May 12, 2019 (#1720)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"With Scientific Tyranny over You and Me,

 The Future Ain't What it Used to Be."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 12, 2019.  I suppose everyone's settling back into the... the new system, the new chapter as I call it, of the same system really but it's a new chapter for sure, with an upgrading of it's agenda, techniques, etc., for this new era we're in. Because the whole century is divided up into chapters. The same with Agenda 21, for the 21st century. It's all in chapters, 2015, 2030, etc., and that's how it's done. That's how it is all done of course.  Just like the UN had 100-year plans and 50-year plans and 40-year plans.  We've got all these different chapters, or plans, for the whole of the century. And they've been quite blatant about them, there's no secrecy really involved about where you have to be taken, and lead, in this whole century and the changes that have to be made. And you're going to accept it, whether you like it or not. It's rather blatant about that too.


Because the whole world is to change. The whole world, remember, is to change, not just your nation, into a global system run with the same agendas basically. Slight variations according to time for different countries because of their economics and because of their climate and all the rest of it. But it's the same agenda for the whole century. And they must get this accomplished. 

Of course, as I’ve mentioned many times before that everything that's happening now is a crisis, you see. And under the guise of crisis, whether it's terrorism or climate change or global warming or whatever they want to call it, it's all your fault. And you have to go along with it because crisis gives them necessity. And necessity is the excuse they use to take your rights away from you and force you along in this system. 


This system eventually will be cashless, completely.  It must be, you see, to control everybody. Because money is a control mechanism. If you can't get it you're going to starve to death.  And if it's all electronic you won't be able to even use cash, you won't get cash, it won't be accepted.  And if you're being punished in some way, and this is the whole system now, is punishing you for any wrongdoing or not going along with the agenda, then they'll withhold your funds until you knuckle under and accept whatever it is that you've railed against.  Quite easy to get you in line. If you can't feed yourself or if you can’t get accommodation to live under and keep you warm and out of the elements, then you'll suffer obviously.  Many ways to get you, in fact. And that is the way of the future. It's already here actually.  But you'll see it increasing very quickly as time goes on.


Because as you've noticed across the world everyone's becoming aware, with trepidation, of the system changing. It's not pally anymore, you might say. And you're being warned and cautioned, etc., as a prelude to what's to come. Because speech now is apparently dangerous. It depends what you're using it for and what you trying to express.


You'll always find there's a deep state, they call it the deep state today. But the deep state has always been here. Politics to a very true extent, and good extent, politics is a front.  I've said it before, it's for throwing rotten tomatoes at it in a sense, and calling names at someone, and you vote them out to get the next ones in who have promised you something better, you see. And that's all they ever do is promise you. Because they know what the public are talking about, complaining about, and they come out and promise you whatever you want. They offer you utopia. And you go along with it. It never happens of course and so you always try the next bunch.  Back and forth, back and forth like a ping-pong game basically. That's what we're living in today.


But behind it all there's only one agenda and you see it regardless of who appears to be in power.  Look at all the different parties in the US and Canada as an example. Nevermind the European Union and Britain. Canada and the States and Mexico and some other countries by the way, and Latin America too, starting with the free trade deal negotiations they called it, it took a long time to get that all signed and so on. Then they went on to NAFTA and worked at that for years.  Presidents and prime ministers all got together every year, still do, and they sign deeper integration. Because the whole point is integration. Without any public input into it.


Because it's the same agenda, exact, identical to the European Union. How it's going to benefit us all, bring jobs, jobs, jobs.  But they didn't tell you, it was jobs across the world. And of course too, it would be, everyone would benefit, etc. This is a very old agenda.  I won't go into it again and reiterated again. It's very old. It's well documented. Karl Marx talked about it. The ones who ran the British Empire, all the top capitalists ranted on about it, how wonderful it would be.  And the CFR draft it up here for the Americas and boasted about it.  And their counterparts, or their affiliation in Britain, their parent company, you might say, the private Royal Institute of International Affairs drafted up for the European Union.  So you have private organizations running the world.  And you don't have a say in it. 


I won't go into it again and again and again but if you ever forget that, if you ever forget that regardless of who's in power, or appears to be in power, why is it that the same agendas get further signed in, further signed in, deeper and deeper and deeper, for maybe 40 years sometimes? Like the European Union.  Actually, 60 years for the European Union.  The public didn't even know it was even going on at the end of World War II. They were not to be told until it was completed.  And when they were to be told anything it was, oh, it's just a bit of free trade deal where we can negotiate things.  That's what they were told. They weren't told it was going to be integrated parliaments into one system.  But that's what it is. And the same for the Pacific Rim as well, that was to be another grouping as well.  So we're well on our way.  And it tells you, as I say, it’s not one single party, left-wing, right-wing or middle or whatever they want to call themselves, have come out and told you this, then they're all in it together. Obviously.  Obviously. 


But certainly, our public servants, but they're not serving the public. They're serving somebody, and they already know it, that there's a deep state, there's always been a deep state. In Britain, even the writers, those who document the histories of Britain, including the organization that ran the Empire and still does, they've still got a sort of an empire there though it's fixed itself in with the US taking it over, it's all one system.  It runs the economical system of the world, and also gives too many of its top members the mineral rights, oil rights and everything else to its top members across the planet as well.   Because they don't do it for… Believe you me, and there's no such thing as altruism amongst them. They always put themselves across as being altruistic, as though they’re born, really, they're sent by God to help poor mankind, you know, that's how they put themselves across.  They're all incredibly rich at the top.  Incredibly. Many of them have titles, most of them do at the top, and awards from all other countries for participating in the same global agenda. It's a completely different world for them once they get into it.  They even have their own videos out for their own potential members, how to come into their organization and how they'll benefit as the doors are opened for them.  It's astonishing.


Meanwhile at the bottom level we're given nothing but fake history and who won this battle or that battle. In more recent times we're told why we've gone into countries, to help them or democratize them and all that nonsense, you know. And they call them peacekeepers as they go in looking just like soldiers always looked. And how we're run by jingoism and slogans all dreamed up by big marketing companies.  And we are run that way. Massively so. The newspapers use the massive marketing companies as well to try and get readership back in them in an electronic age. They've been backed, again, by, they've been kept afloat, lots of them, the top ones, with our tax money. Because those who are authorized traditionally to tell the public what they're supposed to be told – I won't say what they're supposed to really believe or know, what we're supposed to be told – they're licensed and they already have the set up, this discipline set up of management at the top going all the way down the tier groups until...  So it's more disciplined than just some general thing that starts up, a wildcat company, you might say.  So it's important to have these organizations, these institutions as they call themselves, still running the show and telling us what more to know.


But they're using big marketing companies to try and get readership in an electronic age. You'll find that they've got psychologists, again, and neuroscientists and behaviorists working with them all the time, who come in and tell you how to hook the people into their sites. You'll notice some of the newspapers, actually lots of them have stacks of photographs and they advertise, the money for any photographs of anything happening across the world if you send them into them right away.  Because most of the things that happen in the world, to individual people, like ourselves, really have very little effect on the rest of the world's direction. And so, to an extent it's trivia but they've got fantastic photographs to divert you off into this, that or whatever. And always emotive topics with them. They're called grabbers.  And often very different from the actual article if you go into read them. But they use these techniques to get you in and to get you to read. If you read that one, the next, there'll be something at the end of it, another photograph or another big caption that grabs your attention to get you into it. Until they want you to spend as much time as possible on their particular site.  Because they get lots of money from advertisers.


