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"There's Many an Idea We've so Sorely Bought,

And Pain Foreseen with a Little Forethought."

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Hi folks Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 30, 2019. Itís astonishing how time is flying now, isnít it. And it is flying. Itís not just me. I think everybody I know I said the same thing, that it seems to be rushing in.And here you go, itís going to be July, and that will fly in too no doubt. Before you know weíll be getting snow again in September, if Iím still here that is. Again, thatís global warming for you.


We live in amazing times.We truly do live in amazing times. But before I get into anything tonightÖ And I had a whole stack of stuff I was going to get to tonight.But I thought, itís just repetition of whatís in the main organized newspapers. Theyíve all got the same themes and memes and so on. Because everything today, as I say, this is a new chapter. News now is simply part of the big agenda of sustainability, with all the different reasons theyíre giving you for sustainability, except the true reason, which is they claim thereís too many of you. If you go in with all the sustainable methods theyíre going to push, and they are pushing, through grants to small farmers to start little farms up, even sort of mud wattle type places and things like that, for sustainability, youíre going to find the health of the public is going to deteriorate very quickly.And when they cut energy out too, and a lot of the energy, then you wonít have travel, you wonít even go to hospital, etc., with paying all the different taxes for sustainability and carbon, etc., there wonít be money even left for a lot of the hospitals. So the population will plummet.


I used to wonder how they were going to effectively achieve their targets years ago when they came out with this. But then again, I had read the World Wildlife Funds reports and all the different organizations that Prince Philip was the titular head of, and he was quite blatant about their goals and their agendas before they toned it down a bit or camouflaged it. Itís always been about too many people. The whole global warming idea was dreamt up when they were looking for a reason to take over our rights, to manage us all, and have us give them up in a crisis scenario. Then you drum it up and drum it up into a fever pitch and then you have a new system, youíre living in a new system before you know it and youíve lost pretty well all the rights that you had before.


So this is a big big change of the system that weíre living in today. And thereís no point complaining about it really because itís carved in stone. Itís taught in every school and university across the planet now as a fact. And they train the populations to go along with it. So the younger they are the more theyíll go along with it, theyíll never question it.And thatís how you run the world basically. A new system.


But before I get into all that, Iím not going to go into it very far at all. Because as I say, youíre just parroting the stuff from the news basically. Why bother? I can touch on it and just give a casual breakdown of something. But thereís no point, there really isnít any point.Anybody whoís anybody is bought off.If youíre a politician youíve got to go along with this stuff, or you wonít get the financial backing. The big foundations and the top philanthropists on the planet are backing this so thereís nothing you can do. Thereís nothing to oppose this at all. And common sense wonít do.


Because as I say, theyíve got to reduce the population of the planet. And itís not new, the idea is not new. Itís a very old idea. Back in the late 1800s, in fact the mid-1800s some of the top early pushers for eugenics and control of the populations, etc. were very open about their ambitions, to either sterilize people, and the best way to do it of course is without their, [Alan chuckles.] not just their permission but their knowledge itís happening to them until itís done.And you can take that wherever you want to go with it but itís also to do with what makes a healthy population.If youíve got a healthy population, where you can breed for instance, youíve got to then cut out those things that make you healthy. So you reduce the type of food that the people get for high nutrition and protein and so on. Substitute it with other things which arenít quite as good. Then you ration it eventually down the road, you ration it all. And thatís where itís meant go for those who havenít caught on to the agenda.


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Youíre going to find things are changing drastically now. If youíre not on board with the rah-rah-rah agenda, or if youíve even got questions about it, they donít want your voice out there at all. What you do in a totally propagandized society is ensure there are no dissenting voices from the propaganda. And thatís whatís happening today naturally.Buy the books and discs @cutting throughthematrix.com.Remember, all the other sites Iíve got listed there, the official sites that are all mine, they are the only ones I have, theyíre all listed on that page @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can order from them.Anything else outside thatís using my name and doesnít have one of those official sites, someone else is conning you. So be very careful. Always go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.Thereís alanwattsentientsentinel.eu. Youíll find the other sites all listed together on the.com site. Take notice of them too because things will change, they are changing quickly as I say.


Because I donít get much money at all. I never have really. [Alan chuckles.] And most folk take it for granted [Alan chuckles.] even the ones that use you, the big corporations are one, for media, they do that actually, and some people even take the information out of the archives and use it for booksÖAnd they never send you a penny. Never, ever. And thatís the society in which we live of course, naturally.But for those whoÖAnd itís only the decent folk really make you keep on putting out the stuff, because they are the few who will always help you out, the decent people.


