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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Technocratic Social Control:

"Conspiracy Theories Mocked, Experts Deriding,

 Though Multiple Coincidences Keep Coinciding."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 1, 2019. After doing a lot of shoveling all week for snow of course, and ice, a lot of ice, I forgot even today, I was out doing the same thing today, just hacking away at the ice and shoveling the snow.  And it was just like it had never stopped in fact, because I was still shoveling snow this year, it was this year, in April into May, I mean, pretty well that’s what was going on.  Incredible snow all through the end of last year. Actually, for the last September last year it snowed right through until basically [Alan chuckles.] May. Tremendous snow, it was very high.  Every day it seems to be more and more snow.Well this… Here you go, it’s like you never stop shoveling snow now. In the same year I’m still shoveling snow again after very few months of warmer weather. And it’s getting worse every year now because of, well, global warming, you know, as we turn into an ice planet it seems.  


But that’s the way it goes in this amazing system of indoctrination, incessant indoctrination and propaganda that we get our whole lives now. It’s astonishing really how repetitive and how much you’re getting downloaded with from all the different directions.  They got stuff in ads and everything now, little bits and pieces of indoctrination and propaganda.  It’s everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.


I’ve talked about it before, how we’re living in a system that was taken over an awful long time ago, awful long time ago.  It’s quite interesting that, I’ve mentioned years ago too about Technocracy as an example, I’ll touch on that tonight too, how it really came in in the 1930s as another little branch, and am pretty certain of it, little branch attached to the new socialistic order of control and management, by technocrats basically.  I know that the Rockefeller Foundation adopted a lot of their planning because they already had it in their agenda that the world’s resources should be taken over by the right kind of people, like Rockefellers themselves you know, and the multibillionaires of their day, and the big institutions that ran the British Empire as an example, on behalf of the City of London, and all the bankers and all the big wealthy families there.


So, it’s all one big system.  And it never went away. We know, we know that from people who were the historians for the Council on Foreign Relations, which was the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which came out of the Lord Alfred Milner group, that the right people should always be in management of all the resources of the planet. Of course, that was what Cecil Rhodes and others were doing for the British section long before that, taking over gold, diamonds and minerals and all the things that you needed for commerce and manufacture would be taken over, and put into fewer and fewer hands.  Until today you have, as Carol Quigley said, he said, that the future leaders will be running the world in a feudalistic fashion and these leaders would be the CEOs of corporations, international corporations. Well, here you are.


Part of it of course was Technocracy.  Technocracy Inc. was a system, part of a system of many systems which all meshed together in one. It takes a lot of bricks to build the pyramid basically, a lot of blocks, and that was one of them.  One of the very important ones. It never went away. It existed before World War II.  You’ll find when you go into the history books for example, and I think there are some good documentaries done years ago on how the West basically set up communism and funded it.  They sent groups of their best engineers over to Russia. They even built towns for them, which were modeled on American suburbs with all the same kind of houses next door to each other and so on and nice wide streets, etc. etc.


You’d be astonished how the US funded all this stuff, funding communism, your supposed archenemy.  Communism, remember, was a system which said they would overthrow all existing systems and eliminate all, all the older political type rulers who ruled on behalf of those with the big money at the top. Well, it’s the folk who have the big money at the top that were funding communism, folks. Of course they were. And through it of course they could see their ideal system coming into view.


Now, they also had to bring in a system of managing all economies.  That’s what you have, the World Bank. We know, again, from the books put out by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Carol Quigley a historian for the same big organization, and CFR the American branch, he talked about how they set up a World Bank. The World Bank is a private bank, but it’s called the World Bank. And we all fund it, by the way.  Everything’s public/private.  We’re the cattle, the people at the bottom, the proles fund everything for big business and the big banks, the big banks, you see, the ones who do international lending and so on and lend to governments and so on. Private of course. They also set up the Bank for International Settlements, the same private organization.  They basically decide what everybody’s currency is worth every day, that day and so on, and how much money you’ll owe down the road when you go bankrupt, or what land they’ll take from you and so on. That’s what it’s all about.  They have the IMF which comes in, steps in if you can't pay your loans in different countries.  They cut back on your healthcare and social policies and so on in order to pay back the money they are owed. It's not a charitable institution. It's very profitable for the few who own it. And it's very secretive too by the way. Years ago, I did talks on it.


Anyway, for me it's all boring stuff because it's old stuff and repetition, to me.  Although, there's always folk coming in all the time who've never heard of this stuff before. It's true. Those who know it have to remind themselves once in a while that a lot of folk don't know it, who actually might want to know. Most folk don't care how they're ruled.  That's true. That's very true.


But anyway, getting back to Technocracy. This is the engineers and the scientists who were supposed to run the world in this new brave system, this world government type system.  They wanted to be put in charge of running the world and its economies and its finances and all of its industry, and how the people would live. That's what you're into today. And sustainability and the greening movement and all that, it's all part of it. Sustainability is to bring you down and down and down into, as I've said years ago, the United Nations agenda for austerity, you have to be brought down to poverty.  [Alan chuckles.]  That's what they meant by that. 


And what have they done in the meantime? You've got hordes of youngsters brainwashed in school to act as basically revolutionary armies to stop us living where we're living, and to reduce the standard of living drastically, and the elimination of meats and everything else, until you get starvation kicking in.


Technocracy, remember, has us all down as energy units. I've mentioned this for years, energy units, we are classed as energy units.  All transactions are classed as energy, you see. You don't think of that dollar being, but a dollar is energy, what it can buy, you see. You buy your food and that's energy too. Everything's energy, energy, energy.  And if you're using too much energy you must perish according to the technocrats at the top.  That's what it's about, folks.


