Apr. 21, 2019 (#1717)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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First You Till the Soil....

"Revolution, Fabian Style, Slow, Persuasive, Incremental,

 Then Uncompromising Raised Clenched Fist, None too Gentle,

 So Now the State Provides, go Enjoy, dance and Splurge,

 In Stuporous State You'll be Issued Fate in Latest Purge."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 21, 2019.  I wonder how many of you have realized that we're in a new chapter?  That's how I see history, and the history of our lives in fact, as we go through them from an early age until the lifespan that you live. You'll see that there are chapters in even the histories of your own lifespan, as far as the realities of what's supposed to be happening and how they're given to the public, and to us as we live these lives. Because we'll see history change in fact even as we live through it, our own histories in our own lifetimes, things that happened in our own lifetimes getting changed into some carved-in-stone official version basically. And it's always really been like that.


However, you find too that there are chapters as I say. It's like the Cold War.  The Cold War, lots of folk were born into it.  The threat at that time of course was, we're all going to get nuked to death and we should all obey governments and live in austerity because all the money had to go to, from your taxes, into the war industry for weapons, which would never be used.  It was incredibly profitable for the armaments industry naturally, or the military-industrial complex as it's often called. And all sides were in on it of course. It was Russia, you had China, Britain, the US.  Canada was on the periphery of it too, supposedly didn't let missiles into its own territory. However, it did happen occasionally from the US side.  But the fact is, that these are control mechanisms for ruling oligarchies within each system. China, of course, as I say, was in on it too.


Every country depends on the military-industrial complex.  And you think they're all separates but they're not quite as separate as they'd like you to think. In fact, the World Bank lends to all countries.  Isn't that interesting?  And the World Bank lends to the old Soviet Union, to modern Russia. It lends to Pakistan and India; they both have nuclear weapons and are always threatening each other. And I guess, where's the World Bank based? Well, look into it and you find out very quickly.


So you'll find that there are connections always with an oligarchy basically that runs the planet. And it definitely exists.  It's beyond just a deep state. A deep state really is more of the mechanism within the countries, like the US, of old families that feel entitled to go on the way they've always gone on pulling strings behind the scenes. But above them there's even another group as well.


So we're living in a system that has chapters and the Cold War was a chapter. And it supposedly just ended. That's how it was basically given to the West, it just, well, just gave up one day and they all went home, just like that. And people believed it.  And you're into a new chapter. A new chapter of course, that was a bit different in that you had a sense of, well, what do we do now?  You see. 


Now, governments depend on wars and the threats of wars to tax and fleece the public, as I've mentioned many times before. It's absolutely necessary to have some kind of threat.  If it's not within, it's without. It's much better to get in external threats because the public tend more to go along with it. If it's internal eventually you get fed up, and it might be a self-fulfilling prophecy where they'll actually create forces within their own country that will bring them down.  Because people get fed up with it, with anti-terrorism and all the rest of it.  So at the moment we've got a mixture of them both. They've revived the old bad beer of Russia of course, which is more mythical than anything. 


And they've also claimed that China... Modern China, which was created, a lot of it was created by the West. Again, the funding of the money too, the funding all came from the West as well. And the technology. And all the industry that was given to them from the West. When they signed the GATT treaty everything was transferred basically from the 80s, definitely through the 90s in the big step forward, all the politicians in all the Western countries signed on to it. We paid to have factories uprooted and move over to China. So you can't think, don't think that China is some kind of separate nation that does everything by itself.


China was to be the model state for the world to follow, to copy, in its social policies, and its policing techniques, and its observation of its own citizenry, and everything else. It was hailed as the model state by the Western countries.  And the top national television stations in those countries too have lots and lots of programs about it, how wonderful it was and one day we'd be as wonderful if we emulated it too.


You have chapters again, chapters, chapters, chapters. Well, once the Cold War was over, very quickly, the US and Britain, but mainly the US who pays for most of it and supplies most of the military power, was off to war across the Middle East of course, against Iraq especially.  You always have possibilities and excuses, and sometimes there are none of course, and when that happens they give you complete distractions to take your mind off it. But with Iraq, they had Iraq invading Kuwait at the time.  It was a big oil-based, well, nation, it wasn't a big nation, but it was definitely oil-based. 


What they didn't tell you, of course, was that the Bush family, that was one of the first oilfields that the Bushes and enterprises they were involved with, were given to learn the ropes of running the oil industry, and that was Kuwait. They didn't tell you too, that even popular magazines in science and so on had drawings basically and diagrams of how the Kuwaitis were not just drilling down into the ground to get oil. They had a type of rig they created which could go down and then go at a right angle horizontally under the ground, and across borders, into Iraq, for instance, and was sucking the oil.  Which is stealing of course.  It was done with kind of tongue-in-cheek and all the rest of it. But that technology did exist. And does exist today.


And Hussein, apparently, supposedly, had approached the West, talked to some of the leaders of the West and their diplomatic envoys that were sent over to Iraq, and asked permission to go in there and put it straight. Because they wouldn't stop taking their oil.  That was the reason at the time. Well, that was all forgotten immediately as soon as they went into Iraq and the full propaganda machine went into action with its nonsense about throwing babies from incubators in Kuwait out the window and what a monster he was.


So as I say, we were in a new chapter then.  We're in this chapter of Middle East. Middle East, and I knew it from then on we’d have nothing but the Middle East, that's all we get told about.   And sure enough, that's right to the present time.  It's on the go. And we've had Syria. And we also still have the next move to go towards Iran, of course, which is a big target too. People are well aware there are other factors involved in all of this. And yes, it's definitely the oil.  But it's more than just the oil. There's other factors. There's geopolitical reasons for all of this, of course, as we well know, and other political affiliations tied up with the nations of the West too, powerful organizations and so on.  So we've been going through this lull for this last little while as it calmed down after Syria campaign, although it still getting bombed at the moment from outside.  You’re sitting waiting for something to happen, as I say. But it is happening.


You're in, as I say, a new chapter, a new chapter where there are far more stories to do, any stories you find at all in the news to do with authorized, obviously authorized mass demonstrations of an international kind and I'll touch on them tonight, some of them.  Because you're in, the phase we're in now, we're into the new, the proper Soviet, the new Soviet system. And the Soviet system was to be rule by councils.  Now they have NGOs substituting for those councils, you see.  And we don't vote these NGOs in. They're well organized. They generally picked from students and trained from universities, with the public taxpayer paying for it all, of course. They also have foundation money backing it too, the private foundations that really have, they call themselves philanthropists but they're not just philanthropic, they actually train armies of what they call social warriors now.  There's all kinds of names for them.  They've got eco-warriors and social justice warriors and blah blah blah.


