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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Witness Signs of Huxley's-Blair's Ultimate Revolution,

Using Geneticists, Bio-Chemists, Scientific Collusion."

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix February 24, 2019.It is in fact the early hours of the morning of 24 February because Iím staying up to do the show early.Because Iíve got maybe eight hours or more of hail coming down, and then freezing rain on top of that afterwards, and then more freezing rain, supposedly, then rain, then snow. I have to stay up to make sure I get as much off the roof as possible. Iíve never seen so much snow as Iíve had since about, well, the beginning of January really. It was really deep, deep, deep freeze time from September right up to that period.And I did have snow in September as well that stayed right up through.


But the masses amounts that have come down in this last few weeks has been tremendous and itís just nothing but shovel, shovel, shovel and trying to save the roof. Because when you get layers of ice on top of snow, and then more layers, then more ice and more snow, like a sandwich type idea, multilayered sandwich, that weight really packs in pretty quickly and youíve got to get up there somehow to get the darned stuff offÖ or your roof definitely will fall down. Thatís whatís happening across the board in a lot of places actually. And because of the cold temperatures this year, and because of the lack of the thawing that occasionally comes in between big falls, you find the snow just keeps going higher and higher and higher. Thatís what Iíve certainly had here. Although the odd phenomenon too is that the snow, if you drop anything in it, even a bar of metal or pole or something, youíll find you pick it up and the snow will attach to itself immediately and just stay on it. You can hammer it and the whole thing to try to get it off, it doesnít just wipe off so easily. Itís quite amazing to experience all this kind of thing.


Plus too, when I go into unbroken ground where you havenít walked on the snow before like at the front of the house, because I have to get up there somehow with a long, long, long pole just try to scrape some of this off, even though I canít really break off enough of the ice actually.But I canít climb up on top of it, itís just too high.But I get into the ground thatís got maybe 5 feet of snow on it and I have to make a trench through it. And Iím tell you, you really smell, as youíre walking through, itís not hitting the grass yet, thereís still maybe a foot or 2 feet of snow underneath you when you dig a trench. But you can smell mold in the snow. It is quite phenomenal, a very, very strong smell of mold. I guess itís coming down from the sky from, mmm, something.But itís very, very, ah, itís obvious, itís so obvious itís incredible. Never seen that before either.


But anyway, thatís why Iím up at this time, really, the middle of the night.At the moment, about 3:18 a.m. and Iíll try to talk about something. Because this whole week, literally, I havenít had time to look at much at all. It really is just shovel, shovel, shovel and out there trying to get snow and ice off this particular oddly shaped house with its two, itís kind of a sunken basement in it as well and then an upper floor. But the sunken basement slops away from the house in the front so I canít, itís just too high to get up there to get the darned stuff off. But again, thatís what we live in now with the coming Ice Age, Ďeh?[Alan laughing.]


They shouldíve stuck with that back in the 60s, when the same group by the way, that were looking for a reason, before even the Club of Rome got in on the act with it too, they were looking for a reason to take over and manage society with experts and commissars of all kinds.And academia then and today has never been off the same agenda, theyíve always been on board with it all. Because thatís what the real idea of socialism is about. Itís nothing to do with helping the public. If thereís any help at all it will be a spinoff side effect and an accident probably. But in reality, itís about experts running your lives from birth to death to do with consumption, sustainability, population reduction is a must-be for them, by any and all means possible.And treating the people like children is very important because they canít ever tell you the truth.


The few who do come out and tell you the truth about diet, injections and injunctions as Bertrand Russell said, really, the few are just ignored, they wonít mention them. Although in academia they certainly do, they worship these characters like Julian Huxley and Russell and so on. Itís quite fascinating to see how old the agenda really is, going way back into the 1800s, and how it all came together properly for the rulers at that time.Where they had famines, not just in Ireland, they had famines, often manufactured famines in fact, in the age of what they called laissez-faire capitalism, and it was a liberal type upper-middle-class that ruled it all.Britain had its empire and, again, an upper-middle-class helped to run it for the masters who owned it all.


But the general population, the vast bulk of the public were not living very well at all.Life was cheap. People died pretty young. There was often starvation of all kinds happening. Because under laissez-faire, export across the world was vital by the agribusiness.Youíve got to understand that thatís never changed. Youíve got about five agribusinesses running the planetís agricultural systems now. Five companies, corporations. You have a population across the world, most of them actually, especially in the so-called civilized countries, which really mean totally dominated countries, where you depend on supermarket chains to deliver food to you, the ability to even grow the darned stuff yourself has been lost to most people.And thatís what they call civilization.


Unless you understand what theyíre talking about [Alan chuckles.] in all the books going way, way, way back, for centuries in fact, youíll never understand whatís really happening today. Yes, youíll get the stories on the neocons back in power with their wars down in Venezuela, against Venezuela and so on, and against Iran, etc, and across the Middle East. You can get all of that information for sure. Look at the big, big picture. Because the big picture has all the top countries leaderships on board with the global sustainability agenda. And it goes way back, even before Karl Marx.Karl Marx put a lot into the writing that had been previously discussed for generations before he came along to do with centralization of power.


That old thing, it goes back to even ancient empires where you had a city-state that dominated what became a country, and then other nations and other city-states, until they had the massive Empire. But centralization of power was vital to them. That way they could standardize the system of laws to manage everybody, the system of taxes especially to tax everybody. Because everything to do with helping bring Ďcivilizationí is a mass plunder exercise where the wealth is going to all get shifted into the hands of the few around the dominant minority who rule. So itís never changed. And under communism it was exactly the same.So Marx had the centralization of power idea.He congratulated Lincoln for fighting the South and even further integrating the US states into a tighter, tighter union for centralization of power. Marx congratulated him with a telegram at the end of that war.


Youíre living through an agenda, a big, big agenda that those in academia are perfectly aware of their part in it. Youíre given the leaders to follow. Itís very simple. Itís always been that way. In fact, for over 100 years.Anybody who is not authorized for you to follow simply wonít be heard of.[Alan chuckles.]†† You get no publicity at all. But they always give you the ones that come out against it, and in all kinds of professions even.And people will follow because they donít suspect anything. If they start talking about the same kind of thoughts that you have, then you think theyíre genuinely off the bat. But if you look at what they belong to, like the CFR and higher institutions, even getting asked on television, mainstream television, thatís a clue that youíre being misled again. It truly is.


Youíre in an incredible war, incredible war, itís total, actually, when total thought and all thoughts is under attack, unless itís authorized.Youíre under the same system actually that we used to complain about, about the Sovietized system that used to be complained about by the British system.You have no idea how many people were imprisoned in a free society called England at that time because their sympathies were not with Britain when it came to war with Germany. Or with other countries for that matter. They were imprisoned for the duration of the war.George Orwell talked about it. Now, George Orwell is a mysterious man because he belonged to the upper-middle-class, in an intergenerational family of workers for what they call the Imperial system at that time, the British Imperial system. He also was trained in this strange progressive, they call it progressiveness. For instance, for those who donít quite understand it, most folk can say it all the time but donít really understand what they mean. To be progressive you must be progressing toward something thatís already drafted out to be coherent and meaningful, but itís never told of the public what they mean by that.When the upper-middle-class are for it, you got to stop and think a minute here.