So, the green movement, sustainability, all the socialistic socialism policies, and even Gorbachev, I mean, the communist leader, put in charge of a section of this whole thing and the green movement for America. Folk don't put it all together. And there's no clash between his policies and the big corporations that manufacture and run the system? And own everything? And really run everything that we need to exist?  You gotta think about it that way. I'll just touch on that tonight too.


Don't forget too that Technocracy also has, really, the Trilaterals, again, experts in their fields who are unelected people appointed into politics and into central banking systems and so on across the world. And sometimes out of the central banking system and straight in, like they did in Italy, and Greece too, appointing their Trilateral members straight in as, to head the countries when they're being bankrupted by the central banking system of Europe.


The march of the technocrats - / 19 Feb 2018


It's a vastly different world then, again, we are trained to believe it is. That's also why terrorism comes into it. I can remember 25 years ago, at least 25 years ago, when it was fairly quiet in the world for the general population of the West, they had newspaper articles talking about the world to come, and if you had a world without warfare, what were the big tech giants involved in the war industries going to do? He says, well, the future will have to be a world where they can make their money selling security equipment and camera surveillance and techniques to monitor whole cities and countries and nations and continents. Well, when you read these articles and you read, you see the big wigs who are attending these global meetings, they plan the future, they always do.  But they couldn't do it, they couldn't bring all this surveillance into the system without the guise of terrorism.  That's what they use for it. 


For those who can't figure it, you think it's all accidental that the US primarily and Britain went off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, they've got everybody involved in it, you know, the Australian troops and everything over in Afghanistan, and Canadian ones too. So, they get them all involved in a war that made no sense to anybody, except those at the top. Because from the blowback of the wars into Iraq right through to Libya, again, the PNAC group, the Project for a New American Century, they publish the countries they wanted to be taken out.  General Wesley Clark on Democracy Now, one of the generals who was involved in it, he saw the list and he couldn't believe it himself. He says, why do we have all these countries to take out?


Well, now you know.  The blowback, and that's what it's called, they called it blowback, of these countries that are being attacked, are going to be brought into, put into the Stone Age basically.  All their infrastructure, essential infrastructure, for producing food, even baby formula in Iraq, it was one of the first targets they hit by the way, had to be destroyed.  Well, the folk started to move out.


Then through the UN, suddenly the countries that are war with them bring lots and lots of them in.  And they're not happy people being bombed out of their homes and having their… Can you imagine being descended from people who have been there for maybe hundreds and thousands of years in some of these places, and losing that heritage and your memory, everything demolished by nations, who then bring you in?  And you think they're going to be happy campers? Really, come on. Start thinking about it.


Well, because of it all too, of course you had problems and of course you've got trouble. We saw another well televised thing, it seems to be they always seem to pick the London Bridge for some reason, they've just got so many cameras on it apparently, so I guess that maybe the hope that they'll be seen on television or something. But that happened again with more folk getting stabbed, etc.  And I think in Holland too other folk got it too.


London Bridge terror attack: 'the police rolled him over and saw he had a bomb vest' - / 29 Nov 2019


But it's to get everybody terrified.  So, your old systems where folk didn't go around stabbing folk spontaneously, it didn't happen out of the blue, suddenly happens and you get trained to accept it, just accept it, you're told.   It's astonishing, you're just told to accept it by politicians. That happened in Britain by the way, just accept these things.  Well, that was completely unacceptable years ago before they invaded all those countries. It didn't happen. But now you're told to accept it. And it doesn't matter how many cameras they've got they never stop it. Because they have no intentions of stopping it.  They've got to have this happening.


The guy who did it in England a couple of days ago there in London, it was a convicted terrorist who some years ago with a gang of his pals had drawn up lists of places they wanted to bomb in London, and they were caught. I don't know if they were set up with this thing or whatever, but they were caught. And convicted. And he was put on probation!  Until eventually he did what he wanted to do and that was it.  Now they'll go into the farce of, well it's the probation officer's fault.  Come off it! Come off it!


These guys are let go until they eventually do what had to happen.  Then the folk get terrified and then outcomes the bigwigs, oh we are here to protect you, and we'll need more surveillance, and you can't have privacy of any kind at all, to keep you safe. This is Technocracy across the world.  Because Technocracy was to bring in a system, and you couldn't have, you couldn't have democracy. Exactly the same of course as the Club of Rome who said themselves, democracy is just too slow and cumbersome and you can't get all the vital things done that you want to do. That's technocrats talking.  It's also the oligarchy at the top talking, the richest people on the planet.  As I say, most folk are unaware of it all. 


What Maurice Strong and all these characters are doing, bringing in all their different parts of the sustainability movement and their Agenda 21 project for the whole 21st century, and then the sections of it up to 2030 and so on, what they were doing, Maurice Strong, they are technocrats. That's what they are picked to do. We don't vote these people in. We have no say in the matter. They're just presented to us.  Or they present themselves to us, through big institutions.


So, nothing that you see is what you're trained to believe it is. Including your country or democracy or anything else. Or those you… Do you realize the massive machinery behind Whitehall and London? Massive machinery. Massive bureaucracies and departments of specialists and so on. Masses of them.  They've got huge rooms, there are actually buildings everywhere where you have people in a circle just staring at screens and watching everything that's happening around them in different areas, but they can't stop any of this? 


But you want more of it.  The big companies that sell all the equipment are laughing because the money is rolling in. It's great money. You don't have to ask the customers to keep buying. No, you create terror and the government hands over the cash.  There's no wheeling and dealing about price, governments just hand it over. It's a great business to be in for the weapons industries.


And so much of it is international, it's not even made in Britain. Most of it's not made in Britain actually, all the cameras and everything. Which always seem to go down when something serious happens, like the 7/7 bombing for instance.  Isn't it strange, they all go down at the same time when anything big happens?  [Alan laughing.]   And you believe it's all just coincidence, 'eh?