You've got to participate in your own deception. I've said this many times before. The same with voting. You know this person is not it's going to bring in heaven and utopia for you. I mean, surely you know that, right?  So, you participate.  The younger folk are trained to be radical armies, almost in the Bolshevik fashion.  [Alan laughing.]  And they are today. In might touch on that later, I don't know. It's all organized that way from the top.


But the rest of the public, they know.  They know that you're not going to get a... You know the real cost of living is going up and up and up, and the value of your currency is dropping and dropping and dropping.  Because it's designed that way. You're living on debt. The country lives on debt. Every note brought into existence, whether it's digital or paper or plastic is still, it's still borrowed. It's borrowed from some group or another, or private or whatever. But the fact is, it's debt money with built-in inflation in it, you see. So you know whoever you vote in is not going to make things better for you. You know the agenda is to get you off of eating meat, for instance. Because it's part of…


That's what I'm saying, the whole agenda is one agenda. And all the things they are telling you that you must do to save the world and the planet, are part of the eugenics agenda as early as the 1920s. Even before that, in fact. How to get the public to voluntarily reduce themselves. Well, you tell them, it's because you're going to save them. You see? Isn't that beautiful?  Isn't that fantastic? To save you all we've got to make you do the very things that you wouldn't do voluntarily when we just wanted to bring down the population, of all of you. 


Isn't it beautiful, 'eh, how they always use the same techniques? Because they work. And during a wartime scenario, for instance, we don't mind as much...  Oh, they're saving us from those nasty people over yonder, you see. And therefore, you go on starvation diet if need be for food.  And you won't have the money to purchase much at all so you can't buy all the little goodies, or even if you could possibly even get them.  And you put up with hardship. You put up with everybody you know dying off, maybe even yourself.  Under the war situation.  You get nothing out of it at the end of it of course accept the debt. You're handed the bill. Because we still borrow money to pay for all the armaments and things. But we put up with incredible hardship... to be saved.


So use that scenario and bring it back under, we're saving you all from destroying the planet. You are the enemy, but we're saving you, the enemy, because you're destroying the planet. So you've got to stop, cut back your numbers.  Then you won't be able to, you know... And they'll cut back your income. Cut back your meat intake.  Because protein's awfully good for, that's why folk are living so long, so many people actually. And they know this. And then cut back energy, so you won't have all the piping and water and so on.  The stuff that helps to eliminate diseases and so on was running water and good sewage systems, etc. That's all to be cut back and priced out of existence. In comes the diseases, in comes of the problems and you start dying off.


But it's necessary to do that to save the planet, you see. A war scenario. And folk will never figure it out [Alan chuckles.] that it's the same folk behind it. And using all of our tax money. It's fantastic what you can convince the public to go along with when one system owns the entire system. One system owns all your… can actually… they own your government, they are your government, your government works for them, and they simply tax it all from you to pay for it all. Isn't it beautiful?  Pretty good system, 'eh? You've got to admit it, it's a pretty good system, for those that are in charge of it. 


But the public are not to be told any truths because it might spoil it. It's a great deception.  But the world's pretty well always been run by great deceptions. As I've said before, we even vote because we like to be deceived. We participate in deception, our own deception. Of course we do.  Most folk go along with deception because they're afraid not to. That's part of it too. They're afraid, most folk are afraid, and they take the easiest route in any decision like that. And the easiest route is pointed out to them, take this route here, and they go along with it. 


I remember reading from, I think it was one of Solzhenitsyn's books, and also Gouzenko, Fall of a Titan, excellent book to read actually, very important one.  I think it was Gouzenko maybe who talked about in the Soviet, early... He was a young child in the Soviet Union, and they were in a country area, and they looked over a hill, and they used to watch the prisoners being marched back to the prison camp after a day’s labor in the Soviet Union.  They said that what struck them was that there was only two guards, one in the front and one in the rear, with the prisoners, maybe 20 prisoners or more, maybe even 40 sometimes. And they'd be in their drudgery, dredging along, miserable as could be, half starved, cold and very weak, and occasionally getting a kick for being slow or whatever, you know. And these two children used to watch them every other day when they were up playing around on the hill. One day they saw when they were dredging back, and a couple of people in the group had decided to try and take these guards out. So they knocked them down, disarmed them, and told to the rest of the prisoners, run, run, follow us and run. And none of them moved. None of them moved. So the two guys eventually ran off in a certain direction they had planned.  They watched the rest of these guys look stunned and look towards each other, and gradually some of them started to walk back towards the camp, and the rest of them just followed suit.


That, you see, is human nature of the majority of the public. They will not take the chance. Even if they're walking into certain destruction, and they’d get punished anyway for two of them escaping, no doubt.  Or punished for letting it happen… because they didn't stop them.  [Alan chuckles.]   In other words, you can't win, you see. But fear in itself overcame their survival instincts. Fear. Fear of being caught and punished or tortured.  It's a good disincentive from trying to break out, isn't it?


Now, there's many techniques of punishment.  And all law works by the initial coercion, you're threatened, it can be very subtle initially.  And most folk comply.  Fill this in, you fill it in and away you go. But if you don't comply then you'll get the next letter, which is more nasty. And you might get a knock on the door in fact. So remember, that law runs on something called force. And police are a force as well, don't forget it. They used to call them police services. But now they're called police forces. And it's being drummed into us through all the movies you've watched and all the television shows you've watched too. They even dress in black, which is the executioners' uniform.


In Canada they used to wear the blue shirts, light blue shirts.  Nice and tidy.  A lighter blue uniform, not quite navy blue but a bit lighter. But a light-colored shirt.  And a different cap. And they didn't have their pants tucked in to combat boots. There's a reason all this happens, and it happened in the 90s, the 1990s, getting ready for what was to come. I did a show back then too because I noticed the sudden transformation of it. They tried with a few articles in the Toronto papers, for an example, of showing you public relations photographs of the new police dressed in, but they had army fatigues on at the time. And supposedly called out to deal with possible shots in Toronto, someone heard shots or whatever. It looked to me at the time to be more of publicity stunts to get you acclimatized to seeing them dressed in army uniforms, helmets and all, and the same green combat gear.


But they decided it wasn't going down to well, this association with military wasn't going down to well. They still wanted the military association, but they changed it into literally the black outfits, that were more a kin to the old German special forces uniforms. And that's what they are. They've got the cap and the black tunic, and the pants in the combat boots, etc. and that.   Everything is black.  Which is an ominous, ominous shade, it's not a color technically.  But it's a very ominous shade, you know. It's a neutral, they call it.  That's the symbology of death and the executioner. And that's why it came out then.  This other town that I was living in at the time, after the first escapades that they had with the military gear, they came out with this black outfit.  They would have three or four of them walking side-by-side chatting and joking along the streets. And I noticed, I says, now how come no one's looking at this. I'm staring at it and saying, what on earth is this? It was so different! And then I saw in the papers, it says, residents might've noticed police walking down wearing blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They were getting the public acclimatized to the nice new smart uniforms.


This is all before the terrorism thing happened and 9/11 happened, not long before, but it happened before.  It was all getting you ready for it. And ready for the big transformation in society where they'd maybe even expect some kind of problems amongst the population in society. Everything is worked out in advance. It didn't happen by chance. It didn't happen by itself. It didn't happen because they were just bored of seeing light blue uniforms.  It was designed that way to be the same as the US, because they were going the same way. 


