Mar. 29, 2020 (#1767)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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C'mon, Everybody Sing...

"We'll meet Again, Don't Know Where, Don't Know When,

If We're Allowed Out of Our Homes Some Sunny Day."

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

 There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 29, 2020.  Now this will be another large talk this week. I don't plan it like this.  I honestly don't sit down and decide what I'm going to talk about. I do look through stories during the week sometimes or even a day before, I just collect a few just to mention, if they are warranted at all and I'll read them. But I prefer just to come on spontaneously, I've always done the same thing. It's more natural, isn't it?


I like to talk to people the same way. If I see people in person, you've gotta be natural about things.  Not this this pretentious nonsense that you're trained to believe, and folk actually emulate the characters on television news programs, the anchor people that they've grown up with. They try to emulate how they pause, and looking sternly, and how they pronounce things. It's so unnatural. If someone came into your house and sat across the table for a cup of tea or something, you'd think they were a robot if they did that kind of thing in your presence, you see.  So, I'd rather just be quite natural.


So, because it's a long, long talk, just like last week I'll split it up, for those that want it.  I'll do the whole program for those who want to download the whole thing, on my website  I'll also split it up into parts as well so that you can bring down each segment if you want to. Some folks like to upload them too so it might be easier for them if it's all broken up as well. But for the rest of the people just continue with the talk and it will go right through the whole, however long it will end up being.  And that's how we'll do it.


I always like to tell you that I hope that you're all doing pretty well, as well as can be expected.  Apart from all the usual things that happen in life to us all at some time or another in different ways.  And the problems that people have with even getting work, today you're put off your work if you have any at all and you're locked down, for most people too, as we go through this massive massive experiment. Which really has, I gave talks years ago on this very very thing, even in the late 90s, and then the SARS one in 2003, and other outbreaks after that too in 2009/10 and so on.


Back in the 90s I mentioned the fact that eventually you would be made to take some kind of chip or ID chip or something which would be electronically tagging you and you wouldn't walk into a supermarket eventually without it. It would have to have your vaccinations up-to-date, or alarms would go off and all the fingers would point at you and then you'd be dragged off. And these things are coming down the pike.


Because you see, you're living in an incredible agenda. And most folk could never get that through their heads. It doesn't matter even if you show them.  You can't help most folk who don't want to know. It's a choice to know things. And if you choose not to know, then they feel they don't have to be involved in anything except to go along with orders or props that they get from the behaviorists that run our lives today. And run them for their fictional movies and dramas, and on the Internet too. The Internet is incredibly well organized and run by behaviorists teams, BITs, [Behavior Insights Teams] that prompt you to go to all the sites they want you to go, and not to look at the actual sites you're trying to get to.


We are so incredibly, incredibly managed and folk have no idea just how intense it is. We've come an awful long way, really, in 20, 30 years basically.  And don't forget too that even the Internet was set up by ARPA that became DARPA.  They set it up really during the Cold War back in the 50s and 60s and they were running the games with Russia back and forth for a long long time. So, the Internet as such was highly developed.  I know people who had been able to buy some of the equipment from the 1970s and 80s from the NSA, used stuff, old stuff and so on. The old stuff really was high-definition and a lot of the computer types of stuff was way faster than they're even selling to you today. 


We're living in a fool's paradise in some way. But it could also be a hell for those that know.  It's true enough, you can only be a fool in a paradise if you don't know what's going on. And you don't care to know.  And they say ignorance is bliss.  But you truly are living through an amazing agenda.


Back in the 90s and later too I mentioned that, to get the whole agenda through would take wartime scenarios. Either outside attack, and of course the 9/11 came along and that brought in the first half of it.  The next would be economic.  And we got the crash in 2007/2008.  Money literally since 2008 in Canada, for sure, because we borrowed from the US Federal Reserve by the way to bail us all out and we're still paying for it all, the dollar in Canada from 2008 onwards dropped and dropped and dropped in real purchasing power by a good, almost, well, it's almost 50%, 60% at times, for the same items. No doubt about it. Food has probably tripled in price or more or quadrupled in price. Especially meat, and they want to wean you off it.


But anyway, in wartime scenarios, real imaginary or fictitious or whatever, or using the war on a virus, they bring in basically the same martial law type scenarios. Emergency powers acts, I've got them all, all the different things here. They can do whatever they want.


Like again, back in the 90s I talked about how you steer the public.  The public go to sleep, or like, they say we are like cattle grazing in fields. Or sheep, sheep's pretty good for that too. And if it's a nice sunny day and there's not much happening as you go through life, it's an eternal sunny day in your mind and you're playing yourself and having a good time. It's hard for them at the top with all the big massive think tanks who are directing the future on where they want you to go and your children to go and grandchildren so on, it's hard to get you to move and accept things when you're peaceful and happy. The longer you're at it chewing the grass, you see, in that beautiful field there, the less you want to, you'll say, no I'm not budging.


Once you get things going, the stampede, and you get the horror... and there's the cattle just like Rawhide the movie, the series on TV Rawhide, you know, don't try to understand them, just move them, move them and brand them.  So, you get them stampeding.  They're wild eyed and ahhhhhhhhh, you know. And you can't, once they're wild eyed and they're really getting going, they lose their minds and it's easy to steer them by people in the front and sides to nudge them along in the direction they want them to go. Once you've got the people really stampeding, the idea, technique is not to let them settle down then. If you've got a whole list of things to accomplish, that's the time to move them here, and then move them there, and move them, and they keep moving and they'll do what they're told, you see, because they're panicked. So that's the first thing in warfare.


It's astonishing to realize, as I've said so many times, we've never had a generation, we've never had a generation of people who have had complete peace in their life. We haven't been allowed that. I keep saying, we get financial crashes at least two or three a century, the big ones. You're plundered, your countries are totally plundered by the big banks and stock market and the people who manage it all, for themselves.


Then you have wars, they give you wars, and it isn't for often a whole generation later that they'll really tell you and start to sneak out in books deep, because it's now taken off the official secrets act and you find that the real reasons for war, completely different, completely different really, and deceitful, from what they told the public at the time. If they tell the people at the time the truth, they won't go off to war.


So, you must again always, even if you want to invade someone, then you've got to pretend that you're being invaded first even if you're not. It's amazing the doublethink and doublespeak that goes on to get you to go off. But once the killing starts and some of your own people get killed, it's easier then to instill the hate and the rage and retribution and vengeance and away...and that can carry on for a long time. 


So, we don't get peace, we're not given peace. We're not allowed peace. Because peace would break down the system that we live under.  It's an incredible system. It's nothing, as I've said so many times, like the system that you're brainwashed to believe it is with your talking heads on TV and the people who are on your authorized shows and so on. It's a vastly different system. And it isn't new when I say that it's run by experts or people who claim they're experts. Now they claim they are really, really into many more advanced sciences than the people of Julian Huxley's day or even HG Wells’s day.  You'd be surprised just how scientific as far as data collection on the public they had at the end of the 1800s in places like Britain, especially.  Then into the 20th century and the mass propaganda outfits.  It's just astonishing the marketing techniques used to get wars started and to keep them going and so on. 


It's like Edward Bernays.  Again, he's given a lot of credence, or accolades for being one of the top marketers who can pretty well… a persuader of people, you see, through marketing techniques by supposedly understanding the subconscious motives the people have for buying things.  They're not really conscious of their drives inside of them.  Don't forget that Bernays, his uncle was Freud. So, you've got this, you got people like Freud and Bernays who specialize in sussing out their victims, put it that way, to get them to do what you want them to do.  And many more of course.  Now it's even more sophisticated.


But even back then Bernays was approached by the cabal who wanted a war, World War I for America. Don't forget that Britain was already in it from 1914.  And they just set up that year too, 1914, that's why they set up the central bank system and the Federal Reserve in America in order to tax the public for a coming war. Just like the Bank of England, the Bank of England could loan to other countries and banks and so on and they put the public, the whole population of Britain down as the guarantors to pay it off through, and would take it off by taxes on the income tax act.  So, the US had to be the same. So, they gave it different names for the same system, exactly the same system.


They brought in Warburg from Germany and made him, one of the brothers, the other one was still in Germany, the head of the bank.  They lent to every country for three years. Massive, massive returns, maybe 200% 300% interest from nations that might lose.  You can charge incredible interest rates.  Then come 1917 they said we'd better get in there, get the Americans in there to make sure that this war goes of what the way we want it to go, so we can start getting all our payments back to the bankers, you see. And that's what they did. That's why America went in.


Bernays was approached… Well he actually, I say approached, he was part of the same cabal actually, they all knew each other and worked with each other.  He helped to get America in the war propagandizing stories and so on. They even brought out a newspaper for themselves, gave all the different stories that they wanted to get the people really enraged to go to war. Then after the war was over, being a good psychopath, and psychopaths love to boast, you know, he wrote another book about how they deceived Americans and conned them into going to war.


This is the reality. This is not conspiracy theory, you know.  It's written by the people who were involved in it like Bernays himself. And you have to get yourself out of the little rut in saying, oh that was a little quirk in time, you know, that was a little one-off. No, it wasn't.  I mean Bernays himself kept, he actually worked for many US governments and this public-private partnership was not that new really, it depends who the master is. And Bernays literally got America, he got the government to send troops to Latin America to overthrow any people who were trying to be socialist. 


He had the American Fruit Company as a client, massive client, and massive shares of his own in it.  They elected a guy [Jacobo Árbenz] who wanted to start spreading some of the wealth inside the country [Guatemala] instead of it getting taken out to shareholders in America. Bernays managed to, he actually set up another big propaganda newspaper and a film crew and put out in the cinemas how evil this country was and how terrible it was and how socialist it was and how they'd take down the nation, etc. But it was all in order to get America to send the troops down and kick the guy out. And America's been doing that kind of thing ever since.


So that's only one little thing. It's got nothing to do [Alan chuckles.] really with what I'm talking about tonight. Except, the system in which we live is a system with incredible think tanks that work full time. It's hard for you to imagine, these that aren't little guys that go into hobbies and just come and meet once in a while. Real think tanks are think tanks for the foundations, are a department of the foundations.  There are many, many foundations run by the big multibillionaires.  And some of the billionaires, most of the billionaires you'll never really know. You see the front ones for them, they always put front men out there pretending to be self-made people and so on, or geniuses, that's how it's done. And it's good enough for the public. I mean, why should they be lying to you? You know?


But the fact is, they lie to you because they never want you to have any truth at all. They want you to be like a sponge that just soaks up the propaganda that's dished out daily to you so you behave in the right way.


The think tanks plan futures just like big business projects and business plans.  Some of these big big companies, if you read their projects from say 1960 and 70, they were doing fifty-year plans of where they would take their company, and in the process some of them, massive companies, take the world with them or the nations with them. They don't just take the companies, everything must…


It's very much like an organism, these corporations. And this applies to tyrants too, and tyrannical peoples at times not just the individual tyrants. But if you look at a field, a field will have different wildflowers and herbs and grasses that will grow over time in that field. And some will take over from some, and then the old ones die off as the new ones take over and take all the nutrients. In other words, an organism alters the terrain for its own survival. Very important to understand that. 


It alters the terrain and corporations are the same way. Other things are too but corporations are definitely the same way.  They're set up not just with business and profit. They've got a mandate.  They create a whole mystique about themselves to their employees for instance.  Like a cause, they've got causes.  They make sure you know they've got causes too, and their charitable causes as well and we’re part of the community, etc. But they have a big massive project to try to get the public to believe the same thing, that they are part of the community or are a part of the nation and so on.  It used to be a slogan for many many years that what was good for GM was good for America. And even presidents said that occasionally. That's how interwoven the system is with commerce, massive commerce and wealth and so on.


So, don't just pooh-pooh think tanks thinking it's all a bunch of old characters that go in there with smoking pipes and they just chat and stare at the ceiling and vocalize their dreams.  It's completely different. It's highly organized. Some of these foundations have as much bureaucracies, and some corporations have as much bureaucracies as some governments have, like civil servants and staff and departments. You've got to understand how it really works.


Because you see, you're whole, what you're living in today is the culmination of many of these think tanks working together.  And it is pyramid style because there's a snob appeal involved, and definitely a gang mentality, and organized, a very well-organized gang mentality to those that run the world. If you read basic sociology and political sciences, they'll go into, well yeah, they're kind of like clubs that start off and gentlemen's clubs long ago and so on. Partly true but it's much much deeper than just that of the wealthy elite starting...  This has gone on for at least, pretty openly in some ways, from the 1700s that we can detect, hm.


