Dec. 22, 2019 (#1752)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Trump-Trump-Trump the Boys are Marching,

 Will or Won't We Hit Iran,

 Resurrect WMD, Fuzzy Photos let us See,

 Then Send Us All the Refugees You Can."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on December 22, 2019.  I hope you’re all hanging in there, in the colder climates, that seem to be impervious to the supposedly global warming we’re having. Because the temperatures here have been absolutely frigid for a long time. I found that in the last few years the winters are lasting longer and becoming heavier in fact with snow and so on.  But right now it’s not just the snow, it’s incredibly cold temperatures, often down to about 10°, 15°, 20° below the freezing mark, in Fahrenheit that is, at night.  And not much better during the day. I think the other day there it was, it didn’t get above the zero mark.  And this occasionally will happen at the end of December into January. Although February is often the worst month for being cold, very, very cold temperatures.


As I say, the more global warming we get, the colder it is here and the longer the winters, for sure. Mind you, they were spraying like crazy the other day, the trails back and forth across the sky.  Where I am in the Sudbury area, I’m well outside Sudbury, and Sudbury itself only has two or three planes a day going up and down, the sky was littered with the trails of jets back and forth all over the place.  So, I won’t even go into the things they call, as you quote the actual articles from universities and so on, and people involved on the panels of geo engineering as they call it, when you quote them you’re called a conspiracy theorist. 


Isn’t it amazing today, where the psychological warfare is so great that you’re immediately slandered by the establishment or its agencies just for noticing things. I remember too, years ago, I was thinking about that too, I was on a show by Stanley Monteith.  He had a really good show.  He asked me, he says, tell me something about yourself, what made you…? He knew I was up there in understanding what was happening and so on with information and he says, what made you, brought you to the stage where you understood things? And I quipped, I joked, I said, well I think I was born with a form of autism that help me see the world as it really was. And I don’t think he really caught I was joking about it, but that’s how it really is.


Maybe you’re lucky or unlucky, it depends on how you see it. Because ignorance, they say, is bliss. And having knowledge about what’s happening doesn’t make you terribly happy at times.  Because you see an incredible evil, and that’s the only word I can use is evil of powerful institutions and sometimes countries and things that they do.  And again, the incredible gain that those at the top of these different institutions and countries gave themselves financially, and for positions of power as they get boosted up the ladder. Because there definitely is a big global agenda here.


We are so brainwashed; we’re brought up to be brainwashed into Plato’s cave. I used to give talks about Plato’s cave, and it became awfully popular and everybody started to use it. But the idea is, if you’re born in the cave, and you can never look backwards to the mouth of the cave, so all you see is the shadows cast by the far light on the walls and so on.  The elders will sit and discuss what all these shadows mean, because you haven’t got a clue what’s outside, or even if there is an outside.  Until one person gets out and travels about the world and comes back and tells them, and they want to kill him because he’s disrupting their belief system of reality.


All their reality is now in jeopardy and he’s threatened to be killed and murdered. Well, that is the real world you’re in. We’re all in Plato’s cave.  We’re brought up to be in Plato’s cave. When you go through - and you should take some time and do it - so much of the declassified information on psychological warfare from government agencies. You’d be astonished at just that alone, never mind the much, much bigger and deeper and secretive agendas to do with brainwashing you, hhh, the average citizenry. 


Because we’re targets, populations are targets of global agenda, quite naturally, and those at the top want to fill their pockets awfully well as they bring the world into terrible conflicts in order to get the resolutions further along the road to the global governmental system.  They have no problem at the top of filling their pockets. In fact, you can see what’s going on even with some of the, like, Biden’s son in the news and the money he’s been getting for nothing basically.  The thing is, the people at the top really believe it’s their right to plunder you. They honestly do. You have to look into the people who are at the top, they have a very deep belief that they have the right to plunder you and there’s nothing wrong with it.  And that’s a fact. I could go much, much deeper but I won’t.


But we’re living in a world today that’s on the edge. It’s always on the edge, mind you, because we’re brought up living in crisis, one crisis after another, financial or war or whatever it happens to be.  As I used to say, and I thought back over the 20th century, even from the 19th century, it was just one crisis after another.  People don’t know that there was a depression in the 1800s, one in the late 1800s, there had been a few, but in the late 1800s when three bankers in the US did a similar thing that Soros did much later with Britain and crashed the economy and plundered it.


Then, in Britain for instance, you had wars on the go.  The Boer War.  They had occupied a good part of India too, and Africa. But they had the Boer War with the Dutch settlers because they all wanted the gold and the diamonds and so on. Because those at the head of the Alfred Milner group it was, their Kindergarten and so on, that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, they said quite openly that they wanted to take over the world and bring into, they called it, a British system.


Well, the British folk would probably say, well that’s quite nice.  But it’s nothing to do with the British system.  Until you get out of the cave and realize that the British system isn’t your system.  [Alan chuckles.]  You understand? And nothing’s changed.  The group that ran it in Milner’s day often, they have their descendants running it today, in fact, some of them. And again, filling their… Very, very wealthy today with the plunder they’ve got and so on. But that’s their rightful place to do it, you see. As they’re helping you all come to a world peace, it’s only right they reward themselves with lots of loot, you understand. That’s how they rationalized things.


But it’s fascinating, as I say, to have the insight into it. So much of it growing up, at least you could glean from books in some of the libraries in Britain, I’m sure they’re all gone, most of the books have gone now, mind you. But back then you could peruse lots of books put out by, under memoirs and so on and biographies and autobiographies of people who were players in the game, the big game for world Empire and world control. They would tell you their goals to do with gaining finances, etc. and having a secure financial system across the planet. As long as they themselves run it, you see, that was part of the plan.


But they also believed in, really, accumulating the world’s resources under a handful, or maybe even a dozen or two dozen corporations.  Everything that you would need as a nation or a bunch of nations to survive, everything, that’s your energy, your food, everything, to be eventually owned by a few corporations. Then you would have total power over the world. All for peace, you understand.  In reality, you’d have billions of people totally subservient to you and you have a massive bureaucracy deciding how many calories would get dished out here, there and elsewhere.  Well, nothing’s really changed.  It’s just more dressed up in scientific terminology today with many disguises, sustainability, etc. etc., to achieve the same goals.


