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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Total Control Always the Goal:

"Governance, Commerce Want Efficiency, Total Control,

 Over All that is Mortal, Sans Individual, Sans Soul."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 14, 2019.  I hope you're all ticking along okay and surviving the storms of life because we certainly have lots of them don't we.  And if you're aware of the basic things that are happening in society to do with change, big change, when you realize that  big change is planned and authorized long before it manifests, then it's interesting to follow it and be prepared mentally, if nothing else, for the various onslaughts to your sanity which are going to happen. Because we truly are living through vast, vast planned incredible changes.


Things the people would have laughed  at 40, 50 years ago, even though we had many top players back then even in the culture industry and the guiding of the culture industry coming out with their books, people who belong to the big think tanks and organizations that plan the world type society in a socialistic system, with all the banks working along with them basically, there's no real secret there.  It's just that at the time when they write these books it takes a good 40, 50 years to manifest it all, and by that time no one really cares, that they've been led like sheep into the pen. And sometimes the pen is quite cozy. And that's what you find by the system that really rules us.


Again, I always referred to big, more well-known players because they're popular, they could write in the fictional form about a society that was to come. That was what was debatable about things, could you actually make that kind of society happen, like Brave New World. At the time, naturally people thought, no, that's silly, it's science fiction.  And yet here we are. We have a system where everything really is being planned from birth to death, to manage billions of people across the whole planet.  And you have massive, massive tax funded investigations into the alteration of various human genes and artificial conception, all of these kind of things happening. And they definitely are testing, have been for years testing, literally implanting fertilized ovum into artificial wombs and things like that. Just like Brave New World. It's always been a goal, it seems, of those in the scientific realm.


As you live through it, naturally, you find that whatever generation you happen to be in at the time, have already adapted, and been guided to adapt because you're always guided to accept things. Because most folks don't really have deep opinions on things that seem kind of outside of them, oh, that won't affect me and so on. Therefore, they don't really have self concluded opinions. They are brought to their conclusions by little bits and bytes of information by experts, very well calculated to bring them to the proper decisions, you might say.  So we adopt opinions as opposed to actually arrive at them by ourselves, by your own reasoning.


And let's be honest too, in a life where you have struggles, and with finances, jobs, all the things that come with being alive, then naturally too you don't have time for all of this. People really are kept in ignorance because they're kept running. I can remember years and years ago when they had the first big layoffs from the middle classes, to do with executives and people in office employment and so on. When they said that there's just too many people, we don't need you like we used to need them all the time. And they started laying them off at 40.  That was a big big thing at the time, lay them off at 40, get younger folk in.  Then they said that the days of having a lifetime job were gone basically. At that time there were people alive whose parents were coming up to retirement, often who'd worked in factories their whole lives, sometimes the same factory their whole lives, and that was all gone of course with the big agenda to deindustrialize a lot of Western countries. And it was written about at the end of World War II in fact, they would bring in deindustrialization of certain countries in the West.


So you live through the big big plans, but to most folk they live through them, they don't know what's happening behind it, why the causes are there. They don't know why they're now told you'll need about four or five jobs, maybe even more, for your entire life, a lot of part-time ones.  So and people are doing this, and life becomes more uncertain. You find that you don't have the time, you're too busy running to get by, just to get by. Especially those in the cities where you've got huge rents to pay if you're renting.  You've got to have a big income to maintain [Alan chuckles.] just your lifestyle basically, or even just, just somewhere to keep you dry and warm from the elements.


So you can't blame the people for not knowing the why's and wherefores’. A lot of people do, and I understand it, I understand those who've been following this very meticulously, how they become full of disdain for those who simply don't care. But I think also that it's part of human nature, it's my opinion.  Because we’re not the first people to study humans. It's been going on forever.  And those who, I call, owning us basically have been studying us forever. And they do own us. When you read the scientific, really, the studying of human nature, going way back for many centuries in fact, they understood so much about basic human behavior. Especially the crowd. Even the book called The Crowd too is one of the earliest ones that was allowed for the public to read.


But it was understood well, well before that by those who advised Kings, Queens and royalty and all kinds of governments long before that.  The advisers understood the sciences of human nature. So you always have this thing called the silent majority, that's the more modern term for it, those who really don't have strong opinions about very much at all. Then you have something similar, when you look at those that Karl Marx...  who also had great data.  I mean, he used the London library at the time, the big library there on the reference sections, etc.  He had fantastic data on human nature. He called the general population, and even those who followed, who would go for, they would follow anybody, if any dictator came along and took over the country they'd follow them without a qualm, and whatever system came in they'd follow that system with a qualm.  He called them the lumpen proletariat, the ones who really didn't give much thought about anything at all as long as one day could be much the same as the day before.  That probably is, there's probably a truth to that too.  Most folk really stay out of that side of things; they just go along with the flow.  They also know that most folk will take the path of least resistance, which is the easier way. It's understandable too. Who wants to have truncheons bashed on your head every so often or be cattle prodded?  Who wants that? So it's quite understandable, folk will go along to get along basically.  Well understood. 


The problem is always with those who know a bit more about what's going on and who cause a bit of a stink. And they are generally dealt with too by a system which has many ways to disable a nuisance. Many ways. Very old techniques and new techniques all combined. It's a traditional thing. A good example of that is for instance with, if you take Julian Assange and the recent blitz of media with their handouts given to them.  Just condemning someone, in the standard technique of defamation of character, they assassinate the character.  When they don't have really any facts to put across there it's the character they always go for. Standard, standard, standard. So when you see people who've been taken down by, the person was dirty and unkempt, you know, and a narcissist...  I mean, this is what he got the first day when they went in and got him. 


It's standard, right out of the book of trying to…  Because most people... Again, the vast majority of the people fall for the simplest propaganda.  Which is, the guy is dirty, oh, he's filthy, he didn't wash his dinner plates. Well, that's a good reason to send eight cops in to arrest him, 'eh?  Or, he smelled, hm?  And this is their claim of course, you see, and you get a handout too, all the press showed a bathroom that was spotless, the one that I saw. So, there's a bathroom.  Well, there's a spotless bathroom. But apparently, he left it soiled at one point.  Hm.  Stuff like that, you know it's just ridiculous.  For anyone who wants to think about it, it's just ridiculous. Things like that.  So it's meant to turn folk off and say, well I guess he's just, like a dirty tramp or something.