Everybody else today wants politics basically. Politics I donít even bother with because politics is a con game and itís been a con game your entire life.Iíve given talks on that years ago about the whole point of politics, which is basically to stop revolutions. If you didnít have politics, you couldnít vote out the scalawags after four or five years.You might have a revolution so they give you the vote, you vote somebody else in. And yet youíre really voting the last bunch out, youíre so sick of them, the same people you probably admired before you got them in. Then you go on this endless cycle of replacements. And most folk never catch on their entire life that nothing changes.


Thereís agendas set in stone. You can hear them for 40 years, one party after another, but the same agendas continue.And thatís youíre telling point right there, the same agendas continue. If you truly had different parties you really would have different agendas. And I think it was Thomas Jefferson mentioned that too, when you see the continuity of agendas, even through changes in the house, meaning the Congress in the US, through different parties, when you see the continuity of agendas, then know youíre under tyranny.


But we never catch on, do we? Because weíre given these big big, oh, crisis things. You know before it was global cooling, it was Ďthe coming Ice Ageí, in the 1960s and 70s. Then they changed it to the Ďglobal warmingí, we are all going to get fried.Then they just went to Ďclimate changeí which is just normal weather change, you know, and they canít lose that way. But anything thatÖ If you get a bit of rain today, itís going to be a major flood. If you get a bit of sun, oh my God weíre all going to fry. Like we never had really hot sun before, hm? And itís just too easy, people will go with the media because itís what they watch on television all the time, all this propaganda, and itís repetition, repetition, repetition.They really canít remember very far back in their own lifetime to what happened a few summers ago or maybe a winter ago or whatever. They really canít remember.


And even if they think they do, they can be overridden like Aldous Huxley talked about, about the suggestibility of most people. It can be overridden with a little bit more persuasion and theyíll ignore their own sensibilities and take the expertís opinion on something.He gave a good talk on that at Berkeley, part of theÖ Well, it wasnít all about that. But he did say that most people were suggestible.And I think he said about 40% to 60% of the public were all instantly suggestible with different, advertisers knew this, thatís why he worked so well on television for instance. He says if you take the instance of, like a snake oil salesman selling you something thatís going to be a cure-all for everything, and the 40% of the people, the frightened people will buy it right away. Theyíll have relief from it because thereís nothing wrong with them in the first place but theyíre very suggestible. But then 20% will phone up and say, well it didnít work with us. He says but with more persuasion that 20% can be run over and theyíll believe it too, but they need a bit more reinforcement of persuasion. And then another 20% he says really have high sort ofÖ Altogether you have about 80% can be persuaded into accepting the propaganda eventually. 40 easy, 60 with more, and then up to 80 with extra extra extra.


And thereís always about 10-20% of the public he said, back in the 60s, he said, you just canít bring them under, theyíre not suggestible enough.I would differ today with that. I think today itís much easier to bring people under.The techniques are far superior to bring folk under, to accept what theyíre being told.And theyíll accept it even if their own observations are contrary on whatever topic it is theyíre changing their minds on. So itís quite something to live through a time when neuroscience is rather open, in some areas, about the studies theyíve done on us and tests theyíve done on us. Theyíre constantly doing tests on all of us. Again, thatís a whole different topic again and Iíve given talks on that too over the years.


But it hasnít stopped. And itís getting easier. Once you get into the accepting, accepting, accepting mode of what youíre being told, itís far easier for you to swallow the next lot of drivel that comes your way.And they know that at the top as well.There are many reasons for it too. One of the reasons of course is most folk donít want to stand out from their peer group. And again, the studiesÖ [Alan chuckles.] The studies on us all that are just astonishing, where they find out the most adaptable and unquestioning people to accept something new and push something new are the cocktail crew, that meet, they stand and have drinky-poohs and they discuss the latest books, the best authors and talk like that.The middle class types. And even in the civil service in different countries, theyíre very prone to it. They donít want to, no one wants to be different in the civil service, you want to be accepted, accepted, thatís how you get promotion.You donít cause waves and you donít say something too outstanding thatís going to shock people around you, that might be frightened because youíre clever, and you wonít get very far that way in those areas.So anyway, youíll find that they want to be accepted by their peer group. Theyíve got to all conform to whatís being pushed, you see, by experts and scientists, etc.Itís quite amazing to watch it happen.


But most folk do conform very quickly. Children do too, they donít want to be left out of their peer group or pointed to.Because children are very cruel to each other and theyíll have fights and everything else.Theyíre nasty if someone is a bit different to the crowd.And that can be used by, letís be honest here, the teaching fraternity who are on board with their indoctrination agendas. Because they are really change agents as some previous authors have talked about who are dead now. I think Charlotte Iserbyt was one of them who went through the educational system in the US.She was up there on the Board for Education for the US government, I think under Reagan maybe.She went through how they started changing it and changing it for indoctrination, and so she called them, the teachers, change agents.