Donít forget that Carol Quigley who, again, used to be pulled out with different experts in the field of history and so on and the Constitution etc. for America, he used to be pulled out to try and go against what the system saw as upstarts that were going to try and expose the system. So he and the experts would go there and try to decry them with their vast array of knowledge, etc. and expertise and qualifications, and to try and ridicule them. He admitted, when it came to one person that eventually knew his stuff, None Dare Call It Conspiracy I think it was the book, he said, we were stymied, we were pulled out to defame this guyÖ And this is what they do, theyíll mock and defame you on behalf of the government. And theyíre all tied in with the CIA, all these people by the way.Like Quigley, he worked for the State Department too. When you work for the State Department and you train the State Department people, youíre part of the, definitely, this strange CIA system. But he did say too, he says he couldnít deny what this man had gathered, it was the factual evidence of the groupÖ and Quigley said it, he says, there is and has been a group thatís operated for over 60 years, and given us our presidents all that time, every president, and he said, itís secret and itís often mistaken for communism because our goals are very similar. Thatís so important. You can read these little things and just dismiss them. But when youíre given little gems like that, take them and investigate them.


Because heís telling you, this is a global system, remember. But not just a system to bring little happy families across, hands-across-the-sea, itís not that at all.Itís for an expertly run society. Itís the same thing that Orwell had said too. Because he was so fanatical about it, he did go over and fight with the left-wingers against the government of Spain, for instance. He definitely was on board with much of their ideologies. But he turned against them, supposedly, when the Communist faction were using the socialists from all the countries like Britain and so on and then they were killing them. Because communism really do believe there could be no other gods before them. And no rivals for sure. But they would use them and then dispose of them, and he thought he might be targeted too.


But youíve got to understand, this guy was trained at the top university, just like Lawrence of Arabia was taught the same thing, to go over in the Middle East and subvert that country with incredible propaganda techniques and so on before he went into actual warfare.They were trained by the British establishment, this strange entity the most folk donít understand at all. Especially folk who live in Britain, they really donít. Theyíre really, really donít. They think itís just the vestiges of a system thatís antiquated and just developed by itself from the days of imperialism. Partially true, of course. But it didnít develop by itself. And the City of London never had any preference for the British peasant over any other peasantry on the planet.So you have to understand, what on earth would, what did Orwell envisage for himself and others who were fighting in the Spanish war? And what did he hope to gain from World War II, for instance?


In World War II he helped actually work at the propaganda and he worked for the Department of Information and actually, all these, these terms went into his book [Alan chuckles.], the Ministry of Love and all this kind of stuff, and the Department of Information.But he worked for it in the BBC, and he was responsible for making up the propaganda that was mainly broadcast eventually to, well, his main job initially was to India and the areas over there and for listeners there.But it was propaganda nonetheless.And other forms of propaganda which he admitted, such as having a daily show to do with cooking and telling the people how to eat stuff that was much more nutritious for them, listen to this, so nutritious, that was the propaganda, but really it was stuff that would normally get thrown away and had very little nourishment value at all.


The people in Britain were being starved really with rationing.From World War I they had rationing, into the Great Depression.It lasted in Britain from the end of World War I, it wasnít to do with just the crash that came later, and they were in depression all the way into World War II, then they were still on rationing, even worse rationing, and that lasted until the 1950s. And even then, most folk couldnít afford it because everything was taxed out of sight.


So youíve got to understand that the people who ran Britain, forget the papers with propaganda and so on.Thereís a much more secretive element to Britain, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The owners of all the newspapers were members of this organization, this private club.They were the advisors, with think tanks, for all the nations that Britain ruled over. Of course, they eventually changed the foreign ones to the ĎCouncil on Foreign Relationsí as an example.Or, ĎAsian-Pacific Leagueí, etc. They still draft up the unification of continents today, like the EU, the North American Free Trade Agreement, before that it was the Free Trade Association, FTA, and so on.Itís the same group who does all this work for it. You donít elect them. Theyíre working in universities, they have universities in Canada where theyíre working for Global Governance and, theyíll have little things added like, Innovation.But theyíre really the CFR, funded and looked after. And thatís where they train future leaders, exactly, for top positions and so on.


Thatís also where the smart cities ideas have been run from, how they can innovate it, make it sustainable. Meaning, get out of cars for Agenda 21, the agenda for the whole 21st century. All the different 2015, 2030, 2045 and so on, itís all worked out that way up until the end of the century and everything they must accomplish. Itís all done with your tax money being used. Never mentioned during election times.Kept as quite as possible from the general public. Youíre simply run by diktats from governments, and even local government, we have decided blah, and thatís it. Just the same way as the Soviet system did it.†† Again, going back to Quigley, theyíre often mistaken for communists.


The same agenda, sustainability, reduction of population, expertly run planning for the people into the compact cities, out of the rural areas, the elimination of freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of action. And the massive training using the Aldous Huxley method where they come to love their servitude, given lots of drugsÖ Thatís what itís time for now across the world.And give them lots of cheap entertainmentÖ They literally, [Alan chuckles.] make them live in Lala land. They already do. Look at the stuff, I keep using Australia as an example, because itís perfect example. Nothing against Australians.Itís just fascinating to see how quickly theyíre moving it all there. Again, youngsters are almost inÖ If you remember The Matrix series, the movie series, there was so much in that series that the people missed. You always get that, youíre intentionally getting ideas thrown at you in all the top stuff.


Even today theyíre getting programming all the time.Like Iíve said before, that movie that came out, thereís only one movie with brain implants where everything was seen in, like, glasses, without the glasses, youíll see inside your optic nerves basically. Your memory will be there, everybody, youíll see everybody coming up towards you, and you see imprints on your lens basically of who they are, what they are and all this kind of stuff. All predictive programming.Youíve had it your whole life, predictive programming, but now itís really here. Starting with Star Trek, the old series, with their communicator. That was the cell phone.Ha!So you get taught and trained and taught and trained with it, and you adapt into it.Aldous Huxley said, it becomes a painless concentration camp.And you give it up with perfect servility as Rockefeller said, perfect servility, theyíll come to us with perfect servility.And you donít even know that thatís how you are now.


But when I look at these massive festivals in Australia, and yeah, theyíll have lots of young female models and so on, you know, in pretty well nothing at times.But youíre seeing the post cultural war episodes, a few levels of it, all passed, that works perfectly well, step-by-step, from the grandmother, mother, to the daughter, well, even to the great-granddaughter today, with the sexual revolution, until sex is just a form of casual recreation. All the old stigmas have gone, because the state will deal with any, what they call, unfortunate problems for them. Theyíre told to just play and have a good time.They never mention diseases of course, they tried to play it low-key as much as possible.Even though now in the papers they keep warning you occasionally, for those who look at different papers than the usual ones, from the different health industries, they constantly are warning about the incredible diseases that are coming in now, of rampant syphilis, that almost was eradicated but now itís rampant, back, coming in from different countries. And thereís so many types of it that are pretty well resistant now to the antibiotics we have. Thatís only one disease, thereís many of them of course. But itís played down because they want you to have a good time, have fun and whatever you do donít go back to getting married and having families. Thatís the message, isnít it?