This idea of special forces inside society, and that's how you're trained, most folk go along with that without even giving it much thought at all. They accept anything in their surroundings quite easily. And they do accept, like many I've noticed in the past or stated in the past, that most folk literally will not even use their own minds to think about anything. They do wait until their favorites authorized newscaster comes on to tell them about it and what to think about it. And if you get an ominous feeling when you see something like that and your newscaster says nothing about it, you'll dismiss it from your mind as unimportant. If it was important the newscasters and authorities would tell you, you see. That's how they, that's how simple it is for most people to be conditioned into anything.


That was the same time of course that Allan Rock, who went off to work from the federal government into the United Nations right afterwards, he, I think it was up at the Attorney General level he put through, supposedly single-handedly according to the newspapers at the time, an omnibus bill.  It was called an Omnibus crime bill.  Nothing was happening, remember, in the 90s, especially in Canada. They said that, the reporters, what is this, this is about indefinite detention without charge and blah blah blah. They said, this is an anti-terror bill or, you know, a wartime bill. That's exactly what it was. But the public were never given a reason for it. About three years later of course 9/11 happens and there you go.


What happens too, for the public's information is always way behind what's planned to happen, you see.  [Alan chuckles.]   We are living through agendas, there's no doubt about it.  None at all.  And Maurice Strong’s agenda, he's only one part of it working with the Rockefeller Brothers for years, and he brings through the whole idea of Biodiversity Treaty at the Rio Conferences. None of the public are involved in this.  It's all to do with the top honchos that are in with the United Nations, the world government and so on. And Maurice Strong also when he came over to Canada, they brought him back from Canada briefly when Bob Rae was in Ontario, the premier of Ontario, and he was put in charge of Ontario Hydro Electric Power for the whole of Ontario. Ontario is a very big place remember. At the same time he was drawing a salary from the United Nations.  Caused a wee bit of a conflict, not much mind you, because he could to do [Alan chuckles.]  lots of things and no one's going to say boo to him.


Because there's such a thing as, almost a special kind of select royalty amongst them. And you can see that if you have eyes to see. But he closed down one of the power plants and said he wasn't going to reopen it. This is way back then. All to do with what we're seeing now... We've got to start getting the public to use less energy, less energy. This also includes water.  Electricity, it includes water if you need electricity to pump it or to supply it to your homes. So, it was all planned a long time ago and the people just adapt and adapt and adapt. Just like the ones getting led back from the dreary, dreary occupation you might say, on that road back to the Gulag.  And that's what the public did, they simply adapt and adapt. It must be okay because after all, they mean well, you know, our managers mean well, they're there to serve us. Where do you see any instance, for example, of them being there to serve you? I mean, if that's the case I want to be one of them, to get the servants paycheck. Because I really need it badly. In other words, everything is deception, including the terminology, isn't it?  It really is. But that's what you must do.


Today I looked across some of the old books I've got here because certain things just stick in your mind, sometimes whole chapters do. But I was thinking of Charles Galton Darwin and his book The Next Million Years. Remember, Charles Galton Darwin, a descendent of Charles Darwin, he was also a top physicist. He worked on the atomic energy program to create the atom bomb.  And the Manhattan project, he was part of the team for the Manhattan Project. He coordinated; it wasn't just done all by those in the US. It was done with scientists from Australia, Canada, Britain and so on. But he helped to actually work to design the bomb.  After that he dedicated himself to working on eugenics, the program of eugenics, which his whole family going way back to Charles Darwin were completely involved in along with the Huxley's. Thomas Huxley, remember, was a great pal of Darwin and he became "Darwin's bulldog" and took over the agenda for Darwinism and eugenics when Darwin died.


Charles Galton Darwin -


I've mentioned in so many talks before that there's no doubt about it, from the speeches that, say, the brother Julian Huxley gave, the brother of Aldous Huxley, when he was put in as head of UNESCO. He talked about the different categories of helpers that manage the lives of us mere mortals down below. He mentioned the financial class way up there and those who manage the system of economics. Below that they had the scientific class, including the mind people, the people who manage your minds, the behaviorists and psychologists and all that. Very important. They manage the culture and keep you, you know, down there somewhere in Lala land and happy. He talked about all different kinds that's necessary, and that existed then, to manage us all. Including the media and what the media's job was back then. It was rather blatant, people use to understand what I'm talking about now.   And here I am going off prattling on about, I didn't even intend to go this way. 


But the fact is, when I was growing up the older people all distrusted the media. They knew who owned the newspapers.  And the magnets.  And hhh, they knew who they were, and they knew the organizations they belonged to. This was before computers, folks. People, they were not stupid. They knew what their leanings were, with so-called left, right or whatever it happened to be. They were much more educated in it all back then than they are today. And they didn't trust them because they knew what power was all about. They knew what governance was all about, how they were governed by all of these special institutions, that Darwin and the Huxley's and all the rest of them were talking about and were part of in fact.


You see, the deep state is a modern term for what existed back then.  It's always been here. And the first thing you'll find in the writings of The Next Million Years, you'll find, you'll go into… Again, they always touch on histories, as though it was all a known fact and all the rest of it. But it's to convince you that what he's going to eventually hit you with, is quiet, you know, reasonable. So how to get people to be reasonable about getting sterilized... and, you know, giving up good food and stuff and getting sick again and dying? I mean, how do you get...


It's almost like salesman.  Salesman try to get you to say yes.  It's a nice day, isn't it?  Yeah, yeah.  Beautiful sun.  Yeah.  Look at the, there are the lovely flowers, aren't they?  Yeah.  Nice garden, oh. And away they go. And the more times they can get you to say yes, eventually when it comes to the sales pitch for the items they're going to sell, or insurance, you don't want to say no to this nice person that you said yes to all along. It's simple stuff.  But it works. It really works. We’re very predictable. Well studied. We are well studied, like you wouldn't believe.


But you'll find as I say, let me, let's just take something to do with Charles Galton Darwin's book. And again, you'll agree with most of the stuff because all of the stuff he's talking about is obvious solutions, you see, he wants your permission to go along with. But you'll find that he says, he talks about creeds. Now, a creed, he talks about all, many, how society is structured, etc., very simple, not in any great depth. But he talks about creeds and things that have had a long-term effect on cultures. If you got a long time of peace because it's a religious culture, but what they call a creed, you see, which gives your morals and a just society, well, just to an extent, you all know the rules, there's less crime and so on. And you can work together or even help each other, or even feed each other, hopefully, as nature should really... That's what being human is about is helping each other. That's how we survived even thousands of years ago, before commerce came along the way it is today.  But they talked about creeds being awfully successful at that.


And before he goes on to creeds in his book The Next Million Years, he does touch on the different problems in society. How do you get the public.. how do you get the public to just give everything up and be bossed around by their betters, the scientific class, you see?  Then he said…


The Next Million Years, Charles Galton Darwin


Thus a creed may have the rudiment of the quality, possessed by the genes of mankind,


(Alan:  ...the creed, he's talking about religion, you see.)


of being able to produce a permanent effect on humanity.


If the history of the future is not regarded as the automatic unfolding of a sequence of uncontrollable events - and few, of us would accept this inevitability - then anyone who has decided what measures are desirable for the permanent betterment of his fellows will naturally have to consider what is the best method of carrying his policy through.


