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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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August News 2019:

"Ruled by A.I. Professionals, Mind Control Pranksters,

 Slick-Superstar-Super-Rich Too-Big-to-Jail Gangsters."

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 25, 2019.  I get the impression that most of the media in the world is rather sad about the fact that the Jeffrey Epstein debacle, you call it that way [Alan laughing.], or exposé, is over pretty well. Because it leaves them with a real dearth, a void of news. Because we live in such a censored system today, we hardly get anything that really matters to us in any real honest detail.  As I say, what we do get definitely is the gossip stuff and Jeffrey Epstein managed to fulfill a lot of roles with the sex scandal that’s like a soap or good movie. But sex, subterfuge, possible blackmail.  Possible big intelligence agency operation… [Alan chuckles.] Which everybody pretty well agrees upon. And then the clumsy way it was all ended, or appeared to be ended, that no one really believes them. And then the sudden silence again about it from governments, etc.   It’s quite something, isn’t it? But it’s over.  A lot of folk will say it’s sad. I’m not kidding you.


Because we live in such a censored, literally a censored system today with the most powerful people, the most powerful organizations running the show now. Rather openly too.  And they’re not beating around the bush about going after different people, who just say things, or even think things, or even ask questions, for goodness sake. 


We live in such a polarized society now, at least it appears to be, if you really believe the media. Without realizing it, most of what you get from the media now with the classes of different groups, etc. in the States, is often orchestrated by the intelligence services themselves running both sides of it. That’s rather standard too.  If you fall victim to jumping on board through emotion, you’re some kind of loser in reality. I’m not kidding you.  Because I gave talks years and years ago, about what was shown in Britain many years ago when Britain had some type of press, where they could at least talk about other countries. That was the favorite of Britain, they could always criticize other countries. Or show, give documentaries on other countries on certain things that happen. But they would never mention what was happening inside Britain itself. Naturally.


But I can remember they showed a documentary about, a long one too, about what they called racism in America and so-called neo-Nazi groups. They showed you a place in I don’t know if it was Chicago or somewhere, wherever it was anyway, one of the big cities, New York or Chicago. They had a raid, they did a raid on a supposed neo-Nazi outfit there.  They caught, they rounded up about, oh, well over 100 people.   And by the time they sorted out all the people who attended it, you find that most of them belonged to different government agencies that were intent [Alan laughing.] on finding out who the neo-Nazis were.  [Alan laughing.]  So really, they actually arrested two people, and they just walked in off the street, it was winter and they wanted a coffee and a free doughnut.  [Alan laughing.] 


I really have to laugh at this kind of stuff as they orchestrate it by your own government agencies. They keep a lot of mythologies alive in a sense because certain powers benefit from mythologies like that. But it’s quite amazing to watch this happen. And that particular documentary was a long one. It showed them doing the same thing in different cities in the US. It was pretty well the same results, actually.  So, they had so many different agencies, not just the FBI, they had local police agencies, all undercover, all doing the same kind of things. And generally, too, the organizations had been set up by government agents posing as the leaders of these groups and so on. So you have to be awfully, awfully, awfully careful, folks, that you don’t fall into these traps.  Really.  And if you think a clash on the streets with well-funded groups, [Alan chuckles.] well-publicized groups [Alan chuckles.] is going to fix anything, go away. Because that’s not how the world works at all these days. It doesn’t work like that. Not in the least. Not these days.


Really, it’s like a massive social experiment to watch it all happening today.  These are the techniques which were used in European countries, even long before World War II started, where they created… The communists of course were the first ones, based in the Soviet Union, and once they got that over, they were trying to do the same in Germany and other countries too.  That caused real clashes in the streets with different factions. They were very, very real indeed. Because communism was trying to definitely take over. Today communism mutated into the appearance of social justice often and uses the same kind of rhetoric and language. But you can tell by what’s being pushed, it’s the same type of socialist government control.


Don’t forget that in socialism the state is all-powerful.  You can’t fight the state by creating the opposition of itself. You can’t do it. So you have…  I mean, even the Nazi organization, remember, it was national socialism versus the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or the Warsaw Pact countries after World War II and so on.  So anyway, you definitely have the semblance of the same thing being pushed today. 


Nothing you’re being taught really is true about the past when it comes to these big organizations and the wars. Because you can go into looking at the funding of the Soviet Union, very old articles and books about it too that didn’t have an axe to grind at the time, many of them. They told you about the massive aid given to the Soviet bloc really, right after the revolution.  The US put tremendous government money and organizational power into feeding the people and clothing them and so on. And so did Canada and other countries too, they thought it was, the way it was publicized, it was going to be a good thing, you see.  And we’re all schmucks in a sense, to fall for sob stories and human-interest stories. That’s what’s counted upon with propaganda.


But you’ve got to understand too, that the Soviet system wasn’t just meant to stop with Russia or its satellites. It was meant to spread around the whole planet. Remember?  This idea of democracy was laughed at. Sometimes quite rightly so in fact because we never really had it anywhere. And the Soviet system always promises you, and this is the thing, it’s always for a better tomorrow, a utopia down the road, just over the horizon, you might not live to see it but if you have any children at all, which is probably these days very unusual almost, then, you know, your children are going to see it. That was the kind of promise that the people were taught to believe in. 


All through the Cold War too, even during World War II, don’t forget that the West kept the Soviet system alive.  Tremendous, tremendous money and goods and weaponry and so on was all shipped off to the Soviet Union, all through the war. To the expense of all the Western countries that supplied the shipping and so on because many of them got sunk by U-boats and so on. Books written about that too, and how the US supplied them throughout the war with aircraft and heavy-duty weaponry and tanks, etc. etc. 