People don't know it, that you had the lunar society, it was called the lunar society that met, you know, every time the full moon I think it was in the US, and they'd travel back and forth back then, and Britain. And they really did communicate through their writings and so on with each other all the time. Rothschild at the time was one of them. Some inventors were part of it too and I know who they were [e.g. Benjamin Franklin and James Watt]. They literally, the idea was to plan the kind of society they were going to bring in through science, and financing of certain sciences. You see, other sciences get nowhere if you can't get funding. So, money is the key to everything today and it has been for a long time.


If you hold the purse strings of the nation, and the government, heads of governments must come to you, every year, which they all do cap-in-hand for borrowing more money for the big massive projects. Which of course the lender's so happy to encourage them and give money here and give money there and create more debt. Which means more taxation, it pays off the lender himself. So, it's quite a nice cozy set up they have at the top.


But again, they've got societies, or brotherhoods if you like, to make sure it all works that way. The Council on Foreign Relations is one of them. Everybody talks about masonry, it's no big...  You got to look into the where these characters, the CFR is one of them, Council on Foreign Relations.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs is a big one, massive one, who helped set up in fact, actually directed the whole system before it was even called that name, but it was the Lord Alfred Milner group, with the Kindergarten. He literally ran the British Empire, the members of it ran the British Empire and they appointed each other to government positions and commercial positions too, and literally ran the world's wealth. Nothing has changed, they still do. 


They have the divisions for the Far East for the unification of the various countries and so on, the Pacific Rim companies.  They have members in China. They've got members in Japan. And all over the place.  They also have the CFR in America, and they've got the European CFR now for most or all of the European members of Parliament.  All basically a private club, folks. 


Whoever joins them swears allegiance to them first and foremost, so don't think that politicians are serving your country. They're not serving your country. They've already given their oaths to something else. But they have a big agenda and it's not, it's not just developing as we go along. They get what they want, as I say, how do we make this happen? And they'll have plan A, B, C and D.  And like a big business plan they can say this might take us 20 years, 30-year plan, 40-year plan for this part and so on. And that's how it's done. 


Like the United Nations.  The same as the United Nations. Who set up the United Nations? The same organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They set up the League of Nations back then, you see, the first one. The World Bank they set up. The IMF they set up. The Bank for International Settlements, all the private institutions, they own them themselves, the ones at the top who own the organizations. And they plan the world.


They plan the world's direction minutely through the countless think tanks underneath them. Like massive bureaucracies, those that... governors basically, and there are governors of the world, unelected governors are appointed in a definite, almost like a military type system, have no qualms about dealing with the general population.  I've gone through so many talks in the past and remember you can go to website into the archives and listen to the talks I’ve given over many many years.


I go through the different characters that pop up in our history, you know, in our recent past and present time too, who shape, they shape the culture that we grew up in basically. They designed it. They planned it. And they promoted it. And they were held up as heroes to the certain class that ruled the world. And it is the system of a class, not just upper classes, it's above even that. These are characters who really are banded together in what they claim is a moral duty, as they enrich themselves to save the world, or save the society, or what they claim is the betterment of society.


The Georgia Guidestones is only one monument they put up.  You'll get taught their monuments by learning what they teach in universities in modern social sciences and so on as you get indoctrinated into their projects.  And they get a lot of lesser workers that actually work the projects for them and who are also well rewarded as long as you parrot the right mantras. 


Not so long ago I remember hearing, and they do, they give you the front people who get sudden publicity.  Because stars, you know, the star making machinery for stars, for actors and musicians, is a massive business to make people stars. Regardless of whether they have talent or not. But the same star making machinery makes scientists, for those who haven't caught onto that. An old technique too in Bernays days, he was up doing it as well. They would get people like Einstein who was more of advocating social policies and so on for the planet as opposed to a scientist. But they promoted him as a genius. And that's how it was done.


They still do it today. They give you the front people that seem to… You have these visions of a small planet, these big tall people with big long strides, striding over, you know, designing, giving you the new kind of cars that you're going to drive and this, that and the other and how you're going to live. And they're being projected to you and promoted to you as though you should just listen to them, somehow, they're geniuses. And you really believe it, most folk believe what they are… They can't fathom that, no, these are front people for much bigger bigger purposes.


As I say, how come everyone who gets to the multibillionaire class, in the sciences mainly that we are all using today, which help to indoctrinate and enslave us again, how come they all suddenly just get to a point, a certain dollar value and say oh my God I think there's too many people, of the wrong kind, but I'd like to vaccinate them all and make them healthy, but there's just too many people? We know who. Bill Gates has said that of course before. And it's up on YouTube still, you get the clips, he talks about it.


But it's amazing, they're all on board with the same projects. They suddenly want to be philanthropists. But they don't do anything outside a certain narrow vision. They all come on board with the exact same program, which is not normal either. If you've got so many people, you think, I'll go off and do this kind of thing, which you take, oh well, you know it's up to them. But no. They're all on board with the same, with each other too.  So once again you're back to that kind of club aspect, you know, here's the club and they're all on board with the same thing, they're sworn to it and they back each other up. 


And they've been given power, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs said, with the Council on Foreign Relations too, their American branch, they said some years ago and I read the articles at the time, where they said that it's time for the big philanthropists to take the proper position in governance, global governance. Well wait a minute, you've just knocked any idea of democracy out the window. Although democracy has been a bit of a fake up until now of course but it's knocked out the window, you can't have them both.   You can have appointees, self-appointees at that, by a particular private club over all of… But that's what we've got through public-private partnerships, etc. etc.


But they have big agendas and don't forget the agendas are always the same, there's too many of you.  All the way from Thomas Malthus right up to the present time.  Every one of them that was held up as somehow a genius or philosopher, a philosopher like Bertrand Russell, who was really a mathematician.  But his big thing with social change. Again, the same social change that's like a mantra to the brotherhood, 'eh, there's too many of you. And you should all live this way. And many of you shouldn't have children at all, you should be sterilized. And on and on and on it goes.


And then again most folk, folk will actually turn around, if you're well indoctrinated and brainwashed, just with your education and watching TV and so on, you're getting bits and bytes all the time accumulating in your brain, well yeah, there's too many people, there's too many of the wrong people. And it never dawns on them that you're all being used. When you adopt viewed points that have an emotional tang to it especially, you're being used. Because your emotions then really surpass your reasoning and you go along with something because it feels good, it feels better, yeah.


But you don't realize that if you eliminate this group here, because they're unfit for whatever you've claimed they're unfit for, then who's to come down to you one day and stay wait a minute it's time for you to take the big dive as well. Because we don't need you anymore. You're a useless eater. And that's basically what Julian Huxley said himself, the guy who helped set up a good part of this agenda you're living through today, on behalf of the elite of the world.


His family claimed that they were a scientific family because they could put across ideas to the public, that were kind of social sciences, you see.  And psychologists and psychiatrists and behaviorists, they're all part of the scientific network that manage the system on behalf of the ones above them, the dominant minority they call them. It hasn't changed. These guys who long before Adolf Hitler started off with his basically hygiene, his German hygiene programs to get rid of the unfit and so on in the hospitals, he got the ideas from Britain especially, from the elite group we're talking about now.  That are all over the place now, but back then most of them, not all of them, were in Britain, the rest of them were in parts of the US in the CFR.  But yeah, they got all the ideas, Hitler actually went ahead.


And again, don't forget that in Cold Spring Harbor in the US, the big eugenics organization set up there and funded by Rockefeller and the rest of them, to do with creating better types of people, you know, better genetic types of people and breeding the proper genes into them. And using cattle ranchers' data on breeding cattle, that's what they used initially, to try to adapt it into breeding people. They also wanted to start culling off the wrong kind of people. Which they did. They sterilized them. The exact same way that HG Wells promoted in his early books.


Because HG Wells was another employee to push the mythmaking machinery of doing good to help society by reordering society and sterilizing the unfit and so on. Little HG Wells was truly are front man for a much bigger organization.  He took initially the left-hand path of socialism, labor, even though he'd never lifted anything heavier than a fork in his life, I think.  He belonged to the Fabian Society, cofounder.


So, you're looking at a system well organized to make sure that they run every side of everything. If you've got a class or point of view or whatever it happens to be in society, they've already got ready-made leaders for you. Very, very well organized. Well-funded. Well, it's easy to have funding if you just, if the guys who literally not just print it out but put extra zeros behind the numbers in computers for nations, you can't fail, can you? And that's what it is. 


Bertrand Russell was quite blatant about it and he said, he says we need a good black death, a bubonic plague every generation or so to cull off the useless types and infirm and feeble types. And the poor types. Quite open about it.  And he also said that the future they'd bring in, he and his brotherhood class that he belonged to, he said we'll by means of diet injections and injunctions we shall bring it in, their order in, on the general population, to make it really obedient, you see.  And cull us off. Make us stupid as well.


Of course, you also had Aldous Huxley, brother of Julian, writing his books. He was up there. He knew, that's why he came up with Brave New World way back in 1930s, early 30s, 1932, 1933, with literally a class system where the people were bred for the functions right down to the lower orders basically that wouldn't get to board or go crazy by doing the same repetitive kind of work that robots eventually would do. They were still on board with the same thing. 


I remember a professor in Australia a few years ago, another star that they make the stars up. They get all the airtime, suddenly, all of a sudden and all the papers immediately jump on board, what do you think of Professor so-and-so when he says, you know, we've got to start bringing down the population mandatorily, and the older folk should just die off.  Maybe, you know, literally he's talking about euthanasia rather than collect pensions and be a drag on society. He's forgetting that the pension money that they sent in all their whole working lives kept the system going.  It was invested in countless things on behalf of their masters, we've all got masters, the same masters, you see, and they don't want you to claim any of it back when you retire. They want to take it all.


But the definition from the United Nations of a good global citizen is a good producer and the consumer. You can look it up from their own website. And once you're retired you see, you’re now consuming, that's how they put it down.  You think this is little children that just came up with this idea sustainability and they're ready to kill for it and knock down, you know, and all that kind of stuff, all you nasty people who ruined the world, all you ordinary folk, you know, it's all your fault.


You think they just dream this up themselves? They've been utterly brainwashed into it, radicalized through all of their education from an early age, at school. And the schools have got all the tool kits to make sure they're really radicalized, and also dysfunctional in any other possible way, and they're ripe for revolution... Against the targets that they've been told ruined the world for them taking all the resources and polluting, it's all your fault. That's done on purpose.


If you got a natural system, where it's all real, and you've got natural overloads watching this from the real society, the real present society they belong to, the people who would try to radicalized them would have been put behind bars, including the teachers, for what's coming down the pike, folks. It didn't happen by chance. Nothing ever does.


We live in myths, you know. It's like the myth, we all have foundation myths, some nations.  Some of them are nice and quaint, etc. Like the Romulus and Remus idea for Rome, you know, that kind of thing. Kind of quaint things. And they're good stories actually, I like the stories, we all do, we like mythologies. But they still make all the founding myths and you get the ones by the revolutionaries themselves. Revolutions are famous for making up myths.


Look at the communist system where literally every schoolchild right through its entire generational existence of communism, the communist state, the Soviet Socialist Republic, every child had to learn it by heart. Oh, this is what Lenin thought about this, this is what Marx thought about that. And they had to parrot the stuff. And every exam had it in it, and so on and so on and so on regardless of what the topic was.  We're living through that same system in the West and folk don't know it.


When you go into anything that happened in the past you got to bring the present into it and how would this really be seen through the eyes of the so-and-so, one of the many varieties of angst that we have today in our PC culture. Of course, we're getting taught it all and folk think it's, you know, the same system run on behalf of the global elite. 


The US itself, it's not to put any country down, the people are the people. But by God the US just like the British folk now, they've been incredibly abused. They were given a bit more cash than the British ever had during it’s time as the little mercenary country that went across the planet fighting to bring civilization as they were told. And with the ordinary folk left with the debt of it all.  [Alan laughing.]  Including the soldiers, the ordinary soldiers that did all the fighting.


But the US were given a bit more extra cash themselves, maybe from 1920 to 1960, 1970, then it started going down with the whole economy and the debt, etc. And all the wars. All the wars.  But the founding myth again had something, a modicum of truth for the fact they did definitely have a revolution for independence. But if you read the writings of Franklin, not by, not about them, but BY them, and others that signed the declaration, some of them talk quite candidly of the 30-year period of setting up the system for the revolution.  Including importing and buying powder and ball and all the armaments and so on from other nations.  And storing them in secrecy, even in some islands off the US for all those years. 