Well, theyíre well-paid for behavioral changes, thatís the main thing today, itís not so much education and things to help them throughout their lives. Children therefore can be persuaded to adapt with the threat of being ostracized from the group, by teachers who have read their toolboxes. They call them toolboxes, how to make sure all the children come out of that class and with that topic with all the same opinion on the topic, you see, the desired opinion.


Remember, in education, that uniformity is awfully important. Thatís how you get your degrees, etc., if you conform to what they expect. Theyíre not looking for brilliant people. And if you are brilliant, you might have trouble, and you might have to keep your head down. Itís sad, but true. Sometimes you need a bit of entertainment, in this day and age, you see, to learn something. Everybodyís taught that anything you learn, even very serious topics, itís easier to put some humor into it, you see. Youíve got to be entertained with everything today. And itís a shame because if you had straight real honest news you wouldnít need any entertainment. But you donít really get straight stuff today. You get well-known people to present stuff to you on television, and of course you know theyíd never lie to you. You know that, donít you? Theyíd never lie to you. Theyíre there to help you. Isnít that whatÖ?


Theyíre an appendage to your brain, thatís what Zbigniew Brzezinski said basically in his book Between Two Ages, that the media really would become, expected to be in fact...He said, shortly the media will be expected to be an appendage to their brain basically, by the general public. Because they were being trained then that they would do your thinking for you. Thatís what he said in his own book basically, to paraphrase it but thatís what he said.†† And itís all happened. We know that itís all happened and weíre living through it. And most folk donít know it. Most folk really donít know it.But they still fall for the famous faces thing, the people who get big big money as anchor people that youíre used to, because theyíd never lie to you.Would they?


Now, I do remember a time where they use to at least have the decency to give you opposing views on television on news and debates and so on. The object wasnít necessarily to completely demolish an opponent and the opponentís opinion in a nasty way. It was to give them both, both points of view and some kind of rational detailed description to the general public and let the general public make up their mind. Well, thatís long, long gone. Gone years and years ago that whole way of doing things. Today youíre told what youíre supposed to think. And youíre really ridiculed, itís like a little child, if youíre stubborn and you donít go along with it. Thatís where we are. We donít have tolerance today at all, as we know. Because youíre being trained to be a perpetual child.


And experts run the world, thatís true socialism for those who didnít know it.You should go and study socialism. Go and study the early authors, some of the earlier authors of socialism who made it quite plain what they were talking about. Read Man and Superman for instance by George Bernard Shaw and youíll have him tell you that when they are in charge of everything, in true socialist form, scientific socialism as they call it, those who were deemed more intelligent would run the world, they would be picked out to rule over the rest of the public.And they would make the decisions for the public.The proper scientific society would be created by these experts. And you would do what youíre told.Youíd be obedient.And youíd serve the system.


Because in reality, you see, weíre going into a completely intolerant system. Youíre seeing it today, as I say, if you donít go along with the status quo, with the laws that have been carved in stone.Kind of like the laws of Moses.Moses wasnít appreciated either by his people when he came down from the mountain with the laws from God, you see, and the people says youíre kidding we donít want them, and Moses lost his temper and he threw them down and smash the stones. So, he was the first person to break the law, hm.And look, he was elevated as a hero eventually.


But anyway, getting back to the point here.When you think about the world in which we live now, Bernard Shaw made it quite plain, and we saw it in action through the Bolshevik and then into the communist era of the Soviet bloc countries, and then China too.But the Soviet bloc countries where they did, they set up the politburo organizations and different strata of bureaucrats who ran everything, and different levels in tiers, etc., and that was, you did what you were told. You are told what to think, what to say, what to do, or else.And you are monitored incredibly well, in detail. They had all this files and files and files on everybody.They didnít have the computers back then to keep tabs of everybody. But they had detailed filing systems, the Stasi in East Germany. Itís astonishing about the system that they had and the files that they had on everybody.


In the modern, well now of course, the same system is using the Internet and all your data and your cell phone data, all that kind of stuff until you canít utter a word without them knowing about it. And they can replay that years later if they want to. And they will. Theyíll say, did you say that, you know, back in the year so-and-so? And you say no, I donít think so.Well, and theyíll play it for you, and youíll say, oh my, well I guess I did. And thatís you, guilty right there, you see. The context doesnít matter. Nothing matters as long as they get you saying it. And thatís where itís all meant to go.


