Sept. 29, 2019 (#1740)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Utility of Sterility:

"Oh, No Need to Worry Says Professional Persuasion,

 With Estrogen Mimickers You're a Sterile Mutation."

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

 There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September 29, 2019.  I hope you’re all surviving as we go into the winter, especially in the colder areas… as northern Ontario for instance and elsewhere, and the States as well.  Because in the last few nights I’ve been down to about 35°F. But not bad during the day except for the rain occasionally, which is normal for this time of year here.  Yeah, it’s cold at night.  And it’s shades of things to come, which I’m not looking forward to this year at all. I think it’s going to be pretty bad. Again. Last year was terrible with the longest lasting winter I’ve ever seen, with snow from September right through May in fact up here, it was still melting.   Then it was clear about June.  And there was no spring to speak of really. That’s how it is now.


It was so heavy with snow last year that, I’ve mentioned it to other people too, that a lot of people lost their roofs, collapsed completely with the heavy weight of snow. It seemed to snow almost every day.  And it was so cold, there was no settling of the snow after, between falls. It seemed to just pile up and pile up and pile up. It was so cold. And there was no January thaw, which is a temporary thaw for maybe a week or two weeks if you’re lucky and it goes back into the winter again but that tends to bring down the snow. Well, that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen this year, this January.  It was so bad. It was so bad eventually that I was so, almost dead, literally, with going up on the roof to shovel it off. Every day. I had no time to do any other work, really.  It was so much snow at the back of the house I could actually walk up the snow onto the roof without a ladder.  [Alan laughing.] 


So, there you go, that’s your… That global warming of course is in action, as they say.   I keep, you know, I really demand, I really demand I get my share of global warming. Because I’m paying my taxes for it. We’re all paying carbon taxes on different things.  And they’re going to put a big one, mandatory one out, whether you like it or not, on everything shortly with the next meeting. Because it was all planned years ago, everything that’s happening today.  And I demand, if we’re paying taxes for it, we should get a good service and get good warming where I am, you see.  And that’s the way of it.


But right now, too, I mentioned it last week I think, or the week before, time really is flying. And I’ve been thinking, thinking, thinking about it for the last two or three years because other folks have told me the same thing, time is just flying along. And I tell you, the worst thing of course is the computer, if you’re working on the computer looking up different articles and stories on what’s getting put out there for news, etc., it’s, time will vanish. And I’ve always known that will happen. BUT I’m pretty certain that since they’re always upgrading, upgrading all your computer systems, etc., and even unknowingly to you as you’re using the darn things, the Pentagon wrote about that years ago and I remember putting the article up that they could affect your mood and your behavior by putting out patterns of pixels, which you wouldn’t be conscious of, but they would affect, through your eye, literally, different things like heart rate for instance, they could be hypnotic.  Naturally, I think we’ve all experienced that to an extent with a computer, when you start daydreaming on the thing and you realize that… [Alan chuckles.] how long you’ve been daydreaming, because whatever you’re reading or looking at is boring, you see, or repetitive, your mind will wander into any daydream.


But I think it really does, I think with all the Wi-Fi and everything that Mr. Persinger talked about, Professor Persinger a few years ago, a guy who worked in Sudbury at the University there with the department on psychology, a kind of advanced type of psychology. But he also was really into, he used the Corbin helmet for instance, which can be put on and it will pulse different frequencies around the brain when you’re wearing the helmet. And its claimed that they can actually give hallucinogenic experiences from it, or in the very least, relax them as marijuana would do sort of thing.  He also talked in his lectures and I put those links up years ago, he talked about a field, a field that we’re all in. We’ve heard about the field theory now, and they come out with all these different theories and so on. But you have to always realize that there’s a way of looking at something, and then another way of looking at something.


Because this unified idea, there’s more to it than unified. It’s literally to do with unifying society under a form of control. Because he talked about how, which is probably true to an extent, that there’s such a thing, there is such a thing as intuition.  We know that, as intuition we get an idea. We’re taught not to trust it anymore, but we should trust our intuition. Because it’s often a warning, at the very least it’s a warning. Sometimes you’re wrong and sometimes you’ll say well that wasn’t too bad or whatever it was and so on.  But intuition is awfully important to us. We’re taught really to disregard things and listen to experts today. But intuition, go into a next phase where you’ll start to have a form of precognition to an extent. And many experiments have been done now, and I know it’s true, I’ve had lots of precognitive things come to me that happen, pretty well the way that you kind of foresaw it happening. Not in a straight vision or anything but it’s like an inner mind, an inner eye type of idea, and it can actually happen that way. 


Now, you can also put that down to the fact, for instance, if you studied enough, read enough and lived long enough, you can also put things together about what going to happen in the world, as an example. That’s a bit different.  That’s fortified by learning, even though you can’t remember things consciously a lot of them, but it will come to you if you suddenly hit a certain topic, you have ideas that’ll come flying back to you that you thought you had submerged in the great subconscious somewhere. But it can happen to you.


Persinger literally was talking about a kind of electrified field, you see. And they have done lots of experiments with it too, even wondering if that’s what the idea of the transmission of feelings across the world to relatives, things like that, come from. You’ve got an idea someone’s going to phone you, even within a continent, and it will happen.  Now if you’re thinking they’re going to phone you every day and they don’t, well that’s just pure chance when they do. But if it suddenly comes upon you, and sure enough, within 5 to 10 minutes you get the phone call from them, and you haven’t heard from them in a while, that’s generally… There’s something more to it, obviously.


So, they’ve actually worked out to see if it’s some form of communication that we have naturally, like animals, through electrical forces or patterns or whatever, that are somehow transmitted. They’ve got all kinds of theories on everything as you well know, and if you’re awfully good you can become a professor of theories, just using theories.  [Alan laughing.]  Which are good guesses, ‘eh.  Right.  And you can never be wrong because even when it’s disproven, they come out with another theory which they can then adopt and still be called a professor. 


But anyway, he thought it was a great idea, this idea of a coming force basically, like through science, where he said, and I think he was really, I suspect he was really talking about, they call it in the Pentagon, artificial or synthetic telepathy. Literally by studying and studying the brain patterns, and giving people things to think about, and studying them as they think about what you’ve told them, they get to know over time which parts of the brain is in action with the different synapses going back and forth and all the rest of it. And it’s a form of language, you see, they think. So, if they can take those patterns and then transmit them out there, you might get the ideas of the person who it was actually studied to get those particular patterns from.  So, you could project ideas into someone’s head, that was part of the idea. Synthetic telepathy.