But not only that, when it was all over and done with, and eventually they nicknamed Stalin the big bad bear again. You know, because we lived in a world of shape shifters apparently. Because it was Uncle Joe became a Big Bad Bear. Because you always need, for the public’s control that is, an enemy or perceived enemy to make them basically hug their own governments. That’s what that’s for, that Cold War type mentality.  So, they turned him into a potential foe.  Now, if you have a foe why would you feed them all through the Cold War? Why would Canada and the US be competing every year for the contract to supply the Soviet Union, to all the countries, with massive amounts of grain, etc.?  Because they did right up to the bitter end of the Cold War.


So nothing’s ever as it seems to be. Don’t ever think it. And again, as I’ve said before, you’ll find with some of the excellent books written by defectors, or had written for them basically, most books today are all ghostwritten, in every country. So just because a person has a name on it, even folk you might know actually in different, even near-to-your-heart businesses, you’ll probably find that their books are ghostwritten if you really dig into them. But that’s how it’s done. But some of these people who worked with them, on their own life stories on the KGB, etc. in Russia, give you a different story altogether of the class system which they belonged to themselves. 


I can remember what they did in Britain too after the Cold War, was to admit, I think it was shown in Canada too. They admitted that really, they had a class system definitely in the Soviet Union. Because power creates the class system. Then eventually you have those who are in at the start of it all who get all the metals and the gongs, etc. and given their holiday homes, etc., in the forest, and servants to take care of them. Because they’re very important people, you see. Then you have this class system. Then their children become the future generals or they also work in the KGB. So, it was a hereditary organization right to its bitter end. And afterwards too when they change the name of it, after the Soviet Union changed, it’s still the same, they still…  It’s much like the Western world too.  The Western world is awfully good at hiring from its own ranks of civil servants, intergenerational civil servants, agents, of course, and secret police and all that kind of thing. That’s how most countries do it and Russia is no exception.


So anyway, we’re living in a system where most of the past isn’t taught to you. But all the defectors in Russia, of all of them, none of them ever complained I think that they’d left the country because they weren’t getting enough of the material goods that the West had to offer. They already, at that level, these defectors from the wealthy families you might say, or important families, had all the material goods.  They live the equivalent lifestyles, even the bureaucrats who left, they had equivalent lifestyles with better housing or apartments and all the latest gadgets and gizmos and electronics, all that kind of stuff, as their counterparts in the West.  So it wasn’t because they lacked anything that they left.  But the rest of the public, as in most countries, [Alan chuckles.] you’re left eating the lowest kind of foods as they keep the budgets restrained and all the rest of it. You know, this is…


Remember too, the Soviet Union shared its data, and the West shared its data with the Soviet Union, from their scientific associations.  That always used to surprise me because every year, every year you read about the big scientific meetings and specialists’ scientific meetings, or different areas of science and so on, every year they go back and forth toward the Soviet Union. Even though if you did a basic study into the Cold War, at that period, and the books were put out there, just churned out about the Cold War, what the strategy meant, and it said that the country with the most leading expertise in scientific areas that could be applied into industry, or weaponry, would become, they would become as the winners, you see. So, if that was the case, why would you allow, [Alan chuckles.] like, your top scientists in all different areas [Alan chuckles.] to go over and meet their counterparts in the Soviet Union and exchange all their data?    


I mean, come on.  You gotta use your own head here. And really laugh at a lot of it. Really laugh at a lot of it, an awful lot of it. There’s nothing really that comes out, even during the Cold War era, this will happen, again, it’s kind of happening again, as they make the enemies reappear as the big bad bear, etc. And China, far from becoming your supplier of all your goods, as it was set up to do by us of course, I hate to say us but there are countries that own us as well, they set them up to be the manufacturer.  Now the Chinese are supposedly a big threat as well. Well, you have to get off this bandwagon, or on this roller coaster, that leads you in endless circles your entire life if you really believed in it all. Because it didn’t really happen that way. Nothing happens by itself like that. It’s made to happen. It is made to happen. 


And, it’s planned that way. The greatest big things that happens in our lifetime happen to be planned that way. There’s nothing that’s unforeseen, really. If a meteor came in, perhaps, they’d have a bit of a chance that… And even then, the big boys have made stacks of preparations across the planet for a wealthy elite to live, with a scientific elite, so that they can hopefully survive somewhere in the world, or some of the many groups will survive if a massive impact happens because of something from outer space, as an example. But for the rest of us, no, we’re expendable. We saw that in so many of the disaster movies, the kind of Deep Impact type movies that we’ve seen.


We also saw it with the terrible movie [Alan laughing.] with it’s tremendous story of an elite surviving after the earth’s crust just happens to start breaking up and shifting and all that, then the seas just overwhelm previous nations. That was 2012 I think they called the movie, where, the elite, again, the wealthy elites would, could buy passage on these specially designed ships. Designed naturally in China because they were fast, the only places left really who could manufacture in a hurry since no one else has got the industry, they deindustrialized, gave it to China.  So, the elite would all survive because they could buy seats on it and berths on it.  And a scientific elite would survive with them.


Even in the movie itself remember, they said too that when they got on board the ships, when these people were all selected, they’re talking about all the rest of the crew, the rest of people and so on, they’re selected for their genetic potential, of good genetic, good genes basically, good health and genes and intellect, etc., for a stock to repopulate the planet. So again, eugenics there. So, you get the ultra rich and wealthy, who naturally must be better than anybody else because they’re rich and wealthy, right? That’s literally in eugenics, Charles Darwin talked about this himself, you know.  And Galton Darwin too. Quite amazing.


