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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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A Perfect Storm:

"Chinese Travelling at New Year, Party and Song,

Happy Reunions then Fear, as it All Went Wrong."

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 2, 2020.  I’d like to say that I hope everyone’s getting through this amazing time we’re living through. It’s almost like a science fiction movie, and it has all the aspects of these horror movies of course with pandemics and…  And the conspiracies behind, there’s always conspiracy in the movies or you wouldn’t watch them. Because you’ve gotta get bad guys, you see, and often the bad guys in the movies have real-life counterparts, stories generally in fact, fictional stories to do with terror, that kind of thing, and plagues always.  They’re based on some facts of course, naturally.


And we do live in dangerous times. We’ve lived in dangerous times for an awful long time. With the rise of academia and incredible funding into research and development in all countries to do mainly with warfare purposes, including the biowarfare area, most of the inventions we have, and even across the board in electronics and everything, all really came out of, including your microwave oven, came out of the weapons development industry. We don’t realize that. It’s the same thing to with a lot of the benefits that come out of medicine and so on.


So yeah, in the movies you definitely do have a lot of facts of course with biowarfare and the threats of biowarfare. Years ago, I remember mentioning some of the, or giving talks on some of the histories of biowarfare, stuff that was really from declassified government archives. So, you can’t just jump on and say, oh, it’s conspiracy theory. Unless the government’s giving… [Alan chuckles.] they’re actually giving us the conspiracy theories. But one good book was put out by a journalist in Toronto who, I think he worked with the Toronto Star, I think at the time. But he put a book out, a good one.  One book out of many books across the world being put out on this very subject. But his one was Canada’s contribution to biowarfare. Because Canada, during World War II, and afterwards for a long time, had led the field in biowarfare research.


So, he wrote a book called Deadly Allies, Canada’s Secret War.  In it of course he talks about World War II and how money was thrown out like crazy, like it always is in panic situations. Governments are always broke until it comes to warfare purposes, have you noticed that, and suddenly they’ve got all this money to throw around. Deadly Allies goes into the stories, declassified, again, factual, of recorded stories, no conspiracy theory, of big companies in Canada, where money was thrown at them to develop bioweapons for long-term protracted warfare. Meaning, the war against Germany or whoever it happened to be could last for a generation, or even two. This is how they look at things, way down the road.


And don’t think it sounds corny because leading up to World War II and during it, the Army cadet forces, even in Canada and across Britain and Australia and New Zealand, they had army cadet forces, with the idea of recruiting them straight from the cadet forces, once they turn 17, into the Army and off to war. So that you’d have a seamless supply basically of recruits, you see. 


But in the biowarfare industry they had big laboratories, some of them were awfully well known even years later to do with blood scandals and tainted blood and so on. That some of the guys who worked in these laboratories talked about how callous they were, when they were holding, you know vials, or picking up stuff at railway stations and so on. And I know people who did the same in Britain by the way. [Alan chuckles.] Not too long ago. They were calloused, they would toss these packages up in the air, and there could be enough plague in it to wipe out a good-sized city. This is how callous that they were.


It’s a good book to read, Deadly Allies. It’s well worth it.  Because you find that many of the things that were developed during World War II and afterwards, including all the rust diseases for crops, to destroy enemy’s crops and things, and their animal food supply, you know, where they had a form of disease which really, you could pretty well put it down to the same thing as mad cow disease the effects that it had.  Then they developed stuff transmissible by tics, they could infect the tics, drop them on deer from the air and watch the disease that tics were contaminated with affect the deer that they were dropped on. And I think we’re still suffering from some of that today.


So it’s not… You can’t blame the public for being afraid about what governments are up to. Especially, and here’s the thing too, I was thinking about this, going over all this documentation recently coming out from China and elsewhere about this pandemic. Which is now a global pandemic they’re saying. With a lot of mystery behind it too, with the usual kind of occurrences leading up to it, that lead to conspiracy theories, naturally, and then the governments clamp down anybody who mentions them.


Because you see, you don’t realize you’re now living in a system, it’s a technocratic system really, where scientists and those from academia will decide what’s right wrong and all the peasantry has to be quiet and obey and listen and do what you’re told. But this whole idea of public servants is out the window, there’s no servants for the public. There’s really commissars in this day and age. And they treat you like little, aged schoolteachers would teach in Britain way back years ago, as their little peon, their little nobody coming into the classroom. It’s much the same attitude. It’s very, very… it’s an aloof type of real class distinction. You see, they are the upper-class now, they are the scientific elites. And you’re the bottom, you’re the nobody’s, who could never understand anything, you see.  So they don’t tell you anything.  [Alan laughing.]  That’s it, you wouldn’t understand, it’s just too complex for you to understand, you know.


I’m not really exaggerating. That unfortunately is the attitude.  But all the different programs to contain the public’s chitchat on social media, and there’s big programs out there, they have it all sprung into action across the board.  For folk who don’t know about it, massive departments were set up in advance years ago to take care of this kind of thing, and any kind of crisis situation, including plague outbreaks and things like that, and how to contain the public and how to ridicule and even sensor lots of people too who go off the beaten track. Because you’re not really allowed to think for yourself here.


You’re allowed to watch as many, many terrifying movies as you want.  Like fictional movies. But don’t ever voice an opinion unless you’re qualified to do it, with a whole string of letters after your name. It’s rather repugnant, really. That’s not the way to treat the public.  And the public, believe it or not, can understand an awful lot more than these characters in the ivory towers would ever believe.  Here’s something that ties into it.


