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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Witness Signs of Huxley's-Blair's Ultimate Revolution,

 Using Geneticists, Bio-Chemists, Scientific Collusion - Part 3"

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 10, 2019.  At the moment I’ve got a bit of a, well, ice snowstorm coming down here, again, in March, and the 10th. It’s been one awfully long winter. It still going on, obviously. Because it’s just snow for the next day or two maybe and ice pellets too mixed in. So it’s quite something to have snow beginning in September, and no thaws basically, all the way to the present time, and the snow is just building up and building up and building up.


Of course, they’ll tell us once it’s over, by the time June rolls around that it’s been the warmest winter in history. Because we live in such nonsense today, don’t we?  That’s how bad it is. Because it’s a big, big agenda and the folk literally, the people have no idea, have no idea I mean really at all, even the ones who think that they’ve looked into it in any kind of detail, they have no idea how old and how all-encompassing this agenda is. It’s everything for the ones who control the world. It’s going for broke basically. We’ll be broke and they’ll win.  But that’s how it all works out, you see.  Very ancient agenda.


They couch it in all different kinds of terms… world orders, and globalism, and global governance, and global government even. There’s even articles in different papers talking about, is it time for global government.  They keep floating the trial balloon and getting you used to the idea.  It’s quite something to see, actually and to live through it.


But folk have no idea, because we we’re taught just to accept things as they are. Anyone who knows what’s going on, who doesn’t belong to the elites, are obviously conspiracy nuts. That’s what they call you, you see. That term itself was put out by intelligence agencies after the death of Kennedy back in the 60s to ridicule anybody who just pointed out so many inconsistencies in the Warren Commission’s report. It works awfully well.


The public, it’s so sad isn’t it, how things work out so uniformly repetitively well for the elite. It’s like the mob in ancient times, or the Middle Ages, say, when someone was going to get their head cut off by royalty for some reason or another, like Henry VIII for instance.  The people would go to it. It was kind of like a fair thing for them because that was the most entertainment they generally got in their lives. There would be jesters going around the crowds like jokers.  They would sell things at these fairs basically. They’d all see the blood and guts and go back, ooo, aaa, ooo, just like a horror movie. It was just too easy, too easy for the proclamation read by whoever it was speaking on behalf of the crown, reading out the sentence as to what they did. Even though, even the public in their subconscious knew these people didn’t do anything like this, whatever it happened to be.  But that was good enough for them.  


And nothing’s changed.  Today it’s just, you’re a conspiracy theorist.  Who says so?  Hm? Someone in authority of the government says it’s a conspiracy theory. But that’s what you get, isn’t it? Because you’ve got counterintelligence, which is counter to intelligence, that’s what counterintelligence means. All the spy agencies have them. Your government has internal and external agencies dealing with that, and internal ones deal with the people inside the country.  It’s astonishing, but just like the crowds and ooo, aaa, ooo as the ax comes down after the reading of the verdict and the reason for it, they’re just the same today as they were then really. Well, yeah, a conspiracy nut, you know, huuuuuuuu.


That’s what they label anybody who comes out with, even if you’re reading official articles from the government. Isn’t that astonishing? Isn’t it amazingly astonishing, you can read them from the government’s own websites and departments and agencies and people will still class you as a conspiracy nut.  Because you’ve made a strange inquiry into finding out in the first place, that means you’re a nut, you see.  Because they would never think about looking in the first place. They’d rather not know. That’s the difference.


So anyway, this is part three, it really wasn’t going to be a three-part thing, on eugenics and the plan, the big agenda. It is a big agenda. You hear Bush Senior at the time when he was the president talking about a New World coming into view, a new world order. His son said the same thing about 10 years later, exactly. It’s quite fascinating to live through this and watch it and hear at all happening, in coding that the public don’t understand. What do they mean a New World Order coming into view? You know? Coming into view… Who’s view? Who’s world order? Who planned it?  And even with terms like, it’s ancient and things like that, ancient plan, what ancient plan? Did you know you were part of some ancient plan? Did you know that?  


It’s really something, isn’t it. So, this is going to be part three as I say, because last week I covered a lot of stuff from eugenics too, and touched on geo-engineering and so on, and the different humanistic so-called sciences that are part of this agenda as they train the public into behaving in certain ways, and believing certain things too, which perhaps they shouldn’t. So this is part three of Witness Signs of Huxley's-Blair's Ultimate Revolution, Using Geneticists, Bio-Chemists, Scientific Collusion.  This week is part three I suppose and I’ll try and wrap some things in.


As I say, these last three talks, I haven’t had time really to work much on them, a lot is from my head and all the rest of it because of this awful weather. I spent more time, honestly, during the day shoveling snow.  And clearing the driveway. And chiseling, literally chiseling [Alan chuckles.] really thick ice at times off my vehicle in order to get it out. It can take an hour and a half sometimes when it’s so heavy with ice and snow. And sometimes two hours with the driveways completely covered as well because I’ve got a long, long driveway.  The rest of the time you’re trying to get snow off even the pathway at the back at the house so I can get in and out of the door. At the moment I’m kind of walking down a slanted snow slope to get to the door. That’s how bad it is.


And trying to get the snow off the roof as well. Because there’s been a lot of damage as I say this year, this winter, to people with even flat roofs of course, naturally they get leaks all the time, other people with strong roofs too if they haven’t managed to get the snow off it. And then you get ice, and then you get snow and ice, like sandwiches of multilayered snow and ice all the way until it’s about three or four feet high. Or even higher.  As I say, no thaws, it just keeps building up and getting heavier. And eventually the big kaboom happens and that’s you.  And I’ve had some kabooms here at night with the temperatures being -25 Fahrenheit, -30°F, many a night actually, all the way through this winter. It’s pretty regular this entire winter. But at night, yeah, incredible temperatures once you hit about four in the morning, five in the morning.  Then during the day most of the time too, you’re lucky if it hits 10 Fahrenheit, +10 Fahrenheit, and you’re really lucky, and still way below the freezing mark, or the freezing point I should say.


So then anyway, that’s our weather. But as I say, it would be fantastic to hear that it’s been the warmest on record and that we’ve got to give up all our rights and freedoms to save the world from global warming. So that’s what we’re living through, farcical systems of control. But as I say, the big boys planned this a long time ago. As I say, this is like months and months now I haven’t had time to even work on much at all, on the intellectual sphere, it’s mainly on the physical sphere of clearing the snow.


You’ve got to understand what we’re living through, a big agenda. It’s all around you. It’s in all the symbols. It’s always written symbols. Because at one time when religion ruled in, say, the Western world and people were religious, which gave them their culture and the way of life, so that they could at least help each other out when you didn’t have welfare systems and welfare states, and you had famines and things like that and bad crops, people helped each other out. It was utterly necessary to have a cohesive religion with its commandments of helping each other out basically and looking after people as you would look after yourself basically.


Of course, the enemies of all of this, that use different terms, including reason of course, cloak themselves in societies, behind societies that would use terminology that would sound vague, vaguely religious, sometimes they would sound religious, as though they’d taken things from, say, the holy books and so on.  But in reality, they’ve got their own version of what it all means and you’ll find down through the ages that Lucifer is the hero of course of the particular groups that all flourished from the same one group long ago. Lucifer really stands for intellect, intelligence, reason. Today secular humanism too of course, it’s the same kind of thing. But it is a religion, a belief system that man’s ability, through his brainpower, his intellect and so on, he can make utopia on the world and run things the way that it should be run. According to those who want to rule it all.  And who pretty well do today in fact.