It wasn't a spontaneous thing like it's made out to be.  The US already had the people in it. They were part of a big brotherhood.  Look at Benjamin Franklin's talks about that himself, you know, the one whose family were the Chandlers, you know, they were candlestick makers, the light bringers, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]  Yep.  So anyway, if you go into any country who have got myths, foundation myths and so on.


But we're run by as they say societies. Everywhere you look are societies. And there's no doubt about it, if you put them on top of each other in the proper order, it's a kind of pyramid type system. There's no doubt about it. And we're living through it.


Now, I'll read a little bit, just a little bit to give you an idea of the mindset of what really runs the world. Because those at the top don't talk about us as though we are human, you know.  They don't even talk about us like we are fond pets or anything. We're just things and they have no problem talking about us as being nothings basically, serfs and slaves. And that's a fact. That is a fact.  It's rather sad but true the way that we are being so abused and used and how easy it is to do with using incredible sciences of understanding human nature.


But here's a little bit, a little bit from HG Wells, Anticipations. Some of them say it was published in 1902, but I think 1901 we know he definitely it wrote then.  HG Wells was already involved in societies as a front person who would do anything to please the Masters. And he did do a lot of things to please the Masters. This one is called Anticipations as I say, and he talks about…


Anticipations, HG Wells

Faith, Morals, and Public Policy of the New Republic


(Alan:  Like after Plato's Republic sort of idea.)


It is manifest that a reconstructed ethical system, reconstructed in the light of modern science and to meet the needs of such temperaments and characters as the evolution of mechanism will draw together and develop, will give very different values from those given by the existing systems (if they can be called systems) to almost all the great matters of conduct.


(A:  He's talking about the old systems of religious values and humanity’s values and family values and so on. So, the scientific priesthood, this new religion, you see at the time, would have completely different values altogether.)


Under scientific analysis the essential facts of life are very clearly shown to be two—birth and death. All life is the effort of the thing born, driven by fears, guided by instincts and desires, to evade death, to evade even the partial death of crippling or cramping or restriction, and to attain to effective procreation, to the victory of another birth. Procreation is the triumph of the living being over death; and in the case of man, who adds mind to his body, it is not only in his child but in the dissemination of his thought, the expression of his mind in things done and made, that his triumph is to be found.


And the ethical system of these men of the New Republic, the ethical system which will dominate the world state, will be shaped primarily to favour the procreation of what is fine and efficient and beautiful in humanity—beautiful and strong bodies, clear and powerful minds, and a growing body of knowledge—and to check the procreation of base and servile types, of fear-driven and cowardly souls, of all that is mean and ugly and bestial in the souls, bodies, or habits of men.


To do the latter is to do the former; the two things are inseparable. And the method that nature has followed hitherto in the shaping of the world, whereby weakness was prevented from propagating weakness, and cowardice and feebleness were saved from the accomplishment of their desires, the method that has only one alternative, the method that must in some cases still be called in to the help of man, is death.


(A:  ...the method that must in some cases still be called in to the help of man, is death.)


In the new vision death is no inexplicable horror, no pointless terminal terror to the miseries of life, it is the end of all the pain [Pg 299] of life,


(A:  ...OF life...)


the end of the bitterness of failure, the merciful obliteration of weak and silly and pointless things....


The new ethics will hold life to be a privilege and a responsibility, not a sort of night refuge for base spirits out of the void; and the alternative in right conduct between living fully, beautifully, and efficiently


(A: see, and efficiently…)


will be to die. For a multitude of contemptible and silly creatures, fear-driven and helpless and useless, unhappy or hatefully happy in the midst of squalid dishonour, feeble, ugly, inefficient, born of unrestrained lusts, and increasing and multiplying through sheer incontinence and stupidity, the men of the New Republic will have little pity and less benevolence.


To make life convenient for the breeding of such people will seem to them not the most virtuous and amiable thing in the world, as it is held to be now, but an exceedingly abominable proceeding. Procreation is an avoidable thing for sane persons of even the most furious passions, and the men of the New Republic will hold that the procreation of children who, by the circumstances of their parentage, must be diseased bodily or mentally


(A:  He's talking about what they claim are the unfit.)


—I do not think it will be difficult for the medical science of the coming time to define such circumstances—is absolutely the most loathsome of all conceivable sins. They will hold, I anticipate, that a certain portion of the population—the small minority, for example, afflicted with indisputably[Pg 300] transmissible diseases, with transmissible mental disorders, with such hideous incurable habits of mind as the craving for intoxication—exists only on sufferance, out of pity and patience, and on the understanding that they do not propagate; and I do not foresee any reason to suppose that they will hesitate to kill when that sufferance is abused. And I imagine also the plea and proof that a grave criminal is also insane will be regarded by them not as a reason for mercy, but as an added reason for death. I do not see how they can think otherwise on the principles they will profess.


The men of the New Republic will not be squeamish, either, in facing or inflicting death, because they will have a fuller sense of the possibilities of life than we possess. They will have an ideal that will make killing worth the while; like Abraham, they will have the faith to kill, and they will have no superstitions about death.


They will naturally regard the modest suicide of incurably melancholy, or diseased or helpless persons as a high and courageous act of duty rather than a crime. And since they will regard, as indeed all men raised above a brutish level do regard, a very long term of imprisonment as infinitely worse than death, as being, indeed, death with a living misery added to its natural terror, they will, I conceive, where the whole tenor of a man's actions, and not simply some incidental or impulsive action, seems to prove him[Pg 301] unfitted for free life in the world, consider him carefully, and condemn him, and remove him from being.


(A:  And he goes on and on and on.)


Now, if you really read the whole thing, you'll find that it isn't just getting rid of what they claim are the ones who are at the unfit, or the bad people either.  And don't forget, once you got tyrants in power, they keep expanding the levels of who's bad. It's like the French Revolution, they end up slaughtering themselves eventually layer by layer until there's nobody left. And that's part of it too.


But don't forget, so you can say a lot of this stuff people will agree to, about the criminals and so on etc. etc. etc. But as I say, think about the rest of it. They're going to kill everybody else they claim is unfit. Or maybe if you've got, Aldous Huxley mentioned it too in an interview with George Wallace he says, well supposing people, even just simple things like you're shortsighted and you breed, and you breed more children who are shortsighted, etc. He was trying to tell you that nature would have a perfect generation each time by literally not producing what you would claim would be the inferior types, even in that level.


Well that goes with simple things too like allergies. We're hearing that now with eugenics, 'eh, you really want to have a child, you know, that might have this, that and that and that and they might might might might might.  And you're into eugenics and who should get born, who shouldn't.


So, all the stuff that Wells basically was talking here and this is a little bit of it. He wanted to sterilize pretty well most of the people, even the ones who are doing the base work for them, the really hard base work, the brutes as he called them.  He'd have them sterilized until the next generation that wouldn't need them because science would have again progressed even then.


So, you think you're living through something that's just happening step-by-step by itself today. No, you're not.  You're living through an amazing agenda. Sometimes the agenda gives the appearance you're a bit freer especially when they need you to fight the next war. And as soon as you're fighting it suddenly rights are getting taken away from you. If some enemy, or enemy that wasn't an enemy before, retaliates, and you've got Marshall law back home. Or as I say, a plague is awfully handy, whatever kind it is, and the same thing is happening isn't it?


Terrify the people. Terrify, terrify them until they can't think anymore. But I would say to people, you know, if you want an idea how they think today, and what you see being taught in the sciences including medicine, it's good to read Anticipations as an example. And the works by Bertrand Russell. Some of the parts you might agree with in fact, that's how they get you on board. 


It's like the people they send, give to you to follow, like talk show hosts and so on.  You gotta be very very careful because the authorized ones out there, even the ones you think are fighting the authorized ones, it's like rat poison. They must give you stuff that other people, real workers are putting out there, the real investigators, they'll take it all and say it's theirs and put it out to sound legitimate to the followers.  Oh, yeah, well they're telling us good truth.  Yeah, what they are is taking it from here.  But their real project, the real motive is, you know, that last 10% of poison, you know, which is politics or who to vote for, or what nation to bless or whatever it happens to be. It's really something else what we're witnessing today. It's never been so open, never ever.  But yeah, you must be given a good part of the truth to take the poison, you see. That's how it's done.


And let's see now, so I'll put, well you can look it up yourself, Anticipations. It's a good read actually.  It's quite interesting. Especially now that you're locked in and you can't really go anywhere or do very much because of the lockdown. The global lockdown, 'eh.  And it's almost global.


But just before I get into the talk tonight really, [Alan chuckles.] please excuse my drifting off into something else. But if you read Anticipations, it gives you an idea what you're dealing with today, you understand, the same mindsets. Wells was a big player for putting out massive propaganda through fantastic fiction by the way and stacks of nonfiction as well. It was his fiction that gave him the credence and the stardom to do the nonfiction in fact.  And he was quite open about inferior types. He was into phrenology, measuring skulls and all that, in his Outlines of History you see that kind of thing.


But I'll put this here and it's by Brandon Turbeville.  It's interesting, he's talking about the lockdown…


Two Hundred and Thirty Years of Rights and Liberties Shredded: Why I Oppose The Lockdown - / 24 Mar 2020


Good article. Again, everything is food for thought. It doesn't matter if you believe in it or agree with it or not. If you don't look at everything you won't learn anything. It's bits and pieces from all aspects of human thought where you actually learn things.


You've got to understand what's happening right now. 9/11 took so much of the rights away. It had already been decided long before that when they brought in electronics and computers that would guide you eventually to enslavement, where the authorities would know everything about you 24 hours a day.  They had it all worked out too, how many years to give you on what would seem to be free this and free that, until everybody thought, expected everything to be free. 


But they addicted them on it.  They even knew that pornography and bringing up one generation up to the age of about 20, at least, with easy porn and all the rest of it would, per their agenda, they would never toss that computer out the window, or whatever they're using, the tablet, you name it because they're addicted to it. That was part of it.  In the 90s that's when they made sure everybody knew it was, every paper carried, oh more, day after day, week after week, month after month, you know, the Internet is full of pornography. To make sure that everybody would go in and see it, you see.


Everything else can get stopped but there was no attempt at all to stop pornography. They can stop YOU. They can cut you off altogether just for saying something or thinking something, or even asking questions.  That's how tyrannical it is today.  But back then they made sure you had enough little free things and entertainments that once they started to take your rights away from you, you'd keep using the computer. It was all worked out that way by strategists and behaviorists.


So, 9/11 took it away. In fact, I can remember the headlines, so many headlines. Would you willingly give up your rights for safety?  You know. Every Western country went into the same act with the same man on the street, you know, asking different passersby, the man and woman in the streets, hey, would you be willing? Oh well, you know, I suppose we have to do it, you know.  And you really think what happened then.  And never mind the fact there was a whole massive back story to the whole 9/11 thing as we all know, I won't even go into it. But it was mainly concentrated on one day’s attack in New York City and the whole world was to change. You understand? The WHOLE world was to change.


And in so many ways. And never to get your rights and freedoms back. And Patriot Acts got signed. And the president said to all the people who were supposed to sign it and look at it or debate it, if you don't sign IT, you’re unpatriotic. Well what, are they going to put you down as a criminal?  George Bush Junior gave the speech too, he said that you're either with us or you're with the terrorists. There was no option at all. In other words, if you weren't going to go along and you didn't like what the US was planning, to go invade other countries, then you would be classed as a terrorist. Incredible really. 


The same guy who repeated his father's talk before it happened, of, I see a world coming into view, a new world order, dut dut dut dut dut.  Hm.  10 years apart from his dad giving the same speech. And you think it's just developing by itself?  [Alan laughing.]


So here we are, here's part two and just like part one, so many rights you're never to get back again, you see.  You've been told even after 9/11, in the years following 9/11, that they said get used to it, this war on terror is going to last your whole life and beyond. It's permanent. It's like the temporary war tax that became the income tax, you know, and victory tax, etc. 


And this nuisance thing called rights, awful nuisance as the CFR journalist [Richard Gardner] published, and I've read the article [The Hard Road to World Order] so many times over many years and he said that, we've got to stop attacking the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, he says, head-on and debating that. Instead, just ignore it and go around it and over it and above it, build bridges and go around and circumvent it, by bringing other laws in until you can't see the Constitution and Bill of Rights anymore. That's what he was really referring to. And it's true, most folk go through all this extraneous stuff that's just sort of pasted all over it and they can't see what's lying underneath, you know, the simplicity of it.


