Mar. 31, 2019 (#1714)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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The Human Condition:

"Propaganda, Persuasion, sides, Age, Indecision,

 Add Experience, You Have, The Human Condition."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March 31, 2019.  The snow outside is still pretty deep but at least it's beginning to thaw a bit and sink a bit.  I hope, in fact, and we all hope in this area that we don't have too quick a thaw because then you get flooding, like crazy.  And where I am in the country you have culverts on these roads, especially the dirt roads and they get washed out if it's too much of it fast, especially when you're in a bit of a valley [Alan chuckles.] and it's coming down the hills as well on both sides.  But that's the way it is.


And hopefully I'll be getting a bit healthier weather soon because now it's so damp, soo incredibly damp.  I think everyone around has got bronchial problems, as we all know, from different reasons of course. I always think about the incredible geo-engineering which you can find lots of articles from the universities that are participating in the studies and so on.  Even before they really started to spray back in the 90s they talked about the different effects it would have on humanity, with health effects on the lungs and so on, different age groups too, young and old, and those with compromised or asthmatic systems or something. So, you really are seeing it of course in this day and age.


It's astonishing. I mean, I remember when I was really small, [Alan chuckles.] pretty small, really, I mean really small, looking at different statements that came out into newspapers. One of them was to do with the theme – today we have meme's and themes but back then it was more kind of like a theme – and how it was to do with the politicization of medicine, for instance, as an example, where they'd have their fads.  Those organizations that push themselves as being scientific really do have fads. And yet we’re all getting trained to just go along with the present fads.   Back then it was the same too.  When anybody back in Scotland at that time, and I'm sure most of England too, with the National Health Service, got a sore throat around the age of four or five or whatever it was, you are pretty well booked into the hospital and you had your tonsils and your adenoids whipped out just like that. The theory at that time was because evolution was kicking in, you see, and oh, we are descended from the apes and because we’re walking upright instead of walking on all fours, your sinuses get blocked, you get infections and it goes down into your throat, etc. etc.  So, the answer was to just whip them out.


It was the same for appendix of course, oh, it's a vestige left over from prehistoric times pretty well.  It's amazing how they just came out with this rubbish, you know. Really.  I mean, you've got no proof of anything really except hey, this little gland here or whatever it is, has got an infection in it. That's what you have to treat. But when it comes down to, well you don't need these things anymore because you've evolved… Now everyone of course that got the problem, that got them all whipped out, your tonsils and your adenoids, are very prone now to all kinds of bronchial infections. Because that was one of the first lines of defense, it caught the problem and hopefully most of the times it could actually deal with it, with a good immune system, it was almost like a trap.  A good chunk of your immune system was taken away when they took them out.  [Alan laughing.] You forget that too.


But yeah, the so-called sciences go through amazing fads.  And that's just the way it is with them. And when you get politicized... And it's so manipulative politicized events happening, and themes and all the rest of it, especially to do with control and social control and global control... And they found their enemy to bring humanity together of course. They did away with the alien one that Lester B. Pearson talked about.  Because that's what they were hoping for. They churned out so many Sci-Fi’s. I've been thinking about that this all week, so many Sci-Fi’s, way back in the 40s and 50s, where nobody really was into anything like that.  But they churned them out like crazy. That started to give folk the idea, well it's maybe plausible, it's maybe plausible. But they couldn't pull it off.  They couldn't get the technology to simulate a full-scale invasion pretty well.  So they hit on the idea that global warming, famine and the like, pestilence, and plagues and so on, that would fit the bill, you see, the Club of Rome.  It's quite fascinating because just before that they had in the 1960s, early 60s, you had really cold weather and deep winters for... We get these, this is normal, back and forth like that. It's not… And you can get 10, 15 years of really cold winters and then it'll be a bit milder for another few years. Just up and down, you see. We're not in a clockwork universe at all.


They really banked at the time on ‘the coming Ice Age’. All the big ones that were pushing eugenics, for the same group actually, the Club of Rome. [Alan chuckles.] They had Paul Ehrlich with the Population Bomb.  That was all tied together, completely tied together, too many people, and there'll be even more too many people down the road, therefore how do you deal with it now?  Well, we've got to have an enemy. The people are the enemy, and therefore, let's start taking over control of what people do, and take away their choices of what they do, and then you can direct the future. That's the idea.  And Ehrlich, I think it was Paul Ehrlich’s wife, I think she was on the board, the actual board of the Club of Rome as well.  And when that didn't pan out then they hit upon ‘the global warming idea’.  Well, that's kind of died off in the West in all countries too, so it's just turned to ‘climate change’, it's just like, how's the weather today, that's good enough. That's how we're manipulated with these agendas. 


And there are definite agendas.  Everybody involved, and I can see their point, you can see the point of course. Everybody involved in working together and planning the future, who churned out the books on it, from eugenics, all the way down to Julian Huxley at UNESCO and his brother Aldous Huxley, Aldous Huxley was quite open about the fact that that was his biggest worry in the future was overpopulation. And everybody in his class and his ilk were of the same mindset of course.  Hasn't changed.


During World War II, they had a meeting in London and the king presided at the time, before he died, over it.  At the time they weren't killing enough in war.  Like Bertrand Russell said, you know, it hasn't killed enough off, if only we could have plagues every so often it might keep the population down. That's what he said, Bertrand Russell, this wonderful hero of eugenics and socialism.  But folk don't stop to think what they're hearing sometimes.  And many folk at the bottom actually agreed with them, not realizing that just because you have a little flag that you wave for whatever party you join, means that you are going to get spared either. Because George Bernard Shaw said the same thing, you know, you'll have to come to us and explain why we should keep you alive when we are in control. Literally.  You see, you're taking up the world's resources, hm.


And you've got all these articles, oh, each child, in statistics and so on, each child that's born will consume so much of this, that, and that, and that, and so much will be necessities just to say alive and other ones will be, not necessities but it's what they want. And they have all the statistics, etc., what we're all costing the planet.  And as you turn everything into, what? Into energy.  Because that's the real currency, is energy.  And that's why you're seeing all the talk about energy and cost of energy. It's also to do with everything that you need to live.  Not just heat and cooling or whatever, or keeping your meat cold in the fridge or your vegetables or whatever it happens to be. It's also to do with what you are consuming, you see, your cost to the planet in energy terms.


