­June 28, 2020 (#1780)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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CountDown to LockDown part 2:

"Colour Revolution, C.I.A., the Evidence is Damning,

Preparation and Organizing, took Years of Planning,

A Pinch of Virus, Media Terror about the Invisible,

Blend with Protests, Riots, Bankruptcy, Miserable."

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 28, 2020.  I hope everyone's coming through the chaos, the planned chaos that we're going through, intact. Intact is as much as you can really hope for because things are getting pretty nasty of course in certain quarters.  It's to be expected naturally, there's a formula to what we're going through. 


I said before, we’re living through a big script, so many times, we truly are living through a massive script.  It takes years to plan big changes, many, many years to plan them. As I've said before, I met people in the 80s who were involved with the far left. They liked to portray themselves as really anti-war, but the real ones at the top of it all, the real core of it all, were really in for communism, pushing communism. They blended even the early agenda with sexual orientations, etc. to get more and more members on board.  Then they went into different ethnic groups to try to get them on board, disaffected groups and so on.  The whole point we're living through today is a combination of all of those and more that were added on by those who run the world.


The people who run the world, I have often said, the top Communists were always billionaires.  [Alan chuckles.] Always. Even in the early days of the 20th century, that's what you find when you dig in deep enough. Some of them even had bank accounts, Swiss Bank accounts, some of the most famous of them.  That's well understood and declassified too. 


We're living through, again, big changes.  And don't think the Communists are some separate group doing their own thing. I've always told you that there's only one, one, really, force at the top that runs all of this, all sides. That's how you direct and shape the world. Again, you can't stress enough that Carol Quigley talked about it that, he says, our group, now he was referring to at least, at the very least he was talking on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations.  He had taken over their histories of them, their archives to update them and so on. He certainly understood what was going on. The CFR, an American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they literally are the globalists. They are the ones who plan the future. They planned world wars.  They admit that, they need wars to change the world, and as long as they can direct the shape and the course of the wars than they can bring us all to what they wanted, the outcome that they wanted.


They said themselves according to Quigley that you can get more done in five years of war than 50 years of peace, with social plans, social change. In peacetime you've got to really do a lot of work organizing and so on, as the Communists would say, and training and preparation.  Even then it's very slow process trying to convince people to simply join you. But in war time you give up all your rights and the authorities can then force you to go along. And you do it pretty willingly too, to save your life.  You'll all die if you don't comply. We've heard that so many times. And that's what it's all about, you see.


Quigley let so much out of the bag. Because he believed in the cause that the Council on Foreign Relations / Royal Institute of International Affairs was all about, and that their effect in history and changing the courses of history for at least 100 years, under different names because they eventually settled on the last names, but they used different names in previous centuries. He said that they had such a tremendous impact on history and shaping history that he thought it was time that the public understood it. He thought they would applaud it in fact. He certainly did himself, he was all for it.


You've got to understand that nothing happens by itself.  I won't go over this ad nausea basically, repetition, but the fact is, they had their own private collection of archives of histories, of things, the real causes behind things. That's quite something, isn't it. We're all getting taught the naïve accidental view of history, things just happen by accident. Meanwhile the perpetrators and their offspring take over, because often it's intergenerational in fact, who get into these organizations.  They’re taught the real facts and what really happened in history.


And we are going through it today. It's just astonishing to see again the naïve, the authorized version for the public to believe in, which is meant to keep us rather simple and compliant, and not to blame anybody, of course, that's what they want.  Meanwhile, co-existing side-by-side with, albeit a dwindling free speech on the Internet, of people who have got the other archives of what's really been happening up until now. It's really astonishing, isn't it, to live through and watch it happening and live-time sometimes when some folk are getting murdered, but you're not allowed to say they're being murdered, and many newspapers just omit it altogether. 


It's a fascinating time to live through and actually see it and experiencing it knowing that when we get out of it, the system that then evolves or is pushed out of it, will have all this expunged, you know.  It will be a seamless people's revolution during, coupled with a massive pandemic they'll say, and that's what helped bring the changes about.  Both of these things are false because the pandemic was planned before, years before at least, the whole course it would run.  And of course the revolution too was waiting for the spike to happen.


I personally think it was all coordinated together. I said before too, even with the China thing, with China showing us clips of folk just dropping in the street supposedly.  And in a country that can literally sensor everything in real time, they're really way ahead of some other places, some other countries. But they show you all that thing. Then they showed you the massive response they had to it of going, all the things that they were going to bring in here, they did in China in January, February and March.  And publicized it.  Including their home-to-home inspections and so on, door-to-door inspections and mandatory testing, down to the apps, mandatory apps on their phones to get into stores, etc. to prove they were safe to get in yada, yada, ya.  The stuff we are going to go through, that was all planned even before China got it. As you know. 


The facts don't matter. I said that so many times, that facts don't matter when there's big agendas in play. But they also showed us the massive mists of these machines, just blasting stuff hundreds of feet up into the air through the streets. That was meant to terrify everyone in the West. And the West sat and watched it, oh, terrified, terrified.  Then Fauci himself said early on, I don't think it's anything really for the US to be worried about, chuckle-chuckle. Then you find out that Fauci himself was heavily involved in the Wuhan laboratory and the setting up of it with the Covid virus, that was sent to them authorized by him, and money given to them.  This is incredible the stuff that goes on. This is… I mean...


And yet the guy is back on TV apparently spouting, now that the riots are kind of dying down and the protests are kind of dying down a bit, he's back in TV, you know, telling everybody to lock down, oh, do your social distancing.  This nonsense, this ffff.... delusion that was put out that we're all to follow, that 6 feet apart will stop the virus.  Even though it's a computer model that was invented in 2003 by a schoolgirl because her daddy worked for the military industrial complex, the name of Glass.  And hhhhh, it had nothing to do with reality. It never had been done before.


And yet they made this new computer-generated thing a law, like a law from God. Because the computer technically is a front for the new God, the scientific rationale, and so science says that… therefore you can't get any more scientific than a computer, that's what they tell you.  I used to have a tape recorder that could give you better answers than the computer. But that doesn’t matter, does it. Again, facts don't matter.  You’re all to behave in a very bizarre way as we go through the big, big revolution.  It's just amazing.


And it's a political virus, isn't it?  It can just be switched off because you say, switch off now virus there's a, because we have a political protest to take place. Even the folk that had us all locked down joined in the protest, shoulder to shoulder, no 6 foot anything.  But that's okay then you see, because they told the virus to go and halt for a little while, hibernate for a little while. And once it started to die down, die back again, here we go again. I said this would happen even in January and February, I said you know, here's how it will work. 


Because Fauci had said from the beginning, this will go all the way into vaccinations and vaccination passports. Because they had discussions on this, way, even in 2017 and before, the same group of people that we already know, what they would do with the big vaccine companies, etc., right down to the names of who would get the contracts. But again, facts don't matter. And these are facts, these are not speculations.


So here you have it, you know, we're watching, we're going through this stage play.  Only we're like the Shakespearean plays where Shakespeare, and Straford-Upon-Avon, the way the stage was shaped, it would kind of go off into the audience at one point to an extent.  The whole thing was to involve the audience in the play. It was very effective at the time. Well, we are in the audience, but we are participants in the play at the same time. Very similar. It works awfully well, doesn't it?


So Fauci said at the beginning that eventually we would have immunity passports and you'd have to have vaccinations before you're allowed out again into society and mix freely in society or go to work. That hasn't changed. The tune hasn't changed at all.  There was no consideration whatsoever at the beginning of natural immunity like you do get with viruses, with everything basically. It was already decided that this vaccination program is imperative. Not just this vaccination, but every vaccination, and every booster that they've got planned for you, annually, for the rest of your lives. I'm not kidding you. So this is an old agenda, but they brought it back in force this time.  Quite fascinating to actually live through it, isn't it?


I thought at the time too, well maybe China is on board, being a globalist society and the model state for the world according to the CFR itself.  Then maybe they are all on board with it and it's the whole public that have to be terrified, of the planet.  The whole population of planet, I should say, should be terrified of it all, maybe that's the agenda. Are they all playing their part in it?  Are they?


I think we're going through an awful lot of theater right now, with top actors you might say. That's what they call us all, mind you, if you're involved in anything to do with what happens in the world today politically or socially or whatever, you're an 'actor', according to the United Nations.  But the real actors are the ones at the top who are front people really, the ones at the very, very top, they're front people for this big global agenda.  And it's so convoluted to most folks minds that they can't follow it. It's deliberately obscure to them.


They're used to being, they've been trained since childhood that, listen to the news, their authorized news that's somehow legitimate and above board and above question. Otherwise, why would they lie to you? …these private corporations? Many of them [Alan chuckles.] owned by the government agencies that run spy systems and so on.  [Alan chuckles.]   Why would they lie to you?  It's quite fascinating, isn't it.  They've trained the people to be so naïve that when they see people come on it, they think everybody with the title of professorship or whatever it happens to be or doctor this, that or the other, must be genuine and they would never ever lie politically to bend or skew a thought or some real point of science.  And that's how simple it really is.


Fauci is completely politicized.  And so is Birx as well.  They've made, they're career bureaucrats really.  And CEOs of some corporations too, some of them. But yeah, that's how it really is run, isn't it? Big agendas. And it's a global agenda. 


I keep mentioning, or I used to keep mentioning the old television comedy series called MASH with the intelligence officer called, I think he was called Colonel Flag. 


MASH: The Wind - youtube.com / 7 June 2015


Colonel Flag.  I'll try and put up the link, if it still works, to one of the MASH episodes where you actually see Colonel Flag, this kind of CIA operative come into the camp and try to explain what he's there for.  Every so often in the comedy, this kind of pseudo-comedy, it would have this guy, he would burst in all clandestinely and so on and be hiding, and he would be found by Hawkeye or somebody, one of the doctors.  This Colonel would say, you didn't see me, I've never been here.  Then when they got him talking of course then he would say what he was really there for.  He was there to confuse the enemy by implementing this to that, to this to that, like a chess game.  And before he got more than a minute into the techniques of deception, everybody was completely bamboozled and lost.  Because you couldn't, you just couldn't fathom the logic of it. But that's how it really does work.


Deception is just that.  Some nations have mottos about deception, [Alan chuckles.] how they use it in their intelligence agencies.  Because that's what it's all about. The best intelligence is always to mix, make, actually make the public think that you're invisible, that you don't exist. It's kind of like the devil, you know.  They always used to say that Satan would win when he convinced the public that he didn't exist. Well, that's how intelligence agencies operate.  Their job generally is to foment revolutions of one kind or another for their own political purposes, and to dominate and take over territory and resources and things like that. Or even just political power.  It's much easier too when you've got a, put a tyrant in place.  They've done it in Latin American countries when it suits them.  And they dethroned them too when it suits them. That's how they work.  But the great thing too, is to get nations fighting each other without ever figuring out that you actually organized and set up them to fight each other. That's deceptive, you see.  That happens all the time. Very old technique as well.


Britain used it. Or London. I hate to say Britain because the British folk are just as out of it as everybody else down through time. London is a completely different kettle of fish, a very old system of money, power and the techniques of power and acquisition of more wealth. That was always based in the City of London going way, way, way back to do with commerce and merchant bankers, mercantile bankers.  They owned the merchandise, the trading routes and so on, and they were also bankers to the Crown, and then eventually to the public. That's how it operated. Very old technique.  Way before even Britain was Britain.  So it was no surprise to me that they can build up empires when it suits them, using a base when it suits them, and jumping off to another base when it suits them too, and using another country or even a group of countries like the European Union. This is how systems really work in this day and age.


They always like to say that, oh, so-and-so did this, and so-and-so did that to this country or that country. No, no. They might use those countries to force things upon other countries, like they can get the troops in. You can always get troops from the working class, folks. In any country. I don't care who they are. And they always give the same technique, you'll have respect if you put on that uniform, you'll be somebody.  And that's what happens.  In EVERY nation across the planet. And across Africa too by the way. India was the same thing.  You'll be somebody, somebody.  And it actually helps when it's a really heavy class system because those at the bottom, like the untouchables in India, suddenly have got some kind of respect, you know. That's how it's done.  And you go off and you're cannon fodder for an enterprise which you'll never figure out, it's not meant that you figure it out.  Because for the troops themselves you're always given the most basic propaganda as to why you're doing whatever you're doing.


What I'm getting at here is how the real big system works.  I've mentioned it before that the fastest way to unify a country is to introduce a foreign enemy into it.  That's what happened with Vietnam. They had all these tribes fighting each other traditionally for centuries.  And how do you unify them?  Oh, you bring in America [Alan chuckles.] and to subdue it, supposedly, or to protect the South.  Before you know it, you've united, that's united all the different groups that used to be fighting each other, and now they're going to unite to fight the US. So you get centralization of authority very quickly.  That's what happened there.


The same thing happened in the Soviet Union of course. You had, oh, you've got to get all the people on your side, all the peasants and the serfs, you see.  And you'll stand in your spokes, and you'll be a spokesman for them.  But of course the group that were advising them and training them and managing them had different plans for themselves. You know, only about 200 families took over running the Soviet system, and their descendants continued in it for a whole generation.  They lived awfully, awfully well, at least as high in the lifestyle as the Czars did. It's quite something else. But facts don't matter, does it, when it gets down to brass tacks.


So yeah, you literally are living in a system where there's lots of these Colonels.  Behind the machinations of the top intelligence agencies – and they really are layered and compartmentalized, a need-to-know basis, and you don't ask questions depending on your rank – it's quite easy for them to run this massive chess board to get to an agenda that most folk will never figure out. Really, never figure out.  Because as I say, we've been trained to see things in one direction, in tunnel vision.  That makes it much more easier for them to run rings around us without us either knowing, or noticing, or understanding why things are actually happening. That's what happens on a daily basis basically nowadays.  It's so precise.


And long-term planning works awfully well when you've already worked out every, and incrementally, every possible stage of the implementation of parts of agendas. It's just astonishing the meticulous work that goes into it all.  Including how the public will react, and different segments will react in different ways. They've got it all worked out before they make a move on any particular part of an agenda. It's pretty well perfect.


I always think of David Rockefeller when it comes to revolutions.  His agenda was part of an ongoing revolution that had gone on long before he was born.  He talked about it, David Rockefeller talked about the omelette. He says, it's like an omelette, the agenda itself that he was involved in.   Steeped in, in fact, his family too were completely steeped in.  He said, it's like an omelette and the fallout, meaning people who would die and so on, like revolutions and all that, not just inside the US but elsewhere across the world. Because he was involved in the CIA as well. You have no idea, the CIA is also meant to really bring America into the system that you, that the Americans all paid for, they don't know they all paid for the present situation of the world, and once they've paid for it all and implemented it all and supplied the cannon fodder for it all and the funding for it all, then they must be taken down as well.  I gave that talk back in the late 90s, that very talk.  And here we are.


The last people to really figure it out are the ones who are [Alan chuckles.] stuffed at the end, the victims themselves that paid for it all, supplied the military, etc.  They are the last to see it. Because they were, you don't, when you're using someone, you praise them to the eyeballs.  You give them lots of good publicity for their own troops, for their own system and how good we are, etc. Even though the general public never really understand what's really going on or the reasons behind it all.  Of course you don't.  What did America have to gain, for instance, by going after Iraq. Never mind the fact that they funded a lot of the modern system of Saddam Hussein, they funded it into existence, and then they take it down once it's used, served its purpose basically. 


But the average American couldn't figure out, and why should they, or Britain either for that matter, why Britain and America should be involved in taking down Iraq? ...that had nothing to do with 9/11.  Because that was always the big agenda the PNAC group talked about in the 90s, before 9/11 happened.  Here's a list, and Iraq was on it so, it's as good a time as any to take it down under the cover of 9/11 and oh, Saddam was involved.  Which of course he was not involved with it at all. Facts don't matter as I say.


We're living through an amazing agenda and the fallout from it too, of displacing, once you bomb countries into the Stone Age, they knew darn well that under the UN policies, which they also own and run by the way [Alan chuckles.], would then export the fallout, the refugees into Europe and so on. All worked out way ahead. They called it blowback, before they started the blow. And there you go, we're living through it. So the fallout, the fallout, the fallout. This will do this, this will do that, and this will hit this and make this happen.  That's how it is, you see.


Right down to what's happening today.  Look throughout Europe and Britain even, lots of those people who came in at the time after 9/11, the refugees and so on since then.  Even though they had nothing to do with the war a lot of them too, they weren't even in countries involved in wars, it didn't matter.  They’re now the young guys that are protesting and even tearing down statues. Being led again with, with a, very European looking, um, activists.  And there's no mystery to that too, the different intelligence agencies that they work for.


They're multilayered as well, you have to get to this and to that and to that one to get to the boss of them all. But you always find the CIA at the very, very top, and the same foundations that Rockefeller worked for.  Or definitely worked for, he was the head of some of them, at least the chairman sometimes of these organizations. But as he said, yeah, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. Breaking eggs is destroying societies.  Breaking eggs is destroying lives and collateral damage abroad and at home. I hope you're getting the picture.


It was such a cozy relationship with David Rockefeller with the intelligence agencies.  Because the intelligence agencies came out from World War II from the OSS that was run by the same group in Britain, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  In fact, the headquarters of it was based in their building, you know, and it never changed for a long, long time in fact, that was their main headquarters.  In the US, their department for the OSS worked there as well during World War II. 


Even afterwards the US side of it when it became the Council on Foreign Relations, it's head was David Rockefeller, you know.  Often a lot of the different operations they had on the go had to go through some kind of bookwork and requisitions for money to get things on the go and working and to speed things up. They said some of them, I've read their memoirs and so on, they used to go straight to David Rockefeller. He would come in and out of their headquarters quite frequently and they would ask him for money for this project.  He was completely and intricately involved in them all, this great philanthropist, you see, with the big foundations that he owned. 


The Rockefeller foundation that's still on go today, still running the show basically for the US.  It's already got the, naturally, got all the completely drafted agenda for coming out of Covid, which will take, literally you'll have no rights at all.  You'll be a pincushion for vaccine companies, and you've got to be registered with it all before you’ll be allowed into the...  This is where it's all supposed to go.


CIA, CIA, CIA, color revolutions, CIA.  There ya go.  I might touch on some of that tonight.  And you have to get into it. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's only a conspiracy theory to those who will refuse to crack a book, and they don't crack the books from the memoirs. A lot of these guys who worked as agents, you know, put so much in their memoirs, and they would be classed as declassified stuff.  Very few folk read that.  Because it's kind of boring too, naturally.  Folk aren't really involved in what happened in even the recent past, in that era. It still seems old to them, even though it's maybe the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, it seems old to them. But really, that's nothing in history.  And it's important to know that kind of stuff to get, find out where you got from there to the present day. It's all important.


But most folk, as I say, can't and don't want to.  They want to be told in a few sentences what to think, like Brzezinski said.  Unfortunately it's here. And you do, you do it, like Quigley said, you know, five years of war versus 50 years of peace and indoctrination.  So here we are in our umpteen years of war, and then they've brought in Covid with it, complete lockdown, along with what's meant to appear as a revolution inside the nation.  And it has all the appearances of that too.  It's an organized, it's not just accepted revolution, it's been devised by the powers that really rule the US and the world. Not from the grassroots but from the top.  Absolutely. No doubt about it.  Meant to be.


