May 19, 2019 (#1721)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Welcome to Bedlam Where Minds are Limited, Contained,

 Where C.G.D.'s "Wild Men" Rule over Mass of the Tamed."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 19, 2019.  We're rushing along through this year already, and to me it seems more so we're rushing through.  Because very recently there was snow, lots of snow, more snow than I've ever seen before, because of global warming. Since then there's been a few days of nice weather on and off but there's been a lot of rain as well. And I suspect it's going to be an awful lot of rain this year, as snow basically is just a form of rain, isn't it, it's turning into rain now.  I hope it's not going to be one of those terribly, terribly really wet, wet summers like I've had a few years ago... Actually, not even a few years ago.  So, I'll wait and see.


But the world goes on.  And that's what most folk never really catch on to as we speed through our little lives. And they are little lives, aren't they. As I say, most people, and really, we've all been there, amongst the most people, haven't we?  But most people live day to day in a sense, and the younger you are the more so you'll just drift along from day-to-day.  You'll absorb yourself, your time, with what's laid on for you to absorb yourself with, which is television, Internet, or parties or whatever else you're into, that's all given out there for you to use. 


Because humanity is managed.  Managed awfully, awfully well actually. And as time goes on with all the sciences, it becomes much easier to manage all the people. That's what Brzezinski said. He said years ago, it was easier to basically control and police a million people, rather than kill them. Then he said, with the technologies they had, at the time he wrote his last, that book in fact, he said that it was now easier to kill a million people than to just simply police and control them.


So it's amazing the sciences that are constantly at work. And we're trained in a sense not to even look at them. Or if we do look upon them, and the whole world sees them, it's a form of legality… where you're half sleeping in a sense when you read lots of articles. But the legalities, is like legalities used to be put into newspapers, still are in fact.  If you want to put something forward, and then it's then noticed, it's called a ‘notice’, a ‘legal notice’ in a newspaper. A lot of stories, you understand, they're actually legal notices.


When you're told, for instance, after 9/11 that you'd all have to give up freedoms and liberties for security. That was a legal notice. The papers across the world, the Western world ran with those stories because we're all… The whole thing, it was to be a global system to be brought in. You can't simply have America or Canada brought in, in a system with, like Fortress America, against anti-terrorism. The whole plan was to get the whole world involved in it for a big change towards the global system.


Really, from World War I with the League of Nations, which was the embryo for world government, George Bernard Shaw and many others spoke openly about the need for a form of meeting place for members of all nations to meet, and basically run the world. That would include trade. It wouldn't include warfare systems, armaments, all that kind of stuff. Health. In fact, the League of Nations had its early, it was almost a kind of a resume it had set up to give the public on, eventually eliminating all the diseases with vaccines across the planet, things like that.  Very old agenda, you understand. But the whole thing is to be a global system.


You don't realize just how much of a global system it really has been since then. Even with World War II coming along afterwards, and then forming the United Nations. They pretty well openly declared at the time, after World War II, that the UN would BE a world government. They were very open about it. But the public weren't quite ready even then to give up their national sovereignty. It doesn't go away because those behind the scenes, and that includes financial as well, naturally, a financial international system wanted a globalized structural system. The problem they saw, they foresaw even before you would get to a global system with a kind of global Parliament, what they foresaw was the possibility the people wouldn't go along with the dictates from a vague superpower over the whole planet basically. 


It's difficult to feel anything towards an abstraction like the United Nations. It's far away. It's not on your land. It's bad enough if you have a federal government in a large country, like Australia or Canada or the US and Latin American countries. Massive countries. It's bad enough when you get a federal government that seem so far away from your local area.  So you just put it up in the provinces or states, but even at that it's not so easy to relate to people so far away from you. 


When you create a world government or even an EU parliamentary system, which was to be part of it, getting to the world government system, the European Union. In countries like Britain, again, it's an abstraction, it's over the water somewhere.  And people from other countries, nations and cultures are all involved in it, so it's difficult for people to relate to it. Nevermind just go along with it. So, with a world government you can imagine how bad that would be for the general population. So, they foresaw the difficulties.  They also knew the people might not want to simply give up sovereignty, national sovereignty.


They discussed many ways of bringing it in, bringing in a global system. Of course, terrorism across the world was one of them. You have to go into the teachings of military academies for the last 50 years or more and you start to get the gist of what they've been taught. As I say, the end of warfare could only come, they talk about warfare like national warfare could only come obviously through, from the end of nations. That's what they were teaching their officer group in different officer training facilities in Britain and elsewhere.


But the thing is too, how do you control the public who might not want, they might not want to obey orders that simply flow from some far-off place that they couldn't relate to? Well, they went through all kinds of scenarios to make the people pull together.  Financial crisis. Economic crisis. Because government, local governments, which becomes a provincial type government, local government, and that means national government basically in the EU circles, basically loses its authority over the public if they are really subservient to some superpower above them.  They thought that crisis might bind them together.   


They thought too, that training at least one generation, if you get one generation from birth born into a post-apocalyptic system of terror, or 9/11 situation for instance, who 25 years later will be 25 years old and that's all they've known is anti-terrorism, they've never known privacy, and they think it's all quite normal. Well, let the old ones die off, which they do naturally. People get older, they get sicker. Or they become disinterested. Or they give up on society. They've seen the cons of wars and money and economic scams on a large scale across the planet, which they pay for of course, and they give up. They give up and they pull out of it and a lot of them to simply stop voting altogether. There's no point.  And they know that. 


So the younger ones are left to vote and so on. And they are easier lead when they've already been conditioned into a natural system, to them, of perpetual warfare under antiterrorism. And they're already geared into the system with another superimposed, another indoctrination on top, of climate change, from school onwards.  So, they're perfect for it. They'll sail into it quite naturally and think it's for the good of all.  It's a war to save the planet. It's a war of the people on the planet, so the people are the enemy, according to the Club of Rome, and therefore they go along with it all quite naturally. 


These things are worked out so long ago, all these strategies so long ago. Back in I think the 60s they had quite a few movies, funded of course to put out there, very good movies on overpopulation of the planet. And everyone knows the one, it's called Soylent Green. It came from a book called Make Room, Make Room.  The author talks about that, the whole idea was to get the readers involved in and believing that there's too many people on the planet and they'd have to submit to a super authority to control them all. And it was based on a Malthusian concept, you see, of running out of food and all the rest of it.  They also had in that movie, interestingly enough, a form of global warming. Because in the actual movie version you'll see it's always so hot, etc. etc. and nothing would grow. 


But at the same period, they had another one called No Blade of Grass. Again, exciting for youngsters to watch. These folk have to escape a crumbling city were a fungus that came out attacking all life forms, due to man's pollution of course, then these people had to get out and get little bands together and try to lead them to safety outside in rural areas so they can survive.  Things that suck young folk into it, because you become part of the movie you're watching. That's how books work too, and novels work, you become part of the people, you identify with them. 