So yeah, so the rich would, obviously had proven themselves worthy because they became rich, and if they held onto it for a few generations then they were worthy to go. But the rest of the people would show by, their merit would be through intellect and scientific abilities and things like that, and technical abilities, so they would be chosen for that. But they’d have to also have the proper genes and good genes so, they did genetic background checks and all the rest of it like that. It’s amazing how they bring it all into it, ‘eh?  And you think you’re living in a classless society.  [Alan laughing.]  You have to have a chuckle once in a while, ‘eh? Don’t you? 


But again, Orwell did say it in 1984, some are more equal than others in such utopias.  Hm?  And that’s the world we’re going into right now. Academia unfortunately is a tremendously snobbish field today. It’s so snobbish, with so many, I guess just too many people across the planet going into it. It reminds me of Kung Fu. And I can remember it, you see. I can remember when kung fu was made famous on television by the series called Kung Fu or Caine or whatever it was with David Carradine. All the youngsters and children were going around kicking themselves and giving themselves bruises all over the place by trying to emulate what they saw. This became awfully, awfully popular naturally. Then the movies came out as well about kung fu.  Everywhere you looked, there was kung fu.  If you go into a Chinese restaurant, in Britain for instance, you’d suddenly see, and I mean suddenly, see these guys that came from China, and their chests were out strong and proud, you know. Because everybody in Britain thought, well these guys must all know kung fu, you see, so, they give them more respect. And these Chinese guys could see that, so, they strutted around as though they were all champions of kung fu.


Of course, when you talked to them, they’d say they didn’t know it at all. It was really this… just as entertaining to them to watch it on TV as you. Because they didn’t, they’d never studied kung fu either. At least that was honest. Whereas, but again, the people perceive it all differently, they must all know that. It’s the same in academia. Which again, it’s like getting an infection. If you go into the higher learning courses, and you pass exams, which are meant, broadly speaking, for most folk to pass, right, then you get a little bit of praises from different masters and so on. And you get the little bits of paper. And in some cases, you might get called a different title, you see. And you swagger around, just like the guys in kung fu or Chinese restaurants, you know.


They’ve trained the public to look up to the people, you see, who get turned out, I mean churned out of universities, mainly with useless degrees. Because they’ll never get work in what they’re doing. Most people in… Well, so many people in different scientific areas literally make a career, and they get courses in this by the way, a career on how to live off grants for your entire life.  So, they get taught how to procure the grants. They have courses in them, you know, and how to…  Like salesman, and you become the salesman, or you employ the companies to do it for you, to get grants. Then you can live off grants.   And you can. 


For years how many times did you see, like, say, the heart and stroke foundation, and it did this for a while, silly little [Alan chuckles.] at the end of the year you’ve gotta show something for the money, right, that you’re getting. They would say something like, some countries such as France have said a drink of red wine once every evening will extend your life and cut down blood pressure and help your heart, you know.  And folk would lap this up.  Well, did you know what they said, that… So everybody would start, you know.  And all the wine manufactures were awfully happy then. Then maybe two or three years later, you’d see the same organization telling them, white wine was better.  [Alan laughing.]  Then a few years later they’d tell you that no alcohol at all was good for you.  [Alan laughing.]  So, come on here.  Come on, ‘eh.  Come on.


And if you, have you noticed in the newspapers they have, they had these aggregate sites too. If you click on something from a newspaper or whatever, they’ll take you to an aggregate little news thing. They’ll try and lead you in circles reading silly articles after silly articles to pass your life away. As they monitor you watching them and reading them all. But they’ll take you into these little sites, scientists have foundThere’s a thousand scientists have found, you know, every day, something.  I read the article a few years ago on it and I think I mentioned it on my radio show in fact. And I said, I read it off, a bigger study on these reports that said [Alan chuckles.] the majority of these reports are found to be untrue in two- or three-years time. Because some other scientific crew will get a grant to find out something that’s opposite. They just make stuff up.  That that’s how bad things really are today, ‘eh.


So, you can get a career making things up and passing it out there as real news. I even read the articles from guys who worked and got employed by big Pharma countries to give them great writeups on certain drugs and so on. They actually admitted that, without giving their names out, they can’t do that. They did two or three shows on television some years back where, with the person there in the shadows, but admitting to what they’d done, and making a good living off it, and they publicized this kind of stuff. There’s so much deception out there that it’s not funny at all.


It seems to be the norm across the board is deception today. And it can’t be anything else I suppose really, when you think that most things today are built on a very materialistic scientific basis where everything must generate income. Money.  Either personally or some other way. So, they’ve gotta give out lots of, any kind of articles, just spew them out, to bring them out to get income, etc.  And deceiving people then is okay, apparently. I mean, governments do it all the time, right? And they do. Of course, they do.  It’s sad to me to really think that conditioning of the human mind, it’s been almost so perfect that most folk never question anything at all anymore, they just accept the authorized view on things, like Brzezinski said they would do eventually. We’re long past that stage. We passed that a long time ago. Most folk really, really do.


Even the sciences of conning people are so tremendously accurate now. Because we’re so well studied. So well continuously studied. In fact, if you are not easily malleable, or manipulated by powers, from people that you wouldn’t even meet generally, they’re finding out on the Internet, you see, they know exactly what will get you going in a certain article or whatever it happens to be, and they’ll give you a whole bunch of other ones to follow. Because they’re watching you and they’ll give you all these suggestions. It isn’t just the big ones that are doing it, like Google, you know.  They’re all pretty well doing it. And there’s lots of deceptive ones too that say they’re not, but of course they are. Because they’re making money off you and studying you and passing the information on to others who study and watch you and manipulate you.


