Dec. 8, 2019 (#1750)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"The First Truly Global Tyranny

 of Interlocking Organizations,

 Harvesting Rights and Souls,

 Achieving Goals

 by Scientific Mass Persuasions."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 8, 2019.  I hope you’re all doing okay out there and getting by through this winter with all the prices of fuel and everything going up, as it’s destined to do, or predestined to do of course because that is the agenda. Excuse my voice for being a bit raspy because it gets that way in the wintertime if I don’t put the humidity on. And of course, tonight I didn’t, I forgot about it and that’s what happens.  It gets so dry in the winter it’s just amazing. 


I always laugh when I wake up every day and see the same kind of repetitive stories over and over and over. Mass propaganda. We’ve never been under such incredible mind control in every possible area as we have today. Mind you, back in, say, the 70s or even the 60s it was impossible because even with TV they didn’t have enough stations across Europe, especially, definitely not in Britain, to give you this incessant propaganda on all the major topics that you’re supposed to really believe in.  Because we’re being managed so well by those who run the world and own the world and so on.


I mentioned before about, for instance, the technocrats and Technocracy Inc. etc. You can still download their old agenda, which is still in operation today in fact. But of course, the big grandparents of the ones I mentioned before, who were put forward as fronts basically, and front engineers, for much more, put it this way, wealthier people even above them at the time. They were supposed to take over the world’s energy supplies, all the resources that humans need, and then bring in an ordered, managed society. Tidy, a tidy society, get them off the countryside and so on and bring in big corporate farms.  And efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.   And lo and behold, their grandchildren are coming forward today and just being announced to you as just, just the saviors of the planet.  And they have the right to have public-private partnerships where you fund their projects, and they collect the profits. It’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it?  But that’s what we’re living through, for those you haven’t quite clued in on it yet.


When people are presented to you, out of the blue, you’ve never heard of them before generally, as multimillionaires or billionaires even, and given all this, all the rights to do, even take charge of areas of the climate, you might say, or even the sky, or outer space with the satellites and all that, all these kind of things, and the resources on the planet too, and in the planet as well, you’ve got to stop and say wait a minute here, is this a new kind of system we’re living in where we don’t vote for anybody?  Well, that’s exactly what it is.


Remember what they said through the Club of Rome, a big front group for the United Nations and this whole agenda for being an efficiently controlled society.  A very old idea, remember.  Before it was called Technocracy it had other names too. The big ones, the big empire builders from Britain in London, well they’re based in London, were all on board with it long ago because that was always their ambition, take over all the resources of the planet, own them all amongst themselves, get the public to pay for the big, big things and big projects, and bring in a world where they would dish out, meagerly, enough energy to maybe just keep you alive.


Do you understand what they’re talking about?  Everything is energy units.  You are an energy unit. That’s how they work it out. And eventually what Bertrand Russell said was, who was in on the whole thing too, they would issue credits to you, like tokens.  These would really be energy tokens you could buy food, which is energy, with these tokens.  You would get so much per month according to your class, which is either the top class or the lowest class, that’s all, no in between eventually.  You’d just have, you couldn’t save up your credits. If you were bad or you’ve got antisocial behavior, or disorder as they say in Britain now, they would stop your credits coming in, get you on your knees until you couldn’t feed yourself, until you pleaded to be forgiven and you’d get on board with it.


It’s all here, folks. It’s all here, actually. It really is. And folk will never clue in, even as it’s happening.  That’s always astonished me in all the years I’ve been talking about the big, big agenda.  And people get confused because they see parts of the agenda with different names and think, well that’s the only ones that are doing it. No, no. There’s many bricks in the pyramid, folks, and they’re all specialized in their areas.  And they all work together.  They are one. That’s just it, they are one, you see, different components of the same one and we’re living through it today.


All their talks about austerity, I did the talks from the United Nations about the coming austerity has got to be implemented. Well, that’s a form of poverty.  I might touch on that again tonight too, where Maurice Strong, another player in the same organization by the way, sustainability for the planet, that was the big thing, that’s always been everything with them. Meaning, population control and reduction.  Of course, if they start taking away your energy units for heating, even for producing food for you, you’ll start dying off, you’ll get sick, etc., if you can’t heat yourself, you won’t last too long, and the population starts going down.


And by the way, you’ve got the big fanatics out at the top at the United Nations, and Guterres as well, talking about, hinting actually at going further and further and the pain it’s going to cause. Well, it’s going to cause a lot more than just pain, folks. And it will all seem to happen by itself.  You’ll have a financial crisis and it will be a partial collapse.  They’ll say, we need a new global system with the right experts or technocrats running it all, you see, on behalf of those who own the planet.  You might think the billionaires own it. No, no.  They’re above, way above billionaires. The billionaires are the front men, hhch, that are put there by the ones of the above them.  And they’ll bring in the system. And the folk will adapt to it thinking, well, what else can you do?...


It’s just like a war scenario and that’s how they see it at the top.  It’s a war upon all of us, you see. It’s always been like that. And folk don’t know, you know, generations have gone through this war, and they don’t know what’s been behind it. They think things just happen. Oh, there’s great depressions, it just happens by itself. Really?  And then they have world wars. Oh, they just happen by themselves too. Really?  Hm?  Okay.  And then it’s more and more financial crashes.


Then you have your free trade agreements that put all your factories, we paid, the taxpayers paid for their factories based in your countries to be put over to China and set up. We paid for all that. But anything that really matters, as I say, you’re never asked to vote on.  I think the only thing that they’ve been asked to vote on was Brexit, and they just laugh at that when you say, yeah, we’re going to leave, they just laugh at you. It’s quite comical in a sense.


But the public always seem to think things just happen independently, we’re stumbling down through space on this ball of mud and things just happen by themselves. And then you need experts rushing in to help you get you out of the mess that happen by itself, you see.  You know, there’s more millionaires and billionaires getting made today through hedge funds where they bet upon bets upon bets of investments.  They make nothing physically. It’s astonishing the conology we live through.  It really is astonishing. To me anyway.  And the fables we’re taught, absolute fables. I was thinking about the movie Highlander. It was a bit of a classic in the late 80s maybe and they did Highlander I and II and then they did a TV series, I think. But on the second one this immortal fella, naturally, ends up designing to save the…


At that time, you see, the hole in the ozone was going to kill us all. That was in between the Ice Age which they gave up on because it wasn’t happening at the time, and then they swapped over to global warming years later. But in between they came up with the ozone hole. Now, the ozone hole can only be detected by NASA. They had special planes that would go up in the high, high atmosphere, almost in the stratosphere and they could detect the ozone. And you had to take their word for it, you see, that it was getting bigger. It’s only the poles, you see, that ozone holes are there.


