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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"There is a War Not too Far Away,

 Armies of Agents, Toxic to Play."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 12, 20…20.  Scary, isn’t it, ‘eh?  …for the next month or so it’ll be scary, until you get used to the idea and just accept the fact that time certainly does march on.  But it’s interesting to see the agendas, very old agendas come into play and be used again, the same types of agendas with formulas and so on. That’s how the world is run.


But it’s one big, big plan of course and those at the top are quite proficient at managing the world and keeping the games going.  Because games are terribly profitable and it’s only the publics of different countries that never quite catch on to it.  We are caught up in/with the financial depressions and recessions and that kind of thing. We are caught up too with higher taxes and your currencies being devalued all the time.  Until you get quite used to the idea that countries are in debt for trillions of dollars or pounds or whatever and you accept that as normal.


Of course younger folk they always think it is more normal because they’ll think nothing of blowing a few hundred dollars on something that your generation, the older generation would have taken maybe a week or a month [Alan chuckles.] to think about it first because of the prices.  Because we’re all trained per generation, and really for every 20 years it just jumps and jumps and jumps and people adapt to it. I’ve had this talk with even relatives years ago because one relative of mine talked about a pay raise he would get at work. I know at that time the factories were going out of the country big time with the agreements with the free trade and China, and the agreements that had been signed in Canada and States, a lot of business was also going to what they called the Mexican corridor through free trade agreements as well.


The public had no say in any of this.  You just went along with it and watched all your work go away and your businesses and your labor go away, in fact.  Because they just must have died away… never… it was almost like it was forbidden to speak about it in the media, don’t mention the fact.  Because the last thing they wanted at the top was blowback from the public, who deservedly had the right to complain massively as they lost their jobs and the factories just disappeared. 


And we paid for them, as I said before, through the agreements, through NAFTA and through the agreements with China through the World Trade Organization, it was signed, China had to pay nothing for it. The taxpayers in the West paid for the factories, the big corporations in their own countries to move over to China and set up. We paid for all that. Including what they claimed might be lost during the set up for a few years until the profits started coming in. So, we paid for it all. Quite amazing isn’t it.   Then you go and vote!  [Alan chuckles.]  For what?  …the same people who have gotten awfully rich making it all happen.  Awfully, awfully rich.


The world is completely different from the portrayal via the media, completely, completely different and I can’t get that across enough really. I think most folk could never really accept it. They tend to get caught up in the puppets and clowns that are put in front of them. Like Boris Johnson, you know.  He plays the clown, that’s his job.  But he’ll do what he’s told by his bosses above him. The same as Donald Trump and everybody else there.   They’re all bought and paid for by the richest folk in the world sometimes. That’s a fact, folks.  That is a fact.


I mentioned years ago too about a movie, it was called O Lucky Man with Malcolm McDowell as the main character in it, that was a kind of a satirical play on real life in Britain at the time. Britain, for example, Britain came out of World War II devastated. They had already been devastated with the costs of World War I, and not just in lives but in finances too. Incredible loans were given out. In fact, that's one of the main reasons America came in in 1917 was to ensure that the payments from all the different loans by the big banks in the US, that owned the US at that time too, would get their loans repaid. That was one of the reasons they came in in 1917. Britain had already been in that war from 1914, for reasons which we still haven't got clear yet.


I mean, war is a good business to be in. Very good business. You're guaranteed if you supply anything to any kind of military or Navy or whatever, you're guaranteed payment by governments. Guaranteed.  The taxpayers are taxed to pay them off, so that's guaranteed as well. It's pretty well, that's surety indeed, you know.  So tremendously profitable. It doesn't matter if you win or lose either, there are international agreements, all sides have to pay them off. It's very lucrative.


So, Malcolm McDowell as I say portrayed a post-World War II Britain maybe about the 1950s, 1960s and how literally he took any job he could get.  This naïve young guy starts to learn and find out how corrupt everything is. Once again, nothing's really what you think it is. He meets mayors of towns and everything's… he's in bed with, well, in bed financially with that kind of a gang mentality with the local police chief and that kind of stuff. They're all connected.  And they have their parties and their orgies and things like that with illicit booze and so on.  That's how the world really works. Unfortunately.


Again, there's an esoteric and exoteric.  The esoteric really is for the inner group to understand what it's about. Whereas the exoteric are for the general public, who really believe the world that has been presented to them. They believe it in that fashion, they don't question it really.  And you can't blame the people, they're brainwashed to be like this. They're brainwashed to be awfully naïve. 


I think there's a natural tendency in humanity, especially if you are descended from tribes of some kind, to believe obviously in what's presented as a ruler, a tribal leader.  That worked fine for tribes because the leader in small tribes could be overthrown if he got too big for his boots, or his fur boots or whatever it happened to be.  And by the people, you see.


But once you got money coming in it changed everything. Because now you could pay mercenaries to guard the king, you see. He definitely would get too big for his boots and if anybody complained, well they were simply disappeared.  That technique has never changed. Maybe they do it more sophisticated today but they still go on, all the time by the way. It's not a pleasant world out there. And it's getting very dangerous today, very dangerous, as you see the complete intolerance of anybody speaking out about what's really happening in the world, and banned to speak, by those who basically rule it.


I noticed that Google for instance, has admitted, one of the head guys in Google, is using algorithms now to find, make RT for instance, whether you like it or not RT give you some good information, it's up to you to decide how much of it's true or whatever, like every other site. But the algorithm is going to be harder to find RT if you're searching for articles and so on. But that's been done for years from the beginning of the public Internet…… or, given access for the public.


I was doing fine, too, years ago, years and years ago until I started speaking out about certain things that were happening. Including the wars I saw getting fomented and getting readied, etc. And definitely when I mentioned the fact the West was funding what were supposedly the groups that were heading against Syria as an example.  We were funding the groups called ISIS, ISIL, IS and so on. We funded them.  And there's no doubt about it, the West trained and funded and armed these people all through their so-called regime changes, etc. Because it was all the one group.


I saw the chaos it would cause. I knew too that there'd be tremendous blowback on the whole of Europe and mass migration because of it. As far as I could see that's part of the plan. Obviously. Planners are not stupid. You don't hire stupid people and give them big salaries, whole layers of them on these huge think tanks that study strategy and history and warfare and all kinds of warfare.   Including propaganda warfare, which is tremendously effective. Because the first people that you use it on are your own public.  You want to brainwash a public to obey you or the ruling class, whoever that happens to be.  And they never even realized they've been brainwashed. They'll be naturally very, very supportive.  Again, playing on natural instincts, tribal instincts.  We're used and abused so easily by professionals, as I say.  Never ever, ever so much as today.


