June 21, 2020 (#1779)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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In The New Beginning Was....

"All Hail the W.E.F. Pomp Power, Arrogance, Vanity,

Elite Resetting Their World, Insane is New Sanity."

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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

 There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and a river so deep

And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see

that it ain't enough baby

To bridge the distance between you and me

There's a list of grievance 100 miles long

There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on June 21, 2020.  I hope as always that you’re all managing to hold onto your sanity. Awfully important that.  I mentioned that way back when 9/11 happened, I think that very night.  I said, the hardest thing will be to hold onto your sanity, going through all the changes that would come, because 9/11 was just a kickoff for a good part of the agenda that we're living in today. I won't even bother going over it all again except to say that nothing happens by itself spontaneously. You might get the occasional real accident of a plane falling out of the sky or something.  But most big things that affect the world are planned years in advance. That's really how it is.


So, 9/11, you already had the group that got into power at that time, the group before that, the same group before that published a list of countries to take out.  Which would mean they would need “a Pearl Harbor event”, they said in their own writings at the time, which they published. They said, we need a Pearl Harbor event, because the public wouldn't get on board with it.  And a Pearl Harbor event means if the nation is attacked then the public are horrified, you play upon it, play upon it, and then you get them all behind whoever you've pointed out to be the bad culprit, the Moriarty character.


And it played out beautifully according to what they had wanted, when people lost their rights, across the world, isn't that amazing, across the whole world.  The whole world in lockstep went into the same thing, oh, you can’t have privacy anymore, nobody can afford privacy anymore, we've got to keep you safe. And out went privacy. In came constant monitoring.  They kept telling you little bits to get you used to the idea, and each time you shut your face, that's what they say in Britain, you shut your face and said nothing. You acquiesced to it, legally, you see, well the public accepted it, nobody complained about it really.


So here you are today with the next phase of it as I mentioned before with the whole big idea. It was a good idea, it's quite good, it's like the character, I think he called himself General Bethlehem. They don't like [Alan chuckles.] Christianity much in Hollywood I think, and that was in the movie that was called The Postman. The Postman, about a future scenario where civilization had fallen apart and was really reduced due to a terrible war or something, or maybe even by a war, who knows.  Anyway, the idea is that feudal warlords start, kind of new feudal warlords, one of them, a big one, is ruthless, utterly ruthless psychopath and megalomaniac and he calls himself General, I think, Bethlehem. And he said, because he applied terror to his own men and to the populations he extorted the goods off of and the food off of and everything else that they had, and their obeyance of course. He said that terror, terror drives logic out of the public's minds.


Nothing changes, you see, he didn't invent the idea for the movie. That wasn't invented. It was invented for him long, long before that.  Because it's always been known. Stalin talked about it too.  And Lenin of course had a reign of terror. He referred in fact to the French Revolution, same kind of thing before it, where they go to town and start chopping everybody's heads off and celebrating it in fact. Quite something. 


Everything can be repeated, remember, everything can be repeated in society. I hope you're all learning from what's happening today, that literally, literally everything you thought was barbaric and somehow ancient, because we are now civilized, is nonsense, utter nonsense.  You're living in the same system that Plato said, if you can, if you know what worked in the past and you know the formula to introduce anything, any new meme you might call it today, in society to take off, then find out the formula and introduce it the same way, for the same causes and effects and so on, and reasons of course, the same reasons, step-by-step, and you can do it all again quite easily.  You can.


I always think back to the old Dracula movies, and the zombie movies, they copied a lot of it too.  But the Dracula era, it was real for the people. You can look up places like Bulgaria, and they're still digging up bodies, old bodies from graveyards that were buried with, it was iron they used actually for putting through the body.  Because certain people they thought were vampires, you know, they were... They'd probably be the modern ultra-international moneylenders, who knows. But the fact is, they made sure they weren't going to come back to life again and they actually used iron.  Iron was thought to have some magical property. A very old idea about the iron too.


But also, they, you find it getting reborn as I say in Hollywood and all the different movies in Count Dracula, and then the zombies of course, the zombie movies. Folk never figure out that you're being mocked all the time. Quite a few years back I gave lots of talks on the CIA's involvement with the military-industrial complex, with Hollywood. They have a department and an office in Hollywood.  You know that, don't you? 


They finance a lot of movies.  Not just all straightforward military movies but also the CIA type spy movies and that kind of thing. Although they, and again, in the movies, you ever wonder why they can get the cooperation of the Air Force and the Navy and so on? It's all part of the… [Alan laughing.] That's who's putting out the movies, some of these movies.  Because propaganda is wonderful, when you get all proud and there's all the orchestra blasting away as your ship goes flying through the seas towards, to destroy some enemy or whatever.  Very simple primitive natural thing actually. Very tribal in a sense. But it works on everybody.


But yeah, the Pentagon and the CIA is behind that kind of thing. Britain had its own studios at Pinewoods for a long time too.  I think they bit the dust a long time ago as well. But they did a lot of stuff or World War II as well. During World War I the government used the military and financing for the military to put up plays for recruitment that would be stage plays.  And there was a brave young guy off, and his girlfriend is there or fiancé and she's so proud of him, and all the emotion and so on.  Come back Jack, etc., come back to me alive and well, and all that kind of thing. It's as old as the hills that idea, it works awfully well.


We're played like fiddles. There's never been a time though like today, with such mass propaganda, mass propaganda, perfectly put across to the general public, with teams. I mean, the universities have been churning out psychologists and neuroscientists, behaviorists especially, who study us in all kinds of situations, and they know exactly how to switch us on and off for different things, you see. Rage, passivity, whatever they want they can switch on and off.


And it's quite fascinating to live through this, isn't it, and you see it happening.  Amazing theater isn't it? The whole Covid lockdown was like one of these zombie movies, you know, where they all get zonked, the ones infected become zombies. You don't want to see them; they should be locked in their homes in the dark sort of thing. And not put out on the street there. And if they're on the street they should be immediately arrested or whatever.  It's so similar.  Plus, the US especially, and maybe Canada involved too, it was an exercise they had, they called it an exercise, was it, Zombie Invasion or something.  It was an exercise anyway that they had a few years ago on, they never said exactly what it was about, but they did talk about biowarfare and so on, to get the idea across.  So, you don't get ill in biowarfare, you become an enemy of the people.  You see? Oh my God, he's got it, he's an enemy of the people. And that's how they play it out right now. Very simple stuff isn't it. It doesn't take much to get people to say, oh my God I guess it's, look at that, that person is walking on the street and they're probably, if they've got it they're spreading it to everybody around them, even the little birdies are probably getting it.  You know?


Who knows, maybe the mosquitoes get it when they bite you, like up here in Canada. Or maybe the mosquitoes are giving it to you, you know? Maybe they're, ah, maybe you're into the realms of fantasy and they say conspiracy theory, really, 'eh? Did you see all the ones that Bill Gates and his group are releasing in Florida recently, all these different mosquitoes and gene editing and all the rest of it, 'eh?  Well it will kill off the population of the female eventually breeding these infertile males and stuff like that. This is what they tell you. I remember years ago to they ended up with dengue fever in Florida when they released a bunch of stuff years ago and it comes back every year now.  But again, that's a different story, even though you can verify it, it's not conspiracy theory.


You see, you've got to put out conspiracy theories today.  If you're not authorized, you know, you're a professor of blah, blah, blah at some university at the moment, with the most up-to-date current topics, you know, at your fingertips, then you're a nobody.   The beauty of modern life is you can change reality instantly. If you're one of them at the top, you can, you've got the authority to do it. They won't hammer you for doing it, you know, for being wrong and then right, and then wrong again, and then right and then wrong again.  No, no, no. Anybody who attacks you for being wrong, right, and wrong again, they'll be attacked, you see, because they are a nobody. You're nobody for saying that about them, you know.


So, are you surprised you’re hearing such amazing things? There's never been a politicized time like we have today where there's no such thing or even remotely, remotely resembling any kind of democracy. And most of the public don't get that.  They really do believe that the riots they've had in the States, and the protests, because they're two separate things mixed together here and actually a few things above it too which you don't even know about. It was all planned years ago, this kind of thing. 


Black Lives Matter had the decency to tell the public some years ago, at least some of the members, that they were basically Marxist.  They wouldn't say Marxist, or really even communist, you see, A revolutionary, Marxist revolutionaries, you see.  And don't forget, in communism and Marxism and revolution you always got to stir up emotional hype wherever you see it and get people on board with you. So, you get all the disaffected groups, even create disaffected groups that weren't really groups before, make them, and then graft them onto your movement. Then obviously your army’s much bigger than it was before.


You find that a few years ago one of the leaders was...  


The Black Lives Matter co-founder has a leftist agenda to get President Trump out of office

theblaze.com / 20 June 2020


Patrisse Cullors, has a self-described mission to "build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes."


(Alan:  But she started off as, she says…)


"We affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum," the BLM website reads. "We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead. We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women...


You understand, a lot of these groups never existed before. And I do remember, and I told you people before, I met a Marxist, really, a communist organizer from Moscow. But he was English, from England, who went back and forth to Moscow for the latest stuff. He came to Canada, with impunity, no one stopped him in customs or anything like that.  He went around to the Communist cells and gave them updates. He said back in the 80s that they would bring all the different groups on board, all the sexual... variant groups, put it that way, and they would build their numbers, and when one group went out to protest something, they'd all come with them. They had Muslim Communists with them too at that time.  I remember that at the time you would actually see them in Toronto for instance, the same groups, the same people from different groups protesting regardless of what the cause it was at the time.  It was always the same group. And that's how you do it in these particular movements.


But they're well-funded today mind you, by the people at the very top because the people at the top plan the future of the world and everything else is just a way to get us to it. It's not meant to be logical or make common sense or anything else. It's meant to suit those at the top. I mentioned before that the World Economic Forum, is a good place to start.  It wasn't the first part of their movement but, the guys that run it I'm talking about, these are the richest folk on the planet.  (And it's good for me to see people actually following it, I've been talking about it for years.) Whatever happens in the world is done because those at the top permit it. Not just permit it but actually organize and pay for it to happen. It suits their purposes.


The people who shift trillions and billions around the world every day in the stock markets, etc., sometimes three times or more times a day, it's all done for them by the biggest money managers on the planet.  That's who runs the world. And believe you me, if it suited them to go into some, ah, oh, even pre-promiscuity society, if it really suited them, they'd make it happen.  They'd bring forth all these new people that would be youngsters, you see, who would testify to the joys of celibacy, etc., like millions of them. And they give you young ones, just always pick young ones, they quote young leaders and pay them awfully well and put them forth. They're really like little actors and actresses. Some of them are disaffected mind you and got chips on their shoulder, but those chips are well fed by the money boys at the top, too many chocolate chip cookies. They use them. But they get paid awfully well.


Believe you me, you'll see little Greta for instance, she'll be probably a multimillionaire before she's 20. Because she'll be made to be, you see. And you forget that these people in their own websites, the WEF, one of the big things is creating future leaders. They pick them young.  The Club of Rome does the same thing, all the big foundations do it.  You've heard about the Common Purpose group in Britain, that was part of their job too, was to pick youngsters and train them to be future leaders for all political parties, so they’ll all really be the one party.  They've been doing it for years and years and years.  Then you have the schools of course, getting incredible indoctrination system set up for the children, very perfected, really perfected systems, you've not much chance of escaping.  That's how it's really run.


Back then I realized that those at the top ran all sides. Obviously. You've got to get change, planned change to control the world and guide billions of folks along the same path thinking it's just evolving by itself. And most folk do, they really do think that everything just evolves by itself, you know. 


Bill Gates just came out with the system which of course which is a bit of a nonsense fairytale how it happened. But you go along with it, the whole world goes along with it.  And they're all front people, as I've mentioned before, they're all front people, obviously. All the big names that you hear are front people. There's much bigger organizations behind them. As I say, the ones at the top don't work.  They suggest things once in a while, and everybody else must make it happen. That's just how it's done. They don't have to fill in details, including removing people, they never say remove so and so they're a nuisance. They say, you know someone's being a bit of a problem.  And things just happen.  That's how the world's always been run.


A few years ago, there were so many scientists involved in different labs in biowarfare type stuff disappearing and having accidents. One year about five or six of them all died, falling over stairs and things and over banisters and down stairwells. It was a terrible time for them, they were just so clumsy all of a sudden.  These things really do happen, folks. They really…


It's like watching that movie The Island, the one with Ewan McGregor where rich people, ultrarich folk, which isn't far removed from the truth by the way, because they had the stories out back in the 80s that it would soon be possible to clone whole human bodies.  And then, oh, that would be terrible, you would have artificial people, or you know, new types of people. And they said, oh don't worry about it, it would be for body parts, you see, we wouldn't let them get to consciousness and so on. Well, that's really what the movie The Island was based on. The richest folk on the planet had their DNA taken, samples, and whole bodies, perfect bodies were grown for them. Only they were awake, and they were taught, they were kept to be children, almost childlike mentalities by very simplistic training and so on from you might call it birth.  But they could grow them and very quickly, in about three years or so into adulthood. Which actually follows with the disclosed, that's where the movie all came from, disclosed scientific articles that were profuse a few years ago.  How they could simply turn off the aging cell, the time, or speed it up if they wanted to.  I remember reading the articles at the time on the air.  All the stuff in the movie they could pretty well do. 


We know that China has had one of their proponents out talking about it and getting a lot of heat for it. But he said that he had done it already years ago so...  He won't be the only one. No country, no country, since all countries really, the way that they're presented to you, are pretty well fictitious in this modern age.  There's no country that wouldn't do the same thing, you see, at the same time. And they do share secrets up at the top.


But in the movie as I say they kept them almost infantile.  Like a mini world of infantile people who literally were kept in a very physical health regime, healthy regime of diet and so on and exercise so's that they were in prime condition, so that when the people who they had been cloned for, the richest folk, needed their organs or any organ, they could then harvest it as they call it. And they told the people on the island of course, the clones, that it was a lotto, you would get a lotto and when your time, when your number came up you went off to the big island sort of thing. Not knowing that that's the end of your life because they're taking you in for a kidney or whatever it happens to be.


It was well done. Because really it was referring to the whole system we're living in today.  We’re raised to be naïve and dumb pretty well. We're raised on fiction which is mainly fiction on television or whatever you're watching all the time. It's fiction, fiction, fiction completely loaded with politically correct updates for whatever week you're living in at the moment and people adopt these points of view for themselves. You'll hear them parroting verbatim the indoctrination that they've had recently, word-for-word almost. Then they take the opinions that they are given as well on everything, without any deep thought on anything at all.


So, yeah, we are the island in a sense. In The Island too they mentioned that they could make the people live another 40 years or 50 years with life extension basically using these techniques. And that's true, they can do that today by the way.  You can make them live longer with the right medications and transplants, etc.


I remember watching, I think it was a top, was it one of the top scientists in Israel at that time, giving a general talk. I mentioned this before.  He casually mentioned it, and it was casual, and it was amazing with the audience were all talking to each other as though they had just come in the door or something. This professor or whatever, he said that if you've got an extra $7 million, he says, we can help you live to 140 if you want.  And that's really how it's done at the very, very top. And that's a fact. But that was even strangely enough in the movie about the same amount time, years, as well, you know, 140 or so.


So, you're living through fact as fiction and fiction as fact. Of course, even the movies get you used to the idea, the trial balloons.  A lot of folk who watch movies will say, yeah, I wouldn't mind getting that myself, if I could I do it. You've probably heard people say the same things, haven't you, throughout your life. Maybe. And you might be one of the people who are all for these things. You might say, well, you know, if I had the money, I'd do it too.  And you'd also see, I've heard folk standup for top politicians or crooks who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, big time, like big time, and they say, oh well I'd do the same myself if I was...  And you say wait a minute.  It gives you a little, it gave me a little start once in a while to realize that a lot of people think the same way. Corruption is a human thing obviously; it tends to become corrupt. 


But today it's also prevalent with a completely, oh how can we say it, a changed moral society.  All the old ideas of moralities have been thrown out the window. In fact, morality holds you back, you're not a winner if you've got certain morals, you see. That's all part of your games that you see on television where folk strip off and do stupid things to compete with each other. And the folk that manage it all are looking at them and shaking their heads and laughing. And making money off them.  It's quite amazing.


But anyway, that's what you're living through. So at least with Black Lives Matter they admit once in a while that they are basically Marxist, and for world communism, a world without borders, all that kind of stuff. And it doesn't come out from them at all how we're going to finance all of this stuff, except we've got a vague idea of everybody will share properly and you'll have your commissars that will make sure you get your proper quota of food or ration or whatever. I guess that's how they manage.   I don't think they think too far, really.


But at least this one as I say, she was in Black Lives Matter, I think she's one of the bosses there, one of the founders at least, Patrisse Cullors.  You'll see her up now, talking about her talk a few years ago, where she said that she and another one there too were organizers, Marxist organizers.  Now, if they're Marxist organizers they know how to set up the agenda to stir up trouble amongst people to exacerbate and amplify the/any existing trouble, and then they jump in and use all the different crowds that get involved for their own purposes. That's a standard communist trick. But at least she admitted it.


That's what you're looking at today. So believe you me, if they want to at the top, the people at the World Economic Forum, the thousands and thousands of ultra-ultra-rich families that attend it and decide what the future's going to be, what money is going to be in the future, what kind of lifestyle you are going to have in the future, you know, the future coming up too by the way.  It's the one they publish some years ago I've been prattling on about, austerity, population reduction.  And who can breed and who cannot breed. There will be for a little while a period where they'll give little brownie points, little gold stars for being goody-goody good and you might if you serve the Marxist type system of austerity, you might be given the right to breed at least one child. You see, that will be your reward. They actually had articles out quite some years ago about that where bureaucrats and people who worked for the system and make it all happen, my get the right at least one kind of copy you might say, a child of you.  They never said anything about marriage, that's out the window of course.  But you get to at least have an offspring. And your progeny will go down through the future being good Marxist for each generation. Serving the ultrarich. Who will not follow Marxism because they are all making sure that you all follow it with austerity.  That all came out.


D'you understand we're living through nothing that wasn't planned a long time ago? There's no spontaneous anything. And Antifa, they said they look for spikes in emotional troubles and any violence or whatever it happens to be and they jump on the bandwagon, use the folk who are grieving, and use the crowds, foment the mass demonstrations, direct it and use it for their own cause.


That's why General Franco really won in Spain in the so-called Civil War, it was really an overthrow by the Communists, that's what they were trying to do.  If you read the articles in some of the books by George Orwell, who was in the wars at that time in Spain, he said that, like most folk, you know, he'd been really bought into this idea of Marxism in a socialistic sense.  He thought like most folk, again, they lie, and they use people, but he was taught in University this was the new thing of the future and there'll be a more just society that would come into being, etc.


He did definitely like many of the people at the time, witness the massive poverty from the Great Depression that continued right up until World War II in parts of Europe. Britain was awfully hard hit, and they had miner's strikes and so on. Not strikes but marches all the way down to London, peaceful, again, really peaceful. [Alan chuckles.]  They weren't burning and destroying stores and so on and looting. They were really peaceful. But there were big marches, thousands of people going down to hand in petitions to parliament, that's how it was done.


It was a horrible time for people.  He saw the working class and how bad it was. And he himself was not working-class. But he at least I guess felt their pain to an extent, as Bill Clinton would say.  He went off to Spain thinking he could change it there too, you see, and the standard stuff, overthrow the church and overthrew the system and blah, blah, blah. Until he got there, and he saw them burning churches, raping and killing the nuns. Horribly too, it wasn't just executions. They really wanted to make people… They really have so much hate in them, of whatever targeted group at the time, they have so much hate, they want folk to really, really suffer, horribly.  That's what he saw. That really happened all through Spain and other countries too mind you.


Eventually because he wasn't communist or Marxist enough, you see – and because they list everybody in communism, everything is record-keeping, record-keeping like you wouldn't believe – and he was on a list for extermination himself.  Because they said he had become an enemy because he's not Marxist enough or communist enough, and he knows enough about us that he might be a good speaker and maybe be able to, so he could be a problem down the road that could take people away from the big movement.  So, they had him... That's why he got out of Spain eventually.


But Castro himself was brought in because of the chaos with that was happening. You had all these different groups that all, again, we’re going to riot for a better tomorrow. You had different kinds of groups too.  You had Syndicalists that would take over factories or even farms and so on. And people would join it, even farmers would join it thinking, yeah let's all share and share alike and do the work, then we’ll sell our produce to this other factory and trade the goods for it, you see. So, everything would get traded around by producers and each... each...


And there was a real communism as opposed to centralized communism, that was the idea of the Syndicalists basically and those who were a form of Anarchism against the standard system. But they always ended up in chaos.  The Communists turned on them and started killing them too. So, Franco dealt with it in Spain otherwise there'd be nothing left of Spain, it would be utterly chaotic and a mess, you see.  In Spain the Communists did what they always do, which was to say, we're just part of you, for people's rights and equality and all that. So, they use everyone else like a big mob to fight their battles for them as they join into them naturally.


