Apr. 28, 2019 (#1718)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"The Séance of Science Entranced Us to a State All Catatonic,

 We're Brain-Entrained Electric-Chained, System Technetronic."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April 28, 2019.  I woke yesterday morning to snow, another dump of snow. Not much, mind you. But it's quite interesting to watch the cooling of the planet, as far as I can see it, from my point of view in northern Ontario. And it's been one heck of a winter as I've said before. And everyone is certainly suffering through their wallet, nevermind anything else. Because the wallet itself has got to pay for your fuel and so on. So, there you go, that's our...  And of course, they're going to tell us again that we've had the warmest winter, probably, since the last 150, maybe 2000 years, who knows, hey.  They got a habit of just putting their finger in the wind and coming up with these incredible statements. That they're scary statements, you see, because you got to be terrified and hand all authority over to the specialists, you see, you've got to hand it all over to them so they can save you.


I just noticed the other day too, I'm paying taxes with the carbon taxes already in it.  And it's a fancy name to it, of course.  They don't call it just carbon tax, nice fancy name to it. And it sounds all user-friendly and population friendly, etc. etc.  And yet the whole agenda, as you know, for the promotion of the big fear mongering to get the world united under a common enemy, which is ourselves apparently, is to terrify us so we do give our rights up, so that the specialists can basically convince us, it doesn't take much, you know, to convince people, to do what they want you to do if it's done in the proper way.  It's quite easy actually. It's quite easy.


I'll put up a link to a so-called mentalist or hypnotist, Derren Brown from Britain, who does some really good shows apparently. He does the mass hypnosis, etc., by using techniques which neuroscientists are well aware of and the behaviorists are well aware of too, and of course all intelligence agencies are incredibly well aware of.  Because they are taught how to influence human behavior very quickly, techniques to make it happen very quickly. And when you have people coming in to, say, motivational courses for salesmanship or whatever it happens to be called, they're already giving up their will to an extent, a great extent, for most of them anyway, to whoever's going to be the person that flaps their arms around in front of them and convinces them that they know what they should be doing, etc. You're already giving your will over to, basically, a hypnotist. 


It's sad too, to realize that it is rather easy to encourage people to do what you want them to do. Everybody wants to be part, you see, once you get a crowd together pretty well everyone wants to be part of that crowd. In fact, the Delphi techniques, users, the ones who use it and push it and promote it, they are taught, the leaders are taught how to get all the group on board with whoever the government wants... even local governments even higher them in fact.  They come in and they've got a little ad in your paper, the meeting's to be held in a local hall, blah blah blah. And they go in there and the person, they're trained to be pleasant, you see, like a good psychopath would be.  And some of them are actually psychopaths.  Because their job is to lie to you and get you to agree to something that perhaps you shouldn't agree to, but they'll make it sound all wonderful.


And they have plants in the audience already set up there so if someone starts asking the awkward questions for them like, well, are you sure this program is going to benefit us? it's maybe going to benefit some corporation instead or something like that?  Immediately these plants will stand up, oh, shhh, shhh, and boo, and make you out to be a troublemaker. These are simple techniques that are awfully effective to sway the rest of the crowd. And before you know it the crowd will say, yeah, yeah, sit down, you know, don't harass this nice man or this nice woman who's telling us what we should be knowing, you see.  Very easy to do.


Derren Brown - The Heist, Pt. 1 - youtube.com


Then you had, in this Brown particular one that I'll put up, the link anyway, he actually had supposedly hypnotized a few of the people in the room who attended this conference or this lecture, on how to basically become robbers, to rob a kind of security van with money in it with a fake gun. And they followed right through. They picked I think three at the end and they followed through with it too.  But you'll see the techniques in a very simplistic form of course of how they go through with it.


There's a certain element of course questionable in all of this because in hypnosis generally, in hypnosis those who become hypnotized in a sense want to be to an extent. There are techniques to prompt you in, to motivate you, like I said, the Delphi technique, by using basic human instincts and behavior, where you all want to conform and be part of a happy little group, you see. And you will call down someone who asks the proper, the proper questions that are going to upset the person who's trying to push change.


But if it's so simple to create a group like this particular Derren Brown's show did, then you understand that this can be used on a much larger scale.  And it IS used on a much larger scale through media and through inserts of the same repetition, repetitive little one-liners basically, generally one-liners, to save the economy, to save the world, to save ecology, to save, to save, to save, you see, until you just, you'll parrot it in your sleep. And before you know it, you're being conditioned quite easily. Until eventually it's almost like heresy to go against it. Literally, that's how it's being formed. Well, I don't believe that at all, I don't see that happening. Well, that's heretical.  And you're attacked as an heretic, by the authorities too which will back up this because there's a big, big world agenda riding on this whole future, this planned future.


But again, even in the Derren Brown one, this particular show, he shows you a little sequence where they actually send some of the ones that are selected for hypnosis and going through with this fake robbery, where they use the Milgram Experiment where the people will think they're actually shocking a person in a different room who get the answers wrong, and they up the voltage every time there's a wrong answer.  And the person who's doing it gives authority to the person in the white coat that tells them, oh go ahead and flip that switch and up the voltage. And the person will say, but they're getting hurt by this. But as long as someone else in a position of authority takes the responsibility you go through with it, most folk will go through with it and flip the switch. Even though it goes up to what would really be a deadly voltage, some of them actually go through with this. 


Just to prove the people will follow orders, because it's a human nature with most people to follow orders from a person in authority, who technically will take responsibility, you see. That's why you find horrific things happening the world by people who will torture and so on and do all the nasty stuff for governments, of all countries, as long as someone else is taking responsibility for it. Mind you, there are psychopaths who like it anyway.  And they are also recruited, by the way, government has a way of sussing out who the psychopaths are. They have tests for it. And some very accurate tests.  Not just the ones they use in prison for prisoners, but they have ones for the military.


I remember years ago there was a good documentary put out on the submarine bases in Britain, and Scotland actually, I think, where they had a journey around some of these submarines.  They actually asked the commander, how do they select the ones, the two guys who have the keys, who insert the keys simultaneously.  One has a key each and they are the guys who set an arm the missiles, submarine, for use for actual firing. Because you can imagine a lot of folk would crack up with it. They would.  At the last minute you'd crack, I’d think, my God, you know, I'm gonna kill maybe thousands, maybe millions of people by firing these particular atomic weapons.  So they have ones picked.  And they say they're very accurate at how they pick them. They pick psychopaths.  For those who don't know that, hmph, they actually pick psychopaths.


