May 26, 2019 (#1722)

Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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To Perfect That Which was Left Imperfect:

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 Most Conclude Vast Societal Changes to be Random, Normal."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 26, 2019.  It's quite something to see a repetition of, not so long ago, a few years ago where you would see on the satellite images almost a circle of heat, and on an edge of a circle, around different, the continent basically of America, and in the center you could have areas that were getting deluged with water, the outside circle and the circumference of the circle, the perimeter would be getting very high heat and drought. So it's interesting to see how the various jet streams are being kind of played with. If you ask my opinion, that's my opinion. Only by being aware for many years and reading the articles put out by the geo-engineers themselves, and those who designed HAARP technology, etc., when they admitted they could actually do that, it was quite easy, or the Air Force's articles, Owning the Weather, and you know, official declarations, you might say.


Because the weather we're getting is meant, as far as I'm concerned, to scare the people into giving up every possible right you could possibly have. And fear is a great technique of taking away all your rights. And for any totalitarian system, which is the system we're really in, it certainly is, it's completely intolerant of any objections to this big world global agenda and is using the climate as a big excuse to take everybody's rights away. And telling us how to live. Right down to articles, which are once again coming out from official sources telling us that maybe people shouldn't be having children. And maybe they need official bodies to decide who will have children.


All the old stuff that was put out by the Eugenicist Societies at the turn of the 20th century, quite openly in fact about all the things they'd have to do. Julian Huxley was one of them. Again, his whole family lineage actually, including the Charles Galton Darwin's and so on were quite open about the need to regulate most of the public and take away their abilities to even think for themselves. And personally, I think they've been awfully successful in that by using techniques that Aldous Huxley mentioned, of behaviorism and psychology and mass indoctrination. It's awfully successful. Isn't it? 


Whereas, again, his relative Charles Galton Darwin said that, and he was a physicist. He said that really, those who would steer the ship of planet earth would be the wild man. Meaning, they would have all their natural abilities intact, their faculties. But the general population would really be dumbed down and made to be almost imbecilic in some ways. So that's the future for them at that time. And you think that articles, which are popping out every single year, including this year, again, to do with the IQ level plummeting are just happenstance?


Then of course everyone who reads this article says, well, mine hasn't.  [Alan laughing.]  It's quite… It's the same people of course that say, well, yeah, they say that we really don't have a mind of our own and we're basically led to our opinions, and I'm not. Of course!  That's how simple the whole thing is, isn't it? Everyone thinks they're in charge of their lives, but your choices really are very limited in a system that's humoring you in a lot of ways.  Because when you look into the United Nations agendas, that all countries, including all of our countries have signed on to and are implementing for this whole sustainability program, is complete eugenics. It's the complete agenda put out by those in charge of the eugenics programs, from over 100 years ago. It's all coming to pass. Because they had the blueprint set up a long time ago.


And all the different segments of society, that were created to be segments of society, divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer, and issue out your leaders and portraying your leaders for them all, these are all part of what they claimed at the time was, they would push it all through by fairness. The world would have to be fair. So you had to create all segments that would then be given what fairness means. And what it means basically is the Marxist doctrine of eliminating all, all, eliminating all competition of all kinds, making everything equal, supposedly. That's IQ and everything, and work and so on.  And it would be fine, it would be fine, but the fact is, we're not built like that. Unless they make it so.


And how do you make it so? Well, you standardize a generation of humans as most folk are not breeding at all, or they can't breed because they're sterile.  And we take that too so easily, don't we? Well, yeah, I guess so.  This is a momentous thing and you think it just happened in a few years by itself? Because really 40 years is nothing. Nothing!  They were noticing it in the 70s and they were taking incredibly detailed studies of the sperm count in males at the top universities. Because they're all part of the big, you know, statistical game to see if the agenda is working. Top scientists and doctors were monitoring it, and still are monitoring it all.  They keep a very good accurate count of motile sperm, that which is lively and can impregnate the ovum.  And it has just plummeted. Plummeted. And they're all happy about it… because it's no crisis, apparently. It's not a crisis. Of course, is not a crisis because you see, that's the world that's coming into being.  Now it's here, really.


A long, long time ago they had in all their eugenics magazines, that those who had the best genes would rule the world. Again, Charles Galton Darwin's wild man he called them, the ones who didn't have the damaged brains.   Everybody else would be given chemicals and so on that would dumb us down, you see, and  diets, just like Bertrand Russell.  All part of the same societies, all these different people that were so well known and who helped create the cultures that we've lived through right up to the present time, the changes that is. 


They were not futurists; they didn't look at crystal balls and contact the dead or anything like that. He simply drafted up a big, big agenda on what they'd have to do to make the world what they wanted it to be and to bring down populations eventually. It can take 50, 100 years to do that. But that's no problem at all. And by the time the last generation is living, if you might call it living, in austerity, and drug infested poverty in most countries now... If you wonder why you've got massive, massive, it's like drugs all over the place, and designer drugs, and they're dirt cheap, EVERY country's got them.


They keep talking about, oh my God, you've got this terrible homeless problem and all the… No, it's not. It's a drug problem. Drug problem. And the folk are living in tents. Because they get money, they've been given money, and in the UK they've got stacks of documentaries out there, as they study it all, naturally.  Because the UK is one of the main nations for studying the changes... Since their leaders that are, all of them are based in London, [Alan laughing.] of this whole agenda, and they want to know if it's working.


So, they know that they've got so many thousands and thousands of young people, and all ages now actually, but on drugs. Who can't get off these drugs. You take them for two or three times and they're hooked. Literally hooked. And once they're hooked, they're not thinking clearly afterwards, and it just affects their brain so FAST.  So fast.  And once you're in poverty… then you end up on the street because you can't pay your rent.  The money that's given to you by any agency, or whatever, you'll spend on the drug, you see. And then you don't pay your rent and you're on the street.  That's happened across the US especially. Very openly. Then there's no work for them either, by the way.  Why would you bring in mass migration at a time when there's not enough work, and in a postindustrial society, folks?  Hm?


The terms I'm using, postindustrial, are all from the United Nations and all the different associations that belong to them. They wanted a postindustrial society. The Club of Rome and Maurice Strong that gave you the Rio Summit and the Biodiversity Treaty and everything else to do with the environment, he said, the best thing we can do is demolish all civilization of manufacturing, abolish it completely in the West, he said, and bring the whole system down.  These are the folk who drafted up these charters that we're further signing into the next step and the next step and the next step and the next step.  And none of us got to vote on any of it, folks.  And you live in this delusion that you're in some kind of democracy. What a great number they’ve done on your brains, hey. It's astonishing. It truly is astonishing.


I know, yeah, I know that human beings are egocentric.  And we love to do the thing, ego-syntonic, we do the things we like to do. You see, we've been trained more and more that way too.  Where we can't postpone pleasure so much as we used to. This is all, it all comes from the studies... I used to wonder why these incredibly detailed studies from anthropologists and what they called Third World nations, incredibly detailed. And when you look at the different studies on different cultures and societies, they said, a lot of them, that they had frequent, for instance, frequent famines and things like that, or at least the occasional famine. The peoples for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, in warm climates, couldn't postpone pleasure. They wanted immediate gratification. Rather than, say, do the agricultural work and so on and work and go through the seasons and bring it all in and then enjoy the fruits of your labor and things.  They had all these incredible detailed studies on every, and I mean every culture. Including the ones in Britain, different parts of Britain. Incredibly detailed. What they said too is that the ones that are worse off in the world and very poor, also had a lot of wars going on and so on, and the wars are from different factions of societies fighting together, or at least not cooperating.


So, you create the same situation across the civilized societies, the advanced societies, and you create segments of all kinds and have them all at each other's throats. But the ones who lead it are paid awfully well, you notice? They live awfully well. They get lots of TV time and stuff like that... to whip up their support and so on that they get from all the folk who now like to blame this group or that group for the ills that they're under, you see. It's so easy to do, isn't it?  You always blame somebody else. As you're blaming someone else, you're fulfilling the goals of divide and conquer and divide and conquer and divide and conquer. And you're at the mercy of those who do control. It's just astonishing to see it.


