March 8, 2020 (#1764)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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To Treat or Not to Treat....

"Ring a Ring o' Roses PSYOP Experts Guide the Stories,

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

 There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 8, 2020.  And what a roller coaster ride we're being taken on by our wonderful masters.  There's so many topics [Alan chuckles.]  related to the main topic of complete fear and terror we're getting today because there are many disciplines coming into action that most folk are really unaware of. And you’re kept unaware of them generally. But I've lived through quite a few previous heavy outbreaks of flu for instance, and through the SARS in 2003 in Toronto. We've had the H1N1 and different ones since then too. And it's awfully interesting to tie so many things together.


Because you gotta remember, you're trained what to think. And you're literally given, you're led to the answers and conclusions that they want you to have on pretty well every topic. And they are your masters, the ones who give you your thoughts. That's why media has always been heavily controlled in all countries. And it's not my opinion or conspiracy theory, the fact is, even their own authors within their own foundations and through their big conglomerates of the newspaper press have written books about it themselves. 


Including Carroll Quigley who was a professor as you well know, who taught many members who became high up in the State Department and the foreign departments or offices for the US. He was literally, became also the historian, he took over from Zimmerman as a kind of a historian for a while for the Council on Foreign Relations, where they have their own history of how things really happen as opposed to the histories that you're told, the authorized histories.  They have their own version of it because they boast about the fact that they lead the world in directions that it's supposed to go into, according to their own plans and so on. And he says this in his own books for goodness sake, so it's hardly conspiracy theory.


But you're given your thoughts. In fact, Quigley himself was pulled in he said to different, there are audios out there of him talking about this particular part of his life where he worked.  He was pulled in as a professor along with a couple of other ones, who are on the list, when anybody came up with conspiracy theories that were too close to a truth, and this is what he said himself, and they would bring them on to debate whoever put the books out or whatever. He said that eventually he hit someone he couldn't, couldn't ridicule. Because that's what they do they bring you on to ridicule you, you see. Not the truth of what you're saying, if you just ridicule the person and smear them then the audience will just switch off and never listen to them again, they'll think they're crazy.  And that's what you're supposed to think.


But I think it was Gary Allen [and Larry Abraham] he said that he was told to debate. And he was stumped because Gary Allen [Quigley meant Larry Abraham, who coauthored None Dare Call it Conspiracy with Gary Allen] had done his homework on the big big world agenda, with all the different agencies working behind it on behalf of you might say the cap of the pyramid, and he said he couldn't beat him. And I think that was a book called None Dare Call It Conspiracy, that started to tie things together.  One of the many books actually. But that's what's Quigley's job was at one point was to get pulled in, paid big bucks, just ridicule people with his supposed superior knowledge. And literally whoever they were meant to ridicule, would be a laughingstock, turn them into a laughingstock so the public would switch off.


Because there are too many truths out there that you just can't keep stifled forever.  An awfully good example has just been the recent one.  And I understand how it's done and why it's done. But you literally had the mainstream media, all the authorized ones, to me they're obviously getting subsidized by governments in a big way because they're not bringing money in so much in advertising in this day and age. Because media, authorized media is a very important right hand of government to keep the people in line by telling them what to think, giving them the conclusions on things and so on.  Even how they tell them who to vote for.  I have watched that my whole life long. 


But just recently as I say with this outbreak that came of the Covid-19, the media went into action immediately, immediately, across the board, to ridicule anybody mentioning it, and it was a dangerous thing and it was on its way and all the rest of it. And really, they lambasted anybody. Then on a particular day about two weeks, three weeks afterwards on queue the whole media started to repeat the exact same things that the so-called supposed conspiracy people had been, the ones they had labeled as conspiracy theorists had been saying for a few weeks. That's how quick, you know, the buttons go on and off.


Because you're not dealing with truth. You're not dealing with rationality as such. You're dealing with plans. Rationality can only really come into play if you had a really honest system. Then you could figure things out, what's going on here, somebody made a mistake or whatever. No, no. When it's planned this way it's a different plan altogether. There's always a bigger plan on the go altogether and the folk don't quite catch on to it. 


You're trained your entire life long, your entire life you're trained and there many parts of your life where there's different parts of an agenda underway.  In 2007/8 I and many others talked about the coming crash. It was obvious it was coming. And it was obvious if you watched it all, kept your ears open and read a lot of stuff from the business communities and so on. Boring stuff for most folk. And it's boring stuff, I don't like it myself. But the fact is, you get a lot of information as to what's really happening. 


This was expected to happen in 2007/8 not just to do with the banks, which they did go on steroids at the time and started flipping mortgages, like thousands of them per day, into the millions of them just getting literally flipped and flipped and flipped and sold off, even to other banks until after the big crash happened.  It wasn't for a few years before they could start figuring out who actually owned the titles at all for these mortgages which they were flipping.  What a feast frenzy of vampires. Honestly, that's what it was.


Many became homeless. They had homeless towns and tent cities set up. Lots of people lost their homes. But that was coming because it was discussed to come.  Long long before that, it was discussed when free trade was pushed and before the factories were all paid to move over to China.  Your tax money paid for them through the free trade agreements. Incredible that they kept this fairly quite from the public.  Some people including myself talked about it. But the big boys in the mainstream authorized media just kept it quiet. They wouldn't go into anything, any details into anything.


But we paid for entire factories, thousands and thousands of them to move over to China. And set up, we paid for their setting up. And under the agreements we paid for them to get reimbursed for any losses which they think they may have incurred in the move and the set up period and they wouldn't have to pay any taxes for 15 years. That was... What a deal, 'eh?  And really cheap, cheap, cheap labor. What a deal.


And the countries that sent them over there, you know, the West, all your politicians in the West, all these characters that you vote for thinking that they stand for you, I don't know where you get that from, I really don't, but they literally, they sent them off there to set up and all the rest of it, leave you with no work back home for a long time, except for maybe 10 part-time jobs on the go.  That's what they said, oh you have to start juggling jobs like it was all quite natural to do so.