So here is, as I say, you’re into 9/11 part two.  Brandon goes into the Constitution and what it meant etc. And how people are panicking, and that's why they're made to panic, that's when you just do what you're told and run with the herd.  It's designed that way. Incessant, incessant psychic driving too, daily stuff. We’re all going to die. You're all going to die unless you do what we tell you. Incessant. It's the same as the towers, every minute on any television station on 9/11 in the days after that followed, you see the same planes going boom boom, down down, and oh.  Over and over psychic driving boom boom boom.  Which imprinted it in the brain, you see. And here you have it today, 'eh?  Here you have it today.


Don't forget the economy was already crashed before it happened, it was crashed. We never recovered from the 2007/8 manufactured planned crash. It was planned because the big bankers and investors pulled out of everything before it happened.  [Alan chuckles.]   So, it was planned to go right up to the very end. They're still trying to work out who really owns houses now because they kept flipping mortgages until hundreds and hundreds of times per mortgage, from banks to banks as well, just flipping and increasing the value until literally almost mud huts were worth 10 million, you know. That’s stretching a little bit, not too much. 


This is supposedly the sane society in which you live, 'eh?  All run by, you know, honest businessman. I don't know who invented that one, probably the businessman. But anyway, Brandon talks about how police officers now are often...


Two Hundred and Thirty Years of Rights and Liberties Shredded: Why I Oppose The Lockdown - / 24 Mar 2020


Instead, police officers are now often indistinguishable from military soldiers...


Don't forget that so many of the, I remember years ago when they started bringing the troops back from the different wars in different years, they would go straight into the police departments.  In fact, they are wooed, they are wooed into the police departments as soon as they come out.  They treat the people on the roads the same way, they pull their guns out on them as though they were Afghanis or whatever, or Iraqis. The same thing. This is intentional. Once these rights go and you allow these things to happen, the terrible things that keep happening, as police do forget what their job really is supposed to be, or it was, then you're in trouble obviously. So, I'll put this one down tonight.


I also want to mention too that it's so amazing that Gordon Brown who was the Prime Minister of Britain at one time, who helped crash the economy there too, they wrecked it, another world socialist who was eventually put over to the US I think at the World Bank, I think he went too. Which was probably his reward for crashing the economy of Britain I suppose. He worked over there.  Anyway, he's come out of course and he's urged world leaders to...


Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle coronavirus / 26 Mar 2020


Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


(A:  This is from the Guardian newspaper.)


The former Labour prime minister, who was at the centre of the international efforts to tackle the impact of the near-meltdown of the banks in 2008, said there was a need for a taskforce involving world leaders, health experts and the heads of the international organisations that would have executive powers to coordinate the response.


A virtual meeting of the G20 group of developed and developing countries, chaired by Saudi Arabia, will be held on Thursday, but Brown said it would have been preferable to have also included the UN security council.


“This is not something that can be dealt with in one country,” he said. “There has to be a coordinated global response.”


“This is first and foremost a medical emergency and there has to be joint action to deal with that.


(A:  So, there's the emergency part.  And once you get an emergency then you have your emergency powers. Then you have the United Nations and then you have a completely different system running the show.  I've already made quite plain that [Alan chuckles.] I haven't seen the laws of quarantine used as it was supposed to be used. Because it isn't difficult or rocket science to save a domestic population.  It's all understood that the plans have always been in existence what to do.)


(A: The first law is, you stop all travel, international travel into your country.  We watched the farce from January right through to the present time where international flights from the contaminated countries, the heavily contaminated countries are still coming in.  Some of them just take a flight from one country into another country, into another country and eventually they get into the country they're supposedly not to be allowed into, they get there. And do roundtrips. It's still happening now. What a farce it is, isn't it?)


(A: And then you bring in, you know, contaminated people and ask them to go home, if they got a home, and just quarantine themselves. They're just starting now, inside Canada, I think today or yesterday, or I think actually it's Monday that they put it in, I think it takes effect.  Where literally inter provincial travel, most of it is supposed to be banned except for buses and trains. Well, I guess nobody travels on buses and trains, you know, that are infected. It's just nonsensical. Really.)


Coronavirus: Canada to ban sick travellers from domestic flights, intercity trains / 28 Mar 2020


(A: So, they've made sure, as far as I'm concerned, that they've got enough people brought in with the illness to ensure that it's passing on, so that they can get all these measures forward. Because they could really have nipped it in the bud much much much earlier.  No doubt about it. And you don't wait two months before you tell people not to have cruises, actually three months, and put themselves in danger and so on.)


(A: Anyway, this is the kind of thing that's going on here. So anyway, there's Gordon Brown calling for global government with basically wartime powers. And again, experts, the guys who really looked after, the guys that crashed banks in like 2007/8, having them on board with it at the top to run the countries and the world, you know, the guys who really profited from it all by causing it, I think.)


“We need some sort of working executive,” Brown said. “If I were doing it again, I would make the G20 a broader organisation because in the current circumstances you need to listen to the countries that are most affected, the countries that are making a difference and countries where there is the potential for a massive number of people to be affected - such as those in Africa.”


The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund needed an increase in their financial firepower


(A: [Alan laughing.]   Of course, they're always, it's just astonishing, the hand is always out.  [Alan laughing.]   You’re going to turn into, you're going to be utter slaves that can live in utter austerity and live on a handful of rice, etc. to make it all work, right. All for the good, you know, we're all in it together, 'eh, all for the greater good.  So, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the two big organizations along with the Bank for International Settlements, these private organizations, private banks, folks, but private, they were set up by the world controllers, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They set this up, including the UN, 'eh.  You don't vote for these guys.  They meet in secret and all that.  So, they want an increase in their financial firepower, off of us, you see, the people, again, the taxpayer...)


to cope with the impact of the crisis on low- and middle-income countries, he said.


To be honest with you, the money I live on is probably below the poverty line today. I don't ask for any help of authorities. What they were giving out in fact to some of the people in some of the countries, and way below them, what they get, that's what I bring in, you know, and live on. So here he is saying, they want to tax me and other people, 'eh, to give to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, so they can cope with the impact of the crisis on low and middle income countries.  I hope he’s talking about being Canada. I doubt it. You see what I'm saying? 


Corruption, we live in corruption. We are over arched by corruption. It's all around you. It's at the top, it's top-heavy with it. They all have business suits and have fancy titles of the organizations and so on. They'll justify millions of dollars for their incomes, quite easily, for the big mansions and to pay for their central heating through their mansions and so on, as they tell you you've got to pay taxes for climate change and so on and all that carbon. This is the same bunch, 'eh, that want to sit on the board and tell you how to live, under the pretense they want to help Africans.  N-n.


As we're going through this too, and I was thinking of going back again but I won't go back at the moment to HG Wells Anticipations.  He does mention the people who live on opiates and so on, as of course Aldous Huxley mentioned too with his Soma, the people would all be on Soma, a drug that would have little side effects, like long-lasting side effects, but it could put you in a wonderful euphoric happy contented non-anxious state, you see.  And as we’re going through this, isn't it amazing, because when you look at the authorizations of the ruling ones above, the behaviorists above us that have all the psychologists and behavioral think tanks working for governments right now, and every country is getting the same propaganda dished out at the same time, exact same stuff, with the ads and so on. Here's one here talking about, they call it…


Yes, liquor stores are considered essential businesses in Massachusetts / 23 Mar 2020


Yes, packies (A:  Packies, I guess they've got packets of something.)

are considered essential businesses in Massachusetts


"Food and beverage operations, which would include package stores, fall in as essential."


(A:  ... to what we need. So, the stores that must stay open, you see, through all this.)


Businesses and stores across Massachusetts (A: It's happening everywhere though.) are going dark and remote — if they haven’t done so already — temporarily under a new emergency order issued by Gov. Charlie Baker Monday morning.


Nonessential services are closing down for two weeks... (A:  It's going to be longer than that.)


But here’s one place shoppers can still expect to be there for a bargain or two: package stores.


Yes, liquor stores are considered essential businesses in the commonwealth, right there among the select places...


(A:  It's the same across Canada, Britain and everywhere else. Plenty of booze as you get locked in, right. And there'll be, and I really mean it, I've got so many articles and I won't even touch them because it's like long lectures on the behaviorists that are working on all of this right now on how to manage our psyche, right.  And I really mean that. Billions of dollars actually have gone into all this thing across the world, just to manage our psyches. So, if they get lots of booze…  And you can't get food because it's cleaned out with folk panicking. But there are stacks of booze, right.  So, it's an essential service they can get their booze.)


(A:  Here in Ontario of course the government runs the booze industry and you have to get their booze from liquor stores and beer stores that are run by liquor licenses authorities, they're all government employees basically that work there. So, the government gives us our drugs here and they give us a lot of the dope too here, since it's all legal, you see. So anyway, and here's the thing too, it isn't just booze, right. It says...)


Gov. Baker says the decision ‘is driven by federal policy as much as anything else’


Baker, moments after announcing the emergency order Monday, was asked about how places like package stores and marijuana dispensaries would be affected by the new regulations.


“Food and beverage operations, which would include package stores, fall in as essential, and that’s driven by federal policy as much as anything else,


(A: So basically, the booze and the drugstores, the real drugstores [Alan chuckles.] are continuing. To make sure you're kept, you know, because people are freaking out, you see. They're tuning in every day.)


I gave talks a long time ago about horror stories and how they work. Now, everybody likes horror stories. A little scare here and there, we all like them. And there's so much to watch, you see. And even the really really bad ones, you'll still watch them, generally, if you're not too tired. And the reason that you keep watching, intently, even in the most terrible horror story, is that you project yourself into the story.


We do it in all kinds of stories, you see. Because it affects the limbic system, the primitive part, the basic, you know, animal survival. And if you look away and missed a part of it, for a brief moment, of what the hero or the guy that you're identifying with is, you might die. Because you don't know, you see, so your mind, in a real-life situation, if a monster was coming at you or was walking around watching you, you wouldn't take your eyes off it, you see, to survive. The same thing watching a horror movie.


Well, that's what all of your hype hype hype hype on the television and the Internet is right now.  The same thing. And you're terrified. And they're making sure you're terrified.  And you keep tuning into make sure, oh....  And all they keep demanding of you is the same things, you know. Don't go out. Well, how are you going to get the food in if you don't go out?  Hm?  Especially the folk who are supposedly more susceptible to it, or the bad effects of it. It's in the wrong age group sort of thing as they say. Or with certain disabilities are more prone to it. Well, they've got no option but to go out. I'll have to go to Sudbury myself. 


I was in the hospital, remember, I almost croaked in 2016 of something similar.  And they kicked me out of the hospital. I had to get the drugs myself to cure myself. I'm not kidding you, that happened. So, I'll have to get into town and try to find, and hope they haven't cleaned out another supermarket. And no one is going to, the government says to stay at home, well, what are you supposed to do, starve to death, just stay home and starve, is that the idea?  Hm? 


Then they use UPS I think it is, or a courier that takes orders from I think the big stores that are delivering food and so on to someplace, like Amazon.  They don't deliver here.  They won't deliver in my little place in Estaire. They'll take the money for it from the guys, whoever purchases the stuff, someone wanted to send me a few cans, they won't do it. They want me to go into Sudbury to get it. As I say, that's a 40-mile round-trip.  So, you've got a courier company in Canada that wants the customer to pick up the stuff rather than them deliver it.  Hm, okay. They've done that before of course over the years, that kind of thing, that same company.  So yeah, you've got a go into town and risk it. I'm sure Mr. Trudeau doesn't drive into some supermarket and put himself and other folk at risk. 


Another article I'll put up tonight too, I've got to do it before I forget, is about the farces of all the, d'you realize the campaign to show you how celebrities are getting this?  That's all you get is terror, fear and celebrities getting it. And I'm a bit suspicious of them personally. Because again, it's right up the path basically, the beaten path of the marketers and how they convince you that we're all going to, we're all susceptible and they’re human, and we all follow, they say the people all follow the celebrities. It makes it more real to them, you see.  If it's Joe Blow getting it, you wouldn't care. But celebrity. I'm very suspicious of them, I really am. [Alan chuckles.]  I really, really am.


The Covid-19 pandemic has spawned another epidemic, of incessant celebrity attention-seeking - / 23 Mar 2020


By the way, they certainly have incredible treatments for those near, at the top. They really do. They really really do, you know. China is already getting, taking actual antibodies from survivors in China who are donating blood, and its immunoglobulin basically and you inject it into people with it, who are, you know, and they're fine right away. It kills it off right away.