What I'm getting at too is, folk have no idea of the precision and the all-pervasive control over every section of society, and in every nation.  And how everything is in step across the planet. And they're really, really will not go in, again, they've been taught to look at the positive and happy stuff and don't look at the negative unpleasant stuff, you see. That's what they call it, that's negative, that's unpleasant. Yeah.  Well, you can keep spending the money that you get every week or month or whatever it happens to be, and you can certainly, yeah, be happy and pleasant with drugs and so on, and don't look at the unpleasant stuff, and that's the balance of your account, hm?


And you know what's going to happen, don't you? Well, because you see, the unpleasant stuff is part of living. And unpleasant is something that helps you survive into the next part of the future, or next month or whatever it happens to be, the next year.  The folk who really won't look at it, and can't look at it now, are those who are hooked on the drugs. It's amazing how many youngsters out there will do anything, and I mean anything for their next hit. It's just astonishing. They've got so many documentaries out there, they've got so many articles out there, and they all have the same story. 


ON THE STREETS -- a feature documentary on homelessness in L.A. - / 25 March 2016


And the authorities, they say, oh, it's a homeless, they keep trying to divert it away from the real problem. No, the problem is the intended problem, which is the complete inability to be functional and rational, by folk who are getting flooded with cheap, cheap, cheap drugs. In a time where there's little work for them.  And in a time when there's more folk coming in to take the jobs. All the time. Everywhere. In every country in the West. Obviously. 


And everyone will say, oh!... It's amazing how folk get into their camps and they get all angry at what they hear. Because you see, they've already chosen what they want to believe. As opposed to go and dig into the problems themselves and investigate them themselves. It's amazing how they're so fast to take the words of their particular favorite leader that is supplied to them by the system. And yet that same system, that same system, don't forget, it's that same system, is the system that's taken all your rights away and are watching you all 24 hours a day. The same system that took all your rights away from you.  N-n-n. 


To keep you safe, you understand, you always need a crisis and a threat to keep you safe. Real or imaginary.  But it's all of you that are being watched, forever, for the rest of your life. And you think it's for terrorists? Do you really think that? Do you really think that? Or do you care? Most folk don't care anymore. Again, something's happened to their minds and their rationality. And their survival.  Because if you don't care about being... owned basically, by the state, whatever, national states or international state, or global state, call it what you want, who cares. The fact is, you are owned, hm, and they have decided that they have the right to know all about you, at all times. All times. 


And this is the same state, remember, who to take care of you are going to take all your rights away from you, where you can live, how you can live, what you can eat, hm... And I really mean this, they're dead serious and they're implementing it now, step-by-step, fast, quickly, can you travel, can you not travel?  All these are being taken away from you.  And folk think, oh I don't care, I'll stay home and watch movies, hm, I'll stay home and play some games... That they keep churning games out that are very addictive of course.  They're meant to be, and they admit that too, the producers and makers of them.


This is not a functional society.  It's a conquered society. And I mean that, it's a conquered society. It's all the signs and symptoms of the diseased conquered postwar society. Even though the war is still going on.  In a war situation you see people, all kinds of people out in the streets living anywhere they can. No work. Often in rubble, or definitely a mess.  And if yeah, you'd be on drink too, if you can get drink, but now it's drug. You see, drugs are cheaper. Heroine's cheaper.


I was watching a little article, I can get little bits and pieces on my Internet speed once in a while. Anyway, it was about addictions in the UK and other countries too. It said that the price of alcohol today in Britain was 60% cheaper than it was I think in the 1982 or 1983 or something like that. So they were making it cheaper and cheaper and cheaper.  And this is in the time, remember, when there’s no employment.  There's no real future for advancements in a service economy, where the best you can get is stacking shelves or working flipping burgers or something. And the competition to get the jobs now with so many folk coming into the countries, is always, it just gets staggering.


Alcohol - Britain's Most Harmful Drug - / 2 Feb 2017


And there's… I couldn't believe the money on welfare on whole parts of, say, the UK.  The UK really is a small place. Per mile, you know, it's a small place, per square mile and the population density. And they've got whole sections, and towns in fact, outside Durham, for instance, or part of Durham County in England, where they were trying to sell, whoever owned them, streets and streets and streets of Council type housing. They couldn't even sell them to...  They couldn't sell them, because number one, no one wants them because it's got bedroom taxes that, this is the beautiful tax, this is a good incentive to buy, you put bedroom taxes already on an economy that's gone. 


And the government is needing more and more taxes because it's got so much welfare and so many social programs. And because it's in the EU it's so much, I read the articles years ago on radio shows of the multimillions per month it had to hand over of its income to the European Union. On demand. To the central bank when they demanded it, they just had to hand it over.  And the gross domestic product is, it's going down down down down, you know.  Because the economy is gone. And you've got massive, massive drug problem. Massive unemployment problem. And this place outside Durham, that you could buy, they even offered so many houses per street, for a dollar, and the local counsel didn't even want them!


And yet, there's all these folk living in tents and homeless and so on, 'eh?  Of course, there's hostels that the governments help to create. And the hostels... You see, the economy now is a parasite economy. Because so many folk now are in and out of seeing lawyers, supplied by the government, who are living much better than the homeless folk, that come and see them all the time, or who are maybe shoplifting and petty misdemeanors and things like that.  And the prison systems are overfull anyway, and the country can't afford to put folk inside the prisons. A lot of the crooks know this too now. And the gangs do.  So it's a revolving door. But yeah, the lawyers make excuses for it, well, you know, there's just…  But the fact is, those who are on drugs, certainly, aren't getting the help because they're just churned back on the streets again.  Or they'll do the same thing over.


It's finished. You understand, that's the finished society when you've got that. And you can’t afford to do anything with them because they have such a massive system of welfare, and folk having their rents paid for them, if they have places at all, that, well, all the money comes from folk that are working.  Well, what's left to work at?  The pile on top is getting, you know, larger and larger and the ones below that pay for it all are getting smaller and smaller. Until they themselves will end up either dying off or else they're unemployed themselves. You see what I'm saying?  That's the same in the US too, a lot of the places in the US as well.  But you find behind the mass homeless problem too, you definitely have an incredible drug problem. Incredible with fentanyl and God knows what else there. There's so many drugs out there. I've got lists of them actually.  And I won't just dwell on that, I wasn't meaning to dwell on this. 


The Rise of Fentanyl - / 24 Oct 2018


Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton - / 5 Nov 2017


Life Inside Britain's Legal Red Light District - Sex, Drugs and Murder  - / 12 July 2016


Seattle is Dying - / 19 March 2019


Heroin's Children: Inside the US opioid crisis - / 25 Oct 2017


I'm just showing you that some of the signs, of what the guys like Maurice Strong and those around him and even above him, planned a long time ago. There's definitely a massive world council here planning and implementing it. And your governments are all part of it by signing on to it.  There isn't a politician out there that doesn't know what's going on. There's not one. Not one. And they’re well-paid.


But it's a disaster to the public. But it's a victory those who planned this. Again, a postindustrial era, and you'll eventually go into pretty well almost a postconsumer society for austerity where your basic consumption will be for food, clothing and shelter. And you won't have all the extra money left for much else after that in taxes for everything. That's… It's to get pretty, pretty bad. They planned this and it's to get even a lot worse, actually.  But they certainly don't plan on keeping any, much of an economy going for you to buy-buy-buy your cheap plastic junk that's not meant to last very long, for much longer. They really don't, and they talk about it too at the world meetings. 


You know, these people at the World Economic Forum that you don't vote in, again, hm?  You know, the ones that pretend they're communists but they're the top capitalists, that finance all these things. The top capitalists, 'eh?  Folk never catch on to this game. I said, years ago, how come all these top communists are all multimillionaires? And the ones who get in on the right footing with them end up the same way themselves too. People don't figure it out, the top world banks, the banking system is part of this superstructure of total power. Always was. It's set up through the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, etc.  All the different groups that they have out there. They set up the World Bank. Private. They set up the IMF. Private.  They set up all the other, the Bank for International Settlements. Private.  They set up the system of central banking systems. Private. 


They run us. We don't vote for any of this stuff.  But it's essential to have all that to control the whole planet. It's to OWN the money system, even if there's nothing backing it.  It's the greatest conjuring job out there, really. Yeah.  It's a control factor. It's a few functions. It allows those at the top to live the life that kings and queens couldn't imagine a couple hundred years ago. The lifestyle they're living and the height of luxury they're living is astronomical. 