(A:  So he's talking about ways of getting you to depopulate yourselves. Even sterilization of the unfit, etc.  That's what he calls it, the unfit, and even feeble. All the stuff the Nazis were blamed for. And this is after Nazi Germany by the way.  Because they brought eugenics back and one of the biggest pushers of that of course was cleverly put through at UNESCO by Julian Huxley.  M-hm. They made it part of the progressive movement, they call it the progressive movement. So progressive eugenics, you see, by genetic, regressive genetic alteration. It sounds better than just eugenics that got a bad name, you see.  But anyway, getting back to Darwin here and Darwin says…)


...desirable for the permanent betterment of his fellows will naturally have to consider what is the best method of carrying his policy through.


There are three levels at which he might work. The first and weakest is by direct conscious political action;


(A:  …trying to get politics to push it through, you see. But don't throw that one out the window, right, he calls it the weakest. Then he says…)


his policy is likely to die with him and so to be ineffective.


The second is by the creation of a creed, (A:  …it’s a religion, right.) since this has the prospect of lasting for quite a number of generations, so that there is some prospect of really changing the world a little with it.


(A:  Don’t forget what he said there, he’s giving you a lot of stuff in a little paragraph here.  So…)


The second is by the creation of a creed, since this has the prospect of lasting for quite a number of generations, so that there is some prospect of really changing the world a little with it.


The third would be by directly changing man's nature, working through the laws of biological heredity, and if this could be done for long enough it would be really effective. But even if we knew all about man's genes, which we certainly do not, a policy of this kind would be almost impossible to enforce even for a short time, and, since it would take many generations to carry it through, it would almost certainly be dropped long before any perceptive effects were achieved. That is why creeds (A:  …religions…) are so tremendously important for the future;


(A:  You see, that’s what your sustainability and greening and vegan and all that, that’s all part of the new creed that they’ve created.  [Alan chuckles.]  If you’ve not figured that out all ready.)


…a creed gives the best practical hope that a policy will endure well beyond the life of its author, and so it gives the best practical hope that man can have for really controlling his future fate.


So he's tells you, this is in the 1950s the book came out, 1952 I think it was, what his, this was in all his own stuff he was talking about. He was in think tanks galore, his own level, to do with this, what they called the problem of humanity. That it existed before the war and during the war, and here they are after the war. They didn't, it never died off.  The eugenic society is alive and well.  And you know, it's actually been awfully successful, isn't it?


Because they've convinced the West, nevermind the fact that they're going sterile anyway, hm.  Just like you'll find from the writings of their other compatriots of these characters like the Darwin's, like the Russell's, that all knew each other and worked together in the same think tanks, etc., of how you sterilize the public, etc.?  Hm?  And then how to make it desirable to be single. Give them lots of sex, take care of any problems... By the state, which you use tax money to deal with problems. It would be awfully easy actually.  How do you do it? You create promiscuity, hypersexualize them through their culture industry, etc. It was all designed.


People think things happen by themselves. The deep state is real.  If the state wanted you all to live in an Edwardian or even Victorian fashion, you'd go right back to it very quickly.  And they could do it too.  There's nothing they can’t do with you or convince you of. Because they have their psychology and their understanding of human nature, and the techniques used to change your behavior, they could do it very quickly. That's what I'm trying to say to you.


But most folk will never be convinced anyway. Or don't care. Remember, again, most folk don't care, who belong to the same group, being that of the bulk of the populace who take the easiest path out of a problem. And the path is always directed for them, you get a signpost for it, this is the easy path. They take it. Most people use this path, they take it.  [Alan laughing.]  It's like [Alan chuckles.] when you go searching for anything on the Internet, most people who look for this also saw, you know… Forget that! I don't even follow that, I just… All this stuff is turned off on my computers. Forget it. I know what I'm looking for.  You know, whether I find it, it will be a battle.  But I have more of a chance doing that way, without being distracted into, by the nudge units as they call themselves, you know, Behavioral Insights Teams.


So really, we truly are, we truly are living, it's not even an experiment. It's way beyond all of that. It's so... It's everything. Everywhere you look. Everything you listen to. It's all through your entertainment industry. All your updates, what you're supposed to think, believe, be angry about, be loving about, whatever it is they tell you what is good behavior. And they keep changing you all the time. And folk go along with it all.


That's what Winston was talking about, the Winston character in 1984. At the end Winston literally comes to love big brother. He comes to love big brother, so much so he would have tears, genuine tears in his eyes. And when O'Brien told him, and would shock him with torture, how many fingers have I got up, he'd say.  If O'Brien held up four or whatever, or five, O'Brien would say, he would shock him and say, I've got three up, even if he's holding 5 up, right. O'Brien said, with all the shocking, as he’s screwing with your mind until you’re so, your mind is frazzled, and they'd rebuild your mind, until towards the end Winston said, I'm trying to see five, you know. And O'Brien says, that's not good enough, you must really believe it. And if I say I can fly Winston, you'll believe I can fly. It wasn't good enough to say what they wanted you to say, you had to believe it. Understand? That's where folk are today with it all. There's many ways of torturing you. You don't have to get physical torture.


Now, let's just touch on this here. But yeah, The Next Million Years, again, I've done talks before on some of these books and you should go through them in my website in the archive section. You'll start to learn something, for those who haven't done it.  You'll find that there's nothing new under the sun, especially with all the agendas that are right in front of your face today, and being disclosed as though they're just instituting them today. They're old agendas and they were planned long before you were born.  A lot of them were planned in the last century, and even before that one.  [Alan chuckles.] There you go, hey.


So anyway, I'll put up a link to the postwar era with Huxley of course. You have to go through it and read about the Huxley's. Very important family of course. You'll find…


‘Julian Huxley and the Continuity of Eugenics in Twentieth-century Britain’ 


by Professor Paul Weindling


(A:  So, it's not conspiracy theory at all. He talks about...)


The life and ideas of Julian Sorrell Huxley (1887-1975) represent not only considerable contributions to evolutionary theory but also to eugenic thought and social planning.


(A:  So, it’s not conspiracy.)


Huxley’s career history was complex and disjointed making him an international and very much a public figure.


(A:  It goes into how, really, the Huxley's were awfully important, and how they were descended from Thomas Huxley, Darwin's bulldog. You'll find too they're all intermarried; all these families are intermarried.  Getting back again, before I go any further actually, it says here…)


…providing an influential analysis of human evolution and a set of persuasively appealing concepts for both the wider public and scientific elite.


(A:  They want you to go along with it, you see. And appealing concept… Well, it's not that bad, is it, you see. Getting back to Winston, you know, I really want to see it, you know, what you're telling me, how many fingers are up there. And they really want to see it, you see. And so, you must be broken, and come with perfect servitude, as Aldous Huxley mentioned, how the public will go along into this new agenda, which they're floating right through right now, with perfect, into perfect servitude, they'll come to love their servitude. It's all the same agenda.  It's almost like coding of the language, just slightly different here and there, the insiders all know what it means, they know who's talking and using the same language. You see? But anyway…)


A full-scale critical biography of Huxley has eluded historians, because of the sheer complexity of his activities. Historians of the life sciences have recognised the theoretical originality of his scientific contributions, and his role in developing what he called in 1942 “the evolutionary synthesis”. His popularising of natural history and ornithology in a new guise of ethology showed his visionary ability to define a field of research. His central commitment to “reform eugenics” linked to social planning has been elucidated for the pre-Second World War period. While Huxley’s role in co-authoring the anti-Nazi We Europeans (A:  Because he was an author in this one.) has been duly recognised, Huxley’s overlooked support for refugee scientists from National Socialism, not least at London Zoo from 1935-42 can be linked to his evolutionary agendas. A number of historical initiatives open the way for reconsidering Huxley: these include interest in the early years of Unesco and the Unesco declaration on race, elucidation of how Cold War Culture was shaped by intelligence agencies, and historical reconstruction of the place of eugenics in international population policies and practices.