So that's the hook and along with the hook comes, you might call it, the syringe of indoctrination that comes with it, that will stick with you for the rest of your life generally. It's been on the go for an awful long time. You have no idea how much indoctrination comes from fiction. Because our guards are down, we're not expecting to be indoctrinated through fiction. That's why if you look into the different advisers to scripts in Hollywood, or even novels in fact, you get a lot of input from psychiatrists and psychologists, neurologists and behaviorists and all the rest of them. Big money involved in conditioning all of us.   Right down to inserting certain, it's called, politically correct topics.  You get updates for what you know must believe, or how you now must behave or whatever it is, into the fiction too. Or into novel as well.  Or even children's books, inserting it all in there too, so that they'll all believe growing up that there's a battle on for the planet, and they are part of it, because there are the good guys. And everybody else is bad.


There's always a war on this planet. Always. There's never peace. When you think there's peace it's because you're pulled out of it all for a while.  And even then, you'll be hit with it when, you see, you get little notifications in your mailbox or whatever to do with certain carbon hikes. Because you exist therefore, they're going to tax you for all the carbon, etc. I said, this is old stuff to me because I talked about it all long before it hit the public. Because I followed what they were up to. And they do publish stuff for themselves all the time on how to introduce all these things.  And they never change, they never get off the track that they're on. You got to understand that too. With the massive bureaucracies that run this planet, directly from federal governments, and then indirectly too, well, it's all from federal governments because they farm out so much of it to thousands and thousands of agencies now that run our lives.  Including, you know, psychological associations and behaviorist associations. We pay for it all. We pay dearly for indoctrination.


It was interesting going back to the old THX 1138 science fiction movie, futuristic movie, where everyone lived underground.  Very high-tech society.  People were drugged basically for the jobs that they had to do; they still needed humans for certain things. The humans themselves were constantly drugged and monitored and all the rest of it. And they were unaware they were getting monitored all the time.  But they had Robocop's basically, these Robocop's with big kind of stun sticks that would torture them and test them. But you actually see in one in one section of the movie where I think it's Duval, is the main character, he's being prodded by these electric sticks by the Robocops.  And as they're shocking him you see, it pans off into a bunch of scientists looking at, it's almost like medics in a sense, reading all his conditioning and conditioned responses, and his nervous system and his chemical readouts and all the rest of it, automatically, very quickly. 


It reminded me that we're all living in this already, aren't we, a system of massive observation. You have the technology out now where they, yeah, they wear watches and all the rest of it that constantly monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and all the rest of it. And your breathing rates. And no doubt at all it will go into, it probably goes into other avenues as well. They can analyze even fear, I'm sure, from your sweat and things like that.  So we're really going in, if not we're already in the system of THX 1138 without it being so obvious as an onlooker watching the movie. For those in the movie, if it was real, they would be oblivious to the fact that they were so closely managed and monitored.  And even their sexual releases were supplied to them in various forms or another.


So we're in a system of massive observation. And these movies didn't just come out of the blue by themselves. They really didn't. There's much science fiction, as they call it, that really was based on reports of their day and before that, where the writers, the authors were in with the futurist groups of the day. They were employed by big think tanks in fact, to try and foresee what the future would be, according to all the data they had at the present time, where they could take it and how they could constantly dominate.  Remember, power always must know what's going to happen. It must lead the path of what's to happen by owning all the tools they foresee will be used, up and coming in science and in every possible other domain. So that's what they do. And that's how the world is truly, truly run. Nothing happens by itself.


It's like today, for instance. We hear about, again, the saber rattling with Iran.  And we all know from previous talks and so on and disclosures that Iran also was on the list, the famous list from the 1990s. It was on that list that General Wesley Clark talked about on a couple of TV shows including Democracy Now. He said, there was a list and he named the countries, and a whole bunch of other countries were to be taken out as well, when George Bush was in after 9/11.  So, we live through scripts.  The actual plan for that was drawn up before in the 90s, as I say, they always... they might take 20 years to get around to wiping out some of them, or even longer, but they'll do it. Because they never go back on their plans.  And when you believe that you have a country that truly serves your interests, good luck in finding out any truth to that statement, that they're there to serve your interests. 


You'll never know what your governments are really up to because they're pretty well foreign, [Alan chuckles.] all countries really, they're pretty well foreign to the interests of the public. They certainly have their agendas, but they don't really have agendas that the public are to be told about. Because you're treated like children. And children shouldn't be told bad news. If you're told bad news you might object, and they don't want the hassle so they simply don't tell you.   Or they lie to you, quite simple, they just lie to you. Because you're children, that's what you do.  Don't give the children nightmares. The children might scream, to stop doing what you're going to do, and you don't want that hassle either, so why bother telling them.  You just gradually, one day they'll wake up in some virtual reality maybe.  [Alan chuckles.]  Maybe they're already in it. It makes you wonder when you read some the articles they're putting out today.


But in reality, as I say, in reality, you've got to pinch yourself now. In reality, we're definitely managed awfully well. Because most folk don't catch on. Occasionally, you'll get a ripple in the consciousness of the people when something doesn't make sense and they're forced to go along with it. As we've had with a few different things in the past few years. But otherwise they go back to sleep because there's so much entertainment where you can get lost and enjoy yourself and forget your worries for a little while, until you're back at work the next day.


I always think of Aldous Huxley who out of all of them really gave you a few clues of what was coming. And he also gave you a few warnings of what was coming. So, the man obviously did have some qualms about some parts of the agendas.  He said that perhaps we, certain techniques were used on the public that could modify or change your behavior or get you to accept things that perhaps were not in your best interests. That's what he said. And that's about as far as any of them have ever come to actually warning you of what was coming down the pike. 


So we have incredible sciences working on us from birth, again, through fiction, through television, through Internet, and through education. To make sure that in 20 years time from being a child you are the type of citizen that they planned you to be, according to what they hoped to have achieved in the world big plan in 20 years time. You will be created for it, you see, and readied for it and you think it's all quite natural. Which all youngsters do. We all think it's natural how we're brought up.  Simply because how we're brought up.  All the things around us simply exists, they're there, therefore they're natural, that's what we think. 


It's no different than when I think about a guy I knew who was brought up in Vietnam during the Vietnamese war. To him it was normal to get up and go scouting with baskets to pick up bits of shrapnel in his area, for metal and they could take that and get it into their scrapyard basically, would buy the stuff and the children would do that and get some money for it. That was normal to him. You think of those that were born even in Japanese prison war camps during World War II. Most of them died because the parents were starved pretty well, malnourished. But some did live as well. I think they've tried to portray some of it occasionally in movies, by awful suffering, naturally.


But when you see the one, it was Empire of the Sun showed you the story of the young British boy from a wealthy family who ends up in a prison run by the Japanese.  And how his life went through different cycles or phases as he was in there for a few years. He got by on trading potatoes and so on for different things within the camp. On the one hand it shows you how adaptable we are to situations, especially when you're young. But also shows you that in the character in the movie, that particular movie, was really different people at different phases of his life.  The young spoiled rich child basically of wealthy parents who had lots of servants and he bossed them around, and even threaten them like maybe the adults would. And eventually he ends up kowtowing to the Japanese overlords and being subservient to survive. And even, as I say, wheeling and dealing to survive too.