And it won't have the effect of what those at the bottom think and are running it all, want. They'll get a little show of that for a little while. But believe you me, what's to come into this system is going to have no favoritism eventually at all. We’re all going to suffer massively because of it.  They know that. That's how things really work.


When you have the ones at the top who are eugenicists, who own the world's wealth, who command nations to rise and fall according to the investments they can either pullout or even bail out countries when it comes to that, but it comes with a tremendous cost, these are the characters who run everything, who are all on board with this supposed revolution. Can't you figure this one out here, ‘eh? 


And there's nothing TO figure out.  When the WEF, the World Economic Forum said that they'd have to start bypassing the usual democratic processes to get the job done for sustainability, because the public were ignoring them. Well, here you go, bingo!  How do you think they're doing it?


And isn't it strange that what appears to be this anti-fascists Black Lives Matter movement, etc., all well-funded, and well organized, and you can trace the funders, you can trace the organizers too, and intelligence agencies involved with them…  But here they are pushing all the, and they're all involved with the same thing, population reduction, that's pretty well in their plans actually because you see everyone's an enemy of nature, which is destroying the planet, and it's not good for sustainability… They're parroting the same stuff the ultra, ultra elitists have been saying for years, and businesses should not open up unless they're sustainable and they're proven sustainable and they won't pollute, hm?  Etc. etc. Here you go. The whole agenda is here. And folks think it's all to do with a spontaneous rebellion beginning in the States.  There's nothing further from the truth.


The WEF are happy about what's happening. So too the multibillionaires are happy about it.  And the Club of Rome, the big think tank that works for, who came up with the idea of blaming humanity for climate change, it's all your fault, therefore let's implement sustainability, because sustainability was the goal in the first place.  How do you get the folk to give up all their rights? Well, you're killing the planet and all that, yep.  Here we are.  It's quite an agenda really. 


Most folk can't figure it out because they're kept in the dark. If you keep tuning into television every day, I'm sorry to say, you won't have a chance in hell.  TV is not spontaneous. Anything you see on TV, even your newscast is worked out by experts in advance, you know, for each day, how to put something across. Psychologists can get brought in, and neuroscientists, and behaviorists, on how to advise them, how to write a particular part of a script for the newscast and so on. That's how it's done.  What to tell the public, what not to tell the public. There's more not to tell the public than tell them these days. Absolutely. Absolutely.


You're seeing the fallout, as they say, the broken shells of the omelette everywhere now. And a lot more to come. As you go into it, I'm telling you, and this is not to cause fear mongering, but they're definitely going to manage us, and the managing, when it gets bad, and even worse, if you listen to the media, they’re going to, they’re there to tell you to deny your own sensibilities and your own observations. That's their job, to manage the chaos as we go through it.  Regardless of the fallout. They'll tell you that things are still just, you know, just going along and there's still folk protesting, and still this and still that, and the Covid is bad, blah blah blah.  But they're not going to tell you any truth on anything.


They have formats for every particular instance that can happen of terrorism even. You don't get terrorists now internally; you get folk who are mentally ill.  That is the standard agenda, that's what you will always be told, you see.  And you’re supposed to accept it. Oh well, what could you do, some people just go crazy all the time and that's it.  As they have a semi-plausibility for the public to swallow.  That's where we are today.  But things are going to get worse in a lot of directions.


Before I get into the subjects in any deeper way at all, I'd like to just mention that I really go through the emails that I get sent from all over the world from people who give me their opinions and what they see personally. You see, that's real history in the making as it happens. That's the only way, can be real history, is what you see and experience yourself.  Not what you'll read in 10-20 years time when it's all been cleansed and filtered and authorized and so on. That's always how it really is in the Western societies. So you have to keep note of things.


But it's good to share it, of your own personal experiences. No one is little, there's no such thing as a little person in this world. We're all just as equally important, believe you me, when it comes to getting through this system that's insane at times, and sharing what you're noticing and experiencing as we go through chaos, planned chaos and putting your own thoughts to it. Because that's, as I say, is what matters, your own interpretation of your experiences and what you see. So keep sending the information to me. Because it truly does, it opens up a world and that's how you can connect things. When you see the same things happening across the planet about the same time, in sequence too, different kind of incidents that will happen across the world at the same time, that doesn't happen accidentally. Of course it doesn't. That's organization.


I think it's important too for folks' own mental health to share what they know.  Because I said before, the hardest thing in this world, the hardest thing, if you understand, you don't have to know everything or understand everything, but understand enough of how the world is working, in a world where you're not meant to be able to think outside the box, you've been kept in the dark so to speak, you've been trained to stay in the dark so to speak.  You know, that's what Bertrand Russell said too, he said education, according to Fichte, was meant to keep people dumb actually and make them dumber. That was the intention of it. He was all for that of course. Except for the elite class, he said that himself. Two kinds of people eventually, the elite class and the rest of the public.  They said the differences would be like two different species of mammals basically. That's what he said in his own books.  Lord Bertrand Russell. Again, another Lord that played this strange left-wing agenda. Because left wing is the agenda, it's much more efficient, because folk can't argue with you under a democratic rights, you just tell them what they're going to do, or else, and that's it. 


So anyway, that's what we're living through today is a system, an amazing system, very long term. And much of it was planned before you were born. Definitely the conclusions were all mapped out as to where they wanted to take the world.  And we're rushing through it right now.


But yeah, keep sending me your emails and let me know how things are happening. I'll tell you something that's comical too.  I've noticed this for years. I would do talks and within about three days I'd start to get emails coming back to me with links to stories I should look up and look into. And these are the ones that I put out in the first place.  [Alan chuckles.]  It happens, it still happens yet. Folk, they will hear other folk grabbing this stuff and repeating it, you see them putting it out. Then they send it back to me in this circular... [Alan chuckles.] They don't realize that I put out before the rest of them, it's where they came from.  I don't mind that at all. At least it shows you the speed that things can get around and information can get around.


Occasionally you get a chuckle too because recently someone in the States had told me that there was a guy, there are ways that you can actually get shows, radio shows on your phone apparently, you know, you can, as long as you've got the phone you can listen in through your phone. Even land lines, if you can dial them up, some of them, and you can hear shows. A guy had been listening to shows, and he thought this guy was pretty good, you know.  Eventually, he kept forgetting the name of the fella, eventually he got in touch with me and he said, this is his name.  So I looked the guy up.  And this fella in the States had listened on the phone, you see.  The reason it's on the phone is because he's Mennonite and they're not supposed to go any higher than a phone line basically for technology in the particular group that he's in.


Anyway I looked into it eventually and got the guy and his website and all the rest of it. And hhhch, he was doing my shows verbatim, every week, this fella. And without ever mentioning where he got all the information from. I guess what he was using, is now they're using programs that can literally take your talk and it will put it instantly into the printed word, and he would read it off his computer.  But it was verbatim of my shows. Right down to what he said, I think last week or the week before, oh, it was going to take longer this week, probably four hours. I swear he would do four hours with each talk I did, VERBATIM, without ever mentioning where he got the stuff from.  So I was getting this circular stuff of my own links coming back by his stuff, by people who listen to it and sending it back to me. Quite amazing, isn't it, ‘eh?  [Alan chuckles.]   


So that's how things work.  I'll wait and see if the guy gets the word to perhaps either be a bit more decent to send a few bucks my way. Because I'm doing all the work for him, you see.  And others as well.  But I'll probably never get a penny from him anyway. But at least he should have the decency to say where he got it from. That's a rather low handed… That's the kind of society we're in, you see, where everything is so corrupt and there's no decency left in people. It's true, isn't it? 


We're at the end of an era.  There's no doubt about it. It's everywhere you look.  Where governments are totally corrupt, and they have been forever. And it doesn't matter too, it doesn't matter how you remake government, corruption is in society.  Especially in an atheistic society.  I'll get hammered for saying it but it's the truth.  Because in atheism, you aren't even taught as a child moral rights and wrongs, it's just not there. In fact, in modern society and pure materialism, it's getting to the top that's worshiped. 


You understand, the so-called celebrities you're taught to worship, would you actually follow them if they were on 15 bucks an hour? Would you? Of course you wouldn't.  But you worship them, oh, because look at the fame and the money they've got and yada yada yada yada. That's why you do it. Well, with that attitude how can you have rights and wrongs and fairness in society? You can't. Of course you can't. 


But it's right down to the bottom level, like I said, folk will just use your stuff. Right down to verbatim. You know, right down to the four hours that I put out and copy it and then regurgitated, verbatim, word for word, line by line, without changing it [Alan chuckles.] and never say where it really came from. But that's what we're living through today. It's quite a society indeed.


And it wouldn't matter if you had 10 revolutions, because folk have that built into them now, without any restrictions that you GET to the top your career, of whatever it happens to be, just GET to the top. There's no rights and wrongs, there's no moral codes, as I say, that's how it is.  So it will always be corrupt. Unfortunately.  It really will.


And you know, hhhch, [Alan chuckles.] the truth of this world with its intelligence agencies running the show, is that everything that's happened today was planned before you had the intelligence agencies to implement it all covertly.  It's an old agenda. And it is willing fools. It knows exactly what to use in the fringe element. The fringe element are the ones who are really radicalized, a lot of them are very disturbed, you know.  They said that we shall release the nihilists and the atheists, and Mazzini talked about it.  Mazzini of course is the protégé of Albert Pike for world revolution. He was the head of the World Revolution Society which became the Communist Party under Lenin eventually. 


And folks think that masonry is just a, you know, just a philosophical thing that helps men, like a self-help program, you know, where they can share their problems and help each other out. They can certainly share their problems and help each other out to an extent. But in the process, they forget the history of Freemasonry, which was always revolutionary. Of course it was.  When the main enemy was, say, Christian church, at least in the West it was Christian church.


They had no problem really in England because early on England had been taken over from its original Catholicism to the Church of England through Henry VIII. So it was much easier with the crown or the monarch being the head of the Church of England to govern, especially since the monarchs eventually all became Masons themselves.  But then they use Freemasonry to go across the rest of Europe to eliminate the Catholic influence elsewhere. It's well documented in certain history books. It's not speculation at all, of course it was done.


Again, Trotsky himself, if you read his own books like My Life, he tells you that he really fell into masonry big time when he had done his mandatory, you know part of your initiation into true communism was to foment revolution and get put in prison for a little while, where you met other revolutionaries, that was like a badge of honor.  Interestingly, they reasserted this, or reintroduced the same kind of idea by giving folk who got put in, from the protests, even some of the rioters too, in prison, or in jail from it overnight, they're giving them awards they can wear actually like little metals, etc. Very similar. There's nothing that happens that's brand-new at all, is it.


Anyway, Trotsky mentioned that he became a Freemason while in prison and that eventually he started to write books, you know, copious tomes really on the wonders of Freemasonry, which is so essential for bringing in the world socialistic system.  If you look at the banners that were carried by unions for instance, in Britain and across Europe and elsewhere, you'll see the Masonic symbols everywhere you look.  Antifa itself, it's part of the doctrine by the founders was to communicate with symbols, if you understand that.  You know, starting with the fist, which of course was a communist one. But starting with the fist and then a whole bunch of other symbols too as a form of communication that would go over the heads of people who were just studying them.


So before I, as I say, go into this again, remember you can go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and help yourself to the shows that I put up there.  I hate calling them shows, they're not really shows. They're talks. Because a show is, smacks of entertainment, doesn't it? And I don't do entertainment these days. So help yourself to that, you'll learn an awful lot. Most folk do.  You'd be surprised how many folk are using that. There's even some folk making their livings off it.  You can help me out by buying the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I've got stacks of them printed recently, as I say, the stuff's going out.  It will take a while to catch up. Not too long hopefully, so be patient.  As we are all being taught to be patient, we can't get what we want immediately anymore. 


Up here in Canada by the way where I am, you can't even get yeast in the stores for bread. Well, the bakeries are still getting it because they churn out their loaves and so on, there's no shortage. But I don't live in the city, I'm outside and there are no stores around me to buy bread, so I make my own bread. But you can't get yeast now up here. Quite something.


So as I say, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  Buy the books and discs and help me tick along. You can donate to me too; you'll find out how to do it. Cash is fine even, and checks are fine, and PayPal, etc.  You can send, you can get the cash to me somehow so I can tick along with all the sites that I have. Believe you me, this is not something, I said this before, why I came out in the first place back in the 90s to talk about this stuff, it wasn't because I really wanted to. It's because I had to.


I saw what was going to happen, I could smell it, I knew it. I listened to what was called the alternative media at the time on the radio back then and I realized that they were right on some of the things, but the so-called patriot radio had no idea of the big world agenda.  So I came out to explain to them what was really happening. I kind of rocked the boat a bit because, again, intelligence agencies tend to run all sides of everything. They really do. This is no, this is not speculation. I went into the history of even radio, shortwave too, where the CIA had funded up some Christian organizations back in the 60s to combat the influence of communist broadcasting, so it made sense at the time.  But they never let go of a lot of this stuff. You've got to remember that too.  It's still the same today.


I came along and kind of rocked the boat by eventually showing what was really happening. I came out with the CFR's agendas, the world agendas and so on, and much, much more. The other ones that existed were kind of authorized, had to start following me for a while.  I did rock the boat, there's no doubt about it.  I had the usual offers to get on board, etc. but I didn't do it. So yeah, you'll suffer for sure.  But you have to do the right thing in life, even if it's only for yourself.  You really do. If you lose yourself, what’s left? Come on, what’s left?


So you've got to do it for yourself, and by doing it for yourself hopefully you do it for enough people that are decent out there, decent good people. And there are decent good people out there, lots of them. They are generally isolated. And just like I say, you live inside your head because it can be unsafe at times to talk to people around about you who are perfectly well indoctrinated, and their indoctrination has taken, it's worked on them, you see.  It can be unsafe at times to voice your thoughts.  Now of course you're getting to the stage where it will be imperative that you live inside your head. 


Because when you go through revolutions that are authorized from the very top too, especially, most of them are actually, have always been that way really.  The old Bolshevik one was too, I'm pretty certain of it. Especially when they had the funding coming from the US and Britain, and London and so on.  But it eventually becomes rather ruthless, and the new dogma is a religion, it's always a religion basically.  You have to recite all the different communist, or Karl Marx tenants, etc., children have to prattle off at school, Mao Tse Tung in China had the same thing, The Little Red Book for the Chinese children.  You might see some clips today if they're still up there, where you see the school children waving their little red books and all chanting in unison, by verse, just like the Bible, you see.  


That's what you get, you have to prove your loyalty to this new system.  And socialism demands complete loyalty. You're given no choice in that at all. You have to be one of them or not at all. And if you're not one of them, you're dangerous. And even if you are one of them, you often can't prove it enough for them, you have to keep being so politically correct.  And virtue signal, I call it preening, because you got to preen just like a big bird, you know, in front of the other birds and they preen themselves, they stick out their chest to show how beautiful they are.  That's what you see today.


That's what you see with all revolutions. The ones at the top want the attention.  They eventually fight each other for attention. But as people pull out of it too, sometimes you find that, if they slaughter, if it gets into the slaughter stage which revolutions unfortunately often go into, especially when the governments are allowing it to happen, you know, some of the people start to get really cocksure themselves, they really think they're the bosses. They really do, and they can go rather nasty and berserk.


You'll find too that people get fed up with it too, say, their own kind of lockdowns as an example, either in barricades, barricaded areas like they had in France, in the past, you know, in their revolutions, and they had a few. Or in the States at the moment, their autonomous areas as folk get fed up with it and try to pull out, or the shootings inside get worse, or whatever it happens to be, they can turn on them.  The ones who are more adamant in the leaders can turn on them viciously as traitors, you see, for not going the whole way and suffering with the rest, etc. You've got to suffer in these religions, that's part of it.  But you always suffer for the good of all, the greater good of what's to come, you see.


If old David Rockefeller was alive today, he'd be glorying in it, he be absolutely bathing in what's happening today. Because he and the CIA and the organization the CFR that he belonged to, and don't forget the CFR is also just like any other intelligence agency, it’s literally, as I've said already, it's compartmentalized.  But the ones at the top have a better understanding of where the world is supposed to go, and they always get their own cash out way, way before any financial crashes or changes in regimes, and they’re told where to put it which is guaranteed to be okay.  Because the ones at the top are the ones who are financing all the revolutions, etc. It always works out that way.


Nothing is ever as it really seems. It really isn't as it seems. We live through years of them going through ideas of getting us to stop having children. They're quite open about it now in fact. I've done lots of talks on it too.  It's not speculation. It's not paranoia. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's fact. Bill Gates himself is one of the eugenicists, and from a lineage of eugenicists, like many of them actually are, whose parents and grandparents all knew each other too because they all worked in the same organizations.  But it's quite amazing to see it continue and continue, and still with the intention of bringing down populations.


Folk always think, oh, we're not breeding much, so they don't mean us. No, the West was the first ones that they tried all this stuff on.  Bertrand Russell talked about that years ago.  But we do live in an amazing system.  It's like it’s a maze, that's why it's amazing. There's many different directions, it goes off in dead ends, etc.  Very well-designed of course. But if you designed it from the top, from above, you can see it, it's easy to find out what it's all about. The general public are not supposed to think their way through certain things. Even what they want you to think through is, they've got all kinds of diversions along the way to drag you here, there and everywhere, and then all kinds of directions that are dead ends. Until you give up. Or else you sound crazy.


Counterintelligence is many things, it's very effective.  What they've done for years is put out people with incredible stories that would take you off into the bizarro. Although the world is bizarre enough mind you, all of this is bizarre, what we're talking about is bizarre, what intelligence agencies get up to. Of course they've also used people to come in and make stars of them that will drag you often to Lala land. Then of course if you stick to the basic facts, they'll compare you to the ones in Lala land and actually say, oh, you're one of them that believe in blah, blah, blah. Part of counterintelligence. Very effective.


Even if you expose some of the characters they'll say, well, they put out some good stuff too, you know.  Folk like them, they like them.  They put up good stuff as well though, it's not all, you know. You say, yeah, but that's the poison, you know, take 95% or 98% of the facts that are churned out, they grab that stuff, then the add the 2% poison until it ridicules all the rest of the true information.  That’s how it works. Very, very…


Do you really expect of such a powerful organization that most, like the CFR is one example, don't forget too the same organization that created them created the Trilateral Commission, it's all one big club, you see, and many other specialized branches as well. Including the think tanks that then supposedly advise governments what to do in different kinds of policies, all kinds of policies and social policies and military policies and so on. It's all one big club.  They're all related, all these characters, to the same clubs.  That's how you run the world. You don't let things happen that's outside your control. That's the beauty of them really in a sense. It's macabre and it's sardonic as well and rather evil you might say. 


But when they, it's an old technique too, why let things happen by itself? Why would you let revolution happen by itself by just ignoring it and ignoring it until it bursts out?  Well, what you do is you give, for instance you give the working-class their leaders, as an example. Then you guide them. The leader will apparently be very successful at times too in getting demands for some workers and this. But that's the trick that they use.  They always will eventually, because after a while they literally have, completely 100% own these negotiators that talk on behalf of the workers. Then you have the negotiations, right, and they have the dialogue of arguments of how much you're going to give the workers, etc. Then of course you bring in Marxist policy into the unions, and it's taught openly, that this strange policy of, okay, we're going to have a completely different system....


I'm chasing mosquitoes in my house here.  [Alan chuckles.]  Hold on.