That's where everything eventually, they hope, and I can see it happening...  I don't think there's anything they plan, the big boys plan at their big panels at the United Nations and UNESCO, that they cannot do… given enough time and enough propaganda, total control of the school system for indoctrination.  As Jacques Ellul said, you've got to get them, indoctrinate them early, from early years, and then subsequent propaganda will take very well with them, they won't question it.  He was a hero, Jacques Ellul, of even Kissinger, he put out accolades about him.  He simply knew his stuff. He was a real philosopher.  And he knew human nature and he knew the history, enough folk could be manipulated into following a certain path. It's quite easy. 


And all, ALL tyrants in the past have gone for the school system first. It's so imperative that you get the school.  And then you get young children. Russell said it himself in one of his books. He says, we used to…  And 'we', I love the 'we' part, who's the 'we'? We used to think we’d have to take children from the parents at birth and have the state rear them, in collective nurseries basically. And they did try that in some countries by the way, for those who don't know that. What he said, we found if we get the children young enough, through scientific indoctrination, he said, then the children can be completely, can go to school, they can get their indoctrination in school, come back to the home and because of scientific indoctrination at school any input by parents would be completely ignored, it will not take, it won't take with the child. So therefore, the state will give them their culture and their belief systems and their education, and the parent will simply be an economic supporter, they'll pay for everything.  That's what he said.  And that's what's happened, isn't it?


For those who can't stand back and see it, you understand, you don't need things to be spoken at times, as you go through it and live through it, you take it for granted. And all the studies they show today, very few people, actually [Alan chuckles.] there's even fewer and fewer people, as I say, that are actually parents, like together for any real length of time.  But most of them, if there are parents there, have the children go off and do their own thing as soon as they get into the home. They've all got their own Internet system in their rooms, their TV channels in their rooms. And so are the parents.  So everybody goes and does their own thing. So true enough, the parents generally tend to be economic providers and the state gives them their values, their new value system that's drastically different from, say, grandparents.


Parents now are already so far along the road that they accept the changes much quicker. It's all a formula.  And it's not speculation on my part, this is from their own journals and so on that I'm talking about, in psychology, etc, and behaviorism and sociology. It's all done, the piles of data, especially now with Internet with the constant data collection from thousands of sources, it's astronomical, and it's pretty precise once they have it all on every individual, they can predict pretty well most of the things you're going to do in life. They really can.   Even the question mark factors.  For instance, you might have a gene that will come to the surface and you go towards alcoholism, for instance, or you're really into the cannabis and more so than other people. And don't forget, there are people that are addicts to different things. Some are addicted to alcohol.  And some of the folk, when alcohol, don't even touch cannabis, vice versa, and other ones will do both. So there are addicts, and they can actually equate that into, it'll put into the equation of the personality types, even down to when it might hit them, and it will affect their performance in life and so on.


It's quite interesting where everyone's categorized and put into little slots basically.  And every day more data's added as you put up your data up online, etc. Or even if you look at different things online. They say that YouTube is one of the biggest collector of data, for those who are analyzing you, according to what you watch. Right down to the algorithms that decide, well, they watch this, therefore, maybe they'll watch, then they'll put all that stuff down the side there expecting you to watch it. They don't really give you a choice eventually, they are deciding for you what they think you should... Well, you can imagine how they can guide you [Alan chuckles.] along.


When you realize too that even articles you look up, ‘people who looked up this also looked at that’, you're being guided along a certain path. And maybe some people think that's great, I don't know, it's tended to analyze you and is deciding what you might want to watch. On the other hand, it might want you to watch something else, if you are being a test subject. They do have test subjects, you understand that.  And test subjects don't know they're test subjects. Or, as they say, that which is being experimented upon will alter what it's doing because it knows it's being observed.  That's basic science, so they don't let you know if you're being experimented on. However, they could certainly send you data, couldn't they, make you paranoid. And have you follow through with some crazy data. That's true as well.  And all the ways you're being studied of course.


I remember years ago looking at articles put up by the Pentagon of the US and, again, whatever the US does everybody else is doing at the same time pretty well. But they did say that they did have different kinds of viruses they could send live online and alter, they actually said, [Alan chuckles.] and whether it's true or not, they could actually kill somebody. The idea being that... And we don't… Again, it's so clever in the weaponization of things, how you can study things, again, you'll take for granted and you won't think of. You take the pixels in the computer and it said that by sending little clusters of pixels in colors and so on they can literally break through the visual input that you have and go straight to different parts of the brain, like a program.  Just by manipulation of certain pixels, etc., to the side of your direct pupil, the center of your pupil and things like that, and swirl them around or whatever it happens to be, and consciously you'd be kind of oblivious of it, but they say they could actually program you.


And it is true that when your heart is beating, the initial beat comes, the signal for the beat comes from your brain. That's what happens in heart attack. Often in heart attack you'll find that that little nerve there to the heart gets damaged and the signal doesn't get through. But the heart will go into automatic block, it calls it, where it will beat about 40 beats a minute to try and keep you alive until, you know, you can get hospitalization or whatever. Anyway, that's getting off the topic. But the fact is, they claim they can actually stop your heart in certain cases.  Now, I'm sure the very fact they said it, even if they hadn't done it, ha, if they tried to do some breast-beating to the rest of the world of how great they are, I'm sure that got the rest of the world motivated right away to try it. And so we'll never know if these things are successful or not.  I do know, and so do the studies out there, that the Internet definitely is affecting our minds, for sure.  And maybe our psychology as well, like all data does.


Today we have so much data getting thrown at us. Most of it’s nonsense or just trivialities or even repetition. But it reminds me actually this week again of the same articles you would see when they were doing studies about television and how much television per week the children were consuming and how it was affecting their performance at school and life in general.   We know too for instance, that the children, if they're given a lot of TV, especially restricted television, will throw off the old rules of social interaction, in different sexual ways, for instance. They might be more promiscuous. Or, more hyper addicted in a sense to something which is a drive. Drives are like eating, well, necessities like eating, or sexual drives and so on can be highly, highly, highly addictive. Obviously.  And hyper-sexualized especially, very easy to do with the constant repetition of the same kind of things over and over and over on the brain. It's understood.


And it's not healthy because... And I'm getting off the topic, but I thought I should really say it before I do forget it.  The same thing with the Internet because there's so much pornography out there on the Internet and children have access to it. If a child in the home doesn't know how to do it, somebody at school is going to show them very quickly on their iPhone or whatever it happens to be. And they all have their phones, isn't it?


But you've got to also remember an article I put up a few years back and it was from a Canadian newspaper about a Canadian psychiatrist who worked with the prison inmates that have sexual problems.  He had to quit.  It was an awfully good article.  He admitted, he said, the stuff they were showing the prisoners, for instance, repeat offenders on that type of sex and all kinds of things, he says, affected him as well until it was affecting his relationship in the family.  And what it is, it becomes addictive to you. You'll have these odd thoughts that'll just jump in your head at the wrong times and dominate the rest of your thoughts maybe for an hour, for the day, whatever it happens to be. Or until perhaps you act out on them.  And then it's destructive, you see. 


