March 1, 2020 (#1763)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

"THE AGENDA Bounds Forward, Elites 'Sigh with Relief'

As Frightened Public Retreat into Shocked Disbelief."

© Alan Watt Mar. 1, 2020

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

 There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 1, 2020.  I hope everyone’s hanging in there throughout these crazy times because we truly are going through amazing times really.  And the chaos that's being promulgated across the whole planet is quite something to live through. When you realize you're living through history and you've been living through the preludes to this particular history for many years, through different articles that have popped out here and there and all the rest of it, oncoming plagues and pandemics and all that kind of thing.


At the same time, you watched God knows how many movies on pandemics and plagues and viruses. I think one of the first ones that became a big hit, they had plenty before it mind you, was one that Dustin Hoffman was in years ago. And then a whole bunch of them jumped on the bandwagon and help to terrify everybody into being very very very afraid of things.


Then of course on top of that you have other kind of releases amongst the news articles.  You get releases on the occasionally, it's getting less now because it was so tightened up for quite a few years now, the whole new system. But you used to get releases of interesting stories in fact, on government agencies in wartime modes and post-wartime modes, working in biowarfare fields.  Big business and a big area too.  I don't think there's a country out there, a nation out there that's not testing out different kinds [Alan chuckles.] of diabolical things to destroy mainly the human population. Only they also had ways to destroy the domestic animal population for farming that is, and long-term warfare agendas. All published stuff and declassified stuff a lot of it. And a lot of it more recent in fact, hm, by again, it would sneak out into the newspapers about different countries even going further with ethnically designed biowarfare kind of viruses, etc.  


And it really does stop me.  You stop and say wait a minute, you know, something's really wrong with this all here where we will allow this kind of thing to go on. I think we all grew up, at least my generation grew up with the idea that there was a kind of right and wrong even in warfare. Naïve to an extent too because warfare is vicious. The whole point of warfare, physical warfare is to kill [the] enemy. And the enemy is whoever those who control your regime, otherwise your government, same thing, want it to be. And governments don't serve the people.  Personally, I don't think they really ever have served the people for an awful long time.


I learned the hard way again growing up and looking at things and wanting something to believe in naturally, only to realize that most of what they were giving us for history was bogus, really. Back then in fact in nations like Britain, the UK, you had this idea, we are all really the same, we're the same people and all that, which is a great thing if you want them all to rally together for war. 


And Britain depended upon war for centuries in fact that this strange entity, let's call it an entity, called Britain, they depended on war for conquering nations.  To civilize them, you understand. I mean, they didn't want a profit or anything. But really a clique in London, this oddball London system in the City of London with its big square-mile of banks and all that, really dominated a good part of the world for one long time, one period, a long time. 


They had their big obelisk there too, you know, brought from Egypt.  Their version of Cleopatra's type needle.  The one in France as well.  One in Rome too.  Those who rule the world set them up as a very old, old form of power.  Most folk don't even figure out what they are. They really, they have a hard time figuring out what it is.  But that's where the power is. It's a type of phallic symbol. Which comes out of the earth, and you’re born of the earth. A very old, h-hm, oh how will I put it? system that governs the world.


You get different stories and different nations in history about the same story, really, of a kind of an adamic figure who really, his job is to plow the earth, to work for a dominant group above him. Adam of course was from the earth. But yet the phallic symbol is also those who control the earth. The idea, [Alan chuckles.] when you see it on the earth, you don't realize it's meant to come from the earth, going up, pointing upwards, in defiance of the godhood. That's what it is. Well, that's a whole long story and it's easy to talk through it.


But what you're seeing is a very old system as I say, that controls all nations. All nations are controlled.  And all nations have people in it, in every generation, who are susceptible to being bought over and to work for it. And get handsomely paid and rewarded for it.  That's the truth of it. And we know some of the organizations, there are quite a few of them.


The most commonly known ones as I've said before from their own records is the Council on Foreign Relations for America and Canada, and they have branches across the world too including the Pacific rim group. But they all belong to the big parent company the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  That used to be [Alan chuckles.] really, a secretive society. So much so that Winston Churchill came out in a speech in parliament, he was so fed up with an organization that was running what he called the British Empire of his day, them bringing the war by setting up the process for having a war.


Like the one that they'd had in South Africa for instance, where they goaded the people, they attacked the Boers in South Africa, this group that went in.  The Rhodes group as well, Cecil Rhodes was part of it too. And the Rhodes group, the ones that he employed, they were really, they attacked the Boers to get the war going.  Then they had a reporter with them who immediately, it was a woman who immediately wrote the story up that it was preplanned, and I think she probably prewrote it, about the British settlers were being attacked and so on. And that justified getting troops in. It was all prearranged. You must always appear to have the semblance of right on your side, we did nothing wrong, etc.


Because the first casualty of any war is truth, as you know. And it's generally the truth to their own people. At one time growing up you had a semblance, although you didn't know at the time, but a semblance of a kind of fakery of a system that kind of bound you together. The real culture of the people was the people themselves, that was the real culture. Not the one they gave you from the top down. It was the real culture from the general population that helped each other in times of crisis before there was a welfare system or unemployment system, you know, unemployment money compensation and so on, you didn't have that kind of thing.


And people really did have to after World War II, and they had that all through World War II, but they helped each other out, the ordinary people. They'd still had their petty differences and they had a bit of criticizing of each other, yeah, that's human nature, you know. But when it comes to the sharp, people would bang together and help each other in basic ways. To pay even the rent. Most folk in Britain really didn't own their homes.  In this Great Britain.  They live hand to mouth, that was really the way it was.  But the thing is, there was still a sense of right and wrong which came from the culture itself.


But today, it's all been thrown overboard in fact and the culture and the people have been condemned I think to go the way the dodo bird. That's my personal opinion by watching it and watching across Europe too.  It's verified too by speeches given by very important and wealthy people giving the same thing out, that that's the way that they want it to be. 


We're always run by a dominant minority, which makes a sad sad statement on the past again because there's always been a dominant minority, as Aldous Huxley mentioned.  And he should know because he was on the fringes of the higher group. He was definitely a scientist, or he belonged to the scientific group that serve the Masters, the dominant minority above him. But he also knew that you could always kind of give a kind of fake, a fake past and history to the general public so they'll grow up thinking that they're good people and everything they've ever done across the world was always for the better, the greater good as they say.  That's it.