So we can be different people in our lifetimes, we've got to remember that too. And it's easy to judge, it's very easy to judge what people do.  And we're told how to judge folk, aren't we?  More so than ever today, what's bad and what isn't bad. And who's bad. Without basically… being known that everyone's been bad at sometime in their life. I don't know anybody that hasn't been bad at some time in their life. I don't know anybody, for instance, who has never been a bit crazy at sometime in their life, or even for a night or two through drugs or alcohol or something. It's a lot worse today because it's so common.  So remember too, when you start judging people, you have to, like the Indians would say in Canada, you can't judge a person until you walk a mile or two in their moccasins. Which is a good saying.  Because if you walk in their shoes, well, who knows what they're going through.


And we're taught to judge very quickly now. When you're being trained, and what we're seeing today is the viciousness that's being created as very professional groups are now using youngsters, as I say, like professional, almost like the Bolsheviks before the Russian Revolution, you can see them being so ready to go into action sort of thing. That's not a good sign at all.   Because mobs are always used to overthrow things, bringing in different systems.  It's always a different system than the one that those who follow, are part of the mob, then they ever envisage. Because they don't know the real plan, you see.  But they're always used. And when you see these things are happening today, when they're telling youngsters who to hate, that's not a good sign. 


Everyone's being split today into genders or ethnic types and so on.  And everyone's… It's divide and conquer of course.  And there's big money behind all of this.  It's not hard to find it. Which makes me always go back to the old James Bond movies because [Alan chuckles.] in James Bond movies the threats didn't come so much from national governments. They came from incredibly rich people.  Individuals.  And also, some of these individuals who made little... private little cliques of themselves, little clubs themselves, they could run the world. That's what it was all about. That's what the real system is today that we're living in, in fact.


When it was announced openly, for those who wanted to really get the message, it was announced by the Council on Foreign Relations that it was time, it was time they said in an article, for the big philanthropists and those who wheel and deal, they're talking about the multibillionaires and so on that run the planet, for them to come forward and take of their positions and help to govern the world. Well, that was an announcement, again, a legal announcement, that’s since happened by the way.  That wasn't put up for the public to vote on.  Because you don't vote for these people.  So why should the part of them being rich give them the entitlement to rule our lives in one way or another?  Hm? 


You see how we float through life and don't really question it? And believe you me, if you don't question things you'll end up in a, you're already in a form of a prison, of course you are. In a prison you’re watched continuously, with the Panopticon system.   I think Bentham, one of the guys in Britain in the 1800s came up with the idea where you could watch all the prisoners, but they never know if you're watching them or not, from the central hub.  Well, we’re all being watched now. And just like prisoners, we now accept it. Because it's necessity, you see. I gave talks on necessity before, that's always what they use for the reason for taking your rights and freedoms away. Necessity.


The sad thing is today, as it always has been, there are plenty of people working for governments, in even the lower orders you might say, who will do the bidding of those, when they're told to just simply use brute strength, they'll use it. They will use it.  I can remember reading when I was a child about the Highland Clearances and some of the places like the island of Skye, for instance. The people were getting tuffed off the land that they'd lived on for thousands… well, yeah, thousands of years. Because the land was being given over to, there was a lot of finagling going on by the guys who are the present-day Lords, didn't have the land at all but now they do of course. They claim that they had it by ancient right and all that stuff.


But a lot of the people were tuffed out of their homes.  And the houses were burned behind them, the crofts.  You'll still see the remains of some of these crofts, the kind of foundation walls and that in some of the, all across central and northern Scotland.  It's just incredible. Overgrown with grass and moss and all that, but you know, they're still there. But the fact is, the people were tossed out and they couldn't, they had nothing to carry anything with them. They were tossed out to die basically. If you were poor that's what happened.  And they didn't have horses. They didn't have cars. They were tossed out and told to get off whatever Lord’s land it now was or whoever he sold it to or whatever to put the sheep in.


There were a few cases that were, are noted for incredible cruelty. And cruelty was common then. Because you can always pay guys to wear uniforms and use truncheons and batter the people. They battered the women because it was women who had a chance of just being battered.  But you could still yell in disgust what these uniform characters are doing. And some of them from your own countries, 'eh, employed and put the uniforms on and they bash the people.  And outsiders too. It was the men, you see, the men already knew if they said anything they wouldn't be bashed, they would simply be killed. Immediately. No court, nothing, that's how it was. 


So never forget, in all ages it's easy to recruit people who will kill and repress everybody else. Never forget that. And even all those ones who are chomping at the bit, who've been radicalized by big-money groups, they'll be the same way. I hope you understand that. The fact that it's being allowed to happen tells me that your governments, [Alan chuckles.] are not going to really stop it, and therefore who are the governments really serving? what agenda are they on? Because they're supposed to be there to protect the people, aren't they?  That means all the people.  There's more hate being spilled and spewed by those who want to have you literally living in mud huts perhaps to save the environment.  And they're radicalized almost to insanity some of them. And we're going to see more and more of this kind of thing happening. It's not healthy.  But the governments are allowing it to happen.  Actually, it's being promoted because the agenda is to bring you into a system of incredible austerity. I won't go through it all again because I've done it so many times before in the past. But that is the agenda. Austerity.  It's to bring you down from a higher standard of living, which gives you health and a bit of longevity, into a lower life expectancy, etc. etc. As I say, I won't even go through that, I've done it so many times before. To me it's just boring stuff because it's old hat that, you know, and you see it all happening.


So, the future doesn't look good for most countries. I remember in the late 90s and after 9/11, I talked about the coming blackouts. Now they tell you, oh, we have to save energy and maybe coming blackouts, rolling blackouts they called it. They tested them out across Holland and other countries. I kept all the articles and read them on the air, etc. etc. Well, that's all to come for those who haven't quite got it.  Because we're living through a script. Very simple. The last three talks I've given too to do with eugenics and the fact that they're promoting that you take euthanasia basically, which is being sold to us as dignified way of dying. Which, let's be honest here, I've said it before too, there's always been a way out for people... who feel sick, who are terribly sick and who are dying. The nurses all know it, the doctors know it's and so on. But it's not forced upon anybody.


When you see the agenda being set up and mandated by the top, from government, it's a different agenda, it's not there to help them at all. It's an economic agenda. And eventually it will be mandatory you simply take the pill and die. They've had professors on in Australia pretty well saying that a few years ago. And certain professors will get big airtime to promote certain views, you know darn well, it's a government-sponsored thing from the very high authorities, including world governmental system of authority I should say, because that's what they want. And they float the trial balloons there and say, well, you know, if folk just hit a certain age and just died and left jobs for the younger folk, then it would be, what's wrong with that, you see? And you’ll think, oh that's audacious, that's terrible. But that's what it's meant to be, it's a trial balloon to get the idea implanted there. It's almost like a disease hitting you and embedding itself in you, that's how it's done.  So the next step and the next step seems a little bit easier. Oh well, maybe they're right, you know. And it's just too easy to go along with it all.