The military is really big into this idea of synthetic telepathy. Because it would do away with bulky equipment for transmission. That’s really what it is, isn’t it, transmission technology.  And if they could find ways to, again, probably through a chip or something embedded in the right place, it will pick up on something being projected from a distance for instance, and it will be transposed into an actual language which you’ll understand in some way, if it was embedded in the right part of the brain.  That’s what they hope to do. Well, he thought it would be a great idea if this field acted the same way, without the part stuck in your brain [Alan chuckles.] perhaps. But he said eventually you could make people feel what you want them to feel, like hunger across the world, and how great that would be.


Now, do you realize you can’t have that kind of thing possible in a free society, in any kind of society, really. Unless you want to call it pure zombie tyranny because there’s no government in the world that wouldn’t use this on all their population. And maybe it’s already being used, who knows? And I’m sure it’s been experimented with.  These waves, as they call them, they can send out waves.  We know for instance that Zbigniew Brzezinski who wrote Between Two Ages and other books too, about the system to come, and he was up there in the CFR and the Trilateral Commission that helps to shape the world and plan the future in a thousand different areas basically. It’s a big organization. They call themselves The Establishment, the CFR in the States. They call it, they have a DVD out in fact and it was out a few years ago about, where they literally boast about it, that they are, they’re selected at University to join the club and they become the movers and shakers for the society, whether you like it or not. 


Because you understand, the system is working in such a way that elections are a bit of a joke, aren’t they? And they have been a joke for a long time. We know that Carroll Quigley goes into that of course about the fact that the heads of all parties in Western society, and in some of the East like Australia too and New Zealand, are all selected in advance.   Because they belong to the same organizations, the Council on Foreign Relations.  They have the Pacific region too, they include Japan in that too, they have members in that as well, and Australia, New Zealand.  And they have the European group.  And they have the CFR for running the Americas and American policy for the world. And the Trilateral commission too, because the members for Trilateral all are pulled out of the CFR. It’s all one big club, you see.


They’re not accountable to the public. They’re embedded in all governments and the high levels of bureaucracies and civil service. Because the civil service is more important, they know what they’re doing.  [Alan chuckles.]  They might not like what they’re doing, if you knew, but they know what they’re doing. And they’re often employed for life in them, you see. So, they know their area of expertise, in every department of government, far better than any placed politician who has to go to these people and get his reading cards for the press conferences. Because he doesn’t know really what field he’s talking about or what it really is.


So, we’re living in a system that can be influenced. Now, if you can influence it, again, through the HAARP technology, a lot came to the public’s awareness through HAARP technology and especially the one in Alaska that was very prominent. Other countries have it too. They have portable units as well now. And they even have universities with departments with their own little towers.  When they use them in unison across the nation, they can cause standing waves, just like the big HAARP projects.  So, you don’t even need them all together to create the standing waves and super heating the atmosphere, which also diverts the jet streams in the air, the wind currents in the air. And with that you can superheat it too and divert water away from an area or bring it to an area.  These are declassified and you can dig them up if you look into declassified projects on weather manipulation through High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, for instance.  They have different names for them now too, it’s the same thing.  Whenever you get too many folks talking about something, they change the names but it’s all the same thing. And it’s successful, it works. It does work very, very well in fact.


And that’s why with today, with the big push, political pushes for something that’s very important to those who control the world, and that’s why they put everything on this big front, and it is a front, of bringing the world together under the same common rules and laws and values too, to save the planet idea. They used to, you gotta understand that this weather idea, it’s not new. It’s old. And they’ve tried it before with ice ages coming, etc. Just as much, with lots of money poured into it, and big movies came out. And they had the front people churning out books too and promoting them across colleges and universities and schools and televisions across the world. So, fear is a great driver to get folk to comply very quickly. That’s the idea behind it.


The standing wave idea has been used.  Now, standing waves also give off frequencies, and you can have carrier waves, that’s how they work, the standing wave type, it has a carrier wave embedded in it, or it rides on it basically. And you can manipulate behavior with them.  And in a very vast area.  Brzezinski said that Technotronic warfare techniques, using these techniques, in the 1970s he was talking about it. He says, we could, and that means that they knew it worked, they tried it, right. He says, we could manipulate behavior across whole continents with this technology. You can pacify people, without giving them tranquilizers you can soothe the mind through hitting the brain wave patterns, and then as your brain adapts to the pattern, the frequency, you can actually alter the brain’s frequency, at that particular time, and bring in a calming effect. Or you could use an anger effect. Very easy, ‘eh? 


Isn’t it interesting how it goes along with that old idea, the greatest passion, the greatest passion is, the most powerful passions that folk can have are love and hate, and they say that anger and hate are more powerful than love, you see. But anyway, they had tested the stuff out before on different areas and studied the effects through the police reports. And even agriculture, as cattle for instance, were becoming a bit angered.  And it takes a lot to anger the cattle, believe you me, like, cows.  So, they know the behavior, these behavior alterations is when these frequencies are used, really do work. Even domesticated animals biting their owners and so on, and completely out of character. And then by the amount of domestic calls for flareups between couples and families and so on and the children. So, they know what frequencies to use to make that happen, for instance. Now, this is not conspiracy stuff. This is disclosed stuff from the big sources themselves. 


So Persinger, when he said that you can make people feel hunger, you know, from people across the world…  How would you like it?  And do you think it would stop there? And even then, the audacity to say that… and it also infers that those who are controlling it have decided already they have the right to make you feel hunger across the world or be in sympathy with someone and feel real hunger for instance, hm?  Is that what you want?   Hm? Because with that technique you could make them feel anything you want and make them…  For instance, if the elites ever through their population/depopulation agendas which are behind all this move for the climate change, and laws to change the way that you live and breed and all the rest of it, that’s what it really is, folks.  It’s an old agenda and they’ve used different fronts before for it. If they can do that to you, what would happen for instance if they decide, if they really decide to release mass plagues, like Bertrand Russell talked about.  It was a pity, he says, we couldn’t get real killer diseases like the Black death every 10 years or so sweeping the planet to depopulate the planet.  And that’s a mild one he’s talking about there compared to what they have now in their biolabs, believe you me.