So there are certain things that all generations going way back into the dawn of history have always known. Certain things had to have rules or you had chaos, personal chaos, family chaos, and even tribal chaos. They didn't have welfare systems back then. It's only recently you have any welfare system. People are really counted on to decide what they want to do and if they made the wrong decisions you took the consequences. That included male and female for pregnancy, so they would get hitched up and look after the child. Because the tribe didn't have, as I say, extra, welfare, they couldn't look after extra, extra, extra, so that whole point was always pushed and promoted. And of course, mistakes will always happen, but even then, at least the tribe would often take care of them, of the effects and the excess children.  But everything in the past was done for a reason. Naturally. If you had chaos-chaos you'd never get out of chaos and you'd have perished long ago as a people.  Basic rules developed because, and the taboos about different things developed too because certain things are detrimental to the unit and to the tribe. Of course they are. 


But on television, and children, and the Internet and so on, it truly is, especially now. [Alan laughing.] The whole, we're living in an era where there's just so much pretense about how free we really are.  Hm.  But are we really? We live in the most surveilled society that's ever existed. And it's getting worse all the time because they're putting more and more money out on more surveillance, even deeper surveillance.  And any rights that you had pretty well are gone long ago because of all the stuff that's happening. Anything that's left, you won't have that either.


Right now it's kind of semi-voluntary to even take out what they call loyalty cards at grocers and things like that.  They look upon you as crazy now, in no time at all, a few years, and now you're crazy if you don't have one, what's wrong with you. And every other store you go into is the same thing too. So you're being nudged out of making your own decisions in order to be accepted by those around you, obviously. It's all understood by the nudge groups that I've mentioned before, that have international groups of professors and behaviorists and psychologists working to nudge you to make what they call ‘the right decisions’, about everything, including what you think about different things too. Without your knowing about it.


So you've got to treat all information and those little devices that bring information to you, and take it away from you too, and new information away from you, you've got to treat them all very carefully. Because there's way more than you just having fun somewhere and deciding what you want to do on that machine.  As I say, TV was bad enough.  And TV, again, brought in, eventually towards the end, especially, had a very debased culture. That's what they show you.  I put out the links ages ago on Adam Curtis. He put awfully good documentaries out there to do with how the TV industry, and the radio industry in Britain, for instance, used to put out very staid patriotic kind of stuff, and it was all really propaganda. Like Ellul said the same thing, Jacques Ellul, anything to do with police or hospitals and healthcare that you're watching in drama format is pure propaganda to make you really believe in it all, that's what it is there for and so on. 


You got to go back to the Communists.  Stalin was very open about the role of the police, and the role of the military that could also work alongside them.  He said to keep total power over the people you've got to have these organizations.  To keep power over them. Not to control, just to control, but to keep power over them, that's the reason. And he also said teachers too, you couldn't keep the system together and indoctrinate the people without getting them as children and the teachers were awfully good, that was really their function, was indoctrination.


But all information that's put out there for little documentaries and entertainment by the BBC at one time was pure propaganda.  Curtis shows you little shows like Dixon of Dock Green, Sgt. Dixon, that was his weekly show. It was a drama. And he was a really good guy, no matter what happened, he’d be awfully lenient to young people and things like that. But he'd, you know, go after the bad guys, etc. And so, you had things like that happen all the time. Then you had programs in Britain, and other stations when they eventually got other stations coming in, to do with Emergency-Ward 10, what happened in the hospital. And that made you obedient to the staff and it made you worship the doctors. And that's the function of it.  [Alan laughing.]  And like Bertrand Russell said, that everyone will believe that they have the best healthcare system in the world, because the government keeps telling you so.  Hm. 


But yeah, so Curtis went through that. Then he went through the change into the 60s, because they decided to alter the culture, reduce the family unit and the power of the family, and promote promiscuity. That's what the sexual revolution was about.  For those who don't quite get it. It didn't happen by itself.  It was literally promoted from the top, from the top down.  Through all entertainment, from the top, in Britain especially in the BBC and so on, it was a government institution run by the people from Eton and Cambridge and so on, for the government.  So I'm sure every other country went the same way, at the same time, with the same format, you see.


So getting back to, number one, you create a problem by promiscuity. But it's not a problem, is it? You're reducing marriage because the more sex people have with the different partners the less chance it will be of staying with a partner to have children.  That does it very well.  You also brought in abortion, because you had to deal with the fallout from unwanted pregnancies which became very common and so on and so on.   And at the same time you put out a music like Bob Dylan telling the parents to, don't stand in the hallway, you know, get out of the way basically, the times they are a changing.  That was a revolutionary song.  Supposedly coming from young people, supposedly, to the older generation and the adults. Get out of the way.  You can't criticize what you can't understand. Think about the wording of all that kind of stuff.  Hm?  Meanwhile all the children were depending on their parents for money and everything else.  But you're going to have the children dictate to the parents?  Hm?  And they rapidly changed society.


I've mentioned it many times, even the last little while, about psychology and why do you think marketers use psychologists and behaviorists to sell products? Because they understand human nature and they understand the different milestones that even children go through all the way up through adulthood. And that's why all the candy’s stuck in the checkout counter in stores and supermarkets and so on. Because the child's going through, they know, through countless tests that moms and dads or anybody with children are anxious when you're in a line, because of a natural tendency, you don't want to be in the way and hold up the line behind you. And the child will start acting up as they grabbed the candy, it's all within their reach, and you'll automatically pay for it, okay then, just to get out of that lineup and away rather than cause a fuss.  Psychology. Psychology. Psychology. You see.


Well, that's what sex is when you say to young folk, when they're dispersed into their hormonal range, go and have sex and do what you want. And the state will take care of any problems for you, and even any fallout from diseases, and if they can treat the diseases they will, you see. So children, it's like candy to children, isn't it? That's what they give them.


And out of it they hope, literally, they can do the same across the whole world.  Because they were awfully successful with the experiments across Europe. Very successful. As the country's population started to plummet. They keep incredible data, awfully accurate data everywhere on population reduction from the native populations. On marriages even and all the other programs they brought in too.  So different types of groups won't have children at all.  Children are coming out of school, with the slogans, like you find that that's what Lenin said they'd do, we shall win by slogans. Everything today is a slogan you'll notice. So they're prattling on, don't eat meat, and also, don't get married, no children, no children, save the planet, sustainability.  And it's all mantras. It's all these little slogans that they've got given to them, by adults of course.  So the future's already planned for them.