Unfortunately, the targets that you see in the pictures from the story and so on, and other countries too naturally, [Alan chuckles.] itís just in Australia theyíve got better weather so that goes a bit further faster. But itís fascinating to see that theyíre living a virtual reality life in fact, where they even dress up like the characters in the mythological, almost, cartoonish ways. But these people really are adults running around like that. And yeah, theyíre having fun. And yeah, you donít have any responsibility anymore of, really, the outcomes of things that youíre doing.


But it ties in again with the meetings, well documented meetings, world meetings on depopulation. Even the one that was done during World War II, and it was the king of England that chaired it at the time, during the war, where people were being slaughtered all over the world, they were worried about too many people not dying off because of the war and too many people just breeding afterwards. Eventually they called it the baby boomers, as though no one had children before or something, you know. You understand, the terminology is meant to make you think about things negatively. So they call them baby boomers. People had, all the people had children before that World War II. Thatís how the folk who went and fought in World War II were alive to go and do it, you know.But you understand, youíre constantly given terminology worked out by marketers who work with psychologists. And psychology, by the way, the real reason for behaviorism and psychology was for total control of the public for this particular system Iím talking about. It hasnít changed either.And to make behavior modification easy for those who control the general public.


But what Iím getting at here is most folk donít know any of this, or if they do, they canít retain it for long. Because youíre given stacks of data like never before. Iíve mentioned it before, even from the intelligence agencies that have published some of their techniques years ago and Iíve read them a few times over the years, the last 20 odd, over 20 years.They admit that theyíll flood people with data and trivia and that will simply absorb their time, get them nowhere.Because thereís no danger in giving you data. The data doesnít have to be factual, true or anything else, just data.Itís mainly ooo and aaa stuff, you know, did you know that blah blah blahÖ oooÖYou know.Thatís how simple it is. Or lots of pictures of Siamese twins or something. This is what they give you for news. Itís not news. Itís deliberately put in there to distract youÖ and to train you, and itís already workedÖ itís already worked, that you donít have to sit back and expect to be given any real news, thatís going to affect your life, from the media. Thatís the reason for it. And data is just data, it doesnít mean anything to you.Sad, but true.


You understand that we are, we are the worldís problem, according to those who own us. Theyíre quite open about the fact [Alan chuckles.] that we are actually existing at their sufferance. And the way they talk to us is just as arrogantly as the elite would talk to us back in the early 20th century, for instance.What gets me is, and I do, I got, I look at all different aspects of everything. And when I talk about things donít think Iím just condemning things. Iím not a person to stop anything. How could you? You understand, you can only help the occasional individual whoís truly, truly sincere and whoís truly wanting to know, because, for their own benefit, their own mental health, being awake through all of this is like the one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind. And itís true. You feel much more, much better when you realize that as folk go crazy, and youíre not going crazy, itís because you understand that they want you to go crazy.[Alan laughing.]†† And now you donít have to.


And you canít stop the mob as they call it, either, because they will go whichever way theyíre directed. Look at the groups today that are so radicalized and how easy it was to radicalize them.When you radicalize and join groups you donít think for yourself anymore. You are part of the problem. Thatís what the United Nations said, they hate the individual, they really hate the individual. They want you all to belong to the groups which they are partly responsible in organizing.But anyway, youíve got to understand youíre living in a very complicated multilayered system of control, and all the departments as Iíve said before, in academia to do with the mind, with psychology and neuroscience, behaviorism, are all part of controlling you, thatís their purpose. The ultimate revolution that Aldous Huxley called it, total control to take away your will.


Remember too, that Aldous Huxley and his brother Julian Huxley considered themselves to be part of the scientific ruling elites and they talked about this, separately, on how they belong to a scientific family, intergenerational, a kind of revolutionary part of it too because science is always breaking ground, technologically revolutionary.But also, how to do, the work was to do with controlling people. Julian Huxley worked with UNESCO to create, to standardize a curriculum across the planet to ensure the same indoctrination and secular humanism across the board in all countries, to make it easier to dominate and control everybody. Secular humanism is a religion, but they donít have the allegiance of the individual to a deity, which makes it far easier to control them. In secular humanism they have lots of sayings but itís all left-wing sayings, of authorship, etc., that they quote and talk about and so on, they canít think for themselves.


The Huxleyís were part of this, a secret organization, very secretive, with different multilayered factions of professionals working on their specialized areas for the same agenda. Charles Galton Darwin was one as well. And remember that that particular Darwin worked on the Manhattan Project for the atomic bomb during World War II. But he wrote in The Next Million Years that thereís too many people, of the wrong people actually, and he said would have to, they were talking about ways to get them to stop breeding, and if they could just get the women, all the women into the workforce, make it very sexy to be in the workforce, for instance, have the money and so on and buy cars and so on and what you wanted, then they wouldnít have to have marriage, etc. If they didnít have marriage, then hopefully they wouldnít have children. That was what he was talking about.


Even before him, you have HG Wells talking about the same thing. They all belong to the same organization and had their own specialized parts to play in making things happen on behalf of this organization. It still exists today. And itís succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.Destroy the culture for the people. Itís destroyed what was called religion for the people. And Iím talking about religion where you could talk to a deity, who is the ultimate master, as opposed to government. You understand, Wells said it, he said, they must destroy the religions in the Western countries, especially, in order to dominate the people.Because the biggest problem they had was the rights the religion had given each individual versus the fact of a government who wants to take away those rights except for the ones it gives you.In fact, they donít give you rights, they give you privilegesÖ which can be taken off of you any time.


This is incredible war, really, the cultural revolutions.We had it before, you know, in the West, even prior to ones before this sexual revolution.We had them before the Communists in China had their culture revolution. In fact, much of it used in China had been experimented on already in the Western countries.Going back to the 1920s even when they tried cocaine and drugs and the miniskirt and booze cans, and made it sexy to get people being promiscuous, you understand.But they didnít have the pill at that time or all the abortion facilities so they put it on hold again until the 60s. You have no idea, these things are not coincidental.Itís a really worked out plan.


