Apr. 19, 2020 (#1770)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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"Behold the Devil's Crossroads Junction,

Where Scientists Meet Gain of Function."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 19, 2020.  I hope you're all still hanging in there because, I think you've all realized [Alan chuckles.] this is the big one, 'eh, this is the real thing… as we get completely retrained like animals in a zoo by our betters, you know, those that have just appointed themselves Masters of the universe, and certainly Masters over us, without being elected most of them actually. 


The politicians are really fronts.  The ones at the top of politics really know that, they're quite aware of that.  There's much bigger institutions above them.  They just seem to gradually solidify over time, like, the World Economic Forum and big clubs, like the Bilderberg Group as well and many, many others, the G8, the G20, and G-wiz.  There's lots of them out there and strangely enough you don't find it in any country's laws of governance or anything to do with them. They just appear there and become official… without anything getting put to a vote to any of the people who think they're actually living in a democracy. 


It's quite a strange system, isn't it, where people can be so blindly in belief.  They believe the propaganda they're given so easily and don't question it.  It's kind of like if you had, which is happening now of course, it's very akin to the idea of how do you catch and capture wild boars, wild pigs, how do you do it?  The old story is actually… [Alan chuckles.] it actually works in fact apparently.


A guy said, I'll do it, this is in a different country, it was Hungry or somewhere.  He says, I'll get rid of these things for you, I'll catch them.  He just drove up to where these things would gather, y'know, he would follow them and find out where they are.  Y'know, don't go right up to them, just park off so they can see you in the distance, and don't go towards them. Get used to you, do that for a few days.  Wherever they happen to be, just drive up, keep yourself within visual contact but well away from them, and they get used to seeing you.  Then you simply start dropping off some food from your truck every so often, then drive away and watch them.  They'll come up to where the food was dropped once you've gone and eat the stuff. Most wild animals will do exactly the same thing, y'know, even squirrels do that kind of thing.  They get used to you and used to you.  Each time you get closer and closer, and eventually you put the food off in the truck, and you put a fence post in, just banging it a few times, not too heavy, not too noisy. Over time they get used to you putting more fence posts in, and you put the wire in eventually.  Of course, you've corralled them eventually. That's what happens, it's quite easy.


So, in other words, one day you wake up and there's a wall around you and that's where we are today. It's been going on for a long time and you've been trained well in advance to accept when the wall appears around you that you will obey it and it's normal. You'll think it's quite normal, it just happened over time so it must be normal if it happened over a period of time, as opposed to suddenly, you see.


Even the little experiments that are going on now in SUDDEN dictats over to the public, and instant obedience, and in real time studies with all the big BITs, the behavioral insights teams and many, many more organizations that have been given access to the Internet from the beginning actually.  They study us in real time now with chitchat and their Twitters and all the rest of it that people go through. Including their phone conversations and so on. 


Nothing's ever been private. From the beginning it was a lie you'd have any kind of privacy, long before they even gave you the first computer.  That's how you control the world, you don't give away anything to the public without knowing exactly what you're doing beforehand, and you're set to control ALL of it, absolutely all of it. 


You can see today we're treated the same way. You don't find the police today in most countries, especially Europe, calling you sir.  Y'know?  Or whatever they're supposed to...  Maybe they're scared to call you sir now in case they get sued, you don't know. But the thing is, the used to call you sir, or Madam or Ma'am. And of course, everything's offensive to everybody today apparently, so maybe they're unsure. So, it sounds rather nasty when they come up and just order you like, where are you going?  Without saying who they are, excuse me I'm so and so, I'm police officer so-and-so.  They just tell you what to, and they just immediately interrogate you.  And that's become normal with this terror campaign on the public of Covid-19.  And believe you me, it is a terror campaign, and it has been a terror campaign from the beginning. 


That's another thing too, before I do forget it, there's way too many coincidences happening here of people [Alan chuckles.] definitely publishing, and big magazines and so on, stuff before this that this would come along the pike in at least 2019, and long before that too, and many, many other articles down through the years I've read on the air in fact when I was on the air, many articles to do with what was coming and what was supposed to come. Because I've read their articles. They publish them. Including, you know, right down to the chipping of people. This wasn't an imaginatory thing from me or anybody else, this was published. 


In fact, they had lots of publications put out by DARPA itself to do with chipping people. It's always, it was always, it's always for your benefit. It's the same as imprisoning you today, it's for your benefit, to save everybody. Back then one of the first articles that DARPA published about the chipping was also to control your nervous system. Well, we could put this in a paraplegic, they're testing it out to see if you can use a computer eventually by just thought alone, you see.  But of course, the chip had all the other data collection equipment inside of it and it was monitoring this whole, this guy, this poor guy’s complete pathways and neurons and thoughts and all the rest of it. They're trying to map the brain.


Of course, we also saw that happening with a big project when Obama was in.  A department of government was set up to collect information, so they were going to map the entire human brain. It's awfully important to...  You understand, you're awfully important to your masters. You're terribly important.  Because you can be an awful problem for your masters, and if they can't understand you completely, that one unknown unknown, as Rumsfeld used to say...  He says, there are known knowns, and unknown knowns, and know unknowns, and unknown unknowns. 


In other words, they're trying to cover every possible scenario and every possible, possible imaginary event that could happen in a real-life situation. They had all these different plans and wargames, and God knows what else all worked out in advance and tried out, and tried out, and tried out, for things that had never happened, you see, so if anyone of those events did happen they'd have some way of reacting to it and still keeping control of the situation.  That's what control freaks do.  And the best control freaks really are successful psychopaths. They're up there managing you on behalf of the Masters above them.  So, nothing new about that at all.


But as I said before, even the Masons got in on it with the Masoni-chip.  That's what they call it themselves, they had the ads in the papers, newspapers about Masoni-chips.  They even had little videos out for parents to get their children chipped and starting with their clothing. They wanted to go all the way eventually as you get used to it and the parents got used to it to eventually, embedding the chips, like the ones they put in pets.  But I guess we are pets in a sense, y'know.  The only difference is, you see, our owners don't love us.  Someone who owns the pet generally loves the pet. 


So, Masoni-chip, yeah, they had videos of them putting these little things in the coats and the clothing of the children. And to make the parents feel safer then if the child gets kidnapped by some pedophile ring, that's probably up there somewhere amongst the folk [Alan chuckles.] that are managing all this stuff, then maybe they could trace them. Maybe.


So, you can't dismiss this kind of thing getting promoted by little societies with secrets as they like to call themselves. And they certainly know when to shut their mouths, you see. That's awfully important across the board if you're running a system that tends to sometimes really stir up the public angst against them, and you've got people who are already trained to keep secrets, you see. Awfully important.


That's why all the high-ranking members of the military and right down to the middle levels too are encouraged to join Freemasonry. The same with the police too.  Because the police will stand up for their brothers, they'll cover their brothers if they're in trouble.  Even if the person is in the wrong, they've got to save them first.  They are more important than telling the truth.  That's the law, [Alan chuckles.] you save your brother at all costs.  It's a great insurance policy, absolutely. That's why a lot of them join it in fact. Because you get a sense of safety in a situation, and situations which will happen as policeman and different kinds of awkward positions. 


But when you get into the higher echelons of military, etc., of officer type ranks, like the Knights Templars, the real Knights Templars, the high-ranking bunch in London, weren't the riffraff at the bottom.  It was the higher group above them that ran the Empire and had all the top bankers in it too and the top Governors, Lieutenant Governors and Governors Generals that were sent over to manage this Empire on behalf of the City of London. That's really what it was.  Britain was a business based in London. The rest of the people were just part of the business and didn't know it. That's how things really work.


I used to give the talks years ago, and I ruffled a lot of feathers, believe you me, I wasn't supposed to go on at the time. I wasn't officially authorized to come out.  I managed to get in by a backdoor in a sense, because I had a lot to say... and I got on eventually.  I could go right into the occult without a problem because I had studied it really immensely.  That kind of gave me an entry into the whole system. Now, as soon as I did that then everybody's after you to use you. Immediately. Y'know, they'll try and use you.  I got offers from all the biggies at the time. 


I always said from the beginning, I had to walk between the raindrops.  Because I knew darn well, I'd read all the articles that were published, and declassified articles on the CIA's takeover and even promotion of a kind of Patriot Movement, a parallel type that would take over the original one, in America especially, and it was set up during the Cold War.  There were articles even in the Toronto Star, which I read on the air in fact, [Alan chuckles.] which is amazing, and I got away with it, talking about the different organizations that were set up using radio, and it was generally shortwave radio, worldwide, to counter the communist propaganda, you see. That was the original story.


But don't forget, that if you're involved at all with the CIA, you'll never figure out what they're up to. It's nothing what you'd ever imagine they're up to. And people who are really true believers in the CIA get left holding the bag eventually and they're caught. Because their agenda is nothing to do with what Americans think is saving America. It's a completely global agenda, and vastly, vastly different in its allegiances than you'd ever imagine. 


But anyway, they take over and run, try to run the culture of all countries.  They also, if there's not a resistance to a system, they'll set up what appears to be an opposition to it and try to run both. That way a grassroots one won't emerge itself and do what has to be done and say the right things that have to be said and so on.  That's how information is completely manipulated.


Eventually too, I know that one of the stations I was on was leaned on, actually a couple were leaned on heavily by authorities to get me off.  They tried to initially shove me off into weekends and I wouldn't go for that either. I knew darn well that money obviously would be involved. Another one too outside North America completely, which I helped, they got on initially when they were starting up, I did a lot of talks to get them, to bring in an audience, which I did. Then one night I was supposed to go on and one of the fellows there said, I'm sorry, he says, we, they'd made a big deal with a certain person, that you all know, doing a series of DVDs, like films of them, big money, but part of the stipulation was, from this character, was that they wouldn't have me back on again.  He was really almost broken up, but at the same time he took the cash obviously.  That tells you a little bit about the person, which I won't name.


But that's how things really work in what you think is the alternative media.  It's nothing what you generally think it is. Honestly, it really isn't.  The patriot ones for the West, for the Americas, as I say, the CIA did staff them up. That's all declassified stuff.  Long ago. It doesn't mean they're all the same today, but I'm sure there's a big, big hand still in there. The all-seeing eye doesn't like to close itself and go to sleep. Why would you give up another outlet to media that's been awfully successful in finding out what any, all the people who are [Alan chuckles.]  y’know, in opposition to the system, find out who they all are and then guide them into circles back into politics. That's what they did very successfully mainly after 9/11, they started to go into, really, heavy to work. 


Back in the 1990s there was so much information out there getting published by the authorities, and the establishments that were attached to the authorities. In other words, the outsourcing departments, the different authoritarian type groups and so on that would be managing us all.  So many articles getting published by them themselves that people were getting a bit paranoid then.  People, afterwards, they don't know this, [Alan chuckles.] they don't know how it was lulled down, lulled. It didn't go away, it got worse in fact, but they kept it quieter and quieter.


But they used to publish a lot of articles about where they were going to take the world. You had the speeches with George Bush Senior, the president who was also at the head of the CIA at one point, who gave his speech, his famous speech about the new world order, a new world order coming into view he said.  Everybody's wondering what this... It was a disclosure speech. It was for the public and for a big audience.  And none of the reporters really tried to decipher it for the public. It wasn't really meant for the public in a sense.  It was an official declaration, so it was meant for them that way, because if you don't know what it is and you don't oppose it, then you've accepted it through your silence, that's how legalities work with these characters.  But of course, he was talking about this whole globalist New World Order with America being the dominant force, for the American century. Then his son came out exactly 10 years later, to the date I think it was, with the same speech pretty well. Updated a little bit, but it was still a New World Order speech.  This is published. They were talking about a new world order, you know, it wasn't just one day, oh the Cold War is maybe, may be finished now, now that the old Soviet Union has dissolved, supposedly.  It wasn't that. It was literally about creating a world order.


Then of course you had the PNAC group, the Project for a New American Century, how they would dominate the world. Don't forget too, don't be fooled by titles like, y’know, America and the new American century. Until you realize that that which runs your country doesn't see you any differently than when they ruled London and used the whole of the British Empire as a battering ram [Alan laughing.] against everybody else. Because you need the bodies to fill the uniforms. And you need the big tax base, you see.


The goals that they have eventually are complete eugenics and everything else.  They believe in evolution. They've always believed in evolution. No problem with that at all. That's the real belief they have. They have no, they really have no qualms about telling you that at times. Unless… Except after World War II when even Julian Huxley, a great big eugenicist who believed in population reduction and worked towards it and helped start Planned Parenthood and all that. Of course, they knew Bill Gates dad and all that too. It's just amazing, nothing goes away, the same clique, y'know.  And they all have their same functions.  They’re front people to an extent.  They can be set up as geniuses even but they're not. We still get them today, these so-called titans that we're supposed to talk about all the time because the media tells you to talk about them. But in reality, they haven't really invented anything.  They're just businessmen.  Obviously, I don't care what they say, one person doesn't accumulate that kind of wealth by themselves. It doesn't happen.  There's big money behind it. Big, big money.


It's like the CIA that set up after World War II, they set up real legitimate HUGE corporations, especially in the war industry and so on. Some of them are still in existence today as, and they produce real things and real goods, but they're owned by the CIA. And of course, they could put front people out there with the massive funding that they have, for other parts of the agenda too.  That's really how it really does work, for those who think everything just happens by itself.


I've mentioned so many times, you cannot have the same things we we’re talking about, talking about say 50 to 60, 70 or 100 years ago happening today, pretty well on queue, to do with this global order, this world order, you see, and if they can't get it one way, they'll do it another way.  What you see are many of the same players, like Kissinger, the big technocrat talking about the divided world, they don't want it to be fragmented. Again, they want it to be a world order and if they can't it get with what's happening, well guess what, you'll get a crisis and then you're going to have it anyway.


You can't make this kind of stuff.  If you mention the truth today, it's VERY evident, VERY evident, or if you're in a particular organization that opposes something, you're going to be hammered, completely hammered when what you're opposing is a part of their, what they call their necessity, the necessity of their agenda, and you're opposing it, so you're a problem.  And you will be lambasted for it. 


You're going to be literally, actually worse than that, it's out in the open now, even the practice [Event 201] with the virus pandemic that they were on about in 2019 with the Johns Hopkins group with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  They actually said, if you bothered to look at their own videos, on how they would handle people who opposed them.  Right off, they start off with cautioning, maybe cautioning people to shut up, y'know, and they're talking about opposing parts of their agenda.  It wasn't, you've got to understand what's happening, what it's really all about.


It's not just a virus here. It's a whole way of living and a complete change forever, a permanent change they're after here that they couldn't get through trying to train you into sustainability and so on. So, bingo, you get the very thing that Bill Gates talked about in the 90s as well, that a crisis might bring you to your knees until you accept these kind of things, he said in one magazine, you see.    And here we go with it all.  The same characters, the Gates family, intergenerational.  If old Rockefeller was on the go today, I mean, if they could extend his life another 40, 50 years, he'd be out there making the same speeches today as he had done for a 100 years pretty well.  [Alan chuckles.]  So, it's always the same people, intergenerational families.


They grafted on more that have proven their worth, as they call them, their ‘worthies’, that's one of their terms that they use.  They use them too. They'll finance them to be prominent people and give them made-up backgrounds of how much of a genius...  So that you'll follow the geniuses, you see, and you take their word that they are geniuses.  That's how it is, it's very simple, the star making machinery.


Anyway, back in the 90s it was very evident big things were happening inside America.  Because we had the publications, had come out before that from the Council on Foreign Relations and many other articles from the CFR as well and their Foreign Affairs magazine, talking about the future and how they were changing it all to bring it, and you're going to merge with China. That was a big thing too, China's to be the model state for the entire planet, and they would build it up through free trade.


They did, they used, they gave all your factories, we financed all the factories, the big corporations, literally financed them completely to uproot their factories and move them all to China. We paid for that through the agreements, with your own politicians in every country, and we paid for it all, to lose all your jobs and your manufacturing so that they could get cheaper labor in China, and build China up at the same time as a big partner with the 'most favored nation trading status'.  That's what it's called in free trade and the GATT treaty.  Before you knew it, everything was made in China and it became normal very quickly.  Most folk didn't seem to notice, so you certainly wouldn't talk about it with the people that you knew.  Y'know? 


So, things were big in the 90s.  Even had the Patriot Movement in America at the time labeled as the most... I think the FBI through its agencies or its supposed civilian, certain [Alan chuckles.] watchdog agencies that are multimillionaires again, said that the Patriot Movement was the most, it wasn't terrorism or anything, they were the most threats to, they presented the most threat, possible threat to America and the USA.  What they meant by that is, they were going to stop all these changes to the Constitution.


As I say, the CFR published, and one of their prominent writers published an article.  He said we've got to stop hitting the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights head on, trying to challenge it head on because then you can get lawyers debating it point for point, you see, and you can't get it changed. So, he says, we have to put laws around it and put bridges over it with laws. He's talking about international agreements and such that just bypass everything.  And that's how they did it. He said, stop hitting it head on, we'll just bypass it all and build bridges over it and around it and so on. That's what happened.


So here you are today, and because people knew it back then there was a lot of people saying, no, you're not. The people knew what their rights were in the States at that time.  But they had no idea of the counterintelligence that was going on, big time, with massive funding giving you new champions to follow. That's how things are really done, for those who don't know.


I remember Bo Gritz who was supposedly, that was presented as the most decorated Vietnam veteran, who loved to talk about what he, y'know, about killing people, he liked it, y'know, he enjoyed it.  They gave him a show on the radio, worldwide radio.  For a few years he collected data on [Alan chuckles.] the people out there and the whole thing. Of course, he, yeah, you gotta stand up for your rights and all the rest of it and all that and dut-dut-dut.   Then when 9/11 happened he, there was a little clip of him going up congressional steps right after it happened, and he was asked by the camera folk, or, there were stacks of camera people around at that time because of what was happening and they recognized him and asked him where he was going. He says, I'm going to talk to some of the Congress, and he said, I know who probably did this, he says, it was those crazy patriot people in the US, in our own country, he said. 


So, he had been a plant all along, you see.  That's what they give you. And people fall for it immediately, you see. Remember, it's the same old idea with the rat poison. You've got to give them real data, the people who are genuine, just grab their stuff, that the genuine folk have, and they repeat it all and they'll say it's theirs, that's what they do.  Then they tack on the little bit of poison. That's how you, that's how counterintelligence works.  Then you get them back into the fold of playing politics and just voting again.


When you’re losing your rights bit by bit by bit and you can vote all you want, but what you're voting for is a completely different system eventually. And yeah, they can still have flags, as I've said before, the flags and the symbols of the country and the brass bands with the right tunes.  But you don't realize that you could be literally, culturally and every other way you could be 180° in the other direction of how, of where you started.  But most folk don't recognize that.


You take the first Gulf War, Desert Storm.  We know, we know what happened there too. We know the whole saga before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. It was in the newspapers and it was in magazines, how the horizontal drilling from Kuwait was going underneath into Iraq, literally hundreds of miles some of this stuff, into Iraqi territory, and siphoning off their oil.  Saddam Hussein did give interviews and newspapers had published some of the interviews where he actually asked the US diplomats to Iraq for permission, he says, I've got to go and stop those guys. He was told, well, we won't stop you from trying, y'know.  And he went ahead.