And I don't think Britain is an exception in this kind of thing. It's the same, it's always been the same, there's always been empires. There's always been the same people who ran the empires, for those who don't know that. Empires are started off with money. It takes a lot of money to get even a fleet of wooden ships together to have a Navy. To go off and doing some piracy, etc. But it took money to do all that.  So, you need money people, and the folk who know how to create money, the magicians if you like.  Then they have to be rewarded, those who give out money, by more more money coming back into their coffers. Then the whole thing just takes off and you create an empire across the world.


Where Britain at one time too, I think it was even shown, you don't see it in many movies, but it was even shown in a good movie called The Thuggee.  There's a brotherhood in India of crooks and criminals, thieves, but they were a real brotherhood with their own passwords and all the rest of it and they work together to plunder the wealthy. But in the movie version they do show you that the commissioners that were sent out from Britain to different parts of India would work with the Indian counterparts who were really part of the nobility, and who'd always lived off the taxes of the people, and Britain had done the same of course really or those who rule Britain.  So, they had a pact with India that they'd all, they'd both together rather than fight each other they would both just keep taxing the general population with goods, trading and all the rest of it. That's how it was done.  And they called India the jewel in the crown.


But as I say, don't look at Britain is being any worse than anybody else.  Because when you see today what's happening...  I mean, [Alan chuckles.] India's expanding, for those who don't know it.  India has ordered submarines, nuclear submarines. Wants six of them I think, apparently.  I don't know if they're all nuclear but some of them are. And Trump of course is out there selling more and more jets and other equipment to them as well. But India also has its BioLabs like every other country. 


There are no good people in the world when it comes to a system of money and power.  Psychopaths always always always rise to the top in such a system.  Psychopaths can rationalize any kind of cruelty and any kind of misery they cause. It's always because it was justified, it's for the greater good, etc. etc. As they plunder nations and leave them burned out and dry in famine or whatever it happens to be, they can always somehow try and rationalize it to themselves.


As they say, unfortunately so many people are willing to help them. And people from the general culture, the bottom classes too are willing to help them. The British Army had no problem recruiting people in, say, from World War I onwards basically. They had so many unemployed, always, they always keep a good amount of unemployed for the military. And young guys go off, never dreaming what I've been talking about tonight, that perhaps your governments and the system that really runs the system, behind the system, is nefarious and nasty.  They would never join up otherwise. They really think they're somehow on the right side of whatever and they're doing the right kind of thing. I think that's really how it works.


Sometimes of course in the military you do have, the Cold War is a good example, everybody had seen how totalitarian the Soviet system was and the mass slaughter it had, to wipe out a whole class of people and intelligentsia too, that Trotsky boasted about, and other ones in the government boasted about, and they replaced with their own intelligentsia you might say.


Well, everybody saw that and the horrors that were inflicted upon people, incredible managed famines.  They caused famines and they managed the famines.  The Soviet Union was even selling a lot of the wheat and the corn and so on from the Ukraine, the breadbasket at the time, as the people in Ukraine were starving to death. A horrible thing, millions of them, over 6 million, I think 6-7 million of them died.  And there's lots of even footage of the horrors that were caused there by the Soviet system.  And the Soviet system always, or communism always is to destroy the farming community.  It's interesting, I could go much deeper into why the farming community is hated by the groups at the top of such a system, that's another story again.


But anyway, in the Cold War in the military in the West the ordinary guys in the military really felt they were all doing the right things and so on. Because it was so obvious, to them. They didn't have an awful lot at home either. And by the way, the Soviet system [Alan chuckles.] because it was so obvious it was totalitarian, and it's all run by set of bureaucracies and very… there was no humor in it at all, that's how it was always portrayed to the West.


It was rather evident that Britain was letting up a bit and giving a little bit more rights and freedoms, and cash, a little bit, even to the lower classes and so on and the middle classes for the first time. So that was one good thing that came out of it.  Because you have to keep the punters at home, as they say, happy as well, you see. You can't point to an enemy and say look how bad they are, when you're doing the same thing yourself and you keep them in poverty.  So that's why for the first time, eventually, and not a lot of money either but just enough to be a bit better fed perhaps, live in a better rental accommodation rather than the dumps you had before.  As I say, people served happily into the military because of the guise that you're doing the right thing and you’re protecting your nations and so on.


But once the Cold War ended a whole different scenario took place where literally, and I knew it too, I saw all the documentation for future wars to do with special forces.  And they would deploy these, not the old special forces either because the old special forces still had a lot more morality involved.  The new special forces would be more, um, a very atheistic type who literally would serve the paymaster, more psychopathic if you like, and they were giving the tests for it too.  They would be the rapid deployment forces that would be sent across the world in wars that were never declared, you see. They've been doing it that way ever since.


Lots of the other ones too, from these particular types of forces become mercenaries. We saw that with Iraq and Blackwater and other companies too that were involved in supplying troops and mercenaries. Some that were dressed up like characters from movies, with the guns strapped on both legs and all the rest of it, and basically a menagerie you might say, of different types of exotic almost semi-mythical Hollywood characters. Even cartoon characters in some of them.  All dressed to kill basically.  And they were given a free hand to do that to an extent.  There were really horrible things that happened, that will never be forgotten by certain segments in the West, put it that way.


So, what I'm saying is, the past is something else. We are kept naïve. And it's not so bad, not so bad to be kept naïve if they got enough to back it up to you, like you live in a good country, you have rights and we are looking after the country. That's another thing too. I think the people who went through the Cold Wars were absolutely, if you had the foulest concoction ever to dump on the public after it, I think that was done, and it's still being done, to be honest with you.


And the ordinary folks certainly were not empire builders by any means. They had been devastated with two world wars, and then the Korean War and other wars as well on the go. And the Boer war before the first world war. Continuous wars really as they were setting up this thing called the Empire. And the public were left with the bills for it all. We paid for it all.  The money went to the people who owned the City of London. And they owned the banks. That's where the money went.  They got all the money from the resources and everything else that came out of it. 


The people are always… So, governments are awfully handy for passing on the tabs for the private enterprise sector and handing it on to the general public, the bill, for maintaining it and building it all and policing it all and using the military and so on. That's the reality of life. 


But there are no exceptions here.  I can remember some of the horrors, and there were some horrors done, no doubt about it, by the Empire system. Lord Kitchener was the main troubleshooter, when any trouble started up in any country they were ruling they sent for him. And he was ruthless with the old martial law plan, you know.  I think it was one out of, I can't remember if it's one out of every five people in line that was to be suddenly pulled out in a village or town and shot immediately, no trial and that was it.  That's how it was done. If the troops themselves rebelled that would be the same thing for them. One out of every I think maybe five, I don't know, I can't remember. But there was a book on that, what you would do under martial law.  That's how they kept order, by terrifying the public with death, you see. And if you can't win the hearts over of people that you want to be subservient to you, then you simply terrify them.  Very simple methods. And these are still used today, even by our own governments terrifying us, you see.