As I say, it’s so sad because everything goes down to money. Everything in the system depends on money. Even though money is, we’ve been taught to believe in it, it’s not real. It’s not real at all. Money at one time had to be physical.  To be accepted it had to be physical, something you could hold. Even the weight of money, they called it, the weight of money, when it was coin, at one time a coin, you could live on a coin for all week, maybe a month if it was gold. And longer than that. But the money system, since it is in control of everything, is the most powerful instrument in existence. I don’t care what it’s called or if it’s even abstract today, it’s still the most powerful thing. Because everything on the planet depends on it.  Everything. And don’t forget during the Great Depression you find that all the factories still existed. The companies that supplied fuel for factories and everything else all existed. The vehicles to transport goods, etc. all still existed. But everything stopped when the money stopped flowing. Which sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s what happened.


No one works when there’s no money to get paid with. It’s a powerful thing. And governments are panicking because then they can’t govern because the folk, what is there to govern? The people won’t listen to you. And also, you’ll get blamed for helping it to happen in the first place or allowing it to happen.  So, you’ve got a system where gangsterism runs the system. Now, gangsterism is often very, very legitimate in a sense. I guess that’s the right word for it, really. When it’s necessary, or it’s the, it’s become, it’s made itself necessary, and there is no competition, then of course it is. It’s become a legitimate form, when there’s no competition, even though it is gangsterism. Because it was based on nothing and yet money is supposed to be based on something, you see. Then it’s a con game. And it’s the biggest con in the world of course.


Countries like Britain, and many countries have the same kind of system, had money going way back for centuries based on weight.  It was worked out with different metals and from the top right down to lesser metals and the value per pound, the weight of a pound. The pound was a weight. So, you had 240 pennies, for instance, would give you 1 pound. So that was how you measured the pennies. And you had the same when it came to silver.  Which, again, it had to be of so much of the coinage, like six pence or even three pennies, they had three penny pieces which were silver at one time.  But there was enough of them all counted out had to weigh 1 pound. And that’s why the pound is still called the pound today in the UK, it was based on the value of that. So, no matter what happens you’d always have that same thing on the go.


Of course, the great guys who helped take it all over with the Bretton Woods agreement and all the rest of it, took everyone off the gold standard.  And gold was at the very top. And then silver.  And the British pound was based really on sterling, sterling silver. So, it was emulated across the whole planet, that same kind of standard. You still had gold currency at the top of it too where you could have guineas at one point in gold and that kind of thing. So but really, gold was at the very, very top. Then you had silver. Then you had brass. And then you had pennies.  So, it worked out really well until they took you all off it. Well, if you’re all off it and then there’s nothing tangible anymore, well then you can inflate it whenever you want to. And what they mean by that, they keep just printing money off...  and now they just add it to a computer screen and that’s your money.  


Keep adding zeros to the end of the number and that’s where we are today. Each time they do it, you see, it becomes, whatever currency… [Alan chuckles.] whatever currency they pretend it was based on becomes more and more diminished in purchasing power.  Just like back, and you can do it on the Internet so easily now, on what, say, 1 million dollars or 1 million pounds was worth in 1900 in purchasing power, when you compare it to today, how many millions you would need today to get that same amount of purchasing power in buying different articles and so on, that’s how they work it out. We’re so devalued. And with every crash they always devalue it more. A crash is often designed to be so with the compliance and authority of government in order to bring and lessen the worth, the actual buying, purchasing power of that currency. That’s why they do it every so often. And it’s getting ready to do it again, as you all well know.


It’s a racket. There’s no need, actually, there’s no need… that you couldn’t live on 1 pound today if it still had the same value it had in, say, 1900. You’d live on that for a good week, awfully well in fact, and eat awfully well too. There’s no reason why you can’t. It’s because of the cons of money.  Until eventually you have to earn 10,000 pounds a month to pay a very, the rent, and a little one room place, for a month. That’s where you’re going with it all. But again, it’s a racket.


So, governments are not really what you think they are.  Definitely not today. They work with academia, the conmen that are churned out, with the tremendous arrogance, the same arrogance that you used to see with the class system. They churn them out. And they automatically are trained, in a communistic fashion, because a lot of the techniques used today are from communism. Communism was way up there in using scientific methods and study in manipulation.   Part of the communist technique for planned change was to enforce the belief in, that, don’t trust anybody over 30, for instance, was a common slogan. To get the generations separated. Because with the younger generation you can plan the changes much easier because they will implement it.  They won’t listen to any other folk who have experience and wisdom so you can get rapid change. 


Universities today are turning them out the same way. And they are arrogant. And they swagger. And they actually will look at anybody older than themselves as though they are obsolete in a sense. Because they’ve been trained to see them that way. It’s an anti-human system. Because what the system is being managed by is a system, or where it’s supposed to go is into anti-human system.  When you have rights taken away from you because of your opinions or your thoughts even, or even asking, being curious and asking questions can get you in trouble. That’s where it’s all going. Then you’re not living in a really humane human system at all. And that’s planned behavioral changes, that’s what we’re going through right now with all the changes where opinions must be standardized.


And they really mean standardized opinions. They have all the professionals that they churn out of universities in different areas getting good money, getting paid, you always bribe the henchman. And you can have henchman of the mind, of course. These are the scientific managers, the psychological managers of the mind, paid awfully well to manage us for the masters at the top who pay them awfully well.  You’ll find with these characters who work like that and have no conscience about it, there’s a high level of psychopathy. And that’s not there by chance either.  


We also live in a system where the traditional values, that kept us, the values we used to have kept us secure to an extent, even through terrible times. Because we could help each other out, we had common cultures for instance, and values, and folk would help each other out. Before all these pretended social services, all these incredible agencies that, multilayered to dominate everybody and families and everything else that they have today, people helped each other out. It was the humane thing to do. 