In bygone years as I say, with the Cold War, we understood quite clearly what the problems were.  When you understood that socialism, hhch, really is mass slaughter of any dissidents... They don't tolerate anything except themselves. Socialism is not a democratic process, once they really understand that. That's what communism was, Stalin said it too, that communism was simply socialism in a hurry. Through revolution, that's what you use. Socialism uses a slower type, the cultural revolutions, and you change it through the Gramsci technique of taking over the culture and leading the culture, until the public follow, never knowing that they're getting turned off in a completely different direction of behavior, etc.


Very effective as I say. Today the public have no idea. And not much of a chance, I have to tell you, to really comb,at the big big movements that are at play. Just Britain alone has tens of thousands, tens of thousands of people employed by a strata of agencies that deal just with Internet.  And not just bots but actual real people too, trolls as they call them, trained professionals, and by the military.  Tens of thousands of them... who literally are all over the place and if you speak out about certain things you get hammered if you're on social media. You get absolutely hammered from a thousand different sources and they'll try and do you in one way or another.  It's very effective.  Then you have certain people and divisions that will target people, who are lonely for instance, that's how they do it too. Women or men. 


It's just a more advanced form of the old technique of spies. You would use spies and send them into countries, and you would get to know the women who were secretaries of naval departments or Army or whatever it happens to be or Air Force, to send information back.  Sometimes they would send in women to do it to the guys and that was very effective too.  The Profumo Affair in Britain, although it's debatable if the women that were used were actually paid to be spies, they certainly had the ability to transfer information that they were hearing to the opposite numbers in different countries.


So, it's really amazing, as I say, to see today where the same things go on through bots and through trolls, that are well-paid. They'll take people into their confidence; they'll have dialogues and so on. Then they'll suddenly attack you. And by that time, they've sussed you out.  If you’re a woman for instance they'll have sussed out your weak spots and say, what would destroy this person? And they'll hit them with the very thing that can do it. And they could have a breakdown over it. And they've never met this person, they still got in their mind an imaginary picture of something or somebody.


But these literally are paid experts working for warfare departments. I'm not kidding you.  I can give you stacks of evidence about it. It's a fact. The US has them, Britain has them, all big countries have them.  Russia has them. Israel has them, big ones too. All plying for power and plying to try to improve their own stance, their nation's stance on certain issues and so on, and at the same time destroy enemies.


Now, today, destroying an enemy is people who have different points of view. I hope you understand where we are today. For those who literally get freaked out with incredible barrage, utter barrage of trolls and bots that hit them if they said something or whatever it happens to be, on a show for instance.  You gotta wake up to what this is. These are, these aren't just average people out there who disagree with you. No. These people literally are trained like all warfare people to destroy you through different techniques. 


They are taught techniques of destruction… of the human mind, the psyche, how it works, how it ticks, vulnerabilities and how do we destroy a person.  And some people, they can work it out from your particular mindset and your psyche, as I say.  They can work it out through your personality type, likes, dislikes, fears and all the rest of it, politics, religion, whatever it happens to be.  They can literally figure out precisely, just like an attack, they hit you with this, this, this and this, in a certain order to take you down. And they're very, very effective. That's who your neuroscientists are working with the governments for. That’s what you're BIT groups from universities are working with them for.  Because they're all part of these intelligence services too that work to attack people who, hhch, understand too much perhaps, on the Internet and on social media. 


I don't play the social media part because I'm well aware that most of what you're going to get hammered with are not real people. And if they are, they generally are working with these intelligence agencies. Each person that works in agencies will have a stack of accounts given, lots and lots and lots of them.  But there's telltale marks if they're actually real people or not. If they are, if they're actually part of intelligence agencies too, because they don't have long accounts, they haven't been up long at all and they won't have much of a following either.  They'll have standard things that they pretend to follow, you can actually work out if they are actually just... They're actual real people but they're working for these agencies to troll and attack people. And they do, like swarms.  That's where we live today. 


You've noticed in the media, and this is what gets me really.  You would hope as the centuries go by we would become more humane.  You'd really hope that, wouldn't you?  About life in general. But we're not. We’re actually getting worse.  I think as we lose religion, we get more and more inhumane. 


You see the things that happen in society, whereas the hospitals now are even handing, you know, they'll euthanize you because it's cheaper on the money getting taken off people. Plus, they don't want you living too long, they can grab your pension and spend it on other things.  So, they try and euthanize you. As life gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper.  Ooooaaaa, he's an old person, he's gonna die anyway, might give him six months, maybe a few years, but why bother keeping him alive, it's much cheaper this way… if you're a nobody, you see.  And we accept that as a society.  And you’re accepting your own doom when you do these things. I hope you realize that. I hope you really realize that.


But it's obviously the same thing too when your governments, and I knew this and I've said it, I knew this thing with Iran would come.  Because Trump made it quite plain from before he got in, to the right people, what he would do with Iran. Every major speech he's given at the United Nations or anywhere else too, he's kind of brought that up or hinted towards it, and to other associations, he's been very vocal about it.


But the fact is, Boris Johnson, that's why he got in there too. I knew it too, because he's part of the same club.  He'll do what he's told.  You have the same thing with Britain, with a reenactment of the attack on Iraq, which is literally bombed into the Stone Age.


PM throws support behind Washington as US-Iran tensions soar following missile attacks, Soleimani assassination. - aljazeera.com / 8 Jan 2020


I remember doing the talks at the time when they were happening and even giving out information from Kissinger when he debated with the Zbigniew Brzezinski.  Brzezinski and Kissinger debated on the best policy for long-term strategy.  They always look at long-term strategy. The plan was to take the whole list of the PNAC group and destroy them and literally bomb them into the Stone Age. They even had the debate between the two of them, it was published in the papers at the time, in certain magazines, on Iran itself. Because they says, well you know Iraqi really technically is a recent nation as opposed to the old Persian nation, which is now Iran.  Because at one time they were all really one big nation. So, they're trying to debate through the legalities and semantics of who they should totally destroy, and should they give any deference at all to the fact that some of them were very ancient cultures and countries.  Syria is another one that's an old one too.  And that really upset them. They found ways to get around it of course eventually.