After 9/11, the whole 9/11 deal I will never go along with what they talk about, the causes of it. Never ever.  You can accept one or two screw ups in anything. You might get away with that with the plausibility factor of a small margin. But when you have supposedly one, two, three, four, five screw ups all at once, of well-rehearsed scenarios to deal with the events but they happen anyway...  No, you can't let that go. You can't, you can't, you can't, folks.  Sorry.


But the first thing they did, and I've said this before, with 9/11 was come out with the man on the street interview, you know, the typical ones they pick, and they only show you on the little newsreels on TV and so on, the ones that said the things they wanted you to say.  Like, would you give up your freedoms and your rights for security and safety? That was the question asked, you see. Television and the newspapers, all the same.  Like, why is this suddenly… What is so suddenly… Why do they all have to go on about… This wasn't just in one country; this was across the board. Planned, orchestrated of course.  Of course, it was.


Then they come back with, well the majority of people... Well, you know, we might give up some personal freedom and rights for security and safety. You see. And that's how they get people to just go along with it initially. Under a war mode and you think, well maybe it's going to be temporary. It's as temporary as your wartime temporary tax, the war tax which is still with us today. 


The world is ruled, you have to understand, it's ruled. The rulership and the way the rulership views the present time, and the future which they are going to continue to rule, is vastly different than how you're taught if you're a peasant in your own country to behave and what to think. It's vastly vastly different.  You must be kept naïve. You must believe in the myth, you know, the foundation myths that they give some countries.  And if you do that, you're a good citizen. If you ask questions, you're a nuisance.


Well, 9/11 as I say, was the kickoff for that, until, yes wherever you go now you're going to get IDed, you're going to have your irises scanned.  I can remember the basic stuff. And again, homeland security came into being, you know. Homeland security. With incredible powers. And folk still sing songs about being the land of the free and the home of the brave and so on. Isn't it amazing how you can adapt and adapt? As I say, if you have the same songs sung and the same flags waving, you still think you're in the same system. You don't realize it's not.  [Alan chuckles.]   The system uses the symbols to keep you under hypnosis. 


But it's a completely different system. Completely different than the people who lived in the times before that happened. And with the next part of crisis, you see, again, fear, if you can’t keep the people, the peasants, if you can win the love of the peasantry, even if you're in an empire building stage, then you must terrify them. Like Kitchener did. 


Kitchener's record, with all of his medals and everything else that probably weighed down a whole one side of his chest, were enormous, massive awards and so on for what he did. And yet they had to keep his record under lock and key for 100 years for the official secrets act. Because of how he really was, what he did to earn those models. Think about it. And that's the reality. Just terrify the people. Nothing really has changed.


I said before, if you want planned change, and this is what we are living through is planned change, with the timetables to implement different parts of the big agenda, even the agenda for the 21st century is 100 years. With many things to be implemented during that hundred years.  The climate thing is part of it too.  And the 2030 and all that, it's all part of the same thing.  And the things that must be accomplished.


And the people who go along with it, really, and have most say in it all are all paid to do so.  If you really think that, everybody suddenly is going crazy to save the world and the climate...?  Yeah definitely a lot of youngsters have been brainwashed through schooling to be almost an army, a kind of an Orwellian and I mean Animal Farm Army where they've got all the slogans, that's all they do is they spout slogans, they don't know how to speak. With rage and fury. And hate. And it's all being, you know, really pushed and festered into them. Very carefully. And they'll be a ruthless army. But they're not the bosses of it.  They're just almost nihilists, as I say, they're nihilistic types.  And that's the danger in all of this because nihilism ends up creating slaughters in history as we well know from past experiences.


Now, with the plague and all the rest of it happening with the coronavirus, or Covid 19 as they want to call it, you have this part of it, the terror part, you see, more terror.  Obviously, it will have a better effect than 9/11 had. Don't forget, 9/11 was a Pearl Harbor event supposedly according to the guys who published articles before it who ended up in the government when it happened. That's what they needed; they needed a Pearl Harbor event to get the public on board with it.


But it was pretty small when you think about it. One place in a whole massive nation was attacked. A few thousand of the folks were killed, absolutely. Immediately. And others as well I'm sure even up to the present day with asbestosis, the massive clouds of asbestos going across the city in New York.  But you think about it, the whole world pretty well was changed because of that, that one thing, that one place being attacked. And every country in the Five Eyes as they called it jumped right into it, like they were all waiting, bomf, to jump right into it.


They had the same agendas... Oh, your passengers must be screened too, everybody going through the airport. And airports had to buy these, it's great business, the weapons industry, because they also own the scanners and things too and x-ray machines that you get x-rayed with at the airports. Until folk, again, adapt and adapt and adapt.  Well you know, they can see me naked basically through the scanners, but it's all for the greater good, you know. And on and on and on. And then they still come up with the same stuff, you live in the best country in the world. And they sing songs about being free and all that.


And this one, with a virus, something so tiny that people… And this is the beauty of it too in a macabre way, it's designed to be a quiet killer. You can't fend it off with a cricket bat or something or a tennis racket, it's such a tiny thing. That's why it's so successful really. A lot of people are completely unable, completely unable to imagine how lethal it is and how efficiently lethal this thing is. This is very efficient, this thing.  There's a whole bunch of exposés that’ve come out of course from all countries including China on the makeup of this thing with the different parts of different viruses that seem to be, kind of managed to come together with a little help, hm, and to be awfully lethal.  And even tricking certain cells in your body to turn on and off different enzymes to make it more susceptible to take over in its loading dose basically and be successful.


So here you have something so tiny, we don't even have the towers coming down with psychic driving repetition, boomf, boomf, over and over for days and days and days the same things over and over and over until everybody got the message and had nightmares about it. With the virus idea, you're just given, you're given all the stuff from China, silent streets, you're seeing the horrific beatings of some people who've gone onto the street without face masks on, things like that. But it's almost like a movie, it's like a disaster movie. The streets are empty in some places, just empty sometimes.  A martial law scenario basically, everything comes to a stop.


That's again a form of driving it home.  So, the West had pictures of that, repetition again, from really the last couple of months now. And now they'll start implementing the strategies to deal with it here and elsewhere too. Now that they've had enough psychic driving, you see, and terror to get through to even the simplest of us, an idea that there's something lethal stocking around, and you can't fight it yourself, so the authorities go into action. Just like 9/11. But these are the specialists that will deal with it etc., etc.


