June 14, 2020 (#1778)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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Out with Bible In with Tribal...

"Top-Down Revolution With Sanctioned Hate,

New Ordo ab Chao as People Take the Bait."

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt in this Cutting Through The Matrix June 14, 2020.  Kind of like vision, you wonder though if you have any vision left with the way things are going. But it's not your fault.  Because you're going through an amazing, planned change of a system worldwide.  We have been for quite a long time in fact.


Remember when we heard all those talks from Bush Senior about his wonderful new world order coming into view and all that kind of stuff?  And then his son about 10 years later when he was president, he gave a similar speech about the new New World Order.  Even before that you had speeches, around the same time as the first one actually, Gorbachev gave talks about the world order, as they blended the systems together.  Got rid of the Cold War at that time, which of course they're resurrecting now [Alan chuckles.] because it's just too lucrative for the big military-industrial complex.  But they're also about New World orders. You see, Kissinger in his last talk about April or so talked about the new world order again, and a new New World order.  Lots of new normals all the time and New World Orders and things like that.  You've been going through it of course for quite some time.


A lot of it was before even this Covid thing came along.  I've been talking about it for years, coming for years and years and years. Back in the 90s I talked about the schooling of children and what it was intended to do, the modern schooling. And it really was blatant social engineering. I went through the techniques of where they use music to drive home ideas too with each up-and-coming generation.  boo


Say you're born in the 1999 or something like that, and really, 2001 came along and the big change happened then. But before then too you had the social

engineering in school where they were teaching you what Norman Dodd talked about in the Reese Commission, was the amalgamation of the Sovietized system or socialized system... Remember the Soviet system as Khrushchev said and Lenin did too, and Stalin, Stalin especially liked to quip about it, that communism was socialism in a hurry. Socialism is an in between step to communism or collectivism, run by experts, that's what it's about.


They've been training the children for years and years into this. Then, again, through their entertainment that takes over even when they're out of school or high school or college and so on, you get updated through movies, and lots and lots of talk shows that are on mainstream television and have been on for about 20 to 30 years probably.  You have no idea of the incredible effectiveness of, or efficacy I should say, of psychological conditioning through persuasion and creating consent. The stuff that Bernays talked about and others really upped it since his day with behavioral experts really studying and studying and studying us all minutely. There's nothing they don't know about us and how to make us change this and change that.


Look at the farce of the Covid idea. I've got some of that to touch on tonight, and a few other things too to touch on tonight.  But what's happening with the Covid idea, it's part of the revolution that didn't work, for overpopulation, you see, there's just too many of YOU, you folks there, you see.  I've given so many talks about that too. You've watched about all kind of new definitions of men and women, all that kind of stuff, and even having children or family, etc.  And a total indoctrination into children that families are bad now because they consume things, and the world can't afford to have all these things consumed.  Because the elite who rule it are really upset, they want their progeny down in the future to have all those things for themselves, and if you're having it all now, they won't have it for their progeny, you see.  So for your own good they want to eliminate you, you understand.  You've got to see it from their point of view.


That's what we're going through, a very, it's a completely scientifically organized and arranged through the SAGE [Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies] organization and all the other organizations that work with governments.  Like in Britain they're more open, well, a little bit more open with their COBRA for terrorism.  But they also admit that SAGE and the subgroup of SAGE and the BIT   [Behavioral Insights Teams] group and so on, they're managing our minds through this whole coronavirus terror, you see. Because it's a terror, the war OF terror on the public. I've said it so many times since the beginning, when the media went into overdrive, then you find out, sure enough, the media were given, and I'll put some of this up tonight.  They were given an outline by this very group, from the British government, on how to use, to heighten anxiety amongst the public by giving them terrifying stories and so on, to try to make them all to conform to obedience, by the experts. 


So they admit it now - which was obvious anyway, I don't need admissions when you can see it for yourself - that the media of course was complicit. This terrible media as I say that had lost so much… Look, for years now they had to start charging money for folk to look into their newspapers, to see their opinion columns and things like that. Because there are no real reporters now. Yeah, they know how to put a story together.  But like everybody else they sit on their gluteus maximus, and they basically get it from the ethernet, all the information, like everybody else.  They don't go on the spot.


But they're just as complicit as they were before that, because newspapers were always on board with government policies. Every newspaper wanted to have prestige.  Even the small local ones wanted prestige. So they get in on the town councils and things like that, and they get little quips and off-the-cuff interviews and stuff. And if you're not playing ball with politicians, for instance, eventually you're not allowed into the meetings. So all the ones who are were allowed in are compromised, they're on board and have their little gestures and winks and all that. They know how to play the game of deceiving the public.


Eventually they actually think they're part of the ruling class that manages the public. Because they manage your mind.  They manage your minds, you see.  They've always been doing it. Even when they'd had real reporters, they were on board with all the wars that came down the pike basically, when it suited the elite in their own countries to take over the resources of other nations and so on. 


I know that, well I could go on and on and on about how Britain recovered from, didn't recover really, but London recovered from World War II by continuing the military-industrial complex in Britain. They had nothing much left really, except a mountain of debt because they borrowed and borrowed from the US banks all through the war. They were still paying off the loan from World War I.  But what they did have at the end of World War II was manufacturing for weaponry, and aircraft, and jet aircraft too, they got into the Comet and so on. 


They started to realize that you could look at the oil regimes in the Middle East, and they got awfully pally with them.  Especially Saudi Arabia and a few other ones. Other ones, they just deposed whoever was in and put their own people in for little while like they did in Iran.  And then they were thrown out eventually. They've never forgiven Iran for that.  But those in London wanted the oil, the corporations, and they use generally the military to do it.  Then the best thing to do is to start selling the weapons, you see.  They're still doing it today. 


That's awfully lucrative, tremendously lucrative, when you see what, for instance, Saudi Arabia buys from England every year, or London.  I hate using the nations.  You...  When you realize, when they talk about England's doing this and Britain's doing that, or Canada...  It's not at all. It's a clique in your Capitals in the cities that are in charge of it all, on behalf of those who really own the countries. It's not the people.  Sometimes they leave you a little bit more scrapings and breadcrumbs to keep the people happy. But at the same time, they resent even that at the very, very top. 


They have their great futuristic views of where they're taking the world. Eventually, before the novel, it was called, the Stonecutter [The White Cutter], a story about a medieval era, early medieval really in a sense.  Where a stonemason would carry his son around, very important this idea of passing everything onto your son, the true apprentice, you see.  He would carry his little son on his back when he would travel to new towns when they were building cathedrals or castles or whatever it happens to be, or big mansions for the elite and wealthy across Europe.  You get into the story, and you find out that they have enemies, you see, at the lower levels of Masons, the stonemasons. It refers too of course to the modern Freemasonry that takes the, they use the terminology of masonry and geometry, etc. and architecture, and of course the Old Testament to... to...  well really, to mystify those at the bottom and to eventually enlighten those who get up in the higher degrees [Alan chuckles.] so they can be used for higher things and keep silent about it.  But the book goes on about how they have Hugues de Monfort I think it was, the same one who was let loose upon the Albigensians and in France, or the Alsace at the time.


The Albigensian were doing their own thing.  They were, they had their own religion. They had their own priesthood.  They rejected a lot of the Catholic Church at that time you see.  But they also had other groups in with them too. There were even Jewish rabbis that were noted in amongst them. They were often, most of them were vegan by the way, you know, a very important thing.  The Albigensians also talked about the evil of bringing children into the world. Awfully important. But because of their different opposition to authority, the ruling authorities and the nobility's, they were eventually put to the sword. Not all of them died naturally, not everybody always does get killed off in any purge. But that's what happened to them.


But this is incorporated, a little bit was incorporated into the book. So this terrible de Monfort was a terrible character, you see.  You get into the book and it's really interesting and all the rest of it. The dad is really a gruff guy, not the brightest fella. The son is much swifter.  But his son is noticed by the other of Masons around them.  It's an actual, like an officer command all away down to NCOs, you know, just like Freemasonry in a sense.  They see the son has got these insights into situations, political as well. They start to almost groom him. He's getting kind of groomed.


Eventually they all meet at a big annual gathering on an island, of all these different ranks of stonemasons. You find out that they are all shocked eventually when de Monfort turns up himself. They're all aghast in horror because this is like the antichrist to them, you see.  But then they find out, don't worry, oh no, calm down, calm down, he's one of us, you see. 


Then you realize that the group with their very secretive, and again they're secretive in a sense, but their display of nature, the green man and so on you'll see in all the different even churches in Britain and temples and so on, representing nature and the man himself, the man who is part of the world and nature, etc.  It's called occultic, but it's very understandable and easy to understand really.  So anyway, the whole idea was that if you don't plan the future, the future will stagnate, the people will stagnate.  And stagnation creates unrest and unease amongst the people who are stagnating.


You found that in countries in Europe, and Britain was definitely one of them for good period after World War II.  Forget all the hype about the Beatles and stuff like that.  This is amazing psychological warfare as well as being awfully lucrative for those involved in the culture industry who were also changing culture.  But the fact, for the average person it was awful for them. The scarcity of money. You couldn't get bank loans back then unless you had something to put up as collateral. You couldn't even get a credit card in the UK at that time. But you're supposed to be happy for this fake made up package deals like the Beatles, you know, and many others.  That's how it's presented to the public.  They would go on the stage, like Top of the Pops, every group that went on, and they would mime. You would notice they either generally didn't have any leads going into the guitar, if you're observant at all, or you would see the leads went nowhere, they just went to a dead end and taped down to the floor.


These packaged groups were really modeled after the American system, where you had the family type things, the Jackson 5 and all that.  And the Cassidy's, was it the Cassidy's as well? There was a whole bunch of them anyway.  But they were like family things, all made-for-TV.  The music was all written for them and they're a package deal, etc. That's how they did it in Britain too.  It was the first time they had really done that kind of thing for the TV group in Britain.  They would throw movies out about the guys, you get the four guys running here, laughing here and getting chased by women and running away from them and yada, yada, ya. All very, very silly stuff.  A big package thing. 


But for most of the public, they didn't have the cash.  As I said before, there were freezes on wages and freezes on everything really.  Except, even though they had their own prices supposedly, but the prices kept going up anyway.  Even energy was awfully expensive.  A lot of folk in the working classes had meters in their homes.  You'd put, initially it was a shilling I think it was, and you might get an hour, or less than that, of electricity if you're using a bulb or two, you know. Of course it would go up all the time, they'd keep resetting the meters.  But yeah, things that folk take for granted today were in dire straits back then. Terrible.


But they gave you all this make-believe stuff for the youngsters to believe in. And the revolutionary thing behind it all too. Especially with as I say, the Bob Dylan stuff. Initially it was all revolutionary stuff, along with Joan Baez.  Then it didn't work so well. So they changed it to sex, sex, you see, sex, sex, sex.  And drugs, that was the next stage.  Because the other part wasn't doing too well, the old system.  So revolution is a great way to foment during stagnation times.  Just like it is today.


For those who haven't noticed, the buildup to the Covid, before that had broken out, a feeling of stagnation. What we were getting all the time was wars across… The same wars. The 30 years in the Middle East, at least 30 years. And Afghanistan again.  And watching the US getting burned out with its debt burden for instance. Except for the big corporations that are behind the wars and supplying it, it's very lucrative.  And the companies that grab all the oil, and Tony Blair kind of admitted a bit of that too.  But as I say, it was a stagnation. It was like nothing else is happening. Things were getting more expensive. The money was becoming worth less and less, especially after that last crash 2007/8.


So those who run the world, and getting back to this book, that's what it was about. It was well done actually. As I say, they meet on an island to find out that their archenemy, who is the opposite, they think he's come to kill them all because they're kind of a cultic groups, you know, they have little passwords and secrets and stuff.  Then they find out, no, he's a nobility but he is on our side. They meet the bishops of the Catholic churches and different ones like that who are also in this particular group.  So all sides that generally opposed each other for the rest of the year, or seemed to, it was all arranged to do so using the dialectical technique, you know.


You want to change. You want to guide the world into, your world into the future that you have planned. So they decide where they want to take it, then how to take it there, and you must have conflicting parties.  Again the simplest technique, if there's only two, then it's the thesis, antithesis and synthesis. You've got the thesis, right, here's the ruling system as it is, this is how you live. Here's some people who argue, oh, we want a different system, so you oppose things, and you get it going.  Out of the arguments and the debates, and sometimes wars, you get the synthesis, which is the goal that you wanted in the first place.  You've got to have opposing parties to get change going.


That's part of the technique of ruling the world. It is by those, the elite people planning where they want to take the world, their world. They'll never do without. They'll never make the world equal for themselves, believe you me, except that they are equally running it all on top, or owning it all on top. But they'll never jump into the same financial system as you are into, believe you me. 


So yeah, they all met on the island and they, they were actually grooming the young boy, you see. They want, they call them visionaries, they wanted a visionary, the guy with insight. It gave him a lot of power initially. But his ego gets, he gets carried away with his own ego eventually and screws something up royally, and he's demoted and banished to a little island off Scotland I think it was, to live in a monastery with a vow of silence. In other words, you can't tell anybody what you're up to, right, or what you've done in the past, you're part of the brotherhood.


But it was interesting, the whole concept that that's how you rule the world. You create the enemies, and yet they're not enemies at all. Only the general public think they're all enemies, and they will believe it.  They will even tell their children, oh so-and-so, they hate us, or, they're going to do this to us blah blah blah. You don't realize the leaders are all on board for the same agenda, you see. 


That's what we have today isn't it? We have the crash in 2007/8.  All these years, I've lost count of the talks I've given from not just the World Economic Forum but the different departments of population control, that have come out over many, many years that were on the go before I was born too, talking about, oh, there would be too many people.  And the baby boomers, you know, people born after World War II were called the baby boomers.  Like they had never had children before apparently, y'know.  Then they said, they'll be old folk eventually, those baby boomers will be old eventually, and that was going to be a crisis as well. They never told you why it would be a crisis. Because I found out, by studying intensely, that they've had old folk down through history.  Ahhh, I never knew that, ‘eh. So the baby boomers were going to get old, ‘eh?  And my God, what are they going to do with all these old folk? 


They've told us in the last few years, they're more open about it, they have their favorite psychologists coming out, and so-called philosophers.  And bioethics of course, this new science where they know what moral is, but you don't, you need an expert to explain it to you.


The same scenario that you had with, and it's an awfully good little quip, I watched it again the other day, I've got it saved on a disk somewhere. It was The Meaning of Life by the Monty Python crew. It opens up with John Cleese and one of the guys from Monty Python, in white coats chapping on the door.  Chapping is a knock, you see, it's a chapping on the door.  A woman opens it up, it's one of the other members of the team, and asks about the address and the whole thing and is your husband in?  He mentioned the name. That's him, yes, he's through there. They go through there and literally whip out his liver, you see, they're here to get his liver.  Because he had put down that he was going to be a donor if anything happened to him of course, ill or anything like that.  They didn't wait until he died, they just went and got his liver.


Then they try to talk the wife into giving the liver as well, at the end of it, by making her realize how small she was.  There was this massive universe where there's planet swirling around space in galaxies and so on, thousands of miles an hour, etc., and how small you are in all this great scheme of things. And she says, okay, okay, then they go to work and whip out the liver. 


Again, you understand this whole idea of bioethics is being promoted and promoted and promoted for years and years, even when the Monty Python crew all met, I think it was at Oxford, it was one of the universities they met at.  They got that kind of stuff put in their faces there too, where the world would go, how it would be run and experts would rule us all.  Because Britain came out of World War II after opposing national socialism, they came out as an international socialist country.  [Alan laughing.]  Meaning, communist if you like.  But communism is awfully good to those who rule it. Because it means that people have to scrape at the bottom with their wage freezes and price freezes and all that, and the rationing of electricity and poor food if they can afford the decent stuff at all, even get access to it. But the elite love it.


That's what I'm talking about, it's the same scenario, you see, run by the bioethicists who keep telling us there's too many of YOU, like it's a crime. There's too many of you, ‘eh, and they just know it, and you should feel terrible about existing.  So they went to town by social engineering a whole generation.  I even mentioned that back in the 90s. I says, right now the children, the children's books, because that was all the rage then, there were awfully good exposes on it at the time of the grants that were given by our tax money, and the culture industry as they like to call it, from government, every government has got a Department of Culture.  You ever wonder what it's about? It's to help create the beliefs of the upcoming children, you see.


You get paid money, still do if you write children's books and incorporate all the new politically correct things into it, you know. The child grows up thinking all these things are quite normal, because it's and storybooks. And adults would tell you if it was bad. But they don't because they themselves feel guilty if they say, oh maybe the child doesn't.... you know, maybe it will upset them to find out the truth here. Well, all kinds of things really are engineered into all these different stories, and movies, for children as well.  That's how you shape the future, through the culture industry, you see. And through politics. And through all the organized and well-funded and directed, and the leaders are all supplied to them [Alan chuckles.], all these different groups that oppose each other. Either in politics or the ones in the riots that you get too, civil disobedience and stuff like that.  I caught on to that myself as I say many, many years ago how that part was all run. 


You'll find those who organize, who are the real organizers, are well looked after financially. They know what the score is. They know they're using everybody that follows.  But they get well-financed.  The nongovernmental organizations that were all invited, the heads of them, I think I mentioned this last week, I mentioned it years ago when it actually happened years ago when the globalist meetings were on with the big international global corporations with the governments all meeting in Canada and different countries.  There were massive demonstrations with the students who had legitimate beefs about, the thing initially was, anti-global.


Because they didn't want these massive corporations exploiting Third World countries for the cheapest labor and getting immense profits because of the cheapness of labor, then they get paid by your tax money to import it back into your own countries. So we would buy the stuff there, and they would keep the prices at the same price as though they were made in Britain or Europe or America or whatever.  But the fact is, it was a fraction of the cost, so it was massive profits for them. Massive greed profits. It hasn't changed.


The politicians looked down, you actually saw them, they had a camera crew up there from some TV station and they allowed that quip out to the public, that little bit. They looked down and says, well who are they, what party, what groups are they?  They mentioned some of the names of these different groups that oppose them, student groups and so on.  He says, well why don't we just invite some of the leaders to come up. And they did. Then they put the same leaders on salaries.  That's why they're very selective in what they protest.  They're TOLD what protest.  The leaders are all well-paid on salaries living high on the hog, really.  Really high on the hog.  They get paid better than a lot of the working-class people.  They're not working-class, though it seems. They get all the followers.


They get well trained by the way, there's all kinds of government agencies that deal with training folk for subversion. That's what your own MI6 in Britain and you've got CSIS in Canada and many other organizations, and again the CIA is one of the experts in it now. They literally are masters at how they create organizations to foment rebellion.  I gave the talks on soft power, the creation of soft power they call it, and how they used it across a good part of Europe.  Soros does it too. Because they're all ONE big club. There are no enemies here, I hope you understand that, at the top.  That's why your CIA, your Mossad, your MI6, all the different groups at the very top are all on board with the same agenda.  All of them. And you couldn't keep any of them out, could you?  Your own group will eventually get infiltrated.  They found that before World War II started with many of the different organizations that existed then. So you bring them all on board in a big pact working together.  Again, you play, just like the adversaries, the fake adversaries that you had in that book, that Stone [White] Cutter, you know.  It is quite fascinating when you see that's how the world really is run.


It's like John le Carre reading some of his books as well. You get little… Don't get wrapped up in the story, I don't.  [Alan chuckles.]  But what's interesting is the little bits of techniques they'll show you on the way, you see. How everyone is still disposable. Except the very ones at the top, the ones who don't go out in the field so to speak are more important. They're the ones who play the chess games using thousands of people, sometimes millions, across the world.  That's how the world is really run. 


We've gone through this whole Covid thing, oh, the world is going to fall apart, and the sky IS falling.  But initially it was, they made sure that everybody saw, we all saw the little bits from China.  And oh, horror stories came out of China! Horror stories!  And there was no censorship on the West's part about the horror stories.  There was no cry from the big tech companies about, oh that's false and that's bad, it's not, it's not true information, false, false news. There would be none of that. No. They made sure you got your hefty, hefty doses of terror, you see. 


Then of course the World Health Organization and then Fauci too declared it a pandemic, and they only had 100 odd cases outside of China at that time!  That's impossible.  You understand this? That's, oh, we changed the rules just for this.  They change the rules of how to define a pandemic.  You didn't need numbers anymore, or figures.  [Alan chuckles.] Which is your first clue it's a big, big con going on here, massive con. Of course it is.  Many things have come to light along the way too.


But the fact is, the media were calling everybody else, you know, fake news that were reporting about, look what's happening in China.  You put the links out and there's all the...  There's massive trucks going down the streets in Wuhan and blasting this mist out of them that they've gone hundreds of feet into the air, and guys carrying these blasters that blasted stuff from backpacks and so on, like heavy mists. Horror, horror. My God. And Wuhan, Wuhan, oh my God there's a Biolab not far, about a couple of miles away, yada, yada ya.  So we all got the picture, we all got the picture that was meant to be put across.


Then of course it literally, SAGE and the group that SAGE...  There's different levels of SAGE you understand, and some of them are so secretive you still won't get the names of some of them yet. But we got the names of SAGE and one of the subgroups that is specializing in terror, the creation of terror on the public.  I've got the actual form they gave out to the media, all the different media were given them, this step-by-step thing of how they'd have to basically terrorize the public into compliance.  So the different levels of terrorization on the public, and to increase anxiety, they said, for those who were unwilling to comply with all the rules.


So it's a nice way of calling...  Well, we don't call it terrorizing, no, we call it increasing anxiety. And it may lead to depression, maybe even suicides. But listen, it has to be done to make them comply.  This is animal management; I hope you understand.  This is Pavlovian here. Your own governments employs agencies to terrorize you.  This is not new by the way. It's been done many times. They use it in warfare. Oh, you're all going to die unless you hate those folk that we're going to go to war with. And we want you to hate them so that you will go to war with them. That's standard stuff. 


But again, here you have it, you're in a socialized system now, a good atheized, socialized system with experts’ rule. The new Soviet is in the West, you see.  This was their mantra, science rules.  All the psychiatrist's and behaviorists and neuroscientists, they're all on board together, with their hands out and filling up their massive pockets that they have in those white coats, you've noticed, ‘eh.  Because they fill out, the grants are getting thrown out like confetti to them.  These are your future multibillionaire's here, folks. Oh, give me another… I could sit and write 10 studies a day of imaginary things quite easily and say, give me another few million every other day and I'll investigate these things further, I can keep churning this stuff out.  That's what they do, folks.


But the psychological teams are just weapons. These are weapons experts, weapons of the mind, you see. That's what they use on you.  They understand you and what makes you tick.  They understand how YOU will react to scenarios if they present it in the proper way, to make you react in absolute fear and terror and panic, and then they will guide you where they want you to go. 


I mentioned this even in the 90s, that's what they do.  When the public are quite happy, because they're natural people, you see, quite happy to be, again, pretty stagnant sometimes in a field or two for grazing away.  If it's not too bad, and there's good trash getting turned on television just to make you kind of fade out when you come back from work, if you got a job that is, and you can just fade out in front of the television set watching trash really.  It's all trash really, it's been trash for an awful long time, they just churned out trash. Just like Orwell talked about a 1984 where machines which churned out the music too, maybe even the novels, the porno novels, maybe in the movie type things, that's what he was getting at, that it would be so automatic and automated, that as long as the main messages got out there, you know, it didn't matter about the quality so much. That's what TV was too.


But also updated you, as they say, with the new PC things. Oh, I shouldn't think about that like that anymore, I should accept this new normal. And oh, there's another new normal and I'll accept that too.  Then you get again, more experts that would come out, and you sit and watch that... that trash you get all the time, buried in experts. Did you know, y'know, that blah blah blah.  There's one I'll put up tonight from, I thought it was a joke at first. But again, somebody's got their hand out. Maybe it is still a joke. Because it's technically a joke, isn't it [Alan laughing.] where literally they said that the strangers having sex during Covid should still wear masks.  [Alan laughing.]  I thought, there you go, eh!  Here they are into a kind of an Eyes Wide Shut kind of thing, very kinky.