Julian Assange branded 'narcissist' by judge as he is found guilty of breaching bail conditions - news.sky.com / 11 April 2019


And then you find an article that comes out, supposedly, from the dating site from years ago where he'd called himself a pigheaded something or another.  In other words, bring a sexual angle into it if possible.


Assange sold himself as sl*t' and a 'pig-headed intellectual' in 2006 OkCupid profile, claims dating-site co-founder following his arrest

dailymail.co.uk / 12 April 2019


And it should make folks think too, if they're putting [Alan laughing.] stuff up on dating sites, if it's true, right, if this even exists as a real dating site, you're an idiot if you've got your data on it, if the people are handing it to the press.  Hm?  Hm?  [Alan laughing.]  Like, really?  [Alan laughing.]  But regardless, everything is just, rather than face what the guy is supposedly have done, being a narcissist or someone accusing you of that, out of the blue, is not a crime, to be a narcissist.  Hm?  And leaving dirty dishes in the sink is not, is not a reason to storm a person, raid them and lock them up.  Hm?  Even if he did, who knows, we'll never know, if you put up some ad for whatever on a dating site, so what?  Is that why you arrest people? 


So the first thing is, make the person seem like a degenerate in the public's eyes rather than face any real charges there, what he showed the public. You see, they don't want to reiterate what he's supposed to have done by showing the public the different nefarious things that governments were up to.  And what big businesses were up to too, big big businesses.  And how your reality is a bit of a fiction in fact. Nevermind the spying they're doing on the public.  They don't want to go into the reality of it all because they don't want to dredge it all up and make the public aware of it again.  [Alan laughing.]  You see?  But anyway, that's what they do.


And don't forget, don't forget there's a person in the States who's worked with intelligence services who said that the intelligence services has got a thousand ways to get you. And they do, they confabulate and so on, that's part of their job is espionage. You see. And of course, it gets worse and worse until they do a lot more worse things than that. But the thing is, once you become isolated, and once they can get you out of the public eye, no matter how long it takes, then the wolves move in. And they hope to just eliminate you with no fuss, you see, because there's no public support around you at the time.  Always remember that. Always remember that.  So if anyone suddenly disappears and you've got all these terrible stories coming out, you can pretty well guarantee it's a set up. And that's just a standard way that it's done. And they'll be the worst people, that you like, would end up being the worst terrible monsters that history ever could come up with. That's just how it's done, folks. Standard stuff.


But yeah, anyway, as I say, that was the first real kicker was when the judge supposedly, and the handouts just handed to the papers too just printed the stuff.  Gleefully, because they got nothing else to say these days, the media, you know.  And of course, the media too happened to be shown up for years with what was called alternate media and exposes of those who were showing you stuff that the media wouldn't even touch. Because they're all bought and paid for and they serve the interests of the Masters, don't they?   Don't forget, the media, the general media, and it's admitted too, have always been an essential part of government.  They help govern the people by deciding what you're going to think about, what they decide you're going to 'know', and what you're not going to be told about. That's essential, you see. 


Remember too, a long time ago I was on a show in the late 90s and I said, the Internet, really, with its free…  And at that time I noticed, I didn't even have a computer at that time, but I knew enough about them by what I read in the papers and so on. I did read about the big debates that government agencies were having at the time about keeping control of the nations in an age, if there was any possibility where people could communicate directly with each other across the whole planet, and they also, since government really depends on secrecy, then they were terrified, really. Because a whole new system would have to be developed basically to stop information getting around the world, and this is across the world in no time at all, without their permission.


They had articles about information warfare was the big upcoming thing and how they were preparing for it in advance.  And I knew, I knew, even though a lot of the techies at the time, and even those in Silicon Valley thought it would be a great thing, they thought they could bring in their world of freedom, a form of freedom which the public had never had before, by sharing information, again, which the public had never had before, and giving them the ability to communicate across the world with it all very quickly, they thought it would be a champion for the righteous cause. Of course, at the same time, the establishment who runs governments were setting up the opposition already to make sure that they would be in charge of it. Because they could never allow the public to be in charge of, or in control of data in fact, for that matter.


Power is a very intricate thing and it's very, very deep, there's many layers of it. And they decide, those in power, what you're going to believe and have for truth basically.  Very complex thing indeed.  But then they said, yeah, they'd have the warfare, and they would go through it and they wouldn't lose. So they'd have a little reign for a while where the people thought, yeah, yeah, for the first time we can say this, we can say that, we've got this data about this, that and the other, and various scandals, etc.


But I knew then, in the 90s, on a show I said that, you might get 20 years out of it but it will be all reined in. And I said at the time too in the 90s, they'll leave you with one thing that everybody knew back in the 90s, and those who were computer illiterate basically, like myself, but they would, they said, oh, everybody knew, and the papers made sure that you knew it, that there was lots of pornography on it. That was to get, to make folk get in and get the darn thing, get computers, you see.  Lots of pornography. And sure enough, you can see youngsters going into libraries on their break time and commandeering the new computers that were put in there.  I remember asking, I said, my God, they're really enjoying them, they must be really handy for education. They said no, they're coming in to try and get into pornography. And I have no doubt after the children went in, then the adults went in too, you see.  So everybody knew what it was about, that was the big selling point, to encourage folk to use, get computers.


And sure enough, you got maybe, almost 20 years of, well, even less than that in fact. I mean, once 9/11 happen in 2001, then that was part of the excuse to come in big time on forms of censorship and spying and all the rest of it. But yeah, 20 years later basically, almost 20 years later you're down to watching your p's and q's.  They have agencies involved now to try and pick up anything which would be offensive to anybody.  Which is pretty well impossible, you know.  Today they've pushed this nonsense about people being offended to a level which is definitely a massive psychological warfare technique that's being used on the public. To train the public into something the United Nations, I talked about this years ago too, talked about, where they said they would train the public to be self policing, you'll police your own thoughts.  That's part of what they'd always talked about, training you. That goes back again to the old Marxist philosophies too of training the public and ensuring they train themselves too.  So it’s pretty well all here today. You're left with vague topics that are safe, at the moment, you know.