Because you understand, we really are living in a system of so-called specialists who dictate to us all on different levels.  And we’re supposed to obey. This is the new system. This really is it, folks. Like the Club of Rome said, democracy wouldn’t work, they couldn’t get the big jobs done with experts in charge unless you, really, abolish this idea of democracy. Well, how do you abolish it? the public wouldn’t like that. Well, you just introduce it under different terms, you know, of control over this, control over that, specialists for this, experts, experts. Like Bertrand Russell said, we’ll train the public that they can’t make a move without the expert opinion.


That’s what they’ve done, you see, in a lot of areas. But the Club of Rome said, yeah, democracy is too slow and cumbersome, you can’t get big things done.… that they wanted to at the top, you know, the people who know how everything should be run and where the future should go, and they’ll direct it, they just know how to do it all.  Um, they’re in charge really, that’s what it is, through countless associations and amalgamations of different sciences, disciplines as they call it. We’re supposed to just obey.


Unfortunately, here’s the thing too, getting back to Deadly Allies and so on. There are laboratories, every country’s got them, regardless of all their international treaties on biowarfare and what they can do, and what they can test, and what they can’t test and so on. And of course, I said years ago that the big, big laboratories that deal with even vaccines also deal with creating new types of viruses and bacterium, and rust, as they call it, for crops and all the rest of it. They deal with all these things.  So really, technically, they’re all part of the same system, it depends what it’s used for at a particular time according to the designation of the title you give them.


But that’s what it’s all about, folks.  You can’t have people being kept in the dark about things which can affect their lives. Of course you can’t.  And it’s wrong for any governments to try and pretend that they’ve got control over everybody. That’s what happened in totalitarian countries before. If your government squashes information on the public and treats them like real, not just children, but stupid children, hm, then you end up with big problems. Because no one’s going to be honest, even to each other, at the top either, by the way. That’s what you get in totalitarian systems. And that’s what happened when we…


The whole world suffered when the Chernobyl reactors went up. The whole world suffered, still suffering by the way.  Because you had a totalitarian system, a chain of command of government employees, all government employees, the state in charge, and no one will think outside the box. You don’t complain in totalitarian regimes.  You don’t become a whistleblower. That was found out with the big world investigations into it afterwards. In such regimes a whistleblower doesn’t exist. They’re not allowed to exist. Because you have to have individuality in a system, and a culture, it must be present to get a whistleblower. In totalitarian regimes you just don’t get them. And they’re not tolerated, at all.


So, when things are starting to go wrong, like Chernobyl, anybody who says we shouldn’t, you’ve got to do this or do that or whatever or shut this down… No, no, the test must go ahead, you see. And that’s how it goes. Or you suffer. And as it happened, because everything was denied as it was happening, the whole world suffered. That’s what you get in totalitarian regimes. Now, that’s a lesson for the West as well. All the West.  Because if they start treating their people, their public, the same way as a totalitarian regime will treat them, you’re going to have trouble.  Awful trouble. And you’ll create more mistrust than ever before. 


Now, it’s one thing to calm a child that’s petrified of getting it’s jabs from a doctor, you know. That’s one thing. But you can’t, you can’t calm the general public down by giving them fairy stories, or even threatening them, especially threatening them, when they ask pertinent questions, and they want honest answers. Not this, oh, you wouldn’t understand, little peasants, you. Well, if it’s all your lives at stake, I think… I think that you’ve got a right to hear and then you’ll decide whether you understand it or not.  You know?


We do live in a world, as I say, where people are terrified of scientists now with biowarfare, etc. Of course they’re terrified. All the reports in the past, all the money that went into digging up corpses in the permafrost in Canada and elsewhere, from the Spanish flu? so they could bring the viruses back in permafrost, just in case they ever came back…?!  Well, the same one would never come back unless it was introduced again.  People are not as stupid as you think.


And punishing folk, the general population, is not a democratic system. Personally, and I know it’s not democratic anyway, but personally I’d rather they declared it’s a totalitarian regime in a scientifically organized system of control, rather than treat us all like little children. Personally, that’s me.  And yet, yeah, I agree too there’s a lot of people out there that will make hay as the sun shines, as they say, when there’s terror going on to sell all kinds of stuff. I understand that too. Because that’s also the system in which we live. It’s just an awful system of money. Money can generally buy silence or buy people off basically.


That’s part of the problem for all of societies across the planet right now.  It’s corrupt. The whole system is corrupt.  We know it’s corrupt. Each time somebody comes out about the corruption in politics… and politicians and how politicians in a few years regardless of their salary can be multimillionaires at times... Something’s wrong, isn’t it?  We’re not that stupid either.  So who do they really serve, the one who’s are putting all those millions into their pockets, or the public? It’s a very corrupt system we’re living in today.


This whole idea of a deep state is very evident. Because democracy is a show for the public basically. Really. And there’s definitely a deep state, as they call it, behind it all to make sure it keeps all ongoing regardless of whoever they put into politics as their little front person at the bottom.  In other words, no one is really sitting back expecting [Alan chuckles.] some character to get into politics that they don’t want there, at the top. It doesn’t happen that way.


I’ve noticed too over many, many years that the politicians, many of them, that come and go, are not too famous some of them, some well-known and some not, end up in these quiet, very quiet and high-level international jobs with the new Technocracy.  Running big important things across the world. Deciding things for us outside of the realm of politics. They draft up big agendas, on different levels in different areas and have the government rubberstamp them. It’s quite interesting to watch it.  And it’s outside of the newspapers generally. Or if it’s mentioned at all you’re given some kind of vague organization you’ve never heard of before. Very important organizations.  Very important.