But Brzezinski and Kissinger had it out, and I think Kissinger said that the best policy was to totally destroy all infrastructure, for everything that needed to exist as a workable nation would be totally destroyed. That way the people wouldn't be the people anymore. You have a country when you've got all the different institutions working for you, water supplies and food supplies, baby formulas and so on. The US went in and blew up, I think the first thing they blew up actually was the baby formula factory. That was in the news too.


So, all infrastructure had to be destroyed.  Then you've got whatever's left of the public are so shellshocked and angry, about everything, and kind of neurotic.  Once you get people who are pretty well neurotic when everything is destroyed, it's hard to get them to consent unanimously on anything. So, you have a dysfunctional society easily managed.  Then you bring the troops. Then you bring in the mercenary troops like Blackwater after it and they can kill at will.  So many murders were just taking place openly in the streets, on cars just passing by, there was videos up at the time of the troops just doing it, for fun or something like that or whatever it happened to be.


But the old rules of the game had definitely changed, you know. And when you think about it, what you are looking at for this 21st century, that was the idea of it, the 21st century was to come in where they complete a whole agenda, massive agenda, social, cultural, world agenda in every respect. And of course, the military was to be used for one part of it.


The idea was the Middle Eastern countries that were to be attacked and destroyed should never be able to reform again as nations, functional coherent unified nations. Because then certain other players in the area could rest in peace and take over a lot of the land and the resources, which has happened by the way.


As I mentioned before, Tony Blair literally had the leaders of some of the big oil companies, international oil companies meet with him before Britain helped to invade Iraq the first time.  And that was an invasion, folks, that's what it was, you know, Iraq couldn't attack Britain. They thought they would divvy up some of the oilfields and of course they had the American companies in with them too.  That broke out in the papers in Britain a few years after.


So, the most primitive basic reasons for things are still used today, which is greed. Nations are used by the all-powerful under many pretenses of defending you but when you're on the attack against nations that haven't attacked you, you have to really stop and question things.


Again, after World War II, Britain was devastated financially. It didn't pay off and it was in the papers, I don't know if they've done it yet, I think in the late 1990s they said that Britain may have been getting ready to pay off the last of the debts from World War I. But later articles refuted that and said that it wasn't, nevermind World War II, but they still hadn't paid off the whole…  You understand, compound interest is not meant to get paid off. It puts the debtor into slavery. That's the idea of it.  That's the idea, in slavery you do what you're told. You can be used by the creditors, you see, and you do what you're told. This is old, old stuff. And nothing has changed. But you have a lot of crooks involved.


Well, after World War II the one thing going for it was armaments, for Britain. And sure enough, they started to, they had the Komet, came out with the Komet and they came out with the fighter aircraft jet ones, which they started to sell across the world. So, armaments for warfare were something Britain still had left. That became a big, big financial income but really for a small amount of people, really.  That's never changed. Other countries were the same.  Belgium, little Belgium is very big in armaments industry. Always has been.  Because it's a lucrative field to be in.


Then the Cold War came along and that was the greatest thing for all these top people in the higher classes of society who were in power and who also had massive investments or even ownership in weapons manufacturing.  And missiles especially because every week you would hear about a new missile Russia had, whether it did or did not didn't matter, and how it went a certain speed, a certain distance and so on, and how we'd have to get a new anti-missile missile to strike it, etc., that could travel a bit faster and blah blah blah blah blah. So it just went on, back and forth like a tennis game forever.  It was just so lucrative because no one ever had to use them. That was the good part of the weapons industry, you didn't have to prove they actually worked. Not bad, 'eh?  Especially when it was costing so much for them.


But today, they're right back to square one. Because they missed the Cold War. They missed it. I said that years ago, I said if they have to resurrect the bad bear, that was Russia, they'll do so, if they start to find out they're not getting enough cash coming in. So, they did that actually. So, we’re back to square one there.


They will benefit from it. I can remember when the Cruise Missile was supposedly a million pounds, I think, a pop.  Was it a million pounds, or dollars? I can't remember quite which one. But I remember Clinton popping them off all across the Middle East every other day, sometimes 11 at a time.  That was great, great money at that time for guaranteed money, not bad, 11 million per day, hey, for firing off these things to places in the desert and stuff like that. And the taxpayers would pay for it. Isn’t it a good income for those that make these things?


But the cost of things today is astronomical. When you get fighter aircraft that aren't just in the millions but some of them cost a billion.  [Alan laughing.]   You know, some of them do.  [Alan laughing.]   And then they’re guaranteed payments for their updating their software every month or whatever, or even emergency updates in fact, and the updates can cost millions per update. It's paid decent income, isn't it?  So yeah, weaponry is awfully, awfully effective.


Now, the Cold War, as I say, for the general population was a propaganda war as well. Because you have to convince your people at home, who are so war weary with war after war, from the 1800s and through the Boer War into World War I and World War II, and then the Korean War and different wars and so on.  It's hard to keep the public going when they are living in a, really a decadent society. Decadent in the sense of your infrastructure is falling apart, it's not getting replaced and repaired. They tried all kinds of cheap terrible techniques for building for the ordinary people, who, were still looking for homes to live in, because they couldn't…


Most of the people in Britain were working-class, you understand, and most of them couldn't afford to buy a home. And you couldn't just get a loan in those days. That's not long ago. You had to have collateral or something physical to put up, as they say, before they give you a loan. And if you fell flat on the loan, they could grab the real estate or whatever it happened to be, and vehicles or some other property or something. But you couldn't get it if you didn't have anything, you just couldn't get money down on anything.  So, you rented for most of your life for a lot of folk. It was a bit easier in some parts of England, through tradition, but not many, there's a lot of working-class cities. 


It wasn't until about the 70s or 80s, actually the 80s they started to dish out, throw out credit cards like they did in the States. And Canada. Which tided the people over through bad financial times because in the 70s the economies were on the decline; wages became stagnant until pretty well up until fairly recently. The same starting wages for most jobs for 30 years pretty well. 


So hhhhh, as I say, Britain is a good example, and they show you that in O Lucky Man. Because that's really what pulled, you see this would pull Britain out of the mess that was in, was the armaments industry.  Some people became the spokespeople or salesman to foreign countries, especially to countries like Saudi Arabia. That's never changed. Massive purchaser of best weaponry and aircraft fighters and all kinds of weaponry they use, tanks, you name it, and missiles too.


