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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Enormity of Conformity, Aimed at Majority,

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 23, 2019.I hope youíre all getting along through all the changes that are happening rapidly now of course. Youíre certainly living through interesting times. Although if youíve been studying reality for a long time youíll know itís a kind of Groundhog Day and weíre building up to a repetition of what weíve been doing for the last 20 odd years, or actually longer than that, with wars, etc. as they go for Iran as well.One way or another it will be accomplished because Iran was on the list from the 1990s to be taken out. And they never give up the list of course. Wesley Clark talked about it, the general.Itís still ongoing today.


Iran has been under embargo for a long time, and thatís devastating to these countries. Iraq was the same thing. We found that Madeleine Albright was questioned on television about the well over half a million children, eventually turned out to be about a million, and women too, and elderly, had died because the embargo, couldnít get medicine, couldnít get food in, for a long, long time. And thatís what happens.So theyíre trying to do the same with Iran of course, for a long time. And Iran is left with the decision of, well, breaking out obviously.And what they hope to do is make Iran make that kind of decision, that desperate decision, which gives them credence for a counterattack by the West of course.And thatís how strategy works within these kinds of shows.††


Everything is public perception. But mind you, all of our news, all of our reality today is public perception management.And itís skewed by professionals. I donít know if youíve noticed the incredible changes in authority, [Alan chuckles.] with the authoritative techniques that are being used now today on the whole of society.From children all the way up to adults now, weíre treatedÖ We are all treated as children, actually, by professionals.


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Because I can see other techniques coming into play as we get managed by the professional managers, the nudge units as they call it. You know, the behavior modification experts, and we have teams of them in every country now, literally working on managing us. We donít elect them. No government agency has come out to tell you to vote or even have a say in these agencies getting established. They just appear of course. And you still think youíre living in democracies as you get managed. I gave talks on these before, about these Nudge Units, Behavioral Insights Teams, that are much bigger than a few people here and there. Thereís teams and teams and layers of them. They also extend all the way into the Internet community of course. Because the Internet itself is a massive control system, down to the personal level. Even for those who think they are quite safe and happy and theyíre being awfully good, you know, Iím awfully good, they wonít bother me.Believe you me, if youíre quite happy being managed by the experts, who are watching every single thing that you do, even predicting what you think, because theyíre studying how you think, you see, then good luck to you.


Itís a sad thing.Aldous Huxley said, he says, theyíll come to us and theyíll love their servitude. And thatís what you are. Because itís not painful for folk at the momentÖAT the moment, you see.And thatís the key, at the moment. Because itís to get really bad as we go into the depopulation/austerity agenda under the pretext of climate change, etc.And this is no speculation on my part. I have the documents, I have their books, of the big players that came out with the ideas on how to control us all. Theyíre quiteÖ They love to publish it, their books themselves. Because they have tremendous egos.And obviously those who want to manage the world and everybody in it have to have big egos. Weíve seen the tyrants down through history, and we call them that luckily enough, but unfortunately, we canít recognize them today as what they are. Because like Madison said, they always take away your freedoms bit by bit under the guise of keeping you safe. And thatís really how it is.


These are old techniques, you understand. And believe you me too, if they didnít want terrorism, they would not have caused the problems in the first place, to take out countries across the Middle East, it wouldnít have happened.And terrorism could be managed much much more easily in that case, if there were any radicals at all. But causing mass displacement across the world is part of the whole agenda of course.


I was just thinking today, huh, and Iíve thought many times before too, where are all the far-left groups that were against wars?They used to march in the streets against wars, where are they? What/who has switch them off? Because they all follow leaders, and their leaders know what theyíre doing, and they take orders from higher authorities too.Itís also interesting that these groups, heavily well-funded groups, because we are in a new Soviet.The true new Soviet is more Soviet than the old system was. Because Soviet means Ďrule by counselí basically, an NGO type deal with appointed commissars to manage a certain area of society.We have lots of them now. Weíve got more than the Soviets ever had. And the difference with the Soviet Union was, they appointed leaders of them to manage them. We have them, called nongovernmental organizations, and we have thousands of them, that also, most of the big ones anyway are all funded by our government, our tax money, for changing society completely and managing society too.


Theyíre also augmented by the massive funding from the big foundations.I did so many talks years ago about the foundations and what their functions really were. And itís true, the richest people on the planet direct where weíre going in the world and how weíll act and behave and allÖ right down to population and how to manage the population, and even how to coerce the population into accepting eventually mandatory sterilization and things like that.All the way back to the days of Malthus.Donít forget, weíve done this before.[Alan chuckles.]And weíre still doing it other countries we call Third World countries. We pay for it. But they want to do it across the world. Thatís what globalism is all about.Have you noticed, again, the same groups who do not protest the war, against the wars and the displacement it causes, are the first ones to champion the end of nation-states, which is Marxian of course, which of course, is also the globalists, which is the capitalists at the top who own it all.Itís all the same system.


The trick of running the world is to create different, different, not just sides but factions within sides. And theyíre all fighting each other. And they never come to understand that the dialectical process leads them to the conclusions, or to the points where those at the top actually want them to come to. Change. You canít get change without conflict. If youíve got a happy, say, stagnant population, as they like to call it, and you want to change, it wonít change, itís quite happy the way it is. So you create dissatisfaction for a segment and have them go at it with the other group. And eventually you get a synthesis coming out of it.Thatís what the whole Trotskyist doctrine was basically based on, was the Hegelian dialectic.


But today we have the true Soviet system where unelected, but appointed by governments, NGOs are running our lives through climate change and so on and sustainability groups galore. Thereís thousands of them across the world.Sustainability.Well, guess what sustainability is? Sustainability is all about too many of you.Thatís whatÖ Forget all the other stuff. Itís to do with you.And they have charts of how much itís going to cost the world, and how much carbon it will cost for every child that comes into it, and how many things that child will need growing up in food clothing and yada yada ya. And thatís all done, ha, through this magic religious act, you see Ė because itís all a religion, to believe in it, you see Ė a magic act of deciding how much carbon and energy youíre costing the world as they make up these wonderful algorithms to work out how much youíre costing the planet basically.M-hm.


What a farce this is. You need an awful lot of faith to believe in this religion. Because itís a farce, complete farce. Although you might say it is a religion in a sense.It definitely has a plan. And it definitely has and it demands worship.†† It demands worship. Itís completely intolerant of anything against its own agenda.Completely intolerant. And even has those within the structural parts of the system, the schools and everything, teaching the same plan, and it will tolerate no contrary opinion as to what is mandated. Completely intolerant. This is not a happy system coming in, folks. And itís not new. It was predicted a long time ago, in the 1800s.And the 1700s too, you had characters coming out and you eventually had Thomas Malthus about population reduction.And you had that continued through eugenics and Darwin, you see, all the way into the different plans of sterilizing people in America, and they did it in Britain too, calling them the unfit. Then across other parts of Europe.And then they brought upÖ They kept doing it after World War II in the US, and eventually was partially, itís not quite stopped actually.


