Jan. 19, 2020 (#1757)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Oh, What a Wicked Web They Weave,

Trained to Lie, Subvert, Deceive."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on January 19, 2020.  And it’s snowing like crazy outside, getting pretty, pretty deep.  Because after all, it is winter.  That’s normal climate in a sense.  But I don’t even go into the climate stuff anymore, because what’s the point of it? You’ve got a massive, massive worldwide well-funded agenda to push through a whole new way of living. That’s the whole point too. It’s nothing to do, really, with climate. It’s to do with a new controlled way of living. Because there’s too many people, they claim.  And they also claim, we’re not dying fast enough, in some countries anyway.  They also believe that it’s time, it’s literally time, according to the big, big plan, to start bringing down the population quickly, very quickly.  Rather than just advising you to come down and don’t have children and so on, they want to make it mandatory. All that kind of thing.


Right down to what you eat too, and how much energy you consume. I mentioned that with Technocracy Inc., that was part of their agenda too, where everything that you as an individual from birth to death would consume or used to heat yourself, or any kind of energy, was marked as energy units. And you’d be allocated so much according to your status in society. Very socialistic basically, along the guise to some extent that you’ve seen with the top socialists of the past. The Fabian Society founders were famous for dictating the kind of world that they wanted to bring in, with, as I say, everyone serving the state, the world state.  It’s a nondemocratic system.


The whole idea we’re going through now of crisis, crisis, crisis, as you’re well aware, I’m sure you are, is to bring you to the state of conditioning you to coming to accept that the system isn’t working. Remember, that’s what the Club of Rome said, that their task was to find a way to unite the world into this new system of basically Technocracy in a sense, expert rule, or rule by experts on behalf of the Masters. Of course, there’s always Masters. The scientific class would manage it all basically, and manage all of us, all the people. So they said they hit upon the idea, they hit upon it, looked at all kinds of scary scenarios to terrify the public to give up their rights and they said, well, they hit on the idea that global warming and famine and drought and so on would fit the bill. And once they are on board with something, it’s like “weapons of mass destruction” when Bush and Cheney and the rest of them were all in, and Rumsfeld, every press op that they had, every little quip they gave you is literally that, “weapons of mass destruction”.  They’ve all agreed upon it, that’s all they’ll tell the media. Until it conditions the public… it must be true, they can’t all be lying.


But it’s a part of the technique that’s used in propaganda. Very effective actually.  Because most of the public judge, they do that, they don’t question it and can’t believe so many folk could be lying, especially so many people who are supposedly above you. This idea of them being above you, you see, is what makes you smaller than them, you understand you’re down there, under, and you go along with it. That’s the whole technique with it, they can’t all be lying, because they’re so respectable, there up there, you know.  That’s how simple propaganda can be.


But propaganda has many functions, more than just trying to persuade people to change to whatever you, or whatever party you belong to or group or whatever it happens to be, how they want you to believe and behave.  Because behavior modification is really the intention of propaganda, to get you to do something, once you’ve been propagandized enough, to alter the way that you live and behave and react to certain things as well of course.


There’s never been a time with so much psychological trauma in the planet, across the world, as today from incredible propaganda indoctrination techniques that the public are generally unaware of. But it’s affected them. There’s so much neurosis out there and despondency, apathy, and fury for things which are absolutely ridiculous.  But it’s all propaganda. And funded into being by think tanks and foundations and multibillionaire’s that can’t explain what their real function is. And governments can’t say what their function is either, since they allow them to get away with what they do which is incredible. 


Which tells you you’re not living, and this is the key to everything, you’re not living, honestly, you’re not living in the system that you’ve been brainwashed into believing exists. You know, the infantile naïve system that Bertrand Russell said they would train you into.  They would tell you you’re living in the best country in the world, with the best healthcare, for instance, etc., that kind of thing, and everybody would believe it because the government kept telling you so. You know, this is the best country in the world, you see. Very simple.  And those other countries are really bad over there. Sometimes that’s very true, it depends on which totalitarian system is invoked at the moment as the enemy.


But today with psychological warfare and the mass manipulation of all nations very quickly and easily, and the big, big one too is the accepted incredibly indoctrinated generation that comes out of schools, authorized, obviously, since no one stops it, into the children. They come up to be absolute complete radicals. But they’re perfect for what the big boys at the top want.


The world is owned, it really is owned. It really, really is. It’s owned. And those at the top really believe that they own everybody in it as well. It’s an awful nuisance for it to have all these think tanks, to brainwash children and all the plans and educational authorities and so on. That’s a lot of work and money too.  It’s a waste of their money, they think, to keep forking out this cash to make sure that children are indoctrinated to be either passive or radical. Or both at the same time. Because they’re passive in most things and they won’t react to things that they really should react to. But they’ve been taught to be almost like revolutionaries when it comes to certain topics and they’ll react with utter fury and no understanding or debatable concepts at all, just fury and rage. This has all been accepted because it’s being allowed, and it’s being promoted. Which means it’s part of the agenda. Of course, it is because they have to come into the new system of austerity eventually.


That’s what we’re living through today, the plan towards pure austerity, run by a scientific group supposedly, on behalf of those at the very top. The ones who have no problems traveling across the planet in their big jets and so on, and they’re never condemned about it. Astonishing too, it really is, really well done, when you see how easy it is once you’ve radicalized the youngsters and teenagers and so on and brought them up that way, with countless documentaries that soaked into their head by bits and pieces and bits and bytes of what they’re supposed to hate and be angry about. And at the same time, they all have their leaders presented to them. And they never question these leaders.


