June 16, 2019 (#1725)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Overlords call Struggle for Freedom Pathetic,

 Under Total Surveillance, Controls Cybernetic."

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 16, 2019.  I'd like to start off by reminding people to donate occasionally to cuttingthroughmatrix.com website.  I've mentioned it before, you can buy the books and discs on the site.  All the sites listed on the .com site are mine, therefore you'll know they are authentic sites. You should take notes of them all too in case anything happens to any particular one of them, or even the .com site, then hopefully you can still get my talks on some of the other sites which I have.


Remember too, if you're buying books and discs or donating, they have to be from my sites. Everything else out there who does it and pretends it's me, but with a different address, is obviously someone else that's getting the money. And I say this because it's happened quite a few times before where characters have even reprinted the books and so on. You'd be amazed at the things that happen if you're occasionally hitting the nail on the head, and perhaps even frequently hitting the nail on the head. You'll definitely get a lot of problems happening to you. And I've had this for years, since I started actually. 


So as I say, for those who can remember I'm still around and who listen to my talks, remember, I can't live on just air. I need the help too from people to donate for the talks they get. You'd be surprised how many people across the planet use this stuff, in a lot of the big talks, and some of them even in the US too, which we know of course because they parrot them off, my topics off, and often don't even change the writings that I put out there or the way that I word things, and they just repeat them without mentioning where they get them from. And they don't give you a penny unfortunately. It's a darn shame, but that's the system that we live in today.


One thing I've never looked for is the system to be fair. Because when you're dealing with humanity it really is not a fair thing at all. Remember that too. You can look, for instance, and I've said this many, many times before, even when you go into the martyrs of history, or even take Christianity, where the people who followed Jesus were booing him, once he got caught and he was hanging up on the cross there, they turned their back. Because they want a winner, you see, and a winner is someone who's going to make utopia for them, and they do nothing to get it actually, they want it all for nothing.


That's a sad truth that will always be eternal. You find that over and over again, when people are knocked under, who've been causing a bit of a problem to different kind of authority figures you might say across the world, they're knocked down. More so today because they're getting more and more bold on simply silencing people.  And we all know it. It's rather obvious.  And we get little threats… or your Internet is not working much at all, or everything starts slowing down, or your telephone calls are all clicking and getting cut off each time you talk to someone. You know darn well you're being harassed of course and that's basic simple harassment.  That's how... you hope it stays at that, although who knows. Who knows where it’s really going to go?


Remember too, that a lot of the biggies out there that used to be seen as leading proponents for human rights, and your rights too in your own countries, really are obviously simply political punters today getting well-paid obviously to push and promote politics as usual. And even the wars too as you've all noticed. So I hope you're taking good note of all of that. It's awfully important that you do.  If you value your sanity. Because if you don't know who's who today, I do feel sorry for you. It's very, very evident, isn't it.


It's the same with the US too, I’ve said before that the people in the US didn't have real politicians to vote for in the last election. They really didn't have much of a choice in any party. And I keep saying this, it wouldn't really matter who you got in, if it was Trump or Hillary, because Hillary would take her orders from the same bosses of the planet and would have to go along with it. These are big agendas that were worked out long ago, all the wars, step-by-step, all the way back to the published list of the neocons in the 90s, of course.  And they haven't changed the list. I keep mentioning the list, and some generals too I've mentioned before are pretty good at verifying it because they also talked about the list. And we're still living through it. So they never go back on what they plan. They might take a few years to slow down here and maybe reformulate their strategy, but they eventually get around to them. 


And anyone who dares oppose anything today is being put in their place very, very quickly, in the very system that the people thought was their free system, their Internet. Which is a big joke. To think that… Do you really think… [Alan chuckles.]  I gave talks in the 90s about this.  I never even had a computer then but I gave talks on the radio.  The only reason I got a computer eventually a few years later, quite a few years later actually, was because I had to do it for my talks and my shows and things. And that's the only reason. Because I knew, and I said, you'll get 20 years out of it, if you're lucky, before they rein in all the different rights and freedoms that you thought you had.  And that's exactly what's happened of course.


Julian Assange was the obvious martyr to this one as he did expose a lot of things that were going on and upset the powers that be to an extent. And believe you me, if you upset the authorities on that level, they don't forget you. And they won't let you go. And they will get you. Hate thrives at the higher echelons of power. Hate, if you want real hate, you can just see the different characters they have come to hate down through time.  It's always too, the message is loud and clear, that anyone who has a good word to say about Assange is going to be attacked as well. Very obviously.  That's why of course they did the arrest the way they did. They publicized it to make sure everybody got the message.  And terrified every journalist on the planet who might say something good. Except for maybe John Pilger who at least has the gumption, and a few other people around about him, to come out and say, give some support for Assange.  But for the rest of the population across the world who are quite happy to use his information, to their own advantage of course for whatever their own personal aims and ambitions were, you get total silence. Which is standard, again. Because Assange didn't bring them the utopia they all wanted. Standard thing isn't it. And that doesn't change. But the message is loud and clear, loud and clear, that authorities, especially with warfare in mind, are not going to tolerate any little nuisances at all.


I'm sure you're all aware that on Trump's recent visit to London he took some of his top members of government with him. I knew there was more to it, going to come out of it obviously.  It wasn't just going over for dinner with the Queen, it was much more than that. And sure enough, it's to do with this, are we all on board for the war against Iran idea.  Obviously. Before the supposed, or so we're told, attacks on ships in the Gulf over there that happened supposedly a couple of days ago. They already planned that strategy obviously, and they were getting, making sure that everybody was on board with it. That seems to be what they always, always do.  Getting back to Assange though, I'm sure they discussed that too because it says here in a newspaper article that...


Julian Assange: Sajid Javid signs US extradition request

bbc.com / 13 June 2019


A request by the US to extradite Julian Assange has been signed by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid ahead of a court hearing on Friday.


I keep saying that nothing has changed, I think Einstein said it too, that nothing has changed, when they dropped the bombs basically, except man's way of thinking, we're still in the Stone Age basically. Power rules absolutely and those who have power are generally pretty ruthless characters at the top, of all countries. These are the advisors as well in all countries, that are picked because they are psychopathic, and they work their way up because they are psychopathic too. Psychopaths love power. Psychopaths, as I've said before, will serve a top dictator, or even if you're elected, I don't care what they want to call it, it's all the same to me.  They'll serve them very well. They'll actually almost worship the top person, the person above them, and they'll despise those beneath them. That's the arrogance of the psychopath. That's why they're perfect for the kind of pyramid level from top to bottom of authority. So, they love the power themselves. They love to get power. And they worshiped those who have more power than themselves. They despise those with less.  Quite simple. Every country’s got them.