Huh, can you imagine how they could beam out some sort of thing and waft your brain until it’s nice and compliant and, oh, you’re happy or content or kind of dozy, you know. But a bit euphoric and feeling good.  Well, you wouldn’t care about that other lot getting killed, or even near you, for instance, if it was being done on you. You understand what I’m saying?   You can never underestimate where power will go. You can never ever say, oh they’d never do that. Last week I mentioned a list of things government had already done. It was only a little bit of what’s, you know, acknowledged, different governments have tested on their own populations. And it’s horrific. That’s the ones they’re admitting to, after years of denial.


And believe you me, as I say, the only way they can do things like this is to keep you naïve, or distracted, or terrified, terrified of things. In the 19th century if you look at the 19th century in Europe including Britain at that time, with industrialized societies, people were generally awfully poor. The workers got peanuts. It was a sustainable economy, just sustainable. You might be able to feed yourself and you might be able to pay the rents in these thrown up cities, red brick cities.  That were crumbled in no time at all.  And crammed together in rooms, you might just survive, you know.  But they did in Malthusian style kill a lot of people off. It was designed to do that. It was designed to do that. And so, they get the work out of you, and as your life expectancy was diminished, and you’re paid peanuts, so they had big profits. And they had lots more to come from the population, as long as they kept breeding when they were young. 


Malthus went through this whole technique of the power of breeding as a natural power.   Otherwise you wouldn’t be around in the first place. And young people have it really, really very strongly. And he saw no reason why it would diminish. Although he did go into ways to alter the outcome of them getting together, to put it that way, and what would happen.  So, what you’re seeing in the 20th century is really something that came from much earlier from Thomas Malthus and characters like him. And it was incorporated into Darwinism.  And ever since then those who say that they own the world, and they do, you know, teach  it that way in academia, they literally have, you think class distinction is dead and gone, who are you kidding?  [Alan chuckles.]  What delusion are you living in?


But yeah, they literally are very open about it. And when you read these little articles that you think are there just for humor and comment, just to get a click here or click there, click based sort of thing, on, well it’s not unusual for people to eat humans, you know, as they bring up different professors to push the little ideas. The same professors by the way, that they generally pushed out there to bring in euthanasia some years ago, now that’s here.  Hm.  You know, you gotta start asking questions when these things are actually getting talked about, about… What they’re getting through to you is not the… is the idea and what they’re trying to get through to you is to accept responsibility that there’s too many of you, you, you see. Not them but you.


They’re already training the youngsters that it’s really bad to have children, look at the resources they’ll use in their lifetime from birth to death, my goodness, what a burden on the planet.  ‘Eh?  Well, the countries they’ve been aiming all this at it’s in the… Don’t you think it’s a bit odd, hm, don’t you think it’s a bit odd that the nations were called, I would say were called the first world nations for a long time because they were the dominant economies, and they had worked for the people at that time, and they were high in literature, etc. and maybe education too, reluctantly of course because they don’t like giving education to the people and have given talks on the how it gradually was incorporated into the factories, basic education so they can read basic instructions and so on. Then the education took off and they had meetings about that in Britain and elsewhere, what will happen if the people were educated, it could cause trouble. If they know things, right, [Alan laughing.] that could be, that’s bad for powermongers. So, they give you curriculums that would keep you preoccupied on a different track than your mind might bring you or lead you to left alone.


If you had access, say back in the 50s or 60s or whatever, or before that, if you had access at school, especially Junior school, in Britain they call primary school, if you had access to really good critiques of the systems in which you lived, in those schools, I mean who knows where you might’ve gone with it all. What’s interesting is how when you look back at it and how limited it was in school. Because the system that your tax money pays for to indoctrinate the next crop of youngsters is all about control, and have a unified conformity is what school gives you.  It’s a conformity.


In fact, if you conform on your social credit systems you get good plus marks, you see, you’re a good conformist. China uses it. Incredibly well. And there’s nothing that China’s doing that I’ve noticed that’s not being implemented here too at the same time. They may be a little bit more advanced through the testing of it, maybe, but we’re getting the same thing here. In China it’s all done through the state. And here they pretend it’s just private corporations that will give you punitive slaps on the wrist, or literally take you off the net or whatever. They’re trying to say that it’s just their own ideas of it. But really what’s really behind it? You’re looking at a uniform conformity idea set for the future of a globalist type agenda, a global society.


Look at what happened this week with their global citizen concert, they tried to really push that big and get folk interested in it. I don’t think they really took off that well.


Harvard WorldMUN -


Harvard WorldMUN 2020 – Tokyo -


27th All Japan Model United Nations -


Global Citizen Festival -


Thousands attend Global Citizen Festival in Central Park - / 28 Sept 2019


But they’ve tried that at the United Nations through its Model of the United Nations, MUN they call it, you can look that up.  You’ll see the big ideas they’ve got, and they’ve got top universities all working with them for the coming global system, basically, they talk really of governance, they don’t want to say government in case folk still object to it. But they call it governance. And you have the CFR working at it too through different universities in Canada and the States and elsewhere. This has been the agenda since before you were born, really, and you didn’t know it.  And there are reasons why they didn’t want you to know it back then.


But today most folk don’t really care so much.  We are really dumbed down big time, through different, by different methods, put it that way. But also, I think through the Internet too. As I say, they try to take you off, divert you off into a thousand different areas if you’re doing a search on something, into irrelevant, or areas that they or what areas that they, that might very vaguely be associated with what you're looking for, but it's what some organization is trying to divert you into. Obviously. It's rather obvious to me.  And it's got nothing to do really with what you want to go with it. But someone does want you to go in a certain direction with it, of course, it is with search engines and so on.


But getting back to the book idea too, the old libraries in Britain at least did have good collections of books on, and they kept for a long time, many many years of nonfiction books and reference books. Some libraries were just reference libraries in fact, that's how they labeled themselves at least, although they had some fictions and so on. But they've all gone pretty well. And the format now is all Internet. And with Internet, I've even watched it with some of the organizations that put out e-books, through big agencies and so on, and now they're diminishing, and a lot of the books have just gone, even on e-books.


I knew that would happen too because for control purposes they'll never… You're not going to be given more freedoms in this society and this world. It's the time now for conformity and the standardization of culture across the whole world. Using the British model that they talked about a long time ago, and the language as a business language that all countries will use. Which a lot of them are pretty well doing now.  And then you bring in a culture on top, which isn't British, it's for the whole planet, it's for control and for, as I say, conformity.  Unfortunately, it's all around you now. They built a prison.  They've guided you into a system, an electronic system, until eventually they give you no choice at all but to be on it.