Anyway, the Africans did that dealing with Ebola years ago.  I did a show on it too. Because the UN went in with the WHO, World Health Organization, and these doctors that went in were furious that when the Africans, eventually the African doctor says we've had enough here, we can take blood from survivors and, again, you withdraw the antibodies from it and injected into them. And something like out of 20 patients that they did it with in a village, all of them except 2 survived from getting this injected into them. They were all terminally ill at the time, going under fast. And the two that didn't survive, it was too late, their organs were already in total failure and necrosis breakdown.  So, the African doctors knew what to do and it was awfully successful.


They've always known how to do this. So, believe you me, don't think that any world leader is going to get it bad here.  N-n.  Unless he's not part of the club and they want rid of him. But all kinds of treatments they have for them at the top there.  M-hm.  But we won't see them at the bottom.


I also want to put up some articles to do with, which I talked about too some years back, I saw it coming. I got the whiff, the whiff of the, from the World Health Organization, using other organizations too, like the vegans and so on, stop eating animals and stop pumping them full of antibiotics.  Then of course all the health, the ones that are really into it and there are a lot of people who really go overboard with the health thing, they really go for it all. If it's in a health magazine, natural health, they'll just go overboard without thinking. The antibiotics are not in the animals when they go for slaughter. So, a lot of the, they stop giving it to them about a month beforehand.  Antibiotics in you or an animal won't last longer than 24 hours in the system. And if something was put in the system, by the time it's cooked it's not an antibiotic anymore at all.  Honestly.  Folk forget that.  Yep.  There's all kinds of ways to get you stop eating meat. Of course, that's one of them.


The World Health Organization put the big push on too.  And you have to understand the World Health Organization and what's across the hallway there too at the United Nations. You also get the United Nations Department, used to be called the Department of Population Control.  It was actually put up there and funded, set up by the Rockefellers years ago. So, it was put through their fund. But the whole point of it was actually population control and they just dropped the 'control' part when folk realized what it was. It's still there.


So, the World Health Organization quite a few years ago, and then really stepping it up in 2015/16, you saw these articles appear, and across the board at the same time, you know, doctors perhaps shouldn't be prescribing so many antibiotics.  This is part of a campaign, you see.  The general public must read this stuff and say, oh I see, okay, without realizing it a campaign you're reading to get you to stop asking or expecting to get treated with antibiotics. They put memos out to the doctors encouraging them too to reduce their prescriptions in the antibiotics and so on. Well, guess what happens when you reduce your prescriptions of antibiotics? The folk who need them can't get them and folk die.


Doctors urged to stop prescribing antibiotics for colds and flu - / 19 Jan 2016


Some doctors prescribe antibiotics much more often than others. Ontario is trying to find out why - / 13 Sept 2018


I've already read last week the articles and put the links up to them in Canada where they are, we've got to start thinking about now, who we can treat and who won't we treat before it gets worse, you see, before it hits really badly. Eugenics and bioethics are all into play right now.  They've decided before you even get brought in if they're going to even bother, just palliative care until you die, it depends on who you are, what age you are.  Pre-existing condition, written off. 


Who gets the ventilator?' Doctors say we need to decide now who gets care if COVID-19 overwhelms ICUs - / 17 Mar 2020


And believe you me, the doctors these days are like robots. Most of them can’t think for themselves. They go along with these agendas. It's like Idiocracy, you know, and they've got the little tablets out and their phone and they point to things that are wrong, a little pain here, little pain there. Flowcharts.  Flowcharts.  And they're taught, you know, stop prescribing that and expect folk to die, you see, you have to accept that as part of the work and so on.


Well, when they go into hospitals it's all admitted to, even when they're pushing the different forms of quinine right now, along with azithromycin, which is an antibiotic, how many folk are getting the antibiotic?  Have you worked that out? You can if you really dig into it and if you're good at investigations, find out, even like places in BC, there are certain reasons why they've even had 90-year-olds come out from critical-care there. There's good reasons for it, and some of them are political by the way.


COVID-19: Here are all the B.C. cases of the novel coronavirus - / 26 Feb 2020


Because it's not good for folk to die that are in specific categories, in this day and age.  So, they given all the treatments they can to pull them through as best they can. Which they won't give to the rest of the population probably.


There's reasons it's awful, it's so terrible today with political correctness.   You can't, you just couldn't save yourself now if you had to by just knowing facts that might help everybody.  That's how bad things are now. 


I know that in some countries for instance are going overboard with everything they've got to bring certain ethnic groups through.  Because they don't want what they classify as ethnic foreigners dying on their soil.  Looks bad, it looks bad bad bad on the governments and so on.  And everything’s so incredibly tender, isn't it?  Talking is tender.  So much so you can't describe anything, if your life depended on it by knowing it to save yourself or saving others.  It's that bad.  And it's going to get worse.  So other countries are at this too. 


So yeah, as I said last week, if you are a certain age and you have any problems at all and you might end up in there, make sure you have an advocate that will fight tooth and nail when they try to deny you certain treatments which should be standard for everybody. I really mean that.


Now also I'll put up another one, another article to do with the last one...


Six States Declare Marijuana Dispensaries "Essential Businesses", Exempting Them From Lockdown - / 25 Mar 2020


Cannabis companies pen letter seeking government help amid COVID-19 - / 23 Mar 2020


So, there's more and more and more of them. In Canada it's even better, you see, because Canada, everybody at the top and the government and so on, they sunk their money investments into the big corporations in Canada.  The companies, right when this is happening actually, already had their hands out for about a million and a half, or a billion and a half, I'm not sure what it is, of bailouts because they are in such bad trouble.  Because they had overestimated what the folk...  They thought folk would start living on the stuff, I guess. Maybe stuffing their [unintelligible] with this stuff, I don't know what they imagined, but it was going to be heaven for all the people who invested.  And the bottom has been falling out of it apparently.  Big big trouble. So, when this came along, out come the hands, please give us money and save us. And, you need us, this is the Soma time, you see. So, there you go.


By the way, as they're doing all that with the booze and drugs and telling you all to stay at home, right, and it's bad enough it's going neurotic watching TV and be afraid, be very very afraid, and keep bringing the same experts on telling the same things. And by the way, before I forget too, I just tuned in to Canadian radio today on the CBC I think it was, or one of the stations. They were talking about British Columbia. They've actually got a big fan base now for the woman who comes on, a doctor out there, who gives these little quips. I don't know if she writes them herself or they are written for her by the marketing companies and so on because everybody reads scripts these days.


But she's just a PR person, a spokesperson for the people.  They've given her star status and they've got a big fan club for her now and rah-rah clubs. This is all manufactured, isn't it, like a wartime scenario? So, these are the news heroes, you see, and big fan clubs for them. And they can tell you, you know, keep 2 meters apart.  You know, this is what you go to university for and get big money when you come out, and, wash your hands. Okay.  And, don't come out of your houses.  As I say, there's always a dead silence out there, like how are they going to get food, you know, etc.? Never anything. They don't say that. These stars don't tell you how to manage that way. Especially if there's no income with a lot of people.  Hm?  But we'll have fan bases for them and make them into star status, you know. And you create an image for them, you see, as the star machinery is all in operation. It really is folks. That's how things actually happen and how they work.


Another article too is called...


A Brady Bond solution for America’s Economic Crisis and Unpayable Corporate Debt / 25 Mar 2020


Even before the Covid-19 crisis had slashed stock prices nearly in half since it erupted in January, financial markets were in an inherently unstable condition. Years of quantitative easing (A:  ... after the 2007/8 crash…) had loaded so much money into stock and bond prices that stock price/earnings multiples and bond prices were far too high by any normal and reasonable historical standards. Risk premiums have disappeared, with only a few basis points separating U.S. Treasury bills and corporate bonds.


So, it goes into what's happening in the financial realm and so on and so on. And it's true enough, this was time for this big thing to happen, some will say it's a godsend I suppose.  It depends, it maybe gets sent by a demon, who knows, 'eh?


Nearly half of Canadians say they can't afford to miss work as coronavirus cases escalate / 22 Mar 2020


You've got doctors now that are going to be made into stars, you know. Wash your hands. 6 feet apart. You see. Cough up your sleeves. Stay in your homes. Okay. But you can say it with a little joke here and there, as I say, who writes it for her, I don't know. Yep. I tell ya.  And the folk never figure it out, everything is getting staged and managed like that.


In wartime scenarios that's what they do. I remember looking at the British ones who, I kept wondering who these characters were they were given, like George Formby and so on. He would sing the little, with a working-class accident, he wasn't a working-class guy but he would sing about leaving your bubblegum, when you're leaving your bubblegum, or your toothpaste overnight, I can't remember what it was. Silly little ditty songs that HG Wells talked about long before Formby came along. But they make him a star too, a wartime star, you see. They do all these kind of things, always. Literally they made Churchill a star as well. That's what it was.


I liked actually, I mentioned before Spike Milligan. Spike Milligan was, he was a bipolar comedian and not everybody's cup of tea with the type of humor and so on. But he did mention that he was in World War II, I think mobile artillery unit and he did mention about cracking up on one of the, when they were getting shelled one day and he clawed his self into the ground basically.  But he does mention when Chamberlain came back with his little paper about his treaty with Germany and how they were all happy and so on and happy, until eventually the war was declared. And he says he heard on the news, the Prime Minister came on and he says, we are now at war with Germany. And as he says, what struck him was the 'we' part, because he had nothing to do with it.  [Alan laughing.]   


That's really the way you have to look at things in all reality. You have nothing to do with it, it's all so staged, isn't it?  We are now... right?  But here we go through all the same kind of thing too.  M-m-m.  We, we are all in it together. For the greater good though. 


So, Canadians can't afford to miss work. You've got so much disinformation along with the information, it's just astonishing. You still can't get actual, actual figures on anything the way things are written and put across. With the wonderful Malthusian graphs. Well, Malthus was the first guy to start graphs, you see, to terrify the public about what would happen if this continued, if people kept breeding. You'd all be walking on each other's heads, you know, over each other. But it never happened of course. Of course, you'd all die of starvation, that never happened either.  But facts don't matter when it comes to terrifying the public to get them to be compliant and to do what they're told.


Last week I mentioned too, I says isn't it odd that even in Sudbury they say there's no community spread but they just knew that the following week there is going to be massive spread. I said, they're either going to be bring it in or else release something. How else could you do that? Well, you see, they've got the snowbirds…


COVID-19 outrage as snowbirds flock across the border, shop and refuse to self-isolate - / 24 Mart 2020


Snowbirds are retirees.  They go down for the winters mainly to Florida and other places in the States too, but mainly to Florida, then they come back up in March. Well bingo, without really mentioning too much about it to the people, they started talking about new cases. And you dig into the case and you find out they came back from mainly Florida. Snowbirds. Some of them drove up and other ones...  They're supposed to go straight to their homes and quarantine. There's an article and they said no, they're not going to do it and comply, etc. etc. That's what they said, as they try to make you dislike them. It's not their fault. But the fact is, some of them definitely were contaminated. 


Of course, they haven't been screening anybody all along in Canada either coming in through aircraft or any other ways. So, they've got cases for sure. One woman was on a plane, she took a plane from Florida I guess to I don't know if it was Toronto or somewhere, and then got a flight from Toronto to another place inside Canada.  So, they had to, when she came down sick eventually, they had to trace, this is the comical bit to me, they're looking for the passengers on both flights that she was on, from I think four seats down, all the passengers for four seats from either direction front and back that she had. Because the virus knows not to go any further than four seats, 'eh?  I guess that's how it works. 


It's amazing how scientists just know these things, isn't it? And you get bureaucrats that just come up with the rules. Well that's it, four seats, everybody else, don't bother checking anybody else. Or maybe, did this person go to the bathroom a few times and touch the seats when she went along, you know? Let's not think about that.  Let's not look in the dark side of things, for goodness sake, that's too unpleasant. And no one likes to look at unpleasant things like that. So just look four seats down and back.  So, they had to trace those folk and then put them in the quarantine too.


But there's more and more of them actually, there's thousands that come up across Canada, and a lot of them into Québec. But even at that, [Alan chuckles.] you can't… It's quite amazing. Because you know they've got all the scientists working and the social programs working together with this agenda too, don't you?  They already had the Facebook on board and the other social programs, Twitter and so on. Even in the exercise they had with Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins University, they had, they already admitted they had them, even in the exercise, on board before it happened. Which is pure luck of course.


There's articles, I'll put them up, where they're using your phone apps, all your phone apps, stacks of your phone apps, and they're tracking you everywhere you go.  Not just who you meet and your cluster of friends.  And they are tracking your clusters of friends too, to see if one of them's infected or possibly even got a little bit of a fever or headache or whatever, they want to then study all of you. And they'll keep tracking you and listening in to your calls and so on through the different Echelon programs that they have that are triggered by certain words like, I've got a headache, I've got a fever, yada yada yada. Then of course your cluster friends and where you travel are all watched and monitored. 