British Home Secretary signs extradition order to send Julian Assange to US - rt.com / 13 June 2019


Getting back to Assange of course, they want to just grab him back to the States.  Or somewhere else. They might shove him in some other country. It's astonishing, again, the disclosures a few years after some of their renditions as they called it before, just where they were putting these people.  It's just astonishing, all over the planet.  And every country was in on the act and grabbing folks and whisking them off to be tortured. And often that was the last you heard of them because they just disappeared.  Meaning they're dead, you know. Other ones were, they could get back.... but a lot of them were just simply killed.   You know, because we are so progressive and humanitarian, as they keep telling us we're more human today. 


To be honest with you, nothing surprises me. And I don't get as much upset about it because you can't get upset about a system which you understand. Nothing is unexpected. The lies that you get are expected too.  Even the types of lies and what they'll be are often expected. But I've never lived in some kind of fantasy bubble of what the world was. 


I can remember one show was on years ago and it was with Dr. Stanley Monteith. He says, tell me something about yourself. And I was, he wasn't used to my kind of humor that I have but I said to him, well, I says I'm probably,  I've often thought of myself as being a bit autistic. And he was a really nice guy and he said, oh, I'm sorry to hear that. And I says, no no no, I says, meaning I was kind of joking about it. But what I was saying was, I said, I tend to see the world as it really is, so that's how I said, I must be kind of autistic. Because most folk DON'T see the world as it really is. They tend to believe the system that's indoctrinated into them.


Many years ago I gave talks about, about the system itself, and how we are all dosed with this, this, this-is-how-to-see-things, we're dosed with it from childhood.  As soon as we're born. Your parents are the first ones to indoctrinate you because they'll try to pass on their indoctrination on to you thinking it's normal. They tell you what to respect and what not to respect, what's good, what's bad, and so on. It's all changed of course in the last 40, 50 years now as they've turned everything upside down with the big experiment on humanity. And we're always going through literally planned experiments, mass cultures and… For every part of the culture, for each century, is divided up into sections.  They already have it planned what type of culture they're going to give you for the next 40 years, for instance... and where you are now, and where it came from and so on.  It's all planned that way.  And yet the folk who lived through that will never know it, they'll think they just developed that way and that the choices that THEY make they think are their own choices. They have no idea that you're told, here's your handful of choices that you can pick from.  Right down to even extreme body art, which I might even touch on today.  It's all planned for you.


So as I say, nothing surprises me.  Other philosophers have mentioned it too, through their own observations as well and their knowledge, acquired knowledge you get too naturally, that you're living through a system, a very, very carefully managed system. Nothing is overlooked in this system. Especially today with so many levels of government agencies, and so many new agencies farmed, and that the work is farmed out from government to them, and think tanks and so on galore, it's just astonishing.  Working with every facet of society and the future, the present and the future.


We truly are like antenna, and every generation is like another crop of antenna, because like antennas receive signals, or information or data from sources. And for those who control the sources obviously they can decide what kind of data that's going to get transmitted.  And if the data ends up in a being, a human being, you might say, then obviously the human being is going to believe what they're told if that's the only source of information that they're fed. And even if they're suspicious about it and they'll find when they look at other areas or other sources of information, if they all verify the same thing, they'll believe it, you see. It's quite easy to do If you have a monopoly over all information.  A very simple thing.


But even so, if you've got ten different establishments, news establishment giving you the same stories, then surely, they can't all be wrong. Well, why not? Why can't they all be wrong? We've already done the talks before on, and the studies on the big corporations and consortiums, call them what you want, monopolies, cartels, who owned the media before, who have their histories published from years ago, on how they were started up TO BE monopolies and to basically standardize information to the people across their continents or their countries. And how effective it's been. It never changes. It never will change.  The beauty is that today of course it's even better at covering up or trying to hide through a labyrinth of front companies to get to the parent company that actually owns them. That's what they do with monopolies, you know. Even if you try to get to split them up from the big massive monopoly that they are, they'd simply hide it even better and better and better.


It was so interesting watching a documentary put out there on Standard Oil basically and the oil wars that happened in the early 20th century. You find that they had a monopoly on information then too. They also were in the business of buying up newspapers to standardize information. It wasn't just oil, they wanted to own and standardize all of it. They wanted to own everything pretty well. And they believed in a system that would not be Democratic that it really was the right, is the right for big, big billionaires, the richest folk, to run the world. That's what they really believed and they were more open about it than they are today. The only ones they had to trick and confuse was the general public beneath them.  And they're awfully good at that too with their medias. 


Because old man Rockefeller himself said that competition is a sin. And he wasn't just being facetious. He meant it. Don't forget too that the Rockefellers were in touch with, they were really the beginnings of the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the CFR, who wanted to take over the resources of the world. They were already doing it from Britain.  And I hate even using the word Britain because the British folk haven't got a clue what went on.  They just paid for it all through their taxes and their wars and so on. And supplied their troops. 


But the Royal Institute of International Affairs that came from the Lord Alfred Milner group, who, they ran the British Empire, Milner's group were the top people who ran it, in the top positions for the Empire. But they also, the members also ended up running the gold mines and the diamond mines across Africa, and much of the resources across India too. They did not believe that democracy was a thing which was a safe viable system for the public either, but they believed that they would give the appearance or the semblance of democracy. They'd allow you to vote, make you think that you’re free and so on. It was awfully good. 


But these organizations are still going on.  They're alive and they're well today. But they're still going after all the resources of the world.  They never ever went back on that or changed their minds on it. Because it's essential for them to own ALL of the resources in the world. And it isn't just accumulating wealth and more wealth and more wealth so they can hold onto power, and then have arranged marriages amongst their families to keep hold of that power and wealth. It was also to basically bring in their system, which we know today as progressivism where science and so-called, the humanist scientists would rule the world on their behalf. They would be the kind of technical class on the behalf of those who owned all the resources. And this has all happened.  It's all happened. And all the think tanks too that all work for them too are part of the scientific groups which give the customs and the culture to each up-and-coming group of say ten years apart, they hit them further with what's going to be their culture and their culture and their culture right up to the present.


It's very clever.  It's not so difficult to understand, it really isn't.  It's just difficult if you've never heard about it before, hhh, it kind of shocks your mind. But it's quite easy to understand how it's actually done. It's not guess work on my behalf here.  As I've said before, Lord Bertrand Russell wrote enough books about it. He worked with the Macy group, awfully important, to do with the technocrats and so on, which would be the expertise, the scientific staff that would run the world, how to do it all, how to give cultural changes step-by-step, until within a 40-year span those who were hitting 20 would think it was all quite natural and normal.  That's how, you know, precise it is. Very, very effective.