But whether it's real or not, it wouldn't surprise me. Because it's all kinds of farces going on with the hands out, as government throws out trillions of your hard-earned cash, that's going to devalue your currency forever and ever and ever, to these parasites!  Parasites that all got their little confetti degrees from university on this, that and the other to be experts in RUBBISH, absolute tripe!  They're prostitutes basically.  I have no time for these people at all. They're shallow.  They're psychopathic, no doubt about it, when they have no guilt on what they're doing to the public and reaping such incredible benefits off misery, you know. They're psychopaths, no doubt about it.


They churn this tripe out, constantly, just daily. We don't realize, you've had that your whole life, you know. I can remember years ago in Britain they showed us some of the TV talk shows, to give as an example.  They were showing you how it was done in America with talk shows back in maybe the 70s, maybe even before that, but the 70s for sure, the 80s. Phil Donahue was one of the guys they showed you. But they showed you, and this is what was obvious too, when you saw the ending of one of Donahue shows, the thing went on for, unrolled for 10 minutes of the names and organizations of professionals and psychologists that put all this thing together for that ONE hour show, maybe 40 minutes really, 45 minutes once you got the ads out of the way.


What they could do was present something with, then, was shock value, but done with authority. Donahue would always speak with command and authority, you know, like he knew what he was talking about.  One of them was women, about four women on stools I think or highchairs.  He says these are some real professional women, to discuss things.  But they don't tell you that every.... Even then they had such a great survey done on the public.  They knew who was right-wing, left-wing, in the middle, progressive, meaning they're for all kinds of new kind of ideas, sexually or whatever, yada, yada, yada. So they knew them.  So they would ask the right audience with each particular topic; that still goes on today for different things.  So they had the right ones in. 


But these women, he said, as soon as he mentioned their names you know, they're, they might not be liked by many townsfolk because they're women of the night, they're madams and prostitutes.  And there was a big hhhhhhhhh, hush.  Which of course was expected.  Everything was done so perfectly, like, they'll probably go hhhhhhhhh now, and so they give you a pause for that. Everything is prearranged. The audience don't even know themselves generally, most of them anyway.  So he starts off with that. That's years ago too when there was still a bit of ideas of right and wrong.  Because meeting prostitutes and all this kind of stuff can damage family units, which makes towns up, and eventually communities up too, and families with children and all the rest of it. That can help destroy them. We know that now. It's been pretty successful.  But they had the normal response back then, oh my God, oh dear, ohhhhhhhhhhh. 


But within the 45 minutes to an hour, he'd have, and the way it's presented, step-by-step, pre-managed you see, it's all worked out and produced before it was produced, if you like, and they've got all these experts and psychologists and psychiatrists working on their scripts with them  They actually had the women crying on behalf of these women, because they had such a hard life to get on, and they're earning money, and they're doing the community a service know, you see. That's back then. That's how slick it's done. You don't realize it.  Until you, with any of these talk shows, look at, the longest part of the talk show is when they unroll the credits at the end on all the different participants and organizations and agencies that all took part in it to make that one hour possible. Very important you understand.


Most folk don't even think of that. They really think it's all spontaneous. There's nothing that comes across TV that spontaneous.  TV is one of the most powerful tools that's ever been invented.  And weapon. I think even, what's his name, the producer, the TV producer, or the movie producer... Spielberg mentioned the same thing, it's a great weapon, one of the greatest tools and weapons. Others have said the same thing of course.  Orwell in different off-the-cuff comments about radio at the time and the coming technologies that would be shown, movies at that time of course they had that, he said was a tremendous tools and power for managed changed.  It doesn't mean it's a good change, because those in charge, tyrants can use it so easily. Which, obviously they do. 


The things you take for granted as I say, it's astonishing. And why shouldn't you take things for granted? You'd be ultra-ultra-paranoid and biting your nails and neurotic at everything if you were brought up with just a basic crash course as a child, a crash course in how the system really, really works. You're meant to be naïve. You're meant to take things at face value.  Then you're a good citizen because you comply with everything you're told to comply with. That's awfully important to those who control societies.


Now, when you have a massive experiment going on, which is also part of a complete change, it's meant to be a new world order, remember, a completely new way of living coming out of the Covid.  They talked about that, that nothing would ever be the same again.  Told by Mr. Foxy, little foxy Fauci, a man who is so involved with this big [Alan laughing.] ahh, what can you say? ...well worked out agenda along with Bill Gates. They've got their fingers in all the pies that's profiting from it, it would seem to me. It's not just guessing either.  And with the complicity of all parties, and all countries, ‘eh, and all agencies of government remember. 


You're right back again to the island in The Stone Cutter [The White Cutter] where they all meet there, all the different supposed opposites, the ones who really truly believe they're arch enemy is, and ready to kill each other. No, they're pals in their brotherhood as they manage the world and shape it through conflict and public arguments. Even repression. Even killing people of the peasantry and so on to make changes happen.  But it's all planned ahead of time.


Getting back to what I'm saying, all sides are complicit at the very top, high levels of government. They could never ever be always at loggerheads with each other. When it's not efficient, don't forget their whole motto is efficiency!  Technocracy, efficiency, you see, where experts will run everything. The whole communist system was based on atheism and science was the new religion.  Science. Through science they would conquer everything. But they would also rule everything.  That was all kinds of social experts, again, and psychologists and behaviorists, they would manage the population and they'd have perfect peace when you're all trained into being zombies.  You see?


So, it really took participation. Even during the Cold War, even as a child, I said, this thing is so fishy, the whole Cold War scenario. Because I went to library, and we had good libraries in Scotland. If they didn't have the right books in, they'd order it for you if you knew what you were looking for and what you wanted. But they had great reference libraries too.  They went through the whole, these books on the science of warfare, things like that.  They would go into the Cold War strategy, etc. etc. Again, you have all these specialists announcing that those with the most advanced technologies would win this Cold War, and any kind of war in fact. That still goes true today.


Even one of the top generals that's against Trump there recently, I looked into the one, you know what one it is, who's turned against him, you know. There's a bunch of them turned against him. But there's lots and lots and lots of generals remember, they make it seem like they're all against him.  But you forget too, a lot of them are also on the payroll of the military industrial complex, so they're awfully rich, [Alan chuckles.] an awful lot of rich multimillionaire generals there. They also belong to their brotherhood too of course.  And the brotherhood is part of THE establishment, you see, it IS the establishment at the very top.  There's lower orders of it and higher orders of it of course.


But you find as I say, efficiency, for efficiency's sake you see, why would you always be at loggerheads with an enemy, like Russia, during the Cold War?  And since science and the top scientists, they're always talking about, oh they'll steal our scientists.  Occasionally you would have that in the papers, oh my God if this top scientists leaves Britain, we'll be left defenseless, he'll work for the Russians.  And vice versa and so on. But what you find is all through the Cold War all different types of science would have its own meetings with the Soviet system, annual, sometimes twice a year.  So you have the physicists meeting twice a year and you'd have the different ones for psychology again, because they were all involved in, how do you keep your populations placid and, you know, obedient, things like that. And other ones who would deal with food supplies, agriculture. 


They'd either meet at the United Nations or they'd meet in Russia. It was generally in Russia where they went to meet. That was interesting to me.  And the British taxpayer would have to fund it.  I thought, why would you, why would you be so terrified of them defecting to the Soviet system, but at the same time your top, top atomic scientists there and biowarfare experts, all this kind of stuff, why would you have them meeting their counterparts in Russia to share? Well, it's for the advancement of science. No, these folks were all involved [Alan chuckles.] in weaponization of different things, you know.  Why would...?  But it was allowed!  Which told me this thing, this is not what they're telling us it is. Obviously. Really.


If the book said it, and they all said, you know, that's what we were all taught, again, officer colleges too would teach the military the same thing, that science is going to, those with the most advanced science will win and dominate. But here's your best scientists every year going over to meet your counterparts in Russia? It made no sense at all.  None at all. Until you realize you’re back to that book again The Stone Cutter.  [The White Cutter.]  That's what you do. Because after all, since it's all based on efficiency, why wouldn't you have agreements with them? Because you all want the same things, don't you? Efficiency. 


The Soviet system also was really, pushed for the elimination of religion.  The West too took on that role more and more and more, again through TV and movies and so on, it pushed, and all the joking and y'know the gesturing, the nasty gestures towards religion, all get sunk through until folk became atheized themselves and just fell away.  And the Church of England was a joke because it was so progressive in the lefty sense of the thing, there was nothing left to save.  You see?  Then when you end up having archbishops, like the Archbishop of Canterbury who is a Druid and a very high Freemason too and belongs to a different groups as well apart from the Druids, [Alan chuckles.] then it's over and done with, you know.  Then you had mass defections of what was left back to the Catholic Church.  Others to the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Because they realized that the war that they were fighting against the Communists in the East [Alan chuckles.] actually had destroyed what was left of your own system back home. With the complicity of their own governments of course. 


But religion really in Britain was, it was tied to the crown.  That's why it also went under. Because in World War I, as an example, even before but in World War I, with the crown and the King or the Queen being the head of the Church of England, then hhhhh, obviously how could you have all your ministers and priests blessing and telling the folk to be behind wars, which were antithetical to the peace and love and all the rest of it? It didn't work. So with the shock of mass deaths in World War I and the mass financial depression after it too, and it got into World War II, Britain didn't really improve because of the war. As I say, war pulls you out of the depression, the physical, financial depression.  But Britain didn't because it was on rationing, and tokens really were used for it just as well as money during World War II.  But once again the church tried and failed really to promote the war in their churches. After World War II there was nothing left really to stand up for. They had broken everything they stood for, and it faded away, it fell away, you see.  Sad, really.


Because then you're into the scientific system running our lives. And you believe in it.  And you're taught to believe in it, that science, you're humanist, you know, there's another term for it too, a secular humanist, has their own manifesto and it is a religion as well. That man is a God really and the right gods, the right human gods should rule over the rest of you. It's very Greek in a sense, isn't it?  I always thought that when I was young, I thought, you know, the Greek idea of God's, like a hierarchy of gods, and it's wonderful too how they're all based on kind of humans, that kind of look like humans most of them, although they could change their form and shape shifters, etc.  And the Greeks had fantastic stories, the children must've loved it even back then. 


But the Greeks would talk about, again, degrees of godhood.  That the earth itself was the lowest form of existence. Because everything was base and temporal and temporary for humans and animals and things, where you didn't live that long back in those days sort of thing. And you're at the mercy of the winds and the climate and all the rest of it too.  And you're at the mercy of bad food supplies at times, and wars, and famines, things often brought on by people too.  So it wasn't the greatest place to be. So you'd turn to the gods. What was good about it too, I suppose, you see, if it was primitive man, but they weren't so primitive actually, [Alan chuckles.]  they were pretty intelligent, [Alan chuckles.] the Greeks. 


They'd have different gods, which is like India. And by the way, they were well aware of India and Hinduism, etc. The Greeks studied all the different religions.  But they knew that the public, as they're suffering, it would help to calm them to some extent but give them hope in tough times to pray to different gods for different functions. That became awfully important.  Even the church adopted that, the Catholic Church adopted some of that too with saints and so on, different ones for special purposes, special problems.


It's very human. It's a human thing really when you think about it, because there's times where nothing scientific [Alan chuckles.] is going to satisfy you. That old saying, the world is not enough, can be awfully true at times.  If you're going through really terrible horrible times in your life, and it's true, the world is not enough, there's no book out there or self-help book that's going to help you, that they churn these things out of machines too I think so fast it's incredible.


But there's a spiritual side to humans that some folk want more than others. They desire it more. It's not a weakness by the way. Total atheists will say it's a complete weakness. But it's not.  It's a natural thing. If you get experiences from it that are beneficial to you, then obviously there's nothing wrong with them. You know?


But the Greeks said, again, they knew the world was somehow bad, kind of like the Albigensians later on, the Albigensians.  So the God that was in charge of the world, it would be the lowest form, the demiurges, a kind of a bully type God, kind of strict and all the rest of it.  Very human in some ways. But there were other Gods above them, that's how they kind of tried to work it out to be. 


The Greeks also had all the different schools of thought, they call them schools. Only the wealthy classes got education.  That's where the word 'school' comes from, 'Scola', for really 'leisure', you know. So their upper classes had more instruction in philosophies, and they would debate life, and the meaning of life if you like, more than other people's. And they wrote it down for future generations to see. 


So you understand that the enemy of basic human, real human feelings and needs, which cannot be supplied all the time by material goods, y'know, are spiritual, the one thing that the left and the humanists have hated, and the technocrats, for all this time, is this remnant of either religion...  They don't mind New Age spirituality because the new agers can be trained very quickly into sustainability, through the food that you're eating, what not to eat, what they should eat, what they should avoid, don't eat meat, be totally vegan, etc. Step-by-step, it's like a cult, they're brought into this way of thinking. And it's much easier today by the way with, say the last, oh, 20 years of heavy indoctrination through what they call the New Age. 


I'll put up, I might put up a little YouTube link to a comedic sketch.  And you've got to laugh at yourself. I don't care who you are, if you're offended by things all the time, then you really have problems. You're not living. You gotta get a life in some way or another. If you can't laugh at yourself, everybody should laugh at themselves sometimes.  This comedian does his little skit on spirituality, how do spiritual people – meaning the New Age type, what you call the modern New Age, that came out of the old flower power era and got worse and worse and worse to now, it completely changed its character   how do they argue.  It's a little comedy sketch he does. It's awfully, awfully well done. The guy is really good, and the team who helps put it together obviously is very professional in some ways.  But that has happened, in the sketch you'll see a lot of that going on.


How Spiritual People Fight (Comic) - youtube.com / 15 March 2013


It's easier to train the ones who had the heavy, heavy, heavy brainwashing in school that the world's going to end tomorrow because of mismanagement of the planet.  They don't know, they have no idea that all of this was written down years before they were born of how to manage, just like the terror campaign for Covid managed by the governments using their psy-ops teams and so on.  This isn't conspiracy stuff. They published it, it's been published. I'll put it up tonight to show you how they would just terrify the public and apply extra anxiety on them etc. etc. Without letting them know that they were doing it.  [Alan chuckles.]


You've got to understand this stuff.  Well, they've been doing it all through school for 20 years, or more, maybe 30 years, preparing today since then.  Today is just the culmination of all that indoctrination from then, with the right generation all stirred up ready to, almost ready to go and kill anybody older than themselves. I'm not kidding about that. They tried, this is the communist technique.  The Communists are run by them too.  There are no opposing sides that are not...  The leaders in all opposing sides, I mean the real high leaders, and they do have high leaders who manage this like a chessboard, are all in on the same clubs, you know. Again you must get change, you must create opposing sides, and say, oh, let's work this out, and get a compromise. Which means change, you see.  Planned change.


So as I say, the one thing that gets in the way is any other, like, a set type religion with set values and rules.  The new age is very simple with its set rules, you know.  Eventually you'll work yourself to be an ultra-master enlightened person who becomes utterly vegan eventually.  The joke amongst them is that a vegetarian is just a form of sadism.  That's what the vegans say.  You become completely vegan, then you're really altruistic in a sense, you're virtuous, you have high virtue. You can really strut your stuff then and churn out books on how spiritual you are, you see?  It's become an industry; I hope you've realized this.  There's a complete industry out there.  But it's used to control and guide people on behalf of those at the top.


That's why the sustainability problem being there's too many of you, are being promoted by the generation that's not going to have children and will phase themselves out, they'll die out without really changing much. They're eating very little.  I really mean it, all these movies they're turning out too about The Culling and all the rest of it, The Purge, there's so many different names for them.  It's all gearing them towards this whole idea.


They tried this you know with the Communists in the 60s. Don't trust anybody over 30. I mentioned that last week and many times before. Then they started lowering the ages of it.  And Bob Dylan you know with… d'you think he's just a single person that writes, just turns out his stuff himself? Come off it here!  Machinery system, it's a machine, hhhch.  The whole industry is a machine. You don't become a star; you're made to be.  I know all about who used to manage him, even a guy in government who was part of the management for creating revolutionaries in the culture industry took him over.  I know the whole history of it.  And out comes…


The Times They Are A-Changin'

Bob Dylan


Come gather around people, wherever you roam


(Alan:  …and blah, blah, blah.)


And admit that the waters.

Around you have grown.


(A:  etc, etc.)


The times they are a changing



(A:  Then it says your mother and father's and the older folk shouldn't…)


stand in the hallway.


(A:  Get out of the way in other words, he's telling you to get out of the way.)


your sons and your daughters are beyond your command.


This is all done by a well-organized communist agenda, well-funded with the partition of specialized government agencies and your big CIA group in the States and so on making it all happen. Do you realize an organization like the CIA, that has admitted about, at one time they had so many of their operatives or agents, because they have assets too, stuck in all the newsrooms across the country on television? They still do by the way. All the big names will be them, man or woman, I don't care who they are, especially on talk shows, are part of it. You see?  They'll glide their particular flock into the big battle, the melee, as they say, but try to steer them through it with the right opinions on, the desired opinions on things. This is how it's all managed.


Efficiency, this big unwieldy herd, eh, humanity.  You must have specialized leaders and agencies managing all the different groups. And they do.  [Alan chuckles.]  They definitely do. If you want instant rebellious groups, they'll give you one very quickly. Because they've got agents that are like chameleons, they'll change so fast and parrot the new lines that are all written out for them by the experts in subversions and stuff like that. This is old, old stuff. Old stuff.  You get little glimpses of it, not much actually but little glimpses in the movie The Good Shepherd. But there's much deeper information on it if you really study the old books.


So yeah, governments do work with each other during it all. Why do you think Richard Nixon who was the staunchest, supposedly, anti-Communist, hm, why he was set up pretty well to fail by the deep state, that's always there, the ones who really run everything and rule it all and manage it all? Remember too, with the whole Vietnam fracas and everything else that was going on, the communist insurgents down in Latin America and things going on, he had a name for being a, you know, right-winger, you see. Why do you think the communist China, when he fell out of favor, supposedly, that's what you think…


Everybody thought he was dead. He just disappeared, until folk thought, oh he must have died over.  Years later he emerges for his funeral, that's the only time he came back into the limelight was for his funeral, he got this massive burial.  I think he got a gun carriage thing if I remember too with the boots going backwards, you know, in the stirrups and so on, something like that. That left everybody scratching their head, saying wait a minute here, we thought he was dead. Where has he been? He had been over working with the Chinese, he had been working covertly with China all those years getting it already for the free trade agreements and the set ups. Along with Maurice Strong, you know, another big globalist and sustainability expert, too many of you stuff. 


In China, getting already with it, the Chinese asked for Nixon, Richard Nixon to be the guy to head it all. Why would the communist government ask for their archenemy to be the big heavy, heavy leader for this integrative system of a one-way free trade? [Alan laughing.] Because it pretty well is one way, isn't it? You ship all your cash to them, and they send the goods to you. So the balance of trade goes out the window from the beginning. It was never meant to be a balance of trade. It was a con by those who rule the world.  So things are never as they appear to be. Never.


What you have even in the US right now, the Covid idea, it was meant to change everything immediately. And they're trying, Fauci is back out, oh you'd better start, you know, locking yourselves up again and the spike might happen, but it's not going to happen, blah blah blah. There's lots of stories, and I'll mention some of them later on. But here's the thing, it was fading off, this whole idea with the Covid thing, and bingo, then you get the radical left, well-trained organized, and the real leaders you're not going to see in the barricades.  And those barricades, remember, it's like repetition of the barricades, or the burials they had in France during one of the revolutions there. That's what it's meant to be like, you know, we'll commandeer parts of the streets and so on, that's exactly out of the textbook.  And it is.


For those at the very, very bottom, they've got the disaffected, you can see who they are. I won't go into the details of it because they're very... These are volatile topics now, there's a lot of crazy folk out there, I hope you understand that. That these are the nihilists and the atheists at the bottom who can do the damage, but they also are the ones that are easily disposed of at the end of it when their usefulness is finished.  The ones who really organize it, believe you me, you won't see on camera the ones who plan it all.  The ones with the high agencies and so on that bring in the cash and have the real, you know, expertise in intelligence services and agencies and so on.  That's how it is.


Do you really think that your governments, and as I've said before, I caught on years ago. D'you really think your governments, who know all about everyone of you, daily, it's updated daily on you, do you really believe, in this day, and look at the Snowden stuff, all the different stuff that's been unloaded on the public from WikiLeaks and so on and yada, yada, yada, and the massive, it's like cities now that collect data on us all, and they admit there's nothing they don't know. Do you really, even in 9/11 the big cry came up from the top groups, of course they knew about what was going to happen on 9/11. They said there's nothing can be kept hidden like that in this day and age.  And it wasn't hidden. The head of one of the intelligence agencies in Britain came on the day after 9/11 and says, we warned them this was going to happen. Other agencies did the same thing. It was meant to happen. To change.  A Pearl Harbor event, they needed it to happen, right.


That's how things are really run and worked out, folks. For BIG changes you've got a give a BIG scare. Just like the Covid thing.  And when that doesn't work, you’re going to have, oh here's part two, the continuation of terror by different means. Because they're trying to crash, for the public to believe in, is the economy. Once this dies down, here's about you and the rest of them trying to get you all terrified again, oh, a spike could happen, you know. Even though the World Health Organization has lost so much credibility, they're kind of, well, there probably won't be a spike. It doesn't matter. Facts don't matter!  Facts haven't mattered since this whole thing started.


It was a massive operation, this. When you see all the countries comply with the same agencies, you know it's a massive deception.  If countries really were all independent, you wouldn't have this cooperation. You'd have all kinds of ideas out there.  Hm?  Let's commit suicide by stopping the whole economy of the planet.  Hm?  What a farce! What a farce, ‘eh.  N-n-n.  Quite something.


As I say, facts don't matter.  Facts really don't matter. But yeah, now that they're using it again, what they call a spike, you know. Antifa talked about that in their training manuals and so on, and other subversive groups are taught by the same people by the way, at the top, you know.  They get them all prepared and ready for the spike.  It could be any incident on the list, and when the word is given, the code words, they jump into action, you see.


And they’re right there, they piggyback onto anything that gets the emotions going. In this case it was another guy that got killed by the police in the States. Incredibly so too. Televised to the world.  And in a slow death.  I mean, that was murder. I don't care if he had a heart attack in the process.  You don't keep a guy on his belly like that for, with the knee in the neck for 8 1/2 minutes anyway. And yes, that is taught by foreign agencies, that technique. Of course it is. We all know that.  We all know that.  The fact is too, okay, if the guy, IF the guy was passing off a dud $20 bill, so you killed him for that? You see what I'm saying? This is what it's coming down to.  And it has come down to that for a long time that kind of thing.


But still, you've got this other group that piggybacks on that, on the emotional thing. Because they need numbers.  It's the communist technique. The Communists always use this technique.  You would exacerbate whatever wrongs were going on, not because you cared about the wrong, but because enough people, if enough people did care about the wrong, they could use those folk for numbers. That's what communism always did, exacerbate the problem, exacerbate the problem, and then jump on it so's that you can get yourself into some kind of leadership capacity and position. That's how it's done.  Always was. Basic stuff.


They don't give a darn about you and the right or wrong, or some guy getting killed by the cops. They don't care. Not in the least. Not in the least, at the top. But they do want the same thing to come out of this, world order, you know. Sustainability. Just, on board with the same agenda that the elite want and I've been telling you about for years.  And that David Attenborough and all these leaders, who belong to eugenic societies, they believe in superior peoples and inferior types.  I've done talks on that for years on and off.  They don't care about you. Or your little causes. But they will use you all.