The United Nations itself posted, because I actually wondered, because the UN, I knew it didn't care about the people, I knew what the agenda was. And they kept saying, oh, the gulf between the rich and poor is just a massive chasm now. And, you know, every year they come out with the same stories. Because they're part of it. The United Nations is the so-called embryo for world government, that everything gets signed under, [Alan laughing.] all these charters get signed under, that we don't vote for, that is not Democratic, never was, this organization plans to bring the gulf, to have it wider and wider and wider. 


You've never seen the United Nations condemn the World Bank or the IMF or any of that. You never see it.  What they do is demand that all the countries, that we're, our money is taken off of us to hand to these organizations out there to lend out across the planet. Not to get paid back by the way, they never do, they write it off. It's all debt, isn't it, and we're the guarantors for the debt, so they're quite happy putting loans out across the world.  Always have been.  Knowing they'll never get paid back by the people. But the guarantors, the public of the Western world, well, we have to pay it all off. And then they give them another loan.  Because it's not… They don't care where the money goes. They've done studies on it.  They don't even go and check up where the money is supposed to go in these countries. They don't care.  And they hand things out to dictators that end up getting weaponry and all the rest of it. They don't care about that.


When you see things not meshing with the logic that's brainwashed into you, the supposed logic, and sanity, which is no sanity at all, it’s insanity, then you know something really stinks, don't you? You should do. But don't, don't keep following along having your opinions given to you by people who know how to put the act on and put it across on television, with authority.   


Look at the mess we're in... Look at the mess we're in.  At one time every country out there in the West, everything you needed to survive in every, and to purchase in a country, from scissors to whatever, you know, buttons, you name it, to thread, to clothing, was all made in your own country.  Everything. Think about it. Think of the levels of employment for any particular item, from raw materials up to the actual bulk whatever it was that was sold then to be made into the finished products. I mean, so many levels of employment. All gone.  All…  And they keep telling you that we're going to be better off.  The whole reason we pay more is because they keep churning out more and more cash, at the moment, for a while... making it available... for a while.  Because the money isn't even meant to be paid off by us. It's all bogus, it's backed by nothing. 


But anyway, I'm going to touch on a few articles tonight because some of them may tie in with some of this that I'm talking about now. I've mentioned before too about Australia, especially. Australia gets into the paper, because different countries are picked for almost test areas for certain topics. Some of them were for using the electric cars years ago, I read the articles years ago. They had other ones too where they even had biofuel ones on little islands off of Scandinavia somewhere, where they would try biofuel out when that first came out, from plants. Take little test areas, you see, where they can study it.


They do the same thing with little areas even for their pharmacology and for inoculations and things. They come out, they can get certain areas where they can study the people, they can study the efficacy of certain drugs or whatever, or if they're of no use at all at least they can get good results and study, that is, from almost a closed society.  It's like, I think it was Iceland that they, because of the people being there for centuries pretty well without too much migration into those countries, they had a pretty clean gene pool which you could study very, very well. And some Pharma companies opened the big test laboratories there for that reason, you see.  So you had different places for different things.


But Australia, Australia, I read an article quite a few years back, it was just a curiosity thing, for me at the time I thought, well, why would Australia have pumped money into an experiment to see if they could create an artificial womb in a man?! And apparently, they had done it not just in that one, they had done it before, and they've done it since. To try, experiment-experiment… What's so important? I mean, you'd have to say to yourself, in that, is there going to be a shortage of women who can carry a… Because they can hire women that will do this now, they'll carry a child if they're impregnated artificially or naturally or whatever, but they'll carry someone's child to birth. I thought, well, there's no shortage of that. I mean, we might be going infertile, especially on the male side but I mean, why would they be wanting to see if men...    


Was that in case somehow there'd be a disease came along?  Your mind tries to be nice, try to be nice about things, right, to go along and see what's plausible. Well, maybe there'd be a virus released somehow or just develop that will wipe out all women or something. And of course, it’s not that at all. Mind you, if something can be done scientifically...  And with so many universities just churning out, the universities are like machines, they just churn out people with degrees all the time, and masters and doctorates and all the rest of it. There's so many. Look at the whole environmental movement, it was nothing before, but now it's suddenly an important thing and all these folk go in there looking to get, living off grants, you see. So, they need crisis and if it's not there just create it.


So, it's the same thing everywhere, across the board. But you have folk going into this bioengineering and all this, you know, let's engineer humans. The same stuff from all the old movies that you saw, from Soylent Green, Logan's Run, all these things, you see, the eugenics program where the scientists are in control of everything, and THX 1138, same kind of thing too.  That's where all the stories came from, is from… Because these people have been living under this scientific domination for a long time. A long, long time. And the scientists themselves, especially those who created the UN and so on said that, they would have to get, come up to prominence of a real authoritative power over the people and that governments would eventually come to them for advice. And they're all living on grants, as I say.


Big money. Better than most folk doing really constructive stuff.  The theorists, they're all sitting there on big massive grants and deciding that they're so important that you should just obey them basically, and they have the right to take all your rights from you, to save the planet. Because they know better than you. And they couldn't think of a better idea than to terrify you about the environment to take your rights away. You see, that's what the Club of Rome, that's what they were given, that kind of job, you see. It's quite staggering to see how successful it's been.  But every government signed on to it. That tells you there's a superstructure above everything, and that your governments at that level are much lower on the totem pole than the ones above.  And every politician obviously is well aware of it today.


But as I say, Australia, now, they also have artificial womb programs to see about growing baby sheep.  Now, these are the kind of floater ideas and little trial balloons to see if, the more articles that you see about things like that, the more you'll accept the final product down the road.  You say, well, okay, oh well, so what. It's all intended and is to get you used to different kinds of humans. Until the scientists, as I’ve said before, can eventually make purpose made humans for different functions. That's what they want!  Even NASA had stuff out on that years ago, even documentaries.  So here, as I say, it's not just to see if men can carry children by artificial wombs, I still don't know if they've been successful really in Australia with the actual ones on men. And it's so secretive too, 'eh, in this great democratic system. Anyway, here's another one...


An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep (A:  Now, this is doesn't stagger me at all, and it says…)— and humans could be next / 25 April 2019 / Rachel Becker 


(A:  And they go through this, what you see…)


Inside what look like oversized ziplock bags strewn with tubes of blood and fluid, (A:  …blah, blah, blah…) eight fetal lambs continued to develop (A:  etc, etc, in this particular article.)— much like they would have inside their mothers. Over four weeks, their lungs and brains grew, they sprouted wool…


(A:  And it says…)


…it has only been tested on sheep.


(A:  And that I don't believe that at all.  Because science, as I say, if they can do it, they will do it.  And science is waaay beyond, in my lifetime, way, way beyond any need, legal or otherwise, to inform the public. Absolutely.  There's so many covert programs underway, definitely. This is written by a woman I think but it says…)


It’s appealing to imagine a world where artificial wombs grow babies, (A:  It’s appealing, you see…) eliminating the health risk of pregnancy.


(A:  A health RISK of pregnancy.  Don't forget too, that under health, up until recently, fairly recently, having a child was a natural thing that happened. Surgery was never performed unless it was a necessary thing to save life. But when you've gone into abortions, that changed the whole game of what doctors were. It really put a stigma on the whole field of medicine. Absolutely.  And it's getting worse now that, as I say, the hospitals want your organs and everything as soon as you're booked in.)


(A:  You become fearful when this authority keeps giving itself more authority over you.  And you’re taught constantly that life is worth less and less and less. All these articles are meant to make you think life is worth less and less and less. It's like Julian Huxley said, we've got to knock humanity off its pedestal, he said, train the public that humans are just another life form, and they're not special at all, and to devalue life. The same guy that also was part of Planned Parenthood and he was all for bringing down the population, of all YOU types too, YOU types, you see, YOU types.  They don't include themselves, like Charles Galton Darwin said. He says, we, the wild people, the ones who still have all our capacities, and we're wealthy and we marry the right mate sort of thing, in the same class and all that.  He says, WE should have all the children. And he says the ones, these people, all the ones that they've managed to damage, should be sterilized, etc.)


(A:  But here they are wanting to make sure... I mean, do you really think, do you really think…  It's nothing to do with making the lambs or sheeping more profitable, sheep farms.  It's to do with, again, what can they do, what can they do, what can they do, what can they do?  But this to me is old stuff, this is from 2017. I read the articles on the males before that, the testing on males. 