But here we live in a society and we pretend that we have rights. And we pretend we’re in democracies. I've never seen in the so-called democratic country the people’s advice taken, I've never seen it happen, or even what they want to happen, in a vote.  I can remember when the United Nations came out with the super cities idea, they want us all into super cities according to this governmental system called the UN that we don't vote for. They wanted to amalgamate all the rural areas and towns and so on, that used to manage themselves awfully well because only in your area do you who live there know what it really needs done, right, and the further that part gets away from you, the less likely you're going to even get noticed down the road when they are complete.  Just like the EU parliament, it doesn't even see the other countries, really. And so, they amalgamated lots of countries. 


Then Toronto was the same in Canada. And they actually gave a vote out for people who really objected.  They didn't want to lose their little areas and little places and place names and so on, and to be into some huge incredible, again, centralized system, Marxism again, for the economists and those who run capitalism. [Alan laughing.]  It's all one thing, folks.  They gave them a vote and it came out pretty overwhelmingly to leave it as it was.  So the counselors down in Toronto in Queens Park and all the rest of them, the local politicians and that, they said, well we know we gave it to you and all that but we can't really follow through with it, we've got to go ahead and basically ignore your vote, because we didn't have to give it to you anyway. That's what they said in the papers anyway, [Alan laughing.] we didn't have to give it to you anyway, so it doesn't matter.  [Alan laughing.] And they ignored it.  Something like the Brexit thing too in the UK.


Because you truly are living through big global agendas. And they are global, obviously, because what happens in one country generally happens across the planet at the same time in other countries. Even all the different laws they keep changing. In fact, it's mandatory that you adapt to the changes that happen, say, in Canada and the US, before it happens anywhere else, it's mandatory, across the world, you must adapt and do the same thing. You can't get a loan from the World Bank without going along with a bunch of demands on social changes, that's how it's used today. And it's not to do with just giving food to the poor across the planet. It's implementing social changes. They have the people across the planet shaking their heads, like, what?... hey... what? 


So you're already under a form of governance, as I say. But nothing happens by itself. There's nothing, honestly, ha, you can do electronically that isn't just monitoring you. I've got to laugh to an extent at this incredible, aahhhhh, brush with China, Canada and the US, over Huawei, the electronics company and communications company from China. Because all the top companies, and even TELUS too, have used modules and so on from that company. And it was okay up until now, really, pretty well, until the US started to get a bit of a spat going with China.  They've got a thing with the China Sea now and China's influence, etc. over there… interfering with the US over there too, you know. Everybody's, like that old song, I love that song, Everybody Wants to Rule the World. It's good to play that every so often just to remind you what's going on. And all sides are doing it.


But remember that China was built by the West. For those who can remember. It's not ancient history, this. Through the 90s all through the trade deals that were all signed too, the GATT treaties and different treaties, and World Trade Organization, they brought China up to full blast as a manufacturer for the planet pretty well. Just like Karl Marx talked about, having one country make all the top goods for the world, you know, even one factory for this, one factory for all shoes in the world, and one factory… And that was the Marxist/Communist idea.


So the big boys, the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs that are behind all the big moves to bring the world together into one system, and to rule it by the way, and who talk about the invisible government, [Alan laughing.] which is their members across the planet, including the Trilateral Commission as well who are the real technocrats. But anyway, they built China. We gave them the money. We in the West watched our factories melt away as they were uprooted, and we paid for them to move to China under the Treaty.  I lived through it, I watched factories close down one after. I even knew folk in them who jumped, sometimes they would move to three factories over a period of about five months, and they'd all close down, boom, boom, boom.  They'd be moved to China. And we paid, we paid the companies and corporations to move to China. We paid for what they would claim might be losses as they set up there and got into full swing manufacturing, we guarantee to pay them for 15 years, they'd have tax-free benefits too over in China.  And if they claimed they still hadn't made what they thought they would have made, had they stayed in the original country, we would give them tax-free for another 15 years or more help too, financially. We paid for all that as we were left unemployed.  I remember it very well.


We've got to remember then that everybody is not meant to work on computers and so on. For me, computers are boring things. I really don't want to get into the why's and wherefores and how it works. I really don't care how it works.  Honestly.  It's a machine and if it can do the basic things I need it to do, that's good enough for me. I said years ago that the only reason I got one, eventually, was because people asked me to do a show. That's the only reason. I didn't have one up until then. Because I know what it is. And I enjoy a good book. I enjoy the ability to go through a book and contemplate what I've just read and walk about and think about it, you see. I don't need to just go through distraction after distraction after distraction, click, click, click, click as I'm being profiled, you see.  That's for me, personally.


And of course, it's a great boon for people in business because they made it impossible to exist today without having them doing it, you know, for business.  You see, your choices are being taken away. That shouldn't be, you know. If you're free you have choices in things. And they're being taken away bit by bit. By a definite program. By, as Quigley said, the new feudal system will be the CEOs of international corporations. That's the system they were bringing in, said Quigley. And they'll meet at the World Economic Forum. We didn't set that up either.  We’ll probably put funding towards it, I bet you, through our money from the countries.   They really constitute the big mechanism today, along with the big foundations, working in the WEF and planning it and working the future and training children and future leaders and so on.  They're probably one of the biggest ones out there running the show. Your governments go along to them. And we don't elect them in, as I say, those systems.  And all the CEOs of corporations attend. Well, here you are. The feudal system. The feudal system.  No one wants to think about it.


Again, I keep jumping back to some of the excellent seers of their time who were quite dead, on about the future, and that was Aldous Huxley, Brave New World and George Orwell with 1984. And really, 1984 and Animal Farm too, where he predicted a world in Animal Farm, so much of it is coming true right now by the way. And read the actual book, don't just look at the little cartoons and stuff. Read the book and you'll find all the things he said would happen. And here they are today. Yep. If you understand it all, the analogies, etc.


Now, don't think either that I'm bitching about something and bemoaning the loss of the past. The past, really, as I've said before, had its good and its bad points. But really, it was also a horror show for most people, I think. For most folk especially where I lived. And it was always tension. People didn't know even then if there'd be work again. Britain had been through countless wars, that's what they use the people for, countless wars.  And they had been literally starved from about the early 1900s through World War I, and through the Great Depression and into World War II, and rationing continued up until the 1950s. The folk, you can see it in the generations what happened to them, ill and sick and all the rest of it. That was a horror show.