And the leaders often, in like today’s system, must be partially entertainment or have that ability to be entertainers too, you see. It’s better if you can get one who is an entertainer and have them lead them, you see. That’s why they used a lot of actors and so on in the Council on Foreign Relations, and they use them, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain, same group, and across the world.  So they have all these youngsters following them, and they say all the right things to get them agitated, with triggers really. Because they’re trained to have triggers, really, see nothing but red. You see what Bertrand Russell knew they would do down the road, which is now, because he was part of the big agencies and organizations that worked together to bring this present culture into being. And he was on the go long, long ago.  He said, if we want to train the children that snow is black, they will really believe it’s black.


That was a tremendous breakthrough, they found out of ways of really doing Pavlovian studies through the Soviet Union at the time, big, big things. Eleanor Roosevelt went across to see Pavlov and she said in her own memoirs, that was her hero, someone who could condition not just the children but that the goal was the children would grow up to be the indoctrinated perfect obedient society. So, she really admired Pavlov. She said too, that they were so different, the children in the Soviet Union were so different from Americans.  Because Americans, they’d be going off to school laughing and joking and chasing each other and just being playful and so on. But she said she was so impressed by the obedience and quietness as the children in Soviet Union quietly went to school together in a very orderly fashion.


Totalitarians love order, they love this order thing.  What they hate is individualism. They abhor it. And that’s what it’s about as well, the system we’re coming into. I used to say in talks many years ago that I was struck by fashion and how every generation was given a fashion, to accord them a difference from their parents, you see, what they wore. They also gave them during the 60s the hippie era, which was a resurgence of what they’d done with the wonder folk in Germany in the 1920s. They tried this out.  Everything that happens, that worked, had been tried out in experiments before, including as I say the sexual revolution of the 60s and the miniskirts, it was all done in the 1920s and 30s, the roaring 20s. They tried all that back then. But they didn’t have antibiotics to tackle the VD problem, the venereal disease problem.   And they didn’t have all the different abortion clinics to handle children that they didn’t want from all these different casual affairs, you see, that was promoted in the 20s.


They made the Booze-can sexy. That was where you went, it was in all the movies of course at the time too, that’s where you went for fun and you were kind of anti-establishment and you we’re different, you’re breaking all the taboos that the parents and old societies…   But the fallout was just too much and so they had to drop it. World War II came along of course, and they had to drop it to some extent. But they went back to the drawing board very quickly and to find a way to prevent pregnancy.  At the end of World War II, they’d already got antibiotics so, bang, in came the 60s and the hippies and so on. And drugs helped as well of course, naturally, and they started to introduce that kind of drugs.  Quite fascinating when you understand that… it didn’t happen from the occasional person’s mind here with some imagination. This is all planned. You find many of the folks started to take some kind of credit for bringing it in, because they were part of it, and they were part of the big groups that ran it all and how to put it across to the youngsters of course.


The old slogan, at the same time as they did the communist push inside the US, was, don’t trust anybody over 30. And eventually started bringing it down to younger and younger groups. But the idea, they started to fire across the teaching associations older people, or to push them out and replace them with younger people. Mainly women, young women, because the children could still identify with them on some kind of scale as a very young parent basically as opposed to a teacher. It also had the appeal that they were closer to their own age as well, so they’re more likely to be able to influence the children for social change. So, the children would go back home and start criticizing their parents or being antisocial to their parents.  Until now they’ve got antisocial behavior disorder. And my, my, my, isn’t it odd that the big psychological associations that use many of their agents, I call them, for the behavioral insights teams to change behavior for these very purposes, were the ones who then have got the authority to deal with the problems. And how they deal with them is part of the agenda.


Because they’ll get the parents, it’s really your fault.  Then the parents start saying, well we better stop trying to correct the children or guide the children ourselves, we didn’t realize it was our fault that the child wants to go and wring our necks. It’s beautiful, isn’t it, when you just stand back like an alien and watch it all. And you have to do that, you honestly have to do it. Because the world, as I’ve said so many times, in reality, in reality the systems we’re living under is so alien to the one that you’re brainwashed with and what the media feed you every day. It’s so alien that it probably would terrify a lot of people. It really honestly would. We don’t live in a… even anywhere near a half Disney type world that’s portrayed. It’s pretty nasty out there today.


As I say, we’re noticing the complete liberal, as I’ve said before, liberals do not believe in equality of opinions. They’re always on about how they’re more, you know, liberal. Liberal used to be ‘lots of’ in a sense really.  When in Britain if you went to a café or somewhere or even a fish and chips shop, you got your fish and chips and you got some good sauce you put on it. You put it on liberally, meaning you splashed the stuff on because you weren’t, you know, [Alan chuckles.] you were already paying for it I suppose.  But you just splash it on, and that was called liberal, that’s what you meant by liberal back then.


Of course, liberal also met liberalism, that you found out later on.  But you found out too that liberalism is not for equal anything at all. It’s for their way or no way. It’s the closest thing that you have to the old Soviet system. Which it is.  Even Khrushchev said the same thing about America. He says, we don’t call them communists, meaning their members in America, he says, we refer to them as liberals, he said. And that’s how it is. They’re completely intolerant of opinion. Completely intolerant, it’s their way or no way. And they’ve been quite plain about their agenda, because it’s their time, for the moment, to reign over the world.  On behalf of the Masters, because it suits the Masters, you understand that.