It's up to the people what they want. And believe you me when they start looking at dollars and sense, and they're valuing your life with dollars and cents, your system is not a good humane system at all. Not at all. And that's really what's behind that. People have the right to do what they want.  And there've been many, many ways the people have used over many, and a lot of it actually is getting taken away from them [Alan chuckles.] through the different drugs that are being withheld now. Which they could handle themselves. Which were meant to handle incredible pain. And don't forget, don't forget not everybody wants you to just be bumped off by the state. I hope you understand what I just said there.  The state might want you bumped off because it might cost extra cash to keep you going a few months or even another year longer. But you might live fairly comfortably for that whole year with the right medications. Do you see what I'm saying? You can't believe government when it comes to what they're pushing. You can't do it.  And then they want to take your organs as well.  What?!?  What?  God help you if you have a certain DNA type and they want your organs and you're sick. I really mean that.  Folk will be terrified to go into hospital shortly. I really mean that. I really, really hope you understand what I'm saying here.


Because when things start like this they snowball. And they snowball. And history has seen this kind of thing snowballing before. And it's not pleasant. It's not good.  And we’re not here to serve the state. The state and the so-called public servants are supposed to be there to serve you, the people.  I know it's a joke today, but if you stop pushing for your rights, hm, if you stop, you'll be rolled over so quickly and have no rights at all. That's what antiterrorism is all about too. Of course it is.


But anyway, enough of the gloom and doom stuff.  Another thing too I meant to mention, because I forgot last week, the previous week from last week, two weeks ago, I had mentioned about Japan's declining birth rate. But I forgot to mention, it hit me one night afterwards I was thinking about it.  It hit me, some article I read a few years ago after Fukushima, that they knew they'd have a lot of abortions afterwards because they were all terrified of having deformed babies because of radiation. I forgot to mention that.  The Japanese have incredible memories indeed, to do with what happened to them with the two atomic bombs dropped at the end of World War II on them.  They had the so-called jelly baby, almost transparent some parts of the babies' skulls and things that were born, actually for years and years after the bomb dropped. So, Fukushima has its consequences too and it terrifies people, obviously.


You also saw the same thing with, was it the Zika virus they called it in Latin America, the scare they put out there a couple of years ago. That suddenly died off, it just disappeared, didn't it?  But the whole thing was to get the Planned Parenthood thing going again. And sure enough, women were terrified and went to get abortions in those areas.  You see how it's easy to, hhh, use terminology like science and chemistry and biology, and use media to terrify the public? It's not healthy at all. And it's just too easy, isn't it? But that's what we live in. We live in big agendas. 


Remember, in the 1800s, the 1800s was the time of industrial, massive industrial growth, incredible output of things and industry. It was a time of when they brought in the time-and-motions men who would go in there and they'd see what was taking, how long it was taking to do each little job in a factory and they would tell you hurry up, make you part of the machines almost, until you had no life at all. It was bad enough before they came in, and then it was hell afterwards for a lot of people. To get more profit out of the employees and more profit for the items they were producing, that's what it was all about.  At that period too, from the time-and-motions, people were looked upon as the masses, by communism. Since then on we've been the masses, for capitalism. Because it's one in the same thing as far as I'm concerned. It's just a minority running the bulk of the populace.  Of course it is.  And that's what we're living through and have been living through for quite a long time.  The mass man, mass woman, we're the mass people and specialists run our lives.  Even when folk don't know it. You have no idea how many layers and layers of specialists are there working on, as I say, just the entertainment you're going to suck up.  To make sure you get the right downloads and you will parrot what you saw on the movies and you will think along the lines that you're designed to think along.  That's how it's done.


And just like the professor in Australia who talked about living to 60 years and that's it. You know, they don't want you to ever, you know, collect a pension of course because they can save more money for, oh, for the big pay increases for those who rule you. But you take the professor talking about that, if you just kind of died off and left jobs for younger people, that's straight out of the, they're called liberal economies of the 1800s, you know.  Liberalism at that time was laissez-faire. Laissez-faire, just don't interfere. And people were disposable basically.  Profit was all that mattered. It didn't matter, there was no human anguish over what you did to the people who work for you, and you destroyed their lives and killed them and so on. That didn't matter at all under the liberal laissez-faire agenda. Still doesn't. It's still there.  Of course it is. 


Then you take from that professor and you go into Logan's Run where everyone was born in an artificial system. No mating.  Again, it was all done, again, kind of like Brave New World type, no one knew their birthmother, for instance. Everyone had a chip in their hand that eventually would turn a different color when your time was up. And when your time was up, you lived your quota of years you were allowed, and you went off into a religious, what you thought was a religious nirvana and you'd go up to this new heaven. In actual fact, you simply were eliminated and you died.  Well, you think about all that.  All these things technically are possible today. Because it's easy to, if you understand what a religion is, a basic religion as opposed to a belief.  But a basic religion with its laws, regulations and so on, and you understand how they work on the human psyche, it's quite easy to create a religion.


Gorbachev mentioned it too. And he was head of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, who was given the Presidio in the US as his base, his new base when he left the Soviet Union and became the top greeny guy for international socialism. He said in his own writings, that he was an atheist.  It was a kind of a question/answer, one of his books was a question/answer, very very, almost like... the Soviet style was almost like for children, questions and answers, and he was giving you what your real or presumed, possible, could-be questions. One of them was about religion and he said, I don't believe in gods or deities. But later on, in the same book he mentions that for the future of the world, he said that they would have to create a form of Earth worship, training the youngsters, a form of earth worship, he said, for international socialism to work.  Well, that's your whole green agenda. That's what we're going through right now. 


Don't forget that Gorbachev, this ex-KGB guy and president of the Soviet Union, don't forget that he gave a speech about international socialism, don't forget, he says, don't think it's dead, we're simply moving to the next phase. It was always meant to be worldwide. And those in the West were all in on the big act as well. Of course they were.  Margaret Thatcher introduced him to the world, the so-called right-wing Margaret Thatcher, and had him on her arm, this new trendy Soviet. Introduced him across the world to heads of state. A few folks noticed and thought about it and clued in. Lots didn't. Most people wait to be told what to think about things and that's a sad truth. That's why it's easy for your opinions to be given to you if you're well-trained.


As I say, when it comes to end-of-life, when the state is really looking at economics, then they've told you what your purpose in life is, just to create finances for the planet... and money through taxation for the planet.... for a big agenda which you'll never understand... you're not supposed to understand it. But when you lose your value for life and when you're literally looking at economics as opposed to giving people proper treatment right to the end of life, and I mean proper, there could be no pain at all if they give them the right medications.  And a lot of folk want to talk to relatives and so on.  Because there's many things at the end of life that you can, that you've never said or told even your offspring and so on, and you can share it all. That's important. 


But what is disgusting, I would say this, is a lot of these hospices they have today, that they farmed out as they train the public not to look after their own, are not even hygienic, some of them. They're all for profit, aren't they? We forget that.  Sad state of affairs of the human condition when we've tossed the older folk out basically. Very, very sad indeed.  And when you've done that you've also devalued your own life. Because eventually it's your turn as well.  Who's going to help you?


But I'm not here, as I say, to preach. The fact is I want to just mention that, remember, you can still buy the books and discs I have and help me tick along. I always forget to mention it. Once in a while I go through a little spate and remember for about two or three weeks and then I forget again. 