You find the same people that staff the World Health Organization at the top, often their CEOs, like CEOs of it in fact, are far left socialists, who don’t know anything about medicine at all in fact.  They’re just appointed there, and all the other ones, underlings that are beneath them that are attached to it.  There’s nothing in this world, in our system, that isn’t politicized. And when I say politicized, I mean really managed by a deep state. There’s nothing, nothing is left to chance. Really. So, when you see all this hype going on about this coronavirus that they haven’t quite given a name, they’re starting to give a name from its origin on it. But coronaviruses are quite common. It just depends on the virility of a particular strain, that’s all. They’re watching it now to see if it has a sudden leap forward, as you’d say, a mutation, that’s what they’re watching it for.


I don’t deny that anything is impossible when it comes to it. I do not deny, either, because no one is going to tell you, no one is going to tell you the truth here and where it really came from, this particular virus. You never get to know if it was in a lab before it escaped or whatever. You won’t be getting, no one’s going to take the blame for this. And the findings down the road maybe in a few years time, will still be pretty well classified, if they find, and they can find quite easily the different markers on these things. Because they are all, if you go into laboratories, they’re often altered... They can tell, for instance, vaccines for instance, what kind of virus and attenuated viruses and so on are in them.  They’ve got markers. They can tell which lab created them in fact, any batch of vaccines.


It’s very similar when they’ve been working on particular strains of viruses for whatever purposes. They’ll know where it came from. But will never tell the public the truth. I don’t know, you know, I don’t know.  And there’s already, as you all know, I’m sure everybody’s who’s been following this has jumped into the same routes that you’ll fall down, of, where it originated from.  We are in a system really akin too, not as bad I might say right now anyway to Chernobyl with the political structure, with the scientist in charge all working for the same system, all given amazing authority by governments, right down to what they’re going to tell the public or not tell the public. And whistleblowers will not be tolerated.


Now, silence on things, like this, and there’s books out about this too by the way, put out again by those who want to stay in control, mentioning the fact that conspiracy always comes because of the necessity of government secrecy. So conspiracy theories abound because of government secrecy. Well, perhaps there shouldn’t be so much government secrecy when it affects the people. Governments better start to remember who they’re supposedly serving. Or, come out and tell us quite openly or honestly that they’re not serving us at all, they’re dominating us. They should.  Wouldn’t you like clarification and some honesty, ‘eh, wouldn’t you like that?


But right now, I’ve noticed that even doing searches for information on what’s been happening across the world with this pandemic, it’s hard to get good information. A lot of the information that is out there is two weeks old. You’ll see your searches being slowed like crazy because of, again, the emergency organizations that have kicked in to guard the Internet. It’s interesting to watch it. And at the bottom you see all the different institutions it’s running through, on the bottom of your search, you know.  Yeah, of course you’re being watched. Yes, you’re being noted.


Anyone who is looking into this, they’re trying to find out immediately your location, who you are and your location. Of course, they’ll try to find out why you’re looking at this too. You’re being studied. We’re all being studied amazingly well. We have been before this all happened too but now it’s very evident, ha, as the new organizations that you haven’t heard about kick into gear actually, you know.   Quite fascinating to watch.


But they’re not going to allow any laypeople to give any advice out there too. And sure, you’re going to have all kinds of misinformation, disinformation and so on. And not all put out by the ones at the bottom by the way. Because you’re not going to get much of the truth out to the public at all right now, that’s the first thing. The movies always tell you the same thing, ‘eh, and disaster movies as well. The first thing is that governments get together and they decide not to tell the public. Oh, they’ll panic, they’ll panic.  You know.  [Alan laughing.]  Right to the end they don’t tell them.  It’s quite funny to think about in some ways how predictable the systems are when it comes to those in power, you know. Always the same. Always the same.


I remember years ago back in the 90s I gave talks on NATO, and NATO’s pact that they had. Which used to be, supposedly, I could never find one except somebody got one for me, it was an old one. But it was supposed to be by law in Britain available at every post office for anybody who found out about it and then asked for it, but they wouldn’t just give it to you unless you asked for it. It was about the response for warfare purposes, or for radiation, meaning the bombs or whatever, at that time that’s what they thought about, or else plague, and really, the lockdown procedures by NATO, all NATO countries that signed  on to it, and they still stand today, were to really lockdown whole towns and cities that were infected, and anyone who tried to move out of those cities, just like the movies.  I mean, the movies had a lot of basis in fact. They looked into what the plans were and so on and they put them into their fictional movies. But yeah, they would shoot anybody on site if they moved out.


Now, I’m not terrifying anybody here. As far as we know right now, we’re dealing with a form of a flulike symptom virus.  But don’t forget who is putting out the hype here.  The people in China were panicking because after the SARS outbreak in about 2003, it came out in their newspapers at the time, and you don’t know who to believe, naturally, but they thought it was a kind of an ethno specific type virus designed to hit them. They had that in their newspapers and that would surface once in a while. That could’ve been propaganda on their side, who knows? Since then they’ve been terrified of such a thing happening and that’s why they’re really terrified now.


They know that in Wuhan where the thing broke out initially, supposedly, so we’re told, we don’t even know that for sure, that they have a biowarfare level four lab there. The West calls it biowarfare, but all these level four labs are basically dealing with that kind of stuff. So, I guess they’re all used for both purposes, or, certainly can be used for both purposes.  Of course they are. But it’s interesting too, they say that 5 million of their people got out of there before they locked it down. They knew it was coming, you see.


But yeah, they’re petrified, naturally. Absolutely petrified. And I don’t blame them. And in countries that won’t give you many facts, as I say, just like Chernobyl with the old Soviet Union, panic increases too and you’re left really, I mean people in Chernobyl and around that area obeyed their governments. Even when the towns that had been built around there were full of people, they didn’t evacuate them right away. Always contain the problem by not telling the public, even though it’s detrimental to them. So, it’s not really fair at all.


