Aug. 11, 2019 (#1733)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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The Jeffrey CleanUp:

"How Much Smell as Jeffrey Fell, Protection Evaporating,

 From Intel Op. to Belly Flop, a Memory Left for Hating,

 Some Powers Cry, Others Sigh with Hope it'll be Forgot,

 Along with Screams Children's Dreams Cry Forget-Me-Not."

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 11, 2019.  When 9/11 happened, I remember telling people on a live radio show at the time, that they should keep a hold of their sanity, it’d be the hardest thing to do is keeping a hold of your sanity. Because I knew there was a massive agenda to be unleashed for the 21st century, and academia in the 20th century, they always said the 21st century was the century of change or transitions as they say. And you’re living through them all the time. I also said that the countries that fomented the world agenda for world governments, or world unification, organizations which are published of course, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations and the creation through the Milner group of the League of Nations, then the United Nations, and the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, all these private institutions that you take for granted were all set up by the same institution.


And it was to dominate the world and even use world wars to make it all happen, to make folk give up sovereignty and also to bring a whole collection of banks up to incredible financial standards, or wealth, because of the wars; they were lending to every nation of course in World War I and II. So, money, power of course is the new substitute for war. Of course it is. And those who control money or even who fixed the rate of its purchasing power for the day or the week or the year, are in control of everything. It’s quite a powerful institution indeed.  


However, most folk don’t understand it. They think we’re just drifting down through time and that the talking heads - and we do have authorized talking heads, we’ve always had authorized talking heads - are there to give you what you think is the right information. Brzezinski said, you also find… Well, he did say, and I’ll repeat it again ad nauseum. But Brzezinski in his book in the 1970s Between Two Ages, in reality the whole future was spelled out pretty well in that book. Brzezinski, who was way up there in the CFR, the head at one point, and Trilateral Commission naturally too, never mind being an advisor to the most powerful country in the world for a long time, the United States of America, and for their various military wings, etc., he said that people really expected the media, the private media, to give them their advice on everything, and if anything that was important for them to know, personally, for your own survival, whatever it happened to be, economic, whatever it happened to be, he said the people will look towards the media to inform them. And that was a powerful, powerful tool obviously.


He wasn’t the only person to say that. He was one of the last people to say that. [Alan chuckles.] Because it’s been said so many times in well over 150, 200 years in fact. But that’s the case, most folk literally think the media is somehow more honest than people they know, or than they themselves are.  An odd thing, really. They didn’t always believe that.  Because people at one time who lived through, especially the people who lived and fought through World War II and survived after it and came back to their countries, they were well aware that there were other forces ruling them and they understood that the media moguls literally were running the opinions of everybody. Because they give you your opinions, really.


In Britain especially it was amazing because it was just, it was so polarized, the papers, managed and often owned by the same groups, mind you. They would give you your left-wing papers and that was generally something with the red star on it or something like that, and they would give you the ones on the right, so you’d have ‘the stars’ and ‘the suns’ and all the rest of this kind of stuff that even goes on today.  Obvious what it’s all about.  So, the workers get the star and the other ones get the sun symbol, that kind of thing. That’s how it works. That’s an example I’m giving you. 


But at least back when I was small, I could hear grown-ups talking, and ordinary guys too, who could reel off the moguls who owned each paper, and what their politics were, who they hobnob with, and what they really, what they were there to do basically in their newspapers. So, people had an idea then.  But since then they’ve gone to an awful length to dumb us down so much, until folk don’t question things at all… it was in the newspaper, it must be true.  As they said in Wag The Dog the movie, if it’s in the movies well it must be true, or on television it must be true. And that’s how people think.  And Brzezinski said that, he said that shortly the public will expect the media to do their thinking for them. Well, that’s already happened. I think it already happened when he said it, to be honest with you. But now definitely the people don’t question things at all pretty well.


He said, they’ll expect, like an appendage to their brain, that the media will guide them, tell them what to do and so on. Well, now it’s even worse than that because you have this massive Internet too doing the same kind of thing. And folk don’t quite clue in.  I did shows many years ago about this very problem, of how we get our information and how even in the basic, the basic five minute summary after some Prime Minister or president or combination of politicians talk you’ll get always two people, at least, at least two people who would then decipher what you just heard and give you the opinion you’re supposed to have from it. Well, you heard it yourself, can’t you make your own mind up? Do you really need two people to tell you what opinion to come to?


That’s how they see the people, so dumbed down that they’ve got to… You see, everything you see is to give you opinions, not to give you choices and let you make your own mind up. And most of it’s done by simply omission. You either have all the facts there or only partial facts. Partial facts is, you can easily lead people into the belief of a conclusion judging from partial facts. But if you give them the whole story, with all the facts that you know of, then they might have a more honest and realistic assessment of what’s going on and come to their own conclusions. But they don’t want that. You see, we are in the most controlled society that’s ever existed.


And getting back even to Adam Curtis, he talked about this in some of his documentaries on how we are given our opinions. He even gives one from the 1960s when he shows you the 1960s and how the public were given a kind of nicey-nicey, post-World War II era, a kind of old-fashioned idea of how you’re supposed to be, and how the families were supposed to be, and how the police really were.  They had Dixon of Dock Green in Britain for instance, your friendly policeman shows.  They’re all just dramas, fictional dramas to give a false impression, as Jacques Ellul would say, because all dramas, fictional dramas and movies on police are basically propagandistic, that’s how they’re done, to give you a false idea.  Police in reality will charge you with anything.  Even if they’re not looking for you, if they come knock on your door and see something they can get, they’ll do it.  That’s just how it is.  But according to the old Dixon of Dock Green, oh, maybe at one time they did in fact help the occasional person get out of trouble, young guys and stuff like that, rather than have them go to court they would give them warnings and advice and that kind of thing. But that’s all gone now. 


We live in a very, very formulistic system and we’re all guided along the same paths. And don’t forget too, in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and the 80s, especially in the US you had these very, eventually [Alan chuckles.] kind of naturally aged anchor people on newscasts, that the people grew up with. And they’re paid massive, like superstar salaries, for reading off the news, that had been written by other people naturally. But they could… if you grew up with them, they were like your father, and that’s why they kept them on so long because it was easier to… Well they must, they’re telling us, I grew up with that guy, he’s telling me the truth, you see.  Why would he lie to you, you know?