Today itís wonderful when you think about it because weíll all get up in arms about, oh, thatís terrible they could sterilize those people. But now theyíre talking about compulsory sterilization for men and women, to save the world. Nothing to do with intellect or IQ or anything. No, itís to save the world. If youíre in a certain category, yeah, youíll be designated as, for termination, if you want to take sterilization.And the amount of data that theyíve published on this is astonishing, to save the planet. And of course, thatís the whole idea, that was the excuse they came up with, to save the world, they had to have, it was either going to be a war, a massive, long war that would depopulate the world they were after.And failing that theyíd have to convince the public that youíre in a war mode, which the war is man killing the planet, youíre the enemy, you see, thatís what the Club of Rome said.They were given the task of finding an excuse to do it all. And all the big players were attached to the Club of Rome, even up to the present time actually, and on the board of it too.Quite fascinating.


At first, they came out with the coming Ice Age, the top players published books on it too. Often these top players had relatives or even their wives on the board of the Club of Rome. Itís a small world when you get into who runs it all.Then you have the different government departments that are constantly creating new departments to study us and manage us, then they farm it out again to NGOs and agencies and the private sector.This is the true, the true Soviet.Itís surpassed the old Soviet system.They couldnít even go as far as this with indoctrination in school, where theyíre reinventing reality completely with the indoctrination children are getting today. Itís quite fascinating to see it happening. And to study their papers and the techniques of doing it is quite something in itself.


But what really is horrifying is the fact that they have no problem in lying, teaching an agenda with the use of lies and saying that lies are necessary, necessary to coerce the people along this agenda.Again, to save the world.You see? And if that doesnít offend you, being lied to all the time, about what their agenda is really all aboutÖ And of course the agenda has got nothing to do with democracy. The Club of Rome has stated in their own writings that democracy doesnít work. They wanted something harderÖ They want really like a fascist system, thatís what they really admire. Where the diktats come from the top and you obey at the bottom.Without any arguments.Thatís what they want.


But what gets me too is the perfection youíll see in other countries that have been on the path longer because of the cultural society system. And China, this is not speculation, itís fact, that the United Nations has published many documents on China to be the model state for the world to follow on everything that it does to manage the people, to train the people, to manage them and so on. And China, and not just them, every major organization out on the planet there and countries have fawned over China in the past. Because itís the dream of the West to be like China. The West has a problem, and Margaret Thatcher and others have stated the problem. Those in power, in the past at least, had to give a semblance of acknowledgment to the complaints, of understanding the complaints of the public and sometimes acting on it and so on.Thatís what was called this con game of democracy. [Alan chuckles.]Itís always a bit of a con game but they had to at least put a show on, right? But in totalitarian type systems, and donít forget, China is still called communist to this day, with a very very officious governmental system, and you have to belong to the party if you want to own a business. The party literally is all-powerful.


In fact, just in the papers now theyíve got I think it was the head of, it was a Chinese man who was a head of Interpol, I donít know if it was the Chinese branch, because Interpol is international, right? But he was found guilty of embezzling millions in bribe money. And that kind of corruption is typical with China, as it is with every other country.


Ex-Interpol chief pleads guilty to corruption, China says - bbc.com / 20 June 2019


But China doesnít let that go. They really deal with it. Which of course a lot of folk [Alan chuckles.] outside China admire, [Alan chuckles.] they deal with it when officials are corrupt. But by the same token China has come from a collectivist society. Itís a very ancient system of ruling the people. Theyíve tried everything.Even in ancient times they had a socialist type system.In ancient times, an authoritarian system.About almost a, you might call it a system run by nobility at one time too. Theyíve tried everything in ancient times. So, thereís nothing new to China. But China itself again generally has a different system of obedience of the people to those in power and authority.


So, under the communistic system they still can have a lot of freedoms.They have a lot of the freedoms like music, etc., they can go to dances, they can drink and that kind of stuff. And buy their clothes, commerce is doing well in China.†† I can remember when suddenly China supposedly suddenly went capitalist.They had interviews in the streets, for the Westerners to watch, and Mao Tse Tung, theyíd say, oh yeah, Mao Tse Tung would have liked this, this system where money is good, you know. It was like night and day change. It was as shocking as when they just announced that the Berlin wall had come down in Germany in Berlin. So thatís the kind of shock of those who lived through all this Cold War phase, and hereís an archenemy of capitalism, supposedlyÖToday of course itís the top, that manages more capital than the rest of the world combined, I think.And yet theyíre still communist.Thereís noÖ You have one ruling group and thatís all youíve got is a one-party system.


But at the same time, I understand to an extent the Chinese system. Because if you truly want an advanced socialist system, youíll have a Chinese type naturally where the people will have a certain amount of freedom, but theyíre well studied, just like we are here like you wouldnít believe... They might be even better, like school-to-work ideas, and training youngsters for particular areas, where they could excel actually. As I say, they have a lot of freedoms.But when you look at the social credit system they have, itís completely managed from the top down. Which is here too.In the West they call it shadow banning at the moment, with Behavioral Insights Teams nudging you and prompting you and all that kind of thing.And even punishing you to an extent. And shadow banning in the West, where you wonít even know it, youíll just notice that suddenly youíll find that very few folk are finding you on the net.Thereís nothing declared, you see, but itís all done, and you come to the conclusion eventually, with other people who are getting the same things done to them. But in China itís direct.


Theyíre going by the Bertrand Russell scheme.Bertrand Russell was part of this global planning committee from the 1930s and 40s and 50s onwards. He was part of that global planning committee of how theyíd manage the public with the social credit system even. They were thinking of a way where youíd all have your money going into a bank, now itís electronic of course. In the Russell system the government could punish you by stopping you from getting money to pay your rent, or money for food and so on. And get you on your knees basically until you repented and apologized and promised to obey and all that kind of stuff. This is how itís done. Itís very simple. Itís treating you in the way that you treat an animal.Itís animal policy basically, animal training policy. ††


This is the system weíre in today. Because it will not tolerate any other opinion and any other ways of looking at things except the authorized way.This attitude is incredible because when you go back in the Pavlov, what do you think Pavlov was up to?You think Pavlov was trying to find a way to train dogs?Hm?No. It was to find how to put, instill into people, all creatures, because they classify people as being just the same with these massive, you know, repetitive punishment techniques and fear techniques and so on. Which is very similar to what they tried to do with the CIA and MK Ultra where they would literally shock the people with electroshock treatment basically, coupled with massive doses of LSD, untilÖ to depattern the brain and then they would rebuild the person, literally. Thatís what it was about.Well, in an advanced system of socialism you donít, theyíve already done it because itís got the children young, and indoctrination is very strong. And if the yoke, and this is the key to it, if the yoke is light, if the burden is light, to an extent, and they give them rewards, just like an animal, you see, then they will come to accept it and it isnít that bad and so on.