If you look back to, for instance, the world wars that really initially made no sense, especially World War I, to the population. But now, of course, as I've said before, they always disclose all of the information after 50 or 100 years, that previously was under the official secrets act, in the UK, for instance, and they tell you far more about why it all started in the first place. But it was never for the reasons that they told the public. The public are just told that those people that they were going to fight, they're really bad people, they're evil people, and they’re monstrous people, and we have to fight them, for the good, the greater good and all that. And that's what we do, we go off and fight. All countries are given the same propaganda.


But they're never told the real, real, real reasons, the true reasons for it all. And of course, even change is one of the big reasons for it, when you plan change. To get change going in the dialectic you must have at least two opposing parties. If they're not in opposition, you won’t get change. They'll be quite happy to go along in harmony. So, you create division and you get them fighting with each other, and then you plan the outcome, from whoever is going to win it, you plan the outcome to be change, to change the world.  That's your synthesis basically. Very simple but very well directed and very well coordinated.


World War I again too, the propaganda was simple. At the end of that war the bankers themselves attended, who helped draft up the treaty, and of course they put Germany under such stiff penalties to pay off reparations to all countries involved that they could never have paid it off.  Then you had the Great Depression and it didn't help at all. Of course Germany had it even worse because they got runaway inflation, it's old hat, all that stuff now. But it was caused by the treaty after World War I, guaranteeing another world war.  Because Germany had to fight its way out or basically die, and the top writers or journalists who attended the Versailles Treaty and then the Paris Treaty agreed with that too, they'd have to, they actually published books on that, they said, this is the biggest mistake, there's got to be a better way.  But again, World War II came along and then everybody's fighting for their way of life and so on.  The same propaganda. 


But look at it today. Look at from even World War I or World War II, it makes no difference, the grandchildren of these soldiers and so on literally have been taught to hate their countries, and their own people!  That took planning. It didn't happen by itself.  It took a lot of work and a lot of indoctrination, very clever indoctrination.  Almost psycho indoctrinations, like psychotherapy only it's to give you a whole new way of seeing something until you hate it. Because you shape it, you can shape a culture, you understand, you can shape the mindset by selected material and with the exclusion of, say, other parts of the story. So it's not that hard to do at all. Really.


And I've often said too that if you're ever told to go off and fight for something, a physical war, and you're given scary, scary terrifying stories as to why you must go and do it, don't do it. Because I guarantee you, it's got nothing to do with what they're telling you. And if you succeed and live through it you'll find, if you have children at all, or grandchildren, they'll probably end up hating you or even want to exterminate you, because of their indoctrination. It's quite easy to be done actually.


We're used and abused in this system. We truly are. And those who bring you... your nearer to the ultimate goals of those who rule.  And there are definitely goals, indeed. These people might eventually one day publish more on what they've done to bring you to this step or this stage. But by that time of course if they ever tell you it's because you couldn't do anything about it anyway. Or you might even like it. It's quite easy to love servitude.  Like Aldous Huxley said, you'll come to love your servitude. It's not that heavy, it might be quite, quite happy actually with lots of cheap or free entertainment, things like that.  That's why we're catered to so much today.  That's why too they allowed so much pornography on the Internet in the first place. 


We live in a system, if they want to shut you up, they do it very quickly. We live in a system if they wanted to stop drugs flowing, it would have happened. Very, very fast! And you wouldn't have scandals coming out like drugs for guns scandal, like the Contras that came out in Reagan's time with Oliver North. Drugs were essential to sell at the time for the CIA's different plans, their black budgets and so on to supplement. And of course, they make a lot of folk rich.  Nothing happens by itself, but it generally never happens for the reason you're told.  [Alan chuckles.]   It never does.


And each thing you do, each war you fight, for what's called this new order of things, or what Bush said and Bush Junior said the same thing, he called it a new world order. Each time you get closer to it or the next level of it, you've lost more and more rights along the way. It's not for you. It's a world order of their dreams. They've dreamt for this world order for so long, in certain select organizations like the clubs, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs or the Council on Foreign Relations, and higher groups above them too. Which are circles within circles, as they say, they overlap on the extremities. Much like what you'll see when you see the Olympic flag with the circles all joined together. That's circles that join, you know, circles of friends, circles of influential friends in power, and they're all joined together. That's how it's done. Different names for different parts of them, different rings. But they all know the big plan. They all work towards it in their own select specialized areas. That's how it's done.


But when you look at what's happened, if you live long enough to see what's happening in your own lifetime, you shake your head.  Because most folk live through it without seeing it coming you might say, or adapting to it without even consciously questioning it, or wondering why these things happen.  And you hope before they die maybe the penny will drop and say, my God, it was planned this way. That's how it happens, as I say.


Remember, World War I was a big, big plan. HG Wells talked about it, in the Fabian Society, Bernard Shaw and many others talked about their dream would get fulfilled through this war, they'd have this war to end all wars. They came up with the slogans, you see. Of course, there never was a bigger lie than that, the war to end all wars. But the war was to get everybody to their knees to give up sovereignty. But out of it came the League of Nations, that was the beginning of it, of the world government. HG Wells talked about it openly.  He wrote about it and said that this is our hope and dream come true. Now politicians, or bureaucrats mainly that really run governments, regardless of politicians.  The bureaucrats are more important, they're technicians, they know their area, their field of expertise and they run it. But he said that, now the heads of those organizations can contact each other and work together and bypass the political system altogether.


Well, when you look at all the treaties that have been signed and agreements that have been signed through the United Nations, that came out of the League of Nations, and everybody automatically goes to sign the latest thing that they want you to do and so on, and we don't get to vote for the United Nations, so why are your representatives signing on to it, to these foreign things in the first place?  Hm?  Most of you won't answer or even question it. But the fact is, your politicians are fronts.  They are front people.  And they know not to ask questions. That's why they get up there, people in politics clue in quickly what not to ask from anybody higher up the totem pole.  And that's how you get up the ladder. That's how they're selected.


And politicians do what they're told. The scripts are written for them. All of them.  When they come in front of the television set at news time, it's public relations exercises. Everything's put up in place, where they stand and the whole thing, and there's the speech there for them and they parrot off their speech written by somebody else. And that's what they do. That's what they do.  And they'll sign their name to anything they're told to sign their name to buy their bosses.  Because they do have bosses.  It's true enough, you know, that some of them don't know they've got bosses, or they tend to forget it.  Like Ronald Reagan, he got shot, not to kill him but he got shot to remind him that he wasn't the boss at one point. That's how it goes.


