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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Master of Disaster...

"The White-Coated Priests Predict Terror and Fright,

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 5, 2020.  Now, this will be probably a long talk and so I should remember right now to remind you that you can donate to me @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You'll see how to do it through PayPal, or you can send cash or send checks. It tells you how to get them to me.


Remember too that right now with all this, [Alan chuckles.] pandemonium, let's put it that way, this managed and promoted pandemonium that we're living through right now that most businesses are in a lockdown too. So, you have to wait if you ordered books for instance, you have to wait until I can get the printers to get them done because they are pretty well knocked down as well throughout this crisis.  Well, the whole country is, isn't it?  So, it might be a little while, but it will get you eventually once they get printed, don't worry about it.


You can order @cuttingthroughthematrix.com remember.  You'll also see an address there if you want to post something to me and how to do it. And if you can't find that, just email me.  You can find out how to do that too @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and how to get in touch if you're confused about anything at all and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


But yeah, you can donate to me and that helps me tick along.  I've got expenses here naturally and my equipment is really old, all of it. It's very simple but it's still expensive, to me that is, at my level of income. So, you can help me tick along as I say by sending a few bucks this way as well.  You've got to remember too that all the big talk show guys out there use my archives all the time and never mention me whatsoever. Because I've been putting out stuff since the 90s in detail and believe you me, those archives are heavily, heavily used by pretty well everybody out there on the radio.  So anyway, I'll get back to the talk now.


I hope you're all doing okay under these incredible circumstances, 'eh.  And what a time it is to be, I don't say alive anymore, I just say existing, we're existing in a form of under lock and key pretty well across a good part of the globe. I'm pretty certain too, like most big big things that happen in the world, we're living through a time where things are not just happening, as we stumbled down through time, but there's a lot of planning goes into everything of course. What it does show you under this particular period of time is the global management of this whole system. 


Which really, it's quite interesting because as I've talked before in the past about how stars are made from scientists, and even historians now, they make them too.  And they make sure you all follow them all.  They've got Neil Ferguson who has his, who is a guy that's often quoted by governments for his predictions basically, supposedly of what's going to happen with most things in life according to the past, past histories and so on. And yet, it's to do also with computer modeling.  Very, very important. I was thinking about that just before I came on and everywhere you look, whether it's Toronto or the States or other countries in Europe, and China too, they're using computer models to predict the future.


It's quite fascinating really to realize that the talks I gave back in the 90s are all really coming true, to do with religion as they take religion out of the picture. They’ve really replaced it with the new religion, because that's what people seek, religion. They seek answers to things which frighten them, or they can't understand. Or the fact too that we live and then we die, and most folk don't like that. And the ones at the very top really don't like it because they love living, they enjoy it more than anybody else because they get the best treatment for everything. They even have life extension for, and that's quite open actually in very high circles even with talks they give in certain countries, that if you can spare $7 million or more they can keep you alive until 140 if you so wish.


So, we're living in amazing times as the elite go all out to make sure that they keep living forever [Alan chuckles.] for as long as they possibly can.  Because life is pretty wonderful when you get up in the morning and you really don't have a care in the world. Most folk can't understand literally not having a care in the world. People who were brought up with butlers and servants and so on from childhood, where even the clothing is laid out on the bed for them and they're helped to get dressed, they simply sail through life. 


They don't get up thinking about bills to pay, because it's all taken care of by managers and estate managers and so on that deal with all of that. They get into their chauffeur driven cars.  They have no idea, and they care less to know, when it was serviced or just out of the garage and the other one was getting used in the meantime, you know.  They have none of that. They don't even know how to, you know, where the oil goes, and they probably don't even know if there's oil in it or what it's for. These things are literally unimportant. It's all taken care of by other people. Little people.  You know, that's what they call little people.


And they love life. They really, really love life because it's so wonderful to them.  And they have the best medical care that money can possibly by.  They don't even worry mainly at the top either about cancers anymore because they have the stem cell projects underway.  That are really old projects going back to the 1970s but only now they are allowing people down the totem pole if you've got the cash to actually get in on it and get certain cures.  But they've been using that since at least the 70s, maybe the 1960s, for the wealthy elite already which means they're onto something even further when they allow that level to be sold to the public.


So, we're living through amazing times as I say where we are being told by our masters really to be absolutely terrified.  And there's so many things you have to notice about it all really.  For years now, especially since the Levinson inquiry in Britain with the Lord who basically was given the task to censor all journalism in the UK. Australia followed suit with their own cloned version of this particular judge, and they passed pretty well the same things. Where suddenly journalism became flat, more flat than it had been for a long time. It's always been rather a... controlled, rather, very controlled in fact. Any journalist knows where his bread-and-butter comes from and he knows that if he wants to get the jam on top, you know, his paycheck, he's got to play the game according to his master.


And they don't have, you see most folk in the world don't have to be told on what not to do in their jobs.  Again, it's like osmosis, again, you learn through osmosis, you catch on rather quickly.  There are certain smiles as things are said, and knowing smiles, and you give knowing smiles back because you say I understand, you know. And that's how things really work. So, you have to be complicit in what you agreed to, even though it's never verbally spoken directly. That's how things really are in this world in which we live.


But after that, that so-called inquiry and they came out with the laws and so on, journalism became even flatter than it had been for an awful long time. So, for quite a few years now and I've given many talks on it, people had tuned out.  And we all knew it, people were on the Internet and so on. The people had tuned out of regular media, it was so flat and unresponsive and boring and repetitive. And it wouldn't tackle any important subjects which were obviously, people were well aware of things were happening, but they wouldn't report on it. So, they were completely ignored and discredited.  Big time.


But you understand, that happened as well even in 2001, it went flatter then too as the big lies took place.  You know, the noble lies to conquer the world and all that, or conquer their enemies, and they call it the noble lie, you know, that enemies that live in caves did it all and stuff like that. So, you had to go along with the noble lie.  It was for the greater good, you see.  They talked about the need for the noble lie and they put it into University talks everything too for up-and-coming people who would be part of the future media, that's now in the flat response time that we are in today.


So anyway, you've watched it going down the hill and down the hill and down the hill. It was always biased of course. You had literally black-and-white newspapers that you always had the left wing and the right wing.  Even their symbology is quite fascinating. And their terminology for what they call themselves, very very telling in the so-called Masonic circles as they play the game, hm.  But really, they had lost all credibility, very rapidly, since 2001. It really escalated up until I'd say the inquiries in Britain and the laws were getting past and all that, and the rest of the world just followed suit. Since then it was just dead flat and boring, and they keep giving you heaps and bucketfulls of trivia and celebrities. 


That replaced what used to be called news.  Eventually people started to think that it is news, you know. But it's not. News is not something to do with personal lives of the rich and famous.  Regardless how, you know, temporary they might be in celebrity status. But that's what they replaced it all with and we've all lived through this.  They were completely disregarded. They were losing money. They had their hands out everywhere. They tried every gimmick on the electronic systems of the Internet to try and get people to subscribe and pay for the news that they would give you and so on. And often even what they give you now is still commentary. It's still commentary, and very weak and very politically correct commentary at that.  So, it doesn't have the credence it used to have a long time ago.


D'you realize that literally almost overnight with this hype about oh my God, we're all gonna die, you're all going to die, the big horror story...  Mass, mass hysteria was created. I've given talks many many years ago and not so long ago again about how horror stories work. It's to do with the limbic part of your brain, the so-called primitive part too that has all the different functions in it for survival.  And all the basically uninhibited parts of you that has to survive at all costs. And it's not really a thought through process, you just do it and it happens, and the fight or flight and so on syndrome that kicks in too.


That's why you watched movies, especially horror movies that are pretty bad.  I watched lots of horror movies that are awfully bad.  [Alan laughing.]  Some of the old ones compared to what they're putting out today are virtually classics with fantastic acting compared to what they put out today. But anyway, that's a different story.  I'm talking about even the old Bs and Cs and so on.  At least they weren't cussing and swearing every sentence, etc. But anyway, the reason you watch these horror stories is because you are, as I said before many times and have talked about the subject, you are in the position that the person that's getting chased or hunted or going to get eaten or whatever it happens to be, and you project yourself there. 


And with every turn and twist as you're getting chased or whatever it happens to be, or getting set up to get killed or whatever, you're almost on high alert, like the person in the movie, you project yourself into them.  And that's why you watch them, even when it's bad. If you turn your eyes away for a second, you see, and this is awfully important, you might, that's the moment you might find out, if you hadn't seen what was going to happen, or the movement of this creature or whatever it was that was going to eat you, you might get eaten, you see. So, your mind is the tuned for pure survival and you've got to be incredibly wide-awake to watch it all and see it all, so you can deal with it all in case it happens to you, you see.  That's why you watch it, no matter how bad it really is.


Some of the things, mind you, are so bad today you might just want to die anyway. It really is so bad some of these movies. Actually, I often wonder if that's what they are meant to do is just kill you off out of boredom. But the old ones are pretty decent, you know. Even when they had little rubbery figures that were supposed to be monsters and stuff, it was quite good.  Because they were enthusiastic the way they projected it across to the public. You kind of had to get into the Shakespearean type mood of it all where the audience would participate in a sense in the actual play. But it worked out okay.


So, you get fight or flight as I say through pure survival and that's why you watch it. Well, that's what you're getting today.  That's the media’s resurgence, an overnight resurgence out of years, almost a decade or more, more than a decade of complete mediocrity.  Overnight, through a terror event, you see, oh, suddenly, the whole planet is tuning in, in case they missed something, it might save their lives.  And all they're doing is getting terrified and terrified to make sure they keep watching, one after the other, the next expert, the next.  And they're all contradictory of course as they all vie for stardom, the different Dr. so-and-so and Dr. so-and-so on Dr. so-and-so etc. etc. and they all vie for the stardom, you see.  It's interesting to really study humanity in these times, as we are all being studied incredibly minutely at the moment.  It's astonishing to see them all come forth and their little, all the egos clashing and so on.


But getting back to what we're talking about and how the media has made its massive resurgence just out of pure fear and terror and all the rest of it.  They won't even have to look for any, they were not even bothering to look for news before, mind you, but now it's even better because... Because all they do, they just give you doctors giving you terror events every day, you know. Oh, your eyeballs might fall out, or you know, if you suspect a symptom make sure you phone in, things like that.


Of course, the agenda, the agenda for sustainability is old. This is all what you're living through, agenda 21 is here, folks. This is it. As I said before, at the last climate meeting and I read the articles and the speeches they gave, that the public weren't listening to them. And the whole point of the climate thing was to depopulate the world, there's too many people, you give off carbon. That's the excuse they used was, the climate, you see. Before that they had other excuses for it, including global cooling. But still, too many people.  It's always the same thing. Because the real thing you're getting at is there's too many of you and we want to depopulate you. It goes all the way back to before even the 20th century started, all the other organizations that were on board with it.


So here they are fulfilling it all.  You see, they said at that meeting that people were not listening to them, they were not obeying them and consuming less and all the rest of it. They already got you into a post-consumer society, postindustrial type society, as some of their heroes of the left, that really are the heroes of the ultra-ultrarich at the top, like Maurice Strong who was picked up by Rockefeller, groomed by him and put in charge of oilfields to learn the trade. That's how they do it, folks, you know.  Then they send them out there, are supposedly this kind of strange international socialist type character who is in charge of all the climate.  He's in charge of consumerism and anti-consumerism and sustainability and biodiversity etc. etc. etc. Made into a star by the machinery again too.


Maurice Strong said the same thing, that by the time we're finished...  When he was asked at one of his big meetings after, I think it was the Rio Summit, it was a famous paper put out on his speeches that he gave.  A person who was there at the time asked him, who stood in for his son, his son had got ill or died I think and so the dad went up and attended the meeting and talked to Maurice Strong. He broadcast what happened, the conversation on international radio at the time, what he was talking about.  He says to Maurice Strong, he says, you're talking about giving rights to animals and trees and everything else, he says, but what about the people, you know? And Maurice Strong said to him, he says, when we're finished, he says, you'll wish you had the same rights as a tree. This is not a people-friendly organization that Maurice Strong belongs to. He was a front man for the ultra ultra ultra ultrarich, you understand, a complete front man.  And ruthless with it too.


So, you've got to understand what you're dealing with here. This agenda here is being rammed through, everything that you couldn't get through, sustainability agreements and the millennium projects and all the rest of it to reduce population and consumerism.  Maurice Strong remember also said that we must destroy and just completely dismantle all progress the West made in industry. That's what he said, to bring you into a preindustrial society. Well, preindustrial, it was not a healthy place for most folk. Folk died quite often with colds and things and influenzas all the time because they were so unhealthy, and they were starved.  Most folk were bulk starved basically and malnourished in places like Europe and different countries, especially Britain that never looked after its working people.


So yeah, we're dealing with an agenda here getting rammed through. Now it's under the guise of, we're all going to die if we don't just give up all your rights, stop working completely, obey immediately every order you're given by authorities of all kinds. And by the way, you've yet to see all the different authority agencies they are bringing forward. I mentioned commissars years ago will be in your area. Well, they're bringing them out now as they recruit them all in different areas across Europe and Britain especially again.  And Australia. And New Zealand. And Canada. And they will be your local commissars that will, that's who you go to with any grievances, like, you're starving, you know, because you can't get food or anything like that. They've got all these kinds of things arranged.


A lot, even in the States too, they set them up for disasters, etc. after 9/11. You had ex-military people, anybody who had done any kind of service could volunteer for the same kind of projects. Well, now you've got them. And they're snooping on their neighbors in some countries and phoning the cops. Because in some countries know you're now only allowed maybe one short, actually in Britain I put a link up to YouTube where a fella is out there with his camera and he's looking at these empty streets.  And two huge, these strange Doctor Who looking police vehicles they have now in Britain, these bright yellow and green things all striped, and one of them stops.


Because he's basically out there with a camera and the man, you hear the cop saying to him, because this is authorized in Britain and the cop says to him, are we out for our, are you out for your one short one walk per day, sir?  That's what you're allowed, one short walk per day. Now, how short is a short walk? I'm not sure. And I guess the cops are relishing this kind of power they've got.  And they are actually, if they think you're out for too long you’re going to get a fine down the road, they're talking about fining you next, if you won't run back from you short walk, your one short walk per day.


If you break quarantine you'll be fined $11k, says NSW health minister - timeout.com / 16 March 2020


It's out of sight, out of control. I'll even put another one up too with Nigel Farage who is doing it from his home like everybody else, but he talks about it too, this lockdown is like…


Nigel Farage - Say No to House Arrest - youtube.com


Because what's happening now, you're now a prisoner, you understand, and the police are your wardens, your prison wardens.  And it's going to get a lot worse than this because they’re going to extend it as long as they can possibly extend this big big movement, to save us all.   Again, I'll just go back to a talk I gave years ago, when I was talking about the Green Party in Britain. Long history of it and I won't go into the beginnings of it, but they are quite fascinating themselves. It was a leader of the British Green Party, or one of the leaders, the other one is quite interesting too. The woman who was in charge, the spokesperson at the time for the party a few years back, maybe 10 years ago I think, she said that she had nostalgia for the way it was in World War II, when you were getting bombed from Germany, and everybody was rationed.  And everybody had to go into, all the people in London had to go into the underground and they'd have these party songs, that's how they projected it in the old movies. Of course, it was miserable in reality.