Often people, even atheists would say it was the Christian thing to do. Because it was, the values came from our, an old religious background, regardless of the religions themselves. And so, it worked well in times of crisis for the people. But that’s been destroyed as well. You’re supposed to basically rely on various forms of unemployment, welfare, social assistance, experts again, that are churned out from colleges and universities to take care of things for you, you see. And again, that’s all politicized.  Now it depends who you are, if you want help, what category you belong to. That’s how bad things are now as they divide up into multileveled victimhood areas, you see, who gets priority and help and all the rest of it. Well, I’m so surprised that people even put up with this nonsense. 


Because you see, power will always derive more power from, and guaranteed power from areas that will help the most. That’s why it will keep certain areas and certain groups of people suppressed. They’ll count them for a voting block. When your income, and literally livelihood, just survival, depends eventually on the state supplying you with financial needs and so on, then you can pretty well guarantee a voting block for that, you see. It’s guaranteed. Every group of people out there, I don’t care who you are at all, if you belong, identify with some kind of group or other, you’ll be used down the road by those at the very, very top, who have divided and conquered everybody.


The US had so much going for it for such a long, long time, and volumes were put out by the United States. And yes, the money was in the early and the money managers were in their early and they took over unfortunately the same role that Britain had, under the pretense of being the policeman to the world until they’re exhausted. As many in Britain and academia at the top at that time, who worked for the big organizations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs that runs everything, who planned the global society and so on and who planned for the US to take over, and Arnold Toynbee and others mentioned, the US would literally run itself into the ground as the “policeman of the world”, that it would be exhausted by wars and bankruptcies and so on. Because wars are expensive. And then you could have a massive welfare state out of it too. And that all further destroys you because it’s nonproductive. And yet more wars come along, and you’ve got a dwindling tax base as the ultrarich all bank offshore in real tangible goods like real estate, that’s why they call it real estate, hm, and everyone’s left with useless currency that doesn’t work anymore and it’s so devalued.


Old story, mind you. But it's a shame because the US had a lot going for it. Because it was an industrial giant, with great resources and a large population, very quickly grown basically, a large population. Then naturally gangsters move in, and the system basically bleeds the general population for taxes and so on, which often go off to the very areas I'm talking about now like science and technologies that end up dominating you. And then again, from academia once again you still have eugenics running wild with so many different, ha, areas that really are simply practicing the beliefs in eugenics and inferior types and all this kind of stuff. 


And don't, I'm telling you, don't think that you're in some kind of top... It's like Julian Huxley was a eugenicist, remember.  And the left-wing praises him for being a founding member of Planned Parenthood. But he believed in eugenics. And he said all the helpers and so on would eventually, he said, expect to get into this, it was almost like he was talking about the arcs in 2012 and that kind of scenario. He said, they expect to come into this upper echelon, get to manage the planet, only to be terribly disappointed that they themselves don't have, don't fit the bill in a sense, didn't have the right stuff.  I'm kind of paraphrasing but that's how he put it in his speeches and his books.  So, they'd be used and then disposed of, you see. That's always the way it goes.


Because in their mind they were going to be, and he coined, he used the phrase too, it was often said that he coined it but that's not quite true, but he certainly used this term, trans-human. He was a trans-humanist. And in his mind at the time they were the natural rulers of the planet. Old families. Intellectual elites who had money, power, and scientific knowledge too, he added that into it.  So, they would be entrepreneurs, and as businesses that use sciences or employed sciences to manage everything.   Like the people today who have been presented to us as stars. Because they're awfully rich. And governments basically make their businesses by giving them all the grants, for grants in everything and then promoting them as some kind of geniuses that you should follow. That's what we’re seeing. Trans-humanist.


But they also say that their goal is to alter humanity. Because humans were made imperfect. Just like the world, back to the old Garden of Eden analogy, you know, the world was left imperfect, you see. But the master builders will then perfect it. Now, they're talking about humanity and the planet and everything on the planet. The same things that came out of Monsanto years ago and those who were manipulating genes of plants, etc., they were going to perfect everything. Then we saw it coming from the geneticists who deal with biology for humans. They were saying the same kind of thing, yes, oh classed as this and classed as that and they would basically allow the inferior types to die off, etc. etc. etc.  Like HG Wells did in his book A Modern Utopia.


So, we're living through it, it's just that folk get caught up in the rhetoric, so much so this overload of data that they don't recognize what they’re living through.  They get caught up in the emotions.  So many sites out there now are, what side are you on, this or that or whatever. And the first rule, the first real rule in any kind of warfare, or even in martial arts, is if you lose control over EMOTION, you've lost everything right away, you're a goner. 


A good example of that, and you see it in some sports, at least you see it with old sports. The boxer who used to be called Cassius Clay and then called himself Mohammed Ali would goad his opponents, and by using the media before but goad, goading, sometimes starting a month, two months in advance, just goading them with little comments he'd make and so on. He was perfect for the technique of getting a person to just lose it, you see, so, by the time they'd get in the ring the person’s ready to fight, he's just so angry at him, he's lost his… he forgets everything he's been taught.  And he gets beaten. So, Mohammed Ali would always win, you see.  But that was the trick of it. That was a trick that he used to good effect for his particular sport.


It's the same with all types of warfare. Gaining knowledge is a battle. Gaining true knowledge is almost impossible. And in today's age.  Because through the 80s, through the 90s especially libraries were given lists of books, and I read articles on it too, on shows, where they were told what to dump, all the books to dump and so on, and I read it, don't worry, it will be on the Internet. You see?   And I knew before I even got a darn computer, and I only use the computer just for the show. I even said it in the 90s, when I didn't have one, I said, and I was on shows, I said I don't want a computer really because if I ever get one it will be just for shows, because it's not out there to help me. You see?