Then you find that so many of them in the States actually belonged to The World Federalist Association, and got awards for it.  And their whole idea was the elimination of nations, for those who never clued in even back then, and bringing in a world type of government system. And you don’t necessarily need a parliament building to have that. You can still have the remains of, which would become regionalized or localized governments that used to be your federal governments, just like the EU, participating in this big amalgamation basically. That’s how it’s done. 


So here you are in the 21st century, the century of transition, or changes, and we’re going through all kinds of it now.  And you see the countries, as I say, that set up and funded across the world all the different aid programs, paid the debts off of a lot of countries.  You constantly give out money to these nations, your nations do give out massive, massive loans, that they know they can’t get paid back, so the guarantors, or the taxpayers back home in your own countries pay it.  So, you’re used and used and used.  But the idea is they constantly bring countries up and so on to a higher standard of living, is to eventually do away, eliminate the borders. And that’s all part of the deal, well documented as well. And if you’ve noticed, all the nations are pretty well doing this from the top down, regardless of what they call the party supposedly in power at the time, and without any supposed declaration to the public that they’ve eradicated the borders or disassembled them.


That’s the interesting part to me is how it’s obvious, it’s very obvious it’s from the top down. And of course, they’ve all signed on to agreements with the United Nations to do with mass migration, etc., but it doesn’t bother telling the domestic people at home.  And that’s interesting to me because if anyone really believes that you have a democracy, I wish you… I’ve got a lot of good fantasies to sell you, really, from children’s stories I heard a long, long time ago.  The system we are in today really is not, it’s not democratic. It used this idea of democracy as a battering ram. Because people want rights, right?  And so, you get behind the parties that are always in, for over many, many years, that demand that you have rights for you.  And yet you’re seeing a different system being pushed today under this term democracy. And it’s the elimination of nation-states as you know them. That was all part of it. 


I said that again way back in the 90s on shows, that eventually the big driving powers, Britain was gone after World War II. World War I really finished it, the debt that was incurred, then World War II was the final nail in the coffin. But they’d pass the baton on, as they say in the CFR or Royal Institute of International Affairs, onto the United States to take over. A massive tax base, you see, and great economy, at the time, to take over. So, they had plenty of work for the people, so they can tax them and use that money as a battering ram, again, across the rest of the world. But eventually the US was to merge into the system, as I said, it would submerge into it in fact, into the system it had created. That’s what you’re seeing today if you haven’t figured it out yet.


This isn’t speculation either. I can back it all up with all different books and so on put out by the big think tanks in the world, and that the globalists use. Globalist is a term which we’re supposed to not use anymore because they keep changing it. As soon as you start using the terms they give you [Alan chuckles.] then they hit you with some nasty remark. But the fact is, globalization was a term for the elimination of the nation-states. At one time it used to use communism.  And they use the communist tactics.  That’s what the Reese Commission was about in the 1950s, the inquiry into the big tax-free foundations that fund and trained thousands of nongovernmental organizations as big pressure groups and lobbying groups across the world, which bypass any ideas of democracy of course.  If you’re paying folk to demand it, then so much for democracy, the person with the biggest money or the most money can get what they want, naturally, in this so-called democracy, right.


But big, big think tanks were all connected, and some of them even like the Ford Foundation I think was eventually taken over by the Rockefeller Foundation, staff, they took it over and run both of them.  Then you had the Carnegie and a whole bunch of them, these mysterious foundations from the past. And don’t forget that Carnegie himself, this little fella who supposedly, according to mythology, was born in utter poverty in Scotland, etc.  And who was an intergenerational revolutionary by the way, his family were anyway.  Interesting, you can tie that in with Payne and others too.  Again, this conspiracy stuff. But the fact is, it’s true [Alan laughing.] and they publish it in the actual biographies of the guy.  It’s quite interesting that he comes over to the States, he’s in all the proper organizations and clubs, if you know what I mean, he just shoots to the top with all the robber barons. And from the very beginning they had a consolidation, a consortium you might say, of all the big mines and steel mills and everything that was going to be made for the future, they ran it all. 


Then when you get into the Rockefellers, then Rockefeller, old man Rockefeller said himself that competition is a sin. And he meant it. He wasn’t simply being facetious or a snob. He was telling you what they believe in. They don’t believe in giving you competition. They believe that all the world’s resources should be in the hands of the people most apt to use it wisely. Which is themselves.  They’re a private club. Very private indeed.   And under the guise of using democracy across the world, they ended up having a good part of the Third World all working for them for nothing, even to the present time by the way, a lot of them, and then they would submerge the United States and other countries into the very system of a globalist society which they created.  That’s all. 


So you’re living through the final parts of this stage of it, today, this is the chapter for it, for the century. That’s why we’re seeing such incredible hatred, incredible hatred put out from the very, very top. I’ve never heard so much hatred coming from politicians in my life, against people who’ve got nothing to do with politics at all.  But literally, I mean, some of the politicians who are running in the United States, who’ve gone through the Universities, have been taught to hate people, and even the people who’ve got nothing to do with rulership at all. It’s a terrifying thing. These are politicians running for government. It’s not what you would call minorities, although really, technically, they are aiming it at minority.  It’s a new thing to see even the media using this terminology.  Which doesn’t bode well for the future at all. But it’s been authorized from the very, very top, this mysterious body you might call it at the top that mandates who the next target is going to be, or who’s to be taken down, and who is to be lifted up, etc. etc. etc.


We are all used. We are all used along the way. Every group out there is used along the way. But most folk never catch on. They still tune into the same places every day for the same indoctrination of what your viewpoints should be on certain things. It’s just astonishing to see them doing it over and over and over again. But again, people are creatures of habit, and that’s an awfully important thing. Because even when you’re told by the big systems that run the Internet for instance, of censorship as an example, or they’re spying on you through the different programs that you use, and who are the worst spies and they’ll tell you that too, folk who have been, and I said that years ago… [Alan chuckles.]


They understood, with all the real sampling in real-time they did over many years, they knew if they could get the folk hooked on it all first, the Internet, completely, that once you start to take away their rights and freedoms, after years of it all, the folk would stay and still use it. You see, get you hooked first, then gradually take away your rights, etc. And they were quite right about that. They had MIT involved in studies and all other universities doing their little bits and parts here and there, across the world, and sharing the data, and they’re still doing it all of course, in real-time, as they dissect everyone and give everyone a profile, which they update every day in real time as you’re updating your data about yourself if you’re using all their programs. So, in other words, they know you’ll keep doing it.