But anyway, letís look at, say, George Orwell. George Orwell put out his book 1984 during, he really thought about the idea in the late 30s when they were going to war with Germany and he published it in 1948, or it was released then I should say.It was 1984, also titled, he wanted to call it The Last Man in Europe I think it was, The Last Man.Because really, the last thinking person, who would be able to think, it was about that too with the character in it of Winston. After that it wouldnít matter, no one could break free from the mind control that would be instilled in everybody perfectly through science. Thatís already happened.†† But anyway, he talked, he did send a copy off to different people. One was to one of his, the people he admired, and it was Aldous Huxley. Aldous Huxley had been a tutor of his at Eton for a short period in 1917, I think it was 1917 where he taught French to Orwell. And in 1932 I think it was maybe Brave New World came out from Aldous Huxley that really showed you through science, the understanding of human nature and using the sciences to exploit this human nature and manipulate it, they could eventually come to a society where you had a controlled population, you were all born in test tubes basically and your genes were completely manipulated for the function that you had to serve society. So there you had the perfect, as the Marxists saidÖ And donít forgetÖ And the Marxists really are just part of the same group, the real Marxists that is, who rule the world through finances and through academia and so on, an Empire. Itís Empire.


Brave New World would get just the amount of different people they would need for each category, each class, or caste system, from the alpha plus all the way down. So, distribution of labor was already worked out, you were born into your function basically.And you couldnít do much about it because you were genetically, any genes that would cause individuality to crop up were eliminated before, you know, from the ovum or the sperm, it was eventually put in and heavily manipulated until you are simply a repeat, a kind of clone of previous types that had gone before you in the same jumps or class.


But also, he said that you would get the people to the exact number you wanted for Ďsustainabilityí. This is the 1930s, remember.You could make sure they were happy, because even the traits that led to depressions would be removed genetically.If it was genetic, it would be removed, you see, in this technique, and you would be what they wanted you to be. Very predictable. Even your likes would probably be already instilled into you. And your traits for being good at accounting or bookkeeping or whatever, with certain classes, certain types that they had, all the way down to the ones that had to do the manual work, the manual repetitive labor, boring labor, they would be made for their task, although some of them still went a bit crazy with the boredom. But that was the perfect system of Brave New World.


And everyone could get Soma, the drug which would just make them instantly happy. It would relieve you of anxiety pretty quickly. And you had a good supply of it, etc. You had good health too to make sure of that until you, a certain age would crop up and youíd suddenly age very quickly and die. And death was also encouraged as a wonderful thing, that children were brought around not to mourn death, in this atheistic type society. Although the state was worshipped because it gave you all your goodies and your free sex and big clubs and all that kind of thing to be happy, happy, happy with.


Anyway, here is what George Orwell received after he sent the book out to his mentor in a sense, someone he admired, Huxley. This is what Huxley said after reading his book, or some of his book. He couldnít read all of it because Aldous Huxley had terrible eyesight, terrible problems with his eyes. He could only read little bursts here and there because it hurt him to try and read things.It was 1949 after over his book came out and Aldous Huxley sent a letter back.So anyway, it says hereÖ


Dear Mr. Orwell,


It was very kind of you to tell your publishers to send me a copy of your book. It arrived as I was in the midst of a piece of work that required much reading and consulting of references; and since poor sight makes it necessary for me to ration my reading, I had to wait a long time before being able to embark on Nineteen Eighty-Four.


Agreeing with all that the critics have written of it, I need not tell you, yet once more, how fine and how profoundly important the book is. May I speak instead of the thing with which the book deals --- the ultimate revolution? (Alan:Now, this is so important, the ultimate revolution Ö)


The first hints of a philosophy of the ultimate revolution --- the revolution which lies beyond politics (A:You see, there ya go, BEYOND politics, because all the leaders of all parties, as Quigley said, belong to the same group and had for over 60 years, in the 1960s!Ha!So you go way into the 1800s.Anyway, beyond politicsÖ) and economics, and which aims at total subversion of the individual's psychology and physiology --- are to be found in the Marquis de Sade, (A:Awfully important, this stuffÖ) who regarded himself as the continuator, the consummator, of Robespierre and Babeuf.


The philosophy of the ruling minority in Nineteen Eighty-Four (A:So heís comparing his book with 1984Ö) is a sadism which has been carried to its logical conclusion by going beyond sex (A:Ögoing beyond sex, understand thisÖ) and denying it. Whether in actual fact the policy of the boot-on-the-face can go on indefinitely seems doubtful. (A:Now, donít forget that Orwell was comparing Britain in the West at that time with the Soviet Union where they had all this stuff in effect when they printed 1984. So Huxley goes on to basically contrast the differences and how he saw the world. Donít forget that Huxley [Alan chuckles.] belonged to this scientific elite who understood psychology and psychiatry and behaviorism, and what we would call neuroscience, and had all the studies of the ages at their fingertips always adding to it right to the present of course. But he says hereÖ)


My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power,


(A:So, thereís no problem talking about its lust for power. Just forget all this democracy stuff and weíre here to help you, and for sustainability and saving the planet, like Iím talking here right, huh, to save the planet weíve got to take all your rights away from you and manage you, to save us all. But thatís just the present con, folks, to make it all happen. Anyway, it says, its lust for powerÖ)


and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World. I have had occasion recently to look into the history of animal magnetism and hypnotism, and have been greatly struck by the way in which, for a hundred and fifty years, the world has refused to take serious cognizance of the discoveries of Mesmer, Braid, Esdaile, and the rest.


(A:Now, remember, this was written in the 1940s. And in the 50s and 60s they went waay beyond anything with the Esalen Institute and different institutes they set up. Now you can make folk do anything that you want them to do. Even eat bugs on television or lie in coffins of fecal matter for that matter. And theyíll fight each other to do it, to win something. Who wouldíve thought, hey?So letís go back to what heís saying hereÖ)


Partly because of the prevailing materialism and partly because of prevailing respectability, nineteenth-century philosophers and men of science were not willing to investigate the odder facts of psychology for practical men, such as politicians, soldiers and policemen, to apply in the field of government. Thanks to the voluntary ignorance of our fathers, the advent of the ultimate revolution was delayed for five or six generations. Another lucky accident was Freud's inability to hypnotize successfully and his consequent disparagement of hypnotism. This delayed the general application of hypnotism to psychiatry for at least forty years. But now (A:ListenÖ) psycho-analysis is being combined with hypnosis; and hypnosis has been made easy and indefinitely extensible through the use of barbiturates, (A:Heís talking about drugs nowÖ) which induce a hypnoid and suggestible state in even the most recalcitrant subjects.


(A:Now, that was heavily used through the 50s and 60s and 70s, even with MK Ultra Öwhich didnít stop when they said it stopped either, and didnít start when they claimed it started, it was much earlier than that too. They were using all kinds of hallucinogenic drugs and so on. And it saysÖ)


Within the next generation I believe that the world's rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World. The change will be brought about as a result of a felt need (A:Öfelt need, rightÖ) for increased efficiency.


(A:What do you think youíre hearing today about, well, sustainability and thereís got to beÖ And they talk about efficiency, efficiency for farming, itís too important, they say at the United Nations, to be left to farmers. Of course, the big corporations say the same thing, because they stop up all the farms, the small farms, and amalgamate them into the big, big monstrosities. Your whole food supply is under a handful, a small handful, maybe even one cartel really. What a power that is. What a POWER, Ďeh?And you have no idea. And you trust it all.Thatís all that holds us together, is trust, isnít it, trusting systems you donít even understand, nevermind even know exist for most folk. Anyway, Huxley goes on to sayÖ)


Meanwhile, of course, there may be a large-scale biological and atomic war --- in which case we shall have nightmares of other and scarcely imaginable kinds.


