Feb. 23, 2020 (#1762)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Experts Gaslighting of Public Creates Immobility,

Inability to Decide, Act, and Helpless Docility."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 23, 2020.  I hope everyone out there is surviving the onslaught of, ohhhh, what would you call it, authorized news I guess, [Alan chuckles.] that's supposedly not fake, and try to make sense of it all, everything you're given to read and decide upon. Because you've noticed I'm sure even with simple things, like simple topics really, relatively simple topics like this outbreak of coronavirus Covid 19 as they want to call it now. But even with that you have soo many, from all the expert sources supposedly, different experts giving you completely different versions of how this thing is either progressing or regressing, until you’re literally left in confusion.


I did shows years ago on forms of behavior control put out by the big boys themselves on how to manage people in times of crisis or war or whatever it happens to be.  They say too, when the public are getting too close to something, you put them in almost a gaslighting state with giving them opposing views on the same very important topics.  That way eventually most folk just lose track of it and can't decide for themselves.  Then along comes the third, eventual, the third expert, simplified thing to do or accept or how to believe in it or whatever, and you go with that. It's a technique that's used and well understood by those who control your brains. 


So anyway, we're living now with tremendous, tremendous contradictions from everywhere you look. All these different experts. It's obviously deliberate because from the beginning of this outbreak in China we've had panic, panic, panic flogged to us. Then you had, well it's a simple sniffle, to you know, just a bit of a cold, or maybe even flu, played down and played down until then you had this massive reaction in China to it all with massive trucks going up and down streets, and cities quarantined.   The trucks are spewing out this white mist everywhere, and they still haven't told us what it is in fact. You don't know if it's some kind of thing to kill off mosquitoes that might be carriers too, or bacterium, or viruses, I should say.  Or even, other kinds of insects too that might even carry them. So anyway, you're left to speculate. And this is all intentional.  Because really, it's quite simple to tell the public what on earth it is that they're spraying, isn't it?  Quite simple. And why they're doing it. 


But in everything else you've had so many contradictions too...  On the numbers of infected people per week, or even by the day, and the numbers of deaths as well.  Then of course we also had the quarantine regulations had to be followed to save the domestic populations. Well, none of them were followed as we well know.  Because you don't bring in people who are possibly infected with the virus which you don't understand yet, a new one, it's a nouveau type of virus, or novel, and they've got to study it before they can decide well, it's fairly, you know, not too severe or whatever.  But on the other hand, it could be terribly severe. And you can't tell right away because it takes months to study it.  And only by really intensive study and cross examination of the darn thing, cross studies, intensive studies and experts all scratching their heads and getting together with their findings can you actually come up with any real data on the thing.


But up until then the whole idea is that real solid quarantine has to be followed. It hasn't been followed at all as we well know.  I had to think at the start like everybody else I'm sure, maybe, again with all these conflicting stories about things, come to the conclusion that, from little snippets too from the CDC and WHO, little snippets they're putting out there by some of their head people that this eventually will spread across the whole world. So, in other words, it's inevitable. Which means they're going to allow it to happen. Others came out and said, well we're going to try to slow it down until we can study it. And so even, slowing it down and trying to contain it as much is possible.


But then you had the other ones too bringing in flight after flight after flight and giving us different times of infection symptoms, the pre-symptoms basically, the prodromal period as it's hibernating inside you and multiplying inside your body before the symptoms show. It could be anything from a few days. So, you can't go by an average when folks' lives are at stake. And yet, they we're letting people out, in about eight days only to find out many of them we're having infections afterwards. And now it's up to about 24 days that it can happen.  [Alan chuckles.]   And there was something in the paper the other day from Korea that said they even had a case where they thought it could be 90 days. [Alan chuckles.]   I don't know how they figured that one out.  But there ya go.


Then you have all the stuff too, again too because it's novel, right, it's new, it hasn't been studied so well. Then they say, well you could even get reinfected by it. Then they tell you the reinfection could be worse than the first infection and so on and so on and so on. Well, when it comes to all these could be's and maybe's and possibly's and so on, because it is new, why on earth have they been bringing so many thousands back into their countries? Which really is against the laws of proper quarantine for safeguarding the populace, you see.  We know that they've been landing at Hawaii, Honolulu, in the States and then getting other flights out across the US after that. Of course, it's going to spread, no doubt about it.  Plus, you'll have people who show no symptoms at all. Yep.


So, it's quite something, isn't it, to watch all this happen. And supposedly we're to believe that this is the best, these are the best brains on the planet working on this.  And the best brains tell us what we have to do. But none of them are doing, or the countries aren't doing it, or nations aren't doing it.  So, there's something else afoot here obviously. Obviously.


Number one, they get what they wanted, which is fear in the general public. They'll also get the people who are terrified and afraid turning to government for advice and help. Then government comes out with the heavy hand of, we'll save you but it's going to be tough, so you have to give up more and more rights and freedoms and do what you're told, etc. etc. It's a big massive exercise, obviously, in control.


9/11 was the first stage, I said before, for massive change, changes that most folk couldn't even think about would come down the pike. The changes, as you know today, are [Alan chuckles.]  in-your-face and almost illegal to even speak about. And no one would say, well, how did all that come from 9/11? Well, it was planned before that, you see. 9/11 was the kickoff phase. Under 9/11 the first thing they did on television, national TV in every country was, would you give up your freedoms for security? All the papers carried these same questionnaires. TV did the same thing. 


It was all planned that way of course.  Until you end up in a world without privacy. Now you've got people growing up and people who really were around about 19 years ago, that are 19 now, just got born then, they've grown up in a world where it's normal not to have all the rights that you had before.  They grow up in a world where they think it's quite normal to have all your data up on sources such as Facebook and different social media, day by day of what, everything they do, you know.  They also think there's nothing wrong with having no privacy. Any of them. Quite something.