That happened, I can remember it all well and I kept all the documentation, it was hard copy, before all the computers were really there for the public.  So, you had hard copy.  But yeah, it was all out in the open. Of course, once he did it all then they went in attacked him and blasted his... Because there were other things on the go. Everything's a chessboard and you get the guy to make a move because of something, you make them do, right, you make them do it, they goad him until he retaliates and then you've got an excuse to pound him. Because you've got another agenda for the country of Iraq of course. 


That's how things really work in geopolitics. It's nothing to do with, oh, we're really offended by what you...  No, no, it's just a game that's done against people that you want to plunder, really.  And to certainly neutralize, get out of the way if you have other plans for the Middle East. And since then, really, with the next one, Operation Iraqi Freedom...  Remember that one? Remember that operation there, when you invade a country to give them freedom?  You've had a 30 years’ war on the go.  And into Afghanistan too, but a 30 years' war beginning with the first Gulf War, that had quite a few years of just flying overs and no-fly zones, but still, it was a war. And it hasn't stopped. It hasn't stopped.


I read in advance the articles put out by Kissinger and Brzezinski with their different opinions, they were generally allied on most things.  But they talked about the different plans for the Middle East and Iraq and so on and Kissinger really said that he'd much rather have basically all their infrastructure completely annihilated and destroyed - put them into the Stone Age basically - and then fund other groups amongst them to fight each other forever, and so it could never unite as a national country again. That's been the policy since, for those who don't know it.


This stuff was all published back then too by their own interviews to newspapers. And no country can continue these kinds of wars.  Remember, the cost of everything, even the, okay the big corporations get the plunder of oilfields, etc.  Tony Blair, I remember reading the article too, when Tony Blair had admitted eventually years afterwards that, yeah he says, the big oil companies came to see me before they invaded Iraq and they literally worked out a deal of who was getting the different parts of the oilfields. They literally divvied them up before it happened.  That's how things really work.  And that was in one of the big papers, probably the Daily Mail, at the time.


So, we're kept living as little naïve mushrooms, 'eh, where your fed you-know-what and kept in the dark. That's how the general public are kept, with minimalistic reports on things, and often just handouts especially today to what's still classified as news, or what used to be called newspapers.  But it's just handouts straight from the authorities in the different departments, put straight in by really grateful reporters who sit at their desks and take them and [Alan chuckles.] just put their names to things and republish them.  So that's how it's done today.  You don't really get what used to be investigative journalism.


Investigative journalism today is even more dangerous I think because, as I say, you've got the hint at that practice for the coming Covid back in 2019 [Event 201], where they talked about, it wouldn't just be some people get fines, or for people who wouldn't shut up or people would oppose them. It doesn't matter what the facts were, facts don't matter when you've got a war agenda on the go.  Right down to completely stripping or closing all your bank accounts and all the rest of it. Or even imprisoning you. And maybe even worse.  You see.


Because what's riding on this whole thing that we're going through today isn't just getting over a pandemic. It's a whole agenda that they couldn't get through, and they TRIED to get it through from 9/11, with the complete alteration of the system then and having no privacy and training the public in a new system.  It's like a semi-pseudo-martial law type system where you're frisked and checked everywhere you go, and you’re taught you've got no privacy. All the youngsters accept that.  They're the ones that grew up, you don't realize it's almost 20 years and they grew up thinking this is all quite normal. Then they became the police that are frisking you and all the rest of it until...  It's going to get worse and worse. Of course, it is.


They think it's, they think themselves, how dare you, how dare you question a system which to them is quite normal. And that's what… These studies are all done, you wouldn't believe how dissected we are. All our thoughts, our emotions, our reactions to all different kinds of things, on a daily basis, just from the data from the Internet alone.  Especially now.  They actually published all the findings.  They are just happy over-the-moon in behavioral teams on how people have just oh, cooperated so fast. Oh my God, they're all staying at home. There's a few oddballs and nuisances out, but the rest of them are staying at home and complying.


How EASY it was, 'eh?  How EASY it was.  N-n-n.


Then we are going to go the whole way now. The WHOLE way, 'eh, into sustainability. All the things they talked about at the last umpteen different climate meetings, 'eh, which is just a front for the eugenics movement and depopulation and the technocrats, cutting your energy from you including your food sources and so on and types of food and proteins. Then you start getting sick and etc., etc., and you bring back really the 17th and 18th centuries is what you bring back.  Preindustrial, remember.  What d’they keep talking about, they'll bring it back to preindustrial climate. Really?  Really? Like it was all happy and sunny then, was it? Is that what you're saying?  M-m-m.


I got fed up reading all the articles on the air, and believe you me, as I say, I wouldn't be a cheerleading person either for, for, oh we can just beat them, rah, rah, rah, look what's happening, rah, rah, rah.  No, I don't play politics. I don't even pretend to play politics. Because I’ve lived long enough, and long ago I just knew it stunk.  I was well aware of the big forces that really do manipulate societies and what their agendas were. Because as I say, they couldn't help but publish it so much, especially biographies. 


Soo many people that really are honored, they're honored, and they're given honorable titles, etc., the big players all through the 20th century, and from the late 18, 19th century onwards in fact, even before that.  But you had these amazing biographies out, and they love to boast about how wonderful these people were and how they shaped the world and where they're going to take the world and all that. And because it was mainly written for their own class most of the public wouldn't read it. And it is boring stuff. I mean, it's dry and boring. But when you dig through it, and you get shocked when you see, well, these people really mean what they say.


Once in a while you get something less boring, as I've mentioned before, Charles Galton Darwin.  Again, a member of the Darwin family and the Galton family.  When you realize that they were already breeding with each other for a few centuries, if you know that with the Darwin's, it was already… No, they weren't the only ones by the way. The Darwin's have got the proper breathing, long before America had it with the Rockefeller foundation with the Better American Families. They used to have a magazine for the ones who had picked properly, the proper gene makeup of a partner and have children by them and so on.  Way ahead, way before Adolf Hitler came along and took the fall for them all.


But yeah, the Galton Darwin, the Galton's and the Darwin's eventually mixed. But the Darwin's were primarily intermarried for generations with the Wedgewood family. The grandparents were married to the Wedgewood's. The parents and their dad was married to the Wedgewood's.  The grandson is married to the Wedgewood's. Darwin, I think it was Darwin himself, it was either him or his dad, when the wife died, he then married his Aunt who was a Wedgewood as well.  All Wedgewood's. For better breeding, you see. Good stock, as they say, good stock good breeding stock.


They weren't the only ones. You have lots of experiments on the go. You had the one at Oneida as well, awfully important, because you had presidents mixed up with it, the breeding program, who had all been to Yale at that time. Yale was a leader in eugenics, and it taught eugenics, for the better future, get rid of all these peasant classes and so on.  You find that they set up an Oneida community, with Mr. Noyes, as he was.  They bred on the spot there, they picked who they were going to breed with, and they wouldn't let them breed with anybody else, so that they could keep records of the children and offspring and so on.  Do away with marriage.  And intergenerational sex they like to have as well.  It was quite an amazing experiment. That went on for a long time, into the end of World War II.


It was claimed of course that it was a fire that destroyed their records. But no.  It's because after World War II in the stink of eugenics that came out of it, then I'm sure that they were transporting the files elsewhere. Mr. Noyes himself fled to Canada eventually apparently.  But you can still go and see the old buildings that they used down there.


They used to have a crematorium there too. Because if there is any, any unauthorized sexual activity, you had to have sex when you're authorized with whoever they told you to.  But if there was any unauthorized sexual activity going on, or if the child was born that was inferior, there was a big kiln out there, outside the premises where they would cremate the bodies. Of course, they had that going on there.


You have no idea.  Most folk have no idea. Mr. Hayes, I think initially he was somehow related to by marriage or something to Noyes, but related to him.  He was a governor of the state at one time, then he became the president I think, Mr. Hayes.  I remember reading it all years and years ago.


But anyway, yeah, these things are big things on the go and they're leading families, that's what nobility is all based on going way back to the Normans and before. Nobility, it's all interbreeding. And breeding within the groups. That's why you get so many psychopaths at the top. Because the daughters that they marry, isn't just to marry into money and more money, it's about more control, but it's also the daughters of offspring are of a psychopathic father.  So, you got psychopaths intermarrying so it's no surprise at all you end up with these ones.


Then occasionally you'll get ones that are classified as successful creative psychopaths. And if you really look at eugenics with the cold-blooded, or, they're cold-blooded, through the eyes of the cold-blooded psychopaths, like Julian Huxley, they really saw people as just animals and insects in fact. Even in their own peer group they had lists of people that they said would help them get in, and they're the scientific socialism as they like to call different names for the same thing.  But they said many of them would help them, and they wouldn't get in themselves, they'd be so shocked.  George Bernard Shaw said the same thing.


So, you're living through an ongoing agenda.  Then of course you had Kissinger many, many years ago, I think in the 70s came out with his greatest threat to the State.  Yep.   It wasn't just America, but the greatest threat America had he said was overpopulation. And as usual folk thought, well I guess he just means it's the Third World, because they're always publishing different figures of growing populations. But it was also your internal populations of course.  Britain was exactly the same.  They had already been doing it in Britain even before World War II ended, they were talking about depopulating again.


So, the first, you have many steps to go through. You've got to be, they've got have enough people for wars if they need wars, right.  Then the sciences get higher and higher with efficiency in killing especially, then they need fewer and fewer people to do it all. Although they still like to just have boots on the ground as a show to the public that war hasn't changed that much, war has changed tremendously. And they can really do great wars with even satellites alone without even using troops, if they wanted to.  And that might come one day, who knows.


But we're really going down the path where they decided long ago, they really don't need us all anymore. I hope you understand that.  They really don't. And they're quite open about it too. And not just the Georgia Guidestones.  I remember even listening to Manly P Hall as an old man giving one of his later, almost last talk. I don't know if it was his last or not, but he was a very old man at the time. He got so agitated as he was talking. And he knew he was on camera talking to his own group.  Of course, he himself was Rosicrucian and Freemasonic. But he got really agitated, and he was shaking like a really old guy does when he's getting agitated.  And when it came to the planet, and what he was wanting to say but not quite getting out was...  You understand that these organizations also have a great, a natural, it's a natural thing for the earth, naturally, you can't destroy your home.


But they also had this problem about, I hope people understand that if you go into the occult, and even simple humanistic Freemasonry at the bottom, the bottom is basically like humanism, we are all brothers, we can all get around our differences, and the fellowship, brotherhood of man, etc.  Sounds wonderful.  If you start going up the ranks, you'd find that you’re getting introduced into a NEW way of seeing things, and superiorities, you see, inferior, superior, etc.  They'll start talking about the profane, you know, those folk out there who don't know anything, the profane.  We are so enlightened, aren't we, as they swig their beer and so on.  We all know these characters.  I'm sure you do.


But it gets worse and worse at the very top until it isn't just the guy swigging the beer. The guys at the top swig brandy, and very good Brandy at that, and are quite blatantly blatant.  There's no real emotion behind it, it's not like they're angry about things. People at top don't really show feeling and emotion because they're psychopathic. Psychopaths cannot tolerate frustration and anger. They tend to help stir up arguments between people and sit back and watch different people arguing with each other. They play out their aggression and their frustrations through other people.  That's why they also like wars and things, you know. 


But we're living through their agenda today because, as I've said so many times, Carroll Quigley, Professor Quigley talked about that part of his role with training people to shape the new world on behalf of the elite group that he worked for, the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs group worldwide.  They churned out the diplomats and so on and people who are in the State Department for the US. They train them, pick them from University for their roles as leaders and shapers of the world.  People that you never hear of most of them, but they're the people who shape the world. They are the technocrats behind it all.  They shape everything.  And they're not really responsible, they don't get hold up to the voters. The voters never know this is even going on, that's how it's always been. 


But Quigley said, and it's absolutely true, a truthful statement about it. He said, talking about the amounts, incredible amounts of work for an agenda that sometimes takes 50 years, like a 50-year plan to get culture to change one thing from here to there, you know, 50.  But he said under wartime, as we are in today, we are at war with a virus they say, 'eh, martial law, emergency powers, 'eh.  He said, they can change everything culturally, legally, because they just make the rules up as they go along, and they've got the force, you don't, legally make you do whatever they want to do, quickly. Under threat of annihilation, we're here to save you.


He said you can do more in five years of war than 50 years of peace, meaning peace and propaganda and education of the next generation of children. You always indoctrinate the children so they grow up, and they will. That's why, why do you think children grow up and they're always arguing with the parents for instance?  Why do you think that happens?  Hm?  Why do you think that happens?  About pretty well everything, why do you think that happens? Because they're getting taught a completely different set of values and cultures and ways of looking at things then the parents had. Each generation.  And by generation doesn't mean a whole lifetime. They can work it out in 10 and 15 years plans, with massive changes. You understand?


So what you're living through today is a massive, massive change and push for utterly different values, that will conflict with, not so much now because the last couple of generations, really from the 50s onwards really, or 60s onwards definitely, you had the cultural contamination as it was called.  So, you introduced a disease of the completely new way of looking at everything, including life itself. Including children. Or even having them or not having them. Or, is life sacred, is it not sacred? And all the things that Julian Huxley talked about.   He said, they'll have to knock people off their pedestal, humanity off its pedestal. Meaning, the people where they think they are the most supreme being on the planet. Teach them that they're not, they're just another animal. Once they believe that, then you can do what you want with them, they'll accept it more easily. 


When you think you're sacred and you have rights, you fight things, you see.


It's all being done. He was into Planned Parenthood and many, many other things, and a member of the eugenic societies and the Darwin's club, and so on.  So yeah, you're living through an agenda right now. They couldn't get it all done. They tried, and they did raise it. Look at all the different groups that they've trained, these armies of youngsters who are almost ready to kill the older folk. Because they've been trained the older folk destroyed the planet for them.  That was their heritage then and you all destroyed it, all you privileged folk, as they call people who scraped to get up there.  They didn't go through, there was no heaven, believe you me.


They've trained them, almost like a Bolshevik army, ready to slaughter the people. Or, a Chinese cultural group where they just let them loose on the adults and their teachers to eradicate under communism.  The cultural Revolution they called it.  It's all the same tactics used by people who are well steeped and then trained in the same thing, you see.  Because they use many groups, and they always give them ideals.  But the ones who run it all have different ideals and different agendas at the top, and different outcomes ultimately.


So, you're living through it, again, and here you go, another crisis. I said, it's like 9/11 Part 2, you'll come out of this with a vastly, they've already said it over and over, why do you think these articles are appearing from the elite themselves, that the world will never be the same again.  And you'll never go back to the way it was. And my God, all the things they couldn't achieve, like austerity, remember, I did talk after talk from the United Nations publications on austerity programs that they were signing into law in every country. I've got them here in front of me right now.  Yeah, all these austerity, how they would teach you that, to get off meat.  And you would obey them.  They would teach you what to eat. They would give you substitutes for meat and so on and all the different insects and yada, yada, ya.  That's all made a massive resurgence, hasn't it? It really has, massive resurgence. 


The folk don't even know it's even happening.  They float through it in a...  ...  It reminds me, it reminds me of I think it was, was it Oscar Wilde? when he made some statement that everybody picked upon, a newspapers from one of his books. He was talking about women and at the time he says that women, the housewife and so on, the married women, back in his day, he said that they live in a life of quiet desperation, something like that, to paraphrase it.


But do you realize, your masters have got the whole planet now in a form of almost quiet kind of control desperation.  Because folk know everything is wrong. And they're going along with so many things which they really shouldn't be going along with. 


You cannot fight for centuries to gain your rights that we've got, [Alan chuckles.]  temporary rights, y'know, and just give it away, because your terrified, because you’re never going to get them back again. 


And I think every country has seen the police forces out doing their thing already, and just losing their heads when the public won't obey them. They want OBEDIENCE.  That's not what police was about.  At one time the police were called the police service at one time. And they were supposedly public servants. Then they changed it, people, did you notice the changes years ago, it's called the police FORCE, you see, a police FORCE.  Okay?  And then you saw the change into black outfits with combat boots and all that, like a police Army. And now you're seeing them dictate to you, and with threats. And they've got women there, because we're equal, you got equal bullies now.  And some of the women are worse, actually, they actually see the people like schoolchildren, like, [with scorn] do what you're told, and that's how it's supposed to be.


It's quite astonishing, isn't it? And they've got all these different, do you know how much money, do you realize how well-planned this was long before Covid was let loose in the public? All this stuff was waiting to get pushed, you know that. And all the, it's like wartime propaganda, how to wash your hands?  Huh?  What?  Bertrand Russell said, he said we'll train the public they can't make a move for THEMSELVES; they won't know how to do anything without expert advice, on everything. 


Then you've got policeman deciding on the spot what the laws are. You've got more danger, if it's all real, and it's going to spread so easily by folk that have no symptoms, and the police are the worst carriers and culprits for spreading it to the rest of the public because they get right, look at all the videos up, they're getting in the faces of everybody who's just out for their one-hour walk. That's what you give people in prison, y'know, the little walk outside in the yard, for like going around in circles.  And everybody's obeying this.


They want to keep it going. Believe you me, if they can keep it going right into next year.  Once it's into next year it's never going to change. And I've got a funny feeling they're going to try to terrify you again with a double whammy. It's like a one-two punch, you see.  You get the first one, oh my God we’re all going to die, this Covid, oh, we're all going to die.  No.  Then you're not all going to die.  Most folk, won’t know they’ve had it. Most folk. Then they'll say, well, we can start gradually getting you, some of you back to work if you got... 


You've seen it all floated in your faces, where you're... [Alan chuckles.] with you're ID, you got an ID card but primarily one that will be an app, you see.  There's an app for everything.  D'you realize how many billions are getting tossed around the world to these rip-off merchants that jump on like vultures, vultures on top of the public, shamelessly, 'eh?  That's the system we live in, folks.  There's no morality of any kind in this system where greed rules and people will cut other folks' throat for greed.


They want you all chipped. Everyone knows that I'm talking to the choir and they're seeing the same articles, I'm sure. Many folk will refuse to accept the articles... I don't really want to believe that.  Even though it's coming from all the top sources, who have the actual factories set up to churn out different things they're going to, y'know, and the telephone app.  The cell phones of course they're still making but they've got the apps as well.  Some from China. Some from Israel.  Some from Britain. Some… Everybody who's got an app, can make apps, has got their hands out for their companies. 


This freebie, 'eh?  I mean, and governments are just throwing it out like confetti. All the cash that you've got to pay for down the road. You're never going to get out of this hole.  Even if they stopped it all tomorrow, you're never going to get out of this. Your currency will be literally, is taxed into the ground what’s left of it, and your dollar or your pound or whatever currency you have, you already lost about 35% almost 40% with the 2008 crash in purchasing power, so you need more of it to buy the same things. Well, you're going to drop down until, you know, until the dollar is going to be, you might get a loaf of bread and maybe some jam to put on it if you got maybe 10 bucks, maybe 15, actually. 


That's where they're going to go with it all, into austerity, the very things that they talked about putting you into in a postindustrial civilization, a la Maurice Strong and the big meeting he had in 1992, y'know.  Again, we didn't vote for these characters.  We didn't vote for their meeting or what came out of their meeting, where the politicians all signed it into law over us all from these private so-called sustainability groups.  Man is the enemy, the Club of Rome.