This is not a conspiracy theory.  And it goes on and on and on. But that's only one of many actually. And most folk don't care. As I say, most folk are still in that workers group going back to the camp and there's no guards left. They’re under invisible guards, like we have today, they’re invisible and you get a little email, you know, or something like that, or a knock on the door.  You see what I'm saying? It's all here, folks.


I also want to put this one up too.


Why the 'post-natural' age could be strange and beautiful / 3 May 2019


(A:  Hm?  Isn't that wonderful?  Post natural age, as you get conditioned, hey.  It says…)


 At 4913 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, there is an unusual institution. The Center for PostNatural History is a small museum with an eclectic and bizarre mix of specimens: you will find a rib-less mouse embryo, sterile male screwworm, a sample of E. coli x1776 (a specimen designed to be harmless and unable to survive outside the laboratory), and a stuffed transgenic BioSteel goat named Freckles, genetically modified to produce spider silk proteins in her milk.


These are some of the things on show there. But it's getting you used to post-natural this and post-natural that, post-natural humans, you see.  And that's what you're going through today with the big changes. You see, they all work together, though, they all work together.  Hopefully you won't breed at all and then your population will really plummet very quickly. That's what they also want. But not too fast, at once, you see, not too fast. They actually have ideal rates of it, of the decline.


But they also go through different little documentaries that are out there, you'll probably see them in this museum. Where they show you, we may even become… Don't forget that Julian Huxley coined the term trans-human, right, he called himself the trans-humanist all that time ago in the 1920s and 30s and 40s and 50s. This article here goes into again, the trans-human thing where you may even get animal genes put into you down the road, too.  For animals going extinct and you who carry their genes down through generations, maybe bring them back in the future, from your own…  This is how they're getting you used to this complete change. Change is the key, the word change. Planned change, hm.  And allowing yourself to be changed, hm.  For the good of all, you see. It's a crisis don't you know.


So, I'll put this article up too and then again, what was the agenda before World War I and before World War II? Depopulate, too many of the wrong people, too many of the wrong people. Well, now we've got crisis and climate change, and, oh there's just not enough energy to… blah blah blah blah blah. So you know, same agenda. But now it's under necessity, to save us all, they must bring down the population to save us all. An oxymoron right off the bat, but that won't compute with most folk.


Plant-based meat startup Beyond Meat prices at $25 a share ahead of IPO / 2 May 2019


The Bill Gates-backed plant-based meat startup Beyond Meat priced at the top end of its IPO range at $25 a share ahead of its debut on the Nasdaq on Thursday, lifting the California based company's potential market value to almost $1.5 billion.


So the same monopolists that run, you know, information and computers and so on, right, are into all other things too. Now they're going for your food supply.  And you already had it where the big big companies own seeds, you can’t even save seeds now, they put the killer gene in them, the Terminator gene so you have to go back every year and buy seed from them if you want to grow stuff as a farmer. Are you beginning to get it, what monopoly is all about, folks? Power and control.  So, I'll put this one up. Then here's another one…


Lab-Grown Meat Coming to Supermarket Shelves Soon? / 1 May 2019


(A:  Our governments are funding these, and they're paying, in losses that they say they've got at the big big supermarkets, hey, they're paying them to grow it.)


This startup makes lab-grown meat from animal cells.


A Silicon-Valley startup, Memphis Meats says they have successfully made the world’s first lab-grown chicken strips as well as duck and beef using animal cells.


So, this is a different one.  Again, they've actually done artificial stuff that they tried creating in laboratories, I think it was in Holland initially.  I think there's quite a few countries involved in making this particular artificial meat.  Quite a few countries involved. Holland is one. The US is one. Israel is another one. I don't know if Britain is doing it yet. But so many countries will be involved in all of this stuff.   But they want us all to eat, especially substitutes, meat substitutes. But now they've got artificial meat as well because they don't want you having beef around, you know, people are living too long, they claim.  M-hm.  Here's one here too…


No more bacon sarnies? Ed Miliband


(A:  ...of Britain, right, Ed Miliband, a politician actually who comes from the family of some say communists, but definitely socialists. His brother who was another politician went off from Britain and he's now the, or he was put in charge at the time, he‘s still with them, a big, big charity for the philanthropic salary of half a million a year I think it was. They're awfully well-paid, these particular socialists. But it says…)


No more bacon sarnies? Ed Miliband says we will have to 'eat less meat' (A:  …This is the one who’s still in Britain…) and backs more taxes (A:  …naturally…) on holiday flights to tackle climate change in a fiery BBC interview with John Humphrys - / 30 Apr 2019


(A:  There you go. So, I'm sure he will do without, right?  Hm?  M-hm.)


So, it says he's a former Energy and Climate Change Minister.  What a title to have, energy and climate change minister. He's in charge of the climate, 'eh, or he was. They used to have these titles for the gods of Egypt, they had gods for all things, including the climate, you know, the sun, and air.   And, yeah, rain too. We just elect them. Or you think you do. So, there you go. And it all comes out of our taxes too, which also impoverish you, until, you know, they're getting the message, less energy, less energy, less energy. Technically money is a form of energy. There was an organization out in the 30s came out with that, and they actually planned it that way, energy units.  And some of the top bankers today still talk about it.


White Castle - plant-based sliders / 11 Apr 2018


It looks like meat and even tastes like it, but it’s not made from cows.


(A:  Isn't that statement right out of Orwell's 1984 when they're in the canteen and Orwell's neighbor who works there too at the same place says, to this kind of white mush that they're eating, he says, isn't it amazing, he says, looks like meat, tastes like meat, but there's no meat in it at all. And here you're reading it from articles they're putting out, looks like meat, it says, and even tastes like it, but it's not made from cows.)


Impossible Foods CEO Patrick Brown explains the process behind creating the company’s plant-based protein, and how hamburger restaurants around the country are taking bite out of it.


So there you go. It's like the old soya stuff from the 60s and 70s, that quivering jelly stuff you used to see. I've got a few articles and I'll put all these links up anyway for you, for people who are interested in catching up on it.


Maggot sausage and a scoop of insect ice-cream: Scientists claim alternative protein made from BUGS 'needs to be incorporated' to meals - / 1 May 2019


But anyway, as I say, they want to bring down, you know, the population, to eat less meat, to tackle climate change, remember, the big crisis. You see, it's a wartime crisis, you're the enemy to the planet as mankind, you see, so they got to deal with that problem. And you must go along with it, but they want your consent to go along with it. And at the same time all this is happening, right, you've got euthanasia, big time euthanasia. I can remember, I think it was the night of 2001 when I was on a show, of the 11th of course, 9/11 2001, saying, the hardest thing… Because I knew the whole agenda would be unleashed with this whole thing.  Because two Bushes by that time had given us the big talks on a new world order, and if you're in-the-know and you'd studied enough from the same sources at the top, you know what they were talking about, the unleashing of a whole new agenda,  to the public anyway but an old agenda to them, for this order of living, depopulation, a world system all run by the same group at the top. 