(A:  And before that, I think I did a show in the 90s, where they call them arcs, there's three of them in in the States alone. Professors in universities are in charge these arcs where they have, they say they have the ovum and the sperm of all species of everything pretty well on the planet in storage. And they have also done, according to the documentary that I saw, and there was a woman professor I think from Louisiana who is in charge of one of them. She says, we've also put them together after they've been deep frozen for a long time, and it hasn't destroyed the cells, and put the fertilized ovum into, say, if they've got a dog, they could actually put it into a cow to bring it to term.)


(A:  So, all this stuff is old stuff to me. The only difference in this article is, they're supposed to be trying to get an artificial womb. But they can already grow any kind of creature in any other kind of creature according to the documentaries I saw years ago.  But the terminology is awfully good as I say, eliminating health RISK of pregnancy. But it says…)


But it’s important not to get ahead of the data… (A:  etc, etc.  It says it's still…)


…science fiction… (A:  …to an extent at the moment, right... They're still working towards it, obviously. And of course what they also say, it's pretty well, aid the use for premature infants, basically, where they put the children in to keep them warm and so on, at the right temperature and the right kind of humidity and everything else too, all part of it.)


But you get that article there and then you get…


No men required


I did these articles before I think. It says…


No men required: Australian women 'will be able to have babies WITHOUT males within two decades', fertility expert says / 11 Oct 2018


Australian women will be able to have babies without males within two decades, a fertility expert says.


(A:  Again, and I love how they say, ‘fertility expert says’. What did Bertrand Russell say? We'll train the public they can't do anything or even believe anything without an expert's advice. And that's happened.  That has so happened. At one time you didn't need advice on how to even have children and how to go through pregnancy, etc. It was all just quite a natural thing for thousands and thousands of years, you know. Anyway, it says…)


...breakthroughs in fertility technology


... comments come after baby mice were recently born to two mothers in China


(A:  M-hm.  They also did articles about the same time as this one to say that they tried it with humans, where they can actually take basically a stem cell and alter it into, and they had done all the technology and ability to alter it into any particular cell they want, including what they claimed at the time was a sperm, from a female.  Huh?  A cell from a female, put back into a stem cell, and then put into, made into a sperm, that's what they claimed at the time. This is a different article to do with mice instead of humans. But it says...)


…he does not see why the same feat cannot be achieved in human reproduction.


Ethics committees…


(A:  Here is another thing too, by the way, I noticed my hackles go up on my hair once in a blue moon, you know, if it's not Wi-Fi, which it does for me, my hair starts to feel it, the tingles, the roots of the hair.  But also, I get the same thing when something is just up and there's something you've got to take note of. I can remember when they suddenly came out and did documentaries in the 90s on television about, and in the newspapers, with bioethicists and you were introduced to the world of bioethicists. You never heard of them before, now you realize you've got professionals now that are professional bioethicists. And we all thought that we had our own ethics on things. But no, they've got the real ethics. They're the ones now who decide you should really die, you know.  They're the ones who decide maybe your life isn't worth that much in the hospital.  Maybe you're better off dead and maybe they could use your organs and make some money off you. That'll go to a good cause, won't it, so maybe they are some use after all. Maybe they shouldn't keep you alive, you see, because what have you got to offer at that age, whatever it happened to be. You see?  You've got all these professionals ready to make you do the right thing, 'eh. Isn't that wonderful. So here this article mentions that ethics committees too...)


Ethics committees and legal prohibitions would put a stop to the process in humans but Dr Molloy said attitudes will change over time.


(A:  It doesn't say you may, it says WILL change over time. Because they're working on us all, you see.  So...)


Women will be able to have babies without men within two decades, an Australian fertility expert says.  (A:  Isn’t that wonderful.)


Dr David Molloy said pregnancies will no longer need the input of males in the future thanks to the advancements in fertility technology.


(A:  Ah.  Isn't it just wonderful, hm.)


'It would mean that heterosexual couples where the man has low-quality sperm, and women couples, can have their own genetic child,' Dr Molloy told the publication.


(A:  So there you go, you see, because they really care, you see, they really care about women couples or male couples, you see. Do you really believe they care? Do you really believe that? The ones at the top use every possible thing to divide and conquer. But if they can experiment on any of them, they're so happy to do it. Really. Everyone's getting used here.  M-hm.  And why they're doing it is for reasons you'll never figure out just yet. It says…)


'I think it will be possible to fertilise an egg with a set of half chromosomes and targeted gene editing.'


(A:  They've got problems at the moment from the ones from mice for instance, it says, where they've got deformities, the ones that are done in this way from mice, you see. It says some of them have a long tongue and big bodies. I guess they’re wanting long tongue humans, ‘eh, and big bodies. Mind you, if they're bigger, the body with this austerity, how are they going to get all the food to keep their body big? But there you go. You get what I'm saying here? It says…)


Scientists said the technique could one day create humans whose biological parents are two women, or two men.


Oh, it's so important that that's done, isn't it? You don't understand, they're going to bring out different KINDS of humans. They've already said in other articles, they can even make part and them animal and so on. And other science magazines and papers, University articles too and textbooks mention now they can even go ahead and start creating purpose-made, work-made humans, or creatures. So, all the steps in between are all part of that. They don't give a darn about helping you feel better about anything, it doesn't matter who you are, nothing at all. Another article…


Want to Dismantle Capitalism? Abolish the Family (A:  Right?! ) / 16 May 2019


Feminist theorist Sophie Lewis’s new book looks at how rethinking pregnancy (A:  Here you go again, let's look at pregnancy again…) and the idea of family as forms of labor is central to emancipatory politics.


(A:  Again, the old Marxist critical theory idea where you criticize all the past to make everything equal and so on, hey. Even though you can't even judge the past because everything was so different, vastly different before to make things happen the way that they did.  Hm. So it says…)


Arguably the most infamous demand of The Communist Manifesto is the “abolition of the family.” (A:  This person's 'arguably', in other words, she doesn't think, make any big deal about it.  What they also noted was…)  The family, Marx and Engels noted, was where patriarchy and capitalism worked in tandem to produce willing, alienated workers, where women became little more than “instruments of production” for the men who lorded over them. 


You see, they're so incredibly... You can't even judge the conditions then and what happened under anything. There was no welfare back then for anybody. And people had to survive. They had to survive. And folk would come together in any way they could. Whether it was men and women or whatever, the fact is, they had to club together in marriage or whatever, just basically to survive. That was… And the guys at that time, of course, the kind of work that they did was heavy heavy heavy labor. So they got the rotten terrible deadly work, like mining and all the rest of it. They didn't have big massive machines in those days. And the guys themselves might not last long. And yeah, they would put the wives down if the man was sick, down the mines. But you can't judge by today's standard, oh, that was just so terrible. The folk had no option in those days, none at all.


Again, they're churning out these books on how, there's a whole market out there for people who just love to create division.  And they're getting paid to, obviously. And they’re making more money from their books and helping to create more anger and hatred on their targeted group, whoever it happens to be. Stacks of these things out there now.  Ties right in with the articles I just read too, doesn’t it?


Another article too I’m going to put up, actually it’s from the United Nations. It says…


A Healthy Planet Depends on Us All – UN Environment


(A: This is part of the indoctrinations, the short slogans, you know. That’s what Lenin said, we shall win by slogans. Little short slogans.)


A healthy environment is the foundation of human life.


(A:  No kidding.  M-hm.)


But we are putting the planet under enormous pressure


(A: Again, you've got to give up all your rights.)


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development charts a clear path forward.


(A: My goodness!  Thank goodness we have these saviors that just come forward at the right time, and who tell us that we're going to pay all these massive carbon taxes, through their particular carbon exchanges, mind you, when they'll get even more rich off it like Mr. Gore and these guys. But they're really altruists that are out there to help you.  And if you really believe that, well, there's no hope for you.)


(A: You have no idea of the incredible... evil, I call them evil, yep, absolutely evil crooks out there running the whole system.  And they don't give two hoots for you. In fact, they want you to get depopulated. As they profit off of you. You're just animals, you see. You getting the message, you're just another animal... And you're not really necessary... And certain ones of you are less necessary than others.  Hm?  You getting the message?  From all their highly paid spokespeople?  [Alan chuckles.]  I hope some of you are getting the message.  So here they are...)