And it’s astonishing, for many years, when I mentioned it to certain people, privately, you know, people might not really know by just casual conversation, or even in private inquiries into them, what do you think of this one, what do you think of that one? And they don’t mind, they’ll tell you, well, I don’t mind, they know everything about me anyway. That’s the standard answer. Well, they know everything about me anyway so what’s wrong using all of it?  That’s their answer. That’s the defeatist attitude, you see. That’s what it’s all about.  And that’s what they hope you’ll all do, you see.


The sad thing is, it’s always the same percentage of people who will all go for it. Which is the majority of them, they’ll always go along with it. If you give them a free thing or whatever, more so. It’s that easy. As I’ve said before, every tyrant in the past could only imagine a tiny fraction of power if they had enough spies to mingle amongst the populations and keep… But here you have everybody putting their daily data up there, and it’s automatically put in by algorithms into their personal profiles for the authorities and for everybody else across the planet in the big global intelligence system to manage and see, you see.  


I said years and years ago that everybody must be predictable in this system, for those who own you, who will always appear to be as champions for you. But they own you, at the top, the very, very top.  To feel safe, they don’t feel safe enough unless they know everything about you, and everything to be managed about you. And here you have a whole world’s population, the ones who can afford it, putting it all up, with all there is there and they signed everything, they’ve agreed to this and agreed to that in all the different apps etc., they’ve given it all away for a little free this or a little free that. What tyrants in history could imagine…  they wouldn’t… they shouldn’t have bothered with all the wars they had, just offer them free this and free that and you could’ve taken over entire nations without even using armies. That’s what’s happened.


Astonishing really, ‘eh? Because freedom is such an important thing to a free society. You can’t be a free society, ‘eh, you can’t, when you’ve given all your rights away, folks. Again, I’m not trying to convert anyone because most folk don’t care. They’re not… They don’t care. And they pretty well understood it from all their behavioral studies and so on long before they gave you the Internet, they talked about giving you this system of communication before they actually gave it to you. They said that most folk will give away their rights and so on just to get the use of it. And they were right, when all that came to pass, they were quite right on the statistics that they had put out as a projection how many folk would just automatically adapt to it and who wouldn’t care less. 


Because we’re brought up to trust.  We are. We have a natural inclination to trust those in authority. That’s the sad part of it too.  Because we’ve been given authority figures for so, such a long time, and that’s why your news goes to such great extent to try and capture attention and they all have these slogans, most trusted man in whatever country it is, or woman in whatever country it is, or the most trusted network. Really, they tell you they’re the most. Who says so? Do they ever show you a survey?  The only arbiter of trust and belief should be the person who receives the information.  [Alan chuckles.]  And if you get it all from one place then, I feel sorry for you.


At the moment as I say, we’re going through the big change in society where, the old system is to be further destroyed. And that’s what it is, the old system. Getting back to the CFR, which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization, you see. Carol Quigley said it in the book Tragedy and Hope, he said that their right in some respects, and there has been for many years now an organization that behaves in the way that people believe that, I’m ad-libbing, but the way that communists act, and he says the reason for it being is that much of our goals are the same. Well, when you figure this out and you realize all the international banking system are on board with it, they’re members at the top, of the Bank for International Settlements, and Quigley mentioned that too, and the IMF and the World Bank, etc. Then you realize that they got everybody on board, that really matters. And running the country, they have members all through governments that you elect. And he said it too, that every president in the United States for, and this is in the 1960s he wrote that book, for about 60 or 80 years every president in the United States had been a member.  It doesn’t matter of the parties.


So, the same agenda always continues. And we’ve seen it. We’ve seen it. We’ve seen it.  Right now we’re going through the radical phase of it. Radical change. Again, just compare it to the Communist Manifesto and the planks of communism where they had the elimination of, the nation-state eventually would wither away, they said.  And people say, why would it just wither away? You know, just the weather, was it a wind that came in? No, no, no. It’d wither away when they’d basically overruled, or just like the CFR said about the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, where one of their top writers at one time years ago said, rather than hit the Constitution and the Bill of Rights head on, he says, we’ve just got to do a run around it, like a superstructure, build it over and around it, etc., just ignore it. And that’s what has been done. 


Well, you’re seeing it happening with the world now. Completely. All the countries. And they haven’t given you anything new to replace it by.  Which means, if your basic system that you’re supposed to run by as a citizen in any country, if your rights, whatever it is, a charter of rights, Bill of Rights, a Constitution of some kind, if it’s all torn up, or being ignored, then what system is ruling over you?  It is therefore lawless, isn’t it? If the old, [Alan chuckles.] the old myth again, that the people ran the country, if that was the case, then whatever really is running the country, on your behalf, is lawless, it isn’t yours at all. You have to accept that. And that wouldn’t bode well either, would it?


But it’d have to be done, and of course, in the US, at least they had it written down what should be done if that was the case, if you had a lawless government. But folk don’t recognize it as that.  It has the pretense and formalities of the same thing, they can wrap themselves in the flag and say traditional quotes and so on and repeat them to the people. And you’re trained to simply, oh, okay they’re, it’s like they’re one of us or something, you know. That’s how simple it really is.


But we’re going through again a massive change, a massive change.  There’s hardly a thing that happens today on any scale at all that isn’t either resulting from the massive changes or even planned. Because for everything that happens in a negative fashion, it has a positive effect on the old agendas of how do you take rights away from the people. Quite fascinating to see it done in the way that it’s being done.


 I always think of the old movies, The Manchurian Candidate, they did different versions of them.  I like them all actually. But the idea was quite simple. You find that many others touched on that kind of technique, of altering behavior by drugs, hypnopedia, even electroshock therapy, de-patterning the brain as they tried with MK Ultra, things like that. And you have to understand, we tend, most folk tend to think in a very singularly objective way, so if they’re looking for something, you can mention terms to them like de-patterning the brain, you know, they immediately jump to the MK Ultra idea and Cameron’s techniques. And he was only one of many in a group at the time across the US and Canada, and elsewhere by the way, we’re doing the same things, for the same group.  But most folk never really think beyond what they know about it.


You’ve got to understand that there are many ways to depattern the brain. It’s the object, you see, if the object is depatterning, the technique of getting there, there’s many different techniques of getting there. Drugs is the easiest way. And the drugs today are far more effective in targeting specific parts of the brain than the old LSD, for instance.  And now they’re trying to use LSD again now as a therapeutic technique. They never give up, do they? Yup. But again, that’s when money comes into it. But regardless, we’ve got to always remember that the drugs today, and these drugs are everywhere. It doesn’t matter what remote part of the country you live in, you could probably order them, or go into the nearest town and get them there on a street corner, very quickly, anytime night or day.