Again, you've got the whole Agenda 21 to work through for the 21st century where all of this must be accomplished step by step by step. Out of the cars, a temporary solution given you, so you won't complain too much, which won't be around for too long. Getting you off of meat. Getting you used to the fact that you can't afford the energy anymore, especially electricity and so on. Things that have made it more comfortable and more sanitary and keeping disease down and all the rest of it, all the things you need are gradually being taken down, for most of the public. Easy to do when you mandate it this way.  And then you tax penalties, so only those at the very top and wealthy people can afford to live like they had lived before. Quite simple, isn't it.


But you also get the next part of it too, that even Obama prattled on about, more openly about, his grandmother being sick, etc.  And why openly talk about that in a public speech? Well, he's talking about euthanasia.  Because the old agenda, which again, goes way back, waay back, and again came out in the 1930s with Brave New World, where you'd live a healthy life until a certain age and then you'd get sick and then you die.  And they would teach the children to celebrate death.  And the bodies would go back into the earth.  Like they're doing now, again, like the articles last week with the green goo, they turn you into green goo and they can poor you into the roots of a tree, you know. Starting to get it, are you?


It's a very old agenda. But you see, you must get the public to go along with that. And as Aldous Huxley said, you know, they'll come to love their servitude. He was warning you too.  He says, perhaps they could make the public with techniques, he's talking about psychology and behaviorism and all these techniques of manipulating your minds and your beliefs or whatever. He said, perhaps they can convince the public to accept things that the public possibly they should not accept for their own good. That was on the television show with Mike Wallace when he said that. He gave you little warnings.


Unlike his brother who just dictated to you. His brother, by the way, Julian Huxley, had to go and get electroshock therapy and various other things. He was manic. And he'd go into depressive phases too.  They call it bipolar today. It ran in their family, through certain inbreeding too, tendencies, depression, and going way back actually. It runs in their family. And don't forget these families are all intermarried, the Darwin's, the Huxley's. The Darwin's were interbred with the Wedgwood family for generations, the two families interbred completely.  So, they're already into the specialized breeding programs for those who haven't figured anything out yet.  [Alan chuckles.], 


And I'm not, this is no conspiracy, this is his historical fact.  So, let's go into the next part too and it talks about...


More than a quarter of the deaths in Holland are “induced,” report finds / 22 Jan 2019


(A:  Meaning, euthanasia, a quarter of them now.  I followed that and gave talks over many years on Holland. Because Holland, by its own admission, and its own studies of the population, are the most passive compliant population in Europe. They're the least ones, the least people in Europe to demand anything from their government or go against the government policies. They're very compliant. That's why they picked Holland to start it with years ago. So more than a quarter of the deaths in Holland are induced, right.)


Euthanasia in the Netherlands is on the rise.


Fifteen years after the Netherlands decriminalized euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, more than 25 percent of all deaths in the nation are induced, rather than by illness or other natural causes.


(A:  You understand that?!) 


…rather than by...


(A:  They're dying...)




...more than 25 percent of all deaths in the nation are induced, rather than by illness or other natural causes.


That figure is based on statistics from 2017 and includes almost 6,600 cases of euthanasia; 1,900 suicides and some 32,000 people killed through a practice called palliative sedation, according to an article in the Guardian,


(A:  It's got the link on that article too. I'll put these links up tonight for those who want.)


In the article, journalist Christopher de Bellaigue traces the history of euthanasia in the Netherlands from when it was introduced for extreme cases (A:  They always start off with extreme cases…) (“unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement”) to the point where some are advocating for a legal pill that practically anyone can take in case they are tired of living.


They're already giving it to ones who are just depressed, you see.  So, they want to get rid of the gene pools of those who have any of these problems happening to them.  Now, how many youngsters go through depression bouts? I mean, everybody does at some point or another, I think, as you’re finding out who you are, what life's about, and you're not even sure yet. [Alan chuckles.] And a lot of folks when they're adults don't know what life's all about yet, because it's so deceptive.


But that's Holland. Now, Canada, again, and many other countries have followed suit with this. Here's an article here to do with that too. It's quite amazing, really. This is from Life Site News. 


Euthanasia doctor hired for prime role at Ottawa Catholic palliative care hospital / 1 May 2019


(A:  So, the Catholic palliative care hospital hired a euthanasia doctor...)


A doctor who performs “assisted deaths” (A:  …they like to call it…) and lobbied for legal euthanasia in Canada now has a pivotal role at a Catholic hospital in Ottawa renowned for its palliative care.


Dr. James Downar was hired in October as head of palliative care at the University of Ottawa, a tripartite position in which he splits his clinical time between the intensive care unit at Ottawa General Hospital and the palliative care ward at the Catholic Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital.


Downar is also a researcher with the Bruyère Research Institute.


Dr. Jose Pereira, a staunch opponent of euthanasia, formerly held the position.


News of Downar’s appointment comes as LifeSiteNews learned that Canada’s Catholic health sponsors approved secret national guidelines in consultation with the bishops to allow third-party euthanasia assessments for medically frail patients onsite at Catholic health care facilities — including Bruyère.


Catholic moral theologian Dr. E. Christian Brugger says allowing such assessments at Catholic institutions is “morally wrong cooperation” because it is “scandalous and a gross failure to bear witness to the Gospel.”


(A:  Well, they better make their minds up what they're serving, hey. They've already had complaints from social media about it and people who are really ticked off at it. But it says...)


Downar’s euthanasia advocacy is a matter of public record.


As the former chair and member of the Physician Advisory Committee for Dying with Dignity Canada, he lobbied for the legalization of euthanasia in Canada.


He performs assisted deaths, supports the harvesting of organs of euthanized individuals, (A:  Interesting too, he's in the organizations to harvest organs, 'eh.) was a paid consultant on the Canadian Medical Association course (A:  They call it MAID...) on “Medical Aid in Dying,” (A:  They call it MAID of course, because it's your maid, you'll be calling for a maid when you need help, right, so MAID is just to kill you. Pleasant in a way, isn't it?)  and advocates that euthanasia be part of palliative care.


(A:  Eventually, you see, palliative care will simply BE euthanasia. You see? Instead of taking care as best as you can until a person dies naturally, they're going to simply bump you off quickly. They want palliative care to become medical assisted death, you see. They already offer you a quick exit in the Canadian hospitals. I've already done stories on that where they offer to young people who are not dying, ha, ha.  But they're actually offering it to some people.)


(A:  And it's a downhill thing from here because believe you me, these characters are out in society.  They're not giving this because they believe it's helping society. You've got to understand the types of characters who run in positions and who are appointed to positions of authority over the general population. You've got to see... there are plenty of psychopaths all through society. Plenty of them. All through society. You find them in surgery at times, with surgeons and things like that.  If you were to hear what they talk about it might shock you. But your government’s promoting this, remember. So, this one goes on and on and on. It says…)


Ottawa’s Archbishop Terrence Prendergast told the Catholic Register he believes that Downar’s appointment will not threaten Bruyère’s Catholic character. 