Thank you once again for the book.


Yours sincerely,

Aldous Huxley


So heís giving you, heís telling you where itís going to go. In Brave New World, donít forget, you can have all, as much sex as you want. In fact, itís a cultural no-no to have the same partner over and over again, youíre supposed to take different people every night of the week basically.Donít forget, when he wrote that one in 1932 or so, that was Brave New World, that was quite an idea, a thought isnít it, the abolition of marriage?Again, the same as the Communists. Isnít that coincidental?Again, getting back to Quigley, he says, weíre often mistaken for communists, he says, talking about the Council on Foreign Relations /Royal Institute of International Affairs, same group. So there you have it. I mean, nothing thatís happened before I was born, and since, and to come, that wasnít discussed by big think tanks by the way. Donít forget that Huxley isnít just talking off the top of this head. He belonged to all the top think tanks of the day. Very secretive. Very powerful. With incredible data that had been flooding in every day on behavioral studies and so on.


Even when he said here, what Iíve said already here, how many of you actually think about, why is he talking, heís talking about ďMesmer, Braid, Esdaile, and the restĒ. But the fact is, we now have so many subliminals just banging away at us, itís quiteÖ Whether itís legal or not it doesnít matter, youíre getting them all the time. You find the same thing with Freudís nephew, Bernays, who said the same thing that this power, this power to control the mind is done all the time, by the big marketing organizations that knew the psychology of the people, and they are the real power behind the throne basically. Because they could tap into the unconscious desires and things that you have, that you donít consciously think about very often, that theyíre always working on you, and they use them against you. So he puts it on the line there, that they could train the people in, donít forget too, school is awfully important.From very early school everything you read, even at school, your initial little children stories, the authors all get paid to put the updated PC stuff into them. They get paid extra to make sure thatís all in there. The same with cartoons and movies and films.Thereís nothing out there thatís not weaponized politically. Nothing. Not anymore.Thatís what weíve got.


Now, he mentions too the Marquis de Sade. The Marquis de Sade was a sexual revolutionary in all kinds of sadomasochism, and possibly even down to death in fact, for that matter.And it was part too of revolution, you see, at the end of this, what they called cultural inhibition, which is the only way society could survive.They didnít have welfare states back then, you know. They didnít give it to the public.Why should you pay for other peopleís children, or for their decisions for being pregnant in the first place? I mean, these were all big, big things at one time.When they eventually started heavy taxation in came the abortion clinics and so on. Youíve got to understand, weíre managed just like a herd of cattle. And those who manage us often [Alan chuckles.] refer to us as cattle by the way as well. [Alan chuckles.] We certainly get milked a lot, donít we? Everything we produce is just taken from us. But anyway, thatís a different story.


What Iím saying is, itís fascinating to me, it really is, to live through the time when right is wrong is being taught everywhere now, suddenly, and up is down, left is right, etc. etc. All the opposites come to the fore as new normals, as they were planned to come out. But you read it years ago, even as a child all this stuff and then you actually live through it and see it happening, itís mind blowing. Even though you know youíre living through an agenda and the script is written, to actually experience the big, big shakeups that go on, itís still, itís almost exciting to live through it. Because youíre aware of it when most folk are not aware of itÖ even as they are adapting into it all. Thatís fascinating too, just watching and standing.


As I say, Aldous Huxley did give a lot out to the public in interviews because he always started off his talks by saying his biggest fear for the future was overpopulation.What they never told directly to the public, some of them did like HG Wells, Wells hated even the British working-class people as being inferior. He was terrified of them actually. They donít differentiate between the peasants, as I say, in countries like BritainÖ to Africa, to China or anywhere else. Theyíre all the same.


I could go on and on and on, even though, as I say, all week Iíve been just basically shoveling snow and trying to clear the roof.[Alan chuckles.]Youíre sure this stuff expands, the snow, all the time. Itís the strangest looking snow that Iíve ever seen. But anyway, thatís a different story again.


So Iíll put up some links too to show you Australia.This ties in with whatís happening in Australia as I say, where theyíre at the next stage, theyíre post-, almost post-sexual revolution, itís beyond sexual revolution, itís almost post-, well, itís now into sexual boredom, I think. They had books out in Universities in the 80s for instance, on what their own teachings in universities would do to society, as the students went into the world and adopted into their own lives their teachings in universities, and how sex would become boring and then how men might get fed up having sex with women at all because it was to so commonplace, etc., and how they would introduce all kinds of self-eroticism, etc, and all kinds ofÖ


And youíve seen, Iíve seen it all happen.Itís in the papers.And the people have floated through it without even thinking as to how it all happened.Isnít thatÖ Thatís what astonishes me. Really. And itís so true, and I hate to say it, Bertrand Russell said, thereís nothing we cannot do with the people. Nothing. And that should be terrifying. Because when youíve lost your basic common sense and grounding, grounding into personal, personal determination and survival, itís really over for the bulk of the populace.I hate to say that. But it is true, isnít it?


I can still talk to those who are looking for answers. And it is so true, lots of people across the world come in all the time. Iím glad to say thereís a great response from people who have pulled themselves out of traps theyíve been in with all of this and theyíve got off the drugs or whatever it is theyíve turned to.Because a lot of them who are a bit brighter will try and quieten their minds by any kind of drug, whether itís alcohol, or all the terrible amount of drugs that are out there that really destroy you. Theyíre learning that, now that they know the reasons for things, they can investigate.And it really does empower you when you know why. When you know why all the ridiculous characters that are presented to you on television as new leaders of all kinds are there and what they really belong to, and listen to the things theyíre promoting, now you know where it all comes from.Theyíre all fronts, all of them, folks, well-paid fronts. Itís really something to see.


Politics is completely politicized, hhhch, and in a different way than you think of being politics.Politics is a joke today, an absolute joke as you all know. Theyíve managed to try and get everybody back into politics, in this wing and that wing and all the rest of it, to basically throw you off the track. Theyíre all the same, the same agenda goes forward. Iíve watched it for years, since the free-trade agreement for Canada through the NAFTA agreement into the new, they just changed the name of it because we all knew what NAFTA was. Itís the same group. The presidents of the countries must sign it every, they go to the next update of it every other year or so and they have been since the first lot way back, regardless of the parties, whose in at the moment, what front group is in, they all sign it and update it. None of them throw it out the wind.The intent was completely in-your-face in 2005, it was to literally amalgamate all of the Americas into a single system, just like Europe, with its own individual government.


Now, Australia, getting back to Australia as an example, and it really is, and I really feel sorry for Australians, how theyíve been a tremendous testbed for a lot of this. Here right now youíve gotÖ


Some of Australia's top universities are accused of selling permanent residency and access to jobs to foreign students

dailymail.co.uk / 16 Feb 2019


(A:Every country in the West is doing the same thing.)