If you want to bring the people into uniformity you use liberalism. Because they say everybody must be the same eventually, have equal opportunity.  Which means that you’re going to fudge everything to make your idea of equality equal, right. Which means other folk are going to get discriminated against. Of course they are.  Of course they are. But that’s really the Soviet system on steroids in a way, when it’s enforced with ruthlessness too.  We’re seeing the ruthlessness come out publicly in debates and politics especially actually in Britain and the US as well. The hostility between different radicalized sections of society who are given authority over the public, it’s rather frightening to watch it when you realize if any of these people actually get in charge as a party, on behalf of the Masters, they’ll go on a tremendous spree of, huh, nihilism believe you me against the populations.  You’re getting rumblings of that already, naturally.


But as I say, the big boys at the top, and girls too, want to get a move on with this new world order. They want to get a real move on with it. In the meantime, of course they want to, on behalf of the masters really who really roll the cash in too with another Cold War…  As I said, the new cold wars are awfully lucrative because the weapons industry is controlled by a relatively small amount of people and shareholders, considering  the size of it across the planet, and they really rake the cash in when government sign on, naturally, and wink-wink and sign on, because they’re told to basically, for new weaponry contracts. It’s beautiful.


We’re even hearing the same nonsense, the same stuff come out immediately, we heard the same rhetoric during the Cold War.  And people, believe you me, during the Cold War right through in Britain, say, into the 70s and into the about the 80s, it wasn’t a paradise. Because money was short. So much tax money was going off for, again, the weapons industry and the country has never recovered from it really.


The only reason that folk have got some cash is because there’s magicians right now just managing the accounts. Because really, all countries are bankrupt, probably hundreds maybe thousands of times over in reality. It’s backed by nothing anyway, the money. As long as you’ve got people at the top who are magicians who speak on behalf of the private groups that run the money, then as long as they keep adding zeros to the numbers maybe they can stretch it on a bit longer. That’s how it works really. It really is like that. 


But anyway, we are on a roll now into the Cold War, the same rhetoric, you know, oh you know the Russians have got a better missile than we’ve got. So you’ll hear shortly within a month or so there’ll be some plan on the table by one of the big armaments groups to make a super blah blah blah XM bum bum bum GTX missile that will be an antimissile missile that will catch this one coming in and all this. This is how they lived all through from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, this kind of stuff. With the threat of eminent annihilation of course.  [Alan chuckles.]  It was to get… telling the people… to make sure you were terrified enough to back up your governments.  Otherwise you’d get fed up with getting taxed like that to pay for all this stuff.   Which wasn’t used, most of it. I mean, the really big ones were never used. Which is beautiful. Because you didn’t even have to prove they even worked. I mean it’s quite something.


But in the weapons industry all arms, including small arms, are mass-produced by all little countries and they’re sold all over the world to all kinds of radical factions on behalf of the Masters of the world. Who are always looking for new little nations, or overthrowing little nations presidents or leaders anyway to get the resources that they have.  If they’re sitting on diamonds or gold or whatever happens to be, or some rare earth mineral for your cell phones, they’ll want it and they’ll get a way to get in there. Even if it takes paying one group to assassinate the leader, and then what?  You go in there to keep the peace. Then your mine’s immediately operating and getting the stuff out.  Wars are awfully lucrative and there’s always money behind it for big private organizations. The public are left, as I say, with the tab, you pay for the cost of it all. It’s a sad thing to say but it’s true.


I’ve never seen the world so radicalized as it is today. Really.  With what’s being allowed especially.  It’s quite fascinating, as I say, to see even the Extinction Rebellion groups, well organized as basically, with the same communistic techniques of radicalization that have been put out there by Rules For Radicals and by the different leaders and so on of the left-wing, the authorized leaders, long ago. It’s the same techniques that are used. But what’s astonishing is to see governments allowing it to happen. Which tells me, again, it’s meant to be this way, it’s planned this way.


People who are involved in revolution seldom ever, ever get a whiff of what the real goal is.  They’re given something and they’re trained to believe in it, they’re actually trained to believe in the goals that they’re given. And because of the training they can’t see… It’s like having tunnel vision, they can’t see to the left or to the right or above and below, and movements that are going on and who’s going to benefit and who is really going to take this over at the end if they get their way and so on. They never see it.  It’s, again, it’s part of, and there’s textbooks on this kind of stuff for those in intelligence agencies and how to do it, you know.


So, we’re living through this and watching it and when as I say governments allow it, it means that it’s the plan. It’s the big, big plan. Governments don’t sit, don’t ever sit back in your own chair and think governments just sit there and say, my goodness we never saw this coming. Nothing is further from the truth. Nothing. You wouldn’t believe the thousands and thousands and thousands of people who work to observe this kind of stuff and to keep everything, and they observe every section in society. 


I remember, I’ve met people who’ve been in or attached to different agencies throughout my life, in different countries. And they always have a standing joke. Because there’s no one, no one, believe you me, in the world of spies or agencies or intelligence, there’s nobody in them that isn’t paranoid, in any country. Because it’s all based on deception. Even their entry, on their entry exams they have ways of deceiving the public. They’re given little tests, they have to go out into the public and just see members of the public about certain things and so on. Of course, the psychopathic type tends to get in more easily, you know. Then the rest of them who have psychopathic tendencies become the other agencies. But they’re paranoid. Because they’re always getting watched themselves. And they never know themselves when they’re being tested. Which is a great way to watch folk and manage them, isn’t it?


I think you’d all be in shock as well if you realize how many agencies, or even agents, put it that way, are really from other countries.  A lot of them don’t even have citizenship in the West.  And they’re working for the West. And they’re working for agencies from the West. Because they’ve been recruited and just spy on lots of countries across Europe and the Middle East of course. And they’re given awfully good salaries.  The governments in the West prefer them to go back as much as possible and even live more, put more time into the countries they’re from so it keeps the governments, their eyes off them to an extent in a suspicious way.  So, if you get suspicious, they pull them out very quickly and bring them across the world. Britain’s got stacks of them.