You see, people donít think about what theyíre reading today and whatís the real intent of it. The intent of most of the stories youíre getting today is to train you of what, for whatís to come. Thatís what it is.And I can remember years and years ago when judges, an occasional judge would get in trouble for throwing a case out of court, for instance, in Britain. And elsewhere, but mainly it was Britain at the time. Because no one really had much respect for the big judges in Britain except the legal professional themselves.There was so much weirdness within the judges, that kind of position, or the folk who went into it, thatís for sure. Youíll find that occasionally theyíd throw something out of court.And once in a while even today down in Argentina or Brazil or something you see similar things happening, occasionally. Where a woman is going to take someone to court because she went out and had a date and got drunk, went back and took her clothes off and slept with the guy, then claims that he had sex with her against her will. And the judge will say, well why on earth would you get drunk in the first place? with a stranger? go to their place? take all your clothes off and then go into their bed? I mean, you understand, thatís what the judges would say, years ago more so.Today theyíre terrified to say something like that.


Because everything is politicized. Everything. Everything today is politicized. Really. To an extent thatís dangerous. But what itís training you for, itís nothing to do with sex. What itís training you for, is for years down the road when the big world system pulls out of the thin air something you said on the phone or whatever 30, 40 years ago.You see it happening in the government today. Listen to the Democratic Party on the radio in the US, all vying all with their Christmas giveaways. Because every day with them is Christmas, you know, theyíre going to give youÖ everythingís going to be a utopia and wonderful and free. And each oneís trying to outdo [Alan laughing.]the last personís promise on the people. Itís astonishing to listen to it. But I thought of the same kind of thing happening there. Because some of them complain about the other delegates on the same party who supposedly were against, were for, or against the bussing problem, Iím not quite sure for or against the bussing problem in schools years ago, and so theyíre trying to make a big deal about that.


So in other words what Iím saying is, anything from 40, 50 years ago can be pulled up at any time and theyíll use that like a battering ram against you. The context of the time has got nothing to do with it theyíll say, and things like that.†† Thatís how you can be lambasted. But youíre getting trained for whatís to come. Because everybody is going to be under this world Stasi system. We are in it actually, already. Of course we all know that.I think we all know that. Itís going to get worse and worse for the controlled, socialistic controlled society.


I donít see any real parties, political parties out there of any wing, as they call themselves wings left-wing and right-wing, that are against this system. And I havenít seen, I really havenít seen any demands, like full absolute clenched fist demands that big tech backs off of collecting the data on everybody. It hasnít happened. Itís not going to happen.Because that is the agenda, folks. That really is the agenda.


And you get hit constantly, constantly, constantly with other things that you hear and read about and so on. Itís all to do with training you for whatís to come down the road.Absolutely.I gave talks years ago about self-policing. Now, self-policing is a term the United Nations has used for, oh, maybe 20, 30 years with some of their agendas for a world society where they would train the people to self-police their thoughts and what they say. Well, youíre going through it all and you donít even realize thatís whatís happening. You donít know.


When they say things and have big world meanings about the, and reinforce every part of their agenda and update it all the time and publish it, theyíre not playing themselves. I mean they are that too because they love to have big salaries and have meetings and look important. But the fact is, they really mean what they say. This agenda is fixed in stone, as I say, and thereís no motives to break it, you see. Itís fixed in stone. There is no opposition to it.


Isnít it astonishing how easily under the guise of keeping you safe, and it hasnít kept anybody safe, but keeping you safe, all your rights have been taken away from you? All the rights of privacy, that anybody in Europe even in the Middle Ages realized it was vital to have privacy and security, and in age where governments, which is generally royalty or monarchy at the time, with their armies could just plunder into your home anytime they wanted to. And they did. And folk fought and fought and fought to keep privacy.Now theyíve given it all away. Because your governmentís going to keep you safe.


I was thinking too about the lead up, the lead up to the 20 century and how blithely and easily we toss out the warnings from great minds going down through the past, who always acted as peopleÖ almost like prophets in a sense, just telling you to be wary of, hey, think about this, think about it, donít just rush ahead, think about it.And weíve forgotten all that. Weíve been rushed, I gave talks years ago of how the neuroscientists and psychologists and behaviorists knew that once they can stampede the public with fear and terrorÖ oh my God the worldís going to end with an ice storm eventually, oh no letís change that the global warming, and no letís change it to climate change, etcÖ. or that weíre going to run out of food, oh my God, yeah, weíre running out of food, yada, yada, ya.And terrorism, terrorism everywhere. And give up all your rights to keep you safe.


Itís just one thing after another, isnít it? You donít get a minuteís peace to breathe.And if you breathe, theyíre trying to stop you breathing and polluting the atmosphere, you know, with that CO2.I mean, you really, you donít have any peace at all. And theyíve got fanatical armies set up to parrot the stuff. Repetition, repetition. Like Bertrand Russell says, repetition, constant repetition, the same little slogans, and thatís how you do it.When you get brainwashed with these repetitive slogans, you donít have to have details or give them facts on anything, just the little, short sentences.Climate change, climate change,braa, braa.You see?And the folk are stampeded. And when you get them stampeded, youíve got them panicked. Well, the whole technique today is donít give them any peace to regain their sensibilities and take a deep breath. Keep them panicked, keep them stampeded and you can ram change after change after change along the agenda in quick succession. Thatís what youíre living through today.