The message of course is be very, very afraid. Because I've noticed that in China, when it came out in China initially, and it really was out there early on. I'm sure even when Bloomberg, I'm sure even when Bill Gates was putting out his desktop model scenario of a coronavirus killing millions of people, back last year, about the same time maybe at the end of that month, I'm sure that this coronavirus was already making its way in reality.


But we see the same scenarios where you had denial in China, put a good face on it. Oh, it could be just like a common flu, most folk get it and it will be a little snuffle and so on. Now we're getting the same nonsense of herd management, pacify the simpletons, that's the people, and keep them happy. We're getting the same stuff unleashed here, from the rulebook, this is what you do, tell them these lies first, you see, and keep them happy and working and all the rest of it and keep the economy going.  Then if it gets worse, you'll deal with that as it happens. You'll have areas around big intakes, or big numbers appearing of the flu in certain areas, in the maps they call it spotted areas or spotty areas. You'll have the military doing quarantines and maybe even checkpoints and things like that too.


China did the same rulebook as we are doing today. It's the same kind of thing. And they're unrolling it in Canada and the States and elsewhere. The US military at least has their military magazines and they publish the fact that they're mobilizing for it all.  And in Canada you're still going through ministries, ministries, that's where Orwell loved his Ministries of Truth and Ministry of Information.  Everything in our free society goes through a Ministry of Information.  So, you’re dependent on that for any news at all.


But I'm sure myself and many other folks have noticed it too, the rulebooks for especially viral pandemics and epidemics are very clear that you protect the healthy, you protect the healthy by not introducing into your population the possible infected subjects. To keep the healthy ones clear. If you don't do that, you're negligent. Beyond negligent, you know, it's actually should be treasonous I think, to be honest with you.


We watched every rule in the book, we've watched every rule in the book being thrown out the window, with flights still coming and going, back and forth, back and forth and the whole thing. Even though they kept telling us it's a new coronavirus and we don't know how it will behave because of that.  Therefore, it's potentially very lethal. That's the first rule, you see, you go by until you find otherwise.  But we haven't found otherwise so far, you see.


And rather than little sniffy noses and so on, it's hitting, we know it's hitting certain populations worse than others. It's hitting males worse than females. And it's hitting the elderly pretty nastily, really rotten. And the young people too, who had it, from China, as I said last week, said that they thought they were dying. Not just with the lung filling up with fluid and crushing the alveolar tissue so you can’t get the exchange of oxygen. But the joint pains and everything, terrible joint pains amongst the fever too that they experience.  It was not like a little sniffle at all.


Now here's another thing too, I think people don't really realize this. I was going through, like many people I'm sure, all the different records you can find on public health for the West. And a lot of the Western countries including Canada and the States, I think don't put you down as dying from the flu if you die from pneumonia caused by the flu. You see what I'm saying? Everything's almost legalistic the way they put it down on their records. 


I can remember too with the H1N1 virus, because of the cost of testing people, eventually they said in the paper, and I was on the air doing talks every day about this kind of stuff at the time.  I remember it quite well. Eventually the CDC for the States and the Department of Health for Canada just told doctors to put everybody who came in as a probable, probable flu case, even if it was a cold you had, and that's how they got the statistics from.  Really. 


In the States and Canada, they've got these probables, you see, probable ones. The probables could also be a different kind. The only confirmed ones, that are getting confirmed, are by using the tests. And very few get the test, you see. So, it tells you there's an awful lot more of this flu probably out there too, way more than they're telling you. And I'm not saying this to terrify people, it's just common sense. And in some places, they haven't tested at all yet amongst their populations. So yeah, you can't go by what they're telling you at all.  When they say now that they're finding cases that they can't trace to people coming into the country, carrying it with them and passing it on.  But people who are inside your own countries are spontaneously getting it. Well, that would tell you that it's all through your society already. Obviously.


So the ones at the top are making hay out of this and they will continue to make hay because it's, I think it's the second stage as I’ve said before, into the new ordered society where you can't go on like before. They are already bringing in the climate into this.   Oh, climate control and climate catastrophe, and again, overpopulation is the big one with the ones at the top too.  Remember, I think it was Prince Philip and all his different wildlife programs and so on, organizations that he was head of, as I say the Sierra Club, the whole thing was about too many people, folks, if you haven't figured that out. Hiding behind the sustainability thing for animals and so on. And they grab the best land across Africa, the best farming land. For those who don't quite, have never caught on to that.


Prince Philip was quite open about the needed culling of big parts of the population.  He spoke about it openly, and he got his knuckles rapped when he talked in front of a camera about it sometimes. But he's not the only one. And if he were an animal, he'd come back as a virus and kill the people and so on, that was in one of his books, that was ghostwritten for him I'm sure. 


But you've got to understand, these are the people at the top that the guys like Julian Huxley served. And Julian was the trans-humanist, you know.  Trans-humanist, meaning the proper specialist, the super people would be godlike, and they would be presented to you like the hidden masters of the theosophy almost that would come forward at the right time.  They would be made into superstars by the big machinery, the star making machinery, and be businessmen and so on. But you'd see them as somehow intelligent stars and you should obey them. And the Council on Foreign Relations said it in their own magazines a few years ago, it's time for the philanthropists to come forward and help take their place in governance, meaning rulership of the world. What amazing times we're living through.


Most folk don't know. But it will be interesting to see how far this thing goes. I spent a few days actually going through old articles and declassified biowarfare books and so on. But nothing's really changed in it. You never tell the public the truth. Biowarfare is meant to be used on the public without the public being aware that it's happening to them. It also meant to, how you could even release chemicals into foods and waters and God knows what else on target populations, it isn't just a matter of releasing bacteria and viruses. And this kind of thing goes on all the time and people are oblivious to it.


People can't believe it because it's difficult to believe there are people so horrible and evil in this world. But unfortunately, that's the truth of it. Yet, there are no champions here for the people, they're really, I really don't believe there are. There's no organizations out there, left versus right and take your pick and so on, they're all the same at the top, they're all serving the same masters, folks, the same agendas. They sign the same agreements regardless of who's in the house of governance. And they update the same and sign on to it again for the next phase and the next phase, whether it's climate or whatever it happens to be, or global sustainability, etc. etc.


All the way to rationing. And isn't it interesting too, in China they've got rationing going on in different parts. You can actually see these creatures that rule over us too, some of them in the big foundations, rubbing their hands and salivating almost at the thought of having this kind of power that they've lusted for so so long, 'eh. 