We work to improve air quality to protect the…


(A: Blah, blah, blah.)


We promote the protection and sustainable…


(A: Blah, blah, blah.)


We promote sustainable, low-emission transport…


(A: ...meaning, no transport at all for YOU, most of you, because you can't afford the alternatives at the moment.)


And they've already said under the agenda for the 21st century, 2030 is only part of that.  Agenda 21 for the whole century literally has it all mapped out where they want to take you step by step by step. And they'll never be happy. Oh, we've achieved the carbon emission targets, then we've got less carbon emitted then we did in the, oh, 1924 or something like that. It won't ever be good enough. Because it's a con.  M-hm.  And one day they will start taking down the population by decree. No kidding you.  And they can train you into it. Yes, they can. They can train you into anything with the techniques that they have today. Look at what the children are coming home and parroting to any parents they still have, hm, that they're getting taught in school.


Another one, too, is…


Global Environment Facility - Funding


(A:  Do you know that existed?)


The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Trust Fund was established on the eve (A:  …of guess what?...)  of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, (A:  …that Maurice Strong put forward on behalf of the Rockefellers, and other owners of the planet, you see.) to help tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental problems. GEF funding to support the projects is contributed by donor countries.   (A:  …meaning our nations give our tax money to then.  How’s that, ‘eh.)  These financial contributions are replenished every four years (see GEF Replenishment documents) by the GEF 39 donor countries.


(A:  And you wonder why you're so poor, folks. You've never looked to see where your money goes. And you've never looked at the quality of clothing that these folk, who are just helping, look at the quality of their lifestyle they have and their clothing and everything else that they own, and their homes and you name it, folks. That YOU are paying for. And they're going to help you by making you poorer.  Huh?!  Sustainable?  Oy-yush.)


(A:  The private World Bank that was set up by the private group called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that owns the CFR across the planet, and owns all the other banks, right...)


The World Bank serves as the GEF Trustee, administering the GEF Trust Fund (contributions by donors). The Trustee helps mobilize GEF resources  (A:  Meaning… [Alan laughing.] it whips the public of every nation, you know, for taxes.); disburses funds to GEF Agencies…


(A:  They’ve got all these agencies with all, you don’t even know they exist, most of the folk.) 


Again, look at the quality of the clothing and their shoes and… the way they wear the airs and graces, you know, etc.  They're so altruistic, these folk, who… who just know that they're there to rule you, they’ve found their natural vocation, obviously. But you didn't get to vote them in.  Ha, that's quite wonderful. It's the best kind of tyranny there is.  We've never had such wonderful, almost invisible tyranny as we have today, by those who have done it all. It took time. It would take maybe 100 years to bring it. Well, it's all past and gone, we're here. We're here, folks. 


Al Gore of course is over in Australia there, getting paid to go over there and lecture them about it too, you know, and how they must do without this and that and the other, energy wise, and pay more money into the world system. I've mentioned before that he had set up, he pushed and pushed and pushed for all this carbon nonsense. Because he set up an organization with Blood, a company called Blood, and it was literally called Blood and Gore. I'm not kidding you. You can't make this stuff up.  A carbon exchange. But they've changed the name of it now because so many people, myself included, really pushed this forward so that folk knew what was going on here.  [Alan chuckles.]   And of course they had to back off a bit and change the name of it. It's quite, quite comical.


But yeah, Mr. Gore, and Blood of course, Blood and Gore, there you are. That's what it all comes down to, isn't it? But I'll put the articles up about him lecturing them in Australia. And how Australia has to pay for him to get taken over there, you know, flown over, you know, and all that carbon and oh, stuff coming out of jets and stuff. It came out too about his own particular side houses for guests and that too, and just the electricity alone that he went through there, phenomenal it was. But you see, our masters are allowed to live better than you. After all, look at all the hard work they do raking in all that cash from the taxpayer to make themselves rich.  Hm.  Hhh, I tell ya.


Al Gore -


I'll put sustainable development goals up too, a list of them too.


About Sustainable Development Goals- UN Environment


(A:  It's got everything in there, you know, everything you can imagine, things you can't even imagine comes down under sustainability, including families and all that. You've got to understand, this is all part of it. You don't think of all that, do you, destruction and the elimination of family, and maybe even males down the road too, etc. etc. On sustainable development goals, hmmmm.  Interesting, 'eh, ain't it?  Think about it. Most folk don't want, again, that's negative, we can't look at that, it's too negative.  It makes me unhappy.  Hm.  [Alan laughing.])  


(A: [Alan laughing.]   Oh dear, dear. Why do they give you so much pornography on television and so on? As long as you don't have children, they don't care what you do.  And in fact, that's why they give you it all, it keeps you all disorientated and you know, cognitive dissonance they call it, yeah, you can't really put two and two together, and you can't memorize something for very long at all.)  


(A:  Anyway, there's 17 goals. Another part of 17 goals. It's part of the new global agenda. This is from 2015.)


GOAL 1: No Poverty


(A:  No poverty is to exist on the planet.  Isn't that wonderful. As they put you on the streets, hm.  Because you can't live in the homes you're living in now, you know. And there'll be no work for you anyway.   Right?) 


GOAL 2: Zero Hunger


(A:  And goal 2 is zero hunger. Right.  Well they might give you all these substitute foods, but it won't be food, folks.)


GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being


(A:  You've got to understand that all the things, including some of the stuff I've talked about comes under good health and well-being. Including eliminating some of us, hm.  Huh.  Yes.)


GOAL 4: Quality Education


(A:  Well, you can't have a, you can't indoctrinate children about the agenda unless you can get the children through mandatory education. So that's imperative obviously.)


GOAL 5: Gender Equality


(A:  Right. Well, why are you trying to make mice, you know, female mice create their own, you know, male sperm and stuff now? And eventually you can do that with humans and stuff? Where's the equality here? I mean, okay, what's going on here?)


GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation


(A:  Hm.)


GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy


(A:  Yes, oh, hey, everything comes under that, affordable. You see, all these experts decide what's affordable. They'll come up with the figure and they'll say, well that's affordable, hm, you won't have any input at all. And the clean energy. Well, apart from sunlight, what's clean? When you make turbans, the cost of making them, all that stuff is manufactured and then there's furnaces involved in carbon and boom, boom, boom. And the chemicals involved just making all the different wiring and coatings and so on, yada yada yada yada, ya.  They've also got articles out there on that too. I'm not making this up. This is a fact. But they are going to decide what's clean, 'eh?)


GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth


(A:  Well, what have you got at the moment?  They've taken all your work away through the same organization, of the World Bank, that gave you the World Bank and so on, that gave you the EU and NAFTA, and the new name for the same thing, and exported the work. They literally exported it through the GATT treaties and so on, to China. All your governments signed on that they would pay your factories and corporations to move all this stuff off to China. I've done so many shows on that years ago when it was all happening. Our tax money helped pay for them to uproot and move.  And left us with what's called a service economy, eh, where things are just brought in and passed around. There's no manufacturing left.)


(A:  And you're left now with a massive, top-heavy, almost a communistic system managing the dysfunction of it all with the mass unemployment, all paid by our tax money. With stacks of agencies, social work departments, welfare systems. And again, more social work departments and specialized units dealing with drugs, plagues of drugs on the streets and homeless.  Huh?  Think about it, 'eh.  Think about it. Decent work, right.  Humph.  M-m-m.)


(A:  And economic growth. How are you going to have economic growth when your manufacturing is gone? And the service economy only employs a small, X amount of employees? All the big superstores that are left now are putting in self checkouts. So, there's nobody working.)


(A:  The government will give us tokens for money. Issued like Bertrand Russell said. And you'll have to be awfully good, and don't be an ASBO, antisocial behavior, and say something you shouldn't say, even in a quip or with how you talk, or you won't be able to pay your rents or buy food. Russell said this back in the 40s before you had the term ASBO.  [Alan chuckles.]) 


(A:  Then you've got.)


GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


(A:  Well you can… play with that one.  What industry?)


GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality


(A:  I guess they’re going to make us all the same size and everything else, hm.)


GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


(A:  ...which they’re all going to be… Do you understand the control of everything I’m mentioning here, to get anything that they're wanting takes, like, Commissars, whole legions of commissars to manage it all. Sustainable cities and communities.  [-Said robotically, quickly.])


GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production


(A:  Responsible consumption and production [-Said robotically, quickly.])


GOAL 13: Climate Action


(A:  Climate action.  [-Said robotically, quickly.] You know?)


GOAL 14: Life Below Water


GOAL 15: Life on Land


(A:  …and if you can live on the land, it even says that, life on land.  You'll be there on the land only IF you're producing, you see, that they've been authorized to be there. Because they don't want anybody else living on the land. You’re going to get crammed into cities, sustainable cities, you see, etc., etc.)


So I'll put these articles up. Another one, too, is...


Former US vice president Al Gore will lead a three-day climate change lecture in Queensland – and you'll be paying for the venue / 24 May 2019


(A:  As he comes over there to tell you what to do, 'eh.)


Mr Gore will speak at the Minister's Climate Change event in Brisbane

•The cost of the event has seen Queensland Government fork out about $142K


(A:  Ha!, so they can tell you you're... you're producing too much carbon, and you're not eco-friendly, and you know, put your tax money through Mr. Gore's carbon exchange and, you know….  Okay. But it's got it here and I'll see if I can find that one other one too, I've got with the proper name of Blood and Gore's new name for the company.  There ya go.)


Generation Investment Management -


So they lecture everybody in this university about climate change, you know.  An Inconvenient Spoof… I think it's called. But it's really something, isn't it, isn't it really, m-hm, what we're living through.   Also...


UN Environment 2018 Annual Report / 7 March 2019


People and Programs


The United Nations Environment Programme is committed to working with everybody at all levels of society to support the implementation of the SDGs by addressing environmental issues and ensuring a long, healthy future for people and planet.


(A:  Have you been invited, folks?  Can you afford to jet set across the world to exotic places, where they eat exotic foods at these big big events, and they wear exotic clothing, very wealthy, you know? Can you manage that?  Mmmmmm.  No, you won't even hear about it, because you won't be asked. And it says...)


The implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals and its 17 SDGs officially began on 1 January 2016, as the UN family, (A:  You see, we're all family, you understand, only in the family you've got bosses in the family, you know, maybe bosses bosses, big sisters and big brothers and stuff that are, decided to rule you and all that, you know.) nations, businesses, civil society and many others looked to how they can transform the very way we live.


(A:  Well, maybe we don't want to transform the VERY way we live. Especially into the way that you want us to exist. It won't be living.  It will be maybe existing as we go down the tubes. But that's the agenda too, isn't it?)


How can you say you're Democratic if you have no say in this stuff?  And these organizations, nobody, no member of the public got a chance to vote for these things to be set up, you know.  M-hm. 


Again, getting back into the communist capitalists, you see. Because everybody out there in society, I'm tellin' ya, they're all bought and paid for.  Have been for a while.  I used to laugh about this in the Cold War, and it was even more obvious in the US. The top communist leaders were all multimillionaires, yeah.  In Britain they tried to hide it a bit, but it still broke out through too. Here's one too about the top Labour Party they called them at the time, the member of Parliament Jeffrey Robinson, who's been lifelong in politics, but also a massive businessman. He eventually became a massive businessman and multimillionaire and all that.


Great friends he had, he was given massive amounts of money by Maxwell, remember Maxwell too that owns newspapers and had a massive Ponzi scheme. And, well, they say he died way out in the, oh I don't know what sea he was in, he maybe fell off his yacht or something. He was a pal of these characters, these top, top, you know, member, Labour Party, multimillion-pound Labour people, you know. Labour, people who have never ever got a spade out in their lives and dug up any ground and planted a turnip.  You know. To them we are the turnips.  Yep. Seriously.  But I'll put this article up. This guy literally was passing secrets of the British government and the military, for his whole darn working life, to the Communists in the Cold War.  And afterwards too [Alan chuckles.] I think as well. And someone out there, they’re admitting it, they kind of found this out.


But it says...


'Robinson spilled his guts over dinner - and the contents of his briefcase':

What Czech files (A:  He was passing it on to the Czechoslovakian version of the KGB, they all passed it on up to Moscow.)  claim about how Tony Blair's minister handed over sensitive documents at a Pimlico restaurant - / 25 May 2019


By the way, I mean, there's many of them who belonged to the, they used to call it the Trotskyist Party at the time, and Peter Hitchens has mentioned it as well. He still knows a lot of them were full card-carrying communists at the time, that are now top Labour members.  Guess who they are? You can guess yourself. But they, yeah, all the rich ones, you know.  I’ll put these articles up. It's interesting to me, these articles anyway.  Then...


Greed, power, Maxwell - and how Geoffrey Robinson's millions bewitched Blair and Mandelson - / 25 May 2019


Remember those names from not so long ago, when they all went on board for the war against Iraq and so on? Blair got the whole of Britain dragged into it, and Mandelson was his right-hand man and all that. Remember that, you know?  And how, it says here that they were all bewitched by Maxwell at the time, from years ago. Because Maxwell had soo much money. He gave some of them like over 200 million at a time. Big, big money, you know, big big loans and... n-n.  Yeah, it's great being a communist, isn't it?  Yep.  And running the government. Yeah.  And then this one’s...


Do handwritten notes in Robinson file (A:  They've declassified some of the ones, the stuff that he passed on.) prove he spied for the Czechs? (A:  …the Communists.)  Expert says it's highly likely these WERE written by the same person - / 25 May 2019


They show you some of them here. The fact is that they've all the admissions now from the secret police and so on, from the communist countries admitting that he was one of their best informants and spies in Britain. 


It doesn't matter. Folk don't care now. Because you know, what is there left to save now? Look at the homelessness. Look at the drug addiction across the streets in the UK. Look at the mess of it all, huh, look at the mess of it all. Degeneracy, everything. A complete war, total war. It was awfully successful, hasn't it? You couldn't, you see, you can't change where they're going into this whole controlled world society without destroying the cultures and the people and everything that made them strong, including right down to the basic stuff, can even the genders get along and have a purpose together, hm?  Destroy it all. Destroy it all. Make it completely dysfunctional. Make the whole nation bankrupt with it all, crime, you name it, you know, drugs galore. But then you bring them, well we've got the answer, we’re bringing in a world society and all our new commissars are going to manage your lives for you, from birth to death.  So...


Global Environment Facility - GEF Project and Program Cycle Policy - / 9 June 2016




Generation Investment Management


Generation Investment Management LLP (Generation IM) is a sustainable investment management firm, (A:  It's sustainable, it will keep getting profits forever.) founded in 2004. It was co-founded by former US Vice President Al Gore and Goldman Sachs' Asset Management head David Blood.


(A:  There's Blood and Gore. But it's now called Generation Investment Management.  There you are, that your tax money is going to go through. And they can trade carbon credits and all that stuff and make fortunes off it.  Making fortunes off nothings, you see, big bags of nothings.  They can trade these big bags of nothing.  Yep.  And they get all the free carbon trading, millions of dollars worth, every big company to started off with. They tried this before across Europe, you see.)


Generation has offices in both London and San Francisco and employs 87 people. Generation Investment Management LLP is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.


(A: I have no doubt too they've got lots of friends there, that probably put them there.  [Alan laughing.]  A bit of humor doesn't… It doesn't go bad, does it, a bit of humor, if you can get it now and then, don't you?) 


The firm’s advisory board, chaired by [Alan coughs.] Al Gore (A:  Al Gore himself…), meets twice a year. (A:  So no wonder, he's got a big, big stake in all this stuff. He helped start up the big scam. He saw early when Maurice Strong and the rest of them had set it all up, you see. We'll terrify the public and say they're all going to kill themselves if we don't step in and manage the planet for them and manage their lives. Okay. Is there profit here? Oh, masses of money to be made. Ho-ho-ho, okay. There you go.)  The board consists of business leaders, industry experts (A:  …again, that expert thing.), and other luminaries. (A:  No kidding, luminaries, ‘eh.  Wow.  There ya go.)  The board helps establish a macro framework of trends and ideas.


The firm began investing client money in April 2005. Its breakthrough was integrating the disciplines of finance and sustainability.