Britain even hired a lot of the ones that came in as refugees, to even go back and fight in other countries. That was all in the papers quite a few years back there.  But they also hire a lot of them to be agents, you see. But then, in this world, as I say, when there’s big, big things going on, we never get much, do we, we don’t get much sense given to us for the big things. And that’s how we’re run basically. If you ask a question, you’ll be attacked. As I mentioned last week about the, it isn’t just bots which are unleashed upon you if you’re on any kind of social media. But you’ll be attacked by real people, real names, but maybe fake names but real people who will target you. You know, they’ll try and befriend you, or in a massive group, and apparently from all over the world then they’ll hit you with something, just to try and bring you down, or to silence you or whatever. And these are from government agencies.


Last week again I mentioned some of them in Britain for instance, which is awfully important to understand that, I think everybody who’s ever looked into any questioning of anything at all probably unknowingly has conversed with these agents never knowing who they really are. Because there’s so many of them. There’s thousands of them. Britain alone… Don’t forget, every military department has an agency, cyber agencies.  Every military, naval, you know, air, Army. It’s amazing. And even then, they have many divisions and layers of them, specialize in different areas. Thousands of them.  The US has them. Canada has them.  It’s…


People think that… I don’t know why it is, I guess, I said before, the computer was meant to change society, big time, and bring in this controllable world order where you’d have no privacy at all down the road. They sold it to the public by calling it your personal computer. If they forced you to buy, or even forced you take a free one you’d be suspicious actually. Hopefully. But it was brought out, lots of porn on them, the computer. Every child knew this. I can remember a librarian in the last place I was then telling me this. I never had a computer at the time, and I wouldn’t touch one. But I went to the library all the time and I devoured books and that and ordered books too and they were awfully good at getting them to you.  Of course, even then you found out later, they were [Alan chuckles.] taking a note of everything you’re reading.  [Alan laughing.]  It’s amazing. And that still goes on today. In your free societies, ‘eh?


But yeah, that librarian said, the children are coming in every time at their lunch breaks and so on, and they’re trying to stop them watching the porn on it. I guess they didn’t have all the different filters in place back then. But the newspapers made sure everybody knew about it, that, oh my goodness there’s just so much porn. And talk show hosts on AM stations in Toronto and different places would tee-hee and laugh at it all. Which makes… It’s the same technique they used to get the sexual revolution through and the drug revolution through in the 1960s. The same techniques they used, made sure it was all fun and ha-ha and naughty and all that kind of stuff to make sure.


But the idea, they called it a personal computer.  Oh, it’s personal, you know.  And then you get a little firewall and things, all that kind of thing, and as I say, you can be in charge of your own computer. What a big lie that was, ‘eh, you’re in charge of it. To fool and lie, to fool and lie. Do you realize what’s happened since then?  I don’t think people really realize what’s happened. And what has happened is what they wanted to have happen. They said that they’d bring in a society where everybody would be utterly predictable in their habits and their behavior. And they have a virtual you everywhere, all of you have a virtual you. The Pentagon have it. I read the articles years ago where they add to it, from the social media that you’re putting up there and participating in, they take bits of what you’re doing and they’ll incorporate it into the virtual you. They run scenarios on the virtual you to see how you’ll behave in the virtual world. Which really was pretty accurate the more data they got about you, of how you would behave in a real situation, and a whole variety of situations in fact.


And you think you’re free.  Why do you think they want all this stuff? Part of the reason is, if there ever is a big, big purge on the public, they’ll know exactly who to go for. They’ll know exactly who can’t be reconditioned, or normalized as they like to call it. Personal computer, ‘eh? Everybody is being forced into it, whether we like it or not. I was hearing the other day there are about 97% of all the transactions daily across America for instance and a good part of the world are cashless. It’s all with cards. All with cards. Do you realize, governments know everything you’re buying. What you like, what you don’t like. You know. If you’re buying vitamins, you may be feeling run down, they’ll know all about it. All about your problems and conditions, everything about you. There’s no privacy at all. It was designed to go that way. It was designed to go that way, folks. Absolutely.


I think back to the 90s and so on, it was getting… In the late 90s there was a lot of, if you knew how to read intelligence and put things together, the signs were everywhere, you didn’t have to dig deep to find out.  You wouldn’t get all the answers, but it it’s the lack of answers that make you suspicious, that’s how you… That’s how intelligence agencies actually work.  But you saw for instance in Canada about 1998 maybe it was, 97 or 98, when Allan Rock in the Liberal party I guess, maybe Liberal party, maybe, at the time. But anyway, regardless of the party, he was the Minister of Justice, you know, or the Attorney General, whatever they want to call it. He literally put it through, surprisingly, no one heard of it coming, a bill, and Omnibus crime bill. 


And you read through it, you know, indefinite detention without charge. It was, the whole thing was an antiterrorist bill. This is before 9/11 happened, remember.  And the public were kind of, what on earth is going on here, everything seems so quiet, and the Cold War was now over and yada, yada, yada. At the same time, and I remember walking down the street in this little town I was living in at the time, and I saw the police walking four abreast dressed in black combat gear. I thought what on earth? They were all laughing and joking and smiling at people, and I thought, what is this?  The next week in the paper it says maybe some of you have noticed, and they describe these policeman, you know, dressed in this new, you know, combat gear, tucked in pants, you know, and the military boots, the whole lot. And they said, this is the new uniform. Well, wait a minute here! That’s a military uniform, folks.