Sure enough, you look at all the different groups that are participating, and yeah, you use the nihilists and the atheists, you'll use a lot of folk too, with problems, big problems, you can see them.  That's what you loose, who carry the can at the end of it, you know.  To change the world again. Because if they can extend all the chaos into the fall and then claim there's a big spike too, or release another, and this is not an impossibility here, it's been discussed by higher authorities, if they did release something that was more potent. 


Why do you think they create all these biowarfare things? I mean come on here, you're not that naïve. They admit it, that these Biolabs under the pretense of wanting to find, if this little thing from this bat, this little thing you can't see, decides to jump and evolve a few hundred years in a matter of a month or two, we should do it first so we can be prepared for it. That's the excuse that they use for gain of function. What a farce.


They create, they create like that Mark Lipsitch said in the States at Harvard, and by the way he's one of the teams in the States and he was out talking recently. He talked and I put the link up, remember, I don't know if they pulled it from YouTube. He was giving a talk to students who are going into this field, and that was the title of his talk to them, is it right that we are creating potentially deadly pandemic diseases in the laboratory? Because that's what they DO, folks.


Marc Lipsitch--Should we be making potential pandemic pathogens in the lab?



They've got an incredible arsenal of stuff they could unleash if they wanted to. But don't forget, the goal eventually is a radical depopulation of the world. One way or another. They've got a whole generation petrified, or at least a good segment.  It would be interesting to know the percentage of youngsters that truly are neurotic about all of this with their indoctrination from Junior school all the way up. Using the same techniques by the way, in the school, that the SAGE group and the group that works to terrify the public, who admitted, telling the media to basically terrify the public into compliance. It's the same thing as they are being taught in school, terrify the children into accepting and believing it all. Then when they're in their late teens, let them loose on the public.  You've got radicalized, terrorized people who are neurotic with fear. 


I think it was something somewhere and I think it was in the Bible, that said that, in the end people would kill, they would kill the people, maybe even their parents, and believing, they would believe that they were doing God's work. Other holy books have similar things. Because similar things have been done in times gone by, by using youngsters that you radicalized. When it says that the children wouldn't obey parents and would be against their parents and so on, that's all been done in ancient times with different regimes. The US has used it in the States, the CIA have used it in Latin America and elsewhere across the world, creating terrorist organizations to supposedly overthrow enemies.


You create terrorist organizations, of children, and part of the training was to get them to go, to get induction they'd have to kill their parents and be seen to kill their parents to be allowed into the new radical group.  Do you understand that this is how it really, really…


Do you really think the CIA goes over the world and persuades folk to see the better side of things? You know? D'you really believe that?  Or the School of the Americas, [Alan chuckles.]  where they bring them up from Latin American countries, train them to be merciless, MERCILESS terrorizers of the people that they were going to get sent back down to conquer, and how to torture and everything, you know. It's just astonishing how naïve folk really are. 


Or is it part of human nature? I often wonder too, is it part of human nature that if your belly is full and you've got enough entertainment, and your little bubble world is, here's the same characters coming into that pub in the little comedy show that's on every week, and you know, that's your little world, make-believe and all that, that anything outside there done in another country must be the other country’s fault.  D'you really believe that? Hm?  But that's what you've got.


Of course Britain has been complicit in it too.  It's silence to what's been going on because the world, do you really think, here's something you've got to understand right now. Just a few years ago you saw armies, literally armies, like miles and miles of folk coming across from Africa and other countries in the Middle East as well, that had been under attack for years.  Especially the ones in the Middle East.  They've been in a 30 years’ war from Gulf War One to the present, taking out the countries on the list, the PNAC group countries, all published.  And the general [Wesley Clark] that talked about it to on Democracy Now. He says, yeah, there's a list of countries to get taken out.  I did talks on the blowback.


Well what d’you think all these folk are going to do in, say, Libya and Iraq and Syria or Iran, which has been under the, for years, and it's a technique too to terrorize them so much, for fear of total destruction, they'll emigrate out by the way. I've got all the declassified stuff, and some stuff that's maybe not quite so declassified. I've had it for years. That's how you do it, you don't have to even bomb them at times. But if you were getting bombed, what do you think they're going to do when they're being told they're not going to be allowed to rebuild up to be a prosperous and self-sustaining country?


That was the agenda that Kissinger and Brzezinski had differed about. They didn't argue. They were in the same organizations, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission.  They literally, Kissinger said, well it's maybe better if we have the long-term approach where you just bring them, basically he means just bomb them into the stone age and don't allow them to rebuild their country.  Keep them, finance different segments that have come to be, live in peace, even if it's a forced peace by Saddam Hussein for instance.  He kept the peace to an extent and kept everything functioning whether you like it or not, that's a fact.  But now of course the US has financed all different groups to war with each other, and that's what Kissinger said they wanted, then they'd never be able to formulate and create a country again that was workable or a danger to anybody. That's it.  Well, they weren't a danger to the West in the first place. Not the West.


Then of course they went into Libya and destroyed that too. That was the most prosperous country. As we know. I won't go into all the facts.  Facts don't matter anymore. Folk tend to make their minds up on things without really studying anything, or even trying to remember what happened in their own lifetime. It was all looted, and again, they used the armaments that they caught too, and they used them to supply ISIS, with all the different changing names of the same group, financed by the West again, the US, to attack Syria.  And they're still attacking it yet by the way and the US has still got the oilfields in the north.  They built two more bases up there as well during all this peaceful period.


But the blowback is the people.  Yeah, they're getting out.  Armies of them came across into Europe. We saw them.  Ha, folk in Germany are waking up and there's hundreds of them going through their streets and everything. They were getting welcomed off the trains in Sweden and elsewhere, blah blah. To change the face of Europe forever. That was part of it. But again, military age men, hm?  Now, you just take what's happening now with the so-called Antifa movement, a lot of them that actually have been going into different places in the State and elsewhere... Well, I won't even go into it in much detail but some of them are definitely from those groups by the way. I'm sure a lot of them are actually paid to do it as well by agencies above them.  But they jumped on the bandwagon, and they weren't into Black Lives Matter. They're well organized, those particular ones.


So there's more to all of the things than meet the eye. It's obviously been approved and authorized by those at the top. Because you've watched it happen in Britain. You've got to step back out of the massive onslaught, visual and auditory onslaught that you've got, by the same media that gave you the Covid idea and lockdowns and the destruction of the economy and all the rest of it, and literally terrified, deliberately terrified the public. Go back, stand back from all of this, all of this, what's happening, across Europe too, and in London, and even in Ireland where you've had horrific things done to Irish people, by people who are incomers. This is the key too, the incomers think they're in some kind of revolution because the media is telling them that.  Young guys who are 16, 17 have no idea they're getting used. And they will pay for it down the road. Like Bezmenov said, they use folk and then they, the ones that they use, because you are technically revolutionaries, even if they are just violent, are done away with by the utopia system they help bring in. That's standard.


But go back again to the whole idea, as I say, of the elite, what the elite want. They plan everything way, way ahead and they are experts at using revolutions. All kinds of cover, not just color but it's cover, they're covers for something else, you see. Those who get riled up with emotions, because everyone's got a chip on their shoulder, everybody's got a chip on their shoulders these days, it's quite easy to get them into gangs or groups and all the rest of it and tell them to go at it.


That's the message across London for instance, as they topple statues and that. They literally think that they're getting rid of grievances.  For what?  What, they personally, what's their beef? Think about it. You see, emotions aren't logical, when you get into this kind of state of frenzy and there's sort of retribution or whatever it happens to be. It's racism! It's just turning the tables.  And the ones who are the victims, literally claiming victimhood, are being racist to everybody else that's around them. They're given their target. They are GIVEN their target group obviously, it's allowed, and it's permitted, and promoted. From the very top.


The BBC media is all on board with it. Which gives the message to the rioters, go ahead, do what you want. And they ARE doing what they want. They're just stabbing people here and there and all that kind of stuff. They think they're going to get away with it all. It's just astonishing to watch this happen. But it's because the elite want it to happen. The people, the rest of the ordinary people have no idea what I'm talking about, that this is all permitted and planned to happen.  This is standard technique of the elite, and other countries, they've used it in every other country, now they're just simply using it in their domestic countries, as they change it all for a world system.  But you must create a chaotic system, a violent system in order to clampdown, and they will clampdown on everybody, EVERYBODY, big time.  That's the agenda for a new type of system of authoritarian control.


That's what it is, folks. Don't you believe that the ones at the top, but what’s astonishing too, is all these members of Parliament are just radically left, that's what it appears to be. But the fact is, they take the orders from the ultra-elite in England. Of course they do. As they can turn a blind eye to what really, really is happening here and the violence, there's violence going on here.  That's the message, that somehow, it's a revolution for righteousness. Who's kidding who?  Who's kidding who?  [Alan laughing.]   


For righteousness, ‘eh, you'll end up in the same boat, all of you. The elite don't want so many of us all around anymore, of any color or creed or whatever. Believe you me. So you're all getting used.  It's unfortunate that they've written off X amount, I don't know what that number will be, of folk that are allowed to get killed, and murdered, you see. But they definitely are accepting, they've got a definite quota of allowance, there's no doubt about it. 


Britain is not what you think it is. It never really was. Today it's very apparent that it's not there to stand up for, say, British people or even domestic populations, traditional domestic population. No way at all. The peasants in Britain, it doesn't matter what color you are, are still peasants to the ultra-elite. And the ultra-elite of the world quite happily intermarry with each other at the very top. They're international at the very top.  They see all the peoples of the world in the same light. You’re the remnants left behind after evolution, that's what they tell you in eugenics. You'll never make it. If you haven't made it by now up to their level, then you never will. You should read the reports from the Eugenics Society. There's whole records of their meetings up there and what their agenda is, going back 100 years, from their own records, you know.


So that's what it is. They don't shed a tear.  It's no different than sending thousands of troops into battle and they don't care how many they lose as long as they have a few more than the enemy at the end of it, then you've won. They don't see you as people really, at the top. They never really have. It's very appropriate to remember the movie Braveheart, when King Edward uses different, again, ethnic groups against other ethnic groups as warriors. Standard technique of the British Empire. They tried to use Irish against the Scots. And Welsh against even the English, and the Scots at different times.  So this is what they've always done. Edward eventually tells the archer, when there's a battle, a hand-to-hand battle going on, he tells his own archers to fire into the crowds that are all combating. He said, but we'll kill our own men. He said, it doesn't matter, we've got more in reserve. THAT'S how it really is folks. 


For all you silly folks who literally think you're getting your own back, your own back for some reinforced indoctrinated grievances of the past, it's astonishing, like it's going to make a big difference by killing other folk today? Is that what you really think? Do you really think you're going to get away with this and you're not being used? It's just amazing to watch it all happen. And all these prostitutes in government in different countries, pretending they don't know it's going on, [Alan chuckles.] even though it's all over YouTube in reality.  You wouldn't know that if you watch the BBC, the Marxist BBC who've really sworn allegiance, they'll all get up the ladder, they might get OBEs eventually and big bank accounts if they play the game on behalf of their masters. That's how it really works.


Just like the blowback, planned blowback from the Middle Eastern wars they planned. They didn't say, oh my goodness we didn't realize armies of people would leave Africa and different countries and the Middle East and flood through Europe.  Of course they knew that. It's a chess game, what do we get when we do this, this, this, and this, what will happen? It's all planned yeears ago, sometimes before you were born. That's how things really, really work, you know. And it's never for the benefit of any domestic population. You're just cannon fodder, that's what you are.


All of those things that are happening are authorized from the top. Because believe you me, there's nothing happens, I don't care what scrambled systems they're using for communication. If you've seen, the GCHQ in Britain, is, it's like the NSA, there's thousands and thousands of folk employed there, all the latest stuff, and experts, blah blah blah. They break everything.  I'll tell you another thing too, anything that they'll use, oh it's scrambled for the..., they've use them for the groups over in the Middle East when they wanted uprisings in Egypt and so on, all designed by the West to scramble them. It's the same stuff they're using here that's all encrypted. It's completely [Alan chuckles.] decoded in real time by GCHQ.  They know what's going on. They know where folk are going to target and pulldown statues. Because it's all organized. There's professors and everything involved in the US and in Britain with all this stuff. It's meant to happen.


Because you're going to go into a time after all this of change. This is the century of change. I've talked about it. A transition that they've talked about in the universities in the 20th century, over the coming change, the century of change, the century of transition, everything was to transition, literally everything. Your way of thinking, definitely, big time into sustainability and better management by the authorities. To save you all. Again. Don't forget, it's always the same hype.


When they have their meetings on sustainability, which are completely intertwined with the climate change group, because they use the climate, they thought that would fit the bill.  The Club of Rome said that when they were given the task to find something that would, we're all gonna die unless we do that... Oh, it's going to be the climate, and we're causing it, man is the enemy, yada yada. So that's what they used for a while.  Global warming just fell into the dust. This last few night here in Canada, northern Ontario here, I've had freezing temperatures at night.  About two in the morning it's just down to 32°, 33°.  The highest in the last week it's been is about 40° Fahrenheit, at night.


So any excuse to terrorize, oh, you're all going to die and fry, fry, everyone's going to fry if you don't reduce the population, you're the problem.  And the World Economic Forum, it's ad nauseum isn't it? The World Economic Forum said at the last meeting last year, that humans again were the problem and that they weren't taking it all seriously enough, and they were still consuming and consuming, you weren't going to go into a postconsumer society, so they have to make something happen. Well bingo!  You got it. Covid. Now riots. 


Then you're going to have the fake financial system that can add as many, they can keep putting fake money into their fake accounts if they want to for as long as they want to. It's all fake. It's all based on nothing for goodness’ sake. But they're not going to tell you that. They're just going to say, oh my God your dollar is going to, and your pound in Britain is going to be so devalued by another 30% to 40% after the last big crash in 2007/8, then, oh, you've got to have real austerity here. Bingo!  They wanted austerity.


And they wanted energy taxes. That's what technocracy is all about, everything is an energy unit. They've floated the ideas again, oh, energy is a currency unit. How much are you consuming? Even your food, oh, how much energy went into growing those vegetables, etc.?  Then they'll even put the cost of the pesticides on too, by the way. Oh, the energy to make those pesticides and chemicals, oh my God, that's all energy units, energy units. This is your new system. Again, Bertrand Russell talked about it, a credit system. Because they were well aware of what technocracy was. And so were the Soviets by the way.  The Soviets were to be based on a kind of system like that, all energy units, consumption, materialism, etc. Each item of the material would cost so much to make blah blah blah blah blah, then they work out a cost on it.  That's how it's all done.


Money, right now, is a substitute for all this, isn't it? It really is.  So there's nothing that they've planned they're not going to get. They are in the process of getting what they want.  They'll use terror after terror, either of diseases or famine, because you can create a famine quite easily, or anything they want to do quite easily.


It's not far-fetched by the way to go through looking at Africa. Looking at Africa. I remember, I won't go into all the thing about it and so on. But I do remember when they were discussing it with AIDS thing in Africa, it was hitting them faster and quicker and so on. That was one of their target countries for, you know, that Kissinger talked about, the Third World countries at the time that were reproducing too quickly he said.  And bingo, they get hit with something like that, that hit them faster, much faster than the West. It's never been really fully, fully explained a lot of the stuff.  I won't go into it all because again you get hammered for false news. You know, the official news comes from Fauci who's been in on the AIDS things since the beginning, along with Gallo and so on.  The same characters isn't it. The same characters. But that's just coincidence.


So you're living through a script. I've said it so many times, you're living through a script.  Our prewritten scripts. All the big parts of it are just part of the plan, you see, a script, and they unfold it step-by-step. And you'll adapt into it in reality, you're thinking it's all just real reality, [Alan chuckles.] this is your reality, well, they have to save us all from dying of that Covid thing. Then scam after scam is certain. Never mind the fact there's no logic or reality to 6 feet apart. It was invented by a schoolgirl to get her name in the history books by her daddy, who worked in computer programming for the military-industrial complex.  No basis in reality. Never been done before. Let's go 6 feet apart!  Oh, the SARS one was probably about 3 feet apart, this has gotta be double that, 6 feet apart. 


Sure enough, apparently, they could arrest you.  They had the public so terrified in the stores, they'd literally have hysterical fits if a person was getting too close to another shopper, you know. And walking one way, all this absolute new think, new behavior, you see. New obedience. It's all new, new, new. And when you're adapting to new, new, new nonsensical stuff, do you realize that is the stampede I've talked about many times, they get you moving. You like the field you're in, you get comfortable with it, you're chewing away, you're chewing the grass, it's nice. How do you get from there to there? Well, you get new, new, new until you're terrified, and when you're terrified all reason goes out the window and you'll adapt to whatever you've been told to, no matter how silly it is. If they told you to walk on your hands everywhere, you'd start too, a lot would start to do it. They would.  Yes, they would, if they're terrified, they would.


A lot of the women, it was a fake message on 4Chan apparently, again, the Stockholm syndrome jumped into the group that's being terrorized. Oh, there's too many folk, we're going to starve to death, oh my God, we're going to fry in the world, and deforestation, aaaaaaaaaa, terrible.  A lot of the folk who read that, the woman said they were to shave their heads in compliance to show they are on board with the whole thing.  And they did. It was a joke, but they did it. They didn't know it was a joke.  Because they have Stockholm syndrome... I'll show how virtuous I am, and they'll leave me alone, they won't, they might not bash me in.  You know?  But it's all allowed by your governments who are all on board with this.


No matter how many die even with Covid, remember, of this, they can't get medical treatment and all the rest of it, oh, massive, huge… It doesn't matter. That's an acceptable, whatever the figure is it's an acceptable figure. It will be the same thing with the chaos with this literally on the edge massive communist revolution that's on the go. This has nothing to do with the protests. It was hijacked immediately by the Antifa group that's well-funded and well-paid, the leaders are at the top anyway. 


They use all the radical types who haven't grown up yet and figured anything out yet, you see. They use them for all the, they are the ones who take, carry the can eventually when they come for them. Brzezinski talked about this technique.  Once you got the system in, that's decided upon by powers above them by the way, then you can't allow them to continue. Because they won't get their utopia. They won't get their perpetual life of free drugs and free food and free whatever else is their fancy for the day, every day. They won't get that, so they'll create more riots. And the authorities know that, who they are, and they come for them. That's the Soviet system.  That's how it's done.


But yeah, it doesn't matter if they get unleashed just, and this is the dangerous time by the way, when they are putting up their little free zones, as I say, their little barilles [?], in France they had them in the revolution then, the later revolutions anyway, at the barricades.  They turned on each other towards the end.  That's the standard thing that happens. Because they're radical folk that are left there, you know.  Nothing can make them happy.  The problem is inside them. Some of them are mentally ill for goodness’ sake. They start to argue for supremacy, different groups forming amongst them, it's already happening in the States, of who should rule their little area, you see. 


They found the same thing with communes that were so well studied by the FBI and the CIA, who were behind a lot of it [Alan chuckles.] back in the 60s and 70s, and using behaviorists to study them. Even you'll find that Manson, one of his main communes that he headed there, his group, it was supplied and studied by, they had cameras up by the FBI studying the behavior. So did Jonestown by the way.  You always find the same things happening. It's so unbelievable for folk, they don't want to believe it even when it's admitted by the authorities.  It's astonishing.


But yeah, they always turn on each other for supremacy. Even in a commune, even in hippie communes that happened.  So they start off with their free love and that and their utopia and pass the weed until they start to get less of it. Then some of them would want special food eventually, they get fed up eating just vegetables. And they've got no money, so they'd, some of them would start to extort money from folk around them.  That's already happening in the States too in some of these places, extortion, they've had that coming out. Then they turn on each other. They'll literally have arguments about who's the most virtuous amongst each other, you know…  I should be leader, I'm the more… And it's all again, I call it social preening. It isn't just the virtue signaling, it's beyond virtual signaling. It’s virtue preening, as they strut the chests out, and how wonderful I am.


I will put up that little link, it's quite comical.  It's good, it was a good comedy actually of...


How Spiritual People Fight (Comic) - youtube.com / 15 March 2013


Folk should remember, if you can’t laugh at yourselves, you really do, you don’t have a life, you know, should get a life.


Now remember too, you can help me keep going. If this kind of settles down a bit with the Covid thing, they'll go back to sleep and sure enough the money will drop off, etc.  And I have to live like everybody else, believe you me. And I live in generally a lot cheaper than most folk out there, I really do.  You can help me to go along and keep my websites going by buying the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You'll find out how to pay for it and to donate if you want to. Donations are certainly welcome.  Through PayPal or even send cash if you want to, and checks.


Because the times we're going through, you've got to keep these lines of communication open.  So much out there is so compromised, I really mean that. It isn't just the groups doing all the radical stuff. You'd be surprised, put it this way, reality is very surprising. My whole message has always been to think for yourselves.  You can always look up everything yourself and make up your own opinions on what evidence you can get.  And even when you find evidence just don't always swallow it and believe it. You always say, where is it coming from, what else is behind it, etc.?


Politics to me is a joke.  Because you've one group, again, back to The  C[The White Cutter], you've got one group really running all sides. Of course you have. The deep state didn't suddenly appear with Donald Trump, being an exact, you know, archenemy of it. It's always been there. It wasn't just Eisenhower that talked about, beware of the military industrial complex and those seeking to get power over the…, you know.  It was there long before he came along. It was there before World War II, in the States.  You can go way back in the States.


It's in human nature. Wherever you get money coming into, you've got this clique that then initially say, how can we get most of it. Well, let's create a central-bank system, or whatever it is. You know. That's how it's done, folks. 


There's an old saying that evil never sleeps. It doesn't. 


What's really amazing when you study people, is those who are truly evil can rationalize what they do away quite easily. Because they're psychopaths.  They'd be so convincing you'll even believe them... Well, you know, they weren't that bad, you know.  


So as I say, you've got to look at what's out there and why it's out there and so on.  Some things, I can remember the old patriot movement in the States. There were all kinds of movements out there. But what they all had in common was the rights of the people.  Folk have forgotten that. It didn't matter what party they belong to, they still took to the rights of the people. That's what was written into the foundations of the US basically.  And yet they've been chipped away and chipped away, and again through wars, all crisis and wars and so on, and they forget and forget until you've got a massive bureaucracy and new bureaucracies forming all the time. 


But they're all there to save us all from either financial collapse or whatever it happens to be, as they plunder the economy over and over and over. Oh, let's create a G20 and a World Economic Forum, ‘eh.  And let's have these private groups like the CFR decide everything for us and draft up treaties and trade treaties and stuff like that, which again will subvert sovereignty until you meld into a big world system.  You see.  That's how it's all been done.


But the old patriot movement, you used to literally stand up together for things. And they knew to watch the politicians like hawks, you could never trust them, I don't care who they are, and the groups behind them.  The president are generally front people anyway, just fronts.  But the big deep state has always been there. Always been there. 


So yeah, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website. Make a list of all my official sites and if one goes down hopefully you can, I can still use the other ones.  The reason I had so many was because when I started up and came out with this, and I was on some big shows and so on, and coast-to-coast shows and things, I told them like it was. It was shocking to a lot of people at the time. I would get hammered immediately with my websites.  So I put more up.


Because literally, they would stall me right out. They'd give me trouble uploading to them.  I was getting shadow banned by the companies and corporations themselves, or they would be using, oh, the satellite would go out, boomf!  You know. Often.  [Alan chuckles.] I would talk until five in the morning night after night trying to find out what's wrong.  Come on. Then I found eventually they had a choke on it, they called it a choke.  A new girl was on one night who punched it up and said oh, there's choke on it, yes, there is a choke on it.  After years of denying it.  [Alan chuckles.]   


So yeah, this is how it really works folks.  I don't push politicians or the systems behind it. It's the same system behind them all.  So you can help me tick along and how to do it and donate and so on @cuttingthroughthematrix.com website. You can always get the show first before other folk put it up if you want to, if you're in a hurry. Okay.  And by the way, I should mention this too, I'll be picking up the books this week and have them probably posted out before the end of the week along with discs and all the rest of it. Now that things are opening up a little bit, I should get a whole bunch of them just in case. 