Anyway, as I say, I’ve gotta be very careful because we’re living in a time where everything is an emergency. They’re training the public too that everything is an emergency.   They are, aren’t they?  And that’s the scary part of it, really, is the training aspect of it all. Put yourself in our hands and let us… do what we want to do, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. 


Now, let’s get into some of these articles that pertain to what I’m talking about here. There’s this article here and it’s on UGC Newsgathering systems they call it now. Now, Reuters is part of it too naturally. All the news agencies are all part of this particular monitoring system now.


Hazel Baker, Global Head of UGC Newsgathering at Reuters on user-generated content and the challenge of deep fakes

innovators-summit.com / 29 Nov 2019


(Alan:  Everything is being monitored massively in real time now, all your chitchat and so on. Then of course too whatever's taking off and how they're going to go for it, if they claim that you're being a disinformation nuisance, you're going to get rattled one way or another.)


…and the challenge of deep fakes


(A:  Now you have the experts running, working with government and all the rest of it too, in collusion with government at least, deciding who's a deep fake. You see. So, experts are going to tell you who is a deep fake. And a lot of them too will be intelligence agencies as well, of course they are, for managing the public. So, it goes into this woman who, what her past is, what she worked in before and what she’s now part of.)


Over the past decade social media has provided a rich source of news for media companies. Yet the phenomenon of fake news, and in particular the emergence of deep fakes, has meant that organisations have had to tweak their approach.


It isn't just about photographs and things like that and voices which they can fake, of course they can. But it's really about managing things in real time. You'd be surprised how many of these organizations are attached to this particular organization at the moment. It's a global system on the go watching social media.


And sure, there's going to be a lot of iffy things. But I really believe that no matter how crazy some of the stuff out there is, it shouldn't be censored. Really don't believe anything should be censored at all. I really don't. Give the people some credit for thinking for themselves and deciding for themselves.


You've got to, if you want to have a free society...  We don't have a free society, what am I kidding... I'm not kidding about that at all. We don't have a free society at all. Of course we don't. But this is how they have all these organizations all sitting in the wings, just ready to jump in when something like a possible pandemic takes off, you see. Contain the public, keep them in Lala land, to the very end if need be.  But whatever you do don't tell them the real truth about things.  Np.  That's how it's done. Just like the movies.  Hm?


Also, this article here, from the Washington Times is one about…


Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program - washingtontimes.com / 26 Jan 2020


Well that’s a concern, isn't it?  Is anybody hitting the Washington Times for putting that out? But you see, someone who might repeat this stuff can get hammered. There's a psychological operation on the go right now, where certain people [Alan chuckles.] are allowed to put things out and if you repeat it you're in trouble. This is psychology, it's a technique that's used to knock people out, or even have them begin to doubt their own sanity at times. Yep.  You have no idea the experts in behavioral insights teams all working across the board overtime, big money too for them, to manage our minds, you know, [Alan chuckles.]   for us. Quite good, 'eh?


Also, there was Bill Gates on...


Davos 2017: Bill Gates introduces CEPI, initiative to prevent global epidemics

cbsnews.com / 18 Jan 2017


(A:  We've all seen that one too, I'm sure.  From the meetings that he's had recently and the organization that he belongs to, that he helped set up in fact, to do with how they're going to manage epidemics and pandemics and so on.  And that's from the CBS News.  It says…)


Bill Gates, (A:  …and they always tell you right off the bat that he is…) the world’s richest man, (A:  ...so they say.  I don't believe that he is though.) is preparing to “outsmart epidemics” by launching an effort that develops adaptable vaccines (A: ...this is important…) before another global health crisis like Zika or Ebola, which killed more than 11,000 people in West Africa, threatens the world again. 


(A:  And here is his organization…)

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) – founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the governments of India and Norway, the medical research charity Wellcome and the World Economic Forum – addresses how “the world is tragically unprepared” to quickly detect and respond to outbreaks, Gates said.


Years ago I thought about the same thing, rather than just treat one thing at a time, even in bacteria too nevermind viruses, if you understand the basic things of how things develop and spread and multiply, if you get into some of the mechanisms there and disrupt them and stop it, well, this is what they're trying to do of course with their vaccines and all the rest of it. And to just simply modify something, China claims they've already got one, interestingly enough, 'eh. 


Hong Kong researchers have already developed vaccine but need time to test it - scmp.com / 28 Jan 2020


With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine - reuters.com / 24 Jan 2020


And interestingly enough too, if you really dig in, you'll find a lot of the big companies putting out articles on this very, they're kind of peeved at it because whoever gets vaccines is going to rake in maybe billions of dollars. You understand? This is big business!  This is beyond just industrial espionage, which it is too, perhaps, 'eh, we never know.  Well, you could never prove it, can you?  You might suspect all you want. But industrial espionage happens all the time. Even between soup companies for goodness’ sake. I'm not kidding you either.  Hhhh.  Spies go in, try to get their formulas and things like that. Which they're always changing, 'eh?


So here you have not just a technocrat type, Bill Gates, he's also trans-humanist. Because I don't know if… The trans-humanist movement are the technocrats who are supposed to run the world, I don't know if you know that.  This was the system that Julian Huxley talked about when he came up with the trans-humanist. They would create really ultrarich people, at least the appearance of them, they could be front people, it wouldn't matter. They would make them into, and by the public standards, whatever the public's mindset is, they'd make them into geniuses by massive propaganda and so on.


But they would be given the job of deciding for the public, how to - again, the technocratic approach - get things done without going through the public debates and so on, just get them done. It would be above politics. Trans-humanist is the ones who are supposedly so rich and so on that they are above human petty worries and human petty desires and so on, supposedly, they suddenly become awfully altruistic.