If you look at the social credit system, which is just whatís going to come here. Itís already coming here actually. Actually, itís probably taken here with a lot of people already in fact, who are cashless, etc. and do everything on their phones. And who will tell you, I donít mind if they governmentís watching everything Iím doing and taking notes of what I do, I donít mind, Iím doing nothing wrong. Well thatÖYouíre already trained, thereís no difference between that person and the one in China.There is no difference. So itís already happened, you see. Once itís happened if you can get that particular generation growing up for another 20 years, that will be the normal for everybody then.Thatís reallyÖ Itís so simple to do.


If they give you the little freebies, I mean, thatís what got me too is the little freebies they give, the little points and rewards. You get that with social credit systems. Youíve already been trained if youíve got yourself a points card for grocery stores or pharmacies and that, theyíve already trained you.[Alan chuckles.]†† Itís the mousetrap, you know.If you take, you get so many air miles or so many this or so much of a discount, oh, youíre already trained the same way as the communist social credit system. Thatís how itís done.†† M-hm.And youíll get little things through into your email, how youíve been a good customer.Youíre good. Good again, you see, arenít you good?Goody-two-shoes, Ďeh?And youíll feel all smog and wonderful, IímÖ oh wow.You see?


But theyíll also start, like they do in China, to warn you if youíve done, made a wrong choice in something. Theyíve already floated the ideas here. Itís the same, weíre in the same global system, folks. All the stuff about China is different and we areÖ No, itís the one global system already. The trick was to make you believe that it wasnít [Alan laughing.]Öas you became all the same.Years ago I remember reading articles on a radio show where they talked about doing battles against sugar and so on and theyíd actually send it to your iPhone or email and give you little cautions like, naughty-naughty, weíve noticed you taking too much sugar because youíre buying more at the grocery store, because everythingís cashless, you see. Then eventually of course it goes into the healthcare system, itís already there, where theyíve had, years ago theyíve had and they still have them every so often, in bioethics, how to manage the cattle. Thatís the public. We truly are looked upon like cattle now, honestly, we are animals, and how to train them and so on. And itís your own fault if youíve got problems related to weight, for instance, thatís what theyíre telling you. And they said they would even refuse folks down the road, to treat them, if things were self-inflicted.Itís an amazing system.It really is.


And when you see it all, and youíre part, you could see it all around you, itís part of your system, but you canít connect the dots. But itís all connected. If youíve done a little bit of looking and studying and seeing what social contracts are all about, and they call them that now social contracts again.Itís just amazing to live through this system as itís perfected and brought in, step-by-step, and how folk adapt to it by the day, by the week, by the month, by the year, without questioning, no questioning at all.Thatís whatís fascinating to me.Youíd really hope that thereíd be more people that would say, no, hey, no.But again, all studies have shown that itís only a small minority in any generation who are indignant enough to say no to whatever it happens to be. Itís always the same. And they know this too.


But getting back to whatís happening, as long as the yoke is light, right, and you play the game and you do what youíre told, and you likeÖ And youíll even adapt your behavior and your vocabulary into being politically correct, awfully awfully good, Iím awfully awfully good, Ďeh, goody-two-shoes, then youíll be patted on the head and they might give you little freebies here and there for being an awfully good citizen, you see. Well you see, thatís not democracy folks. That is not democracy at all.And democracy is not supposed to punish folk who wonít be part of the oneness of it all. Democracy is a variety of opinions and a variety of even ways of behavior and in seeing things.


I used to like meeting people, and itís true, England had at one time had a tradition of oddball characters that would work in their back sheds and invent things. And itís true, youíd meet oddball characters who were into oddball things, and theyíd make stuff and invent stuff. And it was more than a hobby, it was what they live for basically. And that was fantastic.†† And youíd say they were all oddballs.And theyíd probably all disagree with each other about whatever theyíre making and comparing them and all that, but they didnít come to blows about it.


It was interesting, a society like that. It really was. Thatís how it should be. You cannot really, really have a free society unless you have tolerance. And tolerance is the right, as Orwell said basically, to say what you want to say, like two and two is four. Not what youíre told to say.Itís so sad when weíre really in, is in this incredible boat of political correctness which is completely intolerant, and itís definitely not Democratic. And withÖ What youíre seeing now is the massive, it truly is hatred, from those who are willing it right now.You feel it. Itís probably like people sensed before the Bolsheviks took over Russia and the mass slaughter started.Itís the same kind of feeling you have with fanatics.Most of them now who are trained to be fanatics, theyíve been radicalized by very clever people above them, they never know that themselves, but theyíre completely radicalized to have no tolerance at all.


Itís not a good time to be alive and going through this if youíre still an individual. You will go through it. Weíre going through it now. Itís going to step up and step up into the scientific management system that was, that HG Wells wrote about he wanted to come in. He was part of it too of course. He wrote a lot of books on nonfiction, on how to manage the system. Itís an old system. Itís many centuries old, this whole agenda.And the coming collapse, financial collapse, which is designed to come, itís all part of it too. Because itís planned that way.[Alan chuckles.]You understand, a system thatís backed by nothing, thereís no gold or anything backing anything thatís out there...Everything is run on debt money and IOUs. You trade IOUs today. Thatís what countries have been doing forever, trading and giving out IOUs.Itís a complete joke.


And those who control and run the money, which is central banking systems, itís only one system really, that again the private club in London, the Royal Institute of International Affairs preceded by the Milner group, Lord Alfred Milner and his group, to bring in a global society. Money is all part of it. And the wealth of the world. They had no problems going into Africa getting the war started with the Boers in order to get the gold and diamonds, that was part of it, for themselves. And thatís also why their agent in the States, that was Rockefeller, one of their agents, he said that competition is a sin. He wasnít being facetious. He was being honest, from his point of view. They believe as the rulers of the world that the richest people on the planet, they have the right to take over the wealth of the world and dispense it proportionally to all those down below. They didnít believe in democracy, but they did know theyíd have to use this thing called democracy to get everybody initially to go along with it.