Now, the whole idea of this revolution, with its religion, will have a few basic tenants. We are all equal, except some are more equal than others. That's the Orwellian policy too. That's what you find right off the bat, some of them are more equal than others. That's what you're being told now.  And those who claim to have been persecuted in the past so much should be ruling over the rest now, as a form of punishment.  That was also promoted through the United Nations and the so-called healing, um, hhhch, circles that they had in South Africa. I used to watch that. You'd see people who, and different tribes as well and different factions within different segments.  Very tribal in Africa.  And very ancient anger, hatreds for different things that happen in the past between the different groups, etc. Even families that were really big families, were really in a sense tribes.


But they have these talks, these circles and they'd argue out who had done injustices to whom, and what they would do about it and so on. It never worked out very well at all. They really didn't. Because they tend to bring out the hurts of the past even more so by airing them again and never coming to any agreement really. But they never stop trying it.  So, you’re seeing the same thing happening in the West as well. Because it's the same CIA type organization with the color revolution that's managing this one inside the States. It's rather evident.


America’s Own Color Revolution - globalresearch.ca / 17 June 2020


Again, we float through society. We float through time, our own time in our little bubble in our existence for so many years on this planet. We float through it. Most folk again are so concerned about just surviving in their little bubble with however much they can get.  If they're ambitious they tried to get a big bubble and be above all the rest of the little bubbles. But a lot of folk just get by with maybe a family, or maybe themselves even and try to have a little bit of security. They're not too ambitious. They're often very nice people, [Alan chuckles.] because they're not ambitious, so ambitious, they don't want to dominate anything.  But they have a hard time existing as well.


Because everything that matters in life is outside your control. Invisible people who you don't even know, you don't even know if they exist actually, but you never meet them for sure. They run economies. They run what the value of your currency is day to day and how much your currency is going to buy, how many tins of beans it will buy this week compared to last week, because it goes up and down. And you have no say in the matter at all. It's like magic. Because it is magic, it's not based on any reality anymore.  It's been completely commandeered by those at the top.


But they go through their lives hearing little blitz and bits and pieces about color revolution. It is really doesn't make much of an imprint on them. Because if the media doesn't tell you to really, now, stop now and think about this, and make a big deal, then they won't. Because they do expect, like Brzezinski said, the media to do their reasoning for them. That's how it is now. They came to expect it and it has happened. If the media doesn't tell them to be... 


I can remember when they made a big deal with a prostitution ring in Africa. I can't remember if it was Nigeria or wherever it was. But it was young girls that were getting really grabbed and put off as slaves somewhere else and sold off.  We were all told to be soo concerned about it, soo concerned and soo concerned about it. It was a mantra in the papers for a few weeks, maybe even months.


But meanwhile, as other groups are coming into Britain and setting up prostitution rackets there with young 12-year-old girls, ‘eh, getting them hooked on drugs. Very organized. Hooked on drugs and then pimped out as young addicts and so on.  Thousands of them actually involved in this.  The media and the governments were turning a blind eye, completely a blind eye to it all and pretending it didn't exist. In fact, everybody was so terrified of losing their jobs if they mentioned it.  They'd fire folk that would bring up the subject, isn't that amazing, rather than do anything about it.  But you're supposed be worried what happened in...?


Understand, media is not there to help you. It never has been. It's intentions, you'll never figure out what its real intent happens to be. It's rather astonishing what's been happening here. Now, hold on a second while I find this article I'm talking about.


Now, getting back to, like I said before, the test for sterility, or, sterilizing the West was already done. It was already done in Britain before it was done anywhere else. Now, here's a few things that Bertrand Russell said. I used to read from his books on the air at times.   Someone sent some of the stuff back to me that I had done years and years ago, I guess. It's worthwhile going over because when you, you have to go into the history of Bertrand Russell and who his father was, and grandfather was. Way up there of course. 


One of them in fact was brought in to be in charge of the relief corn and food from America and other places, but mainly America to Ireland during the famine. Of course we know what happened there. A lot of it was just stopped or refused or diverted to other places. You wouldn't believe the things that went on in the past with the great authorities that looked after you. Looked after you, right? Looked after you?  [Alan chuckles.]   


But yeah, Lord Amberley was a title that his father got, Bertrand Russell's father. His mother was Katherine Luisa Stanley, and she was a suffragette of course and friends with world revolutionaries such as Mazzini. I think Mazzini and a couple of other ones were the godfathers of Bertrand himself. It's just astonishing how, why would the British Lords, right, who got their start a lot of them, especially the Russell’s, by confiscating Catholic property at one point and church property and the land, etc., and who even went into moneylending, once they had done that and broken ties with the Catholic Church, they said, well we can also do moneylending, etc., and they did that too. They became very rich and staunch supporters, naturally, of the crown and they were involved in it, they were notability.  So there you go. I mean, yeah and here they are with an open house basically for world revolutionaries. You can't, can't you see there's something that just doesn't jive there? Why would the top Lords, [Alan chuckles.] who were helping run a British, ah, or, I would call it the London Empire of the world at the time, be involved with revolutionaries?  There is, there's a much, much bigger agenda, you see, behind it.


Anyway, he was a British mathematician, philosopher and adamant internationalist. Again, internationalist you see. He wrote some books and I used to read them on the air, as I say. But again he was also a member of the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Naturally. Which is a private club. That's the granddaddy for the CFR and the European branch of the foreign affairs that runs the parliamentarians in the EU parliament, then the Far Eastern Pacific rim group as well.  I've been through the history before.  But anyway, here they are involved in ALL these things, that you would think that is the opposites of what they're actually up to. But no, they run it all, all sides of everything, you see.  What he said, Russell, was...


Scientific societies are as yet in their infancy.


It may be worthwhile to spend a few moments in speculating as to possible future developments of those that are oligarchies. It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality (Alan:  D'you understand, individual mentality…) than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.


(A: Now, I'll say that again. I know some folk can catch it right off the bat. But most folk are not, they're not used to having to think about things, especially a paragraph like that. They get little bits and bytes in statements from newscasters and that's all they're supposed to ever dwell on, as long as the newscaster is talking, don't even remember his last sentence, it's done in such a way. So here you are…)


Scientific societies are as yet in their infancy.


(A:  Right.  And this is maybe in the 1950s he wrote this one.)


It may be worthwhile to spend a few moments in speculating as to possible future developments of those that are oligarchies. It is to be expected that advances in physiology (A:  …physiology, eh…) and psychology (A:  He’s talking about your physical system too and your mind, two things here.)  will give governments much more control (A:  …control, right, advances that have to do with control…) over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will (A:  That’s the philosopher.), so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.


(A:  Okay?  Now, just take a breath there and think now. Look at everything that's happening now and has been happening for a long time. I said, they've been raising a generation for revolution here. Where do they get started? Starting off at school, right off the bat and right through their school, from junior to high school into college.  You've got completely educated revolutionaries who literally think that what they're promoting is their own ideas.  Hm.  Think about it.  But advances, he's talking about scientific advances, and their physique as well, physiology, right. Look at the shape of...  WE're changing, folks!  [Alan chuckles.]  And psychology, right, much more control over individual mentality.  I've said this so many times, that eventually it's like a mantra out there and lots of folk use it...)


Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.


(A:  Hm?  Think about it. Think about that. Psychologically impossible. Then he says…)


Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs (A:  …the plebians…) would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.


(A: That’s his sarcasm kicking in.)


In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power.


(A:  scientific power, you see.)


Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, (A:  ...that's your entertainment and so on.) and contented. Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important.  In order to produce it all the researchers of psychoanalysis behaviorism and biochemistry (A:  …OKAY...) will be brought into play. 


(A:  There ya go.)


All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called cooperative.


(A:  This is the new normal, you see, cooperative.  That means no bullying, right. I mean, don't stand up, if someone punches you in school don't fight back, rut-dut-dut and dut.  Right.  So you'd all be cooperative, that is, to do exactly what everybody is doing, meaning what everybody else is doing.)


Initiative will be discouraged in these children.


(A:  That's true, it's all groupthink now.  Don't think for yourself. What do you mean, John, you won't go along with this particular conclusion on this topic? No, I don't, I don't really believe. Well, you're shunned, you see and the whole class is meant to shun you, etc.  So…)


Initiative will be discouraged in these children.  And insubordination without being punished will be scientifically trained out of them.


Okay?  Scientifically trained out of them. There you go.  That's what they've got now.  There certainly is, when especially the young boys for, whoa, many years now, 20, 30 years, 20 odd years, 25 years, maybe 30, have been given, really, amphetamines.  Amphetamines!  Speed!  Which makes you hyper. They've been given that and other drugs too if they show that they're really leaders, have any leadership qualities at all and they're intelligent enough to vocalize their own opinions about certain topics that they're getting taught, etc.  They're a problem.  Or maybe even restless in school.


Boys are not girls, at least they didn't used to be, in school. That's why they had to take regular breaks. [Recess.] As soon as you got out when you were young, between five and 12, as soon as you go out on these breaks you'd run like the wind. You would, you'd run all over the place and chase each other and get rid of that energy. That gave you the ability to sit for another one and half, two hours in school until the next break. That's how it worked, folks, and that's why it was there. 


Hhhch, but now you're supposed to be quiet and docile, and they drug you if you fidget or whatever. That was all intentional. It had nothing to do, and all these fake and new diagnosis that came in, were all literally that, fake. They were run by the Psychiatric Association and drug industry with a much bigger agenda in mind, folks. Of course it was.


All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called ‘co-operative,’ i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them.’


Second, as regards population. If there is not to be a permanent and increasing shortage of food, (A:  He's Malthusian, you see.) agriculture must be conducted by methods which are not wasteful of soil and increase of population must not outrun the increase in food production rendered possible by technical improvements.


To deal with this problem (A:  …too many folk, right.) it will be necessary to find ways of preventing an increase in world population. If this is to be done otherwise than by wars, pestilences and famines, it will demand a powerful international authority.


(A:  Hm?  Powerful international authority?  And what's the WEF prattling on about this too, and the Club of Rome, same thing, ‘eh, we need a powerful international authority.  They've already said in the last meeting for the climate change agenda, at the climate conference, they had a Conference Of Parties they like to call it, they said that it's time now to go the next step and start demanding that we reduce the population, like mandatorily.  Like, who can breed and who won't be.  That was an old agenda.  But these are always used, the same agenda hasn't changed, that's why it's old and new always at the same time.)


This authority should deal out the world’s food to the various nations in proportion to their population at the time of the establishment of the authority. If any nation subsequently increased its population, it should not on that account receive any more food. The motive for not increasing population would therefore be very compelling. What method of preventing an increase might be preferred should be left to each state to decide.


(A:  Now, I'll just say, you are going to see mandatory [Alan chuckles.]  and definitely promoted famine of some kind or another. That's part of what we're going through now. This isn't just a Black Lives Matter thing. This is also the Covid idea, the world health authority, the CDC in the States, all these different organizations that really are part of the intelligence agency, and they're going to make it, you're going to see rationing. You will see rationing.  So they want a global organization that will be in charge of all the food of the planet. There you go.)


Each state, each country is interested.


(A:  So yeah, it's the same agenda written in the 1950s and became a part of Agenda 21 for the 21st century, and 2030, etc, etc.  It's the same agenda. It's something, ‘eh. He also said...)


Our members who are so important, that for their sake we should patiently permit this state of affairs to come about, surely not.  What then can we do?  Apart from certain deep-seated prejudices, the answer would be obvious. The nations, which are presently increasing rapidly should be encouraged to adopt methods by which in the West the increase of population has been checked. 


(A:  So I'll say that again...)


Apart from certain deep-seated prejudices, the answer would be obvious. The nations, which are presently increasing rapidly should be encouraged to adopt methods by which in the West the increase of population has been checked. 


(A:  ...HAS BEEN CHECKED...  You see?  In the West the increase has been checked.  Now, what do you think he meant by that?  What's the biggest problem in the West?  Infertility now.  [Alan chuckles.]   It's quite something. So there you go.)


Educational propaganda with government help could achieve this result in a generation. 


(A:  ...with this indoctrination.) 


There are however two powerful forces opposed to such a policy. One is religion.


(A:  The socialists always have to destroy religion, because it makes you think, I've got rights from God, not from you.)


The other is nationalism. I think it is the duty of all who are capable of facing facts to realize and to proclaim that opposition to the spread of birth control, if successful, must inflict upon mankind the most appalling depth of misery and degradation and that within another 50 years or so.


(A:  So degradation within about 50 years or so, he says.  So there you go. It says, again…)


I think it is the duty of all who are capable of facing facts to realize and to proclaim that opposition to the spread of birth control,


(A:  Now, birth control, they're talking about abortion as well.)


if successful, must inflict upon mankind the most appalling depth of misery


(A:  You'll all be taught that the whole world is going to be awful if there's too many of YOU basically.)


and degradation and that within another 50 years or so.


(A:  Now, it's all been done about the year 2000.  And we're not all crammed together.  Most of the European population is only, it's not even quite stable but it's mainly through mass migration. So you're thinking you're doing good by not having children, well, it's not good enough, no, now we've got to bring people in. So you can't win, you understand.)


(A:  There's another agenda behind all of this.  And it's always been transhumanists of Julian Huxley, their world and how they would bring it into the technological age and how they would run and rule their own world without all of the people being around. It might take them years to reduce and reduce the population, but it's to be the population of the PLANET they want reduced, you see.) 


(A:  And you won't go along with it if you really didn't bring masses of migrants in, and you're complying with depopulation.  You'd say, well why are you forcing this on us, our population is already dropping, we're awfully good, we're doing what you're telling us. Well, that's not good enough, you see.  It's for a whole global agenda. Then you seem to be overrun with too many folk in your own countries, only because of mass migration. You must feel that this is the whole world. It's not the world.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's forced to be upon you as though it is the whole world, and you go along with that, you see.  He also said here that...)


I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others which one might suppose opponents of birth control would prefer. War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect.


(A:  It's got what I said before, here, it’s taken from one of my talks. It says... I'll repeat that for the hard of thinking, that's what I always say...)


And war as I remarked a moment ago has hitherto been disappointing in this respect.


(A:  Don't forget too, that at the end of World War II there was, it was really classed as a world meeting for, and it was a royal, it was held by, I think the chair was the king of England before he died.  The whole meeting was a mass meeting about depopulation. They said that the war had not killed enough people off.  Anyway, he admitted that they use war to kill off people, and of course, grab resources, etc. And that's all you get in Britain was one war after another. That was taken over by the US since at least, well, at least World War II, the US has had nothing but one war after another themselves.  They’re still going at it too, even as they go down to an extent. He also said…)


If a black death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.


(A: So there you go...)


If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. There would be nothing in this to offend the consciences of the devout or to restrain the ambitions of nationalists. The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s.


(A:  But he also means too, really high-minded people, like themselves, are indifferent to the misery or the slaughter of other people's that they find are useless. Useless eaters, ‘eh?  Think about it, folks. So, indifference to other people's happiness.)


However, I'm wondering on the question of stability which I might return, and I must return.


There are three ways of securing a society that shall be stable as regards population.  The first is that of birth control, the second that of infanticide or really destructive wars, and the third that of general misery except for a powerful minority.


(A:  Well, I think they're using a combination of all these right now, aren't they?  It's rather obvious.)


I'm just going through this again because it's time to do so maybe. When you realize that, infanticide too, and they've got forced post birth abortion on the go. Meaning, killing babies as soon as they come out and have gone to full term.  It's all here. Everything was planned a long time ago, folks. Bertrand Russell wasn't a solitary character with oddball ideas.  He belonged, he was part of the group put in charge of creating a post-World War II culture for Europe and a good part of the world.  He worked with the Frankfurt school, he worked with the Macy group, that were given permission by the president at the time to literally create a whole new culture.


It wasn't just creating a culture. It was, they actually worked it out so precisely, the different parts, like from here to here, right up to the miniskirts even, to promoting sex.  They got free love which they were trying back in the late 1800s. Then they tried in the 1920s, roaring 20s, and the miniskirt again, and the Charleston dance.  Then they brought it back in the 1960s along with drugs and pop music, and then it became rock 'n' roll. The fallout of it too, well, there's too many unwanted children.  Well, let's help these poor girls out and you end up getting abortion. And of course you give them the pill too. 


There's nothing that's not worked out step-by-step, how do we get from here to there? You have to go from here to there to there to there to there to get to that second place you want to be. You might have 50 different things you have to do, you know, to make it happen. And that's how they plan these things.  Then once they get to a certain stage, then they bring back the long dresses or have pants for women. Then they alter even the attraction of sexes into, well what's wrong with this, what's wrong with that, until they change a whole idea of that.  And marriage too of course.  So it's all planned that way long ago.  And never for the reasons that you think.


It's not so...  Let me just say, they're completely indifferent to folks happiness, other people's happiness. It's not to make folk happy, who you can marry or whatever.  No, no, no.  It's different agendas on the go. We're living through a script as I say, literally worked out a long time ago. A long time ago.  M-hm.  Quite something.


Now, I want to touch on something.  There's an article, it's quite good actually, on why facts don't matter. It's kind of important.  This article here is, because I said it so many times, it's good to have folk who are using the phrase now, because I said, facts don't matter anymore.  I've done poems about it too I think, on facts don't matter. It says…


Why Facts Don’t Matter to People

aier.org / 24 June 2020


Frustrated with COVID-19 restrictions on daily life, a friend said to me, “I just want to know the truth.”


(A: It's like that song, all I want is the truth, all I want…  Who was it, Lennon sung that or somebody sung that in Lennon's day, all I want is the truth.  Yep. But this article is from, I can see the whole name of it.  It says, AIER, financial.  It's quite a good, have some good little topics they pick on. So, why facts don't matter to people, right. So yeah…)


Frustrated with COVID-19 restrictions on daily life, a friend said to me, “I just want to know the truth.”


Like many people, my exasperated friend, and others I know, are mesmerized and frightened by daily news reports on the number of COVID-19 cases. You can cite all the data you want, (A: And he gives the links…) such as these from the U.S.:


It’s good news all around. But you turn on the television and get a different message.


(A:  And it’s so true, you see the, if you go into facts, you see that the Covid thing was plummeting even in April of course. But the media keep hyping it because they’re told to. It’s a big agenda.  Fauci would say one thing off the cuff and then he would say a completely different thing on TV.)


But you turn on the television and get a different message. People worry about sending their children to school this fall.


(A:  Because now they're trying to say, oh children might get this too now. I mean, it's amazing how they keep adding to it, ‘eh, [Alan chuckles.] to try to terrify folk to comply.  Especially in the mums, you know, because mum's will try to protect the children, and oh yeah, our children might be at risk now, oh my goodness. Even though children are not getting it pretty well at all. Doesn't matter. But again, facts don't matter.)


Some display authoritarian views as they excuse politicians for destructive errors merely because they showed “strong leadership.”


If you’re wondering why so many people don’t see the world the way you do, engage them in conversation. You will find they are as well-intentioned as you are, but they are looking in a different direction. Beneath their opinions and fears, beliefs are shaping how they see the world.


Because of different beliefs, your villains may be their heroes. They may look at the world of effects while you are looking at causes. They’re hoping a better leader comes to power, while you’re considering how the presidency became so powerful and destructive.


Until their beliefs change, they will never consider how politicians and experts with too much power turned a pandemic into a catastrophe. As Einstein put it, “Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use. (A:  …to look at it basically.) It is theory which decides what can be observed.”