There’s a difference in a military uniform from a local social service which is the police.  M-hm.  But it was happening across the whole country, and it was happening in other countries too at the same time.  That’s when you knew, this is a big, big agenda here. A BIG agenda. As I say, supposedly the Cold War is over, ‘eh.  So you had an Omnibus crime bill getting put through, you get police who are dressed up as though they’re going into battle for the SAS, right. And it’s all leading up to what they knew was coming, which was definitely, as far as I’m concerned, the Middle Eastern wars.  And all the fallout from it too. 


But you don’t start something… And don’t ever believe they’re just stupid at the top. That’s a common myth that they put out themselves. Oh, bureaucrats just didn’t notice or think that, or planners didn’t notice. You have thousands, and I mean it, thousands of folks involved in the planning of these things. Sometimes over a thousand agencies in different countries working together planning it all. Each agency might have one or two thousand people working for that particular department, planning, if we move the king this way, what will happen on the chessboard? Every possible thing that could come out of it, repercussion and fall out, has to be noticed and thought out. And each fallout would lead to this, lead to that and lead to, lead to, lead to, lead to. Massive ripple effect. 


They don’t just suddenly do things. Because believe you me, there are masters here at the very top of this system of what you think is democracy.  They want it all to be taken care of properly or heads will roll, you know. So, you saw the signs in the 90s and, bingo, after they said that they would “need a Pearl Harbor event” to get all these wars in all these countries on the list going, they get their wish. They’re awfully lucky that way, you know.  And that’s never stopped to the present day. It really hasn’t stopped.


The fallout with mass migration, again, there are people out there who are glorying in this, boasting about how wonderful this is to destroy parts of Europe or different cultures, even Scandinavia for instance. There’s nothing hidden here.  So, they knew how many pluses they get from their actions, you see, all the ripples that were planned. Didn’t happen by accident. And it hasn’t stopped.


But I keep thinking back, I remember back in Britain as an example, as we think we are freer now, ‘eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  If you don’t get a knock on your door, you think you’re free, you know. I remember in Britain there was a… some kind of, I don’t know if it was a BBC program or maybe a Thames television one. But anyway, it was what would’ve happened, and they really build it up big time when they wanted everybody to watch something on the BBC, what would happen if Germany had won World War II? They showed you in the promos for this thing these big machines with Nazi symbols on them, halftracks and full tracks and so on going up the Pall Mall in London and all that.  And the ominous sound behind it.   And the idea was, what would happen.  Because I never watched it because I couldn’t watch, I hated the trash that they put out, honestly, it was so boring and so full of indoctrination and agendas basically it’s astonishing. It’s even worse now actually. You think about it, that was meant to terrify a public against a totalitarian system.


What they did, which is what governments do in real life, is they keep telling you how, how free you are compared to them over there, those guys, look, oh look at them.  They’d list all the reasons that you should be grateful you live in the country you’re in, right.  But that documentary used those techniques. Oh, here’s a happy family, who’s all smiling and decent and all that, you know, they had, you know, everything’s just wonderful. And the next thing, then they start losing.   And then, in come these terrible Germans who walked about with machine guns and things. Well, look at Britain or London today.  What happened?


You understand, they’ve used that against their own public, [Alan chuckles.] all the things that they trained you to go and fight against. And they’ve trained you to accept it. And it’s your own governments, or are they your own governments that are doing it?  If they are your governments, who are they and what do they represent because it certainly is not the general public. I mean, you got to stand back and think about this. You really do.


Getting back to that documentary, that was a good movie actually, TV movie, put out by Dennis Potter who was the author of the book on it, who wrote stuff for the BBC, a lot of good information from the BBC in fact. And he put, he certainly had… I think he had a lot of sexual problems and all that stuff. But he put a lot of good information out especially with the one Blade on the Feather it was called. And another title for it was Deep Cover but Blade on the Feather I think they call it in America. About spies but old Cambridge spies, you see, from the 40s, 50s and 60s. This is based on, it was a kind of a drama about one of the professors at University, a fictionalized event. Maybe not quite as fictionalized as that, because they did have professors in those universities picking people, training them to be communist, you see. Just like they have today.


But what was interesting was one scene where the daughter of the professor says to her dad, don’t worry dad, our lot is in now.  Meaning Margaret Thatcher back then, meaning right wing sort of thing. And he said, are you sure…?  Our lot’s in.  There’s a lot of little clues you get in some of these things. You gotta understand too, there’s inside jokes that get written into scripts for different people and different levels in agencies and so on. And that was of course one of them too, our lot’s in now  Are you sure, he says.


I mentioned Peter Hitchens last week and I put some links up too. He explains quite openly that he definitely quite honestly, he was a Trotskyist, he came out as a Trotskyist. This is a brand, a later brand of communism of course. He came out of university like that and he was ready for action as most of them were. Then he explained too, his brother absolutely was.  In another interview but that his brother gave, Christopher Hitchens, he said that, one of his early ones, he said that in an interview, he said, oh no he says, I’m not a liberal, he says I don’t like their… I hate the liberals, he says. He says, because they compromise.  And so, he came out as a real staunch totalitarian type of character. But his brother Peter, he eventually clued in that he’d been brainwashed and talks about it and so on.  But he mentions that so many of the folk who are now in the governments of Britain, and it doesn’t matter what party it’s in, are really Trotskyists. Even the ones who don’t know it.


Because you’ve been brought up and had the right brainwashing, your values are completely different across the board on how you see things. It’s like looking at when Cameron was the prime minister in Britain, you’d almost swear that he was, he was literally, he could’ve been anything, labour, liberal or whatever. He was supposed to be conservative. If you looked at Tony Blair, he was like a right-wing radical.  Far left international socialist working for the big bankers, you know, that employed him once he left.  It’s astonishing to see this, and the folk miss it all.


