy - washingtondailyreport.com / 27 Jan 2019


Well, that’s doomed in that case.  They will definitely…  You see, they’re sort of avant-garde, that’s the Maurice Strong agenda, that’s the Gorbachev agenda.  Because high energy and all the rest of it, you want to supply your needs and when you get a really cold snap coming in in the wintertime, well, God help you all.  Folk will die.


They want to, like Bertrand Russell says too, you know, if only they could have black deaths and black plagues, you know, every few years and kill off the population, or the weak or the elderly or whatever. Euthanasia is a big part of it, remember. Euthanasia is killing people, from children all the way up, folks, to the elderly.  If you get the George Bernard Shaw type, they’d be killing you as adults as well because they just don’t need you anymore.  I’m not kidding you. This is what… hhch.  You’ve got to understand, the fantasy they bring you up in to believe in, because you’re natural humans, right, and compared to how they think amongst themselves, is to them their natural class system.  They’re very open about it amongst themselves.


Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority Stormwater Fee Sparks Controversy

wnep.com / 8 Jan 2019


(A:  Water tax. All the things you need, right? And carbon taxes.  There you go.)


The higher bill came in the form of a new fee that cuts in homeowners and business centers off guard.


The few results from the mandate by the US Environmental Protection Agency.


(A:  So here you have this agency, that's appointed, right, making us laws now. And you won't hear the government screaming and saying no, it's, well, you know.  They allow it to happen.)


The federal government demands that as part of cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, people in our area have to pay for ways to reduce pollution in the Susquehanna River, which flows into the Chesapeake Bay.


The agencies now billing the owners of more than 85,000 homes, businesses, and empty lots stormwater runoff fee.


The fee is earmarked for programs to reduce pollution . . .


(A:  That's the con about it all. It puts me in mind of the racketeering that goes on. And it is.  Don't ever think that there's not incredible amounts of people in on the act here of racketeering and ripping you off for everything you've got.)


At least in the US they have instances that have happened before, like the returning veterans from World War II, for instance, who had shootouts when they got home and found that gangs, organized gangs had become the Sheriff’s and the politicians in their areas.  Like Athens in Tennessee, the sheriffs were literally grabbing the polling boxes at the end and running off with them to fake all the results to get their own folk in. Complete and well-organized crime.  And the veterans, the military veterans, ha, they got the keys to one of the armories there and they did get all the weapons and they blew up where these guys were holed up and got them all, got these guys out.  These racketeering sheriffs had deputized about 200 gangsters basically to be deputies for them. They were making a killing just arresting people under fake charges, and the judges were involved, obviously, and everybody’s getting a cut off the fines and all the rest of it. It’s just…  They were grabbing folk off trains and everything just pulling into the station to arrest them for things just to get money off them. Incredible racketeering. 


So don’t ever think that you’re living in some kind of Disneyland where everybody’s wonderful. The psychopaths out there can smell a way to get into any possible hairline crack in your wallet to get money off you. And when it’s organized to the very, very top, because the whole system is corrupt, obviously…  Come on, here! Come on, folks.  It’s going to get a lot, lot worse when the agenda is to get everything off you, so that you literally won’t have money. You’ll be looking for handouts from a government agency, and the government agency will be demanding that you behave and talk, etc. in a certain way, and live in a certain standard as well, much below what you might want yourself in a natural system.


"It's hilarious to think that we're going to be charged because rain hits our property," said Kathy Dymond of Wyoming. "We can't stop where the rainwater wants to go."


There you go. That's only a little bit. But you start tacking these things on everything you buy, which is your real carbon taxes, and energy taxes, how much did it cost to make even the wrapper for that chocolate bar? And you've got these fake, this new priesthood that sits there.  They’re not deciding how many angels dance on the end of a pin. They’re deciding how much carbon, you know, just by smelling it probably, you know, with their sacred scientific noses, how much carbon it took to make that wrapper, so they can really screw you and get the cash off you and make you suffer. Everything you buy is going to have this stuff on it. And again…


‘Rain Tax’ Likely To Become Reality In New Jersey - newyork.cbslocal.com / 4 Feb 2019


New Jersey To Implement Rain Tax - conservativedailynews.com / 5 Feb 2019


I’ll put that one too. And…


Where Carbon Is Taxed



This page reports on carbon taxes that have been enacted or proposed around the world, including in:


•United Kingdom





•Other Nations (including Finland, Great Britain, and New Zealand)


Canada has its own page, where we summarize its plan to adopt a nationwide carbon price in 2018 and also report in detail on British Columbia’s carbon tax, the Western Hemisphere’s (if not the world’s) most comprehensive and transparent carbon tax.