We're living in a system that had to be, it was made to be, every problem is not just an accidental blowback from accidental problems. These are all manufactured and planned and carefully orchestrated, to change the whole planet and put it under control of the right people who already financially control it and own it. But there are masses of bureaucrats and technocrats and scientists, etc. and social engineers and behavioral insights teams and so on that are put in charge of us who manage us all of us.


D'you realize even, I was thinking too of the THX 1138 movie that was put out back in, oh, was it the 70s maybe.  A very old movie. Robert Duval was in it. They had to work underground to keep all the power going and atomic energy and so on.  They had never seen the surface, a lot of these workers.  When one of them goes kind of rogue between getting drugged, because you must take drugs and you're monitored to make sure you take the drugs and so on.  And you're psyched out too, you get all these different tests to see if you're doped but still able to function properly at their job, etc. But he kind of breaks away from it and stops taking these pills and starts to think for himself for the first time. He tries to escape. But he's caught by these Robocop's eventually with big, long sticks like shock sticks that Taser them. But you see him as he is getting tortured, it seems to be just plain torture from you watching the movie, as these Robocops torture him with long sticks, into different positions, in the stomach and wherever he's getting prodded and so on.  It then pans off back to this big room of screens, again, with white coated scientists observing everything and observing his reactions. He's literally getting a thorough physical of all his nervous system and his brain scans, as this is all happening.  Well, we're here folks. We are here.  [Alan chuckles.]   And that was written about years ago, do you think these guys just make up this stuff by themselves?  Do you really think that?  Hm?  It's all here.


But I was just thinking about that today, in fact as I say, I was out cutting ice and cleaning snow most of this darn week and I didn't have much time to really look for anything to even talk about. Which does often happen, especially in winter.  Sometimes I'll gather stuff to talk about and I’ll just toss it away and just prattle on with whatever happens to be in my head at the time, which is more spontaneous and I think that's the way things should be.


But today as I was hacking away at the snow and everything I thought about this whole sustainability thing and Technocracy, and again, the scientists being sent off to the Soviet system, and had purpose built communities so they could build the Soviet, the communist empire... that supposedly was going to overthrow the whole world structure. Why would your own governments, and even the British one with their monarchies and so on, why would they fund and send their top, top scientists over to the Soviet Union, and their top engineers over there and build homes for them, streets and streets and towns and communities, why would you build that for your supposedly, people who are going to overthrow you and slaughter you? Why would you do that? 


There's something here that they don't want to tell you.  [Alan chuckles.]  Things are not quite as they seem to be or as they are presented to you.  That's the whole point I'm trying to make here.  And I really mean that. Things are vastly different, vastly different from the way you’re trained believe them to be. You’re taught to believe we're stumbling down through time, on this mud ball here, and accidents just happen, and experts jump in when accidents happened to deal with the problems.  You're trained to believe this. 


The future is planned.  I've done so many shows for so many years and have gone through so much history, often from the big players’ books themselves that they put out, their memoirs and everything, and when you read this stuff 70 years ago or 100 years ago, of their dreams and aspirations for ruling the world, and in your own lifetime you saw all of it come to pass, well, you're not reading fiction and you're not reading Santa Claus letters put out by the bigwigs. This is planned. And they all belong to international massively wealthy organizations, to make it all happen. It really is astonishing.


Who do you think is funding all the Color Revolutions across the world? And even the Yellow Vests in France?  Hm?  How are all these folks who are protesting for maybe a year or two in France, where do they get, how are they feeding themselves that they're not working but they're protesting every day?  Think about it. And now of course they're being awfully good and they're protesting, I think they said, Amazon to do with this Black Friday sale and all the rest of it and how they're ruining the environment by their commerce and their capitalism. So suddenly they've changed and they've hit... 


Black Friday backlash: Protests against Amazon erupt across France - / 29 Nov 2019


Of course, they'll be, maybe, I'm sure they'll all want to get you off meat and everything else too, and then have you on the GM food that's soaked in pesticides and herbicides and God knows what else, hm.  That's what I was thinking about today, all the stuff that just goes through your head.  At least it goes through my head anyway.


I'll just touch on a few things tonight, just to put some stuff in that I found. When you look at Technocracy, let's go back to Technocracy for instance, right. I'll put some links up to, I mean you can download their old manifesto, Technocracy, again which was their agenda, part of their agenda. They talk about themselves as a revolutionary movement, a bloodless, they called it, revolutionary movement that would just take over and take over and take over.  But they would manage all energy resources including everything you eat, that's all energy. And what you would do, money would be replaced by credits, like Bertrand Russell said, same kind of thing, tokens dished out and they would buy so much energy. Because you need energy to live, like electricity, whatever it happens to be, and you need food and things like that. That's all energy.  This is what it was all about.  And that's of course is what sustainability is all about.


But it came out that...


Shock: Elon Musk’s Grandfather Was Head of Canada’s Technocracy Movement / 14 June 2018


(Alan:  His grandfather, Dr. Joshua Haldeman.  I think he was a chiropractor.  They were closed down in Canada by the police in fact, RCMP, because they were classified as subversive. As I say, it's often hard to distinguish when... that you can smell things that are connected, like communism, Technocracy, that kind of thing, everything goes together, socialistic movements where it's all control and orders, and their democracy. They'll use democracy to get in and then they take it all away from you, that's what they do. Because is not efficient like the Club of Rome said, the big think tank, the think tank that was given the job of finding a reason to take all your rights away, that you might believe, like sustainability, you're killing the planet, therefore you're an enemy to the planet, therefore you know, yada, yada ya.  Old stuff, right.  But here you have it, this thing starts with…)


. . . identifies Elon Musk as a Technocrat on the basis of beliefs and actions. What we did not know is that his Canadian grandfather, Joshua Haldeman, was an avid supporter of Technocracy, served as Research Director and ultimately became the head of the Technocracy, Inc. party in Canada.