But the fact is, we're going through such incredible changes. And you're trained up to each phase of change. And people don't know they're trained up to it, that's why they accept it, as they roll over to the next step.  I can see the steps we've moved over in the last few months alone, quite obviously. And now you're getting ready as I say, for possibly the next war, no doubt, of other countries on the list.  The famous list, we'll have to go through it. And it won't be tolerated speaking out against it, obviously.  This is none of our business, apparently, we here just to finance it all. And keep quiet. We're dealing with a form of intolerance now like I've never seen before and it's getting worse and worse all the time.


There's an article here, I don't know if I read it before, but I meant to last week I think it was. It says…


Former US drug czar-

(Alan:  I like how they use the terminology, czar, hey, that's Russian again, isn't it?)


Former US drug czar says national focus on opioid epidemic is overlooking real culprit / 6 May 2019


Fentanyl and heroin are much cheaper and more accessible than OxyContin, former drug czar Bill Bennett explains.


William Bennett, the nation’s first drug czar, (A: [Alan laughing.] Czar…) said Monday that the debate about the opioid overdose epidemic wrongly focuses on prescription drugs.


While the government’s opioid crackdown has involved reducing the supply of legal opioids and reducing painkiller prescription rates, black market opioids such as illicit fentanyl and heroin actually have been the driving force of the epidemic in recent years, said Bennett during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”


“The nature of the problem has changed in the last two or three years,” said Bennett, who served as Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George H. W. Bush. “It’s now fentanyl, it’s now heroin” that account for most of the overdoses.


A key reason, Bennett said, is that fentanyl and heroin are cheaper than prescription drugs.


(A:  They can get it for two dollars a hit apparently. Heroine as well. So, they're really cheap. He says…)


“When I was up in New Hampshire, they told me you [can pay] $10 for a pill --to get an Oxycontin, [but] two bucks to get heroin, three bucks to get fentanyl.”


(A:  You see, there's nothing that's happening they don't know about.  Hmph.  So, believe you me, there's many, many different agendas on the go right now and you never get told the truth on any of them. Believe you me. But I do know of people who are in incredible pain and they have, and they can survive, and they have for years on some of the stronger painkillers, prescribed painkillers.  And they have functioned well on them because they don't overdo it. They're able to get through every day. And some of them even work. But the fact is now they're getting taken off their heavy-duty pain killers because of the so-called epidemic and addictions, even though they are not addicted.  So, they will, they're going to be in incredible pain. Because a lot of the stuff that they can get now simply isn't up to scratch as far as the kind of pains that they have to go through. Or else they'll take drugs that will knock them out for the whole day, and you can’t function at all. So, it's counterproductive.  There are many things you've got to take into consideration here. But it's a good enough article and it does have a bit of data in it about overdoses and statistics, etc. It says…)


A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report last week said that about 70,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2017. Nearly 48,000 involved at least one type of opioid, roughly 30,000 involved fentanyl or some other kind of synthetic opioid, 15,500 involved heroin, and 14,500 involved prescription opioid painkillers. Other government data have indicated that many people who overdosed on prescription opioids stole them or obtained them from the person to whom they were prescribed.


So, it shows you, sure you'll always get that kind of thing happening. But the fact is, there are more things going on than you understand. Because they won't tell you all the facts on the big agenda. But believe you me, if you need heavy-duty painkillers and you can’t get them, you can't get the heavy-duty ones, hm, you might just take that pill you're offered, 'eh? Think about it, folks.


Now I'm going to stop babbling here and get on with a few articles to do with again our, hhh, our, hhh, how incredibly [Alan chuckles.] managed we are.  On the micro level where...  Remember, the point of total observation is it's necessary for those who rule you. They're terrified of people doing things they don't know about. They want to know everything about you 24 hours a day. Anyway, you're getting them all meeting together now and…


Jacinda Ardern won't rule out blocking Facebook if used to spread extremist content - / 14 May 2019


I think she's parts of it right now with a couple of other leaders. Macron, she's meeting with him in Paris and other leaders too. As they go ahead and start, again, restricting what's going to be put out there, or allowed out there. Until you'll have to be awfully nice and you live in a, you live in the kind of world actually that Fahrenheit 451 was about, if you've seen that one. There's a good film version of it where you'll see how the people act live television, you're part of the television, you can have interaction with it and how you're supposed to behave. It's all very, very nice and okay. And, you know, that's what you're supposed to get brought up in.  [Alan chuckles.]  I used to wonder about that movie because the movie was done in Britain at the time. And they even showed you the incredibly ordered socialist system that they would bring in where even when the state authorities were driving through the streets with all the speakers telling them all to come out in their front gardens, everybody in the house and so on, you see all these hundreds and hundreds of families gathering in their front gardens obediently and never asking questions. And that's your system there.  So again, I'll put these links up on that.


Also, you've got the massive hype about – and I won't go into that either, because it's essential that they go along with it – you're destroying the planet and global warming and glaciers are melting and all that stuff. And all the species of animals are going to die. I can remember in the 80s that they came out with the same stuff, that the species were going to all be dead and there'd be no future at all by the 90s. And that didn't happen. And we weren't starved to death either. But it doesn't stop them because they use the same hype. Don't forget, they stampede you like a herd, that's what it's all about, giving you scary scenarios. That was their own terminology by the way, from the top leaders on this, they must give you scary scenarios to get your attention to get you to go along with things.


Anyway, they show you in this article here…


Jakobshavn Isbrae: Mighty Greenland glacier slams on brakes / 14 May 2019


European satellites have detailed the abrupt change in behaviour of one of Greenland's most important glaciers.


In the 2000s, Jakobshavn Isbrae was the fastest flowing ice stream on the island, travelling at 17km a year.


As it sped to the ocean, its front end also retreated and thinned, dropping in height by as much as 20m year.


But now it's all change. Jakobshavn is travelling much more slowly, and its trunk has even begun to thicken and lengthen.


You see, it goes up and down.  And that's how even the polar ice caps go as well. We know that too. And don't forget too, the polar ice caps have its form of summer and its form of winter, and they always thicken in the wintertime as well. I've watched this my whole life long, this nonsense going on as they get you ready for big changes... to control you. It isn't just about keeping warmer, using less energy.  It's about what you're going to eat, if you're going to eat anything at all, and less energy because less energy means hardship, and hardship means illness, and illness means you'll start dying off with things, you see.  M-hm.


How the geography of climate change could make the politics less polarizing / 29 Jan 2019


The standard story is that the high-tech “blue” states are pushing a green wave of massive investment to cut emissions of gases that cause climate change. Meanwhile, the GOP-leaning “red” states are assumed to be part of what Ron Brownstein calls a “brown blockade” of fossil-fuel producers that are drilling and burning and don’t want to stop.


You see, it's so easy to tar anybody as good and bad, isn't it, according to the agenda. I'll put some of these articles up and let you read them for yourselves because there's too many actually to go through.