If you look across the world, like in India, occasionally you'll see someone getting blown up at election time on some stand where they're giving a talk or something like that. That's happened, it's more common in those countries. Because they're not so camouflaged as to how they get around things.


Getting back to what I was talking about originally, humanity hasn't changed. Systems of government and governing you might think are more complex. But they're not. You have the strong psychopaths at the top… who are not wielding clubs anymore, you see, they use military and they use policeman to do their... and they use other agencies as well to do dirty works for them. And every country does dirty work. Every country. No exceptions. None of them are squeaky clean. They all have the dirty tricks squads. All of them.  And they are used. 


The thing is, they'll always point across the water as I say, oh somewhere else, like India, and they'll say, oh, look at what's happened over there. But it's just because it's more blatant over there. They don't get so many things in the West, like blowing up politicians so much today.  But if they can get away with it, they've got more subtle ways of dealing with things. And believe you me, there's just as many people in the West being bumped off and assassinated and having accidents.  We're accidented, that's what happens to us all the time in the West, very, very sophisticated, and often put down to natural causes of whatever it happens to be, or hit and runs, drive-by shootings and so on. It's so common. 


It's only your disbelief, you see, that allows it to continue. And it does continue. A few years ago there they're were top biochemists just dropping dead all over the place. Just falling over, you know, rail banisters, off tall stairs and stuff, just falling over them, just things like that all the time. Involved in certain projects, naturally.  Big, big field. The top investigators to do with Kelly in Britain, that was killed just before he was going to testify. He said he would be found too, the scientist, he says, he warned and said I'll be found dead in a field with my arms slit, you know. And he was.  This happens in the West.  We've got to stop thinking we're so… so advanced... really... that they'd never do that. What do you mean, they, they would never do it here? They do it all the time. We've got to get that through our heads.  Really.


If you look at Assange, that guy was petrified.  He didn't stay inside the Ecuadorian embassy because he liked the wallpaper. The man knew that they'd kill him. And if they couldn't kill him, they'd do what they're doing now, which is the next best thing.  But they might kill him yet, which is to put him away for natural life.  As a big, big warning to everybody else. So, he'll be the ultimate scapegoat for everybody else, you see. He is the sacrificial lamb you might say, that's what it is really. And a warning. Believe you me, all the reporters out there have got the warning loud and clear. And they're all complying.  And they're all immediately with this Iranian thing, oh my God, oh yes, and they're publishing the handouts given to them by the military and by their governments, just poof poof poof. 


Lawmakers from both sides reveal in late-night session that Mike Pompeo told them Trump CAN attack Iran - aljazeera.com / 29 May 2019


U.S. blames Iran for assault on oil tankers - nbcnews.com / 13 June 2019


US 'warmongers' pushing for conflict with Iran - aljazeera.com / 29 May 2019


Just like 9/11, before the dust was even settled, I think before the buildings actually had collapsed completely they were already yelling to tell you who to blame for it. The same thing. Same technique. And they tried it few years ago and blamed, to blame Iran for the same kind of things. And when they showed you the photographs [Alan laughing.] I mean once you get the photographs [Alan chuckles.] of the ships that were hit before, not this time but before, and you saw that the explosions definitely were from within the ships. Because the plate ceiling was blasted outwards, you know, you get the shards with the blast outwards, and you could see quite clearly.


But this time they're trying to say of course that Iran even used torpedoes. Which is ridiculous because torpedoes would have hit just below the waterline. And these particular things they saw were just above it. So they're claiming it's limpet mines now.  But it still doesn't wash.  Because it's the same scenario as Syria. Syria was warned that if you use chemicals we're going to bomb you. That was the… And that's what was used against them, over and over, even though they hadn't used them.  And even the British attaché to that country over in Syria said that too, it was all bogus. But they're getting blamed for it.


Well, it's the same with Iran here too. Because Iran would have nothing, nothing to gain by inviting a war upon them at this moment. Nothing to gain. And again, Iran too, since Japan had a cordial visit to Iran, at the time this happened, of course, the Prime Minister of Japan was there, why would Iran, who is there to do trade and even sell oil to Japan, why would Iran then go and sabotage its own word.  It makes no sense, you see. 


You always say, who does benefit? Well the fact is, it was on the cards. We live in the time of dirty tricks. And we always have lived in a time of dirty tricks. That's the real world, folks. It really is that bad. It truly is that bad, you know.  And only if you live in Disneyland and your indoctrination's been awfully, awfully well taken by your body and your system and your brain, will you ever believe anything different.


I can remember years ago when the Cold War was on the go, and there had been, there was a Russian defector to Britain living in London at the time.  He was coming down an elevator, and this is what's they pieced together, and in the elevator traveling down was another guy with an umbrella, which isn't uncommon in London, a furled umbrella.  And the defector, the one who is the defector got out of the elevator onto the street, walked about a few feet and then dropped dead. It had been put down to natural causes, like a heart attack or something like that, and that would be the end of it. Except for one person in the mortuary who had a good look, a minute look around the body and found a tiny, tiny, like a, almost like a mosquito bite, smaller than that even, where it wasn't up and raised, it was just a tiny little thing on the back of a calf of the leg.  And sure enough, they fished around and I got a tiny, it was like a miniature BB pellet. And a BB pellet is small enough.  Tiny little thing under the microscope, they showed you in the newspapers, that had little holes in it and that's what this particular poison would come out of. They deemed that the person that was in the elevator with him and just touched him on the back of the leg, and it would be gas driven, you know, like an air gun sort of thing and driven into him. And he probably didn't feel much at all, if anything at all, and that was that. That was his death warrant right there.


Well anyway, they had an idea immediately who this other person might have been. Because they were watching, London had a fantastic watcher system they call it. It's where anybody from any interesting countries were followed, incredible detail, 24 hours a day. Because they pretty well knew who it would have been. Sure enough, when they got to the person's flat, he left behind belongings, this hitman. They showed you a briefcase, which is a standard assassin’s briefcase, with a whole bunch of viles and sprays and injections and things like that. They said, and this is way back, way back in the year, in the caveman's day I suppose. But they said that there were poisons in there which are standard across the world of espionage and assassination which would, could mimic all kinds of diseases, like fast acting cancers, fast acting cirrhosis of the liver, in a teetotaler for instance, things like that, very quickly. And under just general autopsy, or postmortems as they say in Britain, autopsy, it would probably pass as the actual real thing most of the time. That was then.