They actually say you're going to get monitored.  Eventually they might come and get you after giving you a warning to stay put at home rather than quarantine yourself if you think you're sick. And this is all, again in the newspapers as they get ramped up for it.  Of course, I'm sure they had this all planned long long before this thing broke out as they say.


I should really mention too that, before I get off the topic, and I never plan my talks but I was thinking of The Last Enemy, the TV series that Britain did.  It was about two or three parts perhaps, but it was really well done. It was 2008. They showed you high-tech machinery, it was actually designed, they actually said that when they did the series that the author had looked at all the different technology which was in use then, and the stuff that was on the table to come into use, and put it into the series. Where everybody in Britain was monitored, way beyond anything you can imagine. Infinite speed for the government agencies, it was just incredible, speed beyond anything the average person's getting at home.


Of course, they had all the data on every single person in real time as they monitored everyone, followed you, and speech, the whole thing. And it was called The Last Enemy. Because the enemy was the people's rights and freedoms. It was to do with, guess what?  It was to do with massive migration coming in, illegally, and a secret plan that was hatched by the government, and their version of homeland security you might say, to use science and vaccines, free vaccines to help the people in all the countries that had their cities and that bombed into the Stone Age.


Then they would track them with tracers coming into the country. Because these things will give off traces basically through, as you're going through different checkpoints, and you go through subways, everything's got it, little cashless things at the register, you're going through with your ID and everything else. But on top of the plot the scientists that they hired actually put something else in the vaccine. It was a disease, ethnic specific disease meant to hit mainly just them, the ones that got it. You couldn't get it from them. Maybe if you get a transfusion from them or something. But it would kill the person who had the vaccination itself, just for them.  That's what it was based upon.


And hit teams going out to try to kill off anybody who was uncovering the big plot, you see. So, the government agencies were all, there was about two or three government agencies all kind of competing with each other to clean it all up. It was quite well done. They showed you the technologies that were in use then and the arguments that were put forth in fact about why they should monitor the public, etc.


They also had what they called, and it is true they do have this by the way, you find this in your emergency plans that will be unrolled everywhere in every country. If you have an ability to talk to people and communicate to them, and you're not putting out the right stuff, the authorized stuff across to them in times of war, they grab you and imprison you. They'll warn you and close you down, fine you as well they said they would do. But they could imprison you. Or maybe even worse, 'eh.  This is wartime scenario.


In The Last Enemy if you don't go along with everything you're called an unis [?], which is an unaffiliated subversive. I mentioned this years ago too. An unaffiliated subversive. It means you're not necessarily affiliated with any terrorist organization but you're subversive individually because you don't comply with authority and go along with it. So, you're going to get lifted at the very least.


I'd also like to mention that Gates' universal vaccine agenda, ID2020, is all there too. And 2020 is not just ID, it's an ID with your vaccinations. As I say, getting back to what I talked about in the late 1990s was eventually you'll need this thing as you walked into anywhere, even to get food, and if you didn't have your vaccines up to date and so on... And this is in Bill Gates, this is the kind of things from Bill Gates ID 2020.  I'll put the links up and you can read it from his own site and his own statements and so on that really, you'll be a threat to others, you see, you'll be considered a threat so alarms will go off eventually, you see.


Gates Tattoo - An Invisible Quantum Dot 'Tattoo' Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Children - / 21 Dec 2019


Bill Gates, MIT Develop New ‘Tattoo ID’ to Check For Vaccinations - / 23 Dec 2019


Invisible Ink Could Reveal whether Children Have Been Vaccinated - / 18 Dec 2019


They've already done the testing on some volunteers with this kind of thing. And of course, eventually it's to go all the way into not just your ID but it will be your debit card, under your skin and all the rest of it. It's unlimited what you can put in a chip these days.


And also tattoos, they can use tattoos. A few years back they showed you some of these tattoos. They could actually make them trendy on your skin.  They're actually a circuit type of thing, integrated circuit. I guess with enough TV shows and so on with heroes and heroines, then they can make it trendy, sexy, the folk would want it.  And that's the tattoo delivery chip, it's called. 


Another thing too, they always give you the slogans. Like the James Bond, they would always give you, the tyrants that were generally incredibly rich billionaires, individual billionaires but they belong to the same organizations, you know Spector and so on. Some of them were even taking over the world's water supply under the guise of preservation and saving the world and having their big philanthropic investments companies on the go.  Then in reality they were actually, they would start to ration the water and it would cost a fortune. It was to be more expensive than gold, you see. Which is happening in different parts the world. And of course, they hype up the droughts, oh, we have drought like never before. As they make sure they've drained places you normally got water from. That's how it really works, you see.


When I think of Event 201, I do think of James Bond, believe it or not. Whenever I see the big, obviously appointed by very much higher power you might say, to rule over us or manage us basically, being benevolent, you know, philanthropists and all that kind of thing. I can't help but think of the characters in the Bond movies because often the bad guys were the great, you know, philanthropists and they were doing wonderful things to change the world and big money was getting spent on technology generally and sciences and so on.  [Alan chuckles.]   


But when I really see Bill Gates, I can't listen to him when he's waving his hands all over the place.  That's all he does, too much hand clapping and arm flapping. Which I distrust in people because they get taught that in motivational courses.  They're taught, they think that convinces people and distracts them, or really detracts them from what they're saying, it absorbs you into actions as opposed to the content and at the end of, say, a business meeting for instance you say, well yeah okay, without thinking because you forget everything else they've said because of all this magicians sort of waving in front of your face. I can't really stand it. And it is a taught thing, you know.


But Bill Gates really, is a lucky guy as I say, very lucky, just happens to get into the right things at the right time. And things take off at the right time. And you know, he goes ‘round the world to help the world. But he reminds me, as I say, when I think of that Event 201 that he went to and help manage, I think of the character [Alan chuckles.]  in that James Bond movie, believe it or not.  That's how my mind works I guess.  It's Tomorrow Never Dies.


Yeah, it was Tomorrow Never Dies it's called. The main character, the villain in it was a wonderful man who was worshiped by everybody because he made sure through publicity campaigns and marketing and massive publicity, they made him a star so you would worship him. That's how it's done. So, the character, he owns a massive news organizations across the world, video and newspapers and everything else. He literally made the news in advance.  That was part of the trick you see because he would manipulate events in the world to make things happen. 


Of course, Bond comes along and catches on to the game and disrupts the outcome of the news. Which really upsets him since he's already got it all written how it's supposed to work out. But that was his big headline too in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, was Tomorrow's news today. And that's really what Bill Gates makes me think of with these meetings. Because he just seems too, I guess he must read tea leaves a lot, you know.  Must get the old-fashioned tea, the proper stuff.  And you're left with these tea leaves. And you bring somebody in who will stare at them for ages and then tell you what it means, they can see things in it, you see, things that are going to happen. If you did the same thing, you know, but he doesn't need to bet on horses and that, but if he did, I'm sure he'd be a real winner with that too.


Interesting, the Red Cross is requesting blood. But they're not doing testing for the Covid. Isn't that rather odd? They were asked this in an interview, and they said no no, it didn't occur to them to do any special testing. I was wondering too if it's for the white, the actual antibodies from folk who have recovered. They won't tell you that, but I'm just wondering if it's for the wealthier people I'd imagine, 'eh.


I also want to mention the Ray Bradberry theater. Ray Bradbury was in awfully good sci-fi fantasy writer. A lot of his stuff got used and put in the movies as well. Bradberry puts one out called The Pedestrian in 1989, a short, maybe 29-30 minute show of a future where everyone is locked down.  And they've been brought up their whole lives in the lockdown, they can't remember when they were free.  So, they were raised in that apartment building and so on, each one in their own apartment. They didn't have the computer there then, but you had a TV on 24 hours a day with God knows how many stations. The people would just sit individually in their little box and stare at the thing. I guess food must have got delivered somehow, I don't know how it was done. No one went outside. It was a permanent curfew.


So, one guy that used to phone him all the time would come down and he'd try to get him out, this one particular guy, try to take him out with him for a walk at night. The guy was terrified, oh we can't do that, can't do that, you know, and all the excuses not to go. Eventually he goes out with him.  And he couldn't believe it, looking at the moon, where he couldn't remember ever seeing the moon and so on, and nature and all that.


Eventually a kind of robotic helicopter comes along and questions them and says why are you out? And the guy says, well, to get some exercise and something to do. It said, haven't you got a television? Yes, but it's broken.  Eventually he takes one of them away with them. Well, there's nobody in the helicopter, it's robotic. And he's walking into it, he's been ordered to walk into the helicopter that opens its front door.  And he sees there's nobody in it. He says I wonder how long these things have been operating without any humans at all? Maybe there are no humans left to manage all this whole system and the machines were just going on as usual and threatening people and taking them away if they were literally kind of, a kind of the subversive again, with kind of old think mentality, you know what I'm saying, they had a term for it in the thing. 


Ray Bradbury-The Pedestrian -


But it was interesting, just the concept of permanent lockdown until you take it all for granted it's normal and you're supposed to stay in your room.  The whole idea just... It all falls into place at the same time, these kind of shows. Along of course with the eugenics program and Soylent Green.  And also you had Logan's Run, it was a big hit too where you hit a certain age and a little chip in your hand went off and you were carouseled away into oblivion. Meaning you are destroyed. But they thought you went up to a kind of a heaven for the general public. Eugenics.


And of course, the same thing again, HG Wells and his pal George Bernard Shaw and a few others, and his mentor through it all, because the one who financed the Fabian Society was the Astor family, Lord Astor. Of course, they thought too about the useless eaters and just doing away with them too, all the useless people at the bottom.  It's all there really, isn't it?


You know, people like to have winners all the time. They follow what they think are the winners.  That goes for authors down through history that predicted certain things and how they even put some of their predictions in novel form. We have of course those who for the last while have been on about, well Aldous Huxley with this Brave New World really put it across much better as opposed to, you know, old-fashioned Orwell that's saw things as the big boot stamping on the human face forever in an authoritarian managed society, curfewed society and all the rest of it, with rationing and all that, you see.  And how crazy because, I said years ago, they'll use both systems together. And here we are.


You've got massive psychological warfare going on with monitoring of us all, incredibly minutely right now. Billions getting tossed across the globe for all the snoops on the Internet to manage us and watch us and so on. But at the same time yet you have martial law techniques getting put in with millions of troops in some places to ensure folk stay in their homes at night and that kind of thing. Very Orwellian. 


When you think about 1984, Orwell had it quite right too because in wartime, and he went through it in wartime.  He was a propagandist for the BBC, in fact, he worked there. He understood it and he said in 1984, they had these, basically these propaganda spiels every day where they come out and say, we have made so many tanks and so many rifles and so many bombs for our boys at the Malaba front. Today we get the heads of countries coming out and saying, we've made so many millions of facemasks, and so many gallons, and so many gloves, for our people at the National Health Service front. It's the same stuff we are hearing.  It really is, isn't it? 


The same techniques are being used. It's kind of interesting to put the two together. But yeah, both systems, the Brave New World system and at the moment, the present, the Orwellian system to speed it up a little bit are being both used at the same time.


Anyway, we’re living in an amazing system that really, to watch this unfurl, in a complete war strategy with the same kind of propaganda, and even celebrities, all celebrities… The only folk that seem to be sick are celebrities, we're supposed to believe, 'eh?  And are they really?  Is this part of the…? To me it's just too staged, that part of it. I have no doubt about that.  Celebrities really love themselves. They don't like getting sick. They like their lives; they enjoy it because they are so wealthy and everything's taken care of for them.


Now, Michael McCaffrey is a journalist who writes from Hollywood basically where he works. He's got a good page basically on the celebrities and he calls it celebri-virus.  Because we’re getting inundated with these ridiculous inane, verbiage interviews with who's doing well, who's not doing well as a celebrity. Of course, for some reason they're all getting into the news as having supposedly, supposedly the quarantine for the virus ‘eh. Poor souls. But this particular journalist says


The Coronavirus Pandemic is Bad, but the Epidemic of Incessant Celebrity Attention Seeking is Much, Much Worse / 23 March 2020


Coronavirus is a terrible malady that is killing people and the economy, but it isn’t the most pernicious pandemic afflicting the globe right now. No, the most diabolical disease currently in circulation is the dreaded Celebrivirus.