But don't ever think that the government is a passive servant of the general population. There's nothing further from the truth. Government is power.  Power is never nice. Power sometimes can be awfully nice and putting on good faces towards the public, but behind the smile there's still that power of authority. And again, the system you're living under is run towards ambitions that are not from the general public. They're from those who already have power over those in power, you see.  And it's something, if you're not a psychopath yourself and you don't like having to always beat people at games or whatever or always win, always. When, if you don't like that, then you'll never figure out the mentality of these people. They're addicted to control. Absolutely addicted. And power really is control. Ultimate power. 


But that's the way it is.  And it isn't just a recent thing as I say. Long before 9/11 happened we already had Omnibus crime bills in Canada passed in the late 90s, before we had all these terrorism things happening. It was basically an anti-terrorism bill, and everybody was scratching their heads at the time saying, why is this getting passed, nothing's happening, everything's fairly peaceful, you know. Because governments knew what was planned in the future and the public were not, you see.


Government is like any big business. Big businesses have to plan how to hold on to control. Governments do the same thing. Business and governments are very similar that way. And they have goals.  Like the United Nations has its communistic type goals, 5-year, 10-year, 50-year plans for different parts of agendas. The Communists used that. They declared them very openly. And the Western countries are just the same. Big business is just the same. How many shareholders do they expect to have by the year so-and-so and blah blah blah? That's how they do it.  And plan their distribution areas across the world, and areas of influence.  That's how it's all done.


No one's sitting by and we're just stumbling down through space willy-nilly by itself. It doesn't happen like that. Anymore than the sexual revolution, which often gets affirmed as being back in the 60s. But really, they were doing it in the 1920s.  I mentioned it before, it didn't quite work quite well because they didn't have the pill, they didn't have ways of dealing with the outcome of it all. They didn't even have penicillin back then remember.  Once they had what they wanted, they went back to it, launched it back, with the miniskirt and all, just like the Charleston outfit, miniskirt.


So, things come back when they're ready to be implemented. And out of it comes, and it's lauded openly at the time too by those in what was called the communist circles and socialist circles as a good beginning to the end of the family unit, was free sex, etc.  It would be the end for the need for marriage.   Which it pretty well has, hasn't it?  And folks who get married today are kind of looked down upon, so they're...  [Alan chuckles.]   By the media, again.  Which must tell you a lot about media, what its purpose really is, you know?  It's a tool for those who own the system.


But again, I didn't mean to go into all this stuff tonight because it's just too intricate and you can go on forever in so many different parts of it. There's no point. The point is today, or tonight is simply that those who understand what's happening have to always keep a hold of their sanity. That's the point of it. Everyone's very prone, I think these days, I think any thinkers are very prone to perhaps get down, or even depressed. Because you're living through a system of agendas basically and when you realize that, really, there's very little choice given… When you're under tyrannies of different kinds you don't get choices, that's the point. You get monopolies. You get a monopoly of pathways, authorize pathways of what you can do.


For a simple example is a cashless society. Well, many folks don't like cashless. They like to have cash for basic stuff. That's being phased out by those who own the system. Obviously. They give you a thousand reasons why it's better, blah blah blah blah blah. But you all know when you're dependent on another power, another power, you see, the power being that of ATMs, etc., and computers, and when they go down, you’re stuck. Well, those who own the intermediaries like computer systems for banking and so on, have had a tremendous power over you, they've got leverage over you.  So you should always have choices, in every area of life if you want to think you're really still free.


Now, I've mentioned many times too that it's easy to go back and read the writings of Francis Bacon. I call them his resumes, really. The point is of showing off his ability to understand human nature of the general populace and how to govern them, in something he drummed up for one of the kings of the time. He was trying to impress them. Just like Machiavelli did with the book we call The Prince. How techniques are used and understood by advisers to those in power, those who have the power on governing human nature.  An awfully good one by Bacon but I always have a good chuckle, because [Alan chuckles.]  I mean, you have eternal truths, and again, all basically founded on experimentation on the general public, even centuries ago and probably even longer, maybe even it might be thousands of years ago.  But he said, to impress the King he says, when you want, when you need so much money for, extra money for the treasury, he said, don't put a big tax out there for a big increase on anything the public need. You see, it's always on what you need. That's where they get you. It doesn't matter if it's food or, they'll do it in one way or another, even though you think your food isn't taxed, there's taxes behind everything, for those who even grow it and what they use to grow it, now they have to even by their seed. They can't even keep their own seed half the time anyway, since it's modified terminator genes so they have to go back, it's a monopoly right there, you see, those who control the seed now. Anything that controls anything you need is a terrible power, has a terrible power of monopoly.  It is monopoly.  And they give you no choices actually.


But Bacon said, he said, so rather than put a big increase on something, the folk will grumble and may have occasion to rebellion, you see, he says, just put a penny on this item and a penny on that item.  That was a lot of money back then, mind you, and a penny on… And scatter it so that the people, it simply confuses the public because they're not buying all of these things at the same time, you see. But over the course of the year they will get, let's say, the 5 pound extra or whatever they were after in those days by the pennies here and there, you see. That's how it's done.


And we get it too.  They scatter it all over the place. It would be a full-time job even trying to keep track of it, all the different hidden taxes, hm.  And now they're putting carbon taxes on everything. That also will go along to every item made because then they'll say the carbon value to make that thing, and that's put onto it. So you'll end up paying a lot more. I gave the talks years ago about that and folk wouldn't believe it. At least some of them wouldn't believe it. Because I said, everything's going to increase dramatically, the talks that they'd had at high level at the United Nations and all their affiliates, and I said, was to do with austerity, government said they'd bring in austerity. Which is a form of poverty, really. And you'd be living austerely, very simply, with all your extra spending money ending up eventually on basic necessities. That's where they want to bring you in a post-industrial society. And through the taxation of things. And again, to save you all they're going to tax you into the grave basically. To save you from climate change. Because it's all your fault and all that stuff. 