Do you remember the farce of when the American troops went into Iraq, and you saw it on news clips, where the soldiers were swearing at them, at the Iraqis saying, you stupid, you know what, weíve come to give you democracy.You donít have democracy in your own country.America is supposed to be a Republic.Itís Democratic within its own system of laws of the Republic. Meaning, it canít be upset or changed and altered. Well, what happened about that one?[Alan chuckles.]But why, why is this farce supposed to work with other countries that have never known of it? Well, itís that other countries know itís a farce. They know itís a farce. But itís never been so obvious as today. Itís in-your-face.And itís angry. And it looks upon everybody regardless of your age group, as youíre all children. Naughty children. Bad children. And the reason the anger is there and the threats behind it, and hereís the key, is the threat, if you have a threat everywhere, is to make you play the game and do what youíre told and obey. Thatís what itís for. Itís not a good time.And itís going to get a lot worse, believe you me. A lot worse.


Now, letís touch on a few the articles, like this one here. It saysÖ


In Stores, Secret Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move

nytimes.com / 14 June 2019


Imagine you are shopping in your favorite grocery store. As you approach the dairy aisle, you are sent a push notification in your phone: ď10 percent off your favorite yogurt! Click here to redeem your coupon.Ē You considered buying yogurt on your last trip to the store, but you decided against it. How did your phone know?


(Alan:Everything youíre doing is recorded, and literally they go through all these algorithms.Itís all, itís not only theyíre spending billions of dollars just on you, you see.The algorithms are so advanced today, that have Craig supercomputers can do billions of people at oneÖ per second actually, thatís how precise they are, they can manage us all.Anyway, it saysÖ)


Your smartphone was tracking you. The grocery store got your location data and paid a shadowy group of marketers to use that information to target you with ads. Recent reports have noted how companies use data gathered from cell towers, ambient Wi-Fi, and GPS. But the location data industry has a much more precise, and unobtrusive, tool: Bluetooth beacons.


Iíll put this up for those who care, you know. Because your technology is not there for your benefit.Really. Itís not. Really not.You are being trained in Pavlovian style and you donít even know it. And again, like Aldous Huxley said, he said, you know, youíll come to love your servitude.Youíre a servant of the corporation to run and rule you. ThenÖ


The Unholy Alliance Between DNA Sites and Facial Recognition

theorganicprepper.com / 15 June 2019


(A:This is kind of a repeat. I remember doing one years ago on the same kind of thing. It saysÖ)


Technology that was once only seen in dystopian science fiction is rapidly infecting real life. Two means of collecting personal data Ė DNA databases and facial recognition software Ė are forming an unholy alliance, and the privacy implications could be devastating.


Privacy concerns surrounding DNA and facial recognition arenít anything new. As the popularity of DNA genealogy websites like Ancestry DNA and 23andMe increase, so do questions over who has access to that data and how it will be used.


(A:They use [Alan chuckles.] the schmucks, hm, who jump in and say, oh yeah, I may be related to royalty, Iíve got a find out, you see. And send them all the data, which they know about, who their grandparents were and all the rest of it. And great-grandparents. And then their DNA. And they do searches, etc. And out of that search come all of their sisters, their brothers, the mothers, fathers. Everybody. Their health, you name it, you know, any medical problems which may be genetically caused and so on. Youíre giving all that data, hm?You understand, data is power to these people. Thatís why theyíre after it.And of course, they sell it off too, to insurance companies.And believe you me, employers.[Alan chuckles.]Employers get it all too. The big employers, they have agencies that can get all that kind of data from them. And pay for it of course. They can turn people down, they never know why they turn you down.Itís because theyíve got your medical histories, what youíre prone to or not prone to and all that kind of stuff, you see. So, as I say, the schmucks who fall for it ends up putting all the rest of their family and siblings in danger, hm?There you go.)


Genealogy sites have been making the news of late, mainly for concerns over how our personal data is used Ė and who has access to that information.


Recently, GEDmatch, which has more than 1 million genetic profiles in its database, decided to stop providing information to police without user permission. (A:Öto police, you see.)Last month, the site faced criticism when it allowed Utah police to use the database while investigating a violent assault. ďPrior to the change, GEDmatch had allowed police to use its data only for rapes and homicides,Ē reports Bloomberg.


(A:Of course theyíre all doing it, folks.Theyíre doing it.M-m-m.And thenÖ)


Engineers are figuring out how to match DNA to faces in a database.


(A:Thereís quite amazing stuff from China, again, who are way ahead on all this stuff with the facial recognition.They literally can, on YouTube I think they have, they even have some documentaries on how advanced they are with it. They show you the facial recognition techniques and how itís instantly measured, all parts of your face in precise little millimeters and all that. They know exactly who you are, where you are, instantly. And it reads on the computer. Whole crowds, all their names will pop up above the little people in the crowd and thatís them. Thereís a movie out too, I think itís called Anon, about that. Again, getting you used to the idea about it too.This is your totally controlled world, folks.)


A team of engineers just built an algorithm that scans through a database of images and selects the faces that could be linked to the DNA found at a crime scene. (A: Öcould be linked, right.)Until now, predicting what someoneís face looks like based on a DNA sample has eluded scientists. But, it is getting easier for them to use samples to filter the right face from a database, as an international (A:Öhere againÖ) team led by researchers at KU Leuven has shown. Their findings were published in Nature Communications.


Iíll put these links up, you know, thatís contained in this particular article here.So, they go on about it too in different press releases, other links and so on. And itís contained inside this one article for those who care about it.Most folk donít care.They know itís happening, they donít care about it, Iím good, Iím good, goodie, good-good-good, you see, Iíve got a good points system for stuff I buy in the stores, you know, and they even congratulate me for making the right decisions on my purchasing.


Getting back to talking about China. [Alan chuckles.]In China your social credit system also will give you warnings if youíre using too much meat, or the wrong kind of meat or spending money and or something like that too.You see how itís done?††† Or spending money maybe on cigarettes, Ďeh. Because even then in the street they can actually see you smoking, instantly know where you are, who you are, and thatís it. And youíll get a little warning, maybe initially a little warning.And eventually if you continue, youíll get bad scores. And if you get bad scores, you have less access to where you can go inside the country, or even inside your own town or city. Certain places will be banned, you wonít be allowed to get through certain doors.It will read you instantly and they wonít open for you.


