June 7, 2020 (#1777)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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From Those Who Hijack Suffering...

"Terror Now Brings a Better Tomorrow,

Famines, Poverty, Slaughter, Sorrow."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 7, 2020.  And here we go into the next stalling technique I suppose you'd call it, which falls right in with the Covid idea, the lockdown, the stopping of all commerce, the stopping of normal life basically.  Mandated by our governments on behalf of the World Health Organization and this wonderful undemocratic system in which we live.  Because we don't vote for the WHO.  They're so corrupt and so literally compromised, everybody with it, with shares in big Pharma companies, some of them are even owners of some of them really when you look at it.  And they get awfully handsomely rewarded for giving contracts out, taxpayer contracts naturally, we fund everything for the global elite.


What's amazing too, I'll touch on this tonight, is how everything fits together rather neatly, really, in amongst the chaos, the appearance of chaos. Because don't forget that the World Economic Forum said last year that we weren't listening to them.  We the peasantry, you know, the world's peasantry. The peasantry that can’t go to the WEF.  We're not invited basically. And you couldn't afford it anyway.  Because the WEF is just part of the superstructure that rules us. You don't see any Antifa protesting them, there's a clue in all of this, you see. There's lots of clues in everything.


A long time ago I noticed that the Canadian government was funding far-left communist groups in Canada, for their clubs where they could sing their protest songs and scheme their little antiwar rallies.  Which were all fine at the time, it was pretty well passive compared to today. But we funded them across the country.  Most folk don't even know.  I thought at the time, you know, when it was the antiwar idea in Britain and Canada and everywhere else across the planet, you had these mass rallies, the antiwar rallies. Because we were sick of being told were all going to get nuked, you see, and the war to end all wars [Alan chuckles.] and all of civilization in the process.


Because of it, that was the heyday mind you, of the military-industrial complex for quick money, big money, from the taxpayer, to save us all. They kept making new kinds of bombs and missiles, and aircraft to carry them as well, as well as individual missiles. It was the heyday. Because no one complained at the time, and we all said, oh my God, they have to protect us against the other guys across there. 


And a long, long time ago, growing up I watched these kind of things, well organize protest rallies.  But they used to have families there, when they had men, women and children, you know.  You would see the family's, hundreds and thousands of families at times with their banners out, very quiet and peaceful, just protesting against this, that and the whole thing.  Because no one wanted to get blown up, you see.  But when you think of the money that could have been used – I hope people realize, [Alan chuckles.] they never really think about it – the money that COULD be used on programs and business, to get more business, more jobs and all the rest of it, went to the military-industrial complex year after year after year to keep us safe. But what I noticed was that it suddenly stopped.  You see. It was a very quick turn, like a turn of a switch.


And I knew, because I had met some of them in Canada, some of the left wings, because they asked me to sing at a few things. I didn't, hadn't a clue that it was that radical at the time, until I met a communist who was from England and who had just been over to the Soviet Union. He came over after concert, a general concert, and started talking to this little group there as though, and I guess he thought I was one of them.  He was talking about the next move, to network amongst all radical groups. At the time too, he said he came back from Moscow, and he says, we must now get all the other fringe groups in with us.  That meant the gay groups and all the rest of it too.  And there were some eyebrows raised at that. But he says, well, we've got to do it, we've got to get everybody that we can on board for protesting for the future.


And I thought, this guy was from London, hm, England.  He was someone who could come in and out of Canada, and every other country, with impunity. And don't tell me the authorities didn't know who he was, that he was there organizing the overthrow of governments [Alan chuckles.] and things like that.  I thought, it's obvious, this is run by, your governments are part of it. And this guy was part of it. He had no fear. I asked him, I says, aren't you worried about getting caught coming in and out of countries talking about...?  No, no, no, he said, I do it all the time. 


So you start to see that, no, there's big players here and there's little players, and there's followers. The whole thing of any big uprising depends on followers. Followers never get what they want.  And hhhch, I won't even go into the States at the moment.  But followers never get what they want. It's always for a better tomorrow. It's always young people too, where everything is black-and-white, that's how you see things, there's no gray areas of life, everything is just right or wrong. And it's easy, it's always easy with youngsters to point out the nasty things in life, it's very comprehensible to them.  Oh, that's terrible, that's terrible, and they're cutting down the trees, etc.  As I said before, they always show you the same clear-cut stuff from the late 1940s which doesn't happen today. But that doesn't matter. You see, once you radicalize, facts don't matter when they're related to opposing facts.  They're fed a steady diet in this at school, from the age of five or even, you know, even younger if they go to kindergarten, of how bad people are. Because that's the agenda.


Don't forget the World Economic Forum comprise the top business people of the planet, the multibillionaires, trillionaires, and CEOs are in charge of a lot of these big corporations on behalf of the, really, the owners. Above everything there's always another group and another group above everything. That's how you find things really work.


Now, we're owned. I always say we're owned. I have no problem saying that we're owned.  You very thoughts are owned, they're given to you by somebody else generally. Brzezinski said that, you know, a man who should certainly have known. Because that was his job, was to give you your thoughts, the whole nations in fact.  Brzezinski who also went over to Afghanistan, remember, years ago.  I put up the video where he's giving a talk to the tribesmen there, the Taliban. Because the US wanted them to fight against Russia, which ruled over it then, occupied it.  And there's Brzezinski, you know, with his fist up in the air, using the revolutionary move, there’s the clenched fist.  Wherever you see that you should be really very careful what's behind it all.  So here's a guy who represents the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, you see, a technocrat placed there. He said to the Taliban, your cause is a holy war, a just war, a jihad!  That's what he told them.


The next thing you know he's back there deciding in America, once they get the war going against Russia, telling, giving strategy to the CFR and other groups to, as to how we should shape the minds of the next generation that's going to come up, not just within US but across the world.  Don't forget the CFR is an international organization.  It's only part of the same organization that runs the world, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They've got a branch called the European Institute for International Affairs; they dropped the Royal part.  Every politician in the EU parliament is a member of it, you see, from all countries. They've got one group for the Far Eastern Pacific Rim group.


These are the same groups remember who manipulate behind the scenes all the wars that come and go, the skirmishes, the real wars and so on. They manipulate, they proudly boast about it in their own archives, that Carol Quigley was the historian for, for a while. He was a professor.  He believed in it all, he was completely on board with it. He said he disagreed with some of its methods, and he also thought that its importance in shaping history for about 100 years [Alan chuckles.] pretty well, from the late 1880s anyway onwards that he was taking it from.  He said, that it was so important, if the public only knew that the whole history had been shaped and fomented, all the different things that had happened, all the big wars and that, to bring a global society in, you see, a proper, a proper managed society.


It wasn't supposed to be Democratic.  That's what people...  Democracy is a con game to get everybody on board for particular periods of the big agenda.  You see? It's not meant to be real. It's used for revolution. And revolution is when you speed up the process of what the elite want.  That's the beauty of this con game.


But anyway, Brzezinski said that.  He said that the movers and shakers, themselves, you see, the ones behind the scenes that say okay we need a little war over here...  Again, it's the Hegelian dialectic.  Most folk don't want to change anything in their lives. They really don't. Even the teenagers you see riding right now and looting the stores, they think they, they might think they know what they want, at the time. They might think that. But once they're in their mid-20s and towards 30, they start to just wean off it and say, they get fed up with it.  They like, it doesn't matter where they settled themselves in their mind or even their financial strata or whatever, they start to get kind of comfortable and just get into routines. 


They also become a bit jaded from, they start to learn there's gray areas in between the black-and-white reasons for everything.  You see. Things that they used to criticize their mom or their dad doing, like getting divorced, they might do it themselves you see, and they can rationalize it so they can start rationalizing it for their parents as well.  Whereas before when they were younger, they might be furious at both of them or one or the other because the parents would split up.  But then they go and do the same themselves. In other words, experience of life, especially in this chaos of this modern life, manufactured chaos, doesn't give them much of a chance to be different, you see, and they settle in their little area, as I say, and they don't want to change too much. 


By that time the elites have already radicalize the upcoming generation to take over. Then the ones who used to be, the previous radicalized ones who are now becoming sedentary and happy, or at least content to an extent, or accepting of their lot or whatever, get annoyed by the younger group coming up.  That's how the technique is done, you see. 


So because you get settled, you get settled in your ways, you can't get the big changes made on behalf of the rulers, you see.  So they create what, they call it the thesis.  The thesis, here's what we are, here's what we do. So you've got to, and as long as that goes on nothing is going to change. You might have quite a happy society if you left it that way, you see. So you create something that's going to go against what it stands for, so that's your antithesis.  Hm.  So now you've got a competing argument, or an argument started, and they go at it. Out of that you guide what you really were after the first place, if you're the elite managers, and that's the synthesis, what's comes out of the argument, the agreement. Okay, we'll agree with this and do this and we'll, so you've got your initial change. Communism is based on this, the dialectic.  Out of that synthesis, you say, oh, you're happy for a little while. But immediately, they're not. They're starting again, now we've got a new...  The synthesis now becomes the new thesis, right. Then you come out with the antithesis, you see.  And you keep going with this constant...  That's pure Marxism basically and Trotskyism, the way it's designed, for constant, constant change, you see, planned change, and you always decide what the change is going to be.  So you start the argument yourself and you take it from there.  That's just basic, basic stuff.


So you always have to train a new group of radicalized youngsters, idealistic, and make sure you own all the school systems and so on so that they're brought up watching the furry little animals, you see, that are hunting for a place to live.  And there's man, terrible man destroying it, according to every documentary you'll see, that's what it's supposed to be.  You see, it's supposed to radicalize the youngsters.  They use the same footage, as I say, and techniques across the whole planet. 


Because the whole planet is under UNICEF and so on and under basically a global curriculum.  Bill Gates is involved.  It's called the new virtual education basically that he wants. He hopes they're going to lock us down for longer, by any technique, it doesn't matter if it's riots or whatever, as long as then they can start learning at home basically on the computer. And of course he'll be in charge of the curriculum because he had big input on the present curriculum, the Common Core thing.  So make sure you standardize everyone's education, or indoctrination, it depends on what you're giving them, you see.


Education should really always have arguments about pretty well anything, everything, and you don't get that really, do you? You should be able to look at everything from all kinds of points of view, but you're not really given that. You're given a really, you're given the Marxist technique of critical theory, that's what they use in the schools. Where, let's not look at that when William the Conqueror came in, think about the people who were not fitting into society, how would it affect them?  That kind of thing, you see, social engineering, to make you radicalized as a youngster.


It's quite easy, you can create...  Why do you think cartoons work with youngsters? The Soviets used cartoons to a great extent, not just for children but right into adulthood.  People could even cry with the poor, poor character in the cartoon losing their home because of the bad capitalists and stuff like that. They can make, it's so perfect the techniques that were used.  Hm.  It's a lot cheaper than using Hollywood like we did in the West.


But children don't have much of a chance. And they're the greatest targets for propaganda. They don't know it. The parents don't know it.  But they are the best.  Because why do you think it's always different and the parents say, I can't relate to my children? Well, you're not meant to relate to them. The rulers of the planet have already changed even the techniques of basic mathematics so that you can't help the children. It's been like that the last 60, 70 years at least. Maybe even further back, from the days of John Dewey. 


Because that was the techniques, don't let the parents have any influence over the child. You want the child to say, oh, that's my dad or my mum, if they still have them, so that they'll look upon them as some kind of obsolete artifact that just feeds them and gives them money. That's what Bertrand Russell basically said, you know, I adlibbed it a bit but that's basically what he said, the only function for the parent eventually will be to feed and clothe the child and look after its needs basically, and the state will give them the indoctrination or the education and their values for the new system.  Well you are, you see.  This is how it's done.


It's not...  Basic mathematics, there's no reason they couldn't...  Well, here's long division, here's a different way of doing it. Why?  Hm?  It's so that the parent can't help the child.  The child might start to respect the parent, you don't want that bond there. That's why it's done.  That's really why it's done, you know. And I'm not just guessing at this.  The same with so much more too. 


They started to get rid of the older teachers back in about the 70s, and 80s they really sped it up, and then the 90s, whoooof!  Until you got more and more young ones, more and more and more young ones, and they wanted primarily women.  Because they know with their psychology and their behaviorism and all their studying of the little people, all the little characters which is us, that youngsters, young children have a greater bond with their mum, you see, for years, as opposed to the daddy.  So they got younger women in too, younger teachers in. 


And, in came the toolkits to indoctrinate.  They call them toolkits, for groupthink. You want every child in a group, in the classroom, they call them groups now, every child to come out with the same opinion on every topic, you see, the authorized opinion.  And the teacher, if the teacher's good can actually go all through the toolkit, oh, here's a little stubborn boy over here, how do I get that stubborn boy to agree with this particular topic and what we want, what we've decided, like democratically decided, we all put our hands up and say are you with it or without it or against it or whatever? And there you go. And how to even ostracize them from the group, make them feel insecure or kind of bad or something, you see, shame them. Which again, comes right into adult life. Because once you've been taught to be ashamed, you see, like a dunce, they used these dunces in the old days and the group goes ha-ha and points at you like you're a fool. Then that will stay with you all throughout your adult life.  And they know that. 


Because you're supposed to be shamed now for their entire adult life.  You see it getting done now. Shaming. Shaming. All kinds of shaming, you know.  Yeah.  Psychology, eh?  Psychology, psychiatry, behaviorism, all these things working together.  And they prepare the children who don't have a chance, they have no chance at all to be an individual who can think critically for themselves anymore. Everything's got to be emotive, yeah, attach an emotion to everything, you see.  Either right, wrong or shame or anger whatever it happens to be, make sure you attach it. Then you've got a slave for life who will never know they're slave.  Then when you call them out to be, to radicalized them about this, that or the other, they'll go. Just like canon fodder. They haven't got a clue. Haven't got a clue that it’s managed that way.


But isn't it all odd, isn't it odd that here we are, after months of being locked down with pretty well, a pretty mild virus, pretty well ‘eh, which was hyped out of all proportion like a horror movie, you lived through a horror movie only it was daily and it was called news, and all that happened, all the newscasters and all the news organizations were all on board with it immediately.  Once the button was pushed, you know, just before March, just about the beginning of March, when they really pushed it, hype, hype, terror, terror, terror, and we had the buildup to it beforehand showing you all the China stuff, my God, they're spraying the whole air/atmosphere with this stuff and there's spray across... hundreds of feet high, ‘eh.  Well, if it's hundreds of feet high to kill it off, you know, what was all the 6 feet apart sort of idea? It had nothing to do with anything actually except training you into stupidity, and into nonsocial patterns of behavior. 


So the preparation went on, and then suddenly, and then the same media that were lambasting people at the beginning saying, you see what's happening in China, how come you’re not talking about it?  You know, have you seen what's happening there?  Of course it was when a switch was turned, in one day, and they all went into action on the SAME DAY.  Every news outlet, every TV show and so on apparently. I don't have TV, but I get a lot of little clips through the Internet and the links are sent to me and so on. 


As I've said before, the media was in the doldrums for years because the Internet pretty well put them out of business, a lot of them. Then they turn from basic news to paid subscriptions, right. Even then it was, they were taking the same information off the net like everybody else.  The day of the roving reporter was pretty well gone. They laid off their staff. I don't think the staff really were reporters now or were taught really proper journalistic procedures and techniques and so on. And everybody was compromised, you see. Here's your right-wing papers, and here's your left-wing news outlet, you know, this is how it's done. 


As a child I used to know it. How come you've got always, every country has got a Star [newspapers], you know, which is the left.  And that's your five-pointed star, the same red star of course they had in the Soviet Union on all their caps and uniforms, you see.  But on the light side, you're on the light side, you had Sun, it was always the Sun [newspapers], and you had Mercury and things like that, and Couriers, you know.  Everything was so black-and-white, wasn't it?  And folk never really quite got it.  But people would go into automatically and that would be their newspaper for life, whatever party they belong to.


Even the left-wing paper, and people couldn't figure it out, except, well, they did actually, my grandpa's age had an idea.  They pretty well knew that the big moguls in media, you never trusted them because they were the richest characters really in the country a lot of them.  You had British lords owned, oh, slews of newspapers, monopolies basically, hundreds of papers across the world. And sure enough, even Quigley talked about the same thing, Carol Quigley, that these media barons will get together when it came to world war time and have their meetings and decide how to terrify the public, he actually put that in his book, how to terrify the public, get them to really hate whatever enemy it's going to be before the enemy has even fired a shot.  So that's what they do. It hasn't changed.


But when they went into, like, overdrive, suddenly, about, oh my god the coronavirus, eh, and lockdown, and oh, this is horrible, they're all going to die, they said ‘eh?  And the only hope, and Fauci said at the very beginning eh, on behalf of himself and the WHO and the Pharma companies and vaccine companies, there's no hope here at all except for vaccine, you might have to be locked down until we get a vaccine. There was no talk, no whiff of ever getting natural immunity, as we've always got against every other virus that's ever existed you know.  No, no trace of that.


A first in history, no trace of your own immune system at all. Even when the people had tested positive for having HAD it, right, they had antibodies in their bloodstream.  Even for those they said, well, that might not last very long.  Well, if that wouldn't last very long, their own antibodies, why would your vaccination, which is supposed to stimulate your body to create antibodies, why would that make better, of your own antibodies, than your own antibodies?  [Alan laughing.]  It wouldn't.  It's meant to stimulate your body to create antibodies. So if you've already done it, what's wrong with that? Nothing makes sense. When nothing makes sense there's a big con going on in this world of conology.


Getting back to the World Economic Forum, where all the big moguls and big Pharma companies, everybody who's anybody running us all, and public/private enterprises, because every big corporation on the planet has got its hands out to every country they're involved with for handouts, massive gifts from the taxpayer.  That's what it's all about.  So they said yeah, the people are not listening to sustainability, we'll have to scare them pretty well, how can we force them to be postindustrial, post-consumerism, post free trade, post this, not just post free trade but post service economy?


Back in the 90s I talked about the service economy. It was discussed widely in Britain under the guise of the common market, which became the Economic Union of Europe ‘eh.  Oh, it was just a little meeting place where people meet and discuss little trade differences and things like that; that's what they tried to sell the public on in Britain for years.  Until the word free trade came in, you see.  Free trade.  In with the free trade came the gradual abolition of taxes for imports.


Now, all countries used to, in fact, even the States I think used to get pretty well all of its taxes, its main taxes for the federal government for the country from imports. It was import duties you called it.  Most countries survive that way. Well, with the gradual introduction of free trade, as they liked to call it, you see, it's free for the big corporations who do the exporting into other countries. But guess what happens when you're not getting money from import duties, from taxes from imports? You've got to make up the money from the taxpayer, the usual slob at the bottom. That's exactly what's been happening ever since. That's the beauty of free trade. It lets the big corporations pay nothing, you see, as they flog their goods across the planet. Although, they actually moved it all to China to be THE manufacturer of the planet pretty well.   Then they can export it to all of you without you paying, anybody paying import duties. That's what the whole fracas is about right now, China's starting to put more, limit more, slap more taxes on imports INTO China.


But it's called a service economy.  Well, to have a service economy, because not only would we start to eliminate all import duties, you'll have to start to accept so many products from all the members, different members who will put quotas on things.  If you make so much, if you're farmers, continue making butter and milk, we’re going to have to dump all of it because we've got to, we've agreed to buy a lot of it from Europe, and France especially.  They put staggering amounts of intergenerational families of farmers out of business by these darn bureaucrats, honestly, you know.  N-n.  I mentioned Heartland, a great movie before with Anthony Hopkins in it. It's well worth watching, based on the fact, not just with one family but many of them.  Once you've got bureaucrats running things, nightmare, nightmare time.  M-hm. 


However, that's what they did. Oh, you're a service economy, you've got to accept...  So before you know it, almost all your goods are made by outside companies or countries.  They bring it into your country tax-free. You're getting taxed more and more to make up for the fact that there's no import duties coming into the country's anymore.  You're in a service economy, you buy this stuff in, you pass it around from the importers to the middleman, different layers of them, down to the store owner.  That's your business, it's just passing products made outside your country around.


The debates, they had this in Britain years before you heard of the service economy in the West, the rest of the countries in the West.  The top economists at the time even in the 1970s were saying, you know, if you go into this system of service economy, eventually you'll accumulate so much in overwhelming debt you go under. Because the country is losing layer upon layer upon layer of taxation, because you're not making stuff from scratch anymore.  From raw ore, for instance, for steel mills, into the steel itself, and the billets, that are then sold off into factories that make things from the billets, that will then make it...  These are all levels of taxation that the government would use. Well again, the government loses out there.  So guess who gets taxed all the darn more? Well, the slob again at the bottom.


But even so eventually you stagnate. Eventually you have so much stuff coming in from abroad, that you're not making money anymore in any kind of manufacturing, and you have a glut of materials.  Especially when you take it off into the places like China at such cheap labor, which the big boys, the same people that brought you free trade, based all their corporations, they moved them all there.  In the service economy, I liken it to a dog, a dog that falls into a swimming pool.  It paddles for as long as it can, that’s the service economy, until its exhausted and eventually drowns, it can't get out, you know.  That's what it is. And that's what's happening now of course. That's exactly what's happening now.


So bingo, the WEF with all the top corporations there, that there's nobody that's anybody doesn't go to it, you see.  And we are nobody's, so we can't go to it. But it affects all of us.  The big corporations that shape our lives, you see, literally shape our lives, they will attend. They're all on board. They were all on board like 20 years ago at the WEF for this whole agenda that we’re now into now, this part of it.  What are we going to do, the people won't stop, you know, they're not bringing down their numbers?  It's amazing how at the WEF you would think it's all business. But no, every corporation there is into sustainability programs with the United Nations, hm.  Every one of them.


They are all into the destruction of any kind of family unit. They're all for all kinds of new fad families, even though they won't last long. It doesn't matter.  They don't want functioning families. They really don't.  That's the hardest thing to get your mind around, why would the richest people on the planet and the representatives of the richest people on the planet, that's more like it actually, why would they all be on board with sustainability?... for the planet?... and the population?... austerity for a post to consumerist society?... where you’re just going to have basic...?


Well, the thing is, and I wondered about it too. I says, well you know, when they sold off the electric utilities, that every country had their own infrastructure, this is essential infrastructure, you must have your own energy supplies whether it's gas, electric or whatever, gasoline, you know, petrol in Europe, diesel, etc.  You must have basic infrastructure.  And hospitals. These are all part of infrastructure.  Especially in Europe. The hospitals too.  Essential things for our country to sustain itself through any, any possible catastrophe, or a war even.


I mean, Britain was starving from World War I right through the Great Depression and World War II, and through it and after it for a while. They learned, they certainly learned from World War I and they did the same thing in World War II, they didn't have enough food produce on for rationing.  They were so dependent on imported stuff. Well, free trade again. And Britain, remember, is the home of free trade.  Well, London is, the City of London where it was all designed by the makers and shapers of the world, the old Lord Alfred Milner group.  So the whole idea of having your own infrastructure is essential for a functioning sovereign nation to survive and look after its people.