But those at the top, still of course, and they do have incredible power over everything you need to survive. All kinds of energy. You try and survive in Canada, you could bring, where I am, my area here in Ontario, to its knees. Where I live, if they forbid you to cut wood, for instance, to heat yourself in the winter, they’ve done their best already too and lots of folk are quite happy forking out massive sums of money either for oil heating for furnaces or propane in this area. But a standby for so many people, especially in emergencies too, because when the electricity goes out with the winds and storms and so on, then you have to have some way of healing yourself, or you die.  You see, [Alan chuckles.] that’s what happens. So, you need the wood as a standby.


But I can remember even as far back as the 90s when some of the far, far global left-wingers at that time wanted to ban chainsaws, for instance, and things like that. These are things which are vital for even the emergency survival.  So you can imagine what happens when you have a few companies, using government, mind you, again, getting them to pass laws and so on, so that you must, you must use their resources, their energy, which the corporations own and so on.  


So, you’re living under a fascist system that pretends it’s really there for the people.  It’s socialistic. But really, socialism, fascism, is the same darn thing, when government is used to enforce policies of corporations. You have to get out of the terminology that can mislead you as they, as I say, keep camouflaging themselves all the time, all for the social good, you understand, as they take your rights away from you.


But getting back to Technocracy as I’ve mentioned before, that was their agenda, that they would own all, the people at the top, the proper folk, you see, the folk who should, who saw themselves as entitled to run the world and own it all too, would be dispensing of the energy here there and so on, in a humane way. Because they were, they had far more virtue, you see, than the average peasant.  And nothing has honestly changed. Except the [Alan chuckles.] colluding with so many different sections and paying scientists off, to give them their proper propaganda to confuse the general public so’s you can give up all your rights and so on and just accept it, again, for the greater good and for your own survival.


Crisis, crisis, crisis.  So, from the 1800s, bank collapses, all brought about, and these collapses actually, it would be billions of dollars in today’s money, that the three bankers that collapsed the economy in the States happened. In fact, it was their big crash that brought about, that helped eventually the next part of the con, we need an organization to stop this from happening, and so they gave the Federal Reserve to America, you see. And the bankers who caused it all ended up running it all.


It’s quite fantastic to see the cons that go on. That’s what I was talking to Dr. Stanley Monteith about, was how the cons, you can actually see them, how they start them, and how they built to what they want, and step by step by step...  The public are always in a state of panic, or fear, are only seeing to the end of their nose and no further. Because they want to survive, that’s a survival mode.  And they’re stampeded from one step to the next step, to the next step, all parts of the plan. Until you’re totally in a system of, a form of slavery really, that’s what it is.


Slavery can take many forms. Again, don’t be deceived by terminology. Slavery, remember, was being used, you’re being used as an animal by those who own you by using your labor to do whatever work that they the owners wanted done. That’s why they couldn’t tax labor for a long time. They always wanted it, were chomping at the bit. Because after all, and they had meetings, I remember even getting the papers on it, the meetings that they had about slavery in the 1800s. The Rothschild family were involved in drafting up a very clever plan.  And this isn’t conspiracy, you can actually find it, where they advised America, the slaveowners of America, and they weren’t all in the South by the way as you well know, hopefully. But they advised them, it’s far better if you could introduce the taxation form from, and get money from the work of everybody. That way you won’t have to feed the slaves. And when slaves get old you have to keep them and feed them, otherwise the rest of the slaves might just have had enough and overthrow you.  You see?


That was honestly discussed, as a matter-of-fact business proposition. But he said, if you could just have a system, that they’d already brought into Britain actually, very early on, of the centralized banking system where the government would be helped, helped is the word I guess, to borrow from the centralized bank, which was still private but given a very national name, you see. And with a guarantee that the money that was borrowed by the government for whatever it was, you know, like an example, foreign wars for instance, would be paid back to the bank, that helped fund it all, by the bank’s right to tax, they could also disguise that by having a separate government agency set up, an independent agency that would do the taxing for this bank. [Alan chuckles.] No kidding you.  It’s fascinating to read this.  Then the population would have to pay taxes on their labor, you see, and after a generation, that’s only 20, 25 years or so, they could say that the public would accept that, they’d start to forget that it wasn’t always this way. We adapt very quickly, you see.


That way, you could have wars across the world for plunder and different things like that, borrowed from the bank to finance it, and the bank would be happy to get it all back in tax collection.  It wasn’t unusual, that used to be the way in the Middle Ages when kings and queens, when they didn’t have the kind of governments that they have today. But kings and queens would borrow for the treasuries or their armories or whatever it happened to be, and they brought in foreigners to collect the taxes. They would lend the money to government on the condition that they would literally go around and collect the taxes.  Long history of it all.


But it’s astonishing, as I say, labor couldn’t be tax for a long, long time.  Because you are either free or you were a bondsman, you were held, under debt, you see. And even tax that they claimed you owed was then considered as debt if you didn’t pay it off. Fascinating stories to it all. But again, everybody pays it today. Why? Because you’re afraid. You’re afraid, and as long as you’re earning enough to get by, and you’ve got lots of entertainment and so on, you tend to put these things to the side. Oh well, you know, what else can we do, yada, yada ya…?  And no one wants to stick their head up and say, well stop paying your taxes.  [Alan chuckles.]  And you know how far you’ll get with that anyway.


But we’re all slaves. Of course, we’re slaves.  I’ve mentioned before Charles Galton Darwin who was one of the many people who helped work with Bertrand Russell and the Macy group and all the other groups to help create the present system and culture that we’re living in today, with the changes that they would bring in. Because the whole culture was reinvented basically post-World War II, for those who didn’t know.  It was authorized by even the president of the United States at the time at the end of the war. Britain played along with it too naturally.


So anyway, this system is well underway. Many things have been achieved. The same goals that were set up back in the 1800s, late 1800s by Lord Alfred Milner, that became, as I say, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, private organization, with a royal charter, set up a world empire based on the British system. As I say, getting back to my original point, you understand what they’re saying has two meanings. The British system is a completely different system ruling over Britain than the people who were brought and raised up in Britain understand it. They have no idea either. But the ones who own them all, the British system, you see. It’s quite fascinating.


And yeah, it’s the Plato’s cave syndrome. People are very docile today. Getting back to what I says with The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin. He said in his book, slavery has always existed in one form or another and I suppose it will continue to exist. You understand what they’re saying?  …in one form or another. And everyone who votes thinks they’re free but they’re not. They’re not free at all. You have so many obligations put upon you, even to be a citizen, and part of the obligation is to pay taxes. You see?  If you pay taxes on your labor, then, no, you’re not free at all, you’re a slave.