But she says, it was wonderful and the people all pulled together and they didn't complain about authority and authoritarian system because it was wartime and they all had to pull together to get through and they didn't complain about rationing and all the rest of it.  This is what she hoped to bring into Britain, that kind of obedience, you see.  And you just quietly suffer things like starvation. But she thought that was wonderful.  And here you go, what do you think this is all going to lead to?


What do you think it's going to lead to? And I'm not kidding you, I'm not saying, I'm not playing down what’s going on, at all, with the actual virus. But the way it's getting played by those in authority, it's really interesting.  And where it's supposed to go is even more interesting. Because obviously there is going to be no economy after this. I hope you understand that. It's meant to destroy, it's back to Maurice Strong, whatever economy was left completely destroy it. And that's how they're going to achieve a lot of their goals obviously.


And you might have eventually your little local commissars who will decide how much food you get for the week and so on, you know. And if they think you're looking a bit heavy they might just cut it back a bit.  You think I'm kidding, 'eh?  You wait and see.  These are the times when you see the real control freaks coming forward rather openly. They already are, a lot of them. And the longer they can pull this off, the more confident they feel to really push further. That's how control freaks work, you see.


We don't have to go through the history of the world to see how it's worked in previous times. If you look at the incredible experiments they've done down through time in France especially with the French Revolution, and then you see the big experiment too with the Bolshevik revolution and the mass slaughter of the people, what they called excess, the middle classes.  But really a lot of them were not the middle class at all. You were killed for your point of view. Because control freaks have no tolerance for any other point of view.  Whatever title they give themselves like liberal or left-wing or whatever, or socialist even because don't forget, Russia was even a Soviet Socialist Republic, you know. So, you have to remember what we're going through.


During the entire communist era, especially Canada and the States vied every year to feed them, to sell them the grain, it was a big booming business.  They decimated their farmers too in the Ukraine. Millions of them, 6 or 7 million were killed. Starved to death. Great old videos and photographs of the people, but the horror that you actually see.  And by great, I mean a lot of documentation was taken.  Because the Soviets thought, or the Bolsheviks thought that they were, well you know, you couldn't trust these people, because they are real peasants. It was supposed to be a worker’s revolution, 'eh, but the peasants were hated by the folk who really ruled them.  Utterly hated. They even took their farm implements away too, guaranteeing total starvation. 


D'you understand, I hope you understand, there's people who look back at that era and they have the same personality as the commissars that would go around and do all that.  Every… I get fed up when I hear people, all they talk about is Hitler. Like he's the only person in history, right, who went on a rampage of war. What happened with Napoleon?  Huh?  What about the Soviet Union that spread its empire under the Soviet bloc?  What are they saying here? Go down through time and in every generation you've got the high high-level tyrants with incredible, you know, dreams of dominating everybody. And that doesn't stop. It didn't just switch off after World War II. Every country has them. Most of them never get up there to command nations. 


But sometimes they do. And at times like this you've got to be so careful because it doesn't, it doesn't mean that they even have the brains of previous tyrants, you see. But they have that spark where they want to dominate other people. It's a sadistic streak in those who decide that they know how you should be living. Incredibly sadistic. In fact, they hate you, I think. I think that's part of it. You know, a sadistic psychopathic system where a psychopath as we know will give complete allegiance to the officer above him, a rank above them. And complete contempt and arrogant nastiness to the people below, beneath them, including the next commission down basically.  That's how they are. That's how they really really are.


And it doesn't stop through time like, oh, somehow, you're evolving. No, it's the same characters, same types of characters.  I'm sure we've all met them in different occupations people have had in our lives.  You meet them. You meet them at school even. And it's quite astonishing to talk to them. Sometimes they can be awfully, awfully honest with you. Psychopaths can be awfully honest at times. If they can't get something from you or they don't want something from you, you'd be surprised how honest they can be.  And if they conquer or are caught conquering through even ones who end up in prison, because that's what they're really doing when they do whatever it is they pull off, it's a form of conquering, they've beat somebody, it's like it's a one upmanship thing. And they have tremendous egos. They are almost pure ego, a psychopath. The cleverer ones can hide it to a good extent and use it and excel in business and become utter tyrants in the business field.  Ruthless too. We've all met them as I've said before. 


I met one once years ago, of a fellow who had come up to Scotland.  He told me one day, quite openly and honestly, he said, and I had beat him on all exams, you know.  And he was quite open and honest and he says, and he was puzzled on his face. He says, you know he said I had no idea he says, that the education system had trained Scott's to be better. I says, what do you mean better? He says, I was taught about everything, when he was in England, and the reason he came to Scotland was he thought he'd do even been better and higher results in exams, final exams and all different things, by coming to Scotland where he had thought we were inferior. 


And he wasn't being nasty when he was saying this. It was like a dilemma he was trying to figure out, you see. That's what it was to him, just a dilemma.  And he had the same traits, the psychopathic type traits. That's how they are.  But they can be as I say awfully honest at certain times.  When they can't get something from you or get something over on you, they can be very very honest. When they're caught, the ones who are caught and end up in prison by doing something illegal or whatever, they love to boast then suddenly with what they've done because it was so clever, and aren't you really amused and impressed by what I've done, you know.


We are run by that type. And they do seek power. And that's the problem with all power, they tend to rise. Even police commissioners have thoughts on it too, they rise to that kind of level of power. And believe you me, if you wonder why political correctness rampages through the police world, apart from the training that they get too, to always be, look out for this and look out for that, or bad, or even hate stuff, you know.  Don't forget that once you have something on the books and have their little courses taken, then they can start arbitrarily judging people for what they say or think.


I'll put up another clip today of a person in Britain, it was an inquiry with the Deputy police Commissioner of London I think it was. Because the police force now are literally giving visits to people or phoning them up according to their tweets and twitters or likes and dislikes and all that.  I'm not kidding you; you're so well studied.  They're phoning people up and putting them on hate lists just for a little, making a joke. And that's for life, folks. That's for life. So, this deputy police Commissioner, he is, you'll see him prevaricating, dancing around the questions all the time.


'You have become the Thought Police.' UK Police Chief questioned over recording of hate incidents - youtube.com


Because he himself has the psychopathic qualities and tendencies. And obviously no humanity because any decent person would know it's wrong to put somebody down on a...  when it's not a crime by the way for what you think. It's not a crime. But it is thought crime now, you see. And characters like this deputy police climbed to the top by going along with every PC thing that was in vogue at the moment. These are the kind who end up being utter tyrants when you get into a Soviet type system of authority over, an arbitrary authority over the public. I'm not kidding you. You'd better look at these things and think about them because they're out there.


People who literally hold onto humanity and, oh, that's terrible, that's wrong. They don't get the promotions. It's the lickers, as you well know, we'll call it bootlickers if you like but these are the characters who get up to the top. And they have no problem with the fallout it causes on society as they go on the rampages and get little, more brownie points for their career for finding more folk.  Did you know what so-and-so said?  Do you know what their opinion is on it?  Bomff, you know, a record for life. By them. Not even going through a judge or anything else or a jury or…  Hm.  We are here, folks. Honestly, we're here.


We already had countless articles from science magazines and so on over many many years, and business magazines too for those who read them and stacks and thousands of articles about what they'd like to do with, say, digital technology and where they'd like to take the world and have biometrics for everybody.  Even the health organizations too and the big big industries of pharmacology, incredible massive businesses, and the vaccine industries too who are talking about what they'd love to have. 


I mean, look at the CDC who are in and out, in and out of big Pharma all the time on the boards and back into the CDC. I did articles many years ago with the names of the people on the boards and so on, who literally came from the top jobs in pharmacology and the big big corporations and into the CDC. Then they pushed a certain bill.  The same, the FDA was exactly the same. And once they get bills passed, they promote bills in politics and so on and they go back into the CDC again or whatever it happens to be. That's how it really is folks. Everything is so tightly woven with conflict of interest, corporations and politicians and so on, you can't disentangle it anymore. You have to literally clean out the house and start again because everything is so corrupt. I mean, every country is the same. 


Every country is exactly the same.  I can remember when Canada was going, oh, we're going to have the deregulated, you know, patent and regulated drugs, the older type drugs, generic drugs in Canada. And we said, oh wow, isn't that wonderful, thank God.  Because folk couldn't afford the medications, you know. Then you find out one or two groups, or even families, end up getting the contracts for so much of it. And before you know it, they're almost the sole contractors for it all.  In fact, they are. Including all the different opiate drugs, that's how that happened as well by the way. And the prices are through the roof, you see.


People who want to get rich don't wish about it, they do it. And they're very busy. And again, the psychopathic tendencies of them, they're not shy about coming forward, as they say, to get it done, get the job done. They'll call you up and say, you know, you have a corporation blah, blah, blah, I'd like you to do this for me and I'll do that for you. And they're quite blatant. Even though it comes to touching on any kind of illegal activity of the thing, they'll find ways around it. There are many ways to reward people that are in politics that keeps things off the books.


I'm not saying anything new here, that's the way it all runs in fact. When you look at many of them who start off and they get, you see what their salary is, which is always too big anyway for what they really do in politics. Then you see what they've got in five- or 10-years’ time, all the billions or millions. They didn't get for that from their paychecks. We all know it.  Don't we? We all know it.  And that's the way it really is. They get their gifts and presents and roundabout ways of getting things to them. Generally, it gets skipped over by any authorities and so on as long as it's not too excessively obvious. And even when it is excessively obvious like the Bidens, you know, the son of the Bidens and all that.  Immediately, because so many of them are involved in the same kind of, what we would call corruption from the bottom level, that's how we see it, you get massive attacks by the like political parties now if you notice it. It's just so corrupt, isn't it? Everything really is corrupt, everywhere you look.


The same thing in Britain. It's like, growing up I noticed it, all the different lords that were up in the House of Lords especially, and a lot of the top politicians in the House of Commons that were involved in defense during the Cold War. It was a booming business. Booming business where they'd all have, they'd help to push for the contracts for the big companies that made the missiles especially, and tanks of course naturally and submarines, big business for submarines, nuclear submarines. But they keep pushing for new missiles, and antimissiles, antimissile missiles, and all the rest of it. Until literally you couldn't even follow it anymore it was so complex with the Russians have the latest blah blah blah,  and ours is, you know, 5 km slower, so we couldn't reach it to knock it out, so we need another antimissile missile. Then you have an antimissile antimissile missile, and it went on and on and on. Into this ridiculous game of making missiles and massive contracts for expensive, expensive things.


Which really would never be used. You couldn't even test them to make sure they even work a lot of them.  If they were nuclear, [Alan chuckles.] I mean you can't really test them, right.  So, you take it for granted that the thing is what they said they were.  But the shares that the big boys had in it, the political parties, were enormous. Enormous shares. And it was a great game. They really cried their eyes out when the Cold War supposedly ended because they came to an end. They never had it so good. Never, really. And the weapons wouldn't last that long, oh we had to dismantle them, they're obsolete now. The ones today are faster. The one from last year are just too slow.  So constant making of new ones and new ones and new ones.


I don't know if you ever saw any of the good propaganda documentaries put out by the CIA for instance or the Department of Defense. All countries have them.  They showed you these, the big minaret towers they have in some of the Islamic countries.  Well, they all have them really, and that's really where they say their prayers from and so on in the morning and different times of the day. But they said, this is the latest one we've noticed, and then they'd pick out a Soviet bloc country. And they'd say, look at that, you know, inside there we know they've got a...  And they'd reel off this long, you know, SFX blah, blah, blah, blah, blah missile built in there, you know. It was straight out of Mouse on the Moon, the old comedy movie, straight out of that. But they actually used that. And that was taught for like 25 years to every recruitment group that came in, in intelligence, and showed them, look at that, you see that, inside there there's definitely a...  And they did it for different ones too.  And so, we need another X blah, blah, blah, blah, blah antimissile to find it and kill and destroy it. Great business!  Great, great business, isn't it?


And when it's done with governments, then, and this is the beauty of the banking system, Britain started it off with the Bank of England. Then they could lend to government, you see, for its projects and they put it on the people as the guarantors to pay it all back. It's beautiful, really, 'eh?  Then the States followed suit with its Federal Reserve for World War I, they needed to get into the act, then the taxpayers are put down and income tax comes in and all the rest of it to pay it off, etc.  It's quite an amazing racket we live in, isn't it?


Then you find out your governments are like semi bankers because at the end of World War II they'd already set up this Economic Development Corporation they call it. Every country had it set up to do with Economic Development Corporation and they'd appoint politicians in charge of it, you know.  They would lend your money across the planet supposedly to help bring the Third World countries up to standard.  They put factories in, or they'd build factories and that, wherever the work was cheapest, they used this money for the labor, they'd build the factories and all that.  Then they used the taxpayers back home, as they cut their jobs back, there was no factories left in your own countries, they made you pay for it all. It's a complete racket. 


A complete racket.  And if the labor got too expensive in one country, they simply uprooted and bought another factory, using the tax money again and then borrowing from the central bank to build it somewhere else. And then your bank, you see, your bank, your government starts ending up like a bank.  Your government ends up like a bank as well, it's lending out to countries now. Well, where did they sneak that one in, that you're electing in government, so’s they can lend money out, or even give it away to other countries without asking the people? 


Well, that's how governments actually work. It's got nothing to do with democracy.  They're hoping nobody is going to bother asking the right questions.  Of course the ones who pretend that they're left-wing, are not going to stir, rake the muck up either and say we don't agree and we don't agree you're giving your tax money away to other countries, they'll never say that, will they?  Nope.  Which tells you a lot in itself. 


If they're all for fairness, now, why should the people constantly pay money out so that your government can supposedly give it away, or lend it out to certain countries, knowing they can never pay it back? And then they have movements going back into the country that's a guarantor, to make you think that, well yeah that's a nice thing, it's a charitable thing to write it off. Well, it's not written off. You are now paying for it, the guarantors, meaning the citizenry of the country that lent it, are now the guarantors to pay it off. And as soon as you tear it up and pay it off your government immediately gives them another one. It's a complete financial racket by con men.  That's how it is.  And they use the left-wing too, oh it's good to write off the debts. Well, the debt is not written off, we're still paying them. We pay them, you see. It's never-ending racketeering really. 


That's how the world really works because it's not Disneyland. It is not a happy little place with nice clean little middle-class streets and everybody on bicycles, and everybody knows everybody else and so on. It's really pretty nasty at times. And the characters around the world tend to be of much the same ilk. If they have the right qualities of psychopathy, it doesn't matter if they’re right-wing, left-wing or what they happen to be, they’re recruited by organizations, because they’re psychopathic and they've got a bit of brains in them, they can be useful, awfully useful to those who run the world. And that's how they recruit them.