Under the guise of science, they tried to validate all the different things that they have to rule over you with, by using all these different sciences, and using academia that you don’t vote into any office of course. We’re living in an age where everything’s appointed over you, it’s appointed by governments that pretend that they’re yours but they’ve got nothing to do with you in fact.  Except you pay them. Too much in fact. But that’s the way it is.


But in the Middle Ages and even beyond, right up to not too long ago, they had to couch their terminology so that they didn’t get found out as subversive of a system. And don’t forget, up into the 1800s, especially in America, the people would turn on anybody who, it wasn’t… blasphemed their religion… Blaspheming. It had a bigger attack basically, focus on your whole culture, everything that kept you all working together and surviving together, that’s really what it was.  Bit by bit it’s been chipped away and chipped away, especially through the 20th century.  And with massive wars, and causing massive slaughter, they would achieve many goals for those who were taking the world over.  Because they had to put you into shock.  They had to make you ask silly questions like, why does God allow the wars to happen? Well, if you’ve got free will, man, man can be guided into wars quite easily by those who are… rather evil.


But free will is free will.  If you didn’t have free will you’d be a robot. Which is what the other group want you to be actually, a completely brainwashed robot.  Like Bertrand Russell wanted, someone who you could train as a child and indoctrinate every belief, every thought that they had would be indoctrinated into them perfectly with scientific technique. And well documented, all my old talks have got the stuff in it. And remember, you can go into my archives section  Because it goes way back, and every other talk show host out there who covers any of these topics goes into my stuff all the time. Including all the big shows. Because why do the work when I’ve done it already? And they just reel it all off.  And even the recent stuff annoys me too because within the next few days you hear the top ones, the top ones parrot off the stuff I’ve just put out a few days before.


But in my archive section I gave lots of talks on what’s called the ‘occult’, which is just ‘hidden’ of course.  And even in ancient times, they had on say Hebrew accompanying literature, they didn’t just have it in their writings, they had many other writings too that accompanied the ancient traditions and ancient happenings. Myth, partial myth, what is myth? Myth is generally something you can’t validate anymore. But so is most of history, isn’t it?  You’ll find I think it was Oxford University Press put out a good book on Jewish Myths and Legends, it was called I believe if I remember right.  They had awfully good stories in it if you really waded through it, and some of them were humorous of course.


Other ones touched on strange rituals that happened within certain sects that developed in the old Judea area. Where one of the sects was pretty well exactly the same as the sect which developed in the Middle Ages in parts of, well, especially in France, parts of France to do with the old Knights Templar stuff and all the rest of it that’s been lumped into it.  But they did have the same accusations, that families and members of these groups would all go into these caverns or caves or underground passages, like a labyrinth thing, and they’d go through a ceremony.  And lights would go off, they would get blown off, and they literally have sex with whoever was next to them. It didn’t matter what gender it was either, supposedly, or even if it was their own kin.


That was the same, same accusations that you find were given to not only the Knights Templar groups that eventually moved into parts of France, almost exactly the same in fact.  You find the rituals were so similar, very similar to the Albigensians that lived in southern France at one time too, and various Gnostic groups.  They had very similar creeds of belief and behavior and culture in their systems, where the world was pretty well evil, which a lot of folk can’t doubt that. But they actually said in the Albigensians that they should attempt to dissuade children from having, growing up to have infants.  And that can lead from one thing to the next until you have the ancient Greece philosophy basically, the Greek philosophy had infanticide. So there’s a lot more to it naturally than meets the eye. Even though different groups are always stigmatized by powerful groups, who win eventually over them down through time, and it’s the same right up to the present day, but it doesn’t go into who started it in ancient times or whatever. But it was fairly widespread across that area long, long ago.


You also find old passages that were taken, maybe not taken out of the Bible, in some versions it might still be in them, where ‘those that take oaths and wink’, you find it in actually the Old Testament, ‘and shift their feet’… Because it’s a symbol of the right angle, when you move your feet, you’re putting together a right angle, things like that.  Ancient, still used today of course in Masonic rituals. It was actually a warning about them, those who wink and shift their feet in certain angles and so on.  Then they talk about the ephod, the ephod can mean a basket, but it can also mean an eye, a symbol of an eye. All old stuff. Anyway, I did that years and years and years ago.  Maybe more than 20 years ago.


To show you that there’s definitely organizations that come down through time that hide what they’re up to from the general public.  And at every time, every stage in their evolution you might say, or existence, because it’s heretical in all age and all types of cultures as to what they’re up to.  [Alan chuckles.]  Which is the overthrow of the current systems, especially the established religious orders, and in all cultures by the way, in order to destroy it all and bring in their secular humanism with themselves and selected people who have tested on IQ levels, no kidding you, and those in academia and specialists and so on who rule over you.


That’s the perfect world that you find even in Things To Come, the story of it from HG Wells who was into all this stuff, eugenics and population control.  And he hated the rabble, the working-class rabble, etc.  All his kin did too, all his friends. And the agencies that he belonged too, associations.  So it’s never changed. They have to get their goal through. Now, the organization at the top already owns the financial systems of the world. That was one thing they had to do was create a universal financial system, and central banks of course. All the central banks now are connected to the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements. 


These were all set up from the one organization. They did set them all up across the planet, same thing. Any country that wouldn’t go along with it has recently been bombed out of existence. Because you must borrow, you must borrow to be a part of the organization. And through the borrowing comes the demands on payment and to get the money that you’re trying to borrow for your nation, all the demands that you must implement, social policies, which have caused even a bit of chaos in Africa over the years when they start telling them what they have to decriminalize, you might say, in their society and on sexual areas, all that kind of stuff.


It’s no longer, and never really was, the idea of we’ll just lend to people of different countries that don’t have much money. No, no, it’s a social change policy for those who don’t quite get it. And it’s directed from the West. The World Bank of course even has ex prime ministers from Britain working in it now. So this is their system of control. Ireland too is in the same boat, southern Ireland. Because they were encouraged to borrow like crazy from the EU bank, the central bank there, you see, knowing it was all going to collapse on them. The guys knew years ago it was going to collapse because that was the plan. Then they come in with the IMF branch to demand the payment and they take over your system and they tell you how much you can spend on healthcare and all that kind of stuff and all the cutbacks you’ve got have. Austerity, in other words, at home, that’s what it’s going to be, and they dictate your social policies, you see. Maggie Thatcher had them in, the IMF in helping run the country when she was in office because of the massive debt they accumulated by different governments before her too. So this is the system.


Now, it is a secretive society naturally at the top. Because you’ll find out that none of the public voted for any of it. Ever. You never got a chance to vote for any of it. The League of Nations was set up as a form of word government, that was the agenda. HG Wells wrote about it praising it, praising it saying that the nation-state is dead and now we could have bureaucrats from the nation-state directly working with the department’s in the League of Nations. Because you would have the equivalent apartments in the League of Nations for everything. But it didn’t quite pan out. People weren’t ready to give up their sovereignty. So they had another world war.  And he said that, he says, we need another war because they haven’t given up their sovereignty.  So they use wars and everything to achieve many goals.  And to take over much resources. Because the guys at the top of this organization do believe they’ve got the right to manage all the resources, and even own the resources of the planet.  [Alan chuckles.]  And they do, pretty well, through wars and conquests. Nothing’s changed there. 