Now remember, and we do float through life. most folk float through life and they don't want heavy news as they call it. When they hear things which are too heavy, they tend to just close their ears. They go into denial and they say, I don’t want to hear that, that's too depressing. They can't really mean that, somebody would stop them. How many times have you heard that, somebody would stop them? Who? Who's going to stop them?  But it's never going to be they themselves that do anything to stop it, is it? That's why things really happen.


It's like Leni Riefenstahl who, she lived a great, to an amazing age in fact.  She had been an actress before World War II broke out and then afterwards, she had another career making films and so on, and documentaries across the planet. But she was asked by I think it was John Pilger, I've got a documentary somewhere, where he interviewed her when she was old.  He asked her about her time during World War II and before it, and how did, how was it allowed to happen that a group could arise within a country and take over? She was quite candid about it, that most folk really were not involved, y'know, involved in what was happening.


In reality in other words, just like today, I mean, how many folk were involved when the transfer of all your work went over to China?  I lived through it, it's not ancient history, and I did talks on the government signing all the different documentation to make it all happen.  And even financing companies to move there lock stock and barrel and set up in China.  We paid for it all, everyone of them. And we paid for their losses that they claimed that they have until they are on their feet. And they would be tax-free for at least 15 years, and it could be extended for another 15 years, along with China itself with their companies, if they found out they weren't making what they expected to make. 


We paid for all this. This is corporate fascism! That's right in your face, y'know.  So, I mean, where were all the folk sent in there who were watching it?  Most folk didn't even talk about it in the street, and people that you knew, they didn't seem to be interested. So really, Riefenstahl said the same thing about Germany, how it ended up under a Nazi party. And of course, the big story leading up to it of course, there was a lot more going on that made it all happen or it would have never happened in the first place.  


But the fact is, most folk slept through it. You don't think of the consequences. You don't think of where it's going to go, you see.  And here we are going through the same thing now, 'eh, with all the scientific, the scientific fascism on top of us.  Because that's what it's supposed to be according to Bertrand Russell.  He said, if there's going to be a tyranny that runs the world, I'd much prefer it to be a scientific one.


That's what you're under, scientific tyranny, the technocratic system. Because democracy has served its purpose according to the Club of Rome. It's now inefficient, they can’t get things done because we complain and object of what they want to do, you see, with democracy.  So, under technocracy, and technocrats are just appointed in times of war [Alan chuckles.] to run everything efficiently, and nevermind your feelings or your rights or anything else. That's what you've got now. 


Hm?  More done in five years of war than 50 years of peace. It hasn't even taken five years. There are studies out now, they're just over, overawed by the response to public complying about this.  I'll put a little link up to Peter Hitchens talking about it, from his point of view in Britain, and how they're just stunned at the compliance of the public.  The domesticated compliance is just astonishing. It really is. 


Peter Hitchens: 'Never before have we imposed quarantine on the healthy' - youtube.com / 13 April 2020


Peter Hitchens: Hysterical reaction to Covid19 and public support of lockdown is scary and dangerous - youtube.com / 17 April 2020


But again, fear and terror, like I've said before, to change the people to get them to move you've got to give them terror and fear of imminent death.  Then you step in, as I say, the Savior, and, we'll take your rights away, you just do what we tell you or you will die. And people comply with it and go along with it.  Like the Green Party had said a few years ago, the woman who was in charge at the time in Britain. She said, I look back with nostalgia to what's written about World War II, everybody obeyed authorities. Everybody lived on very, very little food and they didn't grumble, because it was wartime and they obeyed and got on with what they were told to do and so on. She just thought that was wonderful.


Well, here you are, 'eh?  Terror, fear, comply or you'll die. And everybody literally ... they've just given up centuries of fighting for rights, just like that.  Until literal morons are walking around the streets bossing the people about. Even if they go into their garden, 'eh, their own garden?  Even though the law states that their garden and their property is their property, they can be on any part of their property they want. But you've got these morons chomping at the bit, that you see in any tyrannical system, in any country, even the Third World countries, chomping at the bit to have you obey them. And they really get ticked off, especially the special constables that are like temporary or young or whatever or just part-timers, they're chomping at the bit.  Because they watched, they've been brought up on all these cop shows, these fiction shows on TV, and that's how you're train to be a little tyrant, through fiction, you see.  Because in reality you're supposed to SERVE the public, hm.  M-hm.


But yeah, there's so many clips up there on YouTube now, some of them are farcical and funny.  But over and over again you've got these nobodies, literally nobodies, people, and believe you me, Britain is so politicized like every other country with political correctness that for decades they've watched, they've watched pedophile gangs being created and run, and they've turned a blind eye. Because they're scared of losing their jobs because everything is so volatile politically to do with certain groups and so on. But they'll go after innocent people, even someone, a woman having a seat on her way to the store on a park bench, because she's lingering too long, things like that.



Nasty' busy bodies emboldened by police lockdown - youtube.com / 11 April 2016


Corona Arrest for Breach of 1 hour rule - youtube.com / 17 April 2016


What constitutes a reasonable excuse to leave the place where you live - college.police.uk



Come on!  Do you really want... These are thugs, people!  These are thugs.  These are not humans, they are thugs.  And the old police have gone long ago. The old police were people you could walk up to in Britain and chat with or as questions or ask directions. You daren't do it now, they're ready to, they're like gnats, just want to dive in and get you, y'know, on something.  That's not, these are not police.  No.  They want to, it's like the sparring, they want to spar with people, and that's not what they're supposed to be there for. 


But again, everyone's trained through fiction and they've all watched their, they've been brought up too in their science fiction movies in the future, and here's how it's going to be, dystopian societies and authorities and nobodies. And the public are the nobodies, 'eh.  Unless you're really wealthy and well-connected, then you're a somebody, and then they'll grovel to serve you. Quite something, 'eh?  Quite something.


So anyway, I'll put some of these links up, as I say, tonight. Because you are in a system that was carefully orchestrated. You see, I've got articles here where we know the authorities knew, and of course the CIA would know what to do, y'know, [Alan chuckles.] and all the other agencies that were in China.  They knew the thing broke out long before they told you it broke out. I've got articles here from California where they, they swear they knew it was there at least in December, in California.  Some of them are even talking now, there's more like evidence again showing it was out in September, you see.


And sure enough, I mean I've said before, even the last few years, I watch these very carefully and keep data on all these different, what the CDC does and the WHO does and what they're following, and all the little irrelevant things you might think are irrelevant. But you'll see patterns. Because every other year, for years now, we've had these oddball viruses come out that hit the respiratory tract, and the lower respiratory tract causing pneumonias. And they often don't even get labeled, as far as we're told anyway, as new.  They know they've got new somethings, but it depends on how many people seem to get it, according to the attention it's going to receive, and notifications and publications, etc. 


But they're coming out more and more frequently and I really, being the character that I am, who've studied the nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty stuff of governments down through the ages in a sense, a very real sense, really, I'm watching. I'll tell you where the worst culprits are. They're the biolabs. I'll put up again the article that I put up a couple times already from Harvard with the Professor Lipsitch who is an expert in his field in teaching biochemistry.  He teaches those that eventually work in the labs and so on.  I'll put up the, if it's still up there, his talk to students on, and his title of the talk, one of these talks is...


Should we be Making Potential Pandemic Pathogens in the Lab - Marc Lipsitch (2016) - youtube.com / 24 Feb 2016


Now, I'll say that again for the hard of thinking... Should we be MAKING, hm, not finding or dealing with, but MAKING these possibly pandemic viruses in the lab? Because that's what they do.  And don't forget what I just said, I've been watching this for years, these things breaking out, that's oddball things that are in the virus strains. Where do you think they're coming from?  Hm?  And now it's getting more, more common, supposedly, just by itself, 'eh, in a time when there's never been so many biochemists churned out from universities, all wanting money for research and so on, or for vaccines or whatever else they are into, all the spinoffs of it. And they live on grants, remember.


Well, you know, is a make-work project on the go here? Is it?  Because any logical person would have to eventually ask that question. We live in the most greedy society that's ever existed, with, who have the power to create things which are deadly to the whole planet. And they're so greedy, like everybody else today, and probably psychopathic because if you understand the kind of work they do and what they do, [Alan chuckles.] there's a lot of psychopathy involved in this too. 


I'll put up by the way the movie Andromeda, or a link if I can find it, the Andromeda Strain it's called.  It was from the 1970s I think the first one was put out.  I think they did a second one as well, about an outbreak in a small town in the States, and from a satellite that comes back from space, that's how they put it there.  But it shows you the real kind of biolabs that they use. It's like level four, or five even in that one, and the so-called safeguards that they have. And all the animals they test it on too, and they gas one after the other, or the put them in with the infected, the infection itself to see how long it takes to kill them and so on.  Observe and then dissect them and test them.  People who do that continuously, including the fact if they're making these things, like they're making possibly potential pandemic diseases, making, again, do you really think they're just average people? Do you really think that? Do you?


But what's the temptation to make something and release it and then have an antidote there for it? And the world is at your feet, isn't it? The whole world is at your feet.  It would be awfully tempting, 'eh?  Awfully, awfully tempting.  In 12 Monkeys the movie the guy who released it, the virus that kills most of the folk on the planet, he works in the lab, he does it for ideological reasons.  He's just, he's an environmentalist that thinks in eugenics, that man is a scum, so kill them off.  Quite easily.


We have more folk who live on greed today than you'd ever believe. And there's no doubt about it, there's question being asked, and they'll get hammered by the… Do you realize we're not living in a democracy? And the authorities who have all the money in the world and all the power in the world, because you buy it, you buy whatever you want, you can even buy guaranteed silence if you want from other people by force, using force against you in all kinds of ways, or worse even, 'eh. 


So, you have people today who have no problem releasing something here and there and then coming out with a solution to it. And don't forget, that the whole big agenda, the people who are involved in all these things are eugenicists.  The people who come out who are the biochemists, who work for these labs, are geneticists generally, completely wrapped in with genetics and eugenics.  And it doesn't matter what group you look at, the agenda is the same, too many people, too many of the wrong kind of people, they are elitists, yada, yada, ya.  Hm?


They wouldn't go along with sustainability. They wouldn't cut back on their consumption. A la the Rio meeting that Maurice Strong was the head of. It was literally drafted up by the Rockefellers with Maurice Strong as their front man. He had them all sign it into law, the Rio Summit for Sustainability and Biodiversity as it was called.  That's complete sustainability, the Millennium Project and Agenda 21 all came out of that. And the present agendas of the climate agenda, which are the exact same agendas, too many people, cut them back and the climate will be better.  And they've got to stop eating meat. They've got to stop this and stop that. I've got article after article, the same agenda getting pushed right now because you wouldn't do it voluntarily when you were told to do it.  Hm.  Here's one article, just one from last year, one of many.


Population control policies to combat climate change prove deadly, demographer says

pop.org / 11 Nov 2019


A group of over 11,000 scientists are calling for population control measures to avoid severe human suffering from global climate change, (Alan:  It will save, if you can just kill off a few people there will be less suffering, you see.) a notion a demographer says is heavily tied to money and not actual science.


The alliance of scientists signed a paper declaring a climate emergency is at hand and that in order to limit the damage to the environment caused by greenhouse gas emissions, (A: Most of the emissions by the way of greenhouse gases, you know, is water vapor, 'eh.  M-hm.  And carbon is, carbon dioxide is a TRACE gas… a TRACE gas. Anyway, facts don't matter. It says…) there must be “more control over the massively booming global population, currently increasing by over 200,000 people a day,” the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.


At the head of this international cohort of scientists is Oregon State professor of ecology William J. Ripple (A:  I guess as part of the ripple effect, 'eh?) and researcher Christopher Wolf. (A:  …who probably is one.)  The paper, which includes signatories from 153 nations, was published in the journal BioScience, (A:  …another eugenics paper.) and calls for the replacement of fossil fuels with low-carbon renewables, a shift in the world’s diet to plant-based foods, and the “stabilization” of the global human population, (A: stabilization, ‘eh?...) among other things. (A:  I wonder how they’re going to stabilize the human population?)  The paper portrays as a positive development the decline in recent decades of the global birth rate.


(A: Hm.  It’s positive, that, because it’s mainly through abortion, ‘eh?  Mind you, if you can increase poverty, fewer and fewer folk can afford to have their children, and when they’re offered what they call birth control, abroad in Third World countries, they take abortion.)


“We are encouraged by a recent surge of concern. Governmental bodies are making climate emergency declarations. Schoolchildren are striking. (A: Yeah, no kidding, ‘eh?  They’re all getting trained, brainwashed at school.) Ecocide lawsuits are proceeding in the courts. Grassroots citizen movements (A: Who are all funded by the usual characters…) are demanding change, and many countries, states and provinces, cities, and businesses are responding,” the paper reads in its conclusion.


“As an Alliance of World Scientists, we stand ready to assist decision makers in a just transition to a sustainable and equitable future.”


(A: Equitable for whom?)


Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, told The Christian Post on Thursday that it’s their ideas that prove destructive.


“In fact, their proposals to reduce the number of people born to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used, to reduce the amount of food produced, to reduce the amount of land given over to the production of food, all of these things will cause untold human suffering,” Mosher stressed.


(A:  And that’s what it’s supposed to do, folks.)


Mosher is well-versed in China’s long history with population control, including their one-child policy that entailed state-mandated forced abortions and sterilizations. He’s also the author of the 2017 book, Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.


“The Chinese Communist Party has eliminated 400 million people from 1980 to 2016, 400 million of the most enterprising and hard-working people on the planet have been eliminated through forced abortions and infanticide after birth,” he said.


(A:  He goes on and on and on.)


When asked why scientists and others who push depopulation by making predictions of catastrophic events that fail to materialize — such as those set forth in Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 book, The Population Bomb — are never held to account, Mosher said it comes down to the role of grant dollars in scientific research.


“They keep getting funding to propagate these scary stories,” he said, adding, “in part this is money-driven research.”


The Population Research Institute president, who has an advanced degree in oceanography, elaborated that if he were to conduct a study and ended up concluding that the mild increase in the Earth’s temperature did not portend a global crisis, his grant would not be renewed. But if another researcher came to the different conclusion, particularly that a disaster is imminent, he would receive additional funds. With more money, he will purportedly be able to research more and solve the problem, Mosher explained.


So, this is one of many, many articles coming out, you see. Of course, I put out the study put out by the last climate change meeting they had, the global meeting, and their Conference of Parties as they like to call themselves for the climate change group. They said the same thing, there's too many people, that you're the problem. Because they're following the Club of Rome agenda where the Club of Rome came up with the idea on behalf, they were tasked with finding something that would fit the bill of justifying why you have to reduce population. And that's what they said, that man is the enemy of the planet.  Man, you see. So, it's still ongoing.


Paul Ehrlich too, his wife was on the board of the Club of Rome; it's a small world at the top, really.  I've read many articles like that.  So, you've got to bring people down.  You cut back farming as he says there. You cut back on energy costs and so on.  That also helps the farm [Alan chuckles.] and transport and everything else. And you go back, as I say, until you get ill health, where you're ill health and you're malnourished, then you end up catching the diseases that were eliminated, primarily because of better hygiene and better food, that's why most diseases started to wane off, wane away.  That's the real reason.  I really believe that.  But you go backwards just the same way. Now, it won't take that long, by the way, y'know.  Your body starts to lose what it needs very quickly if it's not replenished all the time.  And you're going to see big, big changes of things you don't want to really see.  So, you bring it in with this agenda here.


And already again, you we're all waiting for it. What happens when you stop folk working, 'eh?  Including people who work in the farms and so on? What d’you think happens?  Hm?  Everything we're talking about here. Malnourishment. And now they're destroying the food.  Oh, you can't, milk, just pour the milk down the gutters, you can't get folk to deliver it.  Destroy all those eggs.


Mind you, the elite do without nothing, there's nothing they don't do without. Nothing at all. This is all planned, folks.  It's like Brave New World, and it's also like what you saw in 1984.  With 1984 having Julia, y’know, and she's asked about what the elite have there. Because she's up there amongst the elites who have all the best foods and stuff. She says, there's nothing those b's don't have.  Real coffee. Real meat. Real this, and real vegetables. Real potatoes, y'know, not that mush, the artificial marsh they give the workers in the canteen where there's not a bit of meat in it. It looks like meat, y'know, it's supposed to taste like meat, but there's no meat in it at all.


Old agenda and you're living through the start of it now and we'll go into it very, very quickly through the food situation, no doubt about it. Now, Bill Gates is a eugenicist. He doesn't make any pretense that he's not. He's all for helping the people, and depopulating at the same time. But he's also into the alternate food for you all, again, you see.  Because you see, he's part of sustainability, he funds sustainability. Meaning, there's too many folk, you see, but he wants the ones who are too many to eat artificial food. I call it artificial food.  So...


'Artificial egg' made from PLANTS backed by Bill Gates set to revolutionize cooking goes on sale at Whole Foods - dailymail.co.uk / 10 Sept 2013


That’s 2013. The guy’s been involved in this for years. His whole life actually.  And getting you off all the things… He wants farming destroyed basically, especially anything to do with animal farming, and proteins, etc., and milk and all that.  Here's another article…


No more beef and cheese: Go vegetarian, by order of Government food police

dailymail.co.uk / 22 Oct 2010


(A:  This article is from 2010.)


Wholesale changes to the nation’s diet, with a move towards vegetarian food and away from beef and cheese, have been recommended by Government advisers.


A report commissioned by the Food Standards Agency suggests radical changes to what we eat and even how we cook.


These include eating more seasonal produce to reduce transportation and switching to microwave ovens and pressure cookers (A:  If you want to destroy your food, put it in a microwave oven.)   to use less energy in preparing food.


Out would go beef, cheese, sugary foods and drinks such as tea, coffee and cocoa. In would come vegetables and pulses, together with yoghurt.



Rare treat: Beef should be excluded from our diet, according to the Food Standards Agency


(A:  D’you understand, this is a big agenda, and all these agencies that you hear that seem to be an authority, you just gotta kick them out and say get off my back, y’know, I’m not voting for you or your agendas.)


The FSA says the switch is necessary as part of a move to a diet that is low in greenhouse gases (GHG), which are associated with climate change.


(A:  That was the big one, oh, it had to be you causing the climate change. Nothing to do with the sun or anything, oh no.  And again, it’s all computer modeling with worst-case scenarios, ‘eh. Just like the virus here.) 


The report, compiled by a team from the University of East Anglia, (A:   Remember that one too, where they literally had scandals where they, with their emails, all came out, got published when they’re telling all their scientists they fudged, to fudge all the statistics, with the hockey stick and the whole bit with the graphs you had. Kind of like what we’re seeing now with all these graphs coming out. Anyway, it says…) suggests that schools, hospitals and other public bodies should be expected to lead a change in national behaviour by putting low-GHG food on their menus.


(A:  No kidding.  I think they should tie some gas balloons to these characters and send them on a long journey across the sky somewhere.   Anyway…)


The university was at the centre of allegations last year that it had manipulated climate change data to magnify the problem.


(A:  They’re all on massive grants, and they’re dedicated to their own pockets, that’s their dedication is the grants that they get.)