ēClaims made that some Australian universities are effectively selling residency

ēA Melbourne population expert said universities opening 'shopfronts' in the city

ēUniversities offering bare minimum courses to qualify for skilled visas, he says


We live in an age of incredible greed, folks. And since there is no morality, anything to do with even cultural morality has been tossed out the window for greed. Everywhere you look, itís the same. And it will get a lot worse by the way.


Australia's immigration level soars to a record high in 2018 - with 832,560 new arrivals calling the country home - after the Government promised cuts - dailymail.co.uk / 19 Feb 2019


Now, thatís not all the migrants coming in. These are the ones, a lot of them I guess, that probably apply to come in. It reminds me of the old saying, itís a mythological saying of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Itís kind of like that, like, party party until you drop. If youíre reading the papers as an alien looking at this strange place with these incredible big festivals that are happening, and theyíre all having fun and so on, the music, you know, wearing very, very little, and Iím sure thereís lots of sex involved and things like that, you realize that most of those people will never have children. And they wonít even want children. So, theyíre being phased out, all of them. And they donít even know that either.But theyíll have fun. Theyíll have painless concentration camps like Aldous Huxley said.Theyíll have fun until they die basically but they wonít leave anything behind, nevermind another generation. So itís all working very well, isnít it?


Another thing too with Australia, they always go along with the Western society, especially America, to do with whoever the latest enemy is.Of course, it goes back to Russia and China, I said in the 90s on a show, that theyíll bring back the Russian bear, the big bad bear if they start losing too much money in the weapons industry.And lo and behold, here it goes. But also, China and with that Huawei debacle theyíve created, you find it saysÖ


What we will lose if an angry China stops buying from us: Australia will plunge into a recession. . .


Itís strange, I said that last week, that Australia is proudly declaring with its virtue signaling, or its leaders are, how theyíve, theyíre banning a new coal mine from opening because they donít want it sold in the country. What they donít mention is, they donít want [Alan chuckles.] to sell it all to, China is buying it up. In fact, Chinaís laughing at them for not having modern coal generators Öwhich really are awfully good because all that carbon is just taken out of it through incredible filters now. But facts donít matter, right.


You take away energy and make it expensive, people start dying, folks.Food is an energy, when you donít get what you need, the proper food, you start dying, and you get sick, diseases come back. Itís all part of Agenda 21 and sustainability. So China has said that, with them getting this bad flack from Australia about Huawei going along with America and Canada, theyíre going to stop taking the coal from Australia, $22 billion a year.


What we will lose if an angry China stops buying from us: Australia will plunge into a recession

if our biggest trading partner stopped buying $22 BILLION worth of coal every year - dailymail.co.uk / 22 Feb 2019


(A:Now Australiaís in a panic of course. That will be fixed very quickly, Iím sure. Youíll see the groveling that will happen.†† [Alan laughing.])


China, which also spends $10billion a year sending international students to Australia, has hinted at a trade war in retaliation for Huawei being banned from installing the next-generation 5G mobile phone network and the National Broadband Network, over spying fears.


Well, how come itís okay to buy all our computers from China, because theyíre all made there, but one companyÖ you know?Itís such nonsense, isnít it. The Westís system, that runs the West, created modern China. We funded them into existence. We funded all of our factories over there with free trade and the GATT treaty. The people who rule us all funded it all. They own shares in all these factories in China. They have never complained until now that all your computers and so on are made there?But this Huawei one is the big one?Oh, dear, dear, dear. Whoís kidding who folks? Itís quite something.And yet [Alan chuckles.] thereís other countries not there that make all your software and everything, and itís a country boasting openly that they do most of the anti-spy work in the security systems for computers. And the guy thatís now working with them was the head of the NSA in America for a while.[Alan laughing.]Ah, youíve got to laugh at the nonsense you get, Ďeh. ††


And weíve all to emulate China anyway. They are the model state that we must all emulate. And of course, they control the population very, very well. And most Chinese are pretty happy people, a painless concentration camp to an extent, as long as you do what youíre told and obey all their rules and donít say anything from your own thoughts basically.


They also had articlesÖ


Your phone is a weapon of deception. Nearly half your 2019 calls will be spam and junk

usatoday.com / 23 Feb 2019


Welcome to 2019, where the phone is a weapon of deception. A new study by the Federal Communications Commission projects that nearly half of all cell calls received this year will be spam.


(A:Well, whoís trying to stop that? Nobody, hm, that I can see.)


Another thing I want to mention too before I run out of time, Iíve already run out of time, Iíve overdone it again as always, even though I didnít have anything ready really for this one because of this last hectic week, last hectic few weeks actually, is Orwell talking about the press. Most folk donít know that he did a preface to his first book in 1984.It was taken off from subsequent books because it might offend folk. And he didnít want it removed. But he was talking about the press themselves and how the press go along with totalitarian regimes, including Britain. He said, you didnít have to tell them what not to print, they would go along with it voluntarily. The so-called Free Press, right.But he also talked about censorship of speech and so on and he saysÖ


The Freedom of the Press



These people donít see that if you encourage totalitarian methods,


(A:Heís talking about the left, far left and so on, which is no different than the fascist systems that they had. Theyíre really one and the same thing, I donít care what you want to call them, itís the same thing, run by the same people actually, who own the whole system.To get change in the system you need two sides, you create them, and you plan the conflict, and you plan the outcome. He saysÖ)


These people donít see that if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you. Make a habit of imprisoning Fascists without trial, and perhaps the process wonít stop at Fascists. Soon after the suppressed Daily Worker (A:Thatís what they had in Britain at the time during World War II.) had been reinstated, I was lecturing to a workingmenís college in South London. The audience were working-class and lower-middle class intellectuals ó the same sort of audience that one used to meet at Left Book Club branches. The lecture had touched on the freedom of the press, and at the end, to my astonishment, several questioners stood up and asked me: Did I not think that the lifting of the ban on the Daily Worker was a great mistake? When asked why, they said that it was a paper of doubtful loyalty and ought not to be tolerated in war time.


So anyway, he ended up defending the Daily Worker, which even had libeled him at times.He knew to stand up for other peopleís points of view OR youíre in a totalitarian system completely. The very thing youíre supposedly standing up to fight against, you have become. You always become your enemy, unless youíre conscious of what youíre working through. People in the mob are never conscious because theyíve lost their individual ability to think for themselves.


Lenin, remember, talked about, we shall win by slogans. Look at all the slogans across the board today. And the name-calling, the name-callings are just categories of slogans as well. And theyíve been encouraged through universities.Theyíre the mainÖ Thatís where youÖ EveryÖIíve said this since before probably the Communists attempts to take over the West, years and years ago, theyíre all getting trained at universities, the top universities.Why would that be? Why would your Ivy League universities have departments where they teach communism? Öand generations of future leaders to be communists? Unless itís the same group, who are your so-called fascists and your capitalists at the top.And it IS.