When they force you off, even plain cash for instance, for using it for money, which they’ve said and there are plenty of articles out there from the top banks talking about it, and the central banking system wanting to do away with any cash society or cash in society. And they always have their usual excuses. Oh, it's to stop crime and it's to stop… Nonsense. Nonsense. No, criminals will always find ways around things.  It's to control everything, you see. And to have total observation over everybody in a conformist society. And once they force you all into it, like the credit system, it's to manage you. You literally, you're going to have to conform to everything, and unseen people will decide through their algorithms if you've done a bad thing or said a bad thing, whatever bad happens to be at the time, and they might change it into the opposite the next day, you have no idea what they're going to do.


But if you look at the different ones from China and the studies in China, you'll see that you can't even get into a library, a public library or onto a bus for instance.  And that could be for the rest of your life.  You understand, this is beyond, there's no democracy here.  There is no jury anywhere. There's no one's going to stand up and represent you and portray your rights or explain your rights to some sort of judge or jury or… This is an automated system. And it's here, folks.  It is here. I hope you understand that. And there's no guessing about where it's supposed to go… and what you're supposed to think and how you're supposed to behave. And what you're supposed to worry about, oh, climate change, oh, sustainability.  You see, the Malthusian project’s here… Convince the problem, and they've decided you're all the problem in a postindustrial society and now you're consuming their, you know, resources.  [Alan laughing.]  


I mean, heavens.  The ones at the top, who plan all this, they have big families, you know.  They say, oh well, we can afford it, you lot can’t, you see. I’ve got books on the 1920s on this same topic here, where ministers, Protestant ministers and Catholic priests were discussing the big push then, right after World War I when what they called ‘the flower of mankind’ was slaughtered on battlefields. They were talking about these very very things. Oh, there would be a big population boom, you know, that always follows, they say, after these massive wars. This is what… To them it’s all patterns, you see. But how come the ones, and they mentioned even the Churchill family, because one of the Churchill’s, maybe it was old daddy Churchill or one of them had come out before on a certain committee talking about, oh, the ordinary people have got to limit themselves to so many children and so on.  


And they were giving a big push for it.  They had academia coming out and putting the articles in the papers, because you’ll follow those who are called professors.  They pay them to say these things in the newspapers so that you’ll follow these guidelines, for the real dominant minority that own it all. And that’s what you’ve got, the same things today as you had back then. And the books are awfully interesting because they go through the folk on the boards of these that wanted you all to depopulate.  They went through the different family names and they went through [Alan chuckles.] how many children their particular families had and so on.  Just incredible, really.  And they’re telling you that you shouldn’t have any.


It wasn’t just sterilization of what they call the weak or weak minded at that time, etc. No, no. They wanted it to be put across the board, and to alter the population according to industry, what industry needed. Well, that hasn’t gone away, folks.  That hasn’t gone away. Now you’re postindustrial as they say, a planned society. Because they knew they’d bring you into a global society back in the early 1900s, the ones who worked at the Milner group and so on. Because they had these big projections in their own writings about what will happen when they eventually rule the world, and have conquered all the world and brought them all under one system and so on, what will the next step be? Well, it wasn’t to make everybody prosperous.  It was, then they tackle sustainability, you know, Darwinism and the Malthusian ideas that hadn’t died away suddenly, you know.  They were prominent then and they’ve never given up these same goals.


Malthus too, talked about, oh well, you know, there’s a peak you will reach with, the problem that the folk aren’t dying off. You see, there’s two ways to look at [Alan chuckles.] what you’re reading.  [Alan laughing.]  The problem that folk aren’t dying off and so on is because they’re getting around through using manure, etc. in fields for growing crops and so on, to make them grow much better and revitalize the soil etc., you see. So, in his way…  You see, Malthus says everything except unfortunately they’re eating well, whereas they wouldn’t be if they didn’t have science coming in, just basic science and common sense. So where you are today after all the fears that they gave society back then, that’s how they kept the workers, the peasant workers working for peanuts at starvation wages in the 19th century into the 20th century, with the fear of unemployment and death through starvation because they didn’t have the welfare systems than, etc.


So, they changed it from that eventually to, oh the threat of war and you’re all going to get slaughtered if you don’t fight for us and defend us, to defend the country. All the countries did that same con, you see. So, after World War I they went to work, oh, there’s still going to be too many people, etc. and that was all way up into World War II. And in the last year of World War II they had a meeting in Britain, I think the King supposedly presided over it, of different councils on the coming problem and how they could, you know, bring in a system for depopulation, there’d be too many people again. And from then on everybody who was born after World War II was called a ‘baby boomer’, you know. Like they never had babies before, right.   Just like, oh, there’d be too many old people, you know, and they’ll need medical treatment. Like we never had aged folk before, ‘eh?  You know, quite a joke.  I mean, every day folk are getting born and every day folk are dying. That’s always been. You don’t suddenly have it all happening at once. Well, that’s almost like the impression they gave you back then, it all happened on its own somehow.


So, the whole point is, the people in the European countries including Britain, although they’re not part of Europe, even thought they’re part of the union, but back then they certainly weren’t, were not having stacks of children.  They were good citizens, believe you me, they followed the idea of having only two children at the most, maybe only one.  If you only had one child per couple you’re starting to depopulate right away. If you’re having two children, then the population’s going to be stable. Well, most of them were having two or one. And in come the 60s and 70s, they were having even less, and fewer, right.  But they never stop the hammering of there’s too many people, too many people, too many people, too many people.  To suit their economy, because they already planned to go into a postindustrial society by farming off all the industries to other countries in the Third World for bigger profits, you see.  So, this never stopped.


Then after that they gave you a Cold War to terrify you. So it was just fear/terror, fear/terror, unemployment, starvation, wars, and you gotta keep them safe by fighting for it, right, fighting for the country, and then coming back and being told there’s too many of you and they’d rather you not have children, right into a Cold War, and inflation and massive taxation to pay for the last two wars by the way.  Really, stagnant wages, and just, again, substance wages etc., for a long time. And then a Cold War to terrify you. Oh, you’re getting nuked now, you’ve got to obey us now. If they hadn’t had that, you know, folk would have just [Alan chuckles.] almost like wandered off of government [Alan chuckles.] and just wandered away somewhere because government was such a joke by then.