So, you've got to understand the assassins trade is very old. It's about as old as prostitution I suppose. It's soo old, going way way back in time. Way back in time. It was rife during the Roman days too where poisons were used to assassinate different nuisances in the political realm. Nothing changes. As I say, humanity really hasn't changed except we've got more sophisticated techniques of propagandizing us on a daily basis through media.  And of course, the electronic instant communication system, we're all getting the same data across the planet at the same time, from the same sources. Very powerful indeed.


And also remember too, there was a group of assassins that attack, they were after Arabs.  I don't know if the guy was Palestinian, but he was Arab, they classified him as Arab and he was a leader. He was hauled off into a, just into a doorway from the street and squirted in the ear with a deadly poison. They pretty well knew who it was. Luckily, his team were around him at the time, knew exactly what it probably would've been, and they got him right to the hospital for the proper antidote. This stuff would penetrate your eardrum, you’d have no symptoms otherwise except for anybody who saw it happen, and you would go into basically a coma and then you would die. And it would probably be put down to cerebral hemorrhage or something like that, you see.  But that wasn't that.  That was a few years ago that happened, it was in the newspapers.  Then you find that was the same from Shakespeare, he talked about that type of poisoning, through the ear, that had been used on Hamlet's father I think it was.  So anyway, as I say, it's a fascinating study to see how horrific humanity can be. And in every generation there are people who are quite willing and happy to kill people. They enjoy it. So, they can do it legally for governments and what they call good causes, 'eh?  Quite something, isn't it.


And yet I mean, everybody's so fascinated by murder stories. I never understood the fascination by murder stories. Maybe it's because folk really do wish they could kill certain people throughout their lifetime, I don't know.  But I've never been interested in who-dun-its. But I'm more interested in the real-life assassinations that happen all the time. All the time. Because we live in a...  Humans, their nature has never changed, you understand that, never changed. And those who seek power, it never changes either. It never does. It's a pretty nasty world.


And when you realize too the change agents of teachers and education, and that's what they're called nowadays because they do, they know, each teacher knows that they're really there to change the culture through indoctrinating the children. Nothing to do with teaching them to be able to support themselves throughout life. That's out the window today. But they come out all politicized, don't they?  They come out knowing what is right, what's wrong, and all the new normals which are okay to do and what they shouldn’t do and so on.  What they shouldn't do. It's all taught to them through school.  There's never been such a time of mass indoctrination, and with perfected techniques made by psychologists and behaviorists, and neuroscientists, they make up teachers tool kits to make sure they can bring them all, from a beginning on any topic, in a circle, to the perfect ending, and have them all believing in the version you've just told them. That's how perfect it is today.


So getting back to the system, you can see the velvet gloves coming off the iron fist today as everybody gets the message to be good, to shut up, and to talk about space aliens and things which are okay to talk about, things like that, you see. That's what they want you to do. Now, one here is...


Australia may well be the world’s most secretive democracy

thenewdaily.com.au / 6 June 2019


(Alan:  Well, it isn't it a Democracy, really.  It's the same agenda as all the rest of us.  I mentioned last week about them invading journalists’ homes because they had reported supposedly on some special forces in Afghanistan who hadn't been, who had been doing untoward things you might say, they weren't just doing their job, supposedly, that was the rumor at the time.  But it says…)


One journalist is being investigated for reporting that several boats filled with asylum seekers recently tried to reach Australia from Sri Lanka.


(A:  So, reporting on things now, when you're told to shut up, is in the open now, you see.)


Another reporter had her home raided by authorities this week after reporting on a government plan to expand surveillance powers.


Then on Wednesday, the Australian Federal Police showed up at the public broadcaster (A:  That’s the main station basically…) with a warrant for notes, story pitches, emails and even the diaries for entire teams of journalists and senior editors – all in connection with a 2017 article about Australian special forces being investigated over possible war crimes in Afghanistan.


The aggressive approach, which Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended, fits with a global trend.


Democracies from the United States to the Philippines are increasingly targeting journalists to ferret out leaks, silence critics and punish information sharing   (A:  And that's awfully important, if you share this information they're going to be coming down on you, basically.) – with President Donald Trump leading the verbal charge by calling journalists “the enemy of the people”.


(A:  What does he mean by… What people is he talking about, though, 'eh?  Hm?  Enemy of the people? That's the term [Alan laughing.] which they used in communist countries. You see, slogans can be used in all, all tyrannies, can't they?  But enemy of the people, yeah, there you go.  M-hm.  I saw an article in the paper I thought about there when I just read that.  It was in Hong Kong, because mainland China wants to extradite people from Hong Kong that harbors a lot of discontents and malcontents of the communist regime, and China wants them over to deal with them obviously. And some of the signs they had up, the protesters in Hong Kong, were for the police who were firing all kinds of nasty things at them during demonstrations. And these signs in English some of them said, don't be an enemy of the people, hm.  So anyway, here's Trump saying to journalists, you’re the enemy of the people.)


But even among its peers, Australia stands out. No other developed democracy holds as tight to its secrets, experts say, and the raids are just the latest example of how far the country’s conservative government will go to scare officials and reporters into submission.


(A:  It isn't just conservative. Never fall for this left, right wing thing. The same agenda goes on regardless of who's the front person in power at the time.)


“To be perfectly frank, this is an absolute international embarrassment,” said Johan Lidberg, an associate professor of journalism at Monash University in Melbourne, who works with the United Nations on global press freedom.


“You’ve got a mature liberal democracy that pursues and hunts down whistleblowers and tries to kill the messenger.”


Anyway, it's getting worse and worse obviously. We're back into the old nasty system, 'eh. You're all getting the message that the Internet's not yours. But you can still, I suppose, go and see porn and all that stuff that they've got you addicted on in the first place, that made you to watch for it and want to have computers. You know, personal computers with privacy, personal, it's your personal computer. Meanwhile, half the planet is spying on you through your personal computer. Which you really should be given for free, I said that from the beginning. It's the biggest spy agency/tool there is, they should be giving it to you for free, your government should be doing it.