As I say, remember, itís not a democratic system, folks. The choices are all recommended/allowed choices, thereís a narrow band of them.You get the appearance of choices but itís a narrow, authorized band of them. And also, right down to your phone calls in China.If you phone someone inside China and the person, if theyíve got a bad credit rating or whatever it happens to be, and that the social credit, remember, is your behavior, itís a behavioral credit system, and a voice will come on the phone before you speak to the person saying that this person has a bad social credit rating.To warn you as well. To shame the person. Shaming is a big part of controlling the population in the social system. And itís getting worse and worse here of course. Big time.And me saying it isnít going to stop it, Iím just saying it because I know itís going to happen.[Alan chuckles.]At least I do know. Itís been happening too in some malls. Theyíve tested it out in some places already over the last few years in fact.


Anyway, it says here that this could be used for different purposes, this DNA and so on and facial recognition and special software and so on and so on and so on. And donít forget too, itís also to do with eugenics. With your history, your family history, your DNA history, any probable possibilities. It goes into the whole area of Gattaca the movie where those who are genetically enhanced, where any possibly, possibly bad genes including allergies and so on might affect you, are removed and the better ones are put in there. Well they can do the same.You understand how they canÖ.Hhhh, if you study farming and stock breeding, and you study eugenics, and you study the Eugenics Society of America and Cold Spring Harbor, remember, the big lab there that was set up for eugenic purposes for humans. They actually brought in the American Farmers Association and Stock Breeders Association for advice on how to literally change the people themselves just like they do with cattle.


Well, now of course with cattle and pigs and all the rest of it theyíve got artificial insemination.They literally alter, take out the genes, again, in the semen, Ďeh, in the sperm, and they can substitute other ones too, and implant it with other ovumís and so on that are also enhanced, theyíve taken the bad bits out. In other words, youíre creating what you want to be a designer person, as they do a designer cow or a designer bull.Thatís how itís done. And a lot of folk are already domesticated in the system, theyíll say, oh whatís wrong with that then, you know, whatís wrong with that.Well, maybe for the ones who say that actually thereís nothing wrong with that, [Alan chuckles.]theyíre quite happy, theyíre already changed, Ďeh, theyíre domesticated.


But the folk who are not, youíre unique as a person.You see, itís the uniqueness of individuals that must be destroyed in this advanced-advanced totalitarian socially run system.And thatís the target of it all. Thatís an anathema to conformity for the social system.So, standardization is always what they get coming out of it. And what do you think teachers are paid so much money for?Hm?But you can tell that theyíre not turning out children who are well educated, as far as knowledge about the world and different sciences. But they certainly are indoctrinated with their latest PC social engineering, they understand that. Well, thatís why you pay teachers an awful lot. Stalin said that, [Alan laughing.]youíve got to pay them an awful lot of money, because they are the first line to indoctrinating the children into the system. Nothing changes.


Anyway, so Iíll put this article up here for those who care about to see about it too. Most folk out there, remember, and a lot who are listening already are cashless, they donít use cash at all.And everything, they donít mind getting, being monitored because theyíre goody-goody and theyíll obey and be good and say all the right things in conversation and so on. But there are those who again, who donít. They like being an individual and they like having choices in life, you know.


Another thing here too isÖ


From face to DNA: new method aims to improve match between DNA sample and face database - nieuws.kuleuven.be / 11 June 2019


So thereís another article too. And thenÖ


Amazon's Rekognition software lets cops track faces: Here's what you need to know

cnet.com / 19 March 2019


(A:Most folk donít care, Ďeh.)


Business organizations and, yes, law enforcement agencies are already licensing that software for their own use. That means that you don't need to use Facebook or buy a face-scanning iPhone or a fancy video doorbell from Google-owned Nest or Amazon-owned Ring in order for facial recognition to be a part of your everyday life. With Rekognition, maybe it already is.


And maybe you aren't OK with that. Civil liberties groups such as the ACLU have already raised concerns about the speedy adoption of facial recognition tech among US law enforcement agencies and the potential for its abuse, particularly against immigrants (A:What do you mean, just against immigrants? Itís for everybody, for goodnessí sake.) and people of color. (A:Everybodyís at risk here.†† We are equal opportunity victims when it comes to this. Itís for the whole planet, for goodnessí sake.) Many -- including some of Amazon's own employees and shareholders -- want the company to hit the brakes.


The controversy caught the attention of Congress last year, and now, with the Senate recently proposing a bill that would limit businesses from collecting and tracking facial recognition data without consent, it seems that Rekognition might be in for a reckoning.


(A:No, it wonít be. Itís already been here for a long time actually.Thereís a whole bunch of things going on that you have no idea about.)


What exactly does Amazon Rekognition do?


"Amazon Rekognition makes it easy to add image and video analysis to your applications. You just provide an image or video to the Rekognition API, and the service can identify objects, people, text, scenes and activities. It can detect any inappropriate content as well. (A:There you go.)


And it goes on and on and on but I wonít read it all. You get the idea. AndÖ


Major DNA Testing Company Sharing Genetic Data With the FBI

bloomberg.com / 1 Feb 2019


(A:Hereís another one too. Thereís so many of these articles really.†† Folk donít care. Most donít care, Ďeh? And again, who gives them permission for all this to happen in the first place? All these companies are licensed, you know, that weíre talking about here, theyíre all licensed by governments.)


The decision by a prominent consumer DNA-testing company to share data with federal law enforcement means investigators have access to genetic information linked to hundreds of millions of people.(A:There you go again.)


FamilyTreeDNA, an early pioneer of the rapidly growing market for consumer genetic testing, confirmed late Thursday that it has granted the Federal Bureau of Investigation access to its vast trove of nearly 2 million genetic profiles. The arrangement was first reported by BuzzFeed News.


And it goes on and on and on again too. And thatís how it is, isnít it? But itís all meant to be because your governments, as I say, license these companies. They canít just go and do that without permission. Of course thatís how it works.And thenÖ


Japanese sign up for DNA matchmaking as country faces demographic crisis

telegraph.co.uk / 22 June 2019


(A:So, you see, hereís a plus thing, oh, isnít that nice, that, thereís a demographic crisis. And then it goes intoÖ)


The scene resembles a typical blind speed-dating event: 13 women and 13 men, seated on either side of a bamboo screen in an upmarket Tokyo restaurant, are chatting in pairs on a strictly timed three-minute rotation.


But the doctor hovering on the fringes and the scientific documents held in the participantís hands, however, offer a hint that this is no ordinary dating event: for everyone attending has undergone a DNA test in a bid to find their best romantic match.


Welcome to the world of DNA matchmaking.