Its report, called Food and Climate Change, will be controversial given that many people may baulk at being told what they should eat in order to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.


However, the recommendations will be welcomed by vegetarian campaigners (A:  Now, who are the campaigners?) and those who support organic farming…


(A:  No kidding, ‘eh?  How many can afford it, how many folk can really afford organic stuff, y’know?  Nevermind see it now with the lockdown, ‘eh?  [Alan chuckles.]  I-yi-yi-yi.)


Anyway, that's that article too. You've got many articles like this. But again, folk float through it, they float through all of this and through it all, they float through it and they don't notice it. Or they choose not to notice. There's a lot of choice involved in not noticing things. Like I say, when the jobs all went to China as an example of I-don't-want-to-notice-that.  Hm? 


Or sustainability.  Or, we're going to increase all your food.  After the 2008 crash, you notice the beef got priced out of sight in Canada. That's part of this agenda, it wasn't just because it was...  No, it's the agenda too. Priced out of sight. Until folk literally can hardly afford it. And in Canada we don't know what we've been eating, for years actually. Most of it is tasteless anyway. We've had in Canada, I did articles years ago, before the crash in fact and read them. They had articles about a joint of meat in Canada, it was literally glued together pieces from all over the world, the cut offs from all different countries, and they would glue them up here, GLUE, and sell it off as…


This is authorized by government to be sold to us peasants, as like a joint of meat, y'know.  And you have no idea what it is or where it came from or what animal it even came from. And everything now, and I said it years ago, they slap sauce onto everything, it's all tomato, everything's got tomato sauce in all these ready-made foods too.  To train you that that's normal. Because eventually that's all you'll get, if anything’s got meat in it at all, it covers any...  As I say, you don't know if it's pork or beef. It's kind of bland, irregular bland kind of taste.  And they've been at this for a long, long time.


Folk... folks just don't... You understand, when you end up caged in, and in a prison cell, it's because you allowed yourself to step-by-step get pushed into it. I hope you're understanding what I'm saying here.  And they're almost ready to set the real [Alan chuckles.] police dogs on anybody who speaks out about it. They can see how vicious they're becoming with it, and swaggering, 'eh?  as they boss their so-called fellow citizens around like peasants, they're talking to peasants, 'eh.


This article too...


Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

(A:  That’s part of the Kennedy family, Robert F Kennedy Junior.)

Bill Gates Is Obsessed With Vaccines And ‘Seems Fueled By A Messianic Conviction’ That He Is Destined To ‘Save The World With Technology And A God-like Willingness To Experiment On The Lives Of Lesser Humans’

cloverchronicle.com / 9 April 2020


(A:  That's a recent article, April 9.)


On Tuesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, took to social media and shared a lengthy message about billionaire Bill Gates and his “obsession with vaccines”:


“Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) (A:  A vaccine ID enterprise, that's Bill Gates idea too, right.) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.


“Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.


“Promising to eradicate Polio


(A:  He talks about some of the history of this and so on. AND the fact that somebody, he was getting sued by other countries where polio broke out. And these articles, I’ve got the ones even from the World Health Organization where they have to eventually admit that’s some of that was live viruses and so on.  But anyway, [Alan chuckles.] it’s just a bit of a horror show when you read some of this stuff.)


But yeah, this guy isn’t just who you think he is. Remember, his father was into, began as a eugenicist.  He talks openly about population reduction.  M-hm, quite openly.  Also, there’s an article that ties in with it in fact.  You can find lots of articles and interviews about Bill Gates and with Bill Gates, over years, where he’s talked about his feelings.  More openly again in the 90s, and that’s why people were really getting on edge in the 90s and why they had to get you back into just voting in politics and stuff like that. 


Because these characters, these technocrats, these front people for big, big, a big secret society above you all, that you'd rather pretend that you didn't know about, that manages depopulation projects, etc., and really runs the world, y'know.  Just like the IMF and the World Bank, all set up by one institution, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And the IMF set up by them too.  All private institutions set up by this one group that makes the future, the plans the future.


That's what Carroll Quigley said about it.  He said he was a member of it, the American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, and he agreed with all of its agendas; he just complained occasionally about some of its methods. But he literally was the historian for what they did. They planned the world, and the future, and how it should all be, and what happens, and the cultural changes, generation to generation internationally. Massive organization. It didn't go away. It's still here, big time, running the world. With the Lucky Gene Club, etc. that Bill Gates and some others are members of too. 


In one article back in, I think it was 1997 it was, George Magazine. A person put it up recently on a blog, he's got the copy of it. But it's George Magazine, it used to be popular in 1997. He did an interview with Bill Gates.  And who did it, who did it then? It was John Kennedy Junior, had the actual interview with Bill Gates back then in 1997.


John Kennedy Jr.'s "George Magazine" Breakdown: Survival Guide to the Future Issue, Feb 1997

youtube.com / posted 3 June 2019


Then there’s Microsoft, a company that gets involved in very few political things. (A:  And there's Microsoft again, they don't, they MAKE policy. They don't bother with politics. Politicians are for YOU to believe in.)


My own views are those you’d expect from somebody who feels like he’s been very, very lucky and that the resources under his command are really society’s resources. And I have to be clever about how I’m going to funnel those back in. I fund education projects, (A:  And you can tell what he funds, the type that have now grow up, they've now grown up and now they're the Antifa's and so on, these characters.)  I fund population control (A:  ...control, that's how it's worded, I fund population control...) I’m very big on the United Way.


And don't forget his dad also was up there with Julian Huxley with Planned Parenthood. Small world, 'eh, it just doesn't... They just keep coming back to the same names and same people and same families and have these agendas, and they're made awfully rich in the front if they go along and push the agenda for the real guys, there's even ones more real above them, folks, y'know.  There's lots of articles like that going back, way back. He loved to boast back then. 


You understand, it's almost like people were in a kind of a never-never land back then. It's true, it's a fact, I've noticed it. They didn't really, they kind of floated through the time they were in back then.  And massive changes in the world were happening, but they were kept kind of cushioned from it by the guys that manipulate the money and the banking system, and so they wouldn't, the full impact wouldn't be noticed so much.


But people really accepted change and change and change, until you had change is good. They had all these ads out, change is good.  Training you into change, change, change.  Of course, for the 21st century it was to be the century of change, of transition.  The great transition, here you are.  A very occultic term as well, because man himself had to be transitioned, literally in some cases.  M-hm.  You're living through it today.


So anyway, I’m going to touch on some of these articles.  But I’m going to remember too, to ask those folk who send a few bucks my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Because I need the cash to tick along here. And for years and years and years, believe you me I have turned all the biggest offers down because I wouldn’t compromise on pretty well anything in fact.  Most folk buckle around you, and they do compromise, and they accept the money from this that and the other until they're...  And I've had the big speaking engagements offered to me too, the big organizations. World organizations.  But no. 


Because I'm a crazy stubborn guy, as they say.  And I guess it's a genetic thing as well.  Maybe that's why they keep trying to stamp out the people that rose up.  I'm talking about the Celtic peoples, like the Irish and Scottish who... we've got an allergy against tyranny.  It just… you immediately have an allergy against it. It's awfully, it's definitely genetic, I think, and you just can't go along with it.


So anyway, if you can send a few dollars my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com website. Please make a list of the sites listed on the @cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  These are my official sites and you can go into them and find out how to donate money to me. You can find how to send money, even cash or check, it doesn't matter. You can also from some countries you can still get international postal money orders, from some countries. You can't do it inside the States to Canada, they've done away with them now.  Maybe, I'm not sure.  Your post office will tell you. But anyway, you can still send cash my way and find out how to do it. Or you can use PayPal, we’ll take it from there.


Because I've got to keep soldiering on, especially in this time because believe you me, as we're going through this there's so much disinformation, that what you've seen already and disinfo is nothing to where...  Counterintelligence, one of the first laws of being a counter intelligent agent is to make sure you confuse something that's detrimental, a truth that's detrimental to whatever organization you're working for, or country you're working for. And you always find them, with anything that happens, immediately put out people too, first divide, divide the people who are against what's happened. 


It's like 9/11.  9/11 happened, right.  But very, pretty quickly you had ones coming out, oh, there's no planes hit that tower.  Y'know?  So, the camp is divided.  Before you've got all these voices ready for petitions and protest and demanding, and suddenly, now you're halved in two.  Some are they ones to see something, the other one who saw nothing, yada, ya.  Then you've got another one came up with different weaponry and you...  Rather than just stay united, right, which gives you power to get something done, you instantly must muddy the waters, divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer until they all can't get along with each other anymore.  Then the whole thing falls away.  You've just dissolved your problem, the opposition, you see.


It's the same thing with this coronavirus. And they're bringing politics into it, 'eh?  As though all this is done supposedly just to get rid of Trump. Do you really believe that? Do you really believe that even Donald Trump is his own boss? Do you really believe that too?  Do you really, really believe that?


I mean, we've seen the PNAC group run America for well over a generation or two. Easily. And publish their own, [Alan chuckles.] boasting about it in articles and so on.  Hm.  And there's no politician looking after the public. There is none. They'll all play to the galleries, as they say, and play to the crowd and the audience. That's what they do.  They're so much prostitutes as politicians that they pretend they care just to get a voting base to back them. So, whatever they can shout and complain about is what they'll do. It's nothing to do with helping the public at all.  N-n.


But they help themselves, don't they? They all end up being multimillionaires, on salaries of, what, $70 grand a year or something?  It's...  I guess they're just more thrifty, 'eh?  But we live in a corrupt time, a terribly corrupt time and there's bosses above all these people, ALL of them.  That can make or break them instantly too.  Even using the press alone, they can break them with scandal if they want to, ANY of them.  Or blackmail them into doing their bidding, ANY of them.


So, you've got to remember that it's vastly different than what you think.  Look at all these new institutions that now are supposedly familiar, and they've been there for 10 to 15 years, so they're going to be called OLD institutions, that now run your life.  Because all the big part of governing has been farmed out to private agencies. In every country.  Then these private agencies are like international cartels, in chains, that run the world with policies and everything.


Well, did you vote for any of this? Of course not. So why even pretend they're Democratic?  Why are we even pretending go through this farce?  Hm?  It's just rather sickening, isn't it?  Terribly sickening.


So let's get into some of these articles here. And before I get off the topic here to do with chips and tattooing, hm, before I forget this here.  Sometimes you have to just drawback and just... 


silence your mind and think…


very easily…


easily, don't force anything…


Because most knowledge you already have inside your mind. It's astonishing how much you'll soak up with your bits and bytes of information. Is the ability to just pull it back into different areas and put them together quickly, until it becomes natural.  That really makes a difference.  And you can certainly do it if you try.


But you've got to still the mind first of all, out of all the nonsense and the hype and the noise out there, I call it noise of information. I used to give talks on data, how your manipulators, your behaviorists said that they would overload you with data on the Internet. That was another way of disabling you, naturally. Nevermind the fact you're directed off of what you're trying to search for into things which are kind of associated with it initially, and then they go off into different tangents until you're again, your counterintelligence, you've just been annihilated, diffused basically.  That's how it's done.


But you've got to keep your mind just still initially and get the noise out of it, all the useless data.  Because that's all it is, is just useless information, most of it. And concentrate on that which is important. You see. 


If you have animals in the wild, they don't hang around, wild animals, if you start playing a brass band, or loud record even, y'know.  They just want to get away to think. Because their survival as a wild animal depends on silence and thinking. You can't do it with the noise. They wouldn't even hear predator coming towards them because of the noise. Their mind would be so shocked out of its natural guarding stance in the wilderness.  And we are the same.


You've never seen so much incredible data thrown your way by all media at the same time.  As I've said before, the media literally were getting handouts from government for years now because folk didn't want to read it anymore, since the Levinson inquiry in Britain and the laws they came out with, until literally the media was, any real journalism was just neutered. There wasn't a lot to start with, but it was completely neutered then. Australia did the same thing. Canada did the same thing again.  So since then no one cared about the trash that they put forward as news.  Substituting celebrities for news, that's not news. No. That's entertainment. Who cares about them really, y'know? 


That's when they gave you, again, the only thing...  When they started coming back to life is when the people were putting out the warnings of this coming disease, early on, and the media were told to ignore it. Then they were told to hit back anybody, who was a conspiracy theorist, who was saying there was some terrible disease out there, just call them nut cases and conspiracy.  That's standard routine basically intelligence type warfare, that's what they do.  And the media is quite happy because they're getting paid for it.


Then of course at the press of a button, I remember putting a show out not that long ago, when the media all went into action. And they went overboard, beyond any conspiracy theorist, with TERROR, TERROR, FEAR, TERROR, you're all going to die!!!  And it's been the same ever since, you see. Because they were told to do that, terrify the public. They did it.


Until the public literally are so obedient, as I've said, Peter Hitchens in that YouTube video has said that, that they're all shocked at how fast the folks all complied and gave up all the rights and freedoms and obeyed them.  Ha.  Really something, 'eh? 


That's how training works awfully well, especially a good campaign of terror. And we've been through a terror campaign.  It's still ongoing.


But think back on it, think back on it... all the rights you just tossed out the window.  And you’re suddenly obeying silly cops.  Silly cops telling you, you can't sit in your garden.  Huh?  You're only allowed out, if you take it literally verbatim, outside for one hour at a time for a walk, for exercise. You can't sit and have exercise if you are doing yoga. Which sometimes you’ll do that if you’re doing yoga. So, you've got all these ridiculous arguments with cops, from all over the place with different things happening.  Or someone who can't walk that far, having a rest on a seat somewhere halfway between their place, where they live and the store to get their food... getting harassed by these thugs! 


That's what they are, they're thugs, folks.  Thugs.  You understand that the police are no different than the military. There's laws they’re supposed to obey, and when something goes against good conscience or is detrimental to the public, they're supposed to refuse to do it. I hope you understand that.  So, the ones who are not refusing it are thugs. And if they're thugs, they’ll do a lot worse than that when they're told to.  You'd better get that through your heads too, this is coming down the pike.


And if this does, if this first breeze of this does fly over, remember, don't forget it because it will happen again, you've got to start working to start putting it back under law, right away, instead of these rules and regulations, that's not LAW.  That's not law. A big difference. So, don't forget it, whatever happens.


Getting back to what I'm saying, think back to your propaganda you've had for years and years and years and years and years, you see.  Because you're told what things in the past were horrible. And there's always, y’know, different groups and special interest groups, the ones against the communists for instance and the massive slaughter of people with the communist, or the Bolshevik revolution. Millions were slaughtered with it, including you know, shot in the head. There were even awfully good documentaries done on it if you can stomach them. The brutality was horrible.


Because again, Lenin dictated they must have a reign of terror. Just like the French Revolution. And they are connected by the way, it's not happenstance either. A reign of terror on the public to make them obey.  Then they slaughtered everybody who could be a problem to them. They had the lists of everybody who could be a problem. Even though there were people who didn't know they were a problem yet, and students who just came from middle-class families, or even lower middle-class families, or religious people, lists and lists of them, they brought them into basements and shot them in the back of the head. And they ran it like a factory.


And folk walked in when they were given summons to go and see them. Guards didn't have to drag them into the basements.  They... okay, okay, I'll obey authority.


But millions were slaughtered.


There was 60 million, maybe more, during the entire reign of the Soviet era, in all the Soviet bloc countries. I did the documentaries with Bulgaria and so on, I put them up years ago.  I know the folk who survived it are still horrified yet, as they were digging up more mass graves. Because that's what they do, folks.  That's the real world. Don't think it's some foreign thing from… that it would never happen to your country. Well, these people in these countries didn't believe that would ever happen in their countries either. And it DID!  It did.


Now, here's the thing though.  You think about Bill Gates and his amazing agendas and his depopulation, that he's vocal about.  DEPOPULATION is the word, right.  A la Julian Huxley type and eugenics, hm.  And he’s got the money and power and the connections, because there's a big club at the top, you see, that's doing all this, a big club, he's not the only one there. That really run the world. They can sink countries overnight withdrawing money or causing catastrophes within countries through financial means. Quite easy to do.


Just like Soros did it, remember, he boasted about it and it was in the newspapers. He did an interview a few years afterwards, boasting about how he, I found a couple of my friends, he says, we all arranged to put in investments that would sink the country, and then Britain would have to bail itself out and borrow from the banks, [Alan chuckles.]  them probably.  But he boasted about it quite openly.  And Gates is the same ilk, you see. All the real villains in the Bond movies were not countries, they were these rich strange folk who belong to these strange clubs, big clubs, very powerful people.  That's closer to the truth, you see.


Now you take again Germany, that literally praised the work of the eugenicists in Britain and in London in the Darwinian associations.  It's still there yet, the Eugenics Society. They changed its name twice, I think. A lot, I don't know, a lot of its publications were listed there in fact, you could read them. They tried to tone it down and change it a bit because of World War II, when Germany actually put it into practice, openly.  Whereas the West and America, they'd got to the stage of forced sterilization and abortion for what they called certain families that just weren't up to par.  Hitler went further along that road, it was scientific socialism, right.  That's what it is, scientific socialism, and secular humanism, all tied together, you see, where the technocrats should just be efficient and get it all done and wipe the out the problems. Very simple.  And they went ahead to do it.


Well, of course they gave, it gave eugenics a bad name. Julian Huxley wrote volumes of stuff trying to cover the Eugenics Society in Britain and trying to hide what they were really up to for a while.  That's even been admitted to now by the same societies that still run eugenics in Britain.  I've got the articles right in front of me in fact but it's too long to read.


‘Julian Huxley and the Continuity of Eugenics in Twentieth-century Britain’ - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov / 20 March 2015


You think about that. Now, you take in Bill Gates, who, now, I don't watch TV, 'eh, but apparently his face is everywhere as a savior. Because he wants you to use his vaccine down the road, you see.  It's not just his.  I think even Fauci has got some say in the thing too.  Because now he, again, they all have their own private corporations that are worth millions. And Gates is kind of joined at the hip in some ways to Fauci as well, or vice versa.  Gates has given massive funding towards Fauci's group.  They're all involved. There's nobody here that is not compromised in some way, with the big, massive profit motive here.  And other things as well obviously.


But you take, I can remember Bill Gates, there's articles there too where IBM used to, used to have lawsuits out there about people stealing their different programs, etc., and Microsoft was one of them apparently, y’know. Now, think about this. IBM are often claimed to be running the Cardex system of, for the German Nazi party at the time. Including all the people who went into forced labor and into the camps and all the rest of it. They had them what, supposedly? Tattooed, a lot of them. 


Is it starting to, are you seeing a link here somewhere here? …tattoos in their arms?  Isn't that exactly what Bill Gates is...  I've read the last few weeks here one of his companies along with MIT working with a tattoo for the arm, that is your ID with your health and everything in it, kind of experiments perhaps, is that may be tied in with it too?


Ding, ding, is something connecting here, 'eh? 


So, IBM, again, a system that went into, again, computerization, Bill Gates, computerization, and IBM before that was into business machines including just keeping tabs on people, data collection back then, World War II, for the people involved.  And yeah, big tattoos, and on the arm. It's all recycled stuff back again. And people are NOT connecting the dots here.  Huh?!?


And Bill Gates is population control. Okay? Population control, 'eh?  Hm.  Because there's too many of what?  It would be the wrong people I suppose, 'eh.  And he works with all these big foundations that work with population control and abortion and who knows what else, 'eh.  But he wants to help the people.