But yeah, the big corporations didn't have to pay any taxes for 15 years setting up. And China didn't have to do anything either, they could still charge in China, a so-called emerging country, as India is now too, under the agreements, which was set up, drafted up by the Council on Foreign Relations the West and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and you don't vote for them but that's who drafted up all these treaties and told your governments what to sign. Because your government leaders are all members [Alan chuckles.] of the same organization. A private group.


If they didn't make what they said, enough profit in the first 15 years, they could claim another 15. So, for 30 years they didn't have to pay any taxes. And then the emerging nation could, they were allowed to put taxes on imported goods so that you'd buy domestic products.  But the countries that were paying them and setting them up literally couldn't do the same thing, you'd have to bring in their stuff, guaranteed to come in without import duties and things like that. Just an incredible deal for the big big corporations.  And most folk are unaware of this. 


Unaware. Totally unaware. Right down to the fact we're still paying parts of China, as an emerging nation, to help them subsidize hospitals and things like that. Canada was highly responsible for building big electric power plants and so on over there for them too.  We are awfully kind to the world, aren't we? We don't even know we're being kind because we're kept in the dark about it all.


It's just astonishing that you're trained constantly. And they knew then before, before they made all the moves, to move all this manufacturing… D'you realize how many people work in factories in Canada and the States, as an example, who literally were getting written off, completely written off by your loving governments? And nothing to replace it really. Disgusting.


But they knew before they made all the moves, any move, that eventually without the taxes, the multiple levels of taxes coming in from manufacturing, from raw materials all the way up to finished products, the government would need more and more money. So, they started taxing the people all the more, you see. So, your standard of living had to go down. But it would get to a stage in a service economy – because that's all you do, you import stuff and middlemen sell it to each other until eventually it gets sold to the stores and so on and then you buy it – that eventually you'd have a crash.


So, the 2007/8 crash was literally foreseen back in the 90s. It was understood to happen. You're living through an incredible agenda and folk don't know it. They really don't know it. They still don't know it, most of them.  Because once, and this is, I've read some amazing books that ridicule with utter contempt what the elite think of the ordinary people, the average people, even the middle classes, utter contempt. And nothing's changed.


So, as I said last week, you're kept in a state of fear and potential panic by impending doom and gloom.  And what's true is that, no wonder, even for those who do study it, you're maybe a bit more wary and a bit more afraid than other folks.  Because there are so many of them at the top who constantly harp on at University levels working with big think tanks and governments and bioethicists that they like they call themselves now, there's just too many people.  And you hear these things over and over again. 


And we kind of chew the cud, as they call it, you're chewing the cud.  You're in the field, we're chewing the cud there, you know, and you're getting well entertained with a lot of cheap entertainment.  And in your entertainment comes your programming as well. In between the entertainment you get little wildlife things and then you get little scientific blurbs on how we should live and the problems of humans living on the planet. And you're chewing the cud and it's all sinking in, bite by bite by bite by bite, you see.


But in times when you're quite happy and you don't take much notice, it just gets embedded somewhere in the back your brain, that's how it seems to be, in the shadowland. But you're getting programmed with all of it. And eventually it will come to the stage where it will be like an episode in an old Star Trek series where eventually your time, your number comes up on this particular little planet in the series. Your number comes up as expendable, to keep the population down, in a war situation between two planets. It was all done by computer; it wasn't real weapons getting fired.  You would have to just, your number came up, you went into this evaporation chamber and that was you, you're gone, you see.  That's your fate and you're trained to accept it.


Well, if you realized what your fate is today, how it's changed, with all the values being turned upside down in this big long war that you've been in, that you don't even know you've been in, and your parents too. Your parents might have suspected more than you do, and grandparents too. Grandparents definitely at one time had more insight and mistrust of government and authorities in all systems. I don't care if you call it communist or fascist, they're all fascists. They're all fascist. Human nature it seems, with the power psychopaths that get into positions, and seek out these positions, and love to be rich and love to rule other people, they have a craving for it, I don't care what uniform or what title that you use, it's all the same, it's part of their human nature.


And there's no doubt about it, they're in bed with top corporations, you know, corporations in bed with government. Private think tanks that also get massive funding from the big corporations themselves, some of the big think tanks literally are part of these big corporations that advise governments, as they like to call it, we advise governments. Well, do you vote for the people that advise governments? Again, under this Disneyland myth of democracy, you think that somehow the politicians are listening to you? Do you really believe that?


The Council on Foreign Relations, they used to always bring on their members on television for certain topics. They have specialists in different areas, you see, they call themselves specialists and they would mention what they told the president or prime minister whatever happened to be and they would just say, CFR member or RIIA member, you see.  Now they've got European members too for the European Parliament too.  It's all the same one organization. And the Far Eastern one too, they have that too. 


Their goal was always world government by the way. Always a world government, which they would shape.  They would through this chess game of different cultures and that, on the way to world government, this is the idea, they would eventually shape in a new system with a new culture, universal culture, and all that. And of course, their masters would own all the land and properties.  And agenda 21 for the 21st century, no private property.  Yeah. It's all the same thing only it never stops. It never stops.


Anybody who's anybody in the last 200 years has been a member of these organizations.  Before you even heard the names used of Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs they always had the groups, and even before Lord Alfred Milner, they had other ones before them too. And the underground stream, as they liked to call themselves, all little things they could mention in public, the public would be ignorant of and would never understand.


But you're living through this agenda.  And you have all the experts on board today with psychologists and behaviorists and neuroscientists, and bioethics committees all working together. Across the Internet too. I've done the talks on the different ones working on the Internet to steer you along the right way.  If you stand back and you can keep your nerve, you get a great view of everything, how the whole world is controlled, pretty seamlessly. Where no one has any privacy accept the ruling elite themselves. And they DO have complete privacy.  And they have a different system of communication for themselves too that you can't get into.


But for the rest of you, you see, we're all managed and analyzed and constantly counter- and sub-analyzed, until we're literally molecules.  They break us into molecules and try to figure out what you'll do in a whole bunch of scenarios, according to all the data that daily is added to the profile of you, the virtual reality you. You talk about control freaks.  Nothing to do with terrorism.  Nothing to do with terrorism at all.