It's like the civil service, most of the civil service in most countries that I know of, the people don't even go through into universities. They're often recruited right from high school. And that is their apprenticeship is once they get in at the bottom level. And they're there for life, you know.  That's their job for life. They know what they have to do and they're well rewarded for doing it. Well rewarded. And they're often intergenerational, they marry each other a lot of them.  That's because they don't have to have resumes put in, their parents are the resume, and their grandparents. Their lineage, it's like generations of bureaucrats and civil servants. That's what George Orwell, or Blair, his real name was Blair, that's where he came from.


So, the real world is, really, it's the machinations of real [Alan chuckles.]  deceit and conning and pretense.  And we who are being fooled have to participate in our own deception by deciding to ignore it, you see, and pretending that, oh well, you know, it's not that bad, is it. Really. This whole idea of having a Democratic system, which of course they've scoffed at for years at the top, is a nice, it's a nice, you know, myth basically, it's a kind of a myth of the past.  Again, it's a utopian vision of the future that you're always working towards. You suffer now so's that down the road they're going to like it.


Well, most folk I think today are pretty sick of looking to the future, they want it now, you see.  And each time you start to see a glimmer of things getting a bit better for you financially, you're dashed again with yet another bank crash with the conology.  Or the dollar is just completely devalued anyway.  Or your currency, whatever it happens to be, completely devalued by the ones at the top that you never meet. I mean, I'd rather vote for the folk at the top, wouldn’t you, the folk who really do things. Most of them you don't even know their names.  They do exist but they don't run for politics. They really don't.


You might not understand this but the big big movements in your governments of the Western, and Australia too and New Zealand, the big big movements that change your system don't come, or the big moves don't come from the ordinary people, or the politicians for that matter. The politicians might rubberstamp them because they know, they get a clue how the system really works and it's not to ask questions when you get the nod or the wink as they say.


But when it comes to big things like, for instance, free trade, and the policies to do with all free-trade, which are binding policies to unite the planet under a financial system, a political type system, we've been through this before many, many times in my talks with free trade and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relation in Americas.  They have one again for Europe now, the European Union CFR.  And they have one for the Far East, and the heads are based in Japan for that, or were anyway. But they also have ones in China now, in the communist China. And as Carroll Quigley said, who did their history, because they have their own archives of how the world really is changed and he wrote his book Tragedy and Hope because he said, because they're so important in the development of where the world's come from and where it's going, because they create the history.  Not the one they give to us at school, because they really make all the changes for globalism and for uniting the world into free-trade blocks and for central banking systems and the World Bank and the IMF, they created all of this, this private organization.  And he said it's time the public knew about it and he didn't think the public would object. 


So yeah, the free-trade deals including the old NAFTA deal, now it's USMCA deal, same thing, was drafted up by members of the CFR.  Some inside politics, a lot outside politics, but most of them you've never heard of.  They also drafted up the ones for the European amalgamation for the European Union years ago, private body and organization, with names most folk had never heard of.  They always get a firm politician to push it through, but the ones who really plan it all and do it all never run for election or anything, they’re appointed into a cabinet, or over a house or cabinet or department. That's how it's done. The free-trade for the NAFTA deal for Canada was an outside appointment. The man was put in, Simon Reisman, who looked over the affairs of, the preordained affairs of Canada. Canadians didn't know it, but it was a completely rigged thing from the beginning.  Private organizations.


That's how the world is run.  In these same private organizations with their guys in suits and ties and all that, when you see them smiling and grinning at you, you've got to remember that face can turn into a very evil entity if you disobey them because they are psychopathic, you understand.  That's the real world. That's how it's run. 


They come to the fore when power is up for sale, or up for grabs as you're seeing today.  They're coming out of all professions too, it's quite interesting to see the professionals come out. And you get the sociologist ones, or, you know, there's too many people anyway, and the same with the climate change group, you know.  But they're all friends for the big foundations behind them. And yeah, there's too many of you.  And you know, clean the world.  And, all the old folk will die, they say, you know, like it's a good thing.  They're all coming out.


Because this is another thing I've noticed with psychopaths too, because they are ambitious you understand, some of them are more ambitious, and the really intelligent ones know when to keep quiet, they'll watch, they watch the course of things before they make a move. But the ones that are chomping at the bit, maybe a bit younger or whatever, they come out openly thinking this is the time they can express whatever they really think, and then yeah, it will help depopulate the world. Just like the climate change agenda wanted. 


And if they bring you into austerity, then, your turn of sickness and malnutrition and more child mortality in childbirth, etc., etc. etc.  It's just open, there's nothing secret about it if they bring folk into austerity. I hope you understand what I'm just saying about austerity here. The plan that they said they'd have to force on the world, and I gave the talks on austerity that they had at the United Nations and all the organizations associated with them to do with austerity and what it meant and all the rest of it.  The politicians all signed onto different bills to rubberstamp it.


Well, bingo, here it goes.  You’re hearing, we might have to bring in rationing.  My goodness. Well, nobody's earning anything. Well, except for the big corporations that have got their hands out and billions are getting thrown their way, right.  And amazing all the different, even the psychologists and the nudgers, the behavioral insights teams are getting millions and billions thrown at them, folks, to manage us and our minds as we go through this, and our behavior.  They all got their hands out, all the real happy psychopaths that can grab it quite, without a conscience or guilt of any kind whatsoever.  They don't have guilt, you see. This is when you see them come to the fore.


Do you know in some countries you've got doctors sending out notices, really, forms to patients who have disabilities, physical and they could also be like Down syndrome for instance, folks who are not dying, folk who have cancers who could live another 10, 15 years with treatment, saying that maybe they should consider if they get sick with this Covid thing, not to go to hospital or whatever, but they could request, they could request just no resuscitation. And it's sent to their relatives mainly for these people by the way, 'eh.  Very clever, don't let the people know, sent to their relatives, so quietly they'll put you down as, well, don't resuscitate this person if they get sick with this Covid. 


Coronavirus: GP surgery apologises for sending 'do not resuscitate' form to patients - news.sky.com / 1 April 2020


It's all coming out now, isn't it?  Do you realize during the so-called racial hygiene programs of Germany, they copied really from the Britain and the US to do with sterilization and all that? But they also started to just kill the people who had psychiatric problems in mental hospitals and things, and deformities. How come they're always blasting Hitler, and yet we see, I've seen this kind of thing going on for years in all countries, when the government get uppity and give more grants out to certain segments of society? But it's done scientifically, you understand.  [Alan laughing.] It’s nothing personal about killing you, you know. Nothing personal.  It's just science, you know.


And they're all doing their computer modeling, 'eh.  Our lives are run by computer modeling. I keep thinking about this computer modeling.  And Neil Ferguson already, millions and millions and millions are going to die, you know. The guy that they make the star, who believes in Empire, and who was pally with all the neocons in America.  Made into a star, star making machinery.  And then he's giving advice to governments on what he sees and so on.  This is the program you're going through, that type of, ha, computer modeling of this Covid virus, 'eh.


I was thinking, as I said earlier, without finishing what I was going to say [Alan chuckles.]   But it was a thought about the song, The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Because the lines in it, and that was the big thing back then too when that was written, that song.  It wasn't just the signs on the subway and so on, that were scrawled and painted, you know, like graffiti type signs, which they were talking about too. They were giving you all the warnings, the signs and the warnings of what was happening, at that time, and what was to come. 


And science, really, they didn't mention the fact that science is rising and rising, except to give hints at it, if you want to think and decipher it. He said, and the people bowed and prayed, and this is again kicking religion out as I say. Because they say that you can take the people out of religion, but you can't take religion out of the people, they'll look for it elsewhere. Well, they've been given it by the ones who displaced it. And it's the scientists.  Academia and the scientists, you see, the experts that are going to dictate how you're going to live, even why you should live, or maybe you shouldn't live, etc., the very things that George Bernard Shaw talked about and HG Wells and all the other great characters that were made into stars to by the same organization behind them.


So, in The Sound of Silence they say, and the people bowed and prayed, to the neon God they made. You see, that's your new God, is science. Electricity. Elect-tricity. I should say it too, electricity is the elect, you know, the trick of the elect. And it's true. Because it's dominating everything.


Without this, and I remember hearing a preacher who is dead now years ago talking about it and he said, this evil evil thing, this force, this entity called different names, he said, it couldn't achieve its goals without the computer.  Computerization that can collect all the data on every individual, not just your names but everything about you, things you don't even know yourselves, it couldn't happen, and do it so easily and effortlessly eventually as the computers developed, across the whole planet, and bring it all together and bring you in. And I thought about that too because I could see that happening myself. And I thought yeah, I says, this certainly has the power to control everybody's lives minutely.


The greatest… This is the true, the true orgasm of the ultimate tyrant, that's never existed before, THIS kind of dream, total power over everybody.  So, you build the thing with your own hands, 'eh, and then you worship it like a god. There was a science fiction put out about that years ago too, can't remember the author on that one, where they kept feeding into it, short story, they kept feeding into the computers, and they had a system of computers across the world but one major one you see, it was the God computer because it would answer all your questions. Eventually they'd say, is there a God? And then it was a quiet response, you see, quiet. Which it never, silence is terrifying too, remember that, the sound of silence. And eventually it lit up and across, and it connected to all the difference computers across the planet, this question fed into it, is there a God, and it says, there is now.  These things are very telling in drama and stay with you. Because they're very pertinent.


Well, now you have governments not listening to people at all except select politically correct people.  Everybody's out for something, even the anti-hate groups are out with the hands out there for billions. Literally, billions, 'eh. It's a business. So naturally they're going to see hate wherever, whenever, until eventually everything's classed as hate, a different point of view is hateful.  You see.  Now it's your thoughts that are hateful.  Thought crime, hm.


So, everything is out there as I say for its own purpose. Because we live in such an incredibly corrupt time, a corrupt society.  You've had a buildup since World War II increasing, increasing, a buildup of worship of celebrities and multimillionaires, and now it's multibillionaires.  And the very fact they're multibillionaire's apparently gives them better status at dictating to us how we should live.  Well, where did that come from? How does that correlate? It doesn't at all, does it?  They are made into stars by machinery. They all are.


Celebrities, the people follow celebrities, hm.  That's what we're told.  The CFR brought celebrities on board with it years ago, like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie and others. Because the people who read all the gossip stuff, and that's what you had for years as a replacement, a substitute for news is celebrities. And therefore, what they're talking about, suddenly, they’re in the CFR now. All the people who follow them and like them, you see, they like them, even though they don't know them, they like them, because they like the personas portrayed through fiction, you see, and well, so-and-so said this maybe they’re right because they're... I like them.  People are making decisions because they like them, not because of any intellectual component. 


We are so manipulated today it's beyond overboard. It's beyond overboard. We've never had a time like this before. And today, I mean, over half the world, maybe three quarters is in lockdown? Do you realize World War II, and World War I and then World War II, caused havoc across Europe, especially Europe, absolute havoc, and massive deaths and slaughter that they never ever dreamed of before by tyrants, that kind of slaughter.  And the energy and power that was expended through technology to do the slaughter. And then World War II came along and they'd already from Sandhurst in England, the officer training at Sandhurst were getting taught, before World War II came along, and they also brought officers in from other countries, including Germany, I remember there was a general from Germany, or he became a general eventually, who mentioned that, that Britain was teaching total war.


They had a whole, they had it worked out like a manual almost like total war, in the old wars, and it's true enough, the old wars were often almost localized type events that happened where a country would send a bunch of troops over, or mercenaries over to another country where the king was having a tiff with his cousin or whatever. A battle might happen outside of town even, and it didn't really affect the town much either. But as time went on and weaponry became more efficient and heavy artilleries etc., then they would lay siege to towns and demolish them like World War I. 


They've got photographs of old, or spent shells, massive, massive shells for the heavy artillery guns.  They’re built, you see the people standing down below these things, are teared up, huge things, about 40 feet high some of them. The empty casings. Football fields full. And these would come from maybe one main bombardment that went on for 12 hours straight or more. You can't imagine the energy used to slaughter people. 


Again, World War II came along, and they had total war. They said, well you see, now that we can demolish all cities like we showed them in World War I, then all the civilians are therefore legitimate targets. Because they will work in industries that produce enemy’s aircraft and weaponry and all that. So, it's all legitimate now, it was all decided above, you see. Then they go on about Germany bombing targets in England.  Mainly it was Scotland into the Clyde side, then they hit Edinburgh too as well, trying to get the fourth bridge at one time, this because they thought one of the main ships was there too. But anyway, they started bombing England but only after Churchill had totally bombed Berlin.


Then Dowding who was in charge of the Air Force was all for total war, and they slaughtered the working-class populations across many German towns and cities. Of course, they kept that quiet for many, many years after the war. Because you are the good guys, you see.  But in reality, you know, we do live in a fiction. We truly do. And during World War II as it was almost ending, they had a meeting with King George residing over it about depopulation. They still wanted, they said there would be too many folks after the war. It hadn't killed enough! And meanwhile everybody was off fighting, thinking, for their country and their culture and their way of life, to protect it all. And you see what happened in the 1960s.


But what a joke we live through isn't it? We do live in a joke, a complete fantasy that's so indoctrinated into us. And every young boy is so susceptible too, I must admit. Because you're brought up with, your country is just wonderful.  And young guys admire guys in the military, you do that, and that's why you end up going up into the military yourself, that's what happens. And obviously think your country must be always in the good. Or you wouldn't go in the first place, except if you're really psychopathic. But you have to stop really now and say wait a minute here, that we live in a completely different system than the one we've been indoctrinated into. It's as alien as something from outer space almost, or Doctor Who. It's so alien to what you've been trained and taught to believe.


It's at times like this when these things happen, these events happen, that when things don't make sense to you that you've got to question it, what on earth are they doing? An example is, very simple, quarantine of the nation is not a new idea. It's almost chiseled in stone, that here's what you do if some terrible pandemic breaks out like a Spanish type flu. You didn't sit and wait for it happening.  No, you know what to do.  You close your country like an iron fortress in a sentence with an iron wall around it. You close it. Right away. According to the data you're given to call it a pandemic, you understand. You don't call it a pandemic lightly. Especially when you've been watching China frantically going around streets spraying stuff, they call it mists everywhere and so on and so on. 


But you still allow all the planes to come and go into your own country? They're still coming and going by the way.  I'll put a little clip up by Nigel Farage just for the little bit that's  in it you might like, which he says in it, he says, they're still letting, Heathrow is still bringing like 20 flights a day or more from the infected areas. Right now. And I kept wondering why we're all getting locked down, while they're still bringing people in like this?


Well, if you want to make things, and it's not panning out with numbers and all that, then you've got to literally keep it going, until you get enough people in, to bring more infection into the country, obviously, to make it happen. Why else would you be doing this?  Why else? Why else? Come on, you're going to bring more and more folk that are outside your country into your country?  Well, they're citizens or they're dual nationalities or whatever. Well, it doesn't, it wouldn't matter, you take your chances. You do take your chances during it, that has always been the law.