(A:  So hence those words are awfully important, finance and sustainability, hm.  There ya go.  Sustainable, that word sustainable can make multimillionaires very quickly. If you can get recognized by the United Nations.  And then United Nations makes sure every country signs on to it, and bingo, you've got big money to set it off, and then you can get a finger in the pie of the taxpayer and start, you know, throwing a few... a few coppers here and there in your own direction. There you go.  Nice, 'eh?!  There ya go.)


In 2014, Generation launched Climate Solutions Fund II (A:  Isn’t that wonderful, they keep coming up with great ideas.) and the foundation partnered with George Serafeim. In 2015, Generation launched the Sustainability Insights Series, releasing “Environmental Intelligence” and “The Power Industry in Transition.”  (A:  Wow!)   In the same year, Generation became a Certified B Corp.


So there you are. Everything that industry and... Even the energy in your home from electricity to everything that you use that's for power, is now under their auspices now.  They got their finger in what you use and what you need and everything else. It used to be called monopolies and you know, things like that, and oligarchs, but they don't say it, and I think they're all corporations now, they're there to help you.


Remember what, getting back to what Julian Huxley said?  Julian Huxley, he went on and on about knocking humanity off its pedestal as the supreme being on the planet, and they have to be taught, they'd have to be taught they're just another animal basically. Because you see, he wanted to bring in a very drastic reduction in population by training them to kill their own kinds off and stuff like that. You see, first you've got to dehumanize them. And you're getting trained to be, in dehumanization all the time, folks. Under the guise of freedom. Oh, we're freer. Yeah, before we couldn't just throw ourselves in with drugs and that and have sex all over the place before, you know. And all the fallout from all that, it's all taken care of by the state, 'eh? We're free, right? Okay.


Calgary police let organ donors off for minor traffic violations / 15 April 2019


(A:  You see, again, the little mousetrap, 'eh?  Whether it's a genetically modified mouse, I don't know, I've only read the article.  But anyway, there's the mousetrap. They call it mousetraps in marketing, put something out and say it's free or something, get little freebies to the public and they jump at it, and then you've caught them, you see, you've caught them.  That's what all your convenience cards are for, you get a few bucks off every week if you buy the stuff. But they've got all your data, and you've got to use the card and all that, hey?  So here you are, organ donors get off for minor traffic violations, you see, if you're pulled over by the police.  So, you won't get a ticket or anything because you're a registered organ donor.)


Instead of a fine, drivers receive a warning — if they’re a registered organ donor.


There you go. Is that not discriminatory or what? Isn't that a bit of a coercion too? What do you think's happening as you get dehumanized and the value of your life, from all the data, in real time, every day, it's updated on everybody, automatically by the computer system.  Your DNA... And you schmucks are even putting it out there for them to try to find your ancestry.  You give it all to them and they're using it, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  You fall for it all, you really do. But if you've got the right DNA for some rich sod out on the planet somewhere, who's very wealthy, do you think eventually they might just get to that stage where it, you know, they'll know where you are because you're driving your vehicle and you know, they've got that monitored everywhere you go blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, that certain things could be arranged if it's a bit of a desperate thing that's needed for someone who's important? and you're not so important? 


Just an idle thought, daydream, you know, just daydreaming.  Because we live in such a civilized society.  The same civilized society, remember, that Madeleine Albright when she was up there, when they were starving Iraq before they bombed it into oblivion and the Stone Age. They starved it through sanctions and kept them from getting food and everything else and medical aid in. On television she was asked in an interview, she says, well, you know, that operation that you were in charge of and so on, for when she was the politician in charge of whatever it was for the embargo, you know, it killed over 500,000 women and children, starved to death, and couldn't even get medications in… was it worth it? She says, oh yes, I thought it was quite worth it. Civilized, aren’t we? And you think you're so important they might just not go after you for your particular DNA and that liver you've got?  Dream on, folks. That's the world we live in.  And it's getting, hhhk, because you're already believing in it, dehumanization. Well, yeah, you know, sure. Yep, IQ's plummeted.


 Another one is this article here on...


Drug overdose deaths top 70,000, drive down U.S. life expectancy - / 28 Nov 2018


There's never been so much drugs, highly, quickly addictive drugs, we haven't seen them like this before, just booofff.  And your government doesn't stop it? Do you really believe they can't stop it? Do you really believe that?  Hm?  So I'll put some up on the National Center for Health Statistics on some of the overdose death rates for drugs and so on. 


Overdose Death Rates - / Jan 2019




Almost one in three drugs overdoses in Europe recorded in UK (A:  ...happen in the UK.) - / 6 June 2017


I said that years ago, I says from watching the BBC dramas it depresses you so much that, ohhh, there's nothing left to live for after you watch it. I'm not kidding you, they churned out so much depression, depressing, depression, depressing stuff for years and years and years, that no one could watch it. They'd run off and see their doctor for antidepressants. That's serious. And don't forget, the BBC is the government, it's not just the government, the British government, I think the CIA actually have shares in it too, the Crown shares too, from an article I read quite a few years back.  No kidding you.  Almost one in three drug overdoses in Europe are recorded in the UK... That's because they're doing so well with, you know, with being in the European Union and being postindustrial and all that, you know, a service economy. 


Also got more and more folk, now that I mean marijuana.... You see, my big objection to this is that governments now, government agencies now promoted the whole darn thing. And folk who worked in governments and work in government are the shareholders of it all. When they're pushing stuff, you'd better believe they have other agendas at work here. And people who are really sick and in awful pain, I've had folk even write into me, they wouldn't even give them painkillers after a complete hysterectomy, some women who've had problems, you know, and it's necessary, and they can't even get painkillers now.  Oh, we don't want to addict them.  You understand what's going on here?  Eventually ALL you'll get is marijuana… government authorized from government agencies and big corporations that are in league with government and so on.  There you go.


It's also getting more common obviously. Obviously, every youngster thinks, if parents say this is legal it must be all right. So they start earlier and stuff. Anyway…


Killer driver is FINALLY unmasked: Police officers' son, 18, who was spared jail despite ploughing into and killing two pedestrians in his parents' Audi while high on cannabis is pictured for first time - / 27 May 2019


They've had stacks of this stuff; they've kept it quiet. They're going to have, obviously, the right programs we have to go in, oh, here we go again.  The folk are not into all this stuff, or even into the drinking and driving too, same thing. You all have to go under the… It's like there's a terrorist somewhere on the planet so you all have to be spied on by your governments.  Huh?  Or, there's a drug here and there so you all have to go through this, 'eh.  M-hm. 


Evan Horowitz: IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn't bode well for humanity - / May 22, 2019


Well it's working, the agenda is working, isn't it. Because that used to be pretty well innate, you were born with it and...   But they've been up on this for years and every year you get some of the UN departments come out with their own statistics on it too.  And there's never a, oh, this is a crisis thing from them. It's the same with folk going sterile.  If folk are going sterile and sterile and sterile, how come that favorite word that they have when they try to rush into something, why is it never used, oh, this is a crisis?  They never mention that.  It means they know what's happening with fertility, certainly happy about it, it's meant to be, hm?  And since IQ has been dropping for years too, oh that's meant to be as well. They know it. They want it.


In this article too on Australia, as Mr. Gore is there to lecture them on putting more money his way into, you know, into those different, there's different carbon exchanges, all with very important people that you're going to funnel your money through.  Including a world one by the way. I did the article years ago, they call them Green Banks. And our favorite bankers had one I think in Switzerland they said, a lot of it will go through there too. Can you imagine the interest overnight on a loan when countries are putting all this fake nothing's through? You know, money for nothing.  That's a good song that is, Money for Nothing and Your Kicks for Free. We get kicked and the guys get money for nothing, the big bags of nothing carbon. Nothing, yeah.  Just imaginary, yeah.  A trace, a trace gas... That's completely invisible. It doesn't cause haze or anything.


Gore's over there in Australia, this politician in Australia says, Barnaby Joyce, it says...


'These people don't have electricity mate': Barnaby Joyce says voters are more interested in affordable power than climate change policy in fiery rant / 21 May 2019


•He said more than 100,000 families (A:  his area.) went without power because bills too high


(A:  Well, wait until they finish with their sustainability nonsense, hey.)


I had to laugh too when I mentioned earlier about the feminist who's raking the cash in on books, and her favorite enemy, which is men, how bad they are for the family and all that and how the family should get abolished. But, here's another one, Naomi Wolf has made a good career on this.