It's a power technique to reduce the population, bring you into austerity.  With austerity comes the choices that are given you.  And the class system, very much Brave New World with the different varieties of humans, you see. We're already going into that.  So that comes with austerity programs, and your value to society, your age group and so on. Especially you'll see it when you get into hospital.  You'll go on The Pathways, and do not resuscitate this one because they're just a nobody basically and they're poor. Someone else that is some kind of politician is going to get top treatment, even if they are older, because they have a higher standing in the society and they're necessary for whatever it is. Anyway, that's how it's all done, you see. We're there. And now they want to bring you into austerity.


So, we don't just end up somewhere, we're guided along the pathway, into the proper pathway for what you've been designated according to your status in society. And believe you me, ha, even if you've never been sick yet they've already got your present conditions, they have point systems of what pathway you'll be into if you end up in hospital. I hope you understand that.  No kidding you. And I've had examples of people on it in Canada, for instance, who've had to argue to get simple operations.  Right down to, well, you know, someone's father it happened to, and a minor problem really, who needed a little parts of the colon chopped out. It's a fairly common operation, it really is. And they tried everything. Oh well, he's too old and he wouldn't survive it and all that nonsense. So this fella knew enough to argue and press for it. And they got it done, the guy is fine, the father is fine two years later.  But if he just caved in and been humble, you know, okay, okay, you know, and that would've been it, no one would have been the wiser that he could've been saved.  Because life now, according to who you are, can be awfully, you're awfully, your life is cheap, it's not worth it, you see.  That's how they see it.


You're in a eugenics program and that's what eugenics is also based on, is your economic value to society. Back in 1910s through the 1920s and 30s you had science openly declare it's ambitions with eugenics and shaping the future of society, and the end of marriage, right, and even mandatory mating of the right genetic types, superior types in genes and so on, and Lords and nobility would impregnate lots of women, etc. to get the proper genes on. They talked about sterilizing the general population rather than just killing them off, that would give it a bad name. HG Wells talked about it's in A Modern Utopia, how he says, we used to think we would have to eliminate the lower types and feeble types and so on, and eliminate them in case they'd reproduce. But, he says, we decided just to sterilize them and let them die off naturally, that's more humane, you see. So think about it, sterilizing you, there's many ways to sterilize you. [Alan chuckles.]  Chemically is the easiest way of all, you won't even know it's happening.


But anyway, they were open about it, about categorizing everybody into their value, how necessary you were to society.  As I’ve mentioned so many times, you can actually hear clip by George Bernard Shaw from the same Fabian Society that Wells belonged to, talking about how you'd have to come to them to basically plead for your life by justifying why they should leave you alive and let you live. Because in their system you'd have to have a purpose. If they have no purpose for you or you weren't good at the purpose they needed people for, they eliminate you. You're talking about horror here.  And of course, they quieted it down because of World War II and all that kind of thing.  But it's still here, it's up and going. Stronger, actually, than ever. Much more humane terms of course. But it never stops.  It never ever stops.


So, what do you do with the people as you're guarding the big herd through all of it? Well, you keep them happy. Back in the 30s, again, and when all of this was being discussed you had mass armies, you had dictatorships because everything else wasn't, democracy wasn't working, they said. You had the overthrow of Russia into the Soviet system, and other countries wanting to emulate it too. Scientists were for this, yeah, now we'd have panels of sciences/scientists running the world and running society, you see.  Hasn't changed.


And how do you get the public to go along with it? Well, you can give them substitutes for everything. You can give them, again, eventually what they're into now, what they talked about it, like Brave New World idea, even in movies like Metropolis you had glimpses of that same kind of technique of erotic power arrived at by different means, even using robots, that kind of thing. And eventually later on they talked about if you had the same experience in your mind, as though it was a real experience, they're talking in a sense about what would eventually be called virtual reality, then that would be as good as the real thing. Because the whole thing was to stop the wrong folk from breeding. Which is the majority, you see. You become obsolete eventually. We're here. That's where they've decided.


It's like the Georgia Guidestones, still up there and looked after, and everyone's very quiet about it. No one's come to knock it down, apparently, it's quite legal to have it there. Talking about, they need to reduce most of you and get rid of you, off the face of the earth.  M-hm.  So we're going through a massive system of massive changes. Everything is so minutely controlled that nothing is missed. Nothing at all is missed today.


So Aldous Huxley, who was a very interesting guy. I mean, these guys are really interesting in that initially they're all for all the same agendas all the scientists are for. But he softens himself as life goes on and he comes out with some little warnings to the general population. You have to realize that the guy, he's not as ruthless as some people might think he is.  Certainly not as his brother. His brother was a terrible ruthless character who was all for vast mandatory legislation to stop folk breeding, all the wrong folk breeding, you know. But that's what Aldous Huxley says…


"People will come to love their oppression, (Alan:  You'd be oppressed, and you wouldn't even know it.)  to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think." - Aldous Huxley




"People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think." - Aldous Huxley


Most folk don't do deep thinking today. Everything's laid on for you. When you think about it, the amount of TV you watch in your lifetime, you're watching the work of, I mean, this is the work of people who are paid to put that work out, to make it and put it out there. But would you pay a plumber to watch him do what he does?  Hm?  You see what I'm saying? When you stop and realize what you're watching...  And another thing, it's called programming because it's full of programming and updates on how you should think about different things, in all the fiction that you’re soaking up. It's essential, again, just like the media is, for government or governance, to control everything and to update your views on things.  Through fiction, the best idea of all is fiction, you're more apt to accept it than someone who just orders you to change your thinking about this or that, you see.


Bring in emotion, you can make them believe anything. And they'll adopt those opinions. Well understood. Children especially, that's why they hammer children so much, to make sure that they have the latest indoctrination, for things that haven't even happened yet in society, which will happen down the road, they're already programmed to accept it through their early indoctrination. It's a simple science. It's not difficult at all.


So there you go, you'll come to love your oppression.  And you've got technologies that really stop you from thinking. It's all done for you by professionals. And you pay to have the professionals, like licensing in Britain, for instance, the BBC, pay to watch their propaganda and their indoctrination and they tell you what to think so you don't have to do it yourself.  And they make it fun, you see.


Then another thing too, I think Huxley also said...