So, I was getting back to Dennis Potters Blade on a Feather. Are you sure?...  that our lot’s in? Are you sure?  That’s how it really is. Because any type of technique is now used on the public for the right time, for the right era, to get the agenda through. It’s a big, big agenda at the top. And it definitely, as I’ve said so many times, they have to bring in a more totalitarian system of authoritarianism and train the public to obey. To save you all, that will be the excuse of course, as it is today, save the world, save the earth, etc.  And birth to death. Right down to, will you even have children? will you be allowed to have children? do you actually qualify to have children, etc?  That’s all coming. That’s all been out in the open in publications in the last few years actually. It’s all coming down the pike.


But getting back to the intelligence agencies, hm.  You’ve got to understand that so many people, especially if they’ve been asking questions at all, even naïvely, you’ll be contacted by them, or Joe from so-and-so, whatever it happens to be, you’ve definitely been contacted. As they suss you out. There’s no doubt at all. Especially if you’re going into areas that, where you might get some truth from them, so they want to know who’s waking up and who isn’t and so on and know all about you.  Then they’ll feed you often with a lot of irrelevant stuff so you chase your tail forever and ever and ever in loops and loops and loops. They used to call it, I gave talks in the 90s on this because at that time it was on the newspapers. I’d say, yeah you’ll be excited to be getting a bit from here and getting a cutting from one paper and putting it with a cutting of another, and little bits come together. You’re chasing the paper trail. And so many of these paper trails are put out there for you to chase. Nothing’s really changed, ‘eh? 


I’ll put up this article on the briefing note it’s called


 Briefing note on the Integrity Initiative

syriapropagandamedia.org / 21 Dec 2018


(A:  About an agency, a massive agency in Britain actually.  It is now anyway. It started small, this particular small unit. But it’s integrated with all kinds of agencies and layers of agencies above them and below them and to the sides of them. Because that’s how it works in real intelligence. But this is all to do with cyber warfare and propaganda and changing attitudes and attacking folk who are on the right track at times.  Or misleading them. Or trying to befriend them and then taking them off on a tangent. That’s quite standard technique. But it says…)


Working Group on Syria Propaganda and Media


(A:  At the time I can remember there were stacks and stacks of articles of the West’s funding, in the same newspapers you’re reading today that don’t even mention it. But at the time, they had the articles on who was funding the terrorists that were attacking Syria and all the rest of it, and the mercenaries, the mercenary armies, and trained and funded by the West of course. So, they had all these agencies to go after people who are noticing and mentioning, or could get a following in really attacking them.  But what an amazing propaganda in the media is. And this is the Briefing Note one. Briefing note.)


9 Promotion of hate campaign against the Russian Orthodox Church in the Balkans


(A:  There's your wonderful countries, 'eh, doing nasty things like that.  They're even promoting certain forms of neo-Nazi-ism, and then promote it, look at these Nazis, you see.  But they were creating it all. It's really something else.)


14.2 ISG Corporate LLP and ISG Corporate Limited


14.3 Council on Foreign Relations LLP


(A:  ...and so on. That did have some members, but they also use their name as a front for themselves as a charity group, this intelligence agency.  The guy who came out with it I think was a bit frightened. Because he was also part of the psychological warfare himself. I think that's him getting himself another cover I suppose. But it says...)


1 Summary

The Integrity Initiative now accounts for most of the budget of a Scottish...


(A:  It was initially a Scottish Registered Charity. They use Scotland for a lot of these registrations by the way, now, you know. Good ole Scotland.  And…)


-registered charity named the Institute for Statecraft founded by Daniel Lafayeedney and Chris Donnelly in 2006.


(A: It's interesting to see how it works.  Pretty standard stuff really except they would do a massive manipulation of the public's fear on cyberspace, right, and cyberspace, including to...)


-...including campaigns to smear and suppress dissenters and block their appointment (A:  ...This is like people going into government, so they block their appointments...) to public office.


(A:  This is democracy, 'eh?)


-overt attacks on British politicians, academics and other critics of UK government policies, most notably on the Leader of the Opposition and his staff.


(A:  Well, you saw what happened to Corbyn recently, 'eh?)


-in the Baltic states and Ukraine, working closely with organizations and governments that foment hatred of ethnic Russian minorities and encourage Holocaust revisionism.


(A:  Isn't that something, 'eh?  Isn't that something? This is what your tax money is going towards, 'eh?  You wouldn't believe how dirty intelligence agencies are, how dirty they are. And the kind of psychopaths that they employ. And the folk who are decent and who catch on and their conscience starts to get to them, of course they don't last too long. So, what you're left with is really a hard-core branch of psychopaths, that laugh and actually exchange how they destroyed people or organizations, and they just laugh it off.  Yep.  But it's a good article.)


2 Release of documents relating to the Integrity Initiative


(A:  There is three different tranches of documents released and blew it to the public. From possibly an insider, I think. It goes through some of the funding it got initially, it's much bigger now. It says…)


...unrestricted funds, described as ‘designated funds for various UK security, NHS, (A:  National Health Service, that's fairly typical, you wonder where the money is really going.) Royal Navy, NATO, Ukrainian and Russian research programmes’


I can remember too as I say, with Peter Wright who was one of the last old-timers in the intelligence services when there was a real, real cold war going on.  He was going after characters inside Britain. He had a blind spot himself mind you, but he definitely tried [Alan chuckles.] to rid the country and weed them out, all the Communists that were inside government itself. But really, it was so top-heavy with bureaucrats as well and civil servants that were communist, just like Canada was in fact, after World War II. And probably before it too by the way, but definitely afterwards. Peter Wright really hounded them. He gave a different show to the public before, when he left actually, with his book, Spy Catcher, to try and wake the public up to the dirty tricks that were going on. It's quite something.