Thereís other articles in the papers today too about Japan and how so many of the young folk there too, just likeÖ they know, you know, they donít even have to sterilize you. Even though the West has been going sterile, and not by coincidence, itís mandated, folks. But they donít even have to do that.Because Galton Darwin was quite right, Charles Galton Darwin he says, you know, if you give them enough material goods, to not just purchase but to want more of them, to want want want, then theyíll forgo having children, they wonít even get married. Well, we are already there to an extent in a lot of the countries. So, the material wants outweigh any other natural instincts or drives. And Japan is no different than any other country in that respect. And they certainly have a good lifestyle there. Itís expensive too.And they want all the same, actually they have more things electronically probably that they want because theyíre ahead of the West with churning out different goods and so on, and their mobile nomadic items as they call these, all the different electronic gizmos today.


They say too, their work ethic in Japan, they put so many hours into a day working that theyíre too zonked out too, to even go out at night and often meet partners, etc. Thatís another part of it too.†† So your lifestyleÖ You understand thereís many ways to dissuade you from having children. And theyíre all known. Theyíre all understood by geneticists, or eugenicists. Generally, eugenicists are geneticists by the way. They know darn well that economic concerns are a big big thing to do, if they can make you live in a very expensive system where itís hard to get money, spare money for anything, then they can bring in, of course, they dissuade you from having children.†† Or even dissuade, if youíre pregnant they can actually pretty well force you into abortions in a sense because how can you afford it? They discussed this in all their manuals on management of the populations in universities, etc.


So, youíre coerced. You really donít have a lot of choices in this system. Itís a very precisely managed system economically, socially and so on, and youíre coerced along a whole bunch of ways, roads that you didnít really, you wouldíve never picked yourself if you had a different system altogether and real freedom, you wouldnít have gone that way.So, Iíll put these links up too.


Then I was reading this article too, because youíll find that weíve always had, we used to say thatÖ Not we, but those even then in government in the UK and other countries in the West who lived through the Cold War, they had to have a good pretense of democracy, as long as you had the Soviet Union. And itís true, they kept you poor from all the world wars weíd had and so on in the West, especially Britain. And they literally did plan to keep you poor, in austerity, and for a long time. But at the same time, they didnít mandate about your behavior so much, about what you had to think or believe in or whatever during that time, so you had a bit of freedom. And they said that if the Soviet Union wasnít there, that the West including Britain, it might be more totalitarian itself on its own public. And thatís very true.


In other words, it was a sham.The power always was to control you. Always. Thereís always a bigger bigger purpose to the government than what you think itís there for. Especially in our system. Itís a very old global system that was planned and introduced, and even use wars to bring it about.So weíre not just stumbling down through time and things just happen.But the governments will give you a bit more freedom to stop your rioting at home during an austere time, financial instability and so on.So they let you off with a bit more and let you get off steam, and donít dictate to you as much as they do once thereís no opposition to it.So, you always need another country to look at and say, oh gee, well at least that wouldnít happen here. You see, thatís what you always say here, that would never happen here.Really?


I mean, Bertrand Russell said the same thing. He says, every country is taught that they live in the best country in the world, the people are. And theyíll tell you that youíve got the best healthcare system, because they keep telling you theyíve got the best healthcare system. And so on. And you believe the propaganda. All countries do that.M-hm.So, this article here is that China, we like to hit China, because were not Chinese, you see. It saysÖ


China is harvesting organs from Falun Gong prisoners in potential genocide, tribunal says

abc.net.au / 18 June 2019


ēThe China Tribunal found crimes against humanity were committed against Falun Gong and Uyghurs

ēFalun Gong is a spiritual group based on meditation that China banned 20 years ago

ēBeijing has repeatedly denied accusations that it forcibly takes organs from prisoners of conscience


Well they say itís still going on, you see. So China, weíre saying that China bad, right? Weíre saying that China bad. Well donít forget in the West youíre under, and Iíve looked at the bioethics and this whole new science that burst on the scene a few years ago, you see, when suddenly on newspapers and so on and television apparently too you had professional bioethicists, hm.You see, none of you have any ethics at all. You wouldnít know anything if you fell over it. But professionals who are trained in bioethics, and situation ethics, you know, four people on a lifeboat after a shipwreck and you donít have enough food, who do you kill first and eat or throw over or something? I mean, these folk are trained in it, you see. So your bioethicists work with economists and they work with the governments, and they decide with all the data there how much they can save by having you killed as opposed to treating you for an illness, depending on your age, your physical condition, your social status, etc. They wonít do this to rich important folk, believe you me. But for everybody else itís fair game if you get clocked into their hospitals. No kidding you. Youíre put down for organ harvesting, after they offer you the euthanasia pill, right.Which saves them a lot of money.I mean, [Alan laughing.] thatís where we are, folks, in our wonderful democracy.[Alan laughing.]You know, the real peoplesí system.[Alan laughing.]What a joke, Ďeh?


So anyway, we have to look at China and look at them and say, oh, theyíre taking organs and so on. And then you have places like Canada that, yeah, I read the articles the last couple of weeks that Canadaís been, and actually more than that, with offering euthanasia and then harvestingÖThe guy whoís pushing it in fact in Canada, this doctor, also is the guy whoís the top, heís definitely running some other organization for harvesting the organs as well. Well, I think itís a conflict of interest somewhere, isnít there? Iíve heard about making a good business and a profit for yourself but thatís a bit much isnít it, hm?But itís always presented that theyíre doing it, theyíre all doing it on your behalf, itís to help you, you know, yeah. Thereís an awful lot more they could do to help you and use the money rather than have you bumped off. And not all illnesses are terminal, you know. And even terminal illnesses can be stretched out a long time with, and give a lot of life to the person, who wants it, right, who wants it. And the people can obviously decide what they want to do, as they always have decided, without mandating it fromÖ When you hand this power to government agencies, youíre in trouble, thatís what Iím saying, youíre in trouble, folks.


Canada Conjoins Euthanasia and Organ Harvesting - spectator.org / 8 June 2019


Euthanasia doctor hired for prime role at Ottawa Catholic palliative care hospital - lifesitenews.com / 1 May 2019


So, stop looking at China and blaming them for it, because theyíre quite open about itís all profitable system here in the West.AndÖ


Canadian Blood Services releases first set of national guidelines for organ donation after medical assistance in dying

theglobeandmail.com / 3 June 2019


Yep.Government canít be given that kind of power. Government you canít trust. You canít. The people, the public are supposed to watch a control government. But we donít have democracies, folks. You also have the mass migration organizations on the go, from the United Nations of course. Itís interesting, this undeclared, this semi-declared, undeclared officially [Alan chuckles.] system of the elimination of the borders of countriesÖ Meaning the elimination of nations.Itís quite something when all these well-funded nongovernmental organizations, thousands of them across the world, are all heading in the same direction, just suddenly, just get rid of borders. You know, the old communist system, which actually was run and managed by the top capitalists, like Lord Alfred Milner for the British Empire. Because he helped create the British Empire.And itís not conspiracy, you know, nutcase stuff. Itís documented in his own writings.And in Carol Quigleyís stuff and so on, The Anglo-American Establishment.