Plus they signed deindustrialization pacts with Eisenhower and others, of course, the Royal Institute of International Affairs was all in on the act. Germany was to be set up as the industrial power for this new idea for Europe. All quietly and secretively, they admit this now, so much of it was done in secret.  The public were not to know, but this economic trading deal wasn't just a trading deal, it was to eventually unify the whole, all the countries. Isn't that awful.  These democracies, 'eh?  [Alan laughing.]


So no, I don't bewail the past. Some of the past was good, where you could have good friends, who did more talking, more than one, and real interpersonal talk without computers or phones or anything, you just talked, and you met and you talked. And you laughed, you know, and things like that, you would have those times.  But a lot of folk literally fell by the wayside because they were written off by the system that really didn't want them anymore. All they had was, when they brought on the drugs in the 60s, was drugs or booze, basically, that was alcohol. That destroyed so many people who saw no future. And again, when Thatcher came in in the 80s, well, in the 70s through the 80s, she said, there's a generation in our lifetime growing up in their lifetime who will never see work in their lifetime, get used to it. She said that in a speech, that's the plan.  So you'd better start taking, I would think, some notice of the system in which you live. Remember too, that Aldous Huxley said to Wallace on the interview, he said that the people will come to love their servitude. That's what he said he was afraid of, because the techniques are so perfect.


Youngsters today think it's just fantastic, don't they? They've never had the whole world at their fingertips really with the gadgets. And it's all paid for by mom and dad, or somebody’s paying for it. They're entertained to death pretty well. They can have all the fun they want in life to party and sex and so on, it's all… That is the norm now, that there's no hush about it or even being quiet about it, it's all just promoted everywhere you look. Therefore, you're in a different system already, you see.  It took, I don't know, 20, 30 years to bring it to this stage from then, you know. But it's all here.  And there's no embarrassment. In fact, it's rather, it's probably risqué to even invite folk over today.  If you have a couple, and another couple, they might be just kind of wild and just too, well, a bit disgusting and not polite talk, put it that way, you know. And when you hear that kind of talk in company, someone's making a play for somebody else, maybe next to you.  [Alan chuckles.] That's how it works. But everybody knows this. 


Canada’s $27B canola market could lose $2.7B over China’s import block - / 29 Mar 2019


Now, getting back to the Huawei thing in China, as an example, for instance, of what we see as a kind of farce as they go on. Canada apparently, on behalf of the US, with whom they have an extradition treaty, had arrested basically the financial officer I think they call it for that company, who is the daughter of the man who created the company, that Huawei.  An order to extradite to the States, I don't think she's been extradited yet. But really, I mean, that she might have been, or, the stuff might have been spying in the States, this is the excuse they're using. 


China's been manufacturing pretty well all the computers since about, since, phew, 2000.  What's wrong here, 'eh?  Come on here. Well, they might have backdoors, they might have backdoors, etc. into different...  Well, hey, we've lived through countless stories actually over the years put out by our own governments on all the backdoors that they mandate must be in all our computers. So it's just a fight over who can spy on us or something. I mean, if we're sharing all your data in this global system, what's wrong, why are you excluding China, hm?


And since China is often making the computers, most of the laptops have always been made in, I think it's one factory that makes all the different brands in China for us all.  And hhhhhh, as I say, I don't think there's anything out there that can't be hacked into. I really don't. In fact, so many articles over, that's about all I know about computers, really, is that they are all easily hackable by those who understand what they're doing.  We've had different whistleblowers over the years who've gone into it in great detail, all the different backdoors that are already built-in, in other words, to come in to your computers. And also you have the same thing with updates on the normal systems that you have too, and authorities often hijack them and jump in on the same time.  You can't stop it.


So, it doesn't make sense. I don't think it's to do with what they're telling us. It could be, certainly, that someone that's after the whole market is either an American company, or a friend of America, or something like that.  There'll be some other reason why this is happening. Because it's big, big money for business, isn't it?  And of course, China retaliated by cutting the importation of Canada's canola oil, as an example. I think 40% of that canola oil from Canada was always deemed for sale to China.  So this is how it goes when it comes to big business and power plays and all the rest of it.  But as I say, I'm not quite convinced yet that what the authorities have said is the reason is actually the reason at all. 


I'm going to put up tonight too, an awfully good article on Huawei. 


Huawei--Fake European town for 30,000 workers - / 27 Mar 2019


I was very impressed by the, it's almost like college campuses they're putting up across the world for those to study, people to study and students to study. But so well laid out. And they've copied old architecture, which is user-friendly. I can't stand these monstrous modern monstrosities of glass that folk are stuck into. There's nothing I can relate to in them. But you take the old buildings, and they've been awfully, awfully, put up awfully good.  You've got to hand it to them, they understand psychology too. And they certainly can, I'm not praising China, I'm just saying they understand psychology over their own people too, don't they?  And they understand what works on their people works across the waters everywhere else too. Of course it does. 


But yeah, everybody wants to control everything about us. And don't forget that China was picked, and the UN said it itself in countless documentaries out years ago, lauding China and how it really picked itself up by the bootstraps and so on and how it was the model state for the world, according to the United Nations.  Well, nothing's changed.  And whether we like it or not, the whole world is planned to be completely unified in a single system.  And if it takes 10,000 knots to make it happen, rather than just one big one, they'll certainly do it, it takes a bit longer. Or they can bring it along with threat of destruction, etc. Or, again, sustainability, sustaining the planet, oh we're all here together, oh, where all humans must come together, we're not fighting UFO invasion, we're fighting for climate change.  You see, that's what they chose.


Now, let's go to some of the articles here, very quickly of course. And I'll put these links up remember for those who want to follow it. And that's all I do, is for those who are asking the questions at least I can give them the data as to why things have happened and why things are the way they are. How did we develop until now? What made it happen? What are the organizations that made it?  Where did the planning come from, etc?  How do they implement it into society for changes, etc.? That's what I do.


And it stops a lot of people, I hope, from having to go through the hell of killing themselves, youngsters especially with active brains knowing something's just wrong with the way things are presented to you.  And they don't kill themselves with drugs or alcohol. Because that's what will happen to a lot of them if they don't. And there are people who need to know things, it's just their minds are different, that's the way it is, they don't just accept things and say, oh well, you know. They want to know. And that's a good healthy thing.


It's just like with the Old Testament. The Old Testament too, had people who studied history, of course they did. And the so-called old profits used to go up to Kings in the Old Testament and dress them down for doing wrongs and so on. Because they knew these wrongs would end up no good for the people. You need these old characters, you know, once in a while that come along and say, wait a minute here, we better think about this, this might happen, etc. You really do.  But we are being trained to believe in experts, like Russell said they would do, until most folk literally, they're brainwashed by pretended experts who are just really as blind as everybody else. They're the blind leading the blind. But they're well-paid to lead you along preplanned paths for their masters. Obviously.