Bit by bit you watch it getting sold off, ‘eh?  Especially since the free trade idea with Europe too, that later, eventually it became, let's sell off the water supply to foreign companies. They've got nothing in common with you. Who are you going to complain to when there's not enough water?... or you can't afford it?   Your government will say, well we don't run that anymore, that's private businesses and you've got to wait, we've got nothing to do with them. 


Or electric, electricity for instance. Or even gas. You've had ongoing wars for quite a few years now against Russia and the east, the old Soviet bloc countries, they were going to pipe gas all through Europe, plenty of gas, right, all the way even under the water in pipelines to Britain.  Of course you had all the, you had big battles between the elite who rule Britain – a lot of them don't live in Britain but they rule it anyway – against the elite basically from Russia. Big battles over pipelines.


The Middle East is the same thing.  Before they invaded [Alan chuckles.] and we invaded Iraq and so on, they had the maps out there. They came out eventually, the maps printed up in the US, of oil pipelines that were going to go through all the different countries and where they were going to go, and who would own them, hm.  The Ukraine is still going on like that.  Why do you think the US is in the Ukraine with the scandals going on there with the US politicians and, hhhch-hm, diplomats filling their pockets with all kinds of goodies and so on, and gets gas pipelines in it?  These things go on all the time. 


We're kind of oblivious, in our own little worlds. Because you're kept in an oblivious little world of make-believe and fantasy and stacks of awful entertainment. Generally it's awful, it's getting worse all the time.  You’re not supposed to think any deeper. In fact, you've been trained that it's not your business what your betters, they used to call it, your betters are actually doing above you.  What are you interested in that for? It's none of your business! Leave it to people who KNOW what they're doing, you see.  That's what you're trained, really.


In fact, even...  You know what works? This indoctrination really works when your own peer group, maybe even members of your own family say, what d'you care about that for anyway, you know?  And you say, well I think it's important, isn't, it affects us all. They say, uh, don't fill your head with that kind of...  And that's how, that shows you they’re gone.  Their indoctrination and training, the conquering of their mind because it's a trained mind, is exactly how it was designed to be by the elite.


They had the right kind of so-called education, you see, indoctrination and it's been reinforced all through their lives through bits and bytes, I call it, from the media, that's how they get little bits and bytes of information. I think Jacques Ellul mentioned that people, most folk learn from then on, once they are into adulthood it's just updating them, and it's done by osmosis. It's not that they think deeply about anything. And it's not their fault by the way, it's not that they think deeply about the topics. They don't see why they should think any further than what they're told to believe by the media. Like Brzezinski said, the same thing, ‘eh. 


I used to wonder as a child I says, the TV, after any debate about anything or any speech put out by a politician, you would always have two opposing sides of people who would 'specialize in politics' and they would give you their interpretation of what they just heard. They would sort of debate it. And you would say, well I never heard any of them say that, you know. It didn't matter. Because what it was designed to do, with the collusion of the two experts by the way, it took years and years before anybody admitted to any of this kind of stuff. The whole idea was to shape your opinion as a listener into, well that's reasonable, then they would bring you to the conclusion they wanted you to have, you see.


…you never had the better examples when it did come to the idea of the European Union and so-called free trade and all that kind of stuff. When folks didn't, still voted no, they said, we're going to keep bringing it back to the table every six months until you vote correctly.  You see?  So much for your democracy. 


So the elite have had their way for an awful long time.  In the education system they make sure you're given the right indoctrination.  As I say, Bill Gates, and the man has his fingers in so many pies.  It's just astonishing. He just loves us all so much, you know. He doesn't want us to be too many of us, like his daddy, you know, same thing. He's very concerned about that. But he also wants you to be healthy, if you manage to survive, you know, and live.  He wants you to be healthy, but he'd rather you didn't, you were unable to breed.  I mean, he'd like that, you know, what's wrong with the idea.


I mean, HG Wells said it, he worked for the same organization, Wells, long before him.  Wells said it. He says, we used to think that we'd have to really kill them all off.  He's talking about the useless people at the bottom, the defunct obsolete type.  That's what HG Wells said in A Modern Utopia when he goes through this fictional travel by train and so on into different places in this advanced system.  Wells said, we used to think would have to kill them all, but we decided it would be a bit more humane to just sterilize them, so that that generation would just die off, and of course they wouldn't reproduce. That's what he said.


Again, folks have a hard time disliking HG Wells. Wait, he wrote such wonderful stories, you know. He did.  He entertained us. So we forgive awful things being planned for us because we like to be entertained at the same time.  Eh?  Is that logical?  Well, you see, folk haven't been taught critical thinking, how to think, really analyze problems, before they're even problems. If you really could you might prevent a lot of the problems. But you're not taught that.  And logic as well, you're not taught that at all.  This simple, there's so many instances you're given of logic being abused, and they give you analogies and so on. But you had, you know, Rome you had burning while Nero fiddled, you know. In a way it's like saying the same thing, it can all go to hell if you're being entertained well all along the way.  Like HG Wells, you know.  N-n-n. 


We're given happy-happy songs at times. It's not all sad. Well, nonsensical ones, mind you, but it doesn't matter, you know, they're catchy little ditties.  Catchy ones. They had that movie it was called Oh What A Lovely War, it was a musical type and movie. It's a satirical display of how it's all used against the ordinary people even for warfare. But in the movie, they go through the wonderful little war songs that are churned out like by a machine almost, just like you had in 1984 where songs and pornography were just churned out by machines. Now of course we have computers that will automatically turn them out.  But that's a coincidence.


In Oh What A Lovely War, they show you the basic simplest techniques of how you recruit young guys.  In any country, it doesn't matter what country it is.  You have the same little basic instincts to protect your nation and your people and all that, and you join up.  And, you're all going to be home before Christmas, you know that ‘eh?  And they have catchy little songs.  Wiz-bang types of shells that would get fight above you and over you and towards you and on you, they had songs for everything, you see. Including being in the trenches and covered in mud.  Happy little things like that, you know. 


Because the last thing you want is for folk to say, for goodness sake, do you see what's happening at the front there?  Our Tommie’s have been in the trenches for three years, and his feet are rotting off with trench foot...  and he's living with all these bits and pieces of corpses from previous battles that get embedded in the mud and stuff.  They didn't want you thinking about that. They want you to be thinking about, Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight, and things like that. Silly little ditties, you see. And they churn them out like crazy.  Yeah.  Yeah, they do.  That type of song, I don't know if it was the actual ones, but that type of song, silly little things, you see.


It works awfully well really. Because young guys are young guys. No young guy joins up to die.  It's impossible he's going to die!  He is in the prime of his life, he's just, he can jump walls for goodness sake and he's happy and all that kind of thing, you know. He's not even going to get old, even if he's 60 years, he's not going to be, it just doesn't happen to folk like him. It doesn't happen. No.  


So they join up in every country and they go off. And the basic propaganda, it's the first rule, is they must be given the most simplest propaganda.  It's a rule. Everything that happens in life, it's been studied, and they have rules for it all. But it's got to be simple propaganda. If you could just use, those guys there are bad, that would be good enough.  You don't go too far beyond that. Because if you go into any complexities, they might start to analyze it and say, for goodness sake, and try to pick it apart. So you don't want that. Make it simple and ridiculous at times, just simple, m-hm, and that's good enough.  And they go off and they do whatever they're told to do.  Because war is awfully good at culling the population, you see, for those who are in charge of the culling of the population and get the wars going, it's awfully profitable too.


You've got to understand, we're a herd of people and... [Alan chuckles.] I really do like the writings of characters in the past that touch on it, no matter if they're a bit, um, off-the-wall at times or again too, a lot of them are satirical.  But Charles Forte said that, we're farmed, I think we're farmed. And we ARE farmed, like any animal. Which means, if you're farmed, there's farmers, hm?  And what do farmers do? Well, they keep charge, they are in charge of the stock, that's you, you're part of the stock.  They know everything about you. They know who your ma and your pa is.  They know what your failings would be, oh, your ma and your pa is prone to this and that and the whole thing, and so is your grandpa and grandma, yada ya. That's how they work it out, you see.  That's what you do with animal husbandry. 


Every farmer, the farmers generally would know exactly, the exact lineages going way, way back in their generations of the cattle or their sheep and all the rest of it.  Just like beekeepers.  Beekeepers are famous for that. They go right into eugenics big time.  That's why with the beehive, it's the first thing that was built for the Royal Society, this big elite club that decides what reality is for all the rest of us. They built a beehive, a glass one, to watch the perfect, perfect society, ‘eh.  With the monarch there running it all at the top. Then the worker bee types at the bottom. But in between that you've got the drones that were kind of a priesthood, that literally selected what you were going to be by what they fed you.  Hm?  They thought that was wonderful.


It wasn't a novel idea. It goes all the way back even to ancient Egypt. They had the same thoughts then. What makes these peasants here on this part of the Nile a bit taller than the other peasants up the Nile a bit further on?  Things like that. Studying, always studying what you own, and that includes the people.


So when you take Prince Philip, Prince Philip is very honest about eugenics in his talks at the different Sierra Club meetings they have, and different world meetings with the different groups that he's a kind of chairman of.  Or, he's probably retired now and handed it over to Charlie boy, or one of the other ones.  He's quite open about it. He says, well you know, sometimes when we have a problem, we have a problem when you bring, when you see too many deer growing up on the estate, and they start chewing the bark on trees and destroying the trees, and we have to do something about that, you see.


Sure enough, they go off on mass shoots and things. Or you can introduce, in other countries, wolves of course. They've done that in the States, I think in Yellowstone Park at one point.  The problem is, the wolves multiply by killing all the deer off and everything else.  They killed everything else off.  Wolves will kill fox and every other competing animal and eat them as well.  But no, the eugenicists have no problems talking about that.  He says, yeah, you'll find that even the grass, the grass you see, the grass changes, and somebody will come in and eat particular types of grass, and right down to the dirt, you see. The next thing you know you've got a plague of insects growing then.  So they go through this whole scenario of this domino effect, you see.


But what he was referring to, along the way, was, oh, there's too many people, it's the same problems.  So these are the characters that send you off to war. And make sure that they profit. Because they're farmers. You got to profit off the animals. You think we're all in it together. Really?  Really, hm?  Do you really think that? No, they're not in it. They cause it and they run it all, but they make sure that they profit from you.  Big time. 


And these wars are very, very profitable.  For every bit of cloth, for every, um, that's going to encase whatever animal it is, a human animal, that gets killed, I mean, that means a new recruit had to come up and get new equipment and new cloth and all the rest of it, and new belt buckles and gear and kit, you name it.  That's very profitable.  Awfully profitable. And there's no questions asked in war. Everybody will say, we've got to suffer and ration and just accept it, or we’re all going to get killed. Well, in the process [Alan chuckles.] a lot of you are getting killed anyway, you see. But that doesn't matter.


Terror is the greatest thing to get folk to give up all their rights and freedoms. Hitler said it too. But he got it, he saw the same thing, because he studied the Communists that had taken over the Bolsheviks in Russia.  You know, big terror, a reign of terror and the people can't think straight, it paralyzes them. It does. It paralyzes them. He said that, they can't think straight when they're terrorized. That's always been known by...  Napoleon knew it too, mind you.  That's the kind of thing that, that's the sort of technique that's used upon us.  So terror is a great thing. You're all going to die, right.  It gets you to go along.  You're all going to die, of something you can't even see, oh my God!  Oh my God ‘eh!  And they go along with that too. And away it goes.  It works every time. 


You're trained, why would you suspect you're being conned?  Do you realize, you're trained to be naïve for your entire life?  Hopefully.  That's what they want.  Because it's horrific to think what they're doing is something nefarious and nasty against you.  Aren't they your own people? Right? Are they?  So you believe it. You're all being taught to respect the people, it's like being in the military, you get a whole series of command.  From NCOs all the way up too, private, NCOs all the way up.  Then you get all the ribbons and things, and you get, they used to call it scrambled egg on your skip of your cap things like that. So you were taught to constantly respect people with more spaghetti or scrambled egg on the skip of their cap, and the beautiful, the GOLD lanyards and stuff like that. It was really amazing how you're trained, you see. 


But today they give you all these people, professors with a whole string of letters behind them.  That could even be to do with backscratching or something, you have no idea. It doesn't matter, as long as they've got all the letters there. And as long as they are introduced with the proper IMPORTANCE, you see, and you sit back and like, oh my God, this person says we're all going to die unless we just give all our rights immediately.  Eh?  N-n-n. 


Back in the 90s I gave the talk about the high priests, that others have copied since, [Alan chuckles.]  recently too. From the ancient days, and India was famous too and across the Middle East, but you don't think it. India was famous too, you could see the old observatories they had built there for studying the stars. Just like Latin America, some parts of there much later on. But India was way ahead of them.  Of course you find the standing stones in Britain and the chevrons as well up in northern Scotland.  They're all over the place to measure and basically guide or watch the stars, you know. It gave them their seasons and their time and everything else.


But again, good priests, good priests could, and they've used it in different movies, like fictional movies. Good priests could also know when the eclipses would happen.  They would warn the people and say, you know, if you don't cough up more of your jewelry here and maybe a few of your dollars, extra, this month, the sun is going to, on this day the sun is just going to go black, and only we can stop it. So they would throw, they'd get all the treasuries thrown at them, you know, folk's treasures and stuff. And sure enough, along would come the eclipse, and the priest would stand up in his fine ropes and stuff and do mumbo-jumbo to dispel it and he'd say, appear, appear. And sure enough, the light would come, the light would come back on.  That was awfully important and really, it impressed upon them, it really was a good show. It was a great show. Yep. That's how they used to do it.


Knowledge is power, remember.  They really mean that, knowledge is definitely power. Of course it is.  So we live through a system where they bring on the people who are supposed to have the knowledge, and the last thing you're going to believe is that there's a big con game going on here.  WHY would anybody, because you wouldn't do this, you wouldn't do it. You might tell a little white lie, but it's impossible to tell a MASSIVE lie to shut down a country or nation's economy and way of living!  ‘Eh?  So it must be true, what they're telling you. Because you couldn't, you could never, you might do a little deceptive thing, but you would never stoop to that. That's the whole trick of it. Hitler mentioned that and Hitler copied it from others that had done it before him.  [Alan chuckles.]   Because Machiavelli's are always there in every country. And you can bring them in from other countries to advise leaders. That's what these characters do. They've got these ready-made Machiavelli characters, well steeped in the history of technology, how to con the public and use them. 


So why would you think they're going to lie to you? Why would you think that ‘eh?  There was a guy in Britain when I was really young, and he would come on. He was a comedian, but he was also introduced as a professor. He would come on there and he would use a kind of like-a, like-a impressive technique of persuasion, with the proper, with a like-a vocabulary and make up stuff of nonsense as he went along.  Which would sound awfully convincing, the little bits and pieces you could make out amongst all the, of the high fluting terminology he was using. But he was very impressive. He went on for years with this act of his. Awfully good. He was showing you the techniques that were used to impress you [Alan chuckles.] and to make you think, I'm a silly little fool, and he's a really, this is the genius talking to you here. He was showing the techniques that were always used upon you. Quite amazing, ‘eh.  Quite amazing. It really is.


And it's true enough, why would an ordinary... In a tribal situation, I've given this example before.  In a small tribe, even a fair-sized tribe, say, like a Zulu nation at one time, children would feel safe because the rules are simple and known to everybody, what the rules of the tribe were, you see. So you would always know what to expect and what to see.  Anything out of the ordinary and didn't fit in, it would scare you, you see.  And children look to the adults for guidance to be safe, and what to touch, what not to touch, what will eat them, what won't eat them and things like that.  That's what security is. But that can only work in a tribal situation. Once you give over your children to outside authorities, where there's political and social agendas, it's just different altogether.


Those who rule the world have always planned often a century, a century and a half, maybe two centuries ahead. Actually longer than that in fact.  But I'm talking about like the immediate projects and stuff that they're working on at anyone time. Like a big business plan. They know exactly, as I've said before, when one radicalized generation starts to mellow out when they hit their 30s, their late 20s and into 30s and so on, they begin to mellow, they've already trained another radicalized group with further indoctrination to take over… that won't even get on with the previous lot, you see.


This was discussed by Beria who was in charge of the secret police, or the NKVD, in the Soviet Union at one time. He gave a talk to the Comintern, the young communists that went over to get their daily update on what was going on.  He said, it used to take us a generation for big changes to happen, he was talking about 70 years. He said, it took a long time to prepare people and indoctrinate, indoctrinate over a span of 70 years, then you could make a big change, on any particular area, you see, or any one that you had chosen to change. But then he says, today, this is about the 1930s, he says, with the proper indoctrination in school, the scientific techniques in school, we can make big changes every four years in a child. Amazing, ‘eh?


So that by the time they hit maybe 18 years old, they were four years ahead with indoctrination to other causes or whatever it was going to be, which they were going to get presented with in their lifetime. And by the time they were about 24, they were already indoctrinated to accept something that would happen when they were 24, and then something that would happen when they were 30.  All the seeds were planted and trained, and really implanted into their minds, in like a sectioned system in a sense, that would come out at the right times down through their life. They would accept whatever was given them eventually, even 50 years down the road, if they lived that long, the next phase, you see.  Put the plants in first and they will come to us, and they'll think they're reasoning through it, yeah, I guess that's okay, I don't mind that, and that's how it's done. And that was back then, you see.


But getting back to the whole idea, why would all those guys at the WEF, the World Economic Forum, why would they be on board with the whole sustainability agenda? …and the gradual depopulation, or even fast the population agenda?  …and austerity measures that the United Nations had the big drive quite a few years ago about austerity?  Everybody signed on to it, all the countries signed on to austerity programs, your wonderful leaders that you think you elect.  And all sides too, left and right, you see. That's always what you find out, the left and right are always on board when it comes to the big agendas.


Like Jefferson said, when you see the same agenda continue through different changes in the house, meaning the Congress, the parties, he said, know you are under tyranny. We've been watching this for years, in that case we've always been under tyranny.  Because with the big agendas of sustainability and all these UN programs that they sign onto, on behalf of the big clubs that they belong to, that really rule them and give them their marching orders, then really, it's all planned ahead, isn't it? And they all know it. They are all for depopulation. 


You take this, you say, why would they be all for that when they've got these big corporations? Well, the thing is you see, since they all live today, all of them, on public-private partnerships, that Prince Charles was the guy they sent out to initially popularize it some years ago, public-private partnerships.  Which means that they are given these massive grants, because they now are really the infrastructure. It's not owned by the taxpayers anymore, even though we never really owned it, you know, they pretended to own it, but it's looked after by these elite ones, you see, who really own it, who are private.  We pay for the infrastructure, repairs, even for startups for new roads and things, and they simply take the profits once it's up and running. The same with your water, your gas and everything else.  All energy. That's what technocracy was about too by the way, all energy systems and infrastructure in the nation.  The technocrats by the way and their descendants are still running the show today. 


But as I say, getting back to the whole idea, why would they be all for it? You'd think they...?  No, they get enough, you see.  The whole idea for the future is that the farmers themselves, you see, have the right to get more and more and more off of us as we gradually die off, become sterile and just die off basically, you see. That's the new system. Open system. You're definitely a slave. 


The whole idea of civilization is, they like to say civilization began really when we stopped being hunter gatherers, ‘eh, and became, got slaves and made them into agriculturalists. So the slaves were the peasants and you lived off their backs basically.  It's no coincidence that in certain religions even today [Alan chuckles.] they'll tell you when you go into them, Bloomberg mentioned something about it, that farmers were the lowest form of life. That's from a particular religion.  So yeah, I mean, that was the basic beginnings of civilization, where you had a guaranteed food supply. As long as the weather was okay, and you didn't get too many pestilences and all that you had a good food supply.  And it made a big, big difference, didn't it?


So the same characters are running the show today, the technocrats, and living off of us.  And they make it, all they do is write it into law, you see.  So they don't say, we're running the slaves openly now. They don't say that. They say, we've got different bureaucratic organizations to help sustain life on the planet, ‘eh, how much you're going to eat, how much you're going to get, or not eat or get or whatever.  Have you noticed too, and along the same vein... 


So they don't lose, before I get off that, they don't lose money. They're getting more and more all the time through different taxes and handouts. Not just from your nations. You see, one corporation can have a little office even in every different country, or it may be in a little manufacturing place in a bunch of countries. So they get handouts from them ALL. Each corporation does the same thing. Wonderful, isn't it?  So the taxpayers fund them all, for all the money that they're losing basically.  But as the population goes down and they can't either afford to buy the same products, or you're not going to even offer them to the people, the products to the people, you see. So they're not losing at all. They're all on board with the whole agenda.


They've all been told too that their families will come through for generations to come. I'm not kidding you about that. That's a fact, they're told this stuff. They don't even eat the food that you get by the way. Years ago I did the talks when it came out from papers in Germany, and Japan too, of these big domed places basically where they were growing the food for the wealthy elite, in domes. That was at the same time where this topic, they keep saying it's a conspiracy theory [Alan chuckles.] of geo-engineering.  They were doing geo-engineering years ago. They've been teaching this stuff in universities. I've got their own books here from universities, ‘eh.  For years back they were talking about it quite openly.  But when you mention it, or you're a conspiracy theorist, oh, because the papers aren't talking about it very often. Well, again, facts don't matter.


But yeah, they don't want the stuff coming down on their food supply. They had it in the newspapers some years back, these big domes, really huge greenhouse type affairs, high-tech ones that, with fantastically climate-controlled systems inside them, that never got the rain from outside.  The water was from deep wells which were ultra filtrated and so on, except for certain minerals which, if they lacked minerals, they would even add it to it.  This all went into the soil that didn't come in contact with the soil down below it, there was like concrete in between. The people that went in treated it like a laboratory with the full gear on and masks and everything and gloves.  No insects got into the place. It was just astonishing.


Then I found out during the course of a month or two before the media lost interest in it, that they had one set up in Germany too and other places as well, and the elite got their drawing rights from it. Did you know that? They're not going to eat the same poisons [Alan chuckles.] you're getting with the pesticides and so on.  They know what it does.  So if you really serve the system well as a politician or a higher-level bureaucrat, etc., you got your special drawing rights so you can, your family can get supplied with the proper stuff every month or whatever it took, of the real stuff. So you had less chances of getting cancers from the herbicides and pesticides and so on.


This is not conspiracy stuff. It's not at all. That's what they do to this present day.  They also get different vaccinations from the public. That came out as I say, when Germany in the 2009 fracas came out with the so-called swine flu, when it was starting to paralyze people and things like that, [Alan chuckles.] their little unfortunate side effects, children, etc. they were giving them narcolepsy, you know, they couldn't, they just fell asleep all the time.  The politicians in Germany, again I put that up again not too long ago I think. The politicians in Germany refused to take the vaccine which they had mandated that the Germans took, you know, the working-class people, the ordinary people. So they had special vaccines made for themselves.