So, youíve got Ontario in CanadaÖ


Ontario Cuts Red Tape, Supports Investment and Job Creation - news.ontario.ca / 12 June 2019


So, itís a news release, you see. Itís going to put money into job creation, it says. But the previous article I was going to read was aboutÖ


Ottawa picks 11 communities for pilot immigration project - cbc.ca / 14 June 2019


And Sudbury near me is one of them of course.So, itís an immigration project. The excuse theyíre giving is that they need people to do work because thereís not enough young folk gets left in these areas. Well the reason thereís no young folk is because thereís no work for them. So why canít they just put the money in for the people who were already here and wonít leave homes, then they can stay here in their own areas.Hm?You see, their excuses donít jive with reality for what theyíre doing. But they never do. But anyway, they give you a complete list, well I donít know if itís a complete list of these areas for bringing them in, for testing similar immigration projects.Theyíve tried in Atlantic Canada as well. Theyíve got some to plan for Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, and Alberta and so on, British Columbia, Chutney and Vernon.So anyway, itís quite something. And thatís the excuse they give is that they had to bring in folk to do work because the young folk are just not there. Well, theyíve left because thereís no work here. Put the money in here and keep them here, why not do it?†† There are different agendas at work, I hope you understand, for different reasons.And people are used. All peoples are used.


And also this other articleÖ


Transatlantic Working Group Seeks to Address Harmful Content Online

annenbergpublicpolicycenter.org / 26 Feb 2019


(A:Itís a censorship, one of the censorship committees again.)


The dissemination of misinformation and disinformation in politics has been around for as long as democracy. But the weaponizing of it, its viral proliferation, and the manipulation of the voting climate during the U.S. and European election seasons are compelling a more urgent focus on the issue on both sides of the Atlantic.


Similarly, as incidents of terrorism and hate crimes spread across the United States and Europe, digital platforms, governments, and civil society are all grappling with how to address abuse of the internet from hate speech and violent extremism without chilling freedom of expression.


(A:Well, the whole point is to, and freedom of expression, folks. As you all KNOW.Itís a censorship organization, this one here.)


The Transatlantic Working Group, or TWG, is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) of the University of Pennsylvania, in partnership with The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands, in Rancho Mirage, Calif., and the Institute for Information Law (IViR), which is affiliated with the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam. In addition, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Washington, D.C., has approved a grant in support of the research and public outreach of the TWG. . .


Itíd be interesting to find out about all the other foundations that are funding it, and the tax money as well.So again, theyíre deciding what will be appropriate, acceptable, and it all has to fall in with a global agenda, naturally.It isnít just about being nice to each other. Itís much bigger than that. Itís a social credit system too of course. Of course it is, folks.Of course it is.M-hm.


Now, Bolton, the man of the people, [Alan chuckles.] in the States, Ďeh, the bulldog for wars when Bush was in of course and he helped plan the wars on Iraq, etc. He went over to Israel and heís over there meeting with Netanyahu, which is a worrisome thing, really, everybody knows this too because heís made his views very, very open.


Bolton arrives in Israel amid heightened US-Iranian military tensions

jpost.com / 22 June 2019


US National Security Advisor John Bolton arrived in Israel Saturday as military tensions escalated between Tehran and Washington.


Speaking in Washington on Saturday before heading to the US presidential retreat at Camp David, where he said he would deliberate on Iran, US President Donald Trump said the American government was imposing new sanctions (A:Önew Öthatís extra sanctionsÖ) on Tehran.(A:Meaning new, because theyíve been doing it all along you see.)


Bolton will meet with Israeli National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat and Russian Secretary of the Security Council Nikolay Patrushev.


ďNice to be back in Israel. Looking forward to meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu tomorrow & my counterparts from Israel & Russia . . .


So, heís a scary guy, Bolton. Heís got a history out there, itís quite open. Heís a war hawk all right. Well, itís like again Groundhog Day, this whole thing with Iran right now, including the threat to attack them by the US after the drone went down.And then calling it off, I think, is a tactic. You see, no one would believe them if we went straight to war after a drone went down. Weíve had so many cons before with these wars, just one after the other for years, for 20 years. Actually, itís more than that when you take it up to Gulf War One, Desert Storm.Thatís almost 30 years. 30 years of warfare in the same areas. And we wouldnít believe it again, you see, if it was just an all-out war, with one of the listed countries they had listed back in the 90s, where the usual thing is given.


So I think they make you think, theyíre trying to make you think itís all real again, you see. Well may be Donald did just call them off again, oh, they could have attacked. But maybe heís being pretty good. In other words, making it all real, like a drama, where they build it up even further for the big big attack. Weíll have to see because Trumpís made it quite plain that heís not going to go along, from the beginning, even before he got into the office, heís not going to, he says heís been quite plain he wonít accept Iranís treaty with Europe and so on and the one that they signed with Obama. So, there he goes.Maybe youíll find out why Trumpís real purpose, being in there, has really been of course.††† And I think it wouldnít matter who was in because one would do it a bit slower, perhaps, and Trump might just hurry it up a little bit. Maybe thatís why they got him in, who knows?But I donít think the people really have a choice. Itís one big agenda, one big global agenda. Itís quite simple. Then you have what Netanyahu said to BoltonÖ


Netanyahu to Bolton: Time for U.S. to recognize Golan Heights in Israel - jpost.com / 6 Jan 2019


So, itís like repetition almost from the previous times.SoÖ


US-Iran: Trump announces 'major' sanctions amid tensions - bbc.com / 22 June 2019


Then you have, let me see here now. I want to get through some of these articles.This is an interesting articleÖ


World seeing Ďgreatest monetary policy experiment in historyí - Rothschild

rt.om / 16 Aug 2016


(A:And thatís from Jacob Rothschild himself.)


Low interest rates, negative yields on government debt and quantitative easing are part of the biggest financial experiment in world history, and the consequences are yet unknown, says RIT Capital Partners Chairman Lord Rothschild. (A:This is their own company, one of their own companies of course.)


ďThe six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30 percent of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale,Ē Rothschild writes in the company's semi-annual financial report.