But anyway, they use the terminology of their goals, the new secular world order, and expert run world order. You’ll find the same terminology in all their writings from the Fabian Society group, which is just a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Whatever your following out there, they run it. It doesn’t matter what side you think you’re on.  I’ve gone through in the last couple of weeks some about the Huxley’s, George Orwell and Huxley, through the letters that they corresponded with between each other. Because George Orwell that was living through an amazing time, the 1930s, where literally everyone was so sick of this farce of either, a kind of monarchical democracy, which is a farce in itself, they’re completely opposing systems, can’t have both together. Which tells you that one rules and the other one doesn’t, you know.


They were so sick of it, and the massive debts from World War I, and the debts imposed on certain countries because of World War I, that everything was falling apart.  And it’s true, the Paris Treaty, where they, and the Treaty of Versailles, basically the Warburgs drafted up that Germany would have to continue to pay reparations to every nation, in other words, pay off all their debts for the war to the year, I think it was 1979 and 1989. That’s what they originally had a on the particular agreement.  Well, it wasn’t an agreement because the Germans weren’t asked to agree to it, I mean, they were just told.  It was a complete farce.


Top reporters at the time for world newspapers said that this will lead to another war. Because obviously Germany can’t afford to pay off everybody’s debts.  Nevermind the fact that, believe you me, all the debt wasn’t incurred by the countries just for the war either.  It all went into big, big pockets at the top.  Because we live in a crooked system.  But anyway, they’d have to fight their way out of it, they said, fight their way out or just get starved to death and die. That’s exactly what they said. 


I was reading a diplomat, his biography, he was a Scots guy, but he was, he became really the top negotiator in the 1930s and 40s and onwards, even up to the integration of the EU, part of that. But he was picked because of his fluency in languages. They got him into the right societies and of course the right oaths, etc. and so he knew the agenda. But it was fascinating to read bits of his life because any big, big meeting at an international level for foreign affairs, he was, they are in charge of it generally for most of his life. It was astonishing to see that, how they worked feverishly, never stopping, all the different organizations, that you never vote for, to push their own agenda through for leading to world government.  The same word government that Karl Marx talked about, a unified Europe, as a trading block under a single parliament.  And a unified Americas under single a parliament. And that was discussed during the NAFTA meetings, by the way, the last NAFTA meeting. Not the last ones, but the ones quite a few years back. I kept the articles and I read it on the air when I was on my radio show. 


Anyway, Orwell’s idea was that this incredible militarization during the 20s and 30s, because the governments were all falling apart, and the nations were falling apart through poverty and reparations.  And not just Germany, every country was pretty well.  Britain had massive taxation on the public because of the war debts. Because you always pay for everything for the elites, you know. You pay for their costs. You put railroads in across the world, as an empire. The public pay for all that.  They staff it all. They pay for the armies and so on. They get the bills for everything. But they get nothing back to actually save profit wise for themselves. But the ones at the top certainly do, this oligarchy they call it, whatever it is that runs your government, above the government of course naturally.  And that’s how it is. 


So Orwell brought 1984 out, published I think 1947, 1948. In it, it was mainly because at that time the Soviet system, the Soviet system really was a test, it was ‘the second experiment’ they called it, the great experiment. The first one was ‘the American experiment’ to see if they could govern themselves, the general people that is, the public. That was the idea behind it. And if they couldn’t, then a society that formed would rule them secretly from behind, you might say or above them. They wouldn’t know it, they’d still think it was the same kind of government if they failed to manage to look after themselves.


Well, it’s easy to destroy a culture so they can’t look after themselves and point to all the problems they’ve got and say, well, see, see, see. And then they start appointing agencies to manage you. So they end up in the same, eventually they end up the same way as the Soviet Union. What we’re living through today is actually the proper Soviet, you might call it.  Because they ironed out all the problems by observing all the things that went wrong the first time with the Russian one, the Soviet Union. 


Remember, Soviet means ‘ruled by councils’. And their theory, which never worked out, but the theory was that you could bring in a system where all departments for labor would have their own counsel, their own panel to run it, you see. And all kind of unions would have their own governments as well. So Soviet means ‘ruled by councils’.  But in reality, in the Soviet system, naturally, the head couldn’t have any competition, so they appointed the heads of the councils that were all party members and were bought and paid for very, very well. That’s human nature unfortunately everywhere, it’s too easy to bribe folk off. I’ve seen it happen in all countries actually, bribes getting put across.  So there’s no shortage of folk who will take the money in the bribes, and really, do the dirty on their fellows, the ones exempt from it.


You’ll find too that, you see the Soviet system was to be, to use science. They couldn’t ever get to that stage, but to use science and proper scientific indoctrination in Pavlovian style, conditioned responses and all the rest of it, where they’d all feel guilty when they were told to feel guilty, even if they’d done nothing wrong.  If you were to say counterrevolutionary to anybody, anybody, immediately they’d go into almost a paroxysm of it, and turn all kind of colors, it was instilled in them, they’re terrified of it. So language is very important. That’s why they use language now, and we’ve got language police in North America and across Europe where now you’re getting forbidden to say certain things, the same thing. It’s all Orwellian. Orwell’s saw all this happening in his day. And so he saw this stage, at least for 1984, a stage where you would have the spy system, everyone would get monitored, spied upon constantly.


As it got more and more authoritarian they would demand that you turn up for, and I mentioned this before, you will eventually have to turn up for your community meetings and community parades and community this and community that. That you will eventually and if you’re not there you will get a knock on the door and you’ll get dragged out or fined or something. That will come in this system, that’s part of the system that were going through right now. There’s no doubt about it. In Britain, the police are contacting people who’ve used words they’re not supposed to use anymore and they’re getting warned about it. So they’re giving you a warning now. Well, that’s a threat, you see, your government agencies are threatening people. So you’re already under tyranny obviously. And it’s not going to stop there. 


It’s not to stop there because you see, your idea of freedoms are all delusions. Complete delusions. You really haven’t had them. You really haven’t. Because most of the things you do and say already, they were given to you to say and do. [Alan chuckles.] There’s nothing out there, there’s not a movement out there that doesn’t have leaders that are supplied to you. Believe you me. That’s how, that’s why the system has never failed. It’s never fallen apart.  But if you go into this for instance, here’s an example.  World government, ‘eh?  There’s so, so many articles, even from government’s websites themselves, about world order, like, a new world order, a new world order, all that stuff, the stuff the general public will laugh at because you say it. You get it from the government websites themselves and articles.