But the leaders of these groups are very well organized, and they're trained in the Marxist philosophies. The followers don't have to be. They're just young, they're angry and it's easy to get them wanting to belong to some group or another.  And they all do. So you present the groups to them, you give them their T-shirts and with the love bombing in the same terminology, because you all have your own terminology in every group, then they'll give their allegiance to the leaders of the groups. And you don't need much, really, propaganda to sway them over. Because you keep it simple. Youngsters see everything in black and white as I've mentioned so many times before, it doesn't dawn on them they're getting used.  Again, I'll touch on that tonight, how they're used.


And you can simply… We've all been there at one time, all young folk go through the same stages.  And you definitely see what's unjust.  But the clever people behind all of these things that hide behind the vast majority of the youth organizations, that appear to be youth organizations, it's very old people, I've mentioned this before, very old people at the top who manage it all behind the scenes. They know exactly what they're doing.


But the chapter now is obviously, if you look at Europe you have the Yellow Vests, of course.  And France is in a mess because no one wants Macron in. And the people still don't believe he actually got voted in in the first place.  He was so unpopular. And he's a front too of course.  But then you have Britain, for instance, that's going through its incredible changes where some people say it's a complete breakdown in law and order. And even with the eco-, supposedly eco-warrior organizations that have been going on recently, this last week or so in England, you've even had police joining in with them. Which is interesting too. That's also a symptom when you see the breakdown of authority and order within a nation.  The symptoms are all there. But also there's almost stand down authorization from the top, as they play with... They've got stabbings going on every day, shootings and stabbings and the police are just keeping back from it all basically in different parts of the country.


'Unacceptable behaviour' of officers caught RAVING and skateboarding with eco-warriors - dailymail.co.uk / 18 April 2019


But there they are joining in protests about save the environment, save this, save that and all the rest of it. Which of course is a big stick for bringing in the last phase of totally organized scientific socialistic control of the people. That's what it's for, that's what the eco-thing is all about. The ones at the bottom have genuine grievances I'm sure, but the ones who lead them all, as I say, they know what is to be brought in with it. They want to bring in compulsory sterilization for groups of people. They want to bring in permits for having children, to have the ability to be able to conceive children. They want to bring in the real totalitarian system. 


To save the planet, you understand, you've got to have a reason to push it all. It's all your fault that the world's going to hell in a hand basket basically.  It's your fault. You've caused it all. And the older folk should shut up basically too because older folk caused it all. That's what the youngsters are being taught. You've got mobs there that are being riled up, stirred up by very simple mob techniques, to be used down the road on people, and they'll become violent when it happens. They will. And they're being allowed to at the moment agitate and agitate and build themselves up to a frenzy. It's definitely coming. 


And those that control them are well aware of it too. And they know how far to push it, and how fast to push it. Or even went to pull it back a little bit.  Things don't happen by themselves on that level on that scale. It doesn't happen.  And if authority doesn't want something to happen, believe you me, they nip it in the bud very quickly. Very very quickly. I'll be touching on some of these aspects tonight again.


It is interesting as I say, when you go back to the ideas of what folks think of as the Illuminati. But it's really the World Revolutionary Party behind so much of it.  And they always focus in on Adam Weishaupt but the organization didn't start or stop with him. It was on the go long before him. The folk don't even know, in the US, some of the World Revolutionary Party came over from Germany to help Lincoln fight the south in the Civil War. There was quite a few of them that we know of. There's half a dozen of them that were made top officers and some of them were generals for the North.  No conspiracy theory, it's a fact. Then after the Civil War they, quite a few of them went over, back over to Germany, some to France to help overthrow the French system as well. 


A World Revolutionary party, that's what they were. It didn't start with the Bolsheviks. It was on the go long before that came along.  Mind you, too, if you were alive in those days, you would find the same people who are drawn into crowds and protesting and so on, would join these parties back then. Because it was not a, it was never a peaceful, happy system or a utopia on the planet, believe you me. And there were plenty of things to be upset about with constant wars.  There still are. It's quite easy to get people fed up with constant wars. You have to be crazy to want them.  Unless you're at the top and use it for geopolitical control and the acquisition of wealth and resources naturally.


But there's no doubt about it, the ideas, and of course they give you all of this when you go in if you study philosophy, and you'll eventually go into Marxism as a form of philosophy, and political control as well. Then they go into how it all comes together with forms of revolution. You forget too that the aspects of the culture that come from religion is philosophy too.  We forget that.  So, the ideas of what's right and wrong come from philosophy. Anything that gives an idea of how to live or what you should strive for is philosophy basically.


But there are those who understand this very well. They understand how to work for centuries to achieve a goal. They know when to back off a little bit and work on some other nation somewhere, then come back to the primary nation and get on with the rest of the agenda. I've seen instances of this before and it hasn't stopped. Those who get on television or on YouTube even with their banners and their slogans, remember what Lenin said, we shall win by slogans. That's what they're given. They can't really say much beyond the slogans, too much, except, you're all bad, it's all your fault the planet's going to, as I say, helll in a handbasket, and you've all got to change your ways and go vegan and… all this kind of stuff, you see.  Just like that.


Folk see them as separate organizations doing separate things. No, they're not. This is all to do with so-called climate change, which is the excuse, and global warming, the excuse that was dreamed up by the Club of Rome, the big think tank, to get a way to get the public to go along with their big agenda. Which has always been total control through scientific socialism of cultures, nations, all across the planet, international, for global system and how they could literally bring down the populations and breed what they would say would be, is the right number of people that were necessary to basically run the planet... or serve the elite is probably a more truthful way to say it.


But it's never stopped. And the last people to ever figure anything out, who are the ones who are involved in these separate protest movements...  or demand, I call them, demanding movements. They always have demands, you see, and if you don't give into the demand they'll riot or bring the world to a standstill or whatever it happens to be.  Or until they're stopped basically.  Any excuse will do. And any excuse to give them to achieve this goal of scientific socialism and control over the people will be used, quite naturally, by those in control.


But that's what they ended up with, you've got to have an enemy to unite the planet. Aliens aren't coming in, so make man the enemy himself, and the enemy is against too many people, consumers who are consuming resources and destroying the planet in the process.  That's what they said basically.  And plague, famine, drought, etc. and, you know, that would fit the bill basically.  That's what they said. And they haven't stopped.