So, the next step, and again as you well know, you've got all kinds of agendas being pushed forth. There's many of them you can't even talk about today in a safe manner. You also have the rise, the authorized, obviously authorized and well-funded rise of all the groups that are like massive gangs that are authorized, like internal armies of youths ready to go to war with anybody who's older than them. This is all... This is like the Russian revolution all over again, the Bolshevik revolution, how they get a lot of young people trained to do the dirty work, who did it with gusto once they were put in charge of things.  It doesn't bode well what's happening.


And as you well know the big funding sources that are interfering and putting these armies across the planet of very angry youth, no one's touching them at all. No country is saying stop this, or even sending them out to charge the people who run it all and fund it all. And it's not youngsters who are funding that by any means. It's very old people generally, very wealthy ones, with a history of revolution you might say.


So, we're living through amazing times and yet there's very little you can actually talk about.  Because even in the last few months you're getting less and less rights to even speak about things, which are fairly innocent, if you come at them from an innocent point of view, or an innocent approach, of even asking why this and why that. This doesn't look good for what's coming down the pike. It really doesn't.


I've talked about it before coming down the pike, and most folk don't quite get it. Because they're caught up with...  it's part of the change, as they're being changed, they don't realize it, everyone gets changed when change occurs. Most folk are ready for the change because they've been programmed in advance through fiction mainly, and stacks and stacks of documentaries, with all the little politically correct updates in it you're supposed to adopt and then you adapt to them. You first adopt them and then you adapt into them. That's how it's done.  Very easy. Perfect in fact.


Because they're given new opinions, new viewpoints mainly through fiction. They become as angry as the youth about certain things if you were to mention something, even innocently. It's like an angry retort. Because they've been conditioned to be that way. Most folk really are not their own people. They're not in charge of themselves. They think they are, and they'll fight you. But the fact is, they're really not in charge of what goes on in their head.


Remember, never forget, one of the masters, many of the masters actually, but even the one, Brzezinski, who came out with Between Two Ages, and the Technotronic Era was one chapter in it, very good one too. But he put that out in the 1970s.  This guy who was up there in the Trilateral Commission and the CFR and so on, and the Defense Department and national security and so on, he talked about the technotronic...Of course, in other words 5G, I won't get into, and even 6G has been tested out in some places, including Wuhan in China. 


But he talked about the technotronic pulses they can put across entire continents. They already knew, and they tried it obviously and took the data on what happened, disturbances and that kind of thing, domestic disturbances. Even domestic animal disturbances. We know that they tried it on, I think it was Maine. They did surveys on the HAARP alone, just the HAARP technology, which again is low-frequency pulses and so on with secondary carriers on top of them, or secondary waves on top of the carrier wave.  Certain frequencies would cause even cattle to get angry.  Domestic animals would start biting the owners. Tremendous documentation was done on it for the authorities.  Social work departments report to their headquarters and police do the same thing, so do health departments. So, you can collect all this data on a public that doesn't even know that it's being done. But yeah, they knew exactly what frequencies cause you to be sad, they had suicides at some of them.  Other ones were, everybody just got angry and irritable and things like that, you see.


So, stroking your brain with low-frequency radiation basically, impulses, specific planned pulses, for frequencies, yeah definitely it has an effect on you. Like the Corbin helmet, it's the same kind of thing that Persinger used as well but without the wires.  Again, Brzezinski said, we can put these kind of pulses across entire continents to manipulate the thoughts and the moods and behavior of people, of an entire population. So, there you are. And it's being done. Of course it's being done.


This can only happen, remember, all these things could only happen when they bring you up to be incredibly naïve, and to believe in authority, what it says that it stands for. When often the opposite is true, what it really stands for. You're in a definite system, a very tightly controlled system.  I said before, you won't know you're in a kind of system, almost a totalitarian type system if you go along in a dream state, your programmed dream state. But if you buck the system in some way or you have your kind of Neo moment and you start talking about it, you'll see the bars suddenly appear that were never there before. Because you're so heavily monitored in this day and age.


Brzezinski said that. But he also said again too, that people will come to expect the media, which he already said in the 1970s, he said, they are already giving them their topics for conversation, they get it from the newspapers and from the television and then they parrot about that the next day at work and so on, whatever they've been given the parrot about, all the topics.  Little human-interest stories and little ooo/aaa stories of sex or whatever it happens to be. It's all worked out. It works very well.  The grabbers, you see.


Today it's even more perfect with the Internet. Remember, the Internet has made it more, it made it easier for them to control the people. They started off of course with a dribble, really, years ago. But once everyone's on it, plus I've gone through the topics too of massive agency, security agency organizations with thousands of operatives scouring the Internet and pretending, with each person given about 100 names, they take on people on all the different blogs and so on and the chat rooms. They get everybody arguing. All professionally trained to disable you, that's the point of it. So if you get involved and you're thinking you know someone, that you've never heard of before, and they build up a persona for you to trust, they've already worked out the kind of person you'll fall for to trust. And how to do it. Then they try and destroy you later. They suddenly hit you.  Bomff!  That's meant to disable you. This is warfare. It's true psych warfare in a very real sense.


Brzezinski said of course that eventually the people will also expect the media to do their reasoning for them. That happened long ago. People think the media is there to warn them of things they should know. Really? What a change that was. People when I grew up didn't trust the media. They knew all the big moguls that owned them and how they worked in concert for big, big money. They knew, they knew. People today haven't a clue, never mind who politicians are and so on, what they belong to before they came into politics, private clubs and all that. They know nothing.