Louisiana Unveils Ambitious Plan to Help People Get Out of the Way of Climate Change


Well, here's the big thing.  In the late 90s and early 2000s I talked about some of the stuff that the big new forces that were coming out at the time and became Homeland Security and all that, they were talking about how they would use, I think it was the Coast Guard in the US, they would give them the right to go inland 60 miles, and then up to 100 miles all around the US, from the shoreline. But at the same time that came out years ago it was also put out that they would have to start moving people away from the shorelines, the United Nations put articles out on it too, that they didn't want people living to near the coast in the future. Well, they're using the same excuse to get you off the coastal areas, you see.  And they'll have big plans for the coastal areas, I'm sure.  So...


Louisiana Unveils Ambitious Plan to Help People Get Out of the Way of Climate Change - / 15 May 2019


And that goes into the risk of running out of choices in homes and so on. I'll put it up anyway. Another one too…


These Are the Cities Doing the Most to Combat Global Warming / 14 May 2019


(A:  And I want some global warming here, I demand to get some because this winter past here lately, it was almost 7 months.  Seriously. I've still got heat on at home here and it's almost June.  So, I demand my share of it. That's what I want, to start a group up to demand our share of global warming...  Since we're paying all those carbon taxes.  I'll put this one up too.)


That’s the conclusion of CDP, a non-profit group that pushes institutions to detail their greenhouse-gas emissions. Often able to move faster than their national counterparts, metropolitan authorities from London to Sydney and Boston are among a group of 15 setting out the most rigorous plans to achieve carbon or climate neutrality by 2050.


If you have neutrality of carbon, you're dead. And if you don't put out carbon dioxide, you're dead. And carbon dioxide, by the way, is a trace gas. And it's completely invisible.  And it doesn't cause a haze.  And it feeds the plants, which they then produce oxygen. But facts don't matter, right. It doesn't really matter, does it. 


They've got insurance companies in on it now too...


Attention Louisiana climate deniers: Insurers say climate change now biggest risk - / May 12, 2019


And then this one here is to do with Florida…


Florida Bill Lays Out Plan to Study, Prepare for Climate Costs and Impacts / 18 April 2019


If a new bill passes, Florida could fund a program specifically dedicated to assessing and preparing for the impacts of climate change.


We're going to get taxed into the ground. That's austerity, folks.  M-hm.  And you're going to pay an awful lot for energy. Because that was part of the plan that I read, whoa, a few years ago, where they said that all your spending money would go to basic necessities and energy and so on. There you go. In a post consumerist society.


Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Major Water Policy Reforms - / 10 Jan 2019


That's also for Florida, for I think it's Tallahassee it came out of, this one here.


And this article too… It's interesting, as I mentioned before about the Japanese, hm, for the third or fourth year in a row the population has declined, and decline for live births and so on. But the share of Americans having sex… Interesting, as I say, how they study us like were little animals, you see.


The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high / 29 March 2019


The share of U.S. adults reporting no sex in the past year reached an all-time high in 2018, (A:  How do they know all this, 'eh?) underscoring a three-decade trend line marked by an aging population and higher numbers of unattached people.


But among the 23 percent of adults — or nearly 1 in 4 — who spent the year in a celibate state, a much larger than expected number of them were 20-something men, according to the latest data from the General Social Survey.


(A:  This is the one that studies everything that you do. Like we’re animals, because we are a herd, you see. We're farmed.)


Experts who study Americans’ bedroom habits say there are a number of factors driving the Great American Sex Drought. Age is one of them: The 60-and-older demographic climbed from 18 percent of the population in 1996 to 26 percent in 2018, according to the survey.


But changes at the other end of the age spectrum may be playing an even bigger role. The portion of Americans 18 to 29 reporting no sex in the past year more than doubled between 2008 and 2018, to 23 percent.


You understand, they've got targets that they want the society to come to. That's why they study you like this.  [Alan chuckles.]   If you haven't figured it out, ‘eh.  And then you have…


US births lowest in 3 decades despite improving economy - / 15 May 2019


Ties in with what I just read there.  It ties in too with the Japanese one.  You see, it's all working. You see, it's working, working, working.  And at the same time, though, you'll get other surveys saying that the population’s increasing... because of mass migration and so on and so on.  Again, you've got to understand they have different, it's multilayered what they're giving you.  They're looking at the traditional populations of the country is declining, declining, declining, etc. So, it's working, right, that part's working. On the other hand, they're always bitching there's not enough people left to pay off your debt, your national debt and so on. So, which one is it they want?  Hm?  When it doesn't make sense there's something else that they want, there's a different agenda.


IARPA Needs More Training Data for Video Surveillance Algorithms / 10 May 2019


The data would improve the tech’s ability to link together footage shot across a broad geographic space, allowing it to better track and identify potential targets.


The intelligence community’s research arm wants to train algorithms to track people across sprawling video surveillance networks, and it needs more data to do it.


(A:  So there you are, to keep you SAFE they want more spyware, you see, to watch you.)


The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (A:  IARPA... which is really part of DARPA, they are the guys that supposedly created the Internet during the Cold War.) is recruiting teams to build bigger, better datasets to train computer vision algorithms that would monitor people as they move through urban environments. 


(A:  Now, they already have that. Again, a good movie to see is Enemy of the State, for those who haven't seen it you should go back and see it.  And that was THEN. Of course, they have all that stuff. But now they want more stuff to watch you for… if you go to the bathroom probably.)   


The training data would improve the tech’s ability to link together footage from a large network  of security cameras, (A:  Just like Enemy of the State, because they can track you from shop to shop by built-in cameras, private cameras.)  allowing it to better track and identify potential targets.


(A:  Hm.  So, you’re a potential target?  I guess everyone is, 'eh?)


Computer vision is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to interpret images and videos. Many law enforcement and public safety organizations already use the tech to investigate crimes, monitor critical infrastructure and secure major events that could be targets for terrorists. (A:  That's their excuse, 'eh.)  An early version of the tech was used to identify the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, (A:  Well, why didn’t they stop it?) for instance, its popularity has only grown in the years since.


But according to IARPA, the data used to train algorithms today is fairly narrow, which limits the tech’s ability to dissect the wide range of situations they’d see in the real world. With the new datasets, officials aim to improve the training process and enable computer vision systems to connect footage shot from cameras positioned across a broad geographic area.


It's to tap into all the private stores and everything, and even public washrooms no doubt!  So, they can literally follow you anywhere you go. Even if you don't carry anything with you they can monitor you with it anyway, right.  So, there you go, that’s a beautiful future.


This Chinese facial recognition start-up can identify a person in seconds / 16 May 2019


(A:  They put out quite a lot of good stuff from China to show you what they're doing, as opposed to what they do here. They have cameras, glasses, for instance, that can literally come up with little computer screens and identify people in seconds.)


China plans to be the global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030, a market where the facial recognition piece alone is expected to garner $9.6 billion by 2022.


China’s facial recognition database includes nearly every one of China’s 1.4 billion citizens.


Shanghai-based YITU Technology has gained wide recognition for its facial scan platform that can identify a person from a database of at least 2 billion people in a matter of seconds.


Isn't that wonderful?  Hm, isn't that wonderful, hey. And then you get this, here's what happens if you don't comply to the new system. You understand, you see, you've got to obey and allow yourself to be... You're a little minion, for goodness sake, so behave like one.