Would you trust a guy like this?


Or any of these characters?


After all what you've learned here, 'eh, and what's freely available to read, it's not conspiracy theory here, this is published stuff including from MIT and from other articles praising Bill Gates for his ideas for a chip, y’know, implanted... in the vaccine and tattoos, etc. with your ID and all your medical information. Are you starting to get the picture here? 


But he wants to depopulate the planet.


What part of this doesn't compute here?  Hm?


And why is he getting all this incredible airtime everywhere? Is he just buying the airtime? Or does he have a hold over every country?  You understand, the politicians do what they're told from more powerful sources than you or I.  Well, how come this isn't getting tied into what it obviously is? 


Hm-hm-hm.  It's surprising.  I'll tell you what I was thinking too, y'know, about the, you understand, this is the new Klondike as well, where your slavery for the future is guaranteed with the massive bank bailouts and the devaluation of currency that's inevitable right now, 'eh.  You'll never ever recover that. Never, it's not meant to be recovered.  Because you're going in, it's all to bring about the new system. You're being forced into it because you wouldn't go along with it before.  You kept spending. You weren't sustainable. You kept consuming. Can't have that.


I thought too, I thought, my God, Bill Gates and computers, and data collection, and tattoos on your arms, and for the children too, 'eh.  With all the ID, digital electronics, and records of their health, who they are, everything about them. It isn't just for your health folks, this is everything.  And scannable by THE authorities, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  This is horrible.


There's so many Syfy's were put out too, even like Fortress where they'd scan you and had you all chipped and everything else too. The same kind of thing, dystopic. Well, here's your dystopias, here right here in front of your face and you're seeing it being put across like evangelism of science. You've got evangelism of scientists in scientific tyranny that Bertrand Russell said that they'd bring in. Here we are.  And they've trained you that it's going to be a wonderful thing. What a miracle that is, 'eh?  A miracle from hell.  So slickly done and folk can't see what it is. 


[Alan laughing.]  It's just astonishing.  From someone who says he's for population control and reduction. M-hm.


He's just the front of a massive organization behind it all.


I thought t'myself too, about that other movie that was out, V for Vendetta, y'know.  Entertaining as usual, as these kinds of movies always are. But again, it was a dystopic society. That could be presently here, 'eh?  Same type, where you're locked in your homes in a sense, y'know, and you have a tyrannical authority that's an emergency government that's now permanent because it formed itself after a plague was released upon the public. 


Of course, the whole plot of it is that it was deliberately released by the ones at the very top of this tyranny that took over under the pretense of saving you all. They would go after anybody that was a conspiracy theorist, meaning someone who understood what had happened and could write or talk about it, and they would imprison them and so on.  The guy, V for Vendetta was one of the people who were made prisoners at one point. He was a problem. Like all the other prisoners. But most of them had their spirits broken.


There's a scene in it and where the doctor, one of the doctors that worked with this group at the top with experimental vaccines and so on, that killed most of them, 'eh, horribly.  All for the, y'know, for the interest and the betterment of science.  So, when the V character goes after her because he's got a mission to, you always get people who get vengeance in these movies.  You never get it in real life, but they have vengeance in the movies.  


Kind of like an opera, you know. I can remember operas at one time, certain ones who got played in Italy, and they didn't have good endings in one or two of them. And the people in the towns and the people that went there went rioting through the streets.  So, they changed the end of the operas to make it a happy ending. Because that's what we want as humans, isn't it?  Where justice, real justice is done, 'eh.  But we never really get it in reality.


Getting back to V for Vendetta, he was after the doctor and she says, well yeah, these people eventually I came to despise them. They looked at the floor when they stumbled in for their shots and so on.  And I began to despise them, she says, as not human. And that's how they see you eventually. That's what science sees you as, like another animal.    The very fact that their spirits were broken made her feel disgusted all the more for them. And that's really how humans are. Especially the scientific crew and those who have authority over other people, that's unfortunately where it tends to go. It's very elitist. And if you're into eugenics in any way at all you're completely elitist, your viewpoints, and either way you'll discuss things that are elitist.


It's like when David Suzuki, and I put the talks up years ago, there's clips up there of him giving talks to students way back when he was young. And it’s eugenics, he was, again, a eugenicists.  He said that people are just maggots, he says. You can actually hear him; you can look up the link.  He says, different layers of maggots, he says.  At the top you have the people who are maggots and they excrete and the people down below them eat what's left and so on, and then they excrete.  So, it's a trickle, like a trickle-down theory he was explaining, until the ones at the bottom, the great mass of just these other ones at the bottom were just the masses of maggots.  That's how he explained it.  It's very much, it goes along with the territory of being a eugenicist. They'll call themselves realists, by the way, and they'll try and rationalize everything that they do by saying, well look, this is self-evident and blah, blah, blah, you know. 


I've mentioned before years ago I knew someone, casually really, as a woman who worked in school systems in Canada. Very pleasant, very nice person. But she'd somehow get pulled out every so often and go off and work for the United Nations and travel parts of the world. And I always wondered how she could even do that and still keep a job back home.  I guess it's like being in the military in wartime, your job is kept open for you coming back, if you're essential or you're important.  Put it that way, important is the word I guess. Because it really didn't happen in real life in wars before, the guys came back and found their jobs were all filled.


But anyway, she'd been off to China and getting all the, the real indoctrination about how they managed to keep the population down with the one child policies and how they'd literally pull the women in that were trying to keep it secret they were pregnant with the second child.  They would drag, they had even trained the public, you see, in China at that time in the villages and towns if they saw a person with another bump there they would literally drag them out and drag them to the abortion clinics. They had the public trained to do it.  It's easy to train the mob to turn on you. 


She thought that was great, you see.  I thought, what d'you mean. I says, what are you doing over there? She says, because we've got to use the same process everywhere else in the world. And I says, what d'you mean, you want to promote this even mandatory abortion if...  She says, well it has to come, she says. I said, what on earth gave you the right to even do this and decide for the people? She says, well, somebody's got to do it.


These people see themselves as pragmatists.  They believe that the easiest way to solve their problems is the shortest route to it.  They have no qualms, you see, efficiency is a technocratic term, and the world is to go into technocracy run by experts for efficiency's sake. I gave talks in this years ago, many of them too. In-depth.


As I say, it's just astonishing, that folk don't know what's even going on around them.  And who a lot of these people actually are even, they might even know themselves. And because you might like the person, you'll say, well that's, oh, well.  You won't think bad of them. Which means you're not thinking bad of what they're actually up to. But if you really sit back and you… you put it in a movie form or a book form, or even a novel, you'll say what a bad character that is, y'know.  That's how it is, folks.


There's a professor from Australia, I put up the links for his talks years ago too, where every year he'd pop up as a, and give his talk on the population and it's time that people stop retiring, they should just die at 65. He's talking about euthanasia, folks.  Because after the last bank crash, isn't it amazing, 'eh, that's the answer to it? Just stop collecting pensions, then that money can be used for other things. And the younger people can get jobs then, he says. What a liar. Forget any excuse they give.


They are murderers, these people!  They want to kill you all.


Because they aren't any jobs for the public! How can you have jobs, but before even this coronavirus, that they were already testing out Universal Basic Income, also called Universal Credit for some countries, and keep, oh, just staying at home and pay them just to be unemployed.  So, their excuses fall flat. You can't have it both ways, die off and leave jobs for the young, when the jobs aren't there anyway. They're all over in the Far East where the cheap labor is. For your corporate leaders, 'eh.


So don't fall for this, yeah, let's all get tattoos, and by someone who's going to number you all and have all your data, and treat you like a child or a lab rat or an animal, and make sure you're up to date with every possible vaccine that's out there. Because that's what they want to do, folks.  Huh?  And you won't be the $6 million man, believe you me, that we can rebuild. No, no.  Whatever they do, y’know, I...  no way. 


When you give up your right to decide what goes into your body, you're done for. You're done for.


And that's a right, folks. That's a right.


Don't forget, the vaccinations that they’re working on, they've all been working on, I've got all the articles by the characters at different universities, and all have their own businesses just like Fauci as well, same thing.  Ones in London as well.  And yeah, they're all working fervently. Because it's Klondike time, right?  It's vaccine Klondike. The billions are getting tossed everywhere.  If you get a handout, if you've got a scientific lab somewhere, oh yeah, sure, give me the billion and I'll try this and I'll try this and I'll try that, no problem.  You want an app who can trace the public for you with the apps ‘eh, give us a few million for this and a few million for that.  EVERY, every.... every piranha in the planet is in on this act here right now. Disgusting! Disgusting!  To enslave their fellow humans for profit. N-n-n.


But yeah, I really am surprised [Alan chuckles.] if folk are watching this with Bill Gates every night of the week, without the fact of, who's putting him on?  Hm?  He's no expert!  He's no expert in running the lives of other people! I didn't vote for him. Did you vote for him? Do you know anybody the votes for Bill Gates? And he's going to, what, give himself the authority to maybe do all this to you?  And have your governments mandate it, you know, that you get it all done? Really?!


And these vaccines aren't just little vaccines. These types are going to change the cells in your body permanently. That's what they're for.  [Alan laughing.]   


Just like V for Vendetta, line them up there and they'll all look at the floor, any of them look you in the eye, just hit them in the head with a rifle butt, y'know, that's the peasants.  Yep, that's what they do.  It's not a bad movie in some of the areas it goes into.  Also, too, they show you the standard technique of how they rule the public. They always have the guy at the top, I think it was John Hurt was the real bad leader type, who had arranged to have the disease released upon the public, killed a whole bunch of people, and that was the excuse he used to get into power.


Of course, they had a lot of PC stuff too, which was, you know, themes that really didn't even belong in it to be honest with you, y'know, with special interest groups of different kinds. As far as I'm concerned, you know, the public all, we're all part of the public, but the fact is, we can't even get together because of special interest groups, everybody's so divided into their own little thing, you see. 


Sad, isn't it?... divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer, there's no opposition to anything really.


But in V for Vendetta they also had below the chief guy they have the radio propaganda station giving you the news, what would they would do, and the guy who would practice in gesticulating and being loud in front of the camera and the microphone, [Alan's voice amplifying] how they're going to crush these enemies, and do his screaming and yelling  like a, you always get a globalist type, it doesn't matter what, the CIA uses them too, that type of technique across the planet.  So, it's the same technique over and over again, of how things are done. That's just... They follow a formula.


They have their scientific group as I say, the ones that experiment on prisoners and kill them and dissect them and study the dissection. Just like, that's what you do with lab animals too.  All animals that are used in experiments are dissected afterwards. You can't allow live ones to go out.  It's interesting, I've even got articles from quite a few years ago when people were actually caught from the lab in China, that Wuhan one, selling animals for food, huh, that had been used in experiments.


There's many ways to get stuff out of the laboratory in a country where people can’t get a lot of money for certain kinds of food. Think about that too. There's eggs used too in the making of vaccines, you know that as well, 'eh.  And they can have a lot of eggs left over, that have been partly [Alan chuckles.] processed along that route for vaccines. Imagine eating them later!  So, there's a lot more to this than meets the eye, folks, y'know. When you have criminal activity and people are, [Alan chuckles.] there's so many folk have tendencies for criminality, you're always going to have things like this happening.  Always.


It's no different than the Harvard professor, the one that was caught working for China. He worked also for the Department of Defense in the US, the Pentagon, departments for that too, biowarfare type thing. But he also worked for the Chinese. They knew this all along, for goodness sake. They knew what he was up to. Then he was arrested. It's astonishing what comes out.


And people forget it so quickly.  Because again, then they overload you with data to take you off the targets of what's really happening.  And to disable you with ridiculous stuff actually. 


Divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer. 


If you just stuck to the basic facts, this thing that came out of you know where, this particular one, and China did admit it initially, y'know, pretty soon after it came out.  Then you stick to, then you find out what it's for, these labs. You had other experts come out and say what these labs are for, they CREATE the viruses, well, just in case they should ever jump from an animal to human, we should do it first, you see, and that way we understand the process of it if it actually broke out, maybe we could create a vaccine before it happened.


Do you really believe, do you really swallow this rubbish? This is taught to them; they'll parrot this off to you.  I remember doing the talks when they send out guys to look for the corpses, frozen corpses from 1918 flu pandemic. I remember doing the articles, I'd saved them from hard copy, then they did it again.  Then one of them published in his newspapers and magazines, oh this is wonderful, this guy who was dug up, he found some frozen corpses in Alaska and some in Canada, north of Canada, and they've got live samples that were frozen of the lung tissue. Then of course they took it Fort Dietrich and other places and revived the darn thing!  Then a few years later, they said my God, we've actually made it more potent now, just in case it should come back and jump and become more potent by itself, we've already done it!


Do you realize what you're dealing with here? And d'you realize what incredible temptations for people who run the world to get a hold of this stuff? Or do it, or even pay for this to happen?  They're very ambitious people, and they really mean what they say. They really do.  The one good, [Alan chuckles.] it's one good thing about the atom bomb, [Alan laughing.] the Cold War. The one good thing is, that the leaders of all sides didn't want to die either. You see? But with this thing, you see, if you create the darn thing and you have a quiet antidote somewhere, you can be immune to it.  It's never going to affect you, and a select group of military, etc., and scientists and technocrats that will be around you.  Y'know? 


It's like that movie Moonraker. Remember Moonraker, the James Bond movie? Again, another multi billionaire type megalomaniac who found a kind of fungus from, I think it was from, was it a plant or something or… But it was deadly, and from Latin America, it was from I think an orchid of some kind.  So, in Moonraker the mad businessman/scientist billionaire, multibillionaire, had created a space station way out too, and he was going to put all, two by twos, y'know like Noah's Ark type thing, the best physical types of humans, male and female. He was going to set off globes that would go back to the earth containing a type of very rare orchid, I think it was an orchid type thing, and it would mix within the atmosphere as it burned up. It wouldn't quite burn completely, and all these little spores would come down and kill and sterilize the general public.


Quite a plan, 'eh?! [Alan chuckles.]  I'm sure there's more eugenicists today who just drool over that kind of idea.  But that was the theme of this story. It's much the same again where the guys, there's too many people and the wrong kind of people and they're just basically useless eaters, etc. etc. All the better folks should have the world for themselves, you see. And nothing changes, 'eh, with this mantra.  Because it's the same organization that's been around for an awful long time. I hope you understand that. 


I hope you understand this is an old, old idea.  Now they have the power to do it. Starting with the power of money. As I say, every country is now interdependent, as they call it, through free trade and all the treaties they signed on to which they should never have touched.  But again, we're not run by your politicians. Your politicians are puppets that are told what to do.  And you sign away all your rights to be self-sufficient. Look at us now, we can't even have facemasks. You got people trying to make facemasks at home now. You can't make anything.


In fact, you can't even get food anymore [Alan laughing.] in some places, there's a big story coming up.  Because again, this is all part of the war, isn't it?  That's what you get in warfare, when you get the food supply reduced.  And now you're into that mandatory austerity that I gave talks about that folk laughed at. That was all signed into law years ago under sustainability by your own politicians.  Well, here you are. You're not laughing now, are you?


So, I'll read a few of these articles here. Again, the spin that comes out when big money is involved has them all pointing in certain directions. Because they've been all told to get the blame away from anybody else, etc., right down to even where it came out from.  [Alan chuckles.] Which negates the fact that China has said already that it came from the lab. Eventually they said that. Not that long ago. 


Of course, we know that it took a route to the lab as well. It came from the US as well. It was pretty well given to them and then they were given money. That is true, they were given money by the US and other countries too, I have no doubt, to develop this stuff. Because the US, The gain of function, I have the articles here on the gain of function to do with coronaviruses.  It was too dangerous for it to even do inside America, ‘eh, so let's give it to the Chinese, 'eh? 


Here's something I just... Before I do forget this because sometimes you get ideas on the periphery of your mind, that just kind of revolve slowly around there and you see it once in a while. But I can remember again years ago reading on the air speeches, as I've said before, speeches from the president of China.  Y'know, boring stuff.  But what struck me was, I've mentioned this before, what struck me was his insistence that the West keep to the treaties that had been signed to do with population control. 


It was never elaborated upon because it obviously is meant for the leaders in the countries to go, okay we signed this and we're implementing our own agenda.  I hope you understand, that this is how they talk to each other, it's just that you don't read their stuff. It is boring stuff, but you'd be surprised the nuggets you get inside of it. Because you've never heard of these treaties getting signed that you must go along with depopulation too, etc., have you?


Now, let's say we make a movie here, 'eh, where a bunch, it's very biblical in a sense, a passage in the New Testament says that, I think it's in Revelation, and the people, and the Kings, leaders of the world, you see, the rich men, the Kings and so on, conspired against their own peoples.  So, it's like a club that they'd formed, where the leaders are all in a private, really, like Spector or something like that, the James Bond thing again, they conspire against their own peoples.  In other words, it's for nefarious purposes.  Of course, the last thing you would ever think of because you're trained to be naïve forever, y'know, that your leaders are really there for you. But they're not there for you. And they're not really your leaders either.  They are there to serve a much higher powers than you, and it's not what you would think of as a God in the sky or somewhere. It might be God's in a sense in the humanistic form that they are gods - that's what they think that they are - and in earthly form.


But think about it.  Supposing everybody's working in this together, [Alan chuckles.] and a good novel, we're talking like a novel form, like a movie or something. So, these guys get together and sign on these quiet treaties and agreements with each other and promise not to tell their peoples back home.  Then they go to work on figuring a way to depopulate.  So one country gives another country the virus [Alan chuckles.] that's partly worked on already, right, and it gives them the funding to kick it off as well, some of the funding to start it up as well. Then you have other ones involved in the same group that work to get a vaccine for it, you see. Because they gotta protect themselves first, right. And it's a law in biowarfare that they're supposed to, every stage of the gain of function that they make something utterly lethal, you can take something that's very, very innocent and harmless, as most viruses are, y'know, and give it a gain of function, which really means you've now altered it to attack whatever target you've altered it for to attack, animal or human, and you’re supposed to have an antidote to it at every stage of change of the gain of function, you see.


And you do find, yes, coincidently in real life you'll find people have patents on parts, including the inserts by the way.  [Alan chuckles.] It's quite interesting. [Alan chuckles.] Who d’you see every day on TV, has got the patents for the inserts, putting inserts into it? Have you heard of the HIV inserts were put on the thing, or very similar, there are some of them will say, very similar if not identical to HIV inserts? You wouldn't believe who's got the patent on that, would you?  So, you put that in it too, you see, with this private club at the top. And they would make an antidote to it as well.


But they would also achieve their goal of depopulation for the rest of the public. And so, cause a form of chaos for a while as they depopulate, and things go down and folk riot.  They've already worked out how to take care of the rioters over a period of months, years or however long, and starve the rest as well, y'know.  You could do it, awfully good movie.


By the way, while I'm talking about that too, remember Maurice Strong, this oddball Maurice Strong that was picked up by Rockefeller and put in charge of oilfields and trained in how the world really, really works, a la Rockefeller and his elite club that’s part of the same big world club that still runs it all today.  Maurice Strong actually talked about that, remember, he was at the World Economic Forum and the World Bank and all the rest of it, right, he was at the United Nations. He had the red-carpet treatment, literally the red carpet unrolled for him where he visited countries. No one would explain why he got this treatment. But I know his history too and his family history.