And so many of these drugs are definitely, definitely created abroad, outside the country. Now, if the systems of police and law enforcement wanted, really wanted, or have been given the backing to do so, they could nip a lot of the stuff in the bud. But I’ve never seen a time, looking at the articles in the newspapers, where it isn’t just a suitcase or briefcase of cocaine anymore, or bag of it that’s getting caught coming across. You’re finding tons and tons in singular hauls getting caught going into Australia and other countries too.  It’s such a massive industry. The whole of Latin America is pretty well living off it. And then you have the old triangle, the old Golden Triangle for the opium agenda being turned into heroin. Then they mix in different combinations of course with it, altogether in fact. And then you have the synthetic drugs flooding into the country too. This is by design.


It’s by design.  Understand, in a war scenario there are many ways to take down a nation. There is economic. There’s psychological. The whole purpose of psychological warfare is to demoralize an enemy so much that they’ve given up already. They almost got that way in the 60s and 70s in Britain. Because Britain was under such heavy taxation from World War II, and World War I really, but World War II. And no jobs. And they didn’t tell the public they’d signed agreements to join, literally submerge into this European Union. They didn’t tell the public at all, for many, many years, until the late 90s, that they’d actually set up a secret organization under the Council on Foreign Relations, again, or Royal Institute of International Affairs, who drafted it all up for the countries to sign. And they drafted up the NAFTA ones for Canada to sign, you know, the CFR. And they admitted it by the way, after the fact.


But at the time the people in Britain didn’t know what was happening. They had, oh, this Cold War going…  and they get all this money from your taxes and to pay off debt, and build more missiles and submarines and all this kind of stuff. They’ve always got have a reason, you see, for keeping you in poverty. And they did it, until as I say, Britain overtook Sweden as the capital for suicides. So, there’s psychological warfare, that’s what you get when you do that. You can depress the country financially, for instance, knowing it’s going to cause hopelessness.  And those who are hopeless will either take drugs, they’ll even do suicide or overdoses and death, or just basic suicide in itself. If you can’t see a future… Margaret Thatcher said that on a nationwide broadcast at one time. She said, there’s a generation who’s growing up now, a generation who’s growing up now who will never see work in their lifetime, get used to it. And she did away with the old pub closing hours until they’re open pretty well all day and way into the night.  It’s better for them to spend their unemployment and welfare money, because they had massive unemployment, for young folk that is, to have them in the pubs getting drunk than have them on the streets and marching and demonstrating and fighting.  So, you’re always getting managed. And they understood too there were other forces encouraging this as well.


So there’s many ways to get the changes that you want. For the last crash, the United States, just before, leading up to the crash in 2008, the planned crash of course, everybody at the top understood it and didn’t suffer at all. The public got hammered naturally. And then because you’re all borrowing this fake money, which, I mean, it really is backed by nothing. But the magicians in the US Federal Reserve had the rights supposedly given to them to be like a banker to the world, including Canada, and they bailed out banks outside the States under ‘special drawing rights’, they called it. They bailed out ones in Canada too and I did the talks on it at the time, even though Canada denied it at first. Then I got the ones from parliament where they agreed and signed it, and all the information came out. And sure enough, we’d all been bailed out by the US Federal Reserve basically.


They also loaned across the world, for those who don’t know this inside the US.  But inside that magic house they just wave wands basically and add little zeros to the computer screens. Because there’s nothing transferred anymore, it’s not backed by anything. What a secret society that must be, ‘eh?  But as I say, we’re due for another one and that’s what you’re seeing now.  It’s warfare techniques to get you used to the idea.  It gets you used to incredible change. Then they’ve trained, since 2008, and since they put on the quantitative easing as they call it, which is just inflation, but also basically ‘neutral or negative’, or just neutral interest rates at the banks, everyone’s been trained in those few years to the present, right, it’s so easy to do it, isn’t it, to expect no interest returns if you have any money in the bank. 


D’you realize that’s millions and millions, that your whole population pretty well, except for the big boys and gals because the ones at the top, they have special, special investments and so on.  You don’t get anywhere near that with your paltry little savings. But everyone’s accepted it. They haven’t closed the banks.  Because as they go cashless you have to transfer every money through banks and so on, you see. So, you still need the banks. You see how they’ve made, you need them, even though they don’t really serve you a function anymore, otherwise you don’t have the function of getting interest from them, etc. 


Everything is training you and training you and training you for this, the new system that’s coming in. And step-by-step you’ve been trained, you’ve been trained not to expect interest from anything. You still accept the fact your banks take that little bit of money you put in there and they’re investing it, overnight across the world and making a fortune in interest off it from other countries, at massive interest rates too. But you yourself get nothing at all. And you accept this somehow as normal. Because no one’s going to come out and tell you anything different. No one in authority, that is, is going to come out and tell you anything different, you see. Because you expect someone in authority to go through the media and tell you, and be an appendage to your brain, like Brzezinski said, and do your reasoning for you.


It’s quite a system. So, despondency, like Huxley said, he said you know, with drugs, and Soma drugs…   And you’re getting all kinds of drugs legalized now, not just the marijuana. Some of the leaders have said, a couple of years ago, they’d like to legalize all the drugs. Well, that is coming, folks.  And with it also comes the mayhem, because drugs destroys the brain. And you’ll see more and more chaos, which gives them a right then to take more and more rights away from the public, in all sorts of ways. And again, most folk again, the same people who automatically will tell you, well I know they do this, and they do that to us, but well they know all about me anyway… Well these are the same people who go along with every new law that comes along until you know…  that’s just the way it is, the majority always go along with it.


It’s the same thing with, I think it was John Pilger who is one of the people who did an interview a long time ago, many years ago, with I think it was Leni Riefenstahl who did the big amazing movie for its day on the Nazi party for propaganda purposes, with all the special effects of that era. It was quite amazing really. But he asked her, he said to her, well what about the middle and upper classes, didn’t they see the warnings of a totalitarian regime coming down, etc., etc.? And she said, well no, not really. No one asked any questions. We just kind of floated through it and into it. Well you see, that’s how it always is. Isn’t it? You just float through it because…. Well, we’re all floating through it together, so it must be normal.  [Alan chuckles.]