But also, world government, ha, ha, ha, we’re probably talking about world government, hey. Well, the Carnegie Council, these big, big foundations that run the thousands of nongovernmental organizations, that manage you all, that’s the Soviet system. That’s the new Soviet, you see, the perfect Soviet. You don’t elect them.  They all have the same goals in mind, but they have specialized parts of their agenda for themselves.  They’re all funded by and paid for it and even have pension plans by the big foundations, tax-free foundations, for the Carnegie and Rockefeller, and many others, there’s stacks of them out there. Because it’s one big club, one big club across the planet. And they have…


The Resurgent Idea of World Government - Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 22.2 (Summer 2008) - / 7 July 2008


Oh, conspiracy theory.  Whereas it’s from the Carnegie Council publication.  It’s all there, you see, so they have an idea of world government, you see, it’s maybe time for it.  You find the Financial Times had it in it too…


And Now for a World Government - / 8 Dec 2008


And you’ve got Foreign Affairs, world government and …


The Illusion of World Government - / April 1949


Talking about they’ve not achieve the goal yet, there’s just too many little arguments they’re having to have the world government. So here it all is, ‘eh, from their own websites, world government, world government.  You’re used to, you’ve been used to for quite a few years governance, world governance. Meaning, oh that’s not the same thing. Well, of course is the same thing. You don’t even need a building for world government. You just need to have organizations all working together, especially now, with the Internet, and ruling your life, quite easily.  Quite simple, isn’t it.


It’s well on the way of what they want at the top. And it’s always been this agenda, always the goal of taking over the resources of the whole planet, running it properly. What they actually say is, finishing the creation of the builders. So, they’re the builders, they say, that take the material that was left unfinished and it’s their job to complete it and perfect it all. So they have symbology of the Tower of Babel of course.


Tower of Babel E.U. Parliament Building, Strasbourg - / 22 Mar 2016


And of course, we also know that’s one of the main buildings they rebuilt, [Alan chuckles.] the ruined tower, for their annual EU meetings of course. Or, actually, they have it about three or four times a year at that particular building. It’s very symbolic. I mean, you couldn’t get more symbolic than that, could you. But it’s also the world itself, this deity left the world unfinished. He didn’t perfect man.  Or maybe he made him immortal but then he changed his mind with the curse basically, you see. But anyway, they claim the world was left imperfect.  And so, they want control of the weather. Control of everything. Control of the general population. Control of the numbers of the populace.  Control of what they’ll need, and the elimination of that which they don’t need. That’s basically eugenics right straight there, you see. It’s all right there, there’s nothing to guess out at all.


The same organization, that runs every other major organization, they created, this one organization did create the United Nations out of the League of Nations. They still want that to be a world government. They created the World Bank.  They created the IMMF, the Bank for International Settlements, across the whole planet. And basically, they’re privately owned banks, but funded by us. How is that again? We pay for everything, this public-private idea, they take all the profits from everything. Because it’s their right to do so because they rule the world, you see.  And you don’t vote for them. We’ve got no votes to create the United Nations.  We got no votes from the public.  Nevermind the wars they give you. You ever get a vote for war, do you want to go to war? No, of course you don’t get that. Never will either.


Because the wars have different functions than the ones you’re trained to think that they have. As I say, HG Wells mentioned one of them and that was to bring every country to its knees through mass slaughter, so we’re so fatigued and terrified and horrified of the mass slaughter, and fatigue at the rationing that will come out of it and half starved, which happened by the way, that in came the United Nations at the end of World War II.  And they had all these articles, you see the old articles, old newspapers and so on, where they were planning to just establish themselves as a world government. But they still didn’t get to it, there was too much opposition from the general populace. And Wells said, again, they need another war to bring them to their knees, on behalf of the Fabian Society and the elitists that he worked with.


But Barry Goldwater also talked about it.  And he himself was a senator for, whoa, most of his life, I think. And like all politicians, there’s corruption, you can’t touch politics without corruption. So, I don’t trust any of them. At the end of his time, once he retired from it, he became left-wing and went along with all the left-wing agenda. All of it. You know, all the taboo things at one time, he went along with them eventually. Rather strange if you really have any principles. But he did say, he talked about the Trilateral Commission, which is a specialized branch that came out of the Council on Foreign Relations, this big branch that runs most of the world now. It’s parent company in Britain, which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that used to be called the Lord Alfred Milner group. Because they ran the Empire, this group, the secretive group, when there was an empire there.


Then they passed the torch to America with the bigger tax base. They had already plundered Britain until they were impoverished and malnourished with wars and rationing right up into the 1950s, until most of the population, the working-class had rickets and goodness knows what else, you know.   I’m not kidding you.  Then they passed the torch to America with the bigger tax base, now that they had created a tax base in America.  That was all done with the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all getting set up for World War I coming along, and along with it came the right to tax the public, you see. So, they could borrow whatever they wanted from these private bankers and private banks and then the taxpayer would have to pay it all off, all the debt. That’s the example they’ve taken across the whole planet, starting in London, to America, and across the whole planet. The same organization.


Goldwater did say in his book, With No Apologies, he said the Trilateral Commission that really broke out into existence to the general public when Jimmy Carter came in, he was surrounded by them for the first time, and people said, well, who are these Trilateral groups, what is this commission? This private group, again.  It was a private, they’re all private clubs. The CFR, you don’t vote any of them in for anything but they’re running everything. The Trilateral Commission really is the technocrats that are just placed everywhere to actually get jobs done.  Whether they’re are elected or not, they’re just appointed everywhere across the world, including the central banks. Two of them were appointed to look after Italy when they bankrupted Italy. Another one for Greece.  Amazing, hey.


So they can override every country’s, or at least what they, they’re not supposed to, but they simply do. I mean, who’s going to stop them? They’re appointed to take over your country when you’re bankrupt.  Again, by the same banks that they work for. They’re the movers and shakers. They’re ex-prime ministers, ex-presidents belong to it. Bush Senior was one.  And they’re not beholding to the public for anything. Anyway, here’s what Goldwater said in the book.  He says…


Barry Goldwater (1909-1998) US Senator (R-Arizona) in his book "With No Apologies"


“The Trilateralist Commission is international...(and) intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.”


(Alan:  …by seizing control of the political government of the United States.  Hm.  Is there some part of that you don’t understand there?  You don’t elect these people, they’re appointed. Everywhere. Until they are running your governments. And they are in all parties. Because the parties are all a joke. Anyway, he says…)


“In my view, the trilateral commission represents a skillful and concerted effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power - political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical.”


“The commission emphasizes the necessity of eliminating artificial barriers to world commerce. (A:  That’s taxes and trade all the rest of it and import duties.)  What it proposes as substitute is an international economy managed and controlled by international monetary groups through the mechanism of international conglomerate manufacturing and business enterprises.” 


(A:  What he’s talking about here is what Quigley talked about, a new feudal system basically run by corporate CEOs, etc, hm.  This is, I think 1979 that Goldwater wrote that.)


Freedom, spiritual, political, economic is denied any importance in the trilateral construction of the next century.  (A:  That’s the one we’re living in now. So remember, this is written about 1979.  So…) 


Freedom – spiritual, political, economic – is denied any importance in the trilateral construction of the next century. What the Trilateral’s truly intend is the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political power of the nation-states involved.  They believe the abundant materialism they propose to create will overwhelm existing differences. As managers and creators of the system, they will rule the future. 


(A:  Rule the world basically, always the old, old agenda.  Hm.)