You've got to understand that the reasons that you got ongoing wars today have got nothing to do with the reasons that are given. As I say, Iraq didn't attack the West. That came out too when George Bush was in, with his war on Iraq. [Alan chuckles.]    Iraqi Freedom they called it, when they went in and destroyed them into the Stone Age. Very Orwellian and doublespeak and so on.  He said during an inquiry, he says, well, I never said that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11. Which is a lie, they did, of course they inferred it.  They used the media who was just completely on board with that of course naturally, they used the media to persuade the public, even though the target was supposed to be Afghanistan initially, within a year they convinced the public, just through little bits and pieces that Saddam Hussein, the bad, bad man, they always use a bad man you see, was the guy behind it. He had nothing to do with it at all.


But it just shows you the same… He was on the list; he was on the list of the PNAC group and so they targeted him. Remember, George Orwell says, who are we fighting today? That was Eurasia and so on, the different factions of the globe, because they kept changing gun sites quickly.  And you have to adapt very, just rapidly, without asking questions.  Never ask why are we fighting them or how long we've been fighting them or whatever, or have we always been fighting them or whatever. That's where we are today, isn't it?  Isn't it?


Because as George Bush said, he said, well I never said that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11. Well, why did they invade them and blow them, again, into the Stone Age?  And don't forget, Iraq at that time had been under a massive embargo from about 1991.  Because as soon as the Cold War supposedly finished the PNAC group immediately were into the Middle East, now that they didn't have Russia to contend with at that time, and they were pushing their weight around there obviously, for oil, etc.


When you're in a nation and they keep using, they’re after ‘our’ resources, ‘our’... Who's ‘our’?  Who are ‘we’?  [Alan laughing.]   Just think about it here. You'd better start thinking about this ‘we’ and ‘our’. I like Spike Milligan, he was a crazy guy. He had bipolar disorder, I think. But he did say in his talks about when World War II was declared, he said, I remember the Prime Minister coming on the radio and he said, I have to regret to inform you that as from the blah blah blah, the time, etc., of the day, he says, we are now at war with, we are now at war.  He said, I like the ‘we’ part. You see, because that's reality.  [Alan laughing.]   You're not asked your opinion on anything. We are now war, when you know that’s you at war, you're going to go off and do the fighting.


You get a good laugh at things and sometimes that get you away from [Alan chuckles.] worse things. But today we are in such a serious society, you can't even quip about... or you will be attacked by massive, not just the bots but real trolls that are paid. And you wouldn't believe how many. I'm talking about there's literally hundreds, and I'm talking about tens of thousands working for Britain. But there's hundreds of thousands working for Britain and the US and a few other countries, all different departments, many names and so on, with specialties in all different areas.  And just like any other war, as I say, they'll target certain people, make it hard for them to keep operating. Absolutely.  They try to defame them, all kinds of ways to take them down. And if you're not careful, if you really fall for the relationship thing on the Internet, they'll target you, they'll get into your psyche and play around and then destroy you. That's an old technique.


Folk have no idea how deep this goes.  They have none at all. And it isn't just, you see here's the thing, it isn't just a matter of attacking enemies, or who's not on board with whatever agenda it happens to be.  It's a way of, and I really mean this, in fact, oh, you couldn't even read in 10 years all the articles and the manuals that they’re given, and they’re fed with, for the purpose, for the present and the future of creating a controlled society, a world society with a controlled culture, very controlled, and how to raise generations of controlled cultures, who will be guaranteed to be obedient to the overlords, whoever they happen to be or whatever they want to call themselves. 


This is what's going on if you haven't figured it out. It really is. It's so far ahead.  God knows how many think tanks are involved in this and I've got stacks and stacks, I've got gigabytes of the stuff, you know. Lots of it.  And that's your future, you see. This isn’t happenstance that you’re stumbling down through time just looking at little… You're given little bits to grab on the media and go oooo, aaaa, oooo, look at the Royal family, oh they're not getting on to well, this couple's not happy with that couple. That's made-up nonsense.  They're talking about fake news, 'eh? 


I can remember years ago when Buckingham Palace literally employed, and to this day it's got bigger and bigger and bigger, a permanent staff of propagandists and publishers who work for the royal family, with film crews and everything, who make up the stuff and dish it out to the public. And for the last few years they thought, how do we keep the royal family relevant in a global society with cultures coming into, that have got nothing to do with the past of Britain or Europe even, you know. Well, let's make them... what works on people?


You understand they look upon us like animals. What do animals need, what does a human animal need? And you supply it.  Then you get little bits that like are like-a banana for the animal, not quite the banana but like-a banana, and this is how they go on and they start substituting other things for what you really need, you see.  So, you have this natural tendency, more in the women actually and this is just standard basic psychology and sociology. Women in a small village, they'll often say, oh, they just gossip when they get together in the corner of the village. And you see these three same women standing there for hour after hour and natter, natter, natter, that's what they used to say.  They say that they know, they've talked about everybody in the village, and they'll be there for hours. Even when there's not much left to say, they'll still stay there because they know that when one leaves the other two is going to talk about them. You see. That was the standard old, old joke.


But the fact is, it's a natural thing for women, in even a small tribe, to know everybody's business. You know who's good, who's iffy, who's kinda bad, who's dangerous, whatever, for themselves, their family and for their offspring and so on, so they can warn them. It's a natural, natural thing to do, you see. It's a survival thing.  But they use the same techniques against us all now, you see. And they can use these natural tendencies to want to know, into literally identify as a human person to another human person, so they re-present, repackage the royal family, they repackage their whole history, maybe even remake it, and then they humanize them like a, they literally say this in their manuals for it, like soap operas work. 


A soap opera attracts mainly the women.  And they'll go into it, oh, who's... And they remember the names and whose birthdays and… That's what they do, you see.  So, you make them, you start humanizing the people, you give them more and more details about this Prince and that Prince and that Princess, and they humanize them. Then you start dishing out little stories. It doesn't matter if they're fake, you see, you make them up. Well, they've had a tiff with so-and-so, and is very soapish, you see.  And they'll follow it. And get a bigger and bigger following.


I mentioned before too, that they've admitted that Harry and other ones have got their different accounts and so on and they have rival little, you know, bets on with each other who's got the most hits that they get for looking into see what their made-up lives are all about.  It's just amazing how it works.