Man ordered to uncover face in front of police camera and then fined £90 / 16 May 2019


Met cops stopped and fined him £90 for disorderly behaviour (A:  And what was the disorderly behavior?...) after he tried to avoid a facial recognition camera in east London


They slapped him with a fine for disorderly conduct after he tried to cover his face with his hat and jacket when he spotted the controversial facial recognition technology in Romford east London.


The tense encounter was captured by BBC Click, which was filming the Metropolitan Police trialling the use of the technology around the capital.


(A:  You see, BBC is part of the British government and intelligence system.)  


The technology has attracted criticism and accusations of a ' Big Brother ' approach to mass public surveillance.


(A:  I love what they say, like they're just starting a 'Big brother approach' and that's what you're just noticing it. Who's kidding who?  They were arresting folk with cameras in London, when they first brought out the laws after 9/11, just for taking pictures of famous places. So how many little warnings do you need?)


The technology has attracted criticism and accusations of a ' Big Brother ' approach to mass public surveillance.  (A:  Huh?  I'll put a question mark there.  What?!??)


While Scotland Yard says it will help the force cut crime, (A:  They always say that.) its use has provoked fierce push-back in London - already frequently named one of the most surveilied cities in the world due to its vast CCTV camera network.


(A:  I remember reading articles back in the 90s, about the big big military-industrial conglomerates basically, at that time, already pushing into surveillance. Because they said if we go into a world with no wars, that was the whole thing, there'd be no wars in the future, in a global society. In the 90s, that was all you heard was globalism, globalism, and one world system.  And everybody accepted that, that was the mantra for about 10 years. It didn't stop until 9/11 happened.  You're back to being a nation because they need warriors to go off and fight abroad, you see.  But in the 90s, it was oh, we're so wonderful, we're global, blah blah blah. And that was the big thing, oh my goodness, how are we going to make money for big big war industries, without war?  So, we go into mass surveillance and stuff, that was going to be the future. That's what they said, folks. I've got the articles.  M-hm.)


(A:  So here they go and you're still all shocked when they… with the next step and the next step and the next step. At least that’s what they pretend. So, Scotland Yard says is can help them, it can help them, blah blah blah.)


In the exchange captured in the BBC clip, the man is shown attempting to cover his face then being pulled aside by officers.


He tells police: 'If I want to cover me face, I'll cover me face. . . . 


(A:  They even say 'me' face, as though he's a low-class guy. 'I'll cover me face', that's the way that they're saying it here. Isn't it disgusting how they put the person down as lower-class, hm?  Just for their little push. It's like an ad, this, you see, it's like a promo.)


'If I want to cover me face, I'll cover me face. Don't push me over when I'm walking down the street."


(A:  Well, that's a natural thing, don't push him over when he is walking down the street.)


He then asks an officer:  'How would you like it if you walked down the street and someone grabbed your shoulder? You wouldn't like it, would you?


The officer tells him: "Calm yourself down or you're going in handcuffs. It's up to you. Wind your neck in."


(A:  Wind your neck in?)


The man replies: "You wind your neck in."


After he receives the fine, the man tells a reporter a man down the road had told him the police were trialing the AFR technology, so he had covered his face.


(A:  Well, isn't it his right? You see, they're telling you you're a bad person if you want to cover your face up. Because THEY want to see you. This is intimidation, mass intimidation on the general public, just to be… You're getting trained into all the Sci-Fi’s of dystopian futures, it's all here. It's here, folks.  M-hm.  And then the threat of a 90 pound fine.  Oh.  There you go.  M-hm.)


The Met (A:  The Metropolitan, the Met…) last year promised not to bring the tech back to Notting Hill Carnival after a public outcry at the use of the automated facial recognition (AFR) kit at the major street party in 2016 and 2017.


A damning report published last year by campaign group Big Brother Watch found the AFR kit used by the Met had a 98 per cent false-positive rate.


(A:  So, this is hell they're bringing in here, folks.  It won't matter, a 98% false positive rate!  When they can storm your home, grab you, because they've got your face mixed up with somebody else, because the computer made a mistake! You're right into Brazil, the comical movie, a satire that Monty Python crew put out, the movie Brazil. Watch it. Where, was it Tuttle, gets mixed up with Buttle, in a bureaucratic foul-up and the guy gets wiped off the face of the map. It's here, folks.)


A protester from the group appeared in the BBC clip, carrying a banner saying 'stop facial recognition.'


The Big Brother monitor can be seen asking an officer of the man that had been taken aside: "What's your suspicion?"


A Big Brother Watch activist questions a policeman about why a man was stopped for covering his face. 


The officer replies to her: "The fact that he's walked past clearly masking his face from recognition."


(A:  So that’s a crime now.) 


"I would do the same," she replies.


"It gives us grounds to stop and verify," the policeman responds.


"No it doesn't," the protester fires back.


On the day the BBC was filming, three arrests reportedly resulted from facial recognition alone.


(A:  Ha!  Sure!  Would they prove it to you?  [Alan laughing.])


But that's what you've got now. That's the system you're living in. And you accept it step-by-step. And it leads the way to hell.  Way beyond the Stasi in East Germany. Way beyond the old senior police in every totalitarian government. We're way beyond it now. Under the guise of keeping you safe, you know. How often has that been used down through history, hm?  ...we're keeping you safe.


US claims of Iran threat to coalition forces in Middle East rejected by British general / 15 May 2019


You see, everybody's got to get on board for this, because it's on the list, right.


There has been no increase to from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria," says Major General Chris Ghika


So he's... there ya go.  So they're bashing him back again and oh, you can't say that, you know.




British general says no increased Iran threat in Syria and Iraq, prompting rare rebuke by Pentagon   (A:  …for saying that.) / 15 May 2019


He's deputy commander of Operation Inherent Reoslve (OIR), the US-led coalition fighting ISIS, disputed claims from the White House that forces in the Middle East are facing an increased threat from Iran or its allies.


Well, facts don't matter, you see. It's on the list. And the list isn't even yellowed with age. It should be. But they'll still do it.  And…


'Time warp speed'


This is like a replay of Bush’s group at the time after 9/11. Because it reminds me right off. 


'Time warp speed': Congress demands urgent Iran briefing - / 16 May 2019 know.  I can remember the guys around Bush at the time said they were told, ordered by Bush and Rumsfeld, to bring in really, very iffy, it didn't matter how iffy any accusations against the guys on the list were, bring them in and they'd go with that basically. The same thing, 'eh?, urgent Iran briefing. They don't want to hear anybody, in fact, at that time... This came out in documentaries afterwards where the guys around them, some of these agents admitting they were told not to put forward anything that was negative regarding an invasion of Iraq, etc., but only positive things, even no matter how iffy they were.  Well, here we go again.  That's all I'll say about that.


And also


Gene editing: will it make rich people genetically superior? / 15 May 2019


(A:  It's back to eugenics again. It's always been here, of course.  They talk about…)


At a time when new technology such as gene editing offers unprecedented control over our own biology, the latest wave of medical advances, including powerful DNA-editing technology like CRISPR/Cas9, is a source of excitement and optimism.