And psychopaths, there's different categories of them too.  There's lazy psychopaths.  There are ambitious psychopaths. There's all kinds of them. So they get the ones who are quite content going along with extra privileges and so on, bigger money than the average able-bodied seamen would get.  And they have more authority than some of the rest of them too. They're quite content. They'll also give their allegiance to someone who pays them awfully well, much bigger, much better pay rates than seamen. They're quite content with it, they'll do it, they'll follow right through to the end, they'll actually fire the real thing if need be. So, they're psychopaths.


Most folk live in Disneyland, don't they? We are trained to live in Disneyland where everything's wonderful and serene at the top where our masters just weave in and out of this strange complex system of ruling over us, really, and managing us at the same time. And we are being ruled, that's the difference between so-called democratic governments and the dictatorial government. We're being ruled regardless because when you have big agendas that work, using techniques, including from school-age, getting a type of brainwashing in certain must-be programs, then sure you're being ruled. Now, that's not Democratic involvement, that's rulership. Rulership is very different from democracy. And people forget that too.  But we are trained to just, just, you know, close our eyes and sit back and all these better people who come out of better wombs, special wombs, can govern you all and manage you all and rule you and take care of all the big problems. And that's how it's done, isn't it.


And the real world, it's vastly different from how we are trained. The ones above you, when you meet some of them actually, they're very straightforward within their own groups of what they're going to say. They're not so guarded as everyone, you'd think they are, amongst themselves.  But if they think you're one of them too, it can happen as well. But they can be very, very open about the system. And they laugh, they would laugh at you if you came out with the Disney statements.  They literally have no illusions about the world or their positions in the world that they have themselves and how they help to govern and rule everything, unseen by the public in fact, and even unknown by the public that they even exist. But they certainly are there.


Of course, Carroll Quigley talked about them, they call them the oligarchy. You find long before that too Aldous Huxley called them the same kind of thing, the ruling oligarchy, a dominant minority at the top.  A scientific elite ruling on behalf of the dominant minority, and on the way down a whole different, category after category, very much like Plato's Republic to an extent and how they'd have literally selective breeding programs for different ruling classes, including military classes as well.  But that exists, it does exist at a high level.  It's been there your whole life. It's been there long before your grandparents were born.


We're living through an agenda, as I say. Now, there is some variables in the agenda, like, should we go to war with this group physically, should we go to war with this group economically, or blah blah blah? There's different ways you can achieve your objective and sometimes they'll choose one over the other. But the goal is always the same.  Always the same.  I look, for instance, at, there's an article on Syria and I'll put the links up, of course. But the article on Syria was about how it's really in an economic shambles and it would take about $240 billion literally to try and get it back on any sustainable footing again after all these wars that the West has been heavily supporting along with other countries too.  But yeah, it's economically, and don't forget, economic warfare is one of the biggest forms of warfare there is. That's why you put sanctions on people. And warfare itself, real warfare, physical warfare also demands reconstruction and fixing of infrastructure, etc. So sustained warfare brings it right down.  So there are many ways to achieve your objective.


Waiting 19 Hours for Gas in a Lifeless City (Syria) - bloomberg.com / 25 April 2019


And Syria was on the list, of course, put out back in the 90s by the PNAC group.  General Wesley Clark said there was a whole bunch of countries on that list, in fact, quite a few of them. I gave talks on them years ago.


But anyway, you're living through incredible, incredible agendas.  And many of them you will never understand anyway. It's not meant that you understand them. And of course, you suffer from the consequences of them too.  But you've got to understand who does benefit, always look who benefits from it all. And what's the long-term strategy of it all too.


When you go back even to the earlier times as I've mentioned before of those who openly talked about world government, in the 19th century, and even before but the 19th century far more open about it with the revolutionary movements. Of course, all the people who backed and helped promote the League of Nations at the end of World War I, to get that up and running as an embryo of world government, a kind of parliamentary system.  Very much like you had with Locksley Hall, the poem on Locksley Hall to do with the parliament of the world. That was the idea, the hope of many of the intergenerational revolutionaries.  We truly are living in quite a system, in fact, when you watch it all materializing through covert actions.  But they always achieve their goal eventually, don't they?


Today it's, you'll find like Jacques Attali, for instance, a big player. Not Jacques Ellul but Jacques Attali.  Jacques Attali, he probably is more up there amongst the oligarchic helpers at the very top, at the very least. He was called a Sherpa by Mitterrand, behind Mitterrand in France. In fact, he literally was the boss, it's said by many of the folk in France, of about three different presidents. Including the present ones, for those who don't know it too.  Attali boasts about helping to get Macron in, and Hollande before him.


Attali is way up at the United Nations too. And he's got big, intensive, massive input with big investments across the world for investment companies economically. So he's a big player in all of this. He was in an article a few years ago for other, ha, nefarious things from France, a few folk were charged for something.  But anyway, I don't know what happened with that thing, he probably got off with that.  I bet you.  Because he's got so much clout. But you should look into him and his writings because he's really quite open about world government.  Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order, you know, that was one of the subtitles of one of his books, Millennium. And the follow up to it too, another book after it too.


But he's rather open about the big agenda and how massive corporations, that are all running the world now, but about 2000, 2006 I think, he said that these massive corporations are a form of world government, they could force governments to go along with them. They can, they've got so much clout these big corporations, they can blackmail, his words were actually, blackmail governments of countries, and newspapers, to go along with what they want them to promote economically, and have positive reviews on things they want to have positively reviewed. He also talked about that technology would help bring in world government as we become interfaced across the whole planet, connected together in a sense through technology. And that we'll be self surveyed with surveillance, and we'd be surveilled as well, we'd be surveilled by our own governments and eventually a world government as well as more and more power is put into central massive computers for the planet basically. And it's really all here, isn't it?


He talked about the fact that the economic powers of very very rich institutions in the hands of the oligarchs could rule the planet in a more efficient way than ever before. You'll find, and he's quite right, which I've noticed for years and I've talked about for years, that governments, when you see governments across the world doing the same things at the same time, passing the same laws at the same time, and even shedding governmental departments to privatize at the same time, then you realize you're already in a form of world government.  Of course you are. Of course you are.   He said the same thing in his books, and in his statements he's put out, in all the writings and so on.  He's been quite open about the fact that these companies will basically be given, they are a different form of government already, what they want is total surveillance of the society of every single individual from birth to death, and the rights to basically alter all their lives by having you move wherever they need you to work, etc. etc. I mean, it's a very cold mechanistic system. We’re all numbers now. We’re not people anymore. And if you are people at all you're into somebody's and nobody's.  He calls them winners and losers, but you’re somebody's or nobody's. That simply is how it is.  It's a truly... it's a true financial capitalist class system, with no apologies. That's what it is. And really, it's all here, isn't it? It's all here. 