Well, it's the same thing with everything else, folks. If you haven't figured it out it's the same thing.  With these wars that are going on, wars were planned at the very least in the 1990s, probably before that in fact, but published in the 1990s, as plans.  [Alan chuckles.]   I can even remember when as I say, 1991 when again Russia supposedly suddenly just dropped, they couldn't compete anymore in the Cold War. It was looted of course by the West, that some people in from even the Federal Reserve and the US they went in there, even did a documentary on it, and how all the different shares as they privatize the big, big businesses, were literally stolen by the oligarchs there and other ones still in power.  [Alan chuckles.]   It was all arranged in advance of course.  I've often said, I would never run for politics because I don't believe in organized crime.


But the thing is, when they went into, against Saddam Hussein, is because supposedly he'd attacked initially Kuwait to the north of Iraq and the oil fields there. Now, for those who don't know it, Kuwait was set up, the oil fields, by Poppa Bush as they call him, and he had massive shares in it.  That's where the Bush families got their training in there in the big massive business.  They always give them some kind of sway over oil fields initially to get the idea of things, how the scams work. 


That's what Rockefeller did too with Maurice Strong. He picked him up, you know, a little, supposedly a nobody but there's more to him than met the eye of course and put him in charge of oil fields to start with. To get the feel of, you know, how you really shape the world and how the little folk work, the little people, and then how the bigger people work and all that kind of stuff.


The same thing with Kuwait.  Well, Saddam Hussein had asked, I remember it was actually documentaries on it.  He'd asked that the consulates in Iraq from America and Britain if he could go in there and set it straight because he says, you know, he says... And it's true, they even had articles in scientific magazines, and I mean I don't know, I can't swear on it if Popular Mechanics was involved too. But I can remember reading through the ones and they showed you these horizontal drill rigs that go down a good distance and then do a right angle and go underneath the country's borders into the next neighboring country and suck their oil, you see. And that's what they had been doing from Kuwait into Iraq and Saddam had complaints into the different world courts and so on. 


Nothing happened.  So, he literally said, I'd like to go in and deal with this. He had supposedly been given the okay. Well, if you do that we won't interfere, said the West. Well, as soon as he went in there of course the West declared war on him and drove him out and slaughtered a massive part of his army on the way back.  Then kept them in there about 10 years and embargos, aerial embargo, no-fly zone over head.  Then they starved them for all those years before they finally invaded them.


So, you've got to really understand what goes on as opposed to the rah-rah politics, you know, here's-the-flag thing.  There's always big business behind things, always, massively, behind all this kind of stuff.  And it's not for the nations, folks. The nations supply the equipment, the military, the body bags even and you pay for it all. The corporations of course get the spoils of war.


I can even remember articles from, [Alan chuckles.]  that leaked out when they were bombing Iraq, with Britain and the States.  They were literally targeting oil wells, the West claimed initially, again it's propaganda put out by the disinformation specialists in intelligence. They said that, oh look at those terrible oil, and it was true, they had set so many oilfields on fire. Even did movies about it.  It was thick black smoke all the time, for weeks and weeks. But it turned out that the Pentagon had got word where to target because they said, these refineries were old refineries and so on, old rigs, and they'd get the American taxpayer to build new ones for them.  Because the US corporations we're going to take it over, you see.  It's just wonderful, isn't it. Isn't it amazing, 'eh? 


But unfortunately, it's too easy to use these kinds of reasons to get wars going. In the past when it was a Cold War it was a bit easier to understand, nobody wanted a totalitarian type of system back then to rule you.  And it's amazing, now we’ve come into an even more totalitarian system.  It’s developed where you're seeing total and complete intolerance to anyone who is a dissident of any kind and doesn't go along with the big boys’ plans.  It's not just a matter of shunning you in society, you'd still get on with your pals or whatever. Today of course you won't be able to financially live, in an electronic age, I hope you understand this.


So, you simply, you're always lied to. And it's a sad thing that many a soldier, for instance, if they can survive, can look back on things, if, if they've got the wherewithal. A lot of people live the rest of their lives in shock, they do, or PTSD, when they realized that they were part of something that should not have happened. At least during the Cold War, as they say, there was a big play to change a good part of the world to communist. And that didn't sit well in people who just fought World War II, for instance, and believed in all the propaganda that was used back then. So, you just don't suddenly want to become communist.


Even though your universities, I could never figure this out for a long time, why universities in Britain had professors from the old Soviet bloc that came into Britain and taught at universities throughout Britain. It made no sense until you see the bigger, bigger picture. I'll put up an article tonight to do with Peter Hitchens. I should read a little bit from it for you just to give you an insight into some things here. 


Peter Hitchens himself, his dad was an officer in the Navy through World War II, a career officer though.  He watched the total decline of the system and the scrapping of a lot of the old British warfare system of shipping, Navies and so on, as part of the deal that was arrived at with the US in postwar Britain for lend-lease and all rest of it. Because Britain was up to its eyes and debt from World War I, never mind World War II.


But he talks about the anti-British Marxists. And don't forget, nothing happens in a system where you have a real and clever elite at the very, very top, at least the agencies that work for them on their behalf, they don't let anything bad happen. So, you think about this, here's Hitchens who was part of that generation who went to good schooling and to university, it was I think maybe Oxford he went to too, where he was converted to Marxism.  They didn't want to call it communism then after Stalin, but they wanted to use ‘Marxism’ and ‘Trotskyism’, you know, all the same stuff just variations, just different colors of the same thing.  Or camouflages of the same thing.  He says here…


Peter Hitchens: Britain's Been Changed Forever and Is "In the Foothills of a Catastrophe"

youtube.com / 2 Sept 2019


(Alan:  He talked about...)


...the infiltration of anti-British Marxists into the highest levels of British society. 


(A:  Right. And you can actually hear him talking about this on YouTube.  If I get the link for it, I'll put it up.  He says...)


This has completely transformed Britain, British life & culture.


Since Blair came to power in 1997, (A:  But it was on the go before with Harold Wilson all the way through. But when Blair got in, for those who haven't figured it out too, it says...) these former Marxists have occupied positions of power in all critical areas of British life.


(A:  Now, if they got into these ones, I would say, that the elite at the top had planned it this way.)