Now, [Alan chuckles.]  years ago I gave talks on the old Platonic organizations and the Neoplatonism too, where the old, old ancient esoteric groups across even into India that had Neoplatonism with the philosophers and philosophies, etc., they talk about Fisher Kings, the people who would pick protégés to take over rule of the ancient world. They would make them into benevolent dictators, you see, that was the whole, that's what it was really about. That's what technocracy is about. And trans-humanists, you see them in the papers donating millions, sometimes billions to this and that, as long as they are in charge of it and push the world and direct the world on where it's supposed to go, you see. That's what this is.


Do you get to vote for these guys? No. Are you, does anyone even suggest you get to vote for them? No. Do you even think yourself you should vote for them if they're going to decide your futures? No. Because you've already been trained that somehow, that somehow they’re special… and almost godlike, you see. Well, who trained you this way? Look at the incredible propaganda machinery you've been soaked with for years to make you accept it all think it's quite natural.


Well, Bertrand Russell said it too, there's nothing you cannot train the public into given time and money, and get them young enough.  Hm.  They'll believe anything.  Yep.  It's quite something. But it works. It's all here. So yeah, you have the trans-humanists in charge of, like Bill Gates and his big, big vaccine campaigns and so on across the world.  And what scares people too, and it's not, it is not conspiracy when Bill Gates wants to reduce the population to an extent. I noticed there, they've even got Prince William out now doing Prince Philip's job, now that Prince Philip's getting a bit old for it.


Prince Philip was in charge of all the massive organizations across the planet, World Wildlife and all the rest of it and all the other ones there too. They have the best farmlands across parts of the world and Africa too, all restricted, you can't grow anything on them. It's for conservation they say. But Prince Philip has been open, very open about the population. There's just too many people, he keeps telling us.  He's been saying this for years and years and years. And now of course they've given that over to William to push and he’s going on about, oh my God, in another few years there could be another 3 billion people on the planet, we’re heading towards catastrophe, etc., etc.


I hope you understand this is all happening at the same time, 'eh?  And is not coincidence by the way. You've had this massive, incredible almost riotous behavior with well-funded armies of protesters demanding we all stop eating so much, demand we stop heating ourselves and so on, demanding we don't drive cars anywhere, to supposedly save the planet...?  All the plans that the technocrats drew up years ago. Everything is based on energy, you see, that's what technocracy is, that's their special areas.


I'm not kidding about this. If you really have an ability to see into it all, you would become a threat to the system, and they won't tolerate you. That is what we are living under right now, a technocratic system. And yet the trans-humanists up there, that supposedly decide what you're going to drive, if you're going to drive it all in fact, or how you going to heat your homes. They'll bring in a future where everything will be restricted, energy use, that is, even blackouts. Years ago they gave us articles from the EU parliament on this. I used to read them out, how we'd have rolling blackouts and brownouts for conservation of electricity and stuff like that.


You understand it's the same system. You understand, these people that brought you the Soviet system, communism, the first thing they said, we're all in it together, right. We're all, there's the big sign, we're all in it together. We're all equal.  Right. That's the first lie, we are all equal. Then they bring in restrictions until there are scarcities on everything. Always the same system. 


They have convulsions if they see you eating more than they say that you should eat. My God, oh my God, ughhh.  That really upsets them.  These people are psychotic. If they took over the Sahara, and of course sand is used for cement and all that, they'd instantly say there's a shortage of sand. That's how bad they are. Because everything's money and profit, big profit for themselves, creating scarcities.


I’ve given talks too from the leaders of the Green Party in Britain from a few years ago.  The woman said that she does look back with nostalgia at the told newsreels that they’d show you of World War II and the London blitz. And everybody got together in the underground, and they were all suffering and rationed and thin and all that because of the incredible rationing. But they stuck it out together, they were cheerful, and they’d sing songs.   And she says, that’s what we need, she says, shortages, etc. would make that happen and we’d all be in it, we’d all pull together. In other words, we’d all do what we’re told, you see. For survival.


Which is of course what all this climatology is about, right, too. That's what they picked, remember, we'd all be in it together to save the world and drastically change the way we’re living. We've got to stop having children, at least all of you, 'eh.  There's different categories of who should stop having children. It's never-ending. It's pretty ceaseless, isn't it.  Long-term, all the way from Malthus to the present, same stuff. And they want to tell you, it's not them that are not going to, it's you that's not to have children.


HG Wells was quite blunt about it. And he was an awful snob, even though he came from a lower background, really. He went through good schooling because his mother was really a housekeeper for very rich family. His dad was a drunk, awful drunk, who couldn't keep a job. He used to get part-time work as a cricketer for a cricket team, you know. But I can remember reading that HG Wells would look at all these people going past the windows of the big houses every morning on the way to their factories at the time. They used to have actual work in those days, and they had factories and so on, they didn't give it all away.


It petrified him to think that they could, they were only a little stone throw from joining them. Petrified. So, he began to despise the working people. He did.  And that's why he became almost a control freak in his writings, portrayed that too, especially his nonfiction writings. And he was a cofounder of the Fabian Society, founded by the Astor family. It's amazing how the rich, again, technocrats and trans-humanists of the day fund of these organizations. It's not a recent thing.  It's interesting isn't it.  And it shapes directions of the future. It even shapes the directions of wars and things they're going to have, and what they'll get out of it, etc., social and economic wars.