They're given literally stardom instead of politicians. These characters are built up into stars by the big star making machinery.  Little nobodies are suddenly all over the media for you to vote for. Of course, they even take lessons from actors by the way, acting lessons from people who teach it. That's been in the newspapers where Britain and other countries, they can even write it off their income as an expense, these acting lessons, to try and convince the public that they're genuine.


There's nothing real out there.  There's nothing real out there and so they present you with stars. The more hits they get for saying outrageous things on the Internet and chat rooms, the more famous they become, you see. [Alan chuckles.]   All worked out by professionals. And every politician, remember, reads the scripts, it's all written by other people. And they really should get the awards for writing the scripts for them. Everything is show business out there. More so today than ever before. And the public are completely oblivious to it. They fall into the traps all the time that are set out there to make them think it's all genuine, again, that there's real battles going on in the media and points of view and so on. Quite something.


I've said before, many times, that if voting worked for the public it would be made illegal. That's the truth of it. Run by very professional organizations, most of the people don't even know the names of them, that are way up there with the big agendas. Very old agendas. That follow these agendas so rigorously. They don't change, or drop, when something doesn't seem to work right or whatever, they don't just drop it. It's just like the wars across the Middle East around to Syria, they keep at it and come back quietly again until they build up and then it gets into… They can’ keep it quiet anymore. They never give up; they keep doing it.


But all the agendas are the same, all of them.I can remember reading books from the 1920s by some of the avant-garde communists in the West, in Europe.  They wanted to completely, and eventually it morphed into other organizations like the Frankfurt School and so on, who were very vocal about the complete destruction of the culture of the West was necessary, complete and utter eradication of its history and they would make people loathe themselves. And that's what's happened in the West.  Total war, you see.


But long before they were heard of, they were organizations that were loosely called communist at the time. But professions, the early professions were getting in on the act with psychiatry and psychology and behaviorism too where they said that they'd change everything, everything would be put up, anything which you accepted as normal had to be destroyed. Anything and everything. Including what men and women were. In the 1920s. Even later communists didn't want to even go along with that kind of thing back then.


But yeah, that was the idea. Girls only played with girl things because they are taught that by parents, you see. And boys only behave like boys because they are taught to be like that by parents. That was the mantra even then. All the way down to the present. Look how far it's got now, and in a sudden rush too. Again, since 9/11, the big rush. 


And you say, why would all that come from 9/11? Well, it's because that was the signal for the unleashing of it all for the 21st century. The century of change they called it, or transition. Same thing. Academia called it that, the coming century would be that century. We're in it and all that has to be fulfilled, you see.


It's astonishing to stand back and watch it. It really will isolate you from most of the public.  Because most of the public can't handle these kind of things, it's bad news to them. They'd rather go along to get along, rather than get upset. 


Many years ago I talked about even the New Age movement had been completely taken over and even called the New Age, it was called a different thing long before that when it was a bit more genuine. The New Age movement was really taken over and put to use by those who bring in the present system. And there's a reason for it. To destroy all that was, remember, to bring in the new. That was the idea too. 


But you're in the 21st century, the century of change and it's getting rammed really through with no vote from the public on anything. In fact, you've got an authoritarian system now which will admonish anybody, like a child by a schoolteacher if you just utter something that's forbidden, that wasn't forbidden long ago. If you can't ask, if a child can't ask things out of curiosity, you’re under tyranny. You're definitely under tyranny.  And you don't hammer the child to terrify them so that they never asked the questions again. Learning is a learning experience.  You have to have the experience of learning. And speaking. And asking. And calmly being instructed. That's what education was supposed to be. Not now. Everything is so politicized, and agenda driven.  You're looking at a really dangerous time which is meant to get much more dangerous very quickly if need be, too.  Because as I say, there's radicalized elements trained from even Junior school, radicalized to be angry and furious. And they're told what to hate.  And it's been drummed into them. If they ever get the power, or are given the power, they will go to work.


Just like you saw in the cultural Revolution in China where Mao Tse Tung had them all turn on the parents and the teachers to eradicate them. Because they were contaminated with old world ideas, old thoughts, old ways of doing things, old viewpoints and moralities.  Horror is what happens. And we have awfully good details of it from the old Soviet Union who went through it. The Soviet Union was to be used as an example for the rest of the world which they hoped at that time to promote across the planet.


But so much leaked out from these radicalized, and many of them foreign youngsters that were brought in for the revolution. They we're handed the pistols and who gunned down thousands, into eventually the millions of people because they were perhaps middle-class or perhaps didn't agree with them, or they couldn't be reeducated as they called it. You're seeing the same thing happened again, the same rhetoric being drummed into the potential terrorists. And that's what they'll be, if they're not already, under the guise, different guises, and you know who all them out there, the different guises they go under. Well it's just to save the planet or whatever it happens to be. You can see it all. So, what you’re looking at doesn't bode well at all. Never forget that.


As I say most people will just, it gets too tough for them they have to escape into fiction and tune out. Because truth is not easy to handle in this day and age, it really isn't. You won't find people around you generally who are eager to know it. Even if they're pretty ignorant of what's going on, that are wise enough to know what is going on when it comes to being politically correct, they know how to get along and to be left alone by allowing their updates to work. And you are, you're updated like a computer with new things all the time.


Now they call it self-policing by the way from the United Nations. I used to give the talks years ago on that, they would teach the public to self-police themselves.  And I thought, why are they gonna do that? Well, guess what?  [Alan chuckles.]   It's like the old talks I used to give on, say, Revelations which could be used like a blueprint down the road, and it's all here today. You've got plagues, pestilences. We have massive laboratories now and I gave the talks, where they create all kinds of insects which they let loose, aphids and other things on the crops, supposedly, around harvesting time. There's umpteen companies in Canada alone, and you can find them, they could breed all these different insects. There's nothing in Revelations today from the earthquakes to whatever that we can't do scientifically.