It's actually worse now with countless agencies, with thousands and thousands of operatives, some part-time, some who do it on a part-time basis, other ones do it full-time. And all branches of the military, and all, lots of branches you've never heard of.  Just like the US, look at the size of the complexes that they've made inside the US for capturing all data, you know. The NSA is huge, but it's only one of them.  Hm. 


Britain's got its own systems too. Peter Wright mentioned that they actually appropriated some of the money for the intelligence service back in his day with false fronts. One was for an organization, a pretended charity, a fake one, for lesbians, you know. They get the government to funnel money through, to this fake charity, like a front for intelligence operations. Fairly standard stuff.


But you wouldn't believe how much of the stuff now is used on people, your own populations. Remember, propaganda is meant to change your own population, initially, and to control them. And even get them to demand certain policies. What do you think that the Extinction Rebellion and all that is? You think they're all just really spontaneous things that have happened. No, no. They're all brainwashed children brought up, for most of their schoolwork, and to save the earth in all kinds of ways, and everything's nasty and capitalism is nasty. They're all really the new Bolshevik boys and girls that will do the terrible dirty deeds, as they get rid of the older folk who object to going into an authoritarian system of austerity, ran by, on behalf of the big boys at the top who want to run, who ARE running the whole planet now I'd say. Yeah. 


Dirty things are happening. And dirty things are coming down the pike, folks. This is a good article; you should read it all. I'll see if I can get the link to put it up for you. But they use Twitter, naturally they use Twitter, and they use all social media. In fact, as I've said before in other talks, Twitter and Facebook are definitely completely incorporated into the world intelligence system. Of course they are. Even though 90% of what they do will not be what you think of as intelligence, well, you're using it, you're not…  Well, it doesn't matter.  They're gathering all your data like you wouldn't believe. Everybody is sussed out. But also, they can change behavior by getting everybody to go into adopting opinions. Persuasive techniques. A lot of persuasion doesn't go by logic, like two and two is four.  It's a feeling that's created through different ways of putting things across. It's a feeling and that's what they do.  Study propaganda and you'll understand how it works. It's a science, you see.


 And this article too, Twitter executive, I mentioned it last week too…


Twitter Executive Revealed to Be 'Psyops' Soldier Linked to Spreading Disinformation Across Social Media: ‘A Threat to our Demoncracy.’

newsweek.com / 1 Oct 2019


Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East and North Africa...


(A:  Right, an executive. This is one of them, in Britain...)


is also a reservist officer of the British Army's psychological warfare and propaganda unit, a new report has revealed.


(A:  So this all came out into the mainstream media.)


Gordon MacMillan, who joined Twitter in 2013 and is listed as the company's Head of Editorial for EMEA, also serves with the 77th Brigade (A:  ... That's one organization.) —an outfit formed in 2015 to conduct "information warfare" and develop "non-lethal" ways of conducting war.


(A:  Now, when you're using it on the public, do you realize they were with you too?  Huh?  You think you come to your conclusions because you’re logical and you’re a decent humane person?  You know? Do you really think that's true? You'd be surprised how much of your opinions and so on have been gradually fed to you by bits and bytes of information. Using emotive techniques. Very carefully devised, there's nothing happenstance about it.  And these operations are working within your own countries. So…)


The report, published in Britain's Middle East Eye, revealed how MacMillan served with the unit for several years.


Twitter has downplayed MacMillian's links to the army and said it supports its staff in their external volunteer commitments.


"Twitter is an open, neutral, and independent service," a spokesperson for Twitter said to Newsweek. "We do not allow our data services to be used for surveillance purposes or in any other manner [Alan coughs.] inconsistent [Alan coughs.] with people's expectation of privacy. Employees who pursue external volunteer opportunities are encouraged to do so in line with company policy."


The spokesperson added: "We proactively publish all tweets and accounts relating to state-backed foreign information operations on the service—regardless of the source. We built this industry-leading archive to promote better public understanding of these threats."


(A:  So these threats [Alan chuckles.] are your government's psychological operation units working on you, eh?)


The British Army has also distanced itself from Twitter in a statement.


(A: So they have to do this, they always back, oooohh...)


"There is no relationship or agreement between 77th Brigade and Twitter, other than using Twitter as one of many social media platforms for engagement and communication," a spokesperson said.


(A: So, these intelligence information propaganda outfits, and really, they're really there to neutralize opposition of different organizations and so on, or even individuals who are really just seeking some truth here and there, you know.  And you hit on certain topics and boom, they are in there right away. Mind you a lot of them are set up by them too, the sites that you go into. It says…)


"The Army does not comment on the specific activities of reservists working within the division."


(A: I'm sure of it. Yep.  But yeah, they've got military and they've got those in academia, you know, and researchers, etc., all working together.  Many of them, some of them are part-time some are full time. But anyway, this came out initially in Newsweek and so on. And you'll never get much information in front of us.)


"I would say I know a good amount about army propaganda and 'psyops' operations as they're called, but what is interesting is how little information we have 77th Brigade," he said." I suppose it means that all their work is covert, but what I would like to know is what they exactly are they doing?


"Are they just tracking accounts or are they trying to influence people's views?