And you end up in a different system, that has all the signs coming down of a horror, that’s how I see it, as a horror. Because when they radicalize different sects of society to seek out some kind of, what they perceive injustice or revenge on another segment of society, only horror can come out of this.  But that’s being preached, it’s even getting promoted from the lips of politicians who are running for office in the States.  That’s not healthy at all.  And so sure enough, we’ll float through it and people won’t object enough, and it will probably happen. Because the future has been planned.


I won’t go into it because I’ve given so much out over many, many years, and folk have written books on this stuff I've given out. But I don't get much of a reward myself, even to just tick along here. So I must remember to ask you to buy the books and discs, at least donate to me  Always list all my official sites on that page in case any of them go down, who knows. So, list them all. And remember, too, here’s another thing, you should always use different browsers. Not just use them but have an access ready to go for different search engines. Because it’s just astonishing the blocking and the wipe outs of searches that you do now for different people. It will get worse and worse, so there’s many search engines out there that can bypass, at least find who you’re looking for. Always remember that too.


Buy the books and discs and please donate to me and help me tick along. Because I do not live high on the hog. I’ve got a lot to do to this ole dump of a house or just to fix it up for this winter. And I probably won’t manage it either. And the winters are horrific here. There’s some damage outside around the house, and that’s just the way it is. I live a very simple lifestyle. Very simple. Because this isn’t just a job to me, and it’s not just a vocation. It’s a necessity. That’s the only reason I came out in the 90s was to start putting this stuff out. And I did a lot of damage at the time, that the mainstream, that the supposed alternate talkers that you were given at the time just stuck on the same old things and I told them the in-depth stuff. Now they all prattle the same stuff, but they need someone to do it for them, to make them do in the first place, because otherwise they would never go into the truth of it all. I made them shift their focus and start telling way more to the general public.


But from it naturally you get an incredible backlash from the official alternative, you might say, who you’d upset the plans.  I always say, if you see [Alan chuckles.] something you don't like on any particular group, of who really supports them, and who they will not criticize, then you should make your own mind up about them for goodness sake, people.  Hm.  Because times are changing all right and changing awfully fast.


Now, I want to rattle through a few things tonight. I won't even get into the shootings they've had in the States, there've been a stack of them of course already. Not just the usual shootings. There's been a lot more shootings across the United States, because there always are. But these particular ones with different people just losing their top altogether are almost copycats.


Horrific video shows knife-wielding assailant violently stab woman, 54, in insurance agency during 'random' rampage in California that killed four people as police say suspect is a 'violent' gang member who had been in prison 14 times and 'should never have been let out' - / 8 Aug 2019


We saw a lot of that actually starting with supposed terrorist incidences of people driving cars initially inside the States and other countries and killing folk on the sidewalks.  And you'd be amazed at how that affects a lot of people. You add drugs to the mix today and you've got real big problems. Real big problems.  And I think it will get worse, myself. But really, when I look at what's happening, I mean I thought even in Mexico, most countries put signs up, or road signs, like, be careful of bends, you know, tight bends in the road and things like that. Or you know, be careful, you're approaching a bridge or something. The Mexicans put up bodies.  I guess it's a cheap way of doing it.


Mexico gang leaves 19 bodies, some hanging from bridge, as a warning - / 9 Aug 2019


Folk don't realize what's happening, what's happened throughout Latin America over many years now. And there's awfully good books out there on the gangs that run pretty well most of Latin America. In fact, a lot of the gangs in the different areas, who run cities and towns, act as governments. And they do get roads paved, they do put sewers in, when the government wouldn't, and stuff like that. It's because the corruption is rife, you see, and drugs run everything. But young children get recruited by being given a pistol by, again, at the age of 10 or 11 or 12, and being told to go out and shoot someone. They do it and come back and that's them in the gang. And so, they kill folk from the start, without hassle. And believe you me, it's like raising robotic psychopaths in a sense, isn't it? When you add drugs to it and all that too... And that's normal for so many people.  Anyway…


Mexico gang leaves 19 bodies, some hanging from bridge, as a warning / 9 Aug 2019


Mexican police have found nine bodies hanging from a road bridge alongside a drug cartel banner threatening rivals.


(Alan:  ...rival gangs, it's not for the public. It's to threaten other gangs.)


Seven more corpses were found hacked up and dumped by the road nearby in the western city of Uruapan, and just down the road were three more, making a total of 19.


Well that's…  You understand why folk are worried, they're very worried about a borderless society. And the ones at the top know that the first ones out of a lot of countries are the gangs, the criminals.  And they have come out of all countries [Alan laughing.] across the world and set up networks, their own networks, etc. without a problem. So I'll put this little linkup too. We're in for terrible times, people.


It's obvious to me, and you will be living through this chaos, this planned chaotic upheaval, it's planned, and it's counted on.  Because you're going to find we're going to get turned, to an extent, as they flatten a lot of these so-called Western countries, as they flatten them, as they bring up other countries, by using your money and so on, as they flatten you, they said they would do this, you would come down as your money brings other ones up. But you'll find that top nations, some people, some nations, the biggest expert is almost, or maybe the second export is just people. That's another way of course of taking over certain areas.  Of course, it is.


I can remember Nixon many years ago, President Nixon and when he had a meeting with the President of China and he was talking about all their people being behind this... this... like the communists in Russia, the same kind of thing, an Iron Curtain type thing and how they wouldn't let their people have freedoms, etc. And the president of China said to Nixon, he says, well okay, I can start giving you millions, how about 20 million next week as a start? And that was the end of that, just a kind of polite little laugh of embarrassment and that was that, you know. Many ways to do it.


But again, it's going to creates tremendous upheavals in the so-called first world countries. And that is the plan. Whether you like it or not, that's planned.  Because you're going into a completely new world.  A completely new world.  A completely new right and wrong.  A completely new system of relationships, men and women, all the rest of it.


And eventually too, the Epstein thing too, which is all, you know, he's dead now, we're told, so we're told, then I'll guarantee you they're going to start hammering now to lower the age of consent. That's a given. That will happen.  Because they've already had world meetings before about doing away with limits on 'intergenerational' sex, as they call it. You wait and see.  That's a whole program in itself. 


  Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide - / 10 Aug 2019


But they've already, as they said themselves, they sexualized the planet, hypersexualized it.  And they've hypersexualized the children too, are given cell phones, they can get everything on their cell phone.  And computer. And that's going to be, that's going to be used in the so-called formulaic arguments that you'll hear eventually. Well you know, the children are all, they all know what they're doing now, blah blah blah.  And you wait and see. Some judges have already passed that as okay in trials and that in Latin America in the past years. They say, oh the child is precocious and therefore is, there's no crime. You wait and see. You wait and see, folks. 


I'll tell you another thing too.  [Alan chuckles.]  It takes me back to even Margaret Thatcher again because she was asked in a televised show about all the unemployed people. I think it was the same talk where she talked about a generation wouldn't see work in their lifetime, get used to it. She said, well they can get work and people can get work, meaning the working-class people, you know, and girls too, well they can get work like they used to do in the Upstairs Downstairs series on television as maids and pantry maids and things like that for the wealthy and work for the wealthy people. That's what she said, you know.  Well you can also take that, and I hope someday somebody puts all this stuff from universities they collected into books, to show you that behavior, the sexual behavior, into the same context. Because that also will be used when they push for intergenerational sex.


Because a lot of those women in the old days were incredibly terribly abused by the so-called, I call them owners, not hirers, you know, they were owned pretty well.  And a lot of them were beaten up as well for failing to do this properly or that, where they were just beaten and beaten and beaten. Terribly. Some of them wrote about it.  I hope someday somebody puts all their, all the stuff from universities they collected into books to show you the real, what the people themselves wrote about what was happening at the time. Because it was horrific. Well, get used to it again because we're going to go through a lot worse as things get dire and pretty bad.


But this whole Epstein thing I keep thinking of Ghislaine Maxwell the daughter of Robert Maxwell who literally scammed millions and millions from his employees' pension funds. And not just pension funds, he was jumping, he had like a pyramid scheme on the go with businesses and newspaper collections and so on, he was moving money back and forth from different ones. But there's more to Robert Maxwell than met the eye.  And it ties in of course with the daughter as well, and the other children no doubt. But it says here, this is an article from 2000, the year 2000 about the business empire.  I've got the articles too when they supposedly found the body of Robert floating way far off, etc., and that's a different story again.


How Ghislaine Rose From Ashes – Maxwell's Heirs Building A New Business Empire / 23 March 2000


FOR Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell, it was an exquisite moment of triumph and redemption.


As she sat in the front row of Fashion Week’s Ralph Lauren show, all eyes were on her

(A:  You see, her dad was in such disgrace, in Britain that is, not outside of Britain but in Britain, for what he'd done. And it took a lot of scamming indeed. But it says here...)


and the man at her side:

(A:  … at that time, because for her, Ghislaine and the rest of the family, they were nationally embarrassed and so on, right.  But hhhh, it says here, guess who launched her back into the limelight, and it was in the year 2000…)


Britain’s Prince Andrew.

(A:  That’s who she was arm in arm with, who led her there, you see. And it says…) 


As necks craned to see, as cameras flashed and motor drives whirred, the favorite child of the former New York Daily News owner smiled regally and quietly savored the attention.


Just a short time ago people spat the name Maxwell — if they spoke it at all.


Now, the public gesture of friendship by Britain’s most eligible royal was a signal to the world that the once reviled Maxwells were back. And beautiful. And 39-year-old Ghislaine is their public face.


(A:  It’s quite the usual stuff, you know, she’s up-and-coming again, from nothing again, you know, cleaned out financially. Although she was left 100,000 pounds I guess it was a year in an untouchable fund that her dad had worked out. I’m sure was a lot more than that, mind you. But the dad himself had looted, it says…)


He had looted $600 million from the pension funds of his employees in a vain attempt to keep the empire afloat.


Robert Maxwell saw himself as Britain’s Joseph P. Kennedy, the patriarch of a dynasty that would wield financial and political power on a global scale. Like Kennedy, he expected much of his children and pushed them hard.


(A:  Now, this is interesting here. This is an old article, right.)


“He would interrogate them at the dinner table about history or geopolitics,” said a once-regular guest in at the sprawling Maxwell estate in southern England.


“He could reduce them to tears if they didn’t know an answer. He could be a cold man and the temperature in the house dropped noticeably when he was there.”


The colder he was, the more his youngest daughter tried to please him.


(A:  Well, you’d almost swear he’s training them [Alan laughing.] for [Alan laughing.]  for some kind of intelligence agency at that age… and geopolitics and all the rest of it, and in a very serious way, ‘eh?)


Maxwell even dreamed that he might one day forge an alliance with the Kennedys by marrying Ghislaine to JFK Jr. The two became close friends and remained so until Kennedy’s tragic death last year.


(A:  Interesting, ‘eh?  It’s also interesting here, the way things are worded, ‘eh…)


…in January 1991 he bought the tottering Daily News and rescued it from oblivion, she was sent to Manhattan to be the advance guard for his foray into New York society.  (A:  …from Britain.)


A few months later he was dead. Of all his children, she took his death the hardest. She was unable to accept her father’s guilt and likely suicide (A:  …likely, hm?…) and insists to this day that a dark conspiracy of Mossad renegades (A:  Interesting term, renegades, eh?) and Sicilian contract killers took his life.


Now, why would she just not think Mossad period?   Why’d she say renegades, why would renegades of the Mossad go for him? It’s her inability to understand what? You know? It’s astonishing to me because Epstein, she was definitely procuring it seems for Epstein in the US, for years. She was given by her dad the money before he died for the KitKat Club in England.  That was an interesting term they used from an old club, a name that used to exist, of Whigs, they called them Whigs at the time. These are these wealthy merchant industrial types who were all for a type of change in the world in a sense, that was their particular club, where they could talk without being, ah, just slammed in prison for maybe making threatening to or take the government or something or do away with it or whatever it happened to be. It was a club.


But she eventually was given, they called it a working, a working girls club. It’s not for working class.  It’s wealthy. It’s almost like she was already [Alan laughing.] into that kind of thing then, recruiting people, women for certain things. And I wonder about it because her statements before about Britain, and then about her dad, why would the Mossad go for her dad? And then you see Epstein and the sad thing with Wexner in the US, who seems to have been almost like a, acted like a, the parental type figure for Epstein, and a distributor of money.  Because it had been pushed into my head, it’s already been said by others, that it’s basically a honey trap system that he had.  Especially when you asked to know about the sexual proclivities of the different people who were using these youngsters. After having their thing off with the different people, he would question these girls about their preferences and if they said anything and yada, yada ya.  This is, these are, this is sort of blackmailable.