But they said, you know, they don't take over completely in the beginning. They take note of all the other competitive parties that are on the go. And use them, because they need numbers. And once they think they're starting to win, they turn on everyone that's helped them, you see, and kill them. That's what they do. They always do this. So, whatever is the cause is what they jump on top of and say yeah, we really believe in this, so terribly much, and want to be part of it all. They'll have the same slogans, they'll chant the same slogans as everybody else because it's awfully important, you'll start to think you're one.  Then of course once they think that they're winning, they turn on everyone that's helped. In fact, they turn on the majority that's even done all the work and take over. That's what the Bolsheviks did.  You forget that too. Same thing over and over again to the present time. It's part of their manual.  [Alan laughing.]  


So, it's quite amazing to live or study these things and watching it all happening again.  And yet, when you realize the evidence is overwhelming that it all comes from the top, as I mentioned before, Plato mentions it too, nothing would happen from the grassroots and be allowed unless the elite want it to be so. And that's the truth of it.  That really is the truth of it.


Those who think they're fighting a terrible system, and are really foolish enough, or immature enough to believe that they are somehow winning, are lost souls. They really are lost souls.  Because there's nothing that isn't managed from the very very top in huge think tanks on behalf of those who already run the world. Really. It was the ones at the top and the WEF and all the CEOs of the massive corporations, why you think all the top oil producers, the big big corporations, are all on board with sustainability?  And the reduction of what you're going to get and all the rest of it, or be able to buy fuel-wise, all that kind of stuff, austerity? They're all on board with it.


They were the first ones to be on board with it.  That should give you a little clue, you know.  But it doesn't for most folk, really. Especially the young folk.  They always think they're on a roll. We're on a roll, you know, it's OUR time now, and WE're running the world, yeah, and everybody's terrified of us, you know. Because they are being allowed to create a bit of terror, at the moment.  At the moment. And there's nothing, I've never seen it so blatant as it is today. It's just astonishing. And it didn't happen by itself.


We are so politicized on behalf of our masters to accept things, that even high crime, high crime happened long before this, even with the thousands of young females that were getting picked up in Britain, put on drugs, heavy-duty addictive drugs and then used for prostitution by incoming groups. It was all in the papers and there's nothing racist about it, it's facts. Literally it took… For years the establishment tried to cover it up. Because everybody in the establishment knows you can't touch this with a 10-foot pole if you want to keep your job and get promotion in the police or civil service or local counsel. They all turned their back on thousands of poor young females. You've got to understand what's going on here.


We are so politically correct we couldn't save ourselves if our lives depended on it.  And that might happen yet by the way.  It's all intentional. The ones at the top live in their own little, what is that movie where they had their own kind of island in space somewhere? And if you really serve them well you might get to visit it once in a while. That's pretty well the idea that they’re on about. It's really astonishing to live through it all again as I say and you're watching it happen. And the youngsters literally think they're on a roll, that they're making some difference here, it's their world, it's their future, hm. 


It was the same as I say with the sexual revolution, promoted from the very top. You had the rock music revolution too, the revolution you see, the British invasion they called it too for America.  The highest authorities in the world that financed the whole system in entertainment created, made it happen, the big machinery made it happen. If it didn't suit those at the top it would never have happened. Obviously.


I said before, look at, if you look at Freemasonry, like the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, you look at the Communist Manifesto, most of the stuff is interchangeable. Don't forget, Albert Pike wrote copiously about the system and he had Mazzini the revolutionary, trained him to be a revolutionary, world revolutionary. As I say, that turned into world communism eventually, the Communist Party.  So, it goes on and on and on. And Albert Pike didn't start it all, it was on the go before he joined.  You can find traces of it even in Rosicrucianism, you know, in France in the 1600s.


But the idea was revolution, revolution, revolution.  London, the City of London financed all this kind of stuff too and they set out, people trained Freemasons into other countries across Europe, the Catholic countries especially, to bring them down and create their own cells, just like the Communists later. The Communists didn't come out of nowhere. Look at Trotsky's books for instance. He'll give you a clue. He talks, he worshiped Freemasonry and praised it to the high heavens. 


But yeah, you've got to understand, Freemasonry, there's no doubt about it, was a revolutionary movement.  Massively so. The reason they had all the passwords and signs and all the rest of it, and their little secrets as they call it, was because they had to lie to the general populace who didn't belong to their groups. The fact of their whole system was to take down society to rebuild it, you see, that's the idea, and remake it. 


So, communism and Marxist planks in the Manifesto, and the family unit, right. About the same time as free love of course, you know.  The end of the family unit. And their guise as I say, like the founders of the left-wing who were awfully rich, who worked for the richest folk on the planet, like HG Wells who was promoting free love again about the same time as Marx was kicking off.  They're all connected, all these different people, with the same ideas.


The only problem is, at the time, was what do you do with unwanted offspring? Well, they didn't want a heavy population. It's quite fascinating to go into really understanding what was happening back in the 1800s. Because folk really misperceive what goes on, according to the ridiculous books that they churn out today for them. They'll say oh, it was terrible, the system, oh, the capitalist system it was, oh, horrible. And it was, it was damned horrible.  [Alan laughing.]  The same folk are running it today, folks. But give you little revolutions and promote little people, little revolutionaries like Greta and so on, and use them all.


But you've got to understand that nothing has really changed.  HG Wells literally foresaw a time when they could literally dispose of children. This great HG Wells, the great writer of science-fiction but he wrote a lot of nonfiction as well. He was quite open about it. He and many others too by the way, the eugenic societies that are still on the go by the way.  Even some of the heroes in eugenics, you've heard about some of them, Galton Darwin and all the rest of them.  But do you know that [Alan chuckles.] they’re still on the go today?  And really tight, you know, tied right in, right in with the left-wing. Tied in with it, completely, with its elimination of the family unit and the elimination of private property, for most folk, not for the ones at the top of course, etc. etc.


It's really the reduction of the population, the wrong kinds. HG Wells and others mentioned it too. It wasn't just they were going to help the working class. In fact, HG Wells hated working class people. It was just too many of them. That's how the left-wing was going to sort it out, getting rid of the abundance [Alan chuckles.] of labor by whatever means possible to reduce the population and numbers. That was it, folks. That was it. It's astonishing folk never quite catch on.


Which is exactly what the top eugenicists wanted, and they were all part of the same club. I've even heard about people like Nikola Tesla, they go on and on about Nichola Tesla. Oh, the man was a genius.  So, take this genius status, and who makes folk into the stars, right, that you follow?  That's why they call them stars, you follow them, and you adopt their opinions. Because they're geniuses, and you're not, you see, so I'll adopt that opinion. So, his opinion becomes my opinion.  That's why they give you them, you follow the stars.  Again, it's freemasonic in a sense, you see, the five-pointed star.


The same with even Hollywood. They give you, they never had stars before that. You had well-known people of the stage, but it wasn't a great profession. It was rather kind of a lowly profession; it could be kind of suspect at times too.  But they made them into stars when Hollywood took over. Of course, that really more than quadrupled their budgets and income, etc. But then they use them because people start to follow them. They follow the characters they portray, without really knowing the people themselves. Then they use those people in the CFR, like George Clooney and so on and Angelina Jolie and others they've picked and the folk say, oh I know them, yeah, they're famous and awfully rich, I'll follow what they say, you know.  Why would you follow someone who portrays fictional characters?  Hm?  They don't even know who they are themselves half the time, you know. That's how actors and actresses really are, they’re always attention seeking.  But they're all used.


Everybody gets used for the following. The same with communism, as I say.  And communism, or Antifa, or any flavor that you want must always agitate and agitate.  When you see a spike in violence or spike in anything or emotions are getting going, they jump on the bandwagon and then they end up leading it, and then they end up domineering it, then they take it off in a different direction which was their purpose in the first place. That's how it always works, folks.


It really does, it's a well-oiled machine. It's been tried and tested over and over again. And it's all written in, as the woman said, she said she trained Marxist organizers. They know this, they know what to do.  And they actually said in their manuals, they wait for the emotional occurrences to happen, the spikes in violence or whatever it happens to be and jump on the bandwagon. They'll distort any truths anyway; it doesn't matter what's facts and what isn't anymore.  And before you know it, they've turned martyrs out of people too. And by the same token, the ones at the very top can make anybody a martyr, I hope you understand that. I hope you understand that, hm?  It's not the first time they'll use you.


What do you think, what do you, and I really mean this, 'eh?  I used to think about Remembrance Day and so on, in Britain they have a version of it too.  It's always a cold time that they have it in Britain.  And they're all standing there with their muffle coats on and believing they all fought for something that was good. Even though many of them that were dying off from World War II were questioning what they fought in the first place according to what happened to Britain.  Really, come on.


Because obviously those in charge of Britain had a completely different future planned than the folk who fought it, to preserve it, ever dreamed of. You also get the different Cenotaphs, they go and put their wreaths there and so on and their poppies and yada yada. But you also have in every country they got the unknown soldier.  It was a kind of afterthought, you see, because a lot of folk were blown to bits and there wasn't a bit of them left, or they were so destroyed by massive shelling, etc.  Or just rotting unfortunately in the battlefields.  World War I especially, and II, had its good share as well of that whole scenario. But anyway, so that they would get this idea, it could have been an empty coffin for all we know, but they make a big move, this is Joe Average, whoever this Joe Average was, you know, and they make a big deal out of fighting for their country and that kind of thing.


It's sad that they can make almost, and again here, it's apotheosis, you make godheads out of people, make them into gods, they rise and they become gods, just like the old emperors of Rome did, you know. Even Constantine. Constantine, yes, he adopted the Christian idea at the time. But because it was still new, and newish, and he was indoctrinated into the Roman system, he also built his own little area for his own statue, as a god, you see, he would become a god as well.  Which is quite a good ambition I suppose if you don't have many things to look forward to, at least you could become a god I suppose. And that's how things are. You're watching it happening today in modern times as well. Really.


I always think of that old song, heroes and villains.  They give you your heroes, they make them into heroes, and then they give you, some good people to turn them into villains, it's back and forth like that. That's how easy it is to manage our thoughts and our minds, by propaganda.


We had quite a few years – I mentioned it before, it's so important to remember and never forget –  where folk had tuned, tuned out of the regular media, they were so sick of getting no news at all with the death basically of active traveling journalists, you see, and the politicization of everything. Everything had been so PC since the Levinson inquiry in Britain where they came out with the new statutes for journalists. They did the same thing down and Australia and elsewhere. Until all they could do, they were so scared of having lawsuit against them eventually, or getting fired, all they could do was politically correct stuff. Until they're propaganda, really blatant propaganda arms on behalf of those who own them basically.  Really sad, isn't it?


But folk had tuned out and so badly that even with the very small discounts to buy a subscription to their news, most folk weren't doing it, they were so sick of it.  Why bother when most of it was going to be regular handouts anyway by the free ones, the same stories?  And also, folk were sick of celebrities, that's all you had for news.  Celebrities are not news. It's made up fakery. I mean, totally. It's the star machine again, hey, it's total fakery. It truly is. There's nothing more fake than show business. That's what it lives on. It's a show. It's not real, it's a show.


But folk buy into it. And who cares about what someone has done, you know?  And the women that they put on the newspapers and so on that have hardly anything on, they don't walk around or say anything, they just flaunt things. That's how the word flaunting comes in to play, they're flaunting, 'eh.  That's news, is it?  My God, is that news?  But folk tuned out. They're so sick of it.


And they made hay immediately with the Covid.  Oh my God, terror, terror, terror. And I've gone through the stories, I won't go back over them except to say that they were given permission when they got unleashed on the general public, by those at the very top, the World Health Organization and again, the World Economic Forum. They were told just to terrify the public, including literally with the behaviorists and psychologists brought on board in Britain, they admitted it, the papers admitted they were given handouts where the journalists were told to write things in such a way they might have to literally increase the tension or fear amongst the public to get them to comply.


This is warfare, folks. And it hasn't stopped. And they're on a roll now. Suddenly folk are tuning in everyday to find the news... in case you missed that little bit of information that might save your life. Like a horror movie, that's what I say, and you'll watch horror movies to the end. Because you get involved in it, you project yourself into the roles and if you turn away you might miss that one thing and you get eaten by the dinosaur, you see. That's what happens. The same idea.  It's very simple.


But yeah, tune in tomorrow and we'll update you with the latest, the latest breaking news on Covid, should you take this, or should you not take this? and they'll give you about 10 different versions of the same thing, oh my God, and you don't know what to do. And the whole country and the whole world gets locked down pretty well, eh, pretty well.  M-m-m.  Except some African nations that ignored it completely and they seem to be fine. They seem to be fine. 


And the testing stuff was a joke. It still is a joke. Fake positives. Fake negatives. Just toss a coin in the air, you know.  If you really want to go that route folks, just toss a coin. 


Now of course the news is the rioting and looting and the protesting as well, because they're different groups again, often mixed together.  It's kind of dying down a little bit and losing readership in news, then the right back to Covid again. Immediately.  Covid is such a political virus that it can switch itself off. Because they're not arresting anybody who goes off to protest or whatever. Including all the ones who are forcing it upon the people, all the different governors of the different states and some leaders of countries, they were out protesting as well, shoulder to shoulder. When you see such rubbish getting pushed, don't, why are you following anything that they tell you?  Why do you follow anything that they're telling you?


Remember, I said this from the beginning, Fauci and others from the very beginning, because it was preplanned, it was not spontaneous. And most of the folk, who do have short memories, they really do, 'eh?  But don't forget it was planned years before, reiterated at least one year before it all broke out again, this so-called pandemic.  They change the rules for pandemics too, for even classifying it, by throwing any figures to make it a pandemic out the window they didn't need it anymore, just the statement of it is enough.  Because it was planned that way.


This is the big push. This is the revolution that you're going through on behalf of those who own the planet. Not these little kids in the streets that are swaging around thinking, yeah, we are now in charge, you know.  It's the folk who own the planet. The folk who buy and sell the grain of every country and flog it across the world instantly back and forth, you know, and can withhold it from a nation and say, oh they've been bad and let's make them suffer. These are the folk that all your money goes to, no matter what you're spending it on, they own it.   They own your, [Alan chuckles.] they own your governments.  They're all on the payrolls. They all get big donations, you know, like thousands and thousands. And every politician when they retire from politics on their meager salary, is a multimillionaire. It's just a coincidence though.


Everything is a show in modern life. Everything is a show. Years ago, I gave the talks on prepared speeches. Every leader of anything, even the police forces have prepared speeches, they are public relations spokespeople.  When you hear that you're listening to propaganda, that's what it means, public relations, you see. Otherwise you could ask anybody in the police force what they think about it. Oh, I can't tell you, you have to go to the public relations officer. And they'll spin it for you, well, you know…  And you walk away with this kind of half-baked wishy-washy statement that you can't quite figure out. That's because you're not meant to figure it out.  That's how it's done.


So, you’re living through a huge agenda. This is it, folks. This isn't a preparation for what's to come. This is the complete push, the push for the whole new world economic forms new society as they want to call it. Into austerity. I gave all the talks years ago @cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, remember. I went through it all in detail, in real good detail and depth from the sources themselves and what they were going to bring in and what they wanted, etc., the kind of society they would build. 


And they would use everything, sustainability, folks.  Maurice Strong, sustainability, who was picked up by the Rockefellers as a youngster, supposedly, and groomed for his position in helping rule the world.  [Alan chuckles.]   They put him in charge of oilfields to show him the business, how it works. The same thing as George Bush was given. He was taken off to Kuwait where his daddy had helped to set up the oil fields there years ago in the family businesses, etc.  And little Georgie was given charge for a little while to find out how it was all run. That's what they do, and say, we’ll put him in charge of some, a few oilfields and so on and that so you know how the world really works. And all that kind of stuff, you know.


Then they meet the people who decide the prices, what the value of the currency is at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements. All, it's a big club and that's a fact.  It is a big club. And I mean it, it's a club. It was set up by the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a private organization, and the CFR group type.  Before that they were, they were a covert group that went around the world grabbing all the resources of the world under Lord Alfred Milner. They put their own people in charge of countries as Lieutenant Governor Generals, etc., the same power as the King or the Queen.


But yeah, they grabbed all the resources. The Empire for them was grabbing resources for themselves and the private corporations at the top. Nothing to do with going across, let's bring civilization to the poor people here, there and everywhere. Nothing.  That was just propaganda for the general population who would be given the price, the tab for it, the cost of it all. And that's how things really work. Nothing has changed.  Everything has to be made palatable through public relations or propaganda for the public to swallow.  That's why you went to war with the Boer War, so that the ones in the City of London could grab the diamonds and the gold supplies of South Africa.  And that's a fact, you know.  Nothing's changed. It really hasn't changed.


So, they set up their own, let's create a world government embryo, so they set up a League of Nations that became the United Nations. And they still run that behind the scenes. Let's set up a World Bank, you know, private, we'll own it. Let's set up the International Monetary Fund, which is the collection agency for the loans that we'll be giving out. And they'll also manage the governments that fail to pay back the interest and so on, so we'll send officers in who then manage the country by slashing all the social programs. That's how the IMF operates.


Then they have the Bank for International Settlements, the big one, that's going to be made more and more prominent, especially now, this is the time for it. It was always set up to eventually be the final arbiter of all currencies. They'll decide whether you can live or die as a nation by devaluing your currency according to their standard or increasing it if you're very goody-goody-goody and they plan to live in your country for a little while. That's how it works and most folk never figure it out.


But the British Empire was a private corporation system.  Yes, it was. And I tell you, it was nothing different, from my point of view, from that and the attempt at Russian or Soviet communism system.  It was all a Corporation, everything's a corporation, folks, running the same thing. There's a group at the top that run it all, who benefit from it all, as they tell you that you're all equal, or like in Britain, you're fighting for a good cause, to bring civilization to the world, you know.  [Alan laughing.]  What's the difference as they fill their pockets at the top? There's no difference.


Marx was right in one thing, he did say that all, ALL wealth comes from labor. All. Making things. Producing something. All wealth is based on the products, etc.  But the thing that they didn't mention, was that those at the very top would [Alan chuckles.] end up getting all the profits of your labor, etc. We won't call it that, we'll redefine the meaning of that, you see, that you can't make a profit off labor, so we'll redefine it. And they did.


There is no end to the ingenuity of corruption in the crooked class. There honestly isn't. And sure enough, they get, what d'you think the university degrees are to do with public relations? It's to teach folk to be better liars. And they use things like statistics to convince and lie to the public or to get gain on someone, whatever it is they're after, you know.  Did you know that 5% agree with this, or 95% agree with...  It's all conology.  And that is the real degree, is conology, you see. 


A good con man or woman is really worth their weight in gold, at least, at least gold, maybe even platinum to those at the very top. They employ the best ones at the top. They have amazing minds that sit there and, you know, so-and-so, our God so-and-so, whatever the character is above them on the higher level, wants this to happen and it's up to us to make it so.  And they sit there, and they scheme. Well how will the public accept it?  Well the public won't know, we'll convince them it's really something else, call it… They have whole programs, especially the changing of names, that really confuse you, until you can’t figure it out, when you can't figure it out, you just give up.  [Alan chuckles.]   So, then it sails ahead.  That's how everything's really run today.


It's quite fascinating really. It is fascinating. It's like years ago even in the times of Shakespeare, I mean, he would introduce thousands of new words into the lexicon basically of the English language. You have to say to yourself, what was the reason for it all, etc.?  Well one was you had to standardize the language. Because England like Scotland had many different dialects until some dialects could hardly understand the folk next door to them. Because folk didn't travel much. 


They're bringing us into the same system, mind you, with the lack of mobility. That's part of the World Economic Forum's plan for opening up society after Covid, or even during Covid. They don't want Covid to ever go away, you understand. In fact, it's not going to go away, according to them.  It's not real to start with so it doesn't matter.  With that kind of fantasy, you can make it stretch forever.


They even said too what they're going to bring on, the contact tracers were planned before Covid broke out.  How they would do it with apps, etc. on phones was already planned before it broke out. The folk who would get the contracts was already planned before it broke out. I'm not surmising here, you know, I've gone through it all before.  Yeah, you're living through a plan, you see, it was planned before it all supposedly broke out.  And they don't plan on just unlocking it. They said at the start, little foxy Fauci, who has his fingers in a lot of pies, believe you me he's just too compromised to be believable.  He said, life will never be the same again. Exactly what was said when 9/11 happened, life will never be the same again. That's a very important statement.