(A:  They had it in different countries and the States too. I think a University in the States, they gave a department at one point to Technocracy.) 


(A:  But anyway, folk never catch on to what it's all about, what's going on here. Is it just coincidence that Elon Musk's, his grandfather left of course the country in fact, kind of ran out of in a sense, and here you have it now, you have Canada and the government of Canada using our tax money to fund [Alan chuckles.] to fund his projects of changing, again, energy into electric cars, 'eh.  Isn't it something?)


(A:  It's interesting too, that Technocracy, because it was based on energy, they use a lot of terms from electricity and science, but electricity for sure.  And I think new converts into it, and it was always, it was almost a cult like thing, very cult like and secretive. It had greater levels of indoctrination for the members up to the top. They even had their own salute form, you know, a hand salute and so on for the public, it was very Nazi-ish in some ways.  And they all wore gray suits by the way, the gray men, they wore gray suits.) 


(A:  The technocrats really saw humanity and the whole planet, really, and all life forms as energy that could be quantified and measured and even given value.  Rather dangerous, isn't it?  And they named their apprentices or the novices, inductees, the new novices into their system and they called them farads, after Michael Faraday. And they had other names of other scientists as you go up the ladder basically.  Faraday of course, I think they chose that because you probably remember him from your science classes and chemistry and so on and the electrical energy that Faraday really was a pioneer in the electromagnetism and capacitance.  Which it's still used, it's farads, it's to measure the units of capacitance in electricity and components and so on.) 


(A:  It's a bit ironic of course that they chose Faraday because Faraday himself was, he belonged to the Glasites basically, it was an offshoot of the Scottish church that spread through England and went to America too eventually.  But they didn't believe that government should interfere or be involved in religion or have any power over religion at all. You find that Faraday himself turned down so many titles from the royal societies and the Royal Institute, etc.  Because he wanted to be a simple plain guy, he said that himself, didn't want titles. He was such a famous scientist in his day, influenced all other scientists in that field that came after him.  He would be appalled to see that inductees into something called Technocracy, who wanted to take over the world's resources and manage it, as they said, properly, by the proper people, meaning themselves, he would have been appalled by it because Faraday himself, he believed in peace. He didn't believe… He was even given offers, big offers from the British government to create chemical weapons against, for Britain's war against the Russians in the Crimea, and he refused to have anything to do with making weaponry for the government's purposes.)


(A:  But you think about, hhch, you think about it too, Elon Musk's car is a Tesla.  Hm... Nikola Tesla.  You think this is all coincidence, folks?  You think it's all coincidence that your governments are all funding people who literally are never elected to do anything, they're given all this strange leeway to do whatever they want, that affects all of us?  Isn't it interesting?  It interests me, it's quite fascinating to see it all in action and to realize there's a much bigger organization running this whole system than you'll ever imagine and many compartments to it, with different names but all working together as specialized departments. It's fascinating really, isn't it.  It says here…)


One of history’s recurring themes...


This again is from Patrick Wood, awfully good website he's put up. He worked with Anthony Sutton who put out a lot of excellent books in fact on the system and a lot of different parts of this big system that rule over us, and with the technocrats and the Trilaterals of course, that are appointees, they're just appointed to top positions everywhere. They were all previously members of the CFR, they are elevated up to Trilaterals and they have this almost incredible authority, but they've never been elected by anybody on the planet basically. They're all over the place. They're in central banking systems. They're appointed to even take over, as I say, like Greece and Italy when they had a bit of financial chaos, these guys were just thrown right in there to run the country for them. Nobody was asked if they minded.  That's how it's done, folks.


Then even, Gro Brundtland who is a part of the elders group, it's called the elders for sustainability, the whole world's socialist movement basically is really a cover for total management of the planet by experts, unelected experts. That's what it really boils down to. You see, efficiency, efficiency for those who just say, you know, we could run this world so well, but the people wouldn't elect us, so we just got to do it and get appointed to it until it becomes normal, and once it's normal then we'll have our new system. Very much like you see in Things To Come that HG Wells had in his book and the movie, that kind of thing, where they go off into the future and these top scientists, then their own children by the way, and grandchildren, had the same positions running the world as engineers and scientists. Very interesting.


Because it's an old movement, even before they gave it the name Technocracy it was already there and under different guises. So anyway, I'll put these articles up.  Then you also have as I say, Patrick Wood did an excellent job, he's written some books like Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, and, Trilaterals over Washington Volumes I and II.


I think when Jimmy Carter was in that was in that was the first time anybody in the public had ever heard the term Trilaterals.  And he was surrounded by these appointed Trilaterals in his cabinet, his political cabinet. Since then they've been all over the place. They’re everywhere actually. Trump is appointing quite a few right now in fact, Trilaterals in the top positions for those who don't know it.  [Alan chuckles.] These are the guys who get things done, the real movers and shakers. They're not responsible to the public for anything, or criticism.  The public don't even know they exist, generally.  But anyway, I'll put some of these articles up.  And again…


The Last Utopians / 1 Jan 2018


(A:  Is a good little article, I'll put that up as well.  It says…)


Grey-suited Technocrats (A:  ...and it shows you the pictures.) rally at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles in 1941.


That's just before they got banned basically for being subversive and so on when folk started to catch on what they were up to.  [Alan chuckles.]  It had so much in common with the Soviet communist system.  Because they all believe, and it's interesting too because Carol Quigley said the same thing. He says, when he was talking about the conspiracy theorists, you know, and Quigley wrote Tragedy and Hope, the big book, plus The Anglo-American Establishment, excellent book to read. He gives you the real version of history from their own records because they have their own archival records of history as they make it, in the CFR, and the Trilaterals, actually because the Trilaterals have all been members and still are I guess members of the CFR as they go up another degree. 