The “clear guidance” politicians claim to dispense and “the truth” my friend wants to learn are not rooted in the principles of human flourishing. My friend is waiting for a government official to blow the all-clear whistle. My friend doesn’t want to believe experts are as fallible as he is,


(A:  And that's true, they want to believe in experts. By the way, that's also what Bertrand Russell said in the 50s, he says, we're training the people to be unable to even comply with the basic thing for everyday living without the advice of an expert. He said, eventually they will be unable, unable to think for themselves, they'll need experts. We're here now, ‘eh? So back to this article he says…)


My friend doesn’t want to believe experts are as fallible as he is, and that the prevailing scientific consensus may be false. For me to explain to him why “defining risk is an exercise in power” would bring a blank stare of disbelief.


In her book, Without You, There is No Us, Suki Kim tells the story of teaching English to elite all-male students at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea. Kim, who was born and raised in Seoul, immigrated to America with her family when she was 13. 


Yet, there were encounters over meals at the University where some candor occurred.


(A: And they go through different thoughts on...)


…“The Song of General Kim-Jong-il.”


(A: How literally the students believed that he was brilliant, that this leader was brilliant and everything that happened was, he was all-powerful.  He was like a god actually, you see, because this is how they train you.  That's what Suki Kim realized was that, how they were all trained like uniformly, and they all believed uniformly, there's no individuality at all basically, that's what they're trying to say.)


Students did fervently believe lies, such as North Korea is the “most powerful and prosperous [nation] on the planet.”


(A: Well, Bertrand Russell said the same thing again, didn't he?  He said that every country, every country would tell them they lived in the best nation in the world, and every country will tell them that they have the best healthcare system in the world, and yada, yada, ya. That's what he said, you know. So all governments do that part.)


They constantly lied too about basic facts of their daily lives. Kim writes, “Lying and secrecy were all they had ever known.” She asks, “In a country where the government invents its own truth, how could they be expected to do otherwise?”


(A: That's a good little statement...)


“In a country where the government invents its own truth,”


(A: We're living in a truth fluid culture now, right.  A country where they tell us every other day, and literally will never, they'll always deny they ever told you a lie [Alan chuckles.]  as they do it themselves. Anyway it says…)


Kim was at a crossroads for further conversation with her student. Was the student a spy trying to trap her, (A:  …because they will do that by the way.) or even worse, would the student end up in the gulag for merely discussing the limits of power? Kim responded, “Our country is not for the president but for the people. The president is just the face, the symbol, but the real power belongs to the people. The people make the decisions.”  (A:  When she was asked about that from a student.)


If only what Kim said was true. Have you noticed how many Americans are thinking like North Koreans? They seem reassured and relieved when their favorite politicians behave like North Korean despots issuing “field guidance.”


When North Korean despot Kim Jong-un visits a factory or farm, he makes pronouncements for improvements. Such pronouncements are called “field guidance” or “on-the-spot guidance.” No matter how nonsensical, the pronouncements of the despot are revered and obeyed.


In North Korea, there is no path forward that doesn’t begin with 100% obedience. There is nothing to be discovered, only edicts to obey. To serve the despot is the only purpose of life for North Koreans.


Andrew Cuomo is a beloved politician, despite having issued “field guidance” sending thousands of nursing home residents to their deaths.


(A:  Things are said so casually here, and you've got to understand too that this is an incredibly important thought here, you know, and fact as well. Again, facts don't matter, [Alan chuckles.] as the title says. But Cuomo, don't forget he did put infected patients in the nursing homes guaranteeing it would spread like wildfire. And it did, and it added to the numbers of Covid deaths.  You have to say, well no one is that stupid, it wasn’t intentional. It WAS intentional. It says…)


Even in May, after news of his disastrous nursing home orders were widely available, his approval rating was at 81%.


(A:  This is AFTER it happened, ‘eh, after it became known what he had done. It just shows you, you know, the beloved politician, you see.)


Today, voices in opposition to the field guidance of politicians and experts are still being heard. But don’t take this for granted; tolerance for communicating opposing views is shrinking.


(A:  Is it ever, eh!  Hm.  I’m telling ya.)


A March 2020 poll of Americans (A:  …and it’s got the link to it too.) with 3,000 respondents showed strong bipartisan support for criminalizing speech.


(A:  A lot of polls are faked to start with, that’s true. That was part of the reason polls were invented was to sway public opinion. Because folk will jump on the bandwagon, oh well if so many percent are all for this, then I should be for it too. It’s a majority thing, you know, that’s how it works.)


About 70% of those surveyed supported government “restricting people’s ability to say things” deemed as misinformation. Nearly 80% endorsed the conscription of health care professionals. Government seizure of businesses and property was supported by 58%. Over 70% supported the detention of COVID-19 patients in government facilities. The majority of those surveyed did not change their opinion even when told their views may violate the Constitution.


Often Facts Don’t Matter


(A:  It goes through other ones too…)


We have all experienced the truth of John Kenneth Galbraith’s famous observation: “Faced with a choice between changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy with the proof.”


(A:  They go into confirmation bias too…)


Due to confirmation bias, “we embrace information that confirms [our] view (A:  …your present confirmation…) while ignoring, or rejecting, information that casts doubt on it.”


So there's confirmation bias, etc.  Again, there's always psychologists involved because we're so well studied, right, they know how we tick and what we think and how to make us think or make us want to do what they want us to do.  [Alan chuckles.]  Quite easy to do. Not a bad article though. I'll put that one up. And the path forward, it says in it too, like Dr. Fauci, they believe the path forward is OBEDIENCE. There you go.  Obedience, folks, as they say.  That's a good enough, a good article actually on it, obedience.


You've got to remember too, when you bring in chaos, and this is what you do with revolutions, planned revolutions, that really are not meant for everybody, obviously. Because you can see who gets promoted and pushed and who's going to be the victim in it all.  No, this is really, and it's not just retribution either because most folk haven't done anything wrong [Alan chuckles.] to anybody else either.  Most folk don't behave like that. So there's been a great lot of hate taught and fomented in the training of people over many years to attack other peoples. There's no doubt about it.  That's standard stuff. You can do it within a homogenous society too by just creating political factions, or religious factions, and encourage them to hate each other. Then elevating one to slaughter the other ones and justifying why they did it. This is old stuff, you know.  Or you can use the ethnic groups against the others and elevate another above another, etc. etc. That's what you're seeing at the moment. This is old stuff as I say.


Plato talked about it too when he was talking about different kinds of governments. He talked about what we would call communism, it comes in after democracy.  When democracy becomes stale and stagnant and bloated, and corrupt, then you find that the next step is generally communism, a form of communism they would call it in translation. Which is a totalitarian system again, you see, you obey and do what you're told.  It's not fair at all. It has many wonderful, nice sounding phrases about equality, etc., but really nothing is fair in it at all. As George Orwell talked about it in Animal Farm, etc.  That's the system you get.


Then to sort it out, because it ends up in chaos and stagnation when nothing is efficient everything falls apart, and incredible corruption, and the Soviet Union did the same to an extent too.  Then in comes what they call the fascist type system to clear up the mess and get back on track. You see the same thing in ancient Rome when, and it was built into their particular laws in Rome that, when generals would literally have to step in and become tyrants. Tyrant wasn't just a nasty word.  It was an essential role at times when their own Senate was so corrupt, they were putting farmers out of business, the farmers that fed you, then taking over the land for resorts for themselves for holiday places and so on. Total corruption.  And in would come a general generally to restore order and get the place, the country fed again, etc., and back on track. That's how it was done. 


Nothing really changes with that. Except the people who [Alan chuckles.] follow revolutions are being used. The ones who foment today and lead them are generally paid rather awfully handsomely by outside sources. And they’re well-trained.  They're forms of mercenaries actually some of them.  But well-trained for their parts, and organizers, etc.  So there you go on that part there too.


Now, this article here is quite a good article about, and it's from Global Research. I know that Global Research really is run by [Alan chuckles.] higher Marxism too.  But they've done awfully good articles, you've got hand it to them for putting out articles and being fair in some sense too.  It may be surprising to many that it's coming out from this source but, they've gone into color revolutions in pretty good depth in the past.  This article is about…


CIA Backed Color Revolutions

The Dishonest Career of the Remarkable Srđa Popović

globalresearch.ca / 1 Oct 2017 / William Engdahl


Many readers likely never heard the name of the remarkable Serbia-born political operator named Srđa Popović. Yet he and his organization, (A:  This is one I’ve mentioned before in previous weeks…) CANVAS, have played a lead role in most every CIA-backed Color Revolution since he led the toppling of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, at least fifty according to last count. (A:  …revolutions across the world, ‘eh.  Don’t forget, the CIA are the ones above it all, mind you.)  Now he has turned his sights on Hungary and Hungary’s popular and defiant Prime Minister Victor Orban.  (A:  That was in 2017.)


On September 8, the professional regime-change specialist Srđa Popović came to Budapest and joined with the anti-Orban opposition groups in front of the Hungarian Parliament. It‘s clear that Popović was not in town to promote his Hungarian book on nonviolent regime change (A:  …that’s what they called it.) but rather to give aid to the anti-Orban parties before Hungarian elections in spring of 2018.


Because of the manufactured aura of “hip doer-of-good-deeds” surrounding the personality of Srđa Popović, it’s useful to look closely at who sponsored his remarkable career since he founded a tiny Belgrade student opposition NGO (A: …nongovernmental organization…) called Otpor! in 1998 with its now famous clenched fist logo. The career of Srđa Popović from 2000 until today suggest a remarkably dishonest manipulator in the service of foreign intelligence agencies and governments, despite his vehement claims otherwise.


I just want to mention before I go right into this one.  I'm sure it's the same group that put out, the same characters to run, or to interfere with the globalist meetings, anti-globalist meetings that were peaceful at the time.  It was in the newspaper, a few different newspapers at the time of it happening, in the late 90s and early 2000 onward.  The globalist meetings took part in North America, some of them anyway. They had massive opposition to them because it was really to do with free trade.  The guise of free trade was to, for our countries to sponsor big corporations to move to China and the Far East for cheap labor.  Through these agreements we'd lose, have less national sovereignty and our standard of living would go down. We all knew that at the time, it was well discussed and well promulgated amongst academics at the time, those involved in globalism and what it was all about. 


But remember too, that they started to get these guys dressed in black, you see, with the masks on too who suddenly appeared and would start throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars, during these peaceful demonstrations, to try and get the whole thing...  And what it did, it didn't encourage the rest of them to riot. What it did was make the folk turn against them, and made the authorities almost go out with the riots squads. Which it seems is what they wanted to happen. But some of the newspapers put out eventually tracing it back to one of these nations, you see.  They found a training center for particular radicals who were going to countries and overthrow them. They would use mass populism basically of protesters against different organizations, they would use that, they would jump… just like the Bolshevik revolution technique, they would jump and piggyback on their back and then try and guide them into mass rioting, for their own causes, then they would take the lead, you see.  That's how the Bolsheviks took over. The Bolsheviks needed masses to take over Russia, and that's what you do. So they jump on a legitimate reason or demonstration or protests, and you subvert it for your own causes, you see.


But this article here is talking about the fact that these are color revolutions.  The most famous organization for toppling governments, in this day and age, is the CIA.  It used to be MI6 and they had a name before it for the Secret Service and so on for Britain. But the US took that over long ago, that role.


Just off-the-cuff before I get into it too is that, there was a movie that was put out with one of the James Bond characters, Pierce Brosnan in a movie called No Escape.  I don't know where it was done but...  I don't know if it was supposed to be in Thailand or where it was, but it was somewhere over that area, bordering Vietnam.  It's about really a nation, or country, or even an island where an American corporation or British Corporation, American/British had literally gone into the, just like that character who talked about, I was an economic hitman, it was that kind of technique. They had agents in the country that would encourage the politicians and buy them off and so on and so on.  Get them little loans to get water distribution system set up and things like that, and energy, knowing they couldn't repay them, because they would make sure things would happen that would detract from the payments by causing disasters or whatever it happens to be.  Then they would take over the island and have the whole island in debt until they own the resources of the island, or the country.  That's what the movie is about.


Pierce Brosnan was one of the agents, it's quite interesting how he explained it, hurriedly, to a guy who had, he and his family got caught in this revolution without, it had nothing to do with them.  He says, yeah, we started all this, we wanted their resources and so on and this is how we did it. We got them into debt, we help them out by encouraging them to set up systems of energy and resources, and water systems, and we'd end up owning it all, and then they couldn't pay it, the interest-on it, so then we take over the country.  That's literally what, that's the system.  But it's quite a good movie actually in that kind of respect. They show you how it's done and why folk get awfully fed up and take up arms to kick the foreigners out. [Alan chuckles.]   That's how it happens.


But yeah, that's where we are with these color revolutions. They're not just spontaneous. The folk who follow anything are the useful idiots, they call them.  I hate to say it. And you might think you've got high-minded philosophical ideas and moral ideas, but you're all being used.  You won't know that until maybe a year or two or a few years down the road. But the way things are going with this thing, with the slow down, with the Covid thing, it works perfectly well with revolution and into total austerity and rationing, and lockdowns, permanent lockdowns under this socialist system as they bring you in. 


I've noticed that some countries already are locking you down with a passport, your passport. It isn't just your, not vaccinations, it's your complete passport too, even for your own community and you won't be allowed outside your community.  They've already tried that in some of the far eastern areas. This is all marked, planned out long before this all happened, folks. 


So this goes in again, this article, back to it, how...


Popović first came to international notice as the founder of the Belgrade student political activist organization Otpor! which means “Resistance!” in Serbian. In October 1998 Popović founded Otpor!, initially as a student protest group at Belgrade University dealing with student grievances. That was soon to change. He and other Otpor founders were trained in the methods of US regime-change specialist Gene Sharp founder of the Albert Einstein Institute (A:  Awfully important organizations, these.) in Cambridge Massachusetts and by US State Department soft coup specialists such as Belgrade Ambassador Richard Miles and other trained US intelligence operatives, including election specialists and public relations image makers.


(A:  Are you starting to get the picture here, how it works.)


Guiding Otpor!’s Milošević ouster operation, US Ambassador to Serbia Richard Miles was a specialist in regime change (A:  The CIA, right.), far more so than in classical diplomacy. He orchestrated the CIA coup in Azerbaijan that brought Aliyev to power in 1993 before arriving in Belgrade, and after that went on to orchestrate the CIA coup in Georgia that brought US asset Mikheil Saakashvili to power.


The US Agency for International Development (USAID), (A:  That’s the big one that spreads the funding.) widely known as a CIA front, had channeled the Serb Otpor! Millions of dollars in funds through commercial contractors and through the US-government-financed NGOs: the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), (A:  And this is all part, these are all branches, specialized branches in this cluster of the CIA.) the National Democratic Institute, and the International Republican Institute. The Open Society Institute of George Soros was also funneling money into Popović ’s Otpor! for the toppling of Milosevic. I have yet to find a CIA and US State Department regime change or Color Revolution in which the “democracy-building” foundations of Soros were not in a kind of harmony with the Washington State Department and CIA agenda.


(A:  And isn’t that the truth, ‘eh?  So they all work together, right…  the US Agency for International Development (USAID).  Some people have been in touch with me who worked for them, by the way.  Hmph.  That’s how they get into the CIA, some of them. It’s almost like an apprenticeship into one of these organizations. But USAID is a well-known one. They pick up the process of helping them across the world, helping people, and they start to catch on to how it works through funding and then manipulation of the funds into demanding money back, or demanding policy changes within the countries in exchange for aid, etc. etc. Until you’ve changed the whole culture maybe, etc., and the system.)


The US Agency for International Development (USAID), widely known as a CIA front, had channeled the Serb Otpor! Millions of dollars (A:  MILLIONS of dollars, right.) in funds through commercial contractors and through the US-government-financed


(A:  Remember that one, it was supposedly blown up in, north of Syria, an American contractor. Then they blamed the Iranian troops that were working with the Syrian government, so they eventually killed a general, an Iranian general in retribution. Remember that? Well, get back, think about it, you see. The guy that they killed supposedly, that this general which they claimed, and I doubt the general was behind it, it was a sporadic thing with the contractor in North Syria who was working for the US government. It’s the CIA we’re talking about here again.  Yeah. So that’s what they do…)


NGOs: the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the National Democratic Institute, and the International Republican Institute. The Open Society Institute of George Soros was also funneling money into Popović ’s Otpor! for the toppling of Milosevic.


(A:  And many other ones by the way.  They’re all part of the Color Revolution.  Of course the media’s on board with it too, right.)


The NED with all its affiliates was a project of Ronald Reagan CIA head, Bill Casey, in the early 1980’s to conceal CIA regime change operations around the world behind the front of a “private” democracy NGO, the NED. Allen Weinstein, cofounder of the NED admitted to the Washington Post, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”


(A:  You see, so these are really, they’re disguised assets as they call them. But they’re still CIA. Well, it’s not the CIA now, no, no. It’s NED we call it [Alan chuckles.]  and it’s USAID and blah, blah, blah.) 


According to Michael Dobbs, who was foreign investigative reporter for the Washington Post during the Milosevic ouster, the IRI paid for Popović and some two-dozen other Otpor! leaders to attend a training seminar on nonviolent resistance at the Hilton Hotel in Budapest in October,1999. There Popović and the other handpicked Serbian students received training in such matters as how to organize a strike and how to communicate with symbols, (A:  How to communicate with symbols…) such as the clenched fist that became their logo. They learned how to overcome fear and how to undermine the authority of a dictatorial regime.


The principal lecturer at the secret Hilton Hotel meeting was Gene Sharp’s associate, retired US Army Col. Robert Helvey, a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst who trained and then used the Otpor! activists to distribute 70,000 copies of a manual on nonviolent resistance in Serb translation. Helvey worked with Gene Sharp, founder of the controversial Albert Einstein Institution, teaching techniques to the US government to conceal its coup d’états under the guise of nonviolence. Sharp was described by Helvey as “the Clausewitz of the nonviolence movement,” a reference to the renowned Prussian military strategist.


(A:  Mind you, they have the, they always have what they call a passive wing, or nonviolent wing. This is what you’ll find, and communism always have that too.  Then you’d have their advanced one where they’re literally, they’re hard…  The IRA had it too, mind you.  They’d have their Sinn Féin leader and then they’d have the active IRA, you see, to deal with the real physical stuff.  You find organizations inside the US in fact had the, still have the same organization, some of them were actually terrorist organizations in the 60s and 70s, that are now advising the FBI. Quite amazing, isn’t it?)


Popović and his Otpor! NGO were recipients of a major share of over $41 million US government money for their “democracy-building” campaign in Serbia. Dobbs describes the US involvement:


Behind the seeming spontaneity of the street uprising that forced Milošević to respect the results of a hotly contested presidential election on September 24 was a carefully researched strategy put together by Serbian democracy activists with active assistance of Western advisers and pollstersUS-funded consultants played a crucial role behind the scenes in virtually every facet of the anti-drive, running tracking polls, training thousands of opposition activists and helping to organize a vitally important parallel vote count. US taxpayers paid for 5,000 cans of spray paint used by student activists to scrawl anti-Milošević graffiti on walls across Serbia.


In short, Popović began his revolution-making career as a regime change specialist in an operation funded by the CIA, US State Department, US Government NGOs including the infamous NED and the Open Society Institute. The question is what did Srđa Popović do after his first helpful service to Washington in 2000?