It's like Bill Cooper at one time he mentioned it, because in revolutions with the Freemasonic type, that happened in France, and the translations, they always give codewords and little phrases out before they start it, for all their members to pick up on, you see.  One of them I think was now is the hour of the times, now is the hour of the times, and that's how you launched things.  World War II was similar when they give codewords out to the French resistance by the BBC radio from London. They would give out the different ones every night for different groups that would be fighting against the occupation.


So really, yeah, this is the standard stuff. But you go back even, you know, into history and you'll find there were movements started in the 1700s and 1800s of people who were dissecting the meaning of a lot of new words and so on. Because there were such obvious cons by those in the so-called secret societies. 


Now, don't go into, oh, it's conspiracy theory. It's a fact. They have names for them, and for the actual particular theory in itself.  Because Pike himself said, we never speak so plainly as Masons as when in company amongst non-Masons, is what he was referring to.  It's just that the non-Masons can pick up on the meaning that they're giving out to their own brothers, you see. That's how things really are.


And there's color coding ones as well, and there's numbers and numerology, of course that goes into Kabbalah as well, you know. And it goes way back into ancient times with the numbers, the whole idea of numbers as a language, you see, awfully important. The Chaldeans that were used by the Romans in their war – I'm getting distracted – in the Middle East.  They actually hired Chaldeans and Jews who would, because they had alphabets were numbers.  Every letter is a number and they would mark them on sticks, as couriers they would send them up as runners to other regimens and so on or centurions in groups. You'd have another Chaldean that would read it on their end, then translate it for them.  Basic cryptology, you know. Fascinating in a sense.


But again, what I'm saying is, the whole system is cryptology. What you're taught regarding the system you're living in is cryptology. It's nothing to do with what you've been taught at all, it's not real like that. It's not real like that. I said back in the 90s I said, and other folk have picked up on it too recently, again. They'll say that, if voting work for the general public it would be made illegal, it would get banned. The reason it's not banned is because it doesn't work for you. It doesn't.   The folk who get in are pre-picked anyway according to Carroll Quigley, regardless of the party that they're involved in. The leaders and the few folk around the leaders are all prepicked. Because they belong to the same one organization, it doesn't matter if they're left-wing or right-wing.


And I must admit it, I mean, I've got one of the books, I've got quite a few books from the international meetings they'd have when the Rockefeller foundation paid for the meetings across different countries, for their annual meetings for what became known to the general public eventually as the Royal Institute for International Affairs/ Council on Foreign Relations  group.  Before that they had covert names and again, often just went under, oh as a roundtable society, you see. But Rockefeller would pay for them. I've got quite a few of their books. 


In the 1930s they went through the whole scenario, even into the future beyond now in fact, to the rise of China and how China would eventually become, after America failed, and America would eventually fail by the way, that's what they said.  Because they use every people until you're bankrupt and they've wrung every [Alan chuckles.] bit of cash out of you like a sponge and leave you in massive debt, and they move on to the next ones. Well, China would be set up as a big superpower eventually. And that was unthinkable back in the 1930s. You'd say, my God, no, China could never become a superpower.  They didn't have the technology. They didn't have the training, university systems and so on. 


No, we made it all for them eventually and built them up. And your own governments, because they were told to, supplied education for them, and then we gave all the factories to China. They didn't steal it; China didn't steal anything at all. It had it all given to them on behalf of those who rule your countries.  M-hm. 


You got to stop thinking that you're living in a country where folk really care about you.  [Alan chuckles.]  I don't care who you are, you gotta stop it. You've got to really stop that. Look around you. Look at what it's turned into, the countries you thought were your countries, you know. Look at them.  Until you come right into what Marx talked about, a borderless world, right. And what Marx wanted was exactly what the Royal Institute for International Affairs wanted. Just coincidence, 'eh?  The richest folk on the planet that ran an empire wanted the same thing. It must just be a coincidence, 'eh.  Hm?  [Alan laughing.]   


They never figure it out, do they?  They never ever figure it out. I remember saying years ago that Vietnam, why on earth was the US sent off to Vietnam? Think about it, folks.  Hm?  I mean, you had the Communists inside America at the time, in the universities already teaching Marxism and communism. Think about that. Think about it. Why would you go off to another country that you can't even really identify with, at the time, and fight it there? It was different reasons altogether.  Part of it was also to break the system in the US itself obviously.


But there's another way to look at things, you see. Like the elite, this is how they always do it amongst their own. They bring them in that are going to work for them and they'll say, look at it from this point of view. And it's always a way by nature you would never have, generally not have stumbled onto yourself. But they'll say to you, what, what, how is Vietnam today?


Well, back then it was dozens and dozens of small tribes all vying with each other for power. They had been for centuries in that area, in that region. North Vietnam tried, over history, they were historically true and accurate for keeping their histories, but the northern one, often there was a different name they gave it, and would often be trying to be an empire builder down through history, you see.


So, if you want to do what? What is it the World Bank wants? What is it the Communists want? What does those who run the world finances want? The same thing. Centralized government. And bring it in, then you can really manage it and organize it and rule it as you wish, you see, and guide it along.  Then give it the same education system, the same everything until folk all just obey do what they're told, as one people.   Well, how do you do that, how do you make...?  Bring an enemy in.  If it's just themselves fighting each other forever, it's not going to work, it's just a continuation of what happened down through history amongst them and different tribes fighting.  So, you bring in an enemy which they can't identify with from the West then and they go at it. And suddenly for the first time ALL sides can say, wait a minute, what are these foreign devils doing here? And they unite eventually against them.  Perfect.  Isn't that great strategy?  Hm?  Except for all the poor suckers that were sent over thinking they're fighting for some decent thing against this terrible communism, 'eh.  So, they end up leaving basically a united Vietnam, with centralized government and the great indoctrinations.  China loves them too now because now they're basically a subsidiary of China to an extent. 


It's much easier to get whole nations, if you can stop and get them out of the tribal mode fighting each other, and sectarian mode fighting each other, religious-wise or otherwise, until they're all, and do what they're told as centralized government, then it's easier, just add it to the whole collection for the world, until you have a collectivized centralized authority for the whole planet.  That's what it's about.


That's why the WEF who own all the resources and all the financial systems and everything else, and they own your governments, that's what they want, folks. And they own what you would think is the Communist Party of today, the neo-communists. They own it all. And it suits them at the top. It's an old plan. Old plan.  Absolutely.


As I say, every dog has his day, you know. Because dogs, you see, the idea of even the cartoons they used to have, a dog would want to think, I'm a big dog, even if it's a tiny one, I'm really big and I'll be a boss one day. And everybody gets their chance, you see. And everybody gets used. Everybody gets used. It's quite something.  Old techniques, the old Machiavellian techniques are now on steroids with the technologies and abilities to manipulate the public opinion and minds, pretty well instantly overnight, on a mass scale worldwide at the same time. That’s power isn't it? That is power. Quite something.


I can remember as an example when going through high school, and it was the first week or something at high school.   There were some young students, might've been student helpers or something, or temporary students. But I know one or two of them came in, these young fellows and they're having a chat in the classroom. At that time of course they thought they were going through a revolution, and a left-wing revolution for whatever it was, for all the good causes, you know, the left-wing, they always give you good causes. It's always for a better tomorrow and a utopia and fairness and stuff like that. 


You saw, you had all the examples of it eventually once the Soviet Union supposedly fell. They didn't fall, they just moved on. That's what Gorbachev said to the Politburo in his speech. He said we're moving it out into the world now, to the next phase.  With the cooperation of the West, of course it was, the ones who rule the West.


Anyway, these teachers were there and they're saying, yeah, yeah, it's our time now. Just like you see the Antifa.  It's our time now they were saying to themselves. Because they had gone through college and teacher training and they come out as good little communists.  They talked about how they were using the power of music then too and one of them said, you know, his favorite was Dusty Springfield.  Oh yeah, and then they had a little debate and argument about who was the better type, Dusty Springfield and the Springfield group at the time I think then, or Sandy Shaw, you know. And they got kind of hostile towards each other as they instantly formed groups.  I'm all for Sandy Shaw, no, Dusty Springfield's got the better voice, yada, yada... 


They literally thought that, in this day of Bob Dylan, you know, and revolution, you know, the times they are a changing idea, they literally thought they were part of it, and it was theirs. They really did think that.  I knew better, I was a little younger than them, I knew better. I says, come on here.  Don't they know? don't they know that [Alan chuckles.]  these are all picked people to help change society on behalf...  I knew it then; it was obvious to me.


The BBC at the time, only, at that time only ever recruited the people on television and who worked in the higher jobs for television too, not even necessarily on camera, they were all from Eton at one time.  That's how rigorous it was. The same places that would pull their people for intelligence services for MI 5 and 6.  Because you control the people's minds through whatever propaganda you're going to give them, and whatever entertainment you're going to give them.


So, here's your British government system, the government system giving you Top of the Pops and things like that, with the infamous Jimmy Saville.  Where groups that were suddenly, suddenly famous with the big famous making machine, you know, big machine that makes you famous, who went on with no leads in the guitars or anything at the time, you wouldn't even have time to set up honestly if you had the real gear there, and they’d mime. But the teenyboppers didn't know.


And it was all for the sexual revolution as well. So, you have the sexual, and don't forget the words, revolution word was used, sexual revolution. What do you think that is?  Did you see people in the street saying we demand to have sex? No, you didn't have that. Folk had always had sex. It just depends on the context that you had it, you know, and what you did with any offspring about it. That's what it was about too. 


But someone else at the very, very top was promoting a new system, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, ‘eh? Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, and that's what they give you.  And actually, you aren't going to think too straight if you're on drugs. And you won't make good decisions in any possible way. And it was well put out there and tested upon the public. And it worked awfully well. It did work awfully well.


But it was amazing to hear the people thinking they're part of some revolutionary movement, you know.  Yeah, it's our music, yeah.  Like The Who talking about our generation, or my generation.  Yeah. They literally, it was all put out by show business on behalf of those who ruled to make youngsters think they were part of something and that it was their movement. It's our time now, you know.  [Alan laughing.]   Quite something, 'eh?  Quite something.


But most folk never clue in. As I say, Plato said it, everything in society was so rigorously managed and detailed and recorded in society even in ancient Greece, he said that, even anything to do with music or plays as well.  They had plays mandated that they had to go to, you had traveling troubadours and plays that would go around to the different Athenian provinces and islands and give performances and get paid by the state to do it.  Because this is before Christianity, a lot of it remember, and when Christianity had its early Passion Plays like religious plays, Rome had other plays, that would be the emotions and systems and all the rest of it. And they were mandated. They had to be performed, and everybody had to attend to watch it.


Because plays, just like movies today really, really affect society. Oh my, did you see so-and-so, what d’you think of that then? And your emotions get played with like crazy if it's a good play or a good movie and you come away with opinions that the creators wanted you to have. And Plato knew this. And he says, everything has to be authorized from the top.  Including youngsters at that time putting out music, back then.  He says because music can either create revolutions.  This is thousands of years ago, right, over 1000 years ago, over 2000 years ago is what I'm saying. That's what he said. And he said, we'll have to keep a tab on them all, an eye on them, and he says, literally license them because they can help foment revolutions. That's how strictly guided the whole thing was and monitored and managed, you see.


There's nothing we're doing today that we didn't know back then except today it's much more perfected.  And the studies upon the human mind and how you will behave and react are so well predictable, predictably managed actually, by those who put the stuff out for you. And the instant feedback they get on everything to see if something is working on your minds properly. oh, so many thousands admitted today that they would probably go this way too or do that. It's very predictable. Very accurate.  Because folk don't think for themselves. 


Even when street theater, big street, I'm talking about massive street theater, is being managed in front of your eyes.  So yeah, you had sex drugs and rock 'n' roll. Then you have what came out of it was, well how can you deal with all these, these unwanted pregnancies. Well then let's start financing that, until literally you have no responsibility for anything left, the state will take care of everything, you know. So, whatever you do it's… And the state will come back on you, right. You've gotta pay for all this now, you all do this so you've gotta pay for it all, you all have to pay for it all. Including those who are not even taking part in it. That's how it works.


Everybody gets used. It's quite astonishing to live through it and watch it happening. And then listen to the reasons that people who have been used give you. They parrot their indoctrination. It's just astonishing.  Really astonishing.


But it's all theater.  When Gorbachev, right, the head of the Soviet Union was launched with a remake, a total makeover for the West, who did they get to parade Gorbachev around as a new Soviet, a trendy Soviet, 'eh?  Before, and it's true, before they used to have dull clothing, it was improper communism to have bright colors and things, you're serious and drab and all that. That's how it was portrayed. So here you have Gorbachev with custom, you know, really well-made suits made-to-measure, tailor-made. And blue and other ones, very good materials and, oh, reeking of wealth, he was a trendy communist.  And his wife too was introduced.


Well, who did he tour with around the West, whose arm was he on? Margaret Thatcher, the supposed right-wing capitalist, takes him around the world and brings him to Britain. And they preplanned it, they preplanned, and this is what was admitted to eventually, eventually, that the media would have access, little interviews of Gorbachev and his wife, as long as they didn't ask him any personal or political questions. So, you found out from his wife for instance, yeah yeah people in Moscow, they can walk off the street into a place to have a facelift if they want it.  That was all, wow, isn't that wonderful, ‘eh?  Yep.  Things like that.


But yeah, Maggie Thatcher, the right-winger, brought him into the world. Again, she took him over to the States and met Reagan and they were all pals together. The new Soviet system, you see.  And you think it's all different and it's all at loggerheads with each other.  [Alan laughing.]  Who's kidding who?  [Alan laughing.] Who's kidding who?


The people who, and the families that are the World Economic Forum, are the ones who made and still make the money off all kinds of wars, real and cold wars, hot wars and cold wars, they make the money off it all.  And they made fortunes out of the Cold War. Oh, we're going to, we need new missiles, the Soviets have got one that's 5 miles faster than our one, you know. Etc. etc.  Great business it was, you know.


But we truly, we are all used. We are all darn well used. All of us. If you had your basic indoctrination at school you'll be, you've already been used. You've come out like Oh Lucky Man, that kind of satirical movie they did in Britain, believing, oh, the world is really good and proper, I'll work hard, and I'll get ahead and all the rest of it. No, no. Look at it today. The top capitalists are saying, oh no, we've got to have quotas of people, and you know, you might be on the bottom heap here because here's a new normal just come in, you know, and here's the new rules for it, etc. etc. It's already happened actually.


So, don't ever believe that you understand it all unless you really study it and go into it in detail. Whatever you do, don't follow anything. Whatever you do.  You'll get used. You'll get used. I gave talks years ago on all these stings that were set up by government agencies and intelligence agencies catching young guys, stings, for terrorism. Because you literally, they might have chewed the fat as they say on what they'd like to do in a kind of an infantile way, but it was all talk, talk, talk. Until the agencies come along, set them up with the means to do it, although with often fake stuff, and then guide them on what to do, then they grab them and arrest them. This is what most of these things are.


And young guys, who probably would never have thought of it in their lifetime, themselves, in reality, and certainly wouldn't have done anything, are arrested, and then they're used as numbers. Well you know, our agencies have caught so many of these terrorists this year.  And every country is doing it. Every country.  I remember the head, one of the heads of one of the top intelligence agencies in Britain came out and said this. He says, this isn't good, this isn't, actually this isn't just entrapment, it's fomenting the problem, creating it.  Of course, it was, it's meant to be. 


The whole world is a stage all right, isn't it.  And believe you me, unless you're in on the big act at the top there, you're not even a player.  Hm.  You're not even a player.  N-n-n.  And it's sad, it's so sad that everybody gets used and abused.  And if you ever learn too much, when you're getting used, you'd better be careful because eventually if you know too much they might come after you, about their internal workings, and you've actually worked for them fomenting trouble, or revolution, you know, for a better tomorrow... You can't have it today, but you get a better tomorrow.


And the whole world is destined, because it's planned this way, to go into a massive financial depression. Not for those at the top. They simply rebalance it all, the costs and the values of everything. The reset, as they like to call it at the World Economic Forum.  They lose nothing, believe you me. But everybody else is going to go into real forced austerity.  M-hm.  Yep.


 And then, it will be for the good of the planet. And they'll give you the commissars, all the them, often young women actually, it seems to be the favorite ones these days, who will be the ones who will dictate to you how much you can eat that week, you know, how much lettuce you can get and we had a bad crop this year so more brussels sprouts for you, 'eh.  N-n-n.  I'm not kidding you here.  Yeah, it's comical, but it's the truth. It's the truth, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.]   


And you wait and see, you wait and see it too. How they ran the Soviet system was they killed off all the little farmers. You might, I don't know if they still have clips out there, but they used to have little documentaries of the Soviets going after farmers. Who in the early days didn't want to give up their farms for the collective system, you see. Because after all maybe they, and you're talking about little houses, 'eh, very little houses, like the ones that they have in Scotland, like single-story houses.  And there would be a farmer hold up there because he wasn't going to give up his farm, that his dad and grandfather had helped build so that they could have their half-dozen cows or whatever and a field or two.  So here they are, the Soviets were going to take it all off them for the greater good.  And these people literally would have a standoff with them. The Soviets would go in and bomb them out, put the grenades in and kill them anyway.


But once they did a lot of that they started; they'd go into a starvation process. The Soviets were selling off grain from the Ukraine, Stalin was, while they were starving the Ukraine, they were starving the rest of the country too but the Ukraine big time.  And Ukraine was the breadbasket for the Soviet Union for a long time, even before the Soviets took over, that's part of the reason they took it over. And they took the means of production off them, including all their plows and everything away from them. And took all the food off them. Including their seed for next year. And starved them to death, millions of them.  They say it's well over 6 million.


You can still see clips of videos, if you can...  Folk who can't stomach looking at reality of the past are dangerous, they're dangerous because they'll help foment the same thing coming again. And I'm quite serious about it.  Because those at the top always use the same techniques over and over and over, like a pendulum as they call it. That's why they say in masonry too, life is like a pendulum.  Like it happens all by itself. No, it doesn't.  No, it doesn't. It's made to happen that way.  On behalf of those who own it all.


So, you had basically a country that was going through starvation at the time in the Soviet Union, and then they started replanting en masse lots of potatoes, the standard stuff, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.  They started to get what they call a beetle, they called it a Colorado beetle, it's a potato beetle, and it must have been the US that put it there, right. Immediately started that stuff.


Well, you're going to see with your Brave New World here when you're all forced to eat nothing but the modified vegetables, 'eh, that the usual famous names own and so on, then they have the same thing happen.  Oh my, we didn't realize, it was a new beetle just broke out here and you're all going to starve this week I'm afraid, yada yada, ya.  You are going to see all the same stuff again as you get trained and trained and trained into utter utter austerity. It's for the good of the planet too, look at the bright side, if you're not eating that much, you see, then nature’s going to start recovering better from man's interference of what’s been done in the past, and be more sustainable then, because a lot of you will die off with starvation.  There you go.  Look on the bright side, well, you know, it's for a better tomorrow.


This is the kind of stuff you get taught over and over and over again by those who really rule the world. And yes, the world is really, really ruled.  Do you think for an instant that those who own all the property, and own think tanks and own your government, and send them off to war and grab resources, do you think they're worried at all about Black Lives Matter or Antifa?  Do you really think they're sitting terrified about it? No, folks, they're financing it.


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Anyway, go into my website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can donate to me. You can also buy the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Things are starting to move, maybe temporarily until they do the next lockdown, let's be honest, we can really move fast now and get things out, shipped out and so on. So, for the folks that are waiting, just have the patience. Canada remember as well is on board with this thing. Canada is pretty well a communist country already you might say, definitely completely new world order idea.  It's on board with the whole the World Economic Forum agenda for complete austerity and the abolition of cars as Agenda 21 wanted, private vehicle abolishment.  On board with it all. I'll touch on that tonight maybe if I get around to it.


Yeah, you can buy the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  As I say, all my official sites are listed on the .com site, make a note of them in case any of them go down and hopefully you can keep getting my shows. Remember too, other folk put my shows up, but go into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website if you want the originals.  And you can sometimes get them a bit earlier than folk if they copy and put them up.  So, it's up to you.


But regardless as I say, the future is written. It really is written.  People may be startled to find out that most of the decisions along the way, they never had any say in it at all.  You really haven't had any say in anything at all. Let's be honest, look at the nonsense you've had to fight and accept, either fight for or against or accept over the years, you know, it isn't just gender related, is it, even right down to bathrooms for goodness sake. This is what you were given to fill your heads with and have folk arguing about it. Well I think, you know, we should have all kinds of bathrooms. 


But here you are, the whole things lead up to a bigger army, a bigger army, like they say, the nihilists and the atheists would get recruited into these movements. They all, a lot of them have problems, folks. A lot of them have terrible problems and the problems are within themselves, you see. But they'll externalize it when they get their fellow brothers and sisters together to go after the general society. What do you see happening? You have mayhem when mayhem breaks loose. I'm not talking about the shooting of the black people. I'm talking about the mayhem of those that jump on the bandwagon, the real movement behind it all that will keep it going and benefit from it.  Of course, they will.