Because they want to shut down the economy again, you know that. They don't really want it opening up. They want it to be so bust globally you'll merge into this new global system, global management system that the UN has prattled on about this event being wonderful for bringing in a world governmental system.  And the UN, I don't care if it's a far-left communist organization, it's run, it's owned by the richest folk on the planet!  There are no sides here. 


Do you really think if there were sides and politics worked, why do you think you're so damn poor most of you?  Hm?  As I've said before, if it worked for the people, it would get banned.  And why do they devalue the currency? When it isn't backed by anything.  Hm?  Anyway, that's where we are with it all.


So remember, donate to me and help me tick along here. It's awfully important. Because you'd be surprised at how many folk really do use it. [Alan chuckles.]   Don't believe whatever you see in the figures on the sites.  [Alan chuckles.]  Really, don't believe that at all.  They've been doing that for years. Some of the ones that are big out there by the way, who even use my stuff, you'd be surprised who's behind them. You really will.  N-n-n.  But I won't grouch about it.  It doesn't surprise me a bit. It's sad to see folk go under and folk get brought over and approached, etc. Then starting to keep the whole con job of present politics going the way that it's going.  There's a one-party system at the very, very top. And they're always having a party and laughing at us all as they have the party. Everything else is just part of the dialectic of course.


The rulers of this world, as I say, they can literally get an army mobilized in a week if they wanted to and have it off to wherever they want on the planet to kill and destroy and demolish, do you really think they just don't know how to handle a...?  Do you really believe this, the poor souls on the streets are strutting about looking some of them like mentally ill folk, really some of them are, do you really think, did they really think that the world's watching them because they now have, really have power? Do you really think that?


Whatever's happening today is because the real deep state, the real rulers of the planet, want this to happen. For their own benefit. Because they will end up consolidating all power over everything on the whole planet through all of this. All of it. And all the ones at the bottom, well we're all for sustainability and being good to nature, and not eating much and rut-dut-dut.  All the same agenda ‘eh. 


Well, wait till you get your first bad winter without much power and you're freezing... Because humans take energy to live! Everything that lives in the planet DOES use energy to live. Everything.  N-n-n.  But when you can’t heat yourself, and the weather is bad, and then you get your colds, turns into pneumonia, and your energy is down now, your immune system is shot because you're malnourished... Good luck to you. Good luck to you. There's your utopia.


What I'm going to do now is go into, and don't yawn, the Covid thing. Because even though, you've got understand, you should have a record of all the cons that have gone on up until now. And they're not finished with it yet, don't forget. They're not finished with yet at all. If they can make it stick again and terrify the public once more, using all their psychological terrorist teams, which they employ, and this is a fact, it's not fake news.  That's come out and I'll put the links up tonight to the different teams including the ones that work for SAGE, and other ones for the government and universities as well. They're well-paid, these people who play with your head, the mind control, and use terror and fear to coerce you into doing what they say is the right thing. Of course, [Alan chuckles.] that's a great thing for psychopaths to say when they rule governments and things like that.


But it just astonishing that we live, we put up with this nonsense, over and over again actually.  Not just with diseases.  So I'll go through some of these articles now on that first of all before I get into all the things that have happened that have taken over from in the interim, as I say, before they bring it all back again with, oh, a spike, oh my goodness, ‘eh.  And there you go.


What we know too, and this is true, there's a couple of, two or three articles up actually that came out about the awful con, it's an awful joke when they attacked Trump when he came out with the hydroxychloroquine treatment, right. Forgetting all the time of course that it was advised by the doctors at the time for SARS when it broke out in 2003.  It was okay for that. But as soon as Trump mentioned it, because don't forget from the beginning you had this clique, this clique that runs the infectious disease departments of the planet really, you know. You've got Bill Gates who literally runs the WHO, it would seem by the financing and so on. And Gates has got his fingers in with the pies of Fauci and his different companies as well.  And many other ones as well. It's just, it's a small world in a sense, a club, you see.  And it's true, you're not in it, that's for sure, as the comedian once said.


But the fact is, they're not finished with it yet. I said this from the start, I says, isn't it odd they said that for the first time in history your own immune system is going to be no use, they want to give you the vaccination. As soon as they heard that this disease had broken out, oh vaccination is the only way you're going to get back to work and be allowed out of your houses and yada, yada ya, eh’.  You've never heard this in history before, where the healthy are quarantined. And even when your immune system kicks in, and most folk don't even know they've had it, have already got the antibodies to it. No, your own antibodies aren't good enough for the natural way they have developed, you have to get a vaccination to make your own antibodies work better.  [Alan laughing.]  


What a joke this is to sell their con games and stuff. I really don't trust them, especially with Bill Gates and so on. I really don't. Because this man is really into population reduction. He's quite open about it. Why would you take vaccinations this guy is pushing? Seriously, any thinking person, for goodness’ sake?


But anyway yeah, from the start, so hydroxychloroquine that the Chinese were using, and other countries used as well, and had, they claim they got good results with it yada, yada ya.  There was a doctor in New York City who is in charge of a BIG community there, he used it along with a couple of other medications and had tremendous results according to him.  But the press immediately, oh, no, no, whatever Fauci says is true, that's going to be no use at all, yada, yada, only his stuff and the vaccine when they are made are going to be any good at all. And [Alan chuckles.] he already had it in mind, Fauci, which company he was going to give the contracts, like Gilead, for the antivirals. It's a small world as I say.


So everything else was bad, bad, bad, bad. So everything was cheap. And that's the key. You see, they don't like anything that's going to be cheap. You make a killing when blood is running in the streets.  That's what Rothschild said when he was asked about when the best time to make money was. He said, when the blood is running in the streets, folk are terrified, they'll pay anything to survive, right. And hydroxychloroquine is plentiful and cheap. Now of course they put it on prescription only I think, as they corner the market once again, ‘eh.


But here's the thing, it's comical what came out.  All the papers parroted Fauci and so on, and even the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, broke its lance on this one. Because they publish the same thing, oh, hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine...


RETRACTED: Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19



We did a multinational registry analysis…


They took this analysis from Professor Mandeep R Mehra, MD and this kind of thing. It turns out that the folk, there were six of them that did the study. [Alan chuckles.]  One of them was involved in riské photograph materials, or video.  [Alan chuckles.]   That was their specialty, and a few others. This is incredible stuff really.  Because the money is being thrown out, you see, and no doubt they wanted to defame this stuff, so they got this little group to do it.  And the Lancet published it as well. So I'll put up tonight a couple of articles, one is on their story, officially, they actually parroted this stuff that was done by this little group of whoever, you know.  Then they had to retract it eventually and admit they were wrong. Because the group had no qualifications at all to do any kind of study.  [Alan laughing.]  Apparently.  And I don't think they did it anyway, they just made it up.  So they got egg on their faces, on their broken lance. So there you go, I mean, they're all party to the same stuff. But that's who they got to do this supposed in-depth study, and it was a complete farce.


I'd like to know the money that they paid, the taxpayers’ money they paid for that too, to try to make it valid so they'd have to, oh, we must take the Gilead antivirals for goodness sakes.  So yeah, the Lancet had to retract it and admit it. Not very humbly though, mind you.  They didn't put anything, they just retracted it.  Other articles have got it too, who these characters were that did the study altogether. I'll put them up tonight, right.


Now, there's a stack of stuff. I'm just going to go through some of these articles here to show you the farce of it all.  This one here too is from this team that were put out by the SAGE team, the behavioral sciences, to help fight the coronavirus.  They talk about how to get people to cooperate and do what they're told, and obey, basically, and how they'd have to really frighten them and create more, how to create more anxiety amongst them and coerce them to accept what you wanted them to do and so on.  And how they can really change society, and social norms during a fear campaign. They admit all this stuff quite openly. 


This is what the government hired to terrify you and to put this whole thing into action. I hate using the word governments.  What is the government today over in Britain? What is that creation? It certainly hasn't anything to do with the ordinary folk who have been totally destroyed over quite a few years by the actions of the government. 


But yeah, they go into, they mentioned in the article that it might lead to undesirable action, all the lockdowns, such as they might need surgery and so on.  People express unwillingness to isolate themselves when they harbor doubts about the chances of infecting others. They go through it all, and how they have to coerce them and cause more fear. And how to get the other folk to turn on them if they weren't complying exactly. If they weren't feeling the fear [Alan chuckles.] they would get other folk to turn on them. You saw that in the stores and things, didn't you? 


Oh, you're not 6 feet apart, oh you can only walk in one direction.  I said in one of the stores, I says, well can I reverse, [Alan chuckles.] you know, can I walk backwards a bit? [Alan chuckles.] You know, because I missed something. Oh, you can't do that.  This is a farce, ‘eh. This is mental illness, folks.  They've created a form, by tampering with the mind in a terror campaign, they've created mental illness amongst the public. Who literally, I'm surprised they haven't been attacking each other. Maybe they have been. I'm sure there have been instances of that. I'm sure there have been. So yeah, wait and see.


But yeah, they talk about what they can do and how to terrify them all.  And all the side effects of depression, maybe even suicide, yada ya. And it will take maybe even years to get over it for some folk, the mental damage that it will do. There's nothing that they didn't know to start with.  I'm sure they were studying us all like little flies in a jar.


But yeah, the UK Behavioral Insights Team worked with them.  That's all part of it. I mentioned that a few years back, how they use the BITs. All through the Internet systems too, to nudge you all and to punish you too. They work with all the big providers, etc. to punish you and block you and yada ya. This is their part of the war on you.  They talk about...


Using Behavioural Science to Help Fight the Coronavirus: A Rapid, Narrative Review

Journal of Behavioral Public Administration Vol 3(1), 2020, doi: 10.30636/jbpa.31.147



These include the “Behavior Change Wheel”, which centers on a model of behavior change consisting of three essential elements: capability, opportunity, and motivation. Individuals must be psychologically or physically able to undertake the behavior, the environment that surrounds them needs to facilitate the behavior, and their own mental processes need to energize and direct the behavior.


The researchers behind this approach have advocated its use in the context of COVID-19. The EAST framework (Behavioural Insights Team, 2014) emphasizes that behavior change is more likely when the behavior is made Easy, Attractive, Social, and Timely.


(Alan: Then they go through the different techniques for the folk who don't quite, are not terrified by it, how to terrify them basically.)


Quite amazing, ‘eh?  And your tax money paid for all this, for your destruction, and your abuse. You've all been abused. I hope you understand this, this is real abuse.  For something really that was really... they've had a lower death rate than the flu normally causes in most of the countries. Again, facts don't matter when there's big plans. Because this is to change the world.  It will never be the same again, remember?  And, oh my God, there's going to be financial chaos after this, ooooooooo, dear, dear, dear.  And austerity.  All the parts of the agenda they were pushing.  M-hm.  Yep.


But they go into this one in quite detail too.  This is 25 pages of this one. I'll put this link up for you. It's from their own site themselves.  And yeah, you paid for it all. Yep, terrify the public and coerce them into obeyance.  Now they're bringing it all back again, eh.  Quite amazing. It was okay, they told the virus to go on hold while they had the demonstrations, and then the other ones that did the riots, they had that, they went on hold for that too. Especially in the States. It's quite amazing to see the far-left people in different state power, different states, the power, who were absolutely brutal about following the whole agenda and mandating vaccinations for all, yada, ya, and social distancing and how they were going to force folk to comply. Who, went out and demonstrated, ‘eh, shoulder to shoulder.  [Alan chuckles.]   So it was quite amazing. It's a politically motivated virus, eh, it just stopped dead and says okay, it's okay for this, anything else, no.  You couldn't do anything at all. In fact, they said you had to have sex with the mask on for goodness’ sake. And don't, it was illegal to have sex with strangers during it, did you know that, in Britain?  Whoah, I'm sure they will obey that one. Especially those at the top of government.


But yeah, this is the farce you're brought through. I'll put another article up on the same thing.


Sage publishes evidence behind advice on lockdown following calls for more transparency

itv.com / 5 May 2020


…have revealed the evidence behind their guidance, following calls for greater transparency.


The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) (A:  ...that's what it's called. It's also used in magic, you know that.  That's probably why they picked the name. I bet they did, because it's all magic, isn't it.) has published a number of statements and accompanying evidence for measures like the lockdown, and issues such as herd immunity.


In particular, Sage has advised lockdown restrictions be eased very gradually in order to maintain public trust in health policy.


(A:  Well, they’ve lost all of that, I think. It’s quite amazing as I say what they’ve done.)


Especially they talked about, look at the evidence, they've killed more old folk by throwing them in with infected people and put them on ventilators. This is murder, folks. And yes, there's nurses coming out talking about it openly, that's what's been happening here. This is murder. And it's getting everybody used to, used to this idea of euthanasia. Yes, it is. Absolutely. Definitely. Absolutely.


And then another one…


COVID Coercion: Boris Johnson's Psychological Attack on the UK Public

ukcolumn.org / 14 May 2020


(A:  Why would they say… He's just a front man too.  A good front man, he's in with the City of London, though, the CITY of London.  Like Teresa May was too.  She's also in with the City of London, the real, real country. Everything else is just to be used, the peasantry. It goes onto, they came out with this too...)




(A:  ...this group that's subcontracted, it's part of SAGE, SPI-B, and how they started off, at least came out publicly in the swine flu pandemic...)


During the 2009/10 ‘swine flu’ pandemic, SAGE received advice from a subgroup called the Scientific Pandemic Influenza group on Behaviour and Communications (SPI-B&C).


That group was reconvened on 13 February this year. This time, its remit was limited to behaviour and it was renamed the Scientific Pandemic Influenza group on Behaviour, or SPI-B.


And they had meetings amongst themselves and so on and updated their thing. Again, the PDF is actually mirrored off the site too. I think that's the UK Column there.  But when you go into the actual stuff they talk about it, how they could encourage fear amongst the people to make them obey, and increased tension amongst them, and anxiety, that's the wording that they use.  That's why your news went along with it. They were working with the newscasters to terrify the public. And what a job they did on that, ‘eh?  Woa!  N-n-n.  I tell ya.  [Alan chuckles.]   So I'll put that up too.


Then this is a good one here. This is a good one…  You know, the great philanthropist that you think he’s just doing it all for free… [Alan laughing.]  Ah, it says…


Exclusive:  Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion


(A:  I'll say that again for the hard of thinking …)


EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal


(A: ...for the tracing people, right.)


With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill


(A:  That’s the 666 one, you know, H.R. 6666.)


Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic


(A:  …before you even heard of it.)


EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

truepundit.com / 14 June 2020


(A: They had already arranged this whole idea of contact tracing and who will get the contracts for this and who will get the contracts for testing gear and stuff, all that stuff. The testing stuff doesn't even work.  It doesn't matter. But the contact tracing deal, ‘eh, there ya go.)


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped negotiate who would score a $100 Billion government-backed contact tracing contract in August 2019 — six months before the ‘pandemic’ arrived in the United States and four months before it swept through China.


(A:  It’s got an audio here, you can hear them talking about it, these guys.)


The shocking revelations were unveiled on the Thomas Paine Podcast and the Moore Paine Show on Patreon by the two investigators


(A:  That’s what they’ve been following and investigating, into this whole scam here with the cash and so on. They were the ones who testified...)


who blew the whistle on the massive Clinton Foundation tax fraud during a Congressional hearing in 2018. John Moynihan and Larry Doyle testified in Congress, detailing the fraud and schemes utilized by the Clinton’s to avoid paying up to $2.5 BILLION in federal taxes.


The investigative duo, in their first interview since that bombshell Congressional testimony, revealed to Paine  that representatives from the Gates Foundation met with U.S. Congressman Bobby L. Rush at a sit down in Rwanda, East Africa in mid August 2019 to hash out who would score the windfall from a government contact tracing program. And just last month — nine months after the meetings with the Gates Foundation in Rwanda   Rush, a Democrat from Illinois, introduced the $100 BILLION H.R. 6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.


(A: Right.  So he got it.  Planned all head, ‘eh.)


Rush’s bill would establish a program run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (A:  …again, right.) for national coronavirus testing and contact tracing.


I guarantee you they worked out all the different companies that would get all the millions and billions that are thrown out there to trace you and spy on you, and bracelets and all that, all the prison stuff. And that's what it is. If you wear bracelets, then you're a prisoner. That's what they use for prisoners, right.  The corruption is... There's nothing hidden here, folks. There's nothing hidden. Another one here too is Tucker Carlson came out on Fox. I don't follow the different media characters but he's saying the right things, now that it's time to say the right things, hm?


Tucker Carlson bashes lockdown proponents: 'They used a public health emergency to subvert democracy' - foxnews.com / 11 June 2020


Well, I won’t add to that because you don’t really need someone to tell you.  You should know this yourself. You should. You should be thinking for yourselves. You're given the folk to parrot and to follow, you know. Think for yourselves. Another one here too is…


The trouble with British immunity passports


This is all the stuff from the tracing and all the rest of that, where they're going to lock you down forever until you take the vaccinations and get an immunity passport.  I gave these talks in the late 1990s, what would come, that eventually you wouldn't get into a store, a supermarket, an alarm would go off if your vaccinations weren't up to scratch. It would be all electronic, in chips and so on.  And here we are.


IF you let them do it.  IF you let them get away with it.  You see, you're all responsible, individually you're all responsible for your decisions.  And if they can get away with this, there's nothing they're not going to... They're not going to stop with this.  They won't stop with this, folks. This whole idea is completely post Constitution, for the US, and Bill of Rights. That's what it's about.  The other countries had this vague thing of democracy, they're waay beyond that [Alan chuckles.] now.  That's the old system.


Remember, the Club of Rome said that democracy doesn't work, we can't get things done quickly.  Bill Gates said the same thing, he said he admired China.  You had Justin Trudeau saying the same thing on video, about China, how he admired it and how, because their system, meaning a totalitarian system, right, they could get the things, they could deal with problems very quickly without bothering about what the public thought.  [Alan chuckles.]   This is it, folks.  It's all here.  IF you allow it to happen.


The trouble with British immunity passports

spectator.us / 4 May 2020


Creating any system that dishes out a biological status is going to create a series of ethical quandaries


(A:  No kidding.  M-hm.)


Could we see ‘immunity passports’ in Britain?


(A: It's all been prearranged, folks, just the same as the last one with the Gates and the rest of them.)




(A: Ministers… This is politicians, they call them ministers. I don't know why they call them ministers. They used to call them ministers, Protestant ministers that were religious.  Ministers, I don't know who they minister to, you know. Maybe to their bank managers, I don't know. And they're all lobbyists anyway.)


Ministers are reportedly discussing them as a route out of lockdown.


(A: ... a route.  Come on, eh!)


According to today’s Guardian, the UK tech firm Onfido is in discussion with ministers about creating a ‘digital certificate’


(A:  That means they’re in a payoff deal, where they’ll be giving them offers [Alan laughing.] if they lobby the higher-ups there, you know.)


about creating a ‘digital certificate’


(A:  We don’t need the digital certificates for something that’s nonsense anyway.)


that would be issued to those who have already been infected with coronavirus — who are presumably more immune — so they could return to some resemblance of normal life…


(A:  You see how they’ve worded this?  And they’ll cut out the fact of having to get a vaccination. Because that’s where it’s going to, you see. I wonder who wrote this kind of stuff?)


The technology needed to carry out such a scheme is reportedly in the ‘discovery stage’ and big questions linger as to whether British bureaucracy — which has struggled to source plastic PPE and has trailed other countries in COVID-testing for months now — would be able to assemble and carry out such an elaborate scheme in the near future.


(A:  It says it would raise a lot of different, not just…)


…not just about the civil liberty implications of digital certification, but about the philosophy behind the lockdown itself.


(A:  The CON of the lockdown, I’d say. The abuse of it.  It turns out, ‘eh? Even though they say, oh, no, no, you can't say that, that's wrong. It turns out...)


It turns out, as early research indicates, that some groups are inherently more susceptible to COVID-19 than others, how long would their genetic make-up be a determining factor in what parts of society they can rejoin?


(A: [Alan chuckles.] Etc. etc.)


It's okay for the big boys to point out the ethnic differences and possibly more prone to getting the disease. Because we're all, all groups are so well studied. They know exactly, even the Scots, they know exactly what they are prone to physically, the problems, ‘eh, and what they are not.  It doesn't mean you become immune from anything.


At one time, for instance, the Scottish never had any cancer of the intestines and the bowels. Didn't have it. Because they had a high-fiber diet and oatmeal and stuff like that. But they didn't.  That's all gone now of course with the processed foods. But that was taught in medicine, you know, at one time.  Whereas the Japanese were awfully prone, especially the ones on the western coast in the fishing villages, awfully prone to cancer of the colon compared to the rest of them, etc. etc. 


We're all so well studied.  They know exactly what we're prone to. Absolutely. Of course they had their whole DNA system checks of the whole planet of what we're all, with their different tests on us all, the human genome project, etc.  Quite something.


But anyway, here they go trying to get you into the debate of it. You see, these articles are actually in a sense, and this published in The Spectator in Britain. But it's getting you used to the debate. You get involved in the debate, and say, no, no, no way, I'm not going to even go into the debate. Forget that. Out the window before it starts. They're trying to get you into it, well, I can see this point of view and I'm not ready for that part, and they work you through the whole thing.  No, no.  You don't need an immunity passports, folks!  This is another chain, believe you me, big chain too. Oh, you can't go here, oh, you can't go there until you take all your, all your, and they want to give you new boosters every, every year, for every vaccine by the way.


Hhhhhhh.  There ya go. Quite something.  I tell ya.  Also now, let's see now…


Patients face a TWO-YEAR wait for elective surgery with NHS backlog set to hit 650,000 by September - even without a second coronavirus spike

dailymail.co.uk / 7 June 2020


(A: This is the backlog waiting for elective surgery.  How many have died already because they couldn't get in? Even with their second, even without a second coronavirus spike?  So there you go. Oh, it will cost the health service... Well, it's funded by the public.)


…£4billion due to surgeons pay


Non-urgent surgeries were postponed for three months from April due to Covid


It led to completed operations that were 'non urgent' plummeting by 72 per cent


What about all the other treatments? It wasn't just all surgery, right, folks.  The cancer folk, they could have had, some cancers, you hope to get it early and get it off, get it out, if you can get in there before it spreads. All these folk are written off. ALL written off for a big, big racketeering con of social engineering to change the society.  Hm.  Quite something. Quite amazing.


Not that it was doing great before, you know. Because I can remember reading the articles on the air on the radio at the time where they had, the tricks the NHS were doing were astonishing. I mean, the NHS was sinking for, oh, 30 years, under them flooding in from Europe and across the planet for surgeries and treatments and so on, by using the European Union as some kind of landing point and they'd say, oh you have to take us into Britain for all the surgery.   They were coming in from other countries outside of Europe to have their children in the hospitals and everything. All paid by the taxpayers of Britain. And if you complained about it, oh you were shouted down, you know.  [Alan chuckles.]   This trick has been used so often, ‘eh…  Oh, you're a racist, you're a racist, what's wrong with them coming in from all over the world to have their children?  You were getting handed the bill to pay for it all, that's what was wrong with it. And the folk couldn't use the service that they were paying for, the folk living in the country, hm.  So I'm not going to go into the facts. Facts don't matter when there's big agendas. But that's the truth of it.


What they were doing at the time when Tony Blair was in for instance, they were putting out, they were studying the people and giving them questionnaires, that were waiting for surgery. Sometimes you'd wait two or three years at times, you know. They would ask them on these questionnaires, were they thinking of taking a holiday, where would they go?  It was all to get them, to find out when they were going, and when they were gone, this is the fact, it was in the newspapers at the time. When they were gone, the National Health Service would send out their demand to come in for their surgery, knowing they were gone, you see.  Once they came back, they said, oh, we were on holiday you know, you didn't tell us.  And the hospital, well, we sent it out to you, you know, you're back in the bottom of the waiting list again, another two years. This is the con.  This is the racketeering that goes on.