(A:  And after that, what did he do, right…) 


After his success in getting rid of Milosevic for his US Government sponsors, Popović created a new organization called CANVAS. He decided to globalize his business model that worked so well in Belgrade in 2000, to make himself an international “go to” person for making US State Department fake democracy regime change.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  What d’you think’s happening in the States right now, ‘eh?)


CANVAS or the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies calls itself a non-profit, non-governmental, “educational institution focused on the use of nonviolent conflict.” According to Wikipedia, CANVAS seeks to “educate pro-democracy activists around the world in what it regards as the universal principles for success in nonviolent struggle.”


Popović and CANVAS claim that at least 50% of their obviously substantial funding for this philanthropic (A: [Alan chuckles.] They’re philanthropists really.) work comes from Popović ’s Otpor ally, Slobodan Đinović, co-chair of CANVAS and listed as CEO of something called Orion Telecom in Belgrade. A Standard & Poors Bloomberg business search reveals no information about Orion Telecom other than the fact it is wholly-owned by an Amsterdam-listed holding called Greenhouse Telecommunications Holdings B.V. where the only information given is that the same Slobodan Đinović is CEO in a holding described only as providing “alternative telecommunication services in the Balkans.”


Leaving aside the unconvincing statement by Popović ’s CANVAS that half their funds come from Dinovic’s selfless generosity from his fabulous success as telecom CEO in Serbia, that leaves the other roughly 50% of CANVAS funds unaccounted for, as Popović declines to reveal the sources beyond claiming they are all private and non-government. Of course the Washington NGO is legally private though its funds mainly come from USAID. Of course the Soros Open Society Foundations are private. Could these be some of the private patrons of his CANVAS? We don’t know as he refuses to disclose in any legally auditable way.


(A: It goes on and on and on.  And how they've been used, they've been used in...)


Ukraine, Georgia, Zimbabwe, Burma (actually the legal name since independence from the British is Myanmar but Washington insists on the colonial name), Ukraine, Georgia, Eritrea, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria. Popović ’s CANVAS was involved as well in unsuccessful attempts to start Color Revolution regime change against Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and the opposition in the failed 2009 Iran Green Revolution.


(A: Busy, aren't they very busy characters, these, ‘eh.  It goes on to…)


Goldman Sachs and Stratfor


(A:  This is important too for folk who have heard the name Stratfor, [Alan chuckles.] nevermind Goldman Sachs.)


Even more interesting details recently came to light on the intimate links between the US “intelligence consultancy”, Stratfor—known as the ”Shadow CIA” for its corporate clients which include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and U.S. government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Intelligence Agency.


It was revealed in a huge release of internal memos from Stratfor in 2012, some five million emails provided them by the hacker community Anonymous, that Popović, after creating CANVAS also cultivated very close relations with Stratfor. According to the Stratfor internal emails, Popović worked for Stratfor to spy on opposition groups.


Revealed in the same Stratfor emails by Wikileaks was the intriguing information that one of the “golden geese” funders of the mysterious CANVAS was a Wall Street bank named Goldman Sachs.  (A: [Alan chuckles.]) Satter Muneer, a Goldman Sachs partner, is cited by Stratfor’s then-Eurasia Analyst Marko Papic. Papic, asked by a Stratfor colleague whether Muneer was the “golden goose” money behind CANVAS, writes back, “They have several golden gooses I believe. He is for sure one of them.”


Good article though, and it goes into this in pretty good detail. They put their disclaimer at the end that they're not responsible for any inaccuracies that they don't know about and so on.  To me it's a good starting point for a lot of people who don't understand how intelligence agencies actually work. They're so, they're so, aaaawh, they're involved in everything, I hope you understand that. You've got to get out of this idea that the CIA is, for an example, and MI6 in Britain, that have worked together since World War II and then onwards, are there to protect their countries. Nothing is further from the truth. They have completely global agendas. And completely different agendas for every facet of society, cultural, everything to do with society, economic, you name it, YOUR societies. 


Literally, I mean, if they want you to walk backwards for some strange reason, they'll make you do it. And you go along with it. It might take them 20 years to get the money together and to finance it and force it onto you all, but eventually they'll get you there.  Look at all the other things you've accepted without, you know... Hhhch.  Think about it, folks.  N-n-n.  I'm telling you. 


But it's not a bad article to give you a starter in a lot of these things that have been happening in your lifetimes.  Folk get little bits and pieces of it, and it will ring bells with them, but they forget the main stories that happened during all of this. We've been living through overthrows our entire lives by organizations like the CIA.  And the CIA is a totally global, it's a global project, folks.


Another article here is to do with the Federal Reserve…


Households Lost $6.5 Trillion In March, But The Decline In Average Americans’ Wealth Has Only Begun

forbes.com / 19 June 2020


The Federal Reserve's latest data show that household wealth (A: …in America.) dropped by $6.5 trillion from the end of 2019 to March 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic started to take its toll.  All of this loss came from a sharp drop in stock prices (A:  …no kidding.) and happened before average Americans saw unemployment soar to levels not seen since the Great Depression. Taking other data on how average Americans have been doing since March 2020 suggest that the real pain to household wealth has only begun.


It goes on to give you more financial information and so on. But believe you me, I mean, [Alan laughing.]  what's coming down the pike is being managed for their complete austerity sustainability program. That's a fact, folks.  You can take that to the bank, it's planned this way. 


There's no doubt in my mind that the whole Fauci/CDC/WHO organization, this whole Covid thing, is a big, it's really the big pusher of the whole world agenda right now.  Along with the supposedly spontaneous [Alan chuckles.] sure, Black Lives Matter/Antifa action that's going on right now. It's all working together. It was planned before all of this.  They just wait for the spike to make it happen, that's how they work it, and bingo, there you go.  And …


Cultural Revolution: New Lenin Statue Erected as Washington, Jefferson, and More Fall

breitbart.com / 22 June 2020


A statue of Bolshevik communist despot Vladimir Lenin has been erected in Germany– as statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other historic figures are torn down in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the wider West.


Lenin, born Vladimir Ulyanov, was the inaugural leader of what later became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), or Soviet Union, after his Bolshevik faction failed to win a democratic majority in the All-Russian Constituent Assembly but came out on top in the brutal civil war which they plunged the Russian Empire into in 1917.


Despite posing as a champion of national and ethnic minorities and their right to self-determination in the early period of his revolution, factions which attempted to govern themselves autonomously in the Ukraine were ruthlessly crushed, and he later invaded neighbouring countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Poland.


Nevertheless, the long-dead foreign dictator is being honoured in the German city of Gelsenkirchen with a statue, a 1950s relic of the former Soviet vassal state of Czechoslovakia — even as statues of historic Westerners are being torn down across the world amid the now-global Black Lives Matter unrest.


“The time for monuments to racists, anti-Semites, fascists, anti-communists and other relics of the past has clearly passed,” declared Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) chairwoman Gabi Fechtner in a triumphant statement.


“Lenin was an ahead-of-his-time thinker of world-historical importance, an early fighter for freedom and democracy,” she claimed.


(A: [Alan chuckles.])


The new monument stands besides a large MLPD billboard which alongside a stylised image of Lenin’s face, declares “give anticommunists no chance!”.


(A:  M-hm. I wonder who is paying her?)


But yeah, it's just astonishing we're living through this kind of stuff.  I've said it before, whatever works for the elite at the time, they'll use the system.  If it’s fascist, they'll be fascist.  If it's Nazi, they'll use it Nazi.  And if it's communist, they'll use communist. And call it socialist if it sounds better or softer, you know.  Whatever is very fast to get parts of the agenda through, they'll use them. Because they're totalitarian, they don't care about democracy. It's just too slow, isn't it, having to ask folk what to think about this before they make laws? Come on.  Come on.  It's more efficient when you have a totalitarian government, eh.


New Bill aims (A:  …can you believe it?) to help Scotland ‘keep pace’ with EU laws after Brexit

pressandjournal.co.uk / 19 June 2020


Constitution Secretary Mike Russell said a new Bill at Holyrood will mean that on devolved matters, Scottish law can keep in line with those in Europe “when appropriate and practicable to do so”.


The Scottish Government says its UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill will provide for continuity of provision that would otherwise be lost with Brexit.


Scotland literally is a vassal now of the EU. Just like Ireland is too.  So they've got their, [Alan chuckles.] let's fight for freedom to end up with a bigger vassal, a bigger master than the one that already ran you.  [Alan laughing.] What a joke!  But what can you say, ‘eh, trainspotting indeed.  Also in Scotland with all the Black Lives Matter and all the rest of it, and they had [Alan chuckles.] massive demonstrations, in little ole Scotland, ‘eh, a tiny population and the whole thing.  It says…


1 American Among 3 Killed in U.K. Terrorist Stabbing

people.com / 22 Jue 2020


A 25-year-old man was arrested after police believe he acted alone, stabbing victims in a public park on Saturday


(A:  This is so common now in Britain.)


The stabbing incident occurred at about 7 p.m. local time on Saturday at Forbury Gardens in Reading, England, leaving three dead and three others injured, according to Thames Valley Police. Authorities arrested a 25-year-old man suspected of murder, as the case was soon declared a terrorist attack.


Before that too a little girl was killed in a park in London as well.  She was about eight years old or something like that, it was very young anyway. It's very similar too, by a possible terrorist as well. Another article too…


Glasgow stabbings: Activists warn of ‘toxic environment’ inside hotels used to house asylum seekers during lockdown

independent.co.uk / 27 June 2020


Activists and campaigners in Glasgow have warned of a “toxic environment” inside hotels used to temporarily house asylum seekers during the coronavirus pandemic, after six people were injured in a knife attack on Friday.


Shafik Mohammed who runs (A:  Here you go...) asylum-seekers housing project (A:  ...right...) for refugees in the city of Glascow, knows residents placed in the park and (A:  They're using hotels to house a lot of them in.) said the company had created a toxic environment where people are clearly going to be affected.


Squeezing hundreds of people mostly young men (A:  ...young men, you see, they're bringing in.) mainly with mental health issues (A:  ...many with mental health issues.  Why have so many of them got mental health issues?) and also there's others from the war-torn areas who have posttraumatic stress disorder (A: They're bringing them into hotels and cooping them up with nothing to do for three months.) was a recipe for disaster he argued.


(A:  Is that really the problem?  It's big business for some organizations, big business, big money, you know.  There's folk getting rich on this kind of thing.  In Ireland too, I know that as well.)


One charity worker in Glascow who didn't want to speak on the record told the Independent, they had heard from residents in the park that the suspect of the knife attack had already been the subject of complaints over his aggressive and erratic behavior. But despite evidence of mental health problems, little action was taken.


According to the BBC the suspect had told another resident that he had planned to hurt people the day before he launched his sudden stabbing spree.  "I want to attack them, they're against me, they hate", an eyewitness reported the man saying.


Some of the residents came from countries in conflict with each other, Mr. Mohammed said.  While others were offered food which was culturally inappropriate, he had been told.


I tell you, it's something else, ‘eh?  Anyway, six folk got stabbed. I don't know if any of them have died yet or not. The cop was also stabbed in there too.  Eventually they had to send the police in and they went in and shot the guy. I guess they just must know their way around it.  So hhhhh, yeah.  Of course they won't classify it probably as, that's the in thing, they never classify them now as terrorists. They always mention that they're just mentally disturbed.  They're all told to say the same thing, across the world now.  This is interesting too, it says…


Meer's handling of the lockdown had earlier come under scrutiny after an asylum-seekers died in a Glasgow hotel in May.


Mr. Mohammed said it seemed to him the firm is driven primarily by turning a profit out of housing vulnerable people.


Big money, though, you know. That would be another NGO group, you know, we're here to help them and we need so many millions per month of dollars or pounds.  Again, what you're seeing, as I've mentioned before, with Rockefeller and his ilk, of the CIA and the CFR, etc., you can't make omelette without breaking eggs, and these folk that get stabbed and killed and all that are just, just like collateral damage, like the rest of them across the world, the same thing, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. There you go. That's the eggshells.  There you go.


All the fallout of these constant wars across the Middle East and elsewhere, ‘eh.  I-yi-yi.  And it's the same characters that are changing the world inside your countries, you see, that give you the wars.  Here's an article here…


Iran: The Next Domino?

foreignpolicyjournal.com / 22 Feb 2011


“Revolutions are often seen as spontaneous. It looks like people just went into the street. But it’s the result of months or years of preparation. It is very boring until you reach a certain point, where you can organize mass demonstrations or strikes. If it is carefully planned, by the time they start, everything is over in a matter of weeks.” — Ivan Marovic, ex-instructor, Center for Applied NonViolent Action and Strategies, Serbia.


(A:  Right, that’s the CANVAS again, the same group I mentioned earlier.)


With the staging of a second attempt at a “green revolution” in Iran in the wake of the overthrow of the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt by groups primarily sponsored by the National Endowment for Democracy, International Republican Institute, Open Society Institute, Freedom House, USAID and a myriad of their fronts; the question might arise as to whether the turmoil inflicted on Egypt and Tunisia was intended as a prelude to the major target: Iran.


Iraq, Iran and Syria were targeted years ago as priorities for “regime change.”


(A:  Again, that was the group that was put out by the PNACs in the 1990s.)


The now well-known letter addressed to President George W. Bush by the Project for a New American Century should be recounted. PNAC outlined a plan of action that was put into affect, starting with the elimination of Saddam Hussein. Iran and Syria were next marked for elimination under the pretext of the “war on terrorism”:


(A:  I’ve done all this stuff before.  I don’t know who wrote this one here but it says…)


We believe the administration should demand that Iran and Syria immediately cease all military, financial, and political support for Hezbollah and its operations. Should Iran and Syria refuse to comply, the administration should consider appropriate measures of retaliation against these known state sponsors of terrorism.


Among the numerous political and foreign policy luminaries who were signatories to the PNAC letter was Frank Gaffney who, as stated below, is on the Advisory Board of The Foundation for Democracy in Iran.


America’s post-Cold War doctrine for world hegemony was outlined in a comprehensive PNAC document, Rebuilding America’s Defenses. The post-Cold Warriors outlined their plan for a new “Cold War” or “clash of civilizations” that involves not only Islam but all regimes, cultures, religions, traditions and ideologies that do not fit into “a new American century.”


(A:  Is it starting to make sense, ‘eh? I’ll say that little bit again, it’s said so quickly and simply and easily.)


The post-Cold Warriors (A:  He’s talking about the post-Cold War warriors…) outlined their plan for a new “Cold War” or “clash of civilizations” that involves not only Islam but all regimes, cultures, (A:  ALL, what part of ALL don’t you understand/)


all regimes, cultures, religions, traditions and ideologies that do not fit into “a new American century.”


(A:  You see, it will be a different America, but it’s for the world, you know, including America.)


Having led the West to victory in the Cold War, America faces an opportunity and a challenge: Does the United States have the vision to build upon the achievement of past decades? Does the United States have the resolve to shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests?


(A: And on and on it goes, ‘eh.  It repeats a lot of the stuff I mentioned before from the Global Research article too about the different organizations that work and do regime change, and who funds them, NED, Soros, IRI, etc.  They did the same thing in Egypt too when they elected their president, remember. And the West wasn't happy, they kept saying, well, it's not secular enough.  So they want it to be an atheistic guy who, because then you can buy them off as much as, you can buy them off when they're atheistic, you see.)


Soros’ Open Society Institute funds the Arabic Network for Human Rights. 


(A:  And all the other organizations that help overthrow these countries. Wonderful sounding names, for human rights, you understand, you know.  It goes into…)


The cable states the US Embassy “supports and approves” of the funding of six proposals submitted by Iranian contacts in the UK that also involved those taking part in workshops at Durham University.


M-m.  It just shows you how… You can’t keep up with this kind of stuff, folks, you really can’t. That’s why even intelligence agencies have their different foreign sections, you see, different countries and each country is subdivided into all special areas and parts and so on. Because one person really has to deal with this one area of each particular part of it and couldn’t even cope with it all.  There’s so much manipulation going on it’s just astonishing, and money getting funneled all over the place.  Quite amazing. That's how the world really works.  Yep.  I'll put this link up as well for those that want to see that one.


Now, I'm going to touch on an article by Peter Hitchens that was out on 14 June. It’s pertinent, very pertinent to what’s happening now.  He mentions…


Peter Hitchens: As the Left now controls every lever of power, we face nothing less than Regime Change

hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk / 14 June  2020


As the Left now controls every lever of power, we face nothing less than Regime Change


That is why these strange crowds have begun to gather round ancient and forgotten monuments, demanding their removal and destruction.


They do not know what they want, or understand what they are destroying. But that no longer matters. They think their moment has come, and they may well be right.


This is why the memorial to Winston Churchill, and the Cenotaph itself, were shamefully boarded up on Thursday night – an act of appeasement if ever there truly was one.


That is why police chiefs kneel like conquered slaves to the new gods of woke, and the leaders of the Labour Party do likewise. I have seen it happen before, but only when things were moving in the opposite direction.


(A:  Peter Hitchens saw the toppling and the fall, or the dissolution of the Soviet system.)


Then, as the Soviet Empire fell and an evil thing was swept from the world, it was a matter for rejoicing.


(A:  I’ll interject here, but here they are, we’re trying to reestablish the same things, because it’s going to suit the same elite that runs us now, because it will be a faster way to get things done, ‘eh, totalitarian.) 


The bloody mass murderer Vladimir Lenin, (A:  …the one they’re putting the new statues up for.) and his equally gory secret police enforcer Felix Dzerzhinsky,


(A:  And Dzerzhinsky, he was something else.  Dzerzhinsky. [Alan chuckles.] He said that, he gave a very, um, I can’t go into it into much depth for different reasons.  But Dzerzhinsky despised the common people. Absolutely despised, hated them. These characters that ran this equal system, equality and brotherhood of Sovietization/communism HATED the average people.  And Dzerzhinsky, he says, people, you can beat them, you can starve them, you can do all kinds of terrible things to them.  He says, do they turn around and fight you? You know.  He says, no, they’ll just turn around and eat each other, you know. They won’t fight back, he’s getting at the fact that they won’t fight back, you see. That was, that attitude was put into the movie called Fight Club actually where they show you in a kind of comical way how they'd soaked passersby with water sprays and hoses, anything to get them riled up to try to retaliate. And most folk won't do it. They won't...  They'll argue and they might shout a bit but they don't physically back it up, you see. But Dzerzhinsky, that's what he said, yeah you can starve them to death, you can beat them, and will they fight back? No, they'll just eat their dead, you know.  These are your great leaders. Anyway so he was a secret police enforcer…)


… and his equally gory secret police enforcer Felix Dzerzhinsky, were pulled from their pedestals by a people sick of being ruled by their heirs.


(A:  That’s what happened before they pulled them off their statue, off their boards of their foundations.) 


The boarding up of Winston Churchill's statue in Parliament Square was act of appeasement if ever there truly was one.


The monument to the wartime Prime Minster now stands heavily boarded, to deter possible attacks of vandalism from protestors in the coming weeks


This time, as ignorant armies seek the final abolition of Britain, it is very frightening. I would not like to say where it will end. I cannot claim to have known this would happen but I will say


(A:  …and this is important, because I think a lot of us had this…)


that I had an instinctive fear of very bad things to come when the country began its mad, wild shutdown in March.


(A:  It all goes together.)


I have learned over many years to trust my instincts, to take that train, to make that phone call, to turn that corner. When I have heeded them I have either benefited or been saved from bad things. When I have ignored them I have been hurt. It may be inherited from our forebears, or learned by decades of experience. It may be a mixture of the two.