When you look at all the things that went on before through your entire life in fact, and before you're born, of the massive think tanks with their, with what they've published themselves, and people who participated in these different think tanks who published articles and books over many many years, and you see it all happening maybe 20 years from the time you read the thing, or 30 years sometimes, and you're living through it all and you realize, what does this mean about democracy?  when any force at all, even the passive forces simply, you know, want a vote on something, is denied that vote to get anything done, then you realize your democracy is a big, big joke. Of course, it is. 


I mentioned it before how when you're given a vote for something, and it doesn't go along with the big agenda, they simply then ignore it. Like the folk who didn't want super cities, where they amalgamate all the different little cities around a bigger one, like Toronto. The folk were given the vote by whatever counsel it was, or Queen... maybe for the government of Ontario... But anyway, I don't know which one gave them the vote, but they did vote for it. And the people didn't want it. And they voted against it by quite a good margin. But the ones who managed it all and the authorities said, well we didn't have to give you the vote any way so we're just going to ignore it. That literally was in the newspapers at the time.


Then you get the Brexit thing from Britain, it's the same thing too.  So you don't have really democracy at all. You have lots of agendas that have still, are underway and have to be fulfilled some of them, more to come after that as well. And you have your big promotion groups that promote everything. But you don't have a real say in the important things that matter to you. In fact, you're distracted by lots of deliberately put out topics and things to distract you forever. Where it's meaningless data, meaningless data, that's all it is.  As I say, with the photographs and the ooo's and aaa's and oh, did you know, look at that, ooo, aaa, ooo.  It's all managed that way for you to distract you. Quite something, hey.


So we're living through it, and I'll just touch on some the things that Brzezinski has said. He was a good promoter of it all because he, again, was way up there at the CFR and Trilateral commission too.  And helped plan the future among, for the big think tanks, for all nations and so called Allied, [Alan chuckles.] if we call them Allied anymore, or western side of the world. But he talked about The Technocratic Era in his book, Between Two Ages. Awfully good book if you want to get into it. It was written in the 1970s and in it, in the book he talked about how the system was and where it was going to be taken, and the technocratic era of where you would have a controlled society through technology. He says,


“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, (Alan:  You know, an elite... is again, it's on behalf of the dominant minority.) unrestrained by traditional values. (A:  Traditional values, you see. In other words, whatever you think is right and wrong and moral or anything, oh no, they've got their own, own version of what's moral for themselves.)  Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. (A:  Remember, this is 1970s, when you thought it was all about the Cold War.)  These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ”


(A:  ...THE authorities. There you go.  Didn't say from government or anything, THE authorities, you see. Here's another paragraph that Brzezinski put out on his vision of the future basically.)


“Another threat, less overt but no less basic, confronts liberal democracy. More directly linked to the impact of technology, it involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society. (A:  That's what we're in right now, is the big chapter of that, it's kicked in big time.)  Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific knowhow. (A: Well, what are we getting bombarded with for giving all our rights up right now, hm?) Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control.  Under such circumstances, the scientific and technological momentum of the country would not be reversed but would actually feed on the situation it exploits.”


  Zbigniew Brzezinski,  Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era 


M-hm.  Well, you tie that in with again Jacques Attali who talked about this elite and he seemed to be, as far as I can tell, for it. Cass Sunstein put out his book called Nudge, because he's really into influencing the public by all the psychological techniques possible, by using Internet on the public, in real time as you're watching it. I've done the talks on it recently, not so long ago, at least, with the Behavioral InsightsTteams that all your governments are now using to change your, have you changed your opinions on things, and to direct you on what you should be looking at on the Internet and so on. You're being nudged all the time.


Big money to these, and their neuroscientists and psychologists and behaviorists have their full-time employment, hundreds of them, in every country, and they literally decide, and they work with the big big tech companies to nudge you into looking up what they want you to look at when you punch up certain topics. They want to direct you away from what you maybe heard about, or maybe you wanted to look at, into something else, to change your opinion. Well, Jacques Attali is all for that kind of thing. Which is really here in full force today.


For instance, I don't have anything set on my computer where they can actually tell me what to go and look at.  What they'll say, well, for instance, on your browsers, people who looked at this also looked at that. I don't go for that at all. I know what I'm going to look for in the first place and nothing is going to sway me for it. That's how you've got to do it.  Because you will, you'll be diverted so easily.  They know your psychology. You've all got your personality profiles down, they've got you down pat, instant retrieval for these Behavioral Insights Teams. Instant retrieval. They know that they can put something in there as you're looking for something, of, say, a hobby you're into.  If you're a musician and you're into music they'll immediately grab you and off you go, and about two hours later you'll wonder where you went and why you went there. It's quite easy to do it.


And just like I said, the Delphi technique of persuasion and getting, the government send out these people, and so do big businesses, where they want to come into your little township and say, you know, if we build this here we could actually improve your economy, we could help you here and help you there and blah blah blah, if you'll only give up a bit of your land and a bit of this and a bit of… That's how it's done. You see? …a bit of your rights, put it that way too.


And as I say, they are experts in actually diverting any criticism that anybody comes up with, who knows their facts.  They've got plants in the audiences too, the Delphi technique, and knowing that the ones in the front row will like this person that's presenting, it's like a teacher thing, the apple for the teacher types... Oh, shut up and let the man speak, you know, let this presenter speak, he's nice, I like the man. And that's it.  They'll criticize you if you stand up with the real facts and say, wait a minute here, here's all the other facts they're not talking about here. They use the audience against someone who's got some facts. That's the Delphi technique. Very persuasive. Very well done and very professional.  By using basic human nature and behaviorism.


So, this is the same kind of thing here, it's all through society today. You've been subject to it your whole life long if you watch television. You're constantly having your opinions made for you. And it's through emotions. If you get emotionally involved in a topic you've lost the game.  Sorry. That's one of the first lessons they teach the people at the top. Getting emotionally involved, once you're emotionally involved in something you've lost.  When reason is out the window someone's using you.  Quite easy to do.


Brzezinski let a lot of cats out of the bag.  We're still, you know, analyzing it today of course. He's one player in it, of course; there's many, many more. He also said...


Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality,


(A:  ...which they're giving you all the time, all these super philanthropist type characters, or the Bill Gates characters, you see. You're given… They are created for you. This is a new form of government, if you understand, or governance as they like to call it. By using these characters. What are they? They’re businessman.  Heavily funded by us, our tax money, the public/private ventures.  But they give you…  They write up these great, they make stars out of them, you understand. There's a star making machine and they make stars out of these. They first came out with John Brockman, when he did for scientists, they make them so you'd follow scientists and start thinking they were some sort of geniuses, so you should follow them and take their opinions, on everything.  And it works awfully well.  So, a charismatic personality…)


and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the steppingstones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society.