And all the old prophets of old did warn us about all of this. And they did tell us. And we see it even with, when the first thousand years A.D., they had all these portents of, oh my God, things are going to happen because thereís a magical significance to time and numbers of course. They talked about comets being seen, portends of terrible things, etc. etc.They also had a real deep knowledge of forces including evilÖ in religion.And anyone who discounts evil is going to end up either watching or participating or being the recipient of horror. Thatís a fact.For all the lessons we get taught we so quickly throw it out the window.Let the experts, again, rush us and stampede us onto the next part of the agenda.


Never forget the horror. When the second millennium came up basically, or when they came up towards the year 2000, you know, even before that, it came up, the crescendo buildup in the 19th century into the 20th century, really think about it, the buildup to that, the latter part going up to the second millennium, but not at it yet but the latter part, was a horror show of World War I.Never mind all the wars across the world, with occupations and empires, etc. But with the rise of mechanisms and science for weaponry, youíre led up to a horror show.


And Nietzsche of course, they always give you, when they take away your religions they give you philosophers as though theyíre Gods, in their place, you see. You had quite a few of course trying to, and Nietzsche was brought out, God is dead basically.You see.The whole idea was, well, if Godís dead then all the values, all the little safety mechanisms that could hold us back from being utter massive slaughterers, that was taken away. The curtain was opened and you could peek through and say, my God, thereís nothing to stop us doing whatever we want to do now. If thereís no God with rules and laws and regulations, then all the unthinkable becomes thinkable. ALL the unthinkableís, all the horrors which were unthinkable now, are, you can, theyíre possible, because thereís nothing to stop you. Youíre throwing away the last vestige of human morality and now you can say, oh, now let our scientists and our social thinkers can now rule the show and they are the real gods. Because if God is displaced and tossed away, who is and youíve got what, as a scientist, you see?


And itís a social philosopher. And a dictator. And here you are. Until you had World War I where millions of people were thrown at each other across muddied battlefields, for years.And the gross domestic product of the entire planet, of what they call the civilized worlds Ė civilized, Ďeh, huh, world Ė went into try and blow each other up.And that was the peak of your civilization and your knowledge. And suddenly you were given the sciences and the abilities to put things together into greater weapons and technology. And you call that civilized?


And again, behind that you had this group, cabal, of revolutionaries, whoíd worked for centuries before that to build a world revolutionary force for total world conquest to bring the whole world under their dominion. Because you know, unlike Nietzsche they tossed God out long long before him and they foresaw what they could do with nothing to hold them.And they were given their wish.Then of course you had World War II that came out of World War I really.Then you had, it culminated with atomic warfare on Japan. And the threat of countries elsewhere afterwards for years. And we say weíre civilized now. Civilized.


When 9/11 happened, you know, the emergency call number happened, 9/11, we all know that, in 2001, right?And I got to admit it, you know, that whenever a big thing is done youíre going to have incredible symbology and numbers thrown at you, [Alan chuckles.] that youíre supposed to swallow calmly and say, oh, thatís a coincidence. But anyway, when it happened, after the PNAC group talked about the need for a Pearl Harbor event to mobilize the public opinion on their support for the wars theyíd planned, or theyíd like to do, you see, and they got their wish, Ďeh?Because theyíre lucky that way, arenít they? Another coincidence.


But anyway, immediately Afghanistan was attacked. They already had troops built up to it before 9/11 happened, you know, to go in. It was in all the papers. I did shows at the time talking about it. From the newspapers. At the time. I always use what they give as facts, whatís given, whether they are facts or not, but theyíre given as facts by the news. So I didnít conjure things up out of thin air. And they did, it was a Canadian paper said at the time, they said that the US think tanks, that they really were pushing, creating the propaganda for this big war, you see, it had changed its sites very quietly after going into Afghanistan, quietly changed them all the way to focus on Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Without the public even aware that it had happened.It just seemed to beÖ Itís like George Orwell, who are we fighting today, East Asia or Eurasia, who is it, who is it?


You just keep changing your sites and the folks follow on, you see. And then Bush, George Bush at the time who was the president, in the inquiry, Iím sure itís still out there, he said, he was asked at the inquiry about why they when into Iraq. You know, and he says, well I didnít say that Hussein had anything to do with 9/11, he says to the world, itís just he was a bad man and weíre better off without him. So, itís okay to do that. But before they did that too, they starved the people for years with embargoes.Huh?Probably, they mightíve taken over half a million, and at one point on television, with Madeline Albright talking and she said, it was worth it, starving them all, half a million.And by the time they were finished it was about a million... of starvation, malnourished, lack of medications and so on, medicines.