Remember too, I think it was Bouchard in Canada, there was a bit of speculation there because I know they did the same thing with Canadians.  There's difference sites you can get for the injections, you know.  It was speculated, I don't know if I should even mention this.  But it was speculated that, he came down with what was called a flesh-eating disease in his thigh I think it was.  About that time, I know they were giving the shots, these specific shots to Canadians at the time.  In a newspaper article that mentioned it, it did say that his daughter and his wife both had the same vaccination, but they only had a minor irritation at the site.  You see. There's a lot goes on that the public have no clue about, you know, they really don't.  Even the so-called necrotizing fasciitis, I mean, they had the shot for that supposedly. God knows what went with that, maybe it was just too active in certain people, it would actually be more active or virile you might say in certain people's bodies and cause terrible disasters. Who knows?


Everything is so secretive in this great system, this socialist system we live in. By socialist, this is what the elite picked, you see, it suits them better. Democracy, as they said at the Club of Rome, is too time-consuming, people think they've got rights and they object to all kinds of things. That's why in democracies you have this, these panel discussions about, well, they want to put a new highway down through your little village there and 20 of you have to give up your homes to put it through. Well, you get little debates about it, and you keep debating until you get a good payoff and then you can move. But otherwise, you wouldn't even get the payoff and they can actually do with it some kind of eminent domain or something or other where government can actually grab it, if they just keep haggling with them too long, for necessary infrastructure or whatever their going to call it at the time.  I know George Bush when he was in, he did the same thing for the States and his pals grabbed land all over the place during that period. 


But yeah, you get this whole thing going on as I say with a different set of rules for them. Again, in the 90s, in the 1990s I think it was President Manning, who was running in Canada for politics at the time.  It came out during his time at that period, that Canada and Britain and the States, and goodness knows how many other countries, probably Australia and New Zealand too, I bet you, and maybe some of the European ones, they had all changed their laws for politicians and essential bureaucrats and so on, that they would all from then on to the present obviously, but they would get preferential specialized treatment in special military hospitals if they had any problems or diseases or whatever.


I thought to myself, what on earth is coming down the pike, you know, that they would go and do that?  Lots of things have happened since which would give a good idea [Alan chuckles.] of what was actually happening.  I know some of them still go today and they get the proper removal of nasty particulate matter from their blood streams intravenously by the advanced techniques which are used actually, some of them do that. Even some of the best writers in Canada and the States, on behalf of the elite, they do the biographies for them and so on, even they get privileges like that. One of them wrote about it themselves.  They get detoxed that way, truly detoxed.  Anyway, lots of things go on that's set up for the farmers and the farmers' helpers, you see. They get more perks and benefits than the rest of the general population.


Now, I want to say as well, that you take what happens from this obviously planned, planned, I mean, whole Covid idea, and I really think it's planned. The economy was shattered. The economy was completely shattered, before 2007/8 hit actually.  The elite lost nothing. It's all been announced years since that all the big corporations and big private investors and so on all had their money invested in very safe havens, offshores in different countries before it all hit. They were already for it, you see.  That's always the way. Then the public end up with all the incredible [Alan chuckles.] spaghetti mortgages that they had, just tossing them and tossing them and reselling them, like 10 times a day some of them, by the different banks. This feeding frenzy. All knowing where it was going to lead.  But accumulating incredible wealth for themselves during the process.


Then it went bust and all the poor souls that had taken on these mortgages lost their homes. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people.  Tent cities sprung up and the whole thing. We forget that, don't we?  You saw these poor folks, these were the bottom rung working-class types who'd for the first time had got a chance for mortgage, and everything went belly up.  Even today they're still sorting out who really would own some of these homes.  Because banks were selling mortgages and flipping them, as I say, sometimes 10 times, one mortgage would get flipped 10 times before the closing time, between different banks. A feeding frenzy. 


So hhhh, those at the top made a fortune off the crash, you see. Then our cash was all devalued by a good chunk since that crash. Because even Canada was given special drawing rights by the US Federal Reserve. All the big banks in the States were too.  They got special drawing rights.  Meaning, you're borrowing money at a high interest rate, and you're given so many years to pay it all back, with its compound interest. Well, that's what crashed the value of the dollar in Canada until now, you know, it's 2020, and for the last few years now it's lost probably 40% value in purchasing power, maybe more. 


Now with this one, you see, because the WEF, again, they wanted another reset of the economy. That's what they mean by resetting it.  Bingo, Covid comes along. You're all locked down.  And they print up money, which is just nothing at all, or they just add the zeros on the end of a number in the computers. But you all have to pay it back, you know.  But you couldn't pay it back, with a number and a bunch of zeros.  But when this is done, this is a reset for the dollar. This is what a lot of it's about, is a resetting of the cash value again.  Your currency, no matter what country you're in, will have a much, much lower volume in purchasing power. Then you're into austerity. And you've got to pay off the old one back by the way, all the supposed fake money that was drummed up, you know, by governments, has to be paid back to these...  Hhhch, even though it's backed by nothing, and nothing is backed by anything, except conology, which is really the top science. If you really want the top degrees, take a degree in conology. You'll definitely benefit from it. Guaranteed. That's how things really are.


Just when everybody was, when the news was starting to come out and everybody was saying, wait a minute here, these numbers don't tally up, and millions aren't dying at all, etc. etc. And this lockdown, we can't get to work.  And you had all these governors in the States and so on turning the police on to people that were breaking their home stay of locked down, oh my God, and barbers were getting locked up and fined for cutting somebody's hair.  Then you see, immediately, bang, someone gets killed by the cops, and within a few days charged with murder, one of them, the other one may be pending; we'll have to wait and see. Immediately you've got this, again, this massive, massive coalition of radical left groups, who by the way, want the same thing as the elites want.  Sustainability, right. End of all meat production for the common peasants.  A vegan lifestyle. A post consumerist type society, where we'll all live in nature I suppose and maybe wear spiderweb clothing or something. But it's going to be wonderful. And again, a zero carbon, you know, economy, whatever's left of the economy.  As they go out there and set fire to rubber ties and cars and everything on the street. Have you noticed that? 


They broke the curfew immediately.  Huh?!  Across the world.  This spontaneous but well-organized massive rioting, under, using a poor guy's death as an excuse for it. That was just the excuse folks because it was so well-planned, just waiting to get triggered, you see. And the elite let it happen. The same governors in the States, that's a good example, the States, that were sending cops out to arrest people and telling them, who broke their, you know, they're going to put them in prison and everything… they go out and join these folks shoulder to shoulder.  No 6-foot distance, all that stuff that was mandated as though it was like some voodoo law that was given, oh, 6 feet apart, and you'd better be or.... ‘Eh?  But the same governors, the same governors are out there marching for the cause, you see.


Again, they don't, so they broke all the taboos, you know… don't break the 6-foot rule.  Lots of them didn't even bother wearing masks.  And they're walking through the smoke of the burning things, but they're all for carbon reduction, ‘eh?  They don't want you to have a bonfire or even a coal fire, but it's okay to burn all these cars in the streets, and HOUSES down as well.  And everybody's looking at this and saying wait a minute here! It's so well organized. We know that. And we know it's not what they tell you it is. It's not...


The Communist Party has been used for years by those who rule the world, by the richest people on the planet. There's only one group at the top that runs all sides.  They use whatever is handy and convenient to use at the time. And efficient to use at the time. They decided long ago, as I said, at the Club of Rome, another elitist group on behalf of the elite who run the planet, about sustainability, well, this democracy has to go. So they'll used to left wing and said, you see, with all these idealistic mantras that will be taught. Because the left wing loves mantras on little things, you know, thou shalt not's. And get the job done. And do away with this idea of rights and democracy.


You see, don't forget, Antifa doesn't believe in the rights of the individual. It's in their manual. I'll put some of this up tonight in fact if you want to download them. They don't believe in that. They believe in the collective society, but run by their own experts, you see, professionals.  But no individualism, you know, it's not allowed. I'm sure they’ll allow a few multibillionaires to show a bit of individualism but that will be it. You had that even during the communist era in the Soviet Union. 


But yeah, it's much more efficient to have the organization just obey. Do what you're told. They love, look at China, they love China.  China is a collectivist society. It hasn't had a history of real, really unique individuals.  They're collectivist. They DO see the chairman of the top as THE MAN, that is their leader, you see. When he's unhappy they're unhappy. If he voices objections against something, they'll all voice objections against it too. Immediately. It just ripples right through the society, whoof, you see.  You're a good Chinese if you were serving food to foreigners, before the Covid thing, but once the US started to stir up against China, you're getting, the foreigners were getting turned away from the same restaurants because they weren't allowed in. Quite openly, they had signs in the window. They're not, they don't have problems with being racist or anything, you know.  They have no guilt complexes, they're not taught that they were bad, you know, all these techniques that were used on the West.  They’re quite proud to be who they are and they love their own people, that's good enough for them.


So yeah, it's efficient and they look at that, you see.  Rulers and all those who serve the rulers, the sycophants, you know, the psychopathic sycophants that...  The psychopath in a structured system, of militarization for instance, with their own rank, you know, it's like steps going up, and if there's one on every other step and all going up the side of the pyramid there. They see the one ahead of them and the ones ahead of them too, but they see the ones above them and they'll... they'll gloat and do everything for them, oh my God you're wonderful, and praise them and so on. But the people behind them, down below, one rung down from them, they scream and holler at them in fury. That's how it works in socialism.  It really is. That's how it is, the psychopathic management of socialism.  And there is no lack of them.


I mean, never put your faith in humanity as such. If you studied history, you'll lose it all. I mean, really good history, really true history, factual stuff, stuff that hasn't been scrubbed from the books.  You start to lose it, don't put your faith in human beings. 


There's one story I've got even here, just one of many, but I've seen this happen before too. You see, everybody in the world is tempted by things, you know. In a materialistic society where money is king, you know, and the more money...  All you've had for years from the media when they stopped giving you news, until this Covid thing and suddenly everybody's watching the news again.  Which they love.  They were giving, all you were getting for new was celebrities, what the celebrities are all doing when they're locked up of course, would come out as well afterwards, and stories about, how do they cope in their big estates and things, ‘eh.  But that's what they gave you for news for years. That's not news.


You ever wonder why they stopped… When Hollywood was created, they came in to build Hollywood and made a massive business, a very lucrative business. Before that actors and actresses were looked down upon to an extent on the stage, ‘eh.  And the female actresses – the Me-Too's, they weren't really going back then – because they were often invited after stage into some posh persons house, and to sing for their supper as they would say, and maybe do something extra too that was required. That's how it really was.  So they were looked down upon by society. They weren't paid that much at all.  But when Hollywood came in and the managers came in, of making big money, they created this thing called 'stars'. Why do you think they picked the 'star'? Why do you think you see the star everywhere? The star on the caps of the Communists, eh?  Why was the red star on the Communists and the white star on the fuselages of the planes of the Americans and on their tanks?  Hm?  Why do you think that is?


The saying, people follow the stars. They give you these people, they pump them up into being superhuman, until everybody sees them as gods. Oh my God, look at that, oh she's got all, she's got millions, millions of bucks for goodness sake and big mansions and...  Materialism, materialism, materialism.  And you follow the stars. Then they start giving opinions.  They're told what opinions to give to the public.  Oh, I think it's good that they shouldn't have children, there's too many of you, you know, and I think maybe abortion is fantastic and yut, dut, dut and dut.  And before you know it, well, they say that... Then you follow the stars, their opinion becomes your opinion, you know.  M-hm.


It doesn't occur to you, a lot of them, they're all getting paid for this by the way. Even for their opinions that they are given to them.  But when they recruited [George] Clooney and [Angelia] Jolie it was into the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, amongst, with other ones too, again, here's the stars now. They said that in the CFR's own magazines at the time, Foreign Affairs, they said we're bringing stars in now because they will bring in the followers and they can give opinions out which the young followers will adopt, you see. Everything is managed.  Your opinions are given to you.


They didn't give you some ugly creep, you know, they didn't give you the hunchback of Notre Dame in raggedy clothing with an opinion. It might have been better too, the guy, at least the hunchback was well educated, you could tell in the last movie they made. But here you've got these characters that play clowns and everything, you know, and folk you definitely wouldn't want to be giving you opinions. But the youngsters follow it all, ‘eh.  Quite, such an easy trick, ‘eh.  Stars. Stars, ‘eh.  M-hm.  I tell ya, you're going to be a star, yep.  It's all rats backwards by the way, star.  You know, star, oh my god, no. 


But anyway, that's what you've got, systems of running opinions and minds of the public. And the public never really catch on.  They think they're coming to their own conclusions about pretty well anything and everything. If they had the right indoctrination, like Jacques Ellul said, from birth, from a young, from early schooling, that prime indoctrination technique is given to the children, a casual observer would hardly notice anything unusual, there's a scientific technique to it. Ellul said, if they're not given that initial indoctrination, then subsequent and later indoctrination will not take with them, it won't work with them. That's how it's done.  You supplement that with all the children's books that have all the latest PC things written into them, little stories about, well, do this and do that, you know, or whatever it happens to be, and in a smoke-free environment. People, you don't see them freezing in igloos anymore, no.  That will come. And they’ll be happy in their igloo, right.  But yeah, I mean, a carbon free society. Totally vegan.


I mean, Jolie came out, I think it was Jolie came out a few years ago when they were trying to push this vegan idea, of eating crickets. I think even, there were some people, everything is subsidized by the big corporations at the top, you know, that push these kind of things. They came out with, I think even Bill Gates probably had money in some of them.  But it just doesn't take off, you know, we're not that sporting, we just don't play cricket. But here's the sandwiches for crickets and stuff – they got a lot of them in Africa now with the plague of locusts, ‘eh   and tell you how wonderful would be, and how people have eaten it for years, centuries ago and all that.  Yep.  Ehhh, it's quite amazing as I say. But as I say, they never had the hunchback of Notre Dame with his ragged clothing eating one of these things to sell it to ya, did they? 


It's just too easy to manipulate the public and to indoctrinate them. And the techniques are so well understood. So well. As I say, the elite at the top and those who serve them, just below them, the big CEOs and so on, they don't go without.  As they can cut back on supplying you with water, it's made up, the difference is made up by the taxpayer in big grants to them, public-private partnerships.  As they cut back, as they're going to do eventually with electricity, all energy sources by the way. That's technocracy.  Then again, they lose nothing. If they half the population they won't lose anything. Whoever is left will be paying the extra difference, you see. This is how it's all arranged amongst them at the top.  So that's why they're not worried about cutting back, cutting back the population by this or that or the other.  They're going to get made up by those who are still working and through their arrangements/agreements with the governments. The governments are all on board with the con game, and so are they. Everything is a con game. Of course it is. It's a con game.


As the whole curse of pure materialism became completely embedded in society, we've lost all our humanity, even at the bottom level. At one time the people could help each other out. They HAD to help each other out. The basic tribes in Africa helped each other out, in the tribes themselves.  When times are tough, you share. In the UK during their horrible, hhhch, 20th century, horrible, from war, war, war and rationing and rationing all through it, pretty well up until about the 60s really, even into the 70s, the folk really maybe ate a little better in the 1970s. But up until then the rationing in Britain, once it went out the folk still, under wages and price freezes and things, they couldn't afford a lot of stuff.


It was quite common at one time for people to borrow from their neighbors, back and forth. When it was their turn, they'd borrow from you, and vice versa. That's how things were with people. Well, that's going by the wayside with the welfare system. Now you've got bureaucrats who you have to go and get the third degree from. Why do you need this?  A means test, you know, why do you need this? How much? What makes you think you need that much?  Blah blah blah blah blah.  You see? At one time the people helped each other out, that's how it was.  When you bring the social systems in run by governments and agencies and bureaucrats, it's another LEVEL of this bureaucracy, is tyrannical. That's what it is. And humanity goes out the window. They have nothing in common with you. They don't see you as people. You're a number.  That's what your social insurance number is, is your SIN number, hm?  The sin of being born as a peasant.


But meanwhile they've got all these radicals out there thinking, thinking they're fighting some kind of wonderful revolution, a communist lefty revolution to bring in another utopia. That's what they think. As they destroy the infrastructure and HELP the elite get...  The lockdown was wearing off. The Covid thing was wearing off. And bingo, in come what they think are the radicals who think they're going to... [Alan chuckles.]   No, they're just slowing down any return to the economy, again. And the cost of repairing it all is going to be phenomenal. Again, massive debt.  Who benefits? The ones that brought you the Covid are the ones that are going to benefit.  It's a continuation, folks.


And the media, once this is over with, the rioting, the media will go into overdrive again, right back. The same characters who suddenly told the virus to stop spreading temporarily, where they can march side-by-side with the protesters, they'll be putting in the lockdown again. Oh, it's spread, my God, you can't cut that hair anymore, no, nope, 6 feet apart, yada, all that nonsensical stuff that I told you was made up by a schoolgirl for God's sake. Daddy worked for the military-industrial complex and he managed to make a dogma out of it, a computer analysis of how far apart you should be.   Have you walked behind somebody with a cigarette on a calm day? You see that smoke trailing from their breath sometimes 20 feet behind them.  6 feet is nonsensical. It makes no sense. It's nonsense. It's a made-up socially destructive number, that's its function, to stop you.  We are social beings. The games that are getting played right now are astronomical. And the folk are becoming neurotic. 


I'm going to put up [Alan chuckles.] a comedian's YouTube. Because often the best way to show you something is in comedy, in satire. He starts off with the, oh my God how many folk are going to die with it, this virus. Then he goes into all the folk who have died in car smashes and this, that, and all the different kind of ways of dying. It's just staggering. And of course you collapse at the end when, with the utter neurosis.  You're not living in what's called a sane honest system.  At all. Deception upon deception is phenomenal.


Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer (Comic) - youtube.com / 3 June 2020


Another clip is by Cuomo in New York, saying, and like a true politician, the same guy that helped to make sure that LOTS of the nursing homes HAD to accept folk who were coming in with Covid, and to kill off all the old folk.  I mean, he did mandate it and threatened them all with the law if they didn't accept the cases into the old folks homes.  The slimy politician that he is, like they all are, you know.  And they know part of the game, you know, they're not stupid, they've been in a long time, and they get little bits and pieces from their superiors way above them of what's running the world.   


But he starts to, he plays the media game.  Well, you know, even though, he says, it's up to you, that you could have all disobeyed the law and all the rest of it, he says, and go out in the streets. I couldn't stop you, he says, it can only work with your compliance, he says, you know. And he is saying a LEGAL truth, you see.  Legalism, legalism.  You accept it.  You comply with it.  Then you blame them for it. That's really saying, you'll blame us for it, but you complied with it.  He says, I had no real authority to make you all sit in your homes and stay there and yada, yada ya,  or shut your businesses down. But of course he would turn the cops on you, regardless, yeah he did, you know, that way.  They're all liars, you understand.


He's no different than any of the rest of them. Politics is a show today. It's a complete vaudeville act really.  It is. In every country it's the same thing.  It's rather odd too, don't you think it's rather odd that every country is on board with the same agenda, the exact same, EXACT SAME agenda?  And they listen to Fauci more than anybody else?  Folk can't go to churches to worship God, but they all tune in to listen to Fauci speak every day, ‘eh.  Who elected Fauci? 


I would say, I personally would say [Alan chuckles.] when you look into his history of what he's been involved with, he’s heavily, heavily, what would you say, he's heavily, hhhhh, IN with the big, big powers that make the big, big money, and the big, big agenda. I mean, Bill Gates has been open about depopulation and sterility and all the rest of it, you know.  Sterilization, he's been very open about it, like a lifelong cause, like his dad before him.  He's dishing out cash to Fauci's organization, and every other organization, and the WHO and so on. You can't get past this incredible chain, it's a like a chain, ‘eh, we have chain links that are all linked to each other, intricately.  And nobody has elected any of these people but they're dictating to all of us, and the whole planet through the WHO.  [Alan chuckles.]   


WOW!  That's quite the feat, isn't it?  I tell ya.  But as I say, yeah.  And again, none of them have come out in any...  What government has come out and says to all these rioters, you've got to stop this, you're putting everybody else at risk and in danger. It's gone out the window immediately.  ‘Eh?  I noticed even during it, the only thing that Fauci said is, you know, he says, we might start easing up in the fall for the lockdown thing. Even though everybody's ignoring him.  We might start easing it up in the fall and children might start to go back to school, some of them, maybe. 


Well, Bill Gates had that reinventing and reimagining education. Did you see it?  What a power to be given into the hands of anybody, like a guy like Gates and his organization.  So every thought for every child and every part of the curriculum, and their indoctrination into big agendas would come from Bill Gates.  Give me your mind. Give me the children's minds.  Oooooo.  Yep.  There ya go. You don't vote for any of them. And you're used and abused.


They've been quite open about their big agendas. Really. They really have. The Club of Rome definitely has been, hm.  Democracy just is too cumbersome, folk have rights to complain.  You're going to put a road through my village, no you're not, you know, we're going to debate this and the whole lot. No, they would like to be like China and just say, get out of that village, we're moving you off, and get the road done and that was it.  You know, no debate, nothing. They really drool when they look at China. Tyrants, they drool at any kind of collectivist society that obeys their leader.  They really do.


The West, you see, we've developed differently.  No doubt about it.  I think the northern societies, the northern peoples were more independent really.  They're the cold climates.  Even back in the old Viking days, it wasn't, you didn't have big heavy populations in any country. You really did have to think independently in small groups to survive and go hunting and all the rest of it.  You had to do that kind of stuff. You couldn't just be settled in the same place all the time when a terrible winter, or even an Ice Age came in and out.  They had small ice ages too.  Even in Britain, they know they had quite a few ice ages with people who followed behind the thawing and who would move into Britain. And then Ice Age ages would come back, and they'd move back out. Then they'd come back in once it was gone again. This was the life.


It's vastly different from warmer climates where folks could have, look at the ancient cities in the Middle East where they had pretty well a warm belt around the equator for a long time.  Even though the equator was moved at times too.  [Alan chuckles.]  It did, from different disturbances, the earth shifted its access a bit here and there. We know there was an equator that went through what was actually Siberia at one time. 


So anyway, yeah, hhhch, we definitely are vastly different and more independent, or we used to be more independently minded than China.  Definitely we did our own thing. I don't think we had the same obeyance, a groveling obeyance to leaders in the West either. But that's what the elite want and the only way they get it... 


Now, look at the nonsense that's going on, ‘eh, as they grovel for the saviors to save them all, the bureaucrats and the medical profession to save them all.  There was a guy I was reading through, just going through different articles there.  You could look at all the, look at everything, it doesn't matter if you're hostile to different things or whatever, look at everything. If you label any group as being a complete totalitarian system, like China, like every individual in it, you're going to miss out on things.  You can see the vast consensus folk will have but it's always the occasional individual here and there.


One of them was talking about, it struck me, after looking at all these people smashing windows and looting, and the guy says that this is like Kristallnacht... when the Nazis really, and there were other groups with them by the way that were really Communists as well. But at that time before they got rid of all the different groups, went through all the different commercialized areas and shops, and the Jewish areas, and smashed all the windows and stole stuff. But mainly smashing, that's why they called it Kristallnacht, you know.  I thought, you know, that's exactly what you're looking at.