So once the books that were up there, but then you start to find that you've got different versions of the books on the Internet. Or half the books will be gone. Or you'd see whole chapters were gone. And then eventually whole books were gone.  [Alan laughing.]   It's quite down the memory hole. It was predicted. I said that would happen in the 90s.  Everything's so obvious. And then folk, oh well don't worry, we can burn this and all the rest of it, yada, yada, ya.  Well, guess what the power is, folks? Because you see, eventually, they don't outlaw this, they just make them obsolete, with the newer computers, and eventually you have computers that don't have drives, you see, for CDs and DVDs. And it’s designed to go that way. Unless you really hold onto old, old computers, and store them awfully well with spare parts and so on, so that you can still play basically old format stuff that you saved, down the road, when so much knowledge is gone.


The greatest technique that is used by tyrants today, apart from massive surveillance like never before... I mean, this is the greatest dream that they could never have in the past, is total observation of every individual. In order to keep them safe from terrorism, you see. Never had that ever before. What a dream, 'eh?  They'll never stop using it. It's going to get worse and worse. They've trained most of the people, the younger folk, that it's quite normal.  They don't mind.  Most of them don't mind.  And that's quite something, quite a step forward for tyranny really, where they've trained the victim not to mind. And the victims don't even see themselves as victims because they get all their free goodies to go along with it, etc.


Some years ago I mentioned articles about behavior modification by governments. And you've got…


Behavior Change Practical Guide for governments


Common Good behavior change

Communicators and behavior

Planning for behavioral change seminars at universities (Alan:  …and so on, on behalf of governments.)

The theory of planned behavior (A:  …etc.)


On and on and on it goes. And these aren't hobbies, folks. These are meant to actually be used. And they are used all the time on us, and folk don't realize it. And that's awfully sad, that, that people have given up, as predicted by the people who study you and published so many of their books and publications, you give up everything for little freebie this and freebie that, for instance.


I'll try to find one little article.  Here's an example for instance, and I think I used this a few years back, by the panels that actually work with the government. It doesn't matter which government, they're there permanently now. And one of them is…


Over the last decade there's been an increasing recognition in the UK of complexity of managing the performance of public policy. 


(A:  Now, the same one in the States and elsewhere too, same organizations because I’ve read them from different countries. Anyway, this is the British one, or one of them I should say, articles.  So...)


The Prime Minister strategy unit, (A:  …right...) in 2002 published a report introducing the concept of public value to the UK policy environment.  And public value refers to the value created by government, services, laws, regulation and other interventions. The report identified three key dimensions of public value outcomes. 


Delivery of services and trust


(A:  That's what they gave us to keep the people obedient and everything working, you must have at least these, right.  And then...)


…highlighted the centrality of public preferences across all three dimensions in determining that value. It argued that value only exists if citizens, individually or collectively, are willing to give up something.


(A: return for what you're offering, right.)


This might involve monetary sacrifices, i.e., taxes and charges.  But also granting coercive…


(A: Here's the key...)


…coercive powers to the state…


(A: Right, where they can manipulate, they kind of force you along, you know what I'm saying...)


…such as in return for security…


(A: We'll give you security but it's going to cost you, you know.  And/or again...)


…coercive power and disclosing information…


(A: They know all about you and what you're doing, what you're looking at.)


…and giving time or other resources…


(A: And as an example, they say...)


…such as blood.


(A: Right, no kidding you.)


Often then this involves changing behavior and this is much easier to achieve if policymakers give greater weight to public preferences for a trustworthy government, due process and fair treatment in legitimizing this change.


(A: It goes on and on and on.)


Now, I tell you right now down the road you're going to get, and they go into the different books and publications they use themselves such as...


Halperin Bates and Bales 2003, an introduction into the social psychological literature on the factors which underpin individual and group behavior. 


And then it tells you how these, this under thing can actually be used to or actually achieve behavioral changes in the populations.  It really throws out the window the idea that you're living through your own life.  [Alan laughing.]   Most folk really do think, well I'm still, oh I plan things, oh I know what my opinions are, no one gave me my opinions.  You know.  Even what they look at has been given to them.  But there's nothing new in it, folks. I mean, this is how things really work. And the public have no idea. Most of them have no idea at all.


It's kind of like what they said about communism. They tried to get communistic uprisings in different countries in the West, including Britain. But they couldn't get the workers to go up into revolution because the workers were too busy working. You see? Well, it's the same thing with all the information on what's happening and have been done to you. What's on the side of the manipulators is the fact that folk are too busy generally making the income to pay their taxes, to pay for the security, to pay to be studied by governments and agencies galore and that kind of stuff to even read this stuff themselves on what's being done to them.


But what they go through is, oh they can offer you little freebies, mousetraps and so on, if you just sign on here and sign on there, and you get a discount at the grocery stores and discount at pharmacies and discount here and discount there. These aren't discounts folks. They're charging the normal price. The folk who won't join their special cards and customer preferences and so on, they're getting penalized with higher charges.  That's what it is. They're not losing money by giving you what you think is something cheaper.  It's all psychology. And unfortunately, it works with most people. 


Now, I had no idea what I was going to talk about tonight. Because really, as I say, there's hardly anything in the news except absolute fabricated nonsense.  When I looked at one of the papers today, all they had at the top was Prince Harry, I think it was, and Megan his wife, flying off to some multimillionaires/billionaires paradise island somewhere for just the squandering of massive money and so on, a private jet yada, yada, as they tell us, the same characters that were telling us recently we've got to cut back and we’re causing too much pollution and stop using, you know, fuel, etc. And they jet all over the planet on their private jets, etc.! You know what I'm saying, 'eh?  Yeah.