But on crucial occasions we know more than we think we do. And as the cities began to darken and empty, and the world as we knew it started to close, I feared that we should never again see the lights lit again as they had been before. It was like the start of a great war without limit, made more perplexing because there was no obvious end to it, ever.


(A:  That’s what you were told, oh, it’s never going to go away, it’s going to keep coming back, keep coming back, and we can’t go back into life as it was before, yada, ya.  That was Fauci, you know.)


This was not just about a disease and a wholly overdone response to it. It was like the death of Princess Diana and the fall of the Twin Towers gathered together into a single great mass of unreason and panic.


The Diana episode had been a Dictatorship of Grief, (A:  And it’s true, it was a big managed event.) in which even the most revered parts of the establishment had bowed to the mob. ‘Show us you care!’ shouted the headlines. And woe betide those who did not.


Then came September 11, 2001, and a Dictatorship of Security. No argument could withstand the claim that safety was paramount, and we willingly made a bonfire of our freedoms, wrongly persuaded that we could trust our governments not to take advantage.


And now we have the Dictatorship of Fear. It is not the largely fictional ‘R’ number which governs the behaviour of our feeble Government, which is only just beginning to grasp how much damage it has done and how hard it will be to repair. It is the ‘F’ number, the number of people scared into pathetic timidity by the slick but false claim we were all at risk from a terrible and devastating disease.


The numbers of dead are grossly inflated by an incredibly lax recording system, which does not distinguish between those who died of Covid-19 and those who died of other things but may have been infected by it. Many who have died of Covid-19 are almost certainly victims of the Government’s failure to protect those who were in fact most vulnerable – the residents of care homes.


The Cenotaph too was boarded, as signs now point to Britain facing mass regime change


The sad but unavoidable fact, that the disease is little danger to most young and healthy people but is especially deadly to the old and ill, is also now beyond dispute.


(A:  This is a fact.  But again, facts don’t matter, ‘eh.)


The initial claims of Imperial College London, that half a million might die if strict shutdown measures were not taken, have been devastatingly dismantled by other experts, who believe its methods and codes are, to put it mildly, hopelessly wrong.


Yet Imperial’s chief spokesman, Professor Neil Ferguson (caught ignoring his own advice with a girlfriend), has the double nerve to claim the rules he flouted should have been introduced even earlier.


(A:  Ha.  There’s your psychopaths talking, ‘eh.)


By contrast, Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, says that the shutdown should be lifted immediately.


Thanks to the barefaced dishonesty and unlawful bias of the BBC, and also the pitifully bad coverage of several newspapers, millions are unaware the whole basis of Government policy is now completely exploded by scientific experts.


(A:  Getting back to that article by Bertrand Russell, how you would be unable to do anything without the advice of an expert.)


Even the truth about Sweden, which did not shut down, is obscured by incessant hostile reporting.


Sweden followed Britain in one thing – failing to protect care homes, (A:  The old folks homes.) and so it has had a higher death toll than it should have done. But even so, its experience – along with Japan – shows clearly that there is no link between shutdown and the number of deaths suffered.


(A:  So you could stay open, you see.)


The ceaseless assumption of the Government and the BBC that the shutdown ‘protected’ the NHS is simply not borne out by any facts. The NHS was never going to be overwhelmed. Covid deaths in this country peaked on April 8 – an event far too soon to have been caused by the shutdown announced on March 23 and begun the following day.


(A:  And isn’t that the truth.)


In fact, the country with the highest number of deaths per head is Belgium (843 per million). Yet Belgium introduced one of the tightest and most severe shutdowns on the planet. Sweden, without a shutdown at all, has suffered 472 deaths per million.


(A: It goes on and on and on.  But yeah, you're seeing a revolution, and this is part of it. Including, it's a revolution and Fauci is part of it too, folks, and the WHO, World Health Organization, it's all part of the same revolution. Sustainability, too many folk, blah blah blah.  Can't go on again, can't open up again, not without permission. And they have to look into your books to see if you pollute at all, you see, because if you pollute in any way at all, in your business, then it's unsustainable and you can't open up again. That is the Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum, etc. etc.)


(A: But anyway, he goes on and on and on and he talks about Minneapolis, and he says, which is true, isn't it? I mean, you see this across the whole planet, and he doesn't believe either that a spark in America caused it basically.)


As it happens, it was the death in Minneapolis, a city most British people will never even see, of George Floyd. Seeing the surging crowds, the rioting and the looting in the USA, the British radical Left grew jealous.


They imported the protest, converted it into outrage against some mouldering statues, and set the streets alight. Last week I attended one of these demonstrations, against the statue of Cecil Rhodes in Oxford. I have lived in Oxford for more than 50 years and I went out of interest, not because I care especially about this mediocre sculpture of a questionable man.


The event was utterly incoherent, moving from vague rage against the long-dead Rhodes to concerns about the oppression of West Papua (A:  That’s Papua New Guinea.) to shouts against colonialism. As far as I know, China is the only major colonial power left. Peking is certainly raping Africa on a scale Cecil Rhodes never dreamed of.


But such people can’t quite bring themselves to attack that particular regime. Sometimes I think the radical Left are more nostalgic for the British Empire than any retired Indian Army colonel ever was.


(A:  He’s making a little dig there of course, the fact that they never complain about Peking expanding all over the planet. [Alan chuckles.] China.]) 


They (A:  …the rioters.) need it, to hate it. Its utter deadness is a nuisance to them. I became briefly famous because, when the crowd were invited to sit down for eight minutes and 46 seconds, with fists clenched, to commemorate Mr Floyd, I did not join in. One of the protesters accused me of refusing to ‘take the knee’.


It is true I would have refused to do so if asked, but in fact they were ‘taking the buttock’, a slightly different thing. The important thing about these protesters, lauded by the Labour Party and deferred to by police chiefs, is that they help to strengthen the new establishment and destroy the old one.


They have already helped to make it very hard for traditional, normal, Christian conservative and patriotic opinions to be expressed at all. By using social media as a form of discipline, they have made everyone – including the Left-wing multimillionaire author J.K. Rowling – fear them.


Anyone, as she learned last week, can now be ‘cancelled’ – the new radicals’ chilling word for the obliteration they like to visit on their victims.


(A:  You’re cancelled.  What does that tell you, you’re canceled? It’s like you’re terminated, what does that mean, ‘eh, what does that mean?  [Alan chuckles.])


She has been pursued for saying the wrong thing about the transgender issue. In fact, there is no right thing. (A:  There is no right thing, yeah.) I have known for years it was futile to try to respond with fairness and reason to the new orthodoxy.


However carefully and generously I might argue, I would still be denounced for thought crime. You cannot be right, nor can you know if you are right. That is a large part of the trick.


No actual debate can take place in these conditions. And where there is no debate there is no freedom. I have also pointed out for years – without effect – that the police were long ago infiltrated with radical Left-wing thought.


(A:  They’re also indoctrinated in it through their schooling before they get to be a policeman, or woman, and they’re indoctrinated through their training as well into it, of course they are. He goes on about…)


I warned of Cressida Dick in 2004, noticing her early experiments in ‘negotiating’ with demonstrators rather than reclaiming the streets from them, and predicting that she would be the first female Metropolitan Police Commissioner.


(A:  Which eventually she was.)


I pointed out that Labour’s smoothie Mandelsonian and Blairite (A:  Tony Blair.) Eurocommunists,


(A:  And they were by the way.  Tony Blair, the guy who brought Britain into the damn wars across the Middle East too.  It’s always left-wing that does it, ‘eh.  [Alan chuckles.])


were far more dangerous than Jeremy Corbyn’s crude and obvious Marxism.


So there you go, and he goes on and on and on about other things. It’s quite a good article actually.  It spells it out and it's rather sad because he doesn't see in it, and I agree with him, there's no, I can't see optimism in this thing at all myself. Because it's so well, what you're up against is massive intelligence. I mean, some intelligence agencies have multiple thousands of employees, and multiple thousands of specialists in all areas of societies. How can you combat that?  And what the elite want, what they want, they get what they want. They’ll use any system or -ism that they want, that will suit them at the time, if it's more efficient at the time. Then destroy it. 


Also an article…


Black Lives Matter leader states if US 'doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it

foxnews.com / 24 June 2020


(A:  That was on Fox news, someone sent me a clip of it, but I've got a transcript of it.)


"I said," Newsome told the host, "if this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking ... figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It's a matter of interpretation.


He want to argue that historically violence is the way his community has been able to get results.


I tell ya.  It's quite amazing.  A lot of cops been killed too by the way.  But they're rapidly taking down the little clips of it happening. There's also a guy trying to get through the crowd with his vehicle, it was a disabled vet as well in the States.  A guy who was one of these protesting or rioting, I'm not sure if he was protesting or rioting.  He was a white guy.  As the family passed, he shot through the back window and shot the guy in the head.  It's getting, it's absolutely insane and there's a lot of rather insane folk on the fringes that are used by the way, or they want to go all the way with it. They really think that it's their world now and, hhhch, they have no idea that after these things are over, even if those who have used them get what they want, which is a much higher authority than the ones you'll see, they then eliminate the ones who are on the fringes, they've served their purpose. Because now they’re dangerous if they don't get what they want, you see, the utopia.


BLM Protester Charged with Attempted Murder After Shooting Driver in the Head - needtoknow.news / 24 June 2020


Here's another one…


Deadly shooting near George Floyd protest as looting, arson grip Minneapolis - foxnews.com / 28 May 2020


...is another article here. I mentioned before about Glasgow, the stabbings…


Glasgow stabbings: Activists warn of ‘toxic environment’ inside hotels used to house asylum seekers during lockdown - independent.co.uk / 27 June 2020


…etc. etc., six folk that this one person stabbed. I don’t know if any of them are dead yet.   Another thing too, the folks have had enough, everywhere, of the lockdown. You know that too.   That's why there's a, isn't it amazing how it all went silent, about Covid, when all the protests and the rioting too was happening. It went silent.  Because it just stopped. It's a very politicized virus, you know, and I guess it was just told to stop for a while, you know. Then out comes Fauci again as soon as it's over and, oh my God, it's spiking like… No, they're doing more and more tests like crazy, and the more tests you do, the more you're going to find out folk have had it. That's called herd immunity. Viruses sweep through all of society, there's no way to avoid it.  So folk are getting out to the coast in England…


Major incident declared as people flock to England's south coast

theguardian.com / 25 Jue 2020


(A: There on the beaches and so on, and some of them have had enough. Of course the Health Minister in Britain is Matt Hancock, the guy who let it slip that 10,000 folk die a month in Britain normally, anytime of the year.  Then you tally up the numbers and you say, oh my God, you know...  So anyway…)


Matt Hancock, the health secretary, said on TalkRadio that he had the power to close the beaches if people did not respect social-distancing rules.


(A:  …even though it’s a farce, the whole thing. It was based on nothing, the social distancing. As I say, that girl whose daddy was trying to make her famous so she can get into Harvard or somewhere, by, hhhhhhhchm, helping her with the computer program that decided that, oh yes, 6 feet is the best way to distance, to be. Based on nothing else except the computer.)


This article is so true, it's so true as well.  Lots of articles have bits and pieces of truth, and some can't go far enough. Some don't know to go far enough. That's the way it is with so many agencies involved in the riots and the fomenting of the world revolution, to suit the elite. The reset, they call it the WEF. Now...


Everywhere Statues Are Torn Down By The Mob, People Are Next

thefederalist.com / 23 June 2020


The promise of bloodshed coming alongside or following shortly after is an historic certainty. The symbols of a people never satisfy: People themselves must always come next.


WASHINGTON, DC — For millennia, King Mob (A:  …the mob itself, right…) has targeted societies’ icons with varied goals and to varied ends, and few things are more foreboding than his desecration of civic art. Just as the targets have ranged from rulers to clergy, from tyrants to helpless, and from the guilty to the innocent, the outcomes have ranged from victory to defeat depending on the society’s strength and will. The promise of bloodshed coming alongside or following shortly after, however, is an historic certainty. The symbols of a people never satisfy: People themselves must always come next.


In 1790, mobs looted and pillaged Paris’s treasured Notre Dame. To the revolutionaries, the cathedral symbolized everything that was wrong with France’s history and society — a history of kings, tradition and religion, and a society beset by royal injustice and systemic inequality.


Over the next three years, the 12th-century church’s riches and artifacts were stripped, stolen, and destroyed, their remnants hidden by the faithful and sold off by the faithless. Statues of the Virgin Mary were removed and statues to the Goddess of Liberty took their place on desecrated altars.


At nearby Sainte-Chapelle, the revolution pulled the apostles from the pedestals where they had stood watch over Christ’s Crown of Thorns. The 12 statues were vandalized and buried — half so badly they are still undergoing attempts at restoration. As the destruction of religious art unfurled, priests who did not swear allegiance to the new order and those who aided them were sentenced to death.


(A:  That happened too in the Soviet Union, folks.  And even during the Spanish war, Civil War, they did the same thing then there as well, nuns as well. It’s always the same agenda, ‘eh.)


Back at the cathedral, the revolutionary government mistook the 28 statues of the kings of ancient Judah for French kings (rich old men and all), dragging them into the public square for decapitation. Their buried heads were not rediscovered for nearly 200 years.


In the Place de Louis XV, the large statue of the square’s namesake was torn down and the plaza renamed Place de la Revolution. A guillotine was raised, and the “liberated” space would see the execution of more than 1,200 prisoners, from King Louis XVI and his wife to the executions’ ringleader himself, Maximilien Robespierre.


Seventeen hundred years before, Pliny the Younger described Emperor Domitian’s golden statues “rudely battered down, and made a sacrifice to public joy” amidst his toppling and assassination.


It was a sport and pastime to humble those [statues’] exalted heads, to make them prostrate and kiss the ground, to maul them with hammers, to hew them with hatchets, as if at every stroke blood and pain had been to follow. None was so moderate in the venting of his raptures, none so sober in his overflowing joys, but that he thought it a luscious piece of revenge to see their mangled limbs, their dissevered joints, and finally their grim and ghastly images divested of all their borrowed majesty, and thrown into the flames to be melted down into better use and service.


In the United States, mob vandalism began in 2017 with a statue of an unnamed Confederate soldier, escalating to Confederate officers and Gen. Robert E. Lee


(A: ...etc. etc.  And yeah, they've even had hangings of statues again in the States as well.  The same old stuff, ‘eh.  And then…)


Sacred religious statues depicting Christ as light-skinned (A: [Alan chuckles.]  You see, you can’t have that either.) “are a form of white supremacy… Tear them down,” race-baiting activist Shaun King wrote Monday afternoon.  (A:  It gives you the link for it too.  It goes on and on and on.)


Policemen and reporters have been attacked, while mayors and journalists have defended the riots as “mostly peaceful.” (A:  Hhhmph.) When an historic church across from the White House was set ablaze, its leader welcomed the mob and decried the president. She was joined in her outreach by Washington’s Catholic archbishop, and the mayor named the street after the mob.


…the mob has declared the mayor’s street their “autonomous zone.”


(A: Again, they're given the chance now, it’s really to do with what's coming next. It says here that…)


…King Mob to victimize and terrorize small business owners and each other at will.


(A: And attacking an awful lot of them. You can actually see little clips of them.)


“Does anybody here know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?” a member of the mob shouted into a megaphone a week prior.


“Chopped!” the mob chanted its violent response.


(A:  Have the heads chopped, ‘eh?!)


These are the times that make you want to walk away from society. It's just too well-managed and too well understood how to get lots of useful, useful idiots they call them. We're all useful idiots if we join any kind of mob, even if you think you're standing up for the right thing at the time. Those who have cunning at the top, the true psychopaths, they have wealth and power and cunning, they really, they could run rings around you for schemes that you would never even catch on to their schemes before it's too late.  It's just instantaneous with them.  They're born schemers.  That's how they do it.


Another article…


Seven shot in four separate incidents overnight in Peoria

pjstar.com / 27 June 2020


(A: It just goes on and on and on, ‘eh?  The first one was…)


…a 20-year-old woman who was shot in the leg.


People shooting at cars and then running off.  It's just a bit of mayhem, you're going to see more and more mayhem. A lot of shootings in New York City itself, now that the cops aren't responding to all the calls anymore, because they know if they maybe do their job, and it will maybe cause another riot.  So why bother when your own government is not going to back you up? When your own officials and your states won’t back you up? So no one's going to be foolish enough to risk themselves doing their job and then getting the mob coming down to lynch them.  [Alan chuckles.] So you'll have lawlessness for a while. And it will escalate too.


To show you too how literally racist everything is, ‘eh.  Don't look for logic in anything. You're, it's supposed to, you see the mob will be fed and fed and fed by their leaders as long as they're useful. But you don't even need logic in it. This is a Newsweek magazine, right…


Oregon County Exempts Non-White People From Mandatory Face Mask Order

newsweek.com / 23 June 2020


(A: So, if you're not white you don't have to wear a mask, hm.  Because wearing a mask is just to…)


…counter racial profiling. (A:  …they say.)


Last week, health officials declared face coverings would be required in public settings where individuals may come within (A: [Alan chuckles.] Again that’s silly 6 feet that that little girl came up with and her computer.) six feet of someone outside their household after the county saw a spike in coronavirus cases.


On Tuesday, the county said "people of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public" will be exempt from the order.


(A:  I think the only other exemption was children…)


…those under 12 years of age, those with medical conditions …


Everything is politicized. Even the virus itself is politicized, ‘eh.  [Alan chuckles.] Quite something. Quite amazing isn't it.  Ahhhhhhh.  And also...


2 dead, 12 injured in shooting at North Carolina block party - policeone.com / 22 June 2020


I don’t know if any cops even turned up. I don't know. It isn't safe to turn up to do your job. It depends who's doing the shooting. If you do injure someone who's... who's elevated at the moment, well, it's liable you'll be crucified yourself for doing it, by your own government, ‘eh.  So why would you risk it? 


Now, as all this is going on, I've always mentioned this before in the past when major things were happening, like 9/11 and various other things that would happen, even the flooding that went on in New Orleans some years back too.  I always say, you know, when you see the agendas of the elites, their published agendas like their 2030 program and so on, but that was not the go, it was actually on the go under Agenda 21, BUT the different parts of the future all planned out there, staked out. When the governments themselves are making new plans way beyond the catastrophes or financial meltdowns, it tells you, that nothing stops the plans. Nothing stops the planning, or the plans, regardless of what you think. Your world might be in upheaval if you lost all your money during the last bank, I hate to call it a crash because it was a planned thing in the first place. But for those at the top, nothing stopped, there was no halt. There was no slowdown in the turning out of the agendas for the future.


That's what we've got today as well, isn't it? You've got the appearance on TV - I guess, I get little clips sent because I don't watch TV, and I can't watch many of the clips because my speed is so, I get really punished for [Alan chuckles.] what I do. My speed goes way down.  The thing is, you're living through something where you would think that they would put certain things on hold, or there's a slow down here and a slow down there, as the impression of cities burning, that's what they put out there is on the television I suppose and on the news all the time.  And again the financial chaos and trillions being dished out, supposedly borrowed money, but it's borrowed from nothing. But you have to pay it back with real goods and real physical tangible some things. That's how this corrupt system works. But nothing slows down, ‘eh?