You're not brought in and then given a suggestion, before you even come into the country you're given, well maybe you should just go home and quarantine yourself for a couple of weeks, maybe, you know.  They're doing it in England and Canada, without telling them anything, they are just coming and going. It's a joke. And if it's such a joke you're left with questions like, are they really that stupid at the top? No, they're not stupid. If it's happening, there's a reason for it. And it's to make it worse than it is. Really. That's what it seems to be.


In Sudbury here, just near me, 20 miles away or so, I read the articles I think last week, the week before where they said they were expecting a big spike to happened and it would happen around, you know, the end of March or beginning of April. Well, that's when the snowbirds came in from Florida mainly. And sure enough, they had different people in Toronto and different places, I think one in Sudbury, they came back as snowbirds, that had an infection.


I was reading about, from the official website by the way for Sudbury on illness and so on, and what they'd done is move a lot of patients out of the hospital, the main hospital in Science North, Sudbury, Science North they call it I think, they moved them out, a lot of patients out that had some kind of long term older people there and so on.


But they moved them to another place outside the hospital in preparation for, they expected this big spike. And I thought, well if they're expecting a big spike, I said at the time, it would be probably because they're bringing snowbirds in. How else are they going to get it? And they said there was no community transmission at the time, when I read that last article. I thought, well they must know there's only, it can only spike in one way in that case, you're going to bring them in. Or release something. There's no other way to think about it here.  And sure enough, you had snowbirds, mainly in southern parts of Ontario and so on.


But after moving the people out of the hospital in Sudbury in preparation, I looked it up the other day there, Sudbury has one patient with it. One patient. And then I'm going to put the article up too, that Justin Trudeau is bringing thousands more from, he said that they're mainly pretty well Canadian dual citizenships and so on who must be living in other countries all across Africa and parts of India and places like that.


And he's giving massive loans out to help them get the money to come back and so on and to survive. He hasn't given loans out to anybody here that I know of. We're all still stuck in our houses.  And if you're susceptible at all to it, they told you they won't treat you, oh we have to decide now who we'll treat before it happens, you know, people with pre-existing conditions and a certain age should be, you know, we can't really help them.  Well, let's bring people from all over, right.  And Trudeau's excuse for it was, well it's maybe better they come back here, he says, then be stuck in all these other countries where they've always been living, right, where things might be getting worse for them.


Well, what about the folk here? …who live outside the cities for instance? Well, here's agenda 21, you shouldn't be outside the cities.  Do you understand how many things are going to get fulfilled here?  Hm?  It's really astonishing. And the biometric scanners and IDs and so on that China has been issuing. There's an app in China and to get into different places now you've got to show it, it's color-coded, that you're healthy and you're cleared of the virus. And if you're caught with a red, if it goes red, you've gotta show this on their cell phones wherever they're going. Everything's electronic there. They want to push it here now too, color coding for the same.


I gave these talks in the 90s this would happen, and eventually if you didn't have your proper vaccinations you'd be walking into a supermarket and alarms would go off and they'd come for you. Here it is. Because if you really study history and you understand humanity, and you understand the psychopaths that run the system, you can always tell where they're going to go with everything many years beforehand. 


You understand, everything that's out there really comes from the weapons industry, the military-industrial complex. Your microwave oven comes from it, old technology they were using even before World War II to communicate even, 'eh.  So, most things come from there. So they're looking at all these different, and I remember reading articles years ago after the so-called wall came down in Berlin and they said, you know with this going down and the fact that they won't need all the weapons industry as much, the big corporations are looking towards surveillance, a surveillance society and equipping governments across the world with cameras and systems and computerization to survey its citizenry. For the peace, to keep the peace.  That's as soon as the Cold War was supposedly finished, right. So, any excuse will do for them. They never change agendas.  Never change.


Now, last week too I mentioned that they, oh my God they'd made a superstar of a doctor that was giving her little diktat's on television in British Columbia, Canada. Again, the star making machinery, 'eh.  And her own website with her likes and dislikes, and all the fake fawning that they've put in there.  And folk do follow the majority, you know, even though it's fake, they join. That's what polls are, for instance. Polls are meant to sway people to join. Oh yeah, I didn't think about that but if all those folks are going that way, I'll go the same way. That's what polls are for. Look at the history, there's a history of polls and why it was set up. It's convincing people. That's how they really work.


I heard a person years ago, a Canadian, it was a woman who voted for Pierre Trudeau, the father. She said, I know he had a terrible reputation with communism and international socialism and so on. But she says, and proudly told me that she voted because she saw in the polls that more folk were leaning towards him that year and she thought she'd rather be on the side of the winner. Nothing to do with the policies.  Isn't that amazing? It really works with a lot of people, that whole thing.


What do you think all the yeses are and the likes and dislikes are, as they monitor you by the way, for liking or disliking something? That's how they got one of the guys in Britain who's been taken for hate crime, or thought crime, to court with, because he initially put a like on someone's joke. And the cops traced him. I hope people remember, the next time they want you to go off and fight for your country, no, you tell these characters like that and the cops to go and do it instead.  Hm?  And by the way, all you have to do is just see the police chiefs and see who pays for their holidays and where they go.


Now as I say, I'll look here, and yeah, the U.S. Navy, right, under the guise of anti-drug laws getting pushed in Latin America, it's Venezuela they're going to, as we know, eh. This is the best time, I hope you understand this.  So, this is the best time, I hope you understand this, for those, for the warmongers to pull things off, when folk are the weakest, you see. It's easier for you.  We already know that the whole neocon agenda has always had the same list of countries that they want to bring down and dominate completely. And sometimes they'll resurrect the country if they need an enemy, like Russia. I gave that talk back in 1998, the bad bear, I said if they ever need it again, if they ever run out of enemies, because don't forget that part of the reason governments today pretend to exist is to protect you against everything, and it's hard to do unless you’ve got an enemy.  So, you create enemies. Even financing a lot of enemies. And sometimes you feed them, for many many years.  This is how the whole con game is managed.


But anyway, it's the same kind of technique they're using in Venezuela as they did with Soleimani the Iranian that they, when they, the week before whatever it was they passed the ruling in America that the Revolutionary guard, their official military basically in Iran was therefore a terrorist organization, which gave them the right then to kill folk. Because you're not killing enemies, or even friendly enemies, or even non-wartime enemies, you're killing a terrorist, you see. It gives it a bit of semi-plausibility in the different circles, well you know, he was a terrorist and... 


It's hard to say that the US is going around the world is just killing folk they didn't like. Like George Bush Junior said in the official inquiry, you look it up you can hear him saying it. Oh, I never said that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11. Even then they kept saying it all through, for about a year right before they invaded. He said, he was just a bad man in the world's better off without him. Well, is that a legal, a legality for going around the world, I didn't like so-and-so so the military went over and killed him? We bombed them out of existence, 'eh, took them back to the Stone Age.


Other things behind it as we all know.  And of course, we all know. Of course, we do. So, the same thing is happening with Venezuela, they don't like the Prime Minister that's there. They're against Maduro, they want a regime change, as they call it, regime. When it's their own politician inside, it's the government or President or Prime Minister, but when they want to overthrow it's a regime change. So, you get fed up with it, don't you?  It's like Groundhog Day with different names, isn't it, over and over and over again.


So anyway, Navy ships are being moved towards Venezuela...


US to Deploy Anti-drug Navy Ships Near Venezuela

floridadailypost.com / 1 April 2020


The Trump administration is beefing up counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean following a U.S. drug indictment against Nicolás Maduro.


So, there you go, it's a drug indictment. He's now a drug pusher, right, you see. We've heard all this before and seen it before.  Listen, the CIA, and other organizations by the way affiliated with the CIA, are down all across the whole length and breadth of Latin America making sure the stuff is produced.  So, let's not fall for, let's not even get into that debate about it. We know this from history. We know who's guarding the poppy fields too in Afghanistan. We know that Bush ordered, took off the order which forbid the growing of poppies by the Taliban, they forbid it. Once Bush got the troops in there then they dropped that law and encouraged it to grow again. It's just, aah, come on.


Remember the Oli North thing years ago?  Oliver North?  And the continuity of government under martial law that came up during that brief inquiry, you know? That everybody's forgotten about?  [Alan laughing.]   And guns-for-drugs and drugs-for-guns and hurrah hurrah?  It goes on and on and on. And they were selling it, of course they were selling all the stuff across America, all the narcotics even from that. Your own wonderful government, that's there to save you with selling drugs across the country to young kids and everything. That was happening in Britain too, all through Edinboro and places. Because the London government was participating in it too. Of course, they were. Anyway, a different story again.


You always hit your enemy at the weakest point. And being the people who advised and belong to all the different strategic organizations for wartime or strategy, you know, geopolitical strategy, they never stop. And they actually, they're really, this is when they use this crisis to their advantage, you see, as they say, how can we? And they just, oh, they're just salivating here because this is a great time to start killing folk.  And Iran, the war drum's bashing against Iran now because this is when they'll be really weak, when they're in a crisis, a terrible crisis with the virus and so on, while leadership is getting hit and all that.  That's when you do it. That's when you do these kinds of things.


And believe you me, I have no love for communism either. I have no love for it whatsoever. But it's really something to see what's going on. Disease or no disease, it continues, it continues, it continues, 'eh.  So, they've given themselves the right to basically arrest someone, pull them back to America and condemn them. Like they've done with others before him, you see. It's awfully, awfully good for them. And again, they've got the same characters, you've got Rubio and that.


... a Florida Republican who has been among those calling for a tougher stance against Maduro.


But that's only one story, one of many that's happening right now. Let's just go to a few articles here, I did save some this week. I have more than some as you well know.  That's all you're getting now is tune in, tune in, be very, very afraid children, right. You've got all kinds of people involved with pro-China, against China too, this is going on as well of course as we know. And you've got the World Health Organization and China....


The WHO and China: Dereliction of Duty - cfr.org / 27 Feb 2020


Some are complaining, including Japan too, complaining that everybody's up to their eyeballs in debt to China, that China is taking over the WHO and you can't criticize it and all the rest of it too. So, politics never stops, and geopolitics never stops either. So, you can take whatever you want from these kind of articles. 


However, here's travel vaccines, right, getting back to the basics here.


Travel Vaccines Enter the Digital Age: Creating a Virtual Immunization Record -ncbi.nlm.nih.gov / ‎2016


...Right… Isn’t that just what you want to hear right now. Well, why not?  Because China's doing it right now, hey.  Why not.  But this article, travel vaccines, it's not just travel now, it's going to be permanent wherever you are. This article is from March 2016.  Yep.


You see, all these companies, look at the money made from the apps and the tracking and all the rest of it, it's big, big money. And government right now is throwing out billions, billions and billions to companies like this with their hands out, you see. And they can use that, oh, isn't this wonderful, we'll know all who's had their vaccinations. And they've got a whole list of vaccinations they want to give you, and new ones they keep adding too, I hope you understand that.  And then boosters they want to keep doing every year or two years or whatever. We are the business. We are the business, aren't we?  But this is...


Travel Vaccines Enter the Digital Age: Creating a Virtual Immunization Record

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov / ‎2016


At present, proof of immunization against diseases such as yellow fever is required at some international borders in concordance with the International Health Regulations. The current standard, the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP), has limitations as a paper record including the possibility of being illegible, misplaced, or damaged.


So, they go through the reasons why we should have electronic ones.  We know too, the ones we did last week on Bill Gates and MIT and so on working together to get even a chip implanted with your data in it and your immunizations, vaccinations and all that kind of stuff. And tattoos, they tattoo it on or put a chip in. And this is real, this is ongoing and they're testing it out and so on.


They had a showing of it at one of the, last year I think it was, maybe last year's, big tech shows of a guy getting a thing injected between his thumb and his forefinger.  They implanted this chip into him that would have his, so much data on him, he was a volunteer supposedly. Anyway, they've been hoping for this for years and years and years. And China's got, as I say, an app on their actual phone. If you don't get the green light, I think it's a green light or blue light, you can't go outside without that turning blue or green.  And if it's red and the police catch you, they'll arrest you. Or if you try to get in to pay for food or whatever, that red comes up, no, you're thrown out, then the cops are called.


Another one too is...


"The Plannedemic"?

zerohedge.com / 29 March 2020



For the past decade, Bill Gates has been warning us about an inevitable pandemic. Conditioning us. Getting us used to the idea.


Apparently Bill’s computer simulations discovered that people would easily fold under government pressure combined with an unseen enemy. Billions of people are under lockdown right now. Half the world is shut down.


(Alan:  Think about that. What they couldn't achieve with the Cold War or before that with World War II, or World War I, never in the history have they even had one country totally locked down day and night for weeks on end. And they've got it now, with half of the world locked down. Do you realize, this is breaking all kinds of records for tyranny? And for, again, acquiescence by the public. Well, they're just trying to save us all. You understand where this is going to go, to save us all?  Think about it, 'eh.  But half the world is closed down.  So...)


Gates must marvel at how easy it was to do it. (A:  And isn't that true, 'eh?  And then they go into different things about…)


The coronavirus is real, but we’ve had many waves of flu viruses throughout the years.


That part is true as well, but this virus definitely is, it's more contagious, it's said. However, most folk that get it don't know they've got it or had it.  And it is true, that the flus, I've got the articles here, where they give the official CDC records of the flu for the past few years.  You wouldn't believe how many folk die every year of it. And it's true.  But with these massive deaths before there was never a shutdown of the country, or any country for that matter, because of it. 


This Is How Many People Die From the Flu Each Year, According to the CDC - health.com / 26 March 2020


So, hay is definitely getting made right now.  But this is definitely a killer for those, for a lot of them that catch this thing obviously, but mainly again the elderly and pre-existing conditions. Most folk today have pre-existing conditions, starting around the age of about 40 and 50, for many different reasons by the way.  We think we're healthy but we're not really.  This article here also is to do with...


The Coronavirus: A Civil Liberties Nightmare of Orwellian Proportions

sydneycriminallawyers.com.au / 28 March 2020


Imagine a reality where people were forced by the authorities to remain in their homes under threat of steep fines, while outside the police patrol the deserted streets, ensuring that no one steps outside without official authorisation.


While this might sound like an Orwellian nightmare, it’s hardly 1984.


It says this is the scenario of 1984 that we are in right now and more of it's going to come in the coming days.  It's going to be more than just in the coming days. You see, this is getting played by the book, folks and out of this is going to be a completely different system that's going to come out. What they do is they unroll it gradually.   The system that we are in right now, they've got psychologists, and in real time they’re monitoring, monitoring the chats and so on to see how you think about things and what you plan to do about it. Or if you're unhappy with it. Or will you go along with the next phase, etc. etc. They know, within five minutes of putting out a trial balloon they know exactly what the chatter is.  They know where to pull it back a little bit or extend a little bit or whatever it happens to be. They know exactly. This is, I'm not kidding you, I've read their articles with the behavioral insights teams and so on, and MIT too, in on the act and many others aside as well.