But as I say, just like 9/11, you can keep tripping over stupid mistakes one after the other after the other after the other, and you keep believing it.  To reading the laws on protecting domestic populations, and one mistake after another, we just didn't realize… Don't forget in a week how many people can traverse across the planet all over the place, and back and forth on holidays and all the rest of it too, never mind months. And it's not finished yet. So of course, it's meant to, it has to be meant to happen. Of course, it is. I just don't fall for this [Alan chuckles.] screwing up idea anymore.  There's no way, no way at all.


You know, the sciences are so advanced for making these lethal things, they really are. And this is not a conspiracy theory. This is stuff they've published themselves in articles in newspapers, old ones in Britain too.  Like the Porton Down ones where they talked about what they did for the… A journalist was allowed in for a British newspaper and set there having breakfast with them.  And oh, how casually they talked about their work. They literally, if they wanted, they could wipe out the planet more efficiently than atomic bombs would do. And this was their everyday conversation there, the stuff that they made. And they are only one of them.  As I say, in the emerging nations as soon as they start getting money coming in they've got the scientists involved in the same stuff as well. Across the world it's the same thing. 


And there's your dilemma, there's your paradox, about having freedoms and rights and all the rest of it. Where literally those who rule the world wanted, now they have it, they didn't have to do it with physical people meeting you or anything but they wanted to have everyone diagnosed and under total observation 24 hours per day seven days a week, at the end of World War II. I gave talks on it, the Psychiatrists Association in Britain and elsewhere wanted the right to vet everybody in the country and vet anybody who would have any power over the people, and so they would become the ones who decided who would get into government. In fact, they wanted to govern, themselves, believing they were the only sane people to do so. That's what they believed.  And there's tyranny for you from the tyranny of guys who drilled holes in folks' heads if they wouldn't comply eventually.


Nothing's changed, except now they're using the scientific groups through the Internet and the ethernet and your smart phones and everything else and everyone's got their daily data put in their own profiles, in their folders.  They have their eyes-in-the-sky and all the rest of it. Even though the percentage of people who can't be fooled all the time, but most folk can be apparently because you have to acquiesce to be fooled. It's like voting, you all know it's a con job, so you have to participate in your own delusion by voting.  Ah well, I know but I'll vote anyway, you know. And that gives them legal authority, this world is run on legalisms for those who don’t really quite get it. It's incredibly legalistic. Not moralistic but legalistic.


But as I say, there are no good countries when it comes to this kind of thing, they are all involved.  It was interesting that India was the first country, they had a group in India who must probably be involved [Alan chuckles.] in some BioLab somewhere, who came out with the study of this thing and just mentioned the makeup of it. It had certain little traits taken from AIDS, for instance and so on. It's quite interesting.


Which tells you that India is coming up and up and up, and there's a lot of money going its way now with the free-trade deals and so on. You already have a well-educated class, which they had before, but now they have a scientifically educated class with the money to back up their projects. And as they go and, don't forget, they're sitting across the mountains from Pakistan and constantly shooting each other's planes down and using artillery with each other. Well, there are no good players.  You've got psychopaths in every nation, in every culture, getting to the top.


So we have a problem, we have the paradox as I say where what the psychiatrists want to do with us all, with they being so superior to us all of course naturally would decide who would rule and all the rest of it, and how to rule. And yet, you're left with the other side of it too, where you're in a world of psychopaths.  You see, there are no good guys here. Including the guys that want to take control and manage the psychopaths. There's no good guys in it at all.


I don't think folk can really figure that out enough too.  They see faces all the time, on the low level managers, you know, there's different degrees of management in government, and there's financial rewards for them all and all kinds of freebies and privileges they get on top of it. And every country's got the same, same, same system exactly on the go.


What is interesting too and it's causing a lot of tongues to wag naturally, this sudden antipathy towards China, being a superpower pretty well, going into superpower status. After the West, the rulers, don't forget it's the rulers, not the people you're voting for, the rulers who decided to have free trade with China and built them up to be the powerhouse that they are today. They didn't do it themselves. They didn't even have the money or the know-how. We trained their students for 40 years across the West to be engineers and designers and so on, to go back to China where they didn't even have the factories at the time.  And we gave them the factories with the free-trade agreement, with the GATT treaty and so on.  We even paid private corporations thousands of them to move to China. Our tax money paid for them to move. And now you're supposed to believe that suddenly the West is, oh my God, we’re frightened of China. Who's kidding who?


Now remember what I've just been talking about here. You build up the countries.  And for a while now the US and other Western countries, because they're all owned by the same masters you might say, have been hammering at China. Because China is expanding the rim around their nation in the ocean by basically adding to natural islands, even creating some false ones or fake ones altogether and putting little bases on them and so on. But again, they're surrounded by US bases primarily in the China Sea.  However, it's not enough, you see. They've been hammering on about a coming war with China. I think John Pilger even did a documentary on that. It's quite a good documentary. And others too have talked about it. And lots of articles in the newspapers.


However, here's another thing too. You've got to go back to old Kissinger as well talking about depopulation.  He put out a kind of a memorandum, or a kind of a bill in the US for depopulation years and years and years ago. Think about all these things. You build up the enemies. You've already depopulated back home quite a bit across Europe there.  Because the people were awfully good, they didn't have that many children. They were doing what they were told.  Now they're told there's just not enough of them to pay off their debt so we gotta bring in mass migration. In other words, there's a lot of excuses for mass migration and so on. And that's what they really are.


Then you get the wars in the Middle East again, and Syria is still getting hammered.  It's a proxy warriors and mercenaries put out by the West for years.  When they go out, they've brought in Turkey.  That's a member of NATO, pretending they've got nothing to do with it in the West, it's their affair. No, it's NATO and they're doing that instead of the proxy warriors that have been thrown out by the Russians and Syria. And here's Turkey talking about invading cities.  Well, an invasion is an invasion. The first invasion with proxy warriors was still an invasion into another country without declaring a war upon them. We've been living through this kind of scenario since Desert Storm.  For 30 years war has gone on in the Middle East, taking out countries for different reasons. And folk pretty well know why, some of them.  Never mind the plunder that's involved in it too.


However, here's China, right, the coronavirus comes along and fingers all point to each other.  That's what it's meant to do in silent weapons for quiet wars. Because there's always possible deniability on all sides, you see. It hits China first. It's more prone to hit East Asian people and Chinese people because of a kind of a protein that they have in the lungs, it's more profuse, what it binds to in fact.  So, they get hit really hard. And it also hits, where else? When they're traveling back and forth, Korea. North Korea as well.  [Alan chuckles.] Which, is an enemy as well being taken out. All mentioned by the same PNAC group years ago.