Now, years ago I put out links and did some talks on the Reese Commission, the U.S. Congress’s Reese Commission authorized to send Norman Dodd and some other commissioners or congressmen to investigate the tax-free foundations, the big… like the Carnegie, Ford Institutes and so on, and Rockefeller ones. They fund thousands of NGOs across the world and influence all countries in their politics and direct the world agenda, the world agenda, the planetary world agenda. Of course, it is. 


It was to find out why these rich billionaires, really, that ran things, who set up these foundations, who owned the industry of the US pretty well and a good part of the world, seemed to be promoting what seemed to be communism. So, they did their inquiries into it and Dodd talks about it.  He said, and I actually put the links up where he has an audio from, going back on it, reflecting, what he was told by the head of the Ford Foundation at the time, that I think was taken over by the maybe the Rockefeller, one of the other ones eventually at that time. Anyway, the Ford foundation, the philanthropic foundation, supposedly, the CEO, or the head of it had, he said, our job is to literally merge the two systems together, that of communism, the Soviet system, through schooling and so on, and politics, with the West, the two systems would combine. And he was told that quite blatantly and quietly, so much so that it kind of shocked him to realize that this is what they admitted they were working towards, bringing the two systems together.


Awfully important because if you understand that Tony Blair with the international socialism… And don't forget when Lenin said, I think it was Lenin said that communism is only socialism in a hurry. You see? The goal is eventually the same. But when you look at the systems that they were pushing, for merging the two together, that's pretty well what Carol Quigley talked about too. He said the organization that he was in was pushing the same kind of thing, world governmental systems were being pushed and eventually combine with each other and that was the goal. Today we call it globalism. It's all the same thing really.


Of course, the Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations was a big part of that going all the way back to Lord Alfred Milner when it was simply known as the Milner group, or even Kindergarten where the students were trained to run the British Empire, the US took it over and promoted it through the League of Nations and the United Nations. They set up the World Bank, the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements. They're all powerful institutions that help run the world. In fact, they promote a lot of what's happening in the world, and pay for it too, as we pay for it all through your tax money. But very powerful institutions. They set up the United Nations as well.


Quigley said that we, meaning the Council on Foreign Relations /Royal Institute of International Affairs, he says, we’re often mistaken for communism. That's why this inquiry was initiated in the first place. And he says, we’re often mistaken for communism because our goals are very much the same. And that's what it is, that's what we're really in. It's positive freedom and negative freedom.  Tony Blair went to one of his mentors, his main mentor who is Isaiah Berlin and he asked him, he says, is it possible to combine, like the percentagewise, how much positive freedom and negative freedom? And that's what they're talking about, the system we're in today, if you notice, your rights have been stripped away.  You're all under something that revolutions would've been fought over, and not so long ago, and that's the elimination of all privacy.  That's such a personal important right is to have personal privacy, folks.  And under the guise, as always, a necessity for terrorism, you see.  Necessity, they can take everything away from you. And this happened again.  And that is the agenda. Because you're now in a system where they'll still tell you you’re free, and a lot of folk will still believe in it, you know, because they can go out shopping, that's what they say freedom is. But in reality, you've lost so many rights, soo many rights, and you're losing them all the time.   And you've been trained to accept it's all quite normal. Look at people, look at people around you, how they just dish out their names and addresses and all the rest of it, to any cashier that asks them to get some points on a card or something, or a slight discount on a product or whatever in stores. They think nothing of it.  Well, that's the end of it. When folk don’t value their privacy, it's finished, folks. Really finished. 


They're making it impossible to even survive in the system now and have any privacy at all as they go completely electronic with everything.  A lot of companies won't even accept checks anymore. Or they're trying to dissuade you from having checks. You used to get bills at one time, they send you the bill and an envelope to send it back with. That was all part of it, that was part of their little cost, not much at all, because all business is supposed to have operating costs. They don't want that anymore. They want pure profit. They want you to do all the work. You go into the grocery store, you fill up the baskets yourself, you get the things, you take them to the checkout counter, you do the packing at the checkout counter. You’re doing it all yourself. You're doing all the work. And then you've got to buy plastic bags if you use plastic bags. So, what's the cost of operating anymore? You to save them stacks and stacks and stacks of money to get even more and more profit. There's no such thing now as a decent profits, it's just the sky's the limit.  Pure greed.  And it's going to get a lot worse.


But right now, as I say, Jacques Attali especially was all for this system, thought it was wonderful. I'm sure he's got lots of investments in it too.  But you're looking at a system of total management. That those who are winners, as Attali calls them, and those who are losers, that's all the rest of you, the bulk of you.  That's what he means by this. When you really read his writings, that's what he's telling you. It isn't just to do with high-speed Internet. No, it's much, much more than that.


As I say, Brzezinski is quite well aware of it too.  Getting back to this merging of the Soviet system and the West, you see, this is what Brzezinski said about it.


The regionalization


(A:  They call it regionalization, right...  We’ll regionalize different places, like the European Union.  Then NAFTA was to unite the whole of the Americas by the way.  I gave the talks on that years ago. It wasn't just the free-trade thing, again, anymore than the European Union was just about free trade. It's total amalgamation.  And they wanted to even set up a parliament in 2005, that came out on the news in Canada by participants in this get together for the three amigos for NAFTA. They said that they even thought about, even discussed casually, possibly set up a parliament in Montréal for the whole of the Americas. But they had a bit of a backlash from the US, so they went back to pretending they're asleep a bit. They don't sleep, folks. It's always been the agenda. A very old agenda.  Some of this, some of that, some of the Americas, etc. etc.  Anyway, very old agenda. All the way back again to, as I say, Alfred Milner, and probably before him too.)


(A: But, regionalization, right. Here's Brzezinski it says...)


This regionalization is in keeping with the trilateral plan (A: Right, that's what he also was a member of.) which calls for a gradual convergence of the East and West (A: You see, East and West, getting back to Norman Dodd, the Reese Commission, East and West, right.) ultimately leading towards the goal of one world government.


This is not conspiracy, like... I tell you, I mean, look up just World Government on Wikipedia, on this thing called Wikipedia, right.  [Alan chuckles.]  Because for years everybody would laugh at you for just mentioning any of this stuff. Because if their mainstream media and the big talking faces that are paid big money to stay on, even when they're dying on that chair, to tell you the truth, the most trusted whatever country you're in, that's there to present your news, it's because it's, again, getting back to the Milgram thing, people in positions of authority, when they say something you'll listen. You trained that way from school onwards. And they'd laugh at you, oh, ha ha, world government, oh how crazy, conspiracy nuts. And again, that's put out by the authorities, and that your governments are involved in [Alan chuckles.] creating world government, to ridicule you.  That's standard stuff. Standard stuff. Yep.  M-hm.