But Quigley talked about it, and he says, yeah these people who are talking about that we're communist and so on, he says, they're not completely incorrect, he says, because our goals, OUR goals he says, right, are very similar to communism. Well, communism was for a rule by experts, folks, scientific socialism, etc., a complete rule by experts. And this mess, like the Club of Rome say, of democracy where different parties oppose each other and things can't get done and blah blah blah, you see.


Last week I mentioned too, we could never ever have total efficiency. If you've got total efficiency, we're not human anymore. And you're not free. Not free at all. Whose definition of efficiency will you be living under? Well, the characters I'm talking about tonight, you see.  Exactly.  The characters who will drug you and dope you in many ways you won't even understand and scientifically engineer society as they've been doing all along anyway.   


But anyway, in The Last Utopians it says in here that they came out as Technocracy Inc. as I say in the 1930s during the depression, the financial depression. So, it was a good time to launch it. But as I say, this organization, most organizations existed before under different names.  Now of course folk, if they're presented on the television advising some politician or some government, you think nothing of it. Well, you don't elect these characters, folks, anymore than you elect all these different characters from the CFR, the think tanks that run... you don't vote them in so why are they, why are the governments obeying them rather than obeying the public?


Mind you, the public are seldom asked these days. They train you out of being involved, don't they? Leave it to the experts, isn't that what they say?  Ha-hum.  And it's sad to say but the US still used to, not too long ago, used to always remind governments that they’re supposed to be run by the people, not being ruled by government.  Hm.  Big difference.


Anyway, this article here, The Last Utopians as they call it, it's not a bad little story about it. But again, it doesn't go into the fact that they wanted to do away with borders. Just the same thing, the coincidence ‘eh.  Karl Marx wanted a united Europe, right, the elimination of borders, and a centralized government for Europe. They got it.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs under the old group the Alfred Milner group, wanted a centralized government for Europe. Same thing, you see, borderless.  They set up the United Nations for the same thing.  They wanted the same thing for the Americas. Well, the technocrats wanted a borderless continent basically, Canada, Mexico, Central America, into one single nation under a regime of engineers and technicians.  M-hm.  You think it's all coincidence that all the different names they give to these, all want the same thing?  They all ARE parts of the same thing.  [Alan laughing.]  There you go.  Anyway, it says in this article that...


Political parties, along with money and all the trappings of the present price-based economic system — which Scott (A: of the guys who was a founder in Canada.) saw as incompatible with the distribution of industry’s output — would be things of the past. The economy would be based on energy (the capacity to perform work) (A:  Hm...) and the new currency would be “energy certificates,” (A:  exactly the same as Bertrand Russell said.) qualifying every citizen to an equal share of the continent’s wealth. (A:  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  The utopia. Believe that if you want, right.) People would work four hours per day, four days per week, between the ages of twenty-five and forty-five.


(A:  There ya go.  Yep. And again, pigs might fly. But it says…)


As originally conceived, there would be no democracy in the Technate (A:  That's what they call it.) — no elections, no parliaments — because, the Technocrats claimed, even in democracies, questions of fundamental importance are never submitted to popular vote.  (A:  Which is true. That is true. You've been weaned off it carefully as these characters took over to be involved. And you don't even expect to be asked.) Instead, there would be a single disciplined organization under one jurisdiction that would be responsible for the smooth functioning of society.


(A:  There you go. Isn't that wonderful.  One single party system, 'eh.  Isn't it something?)


As John Darvill, the current head of Technocracy in British Columbia has since put it: “You don’t get on a plane and vote as to whom should be the pilot.”


(A:  So, in other words, you know, you should use the same technique with ruling you, your countries, that's what they're getting at of course.  It's quite interesting. It still exists today, as I say. But it's actually elevated high above what it even was then, and I would say even into more kind of socialistic secret societies.  And the ones at the bottom, the old characters, might not even know.  But as I say when you look at even the elders that run in the CFR, and the United Nations, that's what it's called, the elders, well, you see the same agendas getting pushed by them all, exactly all the same. They are the same, they are the one, they are one system.  And it mentions here too…)


Walter Fryers, now ninety-four, remembers: “We were astonished when the RCMP padlocked our section premises and took records, furniture, everything. No charges were made.”


Other Technocrats were not so lucky. A Regina chiropractor, Dr. J. N. Haldeman, faced trial as a member of an illegal organization. He was acquitted.


But yet he left the country. I guess that was part of the deal, [Alan chuckles.] I don't know. Because it was classed as a subversive organization who wanted to take over and get rid of government and they would be the government, you see. Obviously.  So anyway, I'll put these articles up for those who care to look at it and put things together for themselves.


But you cannot deny that we have no say in anything.  In the so-called democratic countries you've been weaned out of any idea, in fact most countries you never get an idea, you've never been asked about anything, what matters. Switzerland is a different country. Switzerland is far more rights for the public, and the government cannot do anything on any major scale without asking for a vote across the country. As it should be, you see.  And in that way the people always hear about who wants to take your rights away and dominate you, and they vote against it.  So, bills and that don't even get passed, but the public get a vote on the different bills that are put forward. In the Western societies we don't even have that.  It's inefficient, you see, giving you this idea of democracy, for goodness’ sake.


Margaret Thatcher was honest, I've mentioned this quite a few times, I remember it quite plainly. I used to be intrigued, because I've never really trusted any politicians I must admit. I can remember in Britain when Margaret Thatcher got in, and at that time I was traveling in different countries in Europe. When she went across to Europe, I would hear her giving pretty well opposing speeches in other countries from the ones she was giving in Britain sometimes. She wasn't any different from any other politician on that score.  When she retired and left, then she became a member of the same, the Trilateral group.  She said, I now belong to a group which is unelected, and we know all the other members that we worked with and got to meet, with different presidents and prime ministers and heads of the different civil service in different countries, and we can make agendas and get things done without interference from political parties. So, you understand how it works, this is how it works.  This is how it works.