(A:  And this is all part of…)

Carbon Brief’s Paris climate pledge tracker


…something that you don't vote in. You don’t vote either for the self-confessed NGO groups that say, we’re environmentalists.  Well, we all live in the environments, folks, no one is above you. It’s all a con to bring you into utter austerity, which will bring in disease when they can’t eat properly, folks, or heat yourself. And when they ration medicine, and that is coming too, they’re already doing it in some countries, in Canada they can offer the euthanasia pill rather than treat you if they think it’s economically… [Alan chuckles.] …you know…  You’ve got to think of all of this.


Don’t ever think you’re living in some, again, Disneyland nonsense. You’re not. There’s tremendously ruthless people very successful at the top. That’s who gets to the top are ruthless people. Just like bailiffs that have no problem going into folks’ and kicking folks out of their homes because they owe money on something, and watching them on the streets with the heap of their belongings. Bailiffs have no problem.  You can hire psychopaths, they are a dime a dozen out there, in every country.


You also have lots of other taxes as well for all the other free things they’re supposedly bringing in. Nothing’s free. Everything costs you. Government doesn’t give out cash to countries. No, government takes your money and puts it across the planet. Government doesn’t create anything except misery and con games.


Other articles I want to just tack on too is…


How Ring & Rekognition Set the Stage for Consumer Generated Mass Surveillance

wjlta.com / 28 Jan 2019


If every home on a street, in a neighborhood, or in a town had a Ring surveillance system, the individual cameras, taken together, could construct an extremely intimate picture of daily public life.


They’ve got total facial recognition across, they’re putting into all the… Well, they’ve got stacks of them in most of the countries already. This is the system you’re into.  They even have movies out about this now too, where they’re taking it.  One was called Anon I believe it is and you can read up on that or maybe get it if you can find it. That shows you where they’re taking you. You’re always preprogrammed in advance for all this stuff. And don’t forget, China has those glasses, they had advertised glasses that the police wear now in the train stations and as the faces come up, the names and the IDs of the people instantly pop up on the glasses that they’re wearing, they see them, they see who they are.


IBM builds a more diverse million-face data set to help reduce bias in AI

techcrunch.com / 30 Jan 2019


(A:  …AI, artificial intelligence. A good article too.)


This is a multi-layered problem . . . (A:  …and so on and so on.)


Facial recognition is being relied on for everything from unlocking your phone to your front door, and is being used to estimate your mood or likelihood to commit criminal acts  (A:  …that’s pre-crime basically, like Minority Report the movie.) — and we may as well admit many of these applications are bunk. But even the good ones often fail simple tests like working adequately with people of certain skin tones or ages.  (A:  So they’re trying to improve all of that as well.)




Diversity in Faces Dataset



The Diversity in Faces (DiF)is a large and diverse dataset that seeks to advance the study of fairness and accuracy in facial recognition technology.


(A:  Fairness?... How can computers become… They’re not human, how can you be fair in anything?!?)


The first of its kind available to the global research community, DiF provides a dataset of annotations of 1 million human facial images.


What a horror show! It’s pretty well here but gonna get worse. And you will be looked upon with suspicion if you even voice what I’ve just said. Also…


Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: The FBI’s Diabolical Plan To Create A Nation Of Suspects 

mintpressnews.com / 24 Jan 2019


(A:  And how, yeah, how they’re into all of this kind of thing too, to get your DNA database. And of course, you know that too from the different free apps that you use. You know, the very popular ones that asked for your DNA, let’s find your family history for you.   And it’s all for you, isn’t it? You know something?  You can’t help people that fall for everything. You can’t help them. You really can’t. Well, it’s free, it’s free.  Nothing is free.)


As the New York Times reports:


“The science-fiction future, in which police can swiftly identify robbers and murderers from discarded soda cans and cigarette butts, has arrived. In 2017, President Trump signed into law the Rapid DNA Act, which, starting this year, will enable approved police booking stations in several states to connect their Rapid DNA machines to Codis, the national DNA database. Genetic fingerprinting is set to become as routine as the old-fashioned kind.”


Now, it’s true, Trump, for folk who don’t listen, he did say before he got in that he was going to massively expand the surveillance systems and technology.  Well, he is. The same agenda would continue regardless of what party or person was in. They’re all sworn to the same agenda. All the rest of it is just drama and soap operas for you to pass the time and get angry about.


One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Secretly Sharing Data With The FBI

zerohedge.com / 2 Feb 2019


Just one week ago, we warned that the government — helped by Congress (which adopted legislation allowing police to collect and test DNA immediately following arrests), President Trump (who signed the Rapid DNA Act into law), the courts (which have ruled that police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime), and local police agencies (which are chomping at the bit to acquire this new crime-fighting gadget) — was embarking on a diabolical campaign to create a nation of suspects predicated on a massive national DNA database.