But anyway, Maurice Strong quipped, this is in the newspapers and magazines at the time because it was kind of unique in a sense, a guy of his status, where he never had a job in his life that he wasn't appointed to, y'know, by this club that he worked for.  But he says, he was musing, and I think it was at the World Economic Forum.  He says, what if a band of terrorists came in here and took over this place eventually and held the whole world to ransom, etc., financially, etc. unless certain conditions were made and blah, blah, blah?   And he rambled on.  It was almost like he was rambling about a dream that he'd love to have fulfilled in a sense about the general public and the planet and the changes they would bring in and all the rest of it through this takeover of the entire world's economy.  And he mused that like a, what he was going to use it for a, like a novel he said, y'know, it would be a good book, a good novel to read.


Well, coming from a guy who attended all these big meetings and made decisions that could make or break nations, it was a bit scary to some people when they actually saw this coming out of this character.  But that's what they muse about, these guys, y'know.  Maurice Strong, who said after the Rio Summit and then out came the Treaty on Biodiversity where all the animals and insects have rights in treaties and that but the people have none at all. He was asked openly, he says, well there's nothing in it about right for any human, y’know. And he says, by the time you're finished, you'll wish you had the same rights as a tree.


Well, no one elected him to anything. They're just appointed, you see, by the people who really run the world.  And then they put their drafted-out parchments out into every government to sign into law... on biodiversity and sustainability and depopulation and all the rest of it, folks. 


Where on earth do you get this idea you've got rights and you've got democracy? Where on earth do you get that? Where do you get it from?  Where have you been?  Hm?


Now, the articles...  [Alan laughing.] I'll get back to them again.  I'll put some up tonight. And some YouTube's as well. Because it's nice to see what your prison wardens are doing as they go around your streets and order you indoors and say, how long have you been out now, we know you've been out for longer than one hour, I saw you already an hour ago.  I'm not… I've got one doing that too. It's just disgusting, isn't it, treating you like little children with no rights at all, 'eh?  And threatened to arrest you, hm? 


A guy in Australia too got arrested because he took his car to the car wash. Then some cop thought it was a frivolous thing, it wasn't an essential thing to do. Well, the same with shopping, y'know, they go through your shopping and say, you don't need this, and you don't need that, you can only get food and medicine and essential things. And they decide what's essential, 'eh? 


You're putting up with this stuff? Well, you know something? Eventually you're going to get all that you deserve. Because it's not going to just stop.


The big kicker is too, even if they go, I've got a funny feeling they're going to start easing up a bit, you see, because there's too many folks kicking back.  And it's part of the agenda, the plan, they always have their little scenarios worked out, plan A, B, C, D, E and variations of them. If they folk get too ticked off and get cabin fever locked up at home, they'll start to say, oh we'll introduce certain, you can get out for a bit longer. Some folk can go back to work.  Some folk can do...  As they tried to, they've already tried to get you all to take your tattoos and your chips and get tracking things in your cell phones.  Come on, for goodness’ sake!  That's what you do for animals, you brand animals, 'eh.  Hm.  Think about it.


And if you cave into it it's never going to stop.  It's going to be more and more demands. You know that too. I hope you know that too. There's no such thing, you don't appease tyrants. You can't appease them. Because there's no satisfying them. You have to learn to keep walking backwards from now on if you go along with it. 


But yeah, you're literally just getting into absolute disgusting tyranny. And it doesn't end. I think they'll probably say, well okay, we'll ease up a little bit, then we'll hit it harder again and give them scarier figures, oh it's come back and it's worse than ever before. To get you into, oh my God, well okay, it's going to be into next year then. And maybe the year after that. Then you see, that's how they, they might just play it that way.  They might just do that.  And it will be agreed upon at the very top, y'know.  Until you cave in and just do what they tell you. And hand your body over, ha, for scientific experiments.  Which are not really experiments, because they'll know exactly what's it's going to do, eventually.


One article says…


SECRET ORIGIN Coronavirus outbreak ‘could have started in SEPTEMBER’, (A:  …last year.)

scientists warn

thesun.co.uk / 17 April 2020


Scientists say the initial outbreak occurred in a window between September 13 and December 7


(A:  It's funny how they, I love how these scientist come out with these, like, September 13, December 7, hm.)


However, researchers from the University of Cambridge have now claimed the outbreak could have begun six months ago - and much further south than the central Chinese city of Wuhan.


(A:  Give them money and they can, give me and I'll give you a thousand guesses a day if you want, I could make that up, yeah, no problem at all. Always got their hands out for it.)


The team analysed the different strains of coronavirus using a phylogenetic network – a mathematical process that can map the global movement of organisms through the mutation of their genes.


(A:  These folks are lost with their computers and all these programs that give you scary scenarios, 'eh.  And lots of guesses. It sounds better having guesses coming from a computer, well, it's scientific you know, it's a scientific answer. I-yi-yi.  I'll put this one up too.  And as they go through their findings...)


It has been found to share 96 per cent identical genes with a coronavirus isolated by Chinese scientists from bat droppings in the southwestern province of Yunnan in 2013.


They were bringing bats in from all these areas, folks.  It's already been published elsewhere from different places. Of course, they were. There's thousands of different kinds of bats at that area apparently in the southern part of China.  An endless supply of coronaviruses, of all kinds in fact. And I'm sure given gain of function, you could probably make them all deadly to humans or whatever species you want them to be deadly to.  Imagine paying folk to get that done, 'eh?  Can you make that deadly? Okay.  You know, just in case it ever did it by itself.


Coronavirus has been in California 'a lot longer than we believed' with cases as early as DECEMBER - dailymail.co.uk / 12 April 2020


Another article here's to do with, the Business Insider says that…


British scientists say the coronavirus outbreak may have started as early as September - businessinsider.com / 17 April 2020


Again, that one’s also got it there and then you've got this one from Nature Magazine.


Chinese infiltration of US labs caught science agencies off guard

nature.com / 20 Nov 2019


The US Department of Energy headquarters in Washington DC says the US science agencies’ slow response to the threat posed by China’s talent-recruitment programmes has allowed China to divert US government funds and private-sector technology to further its military and economic goals, a US Senate panel has found.


Its report, which lawmakers discussed at a hearing on 19 November, describes new details of China’s efforts to infiltrate US research institutions — including contract provisions requiring participating scientists to work on behalf of China.


(A:  That’s that China’s Thousand Talent Plan it’s called where they recruit scientists and professionals from different countries and different sciences and so on.)


The analysis focused on China’s Thousand Talents Plan, the most prestigious of more than 200 programmes that are designed to recruit leading academics and promote domestic research.


Despite the fact that many of these programmes were hiding in plain sight, federal science agencies were caught off guard and must now coordinate efforts to protect the US research enterprise, lawmakers said.


(A:  This article was done on 20 November 2019.) 


It's just, y'know, do you really think that no one has got a clue what's going on? Do you really believe that?  They know everything YOU're doing.  They know everything, every thought in your head pretty well, if you voice it on Facebook or you chat and you're doing twitters and all the rest of it. They've got you pretty well down pat, exactly what you're thinking and doing and all the rest of it.


But do you really believe they just don't know? They just don't know all these massive agencies that have got football fields and football fields and football fields of acreage of massive buildings storing all the data of the whole planet?  And duplicated and triplicated by the NSA and the FBI and the CIA and God knows what else, in the US alone, they just don't know what's happening?  Do you really believe that rubbish?


I'd rather just accept the fact there's a big [Alan chuckles.] a big [Alan chuckles.] conspiracy at the top where they're going to, they're all helping each other, conspiring as they said, y'know, against their own peoples. Because they all have signed on, they've got all countries signed on to sustainability and depopulation, folks. 


And again, these sharks, these utter vultures…


Apple, Google to harness phones for tracking virus infections

timesofisrael.com / 11 April 2020


Companies to add new software to their smartphones to make it easier to locate those who may have been exposed to coronavirus; say their plan factors in user privacy, security.


(A:  Again, getting back to that article by Bill Gates, y’know, back in George Magazine, in what, 1997. He said the same thing about security, and he says, and freedoms and how the Americans, it would be hard to get them to give up their freedoms, he said, that they wouldn’t do it voluntarily. Maybe with a crisis of some kind, he says, or terrorism, they give up their freedoms.  This is all discussed in an interview, ‘eh, y'know, a casual interview.)


(A:  So here we are again and these vultures as I say and pariahs are all going in for this massive, again, Klondike, this financial Klondike where they just stick their hands out to literally, literally bury their own populations... with the disgusting scientific slavery that the shackles of smart phones and their apps to track and trace, and right down to even, and they'll have, they've got trackers for Australia in different places. Trackers.) 


(A:  You saw them in China with the big nets, they go out, if a person doesn't voluntarily bring themselves in, they net them. Well, this is where this is to go to, you see. I hope you're understanding where it's all, it's all connected, folks. It's one agenda for the planet here.  So here they are, all to help you, it's all to help, you see. So…)


Apple and Google launched a major joint effort to leverage smartphone technology to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.


… and it's going to contain the Covid 19 pandemic. Who's kidding who? Meanwhile the countries are still bringing people in from all over the planet. Canada's bringing them in from across Africa now. People who have got dual citizenship, but they prefer to live in the countries that they actually came from in the first place, cheaper, but Canada's bringing them in from some of the most heavily infected areas. And from India too.  Right, [Alan chuckles.] and giving them millions of bucks to help them come back.  Well, how can you have a quarantine when you're going to still keep bringing people in from heavily infected areas? 


You see, if things don't make sense, there's a different agenda on the go. There really is, folks.  [Alan chuckles.]  I hope you understand that.  People are not stupid at the top. Don't ever… They always want you to think they just slipped up. But there's no slip-ups here. The whole nations are locked down and going bankrupt and no work, let's bring more people into the country from infected areas.


Why are we locked up then if they're still bringing folk in? Well, they're going to promise to go home and quarantine. And if they don't have a place to go and quarantine at home? You see, a lot of them don't because they're living outside the countries, they don't live here.  They came from India a lot of them, or Africa, and they can get a pension very quickly and go back and make more money over there, even get funded for different programs. And I'm sure Mr. Gates will be connected with a lot of them too, in those countries. A lot of them are actually, that's what Canada does, we recruit a lot of them and fund them to go back to push these agendas. It's just astonishing. Nothing is ever what it claims it is, folks. I hope you understand that. 


So yeah, they mention Apple and the rest of them. They're all in it too. This one here mentions Israel. Israel's getting into it. Everybody gets into it because there's big, big money and when the government's supposedly pretending to panic by tossing billions across the planet here, billions, you wouldn't believe the money that they're getting even for a simple app.  You could probably retire for the rest of your life and live in utter, utter luxury.  Huh? Anyway…


The technology works by harnessing short-range Bluetooth signals. Using the Apple-Google technology, contact-tracing apps would gather a record of other phones which came into close proximity.


(A:  Remember, they used the same thing with some of the apps, and they found folk were getting stopped, it was a few years back.  Oh, we're finding people with the same phones that you've got, and folk were getting literally harassed by people just turning up, knowing where they were going and the whole thing, or where they were. It was a STALKER TOOL. Well, this is just the same thing with a different name on it.  We'll find it's going to the same phone.  Well, this will find anybody who's been near anybody else with this thing.)


Software developers have already created such apps in countries including Singapore and China to try to contain the pandemic.


(A:  You contain the pandemic by stopping folk moving into your countries. Even if they ARE citizens, you can't let folk in. You either do something completely and properly or not at all. It's pointless doing it like piecemeal.  So, there's no intention of stopping it that way. But it's definitely intended to crash the economy and retrain the public into the new world order as they call it. And they do call it ‘the new world order’ by the way.)


In Europe, the Czech Republic says it will release such an app after Easter. Britain, Germany and Italy are also developing their own tracing tools.


In Israel, the Shin Bet internal security agency has carried out a controversial mass surveillance campaign to monitor the coronavirus spread and issue quarantine orders using private cell phone data.


(A:  Everybody's ticked off with them.  But this is the agenda for the world, 'eh. This is the agenda for the world.)


The tracking, which uses cell phone location data, credit card purchase data and other digital information, aims to alert and order into quarantine people who were within two meters, for 10 minutes or more, of someone infected with the virus within the past two weeks.


There's another one too by the way, I think it's Ford Motor Company has developed some kind of buzzer that goes off, I think you wear the thing, I don't know if it's a bracelet or what it Is at your workstation, and goes off if you break the 2 meter barrier to the person nearest you.


D'you realize there's nothing, where is the humanity?  This is inhumane. All of this is inhumane, folks.  And I was thinking about that, I was thinking, again, I get these little pictures sometimes in your mind, that's how, it's good to have, you picture things, when you read things too.  I thought of the movie Metropolis, y'know, where they also have the working population as slaves. They're trudging drearily in the masses, the masses, the mass workers, step-by-step, and everything's been ordered by diktats in time and efficiency, you see, because technocracy wants efficiency.  It strips you of all humanity or human needs and so on until you're just another machine yourself and when you're broken and done for, they just toss you way.


Well, I was thinking about that too and there's Ford putting these things in, you've got to wear the darn thing.  And each time a baaaaaang-baaaaaaaang will go off, you don't, you'll jump, and you'll jump like with a… No doubt too, I hope you all sue Ford if your hands are in anything that’s caught in the machinery or anything. I hope you start to do that, folks. Because you definitely will jump when you hear this baaaaaa-baaaaaaa, this hooter going off, 'eh.  How stupid, 'eh?  But that's, it tells you what they really think of the people. This is what you, they did with Pavlov's dogs. And do you realize too there's a psychological thing working, I'll get into that in a second, the psychological techniques that's getting worked with Pavlovian style here.


But back to the buzzer, and Metropolis, then I thought about the Brick in the Wall, Pink Floyd, y’know, and the movie version of it too.  But the song, y'know, and then it had a bit in the song and in the little video that went with it in the movie, a cartoon type thing.  Of course, it's a real actor playing headmaster.  Britain used to have these vicious headmasters at one time. They really ruled you literally with leather straps, they'd whack you with on the hands or elsewhere. And canes and so on. That's how it used to be and so on in some of the schools.  A lot of the schools actually. It was very militaristic.


In Pink Floyd's The Wall they have the Scottish guy, the headmaster, and he shouts, how do you expect, what was it, to be healthy or to grow up, if you don't eat your porridge, he says, you've got to eat your porridge, and he’s screaming at them and the whole bit.  And when I saw that thing with Ford, I thought, I thought of that cartoon. And I thought of the headmaster too shouting at the workers there, how do you expect to stay safe if you don't stay 2 meters apart!  Just like that, the same kind of thing you see.  It's the same thing. You're a brick in the wall, 'eh, do what you're told.  Obey the bullies, the real abusers, hm.


And getting into the Pavlovian stuff.  Again, counterintelligence must get people off, number one, stop them from being unified on anything.  Because if they're unified there's power there. Create all kinds of little differences, start off with silly things, and then promote, and even pay folk to join it. They do that too at the top, they give you the leaders to follow. Then you split up the main group until it's all fragmented and there's no power left, you see, to complain and do something. That happened with 9/11 and the Truth Movement and different movements that came out of that too.  That's counterintelligence, that's what you do with it. 


But have you noticed how many articles with professionals, 'eh, wear masks, don't wear masks?  And for months you had, don't wear masks, by the top guys saying, don't wear facemasks, y'know, you don't need them, only doctors need them.  The facemasks will know it's a doctor wearing it, I guess that's the logic behind it, you see. 


Meanwhile all the masks that were in your own country were getting sold off back to China. [Alan chuckles.]  There was this [Alan chuckles.] woman with a YouTube that was selling create loads of the stuff back to China, big bucks, and leaving nothing in the US.  Same thing what's happening in Canada and in Australia. 


But the thing is, no, don't wear facemasks. No, you're supposed to all be vulnerable to it and spread it too, nevermind inhale it, so don't do it. Then suddenly it's ordered, oh do it, do it, some places are saying do it, right? 


So before, you've got police ready to hit you in the head with a baton if you even had a mask on, you see, like, we want to see your face, you know, for cameras and everything, we want to see your face.  But I'm trying to protect myself and stay alive.  It doesn't matter, do what you're told. You see, eat your porridge.  Then you get into the same cops, where's your facemask? Y'know? You see, your Pavlov, this is a big experiment going on here to destroy your ability to discern and decide for yourself with logic, using logic. This is all Pavlovian technique. This was used in Russia, Soviet Russia.  It wasn't to, they weren't trying to find out what they could do with dogs. They were trying to find out what they could do with humans.  And they had human experimentation going on big time too by the way.  All the countries in the West shared that information because they love all these techniques of control and so on.


But anyway, when you’re assaulted by authority figures demanding, and who put you in fear, and threats of force, or fines or imprisonment, right, for either doing something one day and not doing it the next, and vice versa, until you literally can't make a...  That's Pavlovian technique. The dog was trained initially when the bell rung to go to this corner, and there's the food, it would come out, you see.  And it would go on for a little while, and one ring would happened and the dog would do it.  Then one day the ring would go, he'd go over there, but as he was going over there it would get shocked before he got the food. 


So, here's the logic, I'm doing the right thing, I’m being good, and zap. Right.  And then you show them where the food is, put it at the other end of the cage and they'll go there, and do that for a little while, and then zzzzzzzzzzzzap again, you see. Until eventually the dog doesn't know where to stand. Utterly neurotic, total breakdown.


This is psychological warfare. I hope you understand it.  This is really happening.  I've been reading some of the reports, the masses of information.  Again, the billions and millions are also going into studying you like you would not believe right now. They've always done this but now is a real boom in information for them and they're making the best of it. They're just astonished as they're studying you all. And oh, how they're all, if they can conflict the information from the SAME experts often too, in the same articles you're getting two opposite opinions on anything from supposedly the world's experts.  All deliberately put out there until you can't make your mind up or discern anything for yourself.   This is pure Pavlovian psychological warfare. That's what's happening, folks. I hope you understand it.  I really do. Because that really, really is what's happening.


Now another one here too…


Spies are already in your phone. A highly controversial private firm may be next.

timesofisrael.com / 6 April 2020


(A:  Again, it's about the NSO group from Israel. And this is from Israel, this article. It says…)


With unemployment at 25 percent, and most Israelis confined to a hundred-meter radius of their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic, few have paid much attention to the government’s program to track coronavirus patients using cellphone data.


In a survey last week by the Israel Democracy Institute, 63% of Jewish Israelis and 38% of Arab Israelis said they trust the Shin Bet and other government bodies to use the cellphone data they collect responsibly, and only for purposes of preventing contagion.


(A:  So, this is… don't forget that these kind of polls or studies are propaganda studies to convince the rest. Most folk follow... Oh well if 63% says it's going to join, then I'll do the same.  That's what polls are even FOR. They're meant to convince people. And people throw their weight behind it, they join them, y'know. Psychology again. Anyway, it says…)


But Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, a senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, and head of the institute’s program on Democracy in the Information Age, believes this trust is misplaced. She warns that amid the chaos and confusion of the coronavirus pandemic, Israel’s government has undertaken “an extreme and massive human rights breach, allowing a secret service which is the most non-transparent body you can imagine, to gain access to all the digital personal data of Israeli citizens.”