And when they, when you get big world… Remember, every country signed on to these deals at the United Nations. Going way back even before Maurice Strong.  Then with Maurice Strong you had the different agendas from the United Nations at that time too, the Biodiversity treaties, they signed more treaties in Rio.  And we’re all supposed to be subject to the agreements in these treaties. Even though we've got nothing to do with it, we didn't get to vote on them, they didn't even bother telling the public what they're about most of the time. That's where your agenda for the 21st century came from, from these private organizations working, using the United Nations. And don't forget, the United Nations is there for a world government. Top members like not just Bertrand Russell talked about it. You have other ones like Arnold Toynbee who quite openly in all his talks talked about world government, and the United Nations was set up to be world government and develop into world government. His talks were open about this. And you have to see what all the organizations that particular guy belonged to. But they didn't hide it, especially right after World War II. But not just any old world government.  You say, well, what's wrong with world government? Well, there would be nothing wrong with it if they had an honest decent system. But we've never had an honest decent system in politics. And you never will.


Even the Durant’s, you know, Will Durant and his wife Ariel.  I mean, they worked their whole lives for big think tanks and big foundations. Again, to try and bring in the same global system. Will Durand himself said that, who really advocated anarchy and everything else initially. And then he studied, he'd followed all the anarchist talks and the communist talks and so on actually too, and revolutionary leaders.  As he kept changing into, morphing into the next belief, the next belief, the next belief. And eventually he realized that behind it all, it all moved towards politics and power. It is power itself, power is behind all these things, the craving for power.  So that you'll never have a just system.  Never, ever.  I don't care how nice it sounds. The Soviet system, the Soviet charter they had was wonderful to read but it just didn't exist in reality. It's always that way.  It's always the same way.


I can remember too, looking into the communes, because I was wondering why the CIA, for instance, were so interested in studying communes. For those who don't know it, they helped fund a lot of them, help set them up in fact.  They even brought in some of the top gurus from India and had youngsters throwing all their wealth at them, and pretty well starving, while they worshipped the gurus, and the guru is living in the lap of luxury. They did incredible surveys and studies about all this stuff. You find even with the Jim Jones group, the CIA were heavily involved in studying it all.  Because they did all these studies on human behavior, what can be used to control people, and big crowds or mobs or whatever, and of course cults are a very effective method if you can keep them under control.  So that's what I was really was interested in, was why this, why was the CIA so interested in all these things. Then you would look into the different, of course, the funding they had from the Rockefellers and the big foundations that all were working towards this, owning the planet basically. Then you start to see why, what was really going on. 


Some of what the Durant’s said of course, were definitely true. But don't forget, the initial purpose for writing even the books they churned out, these big massive volumes...  And they couldn't do it themselves, obviously, there was an awful lot of help involved. It was to put a spin on history. Very... They weren’t the first to do it. About the same time HG Wells tried it with his smaller versions of An Outline of History, his two-volume set initially. They were all spun to try to persuade readers that, look how bad the people are in the past and this is why we need a totalitarian form of controlling the public basically and the world.  That's what they're trying to tell you.


They're trying to tell you that spontaneously tyrants just arose and wanting to dominate the planet all by themselves, you see.  And nothing is further from the truth. There are tremendous forces behind the rise of tyrants, even in the 20th century, tremendous forces. And powers behind them that study them too to see if it will work.  And they'll even, even after they did it, they'll defeat them, the same powers that helped set them up will use some of their techniques, or sometimes many of their techniques that actually worked for the next chapter of running the planet basically.


So the chapter we're in now is really, it's post consumerist almost. It will be shortly, once we can't afford to buy things. Into austerity. And that's planned as well, going into the whole environmental thing with, now it's carbon taxes, which will increase like you wouldn't believe. Like I said a few years back, they'll keep increasing them until you're into austerity and most of your income will go to pay all these things... and for bare essentials, that's where your money's to go… as you get moved off the land gradually and into these compact, so-called compact cities, meaning overcrowded cities, that's where you're supposed to live.


So as I say, we're living through a plan. And the plan has chapters.  It's no different then reading a play and you've got your different scenes, scene one and so on, and it's chapters involved, and then scene two has chapters and so on. That's what we're living through. It is literally planned like that. The chaos it's caused in between from even protests that are managed too and set up to be managed, and anything goes wrong... Because you'll always have violence happening with protests and so on and some of them getting more exuberant than others. And anybody who's killed or damaged in the process, it's just tough luck basically. Again, Rockefeller said that. Rockefeller says, you can't make and omelet without breaking eggs. There's all the egg shells. So there's always fallout to achieve their desired goals.


Just like the EU told the farmers who signed on, being told that they would get better sales if they join the EU, and take loans out and improve, organize the techniques and so on for farming. Well, they took out the loans and then they were all written off.  They couldn't even sell their produce because bureaucrats decided who could sell what to where, etc... and how much was to get dumped in the ocean, like butter mountains, and milk seas basically, dumped in the sea to keep prices up, and to allow only certain other farmers from certain countries to sell.  And everybody else at home couldn't even get their stuff sold at all. A lot of suicides.


Because bureaucrats under a scientific socialism ran and still run the EU today. So much so that even some of the top dissidents that were against the Soviet Union came out and said that this EU is actually more, going to be more socialistic and more dominating and tyrannical than the Soviet Union ever was. They saw it right away with the laws getting pass by the EU. The EU was never meant to be Democratic, for those who haven't caught on to it.  Some of the leaders have said that, again, it's scientific socialism. People love it for a while as they just throw money out, but eventually you're going to pay for it all, big time. That's how they really do things. Old techniques. And bread and circuses.


Folk can't even, they don't even figure out where their money's all coming from.  As they spend, spend, spend at the moment having great fun. Because they're not producing much, are they? When the piper calls the tune you all have to pay up, that's how it works. I could give you a little example of how well-known people, and they're put in front of the rest of us to set the pace basically for cultural changes.  They know exactly what they're doing and how they present whatever it is to you, that's been authorized obviously in the first place by those who rule.  And they know that they're deceiving you at the same time as they get you to believe in it.


Because it's… There's no doubt about it, so when you read, for instance, the writings of Bertrand Russell, young people, especially, you'll believe and accept so much of what he's saying is actually true. Without realizing there's a spin on it too to go in a different direction, not just to help you. It's easy to point out the failings of society, very easy. They never ever give you the fix for it, really. It might give you a type of a fix, but is not that at all. They want power over the public to bring in the scientifically controlled system. Rather than, free will is an enemy, an absolute enemy to those who rule and who are bringing in the system.


But, here's an example of how it can be done, to show you how it's understood by those in-the-know.  Will Durant said the following, but before that, I'll just mention that he, like many before him, including Oswald Spangler...