The saddest thing, when you look at all the wars we've been in and told they were just wars, they were the good wars and all that kind of thing. Unfortunately, when you really get into them, and it does take 100 years generally for official secrets acts to be taken off.  Sometimes earlier but in real, like World War II and so on, some were taken off after 50 years, 75, the rest were 100 years. Because they don't want the public turning on them.  If you just released the truth when you were fighting and what you were fighting for and who profited from it and what they really intended from it all, as opposed to what they trained you to believe it was all for, you might turn on them as soon as you get back home from fighting abroad or whatever.


Massive agendas. And the public are never unfortunately told the truth. Well, the same thing goes with this present thing, with the coronavirus. It's going to accomplish a whole bunch of things, obviously. I can remember when 9/11 happened, and you had little soundbites, the soundbites that would come through the haze of the psychic driving of towers going down, towers going down, towers going down and down and down over and over. And the little clips you'd see, this is all worked out by top behaviors and psychologists and so on working for government agencies.


As I say, in between the psychic driving you're also getting these bits and pieces. I remember there were leaders from the CFR at the time who actually said, it's the first time I heard them using this openly, I had read it in books and so on, their own books for instance, but to hear them actually saying this, and as members of the CFR in the States, saying, how can we use this disaster or catastrophe to our advantage, for our long long cherished goals?


And it's like a mystic, you're listening to mysticism here because it doesn't explain what their long-cherished goals are.  And why would they be using something like this to help achieve it? And it's these little quips and little things you get, little soundbites that add up to the big picture. You've got to understand this. This is how you will learn. This is how you really learn. It's not learning by rote and just parrot parrot parrot dates, times and generals and battles. You have to learn for yourself by experiencing it. And that's how you really learn.


I looked into it too and I've even looked up the CFR guy, I know his name and everything else.  In between the other soundbites he had, immediately of course before the dust settled, that, oh it was bin Laden that was behind it. You know, they just knew that.  It's just astonishing what you can see through the fog of war, or the dust you might say, and they could see that immediately.


Interestingly too, isn't it interesting that the man that Trump pardoned, one of the guys he pardoned was part of the Police Department of that, of New York City at the time. He's the guy who came out with the passport that fluttered down from the sky, the Arabian passport, you know, that...  Well, here you are, and there you go, see. The only thing that wasn't burned that day was that. That's the guy who's now been put in charge of other things since then too. And of course, there's much more to him as to where his allegiance happens to lie. Literally, lie, perhaps.


But it's astonishing to live through this life and watch it all. And then you have this coronavirus, hm.  You've already got the loose…, the same stuff, I mean… I can remember on 9/11 2001 you had Rumsfeld and you had all the rest of the crew, that crew [Alan chuckles.]  that infamous crew that were dealing with and running the government, and Cheney and all the rest of them. They were having an exercise that day, ‘eh?  An exercise on a report of an attack on New York, exercise, it was all basically supposedly made believe, 'eh?  And the jet planes would intercept anyone flying below a certain height off the beaten track, would always be intercepted, but not that day.   They even called in, they knew the planes were coming in and they were told to stand down there was an exercise.


So we're supposed to believe, hm, you're supposed to believe that after all those years in the Cold War of missiles, and we're going to get fried with buttons pushed and all that, you're supposed to believe they just, the same massive massive superstructure just failed that day because someone mixed it up with the exercise and called off the interceptor aircraft.  Yeah. Okay. Fine.


Then you had the same thing with the 7/7 in London a few years later, right.  The same day an exercise was to take place, with thousands of folks employed to take part in it.  Where eventually the bus was redirected down to a particular street, right, with a bomb on it, where it blew up. Just happened to be the same thing in that exercise that day. And it all went awry, supposedly. And as usual all the security cameras failed and everything. Astonishing, 'eh?  And it was an exercise that day.


Then you come up to this event last November and you had Event 201. That was a tabletop exercise, they like to call it tabletop exercise, in November 2019. Event 201, held at Johns Hopkins University with the participation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation members, and WHO members to do with pandemics and so on, and professionals for the US agencies that would be involved if such a thing where ever to break out, and then the different doctors and all the rest of it. And different sections of society especially including the military, who would deal with problems as they would emerge and unfold.


They came out, I read that before, they came out with their amazing statements, how many folks, on their tabletop exercise, that it could kill. And how all the different agencies all working together would keep it quiet in the beginning. And don't tell the public, just sooth them and keep them, oh it's just another flu or whatever, keep them calm. That's the first… Just like the movies, 'eh, the actual movies themselves, when anything big happens in the movies, oh don't tell the public the truth, don't tell them the truth. And that's how they really are, you see.  But then it's quite easy to them because they never tell you the truth anyway about anything. And folk in authority, the real folk in authority who are behind the scenes, that you don't vote for generally, are the ones that you have to watch, you have to really watch them. Because they really know that they've got all this authority and they want to use it. They're itching to use it.


It's kinda like the guys who practiced bombing Russia all through the Cold War and vice versa, you see, all the different pilots from Russia and the States, who spent a good career, their whole lives a lot of them, just practicing dummy runs to bomb the enemy.  And they're all quite happy at the end, I'm sure, I'd hope so anyway, that they didn't have to do it in reality.


But a lot of these control freaks that you get in authority, with fancy little titles, they love little titles and stuff, and they get paid awfully awfully good money, they're itching to get into action, you see. Just like robots, they go along the exact same way as they have been trained to do it.  And they've trained themselves, these are the guys who make up the procedures often. So, the first thing they do is, like the first casualty of war, or the first casualty of dealing with the general public from government is always to lie, you see. So, the truth is the first casualty of war.


They sooth you, there-there, don't worry about it. They get professional who get paid awfully well anyway but they get extra cash for coming out and looking into the camera with as much sincerity as Bill Clinton did when he says, I did not have sex with that woman.  And you're supposed to believe him, you see, and you say, oh, well, I won't worry about this disease that's breaking out. 


They've already got it in the works, you see, it takes 2 to 3 months to get everything set up to deal with the caseload when it really comes down, including all the things that they've got to unfold step-by-step. But every step they try, they'll lie to you. And every step, it's like that Cobra in London, it's the same kind of system as this Johns Hopkins tabletop exercise as they call it.  Right down to, mind you, and this is what I noticed years ago with bioethicists.  Bioethics was a much more recent, really, term they used for a new field of managing the great heard, the human herd, you see, to make it more cost-efficient. Everything was cost efficiency. 