And the US, remember, is supposed to be a republic, a constitutional republic, set up so it couldn't be broken or taken over by any other group. And that's long gone as you well know. 


Anyway, I'll put this article up too. But Canada was a big place for it too. Canada was very big for different communistic policies, and quite a lot of communists in fact.  I remember too when the first defector from the Soviet Union, the first defector we know of in the Cold War after World War II happened, he left the Russian Embassy in Ottawa and he came across, trying to get in from the cold as they say, he had been hunted by his own people.  It was McKinsey King that was in at the time and McKinsey King panicked when he was told by the RCMP this guy was trying to get access and get sanctuary and be taken in. Because at that time after World War II they had all this propaganda that suddenly, you know, the nastier Soviet system became awfully, you know, Uncle Joe, he became Uncle Joe Stalin as he was fighting the Germans. And that propaganda was still so, he didn't want to upset the… didn't want to upset the Soviet Union.


But luckily the guy got taken in by other people [Alan chuckles.] and talked about it. He had a whole list of all the high-level bureaucrats throughout the Canadian government that were communist members who were actually sending all the data over to Moscow. Canada was very, very big, never changed by the way, on that. But again, I'm getting off the topic. I could go into whole talks on the communists that ran Canada [Alan chuckles.]  and their histories and all the rest of it going back to the 20s and 30s.  So anyway, I'll put these ones up on Canada for those who want to, because there's not much time in an hour, is there?


And this is just a quick search of things too to get, that came up before I started talking so...  I'm sure you can all do your own research and find a lot of it too. It keeps you… It will make you… If you're really interested in it to see what it is, it's only one part, it ties completely into sustainability and the environmental movement and everything else for that matter. Right down to even who will live and who dies eventually, the right kind of people.


Because it's a class system, very much so.  Although they pretend it's not. Remember, energy units, and the more you produce the more energy credits you get; you understand that?  The United Nations says that the definition of a good global citizen is a good producer and consumer. Well, if you retire and get sick or you're disabled, you're not a producer anymore. Think about it. What are they offering you now?  And it started in Holland initially and spread across... Here's a pill, 25 cents, that will get rid of you, you know.  It's cheaper than keeping you alive, etc. etc. That's your healthcare. That's what it's come to, folks.


You'd better think about this. I'm not... I'm quite serious about it.  Quite serious.  And if you get taken into emergency you better be very careful now. Because they'll hit you with the three wise men, you know, or women, it depends, who will, their job is to suss you out fast, fast.  And if they think you may have a terminal problem it’d be far easier to convince you, and they bring in a very suave, good, you know, someone who's really trained in it, very friendly character, up to you, he'll give you a little talk and get you ready for the final exit, very quickly. Very cheap.  That's the world we're in.


We’re getting managed like little carbon units, you see.  Because we are, I've mentioned it for years and years, we are based, we are carbon-based creatures. All life on the planet is here. It's only in Star Trek you had silicone-based systems.  [Alan chuckles.]   But not us. We are carbon. So, carbons got a price, hm.  Energy, 'eh.  You are energy. And you consume energy. But I'll put it up anyway.


Patrick Moore: Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide? - / 15 Oct 2015


Getting back to the technocrats who are appointed over us all.


The march of the technocrats - / 19 Feb 2018


And the proxy Article 50, remember this is the one they’re using to try and keep Britain in, or Britain could use to get out if they wanted to, if they could satisfy the European Union. Actually, the whole thing's a farce. We know darn well they could have got out of they wanted to when they first won the vote, that was all legal. If the man had taken a little cabinet with him up to see the Queen and got permission, they could’ve literally taken over right there.  We all know this. We all know it. It wasn’t meant to happen.  Different things are on the go.  Obviously.  But the guy who created the Article 50...


Brexit Article 50 creator to be keynote speaker at Insider and Scotland Is Now Top 500 Business Breakfast / 18 Oct 2018

(A:  In other words, this guy was at a business breakfast, etc.  Kerr his name is...)


John Kerr, Baron Kerr of Kinlochard is to be the keynote speaker at the Insider and Scotland Is Now Top 500 Business Breakfast early in the New Year.


Kerr, as a crossbench or independent peer is right at the heart of the parliamentary debate on Brexit as it goes through the machinery of government.


He has said: “I don’t feel guilty about inventing the mechanism. I feel very sad about the UK using it. I didn’t think that the United Kingdom would use it.”


(A:  So, he invented that clause 50.)


Former diplomat Kerr has been key to the development of the EU over many years first as British Representative to the EU at the time of John Major's Government.


(A: And he's also, guess what? … Naturally, a real doer, he is a technocrat and was a technocrat by being a Trilateralist.  He is a Trilateralist, an appointee. These are the guys who do things. None of them are elected, folks. They're just put there, and they get it done. And they all know what the job is, never to be discussed to the public, naturally.  But he was…)


He was Permanent Under Secretary to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the time of Tony Blair's Government before becoming an independent peer in the House of Lords in 2004.


His business career has been as a director of Shell (A: know, the big petroleum company.) and then chairing the group of directors who brought about the creation of Royal Dutch Shell plc in 2005. He was deputy chairman and senior independent director of the company until 2012.


(A: And guess what, you know?  Remember the big company, Rio Tinto, that was a Rothschild and Queen Elizabeth of England, the company, they were the big co-owners of it, he was…)


He was a director of Rio Tinto Zinc from 2003 to 2015.