An article tooÖ

Cold outbreaks are not caused by global warming

wattsupwiththat.com / 19 Feb 2019


What do heat waves, floods, droughts, rising sea levels, forest fires, hurricanes, African wars, mass extinctions, (A:Öall the terrible things that they warn you about, daily, through television no doubt.Ö) disease outbreaks, and human and animal migrations from South America and the Middle East have in common?


According to climate activists, they are all caused by dangerous man-made (A:Öthatís your anthropogenic global warmingÖ) global warming. And this, in turn, is supposedly caused by rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels resulting from our use of fossil fuels.


They might as well add alien invasions to the list, because it is all nonsense. Indeed, the climate scare industry (A:Öand it is a scare industry because THATís the agenda, folks, to take all your rights off you, youíll voluntarily give them up and get managed.) has achieved such a level of absurdity that, on February 1, journalist Andrew Revkin reported in a National Geographic article that, ďMany stories in recent days highlighted studies concluding that global warming is boosting the odds of cold [weather] outbreaks.Ē


(A:And then this article goes through it and debunks all the stuff and so on. Those whoíve been following this for years know the cons theyíve pulled where they give you scary stories. And most folk never check it up. Or, you canít even find data to check it up and even ridicule it, or believe it for that matter. Just keep churning out scary, scary stories.)


Dr. Tim Ball, an environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, said that Scaviaís statement ďis utter rubbish.Ē Ball explained, ďItís wrong in every aspect, from the basic assumption to the interpretation. In fact, a gradient makes things move. It doesnít Ďkeep the cold where it is.íĒ


(A:So, he debunks this latest thing too. Itís just too easy for them. But donít forget the real agenda and using all these excuses.)


Also, thereísÖ


Centre for International Governance Innovation



(A:Itís called CIGI.It was set up quite some time ago, actually at the University of Waterloo, is a big, big player in this.It saysÖ)


. . . was headquartered in the former Seagram Museum in the uptown district of Waterloo, Ontario. It is now situated in the CIGI Campus, which also houses the CIGI Auditorium and the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA).


Thatís quite interesting because ĎInternational Governanceí, hm, Ďand InnovationíÖAll the CFR stuff, Council on Foreign Relations stuff.Itís completely, itís actually really part of it as far as I can tell.The top members of the CFR whoíve already done positions in CFR studies and so onÖ and International Development Research Centers and so on to do with moneyÖ And the International Monetary Fund, etc. and the World BankÖ People who work in all these kind of things too. Itís fascinating to see, this is one of the big, big agencies for the Council on Foreign Relations / Royal Institute of International Affairs, call it what you want, it has many, many names for the same organization, but itís completely on board with the whole global agenda.


And they actually use the Waterloo area, an area for their sustainability testing and programming and so on. Theyíve churned out somebody whoís going to go across the country now, given a plum job obviously, to do withÖ


Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program



(A:Do you realize there was a municipality agreement there forÖ)


Transition 2050 partner grant recipients

FCM has provided grants to 10 organizations that will help participating municipalities of all sizes ó from all regions of Canada to reach significant carbon emission reduction targets. (A:The same agenda, same agenda, same agenda, Ďeh, get the cars off the road, etc, and decide how youíre going to live, and how even building houses, where theyíre going to be, what kind of houses, yada yada yada yada ya. Did you vote for any of these things? No, you donít. And thatís how youíre run, folks, by the so-called pretended experts.)


Waterloo City Councillor bringing climate change expertise across Canada

kitchenertoday.com / 4 Feb 2019


(A:Öhey, so somebody youíve never heard of beforeÖ)


Councillor Diane Freeman will be travelling across the country as part of the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program. (A:Did you vote, again, for that? No, you didnít.And do you have a say in it? No, you donít.)She says she will be working with municipalities across Canada to help them find efficiencies when addressing climate change.


Now, talking about getting you off, out of your cars, and more plug-ins for electric cars, which are useless in this climate here. And they know this, itís not meant to be practical. Itís to get rid of your gasoline engines, thatís what itís for. Once theyíre gone, folks, you can moan all you want when your electric cars just run down or you canít replace the batteries after three or four years, then youíve got to pay another 40 or 50 grand for the batteries alone. Do you understand, Agenda 21, the main charter says the elimination of private vehicles. What part of that donít you understand?


They also want to control what you eat and everything else too, thereís a couple of articles about that. I think whatsupwiththat.com has got that.


The Green New Deal Isnít Just About Energy, Itís Also About Controlling What Americans Eat - wattsupwiththat.com / 17 Feb 2019


And the fact that energy, to do with food energy, as I said last week and before, even years before I mentioned it, food is energy and theyíre going to go after that. They have been going after that for years and years and years. And bring you down off your protein diet into really a vegetable diet. Youíll start seeing yourself getting sicker again too. Nevermind the fact that most of what youíre eating now is so heavily contaminated with herbicides and pesticides, for the genetically modified food.


Canadians, by the way, were, remember, we were the test, the unwitting subjects for the testing of the food, GM food, for 10 years before it was admitted that the government had signed a secret deal with the big chemical agency that own it all at the time, you know who they are.Where they didnít even inform the public.We were informed through a big meeting in Britain at the time when Tony Blair was going to introduce the genetically modified, or engineering crops into Britain. There were big rallies against it in Britain and thatís when we found out, from the NGOs over there, that they were testing it out here in Canada for 10 years, in secrecy, across the whole country, to study our health. They know what it does.


And everyone thinks theyíre free, hey?Anyway, it saysÖ


Iran-Contra and Arms-for-Hostages Scandals - Elliott Abrams - historycommons.org


Ö an old one, because Elliott Abrams is back in the saddle.He was there in 1985 to do with the wars against the same countries in, you know, Latin America, and against Iran as well.


Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams - politico.com / 25 Jan 2019


Elliott Abrams, Special Envoy to Venezuela - theguardian.com / 26 Jan 2019


Itís the same bunch, him and a bunch more like him actually.


Pacific Islanders Reject Socialist Proposal to Trade Sovereignty for Climate Change Safety - wattsupwiththat.com / 18 Feb 2019


And back in Australia [Alan chuckles.] where you can get as much sex as you want and go around with hardly nothing on at all and taking drugs and so on, it saysÖ


Is your home contaminated with meth? Shock as it's revealed 64 per cent of houses tested are riddled with ice residue - posing a serious health risk - dailymail.co.uk / 22 Feb 2019


They did a massive test in the Sydney area, 64% of the homes tested positive.AndÖ


A Major Study finds Half of Australians have been Bullied at School or Work


This is interesting too because the mental health industry are kind of kicking back, at the same time trying to get more power over everybody, especially children.I mean, how many children now are prescribed antipsychotic drugs? Theyíre given basically amphetamine as well, prescription for different ADD, ADHD, etc., and all these fake diagnoses. Because young guys have got lots of energy, generally grow out of it. But now theyíre all getting drugged, so theyíll sit in school and just drool and they donít cause any problems for the teachers. Boys are different from girls in school. I know that because I was, Iíve been a boy, you see, and I can remember what it was like. And you had to get rid of that energy, and have multiple breaks, etc., to run around the place and burn it off. Thatís the difference. So the mental health industry is trying to get back to get more folk on it, it saysÖ††