World government - en.wikipedia.org


Now, even in Wikipedia, that does a big share of scoffing, they've got a bit of the history in it now. It's amazing. You see, that's how folk that laughed at you suddenly accept it all. They talk about it quite casually, as though they'd always believed it, always known it, when it's actually getting spoken about by people in authority. But until is done that way, by a person in authority, they'll laugh at you.  Oh, ha-ha, you’re  a nut case, you know. Yep, there you go.




“This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of one world government. National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept.”


  Zbigniew Brzezinski


By Zbigniew Brzezinski, hm, NSA, and the whole bit. And he's way up there with all the different military organizations for the US.  M-hm.  He wasn't just some casual person who liked to dream a lot and parrot what he dreamt. No, this guy was a planner and a mover and shaker.


“To resolve conflicts, excessive ambitions and one's own fears and aspirationis must be sacrificed.”

  Zbigniew Brzezinski


No kidding, hey.  M-hm.  I tell ya.  And getting back to Brzezinski again, he was way up there as I say.  I think he was one of the many characters who didn't take that role of national security advisor and so on. But he said…


"Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised. . . . Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."


--Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages


That was in the 1970s, they already had the technology then.


The whole thing is, never forget that what you're living through right now, it's like waves coming in and hitting you from, that were set long ago. And as they're coming in to hit you, those who make the waves happen are already way ahead with not just the planning but the setting of dates and so on for the waves of the future to come in with certain things to be done, the same way. That's how it really, really works. And when you're alive you're trained not to see, to look ahead to the future waves that are already getting, as I say, managed and getting ready to go down the road. You're meant to think that we're just stumbling along down through time and things just happen by themselves. Nothing is further from the truth. Nothing at all.


One thing Karl Marx said that was really, really true, he said, all money and profit really comes from labor, all wealth comes from labor. And we are the masses. You understand, we are the business.  And the ones who live off of us [Alan chuckles.]  live better than us ourselves, you see. Those who manage us and do all the, we used to call it, the sums about finances and so on, from the money that we're making, they live better than we'll ever live. We are the business. And when you can make it mandatory that everyone must pay this and must pay that, etc., that's an incredible power, to make sure that you're going to be awfully stinking rich for you and your own down the road, for those at the top, isn't it?


And also too, don't forget the other statement he made too, which is very true.  You think of biowarfare, you think of all the other techniques they can use today, and even silent weapons they can use, like Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars and things like that. You see, in the early times it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million. Today it's infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million.  But even at that, though, I think it's, I think the techniques are so fantastic today of controlling us all they don't even have to think about just killing us.  They can sterilize us quietly, while most folk don't complain about it, still think it's just… It's odd that, how they just accept things, like autism suddenly, just all of a sudden it's a normal thing, right?  [Alan chuckles.]   And cancers of all kinds are suddenly normal.  Because you're told by, again, experts what they think is important. If they don't mention this is important then neither will you. In fact, you deny what you see yourself because they haven't made a big deal of it on the television on the news.  M-hm. 


Now, think about too, you've got the warfare going on, right. The war on terror, that's to be here forever now, you see.  I read the articles at the time when the ones who came out with that said that, it will be, get use to it, it's going to be here forever. His what Brezinski said…


… Persisting social crisis, (A:  Well, it's the environment, oh, it's the weather, oh, it's this, it's that, oh, it's, you know. And he says…) the emergence of a charismatic personality, (A:  Hm...?  You are always given the ones that are charismatic today, that are trained, just like you train actors or stars, you see.) and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the steppingstones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society.”

  Zbigniew Brzezinski


Well, you're here, folks. You're here. They give you the people to follow.  M-hm.  They do.  And with politicians, politicians have no...  Simple slogans, right, that's what they give you. The marketers give you a character. They give you a fake personality, they’ll say, oh, this is his past and the whole bit. They give a fake personality to make you think you know them. Just like a popstar, you know. And then they give them slogans to spout, the speeches are written for them, and that's how simple it is, tell them what they want to hear, that's it.


But getting back to this controlled technotronic system, hey.  There's not a week goes by that you don't have all the articles on it.


Human rights group alleges Google may be helping the U.S. government conduct warrantless searches in 'massive file scanning program'

dailymail.co.uk / 26 April 2019


The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), based in Washington, D.C., filed an amicus brief that makes those allegations in United States v. Wilson, a federal appellate case.


. . . a case concerning Google's scanning of billions of personal files for suspected unlawful content, at the behest of the federal government,' EPIC said in a statement late last month.


The U.S. government has increasingly utilized private entities, such as Google, Facebook and Apple, to seize user data from cellphones and computers without the need for a warrant.


Because these entities don't have to abide by the Fourth Amendment, agencies like the FBI can simply subpoena them for records like email messages en masse.


Now, there's nothing new in this article here. I can remember reading the articles years ago on the same thing. Because of course, that's what it's going to be used for. And often they didn't even have to subpoena them, they could just ask them. I can remember there was somebody way up at Google years ago on television, many years ago saying that, oh yeah, it's routine just to hand them over if they want this and want that, you know. So I'll put this up with that too because it ties in with the Technotronic era, right. And…


Amazon’s Alexa reviewers reportedly have access to customer home addresses

digitaltrends.com / 25 April 2019


Earlier this year, it was reported that Amazon has thousands of employees listening to conversations that users have with the company’s voice assistant Alexa. As it turns out, some of those employees may have access to more than just audio recordings. Some members of Amazon’s Alexa auditing team have access to location data, including the latitude and longitude of users, according to a report from Bloomberg.


Of course, they do.  You're under a continuance surveillance system. That's the Technotronic era.  You are here. You're here, yeah. And then, there's cameras that are going to be put out now that…


Coming to store shelves: cameras that guess your age and sex - apnews.com / 23 April 2019


…and a lot more to it as well. I'll put that up as well. We really, we buy our spies, don't we?  They should give it to us all for free. But if they gave it to us for free it would be like the Soviets used to be, very suspicious, you wouldn't trust them. But they make you buy them, and you say, well, I chose to buy this, it's my personal this, it's my personal that.  You know, personal computer, remember that one?  [Alan chuckles.]  Personal computer.  [Alan chuckles.]   The whole plan is looking at whatever, everything you're doing.  It's your personal computer, 'eh?  Good marketing, though. M-hm.