“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it..." – Aldous Huxley


Does that ring a bell anywhere?  You understand, there's nothing happening that wasn't understood too, to be in the planning to happen down the road. We're here, really. We truly are here.  And one of his quotes too, on Aldous Huxley was, he had humor too. Which, there's always hope when a person has humor. He said...


"Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left." -  Aldous Huxley


So you understand, we're pretty well there in a sense, aren't we, with so much of this.  And the painless concentration camp idea because they can make it fun to be captive. It's easier when you're a bit worried about something to be completely diverted by engrossing yourself deep within some fictional movie of some kind. It's great, a great way to lose yourself or your worries for a little while.  And it's well understood too, actually.  You see, there's never been a time when there's so much free or cheap entertainment out there to completely engross you as we have today. Well understood.  If you control the minds than those in charge of everything have very little problem at all.  That's it.


So you'll come to love your oppression.  And you'll adore technologies that undo your capacity to think. You can count anymore, you know, everything's been done for you with computers now and the calculator, etc. Their opinions are given to you by experts, you see. You thought you had the right answer for something, or good opinion, now you find out, no, my God, oh, simple you, I mean, here's a person who is an expert in that particular area of that particular opinion. And there you go, hm.  You see?  That's how it's done.


You also have the relentless war, and socialism as we know it was again, you can go into varying degrees of it and flavors of it, into communism, whatever you want to call it.  They wanted to totally abolish religion. Which again, is an awful nuisance to having total government, because often people would stand up against what government planned because it was against religion.  If government demanded you do something that God had said no in your holy book, regardless of your faith, whichever faith it was, then you wouldn't go along with government. It's always been a nuisance to government.  So, you must undermine it, you see, if you want total power over the people. You take away their reasons, which aren't just excuses, they're reasons, you see, in not to comply.  Take them away and then you can do what you want, and you can get all your various nefarious things through.


It's a sad thing too, again through the psychology and understanding of human nature, that the people need something to tell them it's wrong. Deep down you know what's right and wrong. I think everybody does. Except maybe the psychopath. Even the psychopath can understand that people outside of themselves won't like this, whatever they're doing. He doesn't feel the same way about it, maybe unless it was getting done, whatever it is that's getting down to him or her. Otherwise they're, you know, they won't feel the same way. But everybody else, the so-called average person out there, you know what's right and wrong, you know at the time what's right and wrong. And we decide, we choose, we do choose not to care about certain things.  And some of these areas that you're not caring about are horror shows, really, literally, you know.


So anyway, as I say, once you get religion out of the way it's fine for those who control. They've been hammering, naturally, you've noticed, at the churches forever. Because that's a big part of it.  And the Catholic Church, especially, because it ran so much of the world at one time with so many countries involved. But they went through the same problems, didn't they, from the Cultural Revolution. We had a revolution, remember. It's called the Cultural Revolution, just like all communist countries have a cultural revolution. And when you think you're not in a communist country, when the techniques of communism, which is totalitarianism of course everywhere you look, you'll find that, and the banks are thriving awfully well off of it, it's the same system, really, you know.  Same system.


It's easier to control people in a more socialistic tyranny than it is under a so-called really free society where you really do stand up for rights. And that's why the US for a while did all right because people knew their rights and they knew they could stand up for the rights. And they did. But today they're getting flattened and flattened and flattened and folk comply with it, then they don't care so much as they use to, and then they're taken over the same way, aren't they?  Under the guise of keeping them safe or whatever it happens to be. 


You've got to understand there was a sexual revolution, that's part of the cultural Revolution.  Part of it was to destroy our religion, of the cultural Revolution, and other parts to destroy the family unit, and the family unit was also to be destroyed through the sexual revolution. That's what they called it at the time, the sexual revolution of the 60s.  Pope Benedict came out and talked about the decline of standards, moral standards within the Catholic Church as being due to the cultural decline of the, you know, the cultural wars and the sexual revolution of the 1960s, and how it set the rot into the church and it’s continued ever since.  Acknowledgment of the awful problems the Catholic Church has had with sexual abuse, he's blaming it on the 1960s sexual revolution, and from there onwards the collapse in morality.


And I agree with him.  Because the Catholic priests are pulled out of the same pool of the general population with the culture as everybody else of that era, sexual revolution. When they brought in the sexual revolution, they also brought in the whole concept of relativity, you know.  They took the Einstein theory and they applied it to everything, until no opinion was supposedly absolute or correct, and no action was absolutely right or wrong, you see, that was part of what was relative… and your opinions is relative... and my opinion is relative…


So anyway, he spoke at about it in a 6000-word letter…


Former Pope Benedict blames Catholic Church sex abuse crisis on 1960s sexual revolution and 'collapse in morality'

dailymail.co.uk / 11 April 2019


•Benedict spoke out in a rare 6,000-word letter due to be published in Germany


•In it, he attributed the child abuse scandal to the sexual revolution of the 1960s


•He said a decline of absolute moral standards and a focus on 'relative moral judgement' meant that priests lost their sense of right and wrong


(A:  Well, the whole society did, that was the point of the revolution.  And he's...)


•Benedict, 91, called for a return to the Catholic Church's strict moral code


But he's quite right.   Those who have lived through this era and maybe at the time, or afterwards, found out what so much of it was actually behind it, who studied it, you realize this is a complete war. And it's ongoing still, it hasn't finished. To get society into a state of flux where change is the norm, and rapid change. All planned change, though, it's not just happenstance, it's all planned change, and it's the norm and its rapid until you're just reeling from changes. That again is part of the Trotskyist and the Hegelian technique of constant perpetual warfare, you see, to supposedly achieve goals and to force society through cultural revolutions, and evolutions, and forced evolution of society.


Pope Benedict Says Blame the ’60s for Priests’ Abuse - theatlantic.com / 12 April 2019


Anyway, I'll put these articles up, including the Assange ones too. There's so much on Assange.