BirthStrikers: meet the women who refuse to have children until climate change ends - / 12 Mar 2019


No Thanks Cupid - / 22 Mar 2019


I'll put that up tonight. And for those who want to see it, this is your propaganda, you see, and you're going to save the planet, and sustainability, and all that kind of stuff, etc. It's all fodder for down the road for social work departments and psychiatrists and therapists who will deal with the people who are just living in hell and depressed because they missed out on things that later on they'll find they might have enjoyed, or needed in fact.


Again, it's a good cop out too, isn't it.  And an article about them, you have twins being studied. Twins are always studied for different things because you can get so much information from genetics and so on. But it says…


How being TOO KIND can lead to emotional burnout! 

Two twins with contrasting lives reveal the secret torment faced by millions of women / 30 Mar 2019


…and has some of them are just crashing in the work system and other ones are doing okay, etc. etc. Because we’re under so much stress to succeed into things perhaps that are really irrelevant to us. We're told to have status, you see, approval and status. But when so much is piled upon you, maybe it's time you start serving yourself sometimes. Otherwise it will destroy you. It's not for everybody. Also…


Psychiatrists 'must ask (Alan:  ...children, they say ‘kids’ here, bit kids are young goats.)

kids about social media use' (A:  It dehumanizes them, naturally, the terminology.) / 30 Mar 2019


Psychiatrists must consider the impact of social media on all the children they assess for mental health problems, experts say. 


(A:  Again, EXPERTS say. You know, this priesthood of experts always tell us these things, you see, how we should think and all that. But it's true, they know all this stuff. They know what's going on. They know how we got to where we are actually already. They know this stuff.)


Cannabis, the wonders of cannabis of course, everybody's into it, you can't listen to any news anywhere on radio or anywhere, or on TV I'm sure, without the cannabis, oh, how wonderful it is. Because now the big multibillionaire companies are involved in it, and big big wealthy folk that are involved in it, and are advertising it everywhere, aren't we?  Hm?  Now it's good. And smoke from that's wonderful. Tar is thicker than cigarettes but don't… they say it's wonderful, the experts, so it's wonderful. There you go. That's your reality today.


Member of Parliament Victoria Atkins…


MP Victoria Atkins accused (A:  This is quite an interesting little story...) of 'hypocrisy' over legal cannabis farm / 14 May 2018


(A:  This is a member of Parliament in Britain.  And she's a Drug Minister, hey!  It says…)


Drugs minister Victoria Atkins has been accused of "hypocrisy on a grand scale" over her husband's involvement in a legal cannabis farm.


Paul Kenward - who is married to the MP for Louth and Horncastle - is managing director of British Sugar, licensed to grow non-psychoactive cannabis.


(A:  Well you see, once you get that you can get the other one, too, you see.)


The Home Office said Ms Atkins declared the fact in parliament when she was appointed minister in 2017.


(A:  Now, she was picked for that position because she spoke out about drugs.  [Alan laughing.]   But once they started legalizing it and everybody gets, suddenly, oh they have a change of heart, you know, just a… Oh, I've given it more thought, you know.  [Alan laughing.]  It's amazing how money can just change opinions very quickly.)


She has previously spoken out against the Class B drug.


Peter Reynolds, president of Clear, Campaign for Cannabis law reform, said: "It's not just a conflict of interests, it is hypocrisy on a grand scale."


"The reason she was appointed is Theresa May was looking for someone who was a hard-line prohibitionist," he said.


(A:  Well, she had a change of heart, as I say, when her husband said, you know, we can make millions here.  Just, you just, it's very persuasive, you know.  [Alan chuckles.])


There you go.  So that's one article on it too.  And this is another one, this is quite amazing.


Tory Party (A:  That's the conservative party.) deputy chairman’s dancer-turned-barrister (A:  …which is a lawyer in Britain.) cousin (A:  So, this deputy chairman's lawyer cousin, but he used to be a dancer… [Alan chuckles.]) buys 4,000-acre farm in Sierra Leone to grow and import cannabis after obtaining licence to make drug for use in medicines / 30 Mar 2019


It's medicine, for goodness sake. It will be dancing on naturally too, I'm sure.  But, ha, sometimes… I used to give talks about things you couldn't believe. It's like someone, I've been asked before about Osama bin Laden and so on, you know. I think the man supposedly, and different articles and different papers over many years said he was dead. About 40 times. At different times too. Including the early one when he died because apparently he had kidney failure, bad kidney failure, according to the French at the time. He used to go there to get renal dialysis done and so on. Anyway, I said I don’t believe everything they tell me I said when they explain to me...  In the US and Canada all you got, all you got for all those years was, Osama bin Laden, Osama bin Laden, Osama, Osama, Osama. And then they put in a guy as the president's in America called Obama. Obama versus Osama. I mean, you can't make this stuff up, folks. You really can't, can you?  You can't!  Hm, what's the odds of that, what's the odds of that, hm?!


And then you have Tory party deputy chairman's, right, whose cousin buys a 4000-acre farm. Well, the politician, this politician, James Cleverly, the MP, this guy, that's his cousin, right, James Cleverly, Clever as in clever, Cleverly, right, he's a member of Parliament for, hold on to this, he's the MP for Braintree. Mr. Cleverly is the MP for Brain-, as in brain in the head, right, -tree. Who makes this stuff up, hey?   Hm? And his cousin has been awarded a contract, because I don't know if he's dishing out the licenses, but it might even be for Britain or other countries too, but is for medicinal use only, you know.  So there you go.


It's amazing, all rights are wrong, and all wrongs are right, and this is the age we live in isn't it. And that was all again part of, I think, Revelations, wasn’t it, in the Bible. And people scoffed at it. We're living through it.  [Alan chuckles.]   Wrong would be right, and right would be wrong, etc. etc.  Isn't that something, hm?


And the governments that we're taught to fear, don't forget we're taught to fear governments, that's how it runs, everything is fear, can just change their mind when it suits them, and the first one who always get on in the act are those who work for governments.  The same in Canada, one of the big cannabis boards and so on.  Hm.  But there you go. Mr. Cleverly's cousin, Mr. Cleverly was the MP for Braintree, yep, okay.  But it's only for, his cousin’s only going to have it for medicine, so you know, that's what it's for, medicine. 