When they start literally elevating other lives above other lives, it's okay to kill black cops, that's getting promoted, and a lot of them have been shot and so on, then you're in big trouble. You're in big trouble. Right now, folk won't listen anyway. Especially the young folk, as I say, who think they're part of the revolution. They really do believe it.  Bezmenov said it, they get used and used, when you can tell them, they won't listen to you.  You take them up to a prison camp, they wouldn't listen to you.  The system that they're going to bring in couldn't be bad, it's gotta be beautiful and utopic.  He said, even if you kick them on the behind, he says, they still won't believe you, they're so far gone, contaminated is the term, Stalin used the same term, contaminated, that you can't reason with them.


So, the system that they thought they were part of the revolutionary movement will turn against them and get rid of them. Because now it's a threat to them.  [Alan chuckles.]  That's what always happens. It's just... But again, it's like Peter the Hermit as I mentioned before, who was a kind of a monk.  I have no idea what denomination if any at all, but he was a monk.  He encouraged youngsters, there was a lot of youngsters who again at that time were orphans or just on the street and waifs the whole thing, where their parents had died, starvation often, things like that too. He encouraged them all to start going to the holy land, this miraculous place, utopia where Jesus was born. And they were in fact the first true crusade. 


Thousands of them danced their way, they say danced across Europe. They give them dances and everything, you see. They always give them drumbeats, dances and so on, you see it all down through the centuries, the same technique being used. Because you never, when something works you don't throw it out the window. Use it again. They were dancing to almost a euphoric state, you see, of fatigue and probably starvation too. And use them.


Of course, they end up getting over towards the Holy Land and then they were getting captured and slaughtered and turned into slaves and sold off and all the rest of it, you see. That's what happens. And if you told them, and a lot of folk did tell them at that time, you can't go over there, you just, it's terrible, it's completely different from our, they won't see you as the same people and they'll use you and abuse you and sell you or kill you. And they did. That's what happened.  And the youngsters wouldn’t listen either.  That’s the technique that’s used, well no, it’s a utopia over there, why are you telling us that, you bad nasty adults, you know, you fossils, you.  And that’s the way it’s used.  For a better tomorrow.  M-hm.  And the greater good, remember that phrase, the greater good?


I love it for warfare too because they always had it, even had it in the movie Brazil the comedy and you'll see the signs everywhere, we're all in it together, we're all in it together. And they're using all the same slogans hey, for Covid, we're all in it together.  Yep. Really?  Really?  Well why can't we all go out in the street shoulder to shoulder for any little cause, you know, even just to get sunshine, 'eh, a little bit of sunshine and some decent, you know, vitamin D for your metabolism and your skin? Why not some of that then and just stand shoulder to shoulder.  Forget the 6-foot stuff just like they did with the recent protests, and it was okay then. But why can't you do that? Why can't you, 'eh? 


How could you authorize who can endanger others and who can't? How can you authorize that according to the causes? Well, it's not meant to be logical, you understand. The world you're in now is to become more and more and more illogical until fear and terror will rule you.  I'm not kidding. I knew people whose parents were of Irish descendent in Scotland. Some of them had, a lot of them actually had come over in the 1800s, late 1800s. And I'm talking about like their grandparents and so on were still alive when I was wee. 


And they were nasty to their kids.  If the kids were slacking with anything or they're packed in work and oh we're not going to do that... Because they were raised, the famine wasn't just a few years, the memory of it lasted for a long time, right into the 20th century. Their grandparents would still go to town with them out of a form of panic. In other words, you don't understand what, you don't understand why the work ethic is so important you've got to survive, survive, you don't understand. You can't just pack in jobs and change them. They still had that fear, that whole, it was life-or-death, remember, that whole time and it gave a legacy to the offspring like you wouldn't believe. It lasted a long time. Total terror, sustained terror of real terror of life and death will last one or two generations, at least.  It will also help destroy the family unit because it's run by fear and reaction to panic and fear. You have to do what you're told and pull it together or we're all doomed, you're a danger to yourself and maybe others too, yada, yada, ya.  That's what happens, folks. 


That's what happens when thousands of folk have died, and I literally, it really was manufactured starvation that was a form of genocide. There's no doubt about it. And don't say it wasn't, oh, they didn't do that kind of thing. As I say, they turned the troops loose on the Highlands of Scotland after Bonnie Prince Charlie went back, he went over to France actually.  They wiped out thousands, maybe much more than just the thousands of the Highlanders coast-to-coast, and islands. And I mean men, women and children, you know. And afterwards they always try to hide it and covered up, oh it wasn't that bad.  Because this is what they always do, rather than tell you what really happened, 'eh, they'll cover it up. Well it wasn't that bad; they got the worst ones and so on and the real revolutionaries and dut-dut-dut-dut-dut.  And they weren't revolutionaries. They were in rebellion, really, it was to keep the same system that they'd had as opposed to go into a new system with new kings and queens from a different country. That's what it was.


Yeah, I mean, don't think that these things just happen in the past. You've been watching 30 years’ war in the Middle East alone that isn't and never was in the interest of the average American.  They say what is it all about? Well, I'll leave that to you. But the fact is, the military generals all seem to be on board with it.  Hm?  And the Americans are going down the hill and down the hill and down the hill as they have to pay for it all.  And with the Americans, other folks in the West go down too, naturally.


But, yeah, it's about 30 years, you know.  You had the Desert Storm one, the first one.  Then you had, they did almost a war, then a 10-year flyover and no-fly zones and military are going to Iraq and so on. Then again you had in 2001 they went to town again. It had nothing to do with the towers, it didn't matter.  So, you've got a 30-year war in the Middle East and parts, in Afghanistan as well, yeah.  Quite something, isn't it, 'eh?  And we’ve all lived through it.


And most folk, the ones that are even rioting right now, think about this, their sons and daughters, in the black community too, go into the military because, well, you go in, you're a somebody, be a somebody, and suddenly you've got respect and all the rest of it and some kind of honor and prestige that you would never have in the city street. It's the same in all classes too across the world.  That's how the armies really always did it, recruited from the lower classes, the cannon fodder.


Think about it. We've all lived through it, for this 30-year war, where were all your leaders then protesting against these wars? It didn't happen. 30 years of it. And it's still going on, the US is still financing the groups that are attacking Syria.  M-hm.  Why do you think the communist factions, that are all paid for by the big boys at the top, [Alan chuckles.]  I mean, the big big big ones at the top, why do you think they don't say, well that's enough fighting with these other countries and so on. Why?


Because you see, they start it off with the color revolutions to overthrow.  When that doesn't work then you get the real Army started, or terror, or you fund the terrorists, you see, that are just mercenary armies, I don't care what fancy name you give them, that morph from one name to the next, it's the same group. Again, the taxpayers of America pay for it all, and Britain.  But the thing is, they did it with, what, Egypt as well, remember.  And Egypt voted in a guy, then they got him out. He wasn't secular enough; they said in the West.


You see, under the communists, which is the totalitarian elitist group that runs the world, [Alan chuckles.] they don't give a darn about you, the ones at the WEF.  They want the destruction of all religions, you see. Don't you get that part? All religions.  They want a totally secular society.  Then they can dominate it.  Because you can buy folk off in secular societies quite easily, which they have always done.  Then they can rule it all and plunder the economy and plunder the taxpayers of the countries and so on for themselves. That's what the WEF is all about, folks.  Do you really believe they're there to help, we are part of your community, we're here to help you?  Do you really fall for that rubbish?  N-n-n.  And folk don't remember anything, 'eh. 


So, a 30-year war with the Middle East and they're still not finished with Syria. Which was on the list back in the 90s remember of the PNAC group.   They must get rid of Assad, 'eh, and put in a completely secular society. They already destroyed a whole bunch, so many religious communities. We paid for it all, for them to be destroyed. And they're some of the earliest Christian sects, 'eh, all obliterated. Where was the humanitarians marching the streets then for? How can we slaughter these poor folks over there, these weren't rich people, who are slaughtering these folk because they were Christians.  And the groups, the Islamic groups that were really mercenary groups that they were paying to do it all, were beheading folk. Again, where was the outrage? It didn't happen. It didn't happen, 'eh.  Yeah, be a follower and get used, folks.  You'll never see the picture as a follower and that's the truth of it.


Now, when you look at what's being demanded by the front people in the protests, and the riots too, it's more than just a, you know, fair laws and some and fair treatment. It's the sustainability problem that they designated at the very top, UNESCO and other organizations belonging to the United Nations and Agenda 21 and the World Economic Forum. It's all the same group by the way. 


You have this article here for instance, it's quite interesting, from quite a few years back.  It's about sustainable development. Now even many of them who were protesting and demanding, oh we can’t open up until we get fairness and rut-dut-dut-dut-dut, from the Covid thing.  Same thing by the way in the WEF and the Club of Rome and many other organizations, all the front groups, for sustainability rollout saying, we can't open up and go back to the old way where we had cars and things, we want to go back to this primitive utopia of, you know, nice weather and walking and bicycles and things, you know. 


I'd like to try that in Canada when the snow is up to your neck, or higher. But facts don't matter, you see. It's for depopulation and bringing down the numbers basically. If you're not sick and you can't get heating, you're going to get sick very quickly.  And the population will drop when they can't afford the energy or get the access to the energy to keep them warm or to cook with or anything else by the way. 


That's how you bring down populations and whole societies, under wonderful sounding names, we'll all live in a happy utopia of Disney, you know. I think I saw in a Disney movie once, and the sky was always blue, and it was just perfect weather, people worked and smiled as they were, they weren't toiling in the fields, you'd be smiling an awful lot and happy as they planted all the crops, so it must have been easy, etc. etc.  Hm.  But of course, the ones who bring you into revolution won't be doing the digging and the planting and harvesting and the heavy work of course. That's just the way it goes, 'eh.  We've seen it all before in the Soviet Union and in China and elsewhere.


This article here is…


Shaping the future we want: UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development; final report - unesdoc.unesco.org


So those ones out in the streets right now around 18 to 20, have had the last 10 years of mass indoctrination already, and even before that, into what's happening now. It all makes sense.  As long as you get the same agenda through, you know, getting postindustrial naturally, they want to go into a postindustrial society...  I mean, a preindustrial society. Well, folk were dying like crazy in a preindustrial society.  They were often. The childbirth was horrible with illnesses and so on and malnutrition, etc. But that's what they want to bring upon you, for the good of the planet you understand.


So, as I say, they always demand sacrifices. So, so much must always be sacrificed for the good of all. It's just the old, old ancient religion recycled over and over, isn't it? And it works awfully well, the same formula. Yeah, it's going to take sacrifice. It's like the Covid idea, well you know, it will hit mainly the old folk. Well, the flu hits mainly the old folk, in a bad way that is and kills them too and yada yada ya.  But that's, let's get the numbers up by putting infected folk into the old folks’ homes, by law, like New York City did mandating it. That's murder. That's planned murder. To get the numbers up as we know.  Facts don't matter as long as you get the numbers up. 


You gotta understand what I said before about beheading folk. I mean, there's many ways to kill folk and sticking them into an infected area is just another way to do it.  This is as old as the hills using bacteria or viruses, diseases for warfare purposes. They used to put parts of corpses and sometimes the whole corpses over the walls of castles they were besieging, or city states as they called them too, their main cities' high walls, they'd fire them over the walls on the big catapults and the arbalests, or whatever they called them, the big catapults.


Shaping the future we want: UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development; final report



The midpoint of the decade is a good moment for the international community (Alan:  You always have these terms that are so vague, because they are meaningless. International community. What are you a community of?) all to reflect on its understanding and commitment to the decade.


(A:  Did you know you were all decaded...?  Dedicated in a commitment to the decade?)


It's also a moment to take stock of what's been achieved so far (A:  ... blah blah blah blah blah.)


This 2009 educating for sustainable development global report, learning for a sustainable world review of context and structures for education for sustainable development presents a succinct but insightful overview of the context  (A:  ...con is a good part.) in which regions and countries around the world are trying to develop education for sustainable development and related forms of education and learning.


(A:  No, that's indoctrination folks. This is indoctrination and social engineering.)


Regional and national realities have shaped how the development and promotion of ESD's have occurred, thereby engendering (A:  Amazing, you think words are just there by accident? It's to promote ideas in your head by using certain words.  Engendering…) a variety of interpretations of ESD.  (A:  Not STDs but ESDs.)


In the next half of the decade we need to focus on finding the unifying dimensions and are thinking about ESD's and work towards (A:  We need to do that, you understand, right, work  collectively...) towards identifying ways to translate general themes into particular applications responsible to local needs, you see.


(A:  So, here's a report for things you never get to vote for.  It all comes down from the top and implemented into your educational systems to brainwash the children.  It goes on and on and on.  Every year you get the same stuff, just churned out like you wouldn't believe, these massive agencies, when you think you're living in democracy, 'eh.  [Alan laughing.]   Quite amazing.)


(A:  But they go through their plans for the future and…)

…the structures and formal and non-formal education.

(A:  You see, a lot of it is non-formal. It's, you don't think, you don't know you're being brainwashed watching television, do you?)


Sustainable research and development and ways forward.


(A:  I just saw something recently to do with the opening up, it includes all the same goals, opening up from Covid, 'eh.  We can't have this, and we can't have that, and we mustn't go back to the old system. By the Club of Rome. Do you vote for them? No, you don't vote for them. Why don't you just admit you're under some strange oligarchical control of corporations and think tanks? Why don't you just admit it, folks?  Because you don't have any kind of democracy at all. You really don't.)


(A:  So let's get back to, I won't go through all this, I was just mentioning you can look it up for yourself and go through UNESCO the big organization that Julian Huxley was all for and helped to fund and start up. On behalf of again of the private group that gave you the United Nations. That gave you all the other agendas of the Empire of the day. Including, you know, Planned Parenthood, that was all part of it too, to get taught in it, yada yada yada yada ya.  And your education has all helped to funded with all your money, so they can brainwash your children into ways you don't, you couldn't even imagine. Well maybe you can imagine these days if you watch a lot of TV, you've already had your mind bent I'm sure into all kinds of directions.)


(A:  But they go through…)


structures in and formal and non-formal education


research and development in ways forward.


(A:  They’re always, always a way forward, you see, as though it's going to happen by itself. Nope, it's all made to happen.  You don't even get a say in anything. But they do go into the same old stuff...)


Sustainable environment on the planet, refers to development of natural ecosystems in ways


(A:  You see, you're part of the ecosystem.)


that the carrying capacity of the earth and respect that the nonhuman world,


(A:  Right, so it's the carrying capacity of the earth, that's too many of you.)


Sustainable economic developments


(A:  And put that down into prosperity, right, not austerity, but they call it prosperity to throw you off the track.)


Sustainable economic development focuses on the development of economic infrastructure in which the efficient management of our natural and human resources is important.


(A:  When did you become a human resource?  Hm?)


Finding of balanced ways to integrate these dimensions in everyday living and working that poses perhaps the greatest challenge of our time and requires alternative ways of thinking and valuing and acting.


(A:  Well, when you go through the gobbledygook of the public relations propaganda here and you start to catch on what all things are about, do you really think the folk at the very top, that use all movements, remember, and often create and fund the movements to bring in their agenda, give a damn about any individual ethnic group? Do you really think that? Do you really honestly really think that?  Hm?  Well, we are winning now [Alan chuckles.]  ...etc., eh.  This is from quite a few years back, this one here. They go through chapter 36 of Agenda 21 on...)


Education training and public awareness for, which for UNESCO was designated as task manager. It identifies four overarching goals.


They always have lots of goals and like 5- and 10- and 20-year plans and stuff like that. That's standard communist technique.  Run by the richest folk on the planet though, you understand.  Yep.  They don't care about labels. They give you labels to fight for, whatever mindset you have they've got a label fixed for you.  You can just pick one yourself, they've got ready-made labels, you see. Yep. Oh yeah, and all varieties and subsections of labels too if you're not happy with the main one. And that's how it's done.  It's always been this way.  By those that rule the world. It's always been done the same way.


Now here's Lord Hague…


Lord Hague calls lockdown


We need Lords to tell us what we already know, you know. You understand, once again it takes a somebody to tell us what we already know before it becomes talk-able, ‘eh, mention-able I suppose, but I like talk-able.  So…


Lord Hague calls lockdown a 'national disaster' (A:  No kidding. I wonder, he must be a genius too.) and demands immediate end to two-metre rule after new numbers show 600,000 dive in payroll workers and benefit claims soar by 125%

dailymail.co.uk / 16 June 2020


Grim figures show number of workers on payroll dropped 600,000 March-May


Former Conservative leader has brandished lockdown a 'disaster for society'


He has backed former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair's (A: [Alan laughing.]   He's backed him, 'eh.) calls for mass testing


(A:  I'm not surprised, Tony Blair has got his fingers in the pie. He’s got very lucrative pies, you know.  So, Tony Blair calls for mass testing, quite interesting.  The same Tony Blair that waved his hands a lot, a one-man band to get Britain into the war across the Middle East along with the US. The guy who doesn't believe in having, you know, positive freedom and stuff like that.)


Lord Hague's comments in Telegraph come ahead of new unemployment figures


(A:  So, here's your doublespeak here, right, so let's get mass testing, and get rid of this 6-foot rule. Even though the 6 foot rule again was dreamed up by a schoolgirl, supposedly, on behalf of her daddy who worked for the military industrial complex, all doing computer modeling, programs basically, projections of what would happen and they came up with this fantastic farcical mythical idea of 6 feet, you know.  That means nothing, it means little to nothing in medicine at all. It's a brand-new idea. But again, you've got to do crazy things like wear masks and stand 6 feet apart, etc. etc. etc. It says…)


In a sign of the carnage to come, official figures showed the number of paid employees dived 2.1 per cent or 612,000 between March and last month.


The breakneck decline is particularly worrying with figures this morning showing the government's furlough scheme is now propping up 9.1million jobs - many of which might never return as UK plc reels from the pandemic.


Well, this is all planned this way. How do you get the folk into austerity? Shut down the entire economy. Tell them to stay at home with borrowed money. Even though it's all fictitious money.  And bring them out of it through a complete testing, forever, for the rest of their lives by the way. This isn't just for like one little thing here, this is for the rest of your life.  I hope you understand what they're talking about here.  Hm?  Forever and ever amen. 


They’re even talking about giving you measles vaccines, that’s another little thing, because folk were wanting the measles vaccine, ‘eh? And so, they came up with this one, it might, if I get that it might help against coronavirus, they said, the Covid 19. Wow.  Where's the proof of it? Well, we don't really have any.  [Alan laughing.]   Well, waving smoke in front of your face from sage might help you too, probably a bit more than their cons.  Another one too and it says…


Lord Hague calls lockdown a 'national disaster' and demands immediate end to two-metre rule after new numbers show 600,000 dive in payroll workers and benefit claims soar by 125%

dailymail.co.uk / 16 June 2020


However, the worst of the hit for workers appears to have been masked by the government's massive furlough bailout scheme, with experts (A:  We need experts to tell us we are in a mess.) warning of 1980s levels of unemployment by the end of the year.


Well, they're working hard towards it by keeping you locked down, 'eh.  Oh, it's spiking again, my goodness, what would happen if we let the folk out of their homes? Then natural immunity might just happen by itself, like it always has done before, so if we lock them up they can't get the herd immunity, so when we do let them go it will start spiking, oh my goodness, we are surprised. Really?  [Alan chuckles.]  In other words, they're testing it.  These are not folk that are sick.  These are not folk that are sick. These are folk that they're testing says that they've had it, or they've got it, but they're not sick.  And that's what they say, most folk don't know they've had the flu. Every year, some folk get awfully sick with it, some don't.


Anyway, they're pushing ahead to get austerity in, you see, with mass testing.  It's got to be bigger than that though, you see, they always give you little ones here and there, this is an individual guy's idea, that's what that is. No, it's not.  They've got lots of little individuals to put in front of you to say, you know, we should really get testing done on all, mass testing, etc. Until you think, well I guess if so many folk are all for it, then it must be the right… No, no. They're all getting paid to say this, folks.  It's the agenda.  Fauci said at the beginning, you know, you're never going to get back to work until you take our vaccinations. And then you get testing all the time blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right.  Quite amazing.


Another article too is…


Globalist elites to gather in Swiss resort town to plan post-COVID ‘Great Reset’

lifesitenews.com / 12 June 2020


(A:  I've got the articles from a few years ago saying the same thing, from the same group. They said, we have to get a great, a good reset here, of the money agenda, sustainable...  And it says…)


The objective is 'rebuilding' the world's economic and social system in order to make it more 'sustainable.'