But of course, what they didn’t tell you, now they admit that it’s a natural phenomenon, because literally the way the earth spins and so on and you have this magnetic pole as well, you do have this thinning at the north and south poles. But for years and years you heard, oh the crisis was, oh we’re all going to get cancer, all going to get cancer from the ozone, and the ozone hole is caused by you people. Yeah.


And guess what? Back to energy again, your refrigeration units. You understand how they could clear whole vast areas of the planet if they took away their air conditioning in some places? Think about that, folks.  And don’t scoff at the idea either [Alan laughing.] you’ll see coming one day. And if you can afford it, as they keep upping and upping the prices for energy units, you’ll see it happening for sure.


But in the Highlander movie the guy, this immortal fella, eventually designs something which will basically shield the earth by giving constant cloud protection all over the planet. And eventually, he doesn’t know, he becomes an old man, even though he’s immortal, they keep going back and forth between these ideas he’s got, or with the character.  He becomes an old man, and no one has seen the sun or even stars for God knows how long, in maybe 80 years or something. 


They find out eventually through again, ecoterrorist I suppose you’d be called back then, who wanted to get into this big company who caused the shielding, they raked in all the cash to save you all. That was basically almost their motto, to save you all we must shield the planet and you’ll have to pay for it, hm.  They find out through these little eco-warriors that the shield’s basically protecting nothing because the ozone hole is gone. And the ozone layer has been rebuilt. Even though it wasn’t depleted in the first place, that was another fable told us.


But anyway, that was a movie. That was a movie, and everybody laughed and enjoyed the movie and yeah, yeah, yeah. And then of course in the 1990s, about 1998 in Ontario for instance, they started the daily spraying in the sky. And the first time they were much, much, it was about two thirds lower, honestly, the first time they tried it. I came out that day and looked out and I thought, my God, I thought, is this a sci-fi or has a been war started or something? Because the trails were perfect crosshatched, like knots and crosses, all across the sky. Perfect it was.  Much lower. Very thick layers.  And even, I pointed it out to different people, and they were astonished themselves. But what astonished me even more was the fact that they didn’t pay it too much attention. They would say, oh my God, what is that, but that was as far as they went with it. I’m sure they forgot it the next day. But eventually they got higher and higher with the trails.  And they keep doing them of course. 


And since the Geoengineering studies have been, some of them have been published as they tried this and tried that and spraying the skies and so on, and you can find these studies yourselves in some university libraries.   I’ve got some stuff here from some of them. You find them at Yale too who published stuff, and Harvard too, on geo-engineering.  Some of their professors in these big universities have huge shares all built up ready to go on the chemicals and stuff to spray on us. It’s like a make-work project for themselves where they’re guaranteed to become billionaires at least.  But they’re actually ones who are promoting it all and on behalf of the masters who already own the planet as far as they’re concerned.


So, you’re living through an amazing, amazing system. We truly are. And it is a war, a constant war upon the public’s minds. A lot of it has been so successful that they’re beginning to breathe easier at the very top.  Since the days of Thomas Malthus, it’s been about too many people.  If they keep feeding, if they get fed and they get heat to keep warm, they’ll breed, you see, and their children will survive if they get fed and get warm as well. So, you’ve got to stop that and reduce the food and reduce the heat and all that and let them die off, hm.  You understand this?  But it’s never gone away, for those at the very, very top. Because it isn’t just the fact that they believe it’s overpopulated with the wrong people. They really believe it’s overpopulated with the wrong people, which is all of you, because only themselves are really people, I hope you understand that.


It's like The Madness of King George, good movie. Based on fact actually.  [Alan chuckles.]  But the king's sitting there with his wife at some ball and all the different guests were coming in through the doors. His wife was saying, well that's someone, so and so, who is coming in, and they'd have titles and things like that. And people who didn't have titles, the king would say, is he somebody? Oh no, dear, he's not a somebody at all. So, in other words, you're either a somebody or you're nobody.  Well, that's never changed.  I hope you realize it's never changed.


Do you see the arrogance of some of these front people they put in front of you who are now managing, helping to manage your life that you don't even, you haven't met them, you don't vote for them, never will get to vote for them, but they're bringing in systems that you must adapt to?  Hm?  But you do see the arrogance of them, hm?  Very old agenda. Multigenerational agenda. It's really astonishing to me to witness it. And it's quite amazing to witness it because a lot of things you always know because you read their books and lots of the reports from the think tanks that they have and the findings at big meetings and so on. But it was presented to the public at the time as almost, like a pie-in-the-sky never-never kind of thing, like a myth or fairytale or something like that.


But in reality, if you realize you can work intergenerationally, you can set up an organization, say 200 years ago for instance, just one organization, of many that all work together in specialized areas, but one of them, and they get a foundation, and then you make it a charitable tax-free foundation, that still invests and rakes in incredible amounts of money, and then you fund the NGOs, nongovernmental organizations and various movements and so on and so on and so on, and they can cover educational systems and all the rest of it with what's to get taught, you can achieve your goals in that one organization over a period of 100, 150, even 200 years.  And in that time, you've hired and retired generations of workers inside the organization, all dedicated and getting paid awfully well to make it all happen. There's nothing that they can't do that way, you understand. That's why they came out with these big foundations.  As I said before, Adam Weishaupt mentioned it too, that through philanthropies, through philanthropies he says we can achieve our objectives.


Don't forget the old illuminati idea or high, really high free Masonic organizations are completely elitist.  Not like the little guys at the bottom in the Blue Lodge, the ones at the top are completely and utterly elitist, and then they go into the noble orders, etc. etc. etc.  Nothing has really changed. Except they're much closer to their goals now.


But the public themselves through the 20th century were, at the beginning of the 20th century and a good part of Europe or especially in Britain too, after so many wars for the Empire as they called it, and draining the public, you had all these skinny people in Britain malnourished and then they went right into a Great Depression, like the rest of the world, manufactured too. 


The people in America even forget there was another huge depression in the late 1890s before the Great Depression with a handful of bankers managing it then. We've seen that scenario done so many times over and over. It gets monotonous. But yeah, two or three bankers get together and decide, and lenders, but the big boys not your little local branch, and decide to crash the economy, rake in the money like you wouldn't believe it and end up owning all the bonds that are out there because they get sold off for peanuts. Very old idea.


As I say, Briton especially, it's called ‘the poor man of Europe’ when it broke into the 20th century with the worst malnourished people, you know, the general working-class people were completely malnourished, in the whole of Europe. And nothing to help them. Terrible situation.  But that wasn't good enough. They didn't die fast enough.


They always thought to themselves with the advancement of technology and science, etc. etc., they could eventually have machines do all these things. That's what HG Wells saw because he was let in on the big secret and he became a propagandist for them.  They started up their working-class group, because you must get all sections of society on board, the best way to do it is to lead the problem areas. So, you put your leaders in and then you guide the working-class around in circles, and maybe off the edge of the cliff eventually. 


But HG Wells was a founding member of the Fabian Society, remember, along with George Bernard Shaw who didn't mince his words as to what would happen with the excess useless population.  Nothing's changed. They all work for the… Don't forget who funded, who put out the big funding for the Fabian Society. Don't forget it. The Astor family. The guys who supposedly made their huge masses of money off of primarily the fur industry in the Americas. Lots of scandals too and a lots of officials were bought off by them in the States and Canada too. When you go into the history, some of the richest folk funded supposedly the movement for the Fabian Society, where they, again, they would bring in a scientifically controlled society, that was the idea behind it, with the right folk managing everybody, you see. 


Eventually they could do away with the politicians.  They were all for communists, because communism was getting there faster, you see, with the same idea. Communism was supposed to have the right folk, the specialists running their world and it would be more efficient, it's always efficiency, you see.  They ended up in a ruinous way altogether. Whereas the Fabian Society, that was, they boasted from the Fabian Society, Bernard Shaw did it too, that they had a direct line to Moscow, the Moscow's desk and back and forth. Trotsky was in touch with the London branch all the time.


Folk have no idea what these things even mean today, you understand that?  That the same group of people, the same, use different strategies, and some of them were experimental.  They called the Soviet Union the second great experiment, and the first was the United States of America. Different techniques, different systems, and study them, how they work for efficiency's sake.  The same groups the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain where all the top... nobs you might say, Sirs and all the nobility at the top, studied the Nazi system very carefully, the role for it initially too because once again, it would bring in a national socialist system of managing it using science and so on for efficiency.


It's just amazing to see they study all the different techniques for the same things, and then after it all they make you think you're free again for a little while and you’re Democratic, and as they use democracy to smash the systems that exist, you see. They smash the systems eventually into absurdity and bring absurd things forward for democracy.  And at the same time, they promoted the whole culture industry to push, again it was, I grew up through that whole area too when they broke out with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. That was the big thing too.  Lots of scientists of the time came out with that, they were all for it and said this is great because we must dissolve the bond or even stop it from occurring between the sexual act and bonding. If you bond you might just have a family, you see, you might take care of children.  Hm?  They didn't want that! And they were awfully successful with it. Awfully successful.


But the folk went through it with wrecked marriages, I think almost went through it, with wrecked marriages, some were, some were. And TV and movies were just full of all the things they're missing, complete fantasy, you know, so you'd never be happy with whatever you had.  Of course, the state set in with the abortion industry and, we'll take care of any problems from all of this. And they always downplay the venereal diseases because they didn't want you to think about… People still think today that there are couple of shots or even a few pills might get you over the worst of things. That's not necessarily so today.  It wasn't necessarily so then either. 


But that was too negative, think on the positive. Just perpetual childhood until you drop dead basically, and having lots and lots of sex, in the Freudian way, you see.  Because Freud said the same thing, if you're unhappy it's because you're not having enough sex. And to get you happy, maybe you've dropped out of work so take these pills and once you start having sex and start working again, obviously you're fine, you're cured, you see, that's it. That was the answer to everything.


Rather than just telling the folk the truth that there's a whole war on your whole system to destroy everything in that system to rebuild from scratch again. That's what the purpose was. And let's be honest too folks.  If you're in a system that's so crazy and mad that people have breakdowns, running off to work in all kinds of climates like Canada here, folk would run off to work to factories in cars and highways where all the cars are spinning their wheels like crazy and sliding all over the place, but they've got to get there for 8 o'clock, you know. It's just madness.


So, if you have a breakdown and that, the whole idea is to have sex and take these pills and get back to your work and you're fine. Rather than say, this system broke you down in the first place, obviously. But you're not supposed to think about it. The experts are put forward for you to believe. Bertrand Russell said that, we'll train the public, and in the 40s and 50s he said this, this is in his books, he said, we'll train the public, and they are training the public, to believe in experts, until a mother will be unable to change, he called it, a nappy, but it was a diaper, on their own child without expert advice. And it's much worse than that now, isn't it?  It's been incredibly successful. 


And of course the TV, which is where a lot of folk reflect, they become a reflection of television, they copy what they see.  They dress how they're supposed to dress.  Whatever is in vogue is how, what they wear.  Or their hairdos, that's always been the way with it too.  What’s promoted on television and the lifestyle is what they do. It's astonishing how perfect it is in that respect.  Then folk then start getting the idea that this is how it's supposed to be, from television. If it's on TV it must be the way to be. You see? And if you're not happy there's something wrong with you. When the people you see on television, all fictitious programs, those fiction programs, are obviously happy. And the ads are always tremendously happy, you can give orgasms with toothpaste and things like that, you know, it's amazing.  Everything… ECSTASY, just pure ecstasy by what you buy. Astonishing that. 


Whereas in reality people are living with an existential crisis today and that's, this is what they know at the top, and they talk about it like that at the top. Because you see, the purpose that was always there in society has been taken away from us all. People are not getting to bond. Certain alternatives to bonding are being promoted because they don't, they won't produce children. But people are not getting lifelong mates, you see. And one thing that made people mature, especially the guys I suppose, and maybe the girls too, was having children. It gave them responsibility. It forced them, forced them, whether they like it or not, [Alan chuckles.] but it forced them into being responsible.


There's no system in life that's completely perfect in any respect at all.  But you've got the good and the bad, and that's never, that hasn't been taught for a long, long, long time, the good and the bad, you see. But the purposes have been taken away from people for most of what nature provided them for, basically. Nature doesn't care if you can provide for even children, it doesn't care at all does it?  But the fact is, people would do their darndest to make sure that they could somehow get through.  And let's be honest too, the so-called great empires of Europe would never have been built if the peasantry had just decided they were too poor to have children. They had to fill all these uniforms for the armies and so on and so somehow, they always got through, didn't they?


But once you're in an existential crisis, you have all sorts of things being promoted and coming out.  Why do you think they've dumped all the drugs on society, as never before? NEVER before... never ever?  And just in the last year or so just seeing the tons and tons, it wasn't just a few ounces of this and a few ounces of that, it's tons and tons of cocaine at every big drug bust that they get now, across the world.  The whole world. And loads of all kinds of drugs you never heard of before. And stacks of them coming from China too.


Let's...  There's no war on anything... There's no war anything at all to stop anything. If there was, you'd see it. And believe you me they'd be efficient enough to stop it. They would.  Absolutely. So, it's intentional, folks. It is absolutely intentional.  And you see the fentanyl too, the killing of people and they just, they're like, oh my, what can we do?  Well, there's lots they could but they're not gonna, hm.


This is the time where you take down society. You're watching something from a science fiction happening today. It was in the 1990s they started to put out lots of, even before that in the 80s but the 90s for sure they put out these kind of futuristic science fiction films on terrible chaotic times on the planet, a future generation where there’s big gangs in the streets fighting and killing each other for food and stuff like that or whatever it happened to be.  And they'd be dressed like punk rocker types and stuff like that. They kept showing you these movies and churning them out.  People would say, oh that will never happen, and they couldn't imagine seeing it.


Well, you're seeing it, you've got tent cities everywhere.  These things were, this is predictive programming [Alan chuckles.] what you are seeing when you're seeing these things.  You're seeing what's already been discussed in top think tanks.  And then, they've already discussed, how do we bring this about? Well, look around you. You see the people dressed the same way you saw in those old movies. You see them with the tattoos covering them, on their faces some of them, the spiked hair on some and all other armbands. All that stuff that they showed you back then is out there, folks. And you think it's a just coincidence, 'eh?  [Alan laughing.]  


It's astonishing to watch this. And it is, in a sense it's a bit, say, a bit of a privilege in a sense to live long enough to see a lot of this come in, knowing it was going to, and always trying to figure out how are they going to bring this part in, how they can bring in that part, how are they going to make this happen?  And you watch it all happening. And there's you doing it all and watching it all, you could tell people, but they'll never believe you. They still think that an expert will come out, because they've been trained not to believe anybody except an expert. If an expert comes out, because they are the only ones you believe who speak with authority, when they come out and say, oh it's you causing climate change that's caused all this problem, you know. And you say, really?


It's all the folks that have been, you know, using energy and things, we've caused the whole problem, 'eh?  We've caused what they claim is overpopulation, for instance, it's all our fault for that.  And to the very generation who, most of them are not having children [Alan laughing.] or not getting married to have any, [Alan laughing.] they're going to take the blame for it all. Isn't that amazing, how they can convince you of anything, 'eh, that you’re just plain bad, it's all your fault. 


But the families who keep telling you to stop breeding, and I've got books going back into the late 1800s and from Britain and other parts of Europe, where an elite then were trying to get the people to slow down the breeding and have less children. And in those books, some of them put out by ministers for instance, you know, Christian ministers, they’d have the statistics of the day where they go through the elite families at the top, who were telling everybody else down below them not to have children, and the elite families were having seven, up to 10 children, some of them, you know. Quite a lot of them, actually.  No problem there, you see.


You see, the problem's never been about them having, the problem is you having children, all the wrong people having children. That's what it is.  And all the folk who went through, the generations who went through maybe two children at the most and a lot of them only had one, right, to please the masters and all the propaganda of their time, it's still not good enough, you see.  Because now you've got to bring them in from all over the world.  They say it's to pay off your national debt. Well, you can’t even get jobs to pay off anything, never mind bringing in people who also have to get jobs.


So, you're being lied to on a momentous level.  When things don't make sense, then something stinks, folks. Logic has to be logical. When it's not logical something's stinking, you see.  And you've got to go by that. It's quite simple, use your own mind, your own brain.


So, you're living through an agenda and the organizations that were present at the beginning of the 19th century and in the 20th century, all working as one in their own areas, are all bringing it all together, you see. Academia is a big part of it of course because you must always, as Lenin said, make sure that teachers are paid awfully well, out of all proportion to their worth actually, but pay them awfully well because they have to indoctrinate the next generation of children.  That's why they get paid so much.


Look what they turn out, people who can't read, a lot of them. But they know all about communism, how good it is. They know all about sustainability and how they should not have children because it's bad to have children. It's bad to eat meat. It's bad to have heating.  It's bad, bad, bad to have any industry at all.  No, that's total indoctrination camps.  Total. And then they come out all worried about their genders and totally screwed up until they're ready to commit suicide a lot of them, folks.


And you're paying for it all to happen with your tax money.  And do you get asked about that? No.  D'you get asked about anything where your tax money goes?  No.  And yet many of you go out there and vote again, each time you go into vote. What for?! [Alan laughing.] That's really, I think if aliens came to this planet and saw that happening, well why on earth are they voting because they don't have any rights. They don't have any say in where their labor goes, which is your tax money.  Don't forget that taxing your labor, hm, was consider slavery up into the 20th century and then they gradually changed that.  Hhch, and now they've changed an awful lot of things now, and we don't have any, [Alan laughing.]and they're still doing it too… But anyway, I'm kind of off the topic.


The fact is, they have all these specialized areas managing the world, and the world must be united. Because the ones at the top always wanted to dominate a world system. So, you must have a common currency across the planet. That will come in the next crash. They'll say, oh we've got to have rationing cards and so on to get us out of this, while we get through this terrible, over this terrible hurdle, across the world. And then we'll start giving you your electric credits, you see. And the whole system comes in as it was intended to and was discussed in the 1940s.  But to most folk it will be coincidence.  As always.  Quite amazing.


What always astonished me was that the Communists, and the elite as well, the financial elite, always wanted, they hated the middle classes. They hated them. Still do. They call them pretentious and copiers and so on of those above them. And that's never changed. So, the agenda was always to eliminate middle-class people. Middle-class people in Britain for instance, were generally people who owned their homes, even the humble home, as long as they owned them.  But generally, they were also people who are professionals of some kind or even the lower-level professionals but they didn't see themselves as laboring classes. 


But it was different in America where they often don't think that.  They’ll call themselves middle-class because they were earning a lot more money and could live the higher lifestyle. But here in Canada for instance, here's an article here, this is Justin Trudeau.  It's Alberta, the big oil fields and gas fields in Alberta. Big steer country too for cattle and all that. It says that they're getting so fed up, and they've been fed up for years actually, even since Pierre Trudeau the father of Justin was in as prime minister. They got fed up then too because he was taking so much wealth from the different industries out West.  They've never really, they keep, they've never stopped, they keep sucking them, sucking for tax money and so on. Don't forget too that all resources have to go into the hands of the real technocrats. Don't forget that, folks.


So anyway, Alberta is even thinking of, they call it wexit, the same thing as Britain. Because they’re so fed up of getting, they’re getting hammered for taxes and so on and all the red tape they have to go through just to produce things, etc., with all the enviro-friendly stuff you’ve got today which really is just antibusiness. That is the purpose of a lot of it too, is to shut you down.


Wexit: Alberta's frustration fuels push for independence from Canada - / 25 Nov 2019


But anyway, it says…


Trudeau is greenish. Canada’s oil-producing prairie provinces see red. / 28 Nov 2019


Trudeau’s Liberals lost the popular vote to Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives, and they were completely shut out of the oil- and gas-producing provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.


These prairies areas are just fed up with it all.  Disgusting. It's the same with the dad, with Pierre Trudeau who was, I mean the guy was a member of the Comintern, Communist International in the 1950s, the dad. And folk have never quite got...  They get mixed up with it and they say, well then communist is different from communism, surely, from being liberal. Really?!  Well, Khrushchev from the Soviet Union, the premier there, he came over back in the 60s and he said it, oh we don't call them Communists, we don't, meaning Moscow doesn't call them, the agents, Communist, in the States and Canada, he says, here we call them liberals, he says. For those who don't quite get it.  [Alan laughing.]   


But the agenda is the agenda. And they'll use communistic techniques because it's the same parallel agenda as Carol Quigley talked about with the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, the establishment as they call themselves. He says, we often get mistaken for Communists, what we do, because our goals are so similar, agenda so similar, it's professionals experts running an efficient society in a socialistic fashion.


So, there is the exit… and Brexit… and Wexit, etc. for out West in Canada. I'll put these articles up because I'll probably, I seldom get enough articles out there.


Wexit: Alberta's frustration fuels push for independence from Canada - / 25 Nov 2019


And talking about the elimination of the middle class, it was imperative, you see. Pierre Trudeau, when he got in, Canada had pretty well no national debt and when he left it was massive. Because you see, the socialist Communists, the elitists who basically are bringing in this management by professionals and experts, they believe according to Paul Martin who was a premier of Canada too, a Prime Minister, he said that debt is good for a country.  He couldn't explain why it was good, but he kept saying it. And you'll see it in that awfully good documentary, it was called Oh, Canada if you ever get your hands on it. It's quite good.


Here's Canada now, here's…  [Alan chuckles.]   Isn't it amazing, folk can't really figure out, Pierre Trudeau, the father, right, end up making a massive hole, the debt hole basically. Here's his son in, right, for the far left who boast about how almost communistic it is, everything's to do with fairness, you see, so they staff different positions with people who often have no qualifications at all, they just have other certain things that they need, put it that way, to get them in the power right now.  And now they're putting in a minister, a politician in charge of the middle-class prosperity.  Yeah, you heard me right.


Chris Selley: 'Minister of Middle Class Prosperity' isn't a joke. It should be / 22 Nov 2019


(A:  They've destroyed, you see, the middle class has been destroyed. Absolutely. Canada's wages were pretty stagnant from the 80s to the present. And that's when the big boys put a brake on it basically TO keep you stagnant. So anyway, it says…)


Should a government need a minister whose job is to ensure Canadians are prospering? One might reasonably hope that’s the goal of pretty much any minister


(A: So they say.)


Wednesday’s Cabinet shuffle featured the usual head-scratching reorganization of portfolios and outright invention of others, “bigger” being for some reason a stated goal.


Joyce Murray, for example, becomes Minister of Digital Government.


(A:  I think that's appropriate, because all they do is give the finger.)


It has a very pre-Y2K ring to it, but then again the government in question accepts payment for access-to-information requests by cheque, and sometimes fulfills them (if at all) via CD-ROM, and it can’t manage a simple payroll system. So maybe it’s not such a bad thing to have someone on that job specifically.


Then there’s Ottawa-Vanier MP Mona Fortier’s new job.


(A: This is the one who's to be put in charge of a new position called…)


. . . the Minister of Middle Class Prosperity.


Because we're sunk, by design.  And it's really just a token post because it's meant to go down and down, get worse. This article here I've got too is about how bad the economy is. We know it's bad. It's not getting any better. It's got to get worse because, as I say, like so many countries now, all the big manufacturing was given to China. GIVEN to China, we paid for it to go to China through agreements that politicians have done. Don't you understand that your governments have never worked for you?  They're serving something else.  Do you get that?


Eventually with a service economy where you import all the stuff and pass that around through middlemen until it gets to your hands, I said it before, it was described in Britain by top economists in the 1970s when they were discussing, if they ever truly went all the way into a European amalgamation, the fact at that time they said it could never happen, if they did, they said, it would be like a dog in a swimming pool, in the service economy, paddling and paddling until it ran out of energy and drown. Well that's what's happening to us now. 


We had to get to this stage because we produce nothing. Multilayers of industry go into making knives and forks for cutlery, from the raw ore, to the ingots, you know, to different factories, and then the mixing of different materials with the iron, etc., to make them stainless, or put chrome in, whatever it happens to be that they use, or nickel, and all the way to the... and then to it goes to about four or five different areas of industry before it finishes up as knives and forks for your plate, for your table.  All gone. It's the same for everything else we used to make. Everything you needed was made in your own country not so long ago. The youngsters now who are about 20 or 25 or maybe 30, they can't remember that. They think it's always been made in China. They think that's natural.


We're still paying for Third World countries to come up and up and up under the free trade agreements, first set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain who gave you the United Nations by the way, and who run it at the top, really.  And the World Bank. And the, you know, all the other world banks that are attached to the IMF, etc. and Bank for International Settlements. This all came from one institution, based in the City of London. And they set them up eventually in the United States. Which still thinks it's independent.  [Alan laughing.]  As it fights wars for other nations, 'eh? 


So anyway, here you have a minister in charge of prosperity for the middle classes. Of course, what can you do? What's any politician going to do to make business happen and to make you more prosperous?  Don't forget some of these free trade agreements regarding free trade and prosperity partnerships. Prosperity… Well, prosperity is true but not for the people, folks.  It's for those who owned the big businesses that are often set up with public-private partnerships paid for by the taxpayer, and then they own them at the top, these private companies.  It's a new form of slavery and the folk haven't figured that out. It really is. Why are we paying billionaires to set up their businesses, paying for the maintenance of their businesses whether its roads or whatever it happens to be, and paying for all the repairs, and they laugh all the way to the bank?


Then you had this incredible, which had to happen, and again the technocrats talked about, one of the things about Technocracy in the 1930s was that everybody had to be put down and listed, and all the details, all the intricate details about everybody would have to be put out and on, if nothing but even on paper form, all the details of who you are, what you are, everything about you, all information. No one could be independent, and everybody had to be down as a citizen, you see, a productive citizen. Well, that's what the Internet's enabled it all to happen, if you haven't figured it out.


That's why it's being mandated, I mentioned last week too, I'll put it up again, how Homeland Security in the States is going all out now for complete facial biometric recognition.


Homeland Security wants to force all travelers including US citizens to undergo face scans when leaving or entering the United States

U.S. Homeland Security proposes face scans for all citizens leaving or entering airports - / 2 Dec 2019


Just like China. At the same time that they're always banging China, but China's putting it in at the same time as the US, and Canada is putting it in.


China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users - / 1 Dec 2019


Because again, in Technocracy you consume energy units, you see, meaning you pay for it all. And they're going to make sure that you are going to pay for everything that you use. Of their resources.  It's not your resources. No, it's their resources, you see.  It's great how they can flip an idea and get the public to flip with it until you, well yeah, I guess it's theirs. No, it's not!  You’re trying to say that the ones at the top who end up owning it all, it really is theirs? Well, how do they own it all? You just accept that they own it all.  [Alan chuckles.]   And they just took it.  [Alan chuckles.]   They just took it by every little bit of paper they sign, we now own this, you know. Really?  Really?  That's how it's done.


You have no idea the system you're in, you really don't, and the connections between all these different organizations that end up, as I say, being the pyramid.  That was essential for Technocracy that you would have to be monitored from birth to death, folks. Everything about you. Instantly retrievable. Where do you think George Orwell got his ideas, you know? And you've got your ministry of information retrieval, all these different kinds of things. 


Then you have Facebook, and you think that's independent too.  No, no.  These are front people put out there in front of you to follow and believe in, that they're somehow superior beings and you should do what they say because they're somehow geniuses, that's what you're taught, and geniuses must be more intellectually correct than you are. Well, how, where's the connection to that?  Hm?  Not that they are geniuses.  But Facebook is building tech to read your mind…


Facebook is building brain tech that could read minds and ruin privacy / 5 Aug 2019


Facebook is building tech to read your mind. The ethical implications are staggering.


(A:  It's a part of a group of stories called...)


Future Perfect


Finding the best ways to do good. Made possible by The Rockefeller Foundation. (A:  ...quite naturally, 'eh?)


Facebook wants to create a device that can read your mind — literally. It’s funding research on brain-machine interfaces that can pick up thoughts directly from your neurons and translate them into words, the company announced in a blog post last week.


(A:  Then you have, there was an organization too that the United States government is involved in, that Obama was in, to map the brain, they said.  D'you think they don't know everything about the brain already?  What d'you think that's all about? And other countries are involved in it too.  So, I'll put this article up for those who want to read all through it. It's maybe a page.)


The scientists are aiming to grow its lexicon over time. Importantly, Facebook also wants to develop a way of decoding speech that doesn’t require surgery. The ideal would be a noninvasive wearable headset, though that’s harder to build.


(A:  And of course, they've already talked now recently again, I think Musk mentioned the fact about implants into your brain, floating the idea naturally, you know just floating the idea, to get used to the idea. That's what they do, you see, it's a trial balloon. And then…)


Brain-computer interfaces’ fast slide from sci-fi to reality


(A:  Well, don't forget when you're next to a computer you’re inside that magnetic field, electromagnetic field. And there's many frequencies come off of it. And you know, who's to say it's not here already.  Hm?  And I'm pretty certain it will be because what ever we are dished out with is often 40, 50 years old.)


Then there's...


There's a wildly popular conspiracy theory that Facebook listens to your private phone calls, and no matter what the tech giant says, people just aren't convinced it's not true / 14 Aug 2019


Facebook and Instagram have repeatedly denied doing as much.


Despite those denials, and evidence from experts to the contrary, the belief is widely held and seemingly unshakable.


(A:  Then he goes through different scenarios the people might find familiar, that's happened to them too, or something similar. Such just talking about a trip to Buenos Aires and...)


Hours later, idly scrolling through Facebook and — what's that? An ad for vacationing in Lisbon? How could it have known?


Well of course they're all listening to you, there's so many admissions now, because the public are ready to accept it. That's why they're putting out the admissions now. Get you addicted to things, oh well, oh well, every time it's another, oh well, you know, that's it.


Amazon is developing high-tech surveillance tools for an eager customer: America's police / 8 Aug 2019


(A:  I think I mentioned that one too, but this article, it gives you an example of what we're talking about here as well.)


Amazon partners with police to fight crime – – what this means for you.


(A:  Hm....  Quite something.)


Then you got this one here…


New cabinet must make the best of an uncertain economic outlook: Don Pittis - / 25 Nov 2019


This is Canada. So, as I say, here, getting back to Canada, Canada's Minister of Prosperity for the Middle-Class, right. [Alan chuckles.]  It's like something that, the Soviet term getting dished out, the Minister for Middle-Class Prosperity, you know.  But it says how bad the economy is. Because we are, we’re at the end of the service economy. We really are.  Most of them are up to their eyes in debt, if there's any middle-class left at all.  Never mind all the lower classes too, everybody's up to their eyes in debt.  And it's getting worse.  They all have nice-looking new cars and everything but it's all, all on credit, folks, it's all getting paid off by the month.


And again, getting back to the United Nations and Mr. Guterres, I mentioned it before, the same article that...


UN chief says humanity's 'war against nature' must stop / 1 Dec 2019


(A:  You see, this is how they reverse things. They've got a war against all of you, using nature, you see, saving nature, so they must kill you all off or a lot of you, to save nature. This is the kind of stuff they dish out, but they're getting very vocal with it. He says…)


"We must stop our war against nature, and science tells us we can do it."


Guterres, I would call him a communist, not just an international socialist or socialist international now, complete communist this guy.  And Mao, it's a form of the old Maoist religion too.  Because really the whole, it's amazing how they can follow these communists like that. Then they make them, they deify them.  They were teaching that Maoist philosophy supposedly in universities and they came out total communists, pretending it's a different kind of communism from the old Soviet communism.  Just like the Trotskyist communism was supposedly more advanced, more modern than the old Leninist communism.


What a joke!  But again, as Carol Quigley said in the Council on Foreign Relations, we have all kinds of people, he says, fascists, communists, he said, we have dictators, we don't mind, he says, as long as they're on board with their same agenda.  Do you start to get it?  [Alan chuckles.]   


Every group that you might join, you see, will have a leader. They supply all the leaders to make sure you all end up following the Pied Piper's to the bitter end, 'eh.  Until finally you're just actually going around in circles and then you're going back to where you started.  That's how it's done. Always supply the leaders for the people.


As they prattle on about how hot it is, how hot it is, and you hear about the fires in Australia, I'm going to put some articles up, so many.  Actually, this one from, I think it was the United Nations at one point. But they're saying that in Australia sometimes about 80% of the fires that you see on television and so on are started by people. 30% of them are put down to definite arson.  The rest of that 80% are put down is accidental and so on and carelessness.  And again, don't forget in the middle of winter, when we're in the middle of winter they'll be in the middle of their summer, the hottest times of the year you see. So I'll put some of these articles up.


Australian fires: Why do people start fires during fires? - / 14 Nov 2019


Australia bushfires: Firefighter accused of arson in 'ultimate betrayal' - / 27 Nov 2019


But right now it says…


Coldest summer day on record / 4 Dec 2019


Australia's lowest summer daily maximum temperature record was broken this week.


(A:  So even though they are in summer, right.)


A surge of unseasonably cold air swept over southeastern Australia during the opening days of summer.  This air mass-produced thick snow in parts of Tasmania, Victoria and NSW and held daytime temperatures as much as 15 degrees below average in some places.


And folk will go and freak out, well it just shows you that the weather… NO, this happens every so often. And don't forget that in that lower part of the hemisphere you also get icebergs in the southeastern tip going past them as well, that's quite normal as well, from the South Pole. Parts break off every year as the shelves get bigger and bigger, they break off and float as icebergs. That's what happens for those who don't quite know that.  But when people see these articles, oh my God, Australia's, the weather's going berserk. No, it's not.  And then you have…


Snow Falls In The Sahara Desert For The First Time Since 1979, And It's Just As Beautiful As You Think -


So, in other words, it’s happened before, it’s happens every so many years, maybe 30 years, sometimes 40.  Of course, the climate fanatics go, oh the weather is changing, my God, it’s terrible. Because you must believe in it.  Because everything for the big, big plan, for the big agenda, for the great work of conquering everybody and bringing you all down, it depends on giving up all your rights, being herded into cities, Agenda 21, and depopulation, as they withdraw energy and food, it’s all there, food is energy, remember, and things you really need, and the protein supply and all the rest of it, and you all just drop off. 


Eventually maybe in 50 years they’ll have a much lower population. But they won’t stop there. Because they don’t really need most folk now as laborers, now that they've got all the different technology and robotics to take over. That's what HG Wells had too, in the movie, Things to Come.  It's all the descendants of the revolutionaries, the proper folk who properly would manage the world, you see, who took it over, and the Freemasonry of the Air and the scientific elite, you see, you saw the descendants eventually running a paradise.  And all the ordinary folk down below them who were just so fed up because they had no challenges left, you see, for the people, you're meant just to be kept like animals, happy animals, you know, playing yourselves, hobbies, things like that, while the elite went off and evolved into higher things, went off into space and so on.  That’s that they were showing you there.




Snow Falls In The Sahara Desert For The First Time Since 1979, And It's Just As Beautiful As You Think -


Then you have…


Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures | TCFD -


Because, you see, all the big people, whose not named at all in any of our daily papers, they’re all involved in going on into this great future of accumulating incredible wealth, off the shmucks who believe that they’re at fault and you’re all guilty for destroying the planet, as they train you to believe that you are, you see. 


There’s a good article, it’s from Global Research. Now, Global Research, there’s no doubt about it, they’re Marxist in their philosophies. They have even mentioned in this article someone who also still believes, it says, climate change and how we are bad for the planet. But it brings up some good stuff. But the general article itself, if you use your mental filters and understand what you’re dealing with at times, it’s got a lot of good information on who is benefiting from all of this.


Climate and the Money Trail / 4 Dec 2019


The hidden truth behind the Climate Debate at COP25, Madrid. This article was first published in September 2019.


(A:  It was a good one.)


Climate. Now who wudda thought. The very mega-corporations and mega-billionaires behind the globalization of the world economy over recent decades, whose pursuit of shareholder value and cost reduction who have wreaked so much damage to our environment both in the industrial world and in the under-developed economies of Africa, Asia, Latin America, are the leading backers of the “grassroots” decarbonization movement from Sweden to Germany to the USA and beyond.


(A:  This is not news. To some of us anyway.)


Whatever one may believe about the dangers of CO2 and risks of global warming creating a global catastrophe of 1.5 to 2 degree Celsius average temperature rise in the next roughly 12 years, it is worth noting who is promoting the current flood of propaganda and climate activism.


Green Finance


(A:  It's quite a long article. It goes into Al Gore of course...)


Several years before Al Gore and others decided to use a young Swedish school girl to be the poster child for climate action urgency, or in the USA the call of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a complete reorganization of the economy around a Green New Deal, the giants of finance began devising schemes for steering hundreds of billions of future funds to investments in often worthless “climate” companies.


(A:  This article goes into, again, royalty, Prince Charles and so on...)


Bonnie Prince Charles, future UK Monarch, along with the Bank of England and City of London finance have promoted “green financial instruments,” (A: They call them green, 'eh.) led by Green Bonds, to redirect pension plans (A: Your pension plans go into it.) and mutual funds towards green projects. A key player in the linking of world financial institutions with the Green Agenda is outgoing Bank of England head Mark Carney.  (A: He used to be the head of the Bank of Canada at one time.  They move them around like musical chairs, so, so much for your having different countries, 'eh?)


In December 2015, the Bank for International Settlements’ (A:  The BIS, that's the big one, the really big one…) Financial Stability Board (FSB), chaired then by Carney, created the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), to advise “investors, lenders and insurance about climate related risks.” That was certainly a bizarre focus for world central bankers.


In 2016 the TCFD along with the City of London Corporation and the UK Government initiated the Green Finance Initiative, aiming to channel trillions of dollars to “green” investments. The central bankers of the FSB nominated 31 people to form the TCFD. Chaired by billionaire Michael Bloomberg (A: ... naturally…) Of the financial wire, it includes key people from JP MorganChase; from BlackRock–one of the world’s biggest asset managers with almost $7 trillion; Barclays Bank; HSBC, the London-Hong Kong bank repeatedly fined for laundering drug and other black funds; Swiss Re, the world’s second largest reinsurance; China’s ICBC bank; Tata Steel, ENI oil, Dow Chemical, mining giant BHP Billington and David Blood of Al Gore’s Generation Investment LLC. In effect it seems the foxes are writing the rules for the new Green Hen House.


Of course they are, because you see, they are one big group to start with and belong to the same organizations. They're bringing in their future that was designed at least a couple of hundred years ago. The ordinary folk never quite get it, that the elite see themselves as a different race from the rest of you, and they're important and you're not so important.  As the economy goes south down the tubes you got less and less importance in a world where they don't need you anymore. They can bring in lots of people from other countries if they really need to, to take the menial kind of jobs, until the robots are all taking over of course. It may take a little while yet but that's how they'll do it.


You’re living through an agenda, a very carefully orchestrated one. And getting back to the Club of Rome, don't ever forget it, it was given the task of finding a reason that the public might be conditioned to believe, with repetition and so on, that they are the problem and to unite the world, they thought of all kinds of scenarios that would terrify the public's so the whole world would have to come together, but nothing really flew.  Even the UFO invasion idea didn't work either.  [Alan chuckles.]   And believe you me, Prime Minister's talked about this, and Presidents, about UFO invasions, if only the world was inundated by something from outer space, we’d all have to come together and all work together for a global society and new way of living.  Hmmmm?  Yep.  McKenzie Cane in Canada said it, Reagan said it many times. Quite something isn't it, that the folk, they don't know.


Of course, even with all the Sci-Fi's and that, not enough people would fall for that. So, they came up with, oh the world's dying, everything's going to die, oh, the climate’s going berserk. Most folk can't remember, mind you, from last year to this year what the weather was like. They really can't. So it's easy to terrify them. And children are definitely terrified.  They're getting completely indoctrinated into nightmares with it. And they'll grow up really true, truly believing it all. Why would anybody lie to you?


There's all these different documentaries on it, with hypnooootic voices behind it, generally women's voices. Canada's awfully good for supplying them by the way, so many documentaries made for indoctrination processes and they talk in a veeeerrrry meeeeasured toooone, and very hypnotic.  You never forget that; you’ll be terrified for life as a child. 


So, we're definitely going into it big time. And here you are, you know, it's all your fault, the Club of Rome said, that will fit the bill, humans therefore are the problem, mankind is the problem and famine and plague's and drought and desertification, these would all fit the bill, you see. That would fit the bill. Man's the enemy. There ya go.  And they all signed on to it. Every government signed on to it. Everything that happens on a global agenda is signed on by your politicians. They never mentioned that to you, did they? 


All the politicians signed on for total free-trade and through the negotiations for China and the GATT Treaties, knowing full well what was going to happen. Bingo, lots of unemployed people!  And then the taxes have to be taken from whatever work is left, that they used to get coming in from all the different levels of industry, all gone. So you wonder why there's no middle class left? And they're going down the tubes?  Up to their eyes in debt, pretending and pretending and pretending they're okay? Well, there's a lot more articles, as I say, but what's the point at the moment? 


As long as, you know, if anyone begins to understand what I'm talking about, it's a big success, folks. This is a triumph for the individual, for one person at a time. Honestly.


Because when you see the incredible indoctrination that everyone's had, the screeds of libraries on psychological warfare techniques, and they call toolkits for training the children, and toolkits for getting different ideas across that you must make them believe in, that work awfully well... All these neuroscientists, psychologists galore, behaviors all working to indoctrinate you for what they say is a better future, they've decided that if you believe this it will be a better future… It doesn't matter that it's deception that's used to get there. You have no idea how much of it is embedded in everything you watch for entertainment.  All through your whole life long. Little bits and pieces that are just stuck in the stories. Even in children's books to make sure they, the constant indoctrination of your politically correct updates. It's just astonishing.  Think about it, folks.


Remember too, that this is a terrible time of year for people like me who depend upon donations or folk buying books and discs and to get me by. Because I've got a lot of expenses too and things just literally fade off as folk look at all the different things that are dangled in front of you for Christmas.  Even though there's a constant sale on the planet as far as I can see now with their black Friday, then cyber week and yada, yada, yeah, right all the way into Christmas. And then it will be about a whole month of sales after in January.  Unfortunately folk literally are trying to put off their existential despair, and that's what it is, existential despair, trying to supply things that are missing in life on an emotional level with all the goods that are dangled in front of you.


But try and remember you can still send out a few bucks my way, hopefully, and keep me ticking over. Because it's really serious and gets really serious this time of year. And believe you me, I don't bring in much money.  If I did, I'd be making stacks of movies and having a lot of front people. And I don't compromise either by the way, I'm not a front for any politician, or for any particular other nation either for that matter. 


You might be surprised with some people to find out who you are following at times. They always supply your leaders, and that's some of the first shows I ever did back in the 90s, to tell you how it was done, how they supply your leaders for every, for whatever shade of group that you think you belong to, you've got a leader just for you.


Anyway, as I say, send some cash my way. Go into, see how it's done. There's different ways to get it to me.  [Options listed above.]


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, where it's snowing because it's winter, that's what the climate does in winter, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Australia bushfires: Firefighter accused of arson in 'ultimate betrayal' / 27 Nov 2019



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