They have revolutionised Britain -- it is no longer the country it once was:


 "This is the really ridiculous thing about the modern West, we live in post revolutionary societies and in most cases we don't even realise the revolution's taken place.


(A:  And that's so true.  Because they use the Gramsci technique of, you know, about 40, 50, 60 years, 70 years of gradually taking over the culture. All areas of the culture, including the music and everything else too. The sexual revolution and the feminist revolution, and revolution after revolution, you see.  And they laugh at these little revolutions thinking, oh, well that's just children, youngsters having… No, no. This was planned, folks.  And those youngsters, those children having fun with promiscuity became adults, you see, etc. etc. Anyway, it says…)


"This is the really ridiculous thing about the modern West, we live in post revolutionary societies and in most cases we don't even realise the revolution's taken place. It's been a Kierkegardian revolution in which all the buildings remain standing but everything which led to their being built and contributed to their design, and the whole society that supported them, has been wiped away.


And people walk around in it relatively prosperous thinking revolution must mean a red flag flying above the post office and the barraks and the railway station with commisars in the streets; it doesn't.


Modern left wing revolution means this, the policing of thought,


(A:  Now, think about this, folks.  The policing of thought, okay.  As a say, I know journalists who have had calls by the cops in these countries who said, we're worried about your thinking. You see, it's all here. I'm not kidding you. It says…)


the deadening of the academy, the lack of serious debate or understanding, the suppression of disagreement,


(A:  ...and that's what it is, you see, it’s suppression, it's not toleration, it's suppression of disagreement…)


and everybody accepts it and you're surrounded by it and there is no cure for it, it's all gone.


(A:  You see, the old system is gone.)


Education is dead, the media is dead, (A:  ...and isn't it ever!)  it's almost unwatchable, most of what's put out now in particular on BBC television, it's almost impossible for an intelligent person to sit down and watch it.


(A:  And that's a fact. You wouldn't believe how loaded it is with it all.  It's like Marxist speech and conversations are put down as entertainment, into their different entertainment, insults and all the rest of it, in dramas.)


But luckily for them the number of intelligent, educated people is very small so they get away with it."


(A: And you see, they've made sure that you just don't have education now. You don't get education, that's what education is. You certainly don't get critical thinking. And you’re taught everything's quite normal. You’re raise to be naïve. Aren't you? Everybody is. Well, this is all normal, we’re all just happy little, having fun.  Really?  Hm.)


"[...] My advice to young people (A:  ...in Britain, right...) is to leave the country, and people laugh at me when I say it but I've never been more serious about anything in my life. And they ask where should I go, and I say I don't care where you go. The point about this country is, in the foothills of such a catastrophe it's not a good idea to wait around and find out what it's like."


Called "Eurocommunism", this policy renounced Soviet economic models...


(A:  And this is how they did it, you see, they kept the techniques, I've said this before about the Soviet experiment, they used the techniques that work.  It says...)


Called "Eurocommunism", this policy renounced Soviet economic models but kept the key aims of transforming our society.


Tens of thousands of Marxists left the newly-expanded universities to enter teaching, journalism, the BBC, the law and, of course, politics.


Starting from the 1990s, they began to pop up in positions of importance. Peter Hitchens says that crucially his generation were deep inside what became New Labour Communist/Marxists in Blair’s Cabinet include:


John Lord Reid, Defence Secretary,

(A:  Now, these are communist Marxists, right, in charge of defense, Defense Secretary.)


Bob Ainsworth, (A:  …he was also...) Defence Secretary,


Chancellor Alistair Darling Stephen Byers, (outed by the Guardian in 1999 as a former supporter of the Trotskyists.)


Peter Mandelson.  (A:  ...who was a pal, he was a vice prime minister I think for Tony Blair. Peter Mandelson by the way is a guy who took over when Blair was off on holiday, running Britain supposedly, and he boasted, it was in the newspapers he boasted he ran Britain from the pool, of the French Lord Rothschild's pool in France. He boasted about it, that's how I ran Britain, you know, just bathing in the pool. Trotskyist again. And again, these names are covers in themselves, they can be covers as well, folks. It says…)


Even Tony Blair himself revealed in a BBC interview that he had been a Trotskyist at Oxford in the 1970s.


One of Blair’s closest aides, Peter Hyman, has confessed that New Labour was devised ‘to take and hold the levers of power... winning power and locking out the Tories to ensure that the 21st Century was a Labour century with Labour values’.


Now, people have no idea, though, this is one part of it, but it gets into the managing and taking over of culture. But nothing happens unless the elite at the top allow this, and perhaps even design it to happen, folks. Because you're going in, remember, the global system is to bring you gradually, gradually, after a little bit of better incomes for people, for maybe 20 years or so, maybe 30 years max, for some people, and bring you back into austerity in the global society. And again, cutting back on energy, that's food too, food, electricity, everything else. That's part of the agenda. To save the world, etc. As the elite themselves jet about and live in a lifestyle you can't imagine. That’s reality, folks.  So, I’ll put this one up as well.


Peter Hitchens: The British Revolution WAS Televised (but few realised...) - youtube.com / 31 Aug 2019


And also, just to touch on a few of the things too before it’s over for the night, I guess. You could babble forever but there’s so much history involved and insight into history, as it happens.  Most folk don’t get the insight as it happens.  They get it from books much later on after it’s all happened, and then sometimes in later generations. But yeah, we’re watching the same old stuff ramp-up as…


White House Considering Dramatic Expansion of Travel Ban - time.com / 11 Jan 2020


…for different countries there.  He’s going to starve them out again, or goad them into war, obviously, like Iran, hm?  They’re not in the Stone Age yet, you see.  Most countries around there have been hammered into it already. They tried to do the same thing with Syria. We watched… Again, don’t forget it’s a chessboard, this will happen, that will cause this to happen, that will cause that to happen.  The mass migration flooding in from all those countries, when they took out Libya, which used to hold back mass migration from flooding across Europe into Britain, that’s destroyed and when that happened, I knew this was part of the plan, was to completely alter the face of Europe for ever. Obviously. That was part of the plan, folks. 


UK authorities target Iranian community in Britain - presstv.com / 7 Jan 2020


And they haven’t stopped.  There’s been lots of Iranians trying to get into Britain, legally and illegally, for years now. Because they… Can you imagine getting brought up for the last 20 odd years waiting for your turn to get bombed? That’s a lot of stress on people.  And once it happens, of course there’ll be, hhhch, millions again, ‘eh?  And then you get a good chunk of Africa jumping on board with it, and from other parts of the world too, because they won’t need passports or anything else to prove who they are.