Will Durant



Much like Oswald Spengler, he saw the decline of a civilization as a culmination of strife between religion and secular intellectualism, (Alan:  He's really talking about science taking over, and fighting with religion, which topples what he calls…) thus toppling the precarious institutions of convention and morality:


(A:  That’s how it’s worded here.  But this is what Durant actually said in his own book…)


Hence a certain tension between religion and society marks the higher stages of every civilization. Religion begins by offering magical aid to harassed and bewildered men; (A:  Now that's, I'll interject again, that's what Wells also said in his version of history and so on. They all came out with the same spiels basically at the same time. And it goes on to say…) it culminates by giving to a people that unity of morals and belief which seems so favorable to statesmanship and art; it ends by fighting suicidally in the lost cause of the past. For as knowledge grows or alters continually, it clashes with mythology and theology, which change with geological leisureliness. Priestly control of arts and letters is then felt as a galling shackle or hateful barrier, and intellectual history takes on the character of a "conflict between science and religion." Institutions which were at first in the hands of the clergy, like law and punishment, education and morals, marriage and divorce, tend to escape from ecclesiastical control, and become secular, perhaps profane. The intellectual classes abandon the ancient theology and—after some hesitation—the moral code allied with it; literature and philosophy become anticlerical. The movement of liberation rises to an exuberant worship of reason, (A:  …in the age of reason, right…) and falls to a paralyzing disillusionment with every dogma and every idea. Conduct, deprived of its religious supports, deteriorates into epicurean chaos; and life itself, shorn of consoling faith, becomes a burden alike to conscious poverty and to weary wealth. In the end a society and its religion tend to fall together, like body and soul, in a harmonious death. Meanwhile among the oppressed another myth arises, gives new form to human hope, new courage to human effort, and after centuries of chaos builds another civilization.

– The Story of Civilization, Vol. 1, p. 71.


Now, that's the standard technique that all of these particular chosen, very carefully chosen and elevated historians that were all for the new secular society, this is the sort of thing that they gave you to convince you that everything was quite natural, as they destroyed every vestige of any old system in order to bring in the scientific management of society. Because that's what it's really all about, you see.


But it doesn't happen just by itself.  If you understand the actual international revolutionary orders, which existed all right, even going back into the 1600s onwards, that was always their goal. How they present it to the public is to get the public to accept it as being reasonable and go along with it.  That's how it's always done. He also says… 


A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within"


But of course, many other people have said that before him too.  But that part is true, it's well understood that when you, when societies or civilizations and even empires fall apart, it's already been destroyed within before it let that happen. But the whole idea of giving you histories like this is to make you go along with it. It seems reasonable, it seems that probably is how it happens. But in fact, they don't tell you about the massive management using incredible wealth at the top to bring in the next part of the system, but appearing as though it all comes from the ground up basically by itself.  If you understand what he's saying here, he's actually showing you the stages of destruction of a nation. Now, you know how it's happened in the past, and this is taught, remember, as a science even in Marxism and in Trotskyism, especially, then they're giving you the formula of what you must do to destroy a culture and a system. You understand that?  [Alan chuckles.] This is how deceptive writers can be.  They knew, you know, they actually knew exactly what they were doing, and Durant was well well versed in the philosophies of revolutionaries, etc. and the revolutionary movement.


So you can read it on two levels. For the average person who has no idea of what's behind it all it will sound very plausible and okay, it's just showing you how it's happened before. Without realizing, no, he's trying to tell you how it will happen, it's happening now. And don't forget that Trotskyism was truer supposedly to Marxist ideas and revolutionary ideas. Because it was perpetual revolution.  The idea is that if this happened by nature it might take centuries more to happen. Then you can speed it all up by understanding formula and simply making it happen.  Does it start to make sense, 'eh?


So folk have no idea they're living through a revolution. They really don't know.  And it's not spontaneous. It's incredibly well organized.  And financed. With leaders, thousands and thousands of leaders across the planet all trained perfectly well to take the leadership roles, and also training many thousands of other younger students to take part in all the different kind of protests they've had planned in the past and they've fulfilled up until the present time.


Have you ever wondered why, and I think a lot of folk may have wondered this if they've lived long enough, why the big massive protest movements, against the bomb for instance, the atom bomb, just disappeared?  They just disappeared. Massive movements that were quite a few per year across the world, and families, whole families would join in these things, they just disappeared. And even when the first Gulf War happened, again, there was the sort of incredible absence of protests.  Every movement out there is literally, takes its orders from the top. Everything is organized. So you always have leaders at the top, and when the leaders are told to stand down they do stand down, and the followers do the same thing obviously.


We've lived through war, since Gulf War One to the present time, in Afghanistan, Iraq, across to Libya, Syria. And they've got Iran lined up and a few other ones too of course.  And where are the big movements?  The movements are against us ALL, because there's too many of us, they say, we’re destroying the planet. We are the enemy now, not the bomb. Not massive warfare. WE are the problem because we exist. And we consume. If you exist you'll actually need X amount of food in your lifetime, so much clothing in your lifetime, even the basic stuff in your lifetime, and they don't want to give you that. Because they say there's only so much resources to go around. Scientific socialism.


You understand, it's all the same movement, from the wars and revolutions in the 1800s, and the 1700s even, to the present day.  It's ongoing. It's well organized.  It's very secretive. It has its own groups, brotherhoods, sisterhood, you name it.  And you have different levels, just like an army of generals, all the way down to junior officers and NCO types, down to the bottom level. And the vast bulk of them don't really know they're being used.  It's really good that way, isn't it?


So again, if you know the formula for taking down society and destroying its culture... You just go back and even in the early 20th century, when the art came out and they said all art, all beauty must be destroyed. So art would have characters with their eyeballs down to the chins and stuff like that. And the beauty of landscape was gone, that was, oh no, we can't have that, it's just, you know... And then music started to go atonal and awful. And it didn't work as they brought in the beatniks for the culture industry.  And they came out with, they tried cannabis back then, if fact, they had cocaine too though, mind you.  And as far back as 1920s.


But when the hippies came out their jazz just didn't take in the West so much. It took in some countries in Europe but in the West not so much, in Britain, not so much either.  So they revived and came back with the, initially, pop music, which rapidly went into this thing of rock music. Well, eventually you know where it's all going to slide, all downhill right to the last 15 years, definitely maybe 20 years, until you don't even find a song now with the tune to it, a melody to even whistle to or remember or anything. That's all intentional. All the beauty had to be destroyed. And the beauty of even relationships between men and women and so on had to be destroyed as well. That was all part of it too. Because there was many goals to achieve before you finished. Perpetual revolution.


So again, Durant went through it.  And you would've read it at the time, and agreed with him, oh yeah, I suppose that's true and so on, and they've got to stop wars.  They don't tell you that the big powers that run them are the guys behind the wars, make it all happen, and then they manage, they manage your opposition to wars and then they use the opposition for their own ends. Again, you know, to change society and guide it. That's how it's done.


They've already told you how eventually the culture is destroyed, as you become


. . . paralyzing disillusionment, (A:  ...it says...), with every dogma and every idea. (A:  And...)

Conduct, deprived of its religious supports, deteriorates into epicurean chaos . . .