Why do people vote for these... uuugh, there's nothing foul enough to call these characters, really, ‘eh!  They’re nothing but sponge who live the high life on the public, on top of the public. It's just disgusting!  Disgusting!  N-n-n.  Hasn't changed.  Now of course they’re privatizing it all, big chunks of it. Because that was always the agenda.  They always use the public to pay for something.  They start it all up, fund it all, get it created, build the buildings and so on, and then they privatize it. That's what they do.  [Alan chuckles.]  And folk never catch on.


Then we have, oh, a terrible, terrible announcement by the WHO, the world... The WHO, doctor WHO.  This STUNNED me, you know. Because really, nobody, as I said before, no one has ever died up until now, you know that. That's how folk are cushioned from death, isn't it?  Not so long ago folk looked after their own, and often their neighbors too, and they were dying at home.  That's how it had been for centuries, and maybe thousands of years.  From your counsel house to your little mud wattle home before that, you know, that's part of your privilege in Britain, and we forget that, that's where folk all died. And that's where folk were born.  [Alan chuckles.]  Believe it or not.  Yep. No kidding.  Yeah.  No kidding.


And under this manacled system and again massive bureaucracy and socialism, everyone's forgotten it, when folk are dying, they go off to hospital or they put them into these exit homes, maybe offer them euthanasia now.  It's much cheaper for the authorities, the owners, they prefer to have all the profits for themselves.  And for your pension, for goodness’ sake, the government can use all your pensions, rather than YOU, you dithering old idiot, what good are you with a pension, for goodness’ sake? 


The UN said it itself, a good global citizen is a good producer AND consumer.  And if you're pensioner, well you're just consuming.  And they’ve taught all the children to hate you, you know, you've destroyed the planet with your consuming and eating and awful things like that, clothing yourself for goodness’ sake.  Heating yourself, hhhhhhhhh, how foul.  And that's how it is, you see.


This is reality. Think of things as they really are. Don't fall into their little debates as they con you to give up your liver like Monty Python did in The Meaning of Life, ‘eh.  Oh, you feel rather small now don't you, insignificant, can I have your liver?  Oh yeah, okay.  That's how it's done.


So here you have it, so the World Health Organization, they said it at the WHO.  What an amazing statement…


Up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year

who.int / 13 Dec 2017


(A: HHH!  Oh, I would never have guessed that. 650,000 people.)


Up to 650 000 deaths annually are associated with respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza, (A:  ...that’s what the cause is.) according to new estimates by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US-CDC), WHO and global health partners.


This marks an increase on the previous global estimate of 250 000-500 000, which dates from over ten years ago and covered all influenza-related deaths, including cardiovascular disease or diabetes.


(A:  You see, they put that all down, you see, as the flu too.)


The new figures of 290,000-650,000 deaths are based on more recent data from a larger, more diverse group of countries, including lower middle-income countries, and exclude deaths from non-respiratory diseases.


(A: So this is what I'm trying to tell you. They keep changing how they do it, ‘eh.  They keep changing it all the time.)


The estimates take into account findings from recent influenza respiratory mortality studies, including a study conducted by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US-CDC), published in The Lancet on Thursday (14 December).


(A: Well, Lancet, as I say, it's a broken lance now.  [Alan chuckles.]  I tell ya, it's hmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know.  I don't know. It says…)


According to US-CDC, most deaths occur among people aged over 75 years, and in the world’s poorest regions. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for the world’s greatest flu mortality risk, followed closely by the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.


(A: Much the same as happened this time, ‘eh.) 


So yeah, it's just astonishing how they pulled this one off, this latest thing off.  I'll put that one up tonight as well with the rest. Then there's this article here…


Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data (A: This is the one I mentioned, by the way, [Alan chuckles.] there's another two or three articles. I think Ron Paul has also got one.  I'll put that one up too. But it says...) from tiny US company

theguardian.com / 3 June 2020


(A: So Surgisphere is the company they gave the contract to. I'd love to know how much money. They're probably going to live off this for generations.  They give it to this company, but six folk worked there apparently, who would decide the fate of, as I say, the hydroxychloroquine. It says…)


The World Health Organization and a number of national governments have changed their Covid-19 policies and treatments on the basis of flawed data from a little-known US healthcare analytics company, (A:  It’s an analytics company, right.) also calling into question the integrity of key studies published in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.  (A:  …like The Lancet.)


(A: So Surgisphere, as they called it, it's almost like they threw up the company just for the contract, ‘eh...)


Surgisphere, whose handful of employees appear to include a science fiction writer and an adult-content model, has provided data for multiple studies on Covid-19 co-authored by its chief executive, but has so far failed to adequately explain its data or methodology.


(A:  It had none.  They made it up.  They were told to defame the studies on this being any good for you. That's what it was for. It doesn't say this in the article, but that's what it is, folks.  Hm?)


Data it claims to have legitimately obtained from more than a thousand hospitals worldwide formed the basis of scientific articles that have led to changes in Covid-19 treatment policies in Latin American countries.


(A:  Also in American countries, what d'you mean Latin American...)


It was also behind a decision by the WHO and research institutes around the world to halt trials of the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine. (A: It's been used for years and years, ‘eh.) On Wednesday, the WHO announced those trials would now resume.  (A: [Alan chuckles.])


Two of the world’s leading medical journals – the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine – published studies based on Surgisphere data. The studies were co-authored by the firm’s chief executive, Sapan Desai.


(A: They'll live on this for generations on the money they got for this. I guarantee you.  Yep.)


The Guardian’s investigation has found:


A search of publicly available material suggests several of Surgisphere’s employees have little or no data or scientific background.


(A: [Alan laughing.] I'm surprised there was only six of them. I thought there would be several.)


An employee listed as a science editor appears to be a science fiction author and fantasy artist (A:  Well, that's his job, is making things up.) whose professional profile suggests writing is her fulltime job. (A:  …probably writing checks.)


Another employee listed as a marketing executive is an adult model and events hostess, (A: [Alan laughing.]) who also acts in videos for organisations.   (A: [Alan laughing.]  Probably for the WHO to watch, no doubt.)


But there you go. This is how things really are. This is what, this is the best medical evidence, you see, so that you wouldn’t use this hydroxychloroquine, this really cheap, cheap, it was widely available drug.  Which worked, was actually advised to be used for this last SARS one, right. This is SARS 2, remember, Covid 19, SARS2 as they call it.  But no, no, because Mr. Foxy wanted to use his own stuff, you know, get his own companies to do things, or companies that he had them favored, put it that way, favored ones, yes, yeah, with the antivirals. There you go.


And that's what they said. Even the Guardian had to admit it too, you know. They had said before, they parrot the same stuff too, oh the WHO...


WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trial for coronavirus amid safety fears (A:  Hhhhhh.)

theguardian.com / 25 May 2020


… could raise risk of death and heart problems, study shows. No, you get the heart problems


No, you get the heart problems and death by watching the videos I think that they're making [Alan laughing.] at this place, ‘eh.  That would probably do it. But there you go. Again…


'Yes, they were definitely lying': Tucker Carlson claims coronavirus lockdowns were unnecessary - washingtonexaminer.com / 10 June 2020


You shouldn't need these characters to think for you anyway. Unfortunately folk, a lot of them really have given over their reasoning to the media to do their thinking and they're reasoning for them. That's what Brzezinski said was the intentions, that's what they're going to do. And they DID it. 


Another article by Ron Paul, it's quite interesting too.  Which is true, it's a truism.  Anyway, I don't go along with anybody, but I mean he's got so many articles out and so far he hasn't steered, as far as I can see, the folk in the wrong direction.


The 1793 Project Unmasked - ronpaulinstitute.org / 13 June 2020


But he says…


Coronavirus Shows Why We Need Separation of Medicine and State!

ronpaullibertyreport.com / 9 June 2020 / Ron Paul


​It seems like only yesterday. Americans were denied the right to go to their churches.


(A: The whole manifesto of technocracy was to destroy religion, remember. Because it stood in the way of their own experts whom they now call bioethicists. They'll decide what's morally right and wrong, or who will live and die, etc. etc. etc. You see, so they've gotta get rid of religion, human values and religion. That's their biggest enemy. Because it's their biggest fear, if folk were really religious and organized could all say no at the same time, what are they going to do?  They pick every group off one by one until there's no opposition. Then, you want to see scientific tyranny like Bertrand Russell said?  That's what he wanted, a scientific tyranny. That's what he wished for, he says, he hoped it would be the scientific tyranny if there was going to be any tyranny at all.  Anyway it says here...)


It seems like only yesterday. Americans were denied the right to go to their churches. They were denied the right to visit their loved ones in the hospital.


(A:  And they were.  Hm?)


They were denied the right to open their businesses and go to work to provide for themselves and their families. They were denied the right to go to restaurants, to bars, to hair salons.


(A:  This is the first time too that you couldn’t visit them in the hospitals, who are dying, for their relatives, ‘eh.  Do you understand, this is a massive, massive psychological operation here?   A psy-ops. Massive. For a new system to devalue life. Believe you me.)    


No laws were passed denying these rights. Even that (A:  …if they had been passed.) would be illegal and immoral. But what happened was worse. They were denied these basic rights by governors, county judges, and even local mayors who used the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to rule by decree.


(A:  Think about that, it’s against all the rules and laws.)


They stole power that was not theirs to take and wielded it at all levels to force America into three months of house arrest.


Isn’t that the truth of it though.  Think about that. Think about that. That makes me think again of what Thomas Jefferson said, probably better educated than most folks today, you know, in his day they were WELL educated.  Jefferson said…


There is no justification for taking away individuals' freedom

in the guise of public safety. 


When you abandon freedom to achieve security,

you lose both and deserve neither.


M-hm.  Think about it.


There is no justification for taking away individuals' freedom

in the guise of public safety. 


Because that's how it's always been done.  Oh, you’re going to get invaded, we gotta take your rights away, you know. Oh, there's a pandemic, or disease, oh, we've got to take your rights away. You know? Yep. Oh, there's riots in the streets, we've got a take all your rights away, because we're not going to stop it.  [Alan chuckles.]   Hm.  So back to this article and it says…


Then, in the midst of stay-at-home orders across the country, the same governors and local officials who locked Americans in their homes suddenly came around with their keys and threw open the doors. Suddenly not only was it OK to go out into the street, it was required to go out into the street!


What happened? A cure? A miraculous vaccine? No. The officials who locked Americans up found a cause they felt required Americans in the streets to protest. Police had killed a black man, George Floyd, in their custody in Minneapolis and suddenly the need to protest trumped the need to “stay home, save lives.”


Suddenly the same health “experts” who told us we must not gather in crowds or there will be death in the millions from coronavirus issued statements supporting gathering in crowds.


(A:  …instantly, and that’s true isn’t it.)


An open letter on the George Floyd protests signed by more than 1,200 doctors and other health professionals clarified that they “do not condemn these gatherings as risky for Covid-19 transmission.”


(A:  It’s amazing how they suddenly change, ‘eh.)


However, they wrote, “this should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-at-home orders.”


(A:  So, you’re allowed to protest and go out and break all the rules, because I guess the virus would understand, ‘eh?  It’s a very understanding virus, this. It’s a politicized virus, ‘eh.)


Did the coronavirus develop some kind of superior intelligence enabling it to distinguish between those who were congregating for a “good cause” and those who were congregating for a “bad cause”? Of course not. What has happened from the beginning of this shameful coronavirus episode is the politicization of public health at the hands of authoritarians.


(A:  …but for a big job though, not just for what he is talking about here obviously.  It’s a new world order they want, right. He also mentions…)


Two prestigious medical journals, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, were forced to retract studies they had published concluding that Hydroxychloroquine was harmful to Covid patients. The rush to print the studies looks very much like a political move rather than one based on scientific principles. Once President Trump revealed that he was taking hydroxychloroquine the mainstream media and even “expert” journals began attacking the drug.


(A:  And that’s true, isn’t it, ‘eh.  But again, you’ve got to see that Fauci is behind that too.)


This is what happens when medicine merges with the state. We get the worst of both. We get career bureaucrat Dr. Fauci telling us we can never shake hands again and that we must stay home until a vaccine is found. Meanwhile, doctors across the globe are reporting that this variation of the coronavirus is disappearing on its own.


But he’s right, though, he’s right on what he says here. It’s a very politicized virus. I mean, it’s progressive, it’s a progressive virus, sorry, yeah. Before it didn’t know about politics, and right and wrong, and a good cause, and it’s suddenly changed its mind and just put itself into temporary hibernation, until it can spike again in the fall so’s they can get the vaccines going and get everybody [Alan chuckles.] getting bracelets and mandatory vaccinations. No, thank you. That won’t happen. Nope. 


The tests, I won't go over the tests.  Because facts don't matter anymore. We've seen the cons, even the China ones where they found that their testing, their swab test, they’re jokes. I said at the beginning of this whole thing, months ago, I said you're better off getting fortunetellers in to tell if you've got the thing or not, or maybe somebody you can read tea leaves, give everybody a cup of tea in the lineup and then get a really good tea.   There's women, I met them when I was young, they were awfully, they went around to the houses at one time in Britain and they would read your tea leaves. They're pretty good, you know. I'd say they'd be a lot better than these swab tests. They could say, nah, you're positive, no, you're negative, nope.  Because they'd be more precise than this joke of the swab tests.  Look at the ones they dumped, that even Italy got from China and different places, they were useless, getting false positives and false negatives. It was a joke!  Here you have this article here…


30,000 coronavirus tests had to be redone after being sent to America (A:  From Britain right.) for processing, the government admits

politicshome.com / 4 June 2020


(A:  I wonder how much that cost the taxpayers?)


The Government has admitted almost 30,000 people (A:  It will be a lot more than that, by the way.  Whenever they tell you 30,000, they actually admitted there was 67,000 samples in all, so I'll guarantee pretty well all of them were the same.) had to be retested for coronavirus after their swabs were voided on their return from America.


According to a report in The Telegraph, 67,000 samples were sent for processing overseas at the start of May following capacity issues at a lab in Northern Ireland.


(A:  Where probably everybody in the lab was told to stay home, [Alan laughing.] they couldn't go to work.)


It said they were airlifted (A:  No kidding, airlifted…) to a university on the east coast of the United States in "multiple batches" over 10 days.


But on their return one bag contained accurate tests, while the second batch had a much higher than expected "void rate”.


The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) confirmed that 29,500 of those sent abroad had to be done again.


(A:  Bah, that’s just taxpayers’ money, isn’t it?  Yep.) 


The Government has admitted almost 30,000 people had to be retested for coronavirus after their swabs were voided on their return from America. - politicshome.com / 4 June 2020


But they are such a farce and a joke.  Absolute farce and a joke. If you're around folk that have had it, right, like the cruise ships, and they stick those things up your nose, right, you're breathing in the same air. Most of those cabins were having circulated air, most of them, except the ones that are on the outside where they can get doors out and open the deck.  You're getting fragments of the RNA, it's broken-down DNA in cells, you're breathing them in. They're harmless to you. But that's what's going to test positive, you see, fragments of dead cells, that's what you're going to get. Other ones too, you might show positive if you've had certain vaccinations recently, [Alan chuckles.]  like the annual ones, at a certain time of the year, you know. I won't go into that too much, but that's true as well.


It's such a joke.  Yep.  An awful joke. And by the way, they've been floating the idea of for a while now, oh yeah, you know, even if you get your own antibodies against this thing, they won't last long, they seldom do, they say, maybe a few months. This is their joke. Well, so would their vaccinations by the way, you know, it's the same with them.  It's such a farce what...  Big money though, billions of dollars for a few individuals. Billions and billions and billions of dollars, ‘eh.  And they don't have any come back if folk get sick or paralyzed or narcoleptic like has happened in the past with certain shots.  It won't matter.  Because they've got immunity, and the governments always look after their buddies at the top, the rich folk, you know, the real, real, real rich folk, ‘eh.  Hm? 


I've said before, if this is being made mandatory, you'd better get it from your doctor, to read it out to you what it's got in it. And thoroughly. You're supposed to get informed consent, inform you of the dangers of it.  Like in detail, right. And then agree that you can sue them if you get sick with it, after them telling you it's okay.


You should all be petitioning your governments to toss out these immunity from prosecution that all these corporations have got.  And go for them. And your prime ministers in certain countries that are mandating it too, make sure they accept that they are going to get sued by the public for permitting this to happen. 


This is incredible what's happening here. Incredible. Total slavery to an electronic system as well?  Come on!  No, no, no, no, no.  Nooooo.  No, we're not cattle.  At least I'm not one. Are you?  You have to decide, folks. You really do have to decide. It's up to you. 


I want to mention as well one article...


The Massive Communist Infiltration of the Catholic Church in the 1930s (A:  …and it continued…) Caused the Current Pedophile Crisis - thedailycoin.org / 2 Oct 2018


It’s an article that was put out by the Christian organization. I've read previous ones over the years admitting the same stuff. There was lots of data on it at the time.  They even had certain people who actually selected who would be put into different causes, or even into bureaucracies or into even the Catholic Church as a priest and so on back then.  This was all, this came out at hearings by the way from the folk who were involved, who are the selectors for the Communist Party. I do remember it well. It's not conspiracy stuff. It's factual stuff.  Because they had these trials and the hearings about it not long ago.  But yeah, a lot of them were funneled into the Catholic Church.  They definitely were told to form clubs, which they did. They ended up being the ones who would bring in novices, to bring them in for the Catholic Church.  It's continued for years since then. That's where you've got so much of this trouble from.  


There's an article from the present Archbishop who came out and warned Trump about the Masonic, talking about the Freemasonic group behind it of this thing too.  He is not wrong by the way. He's definitely not wrong what he's saying, and I don't know if Trump understands it or not. I think Trump just does what he told, myself. 


Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now - lifesitenews.com / 6 June 2020


Archbishop Vigano to President Trump - s3.amazonaws.com/lifesite / 7 June 2020


Apostolic Nuncio on Church Pedophilia - assets.documentcloud.org /


Viganò’s accusations: What we know and what questions they raise - americamagazine.org / 26 Aug 2018


That's why you're getting people at the high, some high generals, some of them, not all of them, the media would make you think all of them are against this, what's happening. But it's not so. Some of them, don't forget a lot of the generals are multimillionaires who also literally lobby governments for the military-industrial complex. There's big money in that. So don't forget that for a minute.  And generals do, they do what they're told. The whole idea of a soldier is to get sent to where you go and do your job, it doesn't matter. You don't bring ethics into it.  That's not your job is to be ethical.  That goes all the way up to the very, very top. Their whole job is to win.  That's what they're told to do, go out there and win, you see. I'll touch on the generals in a little while. 


It's interesting, I think it was the same Archbishop who came out with this stuff again about the Catholic Church about two or three years ago, I think.  It was quite interesting.  As I say, I'll touch on what he said to Trump later.


Also this article here, it's about all the amazing, you know, fast testing of different vaccines. Because there's billions of dollars of profit here, you understand this, for those who own the companies.  It's getting tossed, as I say, money is getting tossed out like confetti to these folk, it doesn't matter if it works or not. It doesn't make any difference at all. Or if it kills you, they don't care either.  The hands are out. Just like the ones who got all the different money agreements before the thing even broke out for goodness’ sake, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO.


2 billion doses of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine will be available after a new deal that included $750m from Bill Gates, AstraZeneca says

businessinsider.com / 5 June 2020


2 billion doses of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine are due to be produced (A:  I think that fell apart, I’m quite sure. And that was from May this article here, maybe.)  after pharma giant AstraZeneca struck two new deals to double the supply.


AstraZeneca partnered with the Serum Institute of India to supply doses to low-and-middle income countries. 400 million of these should be ready by the end of 2020.


There is still no guarantee the vaccine will work — but the company is pushing ahead with production anyway


(A:  It’s interesting that Trump did say that he would shorten the testing times for different drugs when he first ran for politics, to get in for the presidency. That's no coincidence, folks. Because it should take two or three years or a few years to test any vaccine, and to see what the fallout effect is.  Because there will be long-term effects that won't even manifest initially either by the way. Especially when you're going into RNA type vaccines that are going to alter your genetic makeup [Alan chuckles.]  and so on.)


to shorten the timeline in case it does prove effective.


The global supply of a potential coronavirus vaccine being developed at Oxford University…


(A:  And some of them at the Oxford University by the way, I think one of them was even working at Wuhan.  I might be wrong on that, but I remember reading the article about one of the women who worked, it was at Oxford, was looking to get contracts for some kind of testing kits as well, I think.  They're all at it. What d'you think they're in business for? To teach folk, because they love to teach people about...?  No, no, no.  They're in there for the handouts and the grants and the business opportunities that terror brings, you know.  Of course they're all working with the...)


…Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and Gavi the Vaccine Alliance (A:  The Bill Gates group and so on.) to boost its supplies.


(A:  And no doubt, its sales, ‘eh.)


Of course they're coming out with it again now, you see, now that things might die down after all the protests and different, you know, things that are going on.


STAY AWAY Britain’s beaches could fuel second coronavirus wave and may have to be locked down, MPs warn (A:  No kidding, eh?)

thesun.co.uk / 7 June 2020


(A: I hope the folk just ignore all this stuff.  Matt Hancock again, oh, my goodness...)


Matt Hancock raised the prospect of localised restrictions yesterday - hinting that areas hit harder by coronavirus could face tougher measures than others.


Politicians from multiple parties have now warned beaches could be those forced to lockdown due to the influx of visitors.


(A:  Ohhhh, my goodness, ‘eh.  Hhhhh.)


Meanwhile more folk die with the flu. Every year. Yep. But they'll keep the con going because out of this is the whole new world... a new world system, not just a system in Europe or Britain or whatever, ‘eh, it's a WORLD system. 


And you have to go back to having sex with masks on, and you know it's illegal if you have sex with strangers. Even if they've got a mask on.  You might get afraid if you notice it’s your spouse and you didn't know it at the beginning. And so will they.  There ya go.


Him Couples "Should Wear Masks During Sex" (A: It must be a joke surely.)  In COVID World, 'Experts' Advise - zerohedge.com / 7 June 2020


Experts advise. I wonder how much money they get for advising. As I say, I could sit and make up these things all day long.  I should have my hands out, and put a shingle outside the door, you see.  I could do better stuff, I give you better results, and give long-winded explanations why you should do this or that, or not do this or that, you see.  And I could always say, a further grant would help me study it even deeper. That's how you get along in these businesses, you see. They churn out thousands of these folk from universities every year.  Parasites, all of them.  With their expert advice, and, let me look at this closer, you know.  Drinking red wine every night, one glass, it's good for your heart.  Wow.  Give me another, and I'll see, I'll tell you next year.  There ya go.


Here's another good one…


Walking to work is WORSE for environment than car sharing (A:  Hhhh!) because it makes you eat more leading to higher greenhouse emissions, new study finds - dailymail.co.uk / 11 June 2020


Oh, my goodness!  Ttt.  As I say, I'll put up that [Alan laughing.] comedian who's awfully good, you know, good skits he does. It's about how, he's talking about the really, really virtuous type, you know, at the top.  The ones who are really spiritual, in the new spirituality, the ones that preen themselves in front of everybody.  About how they argue. It's awfully good too.  It's about food too, you know. And they use all the modern pseudo-psychological chatter because they get it all from these books they consume like you wouldn't believe. They're always buying books to tell them how to behave, what to think, what to do and what to eat, you know. It makes them more enlightened than other people.


How Spiritual People Fight (Comic) - youtube.com / 15 March 2013


So there ya go.  Walking is worse for the environment, because you're eating more. Who would've thought? I'm glad an expert must have noticed that.  It says…


Walking to work is WORSE for environment than car sharing (A:  Hhhh!) because it makes you eat more leading to higher greenhouse emissions, new study finds

dailymail.co.uk / 11 June 2020


It may have many health benefits including cutting the risk of catching coronavirus.


(A:  Well, why would it cut the risk?)


But walking to work could produce more greenhouse gas than driving.