And when it comes to the other things too, where everyone in the family, remnants of destroyed families where they're all fighting each other, the children fighting the parents and the parents fighting the children, and the genders fighting each other and all that kind of stuff going on and on and on.  All described.  It's all been done through intense indoctrination. And mandated from the top. 


In all ages, I think Plato mentioned it too, that morality, the morality that you live through is simply that which is dictated from the powerful elite at the top. Nothing really comes from the grassroots without permission from the top. Anything which would upset a different agenda that the elite had written into stone, anything which threaten that would be immediately nipped in the bud.  So, when you see it promoted and allowed to go, it's being promoted from the top down, not the bottom up. Especially when it's a massive scale.


Remember, the system we're meant to go into is a system put out, again, and at least discussed by the Communists, who also adopted Technocracy, every side adopted Technocracy at one time in the 1920s and 30s, where experts should rule the world. The Club of Rome still promote the same thing today, with their books that are quite open about it, democracy would never work, it's too slow and cumbersome.  And when you have a big agenda to get things done you can’t have folk arguing and debating about it, when they know better than you how to do things, you see. That's the whole key, they know better than you, experts should just dictate to you and you obey and that's it. That's what it is. It's that simple.  And that you are an energy unit in Technocracy Inc. and you will basically consume so much energy per month according to your status, meaning your class.  And they're very class conscious, doesn't matter what terminology they want to use about it.  So was communism by the way.  [Alan chuckles.]   Everybody according to their needs, you know, [Alan chuckles.] you know, in their own little class. The hypocrisy of humanity is overwhelming, 'eh, with the saviors of society. 


You'll be allocated so many energy units per month.  A token is good enough for energy units, you see, money is just the same kind of, money is a token.  And now you know the Internet given to you by DARPA, you know, a big military organization, was meant to get you hooked on it until you start using it and become cashless and everything else. Then they did what Bertrand Russell said they would do, they start to punish you and withhold your, well, really now it's electronic tokens, isn't it?  They can punish you and bring you to your knees until you really comply and serve your time for being bad. But being antisocial... Social, you see, is whatever, again, the elite have dictated is social, and asking questions can be awfully antisocial to those who have power.  That's what we're going through now.


Names are awfully confusing and most folk really fall for the names of things. I used to always try to think by images because when something looks the same, smells the same, it generally is the same. Don't be fooled by changes of names. Don't be fooled by it. How could the Club of Rome, 'eh, for instance, and they had the same people at the top in the Club of Rome working for them and churning out their books on too many people, and too many of the wrong people is what they really meant, using up the earth's resources.  No, their resources are for themselves.


Oh, The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich and all that, you know, too many people. The same Malthusian concept.  Because this is a very old organization really with changes of names. But when they call themselves the Club of Rome, a massive think tank to help guide it all into being for all nations, and you don't vote for them of course, anything that matters you don't get a vote for.  The Club of Rome said that, that yeah, you'd have to be authoritarian and get you to do things. Well, it's astonishing that the same people in the Club of Rome, including Ehrlich's wife who was a board member of it, it's amazing that you hear about Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, as though they were the worst folk that ever lived on the planet. And yet everything that's being pushed today, authoritarian regimes where you'll obey experts and scientists, and even the elite businessman, that's your new governors, you see, isn't that the same thing? Don't get fooled by names.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, hm, it's that simple. It really is that simple.


And people do tend to, authoritarians do tend to go the same way and show the same signs and symptoms, just like a disease. And even the youth.  Well, the Communists had the red youth brigade. Same thing. Hitler came along with his Hitler Youth. The West had the same thing. We even, you take even, and I'm not kidding about this, even the Boy Scouts at one time under Baden-Powell, really were given all the new moral codes of obedience and obedience to your superiors. It's got the makings of the same thing, which can be snapped into a different direction at any time at all. Quite easily.


Youngsters who look up to the elders who give them direction, here's something that most folk don't think about but the big boys around the world certainly do.  Because they're always studying us, generation to generation, century to century.  But when they would destroy the family unit - that Pike talked about, and also the communist talked about, Marx talked about, isn't it amazing, it's always the same agenda - then the youngsters would have a craving, and excessive craving for guidance. 


And this is proven to be true over and over and over again. When you don't have, like a boy doesn't have a father figure, a good father figure who's strong and decent and... But strong, to be looked up to by a child, a boy especially, then he'll crave it, he’ll find it somewhere else. Either in a street gang as we know with all the studies by the FBI in the States, or they'll literally, along comes again the super Boy Scout, here's your uniform, let's go camping and we'll all rug it out together and we'll be all boys together, you see. And you can use that into a campaign for politics if you want to. Or you get the communist system.  Or you get with the communist youth brigade.  Or else, let’s use the Hitler youth, you know.


You're seeing names today with their black outfits on, youngsters, holding up traffic in different countries across the world. Where are they getting their money?  Some of them are getting brought in across Europe from country to country. Mobilized.  Big cash. And we know of course where they're getting their money, but you can't, you're not, you can't even say it.  You're watching the buildup to a terror. That's what you're seeing. And when they unleash, as they always said, the nihilists and the atheists, a revolution, you'll see repetition all right. Unfortunately.


I don't know if folk realize, this is serious stuff. Serious stuff. When governments aren't even attempting to stop it, it tells you it's mandated from the top. Even with the oil pipelines that have been on the go for years, all their debating about it from Canada to the States and so on, these big protests with the same groups across Canada.  Literally, the trains aren't even going south of me, they've all been stopped for about a week now by the same groups in protest of things. Just like they stopped stuff across England for their sustainability thing with their Extinction Rebellion.  M-hm.