But the people in the States that are doing this are calling themselves anti-fascists, from the 1930s. Even using the same flag and everything else, Anti Fascist movement.  As I say, I'll put up their manual tonight too for those that want to look through it. You should look through it and see what their manifesto is. They all have manifesto’s.


Antifa’s Handbook: A Primer On Violent Illiberalism - theamericanconservative.com / 8 Feb 2018


From Karl Marx to the present time, and the Communist Manifesto up to the present time.  And they'll use every excuse to get it.  And you would think, you would hope, you would have hoped that they would have learned something from the Soviet system where it was so dysfunctional with bureaucracies towards the end. I can remember when a documentary came out that they were so short of basic essentials, even gasoline and diesel and so on, but gasoline for the taxis in Moscow, they were only allowed, each taxi was only allowed to do so much mileage per week, that they'd jack up their cars and turn back the odometer and so on to keep, otherwise they said they would have come to a standstill, they talked to the different taxi men and so on.  They had trains at one point that would leave on time, but there would be nothing in them, for freight trains, there was no freight eventually, it was so bad.  The appearance of things had to keep going, you see, and that's what they were giving out to the West anyway.


I remember as well the talk by Gorbachev, the president at the time.  He said to the Politburo, and I think it was Eric Margolis in fact who used to write for the Toronto Sun and different newspapers, the Sun group, he printed it as well. That Gorbachev said to the Politburo in a speech, he says, that shortly you'll hear that the communism, I'm paraphrasing it, is dead, but don't believe it. He says, we're moving into a new phase and spreading out.


I thought, well that makes more sense because you see, I could never fathom, I could never fathom for instance why the left in America all went along with the phony Cold War idea.  Of course they all, the top ones all had investments in the same missile programs and so on and products that would never get used, but it was awfully lucrative. That was part of the reason, no doubt about it.


But at the same time, when you go back as far as Vietnam and even before that, with the McCarthy era, and also with the Reese Commission, Norman Dodd and that whole Reese Commission, where they had to, a commission was sent out to go around to all the foundations. The Rockefeller foundation, the Ford foundation, the Carnegie foundation, all these different foundations, that fund all the nongovernmental organizations, ARMIES of them, which fund the educational and indoctrination systems and so on.  They went in and asked them, why are your programs really promoting communism?  It was the CEO of the Ford foundation at the time who talked to Norman Dodd.  He says, part of our purpose, PART of the purpose, right, was to eventually seamlessly join the Soviet system with the American system, education wise, cultural wise and everything. That's what it was. Through a generation or two, that's how it was to be.


It's all happened, folks. So when Gorbachev was talking about, don't believe it, they're moving out. They already, the US had stacks of communists in it before even World War II. So did Canada.  In government. And in bureaucracies.  Quite phenomenal.  But the general public, it's not the system which they suspect it is at times. And it's awfully lucrative for those in-the-know, those Communists in-the-know. Very lucrative indeed. 


As I say, for sustainability and a post consumerist society, as you… Because that's what you had, a consumer society, now you're going postconsumer. Except for the ones who smashed the windows and are robbing the stuff, they're the only ones consuming and still shopping.  It's to go into austerity. That's always been the plan for a long, long, long time. For years. That was the plan from those at the top. How do you get the public to go from there to there, you see?  Well, we could do war and terrify them.  We could, oh, plagues are good, you know.  And cutting back the food supply.  Which you're going to definitely have. You're going to have famines coming into the West as well. 


It's quite amazing, it was bad enough what happened with the Covid thing and that shutting down of meat plants and all that. It just falls in line with the meatless society, eh, the vegan system, eh, the WEF program. Isn't it astonishing when everything just falls along with, in the direction of their big plan? It just, they just, they've got a lot of luck, these people. They do.  They've got the best clairvoyants on the planet working for them, they're called Futurists. They plan it all for them.


Then you have Antifa group actually threatening, there's articles out now, I was waiting for them, to see them, and out they came, [Alan chuckles.] while I was waiting for them. They're going to go after the food supplies now and actually, just like, because they've also got, Antifa has also got the Extinction Rebellion group with them, and other groups. But Extinction Rebellion that were going after the different farm animals in Australia and different countries and attacking the farms. And out comes, just the other day there, the Antifa groups, with all their threats. And they don't get stopped. Have you noticed that?, they don't get stopped. It's only townsfolk here and there stopping them. But everybody's been told to lay off them, obviously. Really.  Huh?  Don't you think that's odd in itself?


Don't you? Don't you say, where are the armies of police? Where are, where's the National Guard actually going forward and stopping and rounding these folk up that are burning and looting and destroying your homes?  There’s an aid of Obama, one of his female aides came out and started screaming at these people who had come into her community and were burning the place down. She says, we live here!  What are you doing?! 


Woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of NYC - youtube.com / 2 June 2020


And these were your real agitators that are well schooled and trained, in Antifa.  This isn't some, they're trying to make it out that it's not organized. What absolute rubbish! [Alan chuckles.]  Absolute nonsense. They've been training these characters, their leaders, for years and years and years. A lot of the followers are easily, like any cult group, it's easy to create them, it's not hard at all. It's that young people see things in black-and-white, no gray areas, you see. And you feed them some thing, oh, look at these terrible folk, the capitalists that are running the world, oh my God.  And we are the good guys, we are the left-wing, you know, we want a communal society, and we'll pass bread around and sing Kumbaya, and all be equal and all that. Absolute lies.  Just like... did you see the multi-billionaires that fled Russia at the end?  [Alan laughing.] All equal, eh?


But facts don't matter to the youth, you see. It's easy to radicalize them, how unfair the world is. And you feel that when you're young, easy to get radicalized. The world is just unfair, it's rotten and unfair.  You want a target for it all and they give you it, they supply you with the target. It's their fault, you see, their fault. And there's always a bit of truth in the lot of it, but it's always ALL their fault, you see.  And the people who are training you, who are going to take you over, don't tell you what the real agenda is. They never tell you what the real agenda is. No, no. 


The whole idea with communism was to make things so terrible for the ordinary people they'd rebel against the authorities. They had part of the manifestoes out to their trainees back in the early 1900s, and through the ongoing revolutions after 1917 in other parts of what became the Soviet bloc.  Any religious organizations or any charitable organizations sending and bringing food into the peasantry, who were living in dire straits, right, or anything, even fuel to heat themselves, must be stopped. You must make it as miserable as possible.  Because if you don't, if they start to help the poor, they're NOT going to rebel.  They've got to be in desperate straits, so, you stop the food coming into them, you stop everything coming into them, until they'd do anything to try and stay alive.  And join us.  And off you go and you start slaughtering people.  That's how, that's the technique. That never changes, folks. It never changes.


To start a cult is quite easy. You create a bubble of reality around them. You're now part of US.  You found the creed that takes you in without question, no matter what you are. Have you noticed all the rainbow colors out there too? They've got everybody involved in it. This came out as I say back in the times when I saw that communist coming from Russia, who was from London, but who traveled all through the States and Canada every year back and forth from Moscow training the organizations. Openly, ‘eh?   But yeah, he said we must bring them ALL in. And now they've got them all in. Everybody who feels out on the fringes, for whatever reason, even when society accepts them, it doesn't matter, bring them in.  That adds to your numbers. They're still radical enough, because they're unhappy with themselves but turn it outwards.


So, you create a bubble around them.  A cult does the same thing.  They love up on the people, oh, welcome, ah, you're so welcome. Until they really feel...  Then they start giving you the tenants you've got to believe in.  Then you're radicalized and you're ready to go off and fight for them. And maybe even killed for them.  That's how it's done. It's quite easy to do. Create a bubble of unreality, you know, inside it, and say that this IS the reality and outside there it's dangerous, these are the bad people, everywhere.  It's so easy to do. This is well understood.  It comes from manuals and so on.  The great joke was always, they make you work for a better tomorrow. You never get it in your lifetime, it's always for a better tomorrow, for someone down the road.  [Alan chuckles.]  Yep. 


That's how it was in the Soviet Union too.  I feel so sorry for the folk in Russia, you know.  Even today they'll say, well it might have worked a bit better if they didn't have, number one, the Cold War. Number two, if Moscow didn't have this imperialistic push, which it was definitely imperialistic, spreading outwards.  And it had its own class system in Moscow, big time. Absolutely. They saw themselves as almost a different species in Moscow, the ones who ruled it all.  They were not equal by any means, mentally or financially, that's how they saw it all.


But anyway, we're on a road now to the big one, as I say, as Antifa and the rest of them are going to make the moves towards the food supply, what's left of the food supply.  It's going to be hard times for everybody, folks. I hope you understand what's happening. Because this is part of a revolution, and a revolution which is agreed upon with those at the top.  It's to suit their purpose obviously. Otherwise, believe you me, they would have nipped this in the bud years ago before it even started now. 


They had the power, they have the power now, so if it's been unopposed... And you've got even these con politicians and governors saying, oh we're joining them all as well… and just, Covid is out the window [Alan chuckles.] and they're walking, they're rubbing shoulders with them, using some poor guy that was killed, brutally murdered, as an excuse. And that's the standard thing, they're using him as an excuse. They're disgusting!  Disgusting is what I can say for what they're actually doing, you know, for a cause the general public will have no idea what it really is, they never do, and they're never told this by the TV personalities what it's all about, what the goals truly are. It's not pleasant what's coming down.


But yeah, when you see literally the cops, the cops have no backup to stop anything…  They're the bad guys right now, right? They're not gonna risk themselves.  When their own leaders aren't saying, we'll back you up, that's it. That's the Milligram Experiment off the bat right there, y'know.  That's it.  If those in authority don't back them up, they're not going to do anything.  The same with the National Guard. Or even if you brought the military in.  If the president is going to keep quiet about it, no one's going to get used for this. This is obvious.  But it's obvious that there's an agreement by those at the top, and all the peons of all sides are all playing their part, going along with it. It's obvious.


There are no sides, left and right, it's just a game, this game of democracy. The appearance of democracy, which stop folk having real rebellions, because you vote the other crew out every so many years. That's the con behind it. You never really had a real functioning system, especially in America, in the States I should say, for a long time. Quigley said it himself in Tragedy and Hope. In the 1960s he wrote the book, or publish the book, and he said, I think for at least 60 years the heads of all governments that are elected, all parties, are a member of this organization that was pretty secretive at the time, the CFR. 


Then they came out with the Trilateral Commission, which was a special branch of technocrats after that, in Carter's era, to get things done.  Again, they just place them in power.  They don't get elected to anything, just put them here and put them there. They even put them from the European Central Bank remember into Italy and Greece when they were collapsing.  Just push them in there, instead of being Prime Minister's, you do the job. Unelected. That's what a technocrat is. 


Remember too before I get carried away, you could help me tick along by going to cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Remember that folks because if I forget it, no one does it.  And I can keep going for a lot longer.  Because I've got different websites to keep going and all the rest of it, so you can always throw a few bucks my way, maybe every week or two weeks or every month and help me tick along as well. As I say, it costs money. I could have done an awful lot of things over the years that would bring some cash in, but this was too important. This is important. This is not some kind of hobby here.  I'm not getting financed by other sources, outside sources. Even some people in the movement are getting paid by outside nations.  [Alan chuckles.]  But no, I don't take money from any of these groups or countries, that have different agendas, or agendas on the go. You know, it's not hard to figure out what's what. It really isn't.


I'm a completely independent thinker.  Even what I get I try to question as best I can if I've got time for everything. I do question as much things that come along down the pike, and think about them too.  That's the only thing they have against us is individualism.  I've mentioned it so many times. Keep your individualism. Don't join...  You've got to think for yourself.  If you start chanting slogans, someone's using you.  If you start believing in some wonderful utopia down the road collectivist wise, you're getting used again.  Because once you've got a collectivist system in, guess who's the first ones to get sterilized?  But you might do it quite happily, because it's for the greater good, isn't it?  It's just too... You've lost your head, you've lost your mind. You've lost your future. The greatest crime you've got, amongst so many great crimes, is to have your mind stolen from you before you get a chance to use it.


So as I say hopefully you can help me out. Go into my website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You'll see how you can help me out, buy the books and discs or you can donate.  Help me tick along here. Because believe you me, you have no idea the cons out there, and I mean a lot of cons. [Alan chuckles.]  I won't go into them, but there's things out there that you have no idea what really is going on.  I've always said you're given your leaders. That isn't just a flippant remark.


What's coming down the pike is a horror show, it's a real HORROR show.  That's going to destroy, it's already destroyed so much of society and people have lost their basic, even small businesses and shops and restaurants and so on, just destroyed. And now you've got what Pike said they'd do, and the ones that he trained too to take over from himself on the revolutionary movement, the world revolutionary movement. He said, we'll unleash the nihilists and the atheists on the people.  That's what you're seeing.  Nihilists and atheists.  And what d'you think anarchy is?  They say rage, and even the media mentions rage, rage. Look at the definition of rage. Uncontrolled anger. Uncontrolled is a dangerous anger. It's homicidal.  People who have pretty bad mental illnesses blame everybody, everybody, for their whole life long, no matter how old they are, for their problems.  Cults can create mental illness quite easily, quite easily. 


Then they give you these little, these kind of memes that are pushed out there like, on-the-knee for this and on-the-knee for that and all the rest of it.  And it's admitting guilt for something. Utter nonsense. Absolute rubbish.  Nobody in my family had any slaves. In fact, folk in our ancestry often would BE the slaves, that would go off as white slaves, deported to different countries.  They called them, where do you think redneck comes from? It used to be red shanks at one time, with the small breaches that didn't have the socks coming down from the knee down, and they would get burned as they stooped over for the plantations. They didn't last too long; they couldn't take it.  Then the back of their neck would get red too, redneck.  Burned by the sun. They were slaves.


Everybody looks for the blame game, you see.  Then you're always given the target to hate. Always. Always given that target to hate. And you believe it. I can remember, just like the Bible says too, that they'd radicalize... Because they had done it before obviously, when you see that they talked about children being turned against their parents, and parents against each other, and the children, and so on. All these techniques have been done thousands of years ago even. I mean, it CAN be done, they knew how to do it, and it's always been understood.  Quite easily.


It's like Peter too, Peter the monk that was, he radicalize the children for the First Crusade, for the Children's Crusade.  Thousands of them went off trying to get to the Middle East, they were caught and turned into slavery and made, turned into prostitutes and so on, and a lot of them were slaughtered.  Quite easy to get the youngsters and radicalize them. All for the good of God then, they thought.  They would teach the Moslem, be nice to them, and make Christians of them.  Of course Peter himself didn't go follow them, he just radicalized them and pointed the way, then ducked out of the way. It's like the Judas goat who leads the rest of the goats behind it to the slaughterhouse.  It moves to the right or the left and the rest of them go into the building and get killed.  Techniques, techniques, techniques.


So as I say, help me along, buy the books and discs and donate to me @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Now, I'll get into some of the articles that might bolster what I'm talking about, or maybe actually can help explain what's behind them.


Nothing out there is really as I say what it seems to be when you have big movements and a big world agenda. You don't hear the World Economic Forum pooh-poohing this and saying this is terrible, they're allowing these radicals to smash and grab their way through cities and threaten all the people and have them cowering in their homes, and even trying to invade folks homes and set them on fire and so on. Who at the top is speaking out to say stop this?  Because it CAN be done. It's being allowed. It's because the leaders and the managers, because Antifa has got managers, folks, well-trained managers. It doesn't matter about the followers; they do what they're told. They won't even catch on a lot of them that the ones that they're following and are their commandants are basically in on the big con.  But no.  It could all be stopped very easily and very quickly.  Absolutely. And it's not being.  Why?  Who benefits? What agenda benefits?


And you go right into what?  Antifa wants the same thing. As I say, they've got the Extinction Rebellion bunch, the vegan society, they're cutting back on all farming of all kinds.  And farming is bad. And they've got to bring back all forests across the planet, you see. And we’ll all live in harmony and happiness.  And we can all sit and watch the bears eat the meat, and feel sorry for them, right, you know, feel sorry for them.


Anyway, this is the whole agenda here and it's because the elite want this to happen right now. I said before, they go on about Soros and the money he supplied to these NGOs. They're ALL doing it, folks.  There are some foundations out there that literally fund dozens of other foundations. This is a massive organization that's always been here.  Well, they've been here for about 150 years some of them.  M-hm.  Suits and ties, people, ‘eh, suits and ties... and limousines, and chauffeur driven limousines, etc. running them all.  These aren't people from the bottom here, the working-class people. 


But when you see people who are taught to have rage, to let it all loose on, because they're already told… You see, you're not a person anymore, you're not an American or whatever to these people who have been radicalized in their cults anymore. They've been so tampered with in their little bubble, they've become ultra-paranoid.  They see you, and they do see you and they are told that you are the enemy. It doesn't matter what, if you're a little guy that washes the windows, you don't even have a window to wash anymore in the store, you know.  You're an enemy and they see you that way and they will react in a terrible, terrible fashion towards you.


This is a movements, so even the ones you're seeing, once again, give them 10 years, 15 years, they'll be kind of mellow. They've already got another bunch trained up, to go further and further. That's how it's done. The universities, I've said for years, you've watch them create armies through the universities.  And not just them, they've trained them from the age of five at junior school all the way through their education to be radicals. All on board with sustainability, and save the forest, and let's all go back to preindustrial standards of living.  Whoa, preindustrial standards, it was a horrific experience for most folk. You didn't live that long, most of the working-class people. They want to bring you back to that? 


I hope you're understanding all of this. This is really what's going on here.  And they're not going to stop.  And no one is trying to stop them, are they?  No one.  Nope.  Again, it comes down to the occasional sheriff. There was one in that, was it Polk County in Florida, came out and there's a clip on the Internet.  He said to them, because they were warning them, these groups were putting out their little agendas, we're coming to your town next and we're going to burn you all down and dut and dut. 


Sheriff Grady tells rioters, looters to stay out of Polk County - youtube.com / 2 June 2020


The sheriff says look, we've got your message and he says, here's ours.   He says, everybody in this town is well armed, we've all made sure that. He says, if you come here to put holes through our homes and set them on fire and try to get into our homes, he says, we'll blow you right back out again, we're armed to the teeth. So that's it. That's the only answer. Where folk literally have no backing from their own governments as to what to do here. And you see where it's going to go. Obviously.  This is managed, folks. It's all managed. All managed.


The way they've use the racial thing, as always, ‘eh.  Astonishing. Look at the countries in Europe and Britain. They're sinking. If islands could sink it would be sinking with the mass migration. It's population is waay way over what it's supposed to be capable of managing.  Even Ireland is in the same boat. The same boat. It's got masses of, I think there's another 17,000 waiting to be brought into Ireland, during all this, ‘eh.  And none of them are from countries that are at war with anybody.  So they can’t be called refugees.  And the folks are sinking in debt to the World Bank.  And to the European Central Bank. And the IMF.  This is all on purpose. All of it. 


Sanity would not allow it.  Sanity would do something and stop mass migration when you're sinking in an economy that's GONE, but you have to support every one of them.  Then the people are shouting at you for being racist.  When it's beyond generosity the amount of folk they've been bringing in, for years now.  Who, a lot of them have done awfully well for themselves.  But the race card is a great one to play every so often. It's much easier.


I think it was reading years ago, it was about, and it's really when every religion had come to an agreement in its teachings, that the easiest emotion to express is hate.  It's the easiest one. It's easy to live in hate and anger than to love anybody. Much easier. And that's why it's these techniques that are used upon the people to get them to hate whatever it is, the target's going to be.   It's no different than your governments using the militaries, and they always make you hate the targets, the gooks, you know, the ragheads for the Arabs. They always have names for them to dehumanize them.  It's always the same.


It doesn't dawn on the folk now that they're all getting used to the same folk that run the military,  [Alan chuckles.] who really own the military, at the top.  They own the whole system, the infrastructure. The big agri-food businesses that really do own the farmland. They're not going to lose a darn thing.  In fact, they'll take over any little farms you burned down, it's part of their agenda to amalgamate them all.  That's what you're living through.  It's disgusting but that's what's happening.


Well, let's look at some of these little articles here to see what's going on, ‘eh, and we can SCARE ourselves maybe. NO, we won't scare ourselves.  Another one...


George Floyd death: US woman's plea to rioters goes viral

nzherald.co.nz / 5 June 2020


A New York woman's impassioned plea to rioters has gone viral after it was shared online, with millions watching her tell rioters: "You are here profiting off of our pain."


(Alan:  I won't bother then.  I said, you know, it's just astonishing though. It's just...)


Desiree Barnes was captured on video speaking to protesters who had been vandalising her neighborhood in New York's East Village (A:  These weren’t black people rioting, folks.) as protests against the killing of George Floyd turned into violent clashes across the city.


(A:  It was all organized clashes.  And look at all the bricks that came, eh?  I mean, someone was telling me just today that, or yesterday, that a pallet of bricks turned up in his town in South Carolina. The people complained, because they knew the protesters arranged it, and it was obviously meant to be picked up by rioters and used. So the police did get the pallet moved, and it wasn't far from the police station. But the next morning it was back there again. Who's in all this?  There's obviously a big organization, again, authorizing this at the top, allowing it to happen. That cameras apparently never pick them up.  Come on, ‘eh!  If you dropped a piece of paper in the street you'd be done for, for littering. But they just can’t see who drops off like tons of bricks? That's not a little car. It's not a bicyclist.  [Alan chuckles.] So anyway, Desiree Barnes, she says that...)


Barnes, who once worked for Michelle Obama and as a press aide in the White House, castigated the group for the damage they were causing.


"These are ****ing people who live in public housing and you just made a ****ing melee," Barnes said.


"You took down bus routes. There are people who live in this neighbourhood who have to go back uptown to work, and you are here profiting off of our ****ing pain."


(A:  It’s amazing how folk use that *****ing thing all the time, isn’t it?  How they sexualized all the language. That all came from Hollywood too, as a part of an agenda, d’you know that.)


(A:  Anyway, if you want to *****ing do something, make sure you're registered to vote, don't start another god damn fire.  This black woman went off on people trashing her New York City neighborhood.)


Barnes also pleaded the group to be "****ing responsible" and "have a ****ing plan", adding that they should all register to vote and vent their frustrations at the ballot box.


The folk don't believe in voting, I think that's also on the manifesto for the Antifa group.  It's revolution. They want a communistic system. Which is the same thing that the ones who rule the world want, the big CEOs at the top. They want a socialistic system that just obeys, just like China. That's what they want. Can't you figure that out? Can't you see that?


Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook - libcom.org / 2017


The ones that rule your countries could have you off to war tomorrow if they wanted to. They can get things mobilized so fast, millions of troops, the whole thing, the whole military, gone, fftt.  If they want to.  And you think they're just letting this all happened because they can't decide what to do? Do you really believe that?  Iiiiii.  N-n-n.  That's one anyway I'm doing.  As I say, you see the characters on the video as she is giving all the *****ing, *****ing lecture to.    