So, they unroll it out and say, oh well, and they say, you might be locked down for March, and it will peak, maybe it will start going down a bit.  This is how they play you, you see.  So, April comes, and it still hasn't peaked yet, you see. In fact, you wonder if it's peeking out at all in some places, hm.  Even the ones with, outside the hospitals, I have to mention it too, with some of the hospitals in New York, some folks have gone there and they're not seeing outside what they think you would see. It's just… There's a lot of strange things going on, put it that way.


But now that it's April, they're putting out the next trial balloon, you see.  Oh, it might have to go another month. You've already had, again, the little, the fainter voices behind it, steady though, these are the ones that get you eventually, to program you, this might last right into the fall.  And then you get articles saying my goodness, it might reappear and resurge in the fall. Which means you're right through to what they said at the beginning, you're going right into next year. You understand?  You see where it's all going?


In Australia they've already announced that. Australia really is quite interesting, the authoritarian manner that they really pushed everything through so rapidly without any, you know, consequence to those in power. They've lockdown the country with even more stringent totalitarian methods, in the terminology at least that they're putting across to the public, is very Orwellian. I'll put some things up tonight to show you some links to stories to do with that.


We are seeing it, so yeah, you're going to get locked down for a long time. This is how they play it. Some of them you almost see them rubbing their hands with glee as they say it with big smiles on their face. Because this is going to be wonderful for them. These nobodies are suddenly somebodies, you see. Suddenly they're somebodies. And you all have to obey them.  Right.  Oh wow.  Isn't that wonderful?


Another one too that I'm putting up is...


If you break quarantine you'll be fined $11k, says NSW health minister

timeout.com / 16 March 2020


(A:  New South Wales Australia hey. Isn’t that wonderful?)


The NSW health minister, Brad Hazzard, (A:  So quite a name hey, a good hazard, I guess, there where his authority comes from.) has announced eye-watering fines for anyone who ignores a 14-day quarantine after entering the state from overseas. Those found to have breached quarantine could be fined as much as $11,000 or even face a custodial sentence of up to six months.


So that's for the ones… Here they just say to them, well at least Justin Trudeau says in Canada, just, well please go home and quarantine when you come into the country from abroad. That's what he says, 'eh.  However, they're asking them at the airports in Canada, no one's told them anything, they're just walking around doing what they want when they come in from the different countries. It's just astonishing really, isn't it ‘eh?  As I say, it makes you, they're not stupid at the top, don't think they're utterly really stupid at the top.  I can only think they want a heavy, heavy loading dose of spread to make things happen. Why else would you do it? Why else would you do what you're doing?


But the guys at the bottom, the ordinary folk that are locked down can't even move. As I say, they're bringing it here too, I can tell it's coming, watching Britain. And the feedback and how they're handling the feedback from complaints in Britain. That's how they do things. And they can implement it more perfectly right off the bat in Canada where your police well be monitoring you.  Are you out for your one short walk per day, sir? Then some honest folk will say, well I've had two short walks today, I'm sorry. And a big fine for that. They might take away one of your toilet rolls, 'eh?  [Alan chuckles.]


But yeah, we're living through amazing times when you see what's happening. And then you have this one here too...


Covid-19: Normal life will not resume for six months, says Government doctor

thelondoneconomic.com / 29 March 2020


(A:  Woahhhh.  Government, and then the word doctor makes you quiver these days, you know, the TV version of the doctor, not reality but the TV one, hey.)


Normal life will not resume for at least six months, a key Government doctor has said, as the Government placed all parts of the UK on an “emergency footing” to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.


(A:  Oh, my goodness, 'eh.)


Dr Jenny Harries, (A:  Apparently, she likes the authority, [Alan chuckles.]  just from what I've read.) deputy chief medical officer for England, said the nation will not be in “complete lockdown” for half a year but said social distancing measures will be lifted gradually.


Her warning at Sunday’s coronavirus press conference came as the NHS announced the first confirmed death of a frontline hospital worker with Covid-19.


Cabinet minister Robert Jenrick said “we simply cannot” ask health workers to go on to the frontline without adequate protective equipment,


(A:  This all came out by the way in a test they did four years ago, the government then had a big big test on a possible coronavirus that would get released and how they would handle it in Britain. And they said they knew they would be short of everything, they said it would be an utter disaster, in the test. So, here's the real thing happening and who’s surprised 'eh?  So anyway...)


Cabinet minister Robert Jenrick said “we simply cannot” ask health workers to go on to the frontline without adequate protective equipment...


You see, [Alan chuckles.] there's things out there, articles and YouTubes up there with people from China living in the West who make a living on exporting stuff back to China. And buying thousands of facemasks, sometimes millions, and sending them over there and making a massive profit on them.  And leaving not one, one of them even boasted, leaving nothing for Americans. So, it's just astonishing. 


And here we are. Now they're floating the idea as you all know, don't wear facemasks, you know, it's only for medical staff. Like you're too stupid to wear one or something, it's just technical or something. No, no, no. We are told that for a reason. To make sure that enough folk caught it, I think.  And then, but now of course they've changed their minds, just...  [Alan laughing.]   Are you going to follow these characters? And believe them?  On anything here?


But yeah, for months they deny it, oh the facemasks won't help you. It's like, Yes Minister the old TV program about the ministers or politicians in Britain in charge of things. And the head of the civil service at the time in one program said, he said, never believe anything until it's been officially denied.  Always remember that. Oh, it's never, that won't help you. No. No. It doesn't do you any good. It's good for the doctors and nurses but not for you. And now they're telling you, oh, the opposite, you could actually stop the spread so much.  If you're wearing it at least you won't be coughing it out so much. But that also means obviously you might not be getting as much in from folk who have coughed out it. But there ya go.


These are your specialists. They get paid big money for telling you this stuff. I tell you. Yep. So anyway, six months, right, six months spread they say, you know, possibly.  M-hm.  And then you get...


Coronavirus: Police can now enter homes to look for people gathering - stuff.co.nz / 26 March 2020


As I've said before, in New Zealand and Australia they got a bit ahead… It's interesting the so-called colonies, the old colonies of the British Empire, and Canada remember too is part of this Commonwealth of Nations that eventually came up with the expression, the Royal Institute for International Affairs,  when the old ‘Empire’ went out-of-favor, but it's the same thing. India too. They're more authoritarian in the so-called colonies than at home in Britain. You know, the home of people who stand up for rights, land of the free, you know, all that stuff. But no, the colonies are more authoritarian. Because that's how they were run by Governor Generals appointed by the Crown.  Whatever politician sat in Congress or Parliament were under the supreme chutzpah from Britain basically, appointed by the Queen, Governor General.


Well, that gave them an awful lot of power. They could have the complete authority of the crown to do whatever they wanted to do in times of any kind of crisis.  Even when it wasn't a crisis.  And that never went away. So, when you see this kind of thing, the same in war but now it's a war on a virus, so they all come out again of the foxholes and they take command, and so yeah...


Coronavirus: Police can now enter homes to look for people gathering

stuff.co.nz / 26 March 2020


New Zealand entered a four-week lockdown to break the transmission of coronavirus on Thursday. Overnight, police officers have pulled over people who were breaking the self-isolation order — apparently unaware it was in place.


Police Commissioner Mike Bush, in a series of radio and TV interviews on Thursday morning, reiterated people will initially see (A:  Initially, this is how they're getting at you...) the "friendly face" of police during the lockdown.


​"But we'll be ensuring people will comply because if they don't, people will die," Bush said on RNZ.


(A:  So, there you go. It's badly worded because you're almost thinking the police are going to be [Alan laughing.] killing folk.  But of course, he's talking about the virus.  I hope. It says…)


He said police already had to educate people on the self-isolation order overnight...

(A:  ...etc...)


Police officers would first issue a warning, then arrest people if needed.


I've got articles here about New Zealand and Australia where they're going to go after the hoarders of food and different things and masks, or anything at all that they suspect.


Dutton says hoarders to be 'dealt with' by AFP, Border Force - smh.com.au / 19 March 2020


By the way, you're now in the Stasi system. Because governments now set up volunteers to snitch on all their neighbors if they see anything. And of course, you understand how the real thing happened with the old, the witch-hunt that they had, the witch-hunt that they had in Salem, Massachusetts where you get great movies made out of it. And I like the movies, they're kind of nice and scary.


But in reality, you had a lot of jealousy amongst the different neighbors and farmers who had owned better land or more of this or whatever, and they were all vying for, with jealousy and envy of their neighbors. Well, once that kind of things started, oh they know there's witchcraft, witchcraft.  Then they get rid of neighbors, then they could go and grab the land, you see. Humans are really devious characters. Really. Come on. That's how people really are, rather devious.


Well it's the same kind of thing here.  Once you get neighbors a little bit of power and snitches in this kind of situation, you'd be surprised who comes to the fore and starts snatching. And they don't like certain neighbors, of course that's the ones they're going to snitch on.  Oh, you know, that's sod, you know what he's done, you know, I saw him eating an extra jammy sandwich, you know, and you're only allowed one.  That's how it goes, you see.


So that's all started too and we’re living through this, and we've got organizations set up after 9/11 in the States for instance, in every community for disasters and all the rest of it, well now they're all going into action.  Britain recruited, oh, it was 1/4 million or more of them actually, they asked for volunteers and they all ran forward to be the commissars over their neighbors and so on.


So, I'll put these articles up. Remember, the articles I mentioned I always put up the links to them. It's worthwhile reading some of them.  It gives you an idea what's happening across the world. Because what happens elsewhere happens here.  That's what happens. 


We also too do know that amazing things are going on in Germany. German finance minister for the state, you know, their main finance minister kills himself.


German state finance minister 'kills himself' as officials claim he was in despair over the coronavirus crisis - dailymail.co.uk / 29 March 2020


Well, they shouldn't say the economic effects of the Corona. It's some other reason behind it obviously. You understand, everything's make-believe, even fiddling the books.  Today every country's got magicians working your booking system for you, your financial books. And when something that upsets something before money goes back in, that technically is missing temporarily for some other purpose, then they lose out and they'll take the blame for it.  There you go.


Australia's digital ID biometric capability to move into public testing mid-2020

msn.com / 6 March 2020


(A:  You see they're all copying China that was the big trial for it all.)


The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) (A:  Isn't that wonderful?) is anticipating the biometric component of its digital identity play will be ready for public testing by mid-year.


Appearing at Senate Estimates Thursday night, CEO Randall Brugeaud said the agency is currently ensuring that the quality of the biometric is "exactly where it needs to be" before it is pushed out to the masses.


(A:  ...to the masses.  I like how they speak about us all, we are the masses, folks. Where have you heard that before? Well, that's what they call them in the Soviet system and the Bolshevik system, the masses.  The masses have, they don't have names they have just numbers, you know.)


"The thing that we've been very considered (A:  ...writing is so bad now isn't it, you notice so many mistakes.)


"The thing that we've been very considered on (A: [Alan chuckles.])


"The thing that we've been very considered on is the implementation of the biometric features to ensure that the facial verification service operates as expected," he said.


"It is operating as expected, but it is not production ready.


(A: I guess they've got the hands out again for big big grants from the very slaves that's going to pay for it all and be monitored.  That's how it works, 'eh, we buy our chains. I've always said, we buy our own chains in the slavery system.)


Australian government is currently juggling 62 high-cost IT projects


(A:  Oh, the money is rolling for the big boys, 'eh, the big corporations. With big big money getting thrown all over the place, 'eh.  Wish lists as they call them.  M-m-m.) 


On the overall digital identity program, just over AU$210 million has been spent to date.


(A:  They've already spent it. How can you spend $210 million to make basically a computerized program system? Come on.  Hm?  So...)


myGovID (A: [Alan chuckles.]   This is so, so, it's almost biblical hey.  yourGovID...)


myGovID is the Australian government's digital identity provider -- handled by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). (A:  We’re all just slaves, aren't we?  Hm?) It's like the 100 point ID check but on a smart device, and it allows citizens to have their identity verified so they can access government services using that verified identity, rather than being verified continually by each Commonwealth entity.


And it's true enough, one ID thing, even a chip, is better than a whole bunch of them, surely, just one chip, 'eh?  Or whatever they want to call it.  [Alan chuckles.]   myGovID hey?  Tied and numbered, 'eh?  Quite something.  N-n-n.  myGovID.   Ahhhh, what a world, 'eh? 


What a world it is, pretty sad and so predictable really.  That's the big thing about studying for many many years is that nothing surprises, nothing really does surprise you. Because everything really is predictable. Another article too…


How the coronavirus response shows we have lost our fundamental values

spectator.com.au / 26 March 2020


Australia’s response to the coronavirus threat reveals that we have lost our fundamental values. While our nation is faced with what is arguably the most significant peacetime threat since the great depression, it is worth reflecting on how we came together to overcome that tremendous obstacle.


(A:  Then he goes into the brawls over toiletries in supermarkets and so on.)


As supermarkets witness brawls over toiletries, the Morrison government has unveiled a $189 billion stimulus package (A:  That's a free-for-all for the big corporations, 'eh.  And the ones again who want to ID you and bring out new computer programs to monitor you, and probably your color-coded like in China for are you safe, are you not safe, have you infected, or possibly infected.  $189 billion, 'eh?) in an effort to keep our ailing economy ticking over.


(A:  That doesn’t make your economy, that doesn't make any work at all for the people who can't work, is it?  It's for the big corporations. And they're already...)


The government has also taken a stand to discourage panic buying and ensure that enough supplies are left on the shelves for the most vulnerable members of our community.


And it's true, the fundamental values have gone. I mean, even the stores in Canada some of them started to, you know, the big supermarkets, I guess because someone complained, but they said that older folk couldn't get their groceries because the rest of them are plundering the things before they can get in. So, they said we'll open them an hour earlier in the morning.  So they have to get in, even from outside and miles away from it, the people outside the cities have to get to the grocery stores in the cities, right, an hour earlier, so they have to literally leave their homes about five in the morning. Only to find when they go there that everybody's pretending they're old, and there's nothing left.  It's disgusting, really.


[Alan chuckles.]  It's predictable, as I say, very predictable. With the hype and fear and terror that's being pushed on television, and even across the Internet too it's just… Folk are cracking up. Intentionally, they know what they're doing at the top. They know what they're doing. I mentioned before for change you got to stampede the cattle. The cattle like just to feed in a nice field and it's harder to get them moving and started to move when they're enjoying themselves. The longer they're there, and if weeks pass, you're going to have a hard time getting them, unless you like big explosions going off to terrify them but otherwise, it's not going to happen.


So, once you get them moving, if you want change, you just keep them going. And that's what they do with the public, you see, keep them moving and moving. And each time they're passing through good pastures and stuff, keep moving and moving because they're terrified.  Just keep them terrified and you can direct where you want the public to go. It's quite easy.  This is all stuff taught in the higher realms of behaviorism and management as they call it, social management.  So yeah, terror is a great thing to get people to just freak out, forget their sensibilities and do what they're told. In order to save their lives, you see.


So, then they go on to again, they do, in the same article eventually goes into the kind of, like the green agenda type speech the woman gave before, very similar. You know, look back at the war and how we kind of pull together then, and the Great Depression, and ba-da-n-dut.  Yep.  This other one too is to do with...