Not only has the Shin Bet been given unprecedented access to the data of all Israelis, including their location history and information about their phone calls, text messages and websites they visited, says Shwartz Altshuler.


Mind you too, don't forget too, they're already monitoring all your phone calls too, if you mention something about headaches or anything of the symptoms, you might just get a visit.  I hope you understand that. This is the old program where it's activated by certain words, algorithms looking for certain words in use and sequencing of words too. This is all getting shoved into the smart apps and so on for your smart phones. Yep.


One day you might get a smart net coming over your head, [Alan chuckles.] smart net over you're not so smart head, 'eh.  It might just happen.


This article too, Wikipedia, you can look it up yourself, the NSO Group.  It’s got a dirty name and…


NSO Group - en.wikipedia.org


I think it's all guys who have worked with the intelligence agencies for Israel.  They've been in trouble before, so-called trouble, for really invading other countries’ territories too. They'll sell the information data, the information gathering data to the highest bidders at times too apparently.  That's who… I think they even had vans in some countries that were spotted at one point, these white vans were just loaded with equipment in other countries.  But anyway…


Contact tracing for coronavirus (COVID-19): how it’s done in Queensland (A:  Australia.)

health.qld.gov.au / 23 March 2020


When a person in Queensland is diagnosed with an infectious disease like coronavirus (COVID-19), we use contact tracing to figure out where they caught the virus and who they might have passed it on to.


Contact tracing is not really anything new for those who don't know that. They used to use it when they really did go after to try to stop diseases spreading, they would use it.  I think they still use it for sexually transmitted diseases, for gonorrhea and syphilis and things like that.  It's interesting too that I can remember when the AIDS thing really broke out, and because it was so... became politicized, so it was the only one that can be passed on sexually that they wouldn't go and trace because it invaded certain people's privacies.  And that was a big stink at the time.  It was a break in routine and formula for handling diseases that were pretty deadly diseases, you see, untreated.


So, this is just, this is a big move on now because they've got the cell phones and they're going to start using it like, almost like, what d'you call it? Well, it is a SPY, of course it's a spy that you're going to be locked onto before you get your, eventually get your chip and all that for Gate's tattoos, etc. But that's where you're going with it all. You buy your chains, I keep telling you, you buy everything yourself, don't you?  We'll, it's so convenient.


Now, here's, this is Queensland now, I'll put this article up about Queensland as an example. Because they tell you how they go through it with tracing, etc. How they can trace them back to confirmed cases and so on, try to find the root and how many folks got infected by even one person for instance.  Which is kind of ridiculous if they're bringing people back in that were in the countries that, from highly infected areas.  It's rather ridiculous.  And most folk don't show temperature at the time. A lot of folk too won't even know they've got it. 


What gets me is that if most folk have had it very mildly or not at all, there are no symptoms at all, most people, how many folk end up being carriers of it?  I hope you understand that certain people often are asymptomatic carriers, that are like all permanent, hm?  For most viruses it might mutate within them and change again, and hopefully get completely harmless. But you've got all these other factors that they're not even talking about here. It's quite amazing.  And then…


Convincing Australians to use government-sponsored coronavirus-tracing app a tough ask

abc.net.au / 15 April 2020


(A:  Not an ask, it's a dictate from them.)


We live in the world of big data. It's a world where governments and private companies know more about us than ever — and we've never been more suspicious of them.


(A:  No kidding, I wonder why?)


While many are oblivious or uncaring of the data being amassed about them through every click of the mouse, every notification "liked" or every online purchase, some citizens fear an Orwellian future where state collection of information leads to repression.


And if it's not governments' use of that information that triggers suspicion, there's the omnipresence of tech giants who've become expert at monetising users' data.


(A:  Then they go through community anxiety and how to stem it...)


Stemming community anxiety about the use and misuse of personal data...


(A:  So, the federal governments work of course trying to make you all calm about it, and don't be so suspicious that we know everything about you, y'know.)


With a view to keeping a closer eye on the coronavirus outbreak, the Prime Minister's tasked development of a smartphone app to help monitor the daily interactions of Australians.


It's not an original concept. China, Hong Kong, Russia and Singapore all have COVID-19 apps.


(A:  Well, you see, there's the standard thing they get you to go along with... well, they're using it in all these countries. Well, in some countries they take the heads off people in public, should we do the same here?  You see, that's no argument at all.  But they always use that when the public don't want to go along with something... well, they did that in this country, and they do it that country...)


But the Government needs at least 40 per cent of the public to voluntarily sign up in order for it to be effective. And that's going to be a significant challenge.


(A:  Well, I don't know. I think most folk will probably, oh well, you know, it’s free, you don't have to pay for it.  Yep.  Even in Singapore, which it says...)


In Singapore, which perhaps has a more compliant and obedient population, just 20 per cent of people have signed up to the TraceTogether app.


Well, they're hardly more obedient because they're showing they really don't want it even there. And they really are scientifically socialized, social experiment in Singapore.  They don't know that, but they are.  They were picked for it long ago.  Well studied too.


Then Moscow is launching an app as well to track movements of people in the capital.


Coronavirus: Moscow rolls out patient-tracking app

bbc.com / 1 April 2020


Moscow is launching an app to track the movements of people in the capital diagnosed with coronavirus, who have been ordered to stay at home.


The city's IT chief said the service would become operational on Thursday.


Germany is expected to announce its own app that ties into the scheme shortly.


...etc. etc., worldwide, same agenda, same agenda, 'eh?  What would have happened if we had no phones? We wouldn't be talking about this nonsense of monitoring everybody, 'eh?  Wouldn't it?  But you remember, once these apps are out there, it's to collect ALL data on you, and you'll give them permission eventually to accept this taking all data about you and it will be normal.  Everything is getting normalized. New normals, hm?  I remember talking about new normals years ago, until folks started using the same term.  Because I went through the whole technique of creating new normal, and here we are living through it all.


Illinois county must hand over coronavirus patients' names to police, judge rules

foxnews.com / 15 April 2020


(A:  ...judge rules, that's the interesting part too.)


An Illinois judge has ordered that the McHenry County Health Department hand the names of those who have tested positive to coronavirus over to police.


(A:  And I guess there's no symptoms, right.  You think you go in there just to do these little drive-in things, just to put you at ease. No, there's other things behind this, folks, believe you me.)


The Health Department in McHenry, approximately an hour outside Chicago, had originally refused to hand over the names, prosecutors said. Health departments typically cite privacy concerns in withholding such information, specifically the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  (A:  That’s what they’ve got there specifically, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.)


State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s office filed a lawsuit last week on behalf of Sheriff Bill Prim, who had asked the Health Department to provide the names and addresses of those infected to 911 dispatchers. The information would be relayed to officers assigned to each call so that they could take necessary health precautions.


“This was a no-brainer for the Health Department, a common-sense, confidential, and entirely lawful way they could have worked collaboratively with police departments to assist in enhancing the safety of officers and the community in these dangerous times, and they strangely refused,” Kenneally said, (A:  …strangely refused?  Really?) according to the Chicago Tribune.


“The fact that we had to spend precious time and public resources, clearly best spent elsewhere in this difficult time, to get a court order in our favor is beyond disappointing,” Kenneally continued.


Do you realize too, why not just expand it, which it will, hm?  When you've got all this data handed out and you've got, you're track and traced, it's on your cell phone and all these different agencies have access, they'll have your whole history there. Suppose folk, what about folk who have different kinds of hepatitis? or have had it in the past? How about the people who got certain types of herpes infections, hm?  How about folk with AIDS?  Etc. etc.? Do you see where it's all going to go?  I hope you understand what I'm saying here.  Hm?  It's not going to stop here. That's your entire health record here, stamped and monitored, 'eh. 


An army of coronavirus tracers takes shape in Massachusetts - boston.com / 16 April 2020


Here you go with the food.   Well, what happens when you stop everything working, 'eh, and there's no money and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah?  and you're being cut back with the food supply and yada, yada, yada?...


COVID-19 to have 'immediate and drastic' impact on Canadian meat supply: industry group

ctvnews.ca / 13 April 2020


(A:  Well, that's because, I've already read the articles from the last crash when they said they wanted to do away with meat altogether.  And so, they stop you eating it, right?  So, it's a really great thing for them now, they're really happy.)


TORONTO -- Some of North America’s largest meat producers have been forced to close their plants or reduce production amid the spread of the novel coronavirus, prompting industry leaders to warn of “immediate and drastic” effects on Canada’s supply chain.


Beef processing capabilities have been reduced at a number of facilities in Canada and the U.S., including a temporary reduction at a Cargill meat plant in High River, Alberta., where dozens of employees have tested positive for COVID-19.


“This single facility represents just over one-third of Canada’s total processing capability, so the impacts to the Canadian beef industry are expected to be immediate and drastic.”


So, I guess that’s it, and they’re getting the whole agenda through very quickly, the meatless society and Bill Gates' rotten burgers and stuff, which have got about a thousand chemicals in it.  Here’s another article…


Why Americans may see a meat shortage during the coronavirus outbreak

abc7chicago.com / 17 April 2020


Some massive meat processing plants have closed at least temporarily because their workers were sickened by the new coronavirus.


The meat supply chain is especially vulnerable since processing is increasingly done at massive plants that butcher tens of thousands of animals daily, so the closure of even a few big ones can quickly be felt by customers.


It goes on and on and on. You've got to understand too, there's a lot of folk that don't even... if the folk who drive it are sick, or are told to stay home, no one's driving this stuff to delivery, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc., right.  And a lot of these cattle too have other kinds of feed than just eating out in fields, these days, and what happens when that production stops too?  On and on it goes. It's a domino effect. Inevitable. Another article…


Coronavirus may cause some food shortages, warns government task force

news.yahoo.com / 3 April 2020


(A:  Governments are now warning, and they've got their taskforces, oh my God, they got taskforces on, oh my God, we didn't realize this might happen.  Oh, wow.  Do you really believe that nonsense?)


WASHINGTON — The nation could begin to see food shortages for some products if the people working on the supply chain lack personal protective equipment, warns an internal Trump administration document obtained by Yahoo News.


Empty supermarket shelves have become one of the most jarring images of the coronavirus pandemic.


It goes on and on here. But what do you expect is going to happen?  They're already dumping meat and potatoes and everything else, and all you're left with is the heavily, heavily, heavily soaked industry of vegetables today.  Unless you can afford the purely organic. And again, you can't even get purely organic now unless you grow them yourself, maybe. And even then, you've got all the, hhhhh, polluted, certain polluted types of clouds raining down on you and your crops and so on.


But anyway, most of the stuff now, seeds and everything is owned by certain companies with the terminator genes, etc. built into them. It's amazing how it's all worked in advance, 'eh, so you just can't even save seed anymore.  You could almost swear someone had planned it all, 'eh, y'know, you could almost think that, wouldn't you? if you were kind of suspicious about things, wouldn't you?  And here you are when you need all these freedoms and rights etc. and you just don't have them.  It's rather, hm, what can you say?  Interesting at least.  So…


Global Food Supply Chains Beginning to Erode, Crisis Looms?

goldtelegraph.com / 13 April 2020


It was announced yesterday; the world’s biggest pork producer is closing a primary U.S plant indefinitely after a coronavirus outbreak amongst employees.


Smithfield Foods Inc. will halt its pork-processing facility in South Dakota.  The company also warned that closures across the country are taking American meat supplies “perilously close to the edge” of shortfalls.


(A:  Well, of course it is. It’s obviously meant to happen because what else? If you also stop all the workers, and the drivers, and the facilities where you store stuff, etc. etc., there you go.)


However, there is a dramatic difference today. Prices are not dropping; in fact, grocery bills are getting more expensive by the day. Supply chains are being disrupted due to the transportation and of course processing of a vast selection of foods.


So, everybody’s making a profit off misery.  That's part of the human condition that always leads to hell, a living hell, y'know.  Australians also…


Australians risk shortage of basic grocery items amid coronavirus - news.com.au / 12 April 2020


This is a good one, 'eh?  You know, there's a whole bunch of… in wartime scenario...  I was watching some old propaganda stuff from Britain, an old disc I have there with documentaries of propaganda from World War II, on rationing. It was really interesting.  They show you 2 inches of butter for a person a week, that's what you got, 2 inches of butter. And a bit of meat that you could have probably measured with the size of your thumb at times, you know, starvation diet.  That was the white privilege back then...  [Alan clears his throat.]  where folks literally into the 1950s and 1960s had rickets, the children.  The working class of course.  But this article here says, and they're giving you the same… 


You see, they're giving you the same propaganda, how to cook this and how to do that. The same stuff that George Orwell talked about. Because he had a show on the BBC radio during the war and he said, I used to have to try and convince the public that previously discarded items of food, certain beef and things like that, things that were thought unfit for human consumption, he had to convince them that this was the best food they ever had. They put out articles saying that the people in Britain had never been healthier. I was watching it last night; it was quite fascinating. 


That's what you're seeing again as they unroll the same trash and the same recipes to you, to make you… And then they'll come out and say, you've never been fitter than you are today, y’know, as you watch all these different diseases come back again and your bones start to go all wonky in the children's legs, etc., and the keep telling you how wonderful it is. The same kind of thing. The same rubbish.  We’re pretty well there.


But yeah, now they're creating all these new ones again for you, how to sunbathe, etc., y’ know, so…


Italian Beachtowns Plan "Plexiglass Cages" To Enforce Safe-Sunbathing This Summer

zerohedge.com / 16 April 2020


(A:  Right?  Can you believe this? Can you imagine being baked inside a Plexiglas cage? You'll die.  So...)


Once the quarantine is over, there will be time to explore and observe how society has evolved rapidly.  (A:  No kidding you.)   Well, by the time everyone makes it out of the house this summer, we all might be ushered back into quarantine by fall as the second coronavirus wave could be fast approaching.


...you see, that's how they're going to play it here, same thing. You wait and see. Because this is to last for at least one year, maybe into the next year, and maybe even the following year.  And then it's permanent.  Then you'll have to have your ID and prove you had all your vaccinations, your recent vaccinations before you can venture out. Or you'll get, you know, tasered or worse.  If you allow this to even continue any further.  Never mind poverty, massive poverty.  This will be worse than the poverty of the 1920s, folks.  It will.  Another article…


Trudeau defends new flights bringing Canadians home from across the globe

thestar.com / 1 April 2020


(A:  This is how they word it, bring Canadians home.  Well, these are folks who have been LIVING almost like permanently across in other countries like India and Africa.  That generally came into Canada from there, three years in the citizenship, maybe a little work and some kind of pension, or work, or they go back with missions into Third World countries. That's often what they use them for.  So, he says…)


OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadians being flown home from abroad must subject themselves to “rigorous” and mandatory 14-day self-isolation.  


(A:  Well, who’s going to watch them?  Nobody.  This has happened already ...as we're all locked down in prisons, 'eh?  Right?  So, it says…)


Global Affairs Canada says the planes will arrive from Algeria, Ecuador, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Hungary and Spain.  (A:  …and other countries too.)


The department says the government is planning more flights from Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Peru, Algeria, Poland and Pakistan in the coming days.


Plans are also being made for several fights from India, starting on April 4 and continuing for the next four days until April 7.  (A:  That’s actually still on the go.  And it says here…)


The government says it has approved 449 loans worth $1.4 million under its emergency program for Canadians abroad and is processing another 900 loan applications.


You'd be surprised how Canada is working for a lot of foundations, a lot of these people are in foundations, and the Gates types and other ones too across the world. To change the cultures and [Alan chuckles.] the systems and the populations maybe of the different countries as well. They send them out there. They're all over the place. It's like a training place for them here in Canada.  So, there's the money, $1.4 million emergency program for Canadians abroad.  N-n-n.


Meanwhile there's no, there's nothing, if you don't have someone to get your groceries for you, if you're high-risk, I guess you just starve here. Because nothing's been said as to what to do or who's going to help you or anything. That's just how it really is. So, you just put yourself at risk and just, if you live here, it's just tough cheese if you get it if you have to go out and shop for yourself.  The folk in the country have got nothing given to them at all, no help whatsoever.




U.S. government gave $3.7million grant (A:  Of course, you all know that one.) to Wuhan lab that experimented on coronavirus source bats

dailymail.co.uk / 11 April 2020


REVEALED: U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab


Y'know, the guys you're seeing now on the TV are involved with all this, agreeing to get all this done, you see, for this happening in the first place.  It makes me… You understand, they're not going to save you, these guys. These guys that are out there telling you what to do have the agenda, a whole agenda to fulfill and they also enabled a lot of this to happen in the first place by giving this stuff first to China etc. etc., from the labs in the US in North Carolina. 


Another article…


Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Ready in Six Months: Times

bloomberg.com / 11 April 2020


(A:  They’re all publishing this stuff because it’s so, because it’s so lucrative, y'know, every hand is out there.)


Scientist leading U.K. team says she is “80% confident”


(A:  I guess just throw them the money in, maybe that will go up more confident.)


Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, told The Times on Saturday that she is “80% confident”


It generally takes years to develop, she says.  But you see, they are onto a new type. As I say, it's not the old type vaccine. This stuff is going to alter your CELLS permanently, genetically reorder your own cells.


When you see this woman Sarah Gilbert, she's also got her own private vaccine company. They all do this, they use universities too, with grants galore, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  But she's up there too just chomping at the bit hoping to get another few billion, no doubt. Whoever gets the vaccination contracts is just set for life, and about 10 generations down the road too.  Incredibly lucrative.


She actually mentions it in an article which I'll put up too, if I can find it again, how again, these new vaccines actually work to alter the cells in your body that produce the different enzymes and so on that often get... You see, viruses are almost like little robots that are kind of inactivated until they hit certain enzymes in your own lung tissue, these proteins, 'eh, which activates them. So, they're going to alter that, the actual different cells in your lungs and your body, folks. [Alan chuckles.]  I hope you understand what I'm saying here.  Huh? 


What happens in a few years time from it? Well, they'll find out, you'll all consent to it.  Remember too, laws since the days of Ronald Reagan changed that you can’t sue the companies anymore for the damage that they do. There's always damage.  In every X amount of vaccines, X amount of people in every vaccine trial is damaged. It just happens.


There's nothing that you can take into your body that's perfectly safe, folks, especially with chemicals, and viruses and bacteria, etc.  and adjuvants as well of all kinds.


And even, you understand, what you're getting if you get an injection into your body?  That's an invasive process. It used to be classed along with surgery.  Anything that breaks your skin to get into your body is an invasive type surgery. And you can sue them. So, during the Reagan times, because there were so many screw ups that were made with different vaccines that were put out at the time, with all of this, the initial swine flu one all the rest of it.  And folk died of injections, that the fascist governments, which you have, they're all fascist, I don't care if it's communist or whatever you want to call them, they are all fascist in the end.  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's the same duck, sure it is, that's imitating the rest, you see, a good ventriloquist type duck, they're all the same.


So anyway, I'll put all these articles up tonight. Also, an article I ought to put up too, this is April 13th and it says…


In March, US Deaths from COVID-19 (A:  …right...) Totaled Less Than 2 Percent of All Deaths


There’s been so much scandal come out recently from folk working in the hospitals and that being told just to put it down, like that Senator, I'll put that link up again to the senator who is also a doctor in the States, who he said that he received instructions from the health service to just put people down as, y'know, dying of coronavirus, even when they weren't.  He said how much the hospitals get paid if they put them down as coronavirus stuff as opposed to death by other causes, like pneumonia or whatever by other viruses and so on. 


Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen - Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator - thespectator.info / 9 April 2020


Big jump that they get, the hospitals get.   So much corruption across the board, 'eh?  They're getting told to put it down and to fudge all the statistics.  So, this is part of the Pavlovian technique as well, ‘eh, you get all this different conflicting information.  So…


In March, US Deaths from COVID-19 (A:  …right...) Totaled Less Than 2 Percent of All Deaths

ronpaulinstitute.org / 13 April 2020


About 2.9 million people die in the United States each year from all causes. Monthly this total ranges from around 220,000 in the summertime to more than 280,000 in winter.


(A:   That's normally what the average is.)


In recent decades, flu season has often peaked sometime from January to March, and this is a major driver in total deaths. The average daily number of deaths from December through March is over eight thousand.


So far, total death data is too preliminary to know if there has been any significant increase in total deaths as a result of COVID-19…


In a March 30 article for The Spectator, former UK National Health Service pathologist John Lee noted that the current number of deaths from COVID-19 does not indicate that the UK is experiencing "excess deaths." Lee writes:


The simplest way to judge whether we have an exceptionally lethal disease is to look at the death rates. Are more people dying than we would expect to die anyway in a given week or month? Statistically, we would expect about 51,000 to die in Britain this month. At the time of writing, 422 deaths are linked to Covid-19—so 0.8 per cent of that expected total. On a global basis, we’d expect 14 million to die over the first three months of the year. The world’s 18,944 coronavirus deaths represent 0.14 per cent of that total. These figures might shoot up, but they are, right now, lower than other infectious diseases that we live with (such as flu). Not figures that would, in and of themselves, cause drastic global reactions.


Then they give the ones to the United States as well with similar comparisons. So, there's a lot of fudging going on right now.   And let's be honest, the ones at the top that have pushed all this, including the ones that are not in-the-know, who are not quite at the top, they're not quite in the big, big agenda here, you'll find with them too that they can't backtrack now, they've sunk everything into it. They'll be laughing stocks. And there'll be a lot of shaking fists towards them from the public if they think they're being deceived or whatever.


After that you end up with a perpetual world of poverty for this because everything's crashed.  That your governments have given trillions of dollars away, trillions literally, and to all their favorite pals, y'know, like food chains and big… Someone got… [Alan chuckles.] One of the things that have been passed in the US to do with bailouts, and is basically to keep big chains going, like not grocery stores but big fast food places and restaurants, are the most well-known ones, by the way, the most expensive ones.   Most folk can't go to ones that are $40 for a steak or something, each, y'know. I don't think you can buy a steak in Canada, even raw, for that.  But the restaurants, some of these restaurants got bailed out there. And the money was supposed to go for small businesses, and these are big long chains, massive chains, y’know. Multimillion-dollar enterprises.  But again, we live in a corrupt system and I’m not, it doesn't shock me at all.  I don't get upset with these things. I never expected anything different to happen, y'know.


It's quite astonishing what really is happening, though, too, and in the open right now too. But people forget them very quickly, all these things, as time goes on, they forget.  So, what else? Now, I've got to do this one here… Ron Paul, a good article.


A Healthcare PATRIOT Act?

RonPaulinstitute.org / 13 April 2020


According to a story in Politico, the White House Coronavirus Task Force is considering creating a national surveillance system to track Americans’ health information. Supporters of this initiative claim it would enable the federal government to quickly identify areas in need of additional medical supplies and other assistance because the areas are coronavirus “hot spots.”


In March, US Deaths from COVID-19 Totaled Less Than 2 Percent of ALL Deaths

RonPaulinstitute.org / 13 2020


About 2.9 million people die in the United States each year from all causes. Monthly this total ranges from around 220,000 in the summertime (A:  Again, as I say, the same article pretty well from him as well.) to more than 280,000 in winter.


But yeah, it just... It just really... The death rates are much lower than what they're telling you. What you've got too in Canada, it's very obvious with the homes for the elderly, and especially in Montréal and British Columbia. A lot of them are really big, well, expensive private homes, 'eh.  One of them in Montréal, they just found out that the guy who owned them should have been prohibited in the first place to even get into that kind of line of work. He was convicted of some horrible stuff in the past.  Apparently, the staff all ran off and left the patients, for quite some time, wrapped in their own blankets and sheets and waste, etc. Because the great campaign that the media did to terrify everybody, terrified the staff, they just ran off. 


You'll find lots of these places, you see, they’ll hire temporary staff because they don't want to employ anybody who ends up being full-time, then they've gotta pay more money for their insurance and coverages and so on. That's a lot, you see.  So, they put them on part-time basis and so you have a constant turnover of part-time workers. Their hearts are never into it, y'know?  If you pay people enough money and give them full-time jobs, train them, you get a different thing. But often the people are just, they're just like assistants, that they help to clean them, all that kind of thing, and basic functions. They haven't had backups to help them or even protective equipment and clothing or anything, so they ran off and left the patients.


Some people were complaining, I didn't know that in these private ones some people were paying $6000 a month for one person, for one of their parents to be put in and taken care of and so on. Other ones have $10,000 a month per person. That's what it cost to put them in there, but they'll be hiring and paying the lowest, y'know, denominator for the staff that do the basic work at the bottom. And they're not trained to deal with this kind of thing at all.  But there you go, it's just amazing isn't it?  But yeah, the media did a good job terrifying the public so much that they just vamoosed from the nursing homes. Probably not just in Canada, in other countries too.  It is true, I've seen ones in the States as well that this happened.


Another article too is to do with a study…


New Study: The Flu Vaccine

(A:  It’s dangerous to even talk about this now because you’re dealing with the big boys that run the world at the top here, who own all these companies and so on, right, and they don’t mess around.)

Is “Significantly Associated” With An Increased Risk of Coronavirus

collective-evolution.com / 16 April 2020


On March 12th, 2020, Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta held a global town hall on “Corona Facts and Fears.” During the discussion, Anderson encouraged the audience to get a flu shot, suggesting that it may help with the coronavirus. Is this true?


Greg. G Wolff, an Epidemiologist with the Armed Forces (A:  And I've got all the articles from the Armed Forces by the way.) Health Surveillance Branch (A:  They have their own one because sick troops are no good for an army, right, so they’ve got their own Health Surveillance Branch.), recently published a study in the Journal Vaccine titled, Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season. The study examined virus interference (A:  …this is what it’s called with different viruses.) in a Department of Defense population, this refers to the increased risk of other respiratory viruses as a result of, in this case, the influenza vaccine. The study found that virus interference varied among vaccinated individuals for individual respiratory viruses, and found that for a coronavirus in particular, in this study, those who had been vaccinated with the flu vaccine had a 36 percent higher risk of contracting it.


This is an official publication, y’know, and the link is here. I'll put that up too, it's from sciencedirect.com.  Maybe by the time this goes up it will be pulled. 


Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch study in the Journal Vaccine titled, Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season - sciencedirect.com / 10 Jan 2020


But this is quite a common thing to happen actually with different types of coronaviruses, and you do get interference between them too. They are all competing now and like going to war with each other as well so, I'm not surprised.


Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli Ran Coronavirus Research in Wuhan After US Project Was Shut Down by DHS in 2014

(A:  This is what I was telling you earlier, how the US literally shut down the gain of function on these coronaviruses in the States and gave it to China. I think it was, and again, probably during Obama's time too it was given to China. But anyway, it says...)

for Being Too Risky

(A:  This is what they said at the US State Department and so on. What they also knew is...)

 — Prior Leak Killed Researcher (A:  Okay?)


Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli Ran Coronavirus Research in Wuhan After US Project Was Shut Down by DHS in 2014 for Being Too Risky — Prior Leak Killed Researcher

thegatewaypundit.com / 9 April 2020


Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team that working on a coronavirus project jointly with US doctors in 2014 before it was shut down by the DHS for being too risky.


(A:  I'd say so. I'd say deadly.)


After the US research project was shut down, Dr. Shi continued her coronavirus research in Wuhan, China.


Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team that working on a coronavirus project jointly with US doctors in 2014 before it was shut down by the DHS for being too risky.


Doctor Shi Zhengli from China was part of a team, including Doctor Ralph S. Baric, that published an article (A:  …and the link is here…) in a 2015 edition of Nature Medicine.


In the article they discussed bat coronaviruses that showed potential for human emergence.  The article was published in 2015.


The HHS in 2014 sent a letter to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where they announced they were going to defund the program.


Dr. Ralph S. Baric was identified in the letter.


After the work stopped in the US, the Chinese moved forward with the project and ran research and development in Wuhan at the Wuhan Virology Center. From Shi Zhengli’s papers and resume, it is clear that they successfully isolated the virus in the lab and were actively experimenting with species <-> specie transmission.


This information provides a basis that contradicts the theory that COVID-19 is a variant that just magically mutated in a bat.


It goes on and on and on. This is quite a good article actually, and there's more down to it, Harvard Professor, remember, that's the one who was arrested, you've got to remember this too, who worked for, I mentioned earlier, he worked for China as well as the US.  [Alan chuckles.] It says he was amongst three charged...


U.S. charges three, including Harvard researcher, with lying about China ties

reuters.com / 28 Jan 2020


(A:  That was back in January 28. It all happened at the same time, 'eh, or in the same time of all this kind of stuff, isn't it?  That was…)


Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Big money, big money for these guys, 'eh.  And...


Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate

the-scientist.com / 16 Nov 2015


The creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus has scientists discussing the risks of gain-of-function research.


Update (March 11, 2020)


(A:  ...on Ralph Baric again and more on that about his publishing and his...)


Ralph Baric, an infectious-disease researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, last week (November 9) published a study on his team’s efforts to engineer a virus with the surface protein of the SHC014 coronavirus, found in horseshoe bats in China, and the backbone of one that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice. The hybrid virus could infect human airway cells and caused disease in mice, according to the team’s results, which were published in Nature Medicine.


(A:  The links are all here by the way as well. This is not a conspiracy's stuff, folks, y'know.)


The creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus has scientists discussing the risks of gain-of-function research.


Here's another one too.


Medical Student Charged With Trying To Smuggle Cancer Research From Boston To China - boston.cbslocal.com / 31 Dec 2019


A lot of these labs have got a lot of Chinese students over working in them, and that was December 31, 2019. That's the one that they found in his socks, he smuggled them in his socks.  Again, kind of like 12 Monkeys, only in 12 Monkeys the guy had it in a case and well-padded. This guy's [Alan chuckles.] literally putting these very fragile things in his socks and he was caught at the airport on his way over to China with this stuff. And no doubt he'd been making a career out of doing this stuff too.  And...


Coincidence? Imperial College in UK is Origin of Coronavirus Panic and Global-Warming Panic

technocracy.news / 29 March 2020


(A:  At the same time, the same place, 'eh.  That was April 10, 2020.   Technocracy News, a good one, the guys that look and study the technocrats as they're making their big moves.)


Technocracy Rising by Pat Wood


It is perhaps not a coincident that global-warming hysteria and coronavirus panic are both based on discredited computer models generated at Imperial College in the UK. In this article, Patrick Wood, Publisher of Technocracy News, delves into the history and personal biases of the faculty of this institution.


(A:  He goes on and on and on about it too. It says…)


The culprit? A world-class Technocrat in Britain: Dr. Neil Ferguson, PhD is a professor at Imperial College in London that bills itself as a “global university”. It is thoroughly steeped in Sustainable Development and more dedicated to social causes than academic achievement. In fact, Imperial is very well-known for its alarmist research reports on climate change, carbon reduction, environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, etc.


I think Neil Ferguson was the guy who was putting up... It says PhD, is a professor at Imperial College in London. I think he is also the one who, he’s had accolades from the granite stone universities, the Ivy League universities as they call them, y’know, he was inducted very early.  He is, if it’s the same one, he knows, he’s a pal of Kissinger. He likes the establishment. He loved the old British Empire system.  And the London Imperial money system as well. Quite interesting. If it’s… I’m sure it’s the same one.


Also, Ford, [Alan chuckles.]  I mentioned it before, the brick in the wall.


Ford Tests Buzzing Wristbands To Keep Workers Six Feet Apart - zerohedge.com / 16 April 2020




No more beef and cheese: Go vegetarian, by order of Government food police - dailymail.co.uk / 22 Oct 2010


I've mentioned that one already, by order of government food police it says. 2010 that goes back to.  I mentioned…


Population control policies to combat climate change prove deadly, demographer says - pop.org / 11 Nov 2019


I'll put that up again.  I’ve got other ones I won’t put up just yet, because… I’ve got lots of stuff, studies on you right now… Improving human life, and one behavior at a time, etc. etc.  And you wouldn't believe the money that's being thrown at them studying us all, complying. And they're just, oh, over the moon how quickly Britain just buckled under and obeyed them.  We’re all going to die; you're all going to die.  N-n-n.


I'll put up Julian Huxley, I mentioned already...


‘Julian Huxley and the Continuity of Eugenics in Twentieth-century Britain’ - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov / 20 March 2015


Good article actually. How it really, really works. And also, ha, Australians…


Australians risk shortage of basic grocery items amid coronavirus - news.com.au / 12 April 2020


Like everybody else too. What d'you expect when it's all shut down, 'eh?  You're going to see the whole agenda is getting pushed at the moment into, and we'll have to wait and see. They keep, oh another month, oh another month, well, you wait and see.  How far will they push it? As long as you accept it, they'll keep pushing. That's as simple as that.  It's that simple, folks.


Remember too, hopefully you can send a few bucks my way @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can get discs at the moment and I'm going to get books made up shortly, I think, I might have a chance to get some books made up because even the books, even the printers were shut down. We'll have to wait and see if they do lighten up a bit in the next week or two and give them a chance to start printing some stuff. I can still send discs out though for those that want to peruse what I've got on the website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  How to order and how to pay and so on, and you can also donate to me. Because as I say, I got quite a few websites there.  I don't, I'm not backed by anybody. I don't sell anything. I'm not selling you cures to all of life's ills or anything like that. I depend upon you to just maybe tick over. And I don't, I really don't live in a luxurious lifestyle. I certainly could have been long ago, but I don't.


Because this was too important. That's the only reason I came out years ago was to tell the public what was really, really happening and where was all supposed to go, and where it is going, and where it is now. 


And yeah, folk used to laugh at you, oh, come on, they can't be that... I says, yeah. I wasn't pessimistic, I don't get pessimistic about things. I'm too, I understand it too well to even get pessimistic about things. But I'm not, I don't go over the board with all, we, or, who's we, we are winning what?  I don't see people winning anything, to be honest with you. I see incredible forces arrayed against the public, as I say, to divide/conquer, divide/conquer, and divide/conquer until there's nobody left to stand against things. 


That's really how it goes, 'eh, who can stand, 'eh, who can stand.  That's what it always boils down to.


We have a very evil system running the world and it is very well orchestrated and managed, like a pyramid, y'know, with all the building blocks and the levels down below them from the very capstone at the top.  That's how it's organized.  And the pyramid cap is slightly above the rest of the body because they have to have that space there, the ones at the top who know the whole agenda.  The ones down below can only see what's around them, left, right and downwards. That's how it's arranged.


But above the light, you've got the ones who are above the light, as they say, the ones who watch it all coming into place and dictating it all, etc. etc. while connected with… And it's meant for the public, they think, oh, here's an individual person, an individual multibillionaire there, oh here's another one, they're not connected with the other multibillionaires and so on.  You find they all kind of know each other and they all work with the same philanthropies as each other, and they're all on board with depopulation.  All the same agendas, folks.  All of them.  ALL of them. That's not coincidence.


Don't give up.  I mean, we're still alive, and kicking, and breathing. And what will come out of this will be a different system, again.  And how far it will go with severity, again, it's up to all of YOU.  It really is up to you what you're going to put up with.


You'd be surprised too, their studies know, they know with the studies that you will actually, if you start walking backwards and putting up with a little bit more, you'll accept more and accept more and accept more. They've done all this before, as I say, with world wars. Britain was a prime example of starving the public into, [Alan chuckles.]  pretty well skin and bones.  Incredible studies they did, right down to suicides.  They come out with these amazing things, you wouldn't think they're studying people, like suicides, during wartime. Well, you wouldn't believe how they study you.  Farmers always study their own animals, y’know. They found there was less suicide in wartime because there was a cause, there was a purpose for a lot of folk as well. Isn't that amazing, 'eh?


As I say, if you look at some of the documentaries they'll put up on, or the talks on YouTube that deal with that very thing in Britain, you might find it interesting to see how they're astonished to see how compliant the public are.  It reminds me, I think it was Thomas Moore who wrote a kind of Utopia himself in fact in the middle ages. The one thing he did say was, he said, the people in Britain, he says, are not people who are rebellious by nature. They tend to obey.


So even then [Alan chuckles.] people were studied, the different kind of stocks were studied awfully, awfully well.  And they don't really, y'know, they're more likely to follow a cause as opposed to just to rebel.   A rebellion is not a revolution. A rebellion is, I want to keep the system as it is, and you're changing it, so you rebel generally to try, they take more off you generally through taxation or whatever it happens to be.  Or even food, like they're doing now, 'eh?  And privacy. And freedom. You'd rebel to keep your freedom, because you liked the old system.  It wasn't perfect but it was better than what was coming in, 'eh.  Whereas a revolution is for a different cause, for a different system you want to bring in. That's how it works.


What you're living through now is the elite’s revolution, another part of one of their many revolutions, always for themselves in charge, the next phase of the New World order, you see, coming into view, said Mr. Bush.


So that's all the time I suppose I've got time for right now. It's been snowing on and off for the last week I think here, in the north here, because of global warming of course where I am in northern Ontario. 


I hope you're all doing okay, hanging in there, you're not going stir crazy and getting cabin fever.  And remember, it is up to you to start protesting in which ever ways you can. Because if you don't make them listen to you, they're going to go the next step and the next step. And you won’t come out of this, they'll keep it going.  They will keep it going.


There's already folk dying all over the place that can’t get operations. There's heart specialists talking about folk, they can't even get into the hospitals that are having heart attacks.  Then they’re having more heart attacks at home and dying. There's cancer patients can't get treatments or even surgery. There's all kinds of things happening. Everything else has stopped for this, you understand, and it's causing havoc. And causing more deaths.


But if you want to get back to any, any semblance, any semblance or even approaching, with a massively devalued currency after it, a system, then you have to start getting organized and making your voices heard. 


Or you'll be ruled by your specialist, your technocratic specialist forever, that's what they want, and to do away with democracy. That was the goal, remember, of the Club of Rome, the big, big think tank that's still on the go yet, who is rejoicing at bringing in all the sustainability programs under this guise of Covid 19, according to their own articles which I read last week.  Overjoyed at it.  MAN, then is the enemy, you see.


So, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, hang in there, keep in touch and I really try and get back to everybody who emails me. Because it's the real people from all over the planet and it's interesting to hear what they have to say and their own observations and how they're coping themselves, it's very, VERY important. 


Because you gotta keep your spirits up regardless through thick and thin. And keep your wits, don't panic about things.


So, for myself Alan Watt, from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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