Even years ago, when the H1N1 was on the go and so on, I can remember doing the talks on the radio at the time.  They even had things on The Daily Mail in Britain, articles with big transport trailer trucks, refrigerated units all plugged in one after another, maybe six in a row, at a big hospital in England and they said this is to deal with all the corpses from the H1N1. It was really a very soothing article. So, we've been through that in the past you see. But they didn't over blow it like this one here.


But now you've got all these different committees set up as they say, like the Event 201.  And it makes you wonder, because in China they're beginning to wonder too if this thing had broken out around November, definitely around December. Again, one of these coincidences where it just happens to basically be like a dress rehearsal for the great real thing here, Event 201, dress rehearsal.  Right down to how they'll manage the public step-by-step.


One of the first things of course was managing again the media. Not the general media.  They mentioned it themselves, they had all the big social networking organizations on board with them. And you know which ones they are naturally; you're all using them probably.  So, they made already agreements with them in advance and all that kind of stuff, to censor people, etc.


Now, we already had the censoring stuff long before it happened. I think I've been censored for many, many years, before you even heard of the shadow banning stuff. Because they really faked and fudged, still do, the numbers of folks who come in to see my stuff, believe you me. And leave me with what would appear to be a minuscule amount.  All because I wouldn't get on board with the big agenda. If I did get on board with the big agenda and those who rule it, they'd be throwing money at me like you wouldn't believe. Honestly. I really mean that.  But I wouldn't take the bait and be a prostitute. So that's what happens. 


I keep telling folk out there, the big ones out there are all bought and paid for, folks. And they're not what you think they are. And they took over what used to be the real alternate media, step-by-step, until the followers didn't even notice it was getting taken over and now they've gone 180° and don't even realize it. They don't know that. Or who even owns these big ones, 'eh.


So anyway, in this Event 201 they go through it, step-by-step by step.  And how they would even punish folk, even little guys that would just mention things that weren't authorized to talk about. Or it didn't matter how well-trained they were in any profession by the way, if they weren't authorized, they'd get ridiculed.  Again, just like the Carroll Quigley thing. But they'd also get slapped big time with electronic harassment, things like that. And by that, I mean they can cut off your phone calls. They can cut off your services. They'll stop any inflow of cash coming your way. This is what they were discussing, folks.


All you who believe you're going to vote again for the, huh… maintain the, huh, huh, free society... They're doing it all now. As soon as this coronavirus whacked in China and all that, anybody that mentioned it, anybody with an inquiring mind that when into why, where did this come from...?  Because it's got strange similarities to stuff that could be developed in laboratories, etc. etc. Immediately hammered. And then again as I say on a certain date all the media, weeks later, after ridiculing all these conspiracy..., they repeated the same stuff.


That's how you're managed. It's so blatant. The sad thing is most folk will never remember it happening. Or as time goes on, they'll forget, then go back to square one again.  It's very sad that. But you've never had such a great example of total control by the media and by those who control the media and who owned them for that matter.


And by the way I'm not saying this is fake at all. Far from it. This is going to, this particular coronavirus is going to accomplish a lot of things, judging from the reaction that was all set to be unfolded step-by-step-by-step. Eventually you're going to find that it's just too inefficient with all our countries being individual sovereign nations, and one country doing one thing and another country doing another thing, and it's just… look at the disasters, we need to go into the world and create a new system of global control.


Because that's what 9/11 did.  Well, we have to give parts of our sovereignty up.  Not just personally, that too, but also the nation-state would have to give up part of its sovereignty up, we have to come together and fight terrorism and share intelligence and share military stuff and share share share, you see. And out of this would come the same kind of thing. Financial problems, a new system perhaps altogether.


But you'll definitely get, we can't go on like this, because look at the terrible consequences and let it be a warning to us, etc., for the next one that happens along, if we could be better prepared for it in a global system. And the whole world goes into action immediately, together, you see. You're going to hear this all unfold step-by-step as we go along through all this.


Because nothing that's happened today, to me anyway, has made any sense at all. You don't bring in, especially as they say, you know, it's a novel, new, novel, right, noveau coronavirus.  New. Meaning, you don't understand it. And when you get into this area, this field, one of the first commandments is that you don't take chances with it. It's new. It's got definitely new characteristics. And they know what some of them are for sure, but you don't know how it's going to behave, that's the first thing you take.  And you got to protect the people.


What you don't allow cruise ships to still take off to travel all over the place and come back with people who are infected. You don't do that. You don't let flights come in and out for weeks and weeks actually from countries that are infected with it. It doesn't matter, even if it's in that area or not in that area, but if the country itself has infections in it, you just don't take that chance if you had something that's a killer. That's how it used to be, you see.


But you see now you're in the new system where, we had shades of what's happening in the West now before breaking out in China and in South Korea where they said, well you know, we can't, we won't be able to stop it anyway so we'll have to accept it. Well, that was always it seems to be the new system, was don't panic the people and don't tell them you're all going to get it. Until it sunk into them, that maybe they're all going to get it and it's inevitable.  Inevitable because they've allowed it all to happen [Alan chuckles.] by not really doing real quarantine.


Right down to the farce of, well you know, a week will do fine or eight days.  Then they tell you it could take, some folk don't develop symptoms for 24 days. Never believe that those at the top are just utterly incompetent.  Don't believe that. That's how they love to write their little agendas down in the history books, that folk just made mistakes and dut-dut-dut.  Really? It doesn't happen like that.


Out of all of this will come a world, above even the World Health Organization, and even they were clapping away at the beginning too because they thought this would get more control over world government in a sense. Now, when things don't make sense there's always an agenda. The people are not stupid. And you have people who are trained in different professions who can use their own logic. There's also a lot of folk in professions, honestly, that are not equipped for using [Alan chuckles.] the gray matter in their brains.  Honestly, it's true. That's true as well. Especially those who get up the ladder in areas of governing over, governing the people in some capacity, it's more so in that, you know.