Feminist author Naomi Wolf learns in a live radio interview that her new book contains fundamental factual blunder - and the men she insisted were executed for sodomy in Victorian London were actually PARDONED / 25 May 2019


(A:  Well, facts don't matter for goodness sake, 'eh.)


•Naomi Wolf, 56, was doing a BBC radio interview to promote her book 'Outrages'


(A:  I thought it was going to be Outages, because power.  But no, it's Outrages.)


•In it she refers to dozens of men being executed for sodomy in Victorian London


(A:  It just shows you how they'll jump on anything and make it, oh, our favorite target, 'eh, make money off anger.  Ooo.) 


•But British interviewer Matthew Sweet pointed out a fatal factual blunder


(A:  And they show you articles from the period, about the ones that she was on about.  It says...)


•At Old Bailey (A: London.) the sentence of 'death recorded' was legalese (A:  ...speak...) for a judicial pardon


(A:  They didn't kill them at all. Britain didn't go through that kind of stuff for sodomy.  Nope.  It says…)


•In fact no man was executed for sodomy in Victorian Britain, Sweet argued


•Wolf acknowledged her error but insists her overall thesis holds true


(A: [Alan laughing.]   What is her overall… What is it, men are all just, oh, and these guys are no different, you see, they're just bad?)


•She was an adviser to the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore


(A: Again, favorite crooks, 'eh.  That's my opinion, you're a crook certainly.  M-hm.  So it says she was corrected on the radio show and...)


Wolf was stunned to learn of her mistake in an interview on Thursday with BBC Radio 3 journalist Matthew Sweet, who gently pointed out that she had misinterpreted the British legal term 'death recorded.'


'I found, like, several dozen executions,' Wolf told Sweet of her research into Old Bailey prosecutions of sodomy in the 1800s, for her new book, [Spoken very boldly!!!...] Outrages: Sex, Censorship And The Criminalization Of Love.


(A:  Look at the mess we're in today where you've got people in the street flogging their bodies, kids, for drugs. There's free love for ya, there's where it got ya.  Hm? And the folk don't even care anymore, even when it's all over the place.  Destroyed. The end of war. And this is the kind of stuff, rhetoric that they put out there that's part of the war, you see, to make it worse and worse and worse. Criminalization Of Love. It says…)


'I don't think you're right about this,' Sweet fired back. 'Death recorded is what's in most of these cases that you've identified as executions. It doesn't mean that he was executed.'


(A:  And they go into it, right.)


'It was a category that was created in 1823 that allowed judges to abstain from pronouncing a sentence of death on any capital convict whom they considered to be a fit subject for pardon,' Sweet said.


'I don't think any of the executions you've identified here actually happened,' he continued.


Stunned, Wolf replied: 'Well, that's a really important thing to investigate.'


(A: know, really ticked off, I guess.)


Sweet zeroed in on a particular case presented on page 71 of Wolf's book, that of teenager Thomas Silver, (A:  The way she painted it you see, it was... you know.) whom she writes was 'actually executed for committing sodomy.'


(A: Right, teenager, poor guy. You see, again, go into the past when, you know.  Anyway...)


'Thomas Silver wasn't executed,' Sweet says in the interview, producing a contemporary newspaper clipping (A:  They actually have, of the actual period, the newspaper...) showing that Silver's sentence was commuted.


(A: And her point was that, that's the terrible society, you see, and that's how they treated this kind of thing back then, just men, love men, you see, that's how she was pushing it. But the thing was, though, this guy that they commuted him off with it, he was actually found guilty, and it says, it was because he had grabbed a six-year-old boy.  There's another oops, thing.  Oh, ooops.  [Alan laughing.]   Oops.  [Alan laughing.]  So it's quite something. So that's what it says here, it says...)


A newspaper clipping from the time shows that Silver's automatic death sentence was commuted, as well as that his crime was much more serious than Wolf indicated


Sweet also pointed out that the nature of Silver's crime was more disturbing than Wolf's description of an 'unnatural offense.'


The Express reported that Silver, then 17, was convicted for indecently assaulting a six-year-old boy, adding that 'the evidence was totally unfit for publication.'


(A: the time, you see.)


Jail records show that Silver served a prison term in Newgate.


(A:  ...for attacking and doing the rotten things to this little boy.)


You see, it's so easy to go in and paint a story because you've got this angst and you know it's going to sell books, 'eh, to the popular segments of society that have been literally weaponized, you know. It's sad, isn't it. It's just… How can you possibly have any functioning society when it's so corrupted, and divided, by so many segments that are deliberately out there, and with incredible funding a lot of these people. I see, always a warfare tactic, all these things. And it was meant to be from even the times of Julian Huxley. He was adamant about the agenda. So was Karl Marx of course. Karl Marx, of course. Where did he live? He lived in London, 'eh.  Access to the British Library.  By this totalitarian British system, 'eh, they give him access to the library. And he was given access to all the incredibly rare books and everything, of histories and goodness knows what for such a long time. By this rotten terrible Britain system. No, he worked for, as far as I'm concerned, those who ruled the system. That's what I can say for sure.


Whenever people try to get you riled up, about what's now called popular marginal areas and so on and divided society, if someone's trying to rile you up, making you get all emotional and angry, you're getting used. As far as I'm concerned, you're getting used.  That's the first indication in psychological warfare of you've just lost, when you become emotional. Your logic must guide you with reason, and facts. And you must decide for yourself. Because you see, emotion is put across in such a tremendous way, of almost neuro-linguistical science, of people who are trained in it, to guide you into a state of anger, and not to use your reason or logic. And they certainly won't give you the facts. 


For across the board, for all the different sections out there, be careful. And if you join a lot of these different groups, you're getting used, for agendas which are utterly destructive to all of us, ALL of us in the long run. Because only through destruction can the big folk at the top step in eventually, all these agencies that are all set up quietly and covertly, and say, well we're stepping in to take over society, now that you're all in such, you're in such chaos.  Order out of chaos, here we are, we are the order.


You'll be such a dysfunctional mess you'll probably cry for them.  What was it that Rockefeller said when he talked about some of this agenda? Rockefeller, remember, and his dad Old Rockefeller, he said that, competition was a sin, as he took over and have monopolies over all the things that you needed. Food, fuel, for industry and everything, complete monopolies. They've never changed. The same organization that the Royal Institute of International Affairs belong to, take over all the resources of the planet, and then bring in the scientific experts to rule the public, depopulate, etc.  But you'd have to, folk wouldn't give up their rights so you create crisis after crisis after crisis until you literally, you'll have a population at the end of a war, which everyone won't even know they've been in it, they're just part of it, it will be so dysfunctional and chaotic, he says, they'll come to us with perfect docility. That's what Rockefeller said. How do you think they would get us to come with perfect docility? We're here to help you, look at the poor mess you're in, you poor people, look at the mess you're in. But you can't live like you've lived before, with rights and demands. You have to follow what we say here if you want to survive. Live in the cramped city. Eat what we give you the eat. You can't breed so we prefer it if you got sterilized. Unless you're one of the worker helpers and you can actually earn the right to produce children, maybe one or two. 


Not kidding you. I'm not making this stuff up. This is stuff they talked about, and Charles Galton Darwin did too. And the Huxley's. And the Russell's. And the Macy group. And all the other groups out there, that all work together to make this happen. And the Maurice Strong's, that you never voted for into anything. 


Anyway, that's it's for today, sorry to say. But it's important that I put so much of it in, you can't really do a talk without cramming so much in I suppose. It's not a downer. This is not a downer. You see, knowledge is power. And if you're fortified with knowledge, this, it teaches you of how to avoid so many pitfalls. And if you've gone into the pitfalls, and everybody can and will occasionally, it tells you how to get out of them.  You can use your own mind, your own ability and you can feel stronger for it too.


But whatever you do, be careful of all the different authorize groups out there and authorized leaders of different things... who are the real haters, that's all they promote is targets.  They target groups and they are authorized to target different group, and genders, they target everything. And everybody falls into a camp. And they're all getting used. Because really, the war is upon the people.  This means the people all have to come together here, all of them. Because what's happening is the most hellish thing that this world has ever seen, it's the most dangerous thing we've ever, ever had to cope with.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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