But you’re a self-sustaining slave because you pay for your own clothing, for your food and your shelter, and to keep alive. You pay for it all yourself.  And it's far better that way. And even pay for either a retirement fund, or into one, or whatever it happens to be, to take care of you when you get old and sickly. Of course, now of course we can get euthanasia, and it's much more efficient, isn't it, for the system that we're in. We truly are run in a very clever system. And it's not conspiracy. Actually, it's perfect in a sense because most of the folk never figure it out.  That's how perfectly you're raised in Plato's cave.  Perfect conditioning works very, very well. 


It is perfect conditioning, where people you know will say, oh that's crazy!  That's crazy, you know.  Because it's unthinkable that these things happen. They’re trained to believe things in the way that you do believe, and you might even go off and fight for things thinking it's all right and true. And many did. That was the way in my generation, they thought that was the right way to be, to fight the terrible Cold War of the terrible communist system.  Never realizing of course that so much of that was bogus too and those who ran it all, way above you all, were going to use it to bring in a global society with all the learned things from the social Soviet experiments incorporated into the new system.


The same thing they found in the States when they had, the Congress sent out the commissions to investigate, I think it was actually the Senate that sent them out.  Norman Dodd was sent out under the Reese Commission to find out why the big tax-free foundations, these multi-, really, billionaires, really, who ran them, who owned them, these private families and that and their private foundations, that financed armies of NGOs and social movements as well, why they seemed to be promoting communism?  Your top capitalists were promoting communism. Eventually I think it was the head of the Ford Foundation at the time told Norman Dodd, he said, we work to change the culture that eventually the Soviet system and the American system can be blended together eventually down the road. So, the techniques that the Soviet used, they found out what worked and what didn't work, were blended into the system.


I would say we're far more obedient today, especially in America, than they used to be.  At one time Americans individually would stand up when their rights and freedoms were threatened. But today, much, much less so. Much less so.  So again, perfect conditioning works awfully well.  Then again, every country under the United Nations had a department, after the war, the Culture department. Britain, America, Canada, all these different countries, a Department of Culture. And I used to think when I was young and at school I thought, why would you have a Department of culture when we are the people and we are the culture? 


Well, the whole point of it is to change the culture. And committees that work on what they saw as necessary changes that would have to be made in the culture, after World War II of course they planned to destroy the cultures as they stood, and especially marriage.  All the Marxian concepts, again, had to be fulfilled, the communist ones.  The end of private property eventually, they hope to achieve, except, except for the very, very wealthy who wanted to wipe out the middle class. And they've been awfully successful in doing it.


They would bring in a form, under the guise of free trade, of countries being interdependent. Meaning, no country could be nationalistic and totally independent in a peaceful world. So therefore, they'd make you all interdependent.  So, for vital things you would need as a nation to survive you'd have to import them, you wouldn't be allowed to grow them or whatever it happens to be in your own country. So, you have to import them, you'd be interdependent.  As far, right up to Margaret Thatcher’s day, she was pushing the same terminology, interdependence. Which obviously means you're at the end of sovereignty, if you need other countries for your basic survival, then you will not be sovereign. They had articles about that too, giving up sovereignty for peace, etc.


The same thing was pushed, the exact same thing was pushed when 9/11 happened. The dust hadn't settled before all the papers, on queue at the same time across America and Britain and elsewhere, would you give up, and the man on the street interviews, would you give up personal sovereignty or national sovereignty for safety?  It was all orchestrated in advance. Of course it was.  Nothing changes. But agendas go on.  It's very sad, to me it's very sad to look at the old books in say the 1970s or even earlier, much earlier and you see the powerful players who were involved in the big think tanks that also had the ability to set up processes and committees to implement their policies from the think tanks, from the policies they came up with, and to see society being worked on queue step by step by step, including with industry where they said they would deindustrialized the West.  Deindustrialized it, you understand? 


Maurice Strong in Canada with his Biodiversity Treaty etc., part of the same sustainability agenda, was very vocal about the complete deindustrialization of the West and bringing us into a preindustrial climate basically economically. So, you’re talking about subsistence, folks, basic subsistence. Austerity.  When you see it happening and you see the people and you read their books of the players who help set it all up, and again implement it, you have no option but to come to the conclusion that this is an agenda. Of course, it's an agenda. They tell you in their books it's an agenda.


The United Nations' Agenda 21, it's called the United Nations Agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century.  It was also called the Millennium Project.  They blended the two together. Now it's, the next part is 2030, you see.  But the agenda for the 21st century is for the whole, all the different things have to be implemented and working before the century is through. Big changes.


The end of rural living, right, with the guise that it will be unsustainable to have roads in the country where the occasional houses are, and houses that don't have anything to do with farming so they shouldn't exist there, etc. etc. Get everybody into the cities. And of course the only folk you'll have in the country will be, like the Russian elites in the Politburo and all the civil servants who will have the dachas in the country, you see, that will be paid for by the taxpayer no doubt.


Nothing changes. Except, except actually the occasional person here or there catches on to it. And for every person who has a natural ability to catch on to it, and figure things out, you'll have 100 put out there to thwart you.  At least, you know. For every person who wakes up, by themselves that is, has an innate ability to do so, that person is a threat. That person is noticed right off the bat. There'll be a hundred at least as I say copycats put out, well-funded, who will use the same material that you're putting out and then spin it off into ridiculous things to discredit the material and the people who put it out, like yourself who start it off perhaps.  That's called counterintelligence.


Because knowledge is power. And this kind of knowledge is awfully powerful. And so, it doesn't just get along by itself. You must bring in all kinds of confusion into basic data, basic information, and when you bring in all the confusion and the ridiculousness of some of the things that are attached to it, you've got a good chance of discrediting the true information. And yeah, you will be often sucking blood off people next, or something like that, or whatever it happens to be. You understand what I'm talking about, I'm sure.  That's called counterintelligence. 


Well-funded. When you see people who have books that are just churned out...  I’ve seen people who put more books out per year than I go to the bathroom. Well, of course they don't write them. If you go through their books, sure enough, whoever really, or agencies that put them together just take all chapters of every other book out there by genuine people, throw it together, then put in the spin. That's how it's done folks. It costs money to do all that. Big money.  Big money. Absolutely.  Even to get your books promoted across the world takes big money.


You gotta start thinking about things. And stop just following people.  Counterintelligence. Counter, counter, counter, you counter the intelligence by ridiculing it eventually.  And when you see something that's absolutely ridiculous being promoted by someone, and that person is promoted by others, you've got to say wait a minute, these people must see what’s going on here. Of course they see what's going on. There's very little out there today that's genuine. Very little.  Honestly.  Absolutely.  And other folk who are put out of the picture altogether, completely, financially and so on, that's generally how they get you out of the way. The dirty tricks that go on you would not believe behind-the-scenes. Because people really want to believe they're free. They truly want to believe that.