But of course, I should say this is my own words, but once they’ve done all that, which they’ve pretty well done, that’s what the whole free-trade system is about, that’s why they get the GATT treaty on steroids and brought China up and made them the manufacturers for the planet. China didn’t do it themselves. So, there you go.


And the ‘overwhelming existing differences with abundant materialism’… So, materialism would put you all to sleep basically. If you tie that in with the lectures and the talks that Aldous Huxley gave where he said that, you know, the people would be willing slaves basically, kind of happy slaves, contented slaves. And it’s through materialism, you see, shop-till-you-drop, etc, credit cards, blah blah blah blah blah.  And once they change and start withdrawing the surplus from the materialistic system and bring you into austerity, you’ll still go along with their system. As long as you get little freebies here and there and little cheap things here and there too you’ll still go along with it.  But in the process initially there’ll be no complaining at all, as they take all your rights away from you. That’s already happened.  Basically.  So the last part, again…


Freedom – spiritual, political, economic – is denied any . . .


So you have no economic freedom, right, for anybody or any nation eventually. Or political system different from the universal one they’re bringing in. And the spiritual one, they’re going to have no, no credence to any particular religion eventually.  They’ll use them, they’ll use different ones to be the top, top ones, that will appear to be the top ruling religions for a period and then destroy them, naturally. Because this system has destroyed the religions of the West quite successfully, didn’t it?  They brought in the sex, sex, sex, sexual revolution, right.  In the 1960s they brought in abortion for everybody so don’t worry about the fallout from the sex, you see, the state will take care of it. Until marriage, one of the goals, the goals… Isn’t this strange?  You think it’s strange, it’s not strange at all, that the goal of Marxism was the destruction of the family unit.  Hm. 


And for most folk eventually the destruction of private property. Read Agenda 21 for private property, folks, the agenda for the whole 21st century, hm.  The 2030 is just parts of it, segments of it, as they go through it and what they must achieve. But the thing for the whole 21st century has all of that in it too, hm. It’s all on track for this new improved system.


The same thing will happen even with Islam too, down the road, that’s what they hope for.   Because once a culture that’s had so many taboos about certain things, for, to restrain themselves into a workable society, and you bring them into the West… And if they can keep that going, the massive deluge of sexual images you’re deluged with from childhood right through on television and movies and everything, you know, that will work with everybody, it doesn’t matter who they are, until they fall apart too. 


So again, like the old song of the Rolling Stones and tribute to the devil basically, Time Is On My Side. They don’t care if it takes them 20 years or 30 years or 40 to bring a particular people down.  It will be interesting to see if Islam can, will really push against all that stuff and try to keep the family unit intact and the systems intact. Or will they, I think already a lot of the young guys are already falling into the temptations and it’s been well noticed by those, by their elders. 


But we’re living through this massive system of incredible control. We really are. And the West has been through all the different revolutions thinking it was all fun. Isn’t it amazing how they, how it’s all fun, you know, in the 60s, yeah, just do it, yeah, take drugs, do it and have fun, fun.  Yeah… as they destroyed it all. And here you are, folk can’t even get a friend for more than a month or two, you know. The genders are all screwed up with the relationships because they can’t get anybody to stay with them pretty well. Or if they initially do, they’ll get bored with them, if they keep watching television and movies, their whole job is to make you unhappy with what you have.  [Alan chuckles.]  It’s a war strategy, you see.  Most war strategies and revolutions are bloodless.  But incredibly effective.


Anyway, that’s what Goldwater said in I think 1979. So, the Trilateral Commission place all these technocrats in all these positions of control. They’re not responsible to the general public or to complaints of the general public. They do what they plan to do, then they get on with it, they’re not answerable to the public.  Maggie Thatcher said that, that she was in, once she retired, she said, she now belonged to a group, and she was talking about the group, same group actually in Britain under the Royal Institute of International Affairs group.  And she says, I know all the ex prime ministers and presidents across the world and top bureaucrats basically, and says, we can get things done without being responsible to the public. There you go.


You get all the clues all the time and folk miss it because you are trained to be a child and to stay a child and to leave your thinking to what you’re trained to think of as your betters, these special names and special people on television that speak with authority, you know, and they’re built up like superstars and they speak with authority. That’s why they kept anchor men and women on television for their entire lives, as they were falling off the chairs as geriatrics. Because people grew up with them.  It was so evident in the US. And Britain was the same. There was a particular guy in Britain who spent his life in the BBC, and anything important that ever happened in that whole time he was the one to tell you in a stern way what was happening, in an official manner.  It was like his law.


You had the same thing in the US too.  Of course, in the US they were all members of the World Federalist Society, these characters. And, that’s just the way it is, you know, the ones they gave you your news, that’s the way it is. Yeah, all in it for an agenda the public were completely ignorant of, but the public would take their opinions, that were given to them and just parrot them without thinking. Who would lie to you?  I mean, how trusting a child are you? Have you looked at the history of the world? And of every nation? The histories? They’re all so similar.  It’s astonishing.


And I’m prattling on too much because the time just runs out here.  And I’ll have shoveling snow to do shortly.  I’ve just put up the one on world government, some of the links for world government from the official sites, from government themselves.  [Alan chuckles.]  And we can have all that there too.


Also too, they give you your superstars. I can remember it was one of the Brandt guys who was targeted by the Unabomber, and the Unabomber mentioned, really, why he was targeting this particular group. This is part of the group that was bringing you the new culture. They worked with the CIA.  The guy Brandt, he said in one of his talks that part of his job was to make scientists, the ones who would lead you, into superstars, so you’d follow them and you’d follow their opinions. Can you think of any today? Of course you do.  These guys make, it’s the same machinery of making a nobody into a pop star or rock star or whatever, the same thing.  Zuckerberg, another one too.  Oh yeah, he just… [Alan chuckles.]  …a front man. 


Zuckerberg outlines 'privacy-focused Vision - / 6 Mar 2019


That’s to do with all the, well, anybody who still uses what they give you, you know, you know what they’re doing.  Do you want your little child monitored by big brother? That is your right to do so. And also, last week I think or the week before I mentioned too, it says…


Deepfakes explained: How technology is masking reality / 23 Feb 2019


The scope of high-tech deception keeps growing and experts say deepfakes could become the biggest threat to truth.


A deepfake is when an AI (A:  …artificial intelligence…)  algorithm -- a neural network -- generates a video that never happened (A:  …it never happened…) by either swapping one face for another or by allowing someone's motions and voice to be mapped onto another person.


"It's a video that has been created by essentially feeding in a computer algorithm lots of images of a person," said Andy Grotto, a national security expert and professor at Stanford University.


"It could be video, it could even be audio, and you feed it enough of that content and over time the algorithm learns how to mimic that content."


The technology that powers deepfakes is only growing more sophisticated.


(A:  They give you examples of where it is now.)


Initially, the videos weren't perfect. Early deepfake videos looked obviously doctored. But BuzzFeed produced a frighteningly realistic example last year by having actor and director Jordan Peele make a PSA about deepfakes as former U.S. president Barrack Obama.


It goes on and on and on. To show you this is how they’re going to give you the fake trials that are going to come down the road when, did you say something!? Like it was in 1984 where you’re pulled into the Ministry of Truth, you know, and the Ministry of Love will ask you all the questions as they torture you. We’re here, folks!  And then they’ll bring out the deepfake’s and say, this is a video of you saying that I’ve been here or saying that or whatever. And the public will go along with it because the authorities said it, the authorities said it. Quite something. Quite easy, isn’t it?