(A:  Too many of YOU again, 'eh?  [Alan laughing.]  Too many of you. And as folk try to get their autonomous zones set up, where no money is going to come in, they think they're going to get saved by the World Economic Forum and all the rest of them. Do you think they're going to keep us all around as pets when we have no work? Do you really believe that? with their fine sounding speeches, etc., power to the people, etc.?  Really, do you really believe that?  These folks, in the previous articles from a few years ago, were saying the same thing. We're going to make a, well, here's your plan, the great reset, right here, NOW, right.  It says…)


June 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — “Nothing will ever be the same again.” It was the mantra that we heard in many countries at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It came with a warning that a “new normal” (A:  Hmff.) would replace the existing order. Easy travel, interpersonal relations, large gatherings, even things like shaking hands would have to give way to long-term social distancing, drastic rules, and surveillance.


(A:  But it's for the good of all, you know, the greater good, 'eh.  Of corporations.  They get the reset, get the surveillance equipment and get all the billions thrown at them.  [Alan chuckles.]  The greater good...)


But these changes on the personal level are only a part of the picture. The World Economic Forum, together with Prince Charles of England and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has launched an initiative revealingly dubbed “The Great Reset,” with the objective of “rebuilding” the world’s economic and social system in order to make it more “sustainable.”


(A:  Well, that sounds good to me, 'eh, more sustainable. Yep.  What's better than a big juicy steak? A nice stale bit of bread. That's from that other movie, 'eh, [Alan chuckles.]  It's all coming back isn't it?)


(A:  Prince Charles remember, is the guy they put forward by the World Economic Forum and all the top other groups that are there from the elite classes.  They put him forward years ago to start the kickoff the public-private partnerships, where the public pay for everything for corporations, you know.  They pay for your launch and even build them things and roads and everything, you give it to the private corporations to own it.  They take all the profit and you maintain it; the taxpayer maintains it.  Beautiful projects, these public-private partnerships.  PPPs, 'eh?)


(A:  But yeah, this is the same agenda, the same folks. Here you are. As folk are worried about, oh you're going to lose all your....  Oh yeah, and youngsters think they've actually got a revolution on the go.  [Alan laughing.]  I-yi-yi.  Yep.)


The idea has received the full support of the U.N. secretary general, (A:  Who cares?) António Guterres, former president of the Socialist International from 1999 to 2005.


(A:  You see, he's a communist. Don't forget what Quigley said. He says, oh yes, in the CFR, he says, we bring in communist and dictators, we don't care who they are, he says, as long as they're on board with us. They do all sides, they run all sides, folks.  Antonio Guterres, the Socialist International from 1999 to 2005...)


Technically, a reset is a re-initialization: in the language of our digital era, it means erasing all hardware and data on a hard disk and formatting it anew in view of a fresh start.


(A:  That's what it's like. It's like Year Zero in communism, you know, they tried that in Cambodia on behalf of the CIA [Alan chuckles.] that was running a lot of the stuff behind the scenes in Cambodia.  Or like you know, Lenin said the same thing, history is bunk, he says.  So, they always eradicate the past and destroy the statues, and it all starts with some latest guru figure that they give you to worship and folk do unfortunately, or they're made to, mind you. It says…)


For many decades, the World Economic Forum, founded by Prof Klaus Schwab in 1971, has been getting heads of state, billionaires, and heads of big business together yearly in order to reflect on economical and governance issues and work toward a common end: free global trade, common world rules to supersede national sovereign decisions, promoting nondiscrimination, “to transform economies and societies.”


(A:  So, these are all the other, they use everything, you see, to make sure that whatever flavor of communism you like, they've got a special flavor just for you.)


They go into the Davos meeting and so on. It's a massive organization, with thousands of folks that are trained by them every year, youngsters. They pick them, put them in and train them to be future leaders, for all the different parties across the planet.  [Alan chuckles.]  They can't lose, can they?  But yeah, it's too many of you, you understand. And again, they want you to start to not have children, be awfully good and not have children, and just work hard for the great future and then die off quietly. They'll help you die off quietly, in fact, with euthanasia. You'll be being a good citizen then, you see.


Young Revolution makes eight demands for police reform in Peoria, Peoria Police Department responds - centralillinoisproud.com / 10 June 2020


Another article too. It's comical too, to watch stuff that... You don't understand, as they bring out the police, take police off work, and then you watch the, they've already had shootings in some of these places, you know, and murders around the areas. Because now the cops aren't going to reply to any of them. And why would you? The cops have been told, really, you better not go into these areas anymore and just let them… Otherwise you might be charged, you know, if something happens and you have to deal with it in whatever way it takes, it doesn't… You can't do the right thing, there's no way you can do anything that's right anymore. So, the crooks and murderers, they already had quite a few murders actually, so the crooks themselves get a field day, they know the cops won't respond. If the cops do respond Antifa will say, oh they're racist, bigots, etc.


So, they won't do anything. And so, it will get worse and worse until chaos rules. Then the government will bring in, because they want to bring in a centralized, and Soros does too, a centralized police system.  In communism, centralize.  The World Economic Forum, a centralized governance body for the planet, for everything, trade, for everything, you name it.  Centralize. Marx, centralized government, right. Standard stuff. And the folk never catch on to it.  N-n. 


Again, the police, yeah, they're going to ban the use of choke holds and stuff.  That makes sense. But they didn't use to use these until they got trained [Alan chuckles.] by outside sources.  But facts don't matter anymore. It's quite interesting too, what's happening. But again, Antifa will use that, communist always sit waiting for a spike, as they say, of emotion and they jump on the bandwagon and then they take it over.


Now, listen, in New York City, right, mayor, it's quite amazing, that orders an army of Covid 19 contact tracers not to ask about BLM protest attendance.  Hm.  I think this one got banned before by some, by the groups that put it out.  But the mayor ordered an army of the new tracers, that these are your new Stasi by the way, if you haven't figured it out yet, it's not just to do with this, it's to do with everything, for the future, forever into the future.  Including your social credit system score and all the rest of it. All that stuff combined, believe you me.


An army of Covid 19 contact tracers not to ask about BLM protest attendancethecity.nyc / 14 June 2020


You see.  So again, as long as you belong to, and really, I'm quite serious about it, I said years ago, you better belong, if you don't belong to any special interest group, or minority group, you'd better join one to get any rights at all. Otherwise you going to have no rights at all. And that's where we are now, we have no rights, you see.  So, try to find something and join it.  I think Monty Python had a League of Silly Walks, you know, if you had a silly walk you could join it.  But at least you'd have rights, right? And then you could really hit folk that laughed at you, because you'd say, hey you can't mock me, right.  Absolutely. There ya go. 


So, the contact tracers, again, as I said before, the whole agenda was on the cards before Covid came along, it was all worked out before with the same groups of people that run the present show.  It's a Stasi type thing. They're going to come into your homes and all the rest of it. Break all the laws and rules of your home is your castle, the last vestige of any right at all in the West really.  M-hm.  To save you all, you know, it's to save you.  As they, if there's anything going around, do you want them coming in, that have been in 100 houses before you? And if one person in 100 has had it, it's covered them, and now they're going to bring it to you? Do you understand? It's nothing to do with sanity at all. It's all social training for everybody. That's what it is.


NYC coronavirus tracing head dodges questions on protocol with protesters - nypost.com / 16 June 2020


NYC COVID-19 Contact Tracers Not Asking About George Floyd Protest Participation, Despite Fears of New Virus Wave

thecity.nyc / 14 June 2020


The hundreds of contact tracing workers hired by the city under de Blasio’s new “test and trace” campaign ...


(A:  And de Blasio too, is international con, I'd say, definitely.)


... “test and trace” campaign have been instructed not to ask anyone who’s tested positive for COVID-19 whether they recently attended a demonstration.


(A:  Well, I guess you’d have to put all the politicians [Alan chuckles.]  in quarantine if that was the case, 'eh.  [Alan laughing.]   I tell ya, Monty Python is sane compared to what's happening now.  Yep.)


Even though I again, the WHO, the World Health Organization suggests that asymptomatic individuals, with more recent studies, right, rarely pass on the virus, they said.  Before, oh my God, it's getting spread by asymptomatic people. Now they say it's hardly ever happening.  So, there's no real anything here to do with anything. The whole thing is, it's a made-up thing. Really. It's a flu-ish type thing, whatever.  But yeah, it's killing old folk, mainly because they can't even get treatment, or proper treatment.  And they're putting them in, forcing them to go into old folks’ homes where there's already infections present. Or taking folk in the homes which have no present illness there and then bringing ones with the live virus in with them. It's just incredible.


And don't ever think they're stupid, folks. Don't fall for this, we just didn't think. Don't fall for that, 'eh, don't fall for that.  N-n-n.  What happens at the top, the slightest whiff of a variation from any part of an agenda goes through about a dozen think tanks and every little part of that to see what the consequences could be if this happened and that. Nothing happens by accident, oh, we didn't realize, you know.  No, no, no, don't think that. 


I had to laugh too, in Aberdeen someone sent me an article from Aberdeen in Scotland.


Video and pictures: Hundreds turn out for Black Lives Matter protest in Aberdeen city centre

pressandjournal.co.uk / 13 June 2020


(A:  This is Northeast Scotland, you know.  It says…)


The good-natured demonstration, which took place between 1pm and 3pm on Union Street, was the largest of its kind in the city since the death of George Floyd in the US last month.


What does the death in the US got to do with anything in Northeast Scotland?  Hm?  Across the world too, in Australia and everywhere by the way? All worked out ahead of it, just waiting for the right incident to happen and outcome completely coordinated, the leaders all financed and paid, hm.  And the media all paid to get on board with it, right off the bat, obviously.  [Alan chuckles.]   


And in the middle of a, the latest great depression, financial depression, 'eh [Alan laughing.] and folk can't figure this out. The same governments that are all on board at the WEF who watched city after city getting slaughtered in the Middle East with their paid, the West's paid mercenaries under different names and guises since it's all the same group, and nobody said boo or a hiccup to that.  Huh?  But let's all be upset because one fella got killed. And the cop is charged with murder. Which is law, right. No, there is more, there's always more happening, folks, believe you me. I tell ya.  But that's the main thing happening in Aberdeen. Then you find that...


Aberdeen City Council gears up for easing of lockdown restrictions

eveningexpress.co.uk / 16 June 2020


(A:  Well, they're a bit late.  I mean [Alan chuckles.], they've already had their protests and stuff, they didn't give a damn about lockdown restrictions.  So now they're going to go back to it or whatever?  Unfortunately, Scotland is like a communist country, it really is. I've said it before, it came out of this farce, the Scottish National Party, which really was international socialist.  Winning its rights to have its own country for the first time, what a farce that was, 'eh, and the first thing you do is open up its borders, [Alan chuckles.] and boast about international socialism, let's all merge... Which means, doing away with your borders. What was the point of getting it in the first place, then doing away with it? A kind of waste of time, 'eh?  Then of course it came out under the EU, you know, under their auspices and their dictates, and the same with Ireland did the same thing too, 'eh, they come out into freedom under a new master, [Alan chuckles.] which is bigger than the last one. What a joke.)


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (A:  The characters that they put ahead of us is just astonishing.) is expected to set out the second part of the Scottish Government’s four phase plan to lift some of the conditions on Thursday.


I wonder what, I don't know what the GDP of Scotland is? Because it's not, it's about 5 million population, used to be always pretty steady at about 5 million. And most of them today, an awful lot of the new births, they're all from outside, they admit that in their statistics, people coming in and having children.  But still a small population.  And how are they, you know, what are they supposed to do, keep folk locked down forever, keep paying them to sit at home? Where is that all coming from?  I tell ya, 'eh.  [Alan sighing...]  We keep the red flag flying high...  There ya go.  International socialism.


But yeah, it's such a farce, isn't it, 'eh.  M-hm.  But that's what they give you for news, 'eh, dictates from these people, like Sturgeon, whatever she said there's something awfully fishy behind it though.  Manipulating the masses, Edward Bernays, I won't go into that one, I've done it all before, for years and years and years.  It's about group psychology and how Sigmund Freud too, again, Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud.  Strange family though, they were kind of, even Freud was having some kind of affairs with the different Bernays family’s [Alan chuckles.] wives and things, [Alan chuckles.] quite a strange thing.  Anyway, this is… That reminds me really of Darwin and the Wedgewood family, they seem to just be interbreeding with the same kind of family over and over and over. That's my take on it.


It says the easiest way to divide people is through political theater and it's going to be a tough red pill for people to swallow, and yada yada da. But I've done it all before and other folk are just repeating stuff I put out years ago. It gets kind of boring. Actually, it's verbatim from some of my talks, some of it.  [Alan laughing.]  So, I won't bother going into it.  Then this one here, the World Economic Forum...


Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution



(A:  This is how they even run the world, all the richest folk on the planet run the world, 'eh, the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And...)


Real world impact at the speed of now. 


(A: I wonder how much they paid for their PR companies for, the speed of now. Wow.)  


We’re not just developing new ideas – we’re implementing them across the globe at the pace demanded by technological change.


(A:  You must adapt to their technological society, you see. And you can't have any privacy in a technological society, they've already told you that many times before. They keep telling you that.  Most folk don't mind now though.)


The Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a newly established focal point within the international community for multistakeholder dialogue (A:  That's not including you though.) and concrete cooperation on governance challenges and opportunities presented by

advanced technologies.


(A:  You can download the brochure, as they sell you the whole idea of it, isn't it, 'eh.  Then they give you...)


The Great Reset - this week's world versus virus podcast


Now is the time for a 'great reset'


(A:  There is ‘now is the time’ part again for revolution, you see. Isn't that interesting, you always see what you're looking for, now is the time for a 'great reset', 'eh and...)


How artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping to fight COVID-19


(A:  Machine learning, 'eh.  There ya go.  In other words, the tracking traces and all the rest of it in your apps, yada yada. Yeah, that's what they tell you, it's helping to fight Covid 19. Not that you need to fight it in the first place.)


This was the year automation started taking over the workforce


(A:  And that's MIT news in with them...)


How the Fourth Industrial Revolution can help us beat COVID-19


(A:  ...and...)


Robots have demonstrated their crucial role in pandemics - and how they can help for years to come


(A:  Really?  Wow.  Gee whiz.)


Five ways collective intelligence can help beat coronavirus in developing countries


Well how can we even develop/fight it here with going to developing countries?  Maybe developing countries have to stay away from televisions and stuff, and don't send folk off to the WEF, will be quite okay and safe, maybe, how about that then, 'eh?  Hm?  How about that?  And they can't afford all the machinery to lose all the rights and freedoms, that monitors them, etc. 


But the World Economic Forum too, as I've said before, just like the Club of Rome and all the other groups, that you think are left-wing groups, that are really fronts for the big agenda for the ultrarich. But you're not going to get opening up after Covid unless you're sustainable. And they're going to have these commissars that will come and inspect you and look at you and measure you probably.  And smell you maybe even… I don't know if you should open up or not, you don't smell left enough.


It says, traveling, you see, their whole agenda was planned before this thing came out.


Known Traveller Digital Identity - Advancing secure and seamless travel



This project is part of the World Economic Forum’s Shaping the Future of Mobility Platform


This project seeks to develop and pilot a decentralized digital identity platform which leverages Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to help government and industry leaders (A:  ...you know, your fascists.) facilitate seamless and more secure international travel. Together with a community of travel security experts, (A:  Oh, that word experts gets me groveling right away, oh my God, it's so wonderful.) policymakers, businesses and international organisations, the project will achieve this by:


Piloting the KTDI concept in a cross-border context:


(A:  I guess they have rubber lips and mouths, these folks that speak this verbiage.)


In collaboration with a consortium comprised of the Government of Canada (A:  Of course, naturally Canada's completely on board with it all.) and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Accenture, airlines, airports and technology providers, the Forum is currently piloting components of the KTDI concept in a real-life, cross-border context.


Advancing safer travel in the face of COVID-19 impacts:


(A:  Oh, it's to do with Covid 19, you see, to keep you all safe.)


... (i.e. biometrics, blockchain and digital identity) is now more crucial than ever. The Forum will facilitate multi-stakeholder (A:  That's all the rich sods that get all the cash.) dialogue to gather insights and develop actionable strategies to promote more secure travel through improved border and health screening, touchless passenger processes, and more effective use of data.  


(A:  Meaning, totalitarian measures that you don't get to travel unless you take all the new ID stuff, and get monitored all the time, in real-time, for the rest of your lives, folks. That's what this is, [Alan chuckles.] if you don't know what it is.  Yep. So, there you go.)


Developing tools and guidance for scalability with the end goal of global interoperability:


(A:  Ha, interoperability...)


The Forum recently published the KTDI Specifications Guidance white paper, which describes the technical foundation underpinning the KTDI platform...


Now, they know that the average person doesn't have a lifetime to spend reading their verbiage, you see. What you're looking at is a multilayered massive bureaucracy, way above your governmental level, all privately owned.  But throwing it at your governments and telling them to get on with it. And to get, you know, they don't have any kickback from the governments so they're quite happy to receive the kickbacks maybe, who knows. 


Another one is...


Global New Mobility Coalition



(A:  Again, you can't open up unless you get out of the car and all that, 'eh.  So...)


This project is part of the World Economic Forum’s Shaping the Future of Mobility Platform


(A:  Oh, there ya go, it's about mobility, they want to make sure you're mobile, is that what it is? I don't think so. So here it is…)


The Global New Mobility Coalition (GNMC), curated by the World Economic Forum, is an active and diverse community (A:  Oh that makes it better, it's a diverse community…) of over 150 globally renowned experts, (A:  Oh, there's the experts, you get shivers up your spine when you say that word.) NGOs and companies for accelerating the shift to Shared, Electric and Autonomous Mobility (SEAM) system (A:  So no more you driving yourself, it's going to be shared, you see. Electric and autonomous...) that provides for healthier cities, reduces carbon emissions by 95%, (A:  I think they used the same computer for global warming and climate change that Neil Ferguson used for exaggerating the Covid problem.) improves mobility efficiency by 70%, (A:  …by stopping you from traveling.) and decreases commuting costs by 40%, (A:  …because you can't afford it and you won't be allowed to travel so naturally it's going to decrease commuting cost, because you won't commute.) while tapping into a 600 billion-dollar business.  (A:  Which the WEF characters are in on it, will own you understand, they'll own it all. But it's for the good, the greater good, they only own things for the greater good, to make sure that you're all living safely, for sustainability.)


On The GNMC publicly communicates a sustainable mobility vision to civic, public and private stakeholder in order to catalyse supply and demand for carbon neutral mobility ecosystem by 2050.


(A:  I used to, we used to think it was so terrible about how bureaucrats, and communist, how communists talked, it was a different language, you know. And this is the same stuff here because it's by the folk who really brought you communism.  [Alan chuckles.])


The GNMC also forms public-private partnerships designed (A:  Naturally, they need taxpayers’ money to fund their programs.) to accelerate SEAM adoption​ through agile policy design (A:  I guess they must give you a dictionary to read this article.) and experimentation in handpicked cities, and iterates learning to a broader network of stakeholders


(A:  I thought we were going to go vegetarian, and here's all these folks that are stakeholders. I mean, we aren't going to get any, we can't afford the steaks, folks, 'eh.  So here you go…)


to inform positive actions. GNMC is steered by the World Economic Forum (A:  Oh, what a coincidence.), ClimateWorks (A:  What a coincidence again.), University of California Davis (A:  Oh, that's really a coincidence.), China EV100, Uber (A:  Naturally.), Energy Foundation China, Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Lyft, Via, BMW, Ford, and Uber. ​Among its key partners are C40, OECD International Transport Forum, UITP, MaaS Alliance, Europe Polis Network of Cities, and the World Bank. 


(A:  Well, what a coincidence!  It’s the same group that have been running the world for an awful long, for over 100 years anyway.  But that's just coincidence, that. It's just that they're better at it, you know. Because they do it for your good, you understand, for sustainability. And yes, they take a bit of, you know, profit for themselves, and buy islands for themselves, and have special underground cities even built in case anything really unforeseen broke out. But you know, well that's their right.  They sit there… It's like Dr. Kildare, when they were brainwashing the women of the world to- Dr. Kildare was the guy they all wanted to marry.  He just couldn't stop worrying about his patients. He hardly slept. He'd get up in the middle of the night and, my God, eureka, that's what she's got! Now, he knew how to treat her. So, these folk are entitled, you know, the World Bank and all that, to make a little bit of profit, you know, 'eh, off your money with public-private partnerships. You pay for their businesses, that's only fair, right? And so, it gives you...)


The Challenge


Deployed in the presence of supportive policy frameworks ...


The Mission


Co-develop, pilot, and scale awareness-building and policy initiatives that promote the benefits of shared (A:   ...for themselves, 'eh...), electric, and automated mobility technologies (SEAM) to society and the environment.