And the World Economic Forum… 2021, next year, right…


WEF Bills Davos 2021 As The 'Great Reset'

ibtimes.com / 3 June 2020


(A:  There ya go, that’s the great reset, you see, for the cash system.  It was failing anyway since 2007/8. We never recovered. We're still paying off the borrowed money from that, supposedly.)


The World Economic Forum announced Wednesday that its next summit in Davos would go ahead, and billed it as the "Great Reset" to remodel the global economy following the COVID-19 pandemic.


The January 2021 annual gathering of world leaders and business chiefs will take place as planned in the Swiss ski resort, (A: [Alan chuckles.]) with the focus on fixing long-standing problems exposed by the new coronavirus.


While bigwigs gather in the snowy Alps, in a new move


(A:  …movie… [Alan chuckles.] in a new movie, it’s all a movie isn’t it, life is a movie now, isn’t it, it’s so managed and produced.)


While bigwigs gather in the snowy Alps, in a new move, the 51st WEF summit will also link virtually to 400 cities around the world for input from a younger generation.


Oh, it's so beautiful, isn't it, you can see where this all going. The reason I said that was because I remember, and I think it was one of the last big globalist meetings that they had, the big ones where they had the protesters. Where the left-wing at that time was protesting globalism and the corporations going off to third world countries to make bigger gains and cheap labor costs and so on with the free-trade systems and so on and the GATT treaty. At one of them they actually showed you that clip of it, where maybe it was the CBC or some TV station, some group, showed you them all outside chanting and screaming at the meeting.  I can't remember if it was one in British Columbia or the one in Toronto, or one in the States, because they had them all over the place and one after the other, quickly, may be two a year sometimes.


One of the people in the big meeting, who also was up at the WEF as well, said, you know, who are all these people down there? Oh, they're protesting the globalization efforts, etc. and this system of globalization and centralized global government and so on. He says, I'll go down and talk to them. He went down to talk to them, and he asked them what they were screaming and yelling about. Some of them were all, they were giving chants. People, when you're given a chant, like a slogan, as I say, you're getting used. So they're chanting slogans and that and he says, tell me, why are you here? And he had some of them in front of him and they couldn't articulate what was really on their mind, what was really bothering them about it all. Except giving him the occasional chant, you know, of a slogan.  They couldn't.


So what he did, he invited some of them up.  He said, we'll bring some of them up and he says, we'll find out who the leaders are from the different organizations, bring them on board. They brought them on board, folks, they gave them salaries.  These are your paid opposition for the so-called economic side of things movement. That was the end of the big movements against them. Now you've got the same bunch rioting in the streets on behalf of them to bring the agenda in even further.  [Alan laughing.]  If you haven't figured that out.  Quite something. So anyway, getting back to this article, they're going to have their 2021 annual gathering at their ski resort.


The WEF said the political, economic and social disruptions caused by the crisis (A:  …you know, the crisis, it will go down in history as the crisis…) had exposed the inadequacies of health, financial and energy systems, leaving leaders at a crossroads.


(A: No mention of the fact that they just lied to the public about it.  Gave them terror, they terrorized the public, this is the whole agenda, terrorize them until they can't think straight, and they give up all their rights and stay at home, and they destroyed the economy, ‘eh.  And folk, it's not over yet, folks. As I say, once all the rioting and stuff is calmed down to an extent, they'll have you locked down again.  Oh, it came back in the fall, oh my goodness, 6 feet apart, wear a mask, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]  So…)


"The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit any more for the 21st century," said WEF executive chairman Klaus Schwab.


"It has laid bare the fundamental lack of social cohesion," he told a virtual event hosted from the WEF headquarters in Geneva.


"Now is the historical moment, the time, not only to fight the virus but to shape the system for the post-corona era.


(A: There's a statement right there, ‘eh?  Historical moment, ‘eh, in time.  They always use these little covert terms, you know, this is the time, this is the hour of the time, is another thing they use too.  Bill Cooper used to use that just to show you, he used it in his opening every night, The Hour of the Time he called it.  Because that was part of, that's what they used to open up a revolution.  They always say the same little things, ‘eh?)


"In short, we need a great reset.


"We must not miss this unique window of opportunity."


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it was a chance to build more equal, inclusive and resilient economies and societies that could stand up to pandemics, climate change and other global challenges.


(A:  That's what the rioters are on board for too, climate change, you know, we've got to stop this climate change, and carbon and all the rest of it too, and yada, yada. Yep. So they're all on board. Including the rioters who have the same agenda. That's just coincidence though.)


"The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call (A: ...not to be conned ever again. I added that last bit myself. Because if you haven't woken up by now to the conology of it all, it's, you never will.). It is imperative that we re-imagine (A:  Again that’s the Bill Gates term, reimagining education. It’s the beginning. These are the buzzwords they’re all using amongst themselves, for the in crowd…), rebuild (A:  …rebuild, there’s your builders…), redesign, reinvigorate and rebalance our world," he said.  (A: So, it's unbalanced right now.)


International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva said that 170 countries would finish 2020 with a smaller economy than they started it with (A: She's a genius, that's why she's put in that place, ‘eh?), with greater debt (A: Oh, she's definitely a genius!), deficit and unemployment.  (A: My God, I wish I had her insight, I never thought of that myself.)


She said it was time "to turn a page, to have that history be about the great reset, not about the great reversal.


"The best memorial we can build for those who lost their lives to the pandemic is that greener, smarter, fairer world."


(A: …the whole agenda, ‘eh?  You all died under a con for a green economy, ‘eh, and a fairer world, because you’re going to get into rationing shortly, folks. Yep.)


Meanwhile Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, said rebuilding economic prosperity had to be balanced against the natural world it depended upon.  (A: Yeah.)


(A: Remember, he's the offspring of his daddy who was a complete eugenicists. He believed that there's too many of YOU, you know.  It hasn't changed with Charlie boy.  Nope.)


Meanwhile Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, said rebuilding economic prosperity had to be balanced against the natural world it depended upon. 


(A:  Think about that, ‘eh.)


"The threats posed by this dreadful pandemic came upon us suddenly," said the Prince of Wales, who himself caught the new coronavirus.


(A:  I don’t think it would live on him very long.) 


"The threat of climate change has been more gradual, but its devastating reality for many people and their livelihoods around the world, and its ever-greater potential to disrupt, surpasses even that of COVID-19.


(A:  What nonsense.  N-n-n.)


We live in a whole, under an array of conologies.  Con, con, con, con, con for the same agenda. It's always YOU, too many of YOU. It's all YOUR fault. You see? Climate change is your fault. Right.  I don't know, I guess you can go back and charge the little, um, the little amoebas millions of years ago. Because they had the occasional, occasional ice ages, you know, then warming phases in between, all down through time on this planet. Before there was even humans here. So maybe we can go, and you can curse those little amoebas that became human beings one day.  Because it had to be their fault, that they had, you know, eruptions back then and hot periods where volcanoes even erupted and all that kind of stuff. All because of, the precursors of man were there. Obviously, it was their fault. It's all our fault, isn't it?  Ah, there ya are.


But of course the whole idea of eugenics is too many people, they want to reduce the population, and you must blame the public for the ills of the world. Even though it's got nothing to do with them, generally.  They've trained a whole generation that the world is coming to an end. Isn't that amazing? Again, train them for their purpose.  When they hit 18 or whatever you've already trained them and brainwash them up until then, and they'll believe it completely. They're radicalized and they're almost homicidal with it all.  They are ready actually, if they were given the nod, they will become homicidal. They're terrified that the world is going to end.


They really, they've really done it, they've created a mental illness intentionally, all done by the people at the WEF and the Club of Rome in order to depopulate and sterilize the planet.  And you get a lot of folk volunteering for it shortly. You've had some in the past, youngsters volunteering for sterilization. So it says, again, the slogan at the end of this…


"As we move from rescue to recovery … "Think big and act now."


There you go. I wonder how much they paid for that. Mind you, the taxpayer paid for that slogan to get made by some corporation, some PR company.


Prince Charles announces ‘Great Reset Programme’ - standard.co.uk / 3 June 2020


Yep, there ya go, another one.  And then…


Post-virus green reset urged for divided, ailing economies

news.trust.org / 3 June 2020


(A: Just one article after another.)


In the face of protests, inequality and rising climate threats, a coronavirus recovery needs to spur a "greener, smarter, fairer" world


Strange how they're all saying the same stuff, ‘eh.  There you go. It's just coincidence that one. And…


Brace Yourself For 'The Great Reset'

forbes.com / 31 May 2020


(A: Another one.  Oh, wow.  That's from Forbes...from 2017 where they float the idea, to get the idea across, it imprints in our brains basically, getting us prepared in a sense subconsciously for the coming times of what's being implemented. So in 2017 Forbes had an article called the global reset. So here you go, three years later and they're all global resetting once again.  It's all happened before, really, all the chaos in the last few years, was all designed to happen and be implemented. It says…)


We are coming to a period I call “the Great Reset.”


(A: Well, come on, mate, you’re only one of many [Alan chuckles.] who have been told to say it, there you go.  …government debt and blah blah blah blah blah, and...)


…global debt … The other is the even larger bubble of government promises.


(A:  That part’s true.)


These promises add up to hundreds of trillions of dollars. That’s vastly larger than global GDP.


These are real problems we must face. It will mean forging a new social contract.


(A:  Where is the old social contract?  That went out long ago.) 


It will also require changes to taxes and the economy.


(A:  There ya go, into austerity, folks!  N-n-n.   [Alan chuckles.]  I tell ya.)


What I mean by government promises are pensions and healthcare benefits.


(A:  …’eh?  They’re talking about cutting back on everything.  Again, the healthcare here, you name it, duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duh, dut.)


Death, death, death. For you. Not for them.


NYPD’s Terrorism Official Says Unnamed Groups Planned Protest Violence in Advance

nbcnewyork.com / 1 June 2020


(A: I like specialists, they always make you realize how dumb you are, ‘eh?  Hhhhh,  that's why they get paid all that big money.  You've got an official, a terrorism official who says it was planned, the violence is planned in advance.  Hm.)


New York's top terrorism official says there's evidence that members of anarchist groups from outside the city intentionally planned to incite violence at protests calling for justice in the death of George Floyd.


I wish they'd stop using that excuse, because this was planned before this happened.  They use it as an excuse. Poor guy. And by the way, another thing, this is part of it too. I don't look upon it as just some bad person that killed somebody. This has been happening for years in different, regardless of the races.  Society, it's been breaking down. Life has become cheap across the board, as you become more materialistic. There's no doubt about it.


You live on a diet of slaughter and mayhem in fiction and movies and so on, very graphic. That's been a regular diet, until life becomes cheap.  You abort your children. You euthanize the elderly. I mean, these are talks I gave in the 90s, all come to life. It’s all happening now. Then you're told to suddenly feel guilty about something, or abhorred about something, when one person gets killed. It doesn't really wash anymore. I'm sorry, I hate to say it, it doesn't wash.


Also too, since Gulf War One they've been incredibly militarizing the police. The countless articles I read years ago when guys were coming back from the different wars, you know, and getting put into police forces. Well, they're already trained in a completely different scenario of how you detain people or hold people, or catch people even, corral people, or treat them.  And it doesn't wash the same way. And that's where most of them were getting promised jobs.


Now, even during the Obama administration, I shouldn't say even, I mean, he was part of the establishment guys. He kept the wars going. Donald Rumsfeld from the Bush era, the PNAC group that got the wars going, and who drew up the list, he said, he congratulated Obama for carrying on the same agendas across Syria and the Middle East that the previous administration had done. He congratulated him for carrying it on and even expanded them into more wars. This peace-loving left-winger, hm?!  [Alan chuckles.]   If you fall for that nonsense!  Aaaah, folk never learn, ‘eh?  They never learn.


It all works, all the ones at the top play their part in the game. They're not [Alan chuckles.] against each other. Politics is a wrestling match, the giant haystack versus the mountain man, that's what it is. Which side are you going to take, you see? It's just a con to keep you going along and voting all the time. Once you vote, remember, then they do awful things to you with laws and so on, and you can't disagree because it's a legal contract. You voted them in, which gives them the right to do what they want to do with you.  Voting gives them the right, you understand that? They never do what you expect them to do. Because they're liars. That's what they do to get into politics, they lie. So it says…


Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller said there is a high level of confidence within the NYPD that these unnamed groups had organized scouts, medics, and supply routes of rocks, bottles and accelerants (A:  That’s for fire and so on.) for breakaway groups to commit vandalism and violence. There are strong indicators they planned for violence in advance using at times encrypted communications, he said.


(A:  They know all this stuff. This is stuff for general consumption really. It says…)


One out of every seven arrests, of 686 so far since May 28, has been people from out of state, according to Miller. He said those arrested came from Massachusettes, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Iowa, Nevada, Virginia, Maryland, Texas and St. Paul, Minnesota.


(A: They know a lot more than that. They also know that a lot of them are descendants from old Bolsheviks. And that's a fact. That is a fact, that their grandparents were Bolsheviks, and their parents too some of them. They know that. They're well aware of it too.  And they know who they all are. But they won't arrest them because it's part of the game. This goes on about how they're all prepared to commit the property damage and so on.  And they were directing people who were following them, that it should be done selectively and only in wealthier areas or high-end stores run by corporate entities. But they went into the black areas too and started burning their places down as well, like that woman said.  To try to get them agitated and go and join them you've got to get as many people as despondent as possible so they're ready to fight anybody, and you tell them who to fight and they'll join you. So you make it miserable for them, that's the idea.  In this article they go into some of the things they observed, which is standard stuff they trained them with.  About how they use agitators and have...)


… a complex network of bicycle scouts to move ahead of demonstrators in different directions of where police were and where police were not for purposes of being able to direct groups from the larger group to places where they could commit acts of vandalism …


(A: In other words, they’re showing you some of the techniques, the standard stuff that’s been on the go for many, many years. It’s interesting too…)  


Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday morning that the members of the anarchist movement plan together online and that "they have explicit rules, and we're going to make all this information available today and in the days ahead."


(A:  His [Alan chuckles.] daughter was out and joined some of them too apparently. He was ticked off that the police actually admitted some of her record, what she was up to.  Aaah, these are the folk who are going to guide you, ‘eh, that you vote for.)


And then…


Police officers 'take a knee' in front of angry crowd of 2,000 Black Lives Matter protestors at the gates of Number 10 (A:  In Britain, right, London.)

dailymail.co.uk / 3 June 2020


(A:  Yelling…)        … 'f** Boris' and 'f** Trump' as plastic balls are thrown and officers punched and at least one demonstrator is arrested.


(A: So that's your Black Lives Matter group.  You understand, if you're acting like hooligans, why would you want to be taken seriously and have the respect by creating mayhem and chaos and throwing things around and attacking people? That doesn't get respect.  It's the opposite. I wonder if they really think about it.  But of course from the cult at the bottom, how they're trained at the very bottom, they literally think that by terrifying people, they want to see people cowering so that they will be afraid of them. They get off on it, you know. It's nothing to do with getting respect. That's the only kind of way they, you see that's how they see respect, folk being terrified of them.  So it's very basic and very primitive at the bottom level.)


At least 15,000 Black Lives Matter protesters including actor John Boyega and singer Liam Payne gathered in London on Wednesday, ignoring social distancing guidelines,


(A:  Well, it’s true, they ordered the viruses to stay on hold, y’know.  And they did, they went into hibernation there, just as stasis, until it was all done.) 


 as a show of anger against the death of Mr Floyd in the US.


Now, why would that have effect in Britain?  Hm?  Why? Why would that affect people in Britain?  Where have been the big movements across Britain when some people there killed soldiers a few years back there and cut one of their heads off? Remember that?  Nope.  There was a very sad but civilized response there.  But this is different altogether. This is a complete riot, overthrow, managed overthrow.  Not of the system.  The top and Boris, these guys will still be running it on behalf of their overlords. It’s the overthrow of the people down below at the bottom, to make them feel despondent. It’s much psychological warfare against them than anything, until they feel despondent, depressed and worthless. That’s what it’s about. That’s part of the real reset. 


This next article is John Whitehead’s commentary.


This Is Not a Revolution. It’s a Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation

globalresearch.ca / 2 June 2020


(A: Of course it is.)


“When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you—pull your beard, flick your face—to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you.”—John Lennon


Brace yourselves.


There is something being concocted in the dens of power, far beyond the public eye, and it doesn’t bode well for the future of this country.


Anytime you have an entire nation so mesmerized by political theater and public spectacle that they are oblivious to all else, you’d better beware.


Anytime you have a government that operates in the shadows, speaks in a language of force, and rules by fiat, you’d better beware.


And anytime you have a government so far removed from its people as to ensure that they are never seen, heard or heeded by those elected to represent them, you’d better beware.


What is unfolding before us is not a revolution.


The looting, the burning, the rioting, the violence: this is an anti-revolution.


The protesters are playing right into the government’s hands, because the powers-that-be want this.


(A: He's saying the same thing. But this is the revolution, remember what I said before it all started a few weeks ago, that what was happening with the Covid thing was the elites’ next part of the revolution for themselves, it's their revolution.  You see? These guys are playing right into it, along with it.  They're doing exactly what the elite already wanted to happen.  Right.) 


The Justice Department is deploying federal prison riot teams to various cities. More than half of the nation’s governors are calling on the National Guard to quell civil unrest. Growing numbers of cities, having just barely emerged from a coronavirus lockdown, are once again being locked down, this time in response to the growing upheaval.


This is how it begins.


It’s that dystopian 2030 Pentagon training video all over again,


(A:  I'll put that up tonight too by the way and the link is there for it as well. Because the Pentagon training video talks about this.  It's almost like that movie Escape from New York, a dystopic future and so on. But they actually show that in the military, in the Pentagon too, of how they'll deal with these societies as it all happens. And how they manage uprisings, and even create them in fact for certain purposes. But we've got a shorter version here.  The longer version is, only part one of a whole series of them for the people who get into the Pentagon.)


which anticipates the need for the government to institute martial law (use armed forces to solve domestic political and social problems) in order to navigate a world bedeviled by “criminal networks,” “substandard infrastructure,” “religious and ethnic tensions,” “impoverishment, slums,” “open landfills, over-burdened sewers,” a “growing mass of unemployed,” and an urban landscape in which the prosperous economic elite must be protected from the impoverishment of the have nots.


We’re way ahead of schedule.


The architects of the police state have us exactly where they want us: under their stamping boot, gasping for breath, desperate for freedom, grappling for some semblance of a future that does not resemble the totalitarian prison being erected around us.


This way lies certain tyranny.


For just one fleeting moment, “we the people” seemed united in our outrage over this latest killing of an unarmed man by a cop hyped up on his own authority and the power of his uniform.


That unity didn’t last.


Indeed, it didn’t take long—no surprise there—for us to quickly become divided again, polarized by the misguided fury and senseless violence of mobs taking to the streets, reeking of madness and mayhem.


But the fact is, it was all planned that way. Any trigger would have set it off. They're planned it to go, you see.  Absolutely, no doubt about it. But yeah, this whole thing is the elites' revolution. This is their revolution. It's their ongoing revolution, part who knows what, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50...  Because they planned for the whole Covid thing, a total resetting of the economy, a total lockdown, a whole new restructuring of society, and behavior, ‘eh, completely reorganizing social behavior. They want it permanently too.


This is their revolution, all right. And again, grabbing and plundering the economy for themselves.  With every reset they win and everybody else loses. Look at the trillions we're throwing around the corporations and Wall Street. Trillions.  GIFTS!  Whoof!  Every country did the same thing.  [Alan chuckles.]  So your currency, when it gets back to any kind of normality, it's not normal at all, you'll get maybe one quarter of what it was worth before. It had already crashed after the 2007/8 reset as they called it.  N-n-n. 


Another article here too…


CIA Backed Color Revolutions

globalresearch.ca / 1 Oct 2017


The Dishonest Career of the Remarkable Srđa Popović


Many readers likely never heard the name of the remarkable Serbia-born political operator named Srđa Popović. Yet he and his organization, CANVAS, have played a lead role in most every CIA-backed Color Revolution since he led the toppling of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, at least fifty according to last count. Now he has turned his sights on Hungary and Hungary’s popular and defiant Prime Minister Victor Orban.


On September 8, the professional regime-change specialist Srđa Popović came to Budapest and joined with the anti-Orban opposition groups in front of the Hungarian Parliament. It‘s clear that Popović was not in town to promote his Hungarian book on nonviolent regime change but rather to give aid to the anti-Orban parties before Hungarian elections in spring of 2018.


Because of the manufactured aura of “hip doer-of-good-deeds” surrounding the personality of Srđa Popović, it’s useful to look closely at who sponsored his remarkable career since he founded a tiny Belgrade student opposition NGO called Otpor! in 1998 with its now famous clenched fist logo.


(A:  I think it's one of them. There's one there and there's one in Hungary as well, where they were leading these radicals, again, all dressed in black, these guys, that would be trained in the schools over there. And who were coming over to all the globalist meetings. They were the ones who caused the riots at the anti-globalist meetings.  You would see them, well clad, wearing combat boots, and throwing, again, Molotov cocktails at cop cars and things.  These are peaceful demonstrations for the people, but these characters were getting sent in to do this.)


The career of Srđa Popović from 2000 until today suggest a remarkably dishonest manipulator in the service of foreign intelligence agencies and governments, despite his vehement claims otherwise.


(A:  Then it goes through some of this history here.)


… organization Otpor! which means “Resistance!” in Serbian.


(A:  ...and so on, and how to get student groups organized. It meant too, they had to dish out big cash. Meaning, he's well sponsored, ‘eh, well-paid for it.  And allowed to do it, you understand. Which tells you, anything that is allowed to do it is generally run by the CIA itself. The CIA are the masters of overthrowing governments across the whole planet.  Including inside America [Alan chuckles.] in the US.)


(A: If these characters, who really, if they really thought, the ones that you're seeing rioting, and the Antifa, if they really think, the followers anyway, really think that they're making the big, big difference for some wonderful tomorrow… and they think the CIA has just missed them or something?... it hasn't noticed them? Do they really think that? No, because the leaders I'm sure are paid by them. I really mean that. The CIA has nothing to do with what you think it is. Nobody makes a move without the CIA's permission at the top. They work with the World Bank. They work with all the other organizations. This article says…)


The US Agency for International Development (USAID), widely known as a CIA front, had channeled the Serb Otpor! Millions of dollars in funds through commercial contractors and through the US-government-financed NGOs: the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the National Democratic Institute, and the International Republican Institute. The Open Society Institute of George Soros was also funneling money into Popović ’s Otpor! for the toppling of Milosevic.


What I said before, do you really think that George Soros can do what he's doing across the world, there's even articles in the paper with him saying, oh, the head of China must be removed, and the head of this must be removed.  Who is this guy? No one elects this guy.  But he's saying things with impunity and getting lots of press about it. And he's got the financing to try and overthrow governments across the world. Do you really think that he wouldn't be dealt with by some independent intelligence agency?  How come he's not been dealt with by some independent intelligence agency?