There's a proper Trilateral member.  You see. Remember, taking over the world's resources like I mentioned before, and so on, so the right folk are in charge of it all.  This is a real mover and shaker. But he's only one of many, 'eh.  One of many. But yeah, he's a Trilateral member. There ya go.  Appointed by his private secretive club, 'eh.  But you all think you live in democracies.  Ha!  [Alan laughing.]  Then an article too out from the United Nations itself…


Business leaders join UN to rev up sustainable development investments - / 16 Oct 2019


There's the CEOs, right, big corporations, to join the United Nations, to rev up sustainable development investments. Again, that's techn... You would call that Technocracy, you see.


Remember too, as I mentioned before that old David Rockefeller, you know, many years ago and before he was old, was a big player in all of this, these movements. He ran the CFR group for the US and had a big say, he was on the board of it, and he was the chairman of it. Also, he was up there with the Trilateral Commission. He belonged to the same British organizations of course, of globalization because the Council on Foreign Relations is just a part of the British system of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Private organizations.  The elite club as they call it, you know. He said the same thing, that competition is a sin.   He didn't believe... And don't forget what his father had done.  They had taken over the resources of all energy for America. Remember that, that's what the whole idea was. All energy resources of the era had been gobbled up by Standard Oil, and the other departments they had for all other factions of energy.  [Alan chuckles.]   This is ongoing, same club the City of London group were involved in and so on.


So, here's your CEOs as Carol Quigley said, the new feudal leaders, the feudal leaders are CEOs of big corporations.


Business leaders join UN to rev up sustainable development investments / 16 Oct 2019


(A:  You'd better understand what you're reading and hearing when you hear these. Most folk don't because it's not spelled out to them like I'm doing here.)


The Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance (GISD), a UN-supported coalition of 30 business leaders, works to provide decisive leadership in mobilizing resources for sustainable development, with the core objective being to identify incentives for long-term sustainable investments.


(A:  And of course, they want a depopulation program. Of course they do.  You take energy away from people, down goes your hygiene, down goes your food supply, and your protein and everything, and you start getting sick, hm, you can't heat yourself, you die off, you die off, you die off. And this is what they say they must have. It's quite amazing. It really is.)


(A: And who was the guy who was at the head of this meeting?  António Guterres.  You might as well call him a communist, 'eh, the United Nations, International Socialism.  But he told business leaders…)


António Guterres told business leaders. “They are committing to cooperate across borders, across financial sectors and even with their competitors, because it is both ethical and good business sense to invest in sustainable development for all people on a healthy planet.”


Did you vote for any of these folks? No.  But it's in-your-face, folks. It truly is in-your-face. It really is. 


Also too, I’d like to put up an article on the late Patrick Moore who was one of the characters involved in Greenpeace and all the rest of it. This article is called…


Patrick Moore: Should We Celebrate Carbon Dioxide? / 15 Oct 2015


(A:  He was talking at the Global Warming Policy Foundation it's called and he said, should we celebrate carbon dioxide? And he talks about it.  He goes to some of his history and how Greenpeace started, how he was really against nuclear weaponry initially, that's how they started, when the whole planet was being threatened to get blown up. Another big fake thing as far as I'm concerned.  Fear is great for changing the system and putting all the power that you have personally into the hands of those who rule over you. Or even creating those who rule over you, you know. That's what fear is all for.  He says…)


The contention that human emissions are now the dominant influence on climate is simply a hypothesis, rather than a universally accepted scientific theory. It is, therefore, correct, indeed verging on compulsory in the scientific tradition, to be skeptical of those who express certainty that “the science is settled” and “the debate is over”.


But there is certainty beyond any doubt that CO2 (A:  carbon dioxide.) is the building block for all life on Earth and that without its presence in the global atmosphere at a sufficient concentration this would be a dead planet. Yet today our children and our publics are taught that CO2 is a toxic pollutant that will destroy life and bring civilization to its knees. Tonight I hope to turn this dangerous human-caused propaganda on its head. Tonight I will demonstrate that human emissions of CO2 have already saved life on our planet from a very untimely end.


(A:  If you bring down your CO2, and cut it to zero, all life on the planet would die.  I hope you understand this, folks. But he goes through how the environmental movement started off with the right idea, and then moved off into whole different areas, into the sustainability, on behalf of their masters way above them.  [Alan chuckles.]  Of course, they don't even know they even exist, actually. Yeah, it's quite amazing. He goes to the history of it. And it's awfully interesting. Awfully interesting how people start off.)


(A:  I think too, I think even Lord Moncton also was involved with Greenpeace too. He again was disillusioned too when it moved off into other radical areas, you see, and lost its track of what it's supposed to be. But any organization that starts off with good intentions will be quickly taken over by the single world organization that runs everything. Very quickly.  Very, very quickly.)


(A:  It's the same with what they used to call the Patriot Movements at one time in the US where they had lots of good, educated speakers on their histories and so on and what happened and who is taking over what, etc. No conspiracies but they had the facts to present. They were quickly infiltrated. The same in Britain as even the BBC turned out people as experts in conspiracies, and they grab all the conspiracy stuff and add ridiculous stuff into it, and then ridicule to it. That's counterintelligence.  That's why it works, if you don't understand that. You must copy all the good stuff that people are saying until the people who were sticking to the facts, the basic facts get lumped in as conspiracy theorists or chasing aliens or something, whatever it happens to be.)


(A:  He's a PhD and he's a member of these organizations and he talked at the Global Warming Policy Foundation, right. There you go.  The tells you a lot about it, what it's really all about, and how they’re basically getting used etc. etc.  M-hm.  He says...)


The first principle of ecology is that we are all part of the same ecosystem, as Barbara Ward put it, “One human family on spaceship Earth”, and to preach otherwise teaches that the world would be better off without us.


Well, that's exactly what they're doing. The world would be better off without us. You've got the... It's so interesting too, that many years ago in some of the books I read on communism they talked about how they would unleash basically the atheist and nihilist, the nihilists on the world. And communism did that too. 