(A:  …the hospital's Catholic character.  Oh, I think it would, wouldn't you? Anyway he…)


… was a paid consultant on the Canadian Medical Association course on “Medical Aid in Dying”…  


(A:  That's the dying course, remember, and…)


As the former chair and member of the Physician Advisory Committee for Dying with Dignity Canada,


(A:  And also big Pharma... Boehringer Ingelheim, Canada, Medtronics, and Novartis.  So, big Pharma. So that's what this guy is a member of, and probably other organizations no doubt too.  It's the way these guys are.)


So, there you go, it's on your face, really. There's nothing to guess at. Plus, he promotes harvesting organs.  M-hm.  I keep telling folk, we are the business. We are good business, aren't we?  And most folk don't even know they're a business, until even when they’re dead they don't know they're a business.


We are THE business on the planet. We provide the tax money for everything, don't we. We provide the kind of money that gives a lot of characters big massive salaries.  And we pay for, and we create organizations that allow, sometimes, these characters to rule over us and do what they want to do. And bring in the big agenda, m-hm.  I'll put this one up for anybody who cares about it. It even has lists of hospitals in the US and Canada that, the US for sure that tell you where you can go and get this done.  [Alan laughing.]   Yep.


Death by organ donation: Euthanizing patients for their organs gains frightening traction - / 2 May 2019


So, it's quite something we live in. And again, eugenics, getting back to it, don't forget what I started the talk with.  It's quite important, is meant to realize what you're living through.  Yep.  And we are. We're living through it. It's all the same agenda, euthanasia, isn't it, hm.  Linked in completely, absolutely linked in is euthanasia with population control, eugenics, economic system. Because you see, we've not to be a burden on society. If we're paying money into the system, according to the United Nations a good global citizen is a good producer and consumer.  That's how they define it from their own writings and charters. So obviously if you're not producing anymore, you're consuming, then you're just a burden on society. Well, here's a pill, it's only 25 cents for goodness’ sake, and that will save the system a lot of the money that you've paid into it that we can use for other things. And they can maybe harvest your organs in the process and make up a little bit of money on the side. We're awfully good, aren't we? We really are good, you know.


I wonder if they'll give us little incentives down the road, with the article last week where they're going to turn us into green goo, rather than cremate us, and pour us into mother Earth here to grow plants and stuff.  Will we get some money before we are dead maybe? We could put our names forward and then they can say okay, if you turn me into green goo to feed the trees and the plants and that, can I get some cash before I die, hm?  Hey?  Or are they really going to push this for the good will of us, to give it all for nothing? Because we give everything else for nothing, don't we, hm?  It's strange what all the folk can make money off, that you leave behind, like organs and stuff like that. It's just astonishing that they live an awfully good lifestyle, hm, out of all these nothings, that just happened to be you.  Ha!  [Alan chuckles.]   


And now our overseers too, as was predesigned of course, Macron and Zuckerberg meet in France... talking about Facebook, meaning the other ones too. And the whole system is meant to tackle hate speech, meaning anything that's politically incorrect is going to be called hate, naturally.


Zuckerberg meets President Macron as France demands Facebook does more to tackle hate speech - days after co-founder says the social media giant should be broken up (A:  You see.) - / 10 May 2019


And again, all these big institutions that you think, oh, all just suddenly appeared out of nothing by just geniuses that hatched out.  Well, good luck in understanding anything at all if you believe that.  It's all part of the system.  And then another article too…


How the trade war with China could hit you - / 10 May 2019


... because I think it's going to cost you up to 25% taxes on things coming in from China. It's great now that you can't make anything here, 'eh?  But they're giving a list of things that are going to be taxed, to start with, right.  And of course, all the ones, the wholesalers have already said they'll pass the taxes on to the consumer.  That's all of you.  You paid for all your factories and that, and all these companies that actually made real tangible goods, you paid for it all to go to China through deals made by your politicians, that you're not invited in on, except to pay for it all.  And now you've got to pay taxes on all the imports from China.  Because they're pretending they've got a tiff going with China.


A quick guide to the US-China trade war - / 10 May 2019


And once taxes are in of course they always last, 'eh.  Because they always use, like your ‘temporary war tax’ is now your ‘income tax’, isn't it. Temporary war tax, victory tax and all that.


Again, with Brave New World you had Soma, and I mentioned about the legalization of different drugs, 'eh.  And you've got legalization now of even, in some of the states in the US, you've got... I think it's Denver actually...


Denver becomes first US city to decriminalize 'magic mushrooms' - / 8 May 2019


So, magic mushrooms are going to be okay. And when they say it's going to be okay…  Folk always harvested their own. Now of course you have professional corporations that will be in charge of growing it all and making money off it. Because it's always big corporations take everything over, if not even start it and launch it in the first place. And it's only the start because they'll go on and on with other drugs too. That's what some of the top honchos have said.  


Because it's now Soma time, now that much of your meaning of life seems crazy... the pace of life is getting crazy… the reasons for being around seem crazy, hence euthanasia, etc.   No kidding you, this is all tied in, it's all worked out this way. So I'll put these articles up anyway on the drugs and how they're pushing, how they're pushing through, again, the so-called, the top media – you're not allowed to say certain words  now – with the top media, authorized, are pushing it all, because their job is to push a lot of things, that confuse you. But you've got… 


Is microdosing LSD a solution to the 'crisis of meaning' in modern life? / 24 Apr 2019


(A:  It's... oh, there ya go.  See.  So, let's bring LSD in micro-doses, 'eh.) 


No visions, no wavering lights, no breathing wood. It’s less about being at one with all forms of life (A:  ...making you one with them…) and more about just getting through the day.


(A:  So, it's good for you. It’s therapeutic now, right.  Rather than just jump out the window and things like that, I knew folk who did that, it's going to help you, you see.  You understand how they can make you believe anything?  'Eh?!)


It was one of the largest formal studies of its kind. The participants — 909 of them, recruited online from 29 countries — included teachers and people who worked in advertising, and ranged in age from their late teens to their late 70s. By gathering responses to an online questionnaire and challenging them to a task to measure their creativity, two University of Toronto PhD students completed one of the first psychological profiles of the growing microdosing community.


Microdosing” is the regular consumption of small, non-trippy amounts of psychedelic substances such as LSD and “magic mushrooms.”


(A:  Isn't that amazing, you got all these articles all flooding in at the same time from different, what seems to be different sources, hm.)


The study found the microdosers scored lower overall on neuroticism and “dysfunctional” attitudes,


(A:  Meaning, you're very... you're not going to be... you're going to be more pleasant.  You know, can we tax you more? Oh, no problem, sure, okay, go ahead, yep.  So, you'll be more pleasant and stuff and less neurotic.  You won't say, well you can’t tax me anymore, I'm starving as it is, for God’s sake, you know. Nope, you can't say that.  They just want you to take a little trip of LSD, you'll say, oh, sure, man, you know, cool man, yeah yeah, good cause, yeah sure.  And...)


and higher on a brief “wisdom” scale


(A:  You'll be more wise. You see how they push that rubbish forever? You ever seen the rubbish that folk write after they've been tripping out? or even smoking dope 'eh? At the time they've got great philosophy and great poetry. Then they realize, what the heck…??? And of course they, you know, they try to burn them before anybody sees them, you know, these are rubbish, hm.  But here they are telling the same old con game here, higher on a brief wisdom scale...) 


that measures beliefs like, “I am in touch with my feelings,” or, “I have a good sense of humour about myself.” They seemed more open-minded, more curious and more creative, coming up with more unique and unusual uses for a brick, and a knife. (A:  Huh?)  In other words, their mental health seemed to be flourishing.  