You're seeing all the symbols everywhere too and folk don't even recognize them. Anyway, I wasn't even thinking of talking about any of this tonight but I just, I got so fed up with the media, with the obvious mind…, what you called mind…, it's like being punch-drunk.  Oh, believe this by experts. No, believe these experts over here.  Hm.  With the same qualifications and all that. Until you're supposed to just, oh, for goodness sake. 


When your own common sense says there are things going on that don't make any sense at all, as I say, you either have proper quarantine or you don't.  You can't have a bit of quarantine when it comes to lethal disease. You do it properly. And it's not new. It's been written in stone for national quarantine for pandemics and epidemics for years. Many years. But it's not being followed.


It's interesting too in the British papers they even had, I think it was, the bus drivers that are bringing some of the people who've been in some semi-quarantine and ships and so on back into Britain and elsewhere, and they're being driven in the buses.  And you see the health guys with their hazmat suits on, and the bus drivers don't even have masks on... bringing people who are potential carriers.  Well, where's that driver going after he drops off the people on the bus? 


This is incredible. You either have quarantine proper or you have none at all. There's no if or buts here. Which can tell you, if you’re running on your own mind, you're going to say, well, I guess they want it to spread after all then.  Or, you're left with the other possibility, they know at the time that it's not as serious as they say. Because you're left to speculate. Because of their silence. Of why they're being so sloppy.  It's not because they're stupid.


And that secrecy too, you see, there's books of out about people who are paid by big think tanks and even the CFR on conspiracy people and conspiracy theories and so on. And yet they all have to admit that the reason these things started in the first place is because of governments and government agencies, and they're so profuse these agencies today and so many of them, and multilayered, and so secretive they don't tell the public anything, which naturally feeds in a conspiracy. Of course it does. When you're not going to get told the reasons for anything at all, your mind can run riot. Of course it does.  We're played like children, really. And programed the same way.


Where am I going with all this stuff?  [Alan chuckles.]   The fact, as I say, you get fed up with the news. It's kind of pointless as you know. Politics doesn't appeal to me, never did. Because it's so obviously fake.  So obviously fake.  As I say, you don't have politicians now. You have personalities that are made personalities by massive star making machines. That's what does it.  That's exactly what does it.  Everyone at the top who was picked for it plays their role. You're given a role, just like a movie, and they play their hand in it. They're told what to say, right down to emotions and gestures and how to try and look sincere at times, or arrogant at times, or dominant at times. It's acting, it's basic acting. And the script writers write their scripts or their speeches.  But the real government is way above it.


That's why big organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs and Trilateral and so on, they talk all the time about governance. The don't say government, it's governance. Because really most of the governing that goes on is not from what you think of as government institutions.  Remember, the CFR came out years ago, maybe 10 years ago, I hardly remember, how time flies. In the articles they said that it was time for the big philanthropists and the rich businessmen, the movers and shakers, took their place in governing the world.


Well, I didn't see anything getting changed in the rules for voting and so on, I don't see their names appearing to vote for.  So, who's deciding these people should simply be overseers over us all without any input on our say at all, on even having them in the first place as governing us? We don't vote for them.  Most of the things that work over us and manage us, we don't get any kind of vote on.  Really.  But we're managed of course, we're definitely managed.


Getting back to Bertrand Russell and others talking about tokens for the public issued to everybody, like a universal wage. It would be used to control you. Like as I say, DARPA gave you the Internet.  Get you addicted to it, make sure there's, eventually phase out other ways to even pay with things, checks and so on, until all you've got is electronics. Then of course you lose your income. Exactly as Bertrand Russell said in fact, really. Because they decide what's antisocial, it's a list of things you mustn't say or talk about or inquire about. That's what that really is. And then you're punished.  You can't pay your rent, you can't buy your food, you won't have the money, everything's frozen. It's all happening, folks.


First get the folk on the net.  I mean, then that is the net, right, you're caught in a net. Fish inside a big net can just swim around its edges and so on, but it can't get out of it, you're stuck in it. It's also called the web. You're stuck on it like a fly on a spider's web. And all you can go on, even if you're strong enough to pull yourself along this sticky thing, it's along other strands of the same web, you can't get off it, of the web.  It's quite something isn't it.  The old 666, www, in another tongue of course.


Everything that was written about and published in books by the big culture creators, they created the culture for the future they would bring in right to the present time.  People in the 1920s and 30s and 40s and 50s designed every part of the cultural changes right up to the present, and there's more to come they decided back then too. Nothing happens by itself like that.  But we're at a very dangerous period today.


I'll just mention again too, George Orwell, who understood a lot of this because, remember, he was a died in the wool socialist. He'd been brought up in, his indoctrination at Eaton even into this, almost this communistic system.  Until he realized when he was fighting in Spain alongside the communists, and he was in a socialist organization, that he was on the list for extermination himself and he had to flee because the Communists would kill him. Up until then they were all taught that they were your friends, they were just the same as you, the Communists, you see.


And what were the Communists about? Authoritarian rule, expert rule, birth to death. Management of families, the kind of families. They even wanted to eradicate, initially, the family unit. Eventually it got so bad that Stalin had to eradicate and get rid of the woman.  He picked women to be the ones who would advocate not just abortion but marriage altogether, hopefully, they thought. But then they realized they weren't going to churn out any children, that they would have to have caretakers looking after them, such as, i.e. parents.  So, they had to reintroduce and start forcing it. So, they used it as a cultural weapon against the West. That's what we've had ever since.


But the real communists were in the West already, you see. The real communists. Communism is a tool, it's a term for a technique more than anything. Don't fall into the trap of thinking, well that's all gone now.  You'll see the same things today if you just look around you, with different names, and different reasons for implementing them. They always have reasons for implementing all these planned changes. But it's for the ones from the top.  You see, you're conquered, you've been through the revolution and most folk didn't notice. I've mentioned that many times before.