It really was… with old old systems that didn’t make any sense anymore. It really didn’t. Like Quigley said, he said, it didn’t matter what party you voted for, they’d both push the same things at election time. So, what’s the difference, you see? We’ve come to that stage long, long ago, and passed it in fact.  It’s such a joke. And Tony Blair for the Labour Party, and there’s much more to him than meets the eye of course. But he was more of a warmonger than anybody, any conservative guy, for a long long time. But then you have to realize what was really behind Tony Blair and his ideals and who trained him in, again, world socialism.  World socialism is not for working people. It’s to manage working people on behalf of those who rule the world and own it basically as far as they’re concerned. But again, bringing down the population, etc. etc. etc.


So, they went from that, and then as the Cold War was dying off, even before that happened in the 70s you had ‘the coming Ice Age’. I’ll mention a few of those things from articles, but the coming Ice Age. And that never happened either.  And the top, you know, they churned out books, often by the same authors that gave you the coming frying pan age, you know, we’re going to fry and so on.  Because they must get you to give up your traditional rights and freedoms that you had. Even though you had to really fight to try and hold any of them every year, this thing called democracy. Because democracy is a pain to those who have big plans. Because if people have rights then you can’t get your big plans rammed through, you see, they might object.  So, you do away with democracy under necessity, hm, and efficiency and they can get what they want at the top. And conform society, train you and you’ll all happily get sterilizer growing up, you see.  That’s the system they want. 


Now, I’ll bring a few of them up just to see. Because again, I prattle on too much when I start off, as I always do. It’s just never ending, isn’t it, ‘eh?  It’s never ending. Now they’re going to have climate strikes, right, unified across the world. And financed with the same leaders everywhere going at it. Because you see, everything is being done using the climate, for conformity and getting you to give up all your rights and freedoms and be guided and ruled by a new system. Understand that. Now, don’t forget that China, the United Nations touted for years and I’ve got some of the old, old articles from actual newspapers that I cut out years and years ago, when he talked about, China would be the model states for the world to follow and copy.   That didn’t go away.


So, you’ve got Boris Johnson, ‘eh, the great new leader for Britain, ‘eh.  From the same camp as Teresa May, whether you know it or not.   And running for, you know…  The secret services of Britain supply you with these characters, for goodness sake, when you see what they’ve been before. And when they’re in the City of London before, the actual city, then they’re really in at the top basically. So, he’s going to unveil…


Boris Johnson unveils £1.2bn for climate and endangered species - / 22 Sept 2019


Well, eventually it’s going to be all of us [Alan chuckles.] that are endangered, you know. Because they plan to bring down your and get rid of your food supply, folks. That’s what the whole vegan idea is about and the anti-farming idea. This is what’s behind it. Stop the emotive things that they get you going with until you fall right into it and think of the big agenda. Back to Malthus, what was the problem with folk? Well if they could eat, they’re going to live and they’re going to procreate. Well, reduce what they eat, make it scarcer, and guess what happens? The same problems that happened before with famines and all the rest of it folks.  The wealthy will always eat. The wealthy had no rationing problem during World War II like the poor peasants that were fighting it did, you know.  And then you have this one too…


U.S. religious leaders issue “Religious Declaration of Unprecedented Human Emergency” - / 9 May 2019


So, they’ve got them all in Britain on board with it too, and that doesn’t surprise me at all. And remember what Bernays said, Edward Bernays, who helped to put, actually get the US into World War I. And he put a book out with some of his co-conspirators afterwards, that were paid, [Alan chuckles.] they were paid to try to get a way to get Americans to go along with World War I. And they got them in for the last year or so of the war. Then they boasted about it, put a book out to boast how they did it.  Because Bernays was one of the early marketers, marketing strategy. Kind of like Teresa May for those who don’t now, that’s her expertise is in convincing people to do things and accept things that perhaps they shouldn’t.   And she actually belongs to the Livery Association of, it’s like a Masonic group in the City of London, for Marketers, she’s the head of it.  Anyway, that’s a by-the-by thing.


So anyway, here you have Bernays, he said, don’t try to get, go door-to-door to get folk to sign things to create something new. Go for existing organizations. Go for the top, even churches, he says, and see if they can get their flock to follow them and on a particular thing.  And that’s what they do. So, I’m not surprised all the big ones are on board with it. And there will be, money will change hands, folks, you know, money will always change hands.  So, an unprecedented human emergency, you see?  As I’m, you know, shoveling snow like every day off my roof last winter, my six or seven month winter.  [Alan laughing.]  And this one says…


Faith pledges push global fossil fuel divestments over $11 trillion - / 13 Sept 2019


Everything that’s transported is transported using generally diesel, either trucks or by train.  Fossil fuel divestments over $11 trillion, right. Guess what’s going to happen?  You’re going to pay, pay, pay and everything goes up and up and up. You see, that’s what they said they’d have to bring in, a world of austerity. I gave the talks on that years ago, on austerity, the coming austerity, and the big boys talked about it.  And gals too. So, as they price everything out of existence, everything goes up, and you have less and less money to spend for basic essentials. And basic essentials will go up and up and up because they’re all transported to you.


Remember that Technocracy Inc. that they tried way back, many years ago? The idea is, everything revolves around energy. Food, money, it buys energy, and so on, and that’s how you control folks.  Well, here you are, folks.  And your credit system, hey. Fear, fear, fear.  And then indoctrinate the young as they always do. They always talk about the Nazis indoctrinating for Hitler Youth. But Hitler got it from the Young Communist League who, because they had their uniforms too, like Boy Scouts, in the Soviet Union.  They always go for the young in totalitarian regimes.


An article…


'It doesn't feel justifiable':  Young couples not having children because of climate change / 22 Sept 2019


(Alan:  It's now…)


... a growing trend for young couples to abandon plans for a family because of the climate crisis.


Now remember, maybe two or three years ago I read an article where a couple committed suicide because, oh, the latest thing was, we were going to be, desertification across the world, all living in sand and no water and everything's just dead, 'eh.  That will never...  You understand, this is the big agenda. And when they signed on in the United Nations there was a big agreement, and it's pretty well secretive.  Obviously, it's secretive because they used all the techniques for depopulation on, as they say, the advanced countries first, that didn't have the massive populations.  In a global society that's dominated by the few, at the top, from all groups and all races, but a few regardless, then they'd have to have a unified policy for a conformist’s society across the world. You see. 