Coronavirus live updates - COVID-19 death toll rises to 11 as Illawarra MP says to brace for 'martial law'

illawarramercury.com.au / 24 MARCH 2020


New laws adopted by NSW Parliament on Tuesday will allow supermarkets to open at Easter and all day Anzac Day (A:  This is for Australia and New Zealand.), may see prisoners released from jail early and allow police to arrest people suspected of breaching self-isolation rules or any other public health directive.


The new rules are part of the new world order, which Keira MP Ryan Park - who supported the law changes - has described as "martial law".


I'll put up too a PDF on Australia's policies, it's actually like a martial law policy, for those who want to read it.


COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 - legislation.nsw.gov.au


Because we're the same everywhere in Canada and Britain and everywhere else. It's pretty well the same, same agenda, martial law type thing.  And it's wonderful too, you don't have to bother in pretending about politics anywhere as we go through all this stuff.  Just obey if you want to live and survive, and obey, obey, obey.  And also…


Dutton says hoarders to be 'dealt with' by AFP, Border Force

smh.com.au / 19 March 2020


Police and Australian Border Force have launched a joint bid to catch people suspected of hoarding supermarket goods and selling them on the black market in Australia and overseas amid the coronavirus outbreak.


I'll put that one up too.  Quite a few from Australia that someone sent me. And…


Australia Post opens new 'concept store' that will only ship to China - smh.com.au / 24 March 2018


Quite interesting, published a year ago that one.  And China too, because of their system, I can remember the milk scandal when the protein was getting taken out of it in China and some substitute was put in there.  It was actually killing some babies and all that. Basically, melamine I think they were using as a protein.  Because someone had, in the West too, some wise guy bribed somebody in the Food and Drug Administration in America I think it was, to classify melamine as a protein.  So, they could start adding it to milk products.  But it was kind of booed down even though it was passed.  But China went along with it and did it because they could take the protein out and then sell the protein separately.  So, at that time a lot of them were buying milk from elsewhere into China because naturally they wanted the real stuff that wouldn't harm them or their children.


I remember the same thing happened in China with diapers. It was just too expensive in China and so they were sent again in bulk from Australia to them.  So, I'll put that link up too.


Coronavirus: Australia's face masks, hand sanitisers and vital medical items were shipped to CHINA as the coronavirus pandemic took hold - dailymail.co.uk / 25 March 2020


Well, there are articles too from America and Canada, even had articles praising them as wonderful, a woman in Toronto was sending them to China for her relatives, thousands of them.  Well, how many relatives as she got?  But it was praised as a nice thing.  But I thought, there's nothing here for Canadians, now that we're supposed to wear them, or shortly, you can't get them. Because they're telling us, we're telling the peasants here who are going to pay for this, you know, you can get a scarf and put it around your face, it might give you some protection, at least you won't be spreading it if you happen to maybe not know that you have it.


So yeah, we can't get the real things because they've all been shipped elsewhere.  But they want us to wear something. Of course, the biometric cameras now, apparently, they can tell who you are by judging the space between your, you know, on your forehead and your eyes to your nose and so on. So, they don't care so much now if you're wearing masks or towels or scarves around your face I suppose. It's amazing how they can change their minds about things, 'eh?  And...


A quick guide to safe shopping during the Covid 19 pandemic - cieh.org / 31 March 2020


I have to laugh at some of the expert advice we’re getting now, it's just like, my God, it's Idiocracy. It really is Idiocracy.  That we even accept the fact that these highly paid BS artists, that's bothersome stuff artists, have got the gall to take the big handouts they get from governments to tell us stupid things that children know naturally.  Ah Bertrand Russell, 'eh, he says the public won't be able to move without expert advice. This is an article too...


This Is How Many People Die From the Flu Each Year, According to the CDC - health.com / 26 March 2020


I've got a couple of articles like that.  They've got graphs, the official report, it's just astonishing, we actually have lower death right now, across the whole of Europe as well, than we've had in some previous, last couple previous years. So, what's going on here?  If these are official studies and official reports by the same official people that are terrifying us right now, you gotta wonder, 'eh, what's going on. But one is from Global Research.


It's from ask an expert, one of the official sites, it's explorehealth.com. They give you the flu ones and so on. But the Global Research one has the official ones from the organization that runs, it does all the stats for Europe, the whole of Europe, year by year.  You’ll see the graphs on it that I'll put up, and we're way down. We've actually got fewer overall deaths than previous years.  Yep.  Two years ago was a really nasty one across Europe. So, I'll put them up as well.


Official Figures: COVID-19 Yet to Impact Europe’s Overall Mortality - globalresearch.ca / 30 March 2020


I love too, have you noticed too, you get all these happy happy, you know, PR motivational experts that come on TV, radio now, I listen to the radio and they're on radio telling you how to, here's how not to go mad at home, and look upon it in a pleasant way, again, turn this crisis to your advantage and learn how to relax at home. It's hard to relax at home if no money's coming in.  Hey?  It's hard to relax at home if you're like 20, 30 miles from the city and by the time you go there there's nothing left, or there can be two cans of beans and you're supposed to go home.  That's a lot of gas, you know, or petrol as they say in Europe. But that's a lot of gas.


So, it's kind of hard to go home and say, well, you know, I think I'll just sit here and take advantage of this happy time here, to keep myself… And they tell you these wonderful things, side effects. Oh, and you'll eat less, you might lose weight.  Well, there's a lot of skinny folk too, that are not overweight or obese and so on.  Apart from that, the kind of food we have these days too, it's so low in real nourishment.  But, these things don't really matter to the guys telling you how you should just be happy and use it to your advantage, eh. I tell ya.  Ask an expert. There you are, ask an expert.  I-yi-yi! 


Then we have Trudeau again, as I said before, is going to bring lots home.  Still. There's not enough in the country at the moment to cause a problem, it seems.


Trudeau defends new flights bringing Canadians home from across the globe

thestar.com / 1 April 2020


Canadians being flown home from abroad must subject themselves to “rigorous” and mandatory 14-day self-isolation to keep their fellow citizens safe.


(A:  They've been living abroad for years.)


Trudeau says Canadians must “look out for each other,” but they have a duty not to infect others.


(A:  Well maybe you should take that to heart.)


Trudeau spoke as the government announced today that six planes carrying Canadians stranded in Africa and Europe are to touch down today in the effort to repatriate travellers stranded by COVID-19.


Global Affairs Canada says the planes will arrive from Algeria, Ecuador, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Hungary and Spain.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]   And Spain is a hotspot, some of the other ones are too.)


The department says the government is planning more flights from Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Peru, Algeria, Poland and Pakistan in the coming days.


Plans are also being made for several fights from India, starting on April 4 and continuing for the next four days until April 7.


(A:  They're not really stranded, these people. I hope you understand, a lot of them live elsewhere.  They live elsewhere, I think maybe come here once in a while.)


(A:  A lot of folk, I mean, this is the way things are, you know. They'll come, they get their citizenship, then they'll go off to other countries to make more money. Because they can often get grants from Canada too across the world too, especially after the UN, and this is a big big part of it, the UN programs for changing other countries, these very countries mentioned in fact.  They are trained and given courses and they're financed and even have houses, I remember doing an article where some of them in Africa, some of the women they sent back were given, there were massive estates built for them.)


(A: You can't believe what really goes on, 'eh.  Anyway, here's what it says too, after telling you that folk have no work here, right, about a month ago it said that most Canadians could only survive financially for about a month. Well, it's longer than that now.  But here it says...)


The government says it has approved 449 loans worth $1.4 million under its emergency program for Canadians abroad and is processing another 900 loan applications.


(A:  Well whoah!  'Eh.  What’s going on here? What's going on? What about the folk that's already here? And didn't live abroad [Alan chuckles.] elsewhere?  Ah dear, dear, dear.  These are the times in which we live, 'eh.)


Also, this article to do with everything you need to know about the virus it says today. There are stacks and stacks of these articles.  And...


China is reportedly making people download an Alibaba-backed app that decides whether they'll be quarantined for coronavirus

businessinsider.com / 2 March 2020


The Chinese government is reportedly telling citizens to use a mobile app that tells them if they will be quarantined for the novel coronavirus. The app uses a color code, according to The New York Times — green means people can travel freely, while a yellow or red indicates they must report to authorities.


E-commerce giant Alibaba and its sister company Ant Financial run the app, which also reportedly sends people's information and location to police.


(A:  That's what they're bringing out here, and Australia too.)


The app represents an unprecedented use of consumer smartphone technology by a nation-state to respond to a public health crisis — and privacy advocates worry it's giving the Chinese government an excuse to harvest more citizen data.


(A:  Maybe we should wonder about them doing the same things they want to unroll here; from the previous articles I’ve just read.)


Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese citizens are reportedly being required to use a smartphone app that tells them whether they should carry on as usual — or report to a medical facility to be quarantined.


But they've got to show it too, the color, when they go into stores there, a lot of them actually shows you that in some of the photographs they show you.  Yeah, it's all to come here too.  And make hay while the sun shines, well, don't let a great opportunity go to waste, to mark all the public 'eh.


Another article too, it's quite interesting, on financial systems...


Corona Capital: Jefferies, Abbott Labs, Fund deals

nasdaq.com / 30 March 2020


(A:  The company has just landed a windfall as it bought over another company, quite recently they just got handed a massive contract. It's just… Not insider information. No.  It's just pure luck, etc.  But I'll put that one up.  It tells you how much the company paid for this other company and so on and...)


THE OPPOSITE OF BUYER’S REMORSE. The market value of Abbott Laboratories, which obtained approval for a rapid coronavirus test, rocketed over $10 billion at the start of U.S. trading on Monday morning.


Some folks just read the tea leaves better in the teacup, you know. There ya go. And then you have…


Official Figures: COVID-19 Yet to Impact Europe’s Overall Mortality

By OffGuardian, globalresearch.ca / 30 March 2020


The official figures for 24 countries across Europe show, not only that overall mortality is not increasing, but – so far – it is actually well below recent averages.


The statistics were gathered by the European Monitoring of Excess Mortality for Public Health Action (EuroMOMO), an international partnership of agencies from 24 European nations aiming to promote preparedness for public health emergencies.


(A:  This is an official group here.)


They track “excess mortality”, meaning the number of officially recorded deaths vs the average death rate.


And it shows you the maps, over the last few years, year by year. As I say, two years ago the deaths were incredible across parts of Europe, including Scotland I noticed. And parts of England too.  They have color-coded maps to show you the infected rates and then the death rates for the last few years, including the present year. So there ya go.  I mean you've got all these, again, statistics can just terrify you.  M-hm.  Absolutely terrify you.  Because that's what they're used for often. And then…


Economic fallout mounts, along with competition for gear

myfox8.com / 2 April 2020


NEW YORK (AP) — The coronavirus outbreak has thrown 10 million Americans out of work...


(A:  I think it's more than that now, absolutely, within two weeks.)


6.6 million new unemployment claims on top of 3.3 million last week — came as the competition for scarce ventilators, masks and other protective gear seemed to grow more desperate


You know, there's another one from, there's a few videos out there by doctors and professionals who are also part of, I think it's the Hoover Institute, giving you awfully good opinions, you should look them up on YouTube.  One of them is explaining, who is a virologist and a specialist in the area for the government, but he said that they really don't, the stuff that Fauci and others are quoting, honestly, he says, they don't know how many folk have got it. 


And it's true, very few folks get the test, you understand, very very few.  And now I've got articles where, just like the H1N1 that happened, they actually, when the doctors were told, oh it's just overwhelming, just put them all down as H1N1 if they've got a sniffle. Well, they're doing the same thing now with this one. Naturally, they're doing it, which inflates the number.  Then the ones who have got it, most of them don't even know they've had it. You see? So, it's a big numbers game going on for different purposes obviously. It just, things just don't add up properly at all, on any possible front whatsoever. 


Including what the definition of a pandemic is.  And the numbers, they were way way under the numbers needed at the time when they declared it was a pandemic, when you go through it all. Officially, I'm not talking about people's guesses, I'm talking about reality.


At the Hoover Institute they had the top virologist saying the same thing, that when he was asked the question what about the numbers?  He said, they don't know, they really don't know how many people really have it. In the US or Canada. The real total, they don't know. It's all computer figures.


It's just like how they work out the future.  Oh, the climate change thing, you know, we'd all be dead, there'd be no icebergs by about 10 years ago.  No snow, Al Gore said you'd have to tell children what snow used to be like. Here I am, I've still got about 5 feet out there in the fields. And it's April, you know. You see, facts don't matter.  It's computers that take the lowest thing that could happen to the highest, and it supposedly works out a thing, but I guess well… You don't need a computer for that, folks. 


And the computer, they're all used, all these decisions come from the statistics from computers, they're all meant for political decisions or big corporate decisions at the very very top, to change policies, to use it as evidence. It's a magician's trick, really is what it is, because mainly it's guesswork. So, they're using, it's like Neil Ferguson as I've mentioned before, that's quoted by people at the top. Well, you know, this is the same guy who's been behind different things in the past that didn't work out too well for even farmers in Britain and elsewhere. But now he's about humans and they've got this massive, oh, millions and millions are going to die. Now they're bringing it down and down and down, 'eh?  And we're still all under lock, we're getting worse under lock and key basically, but it doesn't matter as the numbers drop.  There's a bigger agenda behind this. Obviously.


But computers, yeah, the people bowed and prayed to the neon gods they made.  Yeah.  The replacement, you see, the computer, the computer tell us what we should do... to save us... oh God, computer.  M-hm-hm.  And here we are, and they quote this stuff as though it's holy. Honestly, isn't it, it's like an Oracle... It's like an Oracle, the Oracle of Delphi where the woman on the chair would, where she's getting stoned with all the gases coming up in that area and she's hallucinating and she's asked questions and she says, oh yeah, yeah, come April you're going to find out that millions will die unless they obey the god Zeus.


This reminds me of an awful lot in fact what was said by Lord Bertrand Russell, who was a, he pushed what appeared to most folk at the bottom, they thought it was all for themselves, that he stood up for them. No, he didn't.  He was looking towards scientific socialism on behalf of ruling the world with his own upper-class running it all of course.  With the scientific Academia managing it all, every facet of it in fact. That's really what he was after, scientific socialism. And he said, IF there's to be a tyranny, meaning a tyranny over the world, to make everybody conform and do what they're told, he said, I'd much rather prefer it to be a scientific tyranny.


And so, when you think about what he said and what they've been working at all along, to promote the white coated priests, the scientists over the people's, they'll displace all other religions gradually.  Then they bring you even diseases through their science and so on through laboratories, and oh, it escaped from here or escaped from there, they've had many in the past of course across the world, same kind of thing. And they brought you the atom bomb and other kinds of incredible weaponry, all through science. And with the present crisis again, supposedly from the laboratory, so we're told they could be, and seems to be sort of thing, according to the evidence we’re given, at the moment, but we are not given much at all. Because were in the dark, we are the mushrooms, we are fed you know what and kept in the dark.