Now, I'll read this. This is by Peter Hitchens.  I read it a few weeks ago but it's worthwhile. I'll fit it in again to what I'm talking about. Because he also said the same thing I've been talking about for years, the same thing. He knows the same things too. Mind you, he was a Marxist. He came out of Oxford, I think it was like most of his generation, as literally indoctrinated Marxists.  Again, the University, Ivy League type University, obviously authorized from the top. He's talking about the system here.


Peter Hitchens: Britain's Been Changed Forever & Is "In the Foothills of a Catastrophe"

youtube.com / 2 Sept 2019


Peter Hitchens delivers an important and rarely heard monologue on the systematic infiltration of anti-British Marxists 


(Alan:  This goes for Canada the States and everywhere else.)


into the highest levels of British society. 


This has completely transformed Britain, British life & culture.


Since Blair came to power in 1997, these former Marxists have occupied positions of power in all critical areas of British life. They have revolutionised Britain -- it is no longer the country it once was:


"This is the really ridiculous thing about the modern West,


(A:  And it's so true, this, most folk miss it, they can't quite grasp it.)


"This is the really ridiculous thing about the modern West, we live in post revolutionary societies


(A:  You had a cultural revolution ala Gramsci.  It's interesting too, even that fella who won in the States there, Indiana, his father was the guy who translated Gramsci into English supposedly for the West and for the universities to teach [Alan chuckles.] indoctrination. I'm talking about Buttigieg.  It was his father or grandfather actually did the translation for the Communists. But anyway, that's another, this is off the topic here.  Getting back to this article here, it says...)


"This is the really ridiculous thing about the modern West, we live in post revolutionary societies and in most cases we don't even realise the revolution's taken place. It's been a Kierkegardian revolution in which all the buildings remain standing but everything which led to their being built and contributed to their design, and the whole society that supported them, has been wiped away.


And people walk around in it relatively prosperous thinking revolution must mean a red flag flying above the post office and the barraks and the railway station with commisars in the streets; it doesn't.


Modern left wing revolution means this, the policing of thought, the deadening of the academy,


(A:   ... that's education, which is just indoctrination now for social engineering and big policies.)


the lack of serious debate or understanding,


(A:  I'd add, the forbidding of serious debate.)


the suppression of disagreement,


(A:  Absolutely. I've always said you'll find the so-called liberal, the left, call it what you want, the Communists call the left, I think it was Khrushchev of the Soviet Union when he visited the US he was asked about the liberals and he says, oh we don't call the Communists of the West communists, we call them liberals. So even the terminology that they used for their agencies in the West were liberals. Left-wing, you know, liberals.)


…the lack of serious debate or understanding, the suppression of disagreement, and everybody accepts it and you're surrounded by it and there is no cure for it, it's all gone. Education is dead, the media is dead, it's almost unwatchable, most of what's put out now in particular on BBC television, it's almost impossible for an intelligent person to sit down and watch it. But luckily for them the number of intelligent, educated people is very small so they get away with it."


"[...] My advice to young people is to leave the country, and people laugh at me when I say it but I've never been more serious about anything in my life. And they ask where should I go, and I say I don't care where you go. The point about this country is, in the foothills of such a catastrophe it's not a good idea to wait around and find out what it's like."


Called "Eurocommunism", this policy renounced Soviet economic models but kept the key aims of transforming our society.


Tens of thousands of Marxists left the newly-expanded universities to enter teaching, journalism, the BBC, the law and, of course, politics.


Starting from the 1990s, they began to pop up in positions of importance. Peter Hitchens says that crucially his generation were deep inside what became New Labour


Communist/Marxists in Blair’s Cabinet include:


John, Lord Reid, Defence Secretary,

Bob Ainsworth, Defence Secretary,

Chancellor Alistair Darling

Stephen Byers, (outed by the Guardian in 1999 as a former supporter of the Trotskyists).

Peter Mandelson


Even Tony Blair himself revealed in a BBC interview that he had been a Trotskyist at Oxford in the 1970s


One of Blair’s closest aides , Peter Hyman, has confessed that New Labour was devised ‘to take and hold the levers of power... winning power and locking out the Tories to ensure that the 21st Century was a Labour century with Labour values’.


Don't forget, remember folks, that their definition of labor changes all the time, and their values.  Well, you're living through a whirlwind of change as they give you new values with new normals, of course you know that.  So that's one I read. But also, I just want to read this one too that I've read many times. It's from 1984…


Every record has been destroyed.


(A:  This is the system you're in and going into big time. The memory hole, right, of information. It's happening all the time on the Internet. This, all sites being pulled off.)


 “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed,


(A:  They've even pulled statues across the States down as you know.)


every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”


George Orwell - 1984.


That's what you really are going in with this technocracy idea of management by experts from birth to death. And the gradual, and it's more than just gradual elimination of the farce of politics. You're seeing the true system emerge of, again, authoritarianism. With new types of commissars. Not called commissars, they are called government agents.  The government really farmed off many of its real functions and obligations to private corporations, and even NGOs. Which again, turns into the Soviet system, rule by councils. 


Most folk don't care.  I'm well aware of that too. I'm not despondent by the way, I'm not really despondent about things. You might think it's depressing but if I was to be a cheerleader for the people most of the people don't really care. Just like Aldous Huxley talked about, most folk float through this, they're so soaked with entertainment, all kinds of free sex, without consequences, they think anyway. Even a universal basic income for many folks in this.  You know, they're quite happy a lot of them. So as Huxley said, the people will come to love their servitude. They won't object to it. I can remember Bill Cooper talking about this back in the 90s when he says, a lot of folk will come to love socialism, this true authoritarian type of socialism. It's another way of saying the same thing. But Orwell said, it's a servitude. Quite something though, isn't it.