How Assange’s arrest and potential extradition might prove embarrassing for Trump - independent.co.uk / April 11, 2019


Assange inside his fetid lair - dailymail.co.uk / 12 April 2019


Just to show you the smear stuff goes on.  And Pamela Anderson was close, closer than anything actually.  She said that…


Pamela Anderson condemns Assange arrest and says Britain is 'America's b**ch'

(A:  I don't know if you can say it anymore now because you get PC stuff coming in, big time, that you know...  Anyway…) and 'needed a diversion from your idiotic Brexit (A:  …bovine fecal matter I guess she was trying to say there.) bulls**t' - dailymail.co.uk / 11 April 2019


So anyway, you've got a truth there. Plus, Ecuador got its $4.5 billion loan from the World Bank.  And that was part of I think, you know, everybody's kind of chuckling at that too, how it all comes together in the right way, etc.


$4.2 Billion IMF Bailout for Ecuador Paved the Way for Assange’s Arrest - theantimedia.com / 11 April 2019


And you also now have even vegan warriors they're calling themselves.


Lock your gates, install CCTV and vet new staff carefully: The advice to farmers ahead of ‘major animal activist event’ by militant vegan groups - dailymail.co.uk / 4 April 2019


Everything's… Everybody's now a warrior, 'eh?  I don't know if it's all this stuff they lap up with violence and violence and violence and see themselves as righteous warriors, but you've got them across Australia and different countries storming farms. And it won't end well, as I've mentioned before.


Also, again, I've mentioned Peter Hitchens before, people love or hate him. But the fact is he was born in the 50s.  He was a complete Trotskyist after coming out of University in Oxford.  He eventually lived in Moscow during the collapse as a correspondent for British newspapers. But he saw the collapse of Moscow and Russia, Soviet Russia. And he completely changed, he's completely different than his brother was. But I think he's more honest. He's definitely gone through big changes in his life. Even with what he believed even 10 years ago, about any hope for Britain. Now he's come out openly on an interview and said openly that there's no hope, there's literally no hope. It's… You're looking at the end, it's not just an empire but it's the end of the nation-state basically.  Of, he's talking about the UK is one example.


But he said that it's lawless now in the country. They have so much crime and stabbings every day that they don't even get investigated because it's just too... the country's broke.  And it's getting worse all the time. It's all borrowed money, whatever they do.  This… It can't survive the way it is, put it that way. He's talked about all the stupid wars that they got involved in, tied with the US and other countries too across the Middle East, that they certainly didn't get anything out of. The big corporations did for the oil fields and so on, but the people just got the tabs, the bills to pay. That's standard. 


Then mass migration from other countries that were getting leveled to the Stone Age all flooding into Europe, which is the natural thing to do. I think it was all planned that way because I wouldn't stay in those countries. Would you stay in a country where you are threatened, for years and years and years, to be obliterated by the most powerful nation on earth's military? Would you stay in those countries? What's the point?  And it's part of the reason that they do it, they keep them sitting there and put sanctions on them, knowing they're going to get out of the country, and then they're no longer a threat when there's nobody in it, or nobody of any, what they call, import. Everything's planned that way and it's arranged that way, you see.


So anyway, Hitchens goes through it and he says that it's really the end. He used to believe that politics, if they could get the party system working the way it's supposed to do it.  But again, that was dream land. I personally have never believed in it, I thought it was a racket from as long as I can remember. He said that the old idea of two opposing parties, because that's what democracy is based on remember, where you agree to oppose each other. But you don't come to blows. Well, it's getting to that stage now of pure hate and anger and... Like, all of society is getting the same way anyway. That it's no longer working. And it's no longer working when, say, the different parties don't represent what they claim they are anymore.  Again, Quigley talked about the same thing. He said, the political parties are becoming, and that was back in the 60s, the same, that whatever they talk about at election time is the same things as the other party, Unemployment, jobs, education, healthcare, all the usual same old things.


But they don't stand, their values are... Well, come on.  You're living in a corrupt system, very corrupt now, where you've got winners and losers and narcissists. And it's true, you do have narcissists that are generally politicians. That's what the real narcissists, and those who are living so high on the public trough, they have disdain for the general population. That's what it's about.  When you see the salaries these folk get you... it just blows the mind, honestly it does, of these public, some of these public servants, it's just astonishing.  What an age of greed we live in. How can you get fairness in society when they don't go in to serve a system or a country or nation that they love? They don't.  It's a joke now.  So, I'll put that one up too.


Peter Hitchens Interview - youtube.com / 10 April 2019


I'll put up also some other things I want to talk about too.  Ha!  This is quite a good one.    NASA...


NASA says mysterious dancing blue lights spotted over the Arctic Circle were caused by vapor tests and NOT aliens, as some feared - dailymail.co.uk / 8 April 2019


(A:  Right, they say it's vapor, right. Listen to this, as they try to calm it.  They don't want to go into the chem spray or stratospheric injections and stuff like that, they don't want to mention stuff. It's vapor spray, right. Listen to the so-called vapor spray.)


. . . new NASA test showered the skies with brushstrokes of blue and orange-colored gases.


(A:  Isn't that pretty.  Nice pictures, mind you.)


The lights, which looked like an 'alien attack' attack…


(A:  And the ‘lights which look like an alien attack’, so right away they get that brought into it so's... You see, the general public will say the alien attack thing. I hate to say this.  So if you bring that up, oh yeah, you know, you probably think it's an alien attack, didn't you. So you get that ridiculous… Who, who thought it was an alien attack? Come on!  Nobody did!  Hm.  That's how you defuse, with a ridiculous something.)


…to some, were actually a part of an ongoing NASA experiment dubbed The Auroral Zone Upwelling Rocket Experiment (AZURE).


As a part of the mission, NASA says it has launched the AZURE test rocket -- the first of eight such planed (A:  …I love how they can’t spell anymore either, ‘eh… planed…) launches -- that aim to study the patterns of solar winds.


The eye-catching lights were created by releasing two harmless gases into the atmosphere  (A:  Listen to this…) trimethylaluminum as well as a mixture of barium (A:  Remember the barium they’ve been spraying us with since the 90s actually, late 90s…) and strontium (A:  Hm.  You know what strontium is?  It doesn't say strontium 90, at least.  The 90 strontium is one of the most deadly carcinogenic radioactive substances we have. But anyway, a strontium group...)— so researchers can study the paths of particles in the Earth's ionosphere, NASA says.