And then you get into the agenda. I mentioned before about population. What do you think sustainability means? You see, it's about population control and bringing it down, fast. Sustainability, I've gone through many articles over years from the big sources, the foundations, the think tanks that they use at the United Nations Department of Population that was set up for the UN by the Rockefellers by the way.  [Alan chuckles.]  They are all interconnected, one system, you see. But you're all the problem and any excuse will do, so they had sustainability and carbon and all that nonsense, you see. That's why you're heavily under attack.  And you're going to go into massive austerity once they bring the next big financial crash in, which is planned of course.  Everything's planned. With the money system, when the money’s backed by nothing they can keep, they could keep the fantasy going forever if they want to. So anyway, I'll go into this one here, population control, right…


Do Empty Cradles Matter? Look At Japan.  (A:   You see how they get you into this?)

theamericanconservative.com / 4 June 2019


Low fertility there has been devastating to healthy wages, kinship ties, and family life. We could be next.  (A:  Oh, my goodness!)


America’s fertility rate has fallen to its lowest point in history, 1.73 babies per woman, according to data just released by the Centers for Disease Control. (A:  Interesting, that's really your population control, you see, you're the disease, 'eh.  Hm?  M-hm.  [Alan chuckles.]   If you haven't got it figured out yet.)


The truth is starker still around much of the developed world, as noted by a new Institute for Family Studies report. (A:  And the links are on this article too for those who care to even look it up. Most folk don't care about studying too hard about anything.)  Across Europe and Asia especially, each year brings more countries hitting their lowest fertility rates in history. In South Korea, for instance, the average woman can now expect to have less than one child.


(A:  Then of course they bring climate change into it that's got nothing to do with it, it's all nonsense.)


In the face of global climate change, this worldwide birth dearth might seem okay. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York recently noted that some may even be wondering: “Is it OK to still have children?”   (A:  Well, that's the socialist idea, is to stop having children, if you haven't figured that out. They’ve published all that stuff years ago.)


Some experts have a different question: should we even care? (A:  …experts, ‘eh.  Hm.)  Conrad Hackett, senior demographer at the Pew Research Center, recently asked this question at a forum on family issues hosted by the Brookings Institution. Why do we care if fertility is low?


(A:  Then they go through the same thing, where they just, repetition, you notice papers keep repeating the same stuffs about three times before they get to the heart of the story, you know?  It's all stretching, padded, filler. Anyway, they go into the fertility rates around the world...)


… in the United States, are lower than what women themselves say they want. About 40 percent of American women in their 40s report that they would like to have more children than they currently do. This figure is markedly larger than the approximately 20 percent of their peers who say they have more children than they would like. Such numbers are worrying because research tells us that women who “miss” their fertility ideals tend to be less happy than those who make them.


(A:  For every report they put out there they always have a contradictory one, too, mind you.  And anyway, they go into the same stuff that the economists...)


…economists have begun to argue that slow population growth makes us all poorer.   (A:  Yada, yada, yada.)


It's the agenda, folks.  You hear it everywhere you look, you know. It's the agenda, have less children, it's just not sustainable. And then you get another one here to do with abortion, ‘eh…


Abortions high 'shows need for contraception access'

bbc.com / 14 June 2019


Over the past 10 years, rates have been increasing among older women over 35 and decreasing in under 18s, (A:  You see how we're studied and studied so minutely, aren't we, ‘eh.) figures from the Department of Health and Social Care show.


Doctors said the figures showed there was an urgent need to improve access to contraception for women of all ages.


(A:  Then you have…)


Rising rates in older women


(A:  …right… So, you go from people wanting children to abortion and so on.  But that it goes into the fact that there's maybe less abortions here and there. But the reason is, is because now you see, you have the abortion pill, if you get it in time, you can have it in the first couple weeks I think.  I think that's got a lot to do with it as well, obviously, you know.  It's that RU4, what is it, 86 or something like that, what they call that pill, the abortion pill they call it.  Anyway, it says…)


In total, there were 200,608 abortions in women living in England and Wales in 2018 - a rate of 17.4 per 1,000 women aged 15-44.


This is just below the peak of 17.9 abortions per 1,000 resident women in 2007.


(A:  So it’s… there ya go.)


The actual number is higher now because there are more women in the population.


The latest figures show younger women are continuing to have fewer terminations.


So, we're studied, 'eh, we're studied, studied, studied minutely, minutely. If they think they're just having to many they'll find a way to start getting rid of more.  Because is not sustainable, is it, having too many children, yada, yada, ya.  We are the problem, you see, humans are the problem they say, they're telling us that. 


They gave you what they called free love back in the 60s, they had been planning it for a long time before that. Once they got the pill out in the 60s they really went to town with free love, and the end of marriage, and the utopia was coming and all the rest of it.  The promised land was all here, everybody had flowers in their hair and all that kind of stuff. And most of it was actually weed, which they smoked. So there ya go.  Everything went up in smoke back then too, I think.


Again, we’re into legalized suicide.  Maine in the States…


Maine becomes 8th state to legalize assisted suicide


Again, I tell you, it isn’t, I’m not against, you know, folk wanting to deal with things themselves. What I’m with is when government has a different policy to step in, because they will eventually mandate that you take it all.  Do you understand where it’s supposed to go… and it will go, and you will see this going this way.


If you go in and study the bioethics that they’re taught now in universities, especially in medicine, they’re putting out specialists or professional persuaders, on how to teach people how to convince people to kill themselves. Because it’s cheaper for the system to do it. And insurance companies. And when you have nationalized hospitals it’s cheaper for the state, because they can use that money, well, on wars and things, you know, or on their big paychecks, pay raises. 


Now they’ve got… it’s just…   You have to look into bioethics if you want to hear a real horror story, to see how it’s all worked out in dollars and cents. And if you get a difficult patient here’s how you deal with it. ‘A difficult’ means someone who won’t just go and kill themselves and won’t give… They want you to give up fighting for life. Literally, I’ve read lots of their documents and this is what they say. A difficult patient is someone who is fighting to stay alive. Which is a natural response, folks!  But here’s how you can get around it and here’s how you convince any relatives that are hiding around, waiting to make sure they can get their organs.


They have professional persuaders, teams, that look like ordinary people, you know, who are taught to be sympathetic.  And they fly them in jets, around, to get to the relatives during that time so’s they’ll sign over the organs. You see, they want the organs to be fresh, so you keep the body alive.  Huh!?... They can keep the body alive… for as long as they want… until they want their organs, right.   But to keep the patient alive, for the patient’s sake, no, no, you have no say in that at all. Right.  They want to just terminate you if they can’t use you.  [Alan chuckles.]  Woah!  Huh? But they can keep, it’s okay to keep money to keep that corpse alive for as long as they can when there’s an actual, what they claim is brain-death, you know. And they claim that, there’s been a lot of cases that have come out of what they call brain death, it just shocks us all, which are published and verified.  But that’s the horror show in which we live right now. It’s a horror show. 