Most folk don't know what they're even living through, all this stuff. They adapt to it. They even adapt opinions into their conversations. They adopt and adapt, adopt and adapt their opinions. All given to them. And because everyone else is using the same opinions, it could be contrary or even 180° from opinions from 10 or 20 years ago, even less in fact, and they adapt into it right away, you know. What they do is parrot, it's almost like the party lines, or Mao Tse Tung's Little Red Book.  I can remember the children and they'd show you on TV years and years and years ago, they didn't do prayers, their prayer was to Mao Tse Tung, their leader. You'd see all these little children with the red books and all waving and quoting from it in unison. That was their Bible. But that's what we’re living through today folks for those who don't quite know.


The media is so terrible now as I say with its political correctness of nonsense. An awful lot. What folk who act or sing do is not news to me. That's not news. That's replaced what news used to be. It’s what the so-called, they call them, celebrities are up to. I don't care what they're up to. They’re paid actors. They're really prostitutes of morality and prostitutes of culture and everything, in some of the roles that they portray to the public. They’ll do anything they're told for money and acclaim as they help destroy everything that was to bring in the new. That's the mantra, 'eh. 


All that was must be destroyed to bring in the new. Everything must be made new. Quite something.  I could go on and on and on, but I’ll just bore the folk. But no, I don't get despondent about it.  Because I understand it.  People years ago used to say, you know, can't you say something positive for the people? I said, I won't be, I can't be a cheerleader for the public.  I've always pushed individuality.  Everybody has to decide for themselves.  A little light goes on here, or over there, and a light, and a light, and that's how a light starts lighting up. But as soon as you get into a group someone's going to take it over and use it. Against the very things that you don't want to see happening. It happens all the time.


And yet you can't stop people or even complain about people that go off and join what you would call an enemy of mankind. Because you have no hold over them. If you… You have to let the people decide what they want to do themselves. But the danger comes when you see these organized mobs being radicalized, and they’re furious and angry.  They've had this indoctrination from as I say junior school intensified, intensified and intensified. And you don't see anybody pulling all their social media off and taking away from them, do you? It's authorized from the top. This doesn't bode well for things yet to come.


But people do make their own decisions. And that's the best you can do. In every generation there's always a few come through with some knowledge.  Who, don't have an axe to grind or some benefit to get personally off things. Who, pass it on.  And it's always the few that pass it on to the next bunch and the next bunch. That's how it's always been.  The rest of it is manipulation through the mob action, used by the ones that you think you're fighting, or the ones you're against. There are no dummies running the world here. The ones above you have, ha, countless think tanks at work against every thought that you might come up with for yourself.


And you know it's going on. A lot of folk know, they know what's going on. But they feel helpless against it, you see. That's another big thing too. And sometimes you have to go through, as I say, the valley of death, don't you?  That's the old saying, that's what it means. You know that you're going to go into it, you know it's going to be horrible, and all you can do is, hopefully you're strong enough to go through it. It's the best you can do.


Because the real, the real movements in this world, are your hands.  The whole so-called alternative movement for news and so on at one time was good, it had a brief burst. I said you'd get maybe 20 years max, even less actually, back in the 90s I said you'll get maybe 20 years as they conditioned folk to use it and get rid of all other means of communication and even books and paper and all the rest of it. And once they take it over, then they'll start taking all your rights away from you, when you're addicted to it, you see.  But most folk would be so addicted to it by then, even when the rights are taken away, they'll just adapt into the new system of that too. I gave these talks in the late 90s and it’s happening exactly that way.


Nothing’s given to the public that might give you power.  [Alan chuckles.]  Believe you me.  [Alan chuckles.] The ones who think they're getting power are the radicalized ones that's authorized to be the new rebels and revolutionary army. That's what you're seeing. Unfortunately. With many faces and many supposed front causes but it's all the same thing run by the same people at the top.


As I say, down through the ages that's what you get.  Somebody comes along, there's always a few who pass it on. And the big, big ones that you follow by the way, are like multinational corporations the size of them, that pretend they're just grassroots and so on, to lead everybody. In other words, you've got authorized movements, the authorized speakers, and anti-globalist speakers there.  But you'd be surprised really that it's nothing like it used to be.


There used to be dozens of alternate radio stations that were even, you know, medium wave, FM, and shortwave, all been put under by the ones that are left. I mean, did you hear me, by the ones that are left.  So, you don't have all this variation of people who were the experts, the real experts that opposed things in a genuine fashion. They've all been knocked off, put under deliberately and you're left with a kind of fake system of pretense in its place.


The enemies of liberty are hunting in packs. That is why we must band together and fight for free speech - dailymail.co.uk / 22 Feb 2020


You also find that lots of things that are happening with the fears of financial crashes, the rumors of wars, the plagues and pestilences and all the rest of the things we're getting hit with today. You've got the repetition, so much repetition always happens. Remember what the elites say, what their favorite saying is, how can we use this crisis to our advantage? And, never let a good crisis go to waste.  There were members of the Council on Foreign Relations came out before the dust had fallen on the towers on 9/11, I'm not kidding you, saying that very thing. I've got all this old stuff here, I've always kept it, the actual newspaper news articles. Because that doesn't go down the memory hole.


But this article hit me too, everything is repetition.  What you do when you get a plague? Well let's kill the chickens in China.  Then US companies get the contracts to restock them. That's big business. So…


After Mass Chicken Cull, China Approves Live Poultry From US

zerohedge.com / 17 Feb 2020


The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of China has approved the import of live chickens from the US after farmers across the country were ordered to cull tens of millions (A:  ...tens of millions, right…) of chickens because of the Covid-19 outbreak.