(A:  So, they are in charge of the world AND the environment. They are the gods of the air, powers of the air, and the earth, everything that walks and crawls and flies and burrows, they are the gods of it. Nothing much changes from the days of Egypt to the present, 'eh?  In the old days of course, they just forced you to worship, and because you were superstitious, you'd say, my God, ok... And there's a God for everything on the planet.  So, in ancient Egypt you'd worship.  It seemed to kind of make sense to you, especially when you need crops and stuff, and you might get a plague of something one year and that can put you off, and sometimes the Nile wasn't flooding as it should do, so things were kind of iffy.) 


(A:  But these guys today, they're on top of all the problems before they even happen. They've got lots of stuff to implement to make it all work, right. Oh yeah, yeah, that's right, well they didn't think to ask you to vote for them, because they have to get things done fast and save you, you see.  If they let you know what was going on you might haggle and argue, and we'd all die.   We'd all die, 'eh?  Mm.  And they might have to use some of their profits for their own businesses, instead of public-private using your money to fund and run it for all their businesses.)


The Opportunity


Research shows that SEAM solutions can contribute to sustainable mobility. However, with the rapid pace of technology change, the appropriate enabling environment remains unclear. Therefore, we see an acute need to co-develop awareness and policy (A:  They're good at that, mind you, they can codevelop awareness of things that didn't even exist, and policy...) jointly with decision-makers (A:  ..the folks that are going to rule you, over things that don't exist.), private sector companies, researchers, and other stakeholders. (A: …the high priesthood, you see.  So there ya go.)


A coalition comprised of an active and diverse multi stakeholder community (A:  Meaning big corporations...) is better positioned to drive a balanced and credible transition (A:  This is the age of transition, for the century.) to a more sustainable transportation future via SEAM, than individual actors.


(A:  In other words, if you did it all yourselves, instead of this big club that you can’t join, it just wouldn't work out the same way, you know. It would be a lot cheaper.  Yeah.  Well, you get what you pay for, you know.) 


Also, too, the same World Economic Forum, right, okay…


What is an immunity passport …


Thank God these folks are on board, they're on top of everything here, 'eh.  We don't have to do anything at all, except watch fantasy on television.


What is an immunity passport and could it work?

weforum.org / 19 June 2020


(A:  So, they've got the World Bank, and the whole bunch of other organizations involved. It says…)


Weeks into lockdown and with economic indicators signalling a deep global recession (A:  No, it's a depression.), governments around the world are searching for ways to get their countries back up and running. But emerging from a cocooned state could risk a second spike of coronavirus infections as people start mixing once more.


Among the measures being considered by governments including Chile, Germany, Italy, Britain and the US are immunity passports (A: Thank goodness that they're all on top, you didn't know they were doing all that on your behalf, did you? Oh, my goodness, you thought your government was a lazy bunch of sods, didn't you? You really did. All this time they've been working with the WEF, etc., and big tech, using your tax money, to get immunity passports.  Okay, okay, they get paid well for all that, those companies. But they deserve it, keeping you safe, right.) – a form of documentation given to those who have recovered from COVID-19.


(A:  Now listen to this…)


 a form of documentation given to those who have recovered from COVID-19.


(A:  Now, Canada and all these countries had articles and documentaries out in the 90s, with the Wendy Mesley show, where Canada was way into the biometrics long before anybody else, you know, fingerprints, eye scan, the whole thing. And here you go. But here they're telling you it's really, whoah, the latest thing is Covid 19 to make people get it, you see, all the holdouts. It says…)


In Chile, which looks set to become the first country to put such a scheme into action, the so-called “release certificate” (A:   ...as they call it.  They're calling it a release certificate, like you're in prison...) would free holders from all types of quarantine or restriction.


(A:  Well, there's your way out of it, buy your way out, folks, you know and get a complete bio immunity passport.  It's shared by governments and government agencies, of all countries, and high-tech companies, you see, they all share it, you see, for your own good, obviously. Then you can go around freely, 'eh.  And they'll take their cuts of monitoring you, watching you and studying you, and banning you from whatever.  It says...)


But the idea has proved contentious, with the World Health Organization (WHO) among those voicing criticism. (A:  They always have a branch that will all pretend to oppose them, on behalf of you, without you even asking them.) The root of the concern for many is the unknown degree to which past infection confers future immunity.


(A:  Now, here's your key to it all. Remember, Fauci said at the beginning, oh no, he says, you've got to get the vaccines, oh yeah. That was on the cards before you even heard of Covid 19 or even he heard of it.  It was all planned this way. Because you see, you always get herd immunity or you're done for, the whole world would be done for. That's how it's been up until the present. Now they're saying, oh, you know, we don't know, this might only last for a month or two, your own immunity, right, so you need to get retested every three months, even though you’re immune right now, you might lose your immunity in three months. This is to be for ever and ever amen, folks. I hope you're getting the picture, 'eh.  But they planned this before you even heard of it.)


(A:  You see, getting your own herd immunity is not profitable. And it doesn't confer authority onto the ones who already have grabbed authority over you.  So, it's...  But again, you have the World Economic Forum, the richest folk on the planet, richest corporations on the planet, and richest bankers on the planet, have all decided to help you, you know.)


Stakeholders, communities, governments, business and individuals understand the emerging risks and follow on affects generated by the impact of the coronavirus.


(A:  They don't know themselves.  Don't wear a mask.  No, wear a mask or you'll get fined.  Don't go outside unless you're allowed. Why are you outside? Don't go on a walk.  Well now you can get a walk for today, about 20 yards more. Don't go with anybody. Don't be any closer than 6 feet. Oh, that's okay, let's half it in two.)


(A:  And here they're pretending to tell you your own immunity might be gone in two or three months. We don't know, they say, but it's better to be safe than sorry, let's do a complete bio scan and get an immunity passport for you.  This is a lifelong passport; you can't go anywhere and do anything without the passport. You can't even get into a store.  I mentioned this in the 90s this would come. I said, you'll go into a store even to get food and alarms will go off if you haven't got your tattoo or your chip with all your vaccinations on it.  Life is kind of boring with déjà vu, 'eh.)


In Chile’s case, (A:  After going through it all, right, we've got to make sure it's repeat business for the big corporations that have got all this technology and so on, it says…) the certificate will expire three months after a confirmed infected person has recovered. After this point, they will be considered to have the same risk of infection as anyone else. (A: [Alan laughing.]   You can't win, folks. You can't win, 'eh.  This is as good as it gets.  They've got it all figured out.)


Even though other biologists and biochemists and the whole bit have come out, that work at these labs, and saying your own immunity will last generally two or three, three years generally for any particular Covid or any other kind of Covid variety strains, and even longer. They've done tests for stuff even for folk who had SARS and still got antibodies 10 years later, you know, things like that. 


Anyway, this is the whole agenda, folks, for sustainability.  And if most of you can't, they'll just say, well there's been too many folk traveling this month, it's not sustainable, and it's putting too much carbon into the atmosphere, even the cyclists that are breathing heavy, and other folk too that are breathing heavy, even though they're not supposed to be doing that during this pandemic, you know, we’re just going to lock you all down, to fulfill our quota, and get the quota back to normal. Well, you know, CO2 reduction.


World Bank: COVID-19 recession (A:  Again, the same group, ‘eh.  [Alan chuckles.])

 is expected to be twice as bad as the 2009 financial crisis - blogs.worldbank.org / 15 June 2020


So, you lost 40%, right, of the value of your currency because of the last big con.  They plundered, things don't disappear, folks.  Things don't just go bankrupt. Real businesses, real machine shops, all these things are real, they're taken over by the folk that cause the crash, I hope you understand.  That's how they do it.  There’s nothing new about that.  This is from the World Bank's website, you know, so you can read it for yourselves.  There ya go, so it's going to be twice as bad as the 2009 financial crash.  Oh, you might get a few cents left at the dollar.  But sustainability and austerity, that's how you bring folk down into poverty. Austerity, you see. Well, they're forcing it, folks.  It all happens for the greater good, you know.  But that's coincidental. 


Then you have this one here too.  It's quite amazing. You had the whole thing with Epstein. Again, they had to get disappeared really quickly, or it was just too hot to handle with intelligence agencies and blackmail, and all that kind of stuff, you know, etc. etc. etc.


900 suspected pedophiles arrested (A:  900 of them.) as ‘darknet’ child porn kingpin jailed for 30yrs

rt.com / 6 May 2017


(A:  This was May 2017 this came out, this story, but I thought it was interesting.)


Nearly 900 members of a global ‘dark web’ pedophile ring sprawling Europe and the Americas have been arrested following a two-year investigation, the FBI and Europol reported after the website’s founder was handed a 30-year jail sentence.


Shedding light on the scope of the operation which is still active, the FBI revealed that in the US alone, 350 arrests were made as part of a wide-ranging investigation into Playpen – a secret website that is being referred to as possibly the biggest child pornography online dump that ever existed.


(A:  So, they're patting themselves in the back for it and all the rest of it, right.  This was worldwide…)


The arrests and other law enforcement actions related to the investigation were carried out “in countries far and near”, including Turkey, Peru, Chile, Ukraine, Israel and Malaysia, according to the FBI.


Europe accounts for the major share of arrests and convictions with 368 suspects being charged. A total of 870 arrests were made in connection with the case, according to Europol.


Over 300 children who had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Playpen members have been identified or rescued.


Here's the kind of money they put out on this, right.  This is worldwide, right, and the FBI is at it and the whole thing.  Now, they've got total access to everybody's data.  Look at all the folk who have been looting the stores, you've seen it, 'eh, it's up on YouTube all over the place, stores getting broken into and hordes of folks just going in there and ransacking, very quickly too, very efficient, stuff, computers and god knows what else, and TVs, yada, yada, in these stores, you know.  Do they really think in this day and age that they don't know who's doing it? Do they really think that?


Do you remember too a few years ago they came out with NSA programs, and ones they were using for China, and they said it didn't matter if folk wear a mask or not, they could tell by, because they had measurements, it's all automatic, between your eyes, and eyes to the bridge your nose, and the temples, all that kind of thing. It's instant, you actually see it in some of the modern stuff they show you. China showed some great stuff initially with glasses getting handed out to police at railway stations and airports. Everybody coming off trains and so on, immediately had little, their ID would come up around them, and these printed up versions of who they were would come up on the screen.  And instantly, instant official ID and recognition.  Even if there was 50 in front of the cop, everyone would just pop up, in the glasses. We've got it too of course.


So here you are with, so here's folk still breaking into places, and burning cops’ cars. Which are paid by the community. In one of the states they burned 20 of the cop cars, they said it's all going to get replaced by the taxpayer.  Hm.  Public-private partnerships, 'eh. Anyway, so yeah, it says here they sentenced the main guy, Steven W. Chase.


This is the kind of stuff that again, we're supposed to be really concerned about, this kind of stuff.  But meanwhile the thousands that happened at Britain, remember, were ignored for, what, 15 or 20 years, these gangs that were grooming them and hooking them on heroin and cocaine and sending them out as prostitutes at 12 and 13 years old. But that was… And no one wanted to touch that, 'eh, because it was Britain, you see.  M-hm.  It was just too politically sensitive. So, it's okay, everything's politicized today, and folk suffer.  And if you're in the wrong country and the wrong people, you're really going to suffer. No one's going to help you. Nobody.  So, there's different values depending on what country you live in, on the life of the people who live there.  Different values.


And as I say, yeah, they can go after a worldwide operation, right. But yeah, folks think that they don't know who's causing the trouble or who are the leaders for revolution, the violent revolutions. This is, when they get into a violent stage, folks, it doesn't stop there. If they can go the next step further, they'll go to the violence. And believe you me, a lot of the mob, when tempers are up and emotions go crazy, will go crazy, that's what they want really.  You will see it in your lifetime.  It won't be that far off, actually.


And it says…


Media Raises Hysteria Over Trump Tulsa Rally After Celebrating Mass Protests

thefederalist.com / 19 June 2020


(A:  Facts don't matter, as you know.)


On Saturday, President Donald Trump announced plans to hold his first major campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma since the start of the novel Wuhan (A:  It says Wuhan...) coronavirus pandemic.


As Tulsa prepares for the rally, the Trump campaign announced it had received more than 1 million requests for tickets (A:  But of course, the media there are trying to stop it all and saying…)


The media however, is spiking fears that the large gathering will be a deadly “super-spreader” for COVID-19 even after celebrating the mass protests (A:  [Alan chuckles.] ) that took over the nation’s cities and even drew participation from woke politicians.


So, everything's politicized. Facts don't matter anymore, as you well know.  It's awfully important of course that they get what they think is left wing in.  And the left wing will be completely on board with everything the WEF, the richest folk on the planet want. Completely on board. Sustainable, yeah, and for the environment, sure, sure, yeah, yeah. 


Atlanta cops continue to call out sick' after scores were a no-show yesterday as city claims it can handle 911 calls and every officer is given a $500 bonus for civil unrest shifts - dailymail.co.uk / 18 June 2020


Would you risk your life for $500 bucks?  Knowing that if anything happened, and you even have to defend yourself, you are going to be in the wrong, and your bosses aren't going to stand up for you? Well of course, you wouldn't.  Of course, you wouldn't.  The military won’t either. If they're not, if you don't get a strong command from the ones above you, from those in charge, they won't do it. So that's what's happening. Naturally.  Yeah.  $500 bonus. I tell ya. It's not good. Some places like Detroit they don't even go into anymore, long before this happened.  That's pretty well normal there.  Another one…


Atlanta Police Officers In Multiple Districts Walk Off Job - lawofficer.com / 17 June 2020


I'll put that one up too.  And it says here…


Belgian police


You got the same protests across the world, you think it’s all just happenstance and spontaneous?  [Alan chuckles.]  Sure.  Dream on Disneyland people.  So…


Belgian police throw down their handcuffs in mass protest against media 'hostility' and accusations of racism, fascism and homophobia (A:  The same things, ‘eh?  racism, fascism and homophobia…)   in wake of Black Lives Matter demonstrations - dailymail.co.uk / 19 June 2020


The whole thing was commandeered by the real [Alan chuckles.]  the real antifascists, which are fascists by the way.  So yeah, the cops have just given up there.  Just, you know, that's it. What else can you do? What can you do? 


I'll put another one up too that's to do with, as I say, there's no secret about Black Lives Matter was taken over a long time ago and set up really by a Marxist. Again, using the networking, when they bring in all disaffected groups, even creating some of the groups that weren't even groups before it happened, you see.  They have to get folk with beefs that can’t fit into society, all kinds of things like that, and use them.  So, I'll put them up too.


A Short History of Black Lives Matter - therealnews.com / 23 July 2015


And this is a good one too.


Hundreds of households in Berlin are locked down after dozens of people test positive for coronavirus

dailymail.co.uk / 16 June 2020


Authorities place 369 homes under quarantine after outbreak in German capital


It involved households in seven locations, some with 10 people living together


Officials urge locals to use a new contact tracing app which was rolled out today


...the day that they found all of them.  [Alan chuckles.]  Just coincidence, that the tracing app was rolled out and they wanted mandatory testing, the same day that mandatory testing came out. Well, the more you test, the more you're going to find folk have either got coronavirus or had it. If it's a swab test, they're pretty well useless so I wouldn't even give them any credence at all. And for the blood tests, other types of coronaviruses might show up positive too. 


A lot of viruses, d'you realize you can have thousands of viruses in your system, different kinds, you know, and some of them are, you're born with some of them, that you get some of them from your mom, a lot of them, and they're called harmless carrier viruses. Folk are terrified, they don't know, maybe a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. So, they make sure you get a little bit of knowledge, they won't tell you all the rest of it.  So, whenever you hear, oh my God, that's terrible, I've got a virus.  [Alan chuckles.]  You've got stacks of them they don't do any harm.  And even the ones who do you harm, it's something if you're really of advanced age where you've got other problems too, or your own medications that lower your immune system. Unfortunately, a lot of folk on cancer treatment, you see, especially radiation and chemotherapy, they really are in danger of getting any kind of bad disease because their immune system is shot for a long time, until it starts to come back again.


(A:  So yeah, isn't it a coincidence they rolled it out the same day, making sure they are going to have this, oh... To validate the fact that they're going to make it mandatory that you all get tested, and again, along with that will come the app, you see, you'll have to have the app.) 


Early government suggestions to use mobile phone tower information and GPS co-ordinates for the app prompted a swift backlash.  (A:  ...the folk didn't quite swallow it right off the bat. They will eventually though, that’s part of it, you see.  They always do... oh well.  It's amazing that they get used to things, just over time… oh well, okay, you know.  They're using...)


...Bluetooth technology that is standard in modern smartphones.


(A:  ... to track and trace everybody right now, 'eh.)


It's amazing, I mean, Germany got, East Germany especially got rid of the Stasi, you know, the secret police that were all through society, and everybody was informing on everybody and blah blah blah.  And here you have the same damn thing again with the government, oh, it's to help you. Well, so was the last lot, to help you, and to preserve the system.  [Alan chuckles.]  What's the difference, folks? This is worse, actually.  Yep.  N-n-n.


Another one too by Ron Paul and it says…


Is The ‘Second Wave’ Another Coronavirus Hoax?

ronpaulinstitute.org / 15 June 2020


Just a week or so ago the mainstream media and thousands representing the “medical community” told us we must throw out the “stay-at-home” orders and go to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The Covid-19 virus will not bother people who are protesting this injustice, they said. The virus only attacks people leaving their homes to protest the stay-at-home orders.


(A: [Alan laughing.]   You know something?  You're really under tyranny, you need humor.  You really need humor when you're under tyranny.  Yep.)


Now, after thousands of businesses – many of them black-owned – have been reduced to rubble and innocent people in the inner cities no longer have anywhere to shop for the basic necessities of life, the mainstream media has backed off of its non-stop coverage of the protests. Suddenly last week they all simultaneously (A:  and it's true, all at the same time...) embraced a new fear story to terrify the masses: a “second wave” of coronavirus was among us.


Yeah, sure, you see, that's how it's done.  Then they go into the different states that are really pushing it.  It's just coincidence it's everywhere that Trump was going to talk, 'eh.  Yeah, it's just coincidence.  Very politicized, these viruses, 'eh?


And this article is from a Canadian newspaper, one of the big ones I think it is. I never read much of the Canadian papers, I must admit.  Because they're so PC. Again, there's so far beyond left, it's just one system really. There's no left and right, really, it's one system but very pronounced in Canada. And…


Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China

nationalpost.com / 8 Aug 2019


(A:  Well, that came out ages ago.  That was August 8, 2019, right.  This is not new, you understand.  It broke out too with some of the scams that were going on. It says…)


In a table-top pandemic exercise at Johns Hopkins University last year, a pathogen based on the emerging Nipah virus was released by fictional extremists, killing 150 million people.


A less apocalyptic scenario mapped out by a blue-ribbon U.S. panel envisioned Nipah being dispersed by terrorists and claiming over 6,000 American lives.


Scientists from Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) have also said the highly lethal bug is a potential bio-weapon.


But this March that same lab shipped samples (A:  This is last year remember...) samples of the henipavirus family and of Ebola to China, which has long been suspected of running a secretive biological warfare (BW) program.


(A:  Are they kidding?  Suspected? I mean Fauci, remember, okayed a lot of this stuff to be sent to China and worked with, and even funded some of it. Come on here. Anyway…)


China strongly denies it makes germ weapons, and Canadian officials say the shipment was part of its efforts to support public-health research worldwide. Sharing of such samples internationally is relatively standard practice.


(A:  But it's gain of function here, right.)


But some experts are raising questions about the March transfer, which appears to be at the centre of a shadowy RCMP investigation and dismissal of a top scientist at the Winnipeg-based NML.


(A:  And it's true, there's Chinese scientists, a woman, was working in this top lab in Canada. And she was still, I think belong to some of the top, the People's Liberation Army I think they call it in China, she was still a member of it. They go into it was worrisome in a few fronts, the very fact that they were doing that and..).


China’s growing investment in bio-science, looser ethics around gene-editing (A:  ...and it's very true...) and other cutting-edge technology and integration between government and academia raise the spectre of such pathogens being weaponized, he said.


(A:  Well, that was all with the collusion of the US and Fauci, and all the other organizations that are associated with him too.)


And another one…


Canadian lab immersed in RCMP probe sent Ebola and another deadly virus to China: health agency - nationalpost.com / 2 Aug 2019


So, there's two on the same story basically.  And again, last year.  And of course,…


Chile plans controversial COVID-19 certificates - thelancet.com / 9 May 2020


For those who haven't got it through their heads yet [Alan chuckles.]  they're going to make sure you all get this, these electronic certifications of being free from infection.  And you have to keep going back to get retested, retested. And then of course they'll have, you know, you have to start taking these other booster shots for the previous vaccinations and yada, yada... yuck.  It's so predictable.  So predictable, isn't it?