Even the French Revolution was a precursor to the same organization actually, with the big revolution. They started killing off folk in the rural areas to bring down the population, control the food supply. They took a lot of the farmers, in the French Revolution, in the different areas around Paris and different places in France, and they put them on barges in rivers and sunk them.  Of course, the scarcity of food goes up, the price goes up, etc. etc. Then you bring in their own experts to… And folk again turned to the government, no matter if it's a revolutionary one, to save them all, as the same government's destroying you. 


What they did, of course they let the prisoners out of the Bastille, that’s the standard thing to do.  Castro did it too in Cuba.  When they got in and the US was getting flooded with all these guys who were hardened criminals, from Cuba. Russia the same thing, the Bolsheviks let all these murderers and so on out of prisons to cause mayhem in the streets, etc. And they could recruit them too for their murderous policies. Always the same agenda, 'eh? 


So, what the Club of Rome tells us is that mankind's the enemy. We are all the enemy, you see.  And you've got these radical young armies being trained by your own taxpayers’ money through the schooling system and propaganda on their television programs and dramas and movies, that the people are the enemy, and the system that feeds you is the enemy, food is bad too, the stuff you're eating is all bad, and you're just wasteful, wasteful, so we'll have to restrict all energy, until you'll probably freeze to death in the winter perhaps, or, boil over in summer heat in some of the hotter climates.  The nihilists and the atheists. It's an awfully good term to use because that's what it is.  You see it today.


But anyway, as I say, this one article is awfully, awfully good and I'll put it up, the late Patrick Moore. Very intelligent guy. Well educated in his field and who was an advocate of so much of the policies.  [Alan chuckles.]  Until he saw it getting taken over and being completely waylaid for other purposes.  Quite amazing.


I've got many articles I don't have time to go through on the Trilateral Commission and the different members, who recently had been appointed even with Trump and different people too. One of them of course was Kenneth Juster, his name is.  Member of the Trilateral Commission.  It's so interesting too what he was involved with, Mr. Juster.  Because they're big players, you know, but they're kept fairly quiet from the public.


White House Makes It Official: Kenneth Juster Will Be Next US Ambassador To India - / 2 Sept 2017


He was a member of the National Security Council. Now he's been appointed ambassador to India.  Mr. Juster was a Partner and Managing Director, from 2010-2017, at the global investment firm Warburg Pincus.  Warburg families, very close ties to Nazi Germany in the 1930s, were fully exposed by the late Anthony Sutton. And since Warburg Pincus had massive investments in India, Juster presents a huge conflict of interest. Isn't that coincidental, it's all coincidence, isn't it?  [Alan chuckles.]  And so, that's how things really work, isn't it?


And of course, I got articles too from the United Nations calling for, oh, basically the ban on all kinds of speech now. To keep us safe, you understand.


UN plan on Hate Speech -


It's because there's so much coming out in the public that's got to be squashed very quickly.  Very quickly, because the last thing they want is another generation of young folk, enough young people who can think for themselves, who can take it in, what's happened in the past, and see what's happening now, and you might have about 60 or 70 years to live, they don't want anybody who understands what's been happening to go on very far from now, actually.  People with memories are a problem.  And again, awfully, awfully strict now on squashing your freedom of speech. It's got to be done. It's gotta be done. 


And of course, Facebook is one of the big ones that are using it. Facebook and all these organizations are big, big technocrats, as I say, put out there for the global structure. These are not self-made people. You really believe this stuff? Do you really honestly believe it?  Hm?  Do you believe the Hollywood version, hm?  But anyway, I'm going to just mention to finish up here, again another article on the Homeland Security. It says that they’re going to hold the biometric data on…


Homeland Security will soon have biometric data on nearly 260 million people / 7 Nov 2019


…229 million citizens in the US by 2022.


That’s a couple of years time.  Aren't we free, 'eh?  Aren't we really, really free? Isn't this wonderful, this freedom, isn't it? Isn't it great?  As I say, the United Nations is putting throughout the different, they’re demanding that the hate laws are put in, if you discuss things, and stop using certain words and all the rest of it. The complete language police are in power now, you see, they've got to shoot everybody up.


If you can't converse by using the right terminology you can't get the point across. Just like Orwell talked about in 1984, isn't it?  Isn’t that what he said? Where he had, there's a meeting in their canteen, their food place, they're having their meal.  Nothing, even the meat isn't real.  As they say there too, it looks like meat, smells like meat, but there's no meat in it at all, that's what they said.  That's where you're going, folks. 1984. Published in 1948. By someone who knew what was going to happen. He was up there. But he also talked about the book at the table in the canteen, a guy from a different department, the department for basically the dictionary, or words, you see. He showed him the latest dictionary. He says, the latest dictionary is getting thinner and thinner. He says, oh, I see brother, I see, so when it's really this thin, very, very thin, they won't have the words to even express or communicate revolution. So, you couldn't be a counterrevolutionary to the system if you couldn't converse. Isn't that amazing?


Well, here they are taking all the proper terminology out, that you must used to describe things, take it away because it's hateful and it's nasty and it's bad, hm.  There ya go.  Isn't that just coincidence? Isn't it, 'eh?  It's just coincidence, don't you know?


And just to finish that, talking about nothing's really real in the system that we’re born into and that we’re running in today, because it really isn't, you're not free. You've never been free. You're never asked about anything that matters.  If they do give you some kind of vote, like Brexit, they won't go through with it.  [Alan laughing.]   That's how it's done.


But here's what George Orwell said in 1984, the book.  Run by experts, 'eh, in the system back then, that's what it's all about.


Every record has been destroyed or falsified. Every book rewritten. Every picture has been repainted. Every statue and street building has been renamed. Every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right.


-George Orwell, 1984.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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