Because as I’ve said before, you'll find that the very top of all the superpowers are one big intelligence agency.  The CIA, MI6, the Mossad, etc. and some of the Russians, and Japanese and so on, ONE big intelligence agency, folks.  That's why George Soros gets away with it, because he's, he works like an asset of them, like many others do.  Most of them in the intelligence agencies are assets and they wouldn't dare rock the boat, believe you me, or be allowed to.


So this article here goes into the different organizations, as I say, they get money to their sources, to the NGOs and to the radicals and so on to create the color revolutions, of democracy building foundations, that’s what they like to call it, democracy.


The NED with all its affiliates was a project of Ronald Reagan CIA head, Bill Casey, in the early 1980’s to conceal CIA regime change operations around the world behind the front of a “private” democracy NGO, the NED. Allen Weinstein, cofounder of the NED admitted to the Washington Post, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”


(A: It still is though.)


According to Michael Dobbs, who was foreign investigative reporter for the Washington Post during the Milosevic ouster, the IRI paid for Popović and some two-dozen other Otpor! leaders to attend a training seminar on nonviolent resistance at the Hilton Hotel in Budapest in October,1999. There Popović and the other handpicked Serbian students received training in such matters as how to organize a strike and how to communicate with symbols, such as the clenched fist that became their logo. They learned how to overcome fear and how to undermine the authority of a dictatorial regime.


(A: You can use it against any regime. This article continues with the different characters involved in this with one particular scenario in Serbia and so on.)


…Gene Sharp, founder of the controversial Albert Einstein Institution, teaching techniques to the US government to conceal its coup d’états under the guise of nonviolence.


(A: All these wonderful names and things, you never realize they're all part of it too.)


Sharp was described by Helvey as “the Clausewitz of the nonviolence movement,” a reference to the renowned Prussian military strategist.


Popović and his Otpor! NGO were recipients of a major share of over $41 million US government money for their “democracy-building” campaign in Serbia. Dobbs describes the US involvement:


(A: It’s very lucrative to the leaders who are picked. The followers never realize their leaders are getting so well-funded and well-paid for overthrowing governments and so on. Because the followers never ever figure out much of anything, really. They really don’t. They're in the dark. They're given another different reality.  But it shows you the techniques that are used. It’s a good article by William Engdahl, I think it is.  And it gives you…)


Globalization of revolutions


After his success in getting rid of Milosevic for his US Government sponsors, Popović created a new organization called CANVAS. He decided to globalize his business model that worked so well in Belgrade in 2000, to make himself an international “go to” person for making US State Department fake democracy regime change. CANVAS or the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies calls itself a non-profit, non-governmental, “educational institution focused on the use of nonviolent conflict.” According to Wikipedia, CANVAS seeks to “educate pro-democracy activists around the world in what it regards as the universal principles for success in nonviolent struggle.”


Popović and CANVAS claim that at least 50% of their obviously substantial funding for this philanthropic work comes from Popović ’s Otpor ally, Slobodan Đinović, co-chair of CANVAS and listed as CEO of something called Orion Telecom in Belgrade.


You understand, there's massive money. You've got millions and millions of dollars in to all these things. Do you think all this stuff is happening, for the leaders of this, across the whole US riot that's going on at the moment, a well-managed riot, never mind about its affiliations in London and elsewhere across the world, do you realize the millions of dollars it's costing to make all this happen?  And if these leaders didn't get their paychecks they'd just go home? The followers just, no, they do what they're told. They never figure it out. The beauty of covert intelligence is that the followers must never really, really know what the object really is. It's never what they think it is. That's how the world is really run. But everything now has got to be a display on television. Everything is televised, the revolution is televised, ‘eh.  It's got to be a big display on everything to make an impression that you remember, that sticks in your head, hm. 


The next article is…


Remember the “Fake” 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency

globalresearch.ca / 25 Aug 2009


(A:  This is Global Research that puts this one up. But the same kind of thing that happened then, and how the media went into high gear, without a shred of evidence about what it was about. Fake news, fake statistics. That was then, 2009.)


“Swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years and as many as several hundred thousand could die if a vaccine campaign and other measures aren’t successful.” (Official Statement of Obama Administration, Associated Press, 24 July 2009).


(A:  The same techniques you see over and over and over.)


But the pandemic never happened.


There was no pandemic affecting 2 billion people…


Millions of doses of swine flu vaccine had been ordered by national governments from Big Pharma. Millions of vaccine doses were subsequently destroyed: a financial bonanza for Big Pharma, an expenditure crisis for national governments.


(A:  Quite something.)


There was no investigation into who was behind this multibillion fraud.


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), a human rights watchdog, is publicly investigating the WHO’s motives in declaring a pandemic. Indeed, the chairman of its influential health committee, epidemiologist Wolfgang Wodarg, has declared that the “false pandemic” is “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century.” (Forbes, February 10, 2010)


And they repeat it again with this one, only it's worse, they shut down the whole society of the planet. It had never been done in warfare before.  And the healthy were all quarantined, ‘eh. They never stop trying. They never do.


Kettling’ of peaceful protesters after curfew shows aggressive shift by New York police

chicagotribune.com / 5 June 2020


(A:  That's the technique they used years ago in London too, remember. They kettle them, they just… You don't realize if you're in a big crowd you can't see very far in front or behind or left or right, you know.  How you can actually get very carefully moved by certain movements by police. It's like Roman centurions and how they use the different techniques with their shields to gradually nudge the enemy in one direction or the other. It's the same kind of technique actually. This article goes on about…)


Hundreds of demonstrators stood there for 10 minutes, chanting, arms raised, until their leaders decided to turn the group around and leave the area.


What they had not seen was that riot police had flooded the plaza behind them, engaging in a law enforcement tactic called kettling, which involves encircling protesters so that they have no way to exit from a park, city block or other public space, and then charging them and making arrests.


It goes on about that too, how it's done, etc.  It's a great experiment. Again, every time they do this kind of stuff every few years, they have a big experiment and see how, more studies on the crowds that followed them and the age groups and very, very intricate experiments actually breaking down how the 14-year-olds will react, the 15-year-olds will react, the 16-year-olds… Literally it's quite amazing the data they collect, like you wouldn't believe, and it all goes to MIT and big psychological organizations and universities to study. Another one’s called…


Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ)



The Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ, sometimes styled AfGJ) is an organizing group that serves as a fiscal sponsor to numerous left-wing initiatives, among them Refuse Fascism, United Students Against Sweatshops, and Stop Mass Incarceration.


(A: What do you mean? They've just locked down the whole planet here for Covid.  That's incarceration. They didn't protest that did they?)


The group arose from the Nicaragua Network, an organization which supported the Communist-aligned Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. The group describes itself as “anti-capitalist,” opposed to the principles of liberal democracy and individual rights, and favoring a “multi-polar” world order with powerful rivals to American international primacy.


(A: It’s about the same actually as the Antifa movement.  They have the same kind of organization, again they’re more into a multipolar world order as they call it.  They don’t want individualism, individual rights. They want, like, you’re all equal. [Alan chuckles.] Equal slaves I suppose.  [Alan chuckles.]  


The group provides “fiscal sponsorship” to groups advocating numerous foreign and domestic far-left and extreme-left causes, including eliminating the State of Israel, supporting convicted violent leftist extremists, and advancing various labor union efforts. Fiscal sponsorship is a legal practice by which a parent 501(c)(3) organization can handle tax-deductible contributions on behalf of a project in alignment with its mission.


So, I guess they all have their tax write offs I suppose.  It gives you some of the history on it too, what they've done in the past.  Nothing is ever what you think it is, really, you know. Some of these organizations, as I say, just like the foundations, are literally dispensing the cash, you know, tremendous networks of cash dispensing.  [Alan chuckles.]


America masterminded ‘color revolutions’ around the world. Now the very same techniques are being used at home

rt.com / 2 June 2020


Nebojsa Malic is a Serbian-American journalist, blogger and translator, who wrote a regular column for Antiwar.com from 2000 to 2015, and is now senior writer at RT.


"Pro-European protesters" (note white supremacist symbols on shield) clash with Ukranian riot police in Kiev, January 19, 2014.


How Americans view the events of the past week greatly depends on their political persuasion, media preferences (A:  I guess what channels they do watch.) and to large extent even ethnic identity. This is hardly the first death of an African-American man at the hands of police, nor the first time a peaceful protest turned violent and resulted in a city on fire.


(A: It was planned before it started. Once it, it wouldn't matter who got killed or whatever, once someone got killed, they knew exactly what to do, folks. It wasn't just pallets of bricks that they immediately organize to get in there. They had Molotov cocktails stashed in gardens and behind houses on the way into some of these so-called protests.)


It is, however, the first Black Lives Matter protest that spread all over – and quickly gained an openly political, partisan dimension.


That ought to be baffling. The four officers involved in George Floyd’s death were fired almost immediately, rather than suspended with pay pending investigation. One of them was charged with murder just days later. Conservatives and liberals alike agreed that Floyd was murdered and that the men responsible should face justice. Yet the riots started, and spread, anyway.


(A: There's your telling point, you see.)


“This was a made for television moment,” (A:  And wasn’t it ever.) CNN's Don Lemon said after tear gas was fired at protesters as President Trump addressed the nation from the Rose Garden. “Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes. We are teetering on a dictatorship. This is chaos.”


(A:  And they give the link to it.  The Daily Beast I think also did the same thing.)


Could the clues to why this is happening lie beyond America’s borders? In December 2010, a Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire and died after tax police confiscated his unlicensed stall. Within days, there were demonstrations. Within a month, the country’s president of 23 years was overthrown and exiled. Similar rebellions broke out in Libya, Egypt, Syria… It was dubbed the “Arab Spring.”


In November 2013, thousands of demonstrators gathered on Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) in Kiev, Ukraine, protesting the government’s decision to reject a trade deal with the European Union. Attempts by police to clear them out resulted in clashes with armed protesters, and eventually a firefight – where snipers allegedly loyal to the government opened fire on the crowd. Finally, in January 2014, violent protesters stormed the government offices and declared themselves in charge.


The 2014 “Euromaidan” – fully endorsed by the US – was a far more violent iteration of the “Orange Revolution” from ten years earlier, when sympathizers of an opposition coalition refused to accept the results of an election and forced the government to hold another one.


“US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev,” proclaimed a Guardian headline from November 26, 2004. “The operation – engineering democracy through the ballot box and civil disobedience – is now so slick that the methods have matured into a template for winning other people's elections,” the article beneath it said, adding it was “first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000.”


(A: It shows you the techniques and how, that nothing ever is what it seems to be, what it's portrayed to be, by the public. Especially at the time when it happens.  They go on about the recent one in Bolivia was successful recently, Venezuela which was not successful…)


… Bolivia (successfully), Venezuela (not) and Hong Kong, where “pro-democracy” protests against an extradition bill lasted long after it was withdrawn.


Interestingly, the Hong Kong protests were embraced by the progressive firebrands such as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her 'Squad,' calling for something similar at home, against Trump.


(A:  Interestingly enough too, isn't it?)


“Marginalized” communities have “no choice but to riot,” Ocasio-Cortez said on a radio program in July 2019, adding that she meant “communities of poverty” in the US, as well as around the world. That was long before Covid-19 killed more than 100,000 Americans and lockdowns imposed to stop it cost 40 million Americans their jobs. Long before George Floyd.


So it shows you how it's all really, it's just building up and building up and planned and planned and planned and you get geared towards it. You wait for the spark and away it goes, you see. It's all organized in advance. That's how things really are. Again, the tremendous social upheavals were planned in advance as well.  What do you want? How do you make it happen? Guide it's to its conclusion and there you go.  Another article says…


Antifa arrests coming, concerns over riots heading to suburbia, government source says

foxnews.com / 2 June 2020


(A:  As I've said before, the actual Antifa groups and so on are sending messages to different towns they're coming for them, we're coming for you, hm.  N-n-n.)


Agitators behind the rioting that has paralyzed the country over the past week want to move into more suburban areas, a government intelligence source has told Fox News.


Much of the worry stems from the notion that many in well-armed, suburban, and rural neighborhoods won't hesitate to exercise their Second Amendment rights and elevated anxieties could lead to heavy confrontation.


"Antifa knows this," said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Local and state authorities have to get a grip on this because if it moves to the suburbs, more people will die."


(A:  And they will.  The folk in rural areas aren't going to stand for folk burning them out of their homes.  And why should they? Why should they?  Whaaaat?  This is the message, you see, and Antifa knows this too, they're waiting, they're saying, my goodness, Trump has done nothing so far as far as I can see, and as I say, the police are kind of standing down to an extent because they get no backup at all, no backing from their bosses. If your bosses won’t back you, they won't work. If the military or even the National Guard aren't going to get the backing of the leadership at the top, they won't push anybody around. Even to save themselves. It won't happen.  That's human nature. If you've got organizations which work for the system, and for you, you have to give them the backing. And you do it by their leaders telling them, we’re backing you 100%. Then they can do their job, if it gets really, really bad.  This article goes on to different places that had…)


…"testbed" locations – including Madison, Wis., which was ransacked Saturday night, along with quiet pockets of Charleston, S.C.




(A: As I say, there's nothing really that they don't know about the organizations.  You know, even...  You know, I can remember an RCMP guy came out and put a book out on his life inside the Hells Angels group out West in Canada. He got ticked off with his bosses, who he kept telling them when these big drug pickups were going to happen.  His bosses, he couldn't fathom out why, they wouldn't let them go ahead and pounce on them and grab them all at the same time with the drugs and that.  This happened a few times. So he wrote the book. Then he was reprimanded for writing the book.  I don't know what happened to him after that. He hadn't figured out that it was meant to happen.  It was all meant that they, the Hells Angels are the distributors for the drugs.  Drugs are a big income for black budgets or covert operations and for Canada's versions of the CIA too, you know, you've got CSIS in Canada and other organizations too that are quieter but very heavily involved in things in the world.  But the cop didn't know. That's how things really are.)


(A: That's how the operations too with these Antifa groups, etc, operate. The leaders know what they are about. They don't even have to know the whole picture either, but they know enough to know that they're not there for the reasons they’re told, or their followers are told.  This is to bring society, which is going to be into the sustainable world.  Oh, we have to have a new world system of governmental system, along socialist principles, almost verging on communism, which will create more efficiency for food distribution and funneling of money and basic goods and basic necessities, etc. to the peoples. This is on behalf of them, those guys at the WEF, the World Economic Forum. That's what it’s about folks.  The rioters are just doing their bit. They don't know it themselves, except for their bosses who get well-paid to do it all. This article goes on about…)




It's quite something, isn't it, the times in which we live. But again previous generations went through similar things.  But everything now is televised, isn't it?  It's all, it's got to be a good production for TV, and that's how it's done.  I'll put this up as well…


Antifa’s Handbook: A Primer On Violent Illiberalism

theamericanconservative.com / 8 Feb 2018


Keith Ellison, the deputy director of the Democratic National Committee and congressman from Minnesota, recently ignited a Twitter firestorm when he tweeted out a picture of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, a book, he declared, that would “strike fear in the heart of” Donald Trump. Upon reading Antifa, it’s easy to see why the tweet generated so much controversy.


Since its release last August, the handbook, by Dartmouth lecturer Mark Bray, (A: Who's got his own story by the way.  [Alan chuckles.] Who himself really is kind of communistic you might say.) has garnered attention as one of the few windows available into the mind of the newly prominent Antifa movement. Bray makes clear from the beginning that the book isn’t an attempt at a neutral rehashing of facts, but rather “is an unabashedly partisan call to arms” for the purpose of equipping activists “with the history and theory necessary to defeat the resurgent Far Right.” He articulates clearly the revolutionary ideology of the far left and defends using violence in its service, from street brawls to kidnappings to assassinations. For those who do not desire to see the world reborn in the flames of global anti-capitalist revolution, the popularity of The Anti-Fascist Handbook should prove alarming.


It is quite fascinating, isn't it?  I think about the whole thing about the US, and they go on and on about, oh, they can't use the troops, etc. Well, what are you supposed to do if your, if the commander-in-chief doesn't even put the National Guard out to even save themselves? And they're hoping on a wing and a prayer that the police are going to be able to manage it. Even though the police aren't getting the psychological authoritative backing of their leaders.  They'll be hung out to dry. They all know that, every cop knows they'll be hung out to dry, in the present climate, if they were to go ahead and even stop a murder happening in a riot and a rioter gets killed in the process, they know what's going to happen.  So they won't do their job.  Obviously.


But what gets me is, again, the left will say, oh you can't let the, it's true you're not supposed to use the troops inside America. Even though they brought them in, that's true, from abroad when New Orleans got flooded that time, when them booms busted and so on.  They brought some of them in then.  But it reminded me of Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau's daddy. Now, Pierre Trudeau at one time in the 1950s, I think 1952, was the head of the Young Communist League for Canada. He took the delegation over to Russia, the Comintern, and he was head of the delegation at that time. 


But when Pierre was put in, and don't forget the whole idea of communism was to get in under any and every possible way you can. If you're a liberal, you're a capitalists, you were a communist, whatever it took to get in, just say you'd join the party, whatever party it was, get in, then do what you have to do.  That's what they said.  They even discuss this with his pal at one time on a CBC program.  His pal did more talking than he did.  That was Rene Levesque and he said, oh yeah, we were young then, you know, when they were communists and Marxists, and we did what we have to do. 


When Pierre Trudeau was in, now, under the guise of liberal, you see, there was a communist kidnapped, a dignitary in Canada. They wanted to kidnap them and ransom them, or even you know, safe passage to Cuba or something.  And hhhch, it was amazing because everybody knew who Pierre Trudeau had been, and was, obviously.  You know, it wasn't something you change like a different kind of clothing, where he's simply relaying what he did in the past.  Maybe they thought they'd get support, these guys. But Pierre Trudeau worked for the real group at the top, you see, the real globalists.  He turned out the troops on Montréal loose.  At the time he said, before when he said it, the media interviewed him and said, you don't really mean it, surely no one would do that. He said, oh really? He says, just watch me. And he did. So it took a communist to put the troops on the streets in order to quell an amateur communist uprising, a small one inside Canada.


At the time they had no idea that he was a bigger shot than they were, in that same league.  And that's what it is. Remember what Quigley said, we're often mistaken for communists.  That came out too during the Reese Commission with Norman Dodd.  Quigley said, our agenda is so similar. And it is, they've chosen a socialistic technique.  It was far better than having individualism and people having individual rights and so on, and opinions which they're allowed to not just say but act upon and so on. Communism/socialism is far better where folk are a more collectivist society, and they would decide how much goods and fuel or whatever it happens to be you're going to get, instead of you deciding for yourself. 


That's why it's the way it is folks.  That's why the World Economic Forum is all on board with this whole socialist agenda and everything to be run by experts and bureaucrats, etc. That's exactly what it is.  I'll put this article up on their handbook and so on.  It says the ideology of their war techniques and so on and the use of violence which they push...


Bray’s many arguments against free speech—and in favor of violence (A: This is what he, you know...) —sound terrifyingly rational, at least in the context of his stated goals. The overthrow of capitalism most likely can’t be accomplished by working within the current state system, so there is no need to be concerned with the tenets of that system. Free speech, for example, plays a vital role in the preservation of our social harmony. Because of free speech, we talk instead of fighting when we have differences of opinion. When people think a law or regulation should be changed, they don’t start gunning down law enforcement officials or setting government agencies on fire. Rather, they lobby Congress or campaign for representatives who will enact the changes they desire. This system is far from perfect and it allows many injustices to be perpetrated, but it’s much more attractive than the alternative in which violence is allowed to settle disputes and enact political change.


However, for the revolutionary left, the total elimination of injustices—not just their minimization—is the goal. Rather than viewing free speech as a way to keep things from becoming worse, Bray flat out rejects the First Amendment as a tool that can be used by oppressors. In his words, “at the heart of the anti-fascist outlook is a rejection of the classical liberal phrase…‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’” Instead, Bray opens the book with a quote from a leftist revolutionary killed in the Spanish Civil War: “[F]ascism is not to be debated, it is to be destroyed!”


And fascism to them is anybody with any other opinion really.  [Alan chuckles.]  That's just it. It can never end, once the slaughter starts, you see, that's how communism always does.  They bring in, they've got everybody listed. You've all been listed by them, probably given the list by the top capitalists that run it all. Then they go after their targets and eliminate them.


They don't believe in rehabilitating you, even though sometimes they'll say that to their more, the junior followers who aren't quite sure of total violence, and they'll say to them, oh they've got to go to reeducation camps. But what they really mean is extermination camps. That's what they really mean by it. Stalin said it. Stalin even killed and eliminated most of the prisoners of war of Russia that had been caught by Germany.  The idea in communism, you would not allow any what they called contaminated person back into Russia, who once experienced to the Western ideals and maybe even luxuries, they might be contaminated and bring it in with them. They, we weren't going to have that, so they killed them all. That's what you do.  It's called contamination, you see.


Don't forget that. I hope you're realizing what I'm saying.  This has been said before in history, and I think Alexander Solzhenitsyn said the same thing, that happened in Russia. You had the same thing with the interview by John Pilger on Lenny Riefenstahl where he talked about, how did it happen in Germany?  And she said, the people were really almost like they were kind of hypnotized, just going through life as normal, like it wasn't really happening, and before they knew it, they had a whole new system. 


But I think it's even more obvious with, in the way that Alexander Solzhenitsyn said, that in the beginning, the same thing, he says, everybody said to themselves, it couldn't happen here, and not now. You always think you're living in the now, the pinnacle of the now, not in the past, you see, that's how you think.  And you somehow think, we’re more evolved now, we’ve somehow become different and better and more humane. I don't know where this fallacy came from because we’re going the opposite way in fact. But he said that, that's what they all thought at the time, when the revolution was creeping up on them, and the rhetoric was out there and you had the Bolsheviks, you know, really agitating, agitating and stirring it, and trying to get a following to do the rioting, etc, for them, it will never happen, it could never happen here.


Well it CAN happen. Yeah. You're watching a similar thing happen right now.  You're literally a hair's breadth away from them smashing windows and looting and killing folk. That's, it doesn't take much once it starts and blood's up and the adrenaline is going and they're in hysterical excitement almost, you see.  It doesn't take much. So never say to yourself, oh yeah, it's just a little, it might not be, it might be this one, it might be the next one.  But they're going to get it.  And they will do it. And they’re given authority from the very top to do it. Obviously. OR it would never have happened, it would never have happened.  N-n-n.


Did you know that every country has its form of secret police?  [Alan chuckles.]  They've got more tabs on everybody than you'd ever, ever imagine.  At peacetime, even in 20 to 30 years of peace time they're just as active as ever studying everybody, watching everybody and on top of everything. They know who's going to start what, when and where, why.  There's nothing they don't know, folks.  So when it happens and they stand back, it's allowed to happen by those at the top. So as I say, this article goes on to the fact that, the author of the book actually…


Bray makes clear that, from the anti-fascist point of view, such a farfetched scenario would mean it’s already too late;


(A: Meaning if you allowed someone like a Hitler to give rousing speeches, if you allow that to even start, it's too late.  You see?)


instead, potential Nazi movements must be stifled in their infancy. This allowance leads to an ever-increasing number of people who need to be destroyed.