What Iím saying here is, do you really think weíre progressing to some better future here?†† Huh? What makes you think youíre somehow civilized now? When theyíre doing the same thing today with Iran?And the US and other countries have been, got special forces into Syria for years trying to topple them.Because just like they donít like the president of Venezuela, who was elected, they donít like the presidents of other countries who are elected as well in the Middle East, like Syria.Where they toppled even the president of Egypt at one point, the Prime Minister, because they didnít, they thought he wasnít secular enough. The West thought that. Well, so much for noninterference and so much for this thing called democracy, Ďeh.Hm?Think about it.


But weíre civilized, arenít we? Weíre civilized. We donít go and just blow them up all the time, we starve them to death.†† Have you ever seen folk being starved to death, folks? How come the wonderful news organizations arenít telling you all about that? How come, Ďeh?How come? Isnít that news? I remember years ago they had photographers who put exhibitions on in New York and other places, because theyíd go around places in Bangladesh and Africa and other places, India, Africa all these countries, Third World countries, where often, mind you, it wasnít just because, and again you have this drumbeat in the background, thereís too many people, too many people. No, you always had Western interference for corporations going after resources in these countries and causing civil wars all over the place. Standard technique.And when you have the civil wars no oneís doing the farming, hm?And the food supplies canít get made and kept up.And the ones that are given to them canít even get through. I can remember stuff with Red Cross parcels ending up going through the Sahara Desert years ago on camels to be sold elsewhere [Alan chuckles.] by tribesmen.


But getting back to the photographer.They had all these professionally done photographs and he had some video too, of going into these designated areas where there had been mass starvation.And what díyou think youíd hear there? Itís not like youíre seeing it on what they give you for news today where youíll see the kids screaming and yelling, get me, and the hands waving and theyíre allÖWhat youíve got is a deathly silence. Thatís what you get as you go in.And youíve got children, emaciated children dead and dying, outside, in the streets, next to highways. Mothers, the same thing.Often the mothers would die first trying to give the last vestige of the children the food. So, the children were lying, they have no energy to move, to crawl, whatever.The dogs and animals are all gone, you know.Either theyíd have been eaten or theyíd starved themselves. But this deathly eerie silence everywhere. And thatís how you go out, not with a bang with but with a whimper as they say.


And we think nothing of it when youíre told theyíve gotten embargoes against countries which they donít agree with. Now, I donít blame nations, I donít believe theseÖ Whatís a nation? Have you ever had a say, like a vote on anything, any particular topic that actually matter to you, anywhere? You donít get it.These actors that are put in as political parties and so on, and they go along with the standard agendas, and then you wonder what on earth theyíre up to when they make all these strange little rules, laws and so on.So, you get no rights at all, and how even the pretenses of rights today, and you still vote for them because youíll vote them back in again.


Look at Europe. Europeís all but demolished right now. Because like every other country they are importing stuff from the Third World, thatís manufactured abroad, the top corporations that were based in their own countries own them in China with the cheap labor. But nothingís made pretty well back in your own countries.So, what are you calling it your country forÖ or your corporationÖ or Britain has decidedÖor Canadaís decided?†† What are they talking about? Were you asked to vote on something? Of course youíre not.Or the wars that come up? And again, at one time folks used to scratch their head, at least scratch their heads and say what on earth are we doing over there?†† You donít even get that now, do ya?


Because youíve been trained itís all out of your hands. Again, back to Man and Superman and George Bernard Shaw, you know, they would rule the world, all these experts. You just shut up and behave yourself and go and play and you be good citizen. Thatís what youíre told. But the folk never catch on because theyíre too well-trained. And I said this years ago, I said youíll get 20 years of the Internet and then theyíll reel it all in and then it will be a curse to you. Because itís just nothing more than pigeonholing you, constantly pigeonholing everything you do, your personality, even changes, until if you change any routine youíll get a knock on the door by the world special police force or something to find out why you havenít continued with your usual routines. Iím not kidding you. Iím not kidding you at all.


Itís astonishing how folk are adapted to this. But, yeah death, itís okay for us to sit by and be proud of our nations as they starve other countries. These could be you getting starved to death. And what say do you have in your country for what leaders are doing? But itís okay to starve folk in another country, who just the same way, have no say in their own country about what their leaders are doing either, Ďeh. Youíre dealing with massive political power plays by the most important people on the planet, wherever you look, corporate or otherwise, who want resources, they want these countries resources or who want the land. Or who wants to rule them, basically, straight out to rule them.Thatís what youíre seeing.