However, when you think about it, Russell said a scientific tyranny. And the answer to it all of course will be big Pharma and vaccinations down the road, including bracelets or ID implants and so on to monitor us. So, science, science, science. Science causes the problems, and science gives you the solutions. So yeah, he was quite right, it's a scientific tyranny we're under today naturally.  And most folk think it's all quite normal because they've been brainwashed to listen to a constant array, as Bertrand Russell said himself, of experts, until the public can't think for themselves, they’ll only obey experts.


But here it is, we’re going through it all again, the same kind of thing. Even, again, the mayor of Toronto, I think it was the mayor of Toronto, maybe it was... Or maybe it was the premier of Toronto, Ontario, it was one of the two of them. It was Ford anyway. He says, well I didn't want to contradict the statistic given out on what might happen, he says, because all computer programs are different. They're all competing with each other for numbers, to get more ratings for each other, or the other, what are the important ones, we are right, no you’re wrong.  And he says, he didn't want to put out conflicting data from a different study.


So, this is… It's all… Honestly, it's like, these are like, these are the oracles. What did the Oracle say today? Well you know, we all have to have another month in quarantine, and maybe even the rest of the year.  Yep. This is how it is, isn't it?


And then you get the...


Fever heatmaps hint turning point in US’ Covid-19 cases soon: JP Morgan analysts

hindustantimes.com / 30 March 2020


(A:  This is from J.P. Morgan analysts, the banking boys.)


The turning point in the continuing increase in Covid-19 cases in United States’ hospitals may happen in a matter of days rather than weeks, two analysts at financial services firm JP Morgan have said.


(A:  You see, they've got more optimistic programs in their computers, you know, they generally are always right, they always seem to profit from the prophets.  So here you have it, it says…)


The analysts made the projection on the basis of data from kinsa Insights, the healthcare firm that has generated heat maps from over a million internet-connected thermometers used by people all over the US.


(A:  So, they go through their formula from their great computer system, and they're more optimistic. It says…)


The amount of cumulative unexpected illness, expressed as additional share of the population affected by influenza-like illness.


(A:  You see, everybody's getting put down as influenza -like illnesses, and often it's getting shoved into... Because they're not testing. You have to have a whole bunch of it, supposedly, the expected symptoms and to fit the criteria of their age group, blah blah blah, gender, yet-det-det, to even be considered for a test. This is how it's done. So, they're putting everybody down as, oh self-quarantine at home, stay there, and you'll be down as a ‘possible’ and then ‘presumed’ and then they'll just say ‘confirmed’, even though…  There ya go.  It's a numbers game. It says...)


The World Health Organization says 90 percent of COVID-19 patients have high fever as an early symptom.


(A:  Well, that's contradicted by other stacks of stuff. This is one disease that seems to be, every possible symptom under the sun for every other disease that have got it. You might or might not have a runny nose.  You might or might not have an upset stomach.  You might or might not have diarrhea, you know.  Hm?  It goes on and on. It's just amazing.)


In a report, the New York Times pointed out how Kinsa’s data had recently indicated an unusual rise in fevers in South Florida, even though it was not known to be a Covid-19 epicenter. (A:  ...at the time.)  South Florida became a Covid-19 hotspot days later. But the data also pointed to spots in Florida, Michigan, Arizona and eastern Texas, where not as many cases have been reported, a report in the NYT said.


Analysts at JP Morgan, who have been tracking the fever data made available by the firm, found that the Covid-19 pandemic started spreading in March with atypical illness readings peaking in the third week of this month, and has been declining since then. The real time data leads the hospitalisation data by about 5 to 10 days, possibly the time taken by an individual to test and be hospitalised.


The analysts spotted an inflection of atypical influenza fly in the third week in real time data to conclude that it appeared the containment measures in the US were showing results.


(A:  Mind you too, you've also got two others, at least two other flus right now prevalent. There's articles about the H1N1 type out right now as well.)


It was comical, I listen to late-night a.m. sometimes, good reception from the States. I'm not a fan of different talk show hosts, although some of them are kind of humorous too, you know.  But one of them was Michael Savage.  People know Michael Savage; he plays the right-wing pro Trump character at times when it suits him or whatever. But he mentioned that he had an upset stomach, which was one of the symptoms you might or might not have. Again, this disease, they wrapped in every possible symptom under the sun, to make sure [Alan chuckles.] that it's got big numbers I suppose.


But Michael Savage phoned, he was supposed to phone in, you see, the same in Canada, you've got about six different agencies that you phone through, and they'll decide whether to bump you up to the next one because you might have a symptom.  Until you get the final one and then you might get to talk to someone that's got the authority to have you tested. So, in the States he got a woman doctor, he says, yes, she was kind of brusque and he said he knew from the start it wouldn't go well.


But he mentioned that she went through the symptoms, have you got this? No. Have you got this? No. What you have? I've got an upset stomach. She says well you don't fit the criteria. He says what do you mean, here's a list of official symptoms, he says, that might be one of them. And he got nasty, and she got nasty, and then she just hung up on him.  [Alan laughing.]  So, he said the same thing, you can't get tested.  But his call will go down as having had it, you see. So, there's another number added to it.  And lots like that too, you see.  There's a lot of games going on here as well, obviously. But it's quite interesting what's happening.


And again…


Wuhan residents say coronavirus figures released by China don't add up - foxnews.com / 30 March 2020


  Well, I guess everybody admits to the same thing.  Even the figures we're getting here don’t add up.  Yep.


Coronavirus: GP surgery apologises for sending 'do not resuscitate' form to patients

news.sky.com / 1 April 2020


(A:  I mentioned that earlier. This is the actual article. It says…)


The note said those with severe illnesses were "unlikely" to be admitted to hospital and would "not be offered a ventilator bed".


(A:  Well, that's in accordance with the guidelines for the hospitals actually, from the previous articles I've read for the last few weeks, where they admitted in Canada to that, you know, the people with pre-existing conditions and that would probably get less treatment if any at all, because they only give the medications and that out to, and the care out to those that are more likely that they could pull through. Meaning younger people or whatever.  It's all eugenics of course. So anyway, here's one surgery GP apologizing for sending don't resuscitate to patients.)


The note said those with severe illnesses were "unlikely" to be admitted to hospital and would "not be offered a ventilator bed".


(A:  There you go. That's comforting to know, 'eh.  Mind you, I suppose they'd want your organs, they could always sell them.)


A GP practice has apologised after sending a letter to patients with serious illnesses to complete a "do not resuscitate" form in case their conditions deteriorated due to coronavirus.  (A:  ...if they got it.)


In the note, delivered to people with life-limiting illnesses, such as incurable cancer and motor neurone disease, (A:  and that covers a whole wide field of things.) Llynfi Surgery in Maesteg, South Wales, also said that completing the DNACPR (do not attempt CPR) form had "several benefits".


(A:  This is in Wales I believe.  So, the...)


Llynfi Surgery in Maesteg, South Wales has apologised.


It claimed doctors and family and friends would know not to call 999 if a loved one's condition worsened, (A:  999 over there is like 911 here, you see.  Which of course is 666 upside down, I could go into that area too.  Anyway, it says…) and therefore not use up "scarce ambulance resources", and risk transmitting COVID-19 to others.


(A:  So just stay at home and die.)


The letter has been published on Twitter, with a quote from a patient saying: "It made me feel worthless.


"I've lived with cancer for eight years and I want to live another couple of years.


"I'm not digging my grave yet."


The note started by saying: "This is a very difficult letter for the Practice to write to you."


(A:  It's amazing that they want permission for you to agree to get killed or just die off, ‘eh.  Very legalistic.)


It said people with life-limiting illnesses were at much higher risk of the virus and were "unlikely to be offered hospital admission", and "certainly will not be offered a ventilator bed".


It ended by saying: "We will not abandon you, but we need to be frank about what the next few months holds for us."


(A:  So there ya go.)


On Wednesday, Cwm Taf University Health Board said the letter was not a health board communication and that the surgery was apologising to patients for causing "distress", saying that was not their intent.


Well, what else was it?  What do you think of it? What kind of psychopath wrote that, 'eh?  Hm?  [Alan chuckles.]   There ya go.  It's just astonishing really, 'eh.  N-n-n.  And they'll all be down as organ donors, I'm sure they'll snatch them if they can.  If they could rinse out your organs, if you had the virus, and neutralize them, they'd sell off your organs regardless. This is the corrupt system in which we really live, I'm telling ya.




Iceland’s testing suggests 50% of COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic

zmescience.com / 26 March 2020


(A:  It's an interesting study. Iceland is very important; they've had documentaries out years ago about Iceland. Because they're pretty well a homogenous population, have been for centuries marrying themselves within themselves and so on. So pretty pure type genetic strain, it's very well mapped and so on.  They know what illnesses they are prone to within their families down through the generations and what's likely to happen in the future.)


(A:  But they always have a big big testing ground there for big Pharma, set up a huge, huge complex there actually, a big massive skyscraper at one point. They deal with, they use it like a test case for testing stuff on them, like different drugs, medications and all the rest of I because they kind of, they get more uniform results because of the basically homogenous people. But because of that too mind you, I'm sure, I think they're used an awful lot by giving them stuff they shouldn't be taking. We're here to help you, this won't harm you a bit... Then they study you.)


Iceland is a small nation of about 364,000 people with strong healthcare and a supportive social system.


(A:  So, they tested all the different people, a good chunk of the people in it, it says, to get the statistics again, right.)


Iceland has currently carried out 10,000 tests — this is far less than what other countries have done, but on a per capita basis, Iceland ranks first in the world.


(A:  So out of a population that size, you see, that's a lot.)


Not all the results from Iceland’s tests have come through yet, but the ones that have, show that half of all cases are asymptomatic (at the time of testing).


This would suggest that, on one hand, the virus is not as dangerous as we thought, but on the other hand, it would also suggest that it has spread far more than we are currently aware of.


These results are also indicated by a testing survey carried on an entire Italian town of Vo (population 3,300), where the results showed that more than 50% of all cases are asymptomatic.


The whole population of the village was tested, and 3% of the residents tested positive. Then, after a two-week lockdown, the population was tested again. The transmission had been reduced by 90% and the results were confirmed: the majority of cases seem to be asymptomatic.


(A:  Interesting.)


This is still a rapidly unfolding situation...


... across the world, however, they give you these different studies that are showing, and it isn't just that so many are just asymptomatic, a lot of the asymptomatic ones don't show any, never get it. Some of them in China they noticed showed, would have no symptoms for weeks sometimes, and then they develop symptoms. But there's stacks of them coming out now with different countries saying that they never had any symptoms that they can remember. So, it's very confusing.


But it's definitely hitting, I think it will definitely hit gene sequences, it depends on your gene sequence for you, your own particular genetic makeup, maybe from ethnic group or mixtures or whatever, that will make you more or less prone to things.  As I've said before, weeks ago, that the A-type blood group was more prone to it, for a bad outcome that is. Not necessarily, it doesn't mean you're going to get a bad outcome if you've got type A, but it says they are more prone to it.  And again, there are studies too, have bad outcomes. But it didn't mention that it might also depend on your age group too, or other pre-existing conditions. Again, it can be awfully confusing and misleading. Unless you have awfully good detailed case studies and proper detailing.


I mentioned too that, before, last week or the week before I mentioned that they'll be using the patients that have had it and now have antibodies, and then they'll be taking the serum basically and getting the antibodies from it too.  I mentioned too about the Red Cross doing a big blood drive, that was a separate article, but I tied it together.  Because I know darn well that's what they're going to do and for the very, very important and wealthy, and maybe even the military.


You've got to remember these things, the pecking order of importance in a governmental system is, number one, preserve itself, continuity of government. And for that you need police, military, and everything else. So, they'll be given, they've got all the stuff on standby for the important people, as they call them. And we're just the masses at the bottom, so we probably won't get these transfusions if it's needed to give you the antibodies to kill it off.


It works awfully well by the way.  This is nothing new about this, we know an awful lot about that. They've done it in previous, they even did some of that in fact back in the Spanish flu towards the end. There were trials getting done then, taking the stuff from survivors and it worked awfully well. It did the same thing in Africa.  African doctors were so sick of the WHO that had just had doctors send over there to study them.  The African doctors went to work and said we've got to try and save them. They did the same thing there with folk who had Ebola and they saved an awful lot of people. It worked like a charm for them.


So now they're mentioning it now, this week, they're putting the two together. I put them together a week before it saying they might try and do this in America. I'm sure they've already done it actually, to more important people.


'Immunity passports' could speed up return to work after Covid-19

theguardian.com / 30 March 2020


(A:  Just like the Chinese.  Isn’t that amazing? Just coincidence though.)


German researchers studying how lockdown restrictions could be lifted for some people


(A:  ...just like China.)


“Immunity passports” for key workers could be a way of getting people who have had coronavirus back into the workforce more quickly, scientists and politicians in the UK have suggested.


Researchers in Germany are currently preparing a mass study into how many people are already immune to the Covid-19 virus, allowing authorities to eventually issue passes to exclude workers from restrictive measures currently in place.


So, there you are.  Isn't it just coincidence that everyone just copies the same agenda, 'eh?  Isn't it?  And all the hands are out by the big high-tech companies that own them. And millions and billions are getting thrown around by like it like it was just, just, you know, confetti. And then this one here is…


UK police guidelines to clarify lockdown powers following criticism

theguardian.com / 30 March 2020


Police chiefs are drawing up new guidance warning forces not to overreach their lockdown enforcement powers after withering criticism of controversial tactics to stop the spread of coronavirus, the Guardian has learned.


The intervention comes amid growing concern that some forces are going beyond their legal powers to stop the spread of Covid-19, with one issuing a summons to a household for shopping for non-essential items (A:  They go through your bags in Britain and you're only allowed to buy essential items.  And the cop decides what's essential.) and another telling locals that exercise was “limited to an hour a day”.


(A:  There ya are.  N-n-n.)


It's quite amazing, isn't it, what we put up with and we just accept it, don't we? Oh, you know… It's like, it's like in World War II they always used to say, well, it's war, you know, oh, and you have to put up with all the hardship, well that's war, you can't get this, you can't get that because of war, we’ll get through it together for the greater good. 


And here we have, this article continues with Lord Sumption who spoke out against what's happening in Britain. He was a high judge in Britain for a long time, I think. He's turned against what's happening in Britain. He said that it's turning Britain into a police state singling out Derbyshire police which deployed drones and died a lagoon black.  They did.


Coronavirus lockdown spurs police in England to dye 'Blue Lagoon' black to deter Instagrammers - foxnews.com / 29 March 2020


They died a whole lagoon black for trying to shame people in using their undoubted rights to take exercise in the country, and wrecking beauty spots in the fells.  This is straight out of Dr. Who this kind of nonsense, 'eh?


The Guardian has learned that the National Police Chief’s Council of policing is rushing through guidance reminding the officers that despite politicians’ warnings they cannot bar people from going for a run or drive.  (A: They've actually been fining folk for having a drive. They will tell you, you know.)