Well, that's what you do, folks, because they know how to do it. And the way that they wrote the supposedly writings on history was to give you a lot of good stuff and true stuff, but they slant everything to guide your thoughts to their conclusions, you see, where you must go with it all. That's how it's done.


And then you go into the, I mentioned the Huxley's so many times, that you have no idea how important it is to understand these players, who helped set up UNESCO like Julian Huxley who said openly that they had to dethrone basically humans from their, this big pedestal that they're on and bring them down.  Because only then would you allow the horrific things they have planned for you to happen, when you've been dehumanized. D'you understand?  D'you understand?  That's what I'm telling you, first we brought in abortion. They even made it sound, well, my God, you know, there's just so many folk having unwanted pregnancies now. And it's true because they gave you the swinging 60s and sex, sex, sex, right. That's what was promoted from the top. Not from the bottom.  The top down. 


And look what happened.  Oh, look at the chaos and look at all these unwanted... Well, we've got to have abortion.  Hm?  And then we wring our hands and say, but that's killing us. Oh, no, not really, you know.  Then they take away from what it is and try to dehumanize even a baby in the womb, you know. But they didn't end there because that was never, always the intention. Now you end up going for, oh let's start euthanizing people. Or even aborting children if there's a possibility, possibility that they'll have down syndrome, for instance. And then you'll expand it into any possible genetic problems down the road. If you've got X amount of problems in your family line, even allergies, they might just start aborting you, you see.  And there's been a lot of awfully good documentaries put out by those within that industry to do with how many children they found on occasion aborted that didn't have the problems that they said that they had.  They actually aborted them.  But then you've got the other end of this scale, and everybody, we all knew this years ago, then they'll go for the elderly. Well, you know, what's the point in keeping them alive if they've got certain senility setting in?  And a lot of folk could agree with it, you say, well, my, that's true, you know. 


But the thing is, when you're giving authority to the state for these things, you're dealing... you're walking a tight rope. Because it's inevitably going to be used against the public for other reasons. And then of course you bring in euthanasia for folk who really are in terminal distress, at the end of it all, and it’s too easy to go and… It's just too easy, isn't it.  But once again, the state gets into it and then they start dishing it out for folk with depression. Well, yeah, you've had depression, okay, take that pill. Because you see, life is cheap. Because we're knocked off that pedestal that Julian Huxley wanted us off of. It's there, it's gone.


And now it's time for the next step. Well, the next step will be as I've said already, let's go into, and I'll touch on it in a minute in fact, let's start deciding who can have children and who will not have children. This was always the agenda, going way back, way back into the 1800s, at least you can find records of them talking about the exact same thing as I am, and no doubt before that too. But definitely proof is in the 1800s.


But then you have, yep, an eco-friendly deathstyle.  I’ve mentioned this one before and now it’s back again.  It says…


An eco-friendly deathstyle? Washington poised to legalize HUMAN composting

rt.com / 20 April 2019


(A: How is that, 'eh?  Remember, before, I said, you could probably liquefy your granny and pour her into the garden to help the plants grow. Well, it's all here, folks.  [Alan chuckles.]   Yeah.  So it says…)


Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat, is expected to sign a bill within the week to legalize “organic reduction”


(A:  ...it's called.  [Alan chuckles.]   I love how they come up with a nice, kind of vague sounding name., oh it's only “organic reduction”...)


and “liquid cremation” (a dissolving process technically called alkaline hydrolysis) as alternatives to run-of-the-mill burial and cremation. Inslee is campaigning for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on an environmentalist platform . . .


(A:  There ya go.  It’s environmental to liquefy your relatives, and you know, just poor her in the garden as a fertilizer.  You see, we are the business as I've said before. We ARE the business.  Right down to wanting your organs, and if you don't sign initially something, NOW in fact, it's taken for granted that they can just take your organs. They actually have that passed in some countries.  Because we ARE the business. We make money for people, you see. We make money. I guarantee you once this is really on the go they'll start selling this stuff as fertilizer. I guarantee you.  Soylent Green is here, they'll end up making food out of you. I'm not kidding you.  It says…)


“Liquid cremation” is legal in eight other states, though it has met with some religious opposition from Catholic clergy, who believe it doesn’t show proper respect for the dead . . .  (A:  What an old-fashioned idea that is, 'eh?) 


Getting back to Durant's talks, and many others because he was only one of, one of the front groups or spokespeople to push all the same stuff.  But there you go.  So I've got a couple of articles on that.


Washington may become first state to legalize human composting - seattletimes.com / 19 April 2019


 And another one is…


The biodegradable burial pod that turns your body into a tree

cnn.com / 11 Jan 2018


(A:  …a tree… Isn't that...Oh that's nice, that's very green, isn't it, 'eh?  Hm?)


Capsula Mundi is an egg-shaped pod through which a buried corpse or ashes can provide nutrients to a tree planted above it.


(A:  So you find out your real purpose in life is to supply nutrients to a tree. Isn't that wonderful, 'eh?  M-hm.  There ya go.)


They're all in on the act of it, pushing it. Of course, they all get paid for this.  If you don't realize, all these newspapers and magazines get paid to put this stuff in too.  Everything is business, you know. We are the business.  And... 


A Green Alternative to Cremation: Dissolving Your Corpse in Water and Lye - motherjones.com / 17 June 2018


This is the stuff they use to use in movies for getting rid of bodies, for, ooo, it was horrible and all that, in the bathtub. And well, here you are.  But you give it a fancy name and say it's done in a kind of clinical atmosphere, now it sounds a lot better, doesn't it?  And there you go.  And another one too…


A Burial Machine That Will Freeze Your Corpse,


This will all get, they all get start up money from your tax money, I guarantee you, for sustainability, right. I guarantee you, folks. All big businesses today have all their startup money from the taxpayer, in grants, not loans, but grants, okay. So…


A Burial Machine That Will Freeze Your Corpse, Vibrate It to Dust, and Turn It Into Soil - atlasobscura.com / 25 Feb 2016


Isn't that wonderful?  M-hm.  Also, the organs, right. Again, take them off your pedestal, down you go. And there's no end to where you're going to fall, naturally. 


‘Scotland’s new organ donation plans will help me find a heart’

scotsman.com / 26 Feb 2019


A man who experienced the “terror” of waiting for a new heart has backed a leading charity’s call for a change in organ donation law ahead of a crucial vote at Holyrood today.


(A:  This is in Scotland, of course. Scotland's very far ahead actually in socialism. But it says the 25-year-old and so on, it gives you his life and so on. And you feel sorry for the guy. Absolutely, you know.  But you see, it says here that...)


He is supporting the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Scotland, who are calling on Members of Scotish Parliament to back the Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Bill which proposes changing the law in Scotland to introduce an opt-out system.