And any excuse will do for corporations.I gave the talk years ago where an awfully good documentary was put out in Britain and its when Sierra Leone had a so-called civil war going on. And Sierra Leone had diamonds of course and gold, etc. But the documentary, from Britain I believe it was, was very open; at one time they did some good documentaries.They showed you the British mercenaries that were over there basically managing the troops, ordering the troops around and so on, the native troops in Sierra Leone, they had native troops there too.†† The British troops and the mercenaries were managing them, directing them, like officers basically.Then they flashed into a big, massive tower in London, a big business tower where a corporation, international corporation in diamonds and gold had its offices. They talked to I guess it was a CEO or a managing director of this company whoíd helped finance the mercenaries and even finance the weaponization, the arms, etc. for the mercenaries to train the locals and get the wars going.


Because what had happened is their own people had put in their own leaders who wanted to have rights over their own country and the resources, their diamonds and gold and so on. So this company in London said, come on, he says, they donít even have a proper government. And he was a quite candid fellow.And he laughing when he was asked why are they in there meddling with this countryís affairs? He says, look at that, look at what theyíre sitting on, he says, look at what theyíre sitting on, he says, and they donít even know it or use it or even bother to exploit it.You know. And he talked back to the reporter as though he was, he wasnít offended, he was just felt that you canít be serious that you asked me why weíre in there.You know, to him itís quite logical, thatís what you do.


And Iíd rather have that, Iíd rather have someone honest about it, why theyíre going in and plundering a country, rather than this political hoopla thatís for the same thing. Look at the talks I gave about Tony Blair when he was in, the one-man band to wave his hands to get Britain into the war against Iraq as well. Thatís what he wanted.Nobody else wanted it.He was bought and paid for. You know who, afterwards, was his paymaster afterwards when he left, who did he go and work for?J.P. Morgan.M-hm.And where did he, what was he put in charge of afterwards? Where did they put them in charge? Of The Quartet, they call it, managing Middle Eastern affairs for the corporations in the oil and gas industries.Thatís what everythingís about.But he also, it was in the newspapers, and I always gave the links to things, the actual stories, it was admitted that before the war in Iraqi started, he and some of the top oil corporate executives met together and divvied up Iraq before we even invaded them!


This is reality, folks. So never fall for their, theyíre just bad people. I donít care who theyíre talking about, theyíre just bad people.These are ordinary people, like you or I, across the planet, who generally donít want very much. And whoíve got as much say in their own countries as we do, which is nil. And youíve got these corporations using national armies across the planet to fight their wars for them, to plunder.Itís disgusting!


But no, I canítÖ I canítÖ Look at, again, from the 20th century, right, you know, thereís 2000 years, almost 2000 years. Then you get into the millennium, 2000, and it really started in 2001, and 9/11 came along, boomf. There you go.And weíve used cluster bombs since then. Weíve used what they call the bunker busting bombs, which literally can shatter the insides of a mountain.They really are tactical small nukes, thatís what they are.And we havenít even touched on biowarfare laboratories across the world. Weíre just looking at how we use conventional stuff, you know, conventional ways of slaughtering or starving or whatever people to death.


What would you do? Think about it, ifÖ just reverse it. If your country gets so broke, as it gets plundered, at a time when youíve never had a minority of people getting richer and richer and richer, and an even smaller minority getting richer than any pharaoh could ever dream of in ancient times to the present, as they tell you youíre Democratic, and then youíre stuck with the bill for it all, as they get the profit, which is what happens now. And supposing some country says, well, you know, we wonít be happy till you get your government out of office. Then they start embargoing you until youíre starving to death. Think about it, folks. Never mind this global agenda when theyíve conquered the planet and everybody on it under sustainability, they start reducing the population by taking away energy and all types of food from you, etc. etc., and sicknesses returns, etc. etc. Thatís all part of sustainability, folks.


People arenít living longer today because theyíre living in mud and waddle and stick huts.And once you put them back in itÖ And by the way thereís some articles [Alan chuckles.] that are going to try this [Alan chuckles.] in sustainability programs, in places like Wales under a novel little thing that they call them hobbit houses. Sounds wonderful and quaint, but I know where itís all meant to go, folks.And most folk donít, they donít, they fall for their propaganda. Especially the children, who have had early early conditioning into the whole agenda.


So what I say is, think about it. Think about it. We havenít got nicer going up to the year 2000. Before that, as I say you have the 20th century of mass slaughter like never before, where your whole GDP was put into armaments to slaughter and blow things up, and people and blood and bones. To blow it all up. And to burn it and scorch it. And we think weíre civilized. Now we try to do it quietly if possible by starving folk to death. Because the leaders that they have no control over are supposed to get out of office because the West or some other country wants them out. Or their neighbors. Or whoever it happens to be.