So anyway, HG Wells said, well, what happens?  If this, look at the people who are poor, he says. He says, what happens? You help, you give them better sanitation, and teach them hygiene and give them hygienic products and so on, give them a bit more money to feed themselves, 'eh.  And he says, and then you help prevent them from getting diseases, then what did they do? they breed. He was disgusted, they breed.  Yeah, oh, them, they breed.  Yeah. 


You know, at one time that would have shocked people. I don't think folk, I think we’re so dumbed down today that most folk can’t be shocked anymore. And that's a dangerous time to live, when folk can’t be shocked anymore. 


So to all those control freaks who are still controlling everything including the Internet, [Alan chuckles.] you know. And they're there. They are there. What kind of Gestapo are these characters, or Stasi, super Stasi, huh?  Like the movie and other books too that came out, you know, The Lives of Others, the Stasi system. By God, these are the super dreams of the Stasi's that we’re living in today. They had to go and bug everybody's homes. Millions of folks, MILLIONS of their homes bugged.  They had almost half the population at one time or another spying on everybody around them. And they coerce you into it.


They'd say, we want to watch your neighbor.  Well I don't like that. Well if you don't do that for the state, you know, then you're under suspicion. And that's how it works. Quite easily. But they bugged everybody's homes.  And had whole buildings full of records and files on everybody.  Today it's just done with the Internet primarily.  And almost cities built to store even hard drive systems of the information on all of us for the NSA, etc., FBI, and Canada's got its own systems too. Every country does. Super Stasi, 'eh?


We're in their system and they're locking it up pretty well. It's been locked up, bit by bit it's locked up.  Beyond the policing stage. Until, and they told us that this would happen, I said this years ago, 20 years ago I said you're not going to get 20 years out of the internet and then they'll just lock it up pretty well. And it wasn't just speculation, it was the fact that they put out there, I was reading all the stuff from the United Nations and how they would create a civic society and the civil society and so on across the planet.  Including how they would use psychologists, what they use now with the BITs, etc., they would train the public through fear and coercion, and example, as they pick different people for examples to punish and publicize it, and everybody all starts to conform.


You start with self policing, you see, until you're completely policing your own thoughts. That's been, that's resurfaced again from them, those very things which I've just mentioned.  Perpetual childhood. With your overseers, all for the… it's always for the greater good, they tell you. Well, that statement's been used for the worst horrors the world has ever seen  ...for the greater good.


And unfortunately, these kind of things do repeat themselves. As folk get so cocky and arrogant in positions of power that they literally see the general population as them, like a different species. That's really, really bad when that happens.  And it's inevitable, it always does happen. There's lots of psychopaths rise to the top and they love control freak jobs.


Now, what we have to imagine too is the state of the world, the economy right now. And the effect on it. I mean, you couldn't get a more perfect storm than we've got right now. The economy is tanked out, you know that. Everybody knows it. Not just with this particular president in the US or any Prime Minister in Britain, but it's been on the go for years as you well know, since all your factories were given over to China through agreements and free trade by your own political establishments.  Well now what happens when the country that it all comes from is going into quarantine in such a way?  Hm? 


You think they didn't foresee this? What kind of idiots are running the system? OR, are they the idiots?  Or is this a bigger plan than you can imagine?  So, the economy is sunk.   In previous years they kept giving us “the jobless recovery”. Because the Dow Jones and the NASDAQ and all that, it means nothing to the general public. It's all rigged anyway and governments pump in money every night to raise up the figures for their own big corporations. It's completely fake. But it's a “jobless recovery”.  There's no recovery as stores have been closing for years. There's no recovery for that.


So, they toy around, again, how will we manage the peasantry? Well, we'll give them all a wage for staying home. You see? This was all planned a long time ago, this is step-by-step-by-step. So, we're at the stage now where again the economy is tanked as far as the working people are concerned, the raises are stagnant, the prices are going up because they keep devaluing your currency, so you need more of it to get the same things, basics and so on. Perfect storm.


And it happened.  Do you imagine this would be a good book too, 'eh?  It's right out of the sci-fi horror.  How many movies have they churned out over the last 20 to 30 years with virus outbreaks and all this kind of thing, and plagues?  Huh?  And you've gobbled them all up getting programmed, when you think about it, countless ones. And books too, to terrify you if you want to stay awake all night, but on plagues and so on, right. Quite amazing.


You're getting trained with the formulas as well, what you do and how you obey and all that, do what you're told, you know. Then you bring that into the Chinese new year where millions of people literally are traveling across the whole planet, and you put that into a novel, 'eh, an outbreak, right at the time of year? Why not at some other time of year? But no, it happens at that time of the year. Bingo, right.


And then you watch the farce, and it is a farce, honestly, to me it is anyway, my opinion, when they went all that time before they do anything about it. That doesn't make sense. That's what stinks actually.  And when it doesn't make sense... They're not stupid at the top. 


They know now that this virus was on the go even probably in October, and through November picking up speed. Which means it obviously was across the world, I would think, before then. Wouldn't it?  We'll never get to the bottom of it or get the facts out. As I say, with secrecy you end up with speculation. And speculation ends up with governments clamping down on people, because the folk have nothing to do except speculate if you won't give them the true facts, right, true facts.  But again, the real system we live in treat you like a child, we've got to understand that.


Coronavirus: Doctors fight back against misinformation online - bbc.com / 31 Jan 2020


Back in the 90s I gave a talk on the system that you think, where you think you're free, you're taught you're free. And I said, well you see it's like, you can go here and go there and do this and do that and you think you're free. It isn't until you might say something or do something that the bars that generally are invisible go up around you. And you start bumping into things. You can't go here, you can't get that job, you can't bup-bup-bup.  You see. 