Known Traveller Digital Identity - Advancing Secure and Seamless Travel


I mentioned this last week. Remember, I mentioned it too that Wendy Messley had a show on in the 1990s in Canada and she did one of them on the preferred pass or something. It was like you’re authorized, or a pass, you would get fast pass through airports and so on if you go through the whole digital and biometric programming system on a new biometric passport basically.  And you would be a preferred type customer, you see, you always get that little snob appeal if you're goody-goody, to get folk into it. She went through the techniques they used: iris scans, thumbprints, all the rest of the stuff.  But here you are, and it's the same thing.  It shows you how far they plan things, right, from the 1990s, here's 20 odd years later...


Known Traveller Digital Identity - Advancing Secure and Seamless Travel



(A: It's from the World Economic Forum, naturally, right.  This other unelected MASSIVE monstrosity.)


This project is part of the World Economic Forum’s Shaping the Future of Mobility Platform


This project seeks to develop and pilot a decentralized digital identity platform which leverages Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies (A:  They love that Fourth Industrial Revolution…) to help


 (A: …to HELP government, you understand, that’s your 5G and everything, massive, interrelated technology.)


to help government and industry leaders facilitate seamless and more secure international travel.


(A:  It’s going to be not just international, folks.  [Alan chuckles.])


Together with a community of travel security experts, (A:  Oh, I love that word experts, the new priests in white coats and so on.) policymakers, businesses and international organisations, the project will achieve this by:


Piloting the KTDI concept in a cross-border context:


In collaboration with a consortium comprised of the Government of Canada and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Accenture, airlines, airports and technology providers, the Forum is currently piloting components of the KTDI concept in a real-life, cross-border context.


Advancing safer travel in the face of COVID-19 impacts: (A:  There ya go.)


(A: Look to the computer and technology for aaall, for anything to do with diseases now, you know, and they'll tell you how many is going to die.  Millions, millions says Ferguson.  And again how far apart to be from someone, which is 6 feet according to the computer that that girl used, that her daddy from the military-industrial complex helped her with.  Their God predicts it, the computer!  It's so scientific, don't even try to understand, you lowly little human you.  You see?  Hhhh.  So…)


Advancing safer travel in the face of COVID-19 impacts: 


(A:  Hhhh, there ya go.  So it’s got biometrics again…)


… (i.e. biometrics, blockchain and digital identity) is now more crucial than ever. The Forum will facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue to gather insights and develop actionable strategies to promote more secure travel through improved border and health screening, touchless passenger processes, and more effective use of data.    


(A:  DATA, everything is data, data, ‘eh.)


But yeah, you’re going to have a passport all right, for even to go outside your own community for any length of time. 


This is an interesting article because, and it's great for conspiracy theory.  Everything that's happening is great for conspiracy theory, right.  Here, in the middle of the supposedly a massive killer pandemic, you get the same people in charge of some of the US states suddenly stopping the Covid thing, joining protesters in the streets, shoulder to shoulder, and then going back to trying to lock you down again. It's astonishing ‘eh.  You see that happening, and then you see this complete lack of the backing of authorities in the US, to backup police or National Guard or anybody actually that would try and get law and order restored. There's absolutely no backing whatsoever, that I can find anywhere.  Little comments from Trump is not law, it's not executive orders. [Alan chuckles.] It's little comments. 


What you get too is some of the generals, I mentioned it in last week's talk, some of the generals are definitely on the payrolls of big corporations from the military-industrial boys.  They are really lobbyists for them. I'm not surprised with some of them saying they wouldn't back Trump basically with his policies and how to deal with this, well, chaos isn't it.  And folk in the States are left to try to defend themselves. That's what it comes down to. Don't look to government to help you when government backs off of its responsibilities or of its oath of office. That's what happens.


But in Canada apparently a lot of Canadians have been disarmed, at least by, I don't know if it's all firearms or what it is actually. But it was to do with that shooting I mentioned before just briefly in Nova Scotia of a man who I think they said he was a dental hygienist, the guys who make the dentures I suppose.  But he had two police cars that he had bought at auction, used police cars, and he was dressed like one when he went out on a shooting spree. It made no sense to anybody how it was put across. But the government jumped on it right away and tried to and pushed forward laws to just ban stacks of firearms across Canada.


At this time with Covid and riots, and folk threatening certain other members of society at the moment, um, they're disarming people?  So think about that. I mean, this is, is this all coincidence? Is it? At the same time as this is happening?  But here's the thing, it was interesting, it struck me at the time with the guy with the ex-police cars and so on...


Families of 22 victims killed in Nova Scotia shooting demand swift federal inquiry amid speculation gunman was an undercover agent for the RCMP or had ties to organized crime

dailymail.co.uk / 22 June 2020


(A: Well, often you'll have both, folks.  It could be CSIS as well.  It could even be CIA because we have CIA members operating inside Canada as well. So…)


Gabriel Wortman murdered 22 people during a rampage in Nova Scotia in April


More than two months later the victims' families are still seeking answers to why Wortman carried out the attack and why it took so long for RCMP to stop


Nova Scotia attorney general Mark Furey has repeatedly promised that a federal-provincial inquiry will be announced soon


A potential break in the case came last week (A:  This is important here…)


when video allegedly showed Wortman (A:  This was the guy who did the shootings.)


withdrawing (A: Now listen, you have to listen very carefully


$475,000 from a Brink's office days before the shooting


(A:  Brinks, at least as far as I know they don’t have banks.  They have security and safety things for big wealthy, wealthy organizations or corporations and so on, right. So he withdrew…)


$475,000 from a Brink's office days before the shooting


(A:  They have video of him in there where they have the boxes, you know, the boxes and the money in it and so on.)


Police sources say the withdrawal matched the method the RCMP (A:  Royal Canadian Mounted Police.)  uses to send money to confidential informants and agents


The RCMP has repeatedly insisted that it had no 'special relationship' with Wortman, who was killed by police following the attack 


Others speculated that the money could have come from Wortman's alleged ties to organized crime


Authorities are said to be investigating his relationships with people linked to a Mexican cartel, La Familia, and to the Hells Angels motorcycle gang


(A: This is from the Daily Mail by the way.  It says…)


Gabriel Wortman, 51, launched his deadly rampage across several small towns in Nova Scotia on the night of April 18, lighting fires (A:  Well that’s [Alan chuckles.] lighting fires…) and shooting people at whim with four unlicensed semi-automatic weapons as he drove around in a replica police cruiser.


(A: I think he bought them at auction I think, I read that somewhere else. That may be true or not, but however it will be, he must have painted them up or something or else they were already painted, if he bought them used, ‘eh.)  


For 13 hours he evaded capture by the RCMP before he was shot dead in a confrontation with Mounties at a gas station in Enfield, 60 miles (97 km) from where the rampage began in his hometown of Portapique. 


By the end of the spree Wortman had claimed the lives of 22 people - 13 who died from bullets and nine who died in the fires.


More than two months later the victims' families are still seeking answers as to why Wortman carried out the attack and why it took so long for the RCMP to stop him. 


(A: So, Maclean's Magazine, you know...)


…news magazine Maclean's unearthed video which allegedly showed Wortman withdrawing $475,000 from a Brink's office 19 days before the shooting.


Law enforcement sources say that the massive withdrawal matched the method the RCMP uses to send money to confidential informants and agents - and would not have been possible for a regular citizen.


(A: So he definitely seems to be working for something.  If it wasn't the RCMP, was is CSIS?, was it, which agency would it have been?  Interesting.)


While compelling, the latest theories have done little to placate victims' loved ones (A: Naturally.)   who are demanding to hear concrete facts.


'The amount of information being kept from us is deplorable'…


Most of what is known about the shooting was released in the days after it occurred, with little information released since then.


We really don't know as to why he went totally on the rampage. It's just, everything is so secretive in Canada when these things begin, these inquiries. But definitely there is, something stinks when it comes to, going into the Brinks place. You know, the average citizen can't get into Brinks and withdrawing $475,000 in cash. So it's on video anyway. It will probably stay in limbo forever because in Canada you just don't get much information at all.  Np.


Also, I've mentioned before from the WEF, World Economic Forum, when they say…


Now is the time for a 'great reset'

weforum.org / 3 June 2020


(A: These are the terms, you've got understand the terminology you're hearing as well. It's a reset. Not just financial, economic systems but of ways of living. It's the whole agenda, folks.  And a lot of topics to be put out of the public regarding, even having children, or even having the right to have children, yada, yada, ya.  You know, the new society. Interesting terms they’re using, the WEF, like reimagining the future. You find Bill Gates saying reimagining education when he worked out, or, his company has apps for all the different educating at home or through centralized computer systems with teachers on the other end somewhere. Reimagining, everything is reinventing and reimagining.  This is all planned this way, this conformity of language that they're all in with, all using and agreed to use the same terms on everything obviously.)


COVID-19 lockdowns may be gradually easing, but anxiety about the world’s social and economic prospects is only intensifying. There is good reason to worry: a sharp economic downturn has already begun,


(A:  No kidding, what happens when you lock down the country and there’s no work, and lots of small businesses are out of business altogether now, they’re gone. I mean, small businesses, maybe a couple running businesses and so on depended on that money coming through. They have their own bills to pay off and probably their own debts as well for the company and for themselves. And when it stops, well, that’s it, it won’t come back again.)


Responding to the Covid 19 pandemic requires global cooperation among governments, international organizations and the business community.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]   Well, not the small business, you know, just the big ones, ‘eh, they all get bailed out.)


The platform was created with the support of the World Health Organization.  It's open to all business industry groups as well as other stakeholders aiming to integrate and inform joint action (A:  ...it says...) for unprecedented global health emergencies. 


Well, none of us asked for the WEF to do it all.  And we don't vote for them anyway.  But they seem to run our lives.  Because those who run it all at the very top of the WEF are the world's ultra wealthy elite.  [Alan chuckles.]   They are THE ones.  It's quite something.


But they've got it all worked out. Again, the Rockefeller foundation is churning out stuff that you wouldn't believe. But in reality, they're just taking them off the shelves, these scrolls, and dusting them off because the plans were made years ago for all the things that are happening today.  That's how things happen.  They pretend it's spontaneous, we're dealing with it on the spot and in real time.  SURE.  Sure, they are.  Yeah.  I tell ya.  Quite something, isn't it? 


I'll put these articles up for those who want to see.  And...


Global New Mobility Coalition



(A:  The great mobility, again, the program, and coalition is awfully important. Now they’re going to have…)


The Global New Mobility Coalition (GNMC), curated by the World Economic Forum, is an active and diverse community of over 150 globally renowned experts,


…experts, again, oh these experts. Where is this big place where they churn out these experts, ‘eh, and these high priests that rule our lives now? You know, if it rains, it could be raining today, you should all go outside with umbrellas. No kidding, ‘eh. Or they have oil skins on TV, they used to have oilskins on, dumb things like that to tell you… That you can’t think for yourself, eh?  Hmmmm.  Okay.  Or, it’s going to be warm today, don’t over dress because you might overheat and have sunstroke.  Hmph.  Okay.  And if you do feel yourself getting too hot, take something off. That’s why you need these experts, that’s why they get paid such big money. 


And some folk, you see, you know, some folk need them.  [Alan laughing.]  I don’t know.  [Alan laughing.]  It is true. I can remember many years ago when I used to watch TV, they had a program, just on safety, and they interviewed different people who manufactured things like stepladders. They had to cover them with different warnings about, don't stand on this edge of it just by itself, don't stand on 1 foot, if you've gone up on the top rung and you're trying to paint the ceiling or something, don't do this, don't do that.  Because there's so many idiots that WILL do it, you see. 


And you expect that, you'll always get the folk that will do it.  But they'll sue, you see.  Here's the thing too, oh, someone's lawyer will get a hold of, well, we can sue them, you know, they didn't have enough stickers to warn you. That happens.  So yeah, I guess some folk need the experts to tell them what to do and what not to. But that's not everybody. Let's be honest, that's the minority who really can't think for themselves. Or, they truly believe that they should always get an expert to tell them everything to do. Everything, you know.


But anyway, that's the new mobility coalition. I'll put that up for those who want to live in healthier cities, you see. This is to do with...


…accelerating the shift to Shared, Electric and Autonomous Mobility (SEAM) …


I mentioned it before, so you're going to share cars. You're not going to have so much cars running around. They want to get rid of the gasoline engine, as you know. Again, that's Agenda 21 anyway.  We're on our way, we're on our way with all this stuff.  Another one too, again...


There is no scientific evidence to support the disastrous two-metre rule

telegraph.co.uk / 15 June 2020


(A: I've been through this before.  Here's another one saying the same thing.)


Queuing outside shops, dodging each other once inside, and not getting too close to other people anywhere: social-distancing has become the norm.


(A: Isn't that astonishing, something that was a complete made-up thing with a girl and her dad and the computer.)


The two-metre rule, however, is also seriously impacting schools, pubs, restaurants and our ability to go about our daily lives.


(A:  Even the Lancet said it. It's in here too, that...)


Their review provided evidence from 160 studies in support of physical distancing at 1 m or more.  This might sound oppressive, but all the studies were retrospective and suffer from biases that undermine reliability of the findings.


But I know that some of the top, again, virologists that have come out and said that you know, half that way, half the 6 feet would be fine. So you would be down to 1 meter and even less. It's just completely bogus, folks.  And hey!  That would be a miracle indeed, if a virus just went in a straight line out of your mouth, boof, and stops at 6 feet. Where did this bogus voodoo come from!  Not in nature, believe you me, it doesn't exist in nature.  It's quite, it really is something, isn't it?  Iyy.  But facts don't matter. Facts don't matter, I've got to keep reminding myself about that too.


ER visits for heart attack, stroke and high blood sugar levels fall by nearly 20%

(A:  It doesn't mean, folk will read that and some will think, oh, that's good it's doing that, it's falling, there's not so many visits, I guess it's better.)

as Americans scared of catching COVID-19 avoided hospitals

dailymail.co.uk / 22 June 2020


(A: …that's the reason. It's not because they're not having heart attacks and strokes and stuff. They’re scared to go to the hospitals, you see.  And that's from the CDC. Which they knew too.  Since they couldn't get in any way, they closed most of those things down.  And the folk were dying. Even ambulance drivers were not taking them to hospital at times, you know, that's been in the papers as well. So how many folk have been really killed by the fact they can’t get treatment for things which they could have been treated for?  It's disgusting what's happened here. You have pretty well empty hospitals at times, but there's nobody in the ER or anything else to take care of people who are really sick.)


Visits for heart attacks fell by 23% for strokes, fell by 20%, and for uncontrolled high blood sugar levels decreased by 10%


(A:  I wonder how many folk died here, ‘eh?)


For hyperglycemic events, the largest decline was seen among the 18-to-44 age group, which fell by 12%


So these are life-threatening conditions that decline because folk couldn't get into hospital.  N-n-n.  Nevermind all the other elective surgeries and cancer treatments.  You know, if you've got a tumor and they spot it in its early phases, ‘eh, and it was like a singular tumor, and they'll say once those things start spreading, those things spread like by the hour once they start spreading.  You could have wiped them out on time individually, here's the first one, here's the primary one, but they couldn't get in for treatments or anything.  So by the time they're called in it has spread all over them. This is a death sentence, folks.  What's been happening with this big farce, this con, it's just astonishing.  The hospitals were anything but overrun.  In most cities and towns. Terrible.  Absolutely terrible.  N-n-n-n-n.  Absolutely terrible. And it doesn't give you a follow-up on how many of the poor folk died with this, you know, because they couldn't get treatment.  Terrible, terrible. So there ya go.


Now, just to make, just to make you cheer up.  And it's true, you've got to cheer up once in a while. You can't live in gloom and doom, you know, even though that's all you're getting fed right now.  But, don't you look up to scientists that are going to rule your lives and manage it?  It saves all that heavy thinking stuff, you know, of worrying. Scientists are going to make sure they can manage your lives for you.  Through computerization and monitoring and spying on you they'll be able to keep you perfectly safe.  Maybe even wrap you in cotton wool in case you fall and hurt yourself. And maybe they'll get a program that will predict when you're going to fall, ‘eh, and stuff like that.  We'll just take care of you, because obviously you can’t take care of yourselves.


But it makes you feel so wonderful when something breaks out, that terrifies the whole planet, then they tell you it comes, let's be honest, come on, they said it was within the distance of the Wuhan lab and we know that Fauci and the rest of them had given certain viruses, Corona type viruses to the Wuhan lab and yada, yada ya.  So that sort of terrified people.  But science really is on your side.  No matter what you think. I mean, that atom bomb thing and all the ones they let loose in the Bikini Islands years ago, that spread radiation around the world, etc., those were just, you know, they were just little fads that they went through, you know, that's just fleeting fads, you see.  So we should just forget that and think of all the positive things that science is giving you. You know?  Like a totally surveilled society, spied on and so on.


Genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in Florida and Texas beginning this summer – silver bullet or jumping the gun?

research.ncsu.edu / 3 June 2020


(A: Isn't that amazing?  I had touched on this one before.)


This summer, for the first time, genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the U.S.


(A:  That’s not the first time at all.)


On May 1, 2020, the company Oxitec received an experimental use permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to release millions of GM mosquitoes (labeled by Oxitec as OX5034) …


(A:  I think I mentioned that last week. But doesn't it make you feel better that, forget about viruses that might be man-made in the laboratory and just concentrate on the good things that's coming, like these mosquitoes that are modified as well, you know. It says…)


When these lab-bred GM males are released and mate with wild females, their female offspring die. Continual, large-scale releases of these OX5034 GM males should eventually cause the temporary collapse of a wild population.


(A:  There ya go.)


Genetic engineering for disease control


(A:  That’s why they’re doing it, you understand? They’re going to create genetic things that can carry diseases, to control disease, for disease control.)


…mosquitoes that can’t spread disease are examples of how genetic engineering may transform the natural world.


(A:  Isn’t that wonderful.)


As new advances in genetic decoding and gene editing emerge with speed and enthusiasm, the ecological systems they could alter remain enormously complex and understudied. 


Hm. So… [Alan chuckles.]  It's quite...  You're living in Frankenstein's world, ‘eh, and you're taught that it's wonderful and it's great and the whole thing. I know they had dengue fever in Florida for years and I think some of the things were released there at one time to try to do away with that. Bill Gates is in all that stuff as well of course with his different funding to... help humanity. It doesn't mention it with this one, but it wouldn't be surprised if he was. Because there's very little he doesn't have his finger in, very few pies he doesn't have his finger in, maybe none of them actually. But that's what we're living through.


Genetically engineered mosquitoes. Don't forget, that's the oldest modification. Before they were just modifying and interbreeding different types to get big heavy mosquitoes for loading doses for transmitting diseases for the war industry. But here, these ones here, are going to help you. There you go. Maybe when you hear that bzzzzzzzzzzzz coming towards you, and you've been in the military, you say, halt, friend or foe? You see? Find out what it is, is it a friendly mosquito, normal, or a modified one, ‘eh, that's rather nasty?  Yep.  And you’ll be even more shocked if it answers you.


So I mentioned that one last week anyway and you can go into it. It's longer than I read here.  It goes into the side effects, maybe problems to do with genetic engineering and the fact that folk might get, have bad reactions when they get stung and bitten by these mosquitoes. Because you can get prophylactic shock because of its, it's a different type of mosquito, you see. Just little things like that, you know, for the greater good. There's always got to be sacrifices for the greater good.