Well, it won't be for us because we're supposed to, you know, we're not important enough to keep alive apparently.  They are using more advanced technologies and sciences in medicine to give longevity to the right kind of people, who are awfully rich, or important, you see. That's how they're classifying all this stuff today. And there's lots of technologies now where they can put certain plasmas into you of antibodies that will kill off different cancers.  IF they want to.  And this is not make-believe stuff. This is fact. There's articles out there in the newspapers about it, where some types of breast cancer in fact in stage IV have been cleared up completely. Quite amazing.  But will they give it to you? Well, that depends who you are. And how much money you've got. And how important you are.


This is a kicker too, hey. Here you have people having less sex, supposedly, according to the big system that constantly monitors us and puts out questionnaires and all that. But here is…


Fall in number of UK deaths hits profits at funeral provider / 13 May 2019


(A:  The provider is called Dignity.  I guess that's from them, I'm not sure.  But...)


Dignity said there were 12% fewer deaths in the first quarter of 2019 than there were in the same period a year ago.


(A:  Wow.  Well, what d’ya know.  I guess they better speed it up then, 'eh?  For the profit.)


The company said revenues of £81.1m were 15% lower than for the same period last year and underlying profits fell by 42% to £21.7m as the number of deaths fell 12% to 159,000.


(A:  Well, my goodness me, that can't go on, you know.  Hm?) 


And then we have the whole thing with this Huawei.  It's really just corporate warfare, really, for who's going to get the big business from national governments in the West. That's all it is, with China, with Huawei, as far as I can see. They want to ban, it says...


Huawei ban clouds U.S.-China trade talks, tech sector - / 16 May 2019


Because of them getting hit with accusations from the US on spying and all that stuff.  But it's really just corporate warfare. And don't know in the US who they want to give the contracts to, like big business, hey, big business, for the 5G and all the rest of it coming in. That's what it is.


[Alan chuckles.] And for all those who just love, love the gadgetry that comes out…


Now hackers can steal your ID and bank details from a coffee machine! Cyber security guru also warns people from using Whatsapp and smart TVs - / 18 May 2019


Because literally the folk can put it all together, find out all your passwords and everything, and hack everything and that's it, you're wiped out.  Quite something, 'eh. 


And poor Manning has been ordered back to jail for refusing to, I guess, accuse whoever they want to accuse.


Judge orders former U.S. soldier and WikiLeaks source Manning back to jail - / 16 May 2019


So, this character is back in jail again.  That’s what they do, ‘eh, if you don’t do what they tell you, testify, whatever it is they want to testify and say against whomever.


And Russia too, Russia corporate warfare. Now that they're trying to raise the specter of the big bad bear, again. I remember giving that talk in the 1998 I think it was, how if they need it again they'll make Russia into the bad bear again. And here you go. They have big pipelines coming from Russia into the West with crude oil. So, the recipients of this oil are trying to claim that it's contaminated. It says…


Russian oil no one wants to pay for / 15 May 2019


In limbo: the dirty Russian oil no one wants to pay for


LONDON/MOSCOW (Reuters) - The bills are due for millions of barrels of contaminated Russian oil.


(A:  But it's not really contaminated, what you think.  It's actually, it says...)


. . . discovering it was unusable. . .


...supposedly, the recipients are claiming.  How they can do it, this stuff, it's generally added...  What this stuff is contaminated with is generally put in afterwards in a small quantity, and Russia claims that they didn't add it because they don't use it in the bulk crude, you see, so, if it's even there at all it was put in afterwards, they're claiming. But it's $1.2 billion worth of stuff that they want to, that the West is claiming they want to reduce the cost of it because they have to dilute it with more and more crude until it's acceptable. It's a shame, you know.


But again, it's corporate warfare we're seeing. That's what we're seeing. It goes on all the time. Corporate warfare is vicious. I mean, they use countries to go to war over corporate warfare. That's what that is, every war is an economic war. Somebody wins.  And the peasants fight it for those at the top. And the corporations always win.


Anyway, I've prattled on long enough tonight. Remember too, you can buy the books and discs, as I say,  Go into the website and see if you want to buy the books. Or donate. If you donate it helps me out to tick along here. Because as I say, I generally forget.  And I don't, I really don't live very high on the hog at all, believe you me.  What's kept me going is the fact that what I have put out has had such an incredible response from people all over the planet. You'd be surprised at the amount of people who use the data.  Never mentioning you of course most of them.  But everybody uses the data and puts it into their own shows and things like that too. Or articles.  Because it's all verified and it's not make-believe and it's official sources.


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We're going into a time of fear basically. Fear is the prevalent word right now.  It's prescient, it's a precedent word right now, fear.  Because the whole world's being trained to go along into the new system. And we're all bad little children, no matter how old we are, if we don't go along with it. It's not, you know, it won’t be pleasant as big, big systems have become so incredibly arrogant, and governments definitely are arrogant now, authorities are definitely arrogant, and they're forgetting they're supposed to be here to serve the people, all of the people, by the way, and not just the very rich and those at the top.


So remember, don't get, don't let the world weigh down on your shoulders until it crushes you completely. You've got to understand things if you can, if you can handle it.  Understand things, but don't let it kill you. Don't let the emotional anger set in. It festers away and destroys you. Don't let that happen. You can't change anything for the better if you’re disabled by it. 


Everything that happens in the world takes years to change. You can see how many years, I mean, 30, 40 years in preparation for now, to bring this whole totalitarian system into being. Very obviously to do with the climate and all the rest of it and all this nonsense. It took years and years of preparations and billions and billions of dollars to set up the organizations that front for it all.


And it takes a while to start to come out of things.  It might, you might have to start the system to come out of it all, before it's even all implemented, and it won't take effect until 30 years from now. We just don't know. That's what Orwell was getting at with O'Brien in 1984, when O'Brien says, well, your system won't change anything. Well, maybe in a thousand years...  In other words, it takes a long time for things to snowball gradually, gradually for the changes that you might desire.


But mankind, humankind I should say, to keep everybody happy, humankind has had horrors down through history.  It's never been a bowl of cherries. Because there's always power and powerful forces at work in the world. And there's always psychopaths in charge of the powerful forces. Because they are attracted to power. They enjoy and love power. They live for power.  And more power. And they've made life hell throughout the planet in every culture at some time or another.


Therefore, it's more imperative that you train people to spot it and to spot them for a better world to come into being. And they can take all forms, very cleverly, all forms of even nice people who become completely intolerant of course, [Alan chuckles.] and want you all to behave the way they want you to behave. But they always start off pretending they're nice. So be very, very careful of the deceptions in this world. Because that's what the world's about, deception. And it is a battle. It certainly is a battle... between good and evil... and the balance in between.


For myself, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Now hackers can steal your ID and bank details from a coffee machine! / 18 May 2019


Judge orders former U.S. soldier and WikiLeaks source Manning back to jail / 16 May 2019


Russian oil no one wants to pay for / 15 May 2019


Former US drug czar--'overlooking real culprit' / 6 May 2019



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