And then you have Iran.  They've never stopped going to war against Iran.  And bingo, it's either the same one or a slightly different strain hits Iran as well. Awfully coincidental. As I say, these guys that can predict a Pearl Harbor event, 9/11, before it happened, they needed something like that to happen, just get what they want. And here you have it, bingo again, the scratch-and-win, they hit it right again. This thing is hitting primarily the ones on the list to be taken down a peg or two, and to have regime changes, etc. It's all coincidental as they say.  And you'll be called a paranoid/skits, or a conspiracy theorist if you mention the fact that I'm talking about right now, about this could be caused, this part.


And don't forget, the PNAC group by the way back in the 90s, and you can look it up for yourself on the list of things they wanted to do, and which they did. They put forward a bill to enable themselves to put down biowarfare as a viable weapon that could be used by them in the future if need be. Think about that. You can check it out for yourself.


And then you have this one here...


Harvard Professor Sounds Alarm on ‘Likely’ Coronavirus Pandemic:

40% to 70% of World Could Be Infected This Year - / 14 Feb 2020


And this guy is not an idiot. He's up there with biochemistry and biology and so on and this is his profession. So, he's a professor.  Mark Lipsitch he’s called. An article in the Wall Street Journal.  But he talks about this, about 40 to 70% of the world could be infected this year, right.  And then I did little bit of searching.  Here he is giving a lecture to students at Harvard. You remember too that Dr. Boyle, I think he was a law doctor who came out with the Treaty for pandemics and the biowarfare treaties to stop them making these new diseases, which they do at these labs. And of course, everyone has looked upon him has heard his talks. But it verifies him where he said, because here is Lipsitch doing the same, same thing, he said, in a lecture to students who are going into this profession, right...


Should we be Making Potential Pandemic Pathogens in the Lab -


Potential pandemic pathogens in the lab. And he goes through it in the talk, what is a natural, natural outbreak of some disease compared to the lab created ones. And the lab ones too have no known varieties before them, it's pretty unique and so on. He goes through the different, it doesn't occur in nature as such, or hasn't yet sort of thing.


But that's what they do, they take something in nature generally, they add to it and splice things together and create a new type. That's what they do, under the guise, under the guise that, well something in the past we've had before, the Spanish flu, might just come back again, we're ready to fight it this time. And then they'll get it and tweak it in case it would then jump, you see, and do all these varieties that would come out of it.  Well, we'll have all these varieties by making it happen, even making them more lethal in case it ever happens.


And this is biowarfare. This is biowarfare, this is what you do in biowarfare. Always under the guise of what if it jumps, let's be ready for it, so we'll make it jump to show that it can be done, and we'll wait and see if it does itself.  What a lot of nonsense, 'eh?  That's what they do all the time. So, I'll put a link for that up to that talk that he gave.


Should we be Making Potential Pandemic Pathogens in the Lab (alternate link) -


And getting back to the same thing, it's all connected you understand. All connected. That you have this article…


Taiwanese professor says Wuhan coronavirus likely man-made - / 24 Feb 2020


National Taiwan University professor, he goes into it in some detail as to why, what occurs in nature, what doesn't occur in nature and he talks about these little inserts that are put onto them, these four inserts of course that literally make this thing, ha, like purpose made for what it's doing today. Never mind all the massive preparations to deal with the fallout, which is really martial law type systems across the world if, if it continues, etc., if it continues.  The authorities are just chomping at the bit to go into action I think, you know.


And then again, it falls in line again with the big, there's too many of all of you type idea, right. They said that at the last climate change, there's just too many people, and have fewer children, if we can get authority to eventually forbid the people to have children, etc. etc. etc., and manage who could and who couldn't have children, then it would be less carbon and less, more sustainable for the planet and so on. So, you are the problem, right.


Wuhan coronavirus could cause male infertility: Chinese study / 19 Feb 2020


Fan Caibin, a urologist at Nanjing Medical University Affiliated Suzhou Hospital, on Feb. 12 posted the results of a scientific research project which found that the disease not only damages the lungs, but also the kidneys and testes, potentially leading to male infertility. The team summarized the clinical data of three previous studies, which included six patients, 41 patients, and 99 patients, respectively.


The study found that kidney dysfunction occurs in 3 to 10 percent of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. In addition, acute damage to the kidneys occurs in seven percent of patients.


As for the disease's effect on the male urinary tract and reproductive system, the research team used an online dataset to analyze the expression of Angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2), the receptor the virus uses as its host.


(Alan:  It tricks it to allow itself to come into your body. Actually, tricks it. What an amazing system, 'eh, how this has been, just developed itself in nature, right. But it says…)


SARS is known to use ACE2 to enter and infect human cells, and COVID-19 appears to be using the same method.


(A:  They go into it in quite some detail. But they do mention that...)


The study found that ACE2 "highly expresses in renal tubular cells, Leydig cells, and cells in seminiferous ducts in testes." Their findings indicate that the virus may directly bind to ACE2 positive cells and inflict damage to patients' kidney and testicular tissue.


And they warn that that could lead to infertility in males. Isn't that, if you wanted to make a lucky bag of all your wishes, if you were a power that had all these plans for depopulation, altering what you put down recently as your enemies, which you built up in the first place, and then of course the one in North Korea that they've always kept on standby to wave their swords at.  And it's just a bulldog for China, North Korea, that's what it is, its guard dog. It's a pawn.  It's a pawn as a front for China itself in case they were invaded from that direction. So, they get hit big time. And then Iran gets it. You couldn't… What's next, who else is on the wish list?  [Alan chuckles.]   When you think about it, 'eh?  And then you get all the different changes at home as well.


But I'll put all these links up including the professor from Harvard who is a specialist in his field talking to students about, should they be making these potential pandemic diseases, making new ones in the laboratory. Which is commonplace with them, that's what they do, folks.


There's a management system in this world way above what you perceive to be government. Those who are placed in government above you have inklings of it and enough savvy to know to obey it. And they'll never tell you that. They must play their parts. Because they're all like little petty actors, really. Anthony Sutton used to talk about Wall Street helping to create the Bolshevik Revolution, that was one of the titles of one of his books. And Who Financed Hitler up to the top too. And The Greatest Enemies Money Can Buy. We pay for them, and then they're going to be your enemy? Are you really falling for this, folks?


There's a power on this earth that really people don't want to talk about. Because they want to believe, oh...  It's frightening for a lot of people, who are trained to be naïve, and decent people, decent, you see, decent people who don't want to think bad things about people. They're perfect for rulership, over them, you know, being ruled. Because they've been brought up to be that way.  