To do with eugenics too, now, don’t think that China, as I said before, does things by itself.  It was created by the West, the same group that runs and owns the West now, the same uniform system. And really, China is their shining example of the perfectly ordered socialist system, run scientifically.  The West helped them and set it all up and given the expertise and the money.  We even put our factories over there. We paid for our factories to be uprooted, dismantled and put over there under the free trade agreement. And we lost all the jobs at home.  Nobody was given a vote on that. Just these technocrats, again, and your governments all signed on to it and that’s it. They never ask your opinion for anything that matters, folks. Never will be either.




Chinese government may have funded disgraced scientist He Jiankui to create the world's first gene-edited babies, report claims / 26 Feb 2019


Documents seen by medical news site STAT suggest that Chinese scientist He Jiankui may have received money from three separate government institutions in China. 


Now, China’s not the only country, every country’s been doing this gene editing. India’s been doing it for quite, quite some time actually and they’ve had documentaries on the TV years ago on that, where they actually talk to some people who had their babies designed basically, genes removed and other ones replaced, etc., for height, for looks, etc. It’s odd too, the different cultures of what they go for first, whether it’s high, high, high intellect or looks, etc., or height, you know.  It’s quite interesting to see what they go for. But every country’s been doing this.  And every nation, because they had articles years ago in all the top magazines and newspapers about the British, and then the US military especially, making the new robotic type soldiers, that we basically cloned. So, don’t think that by some silly little bit of paper that they’ve all signed that they don’t do it. Of course they do it. The same with biological warfare, it never stopped with all the treaties.  Never did. So, you can’t blame China. And it’s interesting, though, that they put it across there, making you, getting used to the idea that this is coming. Just like I’ve said before, like the movie Gattaca with the expertly run society of course.


You’ll find the trained front people, and they really do, they pick them as children and train them for positions of leadership. You’ll find the big NGOs have ads about that and they’ll say in they’re ‘about’ thing and ‘what they’re up to’ and so on, they tell you they’ll pick youngsters with the aptitudes and train them for positions of power and leadership. They all do that.  So, so much for spontaneous people appearing, who just appear out of nowhere. No, these people are all trained and selected. And they are devoted, believe you me, to the agenda because that’s all that’s been drummed into them their whole lives long. And they’re well rewarded for it, as they mislead you and lead you up the garden path.  All of them do that. So, you don’t have a free society.  You never get anybody who’s genuine who’s going to talk for you. It ain’t going to happen, folks. No way.


I mentioned last week too about Ocasio-Cortez, the so-called Democrat who came out as they put her up to be a star, the star machinery again, a little nobody, who, oh, is it legitimate it’s for young people to ask if it’s okay to have children, you see. 


Ocasio-Cortez Poses ‘Legitimate’ Question: ‘Is It Okay to Still Have Children?’ - / 25 Feb 2019


Because you see, don’t forget that they floated the idea too in all their socialistic meetings for well over 150 years, about limiting the people having children. And using the China model. But also, before even the China model came along in fact, when they were still not communists, they were pushing the same idea in the late 1800s in Britain and into the early 1900s George Bernard Shaw said the same thing, he was all for it. He says, we’ll decide if you can have children or not, according to your IQ level, etc. That’s all part of it, folks. 


Breed out all the bad folk, all the general public, you see, the commoners. Because they’re awfully snobbish, believe you me. The Democrats, liberals and conservatives, they’re awfully snobbish at the very, very top. They all are. Because they all belong to the same clique. They don’t send their children to ordinary schools either, folks. It doesn’t matter if they pretend to speak for the working classes. It’s like Britain, none of them, none of the ones that are pushing and telling you that the education system is fantastic in ordinary schools in Britain, none of them send their children to them. All the politicians for Labour I think are at all the best private schools. Because [Alan chuckles.] you know, they’re going to make sure their children are going to be the winners.  Of course they are.  The big agenda’s on the go. But they give you the leaders. They certainly do.


When I was going through the eugenics movement, about Julian Huxley for instance, a big player in it, a big player. Incredible, the man was an incredible… He voiced everything I’m saying here, openly in his big speeches. Eventually he was up there with Planned Parenthood of course and he was a member of UNESCO, the head of it for a while, to create a common culture by indoctrination of children across the world. That’s how you do it. You’re given the topics, you brainwash it into them, oh, the sky is falling, too many people, oh sustainability, yada, yada, yada, going way back to the early 1900s, folks. It’s nothing new.


And at the same time, about 1950 and so on, they set up all the ecological organizations, as far back, and at the same time that Julian Huxley, he was involved in them all. That’s the one that eventually uses the big stick, oh we’re destroying the world, Gaia will kick back at you and it would just shake itself, and you’ll all die because you’ve mistreated her, you see.  They’ve tried everything they can. So, sustainability and the sky is falling is the one they chose and they’ve stuck to. Now it’s their religious mantra. Basically, they’ve trained a generation of children to quote the mantra.  What was it that Lenin said? We shall win by slogans. Slogans about it all the time.  Look at these rallies, dit-dit-dit, dit-dit-dit, their slogans, that’s what they, you know, it’s literally a three worded slogan, it’s repeated over, dit-dit-dit, dit-dit-dit. Yep.  Just like Orwell said, four legs good, two legs bad.  M-hm.  Mind you, today I guess you can have as many legs as you want, it’s your choice to do so. 


But it says here…


Ecological Society of America


(A: It really started in Britain too, you see.  They’ve got a branch in every country now.)


The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is a professional organization of ecological scientists. Based in the United States and founded in 1915, ESA publications include peer-reviewed journals, newsletters, fact sheets, and teaching resources. It holds an annual meeting at different locations in the USA and Canada. In addition to its publications and annual meeting, ESA is engaged in public policy, (A: Do you vote for them? No, you don’t. Of course not.) science, education and diversity issues.  (A: Isn’t that interesting?)  


ESA's 10,000 members are researchers, educators, natural resource managers, and students in over 90 countries. Members work on a wide range of topics, from agroecology (A: That’s all your food supply.) to marine diversity and explore the relationships between organisms and their past, present, and future environments. (A: You have to understand what they mean by organisms and their past, present and future environments. That’s a topic in itself, that they’re all brainwashed into, all these organizations are.  And eugenics too.) The Society has over 20 topical sections and seven regional chapters.


That’s quite interesting, as I say, the people who are all members of it, and at the beginning, etc. You’ll find in the branches in Britain for these organizations, they shared the same offices in London at one point for most of them. You find that Julian Huxley was up there as members of them, of the boards actually. It’s quite fascinating how sustainability, eugenics, etc. are all tied together, in this one organization’s mindset, that rules the world and where they’re going with it all too.  You’ll find…


The Rockefeller Foundation's Molecular Vision of Life - How the Aims of Eugenics, Social Control, and Human Engineering Shaped Molecular Biology and 20th Century Science

A Review of Lily E. Kay's The Molecular Vision of Life: Caltech, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rise of the New Biology (Oxford University Press, 1993) / 16 Jan 2009


Getting back to this molecular vision of life, how the aims of eugenics social control and human engineering shaped molecular biology in 20th century science.  It’s interesting. But you have to understand what they’re talking about, the molecular vision of life, and how it all ties in with eugenics. And how the Rockefellers literally funded it all and put it through Caltech.  It says, the rise of the new biology, of how you would now look at humans and everything else and your place in the world. It’s like a species, like any bacterium in a sense, and how you can manipulate it all. Control, that was function of it, of training so the people would believe it all, and it would give them social control and they can go into human engineering by teaching them a kind of slanted version and a way to look at society and people as molecular constructs rather than actual complete human beings.  It’s quite fascinating to me anyway. It might bore you, but it’s fascinating to me.