The carbon footprint of producing the extra food a walker needs as ‘fuel’ for the journey would be more than that of a car travelling the same distance.


(A:  Wow!  I've never tried feeding into my car, I don't know if it will work or not.)


Researchers estimate that, in a country with high calorie diets such as the UK, walking for one kilometre would require food that would have generated around 0.26kg of carbon dioxide compared with 0.21kg of CO2 for the petrol used by a car.


(A:  Can you believe this junk!  [Alan chuckles.])


The scientists, from Otago University in New Zealand and Oxford University (A:  Natually.), said a carshare scheme over short distances could produce less greenhouse gas than one person walking.


Now, isn't it just the psychologists behind it all saying, stop the folk from using so much cars by making them all cram into the one car. That would apparently, that apparently was deadly, that's why a lot of the folk that worked in these meatpacking plants and so on, that were brought up from Latin America, and this was in the papers here and I read the articles, so it's not fake news, they were cramming the cars and their employers were getting so worried because they wouldn't social distance!  Ttt!  So here you are, no, you're supposed to cram into the car as they're going to spike the coronavirus con game again.  And it's okay then. It's beautiful how they can keep changing reality back and forth, ‘eh?  Do you realize if you go back and forth with their statements you'd be a basket case? Very quickly.  Hm. 


So, food is a major source, once again getting that guilt thing through to you. You're eating, you are eating the supply of lettuce on this planet, you certain little you, yep.  So if you're really small now, you're so insignificant and small, can we have your liver?  Hm?  So there you go, some con game article. This is how they do this stuff.


Remember too, the agenda at the top from the population control group, right, and the WEF, said all they really want coming out of this new world order and Covid nonsense, etc., what they've got to do is only authorized businesses that are green and that are sustainable to open up, and the other ones to be banned, like permanently. Are you getting the message here, folks?  This is a big agenda.  This has nothing to do with the virus. This is the excuse.  Just like the Club of Rome came up with the excuse of blaming climate change on humans and that would be the excuse for changing us all and reducing our intake of food and everything else that we need to live.  Hm.  Are you starting to get the message here?


This isn't...  The virus is the excuse that was eventually chosen.  Climate change wasn't panning out the way they wanted it to. As I say, this last week or so I'm getting freezing temperatures, freezing, right on the freezing in Fahrenheit, like 32°, 33°, 40° at the most, per night, this last...  This is June!  This is the middle of June. So the global warming isn't panning out, you see. So along comes Covid.  Ooooooooh, oh, we can't live like we used to live.  Ooooh, Covid, Covid, sustainability, and we've got to reduce our caloric intake, and because of food rationing, yada, yada, ya. You starting to get the picture here?  ‘Eh? 


Having sex with someone you don't live with is illegal from today under coronavirus lockdown laws

standard.co.uk / 1 June 2020


Brits have been banned from having sex with anyone outside of their own household under new coronavirus lockdown legislation rolled out by the Government.


(A:  That's from the Evening Standard. That's a broken standard I'm sure after reading this.)


Officials on Monday introduced new measures that ban people in England from socialising indoors with anyone not already in their household bubble.


(A: [Alan laughing.]  That's a new name for it, for bursting your bubble.)


Up until Monday, the person visiting another's house would have been the one in breach of lockdown rules.


But now both people could be prosecuted under the new amendment to The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020 bill.


(A: I'll have to look it up and see if it's really true.)


But the amendment to the bill now makes clear only those with "reasonable excuses" will be allowed to meet indoors, with sex not featuring on the list of exemptions.


"No person may, without reasonable excuse, stay overnight at any place other than the place where they are living," it says.


(A: Except politicians, I guess, and folk working, well, like Neil Ferguson did, you know.  He had no problem with that. And other politicians too by the way, you know. But again, the virus, that virus is very politicized, and it will allow special folk who are much superior to everybody else to do these things. This is for the ordinary folk, you understand, you know, the peasantry.)


Those who may be deemed to have a reason for meeting others indoors are sports professionals, people attending funerals, vulnerable persons fleeing a risk of violence, carers and those with unavoidable work commitments.


For people attending a funeral of a loved one, the new rules also permit an overnight stay…


(A:  I guess they don’t let the body stay in the coffin very long either, ‘eh.  With all the folk standing around there, it will be a fast funeral, bum-bum-bum. Maybe they’ve got a big bubble over the coffin, I don’t know. Who knows? Nothing would surprise me these days, folks.  I mean, why should athletes be allowed to stay in a different location to their own residents if they're training for competition? Do you know how much food they're eating?! And carbon dioxide they're putting off when they're training?! Do you understand what's going on here!  Hm!  Hm?  I'm telling you.)


Guidance issued to officers by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and College of Policing said: “You may only direct a person to return home.  (A:  … if they find them out.)


“There are no powers in the Regulations to remove someone or use force.


(A:  Really!  Well, they've been arresting folk in Britain, under fixed penalty notices...)


“Fixed-penalty notices (FPNs) and arrest still apply, where appropriate.”


(A:  Oh, so they're still going to arrest you and give you fines.  M-m-hm-hm.)


I dunno, I just don't know.  Yep.  Another article I'll put up too is…


Coronavirus (COVID-19): shielding support and contacts

gov.scot/publications / 12 June 2020


(A: This is for Scotland, this one here.   It says...)


This document is part of a collection.


(A: I guess you're going to spend your whole life reading all their stuff and everything. This is from the government.)


If you require urgent support with food, please call your local authority. You can do this directly or via the free national health line.  (A: And they give you a number.)


Weekly grocery packs:  If you buy them online or have someone else who is able to get the food and the household items you need, you should carry on getting things in this way.


(A:  You need your government to tell you this, ‘eh?)


If you're not able to get these things we can send you weekly grocery packs, the basic food boxes are free and there's no delivery charge.


(A:  And they tell you what's in it, you know. Pasta, the usual stuff, pasta.  Actually, they've got more stuff in it than I've got.)


Teabags, bread, baked beans, pasta.  (A:  All free.) Fruit one and two. Shower gel. (A: I don't know what shower gel is. I don't do any kinky stuff in the shower.)  Semiskilled UHT milk.  Cooking sauce. Pre-potato, or whole washed.  (A:  I don't know.)  tin meat, tuna, vegetables, (A:  ...peas probably...) chopped tomatoes, tinned fruit and toilet roll. 


If you're not able to eat some of the food supplied and feel that the remaining contents of the packet are not enough, please contact your local authority.


So there you go.  They didn't bother with it in Canada. We just, you know, Canada mind you, won't have the problems with the rioting, or mass demonstrations that turn into burning places down like the States. Because Canada is already communist, I don't have to go through that. We've been communist for a long time here. We're progressive, you see, and that's why we don't get these problems.  [Alan laughing.]   


Anyway, you could go on and on forever with this kind of stuff you understand. Because it is a whole new way of controlling the minds of the public by trying to get them into, well maybe they're right here, maybe they've got a point here. This is the whole point of it. Don't get into their POINTS!  The real point is, don't get involved in it to begin with, just stick to your own common sense. 


Psychology is being used on you all the time, through this entire debacle here. And it's not stopping. They want a new system worldwide with the technocratic expert run world, you see, of massive bureaucrats that are just really, they're not experts at all, they're just bureaucrats appointed to the jobs.  They've got no end of things they want to try on you and make you do.  Hm?  They really do. I hope you understand.


As I say, I'll put up the one too for...


SAGE publishes evidence - Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures



(A: ...and how they’re going to make you all do it, and terrify you, and coerce you, and frighten you and so on.  And different types of, they've got different categories of behavior all fathomed out, different kinds of people and what kind of pressure that will apply to the different groups, you see.  Some folks are more terrified than others, and others are not. And how they will use social approval and disapproval.  Oh, you're a good boy. Oh, you're a bad boy, bad boy, you know. And little gold stars and give you publicity for having a gold star. Yep.  It's just astonishing ‘eh.  And more legislation, like masses of legislation that they keep coming up with, ‘eh.)


Consideration should be given to use of social disapproval but with a strong caveat around unwanted negative consequences.

(A:  A new form of social infrastructure, they mobilize quickly too it says here.)


Then this one here too from Zero Hedge. It says…


"We're All Suspects Now": A Look Inside The NSA's New "Contact Chaining" Tool

zerohedge.com / 31 May 2020


(A: That's what it's called, ‘eh, contact chaining tool.  It's astonishing isn't it. I've already read the article, Bill Gates and the other guy had arranged, who was going to get the contract, etc. for chasing contacts up, etc., tracing.)


We all know Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA collects and stores massive databases of information on Americans’ phone call and text metadata.


(A:  And they do.  Everything. Everything.  Folk forget on the phone who they're, you know, there's a 3rd ear in every phone call. I always say that. And it's a permanent one, you know. Never scrubbed.)


But then what? Most people think it sits on ice until and unless an alphabet agency like the FBI, CIA, or DHS wants to dig through it.


In reality, it is processed into a detailed map of your social contacts, constantly updating with new data.


(A:  I gave these talks years ago, same thing.)


Everytime you make a phone call or send a text, a new piece of data enters the government’s hands, and they update the map of your social contacts.


(A:  I think they’ve been listening to me maybe.)


A new book explores the “contact chaining” tool, which is an essential second piece of the collection and storage of mass metadata.


This tool allows the NSA to play “six degrees of separation” to connect you to almost anyone.


They call it “contact chaining,” as in, determining who you are linked to. They know better than us who is in our inner circle, who are our casual contacts, and who is a friend of a friend.


(A:  They call them clusters actually; I gave these talks years ago.)


This is so much broader than the government seeing when you sent a text. They can map out your entire social life.


And as coronavirus “contact tracing” comes into effect, it would be wise to remember just how dangerous it is for the government to have such detailed information on all Americans.


Everyone is being investigated, before they are ever suspected of committing a crime. We’re all suspects now.


* * *


Ohio judge blocks state from enforcing lockdowns against gyms


(A: I'll put that article up for those who want to read it. 



* * *


Judge rules FBI can’t even look at your phone’s lock screen without a warrant


When police arrest a suspect, they inventory personal items like a cell phone.


During the process of powering down a phone, it is reasonable for law enforcement to see the phone’s screen.


That had already happened in this case.


But the FBI agent did not bother asking a judge for a warrant. (A:  …from a judge.)  And that made it an illegal search under the Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure, according to a judge.


The evidence was thrown out.


What this means:


When we are so used to the government doing whatever it wants, and not facing any consequences, little victories like these are encouraging.


There is a reason the Constitution attempted to restrict law enforcement and government powers when it came to the rights of the accused.


Otherwise, it is far too easy for the government to go digging around for a crime, without ever suspecting one in the first place.


(A:  That’s what they do, a fishing expeditions, that’s what they call them.)


And with the number of petty laws and victimless crimes out there, we are all guilty of something


(A: But the first article is, you know, it mentions that there's a book out now.)


A new book explores the “contact chaining” tool


I gave these talks years ago, how every day, every day that you put stuff up on to all the different social media, and your phone calls, it's all collected.  The Pentagon even had articles about virtual you’s that got set up for everybody, they've got a virtual you.  Like a game thing. They add to your personality updates to it.  They can do little games on it with your personality and your behavior in it and so on, and give it little tasks and little situations where, to see how it will react in the computer model. They say it's pretty accurate to how you would probably behave in real life faced with similar things. This is how, you have no idea how far into it...  And these characters say, we have no idea about who's terrorists and who's not a terrorist, and what they're going to do.  Oh, come on here, ‘eh?  I-yi.  N-n-n-n-n.  Quite something.


[Alan chuckles…]


After Endorsing Mass Protests, Gov. Cuomo Threatens New Yorkers Congregating, Janice Dean Finishes Off His Hypocrisy

redstate.com / 13 June 2020


How the media has covered the BLM protests versus any other public activity is quite a study in contrasts.


While they have by and large not chastised any protesters for marching in huge groups, some without masks, they have said that cause is so important that it trumps the concerns.


By contrast the lockdown, other constitutional rights, your jobs and feeding your families were not important, deemed essential or something the state was going to ‘allow’ you to do.


Here’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo demonstrating that very dynamic.


(A:  He’s a real politician, though.  He’s a consummate liar.)



Archive: Governor Andrew Cuomo

@NYGovCuomo / 1 June 2020 8:49am


I share the outrage of the injustice and I stand with the protesters.


(A:  This is after he threatened everybody for leaving their homes and lockdown.  [Alan chuckles.]   He just goes with the wind, doesn't he?)


It’s not just George Floyd. There are 50 or more cases just like it.


It is rooted in hundreds of years of racism and injustice.


Let’s use this energy constructively and demand real, positive change.


(A:  Well, what kind of change are you looking for? What kind of new system are you in on, ‘eh?  Because that's what it is. They're all in on it at the top.  And he isn't at the very top either. But he's long term so he's got more of an idea of what's going on.  He says…)



Archive: Governor Andrew Cuomo

@NYGovCuomo / 1 June 2020 7:32pm


There are justified peaceful protests across the state tonight.


But there are also people criminally exploiting this pain and this moment.


We will not tolerate it.


(A: Remember last week I read too that he said, I can't really force folk to do anything, anything you do in lockdown or so on is because you allow us to do it.  [Alan chuckles.]   So he said it. Getting himself off the hook then. Now he's back to wanting to put down a lockdown again once this thing is over, right.)


He didn’t do anything to stop rioters and looters.


But now here he is on Saturday, threatening people for congregating on the street on Friday in NYC, in the Village, mostly without masks in video from the East Village Grieve blog.



Archive: Governor Andrew Cuomo

@NYGovCuomo / 9:00 AM · Jun 13, 2020·


Don't make me come down there...


(A:  ...says Andrew Cuomo in his own site.)


Notice the boarded up establishments on the street, likely from the rioting and looting.



Emily Miller

@emilymiller / 9:49 AM · Jun 13, 2020


Is Cuomo joking or literally threatening citizens for walking public streets?


(A:  And I love this, what this person commented.  Because Cuomo remember is the one who ordered all the folk, all the elderly into, and all the nursing homes to accept folk who were testing positive, into the homes, and spreading it, and killing them all. To get the numbers up. That's what it was.  So someone commented to Cuomo and says...)


So what are you going to do, throw them into nursing homes? 


(A: [Alan chuckles.] If they have to go to the streets, that's punishment.  But really, that's how it is.)


That's how it really is, isn’t it. It's nothing to do with what they tell you it is. 


Former NY Times reporter bashes governors over coronavirus toll in nursing homes: 'A lot to answer for' - foxnews.com / 14 May 2020


But yeah, you've got to understand, you're disposable now. Most folk.  It depends on who you are.  Yeah, you've all got categories of importance. But we are disposable, no doubt about it.  And this one here… Dr. Birx, the nodder, she nods a lot.  She agrees with everything Fauci says and nods, nods, nods.  Yeah.  She says…


Birx says dozens of coronavirus testing sites have been destroyed by rioters

justthenews.com / 10 June 2020


(A: Ttt.  Oh. That's awful.  And she's the task force coordinator it says here.  [Alan chuckles.]  She's a career bureaucrat really, like Fauci and the pal deals with the same, she's like an ambassador across the world to dispense money to certain groups and so on.)


White House coronavirus task force coordinator Deborah Birx says that dozens of COVID-19 testing sites have been destroyed by rioters during the recent Black Lives Matter protests, a setback the Trump administration fears could contribute to the continued spread of the disease throughout the country.


Numerous recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations, sparked by the killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd at the hands of local police, have descended into chaos and violence as some protesters have taken to property destruction, clashing with police and looting.


Among the consequences of those riots has been the destruction of 70 COVID-19 testing sites across the country.


Birx said the destroyed testing locations have already resulted in a drop in testing rates in the affected areas. She urged governors to ensure that "there is testing available in urban areas" within their states, according to the Beast.


Some health officials in recent weeks have been concerned that the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, which have sometimes involved tens of thousands of individuals packed into city streets, will result in a sharp spike in coronavirus cases.


So yeah, they're all getting it, ‘eh, to some extent or another.


Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ according to WHO official

independent.co.uk / 8 June 2020


(A: I've got a few articles on that actually. One from the WHO themselves, and a video on it by the way where you hear the official saying that. After telling us, oh, you know, someone who's asymptomatic is probably spreading it all over the place, so we've got to lockdown the whole population of the planet. Right?  Now they're telling you, the same organization is telling you, oh, asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is very rare, according to the WHO official.)


“What we really want to be focused on is following the symptomatic cases,” Maria Van Kerkhove said.


There you go. It's amazing how reality can just change, ‘eh, from one ridiculous extreme to another, isn't it?  Whoof, just like that. And you're supposed to go along with it and say, oh well I guess the experts know best.  It depends on the side of the bed they get up on, I think, what they tell you.


Now, this is something I want to mention here. It's awfully important to what's happening.  Getting back to the whole, let’s get back to the basics. The reason for everything that’s happening is population reduction and a new form of ruling the planet. They’ve mentioned it at the WEF.  They even mentioned it at the last big meeting they had, we might have to go down the whole extent for sustainability, deciding who can live and die, who can breed and who can't breed. Remember that old eugenics idea? Well, it's never gone away. It's never been old, really, it's always been there. And it's always new. And it's always spoken at the right time. It's a trial balloon getting you used to, ready for the new system. And the whole generation's growing up that's all freaking out right now, we're all going to die anyway, what's the point in having children, yada, yada, ya, and yeah, they've trained them all. It's just all working along one direction.  That's what the elites have always wanted.  Less of you.


Ecologists, like it's a religion, ecologists.  What are you? I'm an ecologist. I thought we were all ecologists in a sense, aren't we, you know? Oh no, we're special ecologists, we're virtuous and we know what has to be done. So…


Social Norms and Global Environmental Challenges: The Complex Interaction of Behaviors, Values, and Policy

academic.oup.com / 1 March 2013 / Paul R. Ehrlich


...urged the government to move beyond existence levels of public permission


(A: This is what I've been on about four years folks, ‘eh.  This is an old article.  Hm.)


...governments can and even should move beyond extant levels of public permission in order to shift norms, allowing public sentiment to later catch up with the regulation.


(A: Again, back to what Justin Trudeau, admires China, they don't have the same problems having to convince the public to go along with things, they just do it. Because they're not Democratic, you see. The Club of Rome, the same bunch again, same old bunch, all come up with the same articles over and over.)


In a peer-reviewed paper


(A: They're always peer reviewed. Oh, that means they're really important.)


put out by the American Institute of biological sciences


(A: That's the ones that do the ethics as well, the new norms and ethics and so on.  It's called...)


Social Norms and Global Environmental Challenges


(A:  Exactly from the Club of Rome, the same stuff.)


To be published in the 2013 edition of Bioscience. 


A group of well-known scientists


(A:  ... WELL known, you see.)


calls on government and scientists to start with the planned social engineering of norms and values in regards to environmental policies.


(A:  This is new norms and values.)


The objective, according to the authors, is that these engineered norms must work their way into existing ones so finally environmental policies will be accepted without reserve.


(A:  ...meaning, you get forced to accept it.)


A sustained campaign in other words, with the government and scientists working together


(A:  Isn't that what they just did with this whole con of Covid?  Hm?  And their SAGE organization? But here, let's work with scientists in government to create new normals, ‘eh, isn't that wonderful. They say…)


It will gradually create changes in behavior so environmental policies will be more easily accepted over the course of some time.


(A:  There you go. You will know it's happening, it's gradual, you see.)


Life scientists could make fundamental contributions to the agenda through targeted research on the emergence of social norms.


Substantial numbers of people will have to alter their existing behaviors to address this new class of global environmental problems. 


Alternative approaches are needed when education and persuasion alone are insufficient.


(A:  Right. There you go. Down, down, down. And through all education.  You've had it.  It's been taught in all the schools, and they've created them. We're all going to die. You bad older folk have eaten all the food and destroyed the planet, and oh my God, the planet is dying!  Really?  Have you looked around you?  Hm?  I tell ya.)


The scientists expressed confidence that the recommendations can be carried out in a way that abides by their principles of representative democracy.


(A: You know they're going beyond all that and creating, using psychology and science to persuade you to do what they want you to do, right.  Psy-ops again.  This is what they do. I read the articles too over many years. I get...  to me this is all old stuff. And this is an old article.  But this is what they're doing right now by the way...)


...move beyond existence levels of public permission.


Just do it, get on with it. The Club of Rome came out with that with their books years ago, the Limits to Growth and all that, and The First Global Revolution.


You'll hear the other guys parroting this next week by the way.  They never give me... [Alan chuckles.] I think for anything, and they use my archives for their talks, otherwise they'd just talk politics and who to vote for.


But that's the articles I'm going to use for the Covid thing right now by the way. Now I'll get into some of the other stuff to do with the overthrow of everything, the big overthrow that's going on. Or, the appearance of the overthrow, you understand, right, and how it's being allowed to go on by the establishment.  It's quite amazing, isn't it. I'll continue with more of these articles because they all tie in together. You think things are separate but they're not separate at all.  Everything is mentioned here tonight, and things still to mention, that are even a few years old, are all connected, completely connected with one agenda. 


You'll find out, if you ponder things, don't get tied up in the minutia of things.  It's like looking at signs and symptoms of a disease.   You can always tell, that's how you come a conclusion and the diagnosis of what the disease is, you see.  When you see all things working together...


It's like Bill Gates. Bill Gates who also came out with the reimagining education, you know, and his system would be for a lockdown society, a permanently locked down society all doing it from home on the computers, using his system and his curriculum. What a power over the planet that would be, to give a common culture.  That would be UNESCO on steroids, ‘eh.  And that's what they want, folks.


And they've got George Soros who wanted, a few years ago he came out with, he wanted a nationalized police force for America, a centralized...  Centralization, centralization, centralization. That's totalitarianism, folks.  Hm?  Think about it.


Remember too before I forget again, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and donate a few bucks my direction.  Because I'll still be going, hopefully, if I'm still breathing, or being allowed to breathe or whatever, as things get worse and worse and worse. Which they will. They're not stopping. You understand, this is a war against the whole planet, really, the people of the planet going on right now using different guises for the same thing.


It's also to threaten other groups and get racial groups fighting each other. There's no doubt about it.  When one group is getting promoted over the other, and the others are supposed to sit and cower, as being bad, guilty, nasty people, while the other ones who are ready to do them in are being lauded as having some natural revenge rights or something, for things that never happened to them, ‘eh...  Come on here.  Hm?  Things that happened centuries ago?


I'll mention one article too. It's called…


The Real Racists

paulcraigroberts.org / 11 June 2020


The worst racists in the world are the US print and TV media, NPR, and university administrations.  Their racism is directed entirely at white people. Although Ron Unz is correct that Harvard University discriminates against Asians and limits their enrollment as Harvard once limited Jewish enrollment, it is white people who are accused by white media and white political leaders of both parties of the racial suppression of black peoples.  Even Trump’s vice president has taken the side of black looters against looted whites, as has the Republican majority leader in the US Senate.


That doesn’t bode well, when you’ve got...  You understand, the people above all of this, again, in government and the deep state are allowing all this to happen. They're promoting all of this rioting, and the divisions and divisions and divisions.  Because this is part of the agenda. Out of chaos comes out the new order.  That's what comes out of it. That's what it's about, ordo ab chao.  The folk who participate in it always forget it, they get emotionally involved and they forget what's really behind it all and who's going to win and what kind of system is going to come in. 


But that's what's happening. Of course folk, you can see it on YouTube. You'll see some of the people in cars and so on yelling to the crowds and the gangs that are burning stuff and so on, to kill white people. There's no mistaking what they're saying here.  And you can imagine if it was the other way around, there would be all hell to pay and oh, heads must roll, etc.  But no, when you're allowing this to get advocated, from the very top, and what are white folk supposed to do here?  Hm?  Do they want retaliation here? Or if white folk are threatened and the police aren't going to turn up to help them out, they’re on their own, what do you expect them to do?