Anyway, I had no idea what I was going to talk about because there's a dearth of news, as I say. And people are really bewailing the fact that Jeffrey Epstein is gone to an extent. Because if they'd dragged this out for a while, that's all you've got for months, maybe even a year, is the ongoing revelations, etc. of the scandal. But it's all gone now. And it won't go any further because too many powerful forces are... [Alan chuckles.]  It can't expose these forces, folks, can't be done. And that's the way it is in the so-called democracy that we all live in.


But before I go tonight, 'eh, as I'm prattling on here, as I say, I have nothing ready to even prattle on about. But I'll put up a few things. One is…


To Break Google’s Monopoly on Search, Make Its Index Public - / 15 July 2019


They're talking about these things. It won't make any difference because that happened too with Standard Trust, the oil company.  It's been revealed and actually authenticated that all Rockefellers trust was broken up into different companies, pretending to be different but they all in reality were subsidiaries of Standard Oil. That's out. So, that's all they do, folks. Everything is deception and perception management. What you perceive and what you're told makes your perceptions into what you think is reality. It doesn't. It's still all privately owned for the same purposes.


And power doesn't...  I don't even... Hhhhhhhhh.  D'you really think that power ever gives itself up?  It doesn't happen. That's why countries go to war. Countries go to war because they both want each other's power, or one wants the other person's country for power. They don't give it up. It doesn't happen. It's the same with the corporations. 


Remember too, getting back to eugenics etc., I mentioned so many times The First Global Revolution, which is published by the Club of Rome, a big think tank for the eugenicists. Amazing stuff they have turned out, by the way.  An elitist system that quite openly talks about the fact that democracy is not working. Which we know is a joke anyway. It was supposed to keep us all pretending to ourselves in a self delusional state of mind that we are free.  But the Club of Rome work for the elite, they're one of the big think tanks of how to implement the new system. They said...


In searching for a new enemy to unite us,


(A:  That's from The First Global Revolution, published by the Club of Rome.)


We came up… 


(A: ‘We came up’, right, because they were given the job of finding a way to unite the planet for the elite.)


We came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortage, famine and the like would fit the bill.


(A:  Would FIT THE BILL.  Because that's what they were asked to do, find something that the public could swallow, right, so that they'd all have to listen and obey, in a system of being governed.  Hm.  That's what it really means.  So they go on to say here…)


All these dangers are caused by human intervention.  The real enemy then is humanity itself.


Meaning, all of you lot. Okay? And don't forget too, I mean, Barack Obama was… there's no… Anybody who is picked, I don't care what ethnic group you think you identify with, or your vote for, everybody that is elite, at the top, is all picked by the same club, folks. And Barack Obama was the same. Because he went to Africa too for visits and he told them too, because they were… Don't forget this whole idea of sustainability.  The Africans aren't going to get their central heating, or central air conditioning, the average family there. They're not going to get all the fridges to keep everything good. They aren't going to get things to keep them healthy and help them get healthier and survive better.  But he said, ultimately if you think about all the youth that everybody has mentioned here in Africa, if everybody is raising the living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over unless we find new ways of producing energy. Well, he's telling us that, population reduction, 'eh.  Hm?  M-hm. 


And lots of articles and papers too put out by the elites themselves, and the Gates Foundations and Rockefeller Foundations all go into different projections of tomorrow, you know. One of them is called...


The Country School of Tomorrow,  Occasional Papers Number 1. 


It goes back to 1913. A vision of the remedy of how to depopulate and so on, right, and how rural folks would not be given all the benefits of the elite who had a natural right to rule things basically. 


We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or of science.


That was funded by the Rockefellers 1913, hm.  And that goes for the world, folks.  So, nothing is ever what it seems to be. We live through a dream in a sense. But the dream is managed by those who manage, and own, and believe that they own the world. If they own your mind, because if it's not yours someone else will own it, folks.


Do you realize that true right-wing government, the meaning of it, would be closer to anarchy? An anarchist basically would say, don't bother me and I won't bother you. No rules, see.  The rules apply to each situation that each person who you come in contact with, don't bother me and I won't bother you. That's true, the true right wing-ism for those who don't quite know that.  Leftism is a strong government, a state, the state is God and controls everything. It's the system the elites prefer because then everyone was born and trained to obey. For those who don't quite know that.  Don't follow people because they're put out in front of you to vote for. They're picked out in advance and vetted too in advance. So, I'll put that up.


Again, you know, you find that Brave New World had Soma and so on and how Aldous Huxley talked about drugs being used tremendously on the populations to control them. It's just astonishing to me to see so many articles that are advocating drugs that are basically, were always put down as being illegal because of their psychotropic effect, and getting pushed as good things, that people on the love drug, it’s called a love drug, you see, MDMA, ‘eh, the love drug, you know. So there's your opinion given to you right away...


People on love drug MDMA still know who to trust  (A: says.  ) / 19 Nov 2018


MDMA makes people more cooperative, but not gullible.


For recreational users, ecstasy has long been associated with a harmonious mindset. Now there’s research to back that up. In a new study of MDMA, ecstasy’s main ingredient, the drug indeed made people more cooperative—but only with trustworthy partners.


(A:  You see, there you go, there's your new study.  And I told you about [Alan chuckles.] all these studies. This article is from, I think it's an old one too, quite good, actually.)


Conducted at King’s College London, the study is the first to examine MDMA’s impact on cooperative behavior in detail.


(A:  Getting back to what I just mentioned about the government and their psychological units and the behavioral impact units and so on, working with them. This is one of these articles, you see. And again, King's College London, given a grant, they all live on grants, all these different people, and they churn out these reports after studying it.)


Researchers gave twenty healthy adult men either a typical recreational dose of MDMA or a placebo. The participants then played an online game against an unseen opponent, either cooperating or competing for points. If both chose to cooperate, they both got points.