Of course, they've been, that's one of the biggest things in propaganda. Most propaganda remember is meant for your own population, hm, and the enemy is a secondary thing. They're more wise to the fact that it's propaganda, but your own population generally is not wise to what they're getting fed. It's quite something.


But yeah, they go through this article. It's quite good anyway. It's quite good indeed, I tell ya. Another thing too to look into is…


The newly negotiated NAFTA replacement is strikingly similar to the sovereignty-destroying TPP, according to former Obama trade officials. - jbs.org


Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas talks about USMCA, which is the new name for NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement.  It says, he says, the USMCA is NAFTA plus the TPP plus a few tweaks.  And yeah, if you've looked into what he says, you'll find his talks actually up on YouTube I think, but you can get transcripts here and there with him too.  The agenda has not been, you know, subverted by Donald Trump. I don't know who puts all this stuff out. Because he signs everything that they pretty well want into agreements. It's quite something.


Again too, I gave talks in the 90s of how they give you, if you start up a real organization yourself with purely good intentions and you're on the ball with things, they'll put somebody out very quickly who is well-funded, who will overtake you, using all of your stuff, and then taking all the followers with them. And before you know it, they've done 180°, the followers never noticed that. That's what Orwell had in Animal Farm you know, when they're all chanting, four legs good, two legs bad, they could turn you around and you chant the opposite, in fact, without noticing. That's what they do, you see. If you're a follower, your subverted very quickly without you even knowing it. And you’re used.  That's another story of course.


I'll put these articles up too. Another one too is...


China spy suspect worked for EU for 30 years - euobserver.com / 17 Jan 2020


The European Union… The European Union is full of people who literally, almost advertise [Alan chuckles.] that they’re for hire in a sense, a lot of these characters. There’s so much money in the European Union, it’s so corrupt. Because it was set up to be a super communist system, as many of the old Soviet dissidents who saw it said.  They said, this is more advanced than the Soviet system, this EU system. With incredible tax money from all the countries and the money goes missing all the time. Billions, ‘eh?  What a corrupt world we live in, though, really ‘eh?  


What a devious, devious world. It can only work… You don’t know how perfect it is for the criminals at the top, though.  The real criminals, you know, the ones in suits and ties, who’ve got titles and they are honorable this and honorable that and all that kind of thing, ‘eh.  Think about it. Who could only operate and get so wealthy too with the society which they’ve made sure the educational system and the culture industry has trained you to be so naïve. You know.  I tell ya.  Yep.  It’s quite something.


So, the wolves literally have a field day just filling their pockets like you wouldn’t believe and doing what they want. And the sheep just keep paying it.  That’s it.  Anyway, I’ll put this article up on my site. This guy at the EU, he’s an ambassador, right. He was suspected by German prosecutors of spying for China for 30 years.


China spy suspect worked for EU for 30 years

euobserver.com / 17 Jan 2020


The former EU ambassador suspected by German prosecutors of spying for China was Gerhard Sabathil.


The dual German-Hungarian national (A:  Hm, Hungarian, you know. And he served for a whole bunch of different countries  )  had served as the EU envoy to South Korea, Germany, Iceland, and Norway prior to going to work for Eutop, a mid-sized lobbying firm with offices in Brussels, Berlin, and Munich, in 2017, where he was still listed as a "managing director" on its website on Friday (17 January).


Quite something. That’s the world we live in, folks.  It’s nothing like you’re trained to believe it is. And even in the cyber world, you’d have to be awfully naïve today to think, to really think… huh, with the countless agencies and tiers of thousands of employees all working to chatter away on the cyberspace, and attack different people…  And they do it very efficiently too, they’re trained, trained by neuroscientists and psychologists and behaviorists, these characters, and to go after certain types, ‘eh.  You’re all… Everybody’s been put into a box with your personality type, with your weak spots. They’ll befriend the people in cyberspace on one of the social platforms, and play with them for a while, and be awfully friendly with them for a while, and get their confidence for a while and be their best pals.  Then they’ll attack them or subvert them or do something and blow them away. I’m telling ya.  That’s how it works.  This is real war in the cyber world. 


Truth is the hardest commodity on this planet. It’s so rare. It’s rarer than diamonds or rare-earth minerals. It really is.  In a society today that literally is a poisoned culture, because you’ve lost your culture and our ability to look at right and wrong. This is not the old Cold War when folk new in the West, a lot of the folk knew what they were against. And even then, a lot of the folk that were ruling over them were communists in the West. And it was getting taught openly in university, the top universities in Britain, huh, through the Cold War. It tells you there’s a bigger game above it all, isn’t there. A much bigger game, ruled by the real masters of the world obviously.  The dialectic indeed, ‘eh.  And everybody eventually gets used.


Anyway, I could go on forever but we’re out of time here. For myself Alan Watt from a very, very snowy Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or gods go with you.   


Topics of show covered in following links:


China spy suspect worked for EU for 30 years

euobserver.com / 17 Jan 2020


Briefing note on the Integrity Initiative

syriapropagandamedia.org / 21 Dec 2018


Scottish Labour candidate facing questions over links to 'secretive military propaganda unit'

heraldscotland.com / 6 April 2019


Twitter Executive Revealed to Be 'Psyops' Soldier Linked to Spreading Disinformation Across Social Media

newsweek.com / 1 Oct 2019


Will This Billionaire-Funded Think Tank Get its War With Iran

ronpaulinstitute.org / 8 Jan 2020


The newly negotiated NAFTA replacement is strikingly similar to the sovereignty-destroying TPP, according to former Obama trade officials.

jbs.org /


Mark Esper Admitted He 'Didn’t See' Evidence That Iran Was Targeting Four US Embassies

esquire.com / 12 Jan 2020



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