When you look at the Spanish flu and the BBC did a documentary on the Spanish flu, again, not too long ago, just to get us in the mood I suppose. At the time the Spanish flu was on the go, and it broke out amongst the troops mainly who were still in Europe at the time in 1918. You wouldn't believe the political decisions of those in authority back in Britain, as an example.


The Flu that Killed 50 Million - / 4 July 2019


They knew they were sending troops over, still over to do more fighting because they're always running out of troops.  The war was still going on. At the top they decided it was more important to get, keep the war going, even though it would kill millions of people, and maybe even millions at home in fact for that matter. So, they did, they played it down and played it down and played it down. I mean, the folk took care of the havoc themselves including the burying of the dead and everything else.  They just, that's what folk do, you know.


And you had a weakened population with rationing even then in World War I. They were not, you didn't see obese people back in those days, folks. Because the ordinary folks didn't have great diets at all. So here they're also on rationing during the war, world war, and terrible living conditions, a lot of them couldn't even afford heat in the winter. Still, some of them still can't today by the way, and that was acceptable by the bioethicists, that, well that's acceptable, a certain amount die every year, so many thousands of pensioners in their own homes. Anyway, getting back to World War I.


It was decided at the top to even when they knew a ship that they were sending over to Europe was infected by people who had come back from Europe, so here's another troopship going over to Europe from Britain, and with new people, recently, who were infected in the British side, from returning troops, they could've canceled that ship and have it return. But nope.  So, you had this ping-pong effect of folk re-infecting other peoples, back and forth, back and forth. And they said at the top, it was a tough decision to make but the war had to be won regardless.  ...regardless of the consequences of folk at home dying off!  Yeah. 


You really think anything has really changed? Doesn't that give you an insight into people who see you literally not just as cannon fodder but little tiny molecules, little peons that they have on their big big chessboard. Because that's what we are, we are little characters on the chessboard's that they play with.  Just like the old depictions of Zeus and Hera in the old old mythologies. Even the old movies too. You'd see them playing there with the big chessboard and that's what they do. But even in those movies with gods like Hera and Zeus, they still had a bit of an affection for certain characters that were human. The ones who rule us, I begin to wonder if they have any affection for us at all. Really, you know. 


Because even looking at Event 201, and they listen to these characters all wanting to be noticed for the resumes, by what they're telling them what we should do and so on with their ideas and putting it forward. Nothing, if it came to a World War I situation again, the same things would happen and the same decisions would get made. Oh, the economy has got to keep going regardless, you know. So, keep the people working. And you do have folk going into work now that are spreading the darn stuff. I've always thought that nuts in the Western societies, where you’re kept so poor, so many of the folk, they're terrified of losing their jobs and turning up anyway and spread it around. Isn't it mad?  The economy must go on.


And you see, here's the thing. They've already decided and they're not telling you, before it all happened, way back even at Event 201, in the more private version which they won't publish for the public, they've already worked out in a real situation, rather than let the so-called, the system, be overwhelmed and even chance to take the system down by being overwhelmed with the terrible disease, that they would give the propaganda to the public to keep them in Lala land until the very end. Literally.  And if you've noticed, all you're getting on the stories now is what?  Testing kits.


Do you understand how they've diverted folk off from, wait a minute here, you're supposed to be stopping this, right, from getting into the country and then containing it, but planes are still coming and going from all different places, folks. Boats are still coming in and out. You know. Come on here. It's already been decided.  That it's got more functions, this disease, than just breaking out spontaneously supposedly by itself with four new inserts in it. It's all been decided, you see.  And you’re hearing the quotes now as they divert you from, as I say, from the fact that they should've been stopping, with some gusto. And they didn't.


Canada even, the Prime Minister was getting havoc at times for making ridiculous comments that, even stopping people coming in from certain countries, which is infected, which is one of the rules and laws of keeping the population safe, right, that it might be racist if you stop them coming in. It's got nothing to do with race. You're either going to save a healthy population, I don't care what it's comprised of, the fact is you got to do it properly. But they all know this.


But then you see, this all ties in with the guys who've been chomping at the bit for years now giving talks on national television stations, built up by stars as scientists who come out and say, there's too many people. There's just too many people. The wrong kind of people, you understand. And it's unsustainable.  This is what's really is behind the climate movement, folks, and sustainability. It's the same group at the very very top of ultra elites.  And they'll use all their little old trained robots down below to do their dirty work.


But the fact is, this is an old agenda going back to, even before Thomas Malthus.  But it's still on the go. And through the Darwinian era too. Darwin was quite outspoken about it. And so was all those around with him, including those in the Royal Society in London. They were all eugenicists, proper breeding and bad breeding and the proper genes and the wrong genes.


And here you are. Now you get down to bioethics, right.  Bioethicists, again, that fairly new, and they started making stars of them and present them on TV back in the 90s. And folk would go, what's a bioethicist? Well, they decide, you see, the practical things to do.  Then they give you situations in school, and they trick, they bring up their youngsters in a nice atheistic system who believe in Darwinism too, they all came from apes and stuff, and some molecule at one time says, I think I'll develop into an eyeball, and it did it all by itself. But anyway, this is the kind of stuff that they come out with and children get brought up with this too. 


The children are brought up in a completely new way of looking at life altogether, right down to, well you see abortion is important.  Then let's go to the other end, well older folk are just using resources on this planet.  And we're all getting bumped off at one end or the other. Literally.  Then of course they bring in euthanasia laws.  Which we have really going well here. Until they even have articles saying there's a glut now of organs from all the folk that are getting euthanized.


But how practical this is, isn't it, to do it this way... for the good of the world and the planet and for your bosses who own it all.  And they convince the public it's a good thing.  Hm.  Bioethicists, who've got qualifications in bioethics. Here is a little peon human down there, you know, that little nothing, you should really keep out of it, leave the field to them, the professionals, who are awfully good at convincing you to believe, just give up, just let yourself go, let us deal with you, do you really want the country to spend X amount of bucks on you, to give you life for another 10 to 15 years? I mean, your government could use that cash that you paid in in the first place, hm.


I remember one in Australia saying the same thing, well you know, maybe folk should start thinking about euthanasia by the time they hit 65, rather than collect their pensions, and leave the jobs to younger people. Oh.  Really.  Well I would say, and please lead by example.  Hm.  Make some room. It doesn't seem to happen that way.