So, he says thereís trillions of dollars really just hanging in the balance at the moment. Iíll put this up as well. And I know itís planned, it was always planned to use financial crisis too to get changes along for this global system, and consolidation of more power into a global system, you see. So thatís how theyíll use it. And into austerity as well.Iíll also put upÖ


Global Compact for Migration - en.wikipedia.org


For those who donít know what it is, itís from the United Nations to do with mass migration across the world now and the different reasons they claim for it all. Iíve got some PDFs on it as well. And again, the scary storiesÖ


Global population could hit 10.9 BILLION by the end of the century, UN predicts - dailymail.co.uk / 17 June 2019


They always predict scary stuff. But they shouldnít worry about it because according to their own predictions weíll all be underwater long before then anyway.[Alan laughing.]So, there you go. Eat, drink and be merry, Ďeh?††† Iíll put this one up too.They love scary scenarios. Because we all wouldnít listen to them otherwise, you see. AndÖ


Industry must commit to halt all future fossil fuel extraction - theelders.org / 14 June 2019




Meet John Schellnhuber: climatologist to Pope Francis - abc.net.au / 25 Sept 2015


Call for ĎClimate Passportsí for refugees from Ďglobal warmingí at UN summit - climatedepot.com / 14 Dec 2018


World in Transition - A Social Contract for Sustainability - With John Schellnhuber, Advisor to the Pope - researchgate.net / January 2011


This guy doesnít believe in God. I remember doing an article a few years ago on him. But heís the advisor on climatology for the Pope. And heís a real, real, this guy wants, you know, maybe even down the road sterilization and so on too, itís quite amazing, this advisor to the Pope.Heís denied it before even though heís printed stuff and then he denies it, itís quite interesting.But there you go. Iíll put this one up for those that want to read it.


Itís really something.Honestly. What a world, is turned upside down, isnít it?Isnít it really, Ďeh? Right is wrong, wrong is right, and yada yada ya.M-hm.Quite amazing. Itís quite something to see who they use toÖ And again too, this particular guy, the popeís advisor, is also a member of the IPCC, the International Panel for Climate Change at the United Nations as well, you see. Heís a big promoter for sustainability. Because itís all to do with sustainability, the whole excuse of whatever theyíre using is to cut your population down, folks. Itís always been that. Always. Under any excuse at all. And they hit on the climate, that was going to do it. Well, this is a big player in it too. Quite a character, Ďeh.But he does believe in Mother Earth and stuff, but he doesnít believe in God.So, Iíll put these articles up for anyone that wants it.


And another thing too, as they change all of society and decriminalize so many different thingsÖ


Hey, Teen Vogue. On career day, no young girl should say 'I want to be a prostitute.'

usatoday.com / 20 June 2019


Itís one thing for adults to debate decriminalizing prostitution. Itís entirely another to promote it as a fulfilling career choice to young girls.


This week, Teen Vogue (A:Ö a magazine I guess.) promoted a column by a doctor calling for the legalization of sex work. This would generally go unremarked upon ó similar arguments appear across the media landscape, and even in the Democratic presidential campaign (A:Öit would generally go UNremarkedÖ) ó but for her characterization of prostitution to the young readers of the magazine as a mere career choice, as valid as any other.


(A:Öthatís really got their attention to it.)


Eventually, you see, thereíll be intergenerational sex, that was on the calendar for quite a long time now. All taboos, all taboos actually had to be destroyed. Iíll also put upÖEurope, and also Britain or England, London, has refused to give Venezuela their gold that they have in the vaults there.So, Maduro, their elected presidentÖ


Maduro Stymied in Bid to Pull $1.2 Billion of Gold From U.K. - bloomberg.com / 25 Jan 2019


That wonít be it all, but they canít even get it out.So, there you go. So much for international cooperation and laws, Ďeh?[Alan chuckles.]AndÖ


The Vatican is considering allowing married men to become priests in remote parts of the Amazon in a historic shift for the Church - dailymail.co.uk / 17 June 2019


So, I guess they had to be married and then they go through to become a priest. But these are some the articles Iíll put up and a few PDFs as well for those who care about whatís happening.


International Migration Drivers - publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu / 2018


Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration - refugeemigrants.un.org / 13 July 2018


Sorry for going through it all like in a rush but thereís way too much to give you a lecture on it. As I say, for those who are interested they always check up on the articles I put out there and links and so on. To verify, youíve got to verify them. To start with. At least ponder them, what theyíre about, to make your own mind up about them. I donít believe in just grabbing things out of thin air andÖ But I like to give you the evidence for them, obviously. And then they have to think about things.


Because itís a sad system, isnít it, when the effects, the scientific tyranny that Bertrand Russell said they could bring in, he said, if there is to be a tyranny, Iíd prefer to be a scientific one.And he said it would be a real nasty nasty system, it wouldnít mess around, it would be tyrannical. Thatís what weíre going into, folks.And youíre seeing it now. Very authoritarian. And it will not tolerate dissent. And if you have alternate opinions or even thoughts on things, youíll be punished with your social credit system, and you wonít be able to even feed yourself. Thatís your real tolerance in this ultra ultra scientific socialist system.


Sad but true, isnít it. But it doesnít surprise me because they printed about this, they wrote this stuff a long time ago and their outlines for it. And what Iíve said tonight is only touching the surface of the depth they have actually described theyíre going to take it to. Really. And they mean business. And yes, theyíve always been here, a long long time, centuries, working towards this agenda. And every facet thatís in conflict doesnít know theyíre getting used for a different outcome to the agenda.


Itís very easy to radicalize people. Very easy. Especially young people. If you go into history, the first Crusade towards the Holy Land was not by knights. If you understand your history. It was by Peter the Hermit who was a monk and he radicalized the children with incredible stories. And children are very impressionable. They can see right and wrong just so clearly, black-and-white, thatís it, right and wrong. They donítÖ thereís no gray area for them at that age. And they can also put into their heads visions of utopias and heavens, and Peter was awfully good at that.And the first Crusade was called the Childrenís Crusade, led by Peter, and drummed up by Peter, and they went offÖ†† Eventually of course thousands of them were sold off into slavery in the Middle Eastern countries. And others died.And others were killed.


Thatís never been forgotten, itís easy easyÖand Stalin said it too, Lenin said, indoctrinate the children.Indoctrinate the children. Again, getting back to the teachers, itís so important to pay them so much, because thatís the first step for indoctrination into what you want to them to believe.And what they believe is how theyíll end up behaving. Thatís what itís about folks.


At least for those who are following this and who like to at least know what theyíre living through, donít let it kill you. Donít let it burn holes in your stomach through ulcers.Just accept the fact that, you know, itís happening. And itís interesting to observe it when you understand why and how itís happening. And itís interesting to see the incredible intolerance that youíve only read about in previous areas of history in the past, as it resurfaces again.


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Iím Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, and itís good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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