And Julian Huxley, it’s astonishing all the things he’s been involved in. Absolutely. 


‘Julian Huxley and the Continuity of Eugenics in Twentieth-century Britain’


(A:  Very good article.)


The life and ideas of Julian Sorrell Huxley (1887-1975) represent not only considerable contributions to evolutionary theory but also to eugenic thought and social planning. (A:  I haven’t mentioned anything about, yeah, if he was elected to anything by the public.) Huxley’s career history was complex and disjointed making him an international and very much a public figure. (A:  They made a star of him too. The same thing, standard machinery.) This paper sees Huxley’s peripatetic career as linked to ideological agendas, not least of “a new world order”.  The problems addressed here are, first, the extent of continuities in eugenic commitments from his interwar views and, second, to determine the contours of Huxley’s post-Second World War eugenic thinking. Huxley emerges as a crucial bridging figure from what has been referred to as “old eugenics”. . .


(A:  …up to Germany and Nazis using it in World War II, and they copied it all from the West by the way, and especially from America.  [Alan chuckles.]  They got slammed for that. So Julian Huxley reinvented it, you see. Under different terminology he kept it alive and well.  And was all for the phasing out, he wanted to breed only the well-to-do upper-middle-class types, and to gradually cull off basically in one way or another all the rest of the public that they didn’t need anymore. This guy, his testbed was the British public. Don’t think these people ever stand for you and see and relate to you as their own. They do NOT do that. Never have done that, folks. Never have.  Never have. But it’s quite an interesting little article, and of course they don’t condemn the guy either. If anything, they make excuses for him. But it’s interesting to see them, they go into the Galton Club formed at the college, you know, at Oxford.)


. . . a Galton Club was formed at the College, and further debates took place at the Oxford Union. From 1919 until 1925 Huxley was Fellow at New College, and the population geneticist J.B.S. Haldane (Huxley’s former “fag” (A:  …they call it…) at Eton) was Fellow from 1919 until 1922. Huxley’s students included the cytologist and contraception pioneer J.R. Baker who was undergraduate at New College from 1919-22, and the population geneticist E.B. (“Henry”) Ford. These bio-social theorists represented a political spectrum from Haldane on the extreme left to Ford and (a later Oxford recruit) the botanist Darlington on the extreme right: they all continued to exert influence on questions of biology and society on into the 1960s.  (A:  Actually, beyond that too.)


So these movements with their philosophies are a very old agenda, folks, very old agenda.  And it’s still going on today. Bertrand Russell of course was a good friend of them all and worked with them too.  He was quite blatant about them, by the use of diet, injections and injunctions we can reduce the population.  Russell also said you could really dumb the people down when you’re doing all that too. He was quite, quite blatant about it, through the same kind of methods as well apart from just bumping them off.  It’s really fascinating to see different characters involved in this and their complete connection. How they even use by the way, and Julian Huxley did it too, they come in as supposed zoologist.  They start talking about wildlife to get all the young children on board and do all the talks on wildlife and their little furry animals and stuff. And you don’t realize you’re getting brainwashed as a child into, well, I guess that applies to people too, you know, if there’s too many you must cull them off. Every country’s been given their favorite zoologist who all talk about the same things, and too many of this population and too many of that, and then eventually as they get older, they start talking about too many of you.  [Alan chuckles.]  There you go.


Political and Economic Planning


(A:  There’s another one, a PEP group as well, to do with eugenics in Britain that Julian Huxley was involved in. All the top ones were too.)


Political and Economic Planning (PEP) was a British policy think tank, formed in 1931 in response to Max Nicholson's article A National Plan for Britain (A:  …national plan for Britain… eugenics, right…)  published in February of that year in Gerald Barry's magazine The Week-End Review.


The original members included (A:  This is a private organization, again, right, that belong to all the other top organizations…)  Nicholson and Barry, the zoologist Julian Huxley, the agronomist Leonard Elmhirst, the financier Basil Phillott Blackett, the civil servants Dennis Routh and Sir Henry Bunbury, the research chemist Michael Zvegintzov, and Israel Sieff, a director of Marks & Spencer. Sieff was Chairman in the 1930s, followed by Elmhirst in 1939 and by Nicholson in 1953. It was a non-governmental planning organisation financed by corporations.  (A:  …to do with eugenics on the general public, folks, and too many of them, etc.)


This prolific organisation was influential in the formation of (A:  Guess what?...) The National Health Service, . . .


(A:  So, they helped draft up stuff long before came in, right. But remember, the National Health Service, to the general public, now it’s just like today with all the cheaper goods from China, oh wow, it’s great, you know. What’s the real motive of it all? I’ve already read it to you.  I don’t want to overwhelm you with, oh, it’s fantastic… as they start taking rights away from you. Oh well, we’ve still got all this free stuff and cheap stuff and you know... There’s always an, oh well, so what. And as I say, with National Health Service, don’t forget the agenda of the eugenicists was to bring down the population.  [Alan laughing.]  By all means possible. And what’s their favorite technique? Even Ronald Reagan talked about it, the most fearful thing the citizens can hear is from officials coming to the door saying, we’re from the government and we’re here to help you.  Because you’d better be on guard.)


(A:  The National Health Service, inoculations, and in no time at all, within a span of maybe, you know, less, under 20 years, they were doing abortions, the National Health Service in Britain.  So again, eugenics, depopulate, etc., yada, yada, ya. And once you have a National Health Service then you simply have your abortion days. And they do have abortion days, every hospital over in Britain has them, that’s all they do, you know. And they couldn’t do that without having a National Health Service.  And now with the National Health Service they don’t have the money, they’ve got lots to do with all kinds of strange things, the National Health Service, and strange operations and stuff, but for really essential things they claim that they’re broke.) 


(A:  So you’ve got to say, well why isn’t it doing the main things it was really, that you thought it was designed to do in the first place? Well, maybe you thought it was designed for something else in the first place. They always give you candy to begin with, right?  And then they substitute the candy for something else as time goes on.)


. . . War II and post-war planning, and the development of the African colonies.


(A:  …as well.  They were heavily involved in programs for the African colonies.)


 After the war it shared the offices of (A:  …listen…) The Nature Conservancy in Belgrave Square, London, . . .


(A:  Right.  So here is the Eugenics Society and National Political and Economic Planning committee, all private, all private NGOs, hm, that formed for themselves, on behalf of the real rulers of the world of course, with financiers and everything there and bankers and everything there, right, and it says here…)


This prolific organisation was influential in the formation of The National Health Service, War II and post-war planning, and the development of the African colonies. After the war it shared the offices of The Nature Conservancy in Belgrave Square, London, producing reports such as Opportunities in Industry (1957) and Advisory Committees in British Government (1960)


(A:  So here again, advisory committees, you see. What do you think the Council on Foreign Relations is?  It says on their website, advisory committee, they advise governments. Well, do you elect them to advise government? No, you don’t. No.)