Half of Australians have been bullied at school or work, major study finds amid warnings the country is facing a mental health crisis - dailymail.co.uk / 23 Feb 2019


Itís interesting, the particular group theyíre using to say theyíre getting bullied at school, because it was actually for a different purpose, as you all know what it is.But this is what theyíre trying to hit back with for putting so many people on drugs, [Alan chuckles.] so many students and so on.Because it would be so bad, so many bad raps recently about the amount of children taking antidepressant pills.It saysÖ


Australia's mental health crisis deepens as the number of children taking anti-depressant pills doubles in just six years to 100,000 after spate of youth suicides - dailymail.co.uk / 22 Feb 2019


So, children are killing themselves now. Do you wonder why? When all normal, normal purposes, which used to be, whether you liked it or not, just very straightforward, you know, you grew up and you did certain things and you ended up generally having a family and you worked, and they gave you purpose and so on, theyíve all been taken away, folks.By design.By some of the folk Iíve been mentioning tonight and many others who worked in the same organizations.When you lose that you become nihilistic. You canít see a purpose anymore.


'Struggling to cope': child suicide rates may rise as intentional self-poisoning rates double - theguardian.com / 20 Feb 2019


The electronic systems that are meant to spy on everybody and really control everybody, are just that. Theyíre not your friends.Electricity is not your friends here.They canít supply you with the virtual real person, you, a friend of you, it wonít happen.And to have real people in the world is becoming less and less, probably able to actually find any who can be real friends with people anymore. Theyíre all rather screwed up. Itís not their fault. They are truly the victim, theyíre the targeted people.Everybodyís been targeted for total change. And with nihilism too, itís easier to bring in euthanasia, isnít it? Theyíre already doing it in some countries, since they introduced euthanasia, and they want to give them to people who are just fed up and depressed, so make it legal, you see.


You see where itís going and where itís meant to go?[Alan chuckles.] And then life becomes cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and eventually theyíll sterilize even more folk, openly. Openly, not just in the ways theyíve been doing it on everybody so far in the West.They want efficiency, as they said, as Huxley said.


Children deliberately overdosing on antidepressants and antipsychotics

smh.com.au / 21 Feb 2019


(A:Itís astonishing.)


People born after 1997 are most at risk of self-harm poisonings, according to the study published in BMJ Open on Thursday. Girls were much more likely to overdose than males, at a rate of three to one.


(A:And itís mainlyÖ) . . .prescribed psychotropic medication . . .


Quite something, when children, and at these ages, can find no natural excitement to be alive, and purpose. Do you think this is coincidental? Do you?Also, the mental health industry is trying to get more, well weíve got to deal with this, you know. No, I think they helped cause it along with the culture industry, folks. Donít you?And thatís really what is happening, isnít it? The people really donít know whatís been done to them. They think theyíre, again, in a painless concentration camp because they can play, play, play until theyíre geriatrics in fact.Just play, play, take drugs and play.Donít think about anything serious, which keeps you out of the picture of doing anything that may alter the future.Just play until youíre in an old folkís home and maybe theyíll euthanize you, if you become too expensive and a burden on society.


Theyíve got people in Australia, professors, whoíve come out and said all that kind of stuff.They see nothing wrong with it. In fact, one of them got lots of airtime, naturally they always give them airtime, you understand, because itís the system that wants it.And one professor said that. And it gets him all these little clicks on the Internet, all the clicking, clicking, clicking. You canít do anything naturally now, youíve got to be sensational about it. But he said that the older folk who were in their 60s could maybe just die off, meaning voluntarily die off, and leave more jobs for the young folk.


So what Iím saying isnít some conspiracy stuff. Itís from their own lips. Thereís also an article too I could put up. Itís from Ďconspiracy theoryí, where the CIA came out with the idea of it in the 60s to try and ridicule folk who were asking questions about JFK at the time.They said, weíll start labeling everybody a conspiracy theorist.Even though conspiracy is one of the biggest crimes in the US, they all start off with conspiracy theories in court, where theyíre called conspiracy theories, when they go after different people, they find out certain things.Someone did a survey recently in the US court system and they found out there were 10,000 initial, on the first search that they did, current conspiracy theory investigations going on right now for court purposes. So itís an accepted term, and always has been, in the court system.


But when they want to ridicule you, they call you a theorist. Mind you, counterintelligence for the same one system that runs everything gives you, youíre almost clones, theyíll come out there and say the same things youíve been talking about, because they grab it all and then they bring in aliens and different kinds of weird strange beings to try and lump people like myself into that group. Even though I donít talk about the strange beings and so on that drink blood and all that nonsense. But thatís what they do.Thatís called counterintelligence. You bring out the leaders for that, heavily finance them. Theyíre not out there by chance, folks. You have no idea of the scope of the war that youíre born into. You have none at all.Thereís very little if anything at all in the system left to chance on behalf of those who rule, with all the financing in the world to do it all with since your tax money pays for it all.


Anyway, Iíve got to go out I guess and check my roof now and see how itís doing, if it still holding up all right. But as I say, I never prepared anything really.Itís just that weíre living through amazing times. And for those who are thinking about getting depressed, believe you me, if you get through life and you have 3 to 5 friends, maybe one or two good friends, consider yourself lucky because Plato said the same thing in his day, thatís about the average of what you might get, if youíre lucky.You might only get one, you know. And you might only get one for a little while because people do change.And thatís another talk too, mind you.


The hardest thing for people who are really searching for whatís happening is to find others who are of like mind. And even then youíve got to be very, very careful, folks. Because thereís a lot of frauds out there and con folk out there too. And lots of, as I say, counterintelligence people who are put out there intentionally to waylay you on your search. So donít get depressed about things. Thereís lots in the world to be fascinated about, in the world itself, that hasnít been touched by those who rule it all. It truly is, thatís where true life and humanity comes from, is watching other things, even animals and so on, is from that kind of thing, and from the occasional incredible decency that can break through from people in times of crisis. Itís those things that youíll remember.


But donít get depressed.Because if you still have your thoughts, you can still keep them pretty well to yourself, and at least to understand why things are happening in the system, in this tyranny. And it is a tyranny. Weíre going through a phase of it where itís becoming more of an open tyranny where youíre going to be punished for thinking what they claim is the wrong thing. They have other terms for it, they used to call it subversive thinking and treasonous thinking, or revolutionary thinking. All the things which are not in vogue right now, which is opposition to tyranny.[Alan chuckles.]Thatís the crime in itself. Or refusing to be told what to call different things with new terms and all the rest of it. These are forms of tyranny. From the top down, not from the bottom, folks. Nothing happens from the grassroots unless is authorize from the very top.


Anyway, for myself from a very cold, still cold Ontario, Canada, where itís possibly going to be an awful lot of, about eight hours of hail, hailstones, and thatís a lot of hailstones and ice, and then followed by rain which will freeze on top of it, itís a very slippy, no doubt, good night. So Iíll say good night, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, may your God or your gods go with you.


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