Something's kicked in that you knew nothing about. You may have been blacklisted for something. Maybe because you're a bit too bright even. But they won't tell you. But you've obviously looked into an area that you're not just supposed to look at perhaps, something like that.  That's when you find out the system is completely different than the one that you've been trained to believe exists, where everyone's nice and pleasant, 'eh. And officialdom are all, they give you, they used to give you terminology, like, they'd call you ‘sir’ just to appease you I think, you know, or throw you off balance before they stiffed you with a hefty fee. But that's the system you were trained to believed in, that they're really decent people, you see, and you live in a decent system where you don't have a Gestapo types, Stasi type, NKVD type, you know, and KGB type, you know.  Only bad countries have that.


You have a nice system. Until they turn it loose. And unfortunately over the many, many years now, what was really predicted long ago, and again, it's because they put out all these articles and preparedness PDFs and books and all the rest of it from their own meetings over years, telling you what they would do here, there and everywhere. Never mind the fact you're getting all your future appointed by the glory boys and gals at the WEF, the World Economic Forum.  Although if you say it backwards it's for the few, the F-E-W. Because it is, isn't it?  And you don't vote for them either do you?


Statement about nCoV and our pandemic exercise - centerforhealthsecurity.org


Trans-humanists, 'eh, they just have your benefit at heart, they just know what the right thing to do is. They're benevolent dictators, you understand, and they know what's best for you, what you should be, where you should be living, how you live, what you eat, or don't eat, if you should breed or get married or not, etc. etc. Even if you should drive or have a car for the Agenda 21, no private vehicles allowed eventually they said.  It's in their own statements. This is not conspiracy stuff, folks. This is published stuff from themselves.


So here we are with this thing. As I say, I'm not going to terrify people about it.  Because if we get any truth at all, the death rate isn't as high as the people thought. It doesn't mean it can't jump, etc. As I say, there's a lot that will come out of this, a lot will come out of this, including the way you're going to live. That's really what the big gain for those at the top is.


It's like any war, remember, as Professor Carol Quigley said that it, it affects all sides.  Culturally you can get more done on cultural change, he's talking about planned change where you want to take a society, on all sides, he says, you can get more done in five years of war, as government takes over everything, food supply, everything, education, you name it, then you can do with 50 years of propaganda and peace. 


Well, this scenario, and it is a type of war scenario, you see, it's a survival scenario, that's how it's put across, oh, you know, experts, it's all to save you all. And out of this they might, because everything I've watched in the last few years especially has been almost that of the totalitarian order, where it doesn't matter whether it's a massive climate change, armies of paid people to protest and everything. It's astonishing to watch them and watch all this happening.


It's astonishing to watch children getting terrified in school about it until they become radical. And when radical children grow up radicalized, they are easily manipulated into incredible nasty mobs, all nasty armies as we've seen when the old Soviet system, when they were unleashed on the public.  Germany did the same thing too, remember. But we watch this happening. And everyone is so, so neutered when it comes to reacting to this kind of thing. Things that would never have been tolerated years ago, NEVER been tolerated, to allow this to be brainwashed into the children to be radicalized like this until they're terrified, terrified. And they're taught to hate adults.  Oh, you let this all happen.


Do you understand what's going on here? And the monied people who are behind pushing all this stuff, I hope you realize that the horrors of the past can happen very quickly today or tomorrow by the same radicalization processes. It's a science to radicalized people and we're living through it right now. I hope you understand this. And keeping quiet doesn't help. At all. There are no balanced approaches been going on for the last few years at all.  Ha.  It's all a one-sided agenda it seems.


As I say, think for yourselves. Think for yourselves and remember, we're going through nasty times. Very nasty times.  Last week I was going to mention too about...


Amazon reportedly has thousands of workers listening to Alexa chats - digitaltrends.com / 11 April 2019


You think you're free. How can you possibly think you're free when it's purposely being put out there and allowed by governments, and actually with collusion of governments.  The spying equipment that's in your home now is disgusting. This doesn't bode well, the system at all. And the Pentagon…


Pentagon privately voiced concerns about Afghan war - euronews.com / 12 Oct 2019


It bogged down, the whole thing in Afghanistan, bogged down by deliberate… Remember, Kissinger talked about it, and Brzezinski, if, you know, they tried to coerce the Soviet Union into going into Afghanistan by causing upsets, by paid provocateurs inside Afghanistan, forcing the Soviet Union to fall for it... They went in, that was their Vietnam, THEIR Vietnam. That was the Soviets, they got bogged down for years in Afghanistan. Pretty well helped destroy them. But then the US takes and does the same thing? Come on here.


The US already had the experience… The guys who planned it for the Soviets, the Kissinger's and the Brzezinski, talked about their collusion together, helping to get the Soviets into it to bring them down into a Vietnam scenario.  [Alan chuckles.]   But then they okayed for the US to do the same thing, after the Vietnam experience? No one is this stupid, folks. There's things going on here that literally are above anything you can imagine of common sense. There something beyond that, the big agendas for sure, and plan, no doubt about it. So people want wars, they want this kind of thing to go on too. So anyway, the Pentagon privately voiced concerned about the cost, not just the cost but how they'd get bogged down, and that's what's happened.


London police to deploy facial recognition cameras across the city - theverge.com / 24 Jan 2020


In the UK, they've got all this police facial recognition really all over London now. Again, train you a step at a time, only just cameras, you know. And they even had propaganda shows in Britain, years ago, where they showed you these big circular rooms with folk just looking at screens, that were civilians employed to watch everybody else. Just like the Stasi system in a sense, you know.  Then they introduce step-by-step armed guards and police with machine guns and things. Then they bring in facial recognition, now they know who everybody is etc. etc., you know. Step by step by step.