You see, that falls into the previous article I mentioned too about they'd even give blood, right, as an example.  So, if you cooperate you get points and so on. It's just too easy. And folk are getting manipulated all the time with their computers. It really is sad, that.  Because when it was announced to the population people thought they were going to have freedom maybe for the first time, really, at least for thought expression or whatever.  But it's all been taken away, naturally. You can’t have that, say your owners.


Power and the Internet - / 31 Jan 2013


Also, I just want to touch too, it's an article that's in the paper but it's just pretty typical


Sacramento salon owner claims Californian homeless crisis is forcing her to relocate after 15 years because she has grown sick of multiple break-ins and cleaning up syringes, urine and feces from outside her premises every day - / 20 Aug 2019


I mean, aaah, you can imagine how the folk in, say, the 50s and 60s would have ever, if you'd have given them a store like that they'd have been utterly horrified and couldn't… they'd go into shock.  But now it's quite common, as all the old values that kept everything working, the folk helping each other too, have been destroyed.


Culture war.  Total. You see, that's total cultural war. That's how you take down a country. Forget weaponry of all other kinds, physical hardware, you know, cultural war has been the big one to take everybody down. It worked so well. Even Gramsci said that too, rather than try to force the people to change you simply become their culture and then you start to gradually change it from within, until you… So you take over the culture industry. Or you create a culture industry of entertainment and so on. Many ways to do it. And then take over academia. You can actually plan how many generations it will take before you're in charge. Today they really judge a change of generations in say 10, 20-year periods.  Boom, boom, boom, that's how fast you can get another crop coming up, with a further change in mind. A very old technique actually.


And then…


YouTube algorithm pushes videos with children to pedophiles, report says - / 3 June 2019


But there's no great uproar about that, is there?  Again, with all the cultural war and hyper sexualization of everything through entertainment for so many years on television and so on, and now the Internet, I don't think you can get folk upset about too much anymore. And it's sad but it's true, when values are destroyed.  And when actually that becomes, that becomes entertainment.  I mean even the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, it didn't really have the impact that folk would have had even 20 years beforehand. But now that they're watching it like, say 40 or 50 Shades of Gray and all the rest of it as a standard fare, and Game of Thrones and God knows what else, you can't get folk… They've been contaminated, the terminology that's actually used, contamination, once it happens then you've conquered them.


And then…


Tech firms must give up their awkward secret: Humans- / 24 Aug 2019


…that humans are listening to pretty well everything you're doing in all the different programs you're using such as Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant and the Alexa Voice Assistant, etc. etc. Of course they are, folks. And they have been. Other ones too, it gives you a whole bunch of them here that are totally spying on you. They’ve got articles out by different agencies, that have come out from the agencies themselves admitting that they've used these techniques to spy on people in their homes, by the police and everybody else, yada, yada, ya.  There is no privacy. And I think we should get over that, shouldn't we, and accept it.  That's just the way it is.


But anyway, that's about all I've got time for, really. I'm sorry if it's not too detailed, maybe it is, I have no idea.  I don't really plan what I'm going to talk about.  But just a casual scanning of what's given out for news nowadays and for this week especially, that's about all there is, really. Added to it too by things that haven't been said because it's obvious, isn’t it. It really is obvious.  With your behavioral teams working with governments and working on you with Internet services as well that it's very evident that you're being trained not to even really expect news. And that is the new system.  Anything to do with governments, what they're up to, the bills they’re going to pass or whatever, all that is to eventually get scrapped. You're getting trained into an authoritative way of doing things.  Now that you've accepted that you’re ruled by new laws, since 9/11 because of the antiterrorism laws and so on, then the next step is, now here’s how you’re governed, the Club of Rome idea, on behalf of the elite.


Remember folks, you can buy the books and discs  List down from my main website all the other sites I have, they're all listed on the .com site.  You can buy the books and discs or donate to me to keep me ticking along here.  I always have to remember to keep reminding people because it's… As we all know we’re all getting it, hard up for cash now. Because the currency is really devalued, I think they said 40% since the last crash in 2007/8.  In Canada it definitely is so. The dollar is down.  The purchasing power, what you can buy for a dollar, it's 40% less for you per dollar than it was back then. And it was bad enough then. But there you go. So anyway, go into the website and you can find out how to donate.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


And I thank you for the folk who email, even for the stacks of photos. Most of them, I have a poor audience, apparently.  But that's okay. That's... They're all people.  I get to know different ones across the planet and their situations and so on. And it's good, it's good to be in touch with people who are real, with real, real physical problems and so on. And real financial problems. And all the natural problems that we have today because of the system we're living in. It's across the world.


It's interesting to find out just how similar all their problems are with the same, with the governments and finances, and again, this rather open tyranny, really, we're seeing today with what you're told...  It's coercion. The threats you're getting now if you start to ask questions, or put two and two together which isn't difficult much in these days... I should say, it's not difficult these days but to put different things together, when your government's forcing you, or threatening you in a sense just to regurgitate the standard authorized opinions. Which obviously aren't true in so many areas. And that's terribly sad.  And I think it will be the undoing of lots of the things they're trying to cover up. Unless you get honesty coming out, things just get worse and worse and worse. It builds up.


Anyway, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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To Break Google’s Monopoly on Search, Make Its Index Public / 15 July 2019


Power and the Internet / 31 Jan 2013


People on love drug MDMA still know who to trust / 19 Nov 2018


Sacramento salon owner claims Californian homeless crisis is forcing her to relocate after 15 years because she has grown sick of multiple break-ins and cleaning up syringes, urine and feces from outside her premises every day / 20 Aug 2019


YouTube algorithm pushes videos with children to pedophiles, report says / 3 June 2019


Tech firms must give up their awkward secret: Humans / 24 Aug 2019



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