FamilyTreeDNA, one of the pioneers of the growing market for "at home", consumer genetic testing, confirmed a report from BuzzFeed that it has quietly granted the Federal Bureau of Investigation access to its vast trove of nearly 2 million genetic profiles.


(A:  And it goes on and on and on.)


The move is of significant concern to much more than just privacy-minded FamilyTreeDNA customers. As Bloomberg notes, one person sharing genetic information (A:  …let’s say one family member, right…) also exposes those to whom they are closely related. That’s how police caught the alleged Golden State Killer. And here is a stunning statistic - according to a 2018 study, only 2% of the population needs to have done a DNA test for virtually everyone’s genetic information to be represented in that data.


There you go.  What do you think of that then, ‘eh?  [Alan laughing.]  Also…


Clicking on terrorist propaganda even once could mean 15 years in prison under new law

independent.co.uk / 12 Feb 2019


UN inspector accused government of straying towards 'thought crime' with law


Anyone who views terrorist propaganda once online can be jailed for up to 15 years under new laws that have sparked human rights concerns.


(A:  This is in Britain.) 


MPs had urged the government to scrap plans to criminalise viewing “information useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism”, which goes further . . .


(A:  Now, you know darn well that no matter what they say it’s for they’ll explain it to every thought that you have that’s not quite politically correct.)


A United Nations inspector accused the government of straying towards “thought crime” with the proposal, which originally stated that people would have to access propaganda (A:  Now, who’s defining what is propaganda, ‘eh?) “on three or more different occasions” to commit a terror offence.


So looking at something three times, and different sites maybe, for a topic, is going to be called a terror offense. And eventually it will be, maybe in five years time, who knows, maybe a bit longer. It depends. They’ll do their polls to see how well it’s working, until everyone’s got same opinions and so on and you’ll all say the same things, you’ll all look at the same stuff on the Internet. They pretty well know how long it’ll take to train you all. And punish the ones who don’t, obviously. The threat is often enough for most folk, a few warnings.  Then they’ll come to the door and give you a warning. That’s all coming.


This is tyranny, folks.  It was meant to be this way. Because the Internet was never going to be used to give you freedom.  [Alan laughing.]  The last thing that power and control wants to give you is freedom.  But they use the technique beautifully, the mousetrap, didn’t they?  Here’s the cheese, there’s the mousetrap, go and play yourselves, it’s all free. Until you can’t do without it, in fact. You can’t do without it even to do your banking and so on. And then they’ll punish you, for something you need, which is the system, the Internet to use, to even survive. That’s what they’re going to do. Like Bertrand Russell said they would use something like this.  And he was dead on. They never change their agenda, you know. 


One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

theregister.co.uk / 13 Feb 2019


Oh snap. UK netizens better hope they don't have twitchy mouse-click finger.


This is all to scare people off too. And it will work. Remember, law and even police are used with threat of intimidation, they’ll intimidate you and coerce you into doing what they want you to do.  And if that doesn’t work, then force is used. That’s what it is, that’s how law, all law is the same way. So that’s the system you’re living within and most folk don’t even know it.


So anyway, I don’t tell folk it’s all, you know, abandon hope all ye who enter here. I’m just telling you that the world is and was designed to become a rather evil place by the experts. I think the only time people had a bit of freedom was probably before the Normans came in, for instance, to Europe and then to Britain. People in rural areas and scattered across the planet lived a bit more freer in small tribes. But once money came into being, forget it, folks. That’s when… Money is power over others, you see. Money can then buy different systems. It can buy the food system until you’ve got nothing left, until you join them and do what you’re told. Then you become dependent on that one system, and the money system to buy the food that you once grew yourself, you see.  Money has always been about power and dominating other people and having them do what you want. You can hire whole armies with money.


Again, I’m way over time. As I say, I wasn’t even sure I was going to do this week because as I say, every day, every day has been a battle here with the global warming and dumping all the snow on me, and ice, even ice storms and things like that.


For myself from a very cold northern Ontario, Canada, I’m Alan Watt, it’s good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Rapid DNA Act: The FBI’s Diabolical Plan To Create A Nation Of Suspects

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One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Secretly Sharing Data With The FBI

zerohedge.com / 2 Feb 2019


Clicking on terrorist propaganda even once could mean 15 years in prison under new law

independent.co.uk / 12 Feb 2019


One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

theregister.co.uk / 13 Feb 2019



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