At the same time, you've got all these idiots waving little, you know, plastic flags in Britain thinking that they're getting free. The Britain you have today is nothing like the one from 1970s or 80s. Completely different. But they try to keep… I remember talking about brass bands and flags, as Bertrand Russell talked about them. He says, you can do more with a brass band and flags and tunes, patriotic tunes, then you can do with logic and truth and rhetoric. It's the emotions that gets folk going.  Yeah, yeahhhhhhhh.


I mentioned before that in the techniques of communism, a kind of creeping communism that was to take over the world through gradualism and changing and controlling and shaping, directing the culture, until eventually all the old normals and oppositions become a new system all one together. This is the Gramscian technique of course that they adopted for the world. It was awfully successful.  This article actually sums it all up and it's by Peter Hitchens, who wrote about Blair and Boris Johnson, how they have so much in common.  An awfully good article, it's called…


Boris: The New Blair, by Peter Hitchens - firstthings.com / 14 Dec 2019


Good article to show you that, is he really conservative? You know? What is this sham of politics today? Because it is a sham, isn't it?  Because at one time conservatism used to stand for particular values. There's Boris Johnson, who supposedly is head of the conservative party, whose living with, it's not even his wife. You see how everything, perception has changed completely of what was or what is.  At one time no one would have dared even having someone in who had even been married twice, you know, or divorced or anything like that. That's not… You have to have someone who has some kind of tradition.  That's the whole point, conservative really was about tradition. It's all gone out the window.


Now you've got a guy who jumps up and down like a clown. And he's no clown, though, he plays his parts.  And he'll play it well. He's already signed on to future wars alongside the US.  He's really another version of Tony Blair only he's a bit funnier, that's all. Tony Blair was, he did a lot of hand flapping as well in front of the people. But Boris has got that humorous face, you know. 


But the whole thing is just for the people to consume a completely different system than the one you're really living in.  We’re all in it today though. And it was with the rise of efficiency and technocracy that you're heading towards terrible times. We’re actually going into it now. Because all rights and freedoms are taken away and your choice, and lots of things are taken from you under the guise of, we've got to be efficient now. Especially in crisis, you've got to be efficient.


That was the fear of a lot of people who warned us all in previous generation, efficiency, this drive from academia churning out armies of robots in different fields and so on, they would all work together for efficiency. And we are the only product they're working on, is us. We are the product. So, it's not pleasant at all.


But as I say, don't get all carried away by the people who are going to terrify you, with coronavirus or flulike symptoms and so on. Use your common sense. If you can basically even just get a few extra tins of things, food and so on, get them. And packages of stuff, get them. You should have them anyway in case anything else happen in the world at any particular time to tide you over for a few weeks. If you can. If you can, a lot of folk can't afford it these days.


But don't jump into these incredibly expensive crisis floggers that will sell you the kitchen sink, used as well, to save you, you know. Use your common sense.  And don't panic about things. As I say, we don't even have enough information given to us, and there's definitely a dearth of information right now for the general public to consume. And there's no doubt of course on any scenario just like the Cobra group in Britain for actual terrorist attacks, they all decide together what they're going to have the media tell you. There's no doubt about that. It's all part of it. They will tell you the least facts of all, if they're bad. Use your common sense.


The best way not to get it is don't go out in public very much, if you can go out at all. If you have to go out, take your precautions. But don't go caring on as usual if this thing is going through the society at the moment. We don't know. We really don't know.  But don't forget too, every country has tremendous systems in place right now to try and contain the spread of these things in this day and age. I've no doubt too, I've already read the articles too, the elites, lots of the elite already have lots of their antiviral drugs that they can get for themselves. That's why you’re seeing the politicians, they're not worried.  They're not worried, they’re never worried about things like that.


We won't see them for the general population. That happened again with the SARS outbreak at that time, I think they had the Tamiflu they called it. Antivirals. Now they've got ones that are more advanced, way more advanced than that, and more effective, for those that are deemed worthy to get them I suppose.


But don't panic as I say. If it's all true, what they're telling you, most folk are getting over it okay. It will depend on the individual, you might just think it's the cold and get over it hopefully. And once again of course it will hit… They're claiming people with the general/this year flu, whatever variety is out right now, will kill more folk than this thing will. But again, you can't, without the real facts you’re left guessing. And guessing leads people into terrible panic situations. Don't panic about things. Keep your head. And use your own common sense. About everything. Because after all it's your life, isn't it?  It's your life, I think.


Anyway, folks, for me, that's all I have time for as usual. And I had so much here as always but I don't want to repeat it all. And I don't want to repeat all the stuff I'm sure everybody's looked up on the Internet. As I say, everyone's being watched like crazy right now in case they terrify the public, you see.  So, you've got to be so cautious in this day and age. You're getting taught very quickly that you have no freedom of speech at all. And since they've made the Internet pretty well indispensable, being banned from anything at all or even some temporary use can have devastating consequences.


Like Bertrand Russell said, eventually the government will give you tokens, he said, you'd have to pay your rent and buy your food from these tokens, you couldn't save them up. And if you disobeyed anything or the government disapproves of something you said or done, said or done, think about it, said or done, right, then they would withhold your credits for the month and you would suffer. And you would have to repent.


Well, it's the same system. Anything which you jump into, then eventually is mandated, is a form of power. And power is always about control. And yes, they have their spinoffs of profits and money and all that at the top, etc., but it's always about power and control. Never forget that.


It's a dangerous system, the Internet, very dangerous system. The way it's being, as I say, forced on people and eventually made almost indispensable for most folks' business transactions and everything.   It's dangerous indeed, when folk with power can arbitrarily censor whatever, to anybody. Dangerous times indeed.


So, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, keep your head, don't be silly, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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