So, it's to be pushed across every country now, you see. And that's why they're flooding the countries that already were de-populating big time, so much so they weren't even coming up to sustainable levels of population, that was excuse for bringing lots of migrants in. Then they used, again, wars to terrify folk, frighten them out of where they were, or force them out actually. And then bring up the populations. Then point to everybody again, oh there's too many of you. You see.  [Alan laughing.]   You can't win. You can't win, no one can win here.  Except those who plan it all, folks.


Because if you were so good they would point to your country as a model and say well look, this country's only got a tiny small population, just enough to support themselves, etc.  Well, yeah, but that's not enough to pay off the national debt, that's what Margaret Thatcher said.  [Alan laughing.]   Can't win. Another one too is this article…


Mycoestrogen -


Sterilization, I've talked about this for years because you've got all kinds of estrogens, artificial estrogens. There's Xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens, and so on. It's astonishing really how many types of estrogens are out there. Mycoestrogens, they're part of the zearalenone group of estrogens too. But anyway, they can affect, they can really affect male and female. Infertility in the West is not by accident, folks.  And it's just like… It would be crisis proportions if it wasn't manufactured, made to be this way. Because those who rule are always studying you, and they tell you what to be terrified about and what's a crisis and what isn't a crisis, etc., and even make up crisis once in a while. But there's no crisis about you going infertile, is there? Isn't that a bit odd, d'you think, 'eh? 


They talk about the different kind. There's also fungi by the way, you see. There's fungi. Now, there are stacks of fungus infections across the surface now, big time, I've read it in the farming industry in the States, they're blaming all kinds of things for it.  But regardless, we've also got it in a strip that runs from North Bay up where I am right through to Manitoulin. It broke out a few years ago. It's pretty deadly, actually. Generally. And then you go into what's been getting sprayed and sprayed through Geo engineering.  And by the way, look up Harvard, just look up the surveys at Harvard, and then there's different ones on YouTube for professors from Harvard talking about it.  They've all got shares in the different methods of Geo engineering, climate change control and all that stuff.  So, it's not conspiracy theory, folks. It's being done.


But the stuff that they're spreading and spraying us for years now is killing off different things and different organisms that keep fungus in check on the surface. Just like now, I think it was Monsanto when it was on the go before it got sold, or incorporated into another organization, they brought a pan out to grow plants, and soil that was heavy with aluminum, basically. So, they've got aluminum resistant ones, you know, genes for plants. So, they just happen to make that, you know.  You understand, they didn't need it before, but you need it now, maybe. Nevermind all the different arcs as they call them, where they store real normal seeds in these vaults, where you can't have access to them. Heavily guarded too.  To start the world afresh for those who survive. Meaning, those who probably bring it all on.  [Alan chuckles.]  You've got to start waking up and thinking. These people aren't sitting just having chatty clubs. They use your tax money to prepare, prepare, who prepare for everything for themselves.  Including underground bunkers as we well know for cold wars and plagues and everything else.


Then you go on into plastic in drinking water.  They've been pushing that for years. I did talks years ago on the different problems with the phthalates and so on. And it was all recorded data, stuff coming out of really good authorized investigations and authorities and so on. And they knew what it was doing to the public.  And again, it changes you.  [Alan chuckles.]   It will geoengineer you as well because men shouldn't have such high doses of estrogen mimickers. They trick the body so that it behaves the same way as pure estrogen, you know.  And in veganism they've got high doses of it in it naturally because they're eating, anything with seeds in it is a type of phytoestrogen, really, a plant estrogen.  So anyway…


Plastic in drinking water: what are the risks to human health? / 13 Sept 2017


(A:  …right.  And you’ve got…)


Plastic microparticles are finding their way into our drinking water.


(A:  They've done an amazing study; I'm surprised they even published it.  I think it was done in Canada. There was one done in Cardiff as well in Wales. I suppose it's Wales because there's different places called Cardiff too. There's even different Ontario's by the way.  Anyway, it's got...)


Plastic microparticles (A:  And there are microparticles, 'eh...) are finding their way into our drinking water. We already knew tiny pieces of plastic find their way into seawater (A:  ...etc., etc...)


How concerned by this should we be? The study was carried out by university academics but was commissioned and published by a media company, rather than being reviewed by other researchers in a scientific journal. That means we need more research...  (A:  …and so on.)


However, it's in the drinking water. Now, this is not the main thing here. This one is an official one that was done.


Plastic Teabags Release Billions of Microparticles and Nanoparticles into Tea / 25 Sept 2019


The increasing presence of micro- and nano-sized plastics in the environment and food chain is of growing concern. Although mindful consumers are promoting the reduction of single-use plastics, some manufacturers are creating new plastic packaging to replace traditional paper uses, such as plastic teabags.

Have you seen that stuff too now for the coffees now that they come in these little thingies and they put them through the coffee maker?   I think they're contained in a plastic thing too, 'eh?  Anyway, we've got plastic teabags for those who didn't know.  For a long time now, they've had a type of plastic-type fiber that they make up, it looks like paper. But it's in your tea as well.  Anyway, the study goes through the amount of it. It's just [Alan laughing.]  terrifying when you see it. And you wonder why folk are losing, or changing shape and everything, including men, but women too, with too much of certain things as well.  But what else it's doing to you too of course naturally?  And I'm sure, it will give you infertility problems as well.


And then you get certain drugs that became awfully popular when they change the food, the vegetables too, the modified variety, modified genes and so on, and they put patents on them as well, but then they use their own pesticides and so on. Suddenly in the pharmacies you saw whole areas to do with proton pump inhibitor type switch.  Literally, you start making so much gastric acid to cope basically with whatever it is with what you're eating.  And that became awfully popular. No fuss about it, it just suddenly all appeared. Used to be prescription only and suddenly you could just buy them over the counter. This is how things are done.  Anyway, the last couple of the years I think, I think the US signed an agreement with the Pharma companies that they could use substitute chemicals for certain parts of their medications that they claim might do the same stuff. Well, I don't know if it's got anything to do with that or not, but anyway, they're talking about...


Cancer worries prompt generic Zantac recalls at Walgreens, Walmart and Rite Aid: What you need to know - / 26 Sept 2019


So, it's in the generic ones at least, at the very least have something else in them that's… And they won't just pull stuff for nothing, when it comes to Pharma, believe you me.  They'll try to hide things for years and years and years. Again…


Plastic in drinking water: what are the risks to human health? - / 13 Sept 2017


I'll put that one up. And then there's…


Mycoestrogen -


You can find in Wikipedia and other articles to from science lines.  