Government wants to ban cast (A:  …a choir…) from SINGING (A:  …right…)  when musicals return to the West End (A:  …in London.) says Lord Lloyd Webber because of fears that it spreads coronavirus

research.ncsu.edu / 19June 2020


(A:  I guess they can mime, ‘eh.  I guess, just do what they used to do with the groups in Britain on Top of the Pops, they could get on there and just mime quite safely because they’re not forcing their breath all over the place, you see.)


The composer reveals he has had talks with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden


Lord Webber, 72, says he is unimpressed with current government advice


Theatres have been closed since the coronavirus lockdown began in March


(A:  Amazing how you can go into a supermarket, but you can’t go into a theater, ‘eh?  But that’s a special virus though, it’s a 6 feet thing as well, you know, it’s just…  [Alan chuckles.])


Lord Webber revealed his plans to test hygiene technologies needed … (A: What do you mean, hygiene technologies?...)…  to be showcased in the first week of...


(A:  Maybe they could attach certain things like ultraviolet in the mouths of the singers so that when they send out and the breath came out and all that, it would sterilize any viruses in the molecules of water vapor, you know, from the breath.  I shouldn’t have said that, someone will get a patent on it right away, you know. There you go. Even though I think they had something similar to that in the original Star Trek series. I think it was the one too where that woman, she was a princess who is being transported for marriage, not willing either to go for the marriage that would cement the friendship of the two planets that were always at war with each other, that's what it was. Some of them in there, you'll see them with this little thing around their necks, they were kind of blue faces they had, and two pointed, not pointed ears, it was almost like um, um… almost like two probiscus on top of their heads, as well as their ears.  But they were blue faces, and they had this little thing around their neck that gave off a vapor in front of their mouths and noses. Maybe they could come out with something like that, ‘eh, and you could sing, the cast, and you could hear it gurgling at certain points.  Gurgle, gurgle, you know, just water vapor stuff.  Just a thought. So anyway it says here…)


But he revealed he was not impressed with some of the safety provisions


(A:  …blah blah blah.)


The Government has advised theatres to ban singing when musicals return to the West End in London, according to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber


(A: [Alan laughing.]   It's so...  [Alan laughing.]   


'One of which is a brilliant one for musicals, which is that you are not allowed to sing.'


(A:  He was referring to singing on the stage specifically. I guess they can sing in the bath perhaps, ‘eh?  Well, maybe that's what they should all do, they should all go into the cubicles in their bathrooms and just amplify onto the stage with their singing and that would be safe than, ‘eh.)


Experts have warned that singing is particularly dangerous in terms of spreading the coronavirus


(A:  Experts again, ‘eh?  I wonder what kind of experts they are, these ones?  These are singing experts, ‘eh.  Or maybe they're aerodynamic ones, they can tell the patterns of the viruses.  But if they're singing on stage and they're 6 feet away from the folk, what's the danger?  ‘Eh?  And the folk in the audience are way more than 6 feet away for goodness sakes. Or is it all voodoo and magic anyway?  Well of course it is. And you don't need an expert to tell you that.)


Lothar Wieler, the head of Germany's RKI diseases institute, says the droplets can 'fly particularly far' when singing.


(A:  I guess he gets paid a lot to come out with this kind of stuff. Because he’s an expert, you see.)


Several states in Germany have banned  choir singing in church services, even as shops and restaurants have reopened.


Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Lord Webber said it has already been proven that theatres can reopen safely in South Korea.


(A:  Yep.  That doesn't matter. Facts don't matter now.)


Believed to be the only large-scale English-language production anywhere in the world, the show's world tour has been attracting large audiences to the capital's 1,600-seat theatre.


(A:  I guess it's, is it the Phantom or not? Or what is he running here, Phantom of the Opera, yeah.)


The show had a mandatory three-weak break in April after an outbreak of Covid-19 among staff, but has since run without problem.


There ya go.  That's how dumb it's all getting. And silly. But it will get a lot sillier than this. Everything is silly, isn't it. Even demonstrations across the planet, hm, and you're thinking this is all to do with one person being killed in America? Come on.  Come on here, ‘eh.  And then that part dies down, then you've got the other groups wanting to riot and to go further for a communist revolution? They openly say that.  Hhhhh, I don't know. I don't know, it's pretty nasty and pretty silly as we go through chaos into the mouth of madness. Maybe even from the mouth of madness.


Now, I'll tell you too, I'm not finished yet, mind you.  I should remind you again before you forget, because folk will forget very quickly, to go into my website @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Make a list, always do this, make a list and save the list of all the official sites I have listed on the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  These are my official sites. Anything happens remember you can always go in there and go to the .com site on Sundays and download the talk.  Because there's different things that can happen occasionally, problems, especially now with the Covid and everything else going on and the slowing down of Internet and different things like that. So if you get problems or anything getting pulled from other outlets you can always come back to the source @cuttingthroughthematrix.com or one of my other sites listed on that one.


Remember too, you can buy the books and discs @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and how to do it is also on the site. You can donate to me and help me tick along here.  Because believe you me, it's a lot of work to put this stuff together. It's widely used by other folks who, hhhch, make their living on it.  It's not lucrative by any means at all.  And I don't sell T-shirts, I don't sell anything except just what I've mentioned, books, discs.  What I give out there is lots of information.


We're living through an incredible time.  This is history, I said that from the beginning, this is history in the making.  It's the kind of thing that if you have grandchildren one day they'll turn to you and ask you what happened back in so-and-so.  What are you going to say to them?  We just had a disease, and someone got killed and there was massive riots and things. Is that all you're going to say to them? Or are you going to have the facts there. Because you have to know.


The truth always must go down through time, by a few at least. Truth, that's how it comes, that's how at the present time some of us know. Not everyone passes it on.  But there's always occasionally the little, little groups of people down through time who keep a hold of the facts and the truth. Not just the official records which are always skewed, but the things as they actually happen. As I say, it's so important too, as I said earlier, that I hear from people with their own, their own observations on things. It's awfully important.


Nobody is exempt, no one is unimportant.  Because you're living through it, real history. You're experiencing the real history. Don't let it go to waste and disappear to be left with official ridiculous books. Just stick to, you know, stick to getting your own facts across there and send them to me.  Lots of folk do, as I say, keep in touch with me. It's awfully important to do. Others can get in touch with me for the first time even and let me know how they're doing and what they're seeing across the world. Because that IS history. What's happening NOW is history.


So again, donate to me you can see how to do it @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. It's very much appreciated and utterly necessary. This is not to buy me second cars or something. Even though the old junker is kaput.  And my house certainly does need repair, even basic repairs. But what I do is not, it's never been for the money, or I would've done something else, believe you me. I could have, quite easily. So @cuttingthroughthematrix.com and send me a few bucks.


Now this one here too…


Coronavirus: UK needs to borrow more than £400bn over two years, IMF warns as it abandons hope of V-shaped recovery

independent.co.uk / 25 June 2020


(A: Well, that's the whole idea.  Don't forget, the Royal Institute of International Affairs that was simply the group called the Lord Alfred Milner group and Roundtable Society, that ran the and set up the British Empire, or he took it over at least and really push it further and it became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private group which also has its American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc.  They also set up the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations eventually, they set up that too. Everything that's anything, they set it up. And they run it all. It's one group of private banks, believe you me. So…)


UK needs to borrow more than £400bn over two years, IMF warns as it abandons hope of V-shaped recovery


Now, the IMF, International Monetary Fund, that's like the collection agency for The World Bank, you see. They come into a country when you can't afford to pay it back and they slash your social programs to the bone, to make sure they can get the paybacks, you see. That's how it works. So they bring in austerity.  So there's Britain, definitely on the road to austerity.  They’re totally, way over their heads in massive debt.  But so is every other country because of this Covid nonsense. Here’s another article and it says…


UK debt now larger than size of whole economy

bbc.com / 19 June 2020


The UK's debt is now worth more than its economy after the government borrowed a record amount in May.


The £55.2bn figure was nine times higher than in May last year and the highest since records began in 1993.


The borrowing splurge sent total government debt surging to £1.95trn, (A:  …trillion [Alan chuckles.]) exceeding the size of the economy for the first time in more than 50 years.


(A:  And listen to this nonsense…)


"The best way to restore our public finances to a more sustainable footing is to safely reopen our economy so people can return to work.


(A:  I guess some genius said that, ‘eh.  Hm?)


"We've set out our plan to do this in a gradual and safe fashion, including reopening high streets across the country this week”…


(A:  Why go through this farce when you’ve had massive protests across the country, that ignored all this lockdowns and everything else?  Come on, come on here.  Hm.)


Income from tax, National Insurance and VAT all dived in May amid the coronavirus lockdown as spending on support measures soared.


A lot of money is going into big pockets too mind you. The same in the US and Canada and elsewhere. It’s… That’s corruption runs our systems, right.


David Cameron (A:  ...the ex Prime Minister of Britain, who was really left-wing even though he was supposed to be, pretended he was right wing…) says the World Health Organization ‘failed’ in its coronavirus response by being too slow to react and too worried about upsetting China as he calls for new international ‘pandemic force

dailymail.co.uk / 24 June 2020


(A: So, they're all in on it. So here's an ex prime minister...)


calls for new international ‘pandemic force’


(A:  … on behalf of the same masters, ‘eh.)


Ex-PM called for the WHO's current pandemic role to be given to a new body


Said it was too worried about worrying China and too slow to warn the world


Urged G20 to discuss new Global Virus Surveillance Organisation in November


(A: There you go.)


'The current system fails in two ways. The WHO relies on countries telling it about emerging viruses. Then the world relies on the WHO telling everyone else,' he wrote in an article in the Times.


'But countries are often reluctant to share for reasons of politics, pride and capacity. And the WHO seems slow to react, mostly for the same reasons.


The WHO is totally complicit [Alan chuckles.] with China and with Fauci and all the other characters that work with the biolabs, folks. I mean, that’s, and Bill Gates, ‘eh, that massively funds them. That okay now too, a good portion of its cash comes from Bill Gates.  I think he owns it now.  And is further left than Karl Marx was, you know, the whole organization at the United Nations and the WHO.


Here's the thing, here's something that really, really matters to do with all this tracking and tracing and signing up for this and signing up for that, and you have to get your tracking bracelets if you've not got a cell phone, you see, with the right app on it, etc.


Not on the list? You're not coming in! Drinkers might have to register online before visiting pubs when they reopen on July 4, says Matt Hancock

dailymail.co.uk / 21 June 2020


(A: Ohhhh, you might have to register, ‘eh?  Hm.  It says…)


The Health Secretary confirmed the options are being considered as ways to make it 'safe' to reopen the hospitality industry.


Mr Hancock insisted that the government is 'on plan' to get more sectors of the economy up and running on July 4.


But he made clear that there is little chance of bars and restaurants getting back to business as usual any time soon.


Asked on Sky News' Sophy Ridge programme whether drinkers will need to register before going to the pub, and order using an app, Mr Hancock said: 'That is the sort of thing that we are looking at for how…


(A: They have no imagination, these guys, ‘eh.  Oh well, a computer, an app, it has to work, you know, how else can we do it... Throw it out the window and let the folk mingle!  Hm!  Let them mingle. That's what they did in Sweden and elsewhere. And then you, most folk don't get sick from this, you know. They don't, they don't even know they've had it. You've got to get herd immunity. You've got to get it.  N-n-n.)


(A: But of course the big agenda is to make sure you get the vaccine regardless of your own immune system.  You know, they can always make it better through science, you see. And even then, he says, it might not last very long even with theirs, you see. But the problem with the RNA type treatments is that it's going to change your epithelia system in your body. The lining in your heart even, ‘eh.  And it affects the testes, just like the virus itself does apparently. And it also will change the linings, the composition to an extent of your lungs. It will genetically modify them.  Oooooooooookay.  M-hm.  So here you go, you have to register for having a drink now. Isn't that amazing.  Oh, here you go...)


The step - previously taken in countries such as New Zealand - would allow for easier tracing of customers if someone who went to the venue is found to have been infected.


(A:  They're talking about the contact tracing.)


Mr Johnson now looks certain to halve the social distance - as long as other protections such as face coverings are used - in a crucial moment for the coronavirus battle on Tuesday.


(A:  So they might go down to 1 meter rule.  I guess they have to tell the virus, now, you have to self-destruct at 1 meter, the old 2 meters is gone, the six feet one is gone, so it's down to half that, you see, so self-destruct at 3 feet, there you go, around that distance, ‘eh.)


The next phase of lockdown loosening from July 4 will also permit hairdressers to roll up the shutters in a boost for thousands of barbers and millions of shaggy-haired Britons in need of a trim.


(A: There you go.)


Although Downing Street insisted no final decision has yet been taken on restarting the £130billion-a-year domestic tourism industry...


[Alan chuckles.]   Oh, God, I tell ya, I tell ya.  Yep.  Why not just open it all up and call it a mass demonstration and forget all the rules and everything and let the folk make money, hm, and see what happens then. That would be all right, wouldn't it? That would be all right, it might just work, wouldn't it?


I'll also put up once again the link to the documentary Seattle is Dying.  It came out about a year or two ago showing you it was all happening with the incredible tent cities, drugs, everything. An economy that had completely altered and was stagnant with the service economy from imported goods from abroad. That's across the country too, mind you, across the world that signed on to the free trade deal.  The fallout comes across the board to people who used to have work, factory work and so on, all gone with free trade of course. Planned by those who run the world system at the WEF.  I'll put that up again, that link. It's worth watching.


Seattle is Dying - youtube.com / 19 March 2019


Remember too that the Irish Sentinel is back up again, and I'll leave the link there for those that want to go in and see what the latest topics are. You can read the articles by Helena Handbasket.


The Gates Of Hell Unlocked - theirishsentinel.com / May/June 2020 / Helena Handbasket


That's really about it for the day.  I could have gone on too with more in-depth stuff. But the thing is, I understand most folk really don't want too much in-depth information on it. Some do, but at least I put the articles out there and you can look things up for yourselves and study them. Because when you get a glimpse of how intense and how detailed everything that happens is, and how everything that happens is completely interconnected whether its demonstrations, whether it's riots, at the moment, is to give you the impression of the necessity for a complete change in government systems. That's what it really meant to do. 


And the Covid thing, the lockdown, and coming back out, right after [Alan chuckles.] mass protests, it's okay to lock folk down again, you know, no mentioning of the fact what happened during it and [Alan chuckles.] any kind of spread at all during protesting and stuff like that.  So yeah, I could go into it in more and more depth but most folk don't really want it, they can't really handle it, too long. Some people do.  But at least the information is out there for those that want it.


Remember, don't depend on government to tell you what to do for yourself. You'd better start thinking for yourselves, quickly.  A lot of folk are.  Because we've never seen a time when government backed off all, like at once, at once, uniformly, prearranged obviously, prearranged, folks, to all step back at the same time and allow this kind of thing to happen. It's rather, don't you get it, prearranged. That's massive organization, again, everybody pretty well on board with it.  Just step right back and let things happen.  Because you're bringing in a new system and it's not the rioters' system. They might think it is.  It's a complete, it's to suit those who already rule over you and have ruled over you for an awful long time. That's what it's for. And that's who it's by.


For those who have a small support group in their area, maybe family or friends and so on, that's all the better. You definitely should be working together to keep each other going, and fed at the very least, helping each other out to get groceries in and that kind of thing. Maybe even preparations for even worse scenarios if they happen to be fomented with the authorities way above us. Because they will certainly allow it if need be.


You better start taking care of yourselves in different circumstances and figure out things to do under certain circumstances, etc.  Very important, folks. Don't sit and wait for things to happen.  Because when you've seen generals step back, members of the military industrial complex who are there to fill their own pockets, that are supposed to help the country, stand back and allow things to happen and even saying that they wouldn't backup the president and go and do anything, then you've got the police situation where they won't to anything either because it's not safe for them to do it because they can't get backing either from superiors and politicians, no one is going to lose their job over upsetting certain segments, at this moment. And that's plain to see.


So you have to take care of yourselves.  This could turn into a horror show, very quickly, with another incident if that is what the big boys want themselves. They certainly want the regime change. But it's not going to be what you think it is.  This is the same change, the post-Democratic system that the Club of Rome, which is part of the WEF has been talking about for years. Post-Democratic system, they've got to ram it in, and this is their way of doing it for those who haven't figured that out yet. 


So anyway, hang in there, and keep in touch to the folk out there. It's very important as we go through this scenario. And it's not finished yet as you know. This is to bring in a new system that was planned a long time ago, and it's a way to do it.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, it's good night and Mayor God or gods go with you.


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1 American Among 3 Killed in U.K. Terrorist Stabbing

people.com / 22 Jue 2020


Glasgow stabbings: Activists warn of ‘toxic environment’ inside hotels used to house asylum seekers during lockdown

independent.co.uk / 27 June 2020


Iran: The Next Domino?

foreignpolicyjournal.com / 22 Feb 2011


Peter Hitchens: As the Left now controls every lever of power, we face nothing less than Regime Change

hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk / 14 June  2020


Deadly shooting near George Floyd protest as looting, arson grip Minneapolis

foxnews.com / 28 May 2020


Major incident declared as people flock to England's south coast

theguardian.com / 25 Jue 2020


Everywhere Statues Are Torn Down By The Mob, People Are Next

thefederalist.com / 23 June 2020


Seven shot in four separate incidents overnight in Peoria

pjstar.com / 27 Jue 2020


Oregon County Exempts Non-White People From Mandatory Face Mask Order

newsweek.com / 23 June 2020


2 dead, 12 injured in shooting at North Carolina block party

policeone.com / 22 June 2020


Why Facts Don’t Matter to People

aier.org / 24 June 2020


Known Traveller Digital Identity - Advancing Secure and Seamless Travel



Families of 22 victims killed in Nova Scotia shooting demand swift federal inquiry amid speculation gunman was an undercover agent for the RCMP or had ties to organized crime

dailymail.co.uk / 22 June 2020


Now is the time for a 'great reset'

weforum.org / 3 June 2020


America’s Own Color Revolution

globalresearch.ca / 17 June 2020


BLM Protester Charged with Attempted Murder After Shooting Driver in the Head

needtoknow.news / 24 June 2020


Global New Mobility Coalition



There is no scientific evidence to support the disastrous two-metre rule

telegraph.co.uk / 15 Jue 2020


ER visits for heart attack, stroke and high blood sugar levels fall by nearly 20% as Americans scared of catching COVID-19 avoided hospitals

dailymail.co.uk / 22 June 2020


Genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in Florida and Texas beginning this summer – silver bullet or jumping the gun?

research.ncsu.edu / 3 June 2020


Government wants to ban cast from SINGING when musicals return to the West End says Lord Lloyd Webber because of fears that it spreads coronavirus

research.ncsu.edu / 19June 2020


Coronavirus: UK needs to borrow more than £400bn over two years, IMF warns as it abandons hope of V-shaped recovery

independent.co.uk / 25 June 2020


UK debt now larger than size of whole economy

bbc.com / 19 June 2020


David Cameron says the World Health Organization ‘failed’ in its coronavirus response by being too slow to react and too worried about upsetting China as he calls for new international ‘pandemic force’

dailymail.co.uk / 24 June 2020


Not on the list? You're not coming in! Drinkers might have to register online before visiting pubs when they reopen on July 4, says Matt Hancock

dailymail.co.uk /  June 2020


The Gates Of Hell Unlocked

theirishsentinel.com / May/June 2020


Seattle is Dying

youtube.com / 19 March 2019


MASH: The Wind

youtube.com / 7 June 2015



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