You see, do you understand, this is all connected here. There's folk in London, I noticed, who are doing a bit of rioting too. Again, they're not all peaceful, believe you me, according to the media. This is not happy fun-and-games things.  They're not peaceful at all some of them. There's folk that Britain has welcomed in from all these countries that were never slaves. And they've been given the best starts in Britain too. If you really want to, the doors are open for university and everything if you want it, and even the financial support.  There's nothing to bitch about here folks, you know, for things that happened centuries ago.


Centuries ago, as I say, off the shores of Britain they tried, they deported people. They created stacks of laws in poverty times where you'd get deported for and sentenced to get put off to another country as an indentured servant.  They didn't like calling you a slave but that's what it was.  You were bought coming off the boat, and the cut went back to the judge that sentenced you, and part to the captain. And these were white folk.  They were the first ones. They died too quickly on plantations, so they tried American Indians too. That same thing happened to the native Indians, they died as well.  So they brought in Africans. And a lot of them were sold off by African chiefs over there too.  Some of them even had their own little empires on the go. This is not an unknown thing here. 


So yeah, you'll find the same thing even going back into much older times.  You found in Ireland when Saint Patrick went into Ireland, I mean, he'd been caught himself and made to be a slave at one point.  He escaped. He came back in to try to stop the pagan rights going on there with sacrifices and so on. But that was a normal thing was to enslave people you conquered. The Romans did the same thing. The Greeks did it.  Across Africa and different tribes they did it to each other as well. That's the unfortunate history of humankind, folks. Very unfortunate history. Really terrible.


But this is all being manufactured in recent years for different reasons by the same group that brought you communism.  [Alan chuckles.]  Long before you heard of Antifa and so on.  It's on the go, it's working well because it's much higher powers behind all of this.


As I say, send me a few bucks my way. Hopefully I can keep ticking a long as we go through the chaos.  Because it's not going to end with this. This is just part of it. The Covid was another part before it.  They've mentioned about the Covid, they want a whole new world order. What do you think that means?  Hm?  It means they're going to give you a different TV station added or something? No, no. This is a whole new order of doing things, being, accepting what you're told to do by experts from birth to death, and how much you’re going to eat and not eat, and how much you're going to pay for the privilege of being alive, and consuming, and all that, and carbon taxes. This is the whole thing, folks, right down to who will breed and who will not breed. That's what's to come out of all of this, all of this chaos, you see.  All of it.


And you can't go having racial wars along the way too. There's no doubt about it, one police chief, I'll put the article up too.  He mentioned that they should be looking into, and they will be looking into the relationship between George Floyd and this policeman who was on his neck for 8 1/2 minutes.  Because they knew each other. They had hit, they had butted heads, it says, before in the club that they worked at and so on, some night club or whatever or dance club I'm not sure what it was. But anyway, yeah, they knew each other and there's definitely some kind of animosity there regardless on top of it all.


Houston chief says investigators should look 'very closely' at history between George Floyd, Derek Chauvin - foxnews.com / 10 June 2020


Because the guy, yeah, you just, what were they doing during that particular neck movement? Which is not used except in advanced martial arts really. I know it's used by another country that teaches America, this is true, I mean, a lot of American police how to do anti-terrorism movements and so on and that's part of it too, this kind of, they call it restraint. It's not restraints. It's rather deadly force as you know. Even if George died of a heart attack as they say might have happened, regardless, you can get amazing permanent damage occurring if you cut off the carotid artery.  Yeah, damage, incredible damage. In the brain too, of course you do.  That's if you survive it.


So no, this is amazing. It's never been explained why they just had 8 1/2 minutes like that.  8 1/2 minutes. And that's not all the cops, believe you me. There's no way. There was something else going on here.  I looked at some of the cops in New York City in different places here all being accused of being racist and so on. No.  Hhhch.  In modern society, they've got to be almost, it's beyond social work, believe you me, what they have to put up with too and still not go overboard.  In today's society, with drugs and alcohol and drugs, and the drugs they have now too, my goodness, ‘eh, and the domestic squabbles that are going on, gang fights, yada, yada.  The society is in a mess.  It is in an awful, awful mess.  Isn't it? It truly is.


Getting back to what happens to, look at, because Fauci was against anybody interfering with his big plans and Gates plans of who's going to get the contracts, like Gilead antiviral and so on.  They can immediately, immediately pretty well ban hydroxychloroquine across the country, and buy up all the stocks by the way, I think the US government bought it all off, that's what we were told anyway, until the folk can’t get it. The ordinary folk just can't get it, right. They can do that instantly, right.  But they can't stop drugs flowing into the country from all over the planet, and China with the fentanyl, hhhch, that's where most of it’s coming from apparently, they just can't stop that.  Who's kidding who?!  Come on here.


But then you know the governments are in, the CIA especially, in with cocaine and heroin and all the rest of it. That was the first thing, going back, because I lived through it, and I did the talks at the time of George Bush Junior.  You know, Junior Bush, the first law that he passed when they invaded Afghanistan was that, yeah, now the Taliban, they could start growing the poppy again.  The poppy, it was banned.  For the opium right, the poppy was banned, poppy growing, by the Taliban when they were in charge of it. They banned it.


That's bad for business when you're flogging the eventual substitutes of the stuff that comes out of opium like the heroin.  The CIA is so involved in using it as black budgets, heroin, across the US ‘eh.  We've lived through the drugs-for-guns and all these kind of things before and yada, yada, ya.  Hhhhh, do you really think your government is, do you have any faith at all in justice anymore when there's so much corruption going on, you know, so much corruption? It's incredible corruption going on.  In Latin America, every intelligence agency on the planet has got its, even helicopters down there in the drug trade, you know, ferrying the stuff back and forth and so on.  Astonishing stuff going on. 


And here they are stirring up, as I say, the race war, ‘eh.  Everything directed at white folk, who just calmly take it.  I don't know if they're so calm, I mean, they're getting a lot of nervous people now, right.  But this article here goes on about...


The Real Racists

paulcraigroberts.org / 11 June 2020


Even Trump’s vice president has taken the side of black looters against looted whites.


The extraordinary destruction of white and Asian businesses in many instances wiping out a family’s lifetime work, the looting of national businesses whose (A:  And he gets really emotional here and calls it... a dumb-excretion, excretion...) dumbshit CEOs support the looters, the merciless gang beatings of whites and Asians who attempted to defend their persons and their property, (A:  Yep.  That's, this is dangerous stuff going on here.) the egging on of the violence by politicians in both parties and by the entirely (A:  I guess he means entirety...) of the media including many alternative media websites, shows a country undergoing collapse. This is why it is not shown in national media.  Some local media show an indication of the violent destruction in their community, but it is not accumulated and presented to a national audience. Consequently, Americans think the looting and destruction is only a local occurance. 


I just checked CNN and the BBC and there is nothing about the extraordinary economic destruction and massive thefts.  Instead, I learn from CNN that Nascar, a Southern institution, has banned Confederate flags—https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/10/us/nascar-bans-confederate-flag-spt-trnd/index.html .  Are Southern people so stupid that they will still attend Nascar races? Yes, they are.


I learned from the BBC that HBO has removed “Gone With The Wind” from its offerings—https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-52990714 . The famous movie is not about racism.  It is about the South in the aftermath of Lincoln’s war.  But the South is racist, and so HBO removed the movie.  Are Southern people so stupid that they will still use HBO.  Yes, they are.


Some years ago I read that a movie theater somewhere in the South—it might have been Louisiana or Mississippi—that had always shown Gone With The Wind on an anniversary had ceased to permit the movie to be shown.  Did Southerners protest and burn down the movie theater?  No.


The US Congress demonstrated its unconcern with America’s unraveling by having the brother of the often convicted criminal George Floyd speak to them.  The US Congress is more interested in grandstanding over a convicted felon’s death than in the unfolding death of our country.


How do these facts boil down to white supremacy?  The only person in the US TV media speaking truthfully about what is going on is Tucker Carlson at Fox News whose firing—indeed murder—is demanded by the “white is evil” multitude.  How long can Fox News hold on?


(A:  This is happening right now by the way.)


There is no doubt that whites have accepted their demise. Whites acknowledge their subservience to blacks by serving as majority enforcers for punishments of whites.  It is so commonplace that it goes unnoticed. Nascar driver Kyle Larson has been fired for using the n-word.


Before the white Nascar representatives of black power will give Kyle Larson his livelihood back, he has to grovel and complete “sensitivity training.” 


So it's not a matter of being right, wrong, or whatever here. What he's getting at really is, I mean, he's obviously getting really ticked off with it. But this is what you're getting for news now. And it's so whitewashed, again there's that word whitewashed.  I saw some of the CNN clips, and my goodness me, I mean, you think it was just the summer of love they were having, you know, and these little barricade areas, barilles.  It really is, isn't it?  That's what they're trying to promote to you. But yeah, it's finished really. It's pretty well finished I would say.


Now, here's the some of the articles here.  But there's no guessing here. This is what I'm trying to get at, there's no guessing that everybody at the top is promoting this. Obviously.  It's one thing to get a culprit who kills someone. But it's another thing to allow, which is obviously a preplanned thing. As I say, Antifa jump on the spike, they wait for a spike occurrence and jump on the back of it. They don't care what it is, but it's gotta be emotional and they jump on the back of it. Because they’re communists technically. But the ones at the very top of Antifa, they know who they're working for, and they know what they want to get out of it obviously. They do.


Another article and it says…


Army: Esper reverses plan to send active-duty troops home - apnews.com / 3 June 2020


It's true, those at the top there are really, come out publicly against Trump. It's interesting to watch this, I just stand back and watch it all. Because there's bigger things going on obviously than what they're telling you. A lot of retired, as I say, a lot of the generals that are against him are actually retired and on the take from the military industrial complex who really want the wars resumed in full force across the Middle East, I hope you understand that.  They want to get on to the total destruction of Syria, it still going on by the way, and a few other places as well. And they want to get rid of Iran and everything that they've signed onto. Because technically they have no problem working for even foreign powers. Because they're lobbyists you understand, a lot of these generals are lobbyists.  They're all in on board with this new world order idea, I have no doubt about it.


So this Archbishop that came out warning Trump about Freemasonry is not off-the-wall by the way. Freemasonry, if you've read the Freemasons books themselves, including Albert Pike's works with Mazzini and so on, they, he gave Mazzini to take over the world revolutionary movement. It was a revolutionary movement, you understand.  They knew exactly who to revolt against and who not to revolt against.  But they were a world revolutionary movement and they, Mazzini took up the cudgel, he was given permission to take it over and further it. Eventually that revolutionary movement became the communist movement, for those who don't know that. 


They started out from Britain, that was one of the headquarters, in London of course.  Before that they had been attacking Holland and other countries too and trying to get rid of Catholicism across Europe to take over. Because Protestantism was a good cover actually for Freemasonry, for those who haven't figured it out yet.  I can remember reading the articles that were in the mainstream papers years ago where so many of the pastors in the Baptist churches in the States were high Freemasons. They were quite openly high Freemasons.  Folk never really quite figured it out.


But when you saw the turn on Trump when he did that PR stunt with the Bible outside St. John's church, St. John the Divine's church in Washington DC, that was a turning point again.  Because the high Masons suddenly were in public view doing something the Masons aren't supposed to do. You understand, it's a Christian church and you're not supposed to have anything, any mention of Christianity in a Masonic lodge. So you're all sworn against Christianity, I hope you understand that.  But you can quote the Old Testament, there's no problem with that, little bits and pieces from it. But the Christian church is anathema to it really. 


So the ones who followed Trump and end up with their faces plastered across the planet, who are in the military, who are his advisors in the military, they really became furious when they realized what they'd done, and how it had been used, that little jaunt.  Again, they really turned like crazy against him. Amazing, isn't it. Amazing.


Then you get of course everybody else jumping on the bandwagon, oh my goodness, do you know that they worship Lucifer?  Pike mentioned that himself, you know.  So did Blavatsky, who was given the right to create a kind of female version with the Easter Star version of it for Theosophy and so on.  It's so interesting. It's a whole area there that's very, very interesting but I won't go into it all, about her, what she worked towards, and what others work towards too.


But yeah, Mazzini was put in charge of the revolutionary movement for the world for a while and he wrote about it. Pike wrote about it as well. There's no guesswork here, Pike did pretty well say that you know, that Lucifer of course is their, a God, you see.  So did definitely Blavatsky did, no doubt about it, make no doubt that Lucifer is God.


This is the whole thing of the dualism of life, you know.  He also had a strange name they give the morning star, you know, Lucifer.  Because Jesus was also given reference as the bright morning star.  So this is the idea of dualism, dualism, dualism all through everything. The dualism through nature, and human nature, and the control factor of the world. 


Getting back to what I mentioned earlier about The Stone Cutter. [The White Cutter.]  And the tesserated floor of course of black-and-white, you know, you move in between the black and the white, that which is visible to the public and not so visible by them.  But the occultists see what they're also doing, and what you're hearing. You can hear the same things and get two totally different messages from it, if you know how to decipher what you're hearing, you know, and seeing.


But again, yeah, this masonry idea was always for a world order.  Always for new world order.  They believe, because they're all working for the big boys that are way, way above them, believe you me, that they'll be rewarded. But still, they're working for the big boys way above them that plan it all and really mightily, hhhch, you know, benefit financially, etc. from their big power moves at the very, very top.  But it is interesting to watch it happening.


Freemasonry under Pike was really dedicated to the destruction of existing religions.  They would take what they could from other religions, they didn't mind talking about Muslims and so on.  Benjamin Franklin talks about it quite openly in his own memoirs and he says that, when I'm in the east, I'm a Muslim.  In other words he'd be like a chameleon, he would put on the appearance of whatever was the dominant system, you know. Like the old adage, when in Rome do what the Romans do.  That's the covers they take basically.


Don't forget, when you worship someone who's the Grand Master in the east, you're giving them the respect of a god, you understand.  The sun rises in the east, eh?  But yeah, there's a whole different system in freemasonry, and the military is completely, completely immersed in it, you know, totally baptized in it.  The police used to be a one time too. And the black lodges as well, Obama is in Prince Hall, the Prince Hall Lodge and so on.  Everything is catered to. Women are catered to by the Eastern Star and a few other organizations. The world is run by these organizations.  It's quite fascinating to watch it all happening.


So yeah, you're watching them bring, they'll create more and more chaos, then they'll bring out the order.  Order out of chaos.  That's the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  You'll see it happen, it might not be pleasant. And to make it happen on a world scale it's got to be absolutely chaotic and horrific and terrible with lots of suffering. What you’re seeing now might be the testing of the birth pangs basically, for a worse thing to come.


I really think so because the Antifa itself, they don't care about what really happens, they jump on it and use it, whatever it is.  Whoever is being, who claims victimhood, they jump on the bandwagon.  They say that in their manuals, their training manuals that when there's a spike, social grievances or whatever, they jump on it immediately, go into action, and then they use, they hide behind it, but they also use it to push for world, this, it's not anti-fascist, it's pro-communism for a New World order.  Along the ways of George Soros and along the designs of Bill Gates and all the big folk who already believe that they really have the right to rule the world. They certainly own enough of it.  That's what's happening.


So yeah, you'll see the military going against Trump right now. Because he hasn't, the only time he got kudos from the military and the politicians is when he did send the missiles over into Syria that time, when they had to fake, they tried to blame them for releasing weapons of mass destruction, gas or whatever. Which they had not it turns out.  But facts don't matter. He sent the missiles over anyway, and suddenly the papers, oh, he was a good guy again.  For a little while. A very short time. But he didn't get on with the wars enough and they’re not too happy about it.  And that's a fact. The top generals are well rewarded for getting the wars going, you know. Really. Big time.


California attorney allegedly offers free representation to black people willing to kill police

washingtonexaminer.com / 9 June 2020


A southern California criminal defense attorney is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly advocating that black people kill police officers…


"It won’t stop until black people start murdering cops, which they should do — often and with great relish. These c---sucking, low-iq, can’t get into law school jarheads need an asphalt nap, during which they bleed out on the streets where they’re shot down. I would have no problem with them. I would absolutely 100 percent defend to the death any African American who picked off a cop or two. It’s time. It’s well past time," one screenshot read.


Well, that doesn't bode well when you have these things being promoted, and allowed, at the top. What's so evident is the complete lack of backing up of people, telling them they'll be protected when all this is going on, that's just nothing being said, that I can hear anyway. Really. From the top down. Which doesn't bode well for anybody... for anybody, folks. I really think they want to get racial wars on the go. That's all I can imagine here.


Another article by Paul Craig Roberts says...


Can We Survive Our Collective Stupidity?

paulcraigroberts.org / 9 June 2020 / Paul Craig Roberts


I have come to the conclusion that collectively Americans are mentally and emotionally stupid.  On any given day there is endless evidence that this is the case.  Just a few selections from news of the last couple of days should suffice to establish the point.


Instead of reforming police training as a rational response to George Floyd’s death from an aggressive restraint technique, the Minneapolis city council voted to disband the Minneapolis police. Council woman Lisa Bender responded to a citizen’s question what she is supposed to do if she faces a threat in her home and there are no police to call: “Yes, I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know — and myself, too, and I know that that comes from a place of privilege.”


All this white privilege stuff that's been brainwashed, you gotta stop using the terminology, folks. There's no white privilege. We're all going down together here; I hope you understand that.  That's what's happening. I think one of them too, another article went up where one of them who said the same kind of thing, actually it's someone who phoned the police herself a few times in the past year or two for help.  But facts don't matter, right.  And...


Chairman of joint chiefs tells troops to 'uphold the Constitution' and says National Guard are under governors' orders in public rebuke to Donald Trump - as retired generals slam president and Jim Mattis compares him to Nazis

dailymail.co.uk / 4 June 2020


Former Defense Secretary James Mattis and retired four-star General John Allen both bashed Donald Trump in Wednesday op-eds for his response to the unrest


They specifically called out police clearing Lafayette Park with tear gas and rubber bullets so Trump could visit a church across the street for a photo-op

(A:  Well, they were burning down places, and they were trying to burn the church for goodness’ sake here. Come on here. Let’s get the rest of the stuff into this article, Daily Mail, hm!)


'It may well signal the beginning of the end of the American experiment,'  


(A:  Very im… You see, that’s a Masonic statement right there. Because that’s what it was called by the Masons, the American experiment, hm, the system hey.)


Allen said of the church visit where Trump held up his bible (A: I don’t know if it was his bible or not.) for photos


Mattis chastising Trump was a break from his previous silence on the actions of his former employer


'Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people - does not even pretend to try,' he wrote


The thing is, none of these guys are happy that the wars aren't... You know, they're getting pressure put on them, by the way, from outside forces to get the wars finished. Why, why do you think America has been over there for 30 years? Why do you think, ‘eh?  Who benefits?  Never mind the money that's going back and forth all over the place to these guys who literally are lobbyists for the military-industrial complex.  Big money. I read some of that last month too I think, who are getting millions. Like every contract, their cut was in the millions for every contract they got from certain manufacturers of equipment and so on. Yep. It's very lucrative.


But yeah, he has to get on with the wars. You see, Trump hasn't put, they want the boots on the ground. American troops, they want them all over Syria and all across Iran and get on with it. That's what they want. And a few other places. Big agenda, eh, on the go, big, big agenda. 


But no one's going to win here, all the rioters or whatever, they're not going to win.  Nobody's going to win out of this. You're going to get a complete system that you'll never recognize.  No one of any particular creed or ethnic group is going to recognize it.  It's not going to be pleasant for anybody.


Then, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who was all for lockdowns and stuff, and had the woman minister of health or whatever they call them down there, in charge of it dictating, you're all going to get the vaccine when it came out and all that kind of stuff, ‘eh.  She was all for the total lockdown until they had the vaccine ready and all that, and then your passport, immunity passport. Anyway…


'I haven't seen s**t like this before': Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

dailymail.co.uk / 9 June 2020


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot briefed the city's 50 aldermen during an online conference call on May 31 about the civil unrest in the city


In the audio, some aldermen are heard breaking down in tears while others voiced outrage that their communities have become 'the wild, wild west'


Alderman Ed Burke said he had not seen such chaos since the Chicago riots of 1968, sparked by the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. and leaving 11 people dead


Alderman Susan Sadlowski-Garza broke down in tears as she said she was 'scared' her ward had become a (A:  …is that a spit show, I don’t know what that can be…) 's**t show' with rioters 'shooting at the police'  


(A:  …rioters shooting at the police.)


Lightfoot admitted that 'people are just (A:  I guess she means, feeling, it’s f something…) f**ing lawless right now'


Others warned vulnerable residents will lose access to food and medicine as local businesses are destroyed


The fraught call came the same day that Chicago recorded its most violent day in 60 years with 18 fatally shot in the city


(A:  That’s them shooting each other by the way.  That’s the way it goes, folks.)


And some of them literally in some of these areas had spent years building up their own areas, and their own shopkeepers and grocery stores, and now they're all burned down. One of them said, they'll probably never get the stores to come back in again.  M-hm.  Is called winning? Really? I don't think so.


Through all of this, as this is all going on…


Chinese military officer arrested after trying to leave US

washingtonexaminer.com / 12 June 2020


A Chinese military officer is accused of trying to leave the United States (A: …apparently…) with a cache of scientific research conducted at a California university.


(A: That happens all the time unfortunately, just like the other stuff that happened with the vials before.  But they belong to, they're officers remember a lot of them in the Chinese military, and what they're claiming is the fellow didn't mention that he was still associated with the military.  When he actually still is part of...)


Xin Wang, a high-ranking member of the People’s Liberation Army


He was still getting paid by the Chinese military while he was over in the States, you see, getting this stuff.  Anyway, they're taking a lot of stuff from him, I don't know what they're working on, from the California universities, it doesn't tell you here I don't think.


And also


Councilmember Uses Key to Allow Protesters and Rioters Into Seattle City Hall

thegatewaypundit.com / 9 June 2020


Sawant has been calling on Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign over “violence and brutality” by police in the city’s response to the “overwhelmingly peaceful” riots (A:  …overwhelmingly peaceful riots …  [Alan chuckles.]  Riots.  Peaceful. I don’t know…) they have seen in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


Protesters poured into the building chanting for the mayor’s removal and were met with a speaker from the Socialist Alternative party.  (A: [Alan chuckles.]  There ya go.)




@ElijahSchaffer / 9:17pm June 2020


Despite their mayor @MayorJenny being beyond progressive


They are demanding she resign since she won’t defund the Police


Worse is still to come.  And if there's more, and I'm telling you with the whole, the Antifa will ride these people, the protesters, they'll ride on their backs like they are a mule, they will. That's what Antifa does, that's what communism does. They’re agitators and they will get it going big time.  If another spike happens, another killing, it will happen, they'll jump on that too if they can get it going. They want this to be total warfare across the country, you understand that.  I mean, that's the whole point of it. You know, when they leap on someone's back, it's to get something else forward. It's not because they care about anybody being killed. That's the truth of it.  These folk don't care how who gets killed, or who starves to death, or anything. Not at all.


This is the old communist techniques.  Well written about and there's nothing… A lot of them will tell you that openly, you know, these people are quite open they're all for it. They don't see past revolution, they don't understand, they don't see past revolution into hunger and starvation.  They don't see past any of this stuff.  They never do.  Yep.


An article was mentioning about that, some of the African slave countries, in Africa, that ran a lot of slavery.  There's Dahomey was one of them, a historical kingdom in Africa.  That's from the Encyclopedia Britannica. But there's some good books about it, pretty in-depth about it. It says...





Dahomey, kingdom in western Africa that flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries in the region that is now southern Benin. According to tradition, at the beginning of the 17th century three brothers vied for the kingdom of Allada, which, like neighbouring Whydah (now Ouidah), had grown rich on the slave trade. When one of the brothers won control of Allada, the other two fled. One went southeast and founded Porto-Novo, on the coast east of Whydah. The other, Do-Aklin, went north to found the kingdom of Abomey, core of the future Dahomey. They all paid tribute to the powerful Yoruba kingdom of Oyo to the east.