But anyway, it says, this article…


Maine becomes 8th state to legalize assisted suicide

wwlp.com / 12 June 2019


Oregon was the first state to legalize such assistance, in 1997, and it took over a decade for the next state, Washington, to follow suit. While still controversial, assisted suicide legislation is winning increasing acceptance in the United States, and this year at least 18 states considered such measures.


(A:  Well, sure, because we got the professional persuaders in now to persuade the patients and the hospitals to go along with it.  M-hm.) 


So it’s, yeah, it’s quite something there, ‘eh.  I tell ya.


And it is sad. When they’re taking away more and more medication to handle pain and so on… Things work together, folks, this withdrawing of all the opiates and so on, during terminal phases… terminal phases…  Huh?!?  It’s to make sure you want to die… With pain, when you get enough pain long enough you want to die. And it’s all done deliberately.  For dollars and cents. There you go.


Then they’ll give you marijuana as a substitute, but I’m sorry, when you’re in that terminal, terminal state it’s not going to do any good.  And it’s all planned that way. Because you see, humanity is unsustainable.  That’s what they claim. You all are, not the ones who decide for you but the ones, all you, you that’ll get the problems, you’re unsustainable. You’re the problem, you see.   That’s true socialism. Scientific management of it all. On behalf of the richest folk on the planet. Really. That’s what it is.


And then they’re going to bring magic mushrooms in now, ‘eh?  Articles, hey, all over the place, just like marijuana…


Magic mushrooms could replace antidepressants within five years, says new psychedelic research centre - independent.co.uk / 8 June 2019


And wait until you see all your governments, those in government will open up mushroom farms shortly too, no doubt. No doubt at all. No doubt. And they’ll have the top shares in it all. Along with the police chiefs maybe.  Hm.  Just like the marijuana.  Yep.   I’m telling ya. But they say they do have a massive problem with depression now. No doubt about that too. Because people are losing, it’s being kicked out of them actually through a lot of different techniques, they’re losing purpose. What’s the purpose? It’s obviously a dissociative type problem that they have where they can’t relate to things, because things don’t relate to them.  You’re a minute amoeba in this massive pool, this sea of amoebas, until, and you simply lose it all. It’s meant to be this way. It’s planned this way, folks.


Australian men are in crisis, with suicide rates rising. Meet some of the men who’ll die this week - news.com.au / 11 June 2019


And they’ll help you exit the place because now you can kill yourself for depression, legally. Yeah, they’ll kill you. It’s cheap that way. If they say to themselves, well you know this person could have manic depression and, which is bipolar now they call it, but it’s the same thing, and it might cost a fortune in their lifetime, just getting in and out of hospitals and giving them psychoactive drugs and so on to deal with it all, stimulants and then you get the downers too and all that good stuff, why not just kill them, ‘eh?  So there you go. Here we go, ‘eh. 


That’s already happened from the articles I had last week, where they’re doing it in different countries. They’re actually offering suicide to folk, young teenagers who’ve got a bout of depression.  A lot of teenagers go through a bout of depression, folks! It’s called… it’s part of growing up.   Hm.  Terrible. It’s really awful what’s happening, isn’t it?  It truly is.


And then you get legalization of prostitution, they’re trying to push legalized prostitution in New York State. 


Group of New York Lawmakers Calls for Legalization of Prostitution - nbcnewyork.com / 25 Feb 2019


And again, you wait and see. You know who will end up owning the farms of prostitution? [Alan chuckles.] The same ones who own the farms of marijuana... and farms of magic mushrooms. Until the state literally is your pimp and your drug pusher. That’s where we’re going with it. This is your Brave New World, folks. And you’ve been taught that life is cheap, you’re not so important after all, and why not live, you know, your threescore years and just die before you get a pension and leave that money for the state to use. They’ve actually had some of these bioethicists come out and talk about this. They actually promote it.  But I’ve noticed none of them volunteer. Have you noticed that too? Interesting, ‘eh.


But it’s quite fantastic to see what’s happening in this day and age. You truly are going into it all, aren’t you? I want to just put into tonight the warfare techniques that every country’s in. We all have our little plans of what of strategies to do with invasions or wars with whoever. But here’s one, it came out of RT actually and it says…


Meddling 101:  US Army research center publishes strategy to destabilize Russia

rt.com / 23 May 2019


(A:  It’s quite fascinating to read it because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Including causing mass migration into it from countries ‘round about them, if need be, and the techniques of how to do even that. Does that sound familiar here? You know?  Hm?  So…)


US army soldiers take part in NATO training exercises in Lithuania.  (A:  …blah blah blah.)


The US could use a variety of economic, military and ideological strategies to “overextend and unbalance” Russia . . . 


(A:  Well, that’s what you do, overextend it with mass migration.  Medical care, they need medical care, and the taxation galore to pay for more accommodation to put up even all the masses of refugees. These are destabilization techniques, if you haven’t figured that out.  It’s all done on purpose, in the West too, including the darn wars.  I was thinking about that when I was reading this article too, and even before what happened with Iran or coming up with Iran…  Do you understand the mass migration you’re going to have with all the other countries involved? Syria too?  They won’t stop just at Iran; they want Syria out of the way too. They won’t forget them.  And you’ll get millions more folks flooding into Europe and… people can’t afford it.  M-hm.  It’s meant to destroy and destroy and destroy.  Of course it is. A complete massive shakeup of everything that was, a destruction of everything that was, bring in chaos, and out of the chaos you bring in the new, the new order.  That’s what it’s about. So, I’ll put this article up too, with there’s a PDF for it too. It shows you, this is a U.S. Army research center, their think tank on strategy, all the ways to bring them down. And you can bring all the other countries… [Alan chuckles.] Because obviously it’s been used already, all these techniques on other countries, ‘eh.  It’s quite fascinating, ‘eh.  It says…) 


Geopolitically, the report offers that US could consider providing more “lethal aid” to Ukraine, (A:  …to fight, you see, Russia, proxy wars.) but acknowledges this option could lead to a “much wider conflict.” Increasing US support to Syrian rebels is another option, (A:  …you see, US support to Syrian rebels… These are the ISIS rebels, hm, against Syria, hm.  Increasing it. [Alan chuckles.] You see, they’ve already been funding them up until now) but could result in similarly unsavory outcomes, including damaging efforts to combat Islamic terrorism, it concedes.


(A:  No kidding, ‘eh.)


The US could also try to reduce Russian influence in Central Asia, promote uprisings in neighboring states and “flip Transnistria” and expel Russian troops from the unrecognized, mostly Russian-speaking region that broke away from Moldova after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. However, the authors resign themselves to the fact that most of these options would be difficult to carry out, could prove costly to the US, and may not even have the desired effect.