(A:  I guess that's well-being, 'eh, I guess.  Hm.  Isn't that wonderful.  In other words, the system, the big system will like you more when you're just, way out man, sure. You know, laid-back.  It says…)  


. . . compared microdosers (current and former) against controls (no microdosing experience whatsoever), their study lacked a placebo arm, making it hard to prove cause and effect.


“This isn’t the 'tune in, drop out' counterculture of the '60s


(A:  No, no, no, it's to be pleasant. You see, you'll be awfully pleasant to everything that you're told. Can we take your shoes, we need them? Oh no problem man, you know, sure, yeah, yeah.)

. . . University of Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Studies — (A:  Like they haven’t done enough of them, ‘eh?  And no doubt will be getting little grants for this too.) are preparing what could be the first Canadian study of its kind, a new randomized trial that will compare placebos to measured doses of psilocybin (A:  …that’s the mushroom.), the principal psychoactive compound found in certain types of fresh and dried mushrooms.  (A: Can you believe we're wasting our money like this?)


But again, this agenda, you gotta get drugged, folks. Because society is getting so crazy. And you know what it is? As they take all your beliefs from you… when you see things that just don't make sense, you actually physically see things, and you’re told to believe other things...  And then you can't... Well, you've got to get drugs, you'll start to see lots of weird things. I'm telling you, like the jolly green giant. There was a guy who did that, hey. He was tripping out on a hillside and he literally claimed there was a guy hundreds of feet tall, completely green, went hopping along over the hills and over him. Yep. No kidding you.  Yeah.  So, you're going to feel laid-back for goodness’ sake.  And yeah, it will also do away, with some of these drugs, some of these drugs do away with appetite. Whereas dope of course tends to make folk eat more.  M-hm.


Another one, even the Guardian is in on the act. I mean, these papers, it ain’t coincidence.


'It makes me enjoy playing with the kids': is microdosing mushrooms going mainstream? / 3 May 2019


...increasing numbers are taking tiny doses of psychedelic drugs in the UK. Why?


(A:  Suddenly, a sudden phenomenon, 'eh, all over the place at the same time. Well, isn't that amazing, folks, 'eh.)


Inside is a grey powder; her finely ground homegrown magic mushrooms.


(A:  There you go.)


“I’ll take a very small dose, every three or four days,” she says...


Understand what's going on, folks?   You know, hm?  Do you? The things you've already been taught to accept are getting more bizarre. The things that they want you to accept, and have you comply with things as you go into poverty, fuel poverty, energy poverty and all the rest of it, are going to get more bizarre.  But it's much easier when you're pleasant and compliant, isn't it? Yeah, man, no problem.   You know, peace. Yep.  And...


'I felt alive': University lecturer, 40, who 'micro-dosed' tiny amounts of psychedelic mushrooms says drugs encouraged her to split with husband / 4 May 2019


(A:  Well, I wonder if she's on Oprah yet, you know.)


Lindsay Jordan, 40, university lecturer from east London, says it 'freed' her


Yeah, drugs can free you. Yep. Certainly can. Wow. Wow, I'm telling you.


And then you go into of course the other side of things, like Shanghai where they're actually, the addiction to things are so bad now with drugs they're doing brain surgery on people now and even putting electrodes in, the old Tavistock idea of electrodes right into the skull, and you can actually work them with your computer or tablet, probably with your cell phone too.


Experimental surgery gains support as opioid deaths rise - / 9 May 2019


Yep. So that's how you deal with the madness in society that's been forced upon people. And you get through it all, you see, you won't notice a thing. You'll just... In fact, you literally probably won't notice a thing, anything.  And...


The mums who took cocaine during play dates / 8 May 2019


(A:  Isn't that… All these happy stories suddenly came out.  You think they all came out by themselves, 'eh?)


Cocaine use in England and Wales is at a 10-year high, with middle-class users accused of fuelling the drugs trade.


(A:  They'd be unmarried single mums and they'd have their babies in the carrier and they go up and do a line here with their pals and stuff and sit and chat.  And then when they're pregnant they also kept doing it and yada, yada, ya, you know. M-hm.)


One of the UK's leading providers of private addiction treatment says it has seen a 128% increase in the number of cocaine addicts since 2015.


Drugs are great for you, 'eh?   Wow. And here they are pushing more, I'm telling you, at the same time, telling you at the same time what happens, 'eh.  Quite amazing.


And again, getting back to, you know, euthanasia, all these people that want to help you, you know, and reduce the population, and get organs at the same time.


Death by organ donation: Euthanizing patients for their organs gains frightening traction

Palliative / 2 May 2019


Organ donation is a selfless gift to those on transplant wait lists.  But what if we euthanize patients by harvesting their organs?


So, they kill you when they harvest the organs. How's that? Because then they're really fresh, 'eh.  I'm telling you.  There you are. But it's such a nice article... it's just wonderful. It's just… You'll actually want to go and do it after you read this article.  If you take some of the drugs in fact, you might, you might definitely volunteer for it. No problem man, you know.


So, getting back to what I said at the beginning. What I said was, Charles Galton Darwin, descendent of Charles Darwin, and a physicist who had no problem working on something that would kill millions of people, the atomic bomb. He wasn't satisfied with that. He wanted to kill an awful lot more people and euthanize the rest, or else sterilize them at least. He mentions that in his book The Next Million Years, if we could just convince folk to be sterilized for goodness sake, you know, all the wrong people.  You know, get them to go along with it, see their point of view. Again, you know, like Aldous Huxley said, maybe people can be coerced into coming into agreement with all these things, and be quite willing to be servants basically of the world State. You'd be happy with your servitude, you see. 


There's nothing that can't be done to you. And again, Huxley talked about different drugs that could be used. And so did Charles Galton Darwin.  And here ya go, folks, hm.  Here ya go.


And then the enemies of their agenda, the enemies being too much good energy for giving you sanitary conditions and heat and warmth in the winter and things like that, start doing away with all of that, making it unaffordable by most, you get diseases creeping in, and water will get contaminated again...  Well, Bertrand Russell said, if they only had a black plague every generation or two, it will keep the population down.  Hmm. 


Now, I'm not making this stuff up, folks. This is not conspiracy stuff. It's in-your-face. 


And again, I can't make, I said this in my early talks too, I said, you can't force people to do anything about anything. You could actually do it if you had the money, lots of money and use the techniques of persuasiveness, and especially get the young kids.  Brainwash them quickly and make them hate whatever you want them to hate.  And they become their great army, the creed, the very creed that Charles Galton Darwin said would be very effective.  It's a creed, it's a belief, it's a religion.  They're fanatics, these young, they're absolutely fanat...  They're like any fanatical type religion, and they'll do what they're told.  Ruthlessly. It's all there. It doesn't happen by itself.  And what the deep state doesn't want doesn't exist.


So, I'm sorry for prattling on so much in this talk here.  But as I say, I wasn't prepared for it really. I was just going to mention Charles Galton Darwin and leave it at that and go into two or three things. But you can always tie things in.  You won't get articles in the newspapers or on television or whatever coming out, all the same articles at the same time promoting the same things. When we've lived through years and years of drug problems everywhere and suddenly they're promoting it all.  Wake up folks, 'eh.  Either wake up, or as they used to say, or dropout, hm.


Well that's it for me tonight, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you. 


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