US officials order Chinese company to sell the popular gay dating app Grindr over security concerns / 27 Mar 2019


(A:  So, it's a Chinese company, I didn't know that either.  I don't know what these apps are but the fact is, they are afraid now... Or maybe it's already happened, we'll never know.  We'll never really know. Because I know intelligence agencies try to get everything on folks' sexual habits, for blackmail purposes, that's what they have always done, hey. But it says...)


•Beijing Kunlun Tech, a web game developer founded by Zhou Yahui, is being told to sell the dating app over fears the Chinese government could access user data


(A:  Everybody could, I'm sure, every agency on the planet could probably access the user data from it, I'm sure they could.)


•The Committee on Foreign Investment envisioned scenarios where personal information could be used potentially to blackmail defense contractors 

(A:  …interesting, hey.)


•The company paid $93 million for a 60 percent stake in 2016, acquiring the rest two years later for $152 million, and is looking to get twice the price they paid


So that's the excuse they're using for it. Very old tactic is blackmail, of course. By all countries, they all use it. They'll threaten to expose you to whatever, and that's it, you know, okay I'll do whatever you want. 


Acute Illness Associated With Cannabis Use, by Route of Exposure: An Observational Study - / 26 Mar 2019


Andrew A. Monte, MD, PhD,

Shelby K. Shelton


(A:  ...and whatever their letters are behind it of course, and they're qualified people. They put an article out.)


University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, Colorado, and Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center, Denver Health and Hospital Authority, Denver, Colorado


(A:  Stacks of folk took part in this here it says. And they got the grants for the investigation.)


Grant Support: By a grant entitled “The Adverse Health Effects of Edible Cannabis Products” from the CDPHE.


(A:  But it says they were...)


Disclosures:   . . . tasked with reviewing the scientific literature related to the public health effects of cannabis use and exposure


(A:  So they're all getting paid to read, what they claim, this is such a joke, is they don't have enough data on it. They've been studying this stuff since the 40s, you know. Literally. They know exactly what it does. And even on postmortem and autopsy they, you can actually see the stuff actually goes into the brain, hey, into where the cerebral spinal fluid will go up into it, and they can actually see the tissue is brown, it stays brown forever.  And they can actually widen as well, dilate it too, with it, because of it.)


(A:  Anyway, it says that they're really investigating it on a big scale because there's so many problems coming up already. Which they have to, they could probably get more pills out like they always do with any drug, they bring out stuff to deal with side effects of different drugs. Well, there'll be a whole new industry when folk get odd side effects, etc. too, you see.)



Little is known about the relative harms of edible and inhalable cannabis products.



To describe and compare adult emergency department (ED) visits related to edible and inhaled cannabis exposure.


(A:  ...because there's a lot of problems with it.  It says…)



There were 9973 visits with an ICD-9-CM or ICD-10-CM code for cannabis use.  (A:  These are crisis occurrences.) Of these, 2567 (25.7%) visits were at least partially attributable to cannabis, and 238 of those (9.3%) were related to edible cannabis. Visits attributable to inhaled cannabis were more likely to be for cannabinoid hyperemesis (A:  That’s vomiting, excessive vomiting.) syndrome (18.0% vs. 8.4%) . . .


That happened in some people because of cannabis.  So they're breaking it all down, you see, trying to find out what's causing this in them.  The only antidote really so far to this problem they've got is stopping altogether. Once it starts, you'll get it every time you take cannabis. They've got a lot of money involved in this too, for the big, those involved, the people involved.


A mysterious syndrome that makes marijuana users violently ill is starting to worry doctors / 15 Feb 2018


A new study documented a  sharp rise in emergency-room visits  linked with marijuana following legalization in Colorado.


One of the key drivers of the ER visits was a mysterious syndrome characterized by severe nausea and repeated vomiting.


(A:  So the only way to cure it is to stop using it.  They say they're still not sure what causes it.)


The only known way to cure CHS is to stop using marijuana. Researchers still aren't sure what causes it.


(A:  And it gives you, some people who end up literally getting uncontrollably sick, and they go into a bath and scald their skin and so on, they don't even feel it initially.  And one person has done it for the third time in a row.  And it's because of marijuana use apparently.  Some folk are having seizures with it, nausea and so on and dizziness.  Very similar to minor strokes for some of them in fact.)


In 2004, a team of emergency-room physicians in Australia detailed her experience anonymously alongside a handful of similar cases in the same region that year. In nearly all those cases, the people described an illness that cropped up suddenly, often after decades of normal marijuana use. Piping hot baths were their only relief.


(A:  And some of them, for the feeling, you know, that they had with nausea, it says…)


Piping hot baths were their only relief.


(A:  Interesting, ‘eh.  Anyway, they’re calling it…)


 The Australian physicians dubbed it "cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome," or CHS.


(A:  …-emesis, I suppose, is to do with the whole syndrome, including the rashes and so on, well, and vomiting. They also get stomach problems, nausea, and then permanent pain some of them in the stomach area afterwards.) 


Yeah, there you go. Anyway, there's some articles, I'll put them up for those who want to read them. Because it’s, and if you're using it's good to know, at least you can watch out for it.  Or you might be able to see it in other people, or your children or friends or something, if anything happens you can always put them in the right direction if it starts to happen to them so they can get help.  So, mysterious syndrome in which marijuana users get violently ill, blah blah blah, I've got two or three articles on it.


Another article I wanted to put up too, with, you've all heard about the ‘pay to get into universities’, top universities and Ivy League and all that, to set you up there. I'm surprised they even bring it up, it's so common, that, it's always been common.  And across the world it's very common in some countries. I think it will get actually worse as more of a rising middle class in some countries appear.  They won't think twice about bribery and so on and payoffs to get their, all the qualifications in the right universities they want. But there's an article here too, about, I mean, you can pay for whatever you want going to university, if you've got money, big money. Here you can get your thesis, your PhD thesis written for you too.


EXCLUSIVE: We'll write your PhD thesis... for £6,173!  British students cheat their way to doctorates by paying companies to write their dissertations / 30 Mar 2019


•Three 'essay mill' companies told a reporter posing as a student that they would write PhD theses from scratch for between £2,559 and £6,173


So there you go, it's pretty widespread across the world, I'm sure. But Britain, British universities are stacked with people from across the planet too, with money, big money. As I say, there's a rising middle class and they've got money to spend. So, there you go.


The rise of robot authors: is the writing on the wall for human novelists? / 25 Mar 2019


It says robots now are involved in writing novels. I knew for a while, ages ago that they were writing small stuff, you know, small stories and stuff. Now they say they're making awfully good ones for stories. But you take that, right, that's computers, and getting back to universities...