(A:  You see, before you had to opt in, you see. Now they just take it that you're all opted in, even if you signed another, it doesn't matter if you signed anything or not. So now you have to sign an opt OUT system. You see how everything’s reversed? Starting with, they always give you one thing, then they'll change it when you’re kind of used to the idea.) 


This would mean everyone would be automatically considered to be an organ donor unless they opt-out.


Most folk don't know. You see? But anyway, they always give you true stories, heart-wrenching stories, absolutely. But what's behind it all?  And then Britain, for the whole of Britain…


Britain plans for opt-out organ donation scheme to save lives - businessinsider.com / 5 Aug 2018


...to save lives.  It's the same thing as, you've all got to go into austerity to save the planet. You see, they've always got this plausible, slight plausibility somewhere, you know what I'm saying?  Hm?  Now, when you find out what they're up to too, with, and it's a lot of horror stories to do with what they do, with even the bodies once you die. It really is, you know… If you think it's all, it's done with respect, forget it, folks. Forget it!  N-n.  That went out a long time ago. That went down the tubes, down the drain with your culture and the body parts.


Pig brains kept alive outside body for hours after death

nature.com / 17 April 2019


(A:  But here they give you an example of pigs, right.  Pigs, they've taken their brains out, and then they put a fluid through them to try and revive their brain. Do you think they want to just, are just fascinated with making, you know, pigs intelligent or something? This is all to do with what they're going to be doing with humans. And this is an old idea.  The Soviets had stuff out in the 1920s and 30s, where they had documentaries out there which they sent over to Britain and elsewhere, with dogs heads doing the same thing, full of tubes and the whole bit. It's just... beyond Frankenstein.  M-hm.)


(A:  But anyway, it's all to do with whether you're going to take with you.  And then they'll say, oh, they'll take ethical questions here, because they have to into doing it with humans, blah blah blah. That's how they introduce everything, folks. Really.  M-hm.  Yep. It even goes into what they're doing. It says…)


That could have practical and ethical consequences for organ donation.


(A:  They don't care about the folk, when they’re just cannibalizing your body parts. But it's all, you know, consequences, like, legal.)


In some European countries, emergency responders who cannot resuscitate a person after a heart attack will sometimes use a system that preserves organs for transplantation by pumping oxygenated blood through the body — but not the brain.


You see that?  Just keep the organs that they want live, hey?  But if they use the one for the brain as well, well, how many deaths are you going to get as they keep resuscitating you, you know, keeping your brain separate. Because you'll remember it, you would think, wouldn't you? 


Again, it's... You're into horror and sci-fi, you know. But it's here, folks. And when science is in control, when you have tossed out all the things that gave you any respect for humanity at all, like the sacredness of being human and having life, when you've tossed it out the window and put science in charge of it there's no end to the horror, folks. There really isn't. 


And you know, it's not my decision. A lot of folk will go along with all of this stuff… Oh well, you know.  But I'm just pointing out consequences of things. You've got to have a few folk here and there down through history to tell you the consequences. Really.


This big push now, oh, if we don't save the planet now we're all going to die in so many days and so on.


'We are running out of time to save the planet' - dailymail.co.uk / 18 April 2019


Remember Prince Charles tried that some years ago? And that went down the tubes and we all forgot about that. And we didn't die, and the planet is still here. But they always revive these scary terrifying stories, you see.  And we’re all going to die in so many hundreds of days if we don't sign all this stuff now and sign all our lives over to the scientist to run our lives and blah blah blah, to save the planet, yada, yada ya.  So the organization, one organization with their little logo, they all have their little symbols, everybody, it's interesting to look at their symbols. In Britain, it says...


Protesters target Jeremy Corbyn on day three of Extinction Rebellion - theguardian.com / 17 April 2019


Extinction Rebellion it's called. I keep telling folks, you know, you had the sexu… These are revolutions, and will use the same terminology.  And they're authorized obviously, just like the sexual revolution was authorized.  And it was, it was a cultural revolution. Again, it's Marxist, cultural revolution, you see, destroy the culture, the whole bit, and let folks think it's happening by itself, and then you end up with chaos, then you bring in a new system.  Anyway, they're talking about the climate protests. They brought London to a standstill.  And some of them went around smashing the windows of different corporations, etc. And they're being allowed to do so. Massively organized, though.


Then they have the radical, you know, social warriors for veganism they call it too, they're in part of it.  Because that's all part of the UN agenda, isn't it?  Oh, they create methane, so become vegan, and these terrible meat consumers are causing the problem too. You see, they've got an Army.  They've covered every base here, from the United Nations and the foundations that fund these armies. And they are armies of NGOs. Every aspect of it. And shortly they'll be going into the countryside and attacking folk that live in the countryside. They're already doing it with farmers. It doesn't happen by itself. It's not separate groups doing their own thing here. They're all organized, from those at the top.


So they're talking about… 


Protesters target Jeremy Corbyn on day three of Extinction Rebellion

theguardian.com / 17 April 2019


The first estimate of the financial impact of the so-called climate rebellion came as activists targeted London’s rail network.


They actually wanted to go into their airport too but the cops had to stop them there. Apparently millions of pounds were lost in currency in business because of these massive, massive organized, funded, massive NGO armies, the social warriors for veganism and for this, that and the other, Extinction Rebellion.  They want more carbon taxes. They want NO cars at all for the public. That was all part of Agenda 21, folks.  All part of it, no meat, blah blah blah. Right.


Then you have David Attenborough again, who already did the latest thing. I read it last week I think, with supposedly the seals getting driven over Arctic ice, etc. because they didn't know where they were going, blah blah blah, and stuff’s melting. NO, it wasn't melting.  It's because the polar bears, according to other people there, were chasing, this is what they do, they go after these things and drive them over the edge, then they go down below and eat them.  He's been caught before doing this, though, David Attenborough.  So here he is, we're running out of time to save the planet, he says. This is the big scare tactic, you see.


'We are running out of time to save the planet': David Attenborough warns humanity faces its 'greatest threat in 1,000 years' and calls for 'urgent action' to tackle global warming - dailymail.co.uk / 18 April 2019


I've had the longest winter I've ever seen here.  The snow is still outside. It's melting but the snow is still out there, hm, like from September until now.  It's getting to be more and more of the year… more and more of the year.  As they spray the sky and talk about geo-engineering quite openly now. So he's getting them all worked up, blah blah blah.  Now, let's go into the other part of David Attenborough, right. Remember this article I read not so long ago, 2013 it was?


David Attenborough - Humans are plague on Earth

telegraph.co.uk / 22 Jan 2013


(A:  Hm, does that sound familiar to other great heroes they give you in that movement? So he says…)


Humans are a plague on the Earth that need to be controlled by limiting population growth, according to Sir David Attenborough.