It's a sad, sad commentary that most folk, and I suppose it's the same with the studies they say were done on revolutions in the past. But most folk go by the statistics of previous experiments.  Like the US for instance, in its war for independence, whatever the real cause, and I really have my suspicions about it too.  [Alan chuckles.]  And I think people should have some healthy suspicions about things, of the founders and so on.  But they say there was only 3% of the US population at that time, 3%, so you could say three men at that time, three men out of every hundred actually partook in the fighting against Britain at that time. So, I would imagine that's a pretty good average of times from other experiences of humanity in different countries for different things too.  It's always a small minority who actually do the heavy, heavy work or dying or whatever it happens to be.


But in the society that we live in today of information and excess data, where I've even read the articles put out by counterintelligence agencies talking about data, overloading the public with data, data, data, you see, until they switch off. Then you give them conflicting data. First, it's an image that's very similar to the data, like a duplication.  Then you put the spin onto it, and then more spin. But eventually you've got opposing mirror image data that causes total cognitive dissonance, they call it, and it works awfully, awfully well this technique. Today with mass communication and everyone's carrying their cell phones and so on and getting the same news from the same sources and so on and so on and so on, it's so simple to do. So simple.  And very effective.


But we are living through an amazing time when we are seeing, they call it a deep state in America. Well, London's got its deep state. Of course it has. I've talked before about assassination squads that the MI5 and MI6 have.  Remember the movie too, The Good Shepherd? Which is very tame in actuality of how things are done in reality.  I had to laugh to do with the whole thing, with Britain and the Skripal case with poisoning and all that and blaming Russia and yada, yada, ya.  There's so much evidence that came out since then to really make it a laughingstock to an extent, even though it’s serious and deadly and all that.  But you can never ever, ever use your own conscience to judge how far governments are going to go. Because they go way, waay beyond any conscience of you to get what they want.  That's when you start learning about things.


There's countless cases of folk getting assassinated, not just down through history, but even in recent history, or even the last hundred years and so on in the Western countries.  And of course accidents are easy, easy to do, hit and runs and so on.  In the US it's very, very simple with drive-by shootings for instance. Many of the cases of the drive-by shootings hit people who literally were targeted for extinction, and oh, they just happened to be in a bunch of people walking along the sidewalk and boof. No, no.  No.  No. 


The best assassinations, in that case, cheap to do and so on, are to use a lot of people to get the one person you're after.  Aircraft have been downed before with other passengers just to get the one person. It makes it look more plausible. Well, just, oh, engine failure or pilot error whatever happens to be, this kind of thing happens. Absolutely, when it's worth it they'll do it, believe you me. Because that's how it's done.


But we're so trusting, because you see, the higher you go in anything to do with agencies, etc., the more psychopathic ones, just like big business, get up to the top, into the top echelons of power. And they will use these forces with impunity.  And they have no conscience. And they don't have nervous breakdowns about things.  When you reflect on it, they don't need pills, or viruses in the brain like the articles in the last three years, that they would destroy recent memory, they don't need any of that stuff, you see, they don't have posttraumatic stress syndromes. Just the opposite in fact. 


These folks exist in their assassination squads. Sure they do.  They used to have up on YouTube some of the assassination squads of other countries going into hotels, very well organized.  You can see the training involved, as the first little team goes in, blah blah blah, sets it up, the second team go in, they go into the room, bump off the person that's supposed to be bumped off, and the next ones, the cleaners go in and clean up any fingerprints and so on before… and then you see them all going to the airport, picked up on security cameras.  Yeah, yeah, this happens all the time, this kind of thing.  Absolutely.


So, we've got to grow up. And it's not pleasant growing up from a nice security, the feeling of a child, you see, if you're lucky enough to have decent parents, if you're lucky enough. Because remember, your parents have been under attack too.  If you have parents, in fact, in this day and age, under tremendous attacks to destroy them and their relationships, etc. And to cause incredible dissatisfaction by many different techniques too.  And definitely the children suffer.  But if you grew up with a happy childhood, and a good schooling, where everything seemed happy, happy, and the teachers weren't brutes, then you’re probably well indoctrinated into the world is all quite nice. Because in reality it's not.


I remember years ago going over how much money is taxed off us, that we could get our hands on, the records that is - because we don't get much truth and anything at all, from very secretive governments - and how much money we spend.  Forget their wages and so on and the big handouts they give to their pals or relatives in the big corporations and so on, because most big businesses today are funded by the public. Public-private partnerships they call it.  We used to just call it grand theft but now it's public-private partnerships. It sounds much better, doesn't it?


But when you realize how much money we're spending for wars? …for wars that have got nothing to do with defending us, the ones who are paying for it all.  For wars that don't even benefit us with plunder, we don't get the plunder either like they did in the old days. We're just in it for other reasons altogether.  But when you see where it all goes to, how on earth could you possibly call yourself free?  Why would you even vote for such a system as that? And why would you ever believe any politician when they promise you anything? Really? Really, I...  Perpetual childhood... Brought up by good parents in cotton wool and lots of fairytales, and decent happy schooling and you were never hungry, etc. etc. Well brainwashed.  Well conditioned.


As I've said before, not everyone can handle truth. We've all experienced that, I'm sure, talking to some people, who are nice people, but you see their eyes clouding over. Because when you give someone truth on something and you’re not berating them, like some kind of street evangelists, accusing them of anything, but where you're just telling them some quiet truth, all truth requires a response from the individual. Because knowing something, just knowing something makes you have to decide things.  We're quite happy to decide things if we don't have to act on anything.  But some truths almost demand that you act… Even if it's just something so simple as occasionally telling a person about the same conclusion you come to on a matter.  But when it comes to overloading a person, never overload a person with too much information.  They'll switch off. Quite naturally too.  When you’ve had a lifetime of indoctrination, especially with the drivel they give you today called news, d'you really expect them just to say, oh I understand it all, okay thanks for telling me, hm?


I've seen over this last while, some top reporters, top reporters who've played the game, because they all play the game too for their own survival. But top ones admitting now that they go into sites for news, which they would never have dared to go into before. Because you can't get anything real on your main so-called aboveboard media.  It's that bad today. It truly is.  There's also technique being put into place which folk haven't quite caught onto. It isn't just the banning of factual news. It's the purposes of it. The purpose being, you're being trained into a system for a global society, a different society from the one you had when you have a nation.  And the society is training you now into a system, a global system, where you'll be run, again, by professionals, the experts, the technocrats basically and you'll only be told enough to keep the system going and anything really relevant you will not be told.