(A:  Personally, I see… If you think [Alan chuckles.] it's just one Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, the people who took over in the communist system were, had pretty well the same type… different people, and not in the Nazi movement. But again, you're looking at a specialized elite people. You are. You all know what I mean. It's a fact, it's history.  That's how it's done. That's how it's done. There are no good guys at the top.)


For Bray, politicians like President Trump, media figures like Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly, and intellectuals like Charles Murray all deserve to be nipped in the bud speech-wise due to their opinions.


By the time he’s finished, Bray has thrown everything and the kitchen sink into the category of fascist ideologies that must be targeted, ranging from whiteness …


So if you're white, you understand, if you're targeting people racially, what do you expect to happen except a race war? Because folk will have to eventually defend themselves when they're being targeted for annihilation, hm!  Hasn't that happened before with other peoples in history who are targeted for complete annihilation?  Does that ring a bell? Ding, ding, ding here?  Hm?  But again it depends on who's doing it, doesn't it? Including someone who even thinks that they were on the receiving end at one time.


That's exactly what Peter Hitchens mentioned too, that he was trained to be a revolutionary in university, Oxford I think he was in. He said by the time he came out he was ready for blood.  I mean, that's how he was trained, with him and many like him.  He said that one of the first things he learned was how to stop people from having a point of view and to squelch any freedom of speech of opposition, you see, that’s standard stuff. They don't believe in [Alan chuckles.] points of view. No, no. It's their way or...  and it's total murder eventually, literally. How else are they going to stop it?  Why do you think it's always the same scenario, as they slaughter people under the guise of socialism/communism?  Hm?


That's what they do. That's how it's done. Until you end up with a place like China, kind of like China, where everybody will pretty well, in public at least, always voice the same opinions on every topic, all the authorized opinions. That's what you've got.  It took years before Peter Hitchens realized that he'd been brainwashed.  M-hm.  Another article too…


Armed Citizens Defend Town: "Rioters, Looters KEEP OUT!"

thenewamerican.com / 3 June 2020


This is a tale of two cities: Spokane, Washington, which recently suffered riots and looting, and neighboring Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which has averted (thus far) the same kind of planned havoc. Retired military and law-enforcement personnel who regularly monitor the websites and activities of militant leftists told The New American that Coeur d’Alene, 30 miles east of Spokane, has been targeted by the same Antifa/BlackLivesMatter agitators that have left Spokane and other American cities in flames and smoldering ruins.


(A:  D'you realize how this looks like to the rest of the world?  It's like a failed state, isn't it? That's how it seems, if you look at the media, you know.)


“We saw that they were planning to strike CdA (Coeur d’Alene) on Sunday and we sent out an alert to hundreds of area contacts,” a CdA defender we will call “Thad” told The New American. “Besides their website activity, we saw several of their people ‘scouting’ Coeur d’Alene,” with a particular focus on Winco, a large supermarket near the I-90 interstate. “Sure enough, Monday several van loads of Antifa/BLM agitators — 30-40 of them — unloaded at the Winco parking lot and took up positions. We were ready for them and soon had 100-150 armed defenders there, in addition to a group of biker patriots on their Harleys who showed up. They were NOT going to burn OUR city!”


Another CdA defender who was at the Winco event said she believes the situation remained peaceful between the two groups because the Antifa/BLM crowd was “outnumbered and outgunned.” “Even though our side was non-threatening and expressing our beliefs that protesting is fine, as long as it doesn’t get violent or destructive, they clearly were intimidated by our presence and our message that we mean business,” she told The New American. A sub-group of the agitators broke off from the Winco gathering and met up with a band of cohorts several miles away in the downtown CdA business district on Sherman Avenue, a popular center of cafes, pubs, and shops. Again, they were vastly outnumbered and outgunned by local citizens who came out in force to assure that their town didn’t join the list of cities destroyed by “the revolution.”


Coeur d’Alene, a beautiful resort town of a little over 50,000, is the county seat and the largest city in the Idaho panhandle's Kootenai County.


That’s what they want of course is to go in and pillage, destroy and burn and loot.  Of course anybody who can fight back is done for, ‘eh, it's just as simple as that. You either give up and just walk away… Your government's not going to help you.  And that's what they know, they want this to continue and get even tougher, if they can.  Then you get folk literally groveling and bending knees and so on as though they're guilty for all the sins of the world, which of course is the Stockholm syndrome. That's what you see, folk collapse mentally and apologize for the whole history of the planet for things they've never done. In order to survive. Which they hope they'll survive.


Another article too, we keep missing Julian Assange news. But he's been too ill apparently to attend some of the meetings they've had.  Supposedly, I reckon. All we get is secondary or thirdhand news, isn't it, on him.  And where's the protesters for HIS cause, eh? 


Julian Assange 'too ill' to attend latest court hearing in US extradition case - independent.co.uk / 1 June 2020


Do you realize when it's so selective, so selective and the whole antiwar movement suddenly was all quiet when it came to attacking Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria, completely just nonexistent, eh?  Because they're turned on and off by the ones who control them all. This is so obvious. So obvious. From big marches in the streets, antiwar during the Cold War and so on, and then the massive protest against globalism.  And then switched off when the actual wars start. Completely switched off. Then it's switched back on again for, under the excuse, it's an excuse, albeit it's bad enough what happens with one man getting killed like that, but completely ready for a complete communist revolution [Alan chuckles.] on queue.  Right when everybody's getting loosened up from the Covid lockdown, on queue, and everybody's back stuck in their homes again trying to evade this burning down and looting and all the rest of it, hm?


Come on!  Wake up folks. And yeah, nobody's out there protesting for Assange.  None of these characters will. A guy who literally said, put an end to this spying on the public by all the agencies on the net.  No.  Strangely enough, you'd think that would be up their street, but nope.  Not a peep. Amazing eh. 


Even though they've got that LGBT group, a lot of them with them, you see the rainbow insignia on a lot of the rioters in the fronts, on the front groups and so on.  But what about Chelsea Manning? Where's all the protests? Where was the LGBT groups when Chelsea Manning was going through hell in the prison? Who was standing up for this person who stood up against the system at the time and even disclosed to the world what horrible atrocities were happening on behalf of the American forces at the time over in Iraq and other countries? And because of that he was punished.  No, they'd rather riot for other things. But no, forget that. 


It's people who literally showed you what was happening with war and all the rest of it.  What they complain about, the capitalist system, humph, fascistic system supposedly.  People who were exposing the real stuff that was going on, on behalf of big corporations that ran the loot and oil and all the rest of it, get punished, incredibly punished just for showing the people what was happening. And there's not a peep.  No, none of these people are standing up for them. They're very selective, aren't they?  And it's always on board with the global agenda, sustainability and austerity, environmentalism and zero carbon, yada, yada, until you're right into poverty and austerity at the end of it. That's what it's about. 


That's what it's about folks. Nothing is ever what it seems when it's televised. Again, where was the whole antiwar movement then? It wasn't to be seen. There was no big protest in the streets, nothing like that. The same with Assange, etc.  It's very selective.  It isn't until you realize that it's all managed, again, it's all managed by the people at the very, very top.


The World Economic Forum out of this chaos that's happening right now will get their whole agenda of sustainability: rationing, postconsumer society, using a socialist type system run by bureaucrats and so-called experts and technocrats from top to bottom, no democracy. That's what they want. Don't forget that George Soros talks, he talked again at the last one at the World Economic Forum. If this man was a rogue agent of some kind he would be dealt with by all of them. That doesn't happen. He's part OF it. And so are all the rest of them at the very top. The richest folk in the world are running the left wing, believe you me. Out of it they'll get their whole sustainability depopulation program put in place.




‘Let’s not excuse violence’: Barack Obama forgets his ENTIRE presidency and argues riots should lead to voting Democrat

rt.com / 1 June 2020


(A: Amazing too that he comes right out of the woodwork again, ‘eh?  Out of the deep state.  He is one of the front men, or at least one of them, the low-down front man for it. Because at the top, it's a much higher, higher organization. The ones that you hear about that face the public are really still worker bees. The ones way above them are quiet and you don't even know a lot of their names, in fact, that really run the whole show.  But yeah, he was put in charge of one part of the deep state to foment, you know, a complete breakdown of anybody who tries to break the agenda. Don't forget again, Obama, the Democrat, was praised by all the PNAC group of supposed neocons for carrying on the same wars in which they started.  M-hm.  Don't forget, when things don't add up, there's a different game going on, isn't there?  Hm?  Of course there is.  This article says…)


To the former president, protests across the country have been overwhelmingly peaceful, and express a “genuine and legitimate frustration over a decades-long failure to reform police practices and the broader criminal justice system.”


(A:  When he was, and I can remember the articles I read where he was literally [Alan chuckles.] recruiting the Army guys straight into the police forces.  Don't forget too, and I hope you remember this, the billions of rounds, the ammunition rounds all calibers, military grade calibers, rounds and hollow point he was bringing into the country, into all the different government departments.  What was it all for? And also getting all the ex-military gear, not just military, well, there were flak jackets, the whole lot, and armor-plated vehicles from the military that were supposedly used… and dished them out all across America.  Everybody is saying, what's coming down the pike here? You know, what's going on here?)


(A: Bush started it, and it continued. I think you had someone, Clinton was in, but when Bush was in it was coming in big time.  They even had tanks, you know, armored vehicles getting given to certain police stations and so on across the country. We said, what's going on here? What are they expecting?  M-hm.  What are they expecting?  Who, what side are they going to give it to, to use? That's what I'm wondering.  Hm?  This article says too…  [Alan chuckles.]   You see, Obama isn't what you think he is either. He never was. None of them are. As they play this game of left and right.)


The problem with Obama’s message isn’t that it’s partisan, but that it brazenly ignores reality – such as the fact that he was the president for eight years, with full control of those levers of power. Yet somehow the greatest achievements of the Obama Era – Obamacare, Obergefell, DACA, or pushes for transgender rights and Title IX “campus rape culture” rules, to name a few – ended up having nothing to do with racial justice.


Surely it was the Obama administration that passed the First Step Act to give relief to federal inmates, the majority of whom were African-American, from harsh mandatory sentences imposed during the Clinton era? Oh, wait, no, it was the “racist” Donald Trump.  (A: [Alan chuckles.])


Well, it was definitely Trump who presided over the killings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Laquan McDonald, Eric Garner... and fueled racial anger that set Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago and New York on fire in the aftermath? Erm, no, wrong again.


Glenn Greenwald tweet:


How can the Obama/Clinton decree that the solution to all of this is to VOTE! -- and VOTE BLUE -- be reconciled with the fact that many of the police forces engaging in brutality, starting with Minneapolis, are in places with Democratic Mayors, Governors, and City Councils?


(A: It goes on and on and on. They go on to about…)


What, like running guns to Mexican drug cartels? (A:  When Obama was in, that was true as well.) Like turning Libya, the most prosperous country in Africa, into a warlord-run hellhole where black people are sold as slaves? Like droning citizens without trial, (A: That's true, Obama used to pick them himself, that was always in all the papers.  He used to get up in the morning and pick who he wanted to destroy that day.) spying on journalists and political campaigns? 


Nothing is ever what it seems to be. Really.  N-n-n.  Another one is…


Black Lives Matter Dublin: Irish Cultural Colonisation and Left Hypocrisy

theburkean.ie / 2 June 2020


(A: Poor Ireland. It's such a tragic country, it really is.)


Dublin’s streets could have been mistaken for inner city Los Angeles yesterday as it played host to its very own ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest.


Numbering the best part of three thousand strong, the protest came as the city is tentatively recovering from the coronavirus epidemic.


Technically such a gathering is banned under public health guidelines, and not forgetting that Dublin’s inner city is one of the country’s viral hotspots.


The protest was in response to the ongoing conflagration emerging from the death of an African American in Minneapolis last week, with the usual grievance issues of Direct Provision latched on for good measure.


As expected, it received neutral to positive coverage from an Irish media fixated on cultivating its very own racial grievance industry (A:  And it’s true, you’ve got racial grievance…)  akin to what exists in America. As highlighted ad nauseum, Irish journalism is merely an extension of the left-wing activism on display.


Ireland really, it’s a sad, sad case because they fought for so long to get their rights and so on. Out of it, it was already sown early on, long ago, even with the official IRA, the original ones, the seeds of communism, even then, with the tenets of communism. Once they got the freedoms and that, it festered and festered and gradually worked its way right to the very top.  You had the celebration of abortion not long ago, in a country at one time was hated, HATED by the far-left because of having some religious values. Which also gave it primacy to human values, you know, human life, the importance of human life. All gone.


Then it was sunk by the bankers with the last big crash, and in came the IMF and the central banks to start, [Alan chuckles.] put up their terms there.  It was flooded too with a lot of Europeans with the European mass movement, the free movement idea.  A lot of crooks set up there too for a while.  Then in came masses and masses of people, refugees, who literally are from countries that have got nothing to do with wars or anything. Flooded with them. And people inside Ireland making a killing off of it because there's big money dished out to get homes for them and settle them. Some characters even just bought over almost like streets in some areas to house them all and they're guaranteed money from the government.  So it's like everything's a business.  People are business themselves, you know.  And here they are, apologizing for stuff they've never done. It's just astonishing. It's so sad. It's so sad.


The Irish literally, they had an inferiority complex for a while. They used to always make jokes about themselves, because it was an inferiority complex for such a long time. Because they were dominated so terribly by England, well London really, and kept down as a people really. All the digs from even Jonathan Swift who said they should eat their own children when it came to famine and so on. I mean, just horrible, horrible past, and they were despised. Again despised because they were a Catholic nation at one time, you know.  They haven't had a chance to be themselves really. It's one thing after another until literally now they're getting phased out. They'll be bred out of existence shortly. They know that too.  That's part of the obvious agenda of those who really rule everything I suppose.  M-hm.  Sad. Tragic.  Tragic, tragic.


Remember, there's many ways, genocide doesn't have to be straight killing. There's many ways to get rid of you.  Bombarding and filling your country with other people's is part of it. The UN mentioned that in one of its organizations years ago, that that was part of, even banning your speech at one point or your own language was part of genocide, to destroy your culture, to destroy you. Then you're destroyed. That's how it happens.  Sad, sad.  The problem is, within Ireland too, it's much like Scotland, you've got people who literally are ready to fight each other over parties, the same sort of thing.  You've got to rise above it all and see what's really running at all.  N-n-n. It says in this article…


To some, championing trendy left-liberal causes about racial dogfights in America grants people immunity to the virus.


(A:  Because they get out there too, eh?  [Alan chuckles.]  And suddenly get brave and it’s okay that the virus is put on hold, into stasis, until the rioting is over, or the demonstrating.)


The fact public health has been imperiled to feed left-wing egos is beyond anything this publication could even conjure up. The fact this was done for the sake of a foreign policing issue (A:  …and it’s true, it’s got nothing to do with Ireland.) by quite literally the same people who just last week were castigating Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters for doing much less, is hypocrisy on another level.


Per usual Ireland’s well-oiled and well-financed NGO diversity lobby (A: And it's well-funded, it's so true. And their own people sell them out by the way.)  was on full display, pontificating on matters as they flouted public health advice.


As if to typify what they felt towards Ireland and the Irish taxpayer who fund these activist groups, they flouted any modicum of self-awareness as they ran roughshod over public safety concerns.


Virtue-signalling about racial politics in America was more important than basic public health concerns. (A:  …in Ireland, right.)  The people who wanted baton charges against relatively minuscule anti-lockdown protesters at the High Court, stormed the streets of Dublin without a second thought.


The hypocrisy is only matched by the fact this was done for the sake of an issue largely irrelevant to Ireland.


Sad indeed, ‘eh.  Yep.  It's sad indeed. Oh yeah… Fauci, little Fauci, Foxy Fauci, it says…


Fauci: Let’s Reopen Schools In The Fall — Carefully - hotair.com / 5 June 2020


Here he is, though, I guess he's missing the limelight though, I don't know if he’s still in it or not.  And you know he's going to try and spike it again. Mind you, he wanted you locked down until they get a vaccine. Your own immune system, even if you had antibodies, meaning you'd conquered it, it wouldn’t make any difference, they still want you to get their particular brand, you know, the expensive brand that comes in a little needle. They always want, the authorities always want to stick it to you, ‘eh, whatever it is, taxes, needles, you name it, they want to.  You're just owned like farm animals. 


This other article is quite funny in a way too, and how the tragedy of the farce about… There's a young woman in Germany, I think she's 19 may be.  Naomi Seibt. 


German officials threaten Naomi Seibt with prison for ‘denialism’

clintel.org / 22 May 2020


(A: Denialism.  Everybody's, you know, so fed up with all this, it's all your fault for the climate, it's all your fault for the climate and so on, and the intense indoctrination to the children, until they are literally, they grow up and they’re petrified, they think the planet is dying, as I say. That's what radicalizes them. It's all intentional. You see, you always breed the generation of rioters that you want, if you're the leaders, you see, that's what they've done. It says…)


The response to our appeal for Naomi Seibt has been splendid – but more of us need to help her, because the State Media Authority in North Rhine Westphalia, in the hope of interfering with Naomi’s right to post YouTube videos critical of the Party Line on climate, have menaced her not only with two enormous fines and two sets of costs but also with prison.


(A: That's what it's come to now, ‘eh.)


Naomi really, really needs our help.


(A:  They’re asking for donations.)


Naomi’s defense lawyer has already scored one success: the Authority has been compelled to abandon its campaign to force her to take down the first of the three videos it has complained of, because she made it long before she had met anyone from the Heartland Institute, which the Authority dislikes because they regard her single mention of it in one of the three videos complained of as constituting “product placement”, contrary to the anti-free-speech law of North Rhine Westphalia, where she lives.


(A: Astonishing how they try to shut you up, ‘eh? Isn’t it amazing?)


…Naomi is only 19, after all, and cannot be expected to have known that free speech had been shut down in her part of Germany by an obscure and inspissate law – the Authority is trying to make her pay a fine of 1000 euros plus another 200 euros costs for each of the two videos: total 2400 euros. If she doesn’t pay, this is the threat these wretches have made:


(A:  What she said...)




Welcome to the Heartland Institute 2020


Posted Feb 11, 2020


Hello, everyone. My name is Naomi Seibt and I am a new member at the Heartland Institute. And I’ve got very good news for you. The world is not ending because of climate change. In fact, 12 years from now we will still be around, casually taking photos on our iPhone 18s, Tweeting about the current President on Twitter and ranting about the latest celebrity gossip. However, we are currently being force-fed a very dystopian agenda of climate alarmism that tells us that we as humans are destroying the planet and that the young people especially have no future: that the animals are dying, that we are ruining nature.


I truly believe that many members of Antifa, Fridays for Future groups, Rebellion Extinction, I really believe that many of them have good intentions but they are genuinely scared of the world ending, and scared that their parents and grandparents are ruining the planet, that it’s breaking relationships, it’s breaking up families, and we at the Heartland Institute, we want to spread truth about the science behind climate realism, which is essentially the opposite of climate alarmism.


(A: She goes on and on about it too.)


I don’t want you to panic. I want you to think.


But yeah, that's what they're doing now, that's what it's come to. Because it's a big agenda. You've got to believe you're all guilty, because it got to start reducing the population. Your masters tell you that. Your owners tell you they want a big, big cull, and they'll do it if you don't want to do it voluntarily. They're going to do it one way or another.  And they really mean it.


You understand, you're dealing with real psychopaths here and if they want to bring you into starvation – it's not pleasant if you're going to see millions of folk dying of starvation, not pleasant at all – they will do it. I hope you understand what we're talking about here. And they have trained a generation to hate anybody older than 15 or 20. Absolutely. The old communist technique don't trust anybody over 30. Then they reduced it to 20.  Hhmph.  I tell ya.  M-hm-hm.


Another article…


Global Capitalism, “World Government” and the Corona Crisis

globalresearch.ca / 1 May 2020


Stage One:  Trade War against China


(A:  Of course that was part of it as well.  Yep.)


Stage Two: The Financial Crash Spearheaded by Fear and Stock Market Manipulation


Stage Three: Lockdown, Confinement, Closing Down of the Global Economy


Who Controls the Politicians?


(A: You'd better ask that!  They're all in on it. No matter what side you think they're on.  N-n-n.  Then you've got…)


The fear campaign prevails. Social distancing is enforced. The economy is closed down.  Totalitarian measures are being imposed. According to Dr. Pascal Sacré


… in some countries, patients can leave hospital by agreeing to wear an electronic bracelet.


(A: I call it a manacle.  Because that’s what it is.)


This is only a sample of all the totalitarian measures planned or even already decided by our governments in favor of the coronavirus crisis. It goes much further, it’s limitless and it affects a good part of the world, if not the whole world.


So I'll put this article up as well for those who want to see it. It really is stunning.  What amazing times we're living through.  And most folk I suppose will be in confusion all the time. Through fear, fear causes confusion. You can't think rationally when you're terrified. That's the first part of, that's why you cause terrorism, it's a great control mechanism and you can guide folk who will follow blindly and obey blindly because they're terrified, they can't trust their own instincts, judgments, or anything else, you see.  It's a great tool. Fantastic tool.  I'll put all these things up as well.


I'm not finished just yet, mind you, for those who can still put up with it a bit longer. It'd be so interesting to watch what's happening because this IS history you're living through.  A well-planned organized massive, maybe three-point or three-pronged assault starting with the Covid, and the shutdown of the economy, the total reorganization, structural organization of society and how you behave with each other. And the readying for starvation.  You're going to see this.  It's planned, folks. It's planned.  If they've cut down on all the meat plants and all the rest of it, it's planned. You wait and see. Then you'll have the same problems as they start cutting back on what's left, all the harvest stuff. Then they'll start exporting it to other countries, oh, they're in worse condition than WE are, and you'll and up being in the same condition as THEY are.  It's all planned that way.  If you let them get their way. And if they can't get it right off the bat, they'll close you down again. Oh, it spiked again, the virus is back, round two.  And there ya go.


Governors back massive protests after months of banning large gatherings

washingtonexaminer.com / 2 June 2020


(A: No kidding, ‘eh?  The same governors, ‘eh, that would have you put in prison for breaking the rules, are out there protesting.  Nevermind the six-foot space and all that nonsense, you know. Nope, no problem there at all. There's the hypocrisy people in... who you vote for ‘eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  They're complete liars and actors, aren't they.)


Democratic Governors said they support large-scale protests, a reversal from mandating social distancing and lockdowns since March.


(A:  What do you mean, small groups?  No more than four or five, or 10 at the most. Oh, let's have massive riots, it's okay.  [Alan chuckles.])


“I stand behind the protesters and their message,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday.


He noted earlier in the day, though, that protests “could exacerbate COVID-19 spread.”


(A:  No kidding. He’s covering all bases, ‘eh.)  