We are being led and guided by literally almost demons of the mind you might say. That's their job, to convince you to do the right thing, the right thing. Obama mentioned it too, about his grandmother, you know, she could've, rather than spending so much money to keep her alive, you know, she could've… All these socialists are the same, folks. They're saying all the PC stuff because they know, they've got bosses above them and they know if they say all the things, that they'll stay in the same position a bit longer, and be multimillionaires, maybe even billionaires by the time they're finished.  As public employees, 'eh.


So anyway, the time's already flashing by.  But what I'm saying here is that you're living through it, your living through something that's awfully awfully important to notice what's going on. And start putting things together. Put it all together. Because out of this, regardless of the final death toll of it, you're going to find that much is changed. A new system planned long before you even heard the coronavirus was coming out at all. Many things will be accomplished.


Just like I said when 9/11 happened, it might have even been Gary Hart that said it, I think, was it Gary Hart. CFR, 9/11, how can we use this disaster to our advantage, you know, for our [Alan chuckles.]  long cherished goal, for their agenda. What an odd thing to say, you'd think, 'eh?  Not if you're in the club, and he's talking to members of the club then of course and it got into the newspapers.


You're always living through agendas. And you kept to be little simple children. And that's how you're being treated today. Now, they're going along with the agenda exactly as they're supposed to actually unfold it step-by-step.  Pooh-poohing it initially, and then admitting all the same things and using the same scary tactics to terrify you. Because eventually down the road they want compliance. And by scaring you enough now, by promoting things, even overboard from the so-called conspiracy theorists, they've even put it on steroids from there, to really make sure you get scared so that you will obey. Because they want to bring in rationing. And they have a big, big exercises on, maybe even, martial law tactics, you see.


I'll just mention these articles. I'll try and cram them in tonight because I haven't got around to them in the last while. It says...


First locally-transmitted COVID-19 cases in Australia, as Attorney-General warns drastic legal powers could be used / 2 March 2020


(Alan:  Not a bad article actually.)


The NSW government announced a 53-year-old Sydney health worker - who had not recently travelled abroad - had been diagnosed.


And it goes on to different cases that have been found in different parts of Australia.  It's more than that now. Because things are starting to double, and triple and it will get more and more as we go up to the top spike as they call it around Easter time. So they think.


UK coronavirus outbreak set to peak around Easter and last SIX MONTHS with millions to become infected - / 26 Feb 2020


And of course, all the banks are in on the action too. The banks literally, that ripped us off and plundered us all, and then they gave their bosses millions of dollars bonuses as usual, by the end of the year after they got bailed out with our tax money, it's really astonishing what we're living through, but they're all on board with it too. Because the economy as we well know, our dollars and our currencies are worth less and less and less.  You need much more of it to buy the same basic things. That's all part of agenda 21 too, into austerity for those you haven't figured it out. Then you have this article…


Australians detainable under coronavirus biosecurity laws, Attorney-General says - / 2 March 2020


Now we've got the same thing in Canada, the British Commonwealth countries all work together on the same agendas, by the same rules.  So that...


Biosecurity Control Orders will be 'strange and foreign': Porter (Audio, 2020-03-03) / 3 March 2020


Australia’s biosecurity laws are being strengthened and will be “new" and "foreign” to Australians with the first human transmission of coronavirus recorded in Australia.


Attorney-General Christian Porter told parliament that the laws – which were active from the official “listing” of the coronavirus on 21 January – will be “strange" and "foreign” for Australians who could experience the legal implication for the first time.


“These are challenging times going forward (A:  I hate these...  these...  these little… ‘going forward’. It's like ‘proactive’, you know what I'm saying? But anyway…) and these will be some of the first times these important powers may be used,” Mr Porter said.


There's also a little clip I think there of his radio interview, I think he may have been on a TV interview as well. But he leaves it out there. You can see it in his attitude, he's talking almost like a military guy, who is well aware of the powers that he's got, and he will implement them. That's what they always do, the same kind of thing, just like that movie I talked about, there's a documentary that went alongside it where they actually talk to the actual top policeman for [Alan chuckles.] the whole of England at the time, who talked exactly the same way. And they will, they will do what they're told. They will obey their orders, with utmost whatever is necessary.


Also, you find that…


New York declares state of emergency over coronavirus outbreak


They've got quite a job right now trying to contain anything right now. But again, all the big cities are in the same boat. You'd be surprised, every university town, or city, in North America has definitely got a round of infected people from all over the world as well. We are literally international, aren't we? Have been for a long time. So, this article, New York again is definitely been whacked with quite a few workers.


New York declares state of emergency over coronavirus outbreak / 7 March 2020


Eleven of the cases are in New York City and 70 are in Westchester County.


There are also signals of an ongoing spread, including a pair of cases in both Saratoga County and Rockland County, as well as four in Nassau County, according to the governor.


That's quite interesting to see that whole story and how it spread from even one person that it will mention later too. And then…


Congress warned of (A:  Now listen to this one, it’s quite interesting…) possible coronavirus exposure that may have occurred at AIPAC conference / 4 March 2020


(A: Why would you even have that when this thing was already happening, this plague? Why would you bring in people from other countries, into the same mass of all, when you told to avoid big crowds and everything, especially in confined spaces, all breathing the same air?  'eh?!  What's wrong with people?  I mean, we were warned about this in January and all through February, but they have this, you know.  So anyway…)


The memo, according to the email, “describes a potential exposure based on contact from meeting attendees who were in contact with another individual that tested positive in New York prior to their travel to DC.” 


The email said, “there is no particular action necessary at this time for our Congressional Members who attended the meeting in Washington DC.”


“The DC Health Department considers this a low-risk exposure,” the email said.


(A:  It's not low-risk at all.  It's high-risk actually.)


The Office of Attending Physician notified some congressional staff members on Wednesday in an email of a possible coronavirus exposure...


It could not be immediately determined how many received the email and the breadth of its distribution.


(A: It's quite something. It says…)


New York Gov.  Andrew Cuomo earlier Wednesday confirmed that a family of four and their neighbor have tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the number of cases in the state to at least six.