(A:  Like they've never done this before? Like they're just finding out now the patterns?  Hm?  So NASA says…)


According to scientists, the experiment will also help unlock the forces behind one of nature's most capturing phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis.


(A:  Like they've never noticed it before, like they haven't experimented before to find out how the solar winds come in and all that, you know.)


So that's what it’s about, you see, where these particular substances, they can track the patterns, supposedly. That means they've got sensors scattered across the planet to find out where they all end up.  And they've commonly used this kind of radioactive substances before. They say, oh, it's mild, it's mild, don't worry about it.  So there you go. So here's, they're actually doing something, they bring in the alien thing to ridicule their own article if anybody wants to mention it again. Isn't that something.  There ya go.  That's how it's done.


I've mentioned before, and it's up on the Internet all over the place, but the list of big nongovernmental organizations that are well-funded to push the horror of an oncoming apocalypse of global warming and stuff. And the leader’s quotes, and from their own meetings, saying they always give the public scary and horrifying scenarios to get them to take notice of what they want them to believe.  They always do this. Well, there's an article it says…


Netflix is accused of 'eco-tragedy porn' (A:  Everything's... Are these new terms something? So now you've got porn, you know, eco-tragedy porn…) in new Attenborough documentary featuring walruses falling to their deaths 'because of climate change' (A:  This is how they put it across.) after zoologist claims they were (A:  They were actually going over the cliff because they were…) being CHASED by polar bears

dailymail.co.uk / 8 April 2019


(A:  You see, again, how a picture is worth 1000 words? Especially when you can omit anything else that they don't want you to see. They can give you, they can shape your opinion by omission of the rest of it.  So David Attenborough, who literally has made amazing statements about the people he wants to... would like to really... He doesn't have... Well, he's a eugenicists, really.  Never mind the environmentalism, it's really eugenics again.  So the clip showed...)


. . . clip showed hundreds of walruses fall 250ft in Ruissia


(A:  It says, Ruissia. What's...? I thought they had all these programs to help with spelling.)


But zoologist claims the animals were being chased off the cliffs by polar bears


(A:  And how they put it across, they said…)


Walruses were confused by shrinking ice and their poor eyesight, show claimed


(A:  Yeah.  So there ya go.)


[Alan chuckles.]  It's quite something how the, you can fudge anything to suit your agenda. Just terrify people, say, oh, that's terrible, they've got to do something about it, that's awful.  Well, tell the polar bears that because they always do that kind of stuff.


Also in France they've got the ongoing, it's amazing how they can be kept, how quiet from a lot of the papers, but this ongoing Yellow Vest violence it says...


Yellow Vest violence explodes in Toulouse as 2,000 protesters set cars ablaze and hurl missiles at riot police during 22nd weekend of anti-Macron rage - dailymail.co.uk / 13 April 2019


It's quite something, 'eh. It doesn't seem like it's going to go away soon. But again, it makes sense to me because I mean, France was another one that really was never big on exports and production. And they went into the European Union knowing that Germany was going to be the big financial engine for the whole of the union, which it still is.  Meanwhile they're hitting the French with big big big tax increases, and they're flooded too with a lot of mass migration, they've got a pay for it all. The folk at the lower levels of society are left to carry this incredible burden, and they can't get work themselves. So you end up with… Again, the end of nations, 'eh.  It's interesting.  It really is. These are all signs of the fall of empires and nations and all the rest of it.


[Alan laughing.]  Another thing too, I wanted to put up, I meant to do it last week, but it's to do with, well, artificial insemination.  But they actually get sperm donors to go in and, it's quite amazing, there's a fella, supposedly who's been a doctor who's been happily, happy making sure that he actually used, sold the sperm to the people that he was going to use to fertilize eggs. It turned out that some people, their children all looked the same, the same exact features. They all got talking to find out they'd all use the same fertility clinic for insemination. And it turns out they all had the same markers in the DNA.


Same-sex couple warns of incest dangers after learning sperm donor fathered 48 children - dailymail.co.uk / 5 April 2019


So, it made me think right away with the new societies that we're in, once things change, you see, of the movie, it was called Code 46, in a system where the government really has come in with the heavy heavy hand to stop people mating who are really genetically related to such a degree because of the problems it causes in society.  See if you can get a hold of the old movie Code 46 and how they could even wipe your memory if you fell for someone, because you had a lot in common with them, you really like a person that's got so much... You wouldn't know why you were attracted but it could be the same genes, you see. That was in the movie at least, the movie version. Then of course governments would have to stop it because then they end up with all the fallouts from it, etc. But yeah, that's where we are now.  It's actually, that's what they're pushing for now is a demand for government intervention in these things.  Interesting, really.  [Alan chuckles.]  They always give you it in the movies first, the Sci-Fi’s and so on. 


Then you have how the big nations are, well, big corporations again are just... You understand this is a substitute, too, for the big Cold War industry of weaponry and so on. It's now, save the world.  And corporations live on huge, huge grants, handouts, free handouts to do the experimentation on saving the world and all that kind of stuff. Remember, the whole Cold War was pretty phony too. But it says…


Floating city dubbed Oceanix will save coastal cities from flooding caused by climate change, UN project claims - dailymail.co.uk / 4 April 2019


And it goes into the partnership, the public-private partnerships where the public without being asked have their tax money used to fund these big projects that are rather amusing but very lucrative for those who are involved at the top.


And another thing too of course with eugenics, which we are definitely into, and the classification of importance in society, and burdens on society…


Middle-aged treated like 'second class citizens'

telegraph.co.uk / 4 April 2019


…with 25% of over 50s poorly treated in shops and hospitals.


That's getting promoted, actually, more and more and more through the types of education. All you do is drum it into the up-and-coming students in universities and they will adopt those opinions, you know, very quickly.  It's easy to create terms of repetitive fascist or communistic systems. It's all the same to me, it's the same system. It really is. And big business at the top, it's always big business at the top.


And then the recycling of articles from 20 or 30 years ago…


Painting roofs white can reflect the sun's heat and prevent thousands of deaths in cities during heatwaves - dailymail.co.uk / 5 April 2019


Then it goes into why the cities are hotter. Because the concrete literally reflects it back and forth and it bounces all around and round. They've always known this. And then don't even touch the fact that when they set up the old thermometer systems it was generally in fields and so on. Now it's all concrete. So naturally it seems warmer, 'eh.  That was... it's well understood.




Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa - bloomberg.com / 10 April 2019


You can’t help people, because they're being monitored. They don't care anymore, most of them really don't care, do they? And everything that happens in your home and everywhere else you go is going to be.  Another one too is...


Your car is watching you. Who owns the data? - rollcall.com / 9 April 2019


All the… It's constantly analyzing where you go, where you stopped, how long you’re there, you know, everything about you. It said they can send so many gigabytes per hour outside the car to all the different sources that's collecting it all.  They should give you all the stuff for free, since they're using it all, you know.  They give you nothing for it, you're buying it all.


Well, I've done it all, that's all I've got time for anyway.  But the thing is, what I'm saying is, and for those who follow it for years, they understand the future is always planned, isn't it, by powerful forces, using your tax money. It's beautiful. And they find ways to influence us, to put it mildly, and to update our opinions and modify our behaviors all the time to suit those at the top.


We're in an age now where literally, as I say, the commentator, the writer in Britain has said, you can't even have normal politics anymore because people are too emotionally crazy. Logic is out the window when emotion kicks in with all the different special interest groups and anger and fury. And it does not look good. You're looking at the creation of very dangerous mobs that will never stop at just shouting at people. They're already showing signs of violence, and it will get worse. You have big troubles. And if it's being allowed, by the way, I really do believe that the big agencies that really run the governments will want it to happen, or they would nip it in the bud as soon as it starts.  But they're not. So it will be used down the road for other purposes. Obviously.


And what I say is not pessimistic. Because it doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me, I mean, I'm not responsible for it, I'm not causing it to happen. And I do enjoy being aware, at least, to why things are happening. And it stops you getting anxious about things when you understand that these things are planned and orchestrated.  And even leaders of all these different groups are well educated in their roles for leading whatever mob they're going to lead. They're getting kind of well-funded, often from NGOs, from big think tanks, but also its charitable foundations, as they're called, you know.  It's the usual ones that have been running it for over 100 years.  But also, the big ones, like the Ford, Carnegie, etc, big big funding. 


And there's no agency set up to nip that in the bud and to stop the funding and say, look, this is, these are, you're creating a form of terror here in society. Which means those who control society are the foundations, at least part of them are definitely the foundations’ involvements, a big strong arm of things.


You're living through planned change.  And it's the cultural revolution. Societal revolution. Its post-national revolution into global revolution. Just like when the ex-heads of European Union said a few years ago, and I read it at the time on the air from the European newspapers.  He said, and this is the head of the European Union. He said, it's the end of the nation-state, they're obsolete. He says, they're gone, you know.  Big plans. No one asked you for your opinion of it. Or asked you to vote on it. It's all done. And it's not to suit the general public.  You have to do a bit of digging to find a who it really suits, who benefits, etc., but it's definitely there.


And if you understand what's happening at least you won't sit and fret about things in confusion. Because confusion itself can bring anger. And anger can be turned in and you'll destroy yourself.  But if you understand, at least understand the basic things, why things happen, then the confusion is gone. You're not guessing at your surmisations, you're actually knowing the proof of it all from their own agendas which they publish.  And big world meetings, like the World Economic Forum, and that's just the meetings that the WEF runs, their own big think tanks that educate and create systems within all countries to guide all the countries along certain paths. Well, you don't vote in the WEF.  So, there you are. 


As I've said before, I hope you're all surviving. Where I am now the snow is gradually melting but it's still got maybe 2 or 3 feet to go yet in the fields and at the sides of the roads until it's gone.  But now it's into the ultra ultra damp stage, cold, overcast and damp.  Very unhealthy when you have that.  And you've got six months of snow sitting there that's collected, you know... Remember, it comes from the sky. You can smell the mold in the stuff now, when you break the snow you smell it. Even before it started any thaw at all, when it broke the fresh, or they call it, virgin snow, when you haven't walked in a certain part before, you could smell the mold just going whooooof.  So it must be all coming from the skies, obviously, when the stuff is falling.  Why is all that mold there now, hm?  But then there's always reasons for things, 'eh.


For myself, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.  


Topics of show covered in following links:


Former Pope Benedict blames Catholic Church sex abuse crisis on 1960s sexual revolution and 'collapse in morality'

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Julian Assange branded 'narcissist' by judge as he is found guilty of breaching bail conditions

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Assange inside his fetid lair

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Pamela Anderson condemns Assange arrest

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$4.2 Billion IMF Bailout for Ecuador Paved the Way for Assange’s Arrest

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Assange sold himself as sl*t' and a 'pig-headed intellectual' in 2006 OkCupid profile, claims dating-site co-founder following his arrest

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Peter Hitchens Interview

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usatoday.com / 10 April 2019


NASA says mysterious dancing blue lights spotted over the Arctic Circle were caused by vapor tests and NOT aliens, as some feared

dailymail.co.uk / 8 April 2019


Netflix is accused of 'eco-tragedy porn' in new Attenborough documentary featuring walruses falling to their deaths 'because of climate change' after zoologist claims they were being CHASED by polar bears

dailymail.co.uk / 8 April 2019


Yellow Vest violence explodes in Toulouse as 2,000 protesters set cars ablaze and hurl missiles at riot police during 22nd weekend of anti-Macron rage

dailymail.co.uk / 13 April 2019


Floating city dubbed Oceanix will save coastal cities from flooding caused by climate change, UN project claims

dailymail.co.uk / 4 April 2019


Middle-aged treated like 'second class citizens'

telegraph.co.uk / 4 April 2019


Painting roofs white can reflect the sun's heat and prevent thousands of deaths in cities during heatwaves

dailymail.co.uk / 5 April 2019


Same-sex couple warns of incest dangers after learning sperm donor fathered 48 children

dailymail.co.uk / 5 April 2019


Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

bloomberg.com / 10 April 2019


Your car is watching you. Who owns the data?

rollcall.com / 9 April 2019


Pope Benedict Says Blame the ’60s for Priests’ Abuse

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