Endocrine disruptors - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences -


Environmental causes of cancer: endocrine disruptors as carcinogens - / 25 May 2010


Endocrine disruptor -


Phthalate -


And then you have.. 


Plastic pollution is in your cup of TEA - / 25 Sept 2019


It just goes on and on and on. It’s endless, folks. And you think it’s just coincidence, right. And then…


Plastic Teabags Release Billions of Microparticles and Nanoparticles into Tea - / 25 Sept 2019


Nanoparticles are awfully important these days, as you well know, with the 5G and different areas. And then you have...


Tens of Thousands of 5G Telecommunications Satellites. Escalating Tensions in a Contested and Congested Space Environment - / 10 June 2019


Now, think back to what I mentioned about Brzezinski’s Technotronic Era and the weaponry they could use to, you know, make you happy, content, or angry, or whatever, you know, just by waves across, you know, continents.  Then they’re into 5G's.  And it's all around you.  And much, much more powerful too.  I'll put a few articles upon that too.


20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth / 8 Jan 2019


5G will use Phased Array Antennas (A: And that's what they use also, phased array antennas, that's where the term actually came from, [Alan chuckles.] the HAARP, the phased array antennas, right...) to shoot Beams of Radiation at Cell Phones


...from satellites. That's really powerful stuff, folks, you know.  I really don't like this at all.  And then…


Researchers develop low-power, low-cost network for 5G connectivity:

(A:  Oh wow.)

A millimeter wave network for billions of things - / 29 Aug 2019


Now you've got to remember what frequency this is in here. You're kind of in the microwave frequency, hm.  And most folk are being trained first to the things, to get used, then they up to the 5G once you’re used to it.  That's how we adapt so fast, you see. And then…


Health fears prompt Swiss 5G revolt - / 17 Sept 2019


Some countries, Swiss, the Swiss are awfully, way ahead of everybody else when it comes to health.  And some other countries in Europe too, Denmark too I think and Holland.  I know Holland definitely have, they have compensation to folk who feel that they're damaged by the Wi-Fi that's everywhere. And the state will come in and fix up their homes, they make it as Wi-Fi proof as possible.  But here in the West, oh no, every thing’s happy-happy, it's great stuff, oh my God, look at all the benefits will get from it, yada ya.  This article is…


The Last Mile to Civilization 2.0: Technologies From Our Not Too Distant Future; Nanobots, Smart Dust, 5G Wireless and Smart Cities / 13 Dec 2017


Nanobots, Neural Dust & Smart Dust


Often depicted as mini metallic spaceships in science fiction, most of today's nanobots are actually created from algae, bacteria, DNA and other organisms already occurring in nature.


(A:  However, they've altered them, as you well know.)


Scientists and engineers discovered long ago that piggybacking on nature by controlling a biological organism is easier than building one from scratch (A:  Think about humans, 'eh?) with the same dexterity.


(A: So, this article goes on and on and on. It says…)


Magneto-aerotactic bacteria nanobots - " nanorobotic agents capable of navigating through the bloodstream to administer a drug (A:  You see, there's a plus, they always call things as positive, don't they, when they're selling it to you.) with precision by specifically targeting the active cancerous cells of tumours...


(A: They always give you, oh, this, how great it's gonna be.  Because you're all terrified of getting tumors, right.  I wonder where you're getting the tumors in the first place.)


'These legions of nanorobotic agents were actually composed of more than 100 million flagellated bacteria (A: ...imagine flagellating the poor bacteria, 'eh?)-- and therefore self-propelled -- and loaded with drugs that are moved by taking the most direct path between the drug's injection point and the area of the body to cure.'..."


(A: Then they go into…)


Algal-based nanobots


(A:  And...)


DNA-based nanobots


(A:  Do you really want to have your DNA changed, folks?  By some, by folk who know what they're doing but who give you a PR spiel to make you accept it?)


Bio-based solutions represent a bulk of the nanotech in this category and scientists believe that these types of bots could eventually be programmed with as much detail as full sized mechanized robots.


And then…


Smart Dust Is Coming. Are You Ready? / 16 Sept 2018


(A:  And this is from Forbes.)


... wireless devices are as small as a grain of salt.


(A: Actually, smaller than that.)


These miniaturized devices have sensors, cameras and communication mechanisms to transmit the data...


How wonderful, 'eh?  And they're going to spray it, they're spraying it all over you, above you and all the rest of it, without your permission. You see, you don't matter. You're already getting taught how wonderful it will be for you, you see.  Do you realize that… Do you really think that different companies just, just spontaneously decide to do all this across the world? Do you really think that it's just kind of a happening, as the hippies used to call a big party, oh it's just a happening, you know? It takes massive, years and years of coordination by select committees to work on all the stuff together across the world, including all the psychological and behavioral experts too, panels and panels that have been hired, lived their lives and retired, and new ones in, to get to this stage of it. But you're just hearing about it now, 'eh.


MEMS and Smart Dust: The Big Potential of a Tiny Future / 19 Feb 2019


Now (A:  It says.)

Powered by Northrop Grumman

The intersection of technology, innovation & creativity.


MEMS and Smart Dust: The Big Potential of a Tiny Future


 Oh, how clever. How much did that cost the PR company to come up with that little jingle, 'eh?  And then…


How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain - / Jul 16, 2013


I’ll put that up too, these articles.  This is not scary… I'm not putting this out to terrify the folk. I'm putting out the stuff that's real and is happening, but you're told that it's just wonderful. Just like they try to sell you a utopia of a conformist world society, all run somehow by some magicians, invisible magician. You don't have to even have politicians. Russia, look at totalitarian systems, they generally don't even know who rules their little area.  Oh, maybe a commissar, they might now that. But in the wireless system where you're forced into the whole darn system for everything, right, you won't know who's in charge of anything. There'll be no names given. You just exist for the system. It's like a sci-fi thing, you'll exist for the system. That's your purpose, the system.  What's the history of it? They won't give it to you. Who runs it? They won't give it to you. Just exist and be good, and here's how to be good. 