I remember mentioning too at the beginning of all this, I said, I really think China and the West is on board together to really push this whole terror idea of this virus. Working together. I mean, look at all the stuff they turned out from China.  Oh my God, look at those big, big trucks going down spraying massive, you know, spraying behind them this strange misty stuff and going into stores and offices and doing the same thing. And oh, such activity and horror looking and yada, yada, ya. Then we followed suit after being told of course by Fauci that it probably wouldn't take off in America, [Alan chuckles.]  you have nothing to worry about, he says.  Until his bosses really said, now we've got to use this, you know, don't let a good crisis go to waste. 


And here's Beijing at it again, right, and China at it again.  They locked down the cities again because about 100 odd people they said, they tested, it doesn’t mean they are sick by the way, they’ve just tested it, you’ll constantly find folk that all test positive even though they have no symptoms.  And false or not, it makes no difference if you’re using the swab test.  But yeah, you’ll constantly find more and more folk, you see. And they keep saying they’re cases. No, they’re not. They might have got them but they’re not valid cases, they’re not patients, they’re not sick.  [Alan chuckles.]  You understand?


Beijing residents are rounded up and put in quarantine as the city goes back into lockdown schools are shut and travel bans are reintroduced to stop 'extremely severe' new coronavirus outbreak blamed on 'European salmon' - dailymail.co.uk / 16 June 2020


So, 100 odd people, out of a population of Beijing.  Beijing population at 2020, the current population it says here is 20,462,610. So, you're going to lockdown the whole city [Alan chuckles.] maybe the country because of a 100-odd people?  And this is the farce of it, 'eh.  Yep.  I tell ya.  It's really astonishing what we get fed here.  


And of course Britain apparently had paid for some other company to do a tracing, contact tracing app, who knows how many millions they threw out to their pals there, and then change their mind afterwards, 'eh, once it's all, you know, they're working on it, they just changed their mind and now they've given it to Google and Apple that are working together now. So…


Google, Apple release coronavirus contact-tracing technology for apps

fox13news.com / 20 May 2020


(A:  Yep.  And this is, again, this is just the same as having a Stasi system without the folk necessarily watching you. They're going to monitor you electronically initially, then send the tracers out on you if you fail to comply, you know.  And you gotta take their word for it, you know, you were in the vicinity of somebody that had this, you know, and they were within about 2 feet of you passing on the street. Well, I don't remember that. That doesn't matter, you know, lock yourself up, until we tell you. There ya go.  It's quite something, isn't it, 'eh?  And they try to tell you...)


The identity of app users will be protected by encryption and anonymous identifier beacons that change frequently.


Where have we heard all this tripe before?  Since we first got the computer altogether, 'eh, hack, hack, hack.  [Alan chuckles.]   Oh, we'll be very safe with your data.  Oh yeah?  And in with it will come all your DNA and everything in it, oh what a great boon for them all.  Then it will branch off into, you know, we can tell you what you will be prone to get, you know, diseases and things, so maybe we should treat you before you actually get outbreaks of certain diseases or illnesses and stuff. Oh really, could you help? Oh yes, that's what we're here for.  [Alan laughing.]  Get 'em all out, 'eh?  Aaah, so predictable.


We are a herd, aren't we?  We're just a herd of animals to be used, really.  Again, back to the FBI that tracked on all those pedophiles, 'eh, but they can't… I mean, the same system, that's worldwide, remember, they have offices of FBI in Canada, they set them up after 9/11.  And they have them in Britain too by the way. Everybody, they all work together, all these organizations, and the old Interpol system that's Europol, yada, yada, ya.  They all work together. I think they still have an Interpol as well as Europol.


But yeah, they know everything that's going on in real time about everybody. Everybody. Yeah.  But they're very, again, it depends how sensitive whoever they are monitoring whether they'll do anything about it or not.  And all these folk going rioting and setting cars, really thinking they're in the middle of a real revolution.  And they've got facial recognition...


FBI tracked down white woman (A:  I guess that's okay to say that, you see, because she's white…) who set cop cars alight by tracing custom t-shirt she wore at a Philadelphia demonstration to Etsy - which led them to her LinkedIn and Poshmark accounts

dailymail.co.uk / 17 June 2020


(A:  She can afford a Poshmark account, 'eh?  That's quite the communist, this one, 'eh?!  So, her name is…)


Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal, 33, faces two counts of felony arson for her role in setting ablaze two Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) vehicles on May 30


(A: [Alan chuckles.]   In the same article it's saying that...)


Black Lives Matter protesters and other peaceful demonstrators convened in the city to protest the killing of George Floyd


(A:  Right.  Peaceful demonstrators but she was here setting fires to the cop cars.  [Alan chuckles.]  Well, you know, there ya go.  So...)


She faces a fine of up to $500,000


(A:  She'll get off with it.  She’ll get a metal, actually.  I read too recently that a lot of them that got arrested for setting fires to the places and looting, they got a metal dished out, for some organization.  But who knows, usually the same suspects, usually the ones, for suffering a night in jail and all.  Like a proud thing to be, to show...  You won't have children if you're really good sustainable people, but to show anybody down through your life that, I took part in that, yeah, it's a badge of honor.)


(A:  But anyway, this woman had distinct tattoos as well, that they arrested here.  I said years ago, you realize these tattoos are going to be used for IDing you?  [Alan chuckles.]   And boom, there you go.  They really are…  Oh, what can you say?)


FBI agents used Instagram posts of the burned cars, along with 500 photos from various photographers, to identify the wording on the woman's shirt: 'KEEP THE IMMIGRANTS, DEPORT THE RACISTS,' the FBI agent explained in his affidavit, VICE reports.


Agents discovered that the shirt was custom made and sold on Etsy and found that a user - Xx Mv - had posted a review about purchasing the shirt. (A: [Alan laughing.])  The URL belonging to the Etsy was 'alleycatlore.' The page listed Philadelphia as being where the user lived.


So, they kept at it and at it and then they came up.  They get everybody, they know who everybody is. They know who everybody, everybody is. Yep, I guarantee you.  If they want them, they'll go for them. If they don't, they won't.


11 face felony charges from night of civil unrest; more charges likely in coming weeks, state attorney says.

fox13news.com / 19 June 2020


TAMPA, Fla. - Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren announced charges for 11 people stemming from the rioting and looting that occurred during demonstrations in Tampa in late May.


On the night of May 30, 40 people were arrested for looting and rioting in the University Mall area of Tampa. Now, 11 people have been formally charged.


"We have the first batch, 11 defendants, 15 felony charges...


And there's more to come, so there you go.  Yeah.  They are protesting the folk that own jewelry stores, says one here.  So, they did wipeout, cleanout jewelry stores. It says…


 "These are some of the people who were robbing, burglarizing, burning, gas stations, drug stores, jewelry stores."


(A:  Burning gas stations too.  Interesting.  So there you go, yada, yada, yada, ya.  Smashing windows, even took cash registers.  Of course, I think they had a little video of a woman, Badda, whose store, Badda's Hair was broken into.  She had 32's employees, now they're all out of work, they attacked her store.)


But again, that intensifies the problem, which is what communists do. They don't help the problem; they make it worse. That's to get revolution going.  Sad stuff.


An article too, I've mentioned before that Gaddafi's Libya, from 2013…


Gaddafi’s Libya was Africa’s Most Prosperous Democracy - foreignpolicyjournal.com / 12 Jan 2013


And it was.  The whole country, you know, he was bringing in a gold reserve for his country, and for Africa. They had to get rid of him, 'eh.  And they did.  They certainly did.  But yeah, the most prosperous country in Africa.


Another article too is a book, it's actually a book about, it's called New Left Tyranny but it's about…


Gangster State Capitalism

paulcraigroberts.org / 5 June 2020


Historically, capitalism freed labor from bondage by making labor the private property of the person. Serfs who owed labor obligations to lords became free individuals. Free labor markets and emergent capitalism made productive by technological advancements created with time rising living standards and a free people determined to protect their independence by holding government accountable.


(A: Well, that was a good myth and dream, wasn't it?)


This system was eventually wrecked by banks that financialized the economy and diverted discretionary personal income to the payment of interests and fees to banks, (A:  Well, now they are just throwing your cash money out to big corporations, that are here to help you and save you from Covid.  [Alan chuckles.]   That's the same thing. Anyway…) and by global corporations that moved first world jobs to Asia, thus raising their profits at the expense of domestic consumer purchasing power and living standards.  (A:  Of course, the WEF was behind that big push too, along with the CFR.) The result was the concentration of income and wealth in the hands of a few multi-billionaires.


First world work forces were re-enserfed as part-time jobs (A:  And that's true, if they give you a full-time job they have to pay your pension plans, insurance and healthcare.  So, you put them on part-time.  That was forced by the last crash, by the same WEF characters that are running the show today, 'eh, who owned all the corporations.  So, you end up with part-time…) with no health or pension benefits replaced the security of a middle class existence.


(A: So, it's probably a decent read, I haven't read it.  He goes into what's happening across the world and...)


Tyranny can be the only outcome.


(A: ... of what's happening.)


Democracy is touted, but everywhere in the Western World the traditional ethnicities feel powerless and unable to affect how they are governed. Dissent is censored by the ruling elites who have in place powerful means to control explanations and to implement agendas that the people do not support. 


Isn't that the truth, 'eh, isn't that the truth?  But even if you have a dissent, before you even think it, they already know you're thinking it.  [Alan chuckles.]  Pretty well. Most folk blab things out. And it really is, it's astonishing how much data they collect on every single person on a daily basis. 


I want to just go into now this topic because it's important. It ties in with your bio this in bio that and the World Economic Forum again, you know, until it's almost a post-trans-humanist agenda. Don't forget too that Julian Huxley of UNESCO, that's Aldous’s brother Julian, who again, he also was a cofounder of Planned Parenthood for reducing the population, you know, the wrong kind of people, etc. He was quite blatant about his form of socialism, which is the real socialism, the same socialism that they don't tell their little members at the bottom about, you know. It's, you'll toe the line, you'll do what you're told, or else, that's it. 


George Bernard Shaw said it, you'll have to come to us and tell us why we should let you live and stay alive. That's what socialism, real socialism is. This is an organized authoritarian system.  It's not to help the working class, if there's any working class left.  They're all getting paid to sit at home right now, temporarily, mind you, but they won't keep this up forever.


But I did hear about, or read about, just casually you're reading through some articles and one was about this odd thing with the military boys, some of the military boys, the generals against Trump. It's interesting. I'm not involved in politics, really, I'm not. But it's rather evident that big things are happening, when the generals won't back up the supposed commander-in-chief, right, and make public statements, which really foment overthrow. That's what that's… That's why they make it public.  Any disagreements that they would have as gentlemen as they say at that level, should always be done behind closed doors, and they can voice your disagreements, you know, leave their job or whatever it happens to be.


But when they actually stand up against their president, then you're looking for...  And what are they going to replace it with? They'll say, oh yeah just… Who are they going to replace it with? Who do you think they're going to replace it with? Why would your generals, and you better stop and think it, why would the generals, the way it's portrayed in its simplicity right, be really pushing for what would become a totalitarian internationalist system to replace Trump? Which is really a form of communism, on behalf of the wealthy elite.  As I've been talking about all night here. 


And it suits them at the top to have a form of communism because in a communist society centralized systems run everything. That's what Justin Trudeau talked about, he said he admired China dealing with Covid because they didn't have to bother going through democracy and persuading the people to go along.  They just told them to go along, and they did it.  You see, it's more efficient.


Well, when your generals are pretty well advocating the same thing for different reasons, you have to say wait a minute here, you know. And one of them, of the generals, have been asked what he thought of Mattis.  And, he's a good man, etc. honorable man, yada, yada, ya. This is, they're talking to General John Kelly, and yeah, he's a good man.  And then they asked him if he thought much the same of what Mattis had been complaining about. He says, well yes, I suppose so.  Right?


And I thought, why would the generals be going this far at this time? Well, it's not hard to find.  I mentioned before how all generals, not just in the US, career generals or soldiers, they get recruited for all, for the military-industrial complex.  Especially retired ones and semiretired ones. Some of them are semiretired and still getting payments from the military-industrial corporations, 'eh.  So, I looked into Mr. Kelly and I'm sure he really is looked upon, up to by soldiers that serve him and so on in different places, I would think so.  But here you are, I mean, you look into it, and this is what got me on this strange roundabout track here, and I'll go into it now, it's kind of important. It has…


Homeland Security Nominee General John Kelly Failed To Disclose Position At Lobbying Firm On Ethics Disclosure

theintercept.com / 11 Jan 2017


(A:  This is from 2017 and it says…)


JOHN F. KELLY, the retired Marine Corps general nominated by Donald Trump to be secretary of homeland security, did not disclose his position as a vice chairman at a lobbying firm called the Spectrum Group on his federal ethics forms made public this week.


The failure to disclose the position may run afoul of federal law requiring Senate-confirmed nominees to reveal potential conflicts of interest to the lawmakers and the public.


“He came on as a vice chairman in the end of last year,” said Esther Lofgren, the vice president of the Spectrum Group, when reached for comment.


(A:  I read elsewhere too in other articles that John F Kelly was a vice chairman, so I don't know where this one, who knows, maybe it came before or after. But it says...)


The Intercept could not reach Kelly by phone, and he did not return an email requesting clarification over the issue.


(A:  Now, you have to really look into who on earth or what on earth is this particular group, The Spectrum Group? And it's awfully interesting. One of many. I'm sure, don't forget the military-industrial complex is massive. And CIA guys are recruited into it, if not directly and actually still stay in the CIA.  And people from the Pentagon and top generals, and admirals and all the rest of it. That's what you use because they can get things done on behalf of corporations. They can get direct meetings with politicians that are put in charge of different divisions of government, you know. All countries do the same thing.  It's very lucrative.)


(A:  I mentioned last week or the week before I said, you know some of these massive contracts for the military-industrial groups, if you lobby for them, you might get a few million dollars, quite a few million dollars on each contract. It's big money.  Yeah.  But they're supposed to be out of the military by then, they're not supposed to be taking a paycheck from the military or an official position and at the same time working for the private company. This says…)


The Spectrum Group, however, is a “completely separate company,” according to Kasey Dezelick, the executive assistant at DC Capital Partners. Business registration records show that the two firms are distinct entities. And they are not remotely in the same line of business. DC Capital Partners, (A:  which seems to be almost related to it.) which Kelly listed, focuses on “equity investments in middle market companies that provide differentiated and innovative service.” The Spectrum Group, which Kelly did not list, specializes in lobbying and government affairs.


But it's much bigger than that and I'm going to get into that as time goes on here.  Before I do by the way I'll just touch again on global, the New Mobility Coalition by the World Economic Forum, and they're praising again, they dragged out that stuff they did from Holland years ago.  Oh, look at all the bicycles in Amsterdam that's wonderful and healthy and it doesn't produce the carbon they said.  Although you're breathing a lot of CO2 out the more you peddle, that's got nothing to do with it.  But the fact is, this is what they want you all to do, go bicycling again?  The same old stuff.  Elimination of cars.


But that's the global new mobility coalition, 'eh, shaping the future of mobility platform. There you go. Isn't that wonderful. The same group again, your over Fuhrer's are going to be in charge of can you move and travel or not move and travel, yada yada yada yada yada ya.  Hm.  I'm telling ya.  And do away with private cars. Agenda 21 again. Back to again, the Spectrum Group right. Now, let's look at this particular group, the Spectrum Group…


The Spectrum Group - Trusted Expertise - spectrumgrp.com


One of their areas is biomedicine. Now, you're dealing with a military-industrial complex outfit here, big time. They're involved in so much to do with, again, the military-industrial complex, for the military mainly and anything to do with the military. But biomedicine.   The whole idea with the bio labs for instance is to do with biomedicine. That's what they say they are there for, right.  We want to make stuff, vaccines and stuff, and yada yada ya, and alter with gain of function things to be more potent and deadly. And of course that's why the military often uses them, as covers for getting to the same position, it's for the good of all, anticipating what nature would do in a few hundred years, we just speed up the process and make something which is pretty passive and harmless pretty deadly.  This is what gain of function does. 


This is not an exaggeration. This is what they do. So here you find a link within the Spectrum Group to do with it. And it all started again with John Kelly.  Just because I wanted to know why he was not on board with Trump on certain things and he was backing up Mattis.  And it could be completely different. It could be something else altogether. But then you find he's been compromised before, with the military-industrial Corporation that he worked for.


So here you have what it's about, from SynBioWatch it's called, and again, the same characters involved, right.  And what's the military, apart from killing folk, [Alan chuckles.] what's the military really interested with genetic modification and engineering and so on of bacterium's and viruses and all the rest of it?  SynBioWatch talks about Next Generation Genetic Engineering.  And it also mentions that the Gates foundation paid $1.6 million...


Gates Foundation paid PR firm to secretly stack UN Expert process on controversial extinction technology - genedrivefiles.synbiowatch.org / 1 Dec 2017


In other words, to get good comebacks and follow-ups and writeups, etc. for something they are after.  So, the Gene Drive, awfully important…


Military Revealed as Top Funder of Gene Drives; Gates Foundation paid $1.6 million to influence UN on gene drives - foe.org / 4 Dec 2017


The Gene Drive Files:

(A:  Awfully important.) 

Disclosed Emails Reveal Military as top funder of dangerous new genetic manipulation technique.

synbiowatch.org / 4 Dec 2017


(A:  Gene Drive actually has the ability to alter a life form by altering its genes, knowing that it's going to spread to all of its own kinds' genes.  And they used it to destroy, to try to destroy for instance healthy males in mice that would eventually spread through a population in a controlled environment. So, you can kill off a whole species of things by altering the genes of just one, of just a few initially, you see.  It's a tremendous weapon, isn't it, 'eh?) 


(A:  So, if you can do with mice you can do with people. Or you can do with subgroups of people, like, we are all in subgroups, it doesn't matter, they've all put us into groups of this, that or the other, you know. And gene types. And the Human Genome Project, that's part of the purpose for it in the first place.  [Alan chuckles.])


Over 1,200 emails released under open records requests reveal that the U.S. military is now the top funder and influencer behind a controversial genetic extinction technology (A:  …and that's what it is, it's an extinction...) known as “gene drives” – pumping $100 million into the field. The trove of emails, obtained via open records requests, also shed light on a $1.6 million dollar UN gene drive advocacy operation paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


"Emerging Ag,” (A:  It's for agriculture too, they can do it in any kind of life form including crops and so on, and mammals as well.) a private PR firm paid by the Gates Foundation, is working behind the scenes to stack key UN advisory processes with gene drive-friendly scientists, (A:  That's standard stuff with all these characters.) and has recruited ostensibly independent academics and public officials into a private collaboration to counteract proposed regulations and to resist calls by scientists and conservationists for an international moratorium. Some of those recruited entered into the UN discussions without divulging their conflicts of interest or the role that paid political consultants played in shaping their inputs.


The files, dubbed “The Gene Drive Files,” additionally cast a spotlight on the central role of the shadowy U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as the key funder now accelerating gene drive development. For example, DARPA is now revealed as the major financial backer of efforts to develop gene drive mammals (mice) that are led by a U.S. environmental NGO, (A: [Alan chuckles.]   That's, oh we're just environmentalists, you know.)  Although DARPA has no biodiversity conservation mission, raising questions about the defense agency’s intent. These revelations come on the heels of a public warning issued by a leading gene drive researcher Dr. Kevin Esvelt that current gene drives are too powerful to be used in conservation.


“Gene drives are a powerful and dangerous new technology and potential biological weapons that could have disastrous impacts on peace, food security and the environment, especially if misused,” said Jim Thomas of ETC Group. “The fact that gene drive development is now being primarily funded and structured by the U.S. military raises alarming questions about this entire field.”


(A:  No kidding 'eh?  No kidding.)


“Gene drives could have profound global impacts, and these emails reveal a secretive attempt to game the system by gene drive proponents aiming to minimize essential regulations and oversight,” (A:  In other words, do away with them, go around them.) said Dana Perls of Friends of the Earth, U.S.  (A:  The Friends of the Earth generally, some of the quotes from the top leaders of them, they're quite happy if the earth depopulated. So, there's no good guys anywhere.) “We need more transparency about who is influencing critical decisions about the future of global ecosystems, people’s livelihoods, or our food system.”


“In response to this news that the integrity of technical processes under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) (A:  Interesting too, the Convention on Biological Diversity, you may wonder what all that was about...) may have been compromised, civil society groups will urgently raise the need for better disclosure of interests within a framework for addressing conflict of interest at the CBD,” said Lim Li Ching of Third World Network.


“Mosquitoes containing gene drives are being proposed for malaria control in Africa. While claiming potential health benefits, any application of such powerful technologies should be subject to the highest standards of transparency and disclosure. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case. Releasing risky GM organisms into the environments of these African countries (A:  ...with mosquitoes…) is outrageous and deeply worrying,” said Mariam Mayet, Executive Director of The African Centre for Biodiversity.