But there really is an organization that runs the world. Every enemy you've had for the last hundred-odd years, it's more, and probably before then too, but in the last hundred years it's been more obvious for those who want to really look at it.  It was created by the ones you're going to end up fighting, you create them, you build them up, you arm them even, and then you say oh my God look.  Even give all your trade to them and factories to them until you can't make anything for yourself, and then you just suddenly notice when there's a crisis, how are we going to survive without them? That you just suddenly…?


There's not a move made on the chessboard before it's all thought through, every facet of change, with think tanks working on every possible scenario of what if, what would happen if, if, if. There's no spontaneous anything in this at all. That's how you keep control of the world. 


And the same ones who control the world have made it quite plain, like Prince Philip, there's too many of you. Too many of you. And then the world meeting on depopulation, or overpopulation, and during World War II that they had in London.  King George, who supposedly presided over it, they weren't killing enough people off in the war, what were they going to do to bring down the population after the war was finished?   This wasn't talking about Africa here, their favorite topic, Africa or somewhere else. This is about Britain.  [Alan chuckles.]   And Australia eventually. And all the other colonies as they like to call them, or dominions.


A completely different system than the one you're taught to believe in. Completely different, folks. Where Prince Philip has been so obvious about it. So, when you hear people prattling on about deliberately setting free biowarfare, no, don't call them paranoid and stupid and all the rest of it. Because I've done shows on the stuff which was done on Britain and all the different releases of agents on the British populace by their governments, I did it years ago, step-by-step.


As I say, Remember too, folks, help me out by sending some cash my way once in a while.  You can go into all the other sites that have on that main site there and find out how to send cash my way. Because as I say I never, I always forget to ask for it. I'm not selling you stuff. I'm not selling you T-shirts or elixirs of life that will make you youthful or keep you alive forever.  I just try to give you advice and some education as well to life as it really is. And to fill in some of the gaps sometimes.


Now, I'll just touch on a few things before I get off here. Because again, I never really talk about what I was even thinking of talking about. Because I prefer to have a free mind in its way of thinking and conveying things to people because it's so important that you have the time to listen. Everything's bits and bytes and people come on and all do their half-hour here or one hour there and so on. I try to stay off the emotional side. I don't go into the political side, it's a waste of time. As I say, if voting worked for the people it would've been made illegal long ago.


This world they're bringing in and rationing and austerity that I've talked about so many times before that they've signed on to at the United Nations, as I say, this is the second part of 9/11 that we're going through now. That's what it is. And it will never be the same again afterwards. They'll never give up powers of even more intrusive and intrusiveness into the system.  And mandatory medications will come down the pike too. No doubt about that whatsoever. 


This article, it's a video…


VIDEO: The "Lock Step" Simulation Scenario: "A Coronavirus-like Pandemic that Becomes Trigger for Police State Controls" / 5 Feb 2020


(A:  That's put up by Global Research. They themselves I think are quite openly Marxist. So, I look at everything and I, you know, but not all stuff is slanted, there's always bits and pieces of evidence in anybody's articles if you really, if they're worth anything at all.  But it says here…)


By now, those following the novel coronavirus epidemic are familiar with Event 201, the pandemic simulation staged by Johns Hopkins University in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, and other ruling-class heavy hitters in October. The media establishment has already picked the story clean, set up and eviscerated a straw man (“No, Bill Gates didn’t cause the coronavirus epidemic, silly conspiracy theorists!”), and convinced the group itself to issue a statement denying their exercise (A:  ... on this planned exercise, a computer exercise…) was meant to predict the behavior of the actual virus to follow.


But few are aware that the epidemic playing out in China and two dozen other countries, including the US, is unfolding in line with a decade-old simulation titled “Lock Step” (A:  ...Lock Step…) devised by the Rockefeller Foundation in conjunction with the Global Business Network. The scenario, one of four included in a publication called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” in 2010, describes a coronavirus-like pandemic that becomes the trigger for the imposition of police-state controls on movement, economy, and other areas of society.


Lock Step scenario describes “a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership ...


(A:  Remember what the Club of Rome said, democracy doesn't work, they can't get things done, they need the professionals to be in charge who could just order and the people obey. That's really what it's about. And here's their chance 'eh. You know, these guys at the top like the Project for a New American Century group, who in the 90s published their agenda of countries to be, that they'd like to be eliminated, and altered and changed. And then you got 9/11. These guys, if they ran, if they were to buy a lotto ticket, they'd win, obviously. Every time, they'd win.  And the same with the ones that did this one here with Lockstep, 'eh.  They just seem to know. Maybe they've got better… Maybe they don't use teabags. Maybe they use the loose tea and then read the tea leaves once they finished in the bottom of the cup. And predict the future. Because they are incredibly lucky. This particular article isn't too bad, you know.)


Countries of Africa, southeast Asia, and central America suffer the worst “in the absence of official containment protocols” –


(A:  It's quite good. Police state is good, and freedom is bad. That's the message of course for it all too.)


Another one too is quite interesting. It's…


Novel Antibody May Suppress HIV for Up to Four Months / 17 April 2019


(A:  They've tried everything in experimental tests over in China as well. But this one isn't from there. It's called an...)


...Open-Label Study


Regular infusions of an antibody that blocks the HIV binding site on human immune cells may have suppressed levels of HIV for up to four months in people undergoing a short-term pause in their antiretroviral therapy (ART) regimens, according to a report published online today in The New England Journal of Medicine.


Well, it's interesting that they're trying to use different anti-AIDS medications as well to slow down or limits the bad effects of this coronavirus. Also, I’ll put up this one too…


Canada prepares pandemic response plan as coronavirus cases continue to climb / 24 Feb 2020


(A:  I wonder why they're climbing?)


Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam says trajectory of COVID-19 still unknown


But they don't tell you much. Really, it's very... I think they censor things into such simplistic thinking that you lose any message at all. I think that's part of the way [Alan chuckles.] the bureaucrats speak to the public, you know, in socialist type countries.  And socialism, I could use with a very loose kind of cover because it's very authoritarian. Actually, they call it progressive. The ones who rule the world like that term. Also…


Chinese authorities cover streets in clouds of disinfectant to halt spread of deadly coronavirus -


It’s interesting because there’s a movie that was made in Canada, I think called… Containment 2015.  I looked up to see if it's on YouTube and I think it's on YouTube for free maybe. At the moment. I don't know how long it will be after I speak about it here.