I remember they did the same thing when Bill Clinton was in and one of his main supporters at the time was Tyson. They came out with, oh, there was a bird flu going through, oh it must be coming from the chickens in China and Hong Kong. And Tyson got the contract then too. It's great, it's astonishing how they keep repeating the same things, 'eh, isn't it?  Just coincidence though, it's just coincidence. There you go. So, I'll put that up too. I'll also put up...


VIA Rail cancels trains across Canada, CN shuts down Eastern Canada network amid pipeline protests - ctvnews.ca / 13 Feb 2020


…that no one will move them off actually. It’s just, again, coming from the top.  Obviously.  Isn't it? Isn't it amazing?


Researchers finally get access to data on Facebook’s role in political discourse - sciencemag.org / 13 Feb 2020


Again, it took 20 months longer than planned to do this sort, this particular survey by this group. But they've got all this data coming out with 30 million URLs from Facebook or something, that Facebook was selling or sharing with big corporations. It took at least a couple years to accumulate all this information on it.


Facebook fought to keep a trove of thousands of explosive internal documents and emails secret. They were just published online in full. - businessinsider.in / 6 Nov 2019


But it doesn't make any difference. These articles don't mean anything now. Because how many repetitions do you need from Facebook or Google or anybody else for that matter?  Most folk are now immune to these stories because they're used to it. It means nothing to most folk. They continue to use it all. They really do.


And you can help them. I mean, and you can't force them. If I had the ability to force them, I wouldn't do it. You can't do that. You must make the people make their own decisions, or their own destiny, even if it's ill-fated.  You have to allow that. That's individuality.  Also, one of the maps on the coronavirus, the map data and timeline that's been put out.


Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline - bnonews.com / 1 Mar 2020


These are meaningless too with the present state of affairs when you're supposed to be terrified of it, and they'll tell you it could be a dripping nose, or maybe no symptoms at all. Which one do you want to believe, when they claim folk are dying in China and elsewhere? All from the top, from the same sources, folks, or people working in the same big organizations giving you totally opposing viewpoints. Which, it puts you in a numb state and you just give up trying to follow it. That's the whole point, they don't want you to follow it. And eventually you'll take, when they'll give you the third idea that you must accept, you'll just accept it. It will be very simplistic and what makes sense, but you will adopt it, because it will be the official opinion eventually. They'll say this is the stamped official final opinion and that's what you go with.  I've watched this for so many years.


Whistleblower doctors say coronavirus reinfection even deadlier - nypost.com / 19 Feb 2020


Dramatic surge in UNTRACEABLE clusters of coronavirus cases around the world - dailymail.co.uk / 22 Feb 2020


A couple of other articles on and it again. I don't really, I'm not going to get worried about it at the moment because as I say, we don't have enough data to go by. Except, nothing makes sense.  As I say, if every nation and its professionals know how to stop plagues happening, you do not bring contamination into a healthy population. That's the first law of national quarantine. They know that. 


If it was that deadly and it's new and they don't know how it's going to end up, if it's going to jump and become more virile and deadly or what, because it's new... What they're doing doesn't make sense, unless they completely understand this and they knew about it long beforehand, and had it well studied. Which leads to other areas of thought of course, which are all taboo.  But anyway, that's all I'm going to talk about tonight because otherwise I'll be going on for ages.


But don't worry about things. You really don't get panicked about things. There's so much in the world that you can't, you really can't prepare for, you can't manage. You truly are living as a kind of dependent, as semi-dependent in a system that's got you by the you know what's.  And you can only do what you can control around your own little immediate area for yourself and as best as you can.


But don't worry and fret about things because your whole life whether you like it or not, past, present and future is going to be controlled in similar ways, through fear. You see, you don't get peace to be happy for too long in this system. If you did, you'd then start objecting when the authoritarians start to demand more and more from you.  You'd say, oh no, I'm not going to, no way. So, they keep you stampeded like cattle so you can’t graze in the field and start to enjoy the sunshine and the grass. That's how it's done. Very simple.  That's how you're managed.


But with plagues and pandemics and everything else, the abuser, remember, abuses you with his, oh, threats of everything. And the abused, you are the abused, authoritarians are the abusers, your governments, you turn, the abused, you, turns towards governments and says save us, save use. Simple technique, isn't it?  Very simple. Save us. Okay, but you know you've got to give up more and more freedoms and rights… and you've got to do what you're told. And so on. That's how simple it is, isn't it? How simple.  It doesn't have to be very often totally brutal and physical. Although they can use that if they lose control. Naturally, they always do. But the rest of it is just always the threat of it. And that generally is good enough for most folk.


So don't worry as I say you can only control and do what you can, to control the little bits around you for yourself.  That which you can manage, you manage as best you can.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, I wish you all the best, and it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


Topics of show covered in following links:


Facebook fought to keep a trove of thousands of explosive internal documents and emails secret. They were just published online in full.

businessinsider.in / 6 Nov 2019


Researchers finally get access to data on Facebook’s role in political discourse

sciencemag.org / 13 Feb 2020


VIA Rail cancels trains across Canada, CN shuts down Eastern Canada network amid pipeline protests

ctvnews.ca / 13 Feb 2020


After Mass Chicken Cull, China Approves Live Poultry From US

zerohedge.com / 17 Feb 2020


Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline

bnonews.com / 1 Mar 2020


Whistleblower doctors say coronavirus reinfection even deadlier

nypost.com / 19 Feb 2020


Dramatic surge in UNTRACEABLE clusters of coronavirus cases around the world

dailymail.co.uk / 22 Feb 2020


The enemies of liberty are hunting in packs. That is why we must band together and fight for free speech

dailymail.co.uk / 22 Feb 2020


Peter Hitchens: The British Revolution WAS Televised (but few realised...)





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