Very much like the communist system of China right now. Very, very, very similar indeed.  Where you don't have to know all these things, they'll tell you what to think about. They'll tell you what you should know.  But they'll definitely, a lot of things will be forbidden to think about or even talk about, etc.  We're seeing that being implemented here now.


So, it's for a post-nation state basically into a world state we are being trained. And eventually, very quickly, maybe 20 years maximum, by 20 years, everybody will just accept what's given, dished out as news, even though it's nothing there really.  But they'll accept it as all being quite normal.  And things that they weren't told, if it ever crept out one way or another, it wouldn't even anger them that they weren't, that they won't expect to be told anything that really, really matters to them.  Because you're going into a collectivist society.


Now, I'm just going to mention a few articles. I did, for once, ha, I've got a stack of articles of things I've been thinking about and looking things up and collecting them. Because we are going through astonishing times. These are historical events that are happening, and most people are being kept in the dark about it or treating it like it's unimportant or whatever. Astonishing events are happening. And it's not conspiracy theory when it's out of the mouths a lot of the people involved in it.  It's just amazing. But that's what we’re in today.


So, I'll mentioned some of course that will tie in with the big agenda. When you do realize that you're in a system that's to be run efficiently, that was always the goal of technocracy, to run a system efficiently you couldn't have a democratic system. You might use the illusion of a democracy, but you can never have efficiency and democracy. Couldn't happen. So, as I mentioned before, people couldn't have all the rights either in an efficient system. In an individualistic system you definitely, it would never work. You had to make a collectivist society and train the public to be the same. To dress the same, to look the same, do whatever it happens to be, do the same hobbies, same interests, same, same, same, same.  Then of course you give them the same news and they won't question it. It's long past that phase. 


Now it's into the system of not just preventing pregnancy, as they overload you with sex and destroy marriage.  Because believe you me, if you could promote sexuality as the novelty of the new, the new partners that causes their excitement, that's what they push, you understand that? So, you’re not going to be happy with the same partner, that's intentional. Simple warfare.  What makes people bond together? Well, this is what makes them bond together and trust and all the rest of it. How do you destroy it? Well, here's how you destroy it, entertainment, blah, blah, blah.  All done, folks.  Old news isn't it?


Then of course the state picks up, as I say, the problem of it, the fallout from it like pregnancy.  Oh, they'll deal with it. Again, collectively the taxpayer is forced to pay for these things. If you're not paying for wars and bullets and bombs for big corporations to plunder countries, you're paying for other things too that you've got nothing to do with. And you might even be against in fact, but you're forced to do it. You're coerced and threatened if you don't pay up for these things to be implemented.


Now they're going into the phase again for the elderly.  I saw this coming years and years and years ago. I even gave talks in the 90s, I says you know, they start first on abortion, and get used to that, it's okay, you know, dehumanize a baby into a fetus, you know, a term, and just dehumanize it. And eventually go for the elderly, well, you know, they're old and, hhhhh, you're just stupid, old, smelly geezers, you know. Dehumanize them.  Then...


Quebec court invalidates some requirements for assisted death - / 3 Oct 2019


Hm.  One of many, many articles. And I don't want to depress people. People want to be happy, happy all the time because of entertainment, makes them want to, they seek distraction. And distraction generally comes, you don't want to go into anything that's really, really serious. Until people can't go into anything serious, until eventually they've got phobias if you hit something serious. Oh no, don't say that, don't read that article, aaah, don’t...  You know, they freak out.


I mentioned before about the assisted death and how, again, Quebec really, really pushed it fast and hard and copied the Dutch system, etc. I mentioned too before about one article I think the last week, about them holding down an elderly patient who tried to get up as she was being euthanized.


Dutch Doctor Acquitted for Euthanizing Woman Who Had to Be Restrained as She Was Killed - / 13 Sept 2019


These are humans! Again, the dehumanization process first of all, and then you make it, oh well you know they’re going senile. Well, you see, Canada is now going to take the next step, which had to come, where they could actually try and encourage you, that if you're going to die or go senile for instance within say 3 or 4 or 5 years, why not just take euthanasia now? As time goes on, they’ll convince the people to go along with that. Very quickly. Because you could be a burden on society, make you feel guilty that you're still living. I'm not kidding you. This is all what's going on right now. So, I'll put this article up there. And…


Canada Moving to Allow Human Euthanasia For Certain Diseases and Illnesses While Bullying Hospice to Murder Patients As Part of Palliative Care - / 16 Dec 2019


  ... for those that want to read it.  For those who want to be happy-happy, just continue on your merry way. Until it's your turn maybe for, when the state decides that, why should they keep you alive?  Remember what, hhhch, one of the founders of the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw said?  And there's an audio that out there, it's actually an early film clip of him saying, that, when we are in control, meaning this true socialistic system of Technocracy, he said, when we are in control you have to come to us and argue why we should keep you alive. Even if it's a healthy person, if there's no work for you, for instance, why should they keep you alive?  Hm?


So anyway, it mentions Quebecers who went right to seek medical assisted death, after both had been turned aside by their physicians. Because now they're going into it you see, the same as Holland went into it, and started to add more and more categories.  Like, oh, they're depressed.  Even for teenagers, oh I'm depressed, I'm a teenager. Oh, big deal!  I can see the end of the world and you’re being depressed when you're a teenager, until you really mature, 'eh?!  These are called growing pains, and being depressed on and off is part of it. And who says you're supposed to be manically happy for the rest of your life? …except for the ads you see on TV, hm, buy this and you’re a-ha-ha-ha.  No.  You're not supposed to be happy all the time. There's a stable state in between.


So anyway, they're going further and further, and they keep adding to the different categories to have you bumped off, you see. Now they're having lawyers debate it all. And of course, they've been teaching this under bioethics since at least the 90s, openly. When they first gave us on television, oh here's a bioethicist.   Well what's a bioethicist, you know?  Oh, it's someone who's trained in ethics of biology, meaning the human condition. Oh really?  Wow. So these folk are the ones who decide if you live and die, you see. Yeah, we went through a course on it, and we've decided that it's not, it's not fit we should keep you alive, even though your mind's okay and we could keep you alive, but it costs a few bucks and we could use a few bucks for this big corporation that's going to go off and have wars and so on, you know.  That's how it's done.