Hm, and he belongs to Optimum Population, the group too with Porritt, the other guy Porritt.  Remember?  I think they call him Lord Porritt or something they call him. But he's a patron of the Population Matters, it says.


Population Matters – en.wikipedia.org

Population Matters, formerly known as the Optimum Population Trust


So yeah, he says they want the right to decide who's going to have children and who will not have children, hey.  There you go. That same old agenda, that's so old, goes way back to even the founders of the Fabian Society, hm.  Yep, it's all here, folks. Another one too was that...


Sir David Attenborough: we must act on population -  populationmatters.org / 5 Oct 2018


We must act on population, he says, again. He's in with Paul Ehrlich and all these same characters that were going to give you the coming Ice Age. And then they changed it to global warming.  Now it's changed to climate change.  M-hm.  Same group. Limit population. Remember The Population Bomb?  Boom, boom, boom.  Yep.  There ya go.  So he's going on.


Mind you, I mean, then the United Nations too, I've got some articles from them...


Eco-Green Clubs in Schools - UN



Eco clubs in schools will empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.


You see, it's all parts of the indoctrination of the children so they become eco-warriors and vegan warriors and eco-green club warriors and all the rest of it.


International Vegan Rights Alliance - theivra.com


And don't forget what the Green Party is all about and what it used to be called, 'eh. For those who don't remember, hm, don't they remember what it meant, 'eh?  It was called the Ecology Party initially when they first came out with it.  Then they changed it into green politics because that would be the new party for the planet, for scientific socialism, folks, and to manage us all.  There ya go.


Ecology Party (Now Green Party) - en.wikipedia.org




Extinction Rebellion: Shell HQ windows smashed as climate protest blocks London roads - telegraph.co.uk / 16 April 2019


Extinction Rebellion group, smash the Shell Oil company, the HQ Corporation, smashed the windows and the doors and all the rest of it as they go through London there.  That's your peaceable, you know, managed, well-funded, well-trained groups. And other places got the same kind of treatment as well, as they brought London to a standstill. If they bring London to a standstill, it's all authorized. Because the folk who own Britain, and they own Britain as they own every other country, are training us all into the new system, the new chapter as I mentioned it. And...


The Extinction Rebellion leaders: Jet-setter Robin Boardman a Buddhist teacher and a yoga instructor

telegraph.co.uk / 18 April 2019


(A:  …who's awfully wealthy and I think he flies all over the planet, it says)


A leading Extinction Rebellion activist who said that “air travel should only be used in emergencies” (A:  That's for all of you.)  lives a jet-set lifestyle, taking skiing holidays, visiting global landmarks and enjoying walks along palm-tree lined paths.


(A:  Isn't that wonderful, hm?)


Robin Boardman-Pattinson walked out of a television interview after being branded “incompetent, middle-class and self indulgent” by Sky’s Adam Boulton, (A:  And he fights for other things as well…) but The Telegraph can reveal that climate change is not the only cause which he fights for.


The 21-year-old is a serial protestor, who has railed against Dominos Pizza, Bristol Magistrates court, Toby Young and Bromley Council.


He’s also campaigned against the expansion of Heathrow airport, supported Muslim women wearing Hijabs and Niqabs and asked for retail space in Bristol turned into a slave trade museum.


[Alan laughing.]   He probably makes his money off all the different groups that donate to him, and the foundations, 'eh.  I tell you.  Well, I guess it's a make-work project for some of these guys. And then you've got an article here too. It says…


Green giants - the eco power list

theguardian.com / 15 Jan 2011


From David Attenborough to Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement, (A:  That's another part too, Transition Town movement.) the Observer Ethical Awards has honoured many movers and shakers in ecological and social justice.


(A: I guess that's… So what IS social justice? Think about it, folks, who decides what that means?)


So it seems fitting to launch our sixth awards by profiling the 20 global figures who'll exert influence in 2011.


(A: This is back in 2011.)


For those on our list, the coming year might best be described as "take your partners" time, as activists and corporates scramble for power – and we're predicting some unlikely marriages ahead.


(A: It's true, it shows you who teams up with whom and what corporations team up with some of these eco-warriors for you, 'eh.  You can get awfully wealthy if you get in with the right ones.)


I'll put up a list of...


List of accredited organizations - UN Environment - unenvironment.org


the accredited organizations to the United Nations. Because they have inner groups and outer groups, just like the Royal Institute of International Affairs/ CFR.  And you can get on their observer status group list or you can just be an ordinary NGO, etc. and get... Again, the leaders get awfully well-funded. But they've got them in every country, well organized across the planet.  And if you look into the foundation money they all get it's just incredible. Tax-free foundations. Getting back to Weishaupt and he said, that they could actually create philanthropist that would then guide and help rule the world. Well, here we are, folks.  M-hm.  The big foundations, tax-free, charitable foundations, owned by the richest corporations on the planet, are corporate owners. 


Jonathon Porritt – en.wikipedia.org


And also, yeah, Jonathan Porritt, he’s a guy who's in with the Optimum Population Trust, etc. It says here, Sir Jonathan Espie Porritt.  It gives you his early life and career, etc., it gives you his life, etc. But he's really, he's into the Ecology Party, which is…


. . . Ecology Party (now the Green Party of England and Wales).


Yeah, he's all for reducing the population, etc., and really running the world with an iron fist.  He's in with David Attenborough and other ones too. And again, with Paul Ehrlich and the rest of them. And by the way, Paul Ehrlich’s wife is on the board of the Club of Rome that came up with the idea of what to use, which was the climate against the people to save us all. I'll put all these ones up for anyone who's interested. Most folk don't care. But you never know.


This article too, is about what happens at the end of the protest, you see, for the environment and veganism and all that.  So, they go to another protest which is the cannabis one, have it annually apparently, in nearby Hyde Park. They have a big, big pro-cannabis party, so all the ones who don't want to eat meat and so on are all about destroying businesses and corporations, all moved up to the pro-cannabis party and join them.  [Alan laughing.]  There ya go, folks, hm.  There ya go.


Environ-Vegans and the High Life

WEED best get going! Protesters FINALLY move from Oxford Circus to walk to nearby Hyde Park for pro-cannabis party after police fail to shift them for five days - dailymail.co.uk / 20 April 2019


So I'll put other articles up for those who want to have a look at it. It says here how...


The Cotswold Conspirators: How four key players in the Extinction Rebellion eco-mob plotted chaos in London from vegetarian café in leafy market town - dailymail.co.uk / 18 April 2019


They're pretty well heeled, believe you me, folks.  But they are just the fronts too because above them you've got people in business suits at the very top. The top backers remember are big corporations, including the energy industry. Because they get so much funding to go green, 'eh?  Isn't that awfully lucrative for them.  [Alan chuckles.]