“We spent all this time closed down, locked down, masks, social distanced. And then you turn on the TV, and you see these mass gatherings that could potentially be infecting hundreds and hundreds of people, after everything we have done,” he said in his press briefing.


(A: Of course, they won't say anything about arresting everybody for causing potential deaths of other folk, if it's all true, right, and spreading it.  Oh, no, they won't do that, will they, ‘eh.)


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (A:  …was quite a character. I don’t think she believes in democracy either.)  also encouraged peaceful demonstrations Monday. She lifted Michigan’s stay-at-home order Monday, 11 days ahead of schedule, and told Michiganders to “stay smart, stay safe, and let’s all do our part.”


(A:  …our part… She didn’t say, we’re all in it together, generally the collectivists say that. And so do folk in wartime, you say, oh, we’re all in it together.)


She also announced Monday (A:  You know, just like a decree… like a royal decree…)


She also announced Monday that restaurants will be able to reopen at limited capacity next week. Gatherings of fewer than 100 people are now permitted, (A: [Alan laughing.] …and here they have riots in the streets with maybe thousands, ‘eh?!  Ha, ha!  But for ordinary folk, you know, fewer than 100 people are now permitted…)


 meaning massive protests are still illegal under the state’s gradual reopening plan.


(A:  Oh what a joke that is.  I tell ya.  I heard though some of the restaurants are going to open up and serve just soup, you know, very thin soup, and special masks with straws, a hole for your straws to go through them. So you can all sit there and slurp away and see how it goes. I tried, you know, eating soup with a mask on and it just went all down my chin. It was just awful. So don't try it.  Now...)


Protests broke out in Washington, D.C., over the weekend as well. Mayor Muriel Bowser implemented a citywide curfew Monday starting at 7 p.m., just two days after announcing that restaurants can start reopening for outdoor service (A:  …again…) at limited capacity.


M-hm-hm.  What...  D'you understand, this was a farcical thing, this 6 feet distancing. I went through the story last week of how it started, with the girl at school who is wanting to get into computer programming and modeling, and they did this thing for school. She came up with the idea, oh how many folk would you meet in the day, how many children do you meet in the day, hundreds of people and blah, blah, blah. They are the spreaders, yada, ya, and 6 feet apart. It all came through computer modeling, a completely made-up idea.  It wasn't based on any reality, folks.  Hm?!  N-n-n.  Hhhhm.  Quite something.  Take some talcum powder with you, right, stand outside, even when you think it's pretty calm, and sprinkle some. Just throw it in the air in front of you and watch which way goes and how far it goes. It doesn't abide by any stupid law like 6 feet!  Hm?  Oh, dear, dear, dear.  It really is all magic, isn't it, ‘eh?  N-n-n.


This one was quite something, I'm sure you all saw this one.  It shows you the radicalization of fools, dangerous people really now. And nothing will happen to this, this is a professor, a young female. 


Professor tweets how to topple ‘racist’ monuments like Washington Monument – then backtracks

americanmilitarynews.com / 1 June 2020


On Sunday a Twitter-verified professor and self-described Egyptologist (A:  …no kidding? Egyptologist.) posted a thread of tweets insinuating rioters could topple obelisk monuments and described instructions for just that scenario.


“PSA For ANYONE who might be interested in how to pull down an obelisk* safely from an Egyptologist who never ever in a million years thought this advice might come in handy,” tweeted Sarah Parcak. “*might be masquerading as a racist monument I dunno.


“PSA For ANYONE who might be interested in how to pull down…


(A:  She says how to do it basically.)


“The key to pulling one down is letting gravity work 4 you. Chances are good the obelisk extends into the ground a bit, so you want to get CHAINS NOT ROPE (it’s 2020 AD not BC let metal work for you) extended tightly around the top (below pointy bit) (A:  …the pointy bit, I guess she’s very practical.) and 1/3 down forming circles,” she tweeted. “For every 10 ft of monument, you’ll need 40+ people. So, say, a 20 ft tall monument, probably 60 people. You want strong rope attached to the chain—rope easier to hold onto versus chain. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE WEARING GLOVES FOR SAFETY (there is a lot of safety first).”




(A:  This is someone who is going to cause deaths galore, never mind the massive destruction to the property.  It's a professor. And you wonder why your universities are churning out radicals. Well, how d'you think she was churned out?  Hm?  What churned her out?)


She even included a stick-figure schematic of her instructions.


(A:  She adds a caveat…)




(A:  Meaning, that's to cover her behind.)


There might be one just like this in downtown Birmingham! What a coincidence. Can someone please show this thread to the folks there.


So she wants to bring down all the monuments of what she call the old America, you know, the nasty America. The America that allowed her to get up there with her hobby of being an Egyptologist.  M-hm.  Quite something.  Also an article here...


How Free Trade Is (Still) Killing America

technocracy.news / 23 July 2019


When the Trilateral Commission set about to create a New international Economic Order in 1973, (A:  That was back then when it was in the process of creating the system, this part of the system.) so-called Free Trade blossomed as nations dropped their external tariffs that allowed multi-directional trade.


But this has got a video on it, how it works anyway. It was an interview by Charlie Rose with Sir James Goldsmith.  I remember Goldsmith's talk that he gave to the Senate as well and he, everything that's happening today with the economy and everything, he warned them all about. He said, Britain’s the same, all your jobs go, your labor force is left with no work, and with no manufacturing, everything's going offshore, and cheap labor is given all the jobs in other countries, and yada, yada, ya, and how you go down the hill and down the hill. He was quite, oh, it was a great talk he gave to the Senate. But they went for it regardless, for free trade for the Americas for the NAFTA deal.  He warned what would happen. He knew about GATT and NAFTA and the whole thing.  He died unfortunately. He tried to get Britain out of the EU before anybody else did, or before Nigel Farage came along.  He died of cancer of the prostate, very fast acting cancer too it was, he died quickly, within a matter of a week or two I think it was of diagnosis.  But great talker by the way, he knew his stuff.  M-hm.


Then another article, it says…


Cahersiveen: Irish Asylum System Enters Meltdown - theburkean.ie / 22 May 2020


...because of the massive migration into Ireland. It’s still going on, through all this, and there’s no work or anything. And they’re broke they are financially broke. But that’s the agenda.  That’s the agenda, you’re not supposed to exist very much longer in little old Ireland.  Sad. Good article though. It talks about the amount of asylum-seekers still waiting to come in, there’s thousands of them. And someone is directing them towards Ireland.  Because the UN is involved, and there's folk who want to get rich off of it all inside Ireland naturally, with the government handouts as they manage it all.  N-n-n. Sad indeed. It's a sad story. 


It's the same in Scotland. There's this, I always had a sense of sadness in the country when I went into the highlands, you know, where the highlands were, where a lot of the clearances happened. Right across the entire country, east to west coast into the north that the troops went through just exterminating. And then the rest of them, they were put on prison ships and shipped abroad and so on. Young guys could join the new militaries, the Scottish regiments to fight for England. That's why they did. But oh yes, tragic, tragic. You feel it. It's there in the air, you know, in the area. 


This article too, it's quite interesting.  It says…


Kneeling for George Floyd is grotesque Western infantility

israelnationalnews.com / 7 June 2020


(A: Again, it's an outside point of view.  It's from an Israeli paper. But again, you've got to look from all points of view.  You can get stuck in, again, your little bubble where you are.  You've got to see how things look from outside at times too. It says…)


Kneeling is a central rite in Western culture. Kneeling for George Floyd is the expression of a grotesque Western infantility.


There, I said it, although I know that those who do not kneel are considered amoral monsters these days. Everyone kneels, the prime ministers, the journalists, the parliamentarians, the police...


When Londoners protested the Minneapolis incident, police guarding the Downing Street gates were told to "get down on their knees." Four policemen did it. Thousands of people in Britain went out on the streets, falling on their knees, as if hallucinating.


It is acceding to the claim that Western society as a whole is racist. It is a form of ideological hysteria that makes those who kneel belong to the "right side". In several videos, we have even seen American whites kissing the shoes of their black compatriots to apologize.


“Are you white? Feel guilty, you also killed George Floyd”. Being white has become a kind of original sin. If you do not do penance for being white, paying homage to mass immigration and multiculturalism, you will become a "white supremacist". The archbishop of Canterbury called on "white Christians" to "repent of our own prejudices". Time magazine: "Whites have inherited their white supremacy". Inherited!


American universities are full of courses on "white privilege" and if you look at academic calendars in France, there are conferences "forbidden to whites". In Paris you are not trendy enough if you don't write about la blanchité. At each massacre where the murderer is white, the global collective ritual of penance begins.


Utoya? White man. Christchurch? White man. Blacks that kill blacks? Not on the news. Muslims who kill Jews and Christians? Not on the news. Christians who kill Muslims? First pages. The white trade of black slaves? Everywhere. The Arab-Islamic trafficking of black slaves? Taboo.


The whole past is projected onto the current generation, colonialism, crusades, birth of America, Nazism, slavery, everything ends up in the same historical kneeler, everything is traced back to your white genes.


There is no aperitif - even that does not end without the great new truth echoing: White man is evil, by definition.


Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva.


So that's how he sees it. It's… It's… It's quite a way of putting it really. 


...the expression of a grotesque Western infantility.


...where they apologize for everything, you know.  And don't forget, this is an agenda.  Which would end up, if you allowed it, to go into extermination. I really mean that. You understand, you can't apologize enough to insanity. When you've got nothing to do with it. You could only be responsible for what you do yourself. And that goes for every people, every person in every ethnic group. 


When you see a targeted group, we've heard this before in history and not long ago, targeted for what? Extinction? You just can't apologize enough.  And you're allowing it to happen.  Your own tax money is teaching it in courses in University. No, this is hate, folks. This is organized institutionalized hate against a group. It's been fomented by a very old party, a communist party, to bring the same old thing back again.  It obviously is. It really is. 


This has nothing to do with one person or even a group of people being discriminated against at times through government forces. This is, this is beyond that. Way beyond that. And it’s taught...  When you see people being taught to hate you, it doesn't bode good. It's going to build up into something grotesque and horrible. Obviously. OBVIOUSLY!  And no amount of apologizing is going to make it any more lenient. It's not going to do it. This is incredible times we're living in.  Incredible.


Look at what happened with the groups that had planned the, hhhch, IF there was a pandemic, you know, Johns Hopkins and so on at the University, IF there was a pandemic this is what they would do, along with the Bill Gates foundation.  They said during their training exercises that they already had, they already had things to go for, to save the Chinese getting blamed for it so there was no racism involved.  They had ads where they would have people coming up and saying, oh I was discriminated against, Chinese people saying that. That was okay, right, to say that was terrible, oh, that's terrible if they did that. Well, here, hhhch, how many thousands, or how many millions of children here have been brainwashed to hate the white folk?  And that's OKAY?  N-n-n-n-n.  Nope.  Nope.  It will never be okay. Never. 


And police brutality against anybody is never okay either.  Of course it isn't. But you don't blame a whole race for it. No way at all.  N-n-n.  This is a bigger agenda than that. Much bigger.


Another article too is the unfortunate siding of Russia with China now. Because the US again, and Trump is definitely surrounded by the neocons as usual, hhhhhh, targeted China and Russia again, I'd say resurrected them as the enemy, right. And because of that, naturally when that happens countries ban together in mutual support. So...


Ray McGovern: US-Russia Ties, from Heyday to MayDay

consortiumnews.com / 9 June 2020


Whatever hopes Russian President Vladimir Putin may have had for a more workable relationship with the Trump administration have been “trumpled,” so to speak.  (A:  …all his hopes.)


This came through loudly and clearly in acerbic remarks by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov in an interview Friday with The National Interest.


Ryabkov lamented the sad state of Russia-U.S. relations, while pointing, not very subtly, to China as Russia’s ace in the hole. He was simply acknowledging that what the Soviets used to call “the correlation of forces” has changed markedly, and strongly implied that the U.S. should draw the appropriate conclusions.


No amateur diplomat, Ryabkov used unusually sharp, almost certainly pre-authorized, words to drive home his message:


“We don’t believe the U.S. in its current shape is a counterpart that is reliable, so we have no confidence, no trust whatsoever.  So our own calculations and conclusions are less related to what America is doing … we cherish our close and friendly relations with China. We do regard this as a comprehensive strategic partnership in different areas, and we intend to develop it further.”


In other words: We Russians and Chinese will stand together as the U.S. tries to paint both of us as arch-villains, all the while isolating itself and painting itself into a corner.


That's by Ray McGovern, that one. Also with Minnesota it says…


Charges: Minnesotans drove plateless car, carried guns and hammer during George Floyd protest

startribune.com / 3 June 2020


In warning that “outside agitators” had infiltrated local protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man killed by Minneapolis police, state officials outlined a list of concerning developments, including cars stripped of their license plates driving around town.


But at least one case charged Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court showed that a group of mostly local young men were riding in one of the mysterious vehicles.


Police allegedly recovered two guns, a hammer and an “electric grinding tool” from the men.


(A:  I guess that's to grind off padlocks and things in places.)


Authorities charged Junior G. Smith, 24, of Rochester; Augustine Z. Livingstone, 22, of Ramsey, Minn.; and Peter Shin, 29, of St. Paul.


They face one count of second-degree riot, armed with a dangerous weapon.


…and that caches of incendiaries had been discovered near sites of protests and vandalism.


There's more organization that went into this than meets the eye, naturally. It doesn't bode well as I say, it's being allowed to go further and further and further. It doesn't bode well for society. It's meant to...  It's a revolution, they think it's a revolution at the bottom for their own.  But what's going to happen when you end up in total austerity? And you burn down your places? And the food system is gone? What have you won? And the country is broke because no one's working?  Argh.


But the ones at the top know where they're taking it. That's what they want to happen. It falls in with global austerity, right. And then the WEF steps in and says, well, now we'll have to globally manage the whole supply system, and the food system and blah blah blah, you know. Just coincidentally.


Now is as good a time as any to refresh your memory of how things are and how revolutions are caused and designed by people way at the top. And the followers never figure it out until it's all over and done with and they don't get their utopia.  In fact, the ones who take part in mass revolution and chaos and violence are the ones who get picked off. Because the rulers know that they'll rebel again, against them, if they don't get what they want in the new system. That's what always happens.   So remember, it's good to refresh your memory by watching a portrayal of this kind of technique in The Land of the Blind. Awfully good movie with Donald Sutherland. It goes through that kind of agenda.  You do the right things at the right times, you think, only to find out that you brought the same kind of tyranny back in.


Because basically the corruption is within everybody. That's what people who are screaming and mad and furious at everything in their life is wrong, they don't realize that everyone has the propensity to be corrupt.  And the leaders they bring in are, often have that in their head to start with, they want to use everybody to get themselves into power.  You're always run by a small elite.  Don't forget that.  But refresh your memory, it's worth watching.


Again too, when the invasions went on in Iraq and elsewhere, we saw the museums getting looted there.  Ancient artifacts stolen, auctioned off in another country, that was all in the news at the time. We know all about it and who was involved. Nobody was charged with that. It was looted. And of course so was their reserve currencies and all the rest of it, and their gold, all just disappeared. The same thing happened after the US went into Libya.  A massive gold reserve there.  Again, vanished, just like that. And that's looting operations because war always has a looting operation.


But this is the key to it, look at the culture in America with the looters. It's the same thing going on, you know, loot, loot, loot, it's ingrained in the culture. Because the whole system is based on materialism over human value and life. And that's the problem. Don't forget too, that no one's going to make things better for you individually. You might find that as you get a bit older. If you live that long, you know.  That's the chance we're all up against now, is trying to get to an age where you can actually understand things better.


But don't forget that everyone is born with the propensity to be a crook, a criminal, tyrant and corrupt. That's why all the old communist systems and the Soviet system were all corrupt as well at the very top. The higher you went, the more corrupt it was.  And they shared the loot of the people down below them, a whole slave population for goodness sake. Nothing worked eventually at the very end of it.  Don't forget that. Because you're not bringing in some kind of utopia at all.


The corruption is inside humanity itself and every individual.  The more you're into pure materialism and you have no other values outside the purely material, the more corrupt it will become regardless.  It's up to you.


And travel, the first thing that communism always did, they stopped traveling, ‘eh.  You've got to get your little passport for traveling for your area. And, papers please. But we're electronic now, we can do it with apps on your phones. Or bracelets and stuff, eh?  So here they're using, again, organizations, ‘eh?  You wouldn't think that global protocols and stamp for the new normal would come from safe travels.  Hm?


'Safe Travels': Global Protocols and Stamp for the New Normal



(A:  I guess it’s world tourist and travel coalition or something.) 


WTTC alongside our Members, governments, health experts and other industry associations are working together to achieve effective recovery protocols (A:  I love that word protocols…) by developing meaningful action plans that optimise sector-wide recovery efforts.


(A: They’re all bureaucrats, aren’t they, the way they speak.) 


Part of our protocols include providing the public & private sectors with the insights & toolkits for interaction & implementation to ensure that people are and feel safe however WTTC, our members and the sector can not guarantee 100% safety. It is paramount to have common rules. Ultimately, we envision a future of travel which is safe, secure, seamless and provides an authentic and meaningful experience to the traveller across the journey; one which supports the livelihoods of millions and contributes to sustainable economic growth.


(A:  Everything’s got to be sustainable, you understand.)


We will be publishing the protocols in phases and for at least eleven industries, including; Hospitality, Attractions, Outdoor Retail, Aviation, Airports, Short Term Rentals, Cruise, Tour Operators, Convention Centres and MICE, Car Rental and Insurance.


(A:  So this is travel and tourism, right, along with all the aircraft companies, you know, all the airline companies.  They want you all to have your travel passports with your updates on your vaccinations and are you safe or are you not safe and so on.  Ooooooooooo.  Yep.  So here you have a coalition of tourism and travel, eh.  Do you vote for that? No.) 


Global safety stamp of approval to recognize safe travel protocols.


A specially designed stamp will allowed travelers to recognize governments and businesses around the world which have adopted health and hygiene global standardized protocols so consumers can experience safe travel.


Eligible businesses such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, restaurants, outdoor shopping, transportation and airports will be able to use the stamp once the health and hygiene protocols outlined by the WTTC have been implemented.


Destinations will also help award the stamp of approval to local suppliers.


So you'll be safe. Just like China, everything was trialed in China with the apps on their phones and so on with the green, red and blue colors coming out. That will let the shopkeepers know if you're safe, or you're not safe and they wouldn't let you in and blah blah blah blah blah. This is what they always do. But it's a beautiful, it's soo masked as soo good.  Before, as I say, communism would demand your papers. Now they got your apps, they can immediately see if you're safe or you're not safe, and have you been approved to travel, have you been banned from travel because you might be this, might be that, whatever it happens to be.  N-n-n.


So it's...


'Safe Travels': Global Protocols and Stamp for the New Normal - wttc.org


There ya go.  N-n-n.  Quite something eh.  Quite something indeed.  And also too, you can look it up yourself…


Origins of Antifa

capitalresearch.org / 16 April 2018


(A:  ...and why you should maybe care about it, or not care, or whatever you want to do.)


Antifa, … a revolutionary communist-anarchist militia movement that aspires to forcibly overthrow the United States government, is responsible for “a level of sustained political street warfare not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s.”


But it’s got all the other networking with the same organizations that brought nations to a standstill with their riots for Extinction Rebellion as they like to call it, etc. etc. All on board with the same agendas as the World Economic Forum. Isn’t that strange, this amazing exact same agenda as the multibillionaires have these little people at the bottom? Isn't that really, quite a coincidence that is.  First in history.  And...


Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

theintercept.com / 13 Oct 2016


(A: I've mentioned this before. I'll put it up too.  It says…)


According to a startling Pentagon video obtained by The Intercept, the future of global cities will be an amalgam of the settings of “Escape from New York” and “Robocop” — with dashes of the “Warriors” and “Divergent” thrown in. It will be a world of Robert Kaplan-esque urban hellscapes — brutal and anarchic supercities filled with gangs of youth-gone-wild, a restive underclass, criminal syndicates, and bands of malicious hackers.


At least that’s the scenario outlined in “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” a five-minute video that has been used at the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations University.


Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity - youtube.com / 22 Jan 2018


As I say, it's really a teaser for, because the whole thing for the Pentagon, it's like a course, it's about a 20-set course on the future.  There you go. I've also got…


Movement For Black Lives Policy Platform - m4bl.org


Which you can download yourself. It's got one on, download our resource on safety and infiltration, as well. Everything is so well organized, eh.  So well organized.


Movement For Black Lives Policy Platform - Resource On Safety And Infiltration - Safety-and-Infiltration-Documents


And then another one just to finish it off, it's called…


The Slippery Slope to Despotism: Paved with Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations - globalresearch.ca / 6 June 2020


That was for May 21. And even that's really old news now, isn't it? But it's not really. Nothing is old news. The problem is folk really expect to have up-to-the-minute brand-new news. They toss out the old stuff, not realizing it all creates the whole picture of the truth, you see. So don't believe anything is ever old. Much of what's happening today could have been avoided if folk knew their history, even the last 20 to 30 years perhaps, hm. 


Now remember folks that, as I say, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and list all the sites I’ve got listed on that site. These are my official ones. Find out how to donate to me or buy the books and discs. You can use PayPal or send cash or checks, that's all okay with me. And I'm going to look for other ways of getting payments as well, electronically. Hopefully.  That keeps me ticking along with these talks. Believe you me, my archives are used by [Alan chuckles.] pretty well all the other names that you probably heard out there in the alternate media.  Because it's a free archive for those who want to look into it with so much information on it. You'll hear people quoting them every other day of many of the talks I've given, they just don't mention where they got it from.  [Alan chuckles.] Which is an awful shame. 


But that's part of the fact that, part of the real system we're living in.  It's not a real system.  Even your opposition is often, it's not, not all of them but the big ones often are already paid by, they're part of an organization that was meant....  You're always given your leaders, folks. You're given them. They're authorized.  They've always, this is how you always… Nobody gets into this without being authorized, unless they come through the back door. And if you come through the back door, you get shadow banned from the beginning. [Alan chuckles.]  And I did get shadow banned from the beginning, once they found out what I was saying.  M-hm.  That's how it really is.  Nothing is what it seems to be.


But you're going through amazing history, as it happens.  Again, the truth behind everything that's causing the movements and so on is way different from how it's betrayed by most of the media. 


People have to remember, don't panic. Don't panic. Your thoughts do count. Even to yourself. Be true to yourself if nothing else in the long run.  And don't be groveling to anybody who are simply driving home their own agendas and using you as part of it.


And don't give up your brain to anybody either. Don't give it up.  You don't know how precious it is.


So remember, donate to me and hopefully I'll tick along for a bit longer.


I'm Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada and it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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Origins of Antifa

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Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

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Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity

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Movement For Black Lives Policy Platform



Movement For Black Lives Policy Platform - Resource On Safety And Infiltration



The Slippery Slope to Despotism: Paved with Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations

globalresearch.ca / 6 June 2020


Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook

libcom.org / 2017



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