They go on about, yeah, they would buy arms from European traders and lots of other things too.  It was a thriving, they had a thriving system of selling slaves to Europeans, they conquered other tribes round about them and so on.


It's, no one, really me, when you get into history, I always say that history is a horror show.  Forget all the, of course there's nice things happening in between, for individuals, if you have a sense of humor and a laugh once in a while, you know, that's all you had really, often that's all you had. But history generally under power structures is a horror show. It truly is.  It's a horror show. In every country.


DOJ reveals striking details of riot arrests, including helicopter laser strikes and precinct arson - foxnews.com / 11 June 2020


Education Is Offensive and Racist and so is America - paulcraigroberts.org / 12 June 2020 / Paul Craig Roberts


Again this is Paul Craig Roberts. He's really on a roll with, he's really upset with what's happening too here.   And...


Esper catches White House off guard with opposition to military use, photo op - axios.com / 4 June 2020


...of Trump and blah blah blah. Let's see what else are… There's so much you could put here, and you could talk all night on it. And…


Fauci's Back...With More Coronavirus Scare Stories!

ronpaulinstitute.org / 10 June 2020


(A: ...trying to get the spike going, you know, for the fall.  Telling us that…)


…this coronavirus is his "worst nightmare."


(A:  …again, oh my goodness, oh!)


I guess he must get nightmares about getting drowned and buried under mountains of money floating down on him, ‘eh, I guess that's what he seeing.  That's what I imagine anyway. 


And what you're seeing is not pleasant, what's being hyped up here.


Billionaire George Soros spent $33MILLION bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create 'echo chamber' and drive national protests

dailymail.co.uk / 16 Jan 2015


(A:  That was from 2015. How can you, d'you understand, how can any group or people who live in safety and peace, I don't care who you are, when you've got characters like Soros behind it with professional agitators, getting funded with things like $33 million, just like it's nothing, spending money, hm, and ...)


Organizers bussed in from New York and D.C. to take over campaigning

Different cash recipients would repeat each others' messages


It's astonishing really, eh?  And then…


George Soros and Tom Steyer Invest in the Left-Wing of the Democratic Party - capitalresearch.org / 18 Oct 2018


Did they OWN, I wonder if they actually own it now.  2018 that one.  And they're at it again apparently.  I tell ya.  Another article too, which is interesting because it's obvious what's going to happen, what IS happening here, when the government abandons all the peoples, right...


How to destroy civilization

spectator.us / 3 June 2020


Thanks to tenured radicals, (A:  And they are tenured, I mean, the radicals are not the people at the bottom of the working class, believe you me, who are organizing this.) we are witnessing the retribalization of the world


Isn't that the truth that, ‘eh.  M-hm.  They give you examples of what's happened in the past, the same kind of things. It's like repetition, repetition, yep, a lot of it is repetitive too.  But yeah, you've got so many groups who will jump on the backs of folk who are being killed, obviously, and to use them for different purpose altogether. And that is a fact, it's not just a guess.


I'll put of these articles too on NexGen…


NextGen America



NextGen America was founded in 2013 as NextGen Climate.


(A:  Founded in 2013, initially again, they're all combined you see, the next generation climate, for climate action and so on. Then it changed its name…)


The organization changed its name in 2017 to better reflect that it was not only concerned about environmental issues, but also would be a leader in opposing President Donald Trump.


(A:  That’s what it turned all it’s activities to.)


NextGen founder Tom Steyer is a left-wing billionaire activist who spent $123,000,000 (A:  $123 million.) during 2018 in campaigns promoting Democratic candidates and advocating for impeaching president Donald Trump.


(A:  Amazing isn’t it.  So, it's to combat climate, global warming.  They have to come up here, I'm telling you, and you don't have to combat anything. You'll be looking for blankets to keep yourself warm.)


NextGen America focuses on supporting government action to combat global warming and helping elect Democrats.


NextGen teamed up with SEIU International and Planned Parenthood Votes to turn out Democratic voters in the battleground state of New Hampshire during 2016.


NextGen partnered with Hollywood liberal actors to produce ads pushing millennials to get out and vote for candidates promising to fight global warming (A:  Ha, there ya go.)  as part of the #WhyWeVote campaign.


NextGen Climate Action Committee - influencewatch.org


Global warming remember is sustainability, which is depopulation. If you haven't figured it out. It was quite plainly put out by the Club of Rome, they were given the task to find a reason to indoctrinate us on what, you know, well this is climate change or famine and drought and plague and so on would fit the bill, and mankind therefore was the enemy, man is the enemy of the planet basically, the environment, so that would fit the bill to train the kids into that very thing.  That whole campaign wasn't to indoctrinate us into it, it wasn't around before then. They were given the task of finding something that would work upon the people, to make us depopulate, not have children, etc., for a post consumerist society, not just postindustrial but postconsumer.  So there ya go. 


But how can you, how can any country, democratic country run smoothly in any direction at all? It's bad enough with political parties the way they are, they're all corrupt, that's true.  And I mean all of them. Even the ones that they set up for different ethnic groups, before you know it, if they weren't corrupt to start with, they very quickly are. Folk get used to cash very, very quickly. And they want more and more and more of it very quickly. And power very quickly. That's unfortunately a trait of humankind. We know that's true.  That's what history is. And it's all done under good auspices and good sounding agendas and so on, ‘eh. 


But how can you possibly not be crumbled by such massive, even foreign trained organizations, into organization and subversion? How can you, how can any country? Unless your country goes to war with them, which won't happen because the people at the top of your countries are just as compromised.  It seems to be. They're all on board with it, aren't they?  But how could you possibly have any functioning democratic kind of system if you've got folk like this who can dish out billions just over and over again?  And subvert everything.  Hm?  You can't, ‘eh.


How could even parents decide what their children will be taught? You can't. They're subverted too through the different school education systems. Bill Gates is in, you know, with his Common Core, etc. wanting a uniform education. Education, which is just an indoctrination system, right, for the new era for the whole planet.  Yeah, visualizing education, ‘eh.  I'll put some articles upon that. It's quite interesting to see it.


There are some articles here, [Alan chuckles.] I'm not even quite sure if they are real as I say.  With the autonomous zones, one organizer was asking for vegan meat and soy… I guess it's Bill Gates because he's got patents on a lot of the vegan meat, you know that.


Antifa Organizer in Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” Begs For ‘Vegan Meat and Soy’ to ‘Keep Area Operational’ After Homeless People Take All Their Food - thegatewaypundit.com / 10 June 2020


...that was the excuse that was given. I thought maybe this was a joke, maybe it still is, I don’t know.  But some of the things that are happening, it wouldn't surprise me in the least, honestly, that's going on today, not at all.  N-n.  One of the articles here says…


Scores of Retired Military Leaders Publicly Denounce Trump - military.com / 6 June 2020


Publicly. I was looking for a list of them, and I did get a list and it was maybe 10 folk altogether. So you don't know if everything is just being exaggerated for headlines or what's the truth here, you know? Although it wouldn't surprise me if scores were on the take from the military-industrial complex. That wouldn't surprise me at all.  Np.  Not in the least. Yep, it's quite something. Another article says…


Radical protester threatens to tear cops apart if they don’t commit suicide (A:  That's quite a choice that, ‘eh?) —Seattle city councilwoman justifies his sentiments

truepundit.com / 14 June 2020


Seattle City Councilwoman Teresa Mosqueda posted a live video on Facebook, knowing it contained vicious anti-Seattle Police Department (SPD) excrement, including a threat from a piece of filth in the crowd, bellowing through a bullhorn at cops protecting their precinct.


He vomited, “‘SPD, I need you to do me a favor. Take your guns, put them onto your chins, and pull the trigger,’ the man yelled. ‘I need you to kill yourselves. That’s your only redemption. Go ahead, save us the trouble of tearing you apart and *****ing kill yourselves. Did I stutter? I said, ‘k-k-k-kill yourselves .’”  (A:  And he says it a few times over.)


Jason Rantz, for mynorthwest.com, wrote that at the sometimes violent protests, Councilwoman Mosqueda remarked about the vermin’s threats and told the crowd “The anger you hear is justified.” Did she miss the threat to tear the cops apart, if they didn’t draw their guns and blow their own heads off? Did she miss that?


So, they're really building up, and of course the media is part of it. The same media that created the hype over the Covid thing, be very, very afraid boys and girls and children, be terrified.  Because the governments are paying, you know, psychological teams to terrify you into compliance. Well, the same media is at it here too.  Hm?  Isn't it?  Getting headlines, they've never had such headlines for yeears.  Because folk were ignoring them, the papers are so bad, so terribly bad.  N-n-n.


But again, I'll put up the article with George Soros.


Soros Exposed Plotting to Nationalize American Police

thenewamerican.com / 1 Sept 2016


(A:  It's his agenda. Get rid of the local police, nationalize it, centralize it.  What does communism say? Centralization, centralization.  And the biggest communists are multibillionaire's, folks.  They don't mind calling themselves this at one era and changing it for a different era. It's all the same thing, with themselves in control.)


Billionaire statist George Soros has been helping Obama and globalist forces to federalize control over American police forces under the guise of pushing “criminal justice reform,” hacked e-mails and documents from his shadowy Open Society “philanthropic” empire revealed.


(A:  From hacking apparently, hacked emails.)


From funneling tens of millions to radical activist groups and race-mongers to building what leaked documents refer to as a “national movement” to “reform” law-enforcement and working with the White House to do it, Soros fingerprints can be found all over the growing anti-police chaos that has enveloped U.S. cities in recent years.


Well, he is allowed to do it, isn't it?  He works with Obama and everybody else who's for the same.  Mind you, if you work with Soros and you go along with Soros, the money will flow in like you wouldn't believe. I think he just makes it out of thin air really, you know.


NYT Publishes Op-Ed ‘Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police’, Author Is Terrorist Supporter, Soros Fellow - redstate.com / 13 June 2020


WHAT A JOKE: After Antifa and Black Lives Matter RIOT AND LOOT Across America — FBI Sends Out Memo Warning White Supremacists Pose Greatest Risk of Violence - thegatewaypundit.com / 10 June 2020


I tell you, you just don't...  The folk just don't quite get it, do they, what’s really, really going on.  And why should they? The media is not going to tell them what's really, really going on.


I'll get back to Jefferson, right.


There is no justification for taking away individuals' freedom

in the guise of public safety. 


When you abandon freedom to achieve security,

you lose both and deserve neither.


The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man should be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.


(A:  And that's so true.  It's so true. He also said that…)


I think myself we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.


(A: They take everything you have, it says.)


Government big enough to supply everything you need


(A: This is interesting too, is big enough to take everything you have.)


The course of history shows that as a government grows liberty decreases.


And that's true. That was taught in the US for a long time, up through the 20th century.  The reason that it took off so well and people prospered, it was mainly small businesses.  I mean, all over the place, all kinds, and manufacturing of all kinds, people with small, very small businesses, even machining businesses and things like that, really took off because of the LACK of bureaucracy and rules. That's what did it. Now you couldn't open up your little place in your back garage and start machining stuff. Oh no, you need a license for this and that, and industrial safety, even if it's only yourself working there, etc. etc. That's how it is now.


The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government,

 so let us tie the second down


(A: …right, government...)


with the chains of the constitution

so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  ...when it's just the criminals running you.)


The end of democracy and the defeat of the American revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and money incorporations.


Look at the billions that Soros and others can throw around, ‘eh.  How can you fight that? And the incredibly well organized and well trained, like, you're looking at like five years training, or up to 10 years for some of the senior ones, on how to go into countries and get the color revolutions going, how to exploit grievances, piggyback on the back of grievances, to get the crowds all on your side. Then you use them for your purpose.  And the crowds go along with it, until they realize that they've been used and had, you know.


But how can you compete with this kind of thing? When you already have, as I say, members of the military on board with it?  And the political parties all on board with it? Where are they all getting their orders?  What grand Lodge are they getting other orders from a the top, folks? Think about that.  Come on here. Come on. Come on.  Hm.


They're all sworn to protect a system and a constitution.  They're not sworn to bring in the end of the American experiment, as the general said.  Hm?  Think about that. They're all sworn to protect the existing system, with all of its problems and flaws. It's a lot better than a totalitarian system run by socialism and experts. That's just communism on steroids, you know. Way ahead of what the Soviets ever had when it really, really gets going.


Right down to divisions in ethnic groups and so on.  And down to divisions as well, and again, reeducation camps and yada, yada, ya. Never-ending. And then execution for those that they say can't be rehabilitated from wrong thinking.  I mean, that was a mental illness in the Soviet Union, was when you had wrong think basically.  You had "inflexibility of opinion", that's what they called it. If you criticize the government, you criticized utopia, which proves you were insane. That was the verdict right there. I'm not kidding you. This was a legal verdict in the Soviet Union.


You'll see it here too.  Inflexibility of opinion, on whatever you're told to NOW believe, you're supposed to believe it and jump.  And you say, I don't, that's not, that's not what I see, that's not what I think, no, no, no.  That's not good enough.  No, that's it.  It's all coming.  That's what's behind it all.


Definitely the ones who are financing this are experts in it. They know what they're doing. They KNOW what they're doing, folks. They really do. There's a much bigger superstructure above all of this, for them all to be in obedience, all the way down, all the way down through chains of command. It has to be. 


The only folk who are not let in on the big, big secret of the management of it all and the control are the general population. Of any persuasion. They are kept out of it. All they see is the little emotional things they're told to get stirred up about. They don't see the big picture of what's controlling all of them. They don't see it.  They can't imagine that something is controlling something so big, a whole nation. In fact, all the nations, all on board on the same,  with the total lockdown idea, you know.  Be very terrified of a disease that's going to kill millions of you, in every country, millions.  It didn't happen. It didn't matter. They’re at it again, ‘eh.  Quite amazing what’s really, really going on here.


As I say, I don't take politics seriously. Because everything is so compromised and corrupt anyway. And it's always there to serve the existing elite.  And if the existing elite obviously want what's happening, including the riots right now, then that's the way it's going to be. Because they're obviously behind it. They want it.  It's been okayed from the guardian class at the top that guards their own system. That's obvious.  But they're not telling the general public any truth at all, as they get emotionally riled up amongst all the fear and hype and their possible rioting.  It will escalate if they can get more and more spikes from further police killings. 


There was one that happened I think, I just got a bit of the headline, I'm not certain on this thing.  But someone was, they found a guy in a car in some fast-food place, a drive-through you know, who had fallen asleep.  And I don't know why the cops came.  The cops tested him for alcohol I think it was, I might be wrong on that, but they tested him for something, and they tried to arrest him. He tried to run away and they pulled out a Taser gun, and he snatched it and ran away with it. I guess he was trying to get away from them. But it says that he was shot by a policeman.  I don't know the whole thing about it, it's hard to, I shouldn't even talk about it because I'm not certain about what the circumstances were.


But if that's the case too, I mean, it's like Floyd himself, why was he killed? I don't care what the eventual cause of death was, heart attack or whatever. I think a lot of folk would have a heart attack if that was happening to you. And if he's on drugs too, which apparently he was high on fentanyl and so on. But the fact is, you don't kill folk for trying, even if he did or didn't have an alleged $20 fake bill he was trying to pass, that's not a death sentence.  There's more to this than meets the eye here with the guy involved and him obviously. 


But again, the other groups, the radical groups that are well-trained and sitting chomping at the bit waiting for the word to go, were just waiting for something to happen, which they call the spike - different from the spike of the coronavirus but the spike in the situations that are emotionally charged - and they jump on it immediately and get it going.


So it will be interesting to see if they really push this to its extreme. And let it burn itself out. Because as I say, the people at the bottom level, not the guys who organize it, they are the ones who are left to carry they can for all the damage that's been caused, etc. That's standard stuff. And they always turn on each other too, that’s standard again, as they vied for different, different groups eventually rise up and fight for power.  One guy will stand up and say support me.  Some will, some won't, some will break off, then they fight amongst themselves.  That's what generally happens.


But the ones at the top that are managing it all, if they can drag this on and get it worse until you’re into deep fall, just prior to the winter, then the spike with the Corona, that's what they'll claim, then a total lockdown again, and folk will simmer over the winter months.


Anything's possible. I know they want to do it that way at the top. It seems to be that way with Fauci back out again. Everybody else, even the WHO has said that they don't expect it to spike again into any foreseeable problem coming out of it.  They're against it too, they're saying you probably won't do it.  They have to get some credence because they lost all credence, the WHO, with the whole farce of it to start with so they're coming out with that too. Yeah, it probably won't spike, and asymptomatic characters are very unlikely to spread anything.


WHO Said Asymptomatic People Don’t Spread COVID — And Then Took It Back - msn.com / 9 June 2020


Shutdown Hoax? W.H.O. Now Says No Threat From Asymptomatic Carriers! - youtube.com / 9 June 2020


Well, that's an amazing change, isn't it?  After locking down, what, about half the planet.  [Alan chuckles.]  And destroying the economies... BY DESIGN, into sustainability and post consumerist society. All the things they talked about, ‘eh, all falls in line with it.


So as I say for those folks who are sitting terrified with everything, don't be so terrified. And yes, you have to look after yourselves because it seems, the appearance you're getting at the moment whether it's real or not, but the appearance that they want to give out is that if you're targeted, you're on your own.  That's what they want you to think. The media is definitely all on board with this, just like they're all on board with terrifying the public with the Covid thing.  You have to see how it plays out.


But take care of each other for goodness’ sake. There's so many folks suffer through all of this. Because a lot of folk are in touch with me who have lost everything, having places burned down and so on.  And I mean black folk too.  Come on here.  Even they complain about these strange characters that are coming in that aren't black, who got the black clad gear on.  And some of them are [Alan chuckles.]  Asian and some of them are... 


So they know, they're watching who these folk are too. I'm beginning to wonder if some of them came in with the so-called masses of refugees that had come in from, going through Germany and Europe all the way to America.  Because I wouldn't be surprised, I wouldn't be surprised at all, and burning down their own areas, the areas of the black people for goodness’ sake, you know, and getting it all going.


As the woman said, it took them years to get their own businesses run by black folks in their own areas.  That's what you call community, you know. And to watch it all get destroyed so fast, wiped out, boof, gone. Then the other big stores that were a good attraction for their area, the big stores from outside, probably won't come back in now that they had totally burned down and looted and, you know, total destruction.  Yep.


So we have to stand and watch this happening and watch the farce with the coming Covid nonsense again with Fauci and his team, and the nodding woman behind him who will nod with everything he says.  But yeah, you know, the corruption in this whole Covid thing, the corruption in money and trillions of dollars and, oh, billions given to all folk...  Oh, you don't have to...  We can try and get a vaccine here, we're all trying to get vaccines.  They don't have to come up with anything. What a present, ‘eh?  What a present!  For a lot of them it will be a once-in-a-lifetime present and they'll be made multimillionaires, maybe even multibillionaires for life, from this one big crisis of Covid.  Hm?  Whether they come up with anything or not that's any good.


But we've got to stop panicking and allowing the state to step in and do what they want to do, which is using high-tech for a prison camp for all of us, a perpetual prison and you'll be monitored from birth to death. Everything that you do, everywhere you go, right down to them telling you to get indoors or you, you've been near someone who tested positive we think MAY have had blah blah blah, etc.,  and you can't work if you don't go along with this, and you can’t get out of your house if you don't do what we tell you.


No, that's utter tyranny of an awful kind. The very kind that Bertrand Russell dreamed of having. He thought it was fantastic getting that to come to pass.


So remember folks, I could go on all night but I'm not going to do this kind of thing. I've had enough of one talk. But I could go on, right, with a lot more data too about other topics. It's a shame.   But we're stuck on this for the moment because this has got priority as we go through the big changes, as I say, for maybe the end of the American experiment, you see.  On behalf of those who gave you the Soviet experiment and that was the second one, you see. 


The first American one was the idea that you're given the chance to govern yourselves, and you would either succeed or you would not. Well, you can't govern yourselves when you've got instigators behind it throwing billions of dollars out subverting your system. How can you, how can you possibly? Do you see what I'm saying?  You've been under a war attack for an awful long time.  Many, many, many, many years. Most folk don't know it.  Social, cultural, all of it, financial, economic. So your experiment hadn't a chance of continuing. Hadn't a chance.


The Soviet system didn't believe that you had the abilities to manage yourselves, you need a collective system and experts to rule your life. That's what you had that for. And that was done away with, as you know, about 1991, 1990 or whatever it was, and Gorbachev voiced it all the time, that was the end of that experiment.


Now they're trying to say this is the end of, this is your generals, high Masonic generals saying this is the end of your experiment? Who are THEY to decide?  Hm?  Maybe you should ask to see their secret charters that they have, ‘eh? How about that one? 


Here are all the current and former military leaders blasting Trump’s response to nationwide protests - taskandpurpose.com / 5 June 2020


Anyway remember, don't give up.  Look after each other as best you can, if you have friends. Because is not over yet, this whole thing, you'll need them, you need each other.  Help each other out the best you can. And don't get entangled with all the racism that's going on, and the goading from all, from the very top in fact and the way down that's going on to get this whole thing going.


Stand back from it because the people who end up fighting each other in racial, are not going to win.  The ones at the top who want it will definitely win but nobody else down the whole slope will win at all. It won't happen like that. It won't happen at all like that. 


And the generals that want to get on with these wars for, they really are foreign wars for foreign purposes, and really are not for the benefit of the American people at all.  But that's the only way these generals will be pleased again, if you get the whole thing, all these things going once again, you see.


Why would you go off to fight wars across, wherever it is, we're in the Middle East again, or in Asia, if you're on fire back home? And the generals are not complaining about that.  It would be pointless, wouldn't it? So why would they want all this to go on? That's what they really want.  Different agendas.


America was supposed to be, you know, The New Atlantis as they said, the Francis Bacon idea.  But again, don't forget that Bacon said that they would have a form of government for the people where they could participate in the government, in the selection of government, but in reality, it would be run by a secret priesthood.  Secret priesthood, ‘eh?  That's how the world is really run.


Anyway remember folks go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can send a few bucks my way. Hopefully you can do it. Because you forget if I don't keep saying it. My biggest enemy for years has been myself.  Generally for years I never even mentioned it, to send money, and I should have, and I always suffer because of it. I really don't have cash to even fix my roof for goodness’ sake, things like that. And what I do takes time.


I rather talk on other things obviously.  I'd even actually be able to love to do other things completely.  I only came out years ago because it was time to come out and speak about it all. I knew what was going on, and I thought it was time the world knew about it, and the big organizations that were really running your system, that you don't vote for. That's what it's all about, folks.  And the big plans that they had and how they were subverting you, etc., into where you are today. Where everyone was going to suffer.  Everybody definitely will suffer; I don't care what ethnic group you want to belong to.


So yeah, send a few bucks my way and buy the books and discs and hopefully I'll get all these things out this week that have been pending because everything was closed down. Canada is worse. We're more progressive than most countries. As I say, we don't have to go through the revolutions of America for communism, we already have it here. So everybody's very obedient and everybody was closed down in utter horror including the printing stores, etc. 


Now we're left with a massive debt which I don't know where, if Canada is just going to print it up or what they're going to do. But we don't have the same ingenuity of the States, we're dependent on the States for manufacturing cash, the Federal Reserve system. So the dollar is going to plummet again.  Which falls in again perfectly with the agenda for postconsumer society.


Just like coming out of a war situation, that's what they want, where you're shellshocked and you'll put up with really bad food, little food and all the rest of it because you think we've been through a real war.  That's what they're doing right now.


Send a few bucks my way, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you'll see how to do it there. Cash is good. PayPal is good. And check are fine too.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, where literally I had the heating on, I've had it on for a week now, hhhch, in the middle of June.  Because the temperature literally at night, come about eight or nine at night, it's been hitting 32°, 33°F.  And 32°F of course is about 0 centigrade. Night after night after night, because of global warming of course.  And it's all your fault for that.


So for myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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