And then also, how they're pushing drones, these small drones with cameras, that are across the country now.  And they always put out these little PR pieces, how, oh, they can, they've helped catch so many criminals by using these tools and so on, and all that nonsense.


Chula Vista Police Drones Help in Close to 60 Arrests in First 5 Months - nbcsandiego.com / 25 April 2019


It was like the cameras in Britain, there's more stabbings and slaughtering's every day there and robberies.  And they can't help, they can't even go after the people who, they can't even find the people who are doing it, with all these cameras, hey.  It's not there for what they tell you it's there for.


Also, sound cannons to disperse crowds…


What is it like when the police use an LRAD ‘sound cannon’ to disperse a crowd?

azmirror.com / 26 Nov 2018


“It felt like my head was going to pop,” Neef recalled.


(A:  ... This is what they say when you get these sound cannons aimed at you. They give you an example of LRAD, to try and disperse the crowd, in Phoenix of course it was apparently.)


The Phoenix Police department recently won approval to purchase two of the same type of LRAD used in Pittsburgh.


Anyway, I'll put these articles up.  Another one too…


Police across the country are adding sonic weapons to their crowd control arsenal- muckrock.com / 5 Feb 2018


Then a little study too, doesn't really matter because facts don't matter when it comes to agendas. But…


Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows

brusselstimes.com / 17 April 2019


When CO2 emissions linked to the production of batteries and the German energy mix - in which coal still plays an important role - are taken into consideration, electric vehicles emit 11% to 28% more than their diesel counterparts, (A:  That's quite a jump, 11% to 28%.) according to the study, presented on Wednesday at the Ifo Institute in Munich.


(A:  So they talk about how much stuff is released in the making of even just the batteries alone.)


Another thing too is Julian Assange. Of course, as you all know, you're hit with these spells, big spells. I mean, 9/11 was a big spell, everybody looked at the towers and the spell was cast over the world. As it was intended to do, you know.  They used all the shock and awe that they used on the Middle East as well. Very important.  You can actually take it further with the shock and awe.  But they actually used weaponry, some of the advanced weaponry on the soldiers in Iraq, for instance. It was admitted in the newspapers at the time, where they had used ELF weapons and they were all stunned, all these troops.  Just walking towards, giving themselves up, they were in utter shock, really, very stunned and confused. It was in the papers in Britain at the time.  As you live through this big big agenda.


But the whole thing with Julian Assange was a shock to the world, to make sure that you all get the message that the old, the old idea of having an Internet where you could say what you wanted, it's over. It's really over. Especially if you're going to dig into anything that's going to upset or annoy the policymakers. And the mind managers, I call them. Because these Behavioral Insights Teams, there's many different levels of them. They give you what you're supposed to think about and topics you're supposed to think about. They'll even give the media topics of trivia to dish out there too. 


You don't understand how your thoughts are totally controlled and given to you and managed.  Jacques Ellul, the other Jacques, was more explicit in how it's done and how your always given your opinions by expert techniques. And they guide you. You just follow them as they talk. Just like Derren Brown, you're guided to the conclusions they want you to have. It's very simple. Very simple and very effective techniques. It doesn't dawn on you that you’re getting lied to and coerced and manipulated, does it? It doesn't really.  And people will actually fight you if you show them how their lead to their conclusions. They'll get angry, furious. They think they're in charge of themselves.  It's very disturbing to have it pointed out and proven to you that you're not.


So I'll put up an article on Assange as they... It's really for the public, to scare the public even more saying, oh, you'd better shut up and behave yourselves, and bu-bu-bu-bu-bu.  You know, that’s how it's done.  [Alan chuckles.]   And all media too, all the media's compliant with all of this. Because they all know, all the journalists know what to say, what not to say and that, and they don't want to lose their jobs.  They can give you opinions and stuff...  You don't get news anymore, you get opinion pieces, which are generally pretty safe, you know, on different things. 


You see, the age of being told things that should concern us, because they would at least have a pretense of democracy, and to complain, are gone.  You won't be told about anything until it's actually happened, and laws have been passed, and new subsections of subsection so-and-so has all been added to it, they don't even bother telling you now.  N-n.  That is the new governments, you see, that's what they mean by it. So I'll put up…


UN experts warn Assange arrest exposes him to risk of serious human rights violations - news.un.org / 11 April 2019


Another one too is to do with, this is an interesting one…


Home Office investigated over student visa cheat claims

bbc.com / 27 April 2019


(A:  This is in Britain.  Quite interesting actually. But there's nothing new in it. I've seen it in different countries myself.  It says...)


The government is being investigated over its decision to cancel 36,000 student visas due to accusations of cheating on English language tests.


The Home Office has also deported more than 1,000 people after its own probe into exam fraud began in 2014.


(A:  Australia’ got the same problem.)


Spending watchdog the National Audit Office (NAO) said the Home Office's response would be reviewed after its decisions came under "public scrutiny".


The Home Office revoked student visas where there was evidence of cheating, but its decisions have come under renewed public and parliamentary scrutiny in the wake of the Windrush scandal.


The cheating scandal came to light in an undercover BBC Panorama investigation into fraud at two centres administering the mandatory language tests.   (A:   …for the students, you see.)


The then government-approved Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) involves a written and oral section and a separate multiple-choice question paper.


Following the report, Theresa May, then home secretary, said the evidence was "very shocking".


As a result, the Home Office ordered the US firm providing the exams, Educational Testing Service (ETS), to check more than 58,000 tests taken between 2011 and 2014.


It said voice-recognition software suggested that proxy test-takers were used in more than 30,000 cases.


(A:  This is a COMMON thing.  There's people from the Far East for instance, who get licenses and so on in Canada that haven't even arrived here yet, for driving, for instance. [Alan laughing.]  So the proxy folk take their tests for them and so on.  That was even, years ago that was happening here. But now you've got students doing it. I'm sure the students have been doing this for a long, long time, and other ones stand in and do their tests for them. And the voice recognition software is picking it up that it's not the people who are taking the tests that are actually, have actually taken the test, it's other people standing in for them.)


The technology extracts biometric features from an individual's speech to create a voice print, the vocal equivalent of a fingerprint.


It's all been done on all of us too, each time you phone someone.  They're all kept and analyzed, and they've got your voice prints.  So any where across the world that you go to phone, and you can use any phone, it doesn't matter, they can pretty well instantly can tell who it is and where you're calling from, definitely where you are. And then you have…


Microsoft employees question if diversity is important and slam the tech giant's 'discriminatory hiring' against Asian and white men on an internal online messaging board meant for communicating with CEO Satya Nadella

dailymail.co.uk / 26 April 2019


(A:  So folk who work at Microsoft are questioning this policy.  And some of the things put up on the board,  the employees' board, were by women who worked there, talking about it's mainly Asian and white men who are being discriminated against.  And the women who complained and put the complainant in have been hammered too buy other ones. Because it is the agenda to hammer men in the first place, I suppose. You understand, things are allowed, they're not just allowed, they're being promoted to discriminate, you know.  That is the agenda of course.)   