I felt guilty when I got my results: your stories of buying essays / 28 Feb 2017


(A:  Politicians called...) Ministers want to get tough with students (A: They'd have to get tough with the ministers who also bought it.) who by custom-made work from ‘essay mill’ websites. Readers share their experiences


Tens of thousands of students are believed to have bought essays online and submitted them to university tutors, a practice known as “contract plagiarism”.


Last week Jo Johnson, the universities minister, called for new guidance to be issued for the next academic year, including tough penalties for students who buy essays and strong warnings about the consequences.


So they're trying to get experts to study them now to find out if they can spot if these are written by, for the people and so on. There's a lot more involved in all of this stuff. That's the way it is, 'eh.


Now, back to this China/US spat basically.  Interesting, you'll see the rah-rah articles too of the US. It says…


US Air Force deploys B-52 bombers to Europe in message to Russia / 21 Mar 2019


Washington (CNN) — The US Air Force recently deployed six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Europe for "theater integration and flying training" exercises with regional allies and NATO partners -- a move viewed as sending a strong message to Russia . . .


So that's the European part, right. And then they talk about the B-52s. But the B-52s have been going forever, you know. And apparently, they're going to use them for another, up to at least the year 2050, that's the big agenda, big plan there. Interesting, because they’re amazing. They must be awfully well maintained all the time. Naturally. But another one...


U.S. Air Force B-52s participate in large exercise over Norwegian Sea - / 29 Mar 2019


They put another group back in Britain, into an RAF base in Britain, again, when they had all been taken out a while back, now they're back again. Kind of semi-permanently perhaps, who knows?  I'll put that article up too.  And also


Stratofortresses (A:  Stratofortresses, that's the same ones, right.  It'll be the B-52H Stratofortresses they call them.) fly sorties over South China Sea, first since November - / 6 Mar 2019


So again, Russia and China, Russia and China, Russia and China.  It's big corporations obviously.  Or maybe not so obviously. It might even all be a farce for us to believe in, who knows, hey?  I was very skeptical of the so-called Cold War in Europe to be honest with you.  But big corporations make a phenomenal amount of money-making missiles and weaponry. Which you never have to use, so you don't have to prove that it's worth the billions that each plane will cost you. Or the missiles for that matter.  Which is great profits for the companies that make them, they never had it so good as they did during the Cold War.


Anyway, so there you are, they got the articles to do with flying over near China of course and the South China Sea, over Norway to warn Russia apparently. And we're, it's almost a new cold…  I remember one of the first talks I gave years and years ago and I was asked about Russia that had suddenly just given up. Just like Blast From The Past, you know, and at the end you have the dad saying, oh…  Because he'd been living underground in a shelter all those years, and he was told that it was all over with, Russia, they'd forgotten about communism and dropped it. He says, oh, so they just gave up and went home, hey? So the dad was told, oh, it's all over, it was finished, they just gave up. He says, they gave up? …just like that? Just like that, he says, yeah, that's what happened?  And of course, the dad starts pacing out on the surface the plans for a new underground shelter.  [Alan laughing.]  But I said in one of the first shows that if they need an enemy they'll just resurrect the bad bear again, you see.  And that's exactly what's been happening.


Governments tend to lose, especially corporations, they start losing a lot of hold over the public. Remember, one of the things that they tell you, why you need government is, yeah, you need to keep the peace and so on.  If they would all follow it themselves. But they don't. There's a different reality for those up there as to the ones down here.  You find that they don't follow the rules that they make you follow. Never do. And yet they want you to believe in democracy.  Hm. 


And don't forget the Plato said it himself, he says, there's no such thing as justice, there's only the appearance at times of justice, you know, you must give them a show but there's no real justice. I think of the generations that have been used and abused by governments down through time and it's horrific, absolutely horrific story. When you look at, for instance, and how bureaucrats at the stroke of a pen can change thousands of family’s way of living, for instance, traditional way of living. Like the farmers across Europe, when they did that with the EU Dairy Compacts and all the rest of it, putting them all under. They put them all under, families that had been maybe 5th, 6th, 7th generation all went under because bureaucrats decided they couldn't sell the milk and so on where they normally sold it, or butter or anything like that.  That's bureaucrats for you.  And it's rather sad.


So government is really a different creature than what you think it is. But one of the big holds they have on you, when it comes to nations, is, we're here to protect you.  Without that big threat, you see, they lose a lot of power over the people, who would start to almost demand more freedoms. Once it’s peaceful folk will demand more freedoms of different kinds. So you've got to keep something going to frighten the public in order to say, we've got to protect you.  And they always find something. 


So I hope we're not in for another 40, 50 years of the Cold War, tit-for-tat kind of trade deal… and spite, you know, they're all spite-ing each other. It's better than smiting each other, certainly, but they certainly spite each other.  And it's not a good way for being. It really isn't. And we’ll never get told the real reasons behind it. But I think it's partly control. And I think it's also big big big business, obviously. Kind of sad.


And it would be fantastic to live waay in the future, just to see how everything across the planet really works out eventually.  Wouldn't it?  As I say, you won't stop it because it's planned this way but at least it’d be good to document it, just to see it, it would be quite interesting. And life should be interesting, shouldn't it.


For myself, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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How being TOO KIND can lead to emotional burnout! / 30 Mar 2019


Psychiatrists 'must ask kids about social media use' / 30 Mar 2019


MP Victoria Atkins accused of 'hypocrisy' over legal cannabis farm / 14 May 2018


Tory Party deputy chairman’s dancer-turned-barrister cousin buys 4,000-acre farm in Sierra Leone to grow and import cannabis after obtaining licence to make drug for use in medicines / 30 Mar 2019


Acute Illness Associated With Cannabis Use, by Route of Exposure: An Observational Study / 26 Mar 2019


A mysterious syndrome that makes marijuana users violently ill is starting to worry doctors / 15 Feb 2018


The rise of robot authors: is the writing on the wall for human novelists? / 25 Mar 2019


I felt guilty when I got my results: your stories of buying essays / 28 Feb 2017


EXCLUSIVE: We'll write your PhD thesis... for £6,173! / 30 Mar 2019


Grindr security concerns / 27 Mar 2019


Canada’s $27B canola market could lose $2.7B over China’s import block / 29 Mar 2019


Huawei--Fake European town for 30,000 workers / 27 Mar 2019


US Air Force deploys B-52 bombers to Europe in message to Russia / 21 Mar 2019


U.S. Air Force B-52s participate in large exercise over Norwegian Sea / 29 Mar 2019


Stratofortresses fly sorties over South China Sea, first since November / 6 Mar 2019



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