The onset of the Celebrivirus starts with a steady stream of verbal diarrhea gushing forth from empty-headed, self-absorbed, attention-starved celebrities, which is quickly followed by convulsive (A:  [Alan laughing.] and he goes on with a few more things.) puking and rage headaches from the rest of us


Then he goes into the people you've seen recently, celebrities, with all their thoughts, you know, as they suffer because they can't mix with people and nonsense like that. That's just completely made up verbiage as I say. But it's a good article. It gives you a little chuckle and it's worthwhile reading. And we certainly need a chuckle during this debacle we're going through right now. So, I’ll put the links up for that.


Let's get on with some of the other things here before I run out of time. Remember too, I could maybe split this into two parts or just put it all up at one go, I'm not sure, you'll see at the end of the talk. Remember too, folks, you can help me out by going into my website  You can always get the whole talk there for sure.  List my other sites which are listed on the .com website in case this one goes down for any reason you've got the other ones listed there which will be working hopefully. You can find out to how to send some cash my way as well so that I can tick along here, hopefully. Because as I say, I live in [Alan chuckles.] I live [Alan chuckles.]  I live at all level most folk can't fathom at all. I really mean that too.


So anyway, coronavirus, I talked about the snowbirds coming into Canada again from the States, hey. And Florida is a heavily infected area right now. So…


Over 1 Million Fled Paris Before Lockdown began, phone data suggests / 27 March 2020


(A:  So, there's actually phone data organizations there that show you we're all getting monitored. If you've got a cell phone you're getting monitored. I don't have a cell phone. But most folk have cell phones, and you're getting monitored all the time. Your movements and when you suddenly vanish from an area, they've tracked you already to where you ended up, very very precisely too. Quite a few organizations are doing this, so I'll put this one up. One company is called...)


Phone company Orange said it analysed location data and charted the mass exodus from the capital as the country prepared to restrict movement to tackle the virus.


The number of people in Greater Paris fell by nearly 1.2 million between 13 and 20 March ...


...vamoosed, out of the country. A lot of them came to Canada too, Québec.  Québec now is just rising with numbers of the infected people too. So that was a good area for them to flood to, some of them to flood too. God knows, I don't know how many, but it's French-speaking, you see, so with the kind of a home-from-home in a sense where they feel more at ease naturally. Unfortunately, these statistics are going up higher and higher in Québec now. Cause and effect, 'eh?


It's the same thing, remember, that happened with Wuhan.  5 million people I think vamoosed out of the country and very quickly and went to different areas. A lot of them came to the West Coast of Canada.  Lots of relatives all over the world, you know. And you can't blame folk for getting petrified and trying to get out.  Regardless though, there was no real attempt to stop anybody coming into the countries to save your domestic populations. The first law is always save the healthy population first, by all means. Because once it gets in, everything you're fighting for is lost, isn't it, if it really goes bad.


So strange, strange new types of quarantines. The only people getting quarantined are the general population who are all told to stay home.  And...


The Scientist Whose Doomsday Pandemic Model Predicted Armageddon Just Walked Back The Apocalyptic Predictions / 26 March 2020


British scientist Neil Ferguson (A:  He was a biggie there.) ignited the world’s drastic response to the novel Wuhan coronavirus when he published the bombshell report (A:  And the link is there too.) predicting 2.2 million Americans and more than half a million Brits would be killed. (A:  That's what it was to be, be very very afraid scenario that the US and Britain parroted, you see.  It's all done by computer, I think they're using computers where they predict the weather, you know, and the climate change.)  After both the U.S. and U.K. governments effectively shut down their citizens and economies, Ferguson is walking back his doomsday scenarios.


Ferguson’s report from Imperial College, which White House and other officials took seriously, said that if the U.S. and U.K. did not shut down for 18 months, and isolation measures were not taken, “we would expect a peak in mortality (daily deaths) to occur after approximately 3 months.” His “models” showed overflowing hospitals and ICU beds.


“For an uncontrolled epidemic, we predict critical care bed capacity would be exceeded as early as the second week in April, with an eventual peak in ICU or critical care bed demand that is over 30 times greater than the maximum supply in both countries,” the report reads.


(A:  But now he's going back on his predictions to an extent. I guess he's may be put an update to his computer program, you know.)


But after tens of thousands of restaurants, bars, and businesses closed, Ferguson is now retracting his modeling, saying he feels “reasonably confident” our health care system can cope when the predicted peak of the epidemic arrives in a few weeks. Testifying before the U.K.’s parliamentary select committee on science and technology on Wednesday, Ferguson said he now predicts U.K. deaths from the disease will not exceed 20,000, and could be much lower.


Also, too, here's the kind of thing that confuses you. I don't think you realize that most folk now, they are getting put down by phone and so on as having the virus, have never been tested, and won't get tested. You can play the numbers game too and lots of folk are playing the numbers game on all sides and for all different reasons, and a lot of science organizations too.  And statisticians of course that's what their job is, is to use statistics for agendas.  [Alan chuckles.]   


But anyway, the Ontario provincial police…


OPP says first uniformed member (A:  …that they've got gone ill with it I guess is what they're trying to say. It's badly written. Everything is so badly written. The first uniformed remember, which make folks think, don't they have uniforms for the rest? the way it's written, right? Anyway…)

has tested presumptive positive for COVID-19 / 24 Mar 2020


So, a presumptive positive. Before they could only use positive after the testing. But now it's presumed positive.  So, it is a presumption, or is it? You don't know. You see? And lots of stuff is written this way too to terrify you.  It just terrifies the people doesn't it?


Also, when you see the different levels of folk who have supposedly got it, and you say my God, that's a hundred for every thousand that's dying or something like that. So, for every thousand that has got it, a hundred die. No.  Don't forget that the ones who either have phoned in or the folk that have been tested, are not the whole population that's got it. For every person that supposedly got it and tested, there are thousands that have probably got it and don't even know it.  So, then the death rate doesn't look anywhere near per thousand as it would seem to be, if it's only the ones who are tested and then so many die, you see. Everyone who is tested, there's thousands who are not tested, that's what I'm saying, that goes up and up and up with the overall numbers.


I'll put these links up with those that want to peruse what I'm talking about here.  An interesting article too was about in Italy, and you hear all the different reasons why Italians have got it. By the way I was going through a lot of documentation in old books by the way that were written after the so-called Spanish flu of 1917/18.  One of them had listed, they had pretty good listings that were in books written in about 1925 of the different, so many people fighting in Europe you see, all different nationalities. 


They found that, again, people who are Chinese, the ones that got through China areas or Far East, they got hit very very hard with it. But interestingly enough, Italians, who were fighting in the trenches too, and their own men were also fighting in their own country against the so-called axis powers or whatever they called themselves, but it wasn't axis before World War II mind you. But anyway, they were fighting in World War I and they were coming down with it pretty bad too in Italy, a much more higher number than other people's.


At the time some of the authors and even authors in universities tried to figure out, thought maybe it was due to bad diets and malnutrition in some countries, their poverty. But there were no poorer than the Irish and the Scots at that time and they weren't coming down with the same kind of numbers.  So, it was thought there was, even queried then, there was something different. Of course, we now know today there's definite receptors and more receptors for this type of thing in certain people's lungs than others in ethnic groups.  And also, they found that the people from the area that eventually was called Iran also were higher in it too. Higher mortality rate, right. And they caught it more easily too. 


So, it's interesting that there's something definitely with these Covid viruses, if that's where it was the first time too.  And that's just off, by the way, as they say. But there you go.  In the area of Italy where it really broke out and spread, and this is from the New Yorker in 2018...


The Chinese Workers Who Assemble Designer Bags in Tuscany / 16 Apr 2018


(A:  It's an interesting little article.)


The first significant wave of Chinese immigrants arrived in the industrial zone around Prato, a city fifteen miles northwest of Florence, in the nineteen-nineties. Nearly all of them came from Wenzhou, a port city south of Shanghai. For the Chinese, the culture shock was more modest than one might have expected.


(A:  Then it goes on and on and on of how they really, really grew up, you know, and multiplied and brought more in.  They came in really as bottom-line workers and then started getting small businesses, even starting in garages and things and then built up and got factories, stacks of factories.)


In Tuscany, business life revolved around small, interconnected firms, just as it did in Wenzhou...


(A:  So, they really took off there.  Thousands and thousands of them live there and go back and forth to China in fact.  But it says…)


By the mid-nineties, Wenzhouans were setting up textile businesses in small garages...


(A:  And then they go into buying big manufacturing businesses.  Then they're into designer clothing and the whole thing too. There's thousands of them living there now permanently.  M-hm.  So, there's obviously a connection too, because a lot of them are coming back and forth from China, all along. Until it really broke out hard there.)


As I say, you just really… You have to really look and look and look. And it's the same in Canada when you look at the people who even in the homes out West in British Columbia, it's quite fantastic to find out that many of them had taken trips to Iran, from the old folks homes, I guess these managed tours that they have or something. Others had gone to Egypt.  Other ones had gone on cruise ships. Other ones had gone to China, lots in China, back and forth.  And you start to get the connections of different people carrying it back and forth from countries.  But isn't it amazing that Canada wasn't even putting it's foot down, and I'm not sure that they've even put the foot down yet on international travel? I really don't know.  So, I'll put these links up anyway for those that want to toss the ideas around in their heads.


COVID-19 outrage as snowbirds flock across the border, shop and refuse to self-isolate - / 24 Mart 2020


A flock of homeward-bound snowbirds landed in Brockville on the weekend, settled overnight in the Walmart parking lot...


(A:  It goes through about the fact too...)


The actions of the returning Canadians struck fear and concern among store employees...


Because they're supposed to go straight home and so on and now they're going to stores and all that and yada, yada, yada, ya.   But again, there's no checks in Canada at all over temperature or sickness or background, have you felt sick in the last week or something or whatever.  Nothing at all.  It's quite amazing.


Also, Peter Hitchens put a link up to an interview with Professor Sucharit Bhakdu [Bhakdi].  He's a high chutzpah.


An Expert says the Current response to the Coronavirus is 'Grotesque, Absurd and Very Dangerous.' - Professor Sucharit Bhakdi / 24 Mar 2020


A recent interview with Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, an infectious medicine specialist. The Professor is one of the most highly cited medical research scientists in Germany. He was head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, one of Germany's most distinguished seats of learning.


(A:  And they give a transcript in the article, and a link, and a link also on YouTube, I'll put that up as well.    The interview with Professor Sucharit Bhakdu -


(NB Interview dates form 18th March so please note one of the figures he gives for deaths in Germany is now out of date. It is not mistaken.)


(A:  He talks about the coronavirus and spreads over the whole world and what the viruses are.  He says…)


Prof Bhakdi : Very often, infections remain subclinical (A: ... in coronavirus types...) without symptoms. Severe courses occur almost exclusively in elderly patients with other underlying illnesses, in particular of lung and heart.


(A:  He goes on to give, again, the medical point of view on it, that they're all getting taught today. It shows you how it often can be mistaken with the numbers that are dying and why they're getting certain different numbers and discrepancies in the numbers too. Because no one else is bothering to explain things, you understand.  Everybody wants the big graphs, and then, oh my, look at the spiked graph, oh my God it's going up and up and...  There’s now these union charts, you know.  He said, and he was talking about Germany I believe he says...)


“We have 10,000 infections (A:  …that was then, right...) reported (18th March 2020). 99.5% have no or only mild symptoms. Here we already see that it is false and dangerous to talk about 10,000 “patients”. They are not seriously ill. ‘Infection’ is not identical with ‘disease’ Of the 10,000 infected people, only 50-60 were severely ill. And 30 died to the present day. “So, we have an apparent mortality rate of 1 COVID-19 positive case per day. Up to now.


“The looming worst case scenario that must be prevented according to the authorities is that we would have 1 million cases and maybe 3,000 deaths in 100 days. This would mean 30 deaths a day.”


So, he goes through, again, and I'm not going one way or another with the thing, I'm saying, this is definitely, this is definitely, and I more suspicious than most folk about this particular disease. Because it's got different characteristics than previous coronaviruses, even the fact that it's primarily going for the older folk, primarily going for males, and the effects that it can have on the lungs too are really astonishing. If you get hit with a bad coronavirus, some parts of your lung will never recover and there will be scarred tissue forever.  And this is no exception, this one here.  You'll lose lung capacity. Permanently. If you survive.