And if you look into the Chinese credit system, which I say, it's already here, and this is what all this stuff about hate was about, how they're pushing it across the Internet. The hate idea. It's to get something in there that you agree with, so that they can then expand it into everything else to make you conform to every other opinion that's authorized that you must accept. Do you understand how these are all tactics of behaviorists? Stop falling into their little game where you actually, you'll immediately jump on the side of this or that.  Sit back and watch it and look at it and say, well who's doing this and why are they doing it?  Who benefits? And what organizations and what laws are they trying to push already to make you all conform to it?  Who wants this to happen?


As I say, who wants you to go totally vegan? Think back to Malthus. Think of all the folk in the Darwin movements and the Eugenics movement who spelled it out plainly.  And I'm not speaking off the top of my hat here.  They are quite vocal about it all. Still are. Very vocal.  There's too many of you. And you're all… Even though literally the Western countries are plummeting, and they have been for many, many years, not having… Don't forget, again, it was the so-called advanced countries that were first given the pill, [Alan chuckles.]  as an example. And then massive publicity for them to take the pill, take the pill, take the pill. They weren't pushing the same thing across what they called Third World countries then, were they? Do you understand?


Because it's a global society now it will hit everybody else.  You see. And as they come onto it and eat the same things and everything's been altered, etc. etc., they'll hope to bring down the population of the planet into a really… Again, think of the Georgia Guide Stones. That's not some little statue put out by some local library group or something. This is something that's very explicit in what a group wants to happen in the world.  And you will get good social credit points if you do get sterilized, I guarantee you.  That's coming, no doubt about it. And anyone who says anything is to be judged by, again, through the society, not court or anything else, on what you may or may not have said, even if you'd didn't even say it.  Because you can put anything together in this day and age, can't you?  Even the CIA admitted that, [Alan laughing.]  that these programs out there that are just flawless on what they can make you have said.


So, you have to really look at everything and who benefits. It's an old agenda. The coming Ice Age, I've got all the articles, all the big newspapers harped on it and harped on it for years in the 60s and 70s. And the books that were churned out.  And right back to as I say, with where it ends up going. It's quite something. I'll put these articles up.


Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions - / 18 Sept 2019


Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions -, / 18 Sept 2019


This is all the time I really have to do things. Remember too, you can help me tick along by donating to me website. And as I keep stressing you have to remember that anything that's put out there and it's not my websites, isn't mine. So, if you want to buy the books and discs you have to go into and see how to do it.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And make a list of the sites that are mine. There folk who put up stuff from mine, which is fine if they don't ask for money because you can't resell.  There's a lot of good folks out there too.  But you have to always be so careful in this day and age because there's so many legalities out there now.


And as I say, the social credit system is here.  You'd be surprised at what I could tell you that happens here, really.  [Alan laughing.]  If you say what is real, and you can get through to people by using the facts, and giving them articles or books or whatever that they can go in and actually, and studies that they can go and look up themselves and verify it, you can be a danger to the system.  And all kinds of nasty tricks can be used upon you, which makes you a bit paranoid at times. And you gotta be a bit paranoid at times because horrible things can happen. And you get warnings, I do get warnings here and there, to shut up. Literally.


And I don't push politics as you know because I really don't believe there's anybody to vote for. I really don't.  Politicians are not the nicest of people. They're awfully pleasant, they're nice that way. Because psychopaths are pleasant with smiles and that, but they don't mean what, they are quite content to further their nest and elevate themselves, that's why they go into it. It's rather sad.


As I say, this big global agenda, I've watched it my whole life pretty well... unfurling as it was written long before even then... by organizations and groups that were given the power to create new cultures, literally, by presidents and prime ministers signing agreements through the UN and so on, and forming groups to make it all happen, to implement it, through the educational systems and so on. It's not conspiracy theory, folks, when you can actually show the various groups, and you can look up the groups too, a lot of them, why they started, how did they start. And dig in, don't just take the initial search on the Internet, go much deeper to find out the sources. It's just astonishing.


The memory hole is here with the Internet, you know. It's just too easy now, isn't it, now that they've eliminated so many books across libraries across the world, the Western world especially, and dumped them.  They called it weeding, the programs, ‘international weeding programs’.  And then they said, oh don't worry it will all be on microfilm. Well, you can't get it on microfilm now.  And then, oh it will all be on the Internet eventually, in the libraries. And they're demolishing a lot of stuff now too. 


You're in a conformist mode, whether you like it or not.  You're being given sides to join, on so many different topics. Without thinking who is benefiting and who wants this and who wrote about it a long time ago? Look at the books. Look at the books, folks. And remember that the people who've been pushing this for years are dying off. A lot of them have died already or they’re disabled or incapacitated. And when it's all gone, there's nothing to give you a different version of what they'll give you is history. History is what you live through, especially in your own life.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions / 18 Sept 2019


Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions, / 18 Sept 2019


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U.S. religious leaders issue “Religious Declaration of Unprecedented Human Emergency” / 9 May 2019


Faith pledges push global fossil fuel divestments over $11 trillion / 13 Sept 2019


Young couples not having children because of climate change / 22 Sept 2019




Plastic pollution is in your cup of TEA / 25 Sept 2019


Plastic Teabags Release Billions of Microparticles and Nanoparticles into Tea / 25 Sept 2019


Plastic in drinking water: what are the risks to human health? / 13 Sept 2017


Endocrine disruptors - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences


Environmental causes of cancer: endocrine disruptors as carcinogens / 25 May 2010


Endocrine disruptor




Cancer worries prompt generic Zantac recalls at Walgreens, Walmart and Rite Aid: What you need to know / 26 Sept 2019


Tens of Thousands of 5G Telecommunications Satellites. Escalating Tensions in a Contested and Congested Space Environment / 10 June 2019


20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth / 8 Jan 2019


Researchers develop low-power, low-cost network for 5G connectivity: A millimeter wave network for billions of things / 29 Aug 2019


Health fears prompt Swiss 5G revolt / 17 Sept 2019


The Last Mile to Civilization 2.0: Technologies From Our Not Too Distant Future; Nanobots, Smart Dust, 5G Wireless and Smart Cities / 13 Dec 2017


Smart Dust Is Coming. Are You Ready? / 16 Sept 2018


MEMS and Smart Dust: The Big Potential of a Tiny Future / 19 Feb 2019


Harvard WorldMUN


Harvard WorldMUN 2020 – Tokyo (link broken)


27th All Japan Model United Nations


Global Citizen Festival


Thousands attend Global Citizen Festival in Central Park / 28 Sept 2019




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