Militarily, the US could reposture its bombers “within easy striking range of key Russian strategic targets” in order to “raise Russian anxieties.”


(A:  Well, that’s what they’ve been doing with bases and missiles around Russia for quite a few years. It goes on and on and on of all the techniques that can be used. But yeah, it’s quite amazing to see these things. But the PDF is quite fascinating for those that want to read it.)


Overextending and Unbalancing Russia – PDF


Overextending and Unbalancing Russia - rand.org / 2019


All countries will do this, though. They always have these what-if scenarios.  M-hm.  That’s like Three Days of the Condor I think it’s called, that was along those lines of what they plan with their wargames and so on. Also… 


Google staff keep ‘blacklist’ of conservative and ‘fringe’ sites - report

rt.com / 15 June 2019


(A: ‘Fringe’ sites is stuff that writes, it just watches and notices what’s happening, and they don’t want them to maybe wake up people to what’s happening.  [Alan chuckles.]  That’s really your fringe site, you see. They don’t care about one’s that are, that think they’re UFOs, or folks who think they’re aliens, they don’t care. But if you just… just put two and two together and in an understandable way, you’re a problem. Like Bertrand Russell said you would be, and they would have to eliminate you basically. That’s what Russell advocated, if you couldn’t buy them over and win them over, you’d have to eliminate them, such people.  Anyway, it says…)


The lists allow Google employees (A:  And the link is here for the lists.) –who CEO Sundar Pichai told Congress in December never “manually intervene on any particular search result”– to suppress certain addresses in a user’s search results.


The Daily Caller claims to have seen screenshots of the lists in question. Google did not address whether its staff deliberately weed out certain political content, but did say they are working to filter out “inappropriate” search results.


(A:  So there you go, you’re just blacklisted and no one’s going to hear you or whatever, you know, or find your sites, ‘eh.)


The first list, titled “webanswers_url_blacklist,” lets staff block specific web addresses from popping up in Google’s ‘featured snippets’ when a user asks a question. Many of the pages blocked are op-ed articles, which a user could mistake for straight news reporting. This list appears to target opinion pieces in general, regardless of their political bent.


(A:  So there ya go.  They even have, it’s like lawyers of all kinds...  They even have some people blacklisted under the same blacklisting as they would do with a religion, for instance, anything to do with Christianity especially, and they can put you down as almost pornographic, because you’re in the same category if you have any good things to say about Christianity.  No kidding you, this is where it’s all going, isn’t it.)


. . . “fringe” content will come as no surprise to some. The company, along with a bevy of other Silicon Valley tech giants, has been accused of harboring a liberal bias for several years now, with new stories of favoritism surfacing regularly.


They give you more and more data and more links to further studies, etc., etc., etc.  But get used to it, it’s just going to get worse. What can you do?... you expect it. And folk will stay on the Internet and, like I said, because once they’ve got you hooked on the pornography and all the stuff you’re hooked on, most folk will just continue using it. I gave the talk in the 90s about what would happen. It’s exactly happened, exactly that way I talked about, absolutely that way. Yep. Definitely.


Now, Britain’s on board, like I say, with the crew that went over with Trump to meet the British Parliament and the royalty and so on. Obviously, it was meant to get Britain totally on board, and to do with Assange, etc.  But it says…


Jeremy Hunt (A:  …of Britain…) warns Iran of 'unintended but catastrophic' consequences over attacks on Gulf tankers as he backs America's claim that Iran is responsible - dailymail.co.uk / 14 June 2019


I-yi-yi.  There ya go.  Groundhog Day, hey, you keep waking up to Groundhog Day, you heard it all before, haven’t you.  M-hm.  And then…


‘Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe what happened’: Iran’s Foreign Minister on tanker ‘attacks’ in Gulf of Oman - rt.com / 13 June 2019


It says, ‘suspicion doesn’t begin to describe what happened’….  Well, there you go.  And…


Pentagon seeks to build global ‘consensus’ on Iran. Is it time to worry? - rt.com / 15 June 2019


Put that up as well. This is where we are, folks, with all this, isn’t it. It’s just so boring. We’ve seen it all before, the same buildup, the same characters, the same lines.  Hm?  It’s just… It’s boring stuff, really, you know.  That’s the times in which we live. But I’m sorry to bore y’all tonight, if I bored you I didn’t mean to. It’s just that, you aren’t going to get any real news anymore.  I said that for quite a long time now because everyone knows what they can and can’t do. Most of the news you get now is totally irrelevant and nonsensical.  It fills the spaces on the newscaster’s papers, or whatever they use today, screens I guess. But you aren’t going to get any real news. Because everyone’s scared. Everyone’s afraid. That’s when everyone should be afraid, is when the people are afraid of government.  Well, we’ve heard it all before, ‘eh?


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, stay well and I hope your God or gods go with you.


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theamericanconservative.com / 4 June 2019


Abortions high 'shows need for contraception access'

bbc.com / 14 June 2019


Magic mushrooms could replace antidepressants within five years, says new psychedelic research centre

independent.co.uk / 8 June 2019


Maine becomes 8th state to legalize assisted suicide

wwlp.com / 12 June 2019


British Home Secretary signs extradition order to send Julian Assange to US

rt.com / 13 June 2019


Julian Assange: Sajid Javid signs US extradition request

bbc.com / 13 June 2019


Group of New York Lawmakers Calls for Legalization of Prostitution

nbcnewyork.com / 25 Feb 2019


US Army research center publishes strategy to destabilize Russia

rt.com / 23 May 2019


Overextending and Unbalancing Russia - PDF


Overextending and Unbalancing Russia

rand.org / 2019


Google staff keep ‘blacklist’ of conservative and ‘fringe’ sites - report

rt.com / 15 June 2019


Jeremy Hunt warns Iran of 'unintended but catastrophic' consequences

dailymail.co.uk / 14 June 2019


‘Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe what happened’: Iran’s FM on tanker ‘attacks’ in Gulf of Oman

rt.com / 13 June 2019


Pentagon seeks to build global ‘consensus’ on Iran. Is it time to worry?

rt.com / 15 June 2019


Lawmakers from both sides reveal in late-night session that Mike Pompeo told them Trump CAN attack Iran

aljazeera.com / 29 May 2019


U.S. blames Iran for assault on oil tankers

nbcnews.com / 13 June 2019


US 'warmongers' pushing for conflict with Iran

aljazeera.com / 29 May 2019




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