That's the real world. As I say, you wonder why a lot of folk can’t handle the real world. It's a horror show, this real true reality, folks.  It certainly isn't a human or humane system.  Although the ones at the top will say it’s survival of the fittest and they see themselves as the fittest. That's how it is. Very simple.  And then this article too…


Why everyone is talking about free cash handouts—an explainer on universal basic income - / 27 June 2019


Most folk don’t understand what it is. But again, that’s what Bertrand Russell discussed in the 1940s they’d eventually bring in, and they’d give you credits issued by the state. Now everything is electronic, you’re issued so many credits, or doesn’t matter what they call it for money, it’s credits. But it’s a method of controlling you as well. But it will be announced actually as a wonderful thing for these folk, who will get a guaranteed income for sitting at home and having no work and no purpose and being depressed, you see. Then of course down the road they’ll actually have you euthanized for it. You don’t want to live like that with no purpose, do you? Do you really? Do you really want to live like that, and have no, and be a burden on people? Well after all, we’re giving you free money every month, you know, just for…


You think I’m kidding, ‘eh?  [Alan chuckles.]   It’s an agenda. An agenda.  M-hm.  So, I’ll put some of these links up for some of the stories. As I say, so much of this stuff now you can’t even say anymore. Because the ones at the top mean business, you know, the teeth are showing and the glove is off, the velvet glove is off the fist, the iron fist. 


Jobs of the future are clustering in a handful of U.S. cities, study finds - / 8 Dec 2019


Oh, wow, a revelation, ‘eh?  Agenda 21, everyone must move off the rural areas into the already overcrowded cities.  Then you have the UN declaration of megacities and super cities, etc. Then they give a whole list of, remember the military, Department of Defense, the big think thank I read it on the air years ago, when they said that we’ll have the end of the nation states, into a global system but they’ll be, the closest thing to any sovereignty will be super states, actual states, or cities, within this world conglomerate. It’s all there, you know, you’re living an agenda. You understand, if things were just developing willy-nilly, you would/could get all kinds of alternatives to everything. Nope.  Noooo. You’re going along a definite agenda, folks, with the super cities, where...


Jobs of the future are clustering in a handful of U.S. cities, study finds - / 8 Dec 2019


Yeah. And that is what’s happening. They’re building high-rises in a lot of the cities. But it’s to bring in the ones who are involved in the electronic tech industry, computers and so on. Of course it is. These people are now nomads they call them, nomads according to Jacques Attali in his books. Up at the United Nations of course, that's where he is.  He's the one who said in Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order, and then the other one too, A Brief History of the Future, where everybody's got their nomadic devices, you know, that's what your little communicator is. You'll travel around the world, you'll just go to where the work is, when you're called. You'll have no real basic home or permanent home, etc. etc. For the up-and-coming technocratic types, you see. It's all there.


But the cities of course have to be super cities. You need to get off the land into these super cities, by the end of the nation-states of course agenda. But the people living through it, even though they hear it, still don't want to believe it. Even when it's happening. Even when eventually they'll end up in a super city and at the end of their national sovereignty.


I think I mentioned too the previous week that…


Columbia professor who fled communism resigns, says university is becoming communist / 6 Nov 2019


A Romania-born academic says he recently left his tenured position at Columbia University because the Ivy League school is “on its way toward full blown communism,” according to a Romanian TV interview translated by a Romanian-American immigrant.


This is a guy who was brought up and left Romania because of the communistic system, when it was under it.  And now it's [Alan chuckles.]  he says he's left his tenured position at Columbia University in the States because it's gone full-blown communism.  To change the future you must always get to the young, you see, up-and-coming managerial class.  You brainwash them and you promise them utopias, and they become tyrants over the rest of the public, to make them all conform.  Mind you, they get paid well to do it, and folk do an awful lot of things if they're paid well.


Another article too…


Afghanistan War – The Crime of the Century - / 17 Dec 2019


I remember it when they first went to Afghanistan, how they planned it too before 9/11 happened of course. And in they went. Remember, Russia, that was its Viet Nam.  And the US already had its Vietnam, remember.  It was supposed to learn from that, don't get bogged down in a long drawn-out war that you can't really win, or you wouldn't be allowed to win, put it that way. That's for sure.  The same thing happened, they went right in after the Soviet Union had exhausted itself in Afghanistan, and other places but mainly Afghanistan, and took over from there. They did the same darned thing up until this day. And they're bogged down, they've got no further forward.  Everything's corrupt there as it's always been. And there's a graveyard of Nations, Afghanistan, that's what they used to call it. Invaders always get bogged down, exhausted, bankrupted and that was it.


Mind you, the US did, and I hate to say the term US, the US is just another satrapy of world ownership, of their true world rulers.  The US did put in roads to big areas for heavy-duty mineral resources. They built them and all that, thanks to the taxpayers of America. Just like Britain did across India and that, putting railroads, etc. for the owners of Britain to take all the loot out and the resources, they did the same thing for the US in Afghanistan and paid for it all, thanks to the taxpayers. Then they even guarded the convoys of [Alan chuckles.] Chinese trucks coming into take the resources out; it was a deal they'd made with them.  It's just astonishing the things that go on, isn't it, 'eh?  Really.  If you dig into the corporations really that own it all, it's the same old bunch again that are awfully well known for being involved in heavy-duty mining and minerals.


But anyway, this Afghanistan War, the crime of the century, I'll put that up too.  It's not bad. It's just the truth and folk don't want… Forget politics or forget Ron Paul and politics, but the facts are the facts as he puts them out there, at least on this particular issue, put it that way.  I'll put that up too.


Then this article too, it's interesting.  Boris, the new Blair… You've got to understand how you're presented with people that you're supposed to like or dislike or whatever in politics. It's all built up with them, and they play their parts awfully well, whoever the politician or leader or pretended leader happens to be. Like Boris. Amazing guy this Boris Johnson, as they want to call him. Although he's got a long, long [Alan chuckles.]  family history from all over parts of Europe and elsewhere. It's called…


Boris: The New Blair / 14 Dec 2019


(Alan:  It's by Peter Hitchens and he gives you some of the personality type of Boris Johnson and the history of him too. Now, it is true, he's been put in there as the conservative leader of Britain, right. This guy, remember before he was the mayor of the City of London. If you're the mayor of the City of London you're part of the folk who own the country. You know. But Boris is good at playing the part of the clown and so he's being put up as a change from Teresa May, you know, that's all. It says…)


…attended the most expensive and snobbish school in the world, Eton. He speaks the language of P. G. Wodehouse’s heroes in a whuffly, archaic voice that invites derision. Yet he has persuaded legions of the nation’s poorest and most deprived people to vote for his Conservative Party— a party they have been brought up to hate.