Another article too says…  


Does Trump Have An Ethnic Iranian Interrogation and Detention Program In The Works?

ronpaulinstitute.org / 6 Jan 2020


The reported detention and interrogation of Iranian Americans in Washington state over the weekend raises an obvious question: was this an isolated incident, or is the Trump administration now rolling out an interrogation and possible detention program targeting persons of Iranian heritage?


Well, we saw all of that in the last 20 years of the horrors from the torture camps, etc., and extraordinary rendition as they call it as they kidnapped folk and just took them to different countries to torture them.


Is this a civilized planet, folks? Is this how you're going to teach the world to emulate you? You're going to drum up incredible hate, which again, is part of the chessboard.  There's no doubt about it, folks, you don't do this kind of thing unless you want massive backlash, forever, so you can stay in power, or you can use it for other reasons you haven't even fathomed out yet.  I'm not kidding you.


Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt

rt.com / 20 Nov 2017


Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, says the company will “engineer” specific algorithms for RT and Sputnik to make their articles less prominent on the search engine’s news delivery services.


That's your toleration. That's what you're going to give to the world in tolerance, you see, on board or not on board. That's who we are. Isn't it sad, 'eh?  We don't go forward in a world of tolerance at all, regardless of all their baseless prattle. As we go into this completely intolerant society, where they can literally cut off everything from a person if they don't like you.  And they starve folk to death. Anywhere in the world by the way. I'll put up an article too…


How To Spot A Twitter Troll

craigmurray.org.uk / 2 July 2019


(A:  Quite a good article by Craig Murray who is a former ambassador to some the Middle Eastern countries I think it was.  He's now human rights activist.  You don't have to agree with everybody or their philosophy or their beliefs, but he's got some good stuff here and there with, such as how to spot a Twitter troll.  It says here, the advertisement put out by the...)


…GCHQ are currently advertising to recruit more trolls to carry out precisely the activity I outline here. As their advertisement puts it:


(A:  ...and the links are here, by the way.)


We are looking to recruit individuals who can contribute to a step change in the UK’s ability to project cyber power against our adversaries,


(A:  Now, once again, here you have, I think it's like I said before, when war is declared with Britain, and 'we' are at war with, you know, well, 'our' adversary… Who are 'we'?  [Alan chuckles.]   People don't stop and think, 'eh?  They really don't, 'eh?  And young folk don't because you take it for granted.  It's all based on trust, you see.  The whole system from about one third of the way down, from then on, all the way down to the bottom is based on trust.  Oh, they wouldn't lie to us, you know, we're the good guys. And that's what you believe, you know.  So…)


in order to keep the UK safe. You will be at the forefront of the nation’s covert online capability. We want people who can help support and run operations that disrupt and degrade our adversaries’ ability to do us harm, and contest malign activity in cyber space.


I do hope this helps cut through the cognitive dissonance for those of you who found it difficult to come to terms with the truth of the below.


(A:  And it's got the original post here.)




...the British government employs a very large number of people whose full time job is to influence the political narrative on social media. (A:  And it's true, one of them is called, and it's only one of them…) the 77th Brigade of the British Army, the Integrity Initiative, MI5 and MI6 (A:  That's another one.) and GCHQ all run major programmes of covert online propaganda. These (A:  dis...) information warriors operate on twitter, facebook, and in comments sections across the internet.


So, he tells you how to spot a Twitter troll. And there's thousands out there. And you've come across them, I'm sure, and you've probably been horrified thinking, am I really such a bad person? Well, that's how they attack you.  They're meant to shake your psyche until you start, oh, oh my God, maybe I'm bad, or, you know...  Because no one likes to become bad, you see.  [Alan laughing.]   They're quite something.


And then…


Pentagon launched second attack on (A:  They call it…) an Iranian militant the same day it killed Soleimani - usatoday.com / 10 Jan 2020


And don't forget, Soleimani, there's different versions of him.  I mean, the guy was on a diplomatic mission with diplomatic status. He wasn't sneaking around going from one country to the other.


And let's be honest, the bottom line is, why is the US in Iraq? Still?  Normally that's a conquering invasive force, isn't it?  But you look at the oilfields there too, 'eh, and they're not going to leave it. I think there’s 27 bases around the very borders of Iran for instance, they've got 27 or 28. And they have other, a host of 40 odd when you go out a few miles out on the other side too from it.  So, 40 odd bases around Iran all the way. There's even a joke out there, someone put it out, it's a really good one too, but it's based on facts, and they pinpointed all these bases around Iran and they says, look where they put their country, right in the middle of our bases.  You see?  But yeah, no one says, why are they there in the first place? Really pretty sad, isn't it.


Afghanistan, where it supposedly all started in the caves there that Osama bin Laden, even though he always denied it to the end in fuzzy videos he sent out, or we we’re told he sent out.  That's why the US eventually went into Afghanistan, rather quickly actually, they planned to do it before 9/11 happened.  The troops are all still there yet in Afghanistan. 


After 18 Years of US Occupation, Poll Finds Zero Percent of Afghans Thriving, 85 Percent 'Suffering' - ronpaulinstitute.org / 9 Jan 2020


It's just amazing. I mean...  Remember too, facts are facts, folks. You understand, the lies to get you into a war, it doesn't matter how outrageous they are as long as they get you into a war.  Because once you're in it doesn't matter if they're exposed being lies, once you're in, the ball is rolling, you see, that's how they do things.


Afghanistan was really Third World status pretty well, most of the country, with stacks and stacks of tribes occasionally warring with each other down through many, many centuries. It was called the Graveyard of Empires, where the invaders would come in, Britain did it.  Of course, the opium was a big, big plus to get your hands on, the opium, if you want to drug other countries like China, which of course Britain and the US took part in to make them drop to their knees. Many ways, not just cyber warfare, to get countries to destabilize and drop to their knees and get you to beg to stop it.  And then in come the conditions.  That's the techniques that are used.


As I say, history is really a horror show, people. I hope you understand that it's a horror show. So anyway, 85% are suffering and they still got troops in there yet. Don't forget too, it came out too when 9/11 happened, supposedly, if even if there were hijackers, supposedly most of them were from Saudi Arabia, the best ally of the US.  Still is the best lie, it wasn't Iraq or Iran.