You cannot give this kind of power to people.  You honestly… It doesn't stop, you understand, it gets worse. And I guarantee you, they're going to drag this on as long as they can.  As the little trial balloons, this might go on to the fall. And other articles say, this is how they feed it to you, psychologists are designing it all, then they'll have another article saying, close to the first one, it might go into the fall, you know, it might recur again, a second wave in the late fall, so it will take you into next year. This is how they do it, step-by-step. They treat you like children.  And you've got all these behaviorists working with them and how to put it across to the public. I'm not kidding you, it's just, the companies have got batteries and levels of these, I call them conmen and women, with fancy titles.  That's what their job is, to coax you along like an animal. And then of course once they want to give you, make you immune from it, they give you, they call it herd management in health, they do, they call it herd management.


I'll put a link up to, I think Lord Sumption's got, there's actually a video up on him too maybe.


Lord Sumption Destroys Shameful UK Police Force and Calls Out Fear Mongering Media On The BBC - youtube.com


But he talks about it, you can't give this kind of power to the police, they're turning into a police state. He should certainly legally know that, I mean, you don't have to be a judge to know it, but he knows what the laws are, and he says it's not lawful what they're pushing.


India’s coronavirus lockdown sparks mass migrations, an economic catastrophe and a crisis of faith in Modi - theglobeandmail.com / 1 April 2020


It's just astonishing because about two months ago and three months ago, when Trump went over to and then signed his deal with India to buy armaments and stuff, they had articles.  And don't forget that India is also part of these big free trade agreements, where we [Alan chuckles.] the so-called advanced, how can we even call ourselves advanced countries now hey. We pay for the developing nations. We're still paying for China through developing nations agreements and free trade and the GATT treaty, as we go down the tubes, you see, we are paying now for the whole Pacific region etc., etc., the other big agreements and so on, and India to come up.


Well, India had articles just before Trump went, how they were going to buy, you know, so many brand-new military aircraft and a whole bunch of ships, an aircraft carrier or two. And I thought, come on, come on.  I mean that shouldn’t be, that's not your priority here.  And here they are now going berserk because if enough folk get sick in India you won't get the crops in and everything else and yada, yada, ya. And suddenly, you know, reality hits home that you know, you got to start taking care of more important things first before you start thinking about spending all this money on aircraft and military weapons and all the rest of it and having big grandiose ideas.  So anyway, it's going to, there's so many poor folks, an untouchable class there that they have no place to live right now.  They can't get back to their, they are forbidden to travel on the roads, like walking hundreds of miles sometimes back home.  Because there's no work for them now as everyone is in quarantine.  Nowhere to stay.  N-n-n.  A disaster in the making right there.


And then this one here talking about Canada, or Ontario…


Dr. Peter Zalan: To protect the North, it’s time to close the roads to all but essential traffic

sudbury.com / 1 April 2020


(A:  After that judge in Britain says they can't stop you from going for a drive, you know.  And it mentions Pinecrest nursing home…)


It happened at Pinecrest Nursing Home in a small community 150 km northeast of Toronto. It all started in mid-March with mild chest symptoms. Four patients were ill on a Tuesday; eight were ill on Wednesday. By Thursday, it was 12 and by Friday, 23. Three have tested positive for COVID-19. All nine are presumed to have died of the virus.


(A:  And by the way, that actually does happen with flu seasons as well in these old folks’ homes, where they're crammed together. It's just waiting... I did talks on that years ago, same kind of thing.)


Seventeen members of the staff have tested positive and 34 have symptoms.


(A:  So, it's quite something.)


The Quebec government announced on March 28 that it is moving immediately to protect some of the province’s more remote regions from the spread of COVID-19 by setting up checkpoints to block non-essential travel. If people attempting to enter or leave the regions are not providing an essential service, if they are not going for health reasons or for humanitarian reasons, they will be sent home.


Quite something, 'eh.  And I've also got here more banning things on Britain and elsewhere.  So, well as I say, it’s all behaviorists, it's just endless really.


Why is the government relying on nudge theory to fight coronavirus?

theguardian.com / 13 March 2020


(A:  As I say, it's all behaviorists. The money that's getting thrown on at these, argh, I have no words for them actually. Because they got connections to government, these characters. They can get the billions thrown their way for, oh we can do our thing to really convince the public to go along with this, honestly, we can do it quite easily. Yep.)


(A:  So it says here, they go into the social distancing and the banning live sporting it says, but instead, Britain is going the hardhearted way it says, it's using behavioral nudges such as washing hands, don't touch your face, don't shake hands with others, stay at home, etc. Then they go on about how it's a different approach used by Britain than in China. Although it's a lie because Britain is also using a lot of the things they are using in China. But they mentioned that they are still using it, and I read the articles years ago with Cass Sunstein, it was a guy who made a name for himself, I think he worked for Obama at the time.  He calls himself a kind of a behavioral, an amateur or, you know, kind of lay type behavioral specialists, and all his pals that he hangs around are behavioral specialists and so on.  So, he uses...)


“Nudging” uses insights about our mental processes to change our behaviour through coaxing and positive assertion. Rather than forcing us to do things, nudging tweaks the environments in which we make choices (A:  ...you know, the Bernays technique.) – for example by requiring people to opt out of organ donation, rather than opting in.


That's what he does, he gets you to accept things. They brought him out in Britain a few years ago, Sunstein’s bunch too, and Richard Thaler, and paid them BIG money because they're so well-connected to government, these characters, they can get money for nothing literally, and big money at that, to con the public into doing what they want them to do. Including paying taxes.  They can convince you to just feel guilty about it, and then make you offer money to charity and then make you offer your organs and stuff like that, you know. 


I hate these characters, I really do. I have no time for them at all. They're disgusting characters.  Anyone who wants to get into the subconscious of people to manipulate their behavior, I have no time for it all. Not at all.  N-n-n.


So anyway, they're working for Britain's government and this is what the article’s about it. And of course, all the behavioral insights teams are right on board with it too, which I've mentioned over the years.  Ofcom too was set up in Parliament in June 2001, you see. Just coincidence to do with, it would be a super regulator to oversee media, before 9/11 happened. It's just, again, on the tea leaves there and it says, you know, this would be a good thing to have here where we could stop, you know, and manage and police digital transmission on the Internet. So, they give them all this authority and it's based in Wales in England, [Unintelligible] part of the UK. Anyway, it says they've managed to, they've even knocked I think RT off of the news and the Internet for the British systems and so on. So, it's a censoring department who decides who's going to be on and who's not going to be on. Very much like some organizations in the States, do it for the States.  Or thought police.


Ofcom new regulatory powers to police what is posted on the internet - independent.co.uk / 12 Feb 2020


But it happened in 2001 and now it's going the next step, the next step and the next step until they're really just a complete censorship department.  It doesn't surprise me; everything is always going to come along that they talk about.  Also…


Lines of fresh graves are dug at cemetery amid coronavirus pandemic as funeral directors urge the public to respect social distancing rules - dailymail.co.uk / 2 April 2020


Says this is Ireland.  I don't think it's that level yet of death, but everything's terrifying the way they put it across, isn't it?  And...


‘I am deeply concerned’: Toronto imposes mandatory COVID-19 quarantine rules for at least 12 weeks - thestar.com / 1 April 2020


12 weeks now, this is a new rule put out in Toronto apparently. I don't know if the person that's putting it out is already a star yet, another doctor or whatever.  But that's what they do, they make them stars, then they dictate to you like some kind of, I don't know, celebrity. And again…


Chinese scientists isolate ‘extremely effective’ antibodies that may help treat COVID-19 - theglobeandmail.com / 1 April 2020


That’s the blood one that I was telling you about.  Yep.  And this whole idea with universal credit and unemployment money...


Universal Credit may need to change

news.sky.com / 4 April 2020


Nearly a million people have been forced to sign up for the unemployment benefit due to the coronavirus pandemic.


(A:  I thought it’d be, was a lot more than that actually, there's more to come I'm sure. I think this one is in the UK. It says…)


The new welfare system is designed to provide an incentive for people to take up work, by enabling claimants to keep receiving benefit payments alongside income from a job.


This is all part of like the universal income, new, basic, and all that kind of thing. So now of course that's going to get hammered now too.  You're going to bring in rationing eventually is what they want to do eventually, regardless.


I'm also going to put up, let me think now just before I finish off here.  I'll put up the one as I say about Australia, which is the emergency laws that they put up.  I've got them for Canada to and for the US.  I'll put up, let me think now... [Alan chuckles.]  A second company sent 90 tons of Australian medical supplies to China.  Of course, they've got nothing left for themselves.  The same, Canada did the same thing. What a world, 'eh?  M-hm.  And the Army has been called in, in Australia to help enforce strict new quarantine rules. We’re going to get them everywhere too.  Initially they'll come in supposedly to help and to handout things and maybe give you a couple of cans of beans. But eventually they turn, the real purpose is to really, really act as policemen.  M-hm. 


It's amazing too, don't forget they're canceling a lot of elective surgery and essential things. Folk are dying for other reasons here too; they can't get treatment and so on. They're already talking about a lot of folk dying who are dependent upon drugs which are made in China.  Because we make nothing outside of China anymore it seems, except debt, that's what we make. Ridiculous. Interdependent they called it, which means you're totally dependent on China for everything you need to survive. Yeah, quite amazing.


Now anyway here's another one too, is this article here which I'll put up for you, all have little clips to see.


UK police face allegations of being 'over-zealous' at coronavirus social distancing – itvnews, youtube.com


Delingpod: Peter Hitchens (Special) - youtube.com


Delingpole and Peter Hitchens, it's a talk they had amongst themselves. Interesting to listen to, the two points of view that they have.  And Lord Sumption…


Lord Sumption Destroys Shameful UK Police Force and Calls Out Fear Mongering Media On The BBC - youtube.com


As he said, you know, well that's what it is, the whole panic has been a massively authorized, because the media is not independent, it really isn't, it's an arm of real government, the ones who really own it, above politics. They stampeded the whole world on cue. Literally it was like a switch getting moved and they suddenly went into action all at the same time together, way overboard, beyond any conspiracy stories that were before them, way overboard... You're all going to die.  So anyway, Lord Sumption gives a good little talk on it.  And then…


Trevor Kavanagh: 'Hysteria forced UK into lockdown' - youtube.com


Just total hysteria they've caused, isn't it?  This is quite an interesting one…


Journalists R key workers too (allowed one short walk a day in UK) - youtube.com


You'll see the guy talking to the cop stopped to talk to him, and his big van that they've got in Britain. Are we out for your one short walk, sir? That's how it was worded, your one short walk.  Hm.  By God, 'eh, our wardens, the new wardens, 'eh?  And...


David Wemhoff on COVID-19 and Globalism - youtube.com




Australia should 'take back the land' from China as damages - youtube.com


[Alan laughing.]   That was someone who's talking about it too, blaming China for it.  And Farage is quite interesting…


Nigel Farage - Say No to House Arrest - youtube.com




'You have become the Thought Police.' UK Police Chief questioned over recording of hate incidents - youtube.com


These are not crimes by the way.  A thought is not a crime.  But it is now apparently, for life, it's in your record. What a world, 'eh.  What a disgusting system that's being brought in.  And often because certain factions of society that are well organized and literally are, even the big foundations live on billions and trillions a year some of them, big foundations, literally, have their hands out for our tax money too.  There's big money in these for hate or anything else.  There's no money in love apparently.  Unless you're running some kind of sex orgy place which apparently is quite legal now for swingers, 'eh.  But for hate it's big money, big money, because then you can go after… There's organizations, there's people, even nations go after people, because it's a business, it gives you an advantage if you are in charge of what folk can say or think. And unfortunately, that's the world we live in now, when the average person's given no real power at all or rights at all, and whatever you did have you’re losing it very very quickly.


Now, I think I've talked about enough here and I hope I haven't bored you. I'll put all these links up for people who want to wade their way through them. I'm sure you've all come to the same conclusions anyway. Because most folk are pretty well awake that listen to me at least.


And we know it's not pleasant. It's not meant to be suddenly over and done with either. And even if they bring it, if they start changing it towards the fall, into giving you less restrictions, it's been a massive exercise regardless. Then they'll know how to do it more.  And you've been trained as well to go into it more quickly the next time they bring it out. Which might only be before the next winter hits.  Oh, it might be back in the late fall, or this spring, you know. It's quite something.


Because the incredible data from countless, thousands of organizations right now are getting paid to map, monitor and all this stuff, and analyze it all. It's all to control you all the more perfectly. Unfortunately.  And big money out there by all these characters, you see, since you don't make any real tangible goods anymore, all these organizations have got their hands out. And it's all paid by our tax money, to study us. Minutely. Because we are the business.  The only business that's left really is us. 


So, look after yourselves, folks. Don't panic about things. Don't panic. You can only do what you can best do to keep yourselves as safe as possible and away from this problem.  And hopefully you have got other folk to help you out, if you get totally housebound completely and you can't get to whatever, and folk can get food to you, whatever it happens to be. Because the government especially in Canada, that I can see, has done nothing at all to help the average person. Especially those outside the cities, and those are probably more vulnerable in fact. There's nothing set up the find out, to check on them and see if they're okay.  As far as I know.


Unless they belong to certain organizations.  You see, if you're just an ordinary person today and you don't belong to any special group, you're a nobody. I said that would happen 25 years ago. Yep. You're a nobody. You have to belong to a group to get any rights at all or any notice. And that's happened of course as we all know. Sad but true.


Just before I finish I should mention again, because we have very short memories these days don't we, including me mind you because I keep, generally so many talks, sometimes I do 50 talks without mentioning donations and so on, I just forget all about it as I get carried away with the chat. So, remember you can order the books and so on @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.   It will take a while because the printers are all shut down too, but it will eventually get to you. Discs still go out there, mind you. And you can just donate to me by using PayPal or send checks for instance or money orders if you can get money orders. There's different ways to do it. You can find out how @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  How to order and how to donate, it's all there. Plus, too, just email me, remember as well, if you want to know of other ways you can pay me or get cash to me. Because cash is acceptable too naturally and so are checks as I've said before.  So, don't forget, you can send a few pennies my way to cover my costs as well.


Now, back to the talk again.  So, take care of yourselves. As I say, don't panic.  And I really check the mail that comes in, it's so much mail that comes in, email. And I know the people too, you get to know people and I do my best to get back to them as I can. But one thing I never lose sight on is the fact that they are real, real people, you know. Very important, that. And it makes it all the more worthwhile just knowing that real people are getting in touch with me, I get in touch with them, and you get to know them really fully as people. That's really a rewarding thing.


So, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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Coronavirus lockdown spurs police in England to dye 'Blue Lagoon' black to deter Instagrammers


Lines of fresh graves are dug at cemetery amid coronavirus pandemic as funeral directors urge the public to respect social distancing rules


‘I am deeply concerned’: Toronto imposes mandatory COVID-19 quarantine rules for at least 12 weeks


Chinese scientists isolate ‘extremely effective’ antibodies that may help treat COVID-19


Universal Credit may need to change


US to Deploy Anti-drug Navy Ships Near Venezuela