And everything may be filmed, naturally, they keep talking about photographs, photographs. But how many videos and CDs, etc.? Or were they all burned at the island when they had all those big fires there? I don’t know. We’ll never know. But of course, lots of folks are going to wonder, really, and not surprisingly, at the information that that man had in his head. And obviously, to me anyway, all the agencies behind… Remember it came out too, Acosta and different people as well, long before that too, and I’ve got other articles here from top newspapers going way back, years, where some of them mention that they thought that Epstein as far back as 2000 as well was possibly Mossad. 


So, it’s like a massive honey trap operation. A person who was involved and then caught out at it would definitely, definitely have had, maybe even seen it in the movies, a whole bunch of people would get letters to be released on his death if things look suspicious, you know.  And that would be his security for whoever he would possibly work for and deal with. And someone who had so many different politicians, from different countries, and no doubt top civil servants and so on and people of power over different areas, well, you would have to get the state involved to somehow quieten it down.  The best way is to say he’s dead.


They still talk about old Robert Maxwell.  I mean, he was supposedly found miles and miles and miles away from his yacht, and it’s never been explained either as to exactly how it all happened. And was it him they even found? It’s easy to get a body, isn’t it?  In some of these little places, these little island places everything is just bribery and you can get anything you want, you can buy anything you want, and get it stamped, no problem. And smuggling someone out of the prison? Well… If it came from the very, very top, because of national security reasons, and had to be done, well, that would be the end of it. You would have the right folk in at the right time, the cameras would go off and that would be that basically.


So what I’m saying is just, it’s going to create more and more questions, this whole incident, than it’s going to answer. Really. Really.  You can’t overestimate the power behind it. This isn’t just a massive pedophile ring. This is a well worked out standard system of sexual slavery.  You know? For definitely high-profile characters. And some of the girls actually said that their passports were taken from them by Ghislaine, I think it was. And they have to have sex with different characters, when they were taken over to other countries.  But they couldn’t leave the country without the passports, so they were getting blackmailed into having sex, etc. This is quite an operation. Much, much, much, much bigger.


  NYC Power Couple’s Butler Says Swedish Teen Told Him of Epstein Island Horrors - / 9 Aug 2019


There’s no doubt about it, you’ve got at least one intelligence agency, I would say, behind this.  And the guy could be working for a couple. As I say before, I really believe, myself, that for many years the top agencies are really just one. And the big Five Eyes idea, there’s maybe more than just five.  But anyway, that’s just by the by. So, I’ll put this article up anyway, how Ghislaine rose from the ashes supposedly after her dad died.  And…


Inside the mysterious Manhattan apartment building on East 66th Street, where underage models, lawyers, and key players in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking circle all live. Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is a frequent visitor - / 6 Aug 2019


…and so on. Lots of articles.


Why ARE the rich and powerful so in thrall to Ghislaine Maxwell?  Despite court papers linking her to a tawdry 'sex-slave' scandal involving Prince Andrew and billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein she still has amazing social connections - / 9 Jan 2015


I’m sure you’ve seen them all yourself. It’s more like a soap when these things break out, especially by the way they’re treated. Because there’s much, much more can be said. But because you’re dealing with big powerful organizations. People are terrified, really. Terrified. And everybody on the general television stations and that know exactly where their bread is buttered and what to say what not to say.  That’s the ones who give you your opinions, eh? It’s quite amazing to really, really, really look at it all. And then… 


Unsealed documents detail alleged Epstein victim’s recruitment at Mar-a-Lago - / 9 Aug 2019


That’s another one. Now, this one here is an old one too…


Maxwell's body found in sea / 6 Nov 1991


Robert Maxwell, the flamboyant head of one of the world's biggest media empires, was discovered dead in the sea yesterday (A:  This is 1991.) after disappearing from his yacht off the Canary Islands.


As London business analysts were predicting the break-up of his business empire under the pressure of £3bn debts, his widow Elizabeth and their son Philip flew to Gran Canaria and identified his body at the Gando air base. They later flew to Tenerife, where the inquiry into the death will be held.


The body of the Daily Mirror publisher was winched from the Atlantic by a Spanish helicopter 20 miles south-west of Gran Canaria. Spanish national radio said he was unclothed and showed no sign of violence.


At a hastily-improvised midnight press conference at Reina Sofia airport in the south of Tenerife, the island's Civil Governor, Angel Delgado, said Mr Maxwell's motor yacht, the Lady Ghislaine (A:  That’s the same name of course as his daughter.), left Santa Cruz in the north of the island at 10pm on Monday and put into Puerto de los Cristianos at 9am yesterday.


But, he said, Mr Maxwell's body was found by a fishing boat floating 19 to 20 miles from Gando on the other side of the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria - more than 100 miles from the obvious route between the points of departure and arrival. Asked to explain how the body could have got there, Mr Delgado replied: "That's a good question."


Well, whose body it might have been, ‘eh? And this is the stuff of movies, isn’t it?  [Alan chuckles.]  But the oldest trick in the book used to be people putting their clothes and stuff next to a cliff, and the sea down below, etc., and then they’d, someone had just committed suicide. Then they would disappear of course. Sometimes they’d turn up 20, 30 years later in some exotic place or something like that, well…  So, it makes you wonder. These things actually happen, as you well know. And if you did have intelligence agencies involved, it could be the easiest thing of all, easiest thing to arrange someone else to be someone… [Alan chuckles.]  There’s plenty of cadavers around, folks, every day. Plenty, plenty.  And with the right connections and that you can get anything you want or look like or whatever. I’m just… it’s speculation. It’s the stuff of movies but that’s the real world, though.   


Isn’t it? Look what we’re really looking at here just with the Epstein case. Just you wait and see. Yeah, not difficult.  But it is the stuff of incredible conspiracy indeed. And let’s be honest here.  The very fact that the man was caught before and charged, and pretty well given a slap on the wrist by all the news reports, meant there’s a lot of people in the US government and state departments and state governments too that had to turn a blind eye deliberately or stamped different documents to get him away with that one. Come on, here. Come on.  It’s got telltale signs everywhere.




Chelsea Manning jailed for a YEAR for refusing to testify against Assange - / 7 Aug 2019


There’s your freedoms for you.  There’s… so they can get what they want to get from people, right. It’s just like other folk they don’t want any information on, nobody knows anything, ‘eh?  [Alan laughing.]  That’s okay.


FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat - / 1 Aug 2019


Well, I’ve heard all that before too because you’re not allowed to say certain things, and eventually you won’t be able to say anything unless you belong to a top newscast on television. That’s the way it’s going to be, a top group. And also 


Remarks at the launch of the United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech - / 18 June 2019


By António Guterres.  I think António Guterres, I remember he was basically a communist pretty well with his life. So again, they have their function, their place.  Like Quigley said, we take everybody into this organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, he says, you know, communists, dictators, it doesn't matter to us. …the guys who gave you all these organizations.  M-hm.  So, it will be very selective who gets hammered and today it is, it’s just targeting certain people.


Also, Christine Lagarde, who was in many scandals before when she was head of the International Monetary Fund.  Tax-free position by the way. Not bad for some, ‘eh?  It says…


The World of Monetary Policy, According to Christine Lagarde - / ‎July‎ ‎3‎, ‎2019


Statement by Managing Director Christine Lagarde - / 16 July 2019


Because she’s now moving to be put in charge of the European Central Bank to practice her magic there as well. And you’ll see how all that goes. Interesting stuff coming up in money. Very interesting stuff indeed.  Because yeah, you thought that was bad enough in 2008, you wait and see. Because now they’re going to bring in non-, the non-weirdness of negative interest rates. Now you’re going to get charged just for having your money in the bank now, you’re being trained to believe it’s a good thing now. Everything you believed in the past was wrong, you understand, and they’re going to give you new ways of looking at it. Before it was good to try and get a few bucks together to save for something. But now you’re only going to get punished for just not using it. And they’ll use, they’ll charge you for having the money in the bank at all, or even using the bank. And it’s going to be good for the world, good for you. You wait and see. Yeah.


You understand, all the old things you thought were right are all wrong. All of them. And this is the new order of the real one, ‘eh?   [Alan chuckles.]


The International Monetary Fund at 75: Evolve or Risk Irrelevancy ... - / Jul 18, 2019


So now they’re going to revamp it with the new name or new something, I’m not quite sure yet. Well actually, they will be sure, they just won’t tell us yet. They’re talking about, it maybe outlived its old purpose. So now you get a new purpose for it and all that kind of stuff or new name or whatever, ‘eh?  And then you’ve got…


U.N. flags need to cut meat to curb land use impact on global warming - / 8 Aug 2019


Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh my God!  Oh my God!  There you go.  It’s all your fault, ‘eh.  I’ll put up the ones on Maxwell as I’ve said before. It’s interesting really. You could always, you could really do a great movie on this one. Honestly, you could. Couldn’t you? It’s got all the things. It’s got sex. It’s got blackmailable threats, coercion. It’s got intelligence agencies and the blackmailing, possible blackmailing of different, you know, government people.  Oh, it’s fantastic!  It’s got all this beautiful story, ‘eh.  Where is James Bond? And also


'It is possible': Reserve Bank chief hints Australia could soon have ZERO per cent interest rates - so what will it mean for YOU? - / 8 Aug 2019


Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh my goodness.  It’s getting scary now, ‘eh? Getting scary.


New ECB President, Christine Lagarde, Praises Negative Interest Rates - / 2 July 2019


Enabling Deep Negative Rates to Fight Recessions: A Guide - / 29 April 2019


But really, I’ve prattled on so long already and I’ve got to bring it down a bit.  Because there’s some stations that actually broadcast the stuff and I go over the limit. They tried to, have to crush it into a higher speed rate, which makes me talk like a chipmunk.  So I really shouldn’t go too far here.


But I hope you get something out of what I’ve prattled on about tonight. Because I don’t really plan these things.  I like to just, things come into the mind as they come into the mind on certain topics. But get ready, I would say get ready for the next crash. Because it’s planned.  It’s not, they’re not talking about it happening, it is planned. It definitely planned. And they’re bringing in the new system, as we live through it, with negative interest rates in Australia. I’ll put some articles up there about that and how they’ve been warned in Australia.  And also too, there will be limits on spending actual cash, actual cash.


Australian Government draft legislation limiting all cash transactions to $10k -


…under the guise of, they’re not going to allowed folk to avoid taxes by using cash. Well, cash is still legitimate tender as you well know, and until they make it illegal then they can’t really penalize you for using the stuff. And it’s the best stuff to have if the ATMs and everything else goes down or gets hacked again, as they frequently do.


So for myself, and I hope you’re all doing well because as I say, I see people out there, people get in touch with me all the time. And I like that because the system of the Internet and this faceless society except for pictures on screens, etc., that’s not living, folks. And you should try and get a little circle of your own friends where you can actually, if you can get on with enough people these days and make some friends.  Because it’s important to have real conversations and real contacts with real people. The Internet changes how you deal with people and how you perceive reality. It really, it’s meant to do that.  And of course, we really do, we’re meant to live with people and be with people, and you know, meet people for instance. That’s very important.


So for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it’s good night and be your God or gods go with you.


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Why ARE the rich and powerful so in thrall to Ghislaine Maxwell?  Despite court papers linking her to a tawdry 'sex-slave' scandal involving Prince Andrew and billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein she still has amazing social connections / 9 Jan 2015


Inside the mysterious Manhattan apartment building on East 66th Street, where underage models, lawyers, and key players in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking circle all live. Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is a frequent visitor / 6 Aug 2019


Unsealed documents detail alleged Epstein victim’s recruitment at Mar-a-Lago / 9 Aug 2019


Horrific video shows knife-wielding assailant violently stab woman, 54, in insurance agency during 'random' rampage in California that killed four people as police say suspect is a 'violent' gang member who had been in prison 14 times and 'should never have been let out' / 8 Aug 2019


Mexico gang leaves 19 bodies, some hanging from bridge, as a warning / 9 Aug 2019


Statement by Managing Director Christine Lagarde / 16 July 2019


New ECB President, Christine Lagarde, Praises Negative Interest Rates / 2 July 2019


'It is possible': Reserve Bank chief hints Australia could soon have ZERO per cent interest rates - so what will it mean for YOU? / 8 Aug 2019


Enabling Deep Negative Rates to Fight Recessions: A Guide / 29 April 2019


Australian Government draft legislation limiting all cash transactions to $10k


Chelsea Manning jailed for a YEAR for refusing to testify against Assange / 7 Aug 2019


FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat / 1 Aug 2019


Remarks at the launch of the United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech / 18 June 2019



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