(A:  You can’t have selective discrimination. It's no different than saying that certain folk are allowed to hate others, but not the rest of them. You see? It's the same thing. You've got to have...  Equality means equality, folks. It really does. You can't have this sort of thing going on. Of course, you can't.)


•Some Microsoft employees have been debating the company's pro-diversity push on an internal message board


•Two posts that have been heavily debated were written by a female Microsoft program manager


•One post questioned Microsoft's push to hire more women and minorities, arguing that it discriminates against white and Asian men


There's backlash against this person that complained. It's just astonishing. Everybody's in their camp now. They've all been trained through university and college into a camp. And they don't even know that themselves how they're getting used.


Also, this article ties in with something I’ve been thinking about for a while actually. It says…


National Health Service doctor (A:  In Britain.) and UK pharmacist who became Nazi-style torturers for ISIS: Team of vile medics took organs from prisoners and gave them to wounded terrorists

dailymail.co.uk / 26 April 2019


(A:  So they went over to work with ISIS, from Britain. I guess they were educated in Britain too.)


Issam Abuanza, 40, a former NHS doctor who left behind his wife and two children in Sheffield when he travelled to Syria in 2014, was appointed the terror group’s ‘health minister’, the British Government believes.


(A:  The other one is still hiding out…)


Abuanza, now thought to be hiding in caves near the village of Baghouz.


But anyway, they both worked together and took organs outs.  And sold other organs too, naturally. There's... there's... there’s something for you, it tells you a lot.  [Alan laughing.]   You don't know how great it is in a country that has some civilization and rights for people, and we’re losing it all, but, rights for people, where you'd never think of doing that in your own countries where you've got law and order. As the universities are turning out, as I say, massive armies to destroy your system, [Alan chuckles.], where d’ya want to go to?  Hm?


Because when you look at what you have, and peace to an extent, although some countries are going down the tubes fast, like Britain with stabbings every day… and incredible organized crime too in Britain now.  But then when you go into the countries where folk are literally selling organs, killing folk and selling organs… And then using other organs they would take out of prisoners and put them in other prisoner’s cells just to terrorize them, just the organs, you put the organs in, like a heart in the cell or whatever…  And they ran a 10 men medical team.  I tell ya. And they also did chemical tests on prisoners with poisons and stuff. There ya go.  There ya go.  M-hm. 


When life become so cheap, folks, you know, you’re as well as going off, if you can be a hermit somewhere go and do it when life becomes that cheap. Because living amongst people won't even be tolerable. It might be very short too.  M-hm. 


Facebook is in hot water again after Canadian watchdog finds last year's Cambridge Analytica data-harvesting scandal broke privacy laws - dailymail.co.uk / 25 April 2019


So they're going after it again from the Canada side.  Again, this is all part of the new system of hyper surveillance as Jacques Attali called it.  And you're all being trained it's quite normal, a lot of youngsters are getting so trained in it from school and from growing up in it they do think it's normal.  M-hm. 


Another thing too to do with the super cities that they talked about with the, you'll literally have the elimination of nation-states, Attali talked about that too, quite openly, when he said they were obsolete actually. But yeah, and then you'd have these super cities, like the defense think tanks for Britain have, I’ve put them up before when they published them to the public. You can get a hold of those things. Interesting to see what they see for the future from the military think tank point of view. And they do publish it, at least they have a public version. I'm sure there's a private version too.




Silicon Valley could be the second richest country in the world - mercurynews.com / 26 April 2019


Which would mean it would have to be a massive city-state, you know. It tells you how wealthy that whole area is basically and how it's just behind oil-producing Qatar, etc…  and they could call it the Republic of Silicon Valley. Interesting, hey? 


Another one, too, again, I'll put up the article to do Syria and how they've destroyed the economy and everything through massive war. Which is… It gets it's job done, 'eh?  They can use economics too along with forcing them to fight and forcing them to defend themselves and forcing, forcing, etc., until they are destitute. Which of course is what Brzezinski and Kissinger said they'd love it to be eventually, is just the Stone Age. Just like Iraq and all the rest of these liberated countries, 'eh?  M-hm.


Waiting 19 Hours for Gas in a Lifeless City (Syria) - bloomberg.com / 25 April 2019




Ex-Google manager Tristan Harris says tech giants are 'downgrading humanity'

businesstelegraph.co.uk / 25 April 2019


Mr Harris established the Center for Humane Technology after leaving Google, set up to push his ‘time well spent’ mantra.


(A:  He says basically that...)


‘This is really serious. We are not fooling around,’ . . .


(A:  …and that…)


. . . raised a generation of people with shortened attention spans, outrage-fuelled dialogue, smartphone addiction and vanity.


(A:  Well that's the narcissistic system they said they'd bring in actually, long ago, long before you were given the computer. They had the computer but you weren't, and they said they'd bring in a narcissistic society as part of the phase.  And here we are. And he says...)


‘This is overwhelming who we are and our identities,’ (A:  That's what it's doing, it's overwhelming us.) Mr Harris said. ‘While we have been upgrading machines, we have been downgrading our humanity.’   (A:  No kidding.  M-hm.) 


But again, that was what was to be done, Julian Huxley mentioned that, they have to knock man off his pedestal. And of course, that's when they brought in the horrible art. Anything with beauty had to be destroyed in your culture. And even music was downgraded into basically…. a slide until you’re at the bottom. And here we are.  There ya go.  It all happens because it's planned that way.  [Alan chuckles.] That's the reason why it happens.




Technology campaigners offer plan to fight 'human downgrading' - itnews.com.au / 24 April 2019


It'd be interesting to see where that goes.  Because I can't see it.  Is it a big agenda? And they'd never give up power over the people now, you know. We are, as I say, we are...  We are just like The Matrix said, we're energy units. Just compare that with Marx again, right, back to Marx, all wealth comes from labor. The people. We are, we are the business, the people are the business.  Hm? Same thing.  It doesn't happen by itself.  Planned long ago. 