And just like alwaysÖ You see, the US had the right idea when it started.No foreign entanglements. No treaties, you see. And they forgot that quick enough, didnít they?And then of course President Wilson managed to get them into World War I with Bernays who boasted about it afterwards, using the biggest marketing company to put out propaganda to get them into World War I. He boasted, he put a book out about it, how they did it, how they conned the American people. And since then [Alan chuckles.] the US has been involved in war after war after war after war.And once that happens, corporations are ruling you. Quite easily.


So anyway, yeah, mass slaughter was what weíve done in the past.They had meetings in Britain while World War II was going on and the King was, it was held under the Kingís auspices supposedly, an international meeting for the countries that could attended. Talking about theyíd have to go further, because the war wasnít killing enough people off, and World War I hadnít done enough either.So they talked about ways to reduce the population of Europe in Britain. Then they went to it. And itís up to you how you want to guess how itís been done. But believe you me, itís always done under the auspices, weíre here to help you. Thatís the easiest way to do it. Always. Isnít it?


But itís not fast enough today now.And under sustainability for global society, youíve got to go back to a carbon neutral society? Do you know how impossible that is?They never talk about the forest fires or volcanoes going off. You know how many volcanoes are off right now across parts of the Pacific? All the way into basically just north of Japan even, thereís one or two on the go right now.Thereís earthquakes going on.And of those, that stuff is polluting the sky, like you can see it from the satellites. But they never mention that, do they?Öthe people who are petrified of it, never mention that.Isnít that weird, Ďeh? Öabout pollution and carbon, Ďeh?Hm.Thatís holy smoke isnít it, from the God Volcanus, Ďeh, Vulcan.


But anyway, when you donít have consistency of rationale, thereís something else on the go. You breathing is terrible apparently.Even though carbon dioxide is a trace gas, which is essential for plants to thrive on to create oxygen, hm.There ya go.Trace gas.Most of greenhouse gas is actually water moisture. We call it humidity.But facts have got nothing to do with the big agenda to reduce the population of the world. Thatís what itís always been about, very openly as I say from the 1800s onwards, and then hushed up after World War II, and reinvented again with, to get us all on board with it.We might object if they ask for you to just willingly die, hm?Öto save the planet, Ďeh.


Itís so easy. Bring it about in a different way.Weíll all have to change how we live. And how youíre going to change his reducing energy, including food, food is an energy source.And the type of food too, folks.As I say, we didnít get to live a bit longer in this day and age by living in mud, in wattle, they call mud wattle huts.And dampness. And then cold in the winter. Thatís not how we got to live a bit longer. Think about it, folks. Think about it.Thatís all I say is, think about it.


And for the people who did warn us, going up to the year 2000 and beyond, we are going through it all.People get caught up in the immediacy of todayís meme, which is to terrify you. And they forget about yesterdayís meme and so on. Until they lose track of the big agenda. Youíll find everything falls in place with the big agenda, folks. And donít just panic each time you hear the next scary story. Itís control, isnít it?


Anyway, I didnít even mean to go all this tangent this week, but Iíll put some links up for you to follow. For those that want to do it. And Iím going to put all the ones up on the latest barrage on sustainability and how youíve got to live this way and got to live that way, and cutback this and cutback that. And be run by experts, you see, your new priesthoods.If God is dead, well, hereís your new whitecoat characters, the experts, you see.Theyíre your high priests. Theyíre gods actually some of them, so they claim themselves.And Nietzsche would certainly be proud of them. And so, with the gods of the mind, psychology as they call it, behaviorism, to manage us so perfectly into this path without most folk even recognizing whatís going on.There you go.


Anyway, as I say I didnít even mean to go off on this tangent, but I thought I might as well rather than just parrot the news to you. Because the news really is weaponized.And you donít get dissenting voices pretty well out anymore. It is going to get worse and itís going to get worse as we go through it all. We have our nudge experts, Iíve given talks on them.Theyíre international and they prod you to behave on the Internet and so on, or theyíll cut you off. And theyíre active and at it.They are going to teach you whether you like it or not to self-police, donít do this, donít do that, donít say this, donít say that.And just like Bertrand Russell said, in the socialistic gulag run, basically, this world gulag which they are creating, this electronic gulag, Russell said theyíll cut off your funding, your money, your credits, whatever they want to call it from the state until youíre on your knees and you canít pay your rent or feed yourself, until you behave.


And that is happening. Weíre living through this, folks.†† And thatís not coincidence. Because the characters in Russellís day helped plan the whole system up to the present time. Including, ah-ha, what Russell talked about, the true language of numbers. Which is of course what they run your electronic systems by, isnít it?†† Youíve got to realize youíre in an incredible agenda.


Anyway, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, where the bugs are doing well, thereís no shortage of them. And they certainly get fed well enough each time I go outside. They swoop in there and I donate, I donate all the time to wildlife. Every year I do that, until Iím white as a sheet of course.But thatís just the way it is.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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