In 1978 PEP merged with the Centre for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), (A:  You see.  Now, social policy covers everything, folks.) And became the Policy Studies Institute (PSI).  (A:  Isn’t that is interesting, ‘eh?) 


(A:  …advise governments on social policy. You vote them in?  No.  Nope.  Not at all.) 


(A:  But it’s got, as I say, a research chemist. Interesting, a chemist, hey, was on the panel of the first board.  Civil servants…)


The original members included Nicholson and Barry, the zoologist Julian Huxley, the agronomist Leonard Elmhirst, the financier Basil Phillott Blackett,

the civil servants Dennis Routh and Sir Henry Bunbury, the research chemist Michael Zvegintzov, and Israel Sieff, a director of Marks & Spencer.


(A:  The zoologists were members of it too. Again, eugenics, you see.  They used animal behavior, but really to apply to humans, study them.  Because humans, they say, are animals, you see.)


Anyways, Julian Huxley, remember, who said himself that their job at UNESCO, he said in a speech, was to knock man off his stool, you know, his high stool as the supreme being on the planet, and they would train the public that you’re just another creature, and maybe an inferior creature. You see what I’m saying? This was the whole agenda here. And when you look at all these characters that are into it, with ecology, sustainability, too many of you the wrong kind of people etc. etc… And here’s what the Nature Conservancy, you see, that they are allied with, right…


The Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is a charitable environmental organization, headquartered (A:  …for the US…) in Arlington, Virginia, United States.


(A:  Is there anything else in Arlington, Virginia, folks?  Do you think?  M-hm.  A massive charitable environmental organization…  Hm  )


Its mission is to "conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends."  (A:  Interesting, ‘eh.) The Conservancy pursues non confrontational, pragmatic solutions (A:  They mean, brainwashing the children…) to conservation's challenges working with partners including indigenous communities, businesses, governments, multilateral institutions, and other non-profits.


(A:  Well, did you get a vote on that?  Oh, no.  It’s interesting to even just read that kind of stuff here…)


The Nature Conservancy now impacts conservation in 72 countries, including all 50 states of the United States.


(A:  Most of the folk wouldn’t even know that themselves.)


The Conservancy has over one million members, and has protected more than 119,000,000 acres (48,000,000 ha) of land and thousands of miles of rivers worldwide. The Nature Conservancy also operates more than 100 marine conservation projects globally. The organization's assets total $6.71 billion as of 2015. The Nature Conservancy is the largest environmental nonprofit by assets and by revenue in the Americas.


Interesting, ‘eh. And they’re into landgrab’s all over the place too under the guise of conservation. I’ve given the talks about the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, oh, he’s the head of so many organizations in the past. He’s given profound statements, right in your, I mean, there’s nothing hidden about this guy, he runs all these different world wildlife funds and all the rest of it, too many people, when there’s too many animals you have to cull them all off, and really, you have to look at people much the same way, etc. etc. etc. One of his main speeches in Switzerland he talked like that, in fact, quite openly about it. So, all these conservation things are really very false. They have a mission, and so much of the best farming territory across Africa and so on, belong to the world wildlife fund and all the other organizations he’s head of. It’s the best farming areas. They can’t allow folk in to farm.  It’ll be the same elsewhere too, folks. Interesting, ‘eh.? Also I’ll put up…


World Government Summit / 13 Feb 2017


Opening remarks at the World Government Summit

António Guterres


World Government Summit.  That’s the guy they put in charge of, I think it was the United Nations eventually. And they have the same speeches too when they go to the World Economic Forum.


Again, getting back to Facebook, how they’re basically going to give you no privacy.


Facebook Reveals Its Privacy-Focused Vision For Social Networking


(A:  …privacy focused vision, which you can reverse that if you want.  But if you never learn folks, it’s your own fault.  Hm?) 


And confirms that What’s App and Messenger and Insta Gram messaging will be merged on a single platform.


Well, there you go. Do you really think they’re different private organizations out there running it all?  It’s one massive organization with many faces, with the Internet.  Hhhhh. 


And as you watch, now, I sometimes read a story just to give you a little start and shock into life, ‘eh.


Real-life child-snatcher reveals how she is paid £15 per abduction by Philippine gangs who set her a quota of two a week and sell them to paedophiles with prices determined by their looks / 28 Feb 2019


(A:  This is one person who was caught, right, in the Philippines. £15 per abduction, that’s a lot of money for the Philippines.)


A female kidnapper has revealed sickening details of how gangs abduct children in the Philippines to sell to foreign paedophiles - with bonuses for how pretty they are. 


Lilibeth Bustamante was caught trying to walk away with a ten-year-old girl in Paranaque City on February 20.


She was playing in front of her house when Bustamante took her by the arm and told her to come with her to the store, but a neighbour intervened when he noticed the girl asking for help.


(A:  So, she was caught and spilled the beans…)


Lilibeth Bustamante was caught attempting to abduct a 10-year-old girl in Paranaque City on February 20 and later told police horrifying details of the criminal gangs who sell children into sex slavery.


Now, this will be across the world too. I’ll bet you.  And they put them into all these different movies, the sex movies.  And there will be a waiting list of these pervs, I’m sure, wanting to get first go at these children. And you think you can let these children live, that can recognize people, folks?   You’d better understand what’s happening in the world here.  And no one cares because you’ve been taught, you’ve been taught that life is cheap by those who rule you. They’ve trained you step-by-step, like Huxley saying, knocking you off your pedestal. That’s already done.   And people have been taught they’re, oh, so what, you know. 


And your daily fare is getting towards pedophilia if you watch the television and the stuff they’re pushing on it. And by the way, eventually, I’ve said before, that eventually the agenda is to knock the pillars down, step-by-step. The next step is for, they call it intergenerational sex. There will be no such term as pedophilia.  And there will be no crime either, as they normalize it. And they normalize it when society, the society is no longer a strong society with strong cultural morals.  That’s when they do it. And we’re already there. 


Look what the folk are watching.  They’re stuck on, they’re addicted to, basically, pornography. Even the stuff they show on mainstream television as entertainment is just the same kind of stuff.  Even in the ads. So articles like this should, at one time you would have mass movements forming to stop this kind of thing happening. Not anymore.  Because there’s no opposition. And that’s where you’ve been brought to step-by-step. 


Now, sorry to prattle on too.  As I say, haven’t had time to work out anything in any way at all. I generally try to talk from the top of my head which is what I’m doing tonight. I hope you understand that everything you’ve been trained to believe is, as it is, is completely different. They have different agendas. That’s why George Orwell showed you what the Ministry of Love was.  It’s the opposite.  And the Ministry of Truth, and all the other ministries, are the opposites, folks.  But they trained you to believe, to believe in the name itself. Oh, that’s wonderful, that’s wonderful, they’re here to take care of us.  M-hm. 


Well, for myself, I’d better get out and do some shoveling shortly, I’m Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, and it’s good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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