(A:  I think one of, the guy himself, that's maybe a super spreader, are going to bar mitzvahs and different things, met lots of people in all that time before apparently, he came down with it. So, it's high exposure indeed.  And he attended that AIPAC meeting as well.)


According to AIPAC’s website, more than two-thirds of Congress (A:  ...and also apparently the Senate as far as I know.) attend the annual policy event, which occurred earlier this month.  (A:  This is CNBC.)  Those scheduled to speak at the event this year included Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., House Republican Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y, according to its website.


I think Pence was there as well. But Chuck Schumer and Pompeo and many others too, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.  They had 4 1/2 thousand students I think from Israel too that were sent over to the meeting as well, the big big massive conference. When they went back to Israel, Israel did the right thing and put them, and I don't know if it was self quarantine but at least quarantine. But think about all the people in the government. [Alan laughing.] What are they gonna do with them, 'eh?  In the US government.  And it wasn't just the US government. Here's an article here from the Canadian media CTV. It says…


Stephen Harper (A:  That's the last Prime Minister, before Trudeau.), Mike Pence attend conference where two test positive for COVID-19 / 6 March 2020


(A:  You see, anybody who's up there pretty well goes to, they're all over the place, 'eh.  But we haven't heard from him in a long while actually.  He's high up in the business world now, I guess. But there he is.)


At least two people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus after attending the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in Washington, D.C., where former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence were in attendance.


It does go in to mention the quarantine of other ones going back to Israel. But as far as we know, I don't think anybody so far on the American side have literally been quarantined. We don't know yet. But I think, really, there must be a bunch of folks who got it. There must've been. Mind you, you're still seeing, I've got to admit this too, heads of state and that, again, you don't risk heads of state when there is a kind of terrible infection going around, something you say you don't understand.  Unless the heads of state, as far as I'm concerned, have some kind of immunity to it. Honestly. When Trump went over to India you saw him in like in an arena, there was thousands of people around. And with his wife too was there. Well, what are they on? Antivirals?  What is it?  You would not risk them. You honestly wouldn't risk them.


I mentioned too this other article here. The IMF, the International Monetary Fund, is another part of the agenda of course, talking about finances and so on…


IMF Head Announces $50 Billion Aid Program For Covid-19 Relief / 4 March 2020


(A:  Right. And guess what, though? It's for emerging nations. As your economy is falling flat already, this is going to be put on the tab of the West obviously.)


"The $40 billion is for countries that are middle income, (A:  Well, what does that mean these days?) and they can approach us and receive the funding immediately. More important is the $10 billion that are accessible for low-income countries.


Have you seen the tent cities in the States? Have you seen them living in the streets? Do you understand, we are at a stage brought down with a long long long, including the drug war.  And I'm talking about the real drugs where they end up on the streets and so on, right. Highly highly addictive. And every government agency is involved in the drug trade, all the big agencies, the so-called secret agencies, of course they have been living on these black budgets for a long long time. But the countries have been brought down domestically and you can see how there's no way that we can continue this way.  So, they need to go into the next phase of the new system. That's my impression of it.


Harvard Professor Marc Lipsitch Sounds Alarm on ‘Likely’ Coronavirus Pandemic: 40% to 70% of World Could Be Infected This Year - / 14 Feb 2020


I mentioned last week too about Marc Lipsitch who is the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, he's a professor and this is his specialty. He talked about a global pandemic with up to 70% of people infected worldwide, right. And he said 40% to 70% of people worldwide are likely to be infected in the coming year. Literally, this year.  That's how long it's going to take. And who knows about the following year, right. But also, I mentioned this other article where he talked about, because that's his profession, is biochemistry and so on and emerging viruses and all the rest of it. One of his lectures to his students was titled…


Marc Lipsitch - Should we be Making Potential Pandemic Pathogens in the Lab -


I'll repeat that for the hard of thinking.


Marc Lipsitch - Should we be Making Potential Pandemic Pathogens in the Lab -


This is about 2015 or 2016. And I’ll put the link up to it again where you can hear him talking about it. Because you see, that’s what they do in these labs, folks.  They make new ones. Under the pretense of, well you see, now you see you’ve got all these bans on biowarfare. Well, we’re doing it for health instead, you see, we’re making new ones in case they ever develop by themselves in nature, then we might have a way to handle it, you understand. So that’s how they got around biowarfare treaties, it’s for health reasons. But also, I’d like to mention too, that from China you find the coronavirus, it not only attacks the lungs, and causes you know, severe damage to the lung tissue. But it also attacks the testes in males.


Wuhan coronavirus could cause male infertility: Chinese study - / 19 Feb 2020


Isn’t that quite a weapon, that in itself, that nature, we are told, has drummed up by itself. It hits mainly men, and it also starts to attack the testes and can cause infertility, they think. These are studies from China. And they’ve had plenty of experience in studying this one, believe you me. So, I’ll put that up.


Remember too, I want to mention before I get off tonight too, that you can send money to me hopefully to keep me ticking along. Because I always, I generally forget to mention it. And you can donate to me by check or you can send cash. There's other ways too, PayPal. you'll find on the website how to do it, you can send cash or whatever. You've got links there as well. You could buy the books and discs if you want. I've got lots of good talks on this going back over many many years and many events, including previous flus and things like that too. As I say, that will help me tick along because I generally forget to even mention money. I'm not selling anything like T-shirts or all kinds of medications or whatever it happens to be. I depend on the people themselves to keep me going.  I don't like to get bought off by anybody either. 


So anyway, getting back to the articles here...  But please do that because I really need the cash too. I really do. And folk take for granted you're somehow awfully rich and it never occurs to them generally to even send you a few bucks, for most folk. For the ones who do, I certainly do appreciate it.  And they've helped a lot of people by doing so and helping me tick along too. And I just tick along, I don't live in any kind of luxury whatsoever, believe you me. I'm very, very frugal.  I'm probably on the poverty line actually.  So anyway, here we go…


Canada Post says no risk after Peterborough, Ont., workers refuse to enter building amid coronavirus concern - / 6 March 2020


They won't tell you if somebody or other folk have got it there, if any employees have got the virus there. Canada Post says there's no health risk, so we won't get… You see, everything's so hushed, they won't tell you why is it all happening.  Is it just because they're handling mail and we know that it can be passed, supposedly, on surfaces for a certain amount of time, you know? Everything is so vague, isn't it? Right down to the incubation period. Well, it could be two days to eight days, and then they let them go after eight days quarantine and then you find out that there's folk that can get it 20 days on or 24. And then they say the same thing, only be a few hours on the surface, to so many days, they say. Quite something, 'eh.  So, I'll put that up too.