Then of course, I mentioned last week too that… 


Zuckerberg Calls for Global Internet Regulations - bloomberg.com / 30 March 2019


New chapter again, folks, as they take basically all your freedoms of speech away from you. The whole thing with Assange is a warning to everybody now, because you know, the glove's off, the velvet glove's off and you see the iron fist. That's a warning to everybody that they're not going to, that now it's time to reel in any rights that you thought that you had. You're getting taught that you don't at all.  Fear is an awfully good educator for most people. And when it gets really bad in totalitarian systems, you get terror that's used on the public, as some of the totalitarian systems in the recent past should have taught us in fact. It doesn't change, does it? 


Interesting with Notre Dame Cathedral because... Fantastic photographs just before the fire started, by folk who are even getting married in it. Incredible history there. 


Notre Dame cathedral photos captured by Australian honeymooner hours before fire - abc.net.au / 15 April 2019


What's amazing to musicians and so on is the acoustics in the place, and how they understood acoustics. Where even the big pillars had sub pillars around them, these [?] pillars, and they actually cut literally a form, it's like woodworkers, cutting against the grain of the stone to get a certain pitch, tone of it. Then they had smaller or these thinner pillars around the main pillars going up, and these literally helped the whole church vibrates when the organ played into different notes. It's just astonishing, really. Well understood such a long time ago when it was built, you know.  M-hm.


Orson Welles - Tribute to Builders of Chartres Cathedral (could say the same for Notre Dame) - youtube.com / 14 Nov 2006


Another one too to do with geo-engineering, I mean, how can you even keep blaming the public for the weather when they're causing it to change?  Hm?  Remember the article, it said a few years back from geo-engineering groups and universities, if they were ever, ever, ha, if they were ever to geo-engineer it could cause chaos, especially when they're going into it. Nevermind the human fallout health wise, but also, and again, even with aluminum and so on, and how it would affect the plants, maybe us too, our health. But they said that going into it, to get loading doses enough into the stratosphere could take years, and you would get chaos, it would upset weather patterns and the jet streams and so on, patterns, until it stabilizes. And then you couldn't stop it. Because once, if you try to stop spraying it, once you've done that, it would go through the same chaos as it tried to revert back again, it could last for years.  Hm, does that kind of ring a bell, going through bit of chaos right now? …as we go into it all? Anyway, it says…


Longshot presidential candidate Andrew Yang thinks rogue geoengineering could cause a war. He wants the US to take the lead before it happens. - thisisinsider.com / 13 April 2019


So, here is a call for more geo-engineering, just in case the Chinese do it first, hey.  [Alan laughing.]   So this is an article, it's quite interesting for me to read this one. I'll put this one up for you too. For anybody who cares. Life isn't all doom and gloom. You get a good laugh at the cons that go on as you’re all getting brainwashed basically. It's quite interesting to see. And...


The Energy 202: Study renews debate about a radical climate solution – geoengineering - washingtonpost.com / 13 March 2019


It's by a reporter Chris Mooney covering climate change and so on, energy, the environment.  I'll put this one up too. It's quite something.


It's just quite something as I've mentioned before how we're in a new chapter, and power is reasserting itself, now. They had to give you 20 years of the Internet to get you hooked on it, to make sure you stay on it as they take all your rights away. Most folk now are quite content with really good nudging, where they don't even know they're getting nudged all the time, in real time, to think the right things, look at what the right things, meaning what they want you to look at, and to avoid the things they don't want you to look at, and to train you to be good, to be good, you see.  And that means just obeying your bosses, and they’ll leave you alone. That's the standard thing all down through history, isn't it?


But that's about all the time I've got for tonight unfortunately. It's kind of flown in again. It always flies in, doesn't it?  And yet, yeah, there's nothing much I can do about that.  It's just the way it is. I hope you're all doing okay and surviving. So many folk are dropping off, [Alan chuckles.]  as you get older naturally that happens.


But I was thinking too about all the good music we had years ago and how step-by-step they destroyed it until, just like the art, all the beauty had to be taken out of life... as they deculturalize you, cause upheaval in society and marriage and relationships... and everything else had to be destroyed.  And here we are.  You don't even have the decent good humane music, the music that was meant, real communication about thoughts and emotions from people to people, how it's all disappeared and all you're left with was anger for a while... and then they give you just meaningless wailing basically.  Yeah.  As we go through this period that Mr. Durant said you would do once they destroyed the culture. Here we are, folks. Quite amazing, isn't it.


As I say, the only reason I come out with it is to help those who want to know. Most folk are quite content to go along with everything as long as they're happy at the time and they've got enough money to spend and have pleasure and happiness. Quite understandable.  But it won't last forever. It's not meant to.


But for those who have always understood something was very wrong, and got clues about it, my job is basically to come out and hopefully help those, to give them the reasons why things are the way they are, why they're going the way they are and how you got to where you are now. Without killing yourself because a lot of people have been self-destructive.  The people who had insights into this kind of thing and had inquiring minds could be awfully self destructive to quieten your mind when you know so many things are just plain wrong, with the versions you're getting told... and the culture that isn't your culture anymore.  In fact, you've got very little to actually believe in much anymore, except authority, the authorities that are over you. 


So hopefully that helps people. And I know from all the years I've had so many folk, who’ve even grown up with me, and listen to my stuff, and it helps them out. And that's the reward in itself. Because no one should deprive you, anybody shouldn't deprive anybody of the right to know truth. And you can play with it all you want with, oh what is truth, blah blah blah. Well, the real facts, real facts, facts, all of the facts, on everything, instead of just giving you selective facts that you'll spin it off in one direction to be used by someone else's agenda. All the facts, you see. That's how it should be.


And news isn't even news now, as you know.  It's basically opinions. You have what I think even Aldous Huxley called in Brave New World, a kind of infotainment, I think it was called, like information/entertainment combined. That's what you have today. It's all about who's in Hollywood, who’s on the latest show on television. That's not news, folks. No. Nope. Not at all.


So anyway, I'm glad you're, most folk are hanging in there and getting something still out of it. As I say, there's no downer in understanding at all. There certainly isn't. For those who are the eternal optimist who've been trained to look at the positive and never look at the negative, they are the people who put on earmuffs as they walk away, they're walking along the train track but they don't look backwards, it's just too unpleasant. Well, that's their decision, you see. And you've got to accept other folks’ decisions. We’re in a stage with the new chapter, we're living in an intolerant system where people won't even accept other opinions about anything. They're showing their teeth now.


Anyway, that's it for today.  Stick in there. Things are changing, obviously, and you feel the forces gathering that are rather nasty. I do.  And it's not pleasant at all.


So for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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