However, there are treatments, there's no doubt about it, there's darn good treatments out there too, they can stop it pretty fast. But they got to start giving you the antibiotics, definitely. Because the antibiotics, whenever you get the complete storm, you know, basically where your body goes to war against this thing and attacks the disease in the lungs itself and brings all its troops and its cavalries and so on into the lungs fast, and really saturate it with blood, heavily, then some of the blood will go through the barrier. The alveolar tissue is very very thin, it's meant for oxygen to pass back and forth and with CO2 going out too. But the fact is, you can start getting blood coming out of it too.  Then when blood could get in and out of the alveolar tissue and get in contact with the air, and hemorrhaging, then bacteria set in immediately and so you've got to be on antibiotics, I hope folk realize that.


And hence, the thing too, this thing for doctors, you should really stop prescribing antibiotics, since about 2015/16. I saw this coming years ago.  Well, isn't it amazing that once they start that, the doctors don't want to even give you that if you're really ill? You better start looking at this. 


Get you an advocate, folks, absolutely, who will stand by you through thick and thin.  As these very well trained, these very good trained bioethicists come up and, well you know, maybe you have to look at them, maybe this is, maybe they've had their time here, you know.  And they're awfully nice and you'll like them. They've been well-trained how to get through to you. But no, you can get pulled, they've got people in their 90s that they're desperate to save in British Columbia pulling them through, who are now getting discharged. Hm. Really.


They've got ways to stop, you know, your body massively attacking the lungs, if they want to do it, they can certainly do it, folks. Whether they will is a different story according to the, you know, the list.  Your age, oh dear, you're a male, oh dear, hm.  And pre-existing condition, oh dear, hm.  How valuable are they to society? Do we really need them? Oh, not really, you know.  Well, that's it, palliative care.


I'll put these articles up too where they're telling the doctors not to give antibiotics if need be from previous years up to the present as they go through the agenda of course.


Doctors urged to stop prescribing antibiotics for colds and flu - / 19 Jan 2016


Some doctors prescribe antibiotics much more often than others. Ontario is trying to find out why - / 13 Sept 2018


And then I'll put up too...


Gates Tattoo - An Invisible Quantum Dot 'Tattoo' Could Be Used to ID Vaccinated Children - / 21 Dec 2019


Bill Gates, MIT Develop New ‘Tattoo ID’ to Check For Vaccinations - / 23 Dec 2019


The one that MIT is working with, along with I think it's Bill Gates and published in Science Translational Medicine.  Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, yep.  Of course. Amazing the big agendas this man is in. He such an altruistic person, he just wants to, you know, help you all.  And then…


What is the REAL death rate for the coronavirus? Figures reveal just 0.6% of patients in Germany die but the rate in Italy is higher than 10% because of a stark difference in testing regimes - / 27 Mar 2020


...testing regimes… Well, there's something else going on definitely in Italy, there's no doubt about it. But in the rest of the world so far, it's been nothing like Mr. Ferguson said it would be, at least in the Western countries.  I think Australia is even lower, you know.  And...


Invisible Ink Could Reveal whether Children Have Been Vaccinated - / 18 Dec 2019


That's MIT, same thing again. Engineers working with the same characters, you know. I'll put that up as well. Another thing too I won't even go into is the incredible disgusting postponing of certain medications and so on through political reasons because, and let’s be honest, you know, the big big Pharma companies are all competing.  D'you realize the billions of dollars at stake per contract?  Billions.  When folk are petrified, you know, oh yeah, they can demand what they want, and the government can guarantee it's going to get paid one way or another.  And oh yeah, some of them are connected to the folk in governments like the businesses, 'eh, or their relatives. It's just so sad, isn't it? And they're squabbling and stopping some of the cheaper stuff getting put out right now to try and get their pals’ contracts through.  Incredible disgusting behavior that's going on right now.


Paul Craig Roberts actually has an article about that too I think, I'll see if I can find it and put it up.  As they squabble as folk are really sick and maybe even dying.


Coronavirus Profiteers Are Worse Than War Profiteers - him / 27 Mar 2020


That really is about almost it for the night I guess, I didn't want to rush it through so quickly.  But I do want to say this, you have to think for yourselves. You know this is going, they want to drag this out even further. They're talking about, well...  And it gets trial balloons in real time, very much like The Last Enemy.  


Very much like The Last Enemy series where in real time they could float ideas to the public to see how it would accept it, and within five minutes through the different algorithms and so on they could tell in real time, all the social media would be searched and in five minutes they know exactly how many folk were for something percentagewise or against the idea, of whatever it happened to be. So, they could adjust the thing that the trial balloon was for to make it spread over a longer period, to make folk get used to the idea or whatever or nudge it a little bit. And that's how things are.


We're living through that right now in real time and they are using all your social media apps and so on as spy mechanisms, in your phones and everything. And they're talking about it openly now.  But they've been doing it all along, folks, really.  Now of course they can give themselves permission. It's to save you. You know, you've got to… And there's articles out there too just like the ones after 9/11, well you know, you might have to give up all your privacy for safety. This is identical to 9/11, folks. And the folk will be so terrified, oh well, I guess so, you know.


So, whatever happens, this is fulfilling a lot of the agenda. It's the same agenda as sustainability and austerity that came out a few years back from the whole climate group and the whole thing to do with bringing us down to the basic simple way of living and then cutting back on energy.  Technocracy Inc kind of idea, cutting back. First take over it all, you know, take it all over and then cut it back step-by-step. Once you've taken it over, public-private partnerships, it's already here, through electricity, heating fuels and so on, start cutting it back. This time, they're already talking about maybe brownouts if they can drag this out for two years, this pandemic.


All the things I talked about in the early 2000's and onwards to do with brownouts, because they came out with their plan then they would unroll these things to bring us into austerity.  Well, here, bingo. You're watching it all get fulfilled. All of it. If they can't get you to comply with it one way, they'll make you comply with it another way, you see.  It's to save you all.  We're all in it together, you know.  It's for the greater good.


So, keep your heads. Don't go nuts. Help each other out. You've got to help each other out if you know people in the same boat as yourselves. Don't just sit and watch the TV until it terrifies you.   It's the greatest tool for terrorizing. You're looking at a system where the media has been lying to you for your whole life about most things. And suddenly they've got you all glued to it.  Huh?  And they're making stars supposedly of doctors that say, wash your hands, cough up your sleeve, don't go closer than 6 feet to anybody, stay in your homes.  Making stars out of them, because they'll give little jokes for them to quip on, probably written by writers’ groups, you see. Everybody out there is PR, public relations, which is the new term they gave for propaganda. Used to be called just basic propaganda, they changed it in Bernays' day to public relations.


In public relations, every organization out there for corporate businesses, for the police, for everything, it's public relations. People who will bend all truths on all questions and give you all the answers to anything you ask, but never a straight answer on anything. That's their job, they're going to make them into stars now.  Hmm-m-m.   There ya go.


So, keep your heads. Don't be drinking yourself to death in your homes and then you'll be battling each other. Again, after they announced, oh you know, gotta make sure to keep beer flowing and you gotta keep the drugs going, and the cannabis at home. The police are expecting more domestic violence. I wonder why, 'eh?  You're all going to get shut out for months, maybe. Don't forget that they said in the beginning of this, this might be like the last big flu one, it might literally go all through this year and into next year. This is what they're hoping for.  That's [Alan chuckles.] what I see anyway. 


Because d'you realize the money that's getting tossed out there that's never going to be accounted for by the ones who are receiving it, the big corporate ones?... give us this and we might find ways to do this and blah.  And massive, millions were given, millions, maybe billions actually, to all the mind managers, all the behaviorists.  They've got sites out there telling you about it, from their own sites on how they're going to help manage you, tell you what… They even had stuff if you're at home, how often to masturbate for God’s sake. I wonder how much they got to put that article up there.


Bertrand Russell said, we’ll bring in a world, he says, where the people will be unable to think for themselves, they'll be guided by experts for every simple thing. Until they can't do anything simply by themselves. Without the expert. And bingo we're here, 'eh.  Bingo.


So, when you really feeling bad, listen to some good music.  And remember eventually one way or another this will eventually be over.  If you can help each other and you've got little pals, to help each other. Take precautions if you deliver food to each other and so on. And you don't have to go inside their houses. You'll have to agree with that, you know, and keep each other safe. 


And for those that can't get to town to do any shopping at all, maybe you can arrange for them to do it for them, things like this, the simple things.  That's how you get, don't look to government to help you.  Just the corporations that can look to government and can expect the help in certain, certain big big political organizations and such.


For yourselves, you have each other.  And do your best. Keep safe. It's awfully important to keep safe. But you get through it, we'll come through this. Again, if they have their way it will be a different system again.  And whatever laws that they've slapped on with emergency powers will not be taken off, especially to do with whatever privacy was left. And you will have to eventually probably get, have to go, they'll try and make you go for your little chip in the arm and so on eventually. They really want to do that. And it's there, it's no conspiracy theories, MIT is involved in it with the Gates Foundation.


As I say, it's up to you to eventually come out of this and say no, no way, get lost.  Because where they're taking you with this and because of this is just the same agenda, taking you along the same route into totalitarianism. They already told you in the last big meeting for the climate change group and the WEF, World Economic Forum, that the people are not listening to their demands of what they must change, the behavior and so on. They're talking about austerity and yada yada ya.  He says, and we'll have to take next steps, steps to try and force them not to continue the way they are with consumerism.  They're also talking about it might even come down to it's time now to decide who should have children, and should they have children.


This is an old agenda.  They had books out in the 1920s about this.  They never give up. Because these foundations are eternal. They don't stop. They go on for centuries with their agendas. 


But again, they always say this too shall pass, the worst of it shall pass.  And it's up to the people then to demand their rights afterwards. And demand inquiries into why a lot of people were not treated with the right medications and so on. And lawsuits must start flying out, you know.  And get at the politicians too who allowed all this kind of thing to happen because they didn't do the quarantining right off the bat.  And they didn't tell the people that they had certain treatments which you could certainly give them. And again, more lawsuits for the politicians that held back the treatments because they wanted their own pals in the different Pharma companies to get the contracts once they had their versions of whatever it happened to be drugs on the market. So that's what you've got to do.


You know, this is disgusting what's happening right now. Absolutely disgusting. Everyone is locked down. And we've been locked down for a while now.  While international aircraft still come and go.  What's going on here? We're all locked down while they bring more and more in?  And if they hadn't, if they had done quarantine to begin with, literally, you wouldn't have the lockdown, they would have no excuse for the lockdown. So, I think that's why they kept bringing the people in. Obviously. It's like getting a loading dose, enough and okay, that's fine now, we've reached the loading dose, now we'll quarantine the people. 


We've got to stop thinking they're just stupid at the top, you know. We've got to stop doing that.  But as I say, the money that's been… Do you realize it's all to get paid back by the people, the taxpayers? All these trillions of dollars?  And there's no follow-up to see if folk come up with vaccines or whatever, you know. And it's just astonishing what's happening.


But anyway, as I say, remember folks I’ll put up the whole talk  I might split it into two again in case folk want to have just part one and part two. I don't know just yet. Remember you can send me a few bucks my way hopefully website.  You can use PayPal. You can also send cash if you want to, you can still take cash, that can be washed and laundered, believe you me, without ruining the money. And the mail is still going.  Although they say it may be a bit slower, you know, but the actual letter mail is still going for the time being.


And folk are still accepting cash in the stores, they don't like it so much, they are told. But again, another part of the agenda is to eliminate cash as you know. But as long as folks to keep using it, it makes it a bit harder for them just to drop it. 


So, don't go crazy. Don't drink yourself into the boondocks basically. And don't drug yourself into it either. Listen to some good music or watch some movies that you've got saved by there that are a bit more uplifting.  And stop looking at the daily daily hype hype hype by the same faces, that are supposedly specialists in this and specialists in that.  It reminds me, they made Greenspan a star too, you know. The man who used to come out, this little fellow that would come out, and everybody would be hushed.  And they would actually announce on TV, he's coming out to speak again, and everybody's hushed. And he would just, talking about the stock market, all he would say is, cool it. Probably written by his team behind him, you know, for Hollywood effect.  Cool it, meaning the stock market, and he'd walk away again.  And then they go overboard, oh my God the genius has spoken, he said cool it, wow, you know.  M-m-m.  The genius.


The man who literally didn't believe that anything was real. It was a kind of a religion he was going through at the time; it was big big fad that nothing was real. Everything that you saw was brought in to you through senses into your brain, so even if your senses were wrong, who's to say you even had senses, because everything's happening inside your brain, it's all getting made up inside your brain. He did an interview about that before they made him the Federal Reserve head and he says to the guy, how do you know if anything is real? He says, how do I know that even you're real? to the interviewer.  And that's why they made him the chairman of the Federal Reserve, because he looked at all the debt and it wasn't real either.  There ya go.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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Ray Bradbury-The Pedestrian



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