(A:  It's really interesting too. There's a lot went on in the Labour Party and I really don't play politics because it's all corrupt.  But with the Labour Party, and Corbin, Corbin's been having trouble for the last two years and it was in the papers as to who was causing trouble. Because they wanted someone else in and they got Boris in. They'll be very similar to what they had in, again, the old alliance of the hands across the water, or the pond, putting the US and Britain for the next war.) 


(A:  This is what everybody's really uptight about because it looks like, you know, that's what they're doing right now is getting ready for the next war, for Iran. As we well know. It's well-publicized, if you care to look. And it's on the list, it's got to be fulfilled, everything on the list, every country on the list has to be knocked out into the Stone Age, you see.)


(A:  So behind the clown face of Boris Johnson, of course, he gets elected in as some kind of savior.  Everybody's so sick of Teresa May and the Brexit idea that just went nowhere. Again, they hammered this archaic system of Socialist Labour of Britain, that's totally international. Why vote for a system that's going to make you, you know, international? Why would you have a national vote for it? to start with? Think about it.)


(A:  But apart from that, there was, he was hammered and hammered and hammered by certain factions to split them up and to make the public think that he was really against certain things that were just naughty and bad and nasty. That was all intentional.) 


(A:  Remember too, there's a bit of leeway amongst political parties.  As Carol Quigley talk about, the ones at the top are allowed a certain amount of competition. But the ones at the top always play the game once they're in. They all swear allegiance to play the game for the ones who really own the country.  Anyway, it says here...)


Which is more radical? A patrician swell (A:  …a swell, is like a big swell guy, you know.) who openly lives in the nation’s most famous house with a woman who is not his wife, after a well-publicized life of unfaithfulness to the woman who actually is his wife? (A: [Alan laughing.]) Or a lower-middle-class ultra-leftist (A:  That’s Corbin.) who used to take holidays in East Germany and has an incurable liking for Latin American revolutionaries and unlovable Middle Eastern Islamists?


(A:  But it's, when you look at it from a perspective of just, where did the time fly, this is of someone who is pretending now, they've sold you, as a conservative.  Isn't it amazing, 'eh?  Boris Johnson, a conservative?  Ah.  So, it's really something.)


(A:  Peter Hitchens explains it because he was a Marxist too. Everybody that was churned out of the universities back in Hitchens’s day, they turned out as a Marxist. Why would a country, too, and these universities, believe you me, really do exist on big handouts from the government, the taxpayers. Absolutely. Maggie Thatcher went through a lot of derision about that too when she said, well we've got to keep subsidizing these private places like this because they turned out our future leaders, who must know each other and meet each other when they're students, you know.  But here's Peter Hitchens, who went through, and he became a Marxist.  He says...)


As a former Marxist who knows what happened to the revolutionary cause, that it shifted from storming the barracks and the railroad station to infiltrating the TV studio, the school, and the university, I would always go for the cultural and moral action, as against the political gesture.


The patrician Tory leader Boris Johnson is the revolutionary, the harbinger of the future. The bearded militant Jeremy Corbyn is a relic of a dead past. Just twenty years ago, and perhaps less than that, Mr. Johnson’s personal life could have been tolerated in a prime minister only if he kept it secret, (A:  ... about his private life and so on.  And it says...) as his Edwardian forebears did. But to live openly in this way would have been an explosive challenge to the establishment and especially to his own party. Even now, some of his aides no doubt have misgivings about it. But I am sure he will overcome them.  He genuinely sees nothing wrong in what he does, and so others learn quickly to see nothing wrong in it either. 


And there's other reasons too, which it doesn't go into here. But it's a good enough article about it, how they can sell you anything, can't they. They really can sell you anything. Like they sell the Americans, they gave the Americans the choice of Hillary Clinton to vote for, and people literally would have voted for this Satan, at the time, and presented you with Donald Trump because no one wanted Clinton in. And Trump of course, literally, I couldn't believe that folk believed… And there was no choice for people to vote for in America in reality. There really wasn't. 


The little bits that I listen to and read about from Trump, it didn't make me any, you know, any poor Trump or anything. Because I listen to what he said at the beginning before he got in and much of the stuff he was talking about then he's done. Right down to even increasing surveillance on every citizen and really helping the research and development for more surveillance equipment, in top companies, and not just American companies either by the way.  No, no. It was rather open to me what was going on there.  And now it should be open to everybody.  But there was nobody to vote for. But they can really sell you it, can't they, they're awfully good at selling you these fake leaders.   


Another article too…


Epic cop-out! World’s climate chiefs at COP25 (A:  ...conference of parties, they call it.) decide it’s just too complex, (A:  ...the whole idea of saving the world, for the climatic, and carbon and so on…)  so they kick the carbon emissions can down the road / 16 Dec 2019


(A:  …until next year, right. Because they just can't get through with they want to get through, to tax us for existing, you see, through this con of carbon dioxide, etc.   We truly, I'm telling you, we really are in Plato's cave and everything, if you were brought up in the cave everything will be real to you. All the shadows are really just, you know, these are ancestors, this is the spirits of your ancestors going back and forth in the cave, that's what they are. It's got nothing to do with if you look back, if you were able to look back and see the light outside there and realize that, no, there's people passing and animals passing outside the cave there that's casting these shadows, you see.  You mustn't see that, you see. We're in the cave.  Anyway, this says...)


The disgraceful collapse of the COP25 gabfest in Madrid, while it was running two days over schedule, is an indictment of everything that those in attendance purported to stand for.


Because people are just fed up with it all.  Because at least enough people are now starting to see that this is a complete financial scam and also for total control of the planet and everybody on it. Of course it is. Yes, it is. And that's not conspiracy theory. It's from their own mouths for many years passed and I've got, ha, stacks and stacks of their own publications and what they've been saying for many, many years.  Quite amazing. It really is quite amazing, isn't it?


Now also there's, as a matter of fact, from a politician, like again, Ron Paul, a matter-of-fact article on the system...


Congress is Trump’s Co-Conspirator Against Liberty / 10 Dec 2019


​Imagine that President Trump spent his phone call with the Ukrainian president threatening to withhold military aid unless the Ukrainian government agreed to use the money to purchase weapons from a US manufacturer. Does anyone seriously think that foreign service professionals and deep state operatives would be so shocked and offended by Trump’s request that they would launch efforts to impeach him? Would Congress view this as “high crimes and misdemeanors” or applaud Trump for carrying out one of modern presidents’ supposedly most important jobs — acting as salesmen for the American military-industrial complex?