2015 Movie – Containment -


2015 Movie - Containment (alternate link) -


Residents of an apartment block wake up to discover they are sealed inside the building.


(A:  They weld the door shut, just like they did in China by the way.)


They must work together to find out why before they start to turn on one another.


And in the movie, they show you these foggers of disinfectant in the streets and in the buildings and all that and hazmat suits, etc. Including shooting people who leave quarantined areas. Which is NATO by the way or the NATO countries that signed their agenda.  If whole groups try to leave quarantined areas, it's the law there, whether it's radiation or infection, then they have to use nerve gas on those from above if they're trying to escape. And individuals doing it, they’re just simply shoot. That's even in the movie. So, they were following the NATO plan actually, which is the law. All NATO countries have signed on to that long ago. And how you're told, just stay in your buildings and obey.  And always telling you it's all going to be all right, even if they're going to, they might even, bump you off, [Alan chuckles.]  they'll say, don't worry. What else do you expect from politicians, 'eh?


This is interesting…


Coronavirus 'could be 1,000 times more infectious than SARS, scientists warn as they discover it plagues the body the same way as HIV and Ebola / 28 Feb 2020


(A:  This is what's so interesting about this particular type, you see. If it was a matter of luck, putting something together in nature, to make it really really efficient, an efficient spreader of, you know, a disease, a very fast, and able to trick the body and fool the body to allow the body to be invaded. This is something I don't really think happens that easily in nature myself. That's my opinion.)


(A:  So, they claim antibiotics already on the market could treat coronavirus. I don't know what they're talking about, what antibiotics there? It won't be penicillin types because they’re no use against viruses. They really should have said of antiviral drugs, I suppose.)


The coronavirus could be up to 1,000 times more infectious than SARS because it plagues the body in the same way as HIV and Ebola, scientists warn.


Experts initially presumed the spread of COVID-19 would follow the same trajectory as the SARS outbreak in 2002/3, because the viruses are almost identical genetically.


But they have discovered the way it binds to cells in the human body is akin to far more aggressive diseases like HIV and Ebola.


But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have warned that antibiotics do not work against viruses (A:   ...that's true...) and that over-prescribing and overusing them helps to fuel superbugs.


(A:  Well, I'm not quite up with that one would because they've been telling people to use less, and doctors have been prescribing fewer and fewer antibiotics, and for bacterium infections, bacterial infections as you well know. But it says…)


ACE2 (A:  This is the receptors that you have.) does not exist in large quantities in healthy people, which helped limit the spread of the 2002 outbreak.


(A:  And this is awfully good, I got it from a China site actually.)


Nankai University researchers looked at the genome sequence of COVID-19 and found a section of mutated genes that did not exist in SARS.


Instead the coronavirus has 'cleavage sites' similar to those in HIV and Ebola, (A:  This is awfully important because even in biowarfare I was reading a long time ago, that this is something that was getting worked on in some laboratories a long time ago.) which carry viral proteins that are dormant (A:  ...okay...  So, these cleavage sites similar to those in HIV and Ebola, on the virus, which carry viral proteins that are dormant…) and have to be 'cut' (A:  ...they call it...) to be activated. 


HIV and Ebola target an enzyme called furin, which is responsible for cutting and activating these proteins when they enter the body.


The viruses trick furin so it activates them and causes a 'direct fusion' between the virus and the human cells. COVID-19 binds to cells in a similar way, the scientists found.


(A: So, it tricks your own cells with an enzyme called furine.  And the furine itself that you have will then help cut and activate the proteins on the virus which allows them to enter the body. Isn't that amazing? Great minds at work, 'eh?)


'This finding suggests [the new coronavirus] may be significantly different from the SARS coronavirus in the infection pathway,' the scientists said in the paper.


'Compared to the SARS' way of entry, this binding method is '100 to 1,000 times' as efficient,' they wrote.


(A: This is designed to spread rapidly and infect an awful lot of people. And don't forget...)


The study was published on, a platform used by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to release scientific papers before they have been peer-reviewed. 


(A:  So, it's pretty well worked out now pretty, pretty well.)


The mutation could not be found in Sars, Mers (A:  Middle East respiratory syndrome.) or Bat-CoVRaTG13, a bat coronavirus that was considered the original source of COVID-19, the paper said.


(A: They can't find that mutation in anything from the bats by the way. I wonder how it got there, 'eh?  Hmmm.)


So anyway, that's what we're living through. And a lot of people that are in authority and have been harping on from their institutions about the terrible overpopulation of the world, and useless eaters, like Bertrand Russell and so on. All the descendants of Russell and his kin are all rubbing their hands in glee at such a chance to get things done. Don't forget again, in the last climate meeting that they had they talked about they might eventually need, maybe quite soon, the authority to limit population or who breeds. That was an old old thing going all the way back to the days of Malthus of course Thomas Malthus. They never change.


Coronavirus likely now ‘gathering steam’ - / 11 Feb 2020


Now of course with this coming along the pike, there may be rationing coming in, and who knows how long they're going to drag it on. You're going to see a lot of things changing for the agenda’s sake, put it that way, that's been on the papers for an awful long time.  We are essentially programmed; predictive programming is used all the time bit by bit to get us used to everything that's eventually going to be done to us. By authorities and by those who guide and predict and plan and guide the direction of the world.


Anyway, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, where it's still awfully cold by the way.  It's nice at night, mind you, walked out in the middle of the night there, you don't see all the stars anymore since 2005 or 6 because of the heavy heavy spraying, the global dimming as NASA likes to call it. You see the brighter stars. But when you walk out at night in the country and look over the snow, it's a timeless feeling. You truly are, it’s a timeless feeling, you're in a timeless moment many have shared maybe for thousands of years before you. It's quite… It's really something to hold onto. Because it makes life worth living. 


The occasional fox, like last year, would come up and get fed. It was so cold, he had had enough, you know.


I hope you're all safe and stay safe. Use basic precautions regardless. But don't just give up and collapse over by terror. Because governments thrive on terror. That's what authority thrives on.  As I say, from the days of Kitchener remember, when you can't make the people love and obey you and serve you, then you terrify them. Nothing ever changes.


Have a few friends hopefully and you can all depend on each other. And just like the movie, that Containment movie, I'll put the link up tonight, but don't turn on each other through stress and any kind of hardship that could, who knows, come along. It might fizzle out, who knows what really is going to happen or might be planned, put it that way.


Many people too are just hoping that a second type doesn't suddenly just magically appear, and they'll say that it's evolved, you know, to become even more virulent and dangerous. Let's hope not. Let's just hope for the best.


Take care of each other. A few friends can help you along the way. For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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