Then you have people getting re-infected supposedly in China.  Now, here's another thing with the bioethics, is they've already trained everyone, just let the old folk just die off.  And before the virus by the way. Well you know, they've lived a good life, you know. They can persuade you to do anything. But the bioethics committees and so on, they're really going full tilt ahead with the different behavior insights teams, all over the map, working together, to convince you to do the right thing.


And if you've noticed, have you noticed, that everybody, everything's about testing kits and how they've literally changed the direction of thought, rational thought from, wait a minute, why don't you try to stop it...?  They still got folk coming in from countries that are highly infected, highly infectious and so on. But no, no, let's just concentrate on testing. Testing kits are not going to cure you.  Hm?  Testing kits are not treatments, folks. They've diverted you off from wait a minute here, are they going to give you antivirals? Or what's the schedule here, to enroll, to keep folk alive and get them through this?


And then they'll tell you, well... And here's the… Have you noticed, well you know, most folk who will die will be people over 60, you know, and people with underlying ailments. So, okay, so, once again you've stigmatized the people, hm, people over 60.  So, it's like, umph, they're not really human anymore. Isn't that what you're saying here? They're just old, 'eh, discard them, right.  This, I'm not kidding you, this is very very obvious from the different articles coming out and little documentaries, special little clips I've been watching from the top.


They're all on board with the same prattle. Just like weapons of mass destruction. Well the folk will be old and stuff and there are underlying problems and...  So, in other words, they’re expendable, is that what you're saying here?  Hm?  Is that what you're telling us? Because all I hear now is testing kits.  That's for your own bookkeeping.  You can diagnose this even without the kits because it's pretty unique with its symptoms.  Very, very obvious actually.  But this is how they've diverted the folk from asking the obvious, wait a minute, what are you going to give to try to prevent this and get us through this? So, is this the eugenics plan, let the old die off first and so on.


The young don't get it so bad because their immune systems are not developed, folks, that's the reason it's not happening to them. Did you know that?  This thing literally triggers the immune system in your body, it's such a, like to be into absolute panic mode, it throws everything at it, and it's the sudden rush of all the different antibodies going into the lungs, etc. that kills you, not the actual disease. That's real weaponization I would say.  That's what it does. That's what happened with the Spanish flu too.  The lungs themselves were about four times heavier than they should be with the mass of blood in them.


So are they going to give the people, you know, are they just going to just...  Well, once again, bioethics, will there be enough of the treatments for everybody? And if so, who should we give it to?   and prioritize the younger people in their 20s and 30s, 40s and so on, and just let the older folk...? What are you going to do?  Or are you just going to put it into the beds with the folk that are over 60, testing kits, to make them feel like little dolls that you take to bed with you, oh I feel better now, I've got a testing kit here. How about giving them some treatment here and telling the public you’re doing it and showing that you’re doing it? That's obvious.


You know, this isn't happenstance, this isn't some kind of mistake they've just admitted here. This is how they are all on board together managing your minds and your behavior. I'm not kidding folks. I'm not kidding at all.  Anyway, I've already run through so much here. Time just flies in, doesn't it? It's maybe just me, they say as you get older time flies all the faster. But with me it certainly is flying in. But I'll put that up. And I'll put up too, last week too…


Marc Lipsitch - Should we be Making Potential Pandemic Pathogens in the Lab


Awfully important. Because this is a standard lecture that people who are into microbiology and so on, for all kinds of purposes, folks, this is what they do in the laboratories. It truly is. It's just a disgusting scary world we are in. And I think were closer to 12 Monkeys, the movie called 12 Monkeys.  That's more the scenario we are in today where the person who let's it loose on the planet is someone working in one of the laboratories that's in the movie. It's well worth watching for bit of humor at the same time. Albeit dark humor but it's humor nonetheless. It shows you in a kind of sci-fi way a really entertaining aftermath of a viral attack, a planned viral attack. Awfully good indeed.


But regardless as I say, the big agendas are on board, they're all looking forward to working through this and achieving so many goals.


And I hope you all make it too because you'd better start looking after yourselves, folks. And I really mean that.  Little groups of you can certainly vow to each other if necessary, to stand up and help each other through thick and thin, what might come along, we don't know yet how bad they'll push this. But exercise-wise they're definitely going to push it the whole way to test everything. And even, maybe even getting us used to the idea of another one coming along. Who knows? Who knows? We're not in on the big think tanks at the top who are definitely, definitely sworn to secrecy on these particular kinds of matters.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, where it still got lots of snow outside regardless of global warming, it's good night and may your God or your gods, and especially your lives, may you keep a hold of them, it's rather precious, may your gods go with you.



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Australians detainable under coronavirus biosecurity laws, Attorney-General says / 2 March 2020


Biosecurity Control Orders will be 'strange and foreign': Porter (Audio, 2020-03-03) / 3 March 2020


New York declares state of emergency over coronavirus outbreak / 7 March 2020


Congress warned of possible coronavirus exposure that may have occurred at AIPAC conference / 4 March 2020


Stephen Harper, Mike Pence attend conference where two test positive for COVID-19 / 6 March 2020


IMF Head Announces $50 Billion Aid Program For Covid-19 Relief / 4 March 2020


Harvard Professor Marc Lipsitch Sounds Alarm on ‘Likely’ Coronavirus Pandemic: 40% to 70% of World Could Be Infected This Year / 14 Feb 2020


Marc Lipsitch - Should we be Making Potential Pandemic Pathogens in the Lab


UK coronavirus outbreak set to peak around Easter and last SIX MONTHS with millions to become infected / 26 Feb 2020


Canada Post says no risk after Peterborough, Ont., workers refuse to enter building amid coronavirus concern / 6 March 2020


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