And the same, they parrot these, weapons of mass destruction, when you see them all on board with the same thing, like Soleimani was a bad man, you see, he had blood of British troops on his hands, it says here. Well, don't forget that Britain trained and supplied, and so did the States, ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, whatever you want to call themselves, they kept morphing into different names when the public caught onto it. They were meant to topple Libya and then Syria.


And they'll never be forgiven, those countries, or anybody who helped those countries to stop it. There's no way, if you've stopped anything at all in the big agenda, yeah, you're done for. They'll never ever let it go. 


It’s sad because the mass murderers of the people of, for years now, years and years and years, who we never heard of before, most folk couldn't even point and get them on a map.  But all the different communities, and Christian communities too. These weren't Western Christian communities, these were people who lived very simply, in traditional ways, with very strong families - again, that's a dangerous thing for this world system - strong families and religion hold them together. But they went back for 1000, 2000 years, these families over by Syria, outside Syria too. And getting slaughtered. And it was so tragic to watch.


Nobody in the Western world in any leadership capacity said anything at all, they just, ho-hum, they didn't give a darn.  That tells you an awful lot. And they lost a lot, an awful lot of support when that started to filter through the public. It tells you so much about the ones who rule you.


And then you've got an article here by Philip Giraldi, I think it's for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.  [Alan chuckles.]   It's amazing you hear some of the old conservatives talking about peace and prosperity.  It used to be left-wing that got blamed with that.  But really, it's amazing how they all change positions, and one becomes the other, 'eh, it goes back and forth.


The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act: Why Washington Is Both Corrupt and Ignorant - ronpaulinstitute.org / 2 Jan 2020


It's a good article actually on the corrupt power in Washington, DC.  It’s been there for about 100 years, the deep state was there for about 100 years, totally corrupt. Carol Quigley said himself in the 1960s, that an organization that he belonged to, he said, had been running and supplying your presidents for 60 years. That was in 1960 odd that he wrote the book, you see, so you're really looking at this particular organization from the late 1800s. I hope you understand that. That is the real deep state that's in there, you know, and they all get paid from the same sources, way above their paycheck level, in politics. Big private organization.


Interesting too, as they went into, as they want to bomb Iran this time, Iran had two earthquakes in the North there, 'eh.  But it's interesting to me because when they went to attack Iraq in the last so-called Iraqi Freedom war, [Alan chuckles.], Operation Iraqi Freedom, they had earthquakes there too. One of them had it at a place called Bam, I think it was Bam.  Right on cue, it was really quite amazing. 


Recent Earthquakes Near The Middle East - earthquaketrack.com


The first Gulf War altogether, the Desert Storm one, the Iraqi troops were coming out of their trenches, it wasn't shellshocked either, it was that they use the EMP technology upon them, which really completely creates a fugue-like state, a zombie-like state until it passes.  It's entrained on your mind and your brain. That was in the newspapers at the time, the general newspapers, the folk couldn't believe, they were just walking up like zombies, they couldn't understand or look, or, just had this faraway look in their eyes.


It was said that they used HAARP technology, you see, and you can actually entrain it on a certain position.  Old stuff, 'eh, but all gone now, but used in more sophisticated ways actually, and maybe more perfected.  But earthquakes, yeah, earthquakes, they can cause earthquakes too by the way, by the HAARP type technology and by the underground CERN type technology as well.  But you put a standing wave up there, and then you put a few up, and then you can bring them onto sort of a focal point in the ionosphere, and then beam them down like a reflector on a specific point, you can create incredible earthquakes. That alone will do it, and again the effect upon the human mind, massive disorientation and so on, confusion. 



Twitter Executive Revealed to Be 'Psyops' Soldier Linked to Spreading Disinformation Across Social Media - newsweek.com / 1 Oct 2019


'A Threat to Our Democracy', it says here.  That's in Newsweek.  I'll put these articles up.


These are only a few because the time, oh, the time is really flying on here. And I can't go over the limit. If I get well over the hour, trying to cram it in, to speed up the voice and cram it together and you sound like a chipmunk eventually. I don't want to be like that. 


Anyway, folks, that's unfortunately it for tonight. But we are in such amazing psychological warfare, all the time, in all different areas, including all the different organizations.  If you bring up even global warming, you'll be hammered and hammered by a psyops organizations with their countless little trolls. Because agendas are at work and you've got to understand, the agenda is to make everybody believe that it's your fault, you're alive and you're causing the planet to die, and you must therefore be controlled by experts and do what you're told by experts and commissars.  As the ones who rule over you get richer and richer.


You see, this is the super sophisticated proper Soviet system. Not the Russian Soviet, the proper Soviet system that was meant to end up like that.  You train the public to be obedient, you train them to love their servitude, as Aldous Huxley talked about.


Anyway, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, where it's heavily, heavily snowing and I demand my share of global warming because I'm paying taxes for it, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


Twitter Executive Revealed to Be 'Psyops' Soldier Linked to Spreading Disinformation Across Social Media

newsweek.com / 1 Oct 2019


UK authorities target Iranian community in Britain

presstv.com / 7 Jan 2020


Recent Earthquakes Near The Middle East

earthquaketrack.com /


The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act: Why Washington Is Both Corrupt and Ignorant

ronpaulinstitute.org / 2 Jan 2020


PM throws support behind Washington as US-Iran tensions soar following missile attacks, Soleimani assassination.

aljazeera.com / 8 Jan 2020


After 18 Years of US Occupation, Poll Finds Zero Percent of Afghans Thriving, 85 Percent 'Suffering'

ronpaulinstitute.org / 9 Jan 2020


Pentagon launched second attack on an Iranian militant the same day it killed Soleimani

usatoday.com / 10 Jan 2020


How To Spot A Twitter Troll

craigmurray.org.uk / 2 July 2019


Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find – Eric Schmidt

rt.com / 20 Nov 2017


Does Trump Have An Ethnic Iranian Interrogation and Detention Program In The Works?

ronpaulinstitute.org / 6 Jan 2020


White House Considering Dramatic Expansion of Travel Ban

time.com / 11 Jan 2020


Peter Hitchens: Britain's Been Changed Forever and Is "In the Foothills of a Catastrophe"

youtube.com / 2 Sept 2019


Peter Hitchens: The British Revolution WAS Televised (but few realised...)

youtube.com / 31 Aug 2019




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