(A:  Don't forget, a lot of folk are getting terrible reactions to modified mosquitoes when they bite you. You can go into anaphylactic shock really with these damn things, some of them now that they're genetically modified.  We're here to help you.)


Information revealed in the Gene Drive files includes:


The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is reported to have given approximately $100 million for gene drive research, $35 million more than previously reported. If confirmed, DARPA appears to be the largest single funder of gene drive research on the planet.


Emerging Ag, a privately-held public relations firm, received over $1.6 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to work on gene drive topics and to focus on exerting influence on the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the key body for gene drive governance.


So, it's quite interesting what's going on with all this. But this is just the start of it.  Then you get into, this is an example, this is a good example right now.  Genetic engineering in society it's called, right, and...


Genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in Florida and Texas beginning this summer – silver bullet or jumping the gun?

research.ncsu.edu / 3 June 2020


(A:  This is June 3, 2020.)


On May 1, 2020, the company Oxitec (A:  …a big company, one of these groups, you know.) received an experimental use permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (A:  They're all, they're a big gang at the top, you know, the FDA and US Environmental Protection Agency, they are all connected, Food and Drug Administration, it's all the same, the same group.) to release millions of GM mosquitoes (labeled by Oxitec as OX5034) every week over the next two years in Florida and Texas. Females of this mosquito species, Aedes aegypti, transmit dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever and Zika viruses. (A:  Isn't that wonderful, 'eh?)  When these lab-bred GM males are released and mate with wild females, (A:  Why can't they get that decent homely kind of character, you know, that wild females...  but there you go.) female offspring die. Continual, large-scale releases of these OX5034 GM males should eventually cause the temporary collapse of a wild population.


However, as vector biologists, geneticists, policy experts and bioethicists, we are concerned that current government oversight and scientific evaluation of GM mosquitoes do not ensure their responsible deployment.


Coral reefs that can withstand rising sea temperatures, American chestnut trees that can survive blight and mosquitoes that can’t spread disease are examples of how genetic engineering may transform the natural world.


(A:  But you see, they're doing genetic decoding and gene editing. It turns things on and off. You can do it in your brain too by the way, and your whole body, you can turn any organ on and off with epigenetics.)


Yet, as new advances in genetic decoding and gene editing emerge with speed and enthusiasm, the ecological systems they could alter remain enormously complex and understudied.


(A:  Don't you believe it. They CAN, they know what they're doing here.)


...to yield inviable offspring or make them unsuitable for disease transmission.


(A:  Right, make them sterile.  I can remember reading articles years ago when [Alan chuckles.] China, the Chinese are way ahead you know with, the people in China, of what their governments have done in the past to do with sterilization and one child per family policies and things like that.  I can remember when they were going on, it was a hullabaloo and the folk in the West were saying what's the problem with them. It was to do with eggs where the chickens had been fed with, was it cottonseed or something? But it was a seed that literally produces sterility in males. And they were feeding the chickens with it, on purpose, for maybe that purpose. But the people in China knew that, the ordinary folk knew that in China.  They are ahead of us as to what their governments will and have done in the past, so they're on the watch for it.)


(A:  But we're so simple and stupid, aren't we? And we're so used to being pampered, oh, we're taking care... Such great public relations, they're always there to help you, you see.  They always do things to help you, and it's to save you, and it's for your benefit. Without you even have to even waste time knowing about it, or waste time finding out what they're doing, leave it to them, you trust them so much, you know that they're there to help you, hm.  Boy, I tell ya, we're the easiest folk to manage. It's just astonishing.)


Recently, no group of organisms has received more attention for genetic modification than mosquitoes – to yield inviable offspring or make them unsuitable for disease transmission.


Although the EPA approved the permit for Oxitec, state approval is still required. A previously planned release in the Florida Keys of an earlier version of Oxitec’s GM mosquito (OX513) was withdrawn in 2016 after a referendum indicated significant opposition from local residents. Oxitec has field-trialed their GM mosquitoes in Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Malaysia and Panama.


(A:  This goes on about…)


Time to reassess risk assessment?


It's just astonishing.  These generals as I say too, I'm not saying that Kelly was directly involved in biowarfare here, but there's no doubt about it, he worked for a company that's definitely military-industrial complex.  That's what military industrial complex are, ways of killing folk, or sterilizing them for long-term plans, remember, this is not a new thing. I hope you understand that.


The declassified governmental data from biowarfare companies working with governments during World War II and afterwards go into that whole scenario of how do you bring down, if you've got a population that's going to be at war with you forever, or you're occupying a country and every generation, they're going to grow more young children, more young boys to fight you, what do you do? Well, you've got to eliminate them. So how do you do that? Sterilization. There's many ways to get rid of young men.  You radicalize them more, to get them to take more risks, and then supply them with leaders, and they become almost a kamikaze squad and help bring down their population quickly, etc, etc.  Or you can put stuff in their food.  Or you can literally sterilize them chemically through other means too which they are completely unaware of, you see.  That's long-term planning. That's what you do in long-term planning with the military. And every military academy teaches that kind of stuff in this day and age.


So yeah, it's not unthinkable at all [Alan chuckles.] when doctors involved, to help you, you know, in biomedicine etc. and how to gene edit and turn switches on and off and all that kind of stuff. Don't forget too, you can turn switches on and off, that's how you sterilize people, and things just stopped working in your body hormone wise and blah blah blah blah blah. It's quite easy to do. 


But we're living in a happy wonderful world where they keep telling you they're here to help you.  You know that, so, this is paranoid suspicious conspiracy stuff obviously. Now, you can go into the next step of what are gene drives, right?


The Case for a Global Moratorium on Genetically-engineered Gene Drives



What are gene drives?


Gene drives are an experimental genetic engineering technology intended to aggressively spread a specific bioengineered trait among a species or population in nature.


(A:  They're talking about  crops and so on or animals.)


Normally, a genetically modified organism (GMO) released to the wild would pass on its bioengineered traits (e.g. herbicide resistance) to only about half of its offspring. 


Gene drives are designed so that the bioengineered traits will be passed on to all or most offspring (even though they are unlikely to be one hundred percent effective).


If a gene drive were to be successful, the chosen genetically engineered traits would spread and become dominant in wild populations over a few generations of the species.


A successful gene drive could intentionally or accidentally alter a species or crash it to extinction. So far, these artificial gene drives are developed using the new 'geneediting’ system known as CRISPR-Cas9.


(A:  Then they go into what it could be used for, oh, remove weeds, blah blah blah, yada yada ya, right.  But then you going to the next part…)


How quickly are gene drives being developed?


The first working CRISPR gene drive was reported in early 2014.


(A:  And that's reported, right.)


Since then, hundreds of millions of dollars of private, philanthropic and military funds (A:  Well, we like the philanthropies, you see.) and military funds (A:  …let's underline that.) have been directed into accelerating gene drive development.


While some developers estimate that they are at least a decade away from being ready for an environmental release of gene drives,


(A:  Sure, they will.)


other proponents are proposing field trial releases of gene drive organisms as early as 2020.  So far gene drives have been put into mice, fruit flies, mosquitos, yeast and nematodes.


(A:  Interesting too, 'eh, how they've modified yeasts and fungi.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's just astonishing. And folk were getting all these strange fungus diseases. That's just coincidence though.)


The temptations of gene drives


Some policymakers may be drawn to gene drives since they seem to propose a simple silver bullet solution to complex problems. Technicians and corporations may be thrilled by the apparent technical power gene drives offer and the potential for increasing profit.


While technical applications may be marketed with ambitious claims as ready-made ‘solutions,’ failed experiments with such technological ‘solutions' in the past have demonstrated the need for precautionary approaches and deeper research into biological impacts.


(A:  I know in the States in some parts of Pennsylvania there's problems with some kind of fungus overtaking farmers’ fields, because of some stuff that was sprayed  by planes over them, and now this kind of strange fungus is overtaking other fields that weren't sprayed, it just keeps going.  So, this is the kind of thing that can happen when you modify anything.  But they're modifying insects too, right, and  )


“Safe Genes” and “Insect Allies.”


(A:  ...they call it.  Don't forget that certain things can then start modifying YOU.  They used to say years ago there was a slogan brought out by big PR companies, no doubt, but it was, you are what you eat, you know.  And to an extent that was awfully, awfully true, especially since you're not eating great stuff these days, when their growing vegetables in the same soil over and over without a break and there is no fallow period at all.  So, adding just chemicals to it doesn't make up all the stuff that your body really needs. It might give you a big plant or big vegetable, but it doesn't mean it's full of nutrition.  As you know.  However, now you've got these particular [Alan chuckles.] invasive kind of gene drive systems, and they say that too, if one of them spreads in the wild, you know, a gene that they've introduced...)


If one spreads in the wild, the gene drive organism will be subject to mutation and evolutionary pressures, as will the wild species in attempts to ‘resist’ the invading’ gene drive. One way or another, the gene drive may fail to work, or the arising mutations may persist and spread through a population.


Yeah.  Isn't that something?  So anyway, that's just that part. But what made me think of, was your military, and here's the top generals, and I wonder how many of them are involved, and on the take?  A lot of them are retired, remember, and they're allowed to be involved in all this kind of stuff. They always get approached to be on the boards, because it's big money if they lobby for them, for these companies. It does make you wonder, 'eh?  Especially when, especially when the military is so involved [Alan chuckles.]  with all of it and then you get Bill Gates as well.   And then you get also the vaccines that Gates and all the rest of them are promoting, and Fauci, that literally are different kinds of vaccine that's going to alter the genetic makeup, the linings of your lungs perhaps, and the receptor sites in your lungs, modify them.


It's a different kind of vaccine from the old kind where they took viruses and either kill them or make them less virile so they wouldn't really spread or mutate in your body and multiply. And put them into you in the hope that your body will detect them and then form antibodies against them, because they were weakened cells.  Well, this is a different type of thing altogether. It's literally going to alter the makeup of your cells for the receptor sites. This is the big danger. Where does it stop? Will it stop there? They don't know.  Oh, we're rushing it through, and we have no option, it's to save the planet. Come off it.  Get off it.  Come on.  This is a big agenda here. What else will it do to you, I wonder, 'eh?  What else will it do to you? 


Think about it. You already had the reports coming out the Covid itself, this oddball Covid 19 idea of, was causing sterility in some males in China.  Because it not only affects the receptor sites, they say two receptor sites in the lungs, but it also would affect certain epithelial tissue, or epithelial like tissue, like the kind inside the heart, you know, but also the testes, this is what they're saying, and of course, in the intestine, where it will start to hibernate perhaps and live there. Well, so will the vaccines.  They found that with other vaccines before, they can tell with certain vaccines, that they end up in some children's gut. 


Because they specifically, they're detectable, since a lot of them are modified too in viruses.  Well, this thing, this Covid supposedly CAN go into something similar. Which would mean, that even if they gave you the other type of old-fashioned kind of vaccination for it, by using weakened cells, virus cells with it and put them into your body, how would that make your body produce...?  Because that kind was supposed to make your own body produce its antibodies, which it would do anyway, [Alan chuckles.] why would it make it do it any better than requiring the immune system yourself You see, it makes no sense what they're doing.


Something stinks behind it all.  If your body can make its own antibodies against Covid, and they are admitting that, why would their vaccination, and I'm talking about the non-genetically modified type of vaccination, why would that be any better?  If its whole intent is to stimulate your body to make antibodies against it anyway, and your body can make antibodies against it, why not just let it happen?  It makes no sense at all. But something stinks behind it.


I know that they definitely want to bring out this two- or three-part vaccination series system that they're going to give you. And it's going to be something that's not even going to bother using the virus, it's going to literally modify you. And I really think you're going to get a terrible reaction to it if you come up against a particular virus down the road.


This is what you're supposed to test over years before you give it to the public. And supposedly they are, oh we don't have time to do that this time, we don't have time.  Oh really?  When human life is at stake, yeah, I think you have all the time in the world here.  I really do.


And why should you trust these characters that have cried wolf for so long right down from shutting down the economy, when they admitted they wanted their complete reset a few years ago, and the same organization at the top is using it all again under the excuse of Covid.  Hm?  Lockdown, sustainability, the whole thing?  Why would you trust them on anything, folks?  Think about that, why would you? 


Once again folks remember you can buy the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can donate to me and you know how to do it if you bother.  Because I've got a whole bunch of sites to keep going, and I like to keep putting out information as I go through all this stuff. I don't have any ax to grind, I don't have any political parties, I gave up on that joke a long long time ago.  I just give you the information of what's really happening. For your own good. And maybe you can help yourself by knowing.


A lot of folk don't want to know truth. They can't handle truth. But other folk really crave it.  They want to know what's behind things.  It gives them a satisfaction by really understanding the big picture. As opposed to the media, oh, be terrified of this now, oh look at this now, oh look at that.  No, you understand the big picture and you realize this is a continuation of an agenda, an old agenda, by those at the top.


And we truly are, we are kept like children.  Just like the movie, as I said before, that movie called The Island with the clones in it, Ewan McGregor, kept very naïve, for nefarious purposes really at the top, that don't have your best interest in mind, especially when it comes to this word sustainability, folks.  Hm.  And with eugenics and sustainability, and believe you me, the left wing, that's one of their main things, eugenics.  Really, for folk who don't know that.  They think it's, oh it's all these right-wing nuts. No, no, no. Socialism brought eugenics in. You talk about Adolf Hitler was a socialist, remember.  And the socialists really believed in a scientifically run society, by scientists and experts. That's what the Soviet Union was supposed to be, run by experts, professionals and so on.  That's what it is, folks.


Keep things in the proper perspective and you can see why the elites like socialism. It works better for them. Like Justin Trudeau, you can get all things done, you don't have to bother with democracy and convincing folk, you can just tell them what to do and they'll do it.  That's what the big elite wants, naturally. 


So, remember, buy the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com, make a list of all my sites, and you can send a few bucks my way and keep me ticking over.  And before I go, I want to mention two other topics, two or three other topics maybe.  Now, that we're onto eugenics and so on...


University College London renames two lecture theatres and a building honouring Victorian eugenicists Karl Pearson and Francis Galton

dailymail.co.uk / 17 June 2020


(A:  And then they go through it too...)


University heads took the decision over the two men's 'problematic history'


(A:  ...problematic history, oh my goodness.)


The university said on Friday that the Galton Lecture Theatre had been renamed Lecture Theatre 115, (A:  that's very socialistic, Yep, that's better.) the Pearson Lecture Theatre changed to Lecture Theatre G22 and the Pearson Building to the North-West Wing.


(A:  That's very communist, Soviet, drab, 'eh?  [Alan laughing.]  Isn't it really?)


Victorian scientist Francis Galton coined the term eugenics and endowed UCL with his personal collection and archive along with a bequest for the country's first professorial chair of eugenics of which Karl Pearson was the first holder, the university said.


But it's just astonishing, the left-wingers too, who praised scientists, experts and so on, right, think about it, because just like, you know, the dream, the hero of technocrats, the technocracy movement, and some of them involved and descended from it.  Tesla, right, Tessa believed in energy again and it fitted right into the whole program of the world run by energy credits and units. Tesla was a eugenicist.  If you've read his different papers on eugenics and the folk that, what should be done to them, and done away with and all the rest of it too, for efficiency's sake.


You see, left-wingers are about efficiency, [Alan chuckles.] I hope you understand that, but so is right wing, because there's only one body of the bird behind the shield and it runs both sides, left wing and right wing. Nothing changes, folks. The same group.


But yeah, Tesla is okay, he's a wonder, oh he's a genius, you know. Well, where have you heard that rubbish before? Where have we heard that rubbish before? The man worked for the military-industrial complex.  He created stuff that, weapons, he said, who could kill, maybe wipeout whole towns and cities using high frequencies and standing waves, like we now have the HAARP technologies.  But yeah, I mean he was all for that kind of stuff. But, he also believed in superior types and inferior types. He didn't believe the inferior types should be allowed to breed or even exist. I hope you understand that.  Of course, they made excuses for him too, well, you know, he had these genius problems, you know, like maybe he's slightly autistic or something, it was hard to tell. So, they're always making excuses for... the right people, you understand.  You know.  Because it was an electric system. And the car was named after him. It's quite something.


But yeah, very selective. Just like they're very selective on who they protest, or depends whose heads are getting chopped off across the planet.  If they're going to say anything at all it's generally nothing. The leaders, I keep telling folk, the leaders are chosen for you. That's why they're so selective and they're so silent at times. Absolutely. It's rather obvious. But the followers never figure that out unfortunately.  They don't, they get carried away with at all…  We're on the winning team, it's our revolution now, you know, we're going to have utopia, you know, we’re working for a better tomorrow, for the common good.  That's how it works out, isn't it?  They never figure this out when it's all happening. 


Also, you have the cyber-attacks and they're claiming China is behind it. Who knows? Australia's getting hacked apparently because they're, well, they're an ally of the US and the US is saber rattling, getting ready for Iran and China again.  You need an enemy, naturally, if you're going to have a military at all, at least that's the belief of it all. I don't think they really do.  I think if you're well prepared against any enemy, and you train consistently, then you're all ready to cope with it very quickly if you have to.


However, the US has been the policeman of the world for a long time. But it's also very lucrative for those in the military-industrial complex that can take resources, including oil fields in the north of Syria, as they have never let them get back into Syrian hands. It's not called theft, though, or spoils of war even. It's just, taking care of it, you know, just making sure it's all right, yep, that's all right, looks all right to me.  And yeah.


I'll also put up a link to, since I mentioned Nikola Tesla, and again, the association to the car, word association.  [Alan chuckles.] A comedian who put one up about an electronic car, how he looked good, you know, to fit the image of the do-gooder for sustainability and clean air and all that kind of stuff, he says, and actually do nothing, he says, just look good, look the parts but really do nothing to help the environment or help anything else. It's a bit of a comedy on it.  It's a good parody.  I think it starts off with, oh the car is worth $160,000, because they must away show you how expensive and tell you how expensive it is, that's part of the status symbol of being a good environmentalist in this day and age, you know, for those that can afford it.  And you can guarantee the folks that can afford it are not eating the poison food that you are.  [Alan chuckles.] But that's how things really are, 'eh.


Pretend to Save the Environment While Looking Rich - youtube.com / 4 Feb 2020


We live in an amazing time of incredible mind management. It's all perception management. Everywhere you look it's perception management. Don't see it this way or think that, no, try and look at it this way instead.  And that's how everything is supposed to be, until everything is just psychotic. If you believe them and do what they say, everything would be psychotic, you understand, 'eh.  Wouldn't it?  Wouldn't it really.  But that's where we are today.


And we're already fed up with coronavirus, I won't even bother. I was going to put up the World Health Organization, the most recent stats on it, you know.  And you get fed up with the nonsense and graphs and rubbish and they’re fake, you know, everything is fake.  To me everything is fake. And we've been through it all before with a political virus that can disappear when the right kind of protests are taking place, and no one gets in trouble for it all. Then it's immediately resurrected as, oh yeah, you've all got to get locked down, as soon as the protests are dying off.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's just astonishing times we live in, honestly, isn't it?  It really is.


Coronavirus disease from WHO (COVID-19) - who.int / 18 June 2020


It really is. Don't you realize, if it's that deadly, and the whole economy across the planet is to crash, to save us, why would you not be going after folks who break, if it's that deadly, why would you be stopping, why would you literally stop it and then start it again, because of politics? Come on!  Something is either deadly or it's not deadly. And if folk literally are breaking it all, this deadly deadly disease, you're going to spread it to everybody else and kill folk, well, that's pretty well negligent or manslaughter at the very least, so why aren't they all getting dealt with? Well it's not… Everything is politicized for other reasons. There is no reality to anything we're being told these days. Obviously.  Don't wear a mask.  Wear a mask.  Oh, it's folk with no symptoms are spreading it.  Or the WHO says now, folk with no symptoms probably aren't spreading it at all. Forget it, folks.  Forget it. It's a big agenda. Sustainability.


World Economic Forum, massive organization. It's got bureaucracies and levels of it all bigger than some countries' bureaucracies. And they train folk for the whole planet, and they're already training their future child protégés that they will unroll in a few years.  When the other ones are getting a bit older, they'll bring a few other ones out that will parrot the same stuff. Because they've done it before, you see, before now.


Anyway, for myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, remember, donate to me, send me a few bucks, @cuttingthroughthematrix.com, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you. And keep your sanity.


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Genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in Florida and Texas beginning this summer – silver bullet or jumping the gun?

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University College London renames two lecture theatres and a building honouring Victorian eugenicists Karl Pearson and Francis Galton

dailymail.co.uk / 17 June 2020


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Pretend to Save the Environment While Looking Rich

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