And just to get back to how they've destroyed nation after nation by...  war had many side effects, and all planned in advance of course. But, it's interesting to see.  I mean, Britain now had an article in the paper [Alan chuckles.]  where a gang, organized crime, with those terrible mopeds. They're not mopeds, these are not mopeds. A moped has petals as well as the motor. Little 350cc or 500cc machines, they're not mopeds. And these are the ones where the guys steal the cell phones from passerby's and so on. But anyway, they actually got a van as well, a big truck, and probably stole that too.  Smashed it into a jewelry store in England and left it in there so they could get, pass the truck into the store, you see, it smashed right through it. The guys with their bikes, the motorbikes basically, they’re really scooters we used to call them, made off with, phew, over, it was over a million, a million a half pounds or something worth of stuff. All well organized. And they haven't caught any yet. Probably won't, actually.


That's Britain. But that's lawless. It's just a mess now.  And folk are terrified in the big cities because of all the stabbings, machetes and stuff.  Anyway, they've also got…


UK is the EU’s gonorrhoea hotspot: Britain is to blame for 55% of cases with 49,000 Britons diagnosed with the STI (A:  It's got STI, sexually transmitted infections, they used to call it diseases but it sounded more ominous, but it's now sexually transmitted infection.) in 2017 as experts warn dating apps are behind a spike across the continent

dailymail.co.uk / 26 April 2019


(A:  Dating apps.  No kidding you.  Humph.  Wow.  Hm.)


There are now 22.2 cases of gonorrhoea per 100,000 people in the EU, the worst rate for at least four years.


And it's a bigger story of course. But mind you, a lot of it's not reported too.  You get nonspecific urethritis, and not everybody will report it. In fact, a lot of different doctors now for different groups will keep it all quiet.  M-hm.  For different groups. And to be very careful about it too.  So yeah, Britain's definitely up there with a lot of this.  That's just the one thing, they have all kinds of diseases too, to do with sex of course. But it just shows you that Britain truly is the F word, 'eh, finished, that's what I was going to say.    And that's how it goes. That's how it goes.  M-hm.


Anyway, I've prattled on too long tonight, as always. And it's been a bit around the pond you might say, and not just straight from here to there.  It's just that the major thing is, I've always stressed that whatever happens today was planned long ago, on any big scale. Number two, there's lots of agencies running your lives to make you, what you think is you.  And you truly are a product to an extent, a great extent, with far less control over what comes into your mind and becomes an opinion. You have far less control than you think about it. It's consistent every day. And on the Internet now, which is a massive tool, massive tool, with again Behavioral Insights Teams, and oh, thousands of behaviorists and neuroscientists working with all the agencies that work on you to make you into what they want you to be. It's just astonishing how it's all done so perfectly.


But again, I'll put up that little link to Derren Brown's show on how to create basically a gang or hit squad or whatever it happens to be, or a robber squad of criminals, quite easily, in no time at all.  It's a microcosm of how, really, what's happening on a massive, much larger scale on a daily basis, by techniques that you don't even, even, you're not even aware are getting used on you.


Derren Brown - The Heist, Pt. 1 - youtube.com


It's very sad.  You know, even in a con, in a con when you've been conned by a confidence trickster, you have to participate in your own delusion of what you're going to get out of it.  Or if you put money in that, my God, you're going to win $1 million. Really? Yes, you are.  Etc., you know, or something like that. You have to participate.  But the techniques are used on us all to con us all, we’re generally unaware they’re even happening to us at the time.


When you see how many folk now automatically fill every survey out that's given to them, even through the Internet, just automatically, without a thought, just pppf, pppf, pppf.  Their likes and dislikes, that's how they've already admitted that they can tell so much about you. And then if you didn't like something, and X amount of people did, what will it show them about you?... and how can they work on you to modify you into the behavior that they want you to have? You see, they actually take note of all these things. It's all automatic.  There's not a person just sitting watching you. This is done automatically by massive computer systems. On all of us. All the time. This is the Technotronic society. We're in it.


And as I say, like Bertrand Russell said a long time ago, you'll keep saying that you're free because your government will tell you you are, you're the best in the world.  AS you have institutions all set up using massive NGO armies, making them radicals, to destroy the safeties that you have in your own country, like I mentioned earlier.  You'd better start thinking about this and deciding what is valuable in your own society.  And try to reclaim what you've lost. Because if you don't reclaim it, you won't have anything left to hold onto, shortly. And that's true.


Because big big agendas are set a forth for all of us. Across the whole planet. And again, getting back to Jacque Attali who was really in there with the big banking boys, he knew them all.  He even wrote a book on the Warburg’s and praised them for creating modern finance to an extent and advancing in banking. He said that the future would be run by massive international bankers, economics would rule us all.


Anyway, for myself, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, where I don't think winter's finished yet [Alan chuckles.] because of global warming, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


Waiting 19 Hours for Gas in a Lifeless City (Syria)

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Human rights group alleges Google may be helping the U.S. government conduct warrantless searches in 'massive file scanning program'

dailymail.co.uk / 26 April 2019


Amazon’s Alexa reviewers reportedly have access to customer home addresses

digitaltrends.com / 25 April 2019


Coming to store shelves: cameras that guess your age and sex

apnews.com / 23 April 2019


Chula Vista Police Drones Help in Close to 60 Arrests in First 5 Months

nbcsandiego.com / 25 April 2019


What is it like when the police use an LRAD ‘sound cannon’ to disperse a crowd?

azmirror.com / 26 Nov 2018


Police across the country are adding sonic weapons to their crowd control arsenal

muckrock.com / 5 Feb 2018


Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows

brusselstimes.com / 17 April 2019


UN experts warn Assange arrest exposes him to risk of serious human rights violations

news.un.org / 11 April 2019


Home Office investigated over student visa cheat claims

bbc.com / 27 April 2019


Microsoft employees question if diversity is important and slam the tech giant's 'discriminatory hiring' against Asian and white men on an internal online messaging board meant for communicating with CEO Satya Nadella

dailymail.co.uk / 26 April 2019


NHS doctor and UK pharmacist who became Nazi-style torturers for ISIS: Team of vile medics took organs from prisoners and gave them to wounded terrorists

dailymail.co.uk / 26 April 2019


Facebook is in hot water again after Canadian watchdog finds last year's Cambridge Analytica data-harvesting scandal broke privacy laws

dailymail.co.uk / 25 April 2019


Silicon Valley could be the second richest country in the world

mercurynews.com / 26 April 2019


Waiting 19 Hours for Gas in a Lifeless City (Syria)

bloomberg.com / 25 April 2019


Ex-Google manager Tristan Harris says tech giants are 'downgrading humanity'

businesstelegraph.co.uk / 25 April 2019


Technology campaigners offer plan to fight 'human downgrading'

itnews.com.au / 24 April 2019


UK is the EU’s gonorrhoea hotspot: Britain is to blame for 55% of cases with 49,000 Britons diagnosed with the STI in 2017 as experts warn dating apps are behind a spike across the continent

dailymail.co.uk / 26 April 2019


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