Well but of course, he won't go into the fact though, the truth, the fact if Trump went off and got the wars over and done with and really went, you know, hammer and tongs against Syria, because that's on the list too, they haven't finished that off yet, and also Iran, that was part of the reason he got put in.  Not by the people.  And they got to get on with it, and really, they're building up now with troops, got more and more troops going over, quietly, all the time over and over to the bases around Iran. They're building up to it. No doubt Boris will be, he'll do his Tony Blair bit, that's part of the previous article I mentioned, he's kind of like Blair now, right, getting ready for the big one. And Trump will be, every media outlet will be suddenly praising Trump, suddenly, overnight if he gets the wars going. That's a fact. That's just a fact, folks.  And...


Neoliberal Economics Destroyed the Economy and the Middle Class - / 16 Dec 2019


That's by Paul Craig Roberts who says some good things now and then, you know. But it's true, it's been your life, that was part of the agenda too, eliminating the middle class. A long, long agenda, that one. Once your factories were all given across to China, and all the levels of manufacturing were gone, then a lot of the [Alan chuckles.] middle class have gone as well. Naturally. Sure.


In Holland again, that's got to be oh so good, and prove to its citizens that the governments are on board with the whole, you know, sustainability agenda, you see tractors, you know, farm tractors…


Tractors clog Dutch streets as farmers and builders protest over govt’s nitrogen policy - / 18 Dec 2019


They want them to stop using nitrogen and fertilizer for the fields and your crops, you see. Again, start taking down your food supply, which is energy, and you’ll see illness creep in and malnourishment… and death. There you go. Also…


Fresh evidence that UN watchdog suppressed report casting doubt on Assad gas attack - / 14 Dec 2019


That’s Syria’s Assad.  Awfully important article actually, where people who are paid to be watchdogs went in there and they said that the heavy powers wanted them to say that Assad was behind these gassings, but he wasn’t. This is a good article.  I'll put up the links for this one, for anyone who cares to look. Most folk don't care if it's not titillating, you know. Because we're entertained to death and folk want to be entertained even through what they think is the news.


Goldman Sachs is reportedly in talks to admit guilt, pay $2 billion fine to settle probe into Malaysian investment fund / 19 dec 2019


(A:  …Malaysian investment fund, which they’d set up and so on. But they still come out great because you see, it says...)


•Goldman Sachs is set to pay a nearly $2 billion fine and admit guilt to the US government to resolve an investigation into its so-called 1MDB scandal, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.


•A deal would involve Goldman admitting it ignored warning signs as billions of dollars were stolen (A:  Hm...) from a Malaysian government fund it worked with.


So, here they are, I think the whole, it all came altogether that the cost of it to Malaysia, that the Goldman Sachs had been given or work with $4 ½ billion, so regardless with the $2 billion fine, they’re still $2 1/2 billion better off, aren't they?  [Alan chuckles.]   That's not bad. But again, it pays to have friends in high places, or actually be the people in high places, isn't it? You can get a lot done that way. But it's not a bad article.  But billions of dollars were stolen, 'eh, so, there you go.


It's the same Goldman Sachs that paid and admitted that they got paid to write glowing articles for the admission into the EU of Greece, glowing articles after going over the books. Of course, Greece was not fit at the moment, at the time, to go in with the kind of money that they owe and so on. You can trust your banks, you know. Yep. Isn't that how the ads all go, 'eh?  It's quite good. And this article too is…


How the War Party Lost the Middle East- / 2 Jan 2019


By Patrick Buchanan, that folk love to hate as well.  But the article’s all right in itself. A lot of facts in it. Facts are important.  For those who want facts. Sometimes a lot of folk don’t want facts, they just want again, titillation and ooo and aaa. Or as they said in the Bible, they called it itchy ears, you know, itching ears, just tell me more fascinating stuff, that’s what folk want because they’re entertained death now, isn’t it?


And then we’ll go into this one here. 


Is it Jaw-Jaw or War With Iran? - / 10 Dec 2019


Again, which makes folk wonder about the coming war with Iran. It’s got…


Netanyahu, Pompeo push forward with US-Israel defense pact - / 6 Dec 2019


Folk are just getting fed up with these wars, obviously.


Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China - / 7 Dec 2019


Another not bad article. It goes through some of the history going back to 2014, deals with Ukraine and so on and pipelines, etc. This was much more than you hear about for what happens, generally there’s money behind it all.  [Alan chuckles.]  There’s always money behind it. Money for somebody but never for the general population.


And then what’s happening, it’s a good lesson to what’s left of the world actually, it says…


Swedish justice ministry manipulated crime statistics – study - / 21 Dec 2019


How they underreport certain things to try to make the situation look happy. But remember, Sweden has had an awful time, mass, mass, mass migration. And of course there’s fallout. Of course there’s fallout. I’ve read some of it myself until they stop giving you most of the data on it. It’s been very quiet in Sweden according to mainstream media. But here you go. This article is about how the justice ministry, there’s your justice ministry, how of an oxymoron it is, ‘eh, when it’s lying to the people that it’s supposed to serve.  Plato’s cave, ‘eh, there ya go, back in it again.


I guess that’s all I probably get time for.  There is one article about…


Visiting Britain’s political prisoner - / 28/29 Nov 2019


That’s Julian Assange, by John Pilger. I’ll put it up. Interesting to see what you go through when you have to visit these high security prisons. It’s so demeaning just for the visitors to go in and out of these places. It’s just incredible what you see. Never mind the people that are actually in them. But I’ll put it up for those who want to peruse it.


Anyway, that’s my time up. Unfortunately, it shot in as always. I could go on for another, easy, another hour or more if I just read other articles, which [Alan chuckles.] it may be best not to read these days. Because we’re living in amazing times. There’s so many powerful factions now, very powerful factions that could be terribly dangerous, to everyone. We know that.


Even down to the wars that are coming up, we know that. The old, the list that was published in the 90s, it’s still there, of countries to be taken out. We all know this. These powerful institutions won’t stop.  They won’t stop until they get their wars underway and so on. And out of the wars the whole world gets changed to the next step, which is all worked out as well.  Carol Quigley said that, wars will change all participants in the wars, the victors, the defeated, it doesn’t make any difference, they all get changed along the same road basically for, what he called, a form of planned progress.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it’s good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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Visiting Britain’s political prisoner